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  6. State of Play Review
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Sony State of Play My Impressions and I WANT your Rating!

whats up everybody this is carrick with,acg and lets talk about the sony state,of play that just was shown we got to,see star wars galaxies edge enhanced,edition for the ps vr2 hogwarts legacy,and some of the exclusive mission as,well as other things like god of war and,a god of war controller like a dragon,remake from the original what was that i,think that was the original yakuza 3 as,well as a couple others i want to know,what you guys think of this rise of the,ronin probably looked to be one of the,best games it was surprisingly enough,2024,on its release date there now that is a,long ways out a little bit worrisome,simply because what that actually showed,is that there wasnt a lot of games,coming in the interim this is a time,where state of play could have probably,showed some excellent stuff they did,show god of war which does look,phenomenal of course its got a war and,they did once again confirm that that is,releasing this year i think that solidly,locks that game off as being a title,that will come this year they didnt,really need to do that but they did,thatll be the second confirmation for,that particular date but they also,showed some things that i was not,expecting for example pacific drive,which looked like ghostbusters alan,waked and stalker mixed together except,youre driving around the car smashing,into creatures in a place called the,olympic exclusion zone this is the first,time ive heard of this game maybe other,people have heard of it before i havent,its got a bit of a almost borderlands,kind of graphic style you could actually,say a little bit more telltale now that,i think about it its not necessarily,incredibly detailed but they have some,good shadow work some good lighting work,and i liked a lot of the design that i,saw when it comes to the actual event as,a whole i want to know what you guys,think of the event one that im very,excited for is tekken 8 we did get to,see some of that in this i really do,enjoy the tekken titles i dont enjoy,him as much as say a virtual fighter or,something along those lines but i think,is a good replacement for that tekken,has always been quite enjoyable and i,know a lot of people love number seven,we also got to see the psvr 2 version of,demio which is that d,rpg dungeon crawler thats by resolution,games and its one of those titles that,really does show you what vr can do it,brings that dungeon and dragons kind of,style gameplay sort of to your home,especially if youre a miniatures fan,versus theater the mind dungeon and,dragons id like to know what you guys,think of that i also thought like a,dragon did look good i talked about that,just starting this video it looks,interesting to me it is a remake and,its unfortunately using unreal 4 which,i did already see some people bringing,up that the faces and some other in,particular spots of that game looked a,little rough well have to see how it,looks you never quite know where a lot,of these titles are gonna really land,and one that i was not expecting i wanna,know what you guys think is that sin,duality which is a main character along,with a mech and in many ways if you look,at it they almost treated the mech like,a pet im gonna have to see exactly how,this plays out its a post-apocalyptic,world youve got this mech youre out,there looking for items and avoiding the,rain i want to know exactly what that,means is the things going to rust or,something maybe i missed that in the,trailer but that actually looks sort of,interesting it definitely looked a,little bit cumbersome but again we dont,know exactly how all these are going to,come up and its something with the,state of play its something with,microsofts events and nintendo events,that sometimes we see footage thats a,little bit rough and maybe a month or,two out not making excuses it may turn,out to be that rough but at least for me,i do like the idea of any mech kind of,game so im gonna be there another one,im gonna check out is stellar blade,that was project eve originally theyve,changed that name futuristic a little,bit of even final fantasy kind of action,in it in some places but then as it,broke out and you really got to see more,of the game that thing looked in many,ways like a game that was originally on,the xbox and then i think there was a,remaster which was uh phantom dust there,was something about that game and some,of the way that the combat rolled out,that really reminded me of that older,title so im excited to see that stellar,blade that ones coming out next year it,sounds like and it is a ps5 console,exclusive as well sometimes youll get,these titles where you dont really know,if the console exclusive or its timed,that one they basically stated is for,sure just a playstation 5 console,exclusive that could of course change at,any time but they were sort of clear on,some of these titles and what was,particularly clear with this one is the,mixture of the different feels not only,did i feel a little bit like it was,phantom dust but there were even times,where it felt a little bit like there,were moments of bayonetta in there it,looks like not necessarily a hodgepodge,but a mixture of different things id,like to know what you guys thought of,that game in particular because it did,grab my eye but the one i really want to,dive into,is rise of the ronin now i talked about,this right at the starting 2024. ignore,that just for a second heres what they,state about this its the darkest before,the dawn and rise of the ronin youll,explore an evolving world as you fight,to forge a new era for japan youre a,ronin a warrior free from all masters,and bonds and as your destiny,intertwines with story characters take,part in immersive combat focused action,experience for a game that is combat,focused they did show a lot of cutscenes,and moments where it did look like an,rpg what fascinated me right from the,get-go is just the overall look of,everything it is true they did say some,of its cinematic some of it was in real,time but there was that part where the,character leaps off of the cliff and,sprouts those wings and i was like that,could be awesome also in a way it looks,like they possibly will end up beating,ubisofts title now thats just if its,delayed but i have a feeling some of the,stuff in ubisofts event well just sort,of have to see how those dates roll out,but japanese samurai stuff or ronin or,ninjas are a big deal right now youve,got ghost two youve got ubisofts title,and now you have rise of the ronin all,of them and thats just what we know of,there could possibly be a third fourth,fifth sixth seventh title out there,thats within this particular genre its,one of my favorite ones so im actually,very excited to see how all of these pan,out now i know a lot of people look at,these games and they think oh this one,looks farther along than another you,should certainly look at rise and see,that in the good parts thats great,because its 2024 and it already looks,that good in some sections theres some,fps drops and stuff but you really do,have to understand how all this comes,about its the same stuff i say about,microsoft or nintendos when you look at,their events and how they do all this,kind of stuff because i see that brought,up a lot we just wont know right some,things could be downgraded some things,could be upgraded but i was excited for,that one in particular because that,really brings this sort of triple attack,into that particular genre which is one,of my favorites now one thing i dont,necessarily like you guys know im just,not a fan of this god of war ragnarok,dual sense controller these kind of,things ive always felt are just,absolutely crass i get it its got a,different color and a sticker on it hey,im glad you guys may like it if you do,but its this kind of stuff that i,always feel is incredibly overpriced for,the consumer and regardless there are,other ways to probably get something,quite close to that for well three,dollars for a sticker but if you like,those kind of things i think t

“State of Play” – Movie Review

you know its always really cool when,Hollywood decides to take on your,profession and glorify it up on the big,screen and in recent years weve had a,lot of examples of real-life,journalistic struggles and triumphs that,have been portrayed in film Im talking,things like frost/nixon you have,spotlight you have the post nightcrawler,state of play what are you talking about,Lois bloom is one of the best we have in,the business Ill have you know Cal,mcAffrey is a national treasure sir from,the old movies of 30 years ago to the,world of the new films of the last 30,years and now heres your host hello and,welcome to old new and now playing your,time machine through the world of movies,Im your host will Robinson Smith thank,you so much for joining me today and you,know weve had a lot of great movies as,I mentioned based on both fictitious and,real acts of journalism throughout the,years most of them have been based on,print journalism obviously that is more,of the bedrock of our democracy and our,nations history there have been a few,that have been based on on broadcast,news but you know sort of few and far,between and you know I guess until we,get a point in which we get a biopic,about NPR Steve Inskeep I guess we can,talk about this movie instead this is,your feature presentation state of play,is a 2009 political thriller at the,intersection of journalism and politics,the movie is directed by Kevin Macdonald,known for directing The Last King of,Scotland and how I live now the movies,nana tation and somewhat reimagining of,the 2003 British miniseries of the same,name in the film version a congressional,aide of Representative Steve Collins,played by Ben Affleck is found dead,thats shortly after a thief was shot,dead in an alleyway hardboiled,Washington Globe reporter Cal mcAffrey,starts looking into the crimes thinking,that perhaps theres a deeper connection,here hes paired with online reporter,della Frye played by Rachel McAdams and,the unlikely duo worked to try to find,the heart of the mystery and story wall,up against the clock the cast is rounded,out,Academy Award winner Helen Mirren Robin,Wright Jeff Daniels,Jason Bateman and Henry Lennox I always,love a good thriller with a nice dose of,mystery to it there are some good,redirects this movie has a lot of grit,and groundedness to it and for that I,credit both the director and the writing,team the now 50 year old Kevin McDonald,is a Scottish born filmmaker who really,started to come into his own as a,documentarian in the late 90s with films,like Chaplins Goliath Howard Hawks,American artist and one day in September,one of his best own documentaries 2003,touching the void da McDonald a BAFTA,Award for Best British film as well as,for wins in the British Independent Film,Awards he really started making his mark,in the US with his 2006 film The Last,King of Scotland which landed Forest,Whitaker his first and only Academy,Award for Best Actor what that means her,state of plays the Macdonald really,tried to create a lived-in world that we,happened to be walking into for example,many of his location shots you see in,the movie or not your typical monument,moments that you see in safe house of,cards for instance he and Mexican,cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto,intentionally chose a number of places,off the beaten path to give more context,to Cal McCaffreys world but more on the,cinematography later McDonald also notes,in the behind the scenes look at the,movie that state of play was intended in,part to pay almost in the 1976 classic,all the Presidents Men one of the ways,he did that was by using the Watergate,Hotel and garage in the film one of the,things that works in the movies favored,as well is the story distilling down a,six hour miniseries into two hours is no,small feat the task fell on writers,Matthew Michael Carnahan Billy Ray and,Tony Gilroy you might actually recognize,that last name Tony Gilroy in fact is,the writer behind some of my favorite,films the Bourne trilogy as well as,Michael Clayton he also wrote a little,indie film that came out recently you,might have heard of it um rogue one a,Star Wars story so little little writers,trivia for you one of the biggest,changes from miniseries to movie and one,that I thought worked exceptionally well,was the character of the editor-in-chief,of the paper in the miniseries the role,is played by Bill Nighy his portrayal,got him a BAFTA Television Award for,Best Actor in 2004 and fun fact that,same year he also got a BAFTA Film Award,for Best Supporting Actor in love actual,but I digress in the film version of,state of play the editor role is taken,on by Helen Mirren who gives another,wonderfully hard-edged but enjoyable,performance Oh for Christs sake,dont throw those Juhi cub reporter eyes,at me its nauseating the heart of the,story though lies in a relationship,between reporter Kalin Caffrey and,Steven Collins played by Russell Crowe,and Ben Affleck respectively now the,movie almost had a very different look,as Brad Pitt was originally cast as Cal,mcAffrey and Edward Norton as Collins,however the Fight Club reunion was not,meant to be the 2007 writers strike,caused Pitt to leave the project which,delayed the production and then forced,Norton to leave because of a scheduling,conflict this is the first onscreen,pairing of Crowe and Affleck and I,thought they bounced off each other,quite nicely they struggle between being,friends with a complicated past and,working together following the death of,Alex aid coming back to the,cinematography of the film for just a,second one of the interesting choices,made by cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto,was in how he shot the two leads in the,extras for the film he explains that the,world of crows Cal mcAffrey was shot,using mainly handheld cameras with a,shallow depth of field and they shot it,on film that was done to get Cals world,a distinct look from that of Steven the,congressman scenes were shot using,digital cameras a deep depth of field,and formal framing to create the sense,of a polished political environments,much like the way you would expect to,see a politician on TV the other main,players worth mentioning here are Rachel,McAdams of course and Robin Wright who,actually I was noticing in the credits,was actually Robin Wright Penn and that,was the first time I even knew or,realized she was married to Sean Penn,for 20 years huh who knew clearly not me,you could almost look at Rachel McAdams,performance as a really early audition,for her turn in the Academy,award-winning spotlight several years,later she offers a nice contrast in,style and delivery compared to Russell,Crowes character and the to balance,well meanwhile I thought Robin Wright,was fine in the movie but honestly felt,a bit forgettable she wasnt necessarily,bad in the role but it didnt seem like,there was much for her to do the,character came across to me more like a,plot point than a fleshed out person one,interesting albeit random side note to,think about all the core cast have,actually been in a comic,Bookers superhero movie before which is,kind of cool I did have one thing I,wanted to talk about that did really bug,me and unfortunately its actually a,pretty major spoiler major spoilers so,if you havent seen the movie I would,highly recommend skipping to the end,timecode right here and well catch up,with my final thoughts in the film but,you know I just have to get this off my,chest so three so at the end of the,movie right after Cals learned,everything that has happened and hes,writing this story you see him furiously,typing away as the newsroom looks on,then he told Rachel McAdams character to,just submit the story and then she does,okay Im sorry I know this is super,nitpicky but there is no way in hell on,a story as big as this one,considering how careful and how,particularly they were about getting the,facts straight throughout the entire,movie that Russell Crowes character,could just sit down write this by,himself and not of anyone else proofread,it

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Tempest of War Review | Warhammer 40,000 State of Play

[Music],ladies and gentlemen boys and girls,welcome to a very happy day ah well chef,and beard ah its the best day,thank you for joining us today free view,fans we are tabletop tactics we are,bringing you a special show today all,about our favorite way to play before we,get into the goodness chef the goodness,so much goodness get yourself on that,like hit subscribe,give us a comment because theres lots,to talk about today head over to our,website to see all of the videos that,weve ever made support us in any way,you can,thats that chef,why are we here please well,we have been sent the mission pack,tempest of war this is available for,pre-order right now,now when they say tempest of war,they mean maelstrom of war its mouth,from baby,uh it has returned yes and it has,basically okay so,for those of you that have joined us in,ninth edition and or parts of eighth,edition never played maelstrom maelstrom,was a sort of pseudo deck building kind,of game,with like random objectives and random,missions and all that sort of stuff so,it you really exemplified playing your,army well rather than building an army,and then focusing on two or three,mission objectives which is very similar,to what the gt pack is now,and then,ninth edition came along and the,maelstrom sort of went away a bit and it,came back in a weird form,in a white dwarf it was beta they even,said it was beta they said look this is,an idea that weve come up with,feedback let us know what you think i,certainly fed back and i said dont like,it dont want it give me old school they,also went as far as saying that if needs,be well go back to the old version we,had in seventh edition yeah it seems,like they have,to an extent to an extent so basically,maelstrom of war is my favorite way to,play its your favorite way to play,because theres a theres an element of,randomness to it that is structured its,not as wacky as open play so uh,a lot of you guys when we were very,excited about this last sunday said,maelstrom is back baby and you said its,open war its not open war yeah at all,this is not open war there are,influences,for sure theres definitely influences,but this is far more structured and far,more balanced,most importantly,it has a deck,and you said something very interesting,off camera,which is that this box also the size of,this box yeah its actually its its a,chonky boy its very nice quality stuff,here the cards have a nice thickness the,box is very sturdy,and its large it feels good yeah its,nice um but beard made a very very um,interesting point of camera just before,we started filming which is this is very,user friendly it almost feels the,opposite to the gt pack itself yeah this,is this is a happy video yeah if anyone,saw our gt uh,chapter approved review recently,jeff and beer werent very happy about,it,damn it g-dubs,we didnt like it very much this is,quite the opposite this is a happy day,yes uh this is exactly what you and i,were looking for 100 it feels like a,brand new way to play,9th edition and it feels,like it sort of saved 9th edition for me,wow those are big words yeah but like,im just im just,my edition is cool its goods we love it,but i just want something else i want,another option i want um some some,crazy stuff to happen i want an,unpredictable game were not going to be,doing the same thing over and over and,over again so this is a very welcome,change yeah i agree change is good,change we can believe in praise beaters,inch,but lets talk about what these things,entail,in just a sec so what is in this deck of,goodness well there its made up of a,bunch of constituent parts to tell you,how to play tempest of war games so you,start off with a nice little pamphlet a,pamphlet oh its a little pamphlet now,if youve been playing ninth edition a,lot its very similar in terms of your,setup theres stages determined mission,read mission briefing you can only have,its very match play-esque you know,reserves can only arrive from turn two,onwards strategic reserves are in play,you cant mix your sub factions but,theres a few very nice quality of life,changes in here my favorite is you place,your own objectives,and you can place them in terrain,which means your boards will not look,the same in every single match-up so,good,so good,why thats not a thing in the general,animals i dont know i i dont know id,be very happy to see that introduced,into every game of ninth edition um yeah,it just it just,why would an objective be in the middle,of the battlefield we must go and fetch,the data from this terminal of course,brother tell me where is it in the,middle of the road why,imperium bureaucracy i dont know i,dont know where are the rest of them in,the other roads uh one of them is,outside of a forest yeah is there,nothing in that fortress over there no,nothing in the bunker the data cache no,no no thats by a pair of rocks,is it hidden in the rocks no no its,its its just in the middle of the,battlefield focus on the roles very good,so that already is a great change for me,um so what you do is you determine so,and this is where there is an open war,influence because you determine your,mission you split it into several decks,you have your deployment deck theres,six different deployment types well,touch on all of this in a moment theres,mission rules theres your primary,mission and then you get to your,secondary mission decks yes secondary,mission decks,and this is why its really nice because,they could have quite easily gone heres,one secondary mission deck or you want,to play this kind of game your friend,better have one as well yeah heres your,player pack no you can you can do a game,of uh whats it not mails reward,tempest of war nails from report with,one box thats all you need one box they,could have quite easily yeah not done,that yeah,they did which is very good because yes,it means you can just sort of take this,to your friendly local gaming store or,to an event and just go ive got my deck,we can play a game which is very very,nice um,so there are sort of elements to the,open wall here in that theres a deck,aspect to it but its no it would be no,different this is and this is kind of,why,its so to me theres six deployment,types right,what did you do in 8th edition in 7th,edition and sixth edition you rolled a,d6 to determine your deployment map oh,its the same thing,and the mission rules well touch on in,a moment as well so when youre placing,your objective markers and heres,another really cool thing they give you,objective markers thats handy dandys,nice like quite thick card as well which,is good so nice and robust uh nice and,large 40 mils um,so you dont again its all in the box,which is great its very this is all,very unusual it feels like im missing,something yeah i know it feels like im,waiting for something to be like yeah no,and then his i mean theres a few little,oddities um again the sort of the open,wall were rearing its head here so when,youre placing objective markers you,start with the youngest player thats a,bit weird to me,um but you could quite easily house all,that to just roll that into the attacker,defender roll off or just roll off yeah,um it also means if you play with the,same person regularly theyre all,theyre always going to waste,but thats not necessarily a big deal,because you place five ejected markers,in a strike force mission you um can,place them anywhere on the battlefield,with certain restrictions as youd,expect six inches from a battlefield,edge nine inches from each other um,but one objective marker must be placed,within each deployment zone so you,generate those beforehand so you know,exactly where to place it the remaining,must be placed within no mans land so,youre always gonna have depending on,your map well youre always generally,gonna have three of them to fight over,and one to each defend but you have the,beauty of placing them wherever you want,within those limitations nine inches,away from each other,so every game has the potential to be,very different whi

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State of Play 2009 (Movie Review)

hi everyone welcome back to films the,nation i remove movies from any genre,from new tool depending when you see,this video and todays pick is state of,play a 2009 thriller drama its all,about how politics and journalists are,essentially two peas and a pod,okay now that im just editing this,video i am not aware that my hair my,little hairs are just not wanting to,stay down or anything so,please ignore for the rest of the video,my little hairs just doing what the,they want to do,okay lets continue,[Music],we have ben affleck as a congressman who,is rising to be the next presidential,nominee,however as usual comes two terms he is,involved with the mistress who ends up,being murdered and many secrets come out,an old friend of his name collins who is,a journalist played by russell crowe,must figure out the murder and dig up,some dark secrets about,corporates,and basic culprit figures and of course,the movie would not be without,rachel mcadams playing a young,journalist named della wanting the urge,to succeed in the company,what i particularly liked about the film,is how the plot was pulled like full,circle with no shits its fast paced but,does not cut to any bs of the character,development which yes i understand that,is always a great thing for movies but,this sticks to more of the plot than,whether if the character,you know learn something or not and the,movement of the camera of having it feel,as we were one with the journalists and,standing there waiting for answers to be,told,and the journalist is constantly moving,and figuring out the dirt behind,their the story and i appreciate the way,it took two story lines into one to,solve the mystery,behind you know the woman being murdered,and russell crowe gave exactly what this,character needs and which is to simply,be a douche of a journalist,and being sarcastic and funny a scum,and i mean it just works how to,accomplish your job you know and i,mentioned how does he not,seem to have a heart,i dont know he doesnt look it seems,like he has a heart but russell crowe in,other movies,he has some demeanor of ways of changing,characters and appreciate that he,doesnt stick to you know one kind of,genre,like other actors,now as for ben affleck anytime i saw him,with his suit on,i could not help but see batman,even though my opinion is i wish there,was,someone else playing batman,and besides the point ben affleck is a,great actor but thriller drama movies,are more of his alley,and he does a great job as a congressman,and i cant complain about it really and,as for the editing there is a lot of,sharp cuts in order to keep up,the you know the intensity and wanting,us you know to stay within the story and,just looking at it from the trailer you,get a sense this is just going to be a,very fast-paced movie like you,got to keep up,part of what i dont like is rachel,mcadams didnt do her job well but,not to say that rachel mcadams didnt do,her job well but like della was,basically floating around watching the,bad things like journalists must do to,succeed in the end like of this,competition of journalism,yes it adds in some intensity to parts,of the story but rachels character,gives context but just felt dry a bit,and also without giving too much i did,not like the way the movie ended it felt,very much like,hey girl,throwing it completely in a different,direction the movie was doing so well,that i was so disappointed by how it,ended,it just it gives a heart to one of the,characters and you already know who it,is but to me that is boring and,basically well sadly gives truth,to reality of our government and,in the end nothing is,done,and i understand if its taken in a,different route,but i just wish the move would have,ended another way and would have been,you know yeah it could have been your,typical thriller movie some say they,like the ending and i understand why,simply just,my opinion so overall state of play,offers a fun intriguing mystery about,mysteries,being murdered so if you like watching,thriller movies with a good pot like a,good cast this movie could be for you,so ill be rating state of play three,and a half out of five stars,so let me know what you think i very,much appreciate it if you guys want to,continue seeing more of my reviews go,ahead and subscribe,comment down below to see there will be,like i will watch somebody saw the movie,or just be like no thanks moving on,so again very much appreciate you have a,nice day and ill see you next time

Sony State of Play REACTION – BETTER Than Nintendo Direct?!

so after todays nintendo direct i,didnt really know what to expect from,the sony state of play presentation,obviously a lot of people like todays,nintendo direct and thats great im,glad you enjoy these games just for me,personally if you watch my video you,would know there was just something,missing from me too many farming sims,and jrpg style games i like a bit of,variety but if youre a jrpg fan you,were really enjoying that of course much,like the nintendo direct there were a,bunch of rumors about the state of play,presentation what was going to be there,silent hill this that or the other,and i i just i cant even trust my,friends anymore i cant even trust my,friends anymore because everyone was,wrong about today everyone was really,wrong so what did the state of play,presentation do for sony and was it,better than the nintendo direct i,actually ran a poll during the live,stream that i did for the stay to play,event which was over on my second,channel which you should be subscribed,to because in that video i actually,reveal a picture of myself and pecker,dupree because somebody said that i was,a liar and i make up stories and i make,up characters and its like bro,i i would have to be on like the biggest,amount of drugs to make up some of these,stories like my life is just weird like,ive had a very weird life like everyone,around me understands that but lets,talk about the sonys data play,presentation so we kick things off in a,big way,tekken 8 tekken 8 boys and girls and i,thought this looked really cool it was,sort of a mix of like cinema and actual,gameplay but it looked freaking awesome,i thought i thought it looked really,clean really crisp the fighting,mechanics themselves look really cool it,looked,more so based on like if you do a low,attack and your guy is jumping like it,actually sort of plays into the physics,a bit i dont know if that was just sort,of played up for this trailer or if,thats indeed how the gameplay is going,to be because if it is you know it felt,a lot less like canned animations and,more based on a real situation of course,tekken is a very popular fighting,franchise i remember playing uh tekken 1,over at pablos house on his playstation,one being absolutely blown away with it,so this was a super cool way to start,out the presentation no release date on,it it does seem like its a ps5,exclusive though which i think is really,cool then we got into some ps vr2 stuff,and theyre bringing the star wars,little mini games i believe these are,the star wars games that were uh,available called tales from the galaxys,edge i think these are the games that,are available on my oculus quest 2 or,whatever i did play one of them i had,some fun with it climbing up a ladder,really messed with my head though that,was that was freaking weird but i did,think you know this looks pretty cool,you know if youre a star wars fan,obviously youre going to enjoy this im,not the biggest star wars fan in the,world but i thought this was all right,there was some weird dungeons and dragon,style game that was like puts you into,the actual world of dungeons and dragon,stuff i i dont recall the name of it,right now and im looking at my notes,that i have up over on my second screen,and i dont even see where i wrote the,name of it down so,apologies is demio i think it was that,demio game okay i think it was demo uh,you know dungeons and dragons card stuff,not my cup of tea but if you like that,kind of stuff you might be interested in,it,like a dragon ishin now this game looks,freaking awesome this game is coming out,in february of 2023 it is a,yakuza game that never came stateside,but unlike yakuza games which have heavy,rpg elements this is just balls to the,walls action just slashing people,cutting people up like mincemeat and i,really liked the way this game looked i,thought this game looked freaking,awesome i was really hyped on this game,and this is definitely a game that im,going to buy from this presentation you,know this and tekken 8 so far are like,must-buys to me i really thought this,game was very impressive im starting to,enjoy more action based games you know,like your bayonettas and devil may cries,as i get older so i thought this game,looked really awesome i cant wait to,play it and you know i thought it looked,really cool there was some hogwarts,legacy stuff theres going to be an,exclusive playstation event that is only,in the playstation version of the game,jim ryan youre youre diminishing what,xbox can do now youre taking away an,exclusive game thing from xbox that,doesnt seem very right considering you,like to [ __ ] about stuff like that um,but yeah theyre gonna be doing that so,thats kind of cool there was a strange,game called pacific drive which was like,i didnt know if it was silent hill or,alan wake and it ended up being neither,of them its like a weird spooky game in,which youre driving in a car and you,have to fortify your car because theres,no combat but it seems like theres,going to be car combat that you sort of,engage in the spooky environment and,stuff it has some potential you know i,dont think its going to be like a big,aaa game or anything like that but i did,think that looks pretty cool thatll be,coming out sometime in 2023. there was,some other stuff there you know there,was um they showed off project eve which,is now known as stellar blade um i think,this looks really cool if youre a fan,of bayonetta you probably should be,interested in this game like its its,obviously inspired by games like,bayonetta um i think it looks gorgeous,the combat looks really fun the whole,trailer was in japanese which i dont,know some people in my chat didnt,really like that you xenophobic sons a,[ __ ] and im just kidding like i could,understand it youre watching the,american presentation who would assume,that they were going to speak in english,so you know that was okay rise of the,ronin is a new action rpg game that if,youre a fan of games like ghost,tsushima this is probably something,youre going to be interested in its,coming to us from team ninja which i,mean they did ninja gaiden,they kind of know their ninja stuff i,thought this looked really cool the,whole sort of,you know late 1800s,setting that has kind of has like,colonializer like white dudes and then,like people of japanese culture and like,the same area and stuff it almost looks,like assassins creed three like that,same sort of um time period with how the,buildings are like structured and stuff,like that i think that could be really,cool as far as a storytelling mechanic i,was actually pretty interested in that,game you know definitely some potential,there was some weird game that was like,a mech based game i dont remember the,name of it it was okay you know its,coming out in 2024 though its kind of,like okay you know its not exactly,right around the corner or anything like,that are you just trying to find games,to pad this sony talked about their,playstation star stuff thats coming out,sometime theres digital collectibles,once again not really something for me,im not super interested in and the,final thing that they showed up im kind,of out of order with this stuff like i,said i was streaming this so my notes,arent really in all that great of order,but the final thing that they showed was,actually god of war ragnarok and at,first i lost my mind because i thought,that it was just going to be let me just,show you the clip here let me just show,you the clip from my live stream 20,minutes,dont show me a [ __ ] [ __ ] ass,goddamn controller you show me the,goddamn game you show me the goddamn,game not a [ __ ] controller,no,no you show me gameplay you sure i swear,to christ you show me gameplay,you show me gameplay all right,all right,but then they rectified it and they,showed actual gameplay and this game,man,it looks stupid good like i think the,biggest thing for me is all the,different types of environments that you,saw within this gameplay trailer and all,the different sorts of thing

State of Play Review

hey man this movie gives you it reminds,you what it is to have a real newspaper,yeah and read on the toilet no you know,what this is a really really solid,really cool film about the last days of,the newspaper era because thats what,this is it you know what youre right I,mean as much as its a political,thriller or journalism thriller its,really about the last days of news yeah,and it takes every opportunity to be a,little pissed off about that this feels,like I was written by somebody who used,to be a journalist,now this is a murder mystery that,centers around like a senators mistress,right the possibly senators mistress,possibly she was killed Russell Crowe,the sort of classic old-school Bob,Woodward types of a type of reporter is,actually friends with the senator played,by Ben Affleck in the film so he wants,to investigate it and sort of like get,away from the natural tendency of all,news to go for the cut threat to go for,the scam using the trash angle of it,that a cub reporter there played by,McAdams Rachel Rachel mchottiepants,its a big blogger for the paper and,wants to kind of do that he takes her,under his wing as things deepen things,get more complicated and they find out,that theres levels of this that go all,the way up to possibly a giant military,conspiracy its gonna take seasoned,journalists and he takes this blogger,under his wing to teach her how real,journalists do their work uh Ben Affleck,is really as I like to say a senator no,way Ben Affleck plays a Republican,douchebag okay I buy that he could get,elected to Congress cuz we we like to,elect our Republicans based upon their,smile on their hair was startling things,here is that afflict sells it totally,there was not a you know theres that,moment of like disconnect like ah its,Ben Affleck but he does he totally sells,it I know you would enjoy just word like,theres a great moment during one of the,Senate hearings where he totally like,Punks this other guy whos a leader of,this military complex hes almost Dick,Cheney this guy the way he has this,company thats like Halliburton its one,of those when you you know you give it,like three snaps and like ooh oh yeah,you can see that like get up in your,face match,seventies style movie it does not feel,at all like a lot of the modern,thrillers it really is inspired by a lot,of the 70s stuff the same time this was,based on a miniseries a British,miniseries also called state of play,that was a five and a half hour,miniseries that theyve condensed into,two hours here so its really dense if,Im correct this is directed by the guy,who did the Last King of Scotland right,Kevin Macdonald yes okay well I also you,know what the movie this that kept,reminding me of was Michael Clayton and,the guy who wrote and directed Michael,Clayton is one of the writers on this I,thought that theres a whole storyline,with that felt like we just had to have,a love triangle here where Russell,Crowes character at one point had been,involved with Ben Afflecks what wife,illicitly,played by Robin Wright ran Robin Wright,Penn and it just thinking about in,retrospect its not that it plays out,bad its just so unnecessary,but you know you had that that moment,where you know it seems like its over,and then the detective or the reporter,goes like they see something they go,like wait a minute wait a minute let me,see that let me see that let me see that,to the Batmobile,if you hadnt had it there you would,have felt thoroughly satisfied by the,movie anyway Im gonna have to give this,a full-price I mean yeah my Im,complaining about it but only in the,sense of to say this is not a flawless,film but I would give it a full price I,think some people are gonna be bored by,it because theres too much information,coming their way but frankly those,arent the people I review movies for,and you get a surprise appearance by,Jason Bateman who almost steals the,movie yeah yeah Im the talent and I,dont like the vibe so why dont you,change that okay non-smoking he and,Helen Mirren are really the combo yeah,Helen Mirren I love how was she in the,movie shes really good youre gonna,think shes hot sorry I just if I could,just have a few more days with it I,promise you Im not gonna let you down,Oh sake,dude throw those jewy cub reporter eyes,at me its nauseating I dont think you,aint makin fought me theres a picture,of Helen Mirren and a bikini floating,out then this womans like about 108 so,I mean human but that was when she was,like 30 no this no this is a picture,thats recent oh I mean out although he,knows hes spent enough time in saying,oh oh I should did he show it to you but,he cant get the pages apart by the way,if you liked is that picture me Helen,man is stuck on my hand

PlayStation State of Play September 2022 Recap & Review | Nintendo Direct September 2022 Review

what is going on your beautiful bastards,im brandon sylvia this is my youtube,channel consider subscribing if you were,new all right so we are going to dive,into the nintendo direct and the,playstation state of play that happened,today both of them damn damn solid a lot,of good stuff to talk about here a lot,of new reveals,and that i just was not expecting,at all so im excited to to dive into,this and kind of break down,the two shows for today i do want to say,were gonna dive into the nintendo,direct first but before we dive into it,i dont cover a lot of nintendo here for,a reason im not a hardcore nintendo guy,um i am just now getting a little bit,more,familiar with the ecosystem trying to to,you know dive into some of the first,party games but nintendo just,historically hasnt been something that,appeals to me all that much but i am,trying to get into it a little bit at a,time here so if i,go over this direct and i kind of glaze,over a game that you know youre super,super excited for its probably because,i just dont have a ton of information,or,you know an in-depth informed in opinion,to add to the conversation so i dont,want to just kind of talk out of my ass,about something that im not,all that familiar with but,nonetheless there was still a ton here,at this nintendo direct that got me,really hyped and it was just the the,showcase in general or the presentation,in general was just very well done and,then these state of plays and directs,are hitting it out of the park lately,just just game play after game play,quick to the point snappy i i love this,and like dont mean to throw shade,at the ubisoft forward but,golly that ubisoft ford and a couple,other events can really learn a thing or,two from just getting straight to the,point i really,appreciate you know both of these uh you,know the direct and the state of play,for not wasting our time at all so lets,go ahead and dive into this thing,obviously the first thing were going to,talk about is the legend of zelda tears,of the kingdom,and,i know so many people after playing,breath of the wild were desperately,waiting you know for more information on,the sequel the follow-up what was going,to be next for zelda and yeah now we,have a release date for may 12 2023 for,tears of the kingdom,and,im down for this there was some weird,gameplay here like youre flying around,and stuff like it looked pretty sick we,didnt get a ton to to really go off of,here but you know we got a name we got a,release date i think thats,more than uh,more than a lot of people expected and i,dont love the may 12th release date you,know what i mean that thats i feel like,those,eight month out uh release dates can,tend to you know be pushed to to a,holiday sort of uh launching around the,holidays but,i dont know regardless even if it gets,pushed to holiday 2023 still nice to,know that its on the horizon and the,the hardcore fans for zelda can can,finally have a new game to jump into and,i think im going to be jumping into,this as well ive never played a zelda,game before in my life i dont think im,gonna go back and play through breath of,the wild one before diving in to uh,tears of the kingdom but i do want to to,play this and i do kind of especially if,its gonna get that same kind of,critical acclaim and then just fanfare,across the board i would like to see,what all the hype is about so im,actually personally pretty excited for,this one as well,and then we have fire emblem engage,and,once again,not my cup of tea but no doubt a very,nice visual its just really well,animated and looks like some solid,turn-based tactical combat and it is,launching on,january 20th 2023 so once again i know,fans are going to be pumped for that,but something i am damn excited about,and this is a game ive already played,but i am so excited for switch owners to,get their hands on it takes two and that,is going to be dropping on november 4th,and i just think that this is the,perfect platform,for it takes two,i just think that the the switch lends,itself so well to couch co-op really,better than any other platform and i,think this should sell exceptionally,well on the switch its a game that you,know,anybody of any age can really play it,theres of course like some marital,themes and and,you know struggles about separation and, like that but in terms of the,actual gameplay experience its one of,the more unique games youll ever play,and i i do think everybody needs to at,least check this out even if you only,jump into it for a little bit just to,see how the levels are constantly,switching and,very very brilliant game one game of the,year last year and i could not argue,that at all,next up fatal frame mask of the lunar,eclipse,i just love seeing this,it seeing these remasters really it,gives me hope,that if if were getting another,remaster here with fatal frame thats,thats making me think that theyre the,first one did pretty well maiden of,blackwater or whatever so my hope here,is usually when you see developers,publishers focusing on remastering,titles,theyre doing that to see if theres,enough buzz still left with that,franchise and then they get to work on,the next big entry,for the franchise and i i would love to,see you know a fully funded,next big,entry in the fatal frame franchise and,that would kind of be,you know with all the rumor of silent,hill coming back we have a loan in the,dark coming back with dead spaces,getting a remake resident evil 4 we have,new stuff on the horizon like the,callisto protocol and slitter heads and,its just,such a revitalization period for,survival horror and its like fatal,frame is one of the last ones out there,that just needs to get brought back so i,really hope that fatal frame gets,brought back man now on into octopath,traveler 2. this,i i never really like i saw the first,game i thought it looked cool but,holy this this trailer for octopath,traveler 2 was something else the,visuals here were just,absolutely stunning and,i just the the world building and the,visual presentation just the different,settings in this game and how,purposefully designed it looked i mean i,dont know i think i might dive into,this,just you know the whole idea of like,playing as the eight different,characters with a story thats kind of,bobbing and weaving between all eight of,them,yeah that that looks sick as hell and,thats actually launching early next,year february 2023 so yeah i think i,might be diving into theres a couple,things here that are peaking my,curiosity and might be diving into a,couple brand new franchises for the,first time with with zelda and octopath,traveler i know people are like how the,hell have you not played the zelda game,ive never owned really owned a nintendo,console for myself ive been a,playstation guy growing up throughout my,whole life so this is kind of like the,the switch the the first console the,first nintendo console i bought and i,can kind of dive into these games a,little bit more so its cool to get to,experience a lot of this for the first,time so,yeah i im really looking forward to,definitely looking forward to diving,into the new zelda game but probably,even you know gonna dive into that,octopath traveler too looks sick next up,lets talk about those nintendo 64 games,that we are going to be getting uh for,switch online,youre getting,golden eye just,i cant believe that goldeneye was just,kind of subtly dropped here i know they,played out the whole you know youre,getting excite bike youre 64 youre,getting mario party one two and three,youre getting pokemon stadium one and,two and pilot wings and all this,and then they you know tease it a little,bit and then drop golden eye as well,which,you know kudos to them thats a good way,of revealing like hey were going to be,getting gold tonight but,yeah,thats just dope man youre getting,local and online multiplayer i know,theres a lot of controversy right now,with xboxs version of golden eye not,getting online multiplayer which i do,think is kind of bizarre with you k

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