1. Station Eleven – An Emotionally Resonant Masterpiece
  2. Station Eleven (2021) HBO Max Limited Series Review | Episodes 1-3
  3. Station Eleven (2021) HBO Max Limited FULL Series Review
  4. STATION ELEVEN Ending Explained!
  5. Whats so great about Station Eleven?
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Station Eleven – An Emotionally Resonant Masterpiece

station 11 is one of the most beautiful,emotionally resonant television shows,Ive ever watched,and Im willing to go far enough to say,that its a masterpiece,if you havent heard of this incredible,gem yet then its a post-apocalyptic,show about survivors who managed to,survive a destructive flu pandemic and,are now trying to restore the best parts,of society 20 years later,and I know many people are tired of,pandemic storylines and might not want,to give this show a chance because of,that,but people need to watch this show its,so much more than just a pandemic story,its an elegant representation of The,Human Experience,the pandemic should be the reason why,you watch this show not why you dont,because at its core station 11 isnt,merely about a pandemic,its about laws and thats something we,all know a little something about,whether its as individuals or as a,society,in the wake of all that weve lost and,all that we will ever lose station 11,shows us what it means to come back from,that absolute devastation,it shows us what it means to recover,shows us what it means to reconnect,shows us what it means to remember,to remember everything and every person,that weve lost and to bring those,things back in new ways,and the best example of that theme comes,in the form of the character jeevan and,his ultimate fate,if you havent watched the show yet and,you plan on doing so there are going to,be some spoilers here so just beware,Ill leave a timestamp below just in,case you want to skip ahead,if you have watched the show then you,know that jeevan loses both his brother,Frank and his sister Sia,both of whom he loved very much and was,devastated by their deaths,I want to make a note here that Sia was,a doctor and Frank was an award-winning,writer that used a cane to get around,due to a physical disability,this is important because later on in,the series jiven becomes an amalgamation,of the two people hes lost,and its such a beautiful revelation,he uses a cane like his brother Frank,and he ends up becoming a doctor like,his sister Sia too,this character moment exemplifies,everything thats beautifully poignant,about this show,I love the way that station 11 handles,loss and how people move forward,jeevans character represents what,happens after loss,parts of ourselves live on in other,people when were gone,just like how Frank and Sia remain in,jeevan long after their deaths,when you look at station 11 through the,lens of loss its a touching sentimental,narrative that gives you peace and hope,about the nature of life,even after tragedy even after the worst,things imaginable have happened,all is not lost,[Music],station 11 is a post-apocalyptic story,that actually makes you feel good,even in the face of loss and Mourning,and with Stellar performances from a,well-rounded cast and a powerful moving,soundtrack to boot,this show establishes itself as an,instant thought-provoking classic that,deserves so much more attention than,its getting,[Music],when I think of Kirsten when I think of,jeevan when I think of all the other,characters in this show,I think about everything Ive lost,just like them,and this show makes me remember that all,these things Ive lost are still a part,of me,and one day when Im gone from this,Earth,Ill be a part of someone else too,hey everybody this was a shorter video,than what Im used to doing so if you,liked what you saw please leave a like,And subscribe if youd like to see more,of this kind of content,I make videos about all things writing,related,and heres a quick thanks to my Patron,Edith Lopez Torres who helped make this,video happen,if youd like to support me further,please check out my patreon Ill leave a,link down in the description below,and if youve got some time check out,some of my other videos too,I really appreciate you watching this,one,and to everyone who made it to the end,here thank you all for watching and I,hope you have a great rest of your day,[Music]

Station Eleven (2021) HBO Max Limited Series Review | Episodes 1-3

if youre looking for something a little,unique and yet eerily timely you may,want to check out station 11 on hbo max,its a sci-fi dramatic mystery but is it,worth the ride,[Music],[Applause],the survivors of a devastating flu,attempt to rebuild and reimagine the,world anew while holding on to the best,of whats been lost so this limited,series will be rolling out over a few,weeks with the first three episodes,available now we follow multiple,timelines and story arcs that are,interconnected but dont necessarily,cross paths in large ways well you know,at least for right now the first episode,is really how a premiere episode should,play out we get placed into a world with,some quietly charismatic characters,watch them be introduced to the main,story conflict and then get enveloped as,the story develops,theres a good amount of detail while,still creating more mystery than answers,now like i had mentioned there are,multiple timelines that are going on in,this i think for the most part theyre,defined pretty well i mean it can get a,little confusing because the times will,jump from like present to 10 days,earlier then back to the present then,ahead two years then back and then ahead,80 days the on-screen titles do help but,sometimes when the story switches if,its already been in that timeline it,doesnt necessarily announce when weve,arrived back to it i do think this is,pretty overcomeable and it doesnt harm,the narrative you just want to be sure,that youre not distracted while youre,watching now because of the main story,plot point of a devastating flu that,pretty much wipes out humanity this does,hit sort of close to home with the,ongoing pandemic now ive not read the,novel that this is based on but that,came out in 2015 so its pretty safe to,say that its not based on current,events but the production though nah,that could be influenced by them the,actors are wonderful in this weve got,haimish patel matilda lawler mackenzie,davis danielle deadweiler and gail,garcia bernal in the lead roles and they,each bring different nuances to the,characters which draw out different,details and emotions for their story,arcs hamish patel and matilda lawler are,a large focus for the first episode and,patel is timid and hes almost mousy but,he steps up when its needed and hes,incredibly funny but not in an overt way,he delivers the lines that bring,sarcastic and dry comic relief which,help reduce some tension but it never,breaks the tone of everything thats,going on lawler is just as wonderful to,watch because shes quiet but we can see,this inner strength even if shes having,to fake it to keep going when the,episode transitions to two and then 20,years in the future we meet lawlers,character again but this time shes,played by mackenzie davis and i love the,sort of arrested development that she,brings to the character shes not,childlike because we assume that shes,had to deal with just quite a lot in,this post-apocalyptic world but shes,also still naive or maybe stunted in,certain aspects i mean the bottom line,is that she crafts a convincing,character who has seen and done way too,much for her age but also never grew up,in certain aspects of her personality,the second episode gives us a good look,at the current time so its you know,kind of about 22 years in the future,from when the story first began and i,love seeing how its kind of a bleak,future but theres still quite a bit of,joy and hope i mean were not talking,cormic mccarthys the road here i mean,people laugh and they sing and they,travel about pretty much without the,worry of being eaten the third episode,follows danielle deadweiler and gail,garcia-bernals story and im really,intrigued at what deadweilers character,has to do with everything we see in,episode one that she gives bernal a,graphic novel that she wrote its called,station 11 and it even has some dialogue,in it that we hear repeated by,characters as the episodes go along and,we even get some imagery that ties in,with the graphic novel so its raising,some questions and then creating some,theories in my mind as to what is,happening and where the show is gonna,lead us i gotta say though that i love,that i only have just the basic smallest,of theories formed i mean the mystery is,kept so close to the chest but its,intriguing that i cant wait to watch,the rest of the series i enjoy the,dialogue because its witty at points,but its also intelligent this doesnt,just spoon feed the audience into every,meaning i love that we have to be,present in the storytelling to catch,nuances that point to larger ideas and,then possible clues and then at the very,least were getting a small glimpse of,some intriguing character journeys where,we get to learn about their motivations,desires hopes and their fears station 11,is being released weekly but i love that,theyre grouping episodes so that its,not going to take forever to release the,first three episodes are out right now,and then for the next three weeks two,episodes at a time are going to be,released followed by the final episode,thats a standalone and so far the,episodes are about 45-ish minutes so,its not too large of a time commitment,but i do think if youre into patient,sci-fi mysteries that first episode its,really gonna hook you the set designs,and the cinematography are also really,well crafted as it just builds out this,post-apocalyptic world for us where we,either have like just extreme weather or,just beautiful sun and just open,landscapes where we can just see our,characters kind of just go along be,unhindered by everything thats around,them the world is still daunting but,when we see it in the future,its not so just horrifying that we,dont think that anybody could ever live,or want to go on this is a great start,to the series and im really excited to,see where its going to take us theres,no sex or nudity but there is profanity,and violence im gonna hold off giving,this a score for now until ive seen the,whole thing but i do think that these,first three episodes are a really strong,start and ill be very hopeful for the,rest so has this been on your radar id,love to hear what your thoughts are on,the first three episodes in the comments,below if you enjoyed this review please,give it a like also dont forget to,share and subscribe,im chris this is movies and munchies,thanks for couching with me

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Station Eleven (2021) HBO Max Limited FULL Series Review

hi and welcome to the ruby tuesday my,names ruben and im kay,almost went right over me i almost did,yeah,there is someone next to me,lets try again,hi and welcome to the ruby tuesday my,name is ruben and im kay and today we,are reviewing a hbo max limited series,called station 11. post-apocalyptic saga,spanning multiple timelines telling the,stories of survivors of a devastating,flu as they attempt to rebuild and,reimagine the world anew while holding,on to the best of whats been lost so,there is 10 episodes hour-long episodes,its based on a book that was filmed,while the book wasnt filmed,the series was filmed in canada,and,everybody living in canada cant watch,the series because its on hbo max so,im really sorry about that uh so it was,filmed in canada it was also written in,canada motherboard was okay i feel,really sad for canadians,um well they get the book so its okay,they get the book yes,i think this is an interesting series to,talk about i also want to say that it,doesnt come out altogether at once i,believe that the first three episodes,dropped tomorrow would be,friday the 17th and then theyre like,sporadically until i think it goes all,the way into 2022 because were not far,away from that until they reach,obviously that climactic episode episode,10. i do think they missed a beat not,giving 10 episodes and i feel like im,saying that a lot recently about series,where certain networks have not decided,to go back to the kind of individual,episodes or theyll start with a bang of,three and then give you those individual,episodes weekly sometimes that works i,think for like cop shows that have a,contained story per episode when its,one story thats chopped up and is very,complicated that you need to follow all,the tangents that the story,goes on then by the time you get to the,end youve lost your weight because its,weak on weak and youre still trying to,remember what the hell was going on in,the first three episodes so that i think,is a mistake by the series when i first,started watching this i thought wow that,is super interesting no idea where this,is going to go its really in a way,quite,frighteningly similar to,to what were experiencing with omicron,say the next variant that comes along,could kill us all,lets hope not um but thats kind of the,premise of this story yeah its very uh,theres a flu strain and then suddenly,it mutates and its mortality rate is,like almost 100,there was a moment in i think it was the,first or second episode where i was just,like oh this is way too close to home,this is this is scarily eerie and like,this could totally happen,acting the cinematography the score the,scripting is all really well done,well crafted well thought out just found,that it really lagged in the middle it,did a lot it felt like it was taking you,on all these journeys that were,necessary but could have been done in,half the time it was quite indulgent,yeah uh in in the way it was telling the,story it definitely felt pretentious in,the middle now i hate saying that but,each episode i was clock watching the,interesting thing about these hour long,episodes is i think we enjoyed,especially the middle few episodes the,half an hour of the end of the episode,so it took half an hour to get into what,they were trying to say with characters,that you often follow for the whole,episode found that that was fun but,youre just kind of wondering what,thats got to do with the main story,because the next episode was never to do,with the character that you just were,following so theyll often give you a,whole episode with one character and,then come back to that other character,like three or four episodes,and never mind about the different,storylines theyre following theyre,following different story lines in,different times as well and so youre,going way back 20 years youre jumping,forward to present you even skip a,little bit of when you meet the,character and then you follow in their,journey which also is a time job so if,you do miss an episode or its been a,couple of weeks and youre like what,happened again you are going to struggle,to follow along yeah for sure one of my,favorite things is the traveling,symphony,and theyre incredible costumes that,theyve created out of found items i,mean seriously the design team on this,series needs awards absolutely because,the costumes were fantastic,um the characters just the way that life,has evolved over time because of this,you know devastating event,its just so interesting and so well,captured in the the set dressing and the,wardrobes and just the props and stuff,that they use the world feels really,lived in yeah it really really does yeah,yeah i mean i think at the traveling,symphony um is definitely our favorite,characters of the branch i would have,preferred staying in that time zone for,the most,of the series just because i found them,to be very interesting whenever theyre,on screen,every character is unique at what like,every person is but they really felt,like real characters like you say a,lived in world whatever clothes they,were wearing especially when they were,performing so the clothes that they were,performing in they had to make from,scratch because obviously everything has,died out and that you know if theyre,performing hamlet the,eccentricities of the costume is used,from the environment that theyve picked,up so bottles and weird designs and head,gear that all look incredible and you,can see theyre handmade but then youve,got to think theyre handmade to look,like theyre post-apocalyptic worth,traveling symphony and the art people,just had a lot of fun making the,costumes absolutely which i think is,like one of the the better things about,this series for me i also really loved,the way they used shakespeare,shakespeares actual plays shakespeares,actual words to further the storyline so,there are times i think two occasions,that i can recall,where they actually use a play of hamlet,uh well the one was hamlet where they,actually do a scene from it and instead,of it just being a oh arent we cool we,can do shakespeare yeah its actually,furthering the story very clever of,these characters by using the words of,shakespeare which i thought was really,clever it misdirects you on purpose,so well i dont know if it was on,purpose but every time something is,revealed about a character or something,youre kind of like going oh,oh so that must connect somehow that,must be a big reveal later on or you,know like you keep guessing like,somethings gonna come of this something,and then sometimes something does and,sometimes,nothing does,and its like okay well i guess if you,take the book the mythology around the,book and the book itself away then,youre just following characters after,an apocalyptic event,and its like its like a documentary,were just were sort of seeing uh who,they are and how they got there yeah and,its like a study,of of what happens yeah i mean that,itself is interesting but it does have a,really nice conclusion to it yeah i,thought it was the way it came together,in the end theres a couple of,characters that youve kind of come to,like and then you see these characters,and where they end up and i thought that,was it was a good way because i really,wasnt sure how they were going to wrap,up this weird story that seemed to be,going nowhere like many episodes i just,you know the whole time were like what,is this series where is it going its,performed amazingly yeah and it looks,brilliant,and im interested and sometimes im,riveted depending on the episode yeah,and then im just like but what is it,what are you,what are you uh yeah so its an,interesting one i did enjoy it and i,enjoyed it more towards the end,if i was gonna rate it like of the first,three episodes only then i probably,would have given an okay rating if it,were to rate it like in the middle,itd be way lower but now like coming,towards the end im like okay thats,thats concluded very well which is why,im giving a full season review and not,doing plot s

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STATION ELEVEN Ending Explained!

its the show set before during and,after a pandemic that was shot before,during and well hopefully well get to,the after hbo station 11 is a,post-apocalyptic mini-series based off,the book by emily saint john mandel and,i dont think ive seen a show since,netflix is the oa which has left me with,so many unanswered questions so,naturally i wanted to tackle this epic,tale which spans more than 20 years and,get to the bottom of what exactly is,station 11. the final episode opens on,miranda carroll the author of station 11,a graphic novel which has taken her,years to write the novel itself is a,byproduct of trauma as a child miranda,and her family were stuck in a hurricane,when a live wire electrocuted everyone,but her she was saved because she just,so happened to be coloring on the,countertop away from the water its no,wonder then that when arthur leander,interprets one of her drawings that we,see the books protagonist a spaceman,named dr eleven is really a metaphor for,miranda herself in episode 3 arthur,leander describes the doctor as alone,but not unhappy adrift and exhausted but,because he wears a suit people dont,realize what a warm and light heart he,has this is essentially describing,miranda its just that instead of a,spacesuit that she wears she protects,herself by being distant but even when,youre here,youre not here miranda leaves arthur,right before the flu that will kill 99.9,percent of people on earth its her,biggest regret,why wasnt i with my love,when he died,shes halfway around the world in,malaysia when we flash back a few days,earlier to young kirsten miranda and,arthur backstage at the theater where,arthur performs king lear,whos that hes the the draw in,my life kirsten obtains one of only five,copies of station 11 and this book will,end up shaping her life whereas the book,was born of trauma it becomes a beacon,of hope for kirsten and although the,story is a fictitious tale about a space,man drifting alone through space to be,found and saved again its ultimately a,tale about universal truths that,although we may be damaged and escape,that damage there is hope that one day,well be reunited with those we love as,miranda dies from the flu she receives a,call from clark thompson one of arthurs,friends informing her that arthur has,died but the universe has a strange way,of working out clark just happened to be,on the same flight as arthurs wife,elizabeth and son tyler not only that,but the pilot of the gichagumi a plane,still on the tarmac at the severn city,airport where clark is stranded happens,to have the same name as the hurricane,that killed mirandas family in fact he,was named after it shes able to track,down the pilots cell number and tells,them to lock the passengers inside there,is no rescue mission coming and if those,infected with the flu get out theyll,infect those safe within the airport,this all leads to one of the defining,moments in the series days after all the,passengers aboard the gichigumi are,believed to be dead tyler sees a,survivor emerge and brings him into the,airport believing him to be immune and,no threat to the others this ends up,with the man being shot and clark,uttering the words,we are not monsters and that word,monsters can be found in the novel where,dr eleven exclaims to the monsters we,are the monsters and this is uttered,throughout the series the monsters,were the monsters for those survivors,at the airport the monsters are those,infected in the gichigumi and should be,exterminated but for the passengers in,the gitugumi the monsters are those that,held them on the tarmac each sees each,other as the monster this analogy is,echoed to jiven by young kirsten when,they hunt wolves to the monsters were,the monsters,what does that mean we see wolves as,monsters because they attack us but they,see us as monsters because we attack,them this actually plays out when jeevan,is mauled by a wolf named big daddy in,episode 9. the killing of the innocent,guccigumi passenger is arguably one of,the biggest turning points for tyler he,sees life before the flu as traumatic,and any attempt to get civilization back,to the way it was should be stopped for,example when the topic of repopulating,the earth comes up he says maybe we,shouldnt though,repopulate and when he suggests deleting,the last article he downloaded from the,internet before it went down an article,that describes capitalism his mother,says we just invented again so when,clark becomes the de facto leader of the,airport and decides to turn it into a,museum honoring the achievements of the,before times tyler isnt having it,although theres much more to tylers,decision here he ends up faking his own,death by lighting the gitjugumi on fire,most of the series takes place 20 years,after the pandemic as we follow adult,kirsten and a group known as the,traveling symphony they travel around,lake michigan performing shakespeare to,various communities littered around the,lake but theres a lot of interesting,elements that are all converging at this,one point at the airport first we have,adult tyler now known as the prophet,hes used the station 11 book to,brainwash a group of kids acting as a,sort of cult leader as he told alex in,episode 4 he believes those born after,the pandemic are special the first human,generation to be rid from trauma,the survivors were the only liars left,he even gets them to be used as child,soldiers who suicide bomb at his bidding,but in his eyes hes not the monster,hes doing good it all goes back to the,line from the book to the monsters we,are the monsters at the same time sarah,the traveling symphonys composer has a,heart attack this forces elizabeth to,call a doctor who just happens to be,jeevan the man who cared for kirsten,during the first year of the pandemic,but was separated from her after his,wolf attack jimin has gone on his own,personal journey starting off as a man,who suffered from panic attacks and,couldnt connect with children to one,who has a family and remains calm even,in the face of death he would learn to,become a doctor from deborah who says,the hardest part of being a doctor isnt,knowing all the science its the courage,to bear witness to death,the courage,to be there and this is exactly what,jeevan does when he is there for sarah,at her death fun fact saint debra is the,name of the first town the traveling,symphony plays and its named after,debra who delivered multiple babies in,one night during the first year of the,pandemic so now we have kirsten tyler,jeevan and the traveling symphony all in,one place for a performance of hamlet,and to make things even more meta tyler,will play the role of hamlet his actual,mother that of gertrude hamlets mother,and clark claudius the usurper who,killed hamlets father so when i say,things are meta it gets even more crazy,for example the play hamlet features a,play within it the murder of gonzago and,now were watching a tv show that has a,play within a play that takes place,after a pandemic while we ourselves are,facing our own pandemic its pretty wild,while tyler is captured kirsten tells,him to look at a specific scene from,hamlet act 3 scene 4 which is all about,hamlet confronting his mother about,marrying his fathers brother it gets at,tylers innermost feeling of betrayal,meanwhile clark has put a stop to the,play believing that a rendition of,hamlet a show which is about a man,rebelling against authority may give the,impressionable youth ideas but when he,finds out kirsten is the same girl he,met 20 years ago backstage at king lear,he lets them go on with the show with,him in the role as claudius its what,arthur would have wanted the play goes,on and tyler is given kirstens knife to,kill clark on stage this knife was the,same one that killed jeevans brother,frank in chicago years ago tyler ends up,not going through with it do not forever,with thy veiled lids seek for thy noble,father in the dust all that lives,must die,passing through nature to eternity not,only are these gertrudes

Whats so great about Station Eleven?

yeah its pretty good,before i start talking about station 11,i want to give a very very heartfelt,thank you to all the new people that,have,recently signed up to my patreon i dont,think i would still be,bothering with making videos certainly,not as frequently as i do,if i didnt have the support of my,patrons because google ad money and,youtube money is worth next to nothing,unless youre on like 100k,subscribers so i really appreciate the,support of my patrons,hopefully by the time this video goes up,there will be a,special discord server exclusive for my,patrons where a lot of cool things will,be happening so keep an eye on that,whats so great about station eleven,this is a big question,i a few weeks ago put up a photo of my,current tbr pile,and that pile was full of really,exciting,new books books that havent come out,yet review copies,and so many people book bloggers,translators people who work in,publishing so many people,saw the stack and went oh my god,station 11. thats all anyone cared,about,so i read station eleven and its pretty,good,im not someone who gets affected by,hype not really,not generally the only thing that,happens to me is that,if something comes out whether or not i,was previously excited for it or even,knew it existed,i do find too much hype a little bit,exhausting the new sally rooney book is,a great example im kind of sick of,hearing it and i like sally rooney i,really enjoyed normal people,but im kind of sick of hearing about,that book because it overshadows,other books that are maybe more worthy,of attention,and thats kind of why i do this channel,so hype doesnt really affect me,but with this i was expecting the,greatest novel,of our time i really was because people,who are much smarter than me,and even more well-read than me and,people who are better writers than me,and readers than me,kept telling me that this really is the,greatest thing its pretty good,so lets talk about it station 11 is a,novel by,canadian born currently new york city,based author,emily saint john mandel this novel is a,kind of,post-apocalyptic post-pandemic,end-of-the-world end-of-human,civilization,book but its smarter than that so,at first i thought okay im going to be,walking into a kind of cormac mccarthys,the road situation,and actually the book that this best,reminded me of,was fahrenheit 451 by ray bradbury,this novel is set during before,and after a global pandemic which is,very relevant to today,i was going to read this about a year,ago and i was thought that id just get,too triggered by it so i didnt,but actually the pandemic-ness of it the,disease its really not there at all,which was a relief to me it takes place,before and after a pandemic,when the book begins we are in a theater,in toronto,and a man named arthur who has been a,canadian actor,for many many years hes now i think in,his 50s hes moved to la he became a,film star,and now hes really happy that hes,finally old enough to play king lear,so he goes to toronto and he puts on a,performance of king lear and hes really,happy but then,while hes in i think act four of the,play the kind of mad,scene you know king lears wearing his,crown of flowers and hes out in the,woods and hes gone mad,arthur dies of a heart attack on stage,that night after he dies on stage our,current point of view protagonist a man,called,jeevan she even gets a call from his,friend or brother no friend his friend,who,is a doctor at a local hospital who says,look have you heard of the georgian flu,which is a flu that comes from georgia,the country not the state,and he says yeah well the georgian flu,is here and its gonna cause the end of,the world just trust me okay,im working in the hospital right now,people are dropping like flies,it got brought over on a plane and its,spreading like wildfire,and it felt very very very reminiscent,of the early days of covert 19.,and so that really hit home for me and,jeevan is panicking and so he goes to,his brothers flat and holds up there,and you dont really know what happens,to jeevan after that for a long while,from here the book then moves into,post-pandemic and it turns out this,pandemic,ended human civilization the whole world,just kind of stopped,and it was estimated that like only one,percent of people were left,and our protagonists if you can call,them that are,a theater troupe a group of people who,travel around the great lakes region of,canada u.s,border they travel around there in a,caravan,and they put on shakespeare plays and,orchestral music,thats what they do and they go to,little towns that have survived and,built up after the pandemic,and they put on these plays but theyre,starting to see weird things and they,get introduced to this guy who is a,prophet type and it remarks that a lot,of prophets have come and gone during,this time because,theres kind of a religious vacuum at,this time i guess and so,a lot of profits are popping up oh my,god its raining outside like ive never,seen it so i have to,adjust the lighting anyway so our kind,of protagonist in the post-pandemic,world is a young woman called kirsten,who was only like eight years old when,the pandemic happened and doesnt really,remember the world before it,so shes kind of grown up as part of,this shakespeare,troupe and a lot happens in this,timeline,and the book does flip back and forth,between,arthur the actor who died on stage in,his life and,his multiple marriages and friendships,and,his journey from a small island off the,west coast of canada,to toronto to los angeles back to,toronto,it covers his life in a myriad of ways,while then flitting back to the future,back to the future where we explore the,post-pandemic,world and kirsten and the,shakespeare traveling theater troupe now,i have spent,this pandemic year and a half doing,shakespeare so this was very very,appropriate to my life,on a lot of weekends and ive done a,video on this i hop on zoom with a bunch,of friends from the uk,us and canada and all of us do,shakespeare plays,jess and i dont join all of them but we,joined quite a few of them and its been,wonderful,its been a real respite from lockdown,and its kept us going,and so youve got here a pandemic world,where people are doing shakespeare plays,it was so relevant to my life,in an almost eerie way and so i really,loved that,the reason i dont think that this is,the greatest novel of all time is,because i struggled to connect with any,of the characters,and i think that that is ultimately,potentially a minor gripe,but it was the gripe that stopped me,from feeling this,overwhelming sense of adoration for the,book that i love other people have,that said i try to be objective,objectivity subjectivity is a very very,difficult thing when it comes to,any form of media narrative,entertainment,books films video games whatever yeah,opinions are subjective blah blah blah,to a point so with this im trying to,objectively look at it and go okay,ow i get why people love this book as,much as they do,it doesnt mean that i can love it as,much as they do,but thats not anyones fault and,i dont know why i didnt connect with,it i wonder if the hype spoiled it but,again i dont think it did because,hype doesnt really spoil things for me,in the way that it does for other people,while im struggling to explain why i,didnt think that this was the greatest,thing ever,that doesnt mean that i didnt think it,was a fantastic book and a very very,worthwhile reading experience,first of all its a really decent length,around 340 pages thats a lovely length,for,any novel and i really appreciated that,it also,combined with that has wonderful pacing,the pacing of station 11 is,chefs kiss its really tight the,chapters are great lengths and they move,back and forth through time,they also sporadically change their,style where there is,a diary or a series of letters or,theres an interview theres an,interview that repeats itself,you get little segments of this,interview and they,wonderfully split themselves into,chapters so say theres a re

STATION ELEVEN Post-Finale Conversation | HBO Max | ATX TV

stay with me sir stay with me,clear,wheres your mom or dad,i dont know,i cant leave you here,ill walk you to the elephant,i think this thing is really happening,you can see it out there,uh can i have your attention please,we have shelter we have food,this is the best thing that could have,possibly happened,were the traveling symphony we travel,for a reason just try to make the world,make sense for a minute,no one finds people from before,[Music],sometimes i think we should be out there,looking for them,[Music],i come to you with an invitation,to the museum of civilization,beware the prophet,beware the children who follow him,what happened to you in the first 100.,i was lucky youd have grown up and,cared about me,welcome to the museum,of civilization,before,its coming back,i wont let it,we have to abandon the future,all that matters is the now and what got,us to this point,and were in this together,and were a family now,[Music],[Applause],so,how many people have we seen now,plow guy the two bandana meth guys,the lady with no eyes,a lady with no eyes,[Music],hello we are thrilled to be back and,kicking off the new year by welcoming,yall to this conversation with an,amazing creative team and cast behind,hbo maxs limited series station 11.,im jen and this is caitlin and if this,is your first time coming across atx tv,youve picked an excellent entry point,this group of panelists and this series,form a perfect circle on the venn,diagram of our interests,im trying to quickly make a joke about,the traveling symphony circle that they,do each season but im just not fast,enough so im gonna say its very true,the show does all the things for us from,being devoted halton catch fire fans,to the leftovers obviously shakespeare,is pretty great and now station 11.,you and i were extremely hyped for the,show because we follow a lot of very,smart tv people including todays,moderator who are also very hyped for,the show and in a way that seems sort of,impossible given the current state of,our world i think it somehow exceeded,our very high expectations,i could agree with that and id like to,lobby for its inclusion in our own,museum of civilization,duly noted and approved,i do want to say before we go any,further that this conversation is,happening after the finale has aired it,will have spoilers as we talk about the,series as a whole including the finale,probably the book so youve been warned,and if you havent finished or started,pause come back itll be here waiting,for you as an extension of your time,with these brilliant people,official spoiler warning has been given,everything is on the table,yep,thank you to our panelists for joining,us today to talk about this very special,project and to our partners at hbo max,for continuing to put gems like this out,into the world all 10 episodes of,station 11 are available for you right,now on hbo max so please seek it out and,enjoy,with that id like to bring out our,moderator chris ryan editor of the,ringer co-host of one of our favorite,podcasts to watch to introduce our,panelists,chris,hi,hey everyone thanks so much for having,me im so happy to introduce uh,panelists that were going to be,bringing up from station 11. this is my,favorite show of 2021 and im so excited,to be talking with members of the cast,and the creative team behind it uh first,off ill bring up daniel deadweiler who,plays miranda,then daniel zavado who plays tyler slash,the prophet,mckenzie davis who plays kirsten,nemesh patel who plays jeevan patrick,somerville the creator and showrunner,and executive producer jessica rhodes,the executive producer hiro mirai the,director and the executive producer and,jeremy podeswa the director and,executive producer welcome everybody,thank you thank you,so patrick ill start with you uh,bringing up my questions here so i,wanted to ask obviously this is a,beloved book um and adaption is a very,delicate process and its this is a,pretty unique one where i know that you,had a relationship with emily going into,going into this process and i was,curious if you could talk a little bit,about um your relationship to the novel,and the author and the process of moving,on from,the book as a text that you obviously,connected with to something that you,needed to sort of make your own,yeah um,uh i barely knew emily uh i should say,at that point we had spent one very,interesting day together reading,together uh in the suburbs outside of,chicago but had connected and definitely,had had some conversations that were,memorable,um,and i,that was that was i think 10 years ago,that we had that interaction the book,came out a couple years after we had had,that conversation and immediately,skyrocketed and sold a million copies,around the world and i was like oh emily,nailed it thats amazing and then i love,the book too,um and i i think i i was surprised that,it was initially being uh,trying trying someone was trying to make,it into a film because theres so much i,didnt understand how you could,do all the things that we hopefully,successfully ended up doing in our show,but just do all the things in the novel,that needed to be done,in a feature,so,um,i was glad,years later to also hear that that had,failed,the script,process along the way and it coincided,with,me getting a chance to go have a meeting,with one of our producers scott,steindorf,and in there is where i,i said this cant be a movie it has to,be a limited series and heres what i,think you should change too theres some,kind of,big ideas that,and hiro can attest to this too in the,in the first conversation he and i had,um,i think most of the big changes were,already kind of figured out and,one one being,um,the idea of uh of jeevan and kirsten,spending those 80 days together,rather than just being kind of like,ships in the night and losing each other,write it right after the they have one,moment in the book uh that that we do in,the show too when when she even helps,her get,get to tonya the wrangler and thats it,in the book um but it felt like a great,opportunity for episode one,to just to have these two strangers,uh kind of making their way somewhere,and but getting to know each other,thats a good episode we needed,something um for,because in the in the book too jeevan is,alone and with his thoughts and emilys,voice as a narrator is incredibly,powerful and i think it does so much,work i think most of the adaptation,ideas,in general were trying to get back what,emilys voice as a novelist gives that,story of the,so so this was one and then,i think there was always a sense that uh,we wish there was more jeevan,that obviously happens because of their,connection but theres now it happens,even more we know more about his story,when hes alone and,i think miranda is another big character,we wanted to know more about and do a,little bit differently,not just,for doing it differently but i think,as visual storytellers we had the,challenge of also making the graphic,novel uh visually and knowing the,graphic novel and once we knew that hero,and i slowly i think were approaching,the conclusion that like the books got,to be good,for this to work right,but if the books good that means,thats deeply intertwined with mirandas,character,who miranda is has to be very very known,i think early in the story i.e episode,three,um so all of uh and then in the writers,room there was always this deep desire,to have,mirandas character,causally matter somehow,uh to the stakes of whats going on in,the airport at the end more than,just the story the more powerful story i,think which is how art,can hold and help people,when the author of the art isnt there,uh when the maker of the thing isnt,there uh thats the kind of a story but,the b story we wanted really badly was,how can we get,an interaction uh uh uh how can we how,can we have miranda come back and matter,to this year 20 story in a way that is,hopefully a fun surprise,uh for people who just watched episode,10 but i would i want to hear a heros,response too about that

Station Eleven | HBO MAX Miniseries Review

hey welcome to the channel my name is,jason and here i talk about all things,story and the story i am talking about,today is actually a tv show it is the,mini series called station 11 that is on,hbo max i know im branching out a,little bit if you know me if youre new,here i mostly do book reviews i mostly,talk about storytelling writing,specifically but i love film i love,narration in all of its forms and so,while i started the channel kind of,doing a mix thing i focused more on,books and writing but i said screw it,im gonna talk about film and tv as well,but through the lens of a storyteller,through the lens of someone who tries to,articulate why he being me may or may,not like something so these reviews may,be a little bit different than youre,used to from a normal tv or movie review,standpoint i may dive a little bit,deeper into character im gonna think,im gonna structure these somewhat,similarly to my book reviews meaning,talking about character talking about,plot talking about narrative misfires,its an experiment its a work in,progress so let us begin let us begin to,talk about station 11. so station 11. it,is a mini-series on hbo a,post-apocalyptic one based on the novel,by the same name by emily saint john,mandel so this novel actually i tried to,read it a long time ago when it came out,heard a lot of great things about it i,couldnt quite get into it it could have,been the fact that it centers around an,acting troupe and i dont really care so,much about theater or anything like that,i dont know you may be saying that is,unfair you should give it a shot maybe i,will go back and read it but maybe i,wont because from reviews ive read the,novel structure is very similar to the,miniseries and i had quite a few,problems with it but lets not get ahead,of ourselves lets talk about this so,station 11 what is it about what is the,hook well it is the end of the world,there is a flu decimating everybody,killing everybody we do not know the,origin we just know that it is moving,very quickly,and it is killing a lot of people there,are some people who are immune who are,our survivors the characters we follow,along this journey,of which there are multiple timelines,speaking of timelines i believe that,that fits into the hook here because it,is at its core what this what how this,show is constructed and what you can,expect so we have a timeline where it is,the,present were following a troop of,actors who are traveling around the,apocalypse performing plays and then the,other timeline is the beginning of the,end of the world moving toward the,present moving toward this other,timeline we are witnessing because it,does involve some of the same characters,which i will get to and with all of this,going around there is a connective,thread that connective thread is a,graphic novel called station 11 which,was written by one of the characters in,this story in the middle of all this is,a prophet doing what prophets do trying,to usher the world into a conclusion,based on his own personal experiences or,things that hes read lets say in a,book so let us begin with character the,glue that holds everything together i,think this story is best told through,four specific characters there are many,many characters in this that like i said,theres a troop of actors theres other,people in in the same timeline that,these people share but these four are,key to the narrative so im just going,to stick to them so we have kirsten,kirsten uh we we are introduced to in,the beginning shes a very young girl,shes an inspiring actor in the theater,tied to uh this man that is kind of the,connective tissue named arthur uh with,all of these characters but anyway the,play ends after a tragedy arthur dies,some things are going awry this flu is,starting to infect everybody and then we,meet jeevan who is who is a man a very,very cool character who proceeds to try,to,save arthur and uh even though hes not,a doctor whatsoever which you know cool,narrative stuff there um this by the way,i think this might get in the spoilery,territory so if you have not watched the,show,and you would like to just hear my final,thoughts the review aspect skip check,the time code below because yeah i dont,think theres any way of really talking,about this without without getting into,some spoiler territory so kirsten and,jeevan probably are our our best duo in,this entire thing the connective thread,that was the most interesting we have,kirsten as i said lost shes jeevan is,trying to take her home after this play,after all this stuff has gone on they,get home the parents arent home hes,forced to kind of take her under his,wing and theyre a great contrast,because kirsten is very mature for her,age and jivan is as his sister,affectionately calls him the brother who,eats cereal for dinner i believe so even,though hes the adult in this situation,i feel like thematically the roles are,reversed he he has he feels ultimate,responsibility of taking care of this,girl but she kind of feels like she can,take care of herself but anyway probably,the best part of the entire show is the,relationship and the progression of,these two characters across their own,timeline into the present so thats,kirsten and jeevan great dynamic and one,that you will enjoy revisiting because,you know the the show the episodes,everythings divided into multiple,timelines youre jumping a lot but this,one you will you will enjoy immensely i,i love the construction of it the,prophet,yes the prophet the antagonist of this,entire thing,uh he,this is getting spoilery guys so again,skip to the end if you want to just hear,about the score he is a the son of,arthur who is the actor who died on,stage he goes through a traumatic,experience at an airport uh a man who he,tries to save off this plane of infected,people is shot in front of him in his,arms in fact um and then they are kind,of put away in quarantine and this is,presumably where the prophet his mind,changes right hes hes hes emotionally,affected by this by this thing and he,decides to leave he he runs away,to grow up to become a bearded,long-haired prophet who we meet later on,in the in the present day narrative so,the problem i had with with tyler is,that he is a,emotionless child in the beginning okay,so when hes young when he experiences,this traumatic event he is essentially,like a slack-faced dummy and im,mannequin i shouldnt have said dummy,mannequin but hes in these scenes and,hes always got his headphones on hes,always playing his little handheld game,device but,the emotion the the event,never really translates it never is,communicated to the viewer to myself,anyway in such a way where his actions,later in life make much sense because,what his actions are later in life are,hes amassing these followers all of,these children who are kind of suicide,bombers theres this other group of,people who have put land mines around,their establishment for protection these,kids dug them up they strap them to,their chest and they cause destruction,and so hes trying to essentially get to,this place this airport where he left,his game device to i guess,erase humanity erase all of the data,destroy it so i guess we can start over,again maybe but again the reason why it,doesnt work for me is because we never,understand his motivation id have a,conversation and try to figure out like,why he was doing the things he was doing,you should never do that in a show in a,narrative whatsoever you need to,understand the motivation you need to,feel it because you know youre,consuming all of this you dont have to,think about it and too much i think,discussion after the fact is,is is what you want not during not,trying to figure out why someone is,doing something on screen because thats,a failing of the writer the director so,miranda the final character i would like,to talk about in the character section i,know this is getting pretty long shes,the one shes the author the illustrator,of station 11 which is this graphic,novel that is ess

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