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Stay Close (2021) Netflix Limited Series Review

harlan cobin is back with yet another,netflix adaptation of his mysteries this,time its stay close which marks at,least the second cobin mystery to star,richard armitage is this limited series,worth the binge,four people each conceal dark secrets,from those closest to them and as the,past comes back to haunt them,threatening to ruin their lives and the,lives of those around them what will be,their next move this is a fairly,convoluted mystery but it does all flow,together well and makes for a cohesive,story we follow megan a working mother,of three whos about to get married rey,a once promising documentary,photographer who captures some,unexpected images with his lens broom a,detective unable to let go of a missing,persons cold case and lorraine an old,friend of megans i love how all these,story lines intersect and intertwine it,becomes a bit like an if you give a,mouse a cookie scenario as one thing,leads to the next and typically that,next thing is even more dramatic than,what came before this is a really good,cast also weve got richard armitage as,i had mentioned hes playing ray the,photographer james nesbitt playing ds,broome sarah parish as lorraine and then,cush jumbo playing megan and just how,cool is that name i mean kush jumbo rock,on the relationships throughout this,winding mystery are what keeps it moving,so tautly each is complicated in their,own rights but because of the ongoing,case things get even more complex i,really enjoyed the relationship between,diaz broome and his partner aaron they,have history together and their banter,really comes across as two people who,have known each other for quite some,time now the central mystery is the,disappearance of a young man one night,during the annual carnival now hes not,the most likable of guys but hes,missing all the same so as the police,investigate where he may have gone off,to diaz broome discovers that a cold,case that he had worked on for years,shares a bunch of similarities with this,new missing person case the limited,series is eight episodes at each around,45-ish minutes i think it flows rather,well but there were a few times where,the story felt a bit repetitive as we,get to see scenes over and over even,though these new ones did often lead to,new discoveries and the back and forth,also does add some time to the story,overall and i think certain portions,could have been shored up just a bit to,use the time more efficiently theres,one story complication in this that,appears i think about halfway through,the show and it adds a level of,ridiculousness that i just wasnt,prepared for and at first i actually,hated it ken and barbie as theyre,described in the credits come into this,story and theyre very mysterious they,felt out of place at first but then they,really grew on me and i ended up liking,what they did for the story even if i do,think that they could be an unnecessary,story arc but just the absurdity of,their presence is fun and they certainly,do add some drama now i think youll be,able to figure out one of the main,mysteries by about episode four i think,some dialogue gives away too much of the,climax which then led me to figure out,the perpetrator at that point that,doesnt mean i still didnt have a,couple of doubts because i really did,but each time he just couldnt shake the,feeling that they had already revealed,the perpetrator to us as one of the,storytelling devices we get a lot of,flashbacks because portions of the,storyline go back 17 years and these are,choppy and a bit convoluted which is,exactly as theyre supposed to be the,memories are foggy and fragmented and,typically even out of context as time,goes along these become more cohesive,and more portions begin to fall in line,the flashbacks typically add to the,story in positive ways which is great,because there are shows where flashbacks,only serve to add time to the story but,dont actually push the narrative,forward here they work to build out the,story and are shown judiciously i,enjoyed the cinematography in this,because some locales are in wooded areas,with these ruins strewn about we get a,sense of isolation but also wonder and,intrigue through these areas theres,also those wonderful use of aerial shots,as well follow vehicles or even used as,establishing shots theres one in,particular that involves this massive,head sculpture and its awesome to watch,the shot come in from above to slowly,just have that head appear and then the,camera pans down to show us the true,size and scale of that sculpture and,then how it dwarfs our characters as we,get to the climax and reveal there is an,exposition dump that felt a bit clunky,to me leading up to this point though i,had loved it especially at a point where,a character learns something that is,totally a shock to them at the point of,realization the reaction is so,wonderfully executed and powerful but,the actual reveal just felt like they,didnt know any other way to wrap up the,story and give us all of the details and,its not a bad way to end the show but,it wasnt the smoothest either while,this is mainly a dramatic mystery there,are some moments of action and some were,a bit gory which i hadnt expected and,another felt a little ridiculous in its,execution i mean it was fun to watch but,it felt more like it was staged and it,was a show rather than something,happening in life and that broke me out,of the show for this piece i mean i,became aware that i was watching a,production rather than just remaining in,the world as an observer with everything,happening around me now i didnt notice,the score or soundtrack too often in,this but there was one point where a,version of radioheads creep played and,i just never heard that before it was a,jazz rendition and i gotta say while it,was odd it wasnt bad and the oddity,then fits so well with the scene also,even though he was a supporting,character eddie izzard was phenomenal in,this i loved how he presented his,character and was able to take someone,who could be very unpleasant and make,them into a compassionate and,sympathetic character who i wanted to,see more of so overall stay close is a,thrilling mystery that contains a lot of,twists and turns throughout i think the,story while convoluted and complex is,still easy to follow helped along,greatly by some very complicated,characters i do think the story reveals,too many clues about the perpetrator,though too early in the series but the,ride is still fun and there are still,enough additional story complications to,make you question if youve really,figured it out i believe the,relationship aspect of the series is one,of the high points and i really enjoyed,how dynamics helped to shape our,character trajectories leading to some,demonstrable growth for many of the,players while portions of the show are,repetitive and theres a rather large,exposition dump for the finale the,limited series overall is enjoyable and,full of intrigue theres no sex or,nudity but there is a lot of profanity,and a bunch of gory violence i give stay,close four out of five couches what,other mystery writers works would you,like to see adapted for a series let me,know in the comments below if you,enjoyed this review please give it a,like also dont forget to share and,subscribe im chris this is movies and,munchies thanks for couching with me

Stay Close Netflix Series Review (Harlan Coben)

and welcome to the ruby tuesday my name,is ruben and this is my review for,netflixs original series stay close let,me know in the comments below which is,your favorite harlem cobin adaptation,netflix seems to have a very big uh deal,with harlan corbin stories theres been,a number of them that have been,adaptated some ive really enjoyed some,have been a bit like hit or miss im,interested to know your thoughts which,is your favorite what are your thoughts,about this one but is this worth your,time lets find out the lives of a,photojournalist a soccer mom and a,homicide detective are disturbed by a,terrible event from the past so there is,eight episodes 45 minutes a piece and,before we carry on please do give me a,like and subscribe if you havent yet if,youre returning thank you so much for,joining the ruby tuesday over 2021 this,is one of my last,reviews for 2021 and it kind of feels,apt that were talking about this type,of messed up storyline because 2021 has,been we thought 2020 was bad but 2021 oh,my gosh it says its,its been a sloga guys,not that i havent enjoyed reviewing,content and uh chatting to our audience,in the comments below thank you so much,for being on this journey with us,nevertheless eight episodes 45 minutes,apiece harlan copen mystery story and it,is totally mystery,it also makes you want to put all your,sort of sensibility of,logic to the side somewhat,there is i think about episode three of,four when my wife and i looked at each,other because we were watching this,together and were like is everybody,involved,in this like everybody it seems somewhat,ridiculous that somehow the story,involved characters that you just didnt,expect them to be involved every person,that you think is like oh thats just a,normal character no somehow theyre,involved and,it got a little bit silly so that was a,thing that took us out of,the storyline somewhat but by the time,you hit that end reveal like you always,get with the harlem cove and storylines,the last three episodes really ramp up,the tenseness of,the mystery as they start revealing the,actual answers that youre looking for,and it wraps it up to a crescendo of,something that youre like okay i feel,satisfied with this story,i do feel like its a one and done 99 of,the mysteries are sold so you can feel,satisfied going okay theyre not gonna,leave it massively for a second season,but also if they ever wanted to do,another one i guess they could,but the story definitely for me it,shouldnt carry on i think its its,been,done with care and theres enough in,here for you to,i guess not binge watch but to watch it,over a number of nights i didnt feel,like i had to watch it i didnt lose,anything when i watched it over a couple,of nights thank you netflix for once,again giving us the screeners to watch,this eddie izzos character in this,series i always like watching him on,screen i think he has great presence i,thought this character that he managed,to come up with is something that you,end up liking the character hes broken,hes messed up but hes also as a sort,of father figure he plays this lawyer,and you just kind of love him every time,hes on screen you feel for him youre,kind of protective of him its a very,interesting weird dynamic of this,character onscreen i could have done,with a lot more of him being on screen,and talking about the acting for the,most part the protagonists are good i,think that even the teens are quite good,but the story is interesting really,where the mystery,unsolves itself so youre trying to,figure it out its one of those classic,puzzle pieces where everybodys lives,intertwine with each other it looks,great its like its a good looking,british series and it lends itself to,the mystery and it does keep you,guessing for the most part but you might,be a little bit annoyed at the lag or,the stretchiness of the series in the,middle like at some point youre gonna,go okay everybody seems to be involved,youre going this way with the storyline,please let us figure it out give us some,answers now and thankfully the the,latter half of this series really does,kind of start answering those questions,the first four episodes are setting up,these storylines,that youre,seemingly not really interconnected but,somehow are interconnected i think it,was episode five even or six were like,thats a totally new character we,havent even been introduced to them so,youre still wondering how theyre gonna,wrap it all up but by the time they do,you feel like okay that i didnt see,coming which is very unique because for,the most part you think you know whats,going on and then it does the dusty,thing which is really fun i think the,performances are definitely worth,watching like i said its its filmed,well the score is excellent but the,story and the mystery is whats going to,keep you hooked in this and we get to,figure out which is my favorite,harlequin storyline this isnt my,favorite because i think even though the,mystery kept me guessing and i didnt,quite guess what was happening at the,end its not particularly a unique,storyline i do feel like there are a,number of holland coven storylines that,are very similar and then you get those,ones that stand out im not sure this,one stands out but i did enjoy it as a,one-and-done so i would give this three,nicholas cages out of five i enjoyed it,in the end did feel it lag a little bit,i think you could have gotten rid of a,couple of the episodes there in the,middle kept it the the nice netflix six,episodes do like some of the other,actors uh in this i think they really,have some great dynamics some of them,give some good performances but again it,does ask you to believe a lot or the,logic of it,doesnt quite happen for me in certain,places of the storyline there are a,couple of other characters thats not it,is a that i really like there are these,this couple thats quite quite crazy and,im going to let you kind of enjoy them,as they are on screen i thought they,were kind of like standout moments on,the series that i really enjoyed to see,what they were going to do next i,thought every time they were on screen,with eddie izzards it kind of elevated,the series to yeah this is this is kind,of standard to oh this is quite good let,me know who your favorite character is,and this thanks so much for watching but,most of all until next time remember,live long tuesday,[Music],you

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Stay Close – Netflix Review

[Music],hey everyone thank you so so so much for,clicking on this video the fact that you,are willing to sacrifice a few minutes,out of your day to consume my content,really does mean the world to me for,those of you that are unaware i try to,review everything that gets released on,netflix if youre curious about the new,movie series or show do you want to know,if its any good or completely average,come to my channel and i will let you,know and today well be talking about,the new british crime thriller stay,close which follows three primary,protagonists a soccer mom a,photojournalist and a detective and,theyre all haunted by a negative event,that took place in the past thats all i,want to say because the story to the,series is really what sells it this is a,fantastic fantastic series its made by,the same creators who made the stranger,which is one of my favorite thrillers of,all time so i was incredibly excited to,watch this series and i have to say,although i dont think it hit the,heights of the stranger i didnt think,it was as engaging as the stranger i,think this is definitely a top-notch,thriller i think its going to be a,series that many people can engage with,because of the well-written characters,and the multi-layered story this is,definitely something you can sink your,teeth into come up with your own,theories and basically come up with your,own ideas of what happened before,everything is revealed because,everything is so well structured and,thought out,all in all this is a very well made,series in every way shape and form i,mentioned that the highlights of the,series is definitely the story and i,mean it we have a multifaceted story,here that makes use of some incredibly,engaging characters and these characters,are brought to life by some absolutely,phenomenal performers,while these characters are incredibly,complex i dont think that they would,necessarily be the most difficult,characters to depict on screen but the,performers did do a fantastic job in,making everyone believable we had a,great case here where great script,writing and great character development,marries up with some great performances,and every single character in the series,is three dimensional i do believe that,there were two characters that felt a,little bit too dimensional they were a,little bit stereotypical but that was,definitely done intentionally to add to,the thriller vibe and so i definitely,didnt mind that either they were very,engaging characters very entertaining,characters,although they probably also result in,some of the wackiest,nonsensical scenes within the series,however im going to let that slide,simply because the rest of the show is,so captivating and so engaging so with,it being a british thriller were,probably used to seeing the sort of,cinematography and especially the,locations that weve seen within the,series but i have to say i was,pleasantly surprised by the fact that,the cinematography was able to take me,on a ride that i enjoy and they were,able to find,whoever the location scouter was did a,great job on finding locations that felt,familiar or similar to what we might,expect but had a very unique feel and,vibe to it there were a couple of shots,that i absolutely fell in love with and,they came along the coast and it was,primarily just two characters engaging,with one another talking to one another,with the c in the background but it was,such an engaging scene such an intimate,scene a very moving emotional scene that,i couldnt help but fall in love with it,because we had this beautiful scenery,that was still very minimalistic and it,allowed us to focus on the characters,and just their intimate moment that they,were sharing,i do also have to say the soundtrack,definitely helps boost the emotional,undertones of this series i wont lie,there was one episode where i was just,getting distracted by real life,circumstances and work and everything,like that and just having to deal with,how difficult life can get,and i remember being suckered right back,into the story after a phone call,because the soundtrack is what captured,me and it reminded me the emotions im,supposed to be feeling thats a great,soundtrack right there where we have the,emotions thrust upon us,this series very much allows you to feel,a very specific type of emotion without,the visuals you could actually listen to,the series and the visuals alone should,be able to tell you whats happening on,screen and i think thats a great great,plus to this series because it is an,incredibly dynamic soundtrack that lets,you know cool this is a tense moment,this is a suspenseful moment this is the,moment that you need to know that you,have to like sit on the edge of your,seat because somethings about to go,down,and so,i think its just a great package there,as i mentioned the cinematography was,great now weve got a great soundtrack,to back that up and then weve got these,well-written characters and weve got,these great performances so everything,is an ingredient in making this great,engaging and fun series while i did say,it didnt match the heights of the,stranger thats not to say that this is,a bad series this was still incredibly,fun to watch it was still incredibly,engaging and made you think a lot the,only reason i feel like it didnt hit,the heights of the stranger was because,that had a much more intimate story here,weve got many characters at play which,is both a good thing and a bad thing,because it allows us to have more,characters to engage with and we can,find a favorite character and cling to,them but at the same time we do get less,screen time with them but i was very,amazed with the amount of developments,we got even with the characters that,shared very little time on screen,but guys thank you so much for watching,this video i really do appreciate it i,would seriously suggest that you guys,check out the series i had a great time,watching it but thank you so much for,watching please subscribe to my channel,if you havent yet give this video a,like if you want jump over to my,community tab theyll be able to see,that ive got rankings that my,subscribers can vote on for all of the,different shows but guys thank you so,much for watching you guys the best and,i hope to see you again in another,review,you

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STAY CLOSE: Ending and Twists Explained | Netflix

Stay Close is an eight-part thriller,available to watch now on Netflix,that follows four intertwined lives.,Theres bride-to-be Cassie, played by Cush Jumbo,,Richard Armitages troubled photographer Ray,,Detective Michael Broome, played by James Nesbitt,,and Sarah Parish as nightclub owner Lorraine.,Oh, and a huge pile of bodies,growing between them.,If youve already watched it and are trying to untangle,this web of lies,or just want to track who killed who,,then this video is here to help.,From the shock killer of Carlton Flynn,to the bizarre antics of Barbie and Ken,,this is Stay Close: Explained.,And if you havent watched the show yet,,maybe do that first,,as this will completely explain a number of twists.,At first glance, Stay Close is about the search,for a missing teenager, Carlton Flynn,,but the trail to his body,crosses with multiple murders,and causes a few more to take place.,So its maybe easier to break down,some of the mysteries around that first.,Lets also keep a death count running.,What are Ken and Barbie up to?,When Carlton Flynn goes missing,on the night of a local carnival,,his dad, Del Flynn, turns to the law for help.,Hes an important local businessman,and that applies extra pressure to the police.,Detective Broome is asked by his boss,and amateur magician, Goldberg,,to make it a priority.,Take your coffee and get yourself over there.,Little does Broome know that Del, driven by worry,,has also employed the services,of two theatrical assassins, Barbie and Ken,,to search for Carlton.,Fed information on the investigation,by bent copper Goldberg,,the duo hunt down potential witnesses,and torture them to death for information.,This includes exotic dancer Tawny Allure,,and Harry Sutton,,a lawyer who looks out for the dancers,and wrestles with a drug addiction,that Dels assassins use to fake a fatal overdose.,They also target Megan,by kidnapping her daughter, Kayleigh.,But the enterprising stripper turned super mum,manages to rescue her daughter.,When Goldberg refuses to help our pair,of harmonious hit men any further,,they strangle him,and go after their targets directly.,Big mistake.,Barbie is killed in a fight with Megan.,And Ken is sliced by Lorraine.,More on her in a moment.,The important takeaway from this,is that despite adding five bodies,to the overall count,,Barbie and Ken are not part of the bigger picture,,although they certainly make it a groovier picture.,Is Stewart Green alive?,When Carlton Flynn goes missing,,it catches Broomes attention for a reason.,He vanishes exactly 17 years,after a man called Stewart Green,,an unsolved case that still haunts the cop.,Its a serial killer.,I can feel it.,Stewart Green is the main connective tissue,between Megan, our mum of the year,,Ray, a jilted photographer for hire,,Broome, the detective trying to make sense of it all,,and the mystery killer.,Seventeen years ago, before Megan was Megan,,she was Cassie,,an exotic dancer in a relationship with Ray,,a man so love-struck,,he proposed with a plastic ring from a crane game.,But Cassie was also being stalked by Stewart Green,,an abusive punter who would harass the dancers,and made her fear for her life.,He stalked me,,and he threatened to kill me.,He was crazy.,Its hinted that she and Ray,were involved with Greens disappearance,,which is why Cassie fled,and reinvented herself as Megan,,leaving Ray to obsess over the one that got away.,Back in the present day,,Megan is visited by Lorraine,,her boss from her days dancing at the Viper Club.,Lorraine says shes seen Stewart Green alive.,Hes back.,Hes dead, Lorraine.,But this is a lie.,She made up the story to re-enter Megans life.,But how does that explain,the bald man in the dragon suit,who was following Megan,and delivers one of her old dancing leaflets to her son?,This is a big, bald red herring.,The mystery man is Vipers bouncer Rudy,,who believes Megan stole money from him and Stewart,17 years ago.,He still owed me my cut.,No, it turns out,Stewart Green was killed 17 years ago,,add one to the body count,,and that both Megan and Ray,thought the other was responsible.,Youd already killed him.,No, I told you, I was behind you.,Megan thought Ray had killed Stewart,to protect her,,while Ray thought Megan had killed Stewart,to escape him,,leading him to chop up the body and hide the crime.,The trauma of the act caused his mind to blank,,which is why he doesnt remember,turning up at Festers,covered in blood all those years ago.,You were catatonic,,just looking right through me.,Its a tragic misunderstanding,that tore the couple apart and forced Cassie,to build an entirely new life as Megan.,I thought you were dead.,Im sorry.,Who killed Stewart Green?,So, if not Megan or Ray,,who did kill the bald bully?,This one is a shocker.,Throughout Stay Close, we see Detective Broome,investigate a number of missing men,,all vanishing around carnival time,,just like Carlton Flynn and Stewart Green.,Most of us could guess,there was a serial killer in the mix,,but would any of us have pointed the finger,at lovely Lorraine?,Look how happy she makes James Nesbitt.,Yes, Lauren has been killing men for 18 years.,She started with her abusive partner.,He had taken my childs life,,I had taken his.,And when she saw the threat,Stewart Green posed to Cassie,,she took care of him too.,What are you doing here?,Lorraines mistake,,aside from murdering nearly 20 people,,was to lure Cassie to the body,by telling her Ray was waiting for her.,This caused the misunderstanding,that shattered their relationship.,Also, because Ray found and chopped up Stewart,,Lorraine couldnt hide the body,in the underground bunker,where she stored her other victims,,a whopping 15 bodies to add to the death toll.,Oh, and it was Lorraine who murdered Guy Tatum.,Ray thought he had done it himself during a blackout,,but it was our friendly neighbourhood throat cutter.,She was interrupted by Carlton Flynns forest chase,before she could sneak the body,into her murder hole.,Speaking of Carlton,,Lorraine claims to have killed the missing teen,,which would tie up Stay Close neatly,,but theres nothing neat about this sad story.,What happened to Carlton Flynn?,And so we come full circle,and get back to our original missing person.,Carlton Flynn was last seen in Vipers,hanging out with two masked girls.,They turned out to be Megans daughter Kayleigh,and her friend Bea.,Having snuck into Vipers,,Bea realises Carlton is trying to spike their drinks,and switches their glasses,before escaping with her friend.,The two run into the forest,,thats what forces Lorraine to abandon Guys body,,and split up.,Kayleigh leads the drugged Carlton back to his car,and dumps him in the boot,before the girls steal the car,and leave it in the forest when it runs out of petrol.,This explains how Kayleigh comes to be in possession,of Carltons distinctive necklace.,Kayleighs dad Dave then collects the girls,from the woods and decides to come back later,and dispose of Carltons car in the lake.,He thinks hes clearing up,a petty theft for his daughter,,but unbeknownst to him,,Carlton is still unconscious,,spiked by his own drugs,,in the boot of the car.,Help! Help me!,Kayleigh doesnt know her dad got rid of the car,,and Dave doesnt know the body was in there,,so neither is aware that Carlton is dead.,Thats one last body for our count,,and one last secret for Megan to keep,as she puts the horrible two and two together,on her wedding day.,And so we reached the end of Stay Close,,with a whopping 24 bodies turning up,in just eight episodes.,If you enjoyed this show,,you should check out The Stranger and Safe,on Netflix.,Like Stay Close, they are based,on Harlan Cobains twisty thrillers.,And if you enjoyed this video,,subscribe to Still Watching Netflix,for more videos like it.

Stay Close Netflix Series Review

a new harlan cobin original netflix,series was just released so lets find,out if stay close is any good,the lives of a photojournalist a soccer,mom and a homicide detective are,disturbed by terrible events from the,past welcome movie watchers thank you,guys for stopping by my channel today,were going to be talking about harlan,cobins new netflix series stay close in,2018 the author harlan cobin inked a,five-year deal with netflix to bring 14,of his novels to the streaming service,as a series other cobin created netflix,originals included safe 2020s the,stranger the woods and the innocent i,thought stay close was a,convoluted mess there is so much going,on within this series there are a few,twists and turns within the series but,it all centers around a mother who is,living a secret life we learn about what,had happened to her when she was younger,she worked at this gentlemans club and,things went wrong one night and so she,decided to end that past life and create,a new life for her but things from that,past are starting to haunt her once,again the series is so focused on having,every single person within this series,somehow connected the show is eight,episodes long and i feel like a majority,of it is trying to just pin like these,lines between everybody to make sure,that theyre all somehow connected and,as we learn more of these characters and,were getting a little more involved,with their storylines something else,happens you learn that they are,connected to this person and this person,is connected to this person its just,like this,string of random characters that somehow,are all connected in one way and that,ended up being very convoluted and very,messy because by having so many,different characters in so many,different ways that they are connected,its really hard to just latch on to one,character one single story because you,have to find out how this person is,connected to this person and how does,this storyline affect this storyline,over here its just going so its just,theres just so much going on and i feel,like if they really honed in on one,story if the author honed in on one,story i think it would have been a more,believable story a more,gripping story to tell,because there is an interesting story in,here because there is an interesting,story in here that really dives in deep,into the past and how the past affects,the present time and all those,characters that are involved in the past,and what theyre doing now there is a,decent story within there but its just,so bombarded by all these characters all,these side stories going on it just,becomes very messy and its not very,believable we had this young we had this,woman who left her job at this,gentlemans club when she was younger,and she didnt really go far she didnt,like leave the whole new state,and uh every,and in an episode she runs into several,people,that she knew when she worked at this,gentlemans club and how is she,like 17 years a past how is it that 17,years have passed and she hasnt ran,into anybody,they all believe that she was dead and,uh they all believe that she was dead,and i really find it hard to believe,that 17 years has passed but all within,one episode everybody sees her walking,around and confronts her,so i dont really find that too,believable did find some of the mystery,to be quite intriguing i did want to,know what was going to happen they,thought so many different people were,the killer within the series and we have,enough,uh evidence on a few different people to,believe that this person may be the,killer one of the main suspects is rey a,photographer that just happens to be in,the wrong place at the wrong time,several times throughout the series and,it all links back to her past when she,worked at the gentlemens club and,customers that treated her in the wrong,way its also a message of violence,against women and girls and justice,which could have dived a little deeper,into that i think that it could have,been a,very solid thing to touch upon but it,all felt very brief when it came to them,discussing some of that i felt like it,was a nice approach to some of the,characters and the past as well but all,felt very brief and very weak i think,that they could have uh did some,different things with the stories and it,would have worked a lot more its very,cliche at times uh it tries to be a,little too over dramatic it just does,not work,its very clustered its very convoluted,its very messy at times though i must,say i did find some of the mystery to be,a little bit intriguing when you got a,little bit closer to the end and we,started to kind of weed out some,characters and were really focused on,just a few and what was actually,happening within the story but stay,close was uh,a decent watch uh i have seen a few of,the harlan cobin shows on netflix there,are supposedly 14 of them coming so get,ready for plenty of more but this one,doesnt really stand out as different,from the other ones in terms of like the,mystery and the way that its filmed and,the way that its structured so before i,give you my score for stay close make,sure to check out my channel here i do,movie reviews trailer reactions ranking,videos tier lists all that fun movie,related content that you see on youtube,i do it all here so hit that subscribe,button to get it all in one spot,im gonna go ahead and give stay close,ac,thank you guys for checking my view for,stay closed on netflix have you guys,seen it what did you think about it let,me know in the comment section down,below and stay tuned for more up and,coming content like this my name is just,watches movies and you guys stay classy,youtube

Stay Close – Q Review

when one talks survival-horror its,difficult to imagine a situation where,having a friend with you makes anything,scarier unless your friend is a clown,and youre in our haunted mirror house,or your friend is a hedge hating,ax-wielding gardener and youre in a,hedge maze or your friend is a personal,trainer and youre in a gym roof god,that gives me chills yes it seems the,main dose of Horrors straight to the,psyche is catalyzed by the petrifying,feelings of loneliness the deep,constricting vines that hold you in the,cold dark depths of depression,the agonizing weight that keeps you,planted away from the embrace of a,fellow human being not that I would know,what that feels like,remind you so when stay close Oakley,touts its option for single-player all,co-op I was certainly more intrigued,with the latter and how they dealt with,it as a single-player game it can be,considered a rather typical horror,spectacle however since the mode exists,I want to focus on the co-op experience,the game begins in a rather small,alleyway given only a note on the wall,to watch out for the mist the game takes,place in a rather small darkened Town,Square,shadows surround you and the streets,look torn from some sort of rioters,conflict now to me the setting is,spot-on things already unsettling the,low murmurs of the low noted music keep,things tense and growls echo from far,away from unknown sources just loud,enough for you to hear and then you turn,around this is what Im talking about,when alone youre only companys,yourself youre perfectly finely,chiseled muscular self the mind tends to,speculate what caused all this ruin what,was that sound,where will the monsters pop out from,scary your own mind works against you,the issue is when you bring two minds,into it minds that have probably shared,memories of trying to produce a fireball,with a lit match and ones rectum you,start discussing how silly the player,models local racing around the map to a,time limit suddenly things arent as,creepy anymore,soon the game presents a man named Cyrus,who wrote the note on the wall in the,alleyway who speaks rather cryptically,and then challenges you to answer his,riddles bear in mind this is a selling,point mentioned on the game store page,interesting characters who will test,your thinking abilities and judge if,youre worthy to proceed forward sorry,does this look like the [ __ ] Last,Crusade to you interesting Cyrus here is,more akin to the judge of a school,talent show rather than some mystical,spooky journey now games that throw,puzzles that you are one thing puzzles,are meant to test you in ways that are,fair and challenging I wont consider a,riddle all that puzzling you either know,it or you dont to me a riddle is pretty,[ __ ] basic when it comes to mental,endeavors besides check this riddle out,whats powerful enough to smash ships,and crush ruse yet it still must fear,the Sun the answer in game is ice but it,could also be vampire Godzilla its,unlikely to be but it still could be as,far as the game goes as a gaming,experience I like it the Unreal Engine,delivers with shadow and decent texture,detail its not going to pull you over,but the inky darkness of each part of,the town makes you rather on edge for,most of your travels the controls are,simple and responsive Im not a fan of,how left click is flashlight the F key,remains unused and is fitting enough for,the role the main source of fear from,the game is the monsters now I dont,want to spoil too much on them but the,variety is rather limited,besides instead of them acting as,patrols or hidden away waiting to jump,at you in a corridor they have very,simple mechanics use to avoid them for,instance one monster stays perfectly,still when you look at them but then,charges you when you turn away that,being said the designs of the monsters,are utterly horrifying and I must praise,a way in which theyre presented very,well done all in all stay close is not a,scary game especially in the co-op mode,Im sure greater dev some blind bird,have tried to inject cooperative gaming,with a good rush of Terror but Im,afraid the concept falls flat here the,game was surprisingly compelling enough,with its basic rather repetitive,direction it took for the story that it,me my friend playing for most of the,nights we werent scared but we were,having fun and at five pound ninety-nine,each is that price worth it Im inclined,to say that it is the foundations are,here and for a brilliant style of game,with Workshop support for maps and,monsters stay close could become a cult,classic at the moment it feels a bit too,much like its in the Alpha theres not,enough content theres not enough story,to keep you engaged Id love to see the,community attempt to scare my mate and I,while we are trying to make our,characters shadowbox,dont expect greatness from stay close,but expect to have a laugh with a mate I,call it a streamer game I call it a,youtuber game something to be shared,with the community rather than playing,it on your own tentatively and agreeing,with the mixed reaction you got on Steam,Ill say give it a go or at least look,it over you will like this game if you,like co-op spooks riddles and the,weeping angels stay closed receives an,Indian recommendation

Stay Close full season review on Netflix

hello everybody and welcome to my full,season review of netflixs latest series,stay close,now this show came out right on new,years eve netflix is pretty smart they,did the same on christmas eve they,released the big much hype movie dont,look up you can check out that review on,my channel as well,so stay close is a brand new show based,on one of harlan corbins novels if,youve heard of harlan corbin hes one,of the most famous,crime authors and he struck a huge deal,with netflix in 2018,sorry thats my dog playing with his,toys,um,a huge deal to develop over 14 of his,novels into series and movies coming to,netflix was just an insane amount,so we already have safe i watched that,one it was good,the stranger also really good,the innocent i saw two episodes and i,stopped now many people love that one,but i gave up after two episodes,uh the woods i could barely even finish,the first episode of that and gone for,good i just watched the first episode i,wasnt hooked but i really wanted to,give stay close a chance and thats,mostly because it stars cush jumbo now,if you know this actress shes fantastic,she was on the good wife and then she,was the star of the good fight for four,seasons and shes just a terrific,actress super charming magnetic,excellent acting chops and shes just,the perfect lead for a show so i really,want to give give stay close a chance,and ive managed to watch all eight,episodes and this is my review,so first of all the pilot is terrific,its a really strong solid pilot that,lays the groundwork for the mystery and,i thought it was off to a great great,start,however,in the coming episodes particularly in,the middle stretch between episodes,three and five i was super bored i felt,like it just became too slow the arc was,way too plodding and stagnant and it was,just such a slow drip that it was just,driving me nuts,and,ultimately its an eight episode show i,feel like they could have done the,entire thing in just four episodes which,is not a good sign you know which shows,that the writing team,didnt really have a handle on the show,and uh they dragged it out way too long,and thats really unfortunate so im,gonna dive into some spoilers now so if,you have not yet finished the season,jump to the end check my rating and then,come back and watch this when youre,done because im going to spoil,so the finale the finale ties things,together in an interesting way i,actually really liked the finale the,twist with,remember you can run away now spoilers,with lorraine being responsible for the,murders was excellent i actually did not,see that one coming,um so that was pretty good that was a,neat way to tie everything together her,being a domestic abuse victim wanting to,get revenge on men is not particularly,something weve never seen before its,pretty cliche but it works,the character is interesting enough so,that works but there were way too many,red herrings throughout the eight,episodes,it was such a slow plot at some points,and the show was severely hindered by,the canon barbie serial killers the,musical serial killers like what the,hell was that i read about it and it,seems haran coleman thought that they,had,[Music],off-beat quirky,elements to the series but they just,ruin it it feels so tonally inept and,different like its from a whole other,show that it just completely took me out,of the proceedings so i thought that was,a disaster like and im sure viewers,around the world wherever they are,watching stakeholders are going to have,the same visceral reaction that i had,while watching and that was who are,these stupid characters and why have,they been transported from a completely,different show probably a musical,into this,british crime thriller,so that was super bizarre,in addition kash jumbo was very,underutilized,maybe underutilized is not the right,word i just feel like she didnt leave,an impact and i think it was down to the,writing because the actress is a,phenomenal actress cush is terrific but,the role,required her to,really play the same one note the entire,time scared apprehensive not sure whats,going on uh she had like one kick-ass,momentum biot where she really kicked,ass in that fight scene that i did not,see coming but then they never really,went back to that again,and um,it just felt like a,waste of potential and,and just,she deserved better because jumbo,deserves better,so,we also got richard armitage who was in,the stranger,he plays ray photographer and cassies,ex uh hes good in the role hes fine uh,nothing particularly standout eddie,isert is a highlight as cassies lawyer,harry hes actually terrific and i wish,we got more of him,but the rest of the cast is pretty,unimpressive and theres nothing,particularly stand out about the,production you know the cinematography,the music the set design theres just,nothing that really stands out which is,unfortunate you know it just feels very,generic netflix has so many of these,crime limited series and this one,doesnt feel particularly different,particularly when they reveal everything,like theres just nothing you havent,seen before,and especially that was dragged out for,so long i come back to that if it were,just a four episode show or two episode,three episode limited series it would,have been so good,but dragging it out robbed the show of,its impact and thats just,very disappointing so all in all i would,give the show,5.5 out of 10,um i really wanted to give it higher,especially after such a solid pilot but,hey you cant judge a show based on its,pilot its what it does,throughout the rest of the run that,really showcases how good or how,terrible it is would i recommend the,show if youre looking for an easy binge,but its pretty darn forgettable theres,so much great tv at the moment that,youre better off watching something,else thats more thought provoking more,unpredictable so id love to know what,you guys thought let me know,and be sure to like comment subscribe,hit the notification bell to get the,latest reviews straight to you thanks,guys

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