1. This Gaming Headset is SO Good / Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max Review
  2. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Headset Review – Everything You Need to Know
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This Gaming Headset is SO Good / Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max Review

oh this headset were gonna talk about,today is a good one and were gonna give,one away in your box youre gonna get,your paperwork youll get your dongle,right here well talk a lot about that,because yes you can switch between all,consoles and then you get your,detachable usbc charging cable yes you,did just hear me right you can use this,headset across every single gaming,platform all wirelessly with that one,dongle but you all know where we have to,start before we get into that stuff we,have to talk about comfort right you,know what hold on you all know im a red,fan right red black and white not really,a blue fan but holy smokes this headset,is absolutely gorgeous so you got like,that dark blue right there and then the,bronze turtle beach logo even up into,the headband and then the little trim,around there but the cool thing is they,went the extra mile if we flip these,inside out you can see inside the,drivers they actually went to bronze,inside there yo this combination is,absolutely gorgeous all right all right,so i gotta calm down my inner nerd right,im getting excited about these features,and the looks right here but of course,no matter how cool any of that is how,great it sounds or how great of a deal,it is you all know where we have to,start over here on the techni right that,is with comfort and take a look at the,headset as far as adjustment full swivel,all the way flat a little bit inside ear,cups go in and out so again you got all,sorts of movement for any head shape,right there as far as adjustment on a,headband it pulls out goes in and as you,can hear its very clicky and it really,holds its position so again if you got a,big head i think youre gonna be fine if,you got a small head again i think,youre gonna be fine right there total,adjustment on here i think its gonna,fit a lot of head shapes now taking a,look at these ear pads right here these,are some sweet ear pads take a look at,measurements i want you to look at the,inner dimensions now they are a little,weird they go right there and then they,kind of swoop up but again you look at,those measurements as far as width and,the depth plenty fine youre not,touching the inside of drivers line you,got to have some really pointy ears to,be touching the inside of these guys,they are super deep now these ear pads,as you see on the outside pleather on,the inside and the top its a silky,sports material kind of what you see on,like a spandex or something like that,really nice they got the cooling gel in,there and kind of memory foam super nice,ear pads you can take them off as far as,interchanging them i think theyre going,to be kind of tough because again,theyre around this little plastic,bracket there and you also do have that,eyeglasses adjustment where you can pull,it and then it pulls it a little bit,tight right there me personally i never,use that and i wear glasses all the time,now as far as the headband up here it is,fully pleather and plenty plush going,all the way around end to end and as far,as weight we are going to get 380 grams,so we compile all that together as far,as the comfort right there yo these,things are super stinking cozy you put,them on your head and they just like,sink into there again they got like that,medium clamping force im not getting,any pressure points anywhere because,again its going to mold to any head,shape with all that adjustment and these,ear pads with the combination of the,adjustment in the ear pads the coolant,gel the fabric right there no friction,yo for long game sessions these things,hands down get that stinking cozy badge,so how about the build of this headset,as youve seen through this video yeah a,lot of this headset is plastic taking a,look at it right here your ear cups are,plastic going right up into the arms and,the headband housing is plastic now,coming up to your adjustable arm it is,metal right in there metal reinforced,whenever you get that movement you got,that backbone now as we saw in the 600,gen 2 pro max if you havent watched,that one go check out that one as well,but this plastic is very durable same,kind we saw over there very premium and,again it doesnt feel chintzy it feels,like you have a really solid premium,product in your hand and again whenever,i stretch it out i mean no ones going,to be stretching it out this far you all,know i stretch my products so i can test,a weak point id rather break my product,than you guys break in yours but again i,feel like i got a really solid product,in my hands here now one little nitpicky,side point on the build as far as the,plastic as you see over here on the ear,cup its kind of like i dont know i,dont want to say glossy because its,not really glossy but its not like this,flattened match you know what i mean,anyways it doesnt show fingerprints at,all but when you come up to the headband,up here it is a flat matte blue and it,shows those sweat and grease marks as,you can see right there now is that,nitpicky i dont know but again its,just kinda i grabbed my headset from up,there and it always shows those,fingerprints and sweat marks i wish they,used the same plastic on the ear cup up,here on the headband but again i really,think they used that different plastic,on the headband because it twists up,perfectly fine its not as really kind,of solid and full as that there its,just a more flexible plastic features,and functions on this headset and there,is a lot right here as you see,detachable usb c cable which you get up,to 40 hours on this headset you have,your wireless dongle which you have xbox,and usb mode and thats how youre going,to switch it over to work on every other,platform your pc your xbox your ps5 your,nintendo switch whatever you just switch,that over and its going to work on all,of them now as far as controls on the,headset as you see they are all on the,back left ear cup you have your volume,control right here top side at the,highest bottoms out at the lowest right,there and you get tones whenever you top,these out as well now you got your chat,your voice to chat dial right here which,also again this ones fully rolling it,doesnt bottom out but you do get a tone,in the headset whenever its topped out,now you have your mode button right here,which youre going to be able to control,that to what you want which ill show,you in a second you have your power,button you have your bluetooth button,indicator light usb c port and then your,flip down microphone which can also be,moved in and out and then of course the,last feature and function on this,headset is the microphone which is,exactly what youre hearing right now,again its flipped down and you can also,tilt it in and out a little bit this is,out right now now we have it tilted in,see if it sounds a little bit different,and again its flip up to mute,flip down to active and its really cool,because whenever it flips up you,actually get a tone and you flip it down,it goes active right there but i love,how it really kind of blends into the,headset its not this big bulky thing,out there you can control this headset,by the turtle beach app right here right,and when you sign in it gets all this,stuff youre super human here and all,your controls you can control right on,your headset chat boosts your presets,which you can get in here and dabble,with which well talk about more into,sound but anyway sliding over here you,have all your other stuff where you can,set those buttons to what you want you,also have your noise gate your modes,your tone levels and then of course all,your settings of the headset now the,weird thing if youre pairing up this,headset,for me right youre gonna sync it up and,youre going to get into the bluetooth,mode its going to say bluetooth on,but its not going to pair to your phone,its not going to show in your bluetooth,settings make sure you hold that,bluetooth button down until it says,bluetooth pairing mode,not when it says bluetooth on because it,was messing with me im like yo whats,going on here i got my other phone im,

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Headset Review – Everything You Need to Know

[Music],hey whats going on guys its joe from,gadgetytech.com and we are finally,talking about the stealth 700 gen twos,thank you everyone for your patience i,know ive been asked about these guys a,lot and i have been very excited to,share these with you guys so,with that being said lets talk about,the basics its 149.95,its in black they make black only they,make an xbox version and a playstation,version,the xbox version is compatible with the,series x series s,and the older xbox one including the,original so if you have an xbox one or,the new one thats coming out at the end,of 2020,this will work with that and pair,directly to it the playstation,version is also 149.95 and it comes to,the usb nano adapter,that will work with the playstation 5,playstation 4,and the usb nano adapter is compatible,with a nintendo switch if its docked,or your windows computer just plug it in,to a usb port and youre good to go so,if youre buying these because you love,the bluetooth want something for 150,bucks but want to use it for pc,just buy the playstation version if you,already have an xbox wireless,transmitter,you can get the xbox version and just,connect it that way itll show up as an,xbox controller headset on windows 10.,so,now that weve covered the differences,between the two theres not much to,explain,aside from the playstation versus xbox i,am pleased to say the playstation,version does have chat,to game volume mix so if you are nervous,about the party chat versus game volume,it is advertised that the 700 gen 2 can,adjust that,and well get into the buttons in a,moment but aside from the pairing button,for xbox theyre basically identical,on the playstation and xbox version,going back to build quality so,the metal band is excellent it is not a,tension adjustable band,it has little clicks which is really,nice,and i tightened the screws to see if it,made a difference underneath thats,just used for assembly but thats okay,because again this is 150,its not going to have everything under,the moon otherwise the price would,skyrocket,the headband is very well padded it goes,all the way edge to edge and its glued,on its not removable,however again 150 bucks the ear cups are,removable so i love that you can swap,these out,speaking of the ear cups while were on,that these are uh synthetic leather,with a memory foam cushion and it has,this like,this aero uh fit cooling technology,so what it means is your ears stay cool,they are very comfortable,and they are pro spec ready which is,turtle beachs marketing term for,you can have really thick frame glasses,like these gunars,and put them on and put on a headset and,not have,any problem with too much pressure on,your frame,it literally doesnt feel like the the,glasses have any extra weight on them,from not having the headset,so however they set up the density of,the memory foam cushion if you have,glasses and you are concerned,with um pressure and discomfort,these are excellent the padding is very,thick and it is,not an issue so we talked about the,uh battery life being great we talked,about the construction quality,lets talk about the sound and mic,quality so instead of wasting anyones,time because i hate,doing that i know some people are here,for specific reasons,especially the mic so lets do that now,all right now im talking on the,microphone and as you can tell the,microphone is great its omnidirectional,and there really isnt any adjustment,aside from just tilting it in and out,but you cant,adjust mic gain you cant make it more,sensitive,however again for 150 a surprise feature,is you can,enable a noise gate built into the,headset itself,you just pair it with your phone via,bluetooth use the turtle beach audio hub,app,and you can enable noise gate so this is,how i sound with the headset on,i think as you can tell its more than,adequate for gaming this isnt like a,podcast,quality mic of course its not this,giant you know blue yeti sitting on your,desk so,if you dont want the utmost sound,quality uh this is more than adequate,and whats cool about this is,it still has the low latency but great,sound,if you increase the sound quality any,further than this you often introduce,latency so its kind of a catch-22,this is great because the wireless,stability is,is phenomenal im not getting any audio,dropouts but i still get great quality,at low latency so,this is really about as good as it gets,for the expectation of how a gaming,headset should perform,okay so now that weve talked about,microphone quality its time to talk,about,sound quality and now these use 50,millimeter nano clear drivers,the stealth 600 gen 2s also have 50,millimeter nano clear drivers,the turtle beach elite atlas arrows are,150 and those have,nano clear drivers however all three are,different ive looked at these,extensively ive taken them apart,and the six the 700s are closer to the,elite atlas arrow basically when you,have just,heres a quick science lesson on,speakers if you make a cone,very light it can move quickly and,thats whats making your sound,if you make it too light and too weak it,can flex,when its making sound and moving back,and forth thats when you see a,subwoofer moving,on a home theater system or car so the,solution to that is either you make the,cone stiffer which can increase weight,or you sacrifice power handling what,turtle beach did is they have these,little ridges around the driver so if,you look,really close and you pop these covers,off youll see like little grooves,thats increasing the stiffness of the,driver which is giving you better base,response and power handling but also,keeps the driver weight down which means,its accurate and it sounds good,and it keeps the cost down because they,dont have to go this super beefy driver,50 millimeter driver though it has some,serious bass i mean compared to the,uh astro a50s which are double the price,these have more bass,they get extremely loud i dont want to,say theyre like,ear drum blowing loud but theyre very,close to that i cant listen to them at,max volume for an extended period of,time i think you you could damage your,ears so,theyre very powerful thats partly due,to the nano clear driver but also due to,this synthetic earcup,technology that they have synthetic,leather it has really good noise,isolation so all the sound that the,driver is making,is getting pushed into your ear very,well its very efficient way of,transmitting sound to your ears so,sound quality is great now if youre not,happy with the sound quality,another sweet feature for this is,because its bluetooth and it has the,audio hub app,in addition to enabling the noise gate,you can actually set custom eq profiles,now there are either signature sound,bass boost treble boost,or trebline bass vocal boost,and then you have superhuman hearing the,superhuman hearing is really,its touching its touchy subject for,some people some people hate it some,people love it,it does give you a competitive edge if,you only care about hearing footsteps,or loot crates off in the distance and,you dont care about hearing like the,deep bass,or the you know high clarity uh,shrieking highs if you will it just,compresses it all to a certain frequency,range youll hear the other stuff but,the dynamics are gone,what i love about the 700s this this is,like,one of the biggest surprises because i,didnt think i would care for the,superhuman hearing,there is a mix of how much superhuman,hearing you have,its historically its just been on or,off with like the 600s for example,so with the 700 100 is full superhuman,hearing,if you want some dynamics but you still,want the competitive edge that,superhuman hearing gives you,set it to 50 and try that out and see if,you like it and,youll find that theres a lot of ways,you can customize this,speaking of which again for 150 this has,a custom eq,profile its a single profile but you,can adjust a base slider,a treble slider and a vocal slider for,your mids,to really dial in what you think sounds,best now,i think the signature s

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Dont Buy The Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX

this is the new stealth 700 gen 2 max,gaming headset from turtle beach it,retails for about 200 and is fully,compatible with both your xbox,playstation nintendo switch and even,your pc in this video were going to,take a closer look at this new headset,compare it to the still 700 gen 2,non-max version and try to determine if,its worth the money so lets get,started,before we get started a big thanks to,simply carbon fiber for sponsoring,todays video more on them later okay so,the first topic that i want to talk,about here is really the pricing,structure and the difference between the,stealth 700 gen 2 max and just the stell,700 gen 2. so the non-max version comes,in at about 150 dollars and this new max,version comes in at about 200 and that,gives you a few extra features for that,additional 50 bucks so the max version,of the headset allows for cross-platform,support because of the dongle that is,now included with the headset itself so,instead of having multiple different,headsets you know one for your xbox one,for your playstation one for your pc,this gen 2 max version can actually be,used for all of your gaming devices so,thats one of the features with the max,version of this headset the other thing,is that youre doubling the battery life,so on the non-max version you only get,about 20 hours of battery life on the,stealth 700 gen 2 max version its very,long name youre going to get up to 40,hours of battery life which is a,significant increase those are really,the two big features the other third,feature here if you want to call it is,that it offers a different color so you,can get this cobalt blue color that,youre seeing on screen right now you,can only get this color in the max,version of the headset,quick note here youre gonna see shots,of both the cobalt blue version in this,video as well as just the standard black,version i actually had to exchange the,cobalt blue one for a new headset its,not for a good reason well talk about,that later in the video but just fyi if,you see shots of both colors in this,video so those are really the three,differences you get the cross platform,support you get a longer battery life,and then you get that cobalt blue color,option with the max version for the,extra 50 bucks so thats the question,you should ask yourself is is that are,those features worth the extra fifty,dollars if not youre probably okay with,just the 150 version which by the way i,have done a review on so if you want to,check that out go ahead and im sure the,video is floating around here somewhere,go ahead and check that review out of,the non-max version if youre interested,okay so lets talk about some of the,features that this headset has some,things that it does really well and,really what i want to do here is focus,more on the unique features with turtle,beach and this new gen 2 max version so,obviously youre going to have with a,200 gaming headset youre going to have,things like bluetooth so you can connect,this to your phone you can listen to,music make and receive calls pretty much,any gaming headset in this price range,its going to offer bluetooth its very,comfortable to wear for extended periods,of gaming so if youre going to be,gaming for multiple hours its a very,comfortable headset to wear again,something that should be,a feature with this price range of,headsets and its obviously fully,wireless so again 200 headset theres no,wires involved the only time youre ever,going to need a wire is when youre,charging it these are all things that,should be standard with a 200 gaming,headset so im not going to talk a lot,about those what i do want to dive into,is turtle beachs audio hub app so there,is an app available where you can adjust,the settings adjust the way the headset,sounds and how it works,on the ios store or on the google play,store they also have a,desktop pc version so you can download,this on windows or mac os if you so,choose to i usually just use the mobile,app version and its pretty great when,it works well talk about that a little,bit here but you can basically go in,here and you can adjust a variety of,different settings on your headset just,by using the mobile app its really,convenient to have this on your phone,and something that i really really like,not every headset offers this for this,price range and i i hope more companies,start doing it because this is just a,really nice feature to be able to adjust,the settings on your phone and have it,automatically update in the headset,itself there is an issue with this,though and its a software issue go,figure so i found myself i would adjust,the settings here and then save it and,then a day or two would go by and,everything would kind of get reset to,the factory settings and id have to go,into the app after just a day or two,later and basically readjust all the,settings and create my sound profile,over again because it wouldnt save but,when it does work you can adjust a lot,here so you can turn on or off the,superhuman hearing mode so this is,something thats trademarked by turtle,beach its basically just a sound,profile not everyone likes it so its,great that you have the option to turn,it on or off in the application here you,can even adjust the mic monitoring so if,you like a lot of mic monitoring you can,crank it all the way up if you dont,like it at all you can turn it off i,will say similar to what i said in the,non-max review that i did of this,headset if youre someone who likes mic,monitoring this is still the best,headset ive ever used for mic,monitoring so they also havent changed,the design here and this is something,that i really like they have the volume,dial on the side as well as a chat,volume here they have a usbc charging,port which is very very important to me,be able to use one cable to charge,everything they have the really really,convenient flip up to mute mic so you,can just flip that up and your mic will,automatically mute and then they even,have a button for bluetooth here so you,can turn bluetooth on or off so they,havent changed the design at all,compared to the non-max version and,thats actually a good thing really love,this design i love all the volume dials,on it love that it has usbc i love the,flip to mute feature on the microphone,itself just a great designed headset and,it does sound pretty good too so these,have 50 millimeter drivers i believe is,the size in them and they can get pretty,loud it sounds actually quite good for,200 you can sound or you can find better,sounding headset for sure,but for a gaming headset and all the,features that this has its it sounds,incredibly good so those are a lot of,the features that are unique to this,headset a lot of the pros the things,that it does well,unfortunately we have a lot of negatives,to talk about so lets jump into it real,quick though i do want to talk more,about the sponsor of our video simply,carbon fiber simply carbon fiber is the,sponsor of todays video they offer a,variety of different products that you,can check out at,simplycarbonfiber.com one of the,products that i have with me is this,carbon fiber wallet that can hold both,cards and also has a money clip on the,side to hold some cash and because its,made out of carbon fiber its both,strong and lightweight and it even acts,as an rfid blocker for any card you have,inside there if youre interested in,this product you can check out their,website at simplycarbonfiber.com youll,also be able to check out some of their,other carbon fiber products such as,watches sunglasses and even phone cases,and fortunately for you guys since,youre a viewer of my channel they did,set you up with a promo code so if you,use code tt10 youll get 10 off your,order at simplycarbonfiber.com,again thats promo code tt10 for 10 off,your order so big thanks to simply,carbon fiber for sponsoring todays,video lets jump back into the review so,one of the major issues that i found,with this headset is that there are a,lot of times where i would have the,volume cranked all the

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Stealth 700 Gen 2 for Xbox Review: Turtle Beachs new flagship wireless headset

hey everyone jordan here with nine to,five toys following the refresh of the,stealth 600 which was one of,turtle beachs most popular headsets,theyve also come out with the stealth,700 gen 2 4x box,with an updated sleeker design new mic,usbc charging,bluetooth and some big comfortable ear,cushions its another great update on a,really popular headset from turtle beach,so lets check it out,thanks for watching 9 to 5 toys be sure,to like subscribe,and enable notifications with the bell,icon so you dont miss any upcoming,videos,recently took a look at the stealth 600,gen 2,for xbox and now we have the stealth 700,gen 2 for xbox so,a lot of same really great features from,the 600,but some awesome improvements in the 700,for about 50 dollars more so the stealth,700 gen 2 is coming in at 150,while the stealth 600 gen 2 comes in at,100. as you can see here design on the,stealth 700 gen 2 has been refined a bit,from the last generation,its still a pretty big headset but its,not quite as gamery as the last version,and a lot of that has to do with the,microphone which now tucks right back,here into the earcup so its a lot,sleeker design,without that microphone hanging on the,outside all the controls are located on,the left earcup,from bottom to top we have the usbc,charging port the xbox sync button and,status light,bluetooth button power button mode,button,multifunction dial and the game volume,dial the function of that multi-function,dial can be changed within the turtle,beach,audio hub app you can set some different,functions in there which well take a,look at here in a second,one of my critiques with the stealth 600,was that the headset itself feels a,little stiff,and the ear cups feel a little bit stiff,as well i said it wasnt,as comfortable as the arctis 9x that,ive been using for quite a while but,with the stealth 700 gen 2,it has these extremely large and very,comfortable,uh memory foam ear cushions on here and,turtle beach calls this their aerofit,cooling gel infused memory foam ear,cushions and im a really big fan,and even though when you look inside the,ear cup you can see and even touch that,little,metal back in there that covers the,driver that never comes in contact with,the ear when youre actually wearing the,headphones,i found these to be very comfortable it,does have a pretty tight,grip with the headset when you are,wearing it so these extra soft ear,cushions really help with that as well,and in addition to that comfort uh one,of the other best features i think of,the,stealth 700 gen 2 is the bluetooth,connectivity,which opens up a lot of customization,within the turtle beach audio hub,app so while you can also use this to,you know listen to music or another,audio source,while youre gaming on your xbox you can,also just open up the app on your phone,and make a ton of tweaks like eq,settings mic,monitoring settings and you can change,some of those buttons to do different,functions,so how does it sound well with those,large 50 millimeter drivers and the app,being able to tweak the eq a little bit,i found these to sound really great just,like the stealth 600 gen 2,there are four different eq modes you,can also set your own custom one,but the eq modes that they have built in,are the signature sound,bass boost bass and treble boost and,vocal boost,and then if you want to create your own,custom eq you can uh click on that and,then swipe to the left to kind of,edit those settings in there and make,some tweaks to game treble,game boost and game dialogue level,listening to these things at full volume,they get,plenty loud uncomfortably loud when,playing a lot of games,and even with bass boost enabled they,had really good sound all the way up to,that maximum volume is very full very,powerful,without any sort of distortion and just,like previous turtle beach stealth,headsets and the 600 gen 2. the stealth,700 gen 2 also has the superhuman,hearing mode,which is great for competitive gaming,where you really want to hear every,critical little detail,with this mode enabled eq is tweaked to,emphasize frequencies of footsteps,reloads and any other sounds that are,crucial to competitive gaming it also,knocks down some of the lows and makes,it sound a little bit unnatural but it,makes a lot easier to hear,all those different audio cues in higher,frequencies and obviously communication,with your teammates is crucial,so having the microphone out i found,everything to work really well,obviously its really nice to have the,auto mute feature uh when you get to,about halfway the microphone will mute,and then if youre done playing with,teammates you can push it all the way up,and get it out of the way,and within the app there are some,different options for the microphone,you can play around with mic monitoring,so that you can hear your own voice and,set different levels in that,and that was possible on the 600 gen 2,as well but you did have to plug it into,a pc with mac os support coming later on,according to turtle beach so with the,style 700 thats all done within the app,though its very easy to do,battery life on the 700 gen 2 is also a,step up from the 600 gen 2 with about,20 hours on the 700 so overall,the stealth 700 gen 2 for xbox from,turtle beach is a great headset,coming in at just 50 more than the,stealth 600 i think thats an easy jump,to make up,if you want the convenience of being,able to control it from your,phone but also the comfort improvements,i think are pretty beneficial on the,700. they also sound great the super,human hearing mode,is really good on all the turtle beach,headsets and 20 hours of battery life,should give you plenty of gaming time,and thatll wrap it up for a quick,review of the turtle beach stealth 700,gent for xbox,let us know what you think about it down,in the comments below,thanks for watching if you enjoyed this,video please give it a thumbs up,and consider subscribing this is jordan,with nine to five toys,[Music]

GEN 2 Turtle Beach Stealth 700, ALL AROUND SOLID!

hey everyone techni here with a review,of the newly released wireless turtle,beach gaming headset the stealth 700,gen 2. now as far as in your box right,here you get a usbc charging cable a,sticker and some paperwork here,and then your headset straight to the,point all right so before we dive into,the review right here so we dont waste,anybodys time we have the xbox version,right here,and this version can work on pc via the,xbox dongle right here,it can work on xbox obviously right the,s the x,and theyre stating it works on the new,upcoming series x of course i have no,way to test that out yet,but theyre stating it will work on the,new consoles as well also and by the way,just so theres no other confusion this,xbox dongle is a separate purchase this,is what you use to use like a controller,on a pc or something this is not,included,again sold separately all links right,down in the description for you,all right so now that we just cleared a,little bit that up and again well touch,on all that stuff later on when we talk,about connectivity and sound and stuff,but anyways you all know where we have,to start,and that is with comfort because no,matter how great they sound or how great,of a deal they are,if theyre not cozy were gonna take,them right off all right so first off,right out of the box of the 700 gen twos,right here my first impressions,is you feel a little bit of weight on,these guys you really do but when you,put them on a scale theyre only coming,in at 13 ounces so theyre not that,heavy but again,what i think is happening here is a lot,of the weight is just down in the ear,cushions and not throughout the rest of,it here so again just kind of right,where you pick it up,you feel a slight bit of weight but when,you put them on your head,let me tell you what hot stinking tamale,these things,are incredibly incredibly,cozy and where were getting the,majority of this comfort is these,fantastic,ear cushions i mean take a look at those,things,memory foam right there you got that,coolant gel which weve seen in a lot of,turtle beach headsets,like the atlas arrows and the elite,atlases that we reviewed before,same deal right here inside you have,that sports material as well,but on the outside you do have that,pleather right there so its still,locking that sound in for you,but again your ears arent getting hot,at all on these guys you put them on,your head and its just like,im telling you what it is cozy they are,plenty big,plenty of deep now you might be,wondering youre looking at the same,shape that we saw,in the 600s recently right and we talked,about those not really fitting our ears,that well,let me tell you what these fit a lot,better im not too sure if its just,because they got the soft lining inside,and outside,but they are a pinch bigger as well and,again my ears just fitted them,perfectly they feel very good shockingly,for being that same shape,as the 600s we recently looked at now,you can also just pop these ear cushions,right off the headset as you see you got,four notches right there,and inside the ear cushion you have a,little tab right in there which you can,pull,and thats for an adjustment for your,glasses frame once you pull it,youll get a little notch on the front,right there just kind of alleviate some,of that pressure,off your frames now one other minor,thing thats really cool again little,things like this really,make me excited you know but looking at,the ear cushion whenever we popped it,off take a look at that,foam ring going all the way around the,ear cushion there since again you got,that plastic where it clips into,that foam ring is so when it goes,against the ear cup on the headset right,there,youre not getting that vibration from,again the driver,into the cup right here really cool,touch and as far as the headband you,also have that very nice,soft plush memory foam feeling as the,ear cups now it is completely pleather,going across there but still,incredibly stinking soft now as far as,adjustability and fit of the 700s you,have,plenty of adjustment here as you see you,have the headband that pulls out,with the little metal reinforcement,there so extra secure and it clicks in,there really good into place really,holds its position,you have plenty of swivel in the ear,cups they go all the way flat if you,want to lay them on your chest,and they go a little bit forward so,again its going to fit any head shape,perfectly there,ear cups go in and out too very nice,adjustability on these guys now when you,take all that that we just talked about,fantastic ear cushions adjustability and,everything when you take these guys,and put them on your head i put them,probably right,at a medium clamp of force pretty much,right there on that line,maybe a little bit towards lighter but,id probably put it right on medium to,play it safe right there,but let me tell you what some of you,might be thinking ah well medium might,be a little bit too tight,it is not with the combination again of,these fantastic,plush memory foam cooling gel ear,cushions,hot stinking tamale put them on your,head and seriously that medium clamp of,force,it kind of just sinks in and then the,ear pads again they just form to the,shape of your head,its so hard to explain but it is so,amazing like like it,sounds like a sales pitch here you know,what i mean but let me tell you what,no joke when you put it on your head,right here and it just sinks in with,that medium clamping force,absolute perfection now talking about,build on the headset right here the,majority of your headset is plastic with,all the plastic even down here on the,cups and everything,and up on the headband very very thick,durable plastic here it feels very solid,again you got the metal reinforcement on,the headband right there,so whatever i take and i do my stress,test and twist them up i dont want to,say i get worried but again i feel a,little more,firm in there right because again we got,that metal headband that sinks up into,there again depending on your adjustment,and the closer it goes in and then again,im not getting worried because,the plastic is still moving but its,reinforced a little bit by that metal,right there again you got the full,swivel so you dont have to worry about,that,across the board i mean the build feels,incredibly,solid on these and again you feel that,quality build,right out of the box into your hands and,now talking features functions and then,actually using the headset as you see,over here on the back left ear cup you,have your volume wheel,its got a little notch kind of holding,it out right there another cool little,touch,so thats pretty cool if youre sitting,in a chair and you lean back its not,accidentally going to roll your volume,wheel so again you look at these things,might be theyre kind of cheesy,but i think they really serve a great,purpose and again its in there quite,firm stops when you get to max stops,when you get the lowest,right below you have your mic monitoring,volume and that one continuously rolls,right there both ways but you also have,the other notch right there and the,wheel is a little bit looser,than the front one right below you have,your mode select preset on the headset,right here you have superhuman hearing,and then the turtle beach standard sound,below that you have your power button,which you hold down to power on,underneath you have your bluetooth,pairing and then your xbox pairing,right below that you have your usbc,charge port wow so there are a lot of,controls on this headset here right,number one talking power mod again hold,down the power button,theyll fire up for you got all these,really nice soothing,voice tones in there its not like what,you usually hear like a robot,sound in a headset like you know headset,on or something like that its just,very soft and soothing battery level,medium bluetooth connected,bluetooth off,bluetooth on,bluetooth connected,battery level medium bluetooth connected,now talking about pairing these guys up,to your xbox they pair

I really wanted to like it… Stealth 700 Gen 2 Review

i recently reviewed the turtle beach,stealth 600 gen,2 a 99 wireless headset designed to work,out of the box with the upcoming xbox,series x,and series s a bigger and more expensive,stealth 700,has now made its presence known and is,available for online ordering,but what extra features does this more,premium version offer,and is it worth it,[Music],the turtle beach stealth 700 gen 2 is a,wireless gaming headset that pairs,natively with xbox one,xbox series x xbox series s,and pc with the wireless pc adapter,it retails for 149 and became available,to purchase,on september 20th much of the core,functionality of the stealth 700 gen 2,carries over from its little brother the,stealth 600 gen 2.,any products i mentioned can be,purchased through our affiliate link,down in the description below the first,thing youll notice coming from the less,expensive stealth 600 is that the,stealth,700 is an entirely different device,now you would expect many of the pieces,to come from the same parts bin,in order to cut down on some of the,production costs,however the vast majority of the product,is comprised of entirely unique,components,the ear cups have a much more bolstered,design and use a leather and suede like,combination,that comes as a welcome departure from,the 600s cloth composition,the use of cooling gel infused memory,foam is claimed to be supportive,while preventing your ears from,overheating a common problem with these,well,isolated ear cups the headband is,reinforced with a metal core,and soft touch material on the exterior,of the headband,replaces the hard plastic of the stealth,600 the microphone has been modified to,conceal itself even more effectively,than the already subtle,600 mic unless you know what youre,looking for youd be forgiven for not,realizing this headset has a microphone,at all,it just looks like a pair of headphones,it would seem that every physical,component of the stealth 600,has been touched on and enhanced on the,700,to reflect its higher asking price,another major departure however,is the lack of color the 600 comes with,either,green or blue trim pieces for xbox and,playstation respectively,the body of the 600 can also be found in,white,the 700 on the other hand comes in just,one color option black with silver trim,no doubt this accent was chosen to,complement this new metal headband piece,but it now means the xbox and,playstation versions,look 100 identical keep this in mind,when youre shopping this holiday season,as the xbox and playstation versions are,not,cross-compatible consider yourself,warned the number one feature,attracting customers to the stealth,series of headsets,is the xbox direct connect technology by,using the xbox wireless protocol,the stealth headsets can connect with,xbox as,easily as a controller would just press,the sync button on the headset,the sync button on the xbox and youre,good to go the new stealth 600 and 700,work with current generation xbox one,consoles and will work,with next generation xbox series x and,series,s if you have a pc with the xbox,wireless adapter,it will work with that as well the flip,up to mute mic,window sonics round sound 20 hour,battery life and super human hearing,all move over essentially unchanged from,the stealth 600 gen 2.,if you want to know more about these,specific features watch my full review,of the 600 up here,the hardware is comprised of the same 50,millimeter nano clear drivers,but im told theyve been tweaked for,the stealth 700 to make use of the more,isolated design of the ear cups,the prospects glasses glasses-friendly,design is a little more advanced here,allowing users to remove the earcups and,adjust,exactly how deep they want to make those,channels,for the arms of their glasses but the,biggest feature,differentiating the 700 from the 600,apart,obviously from the upgraded fit and,finish is the inclusion of,bluetooth to be clear when gaming or,consuming media where low latency is a,priority,youll always want to use the xbox,wireless protocol bluetooth should be,used as an accessory,usually while connected to your mobile,device the only other feature supported,by the stealth 700,and not the 600 is the turtle beach,audio hub,mobile app now the app is not required,to use the headset,i was able to connect to bluetooth,listen to music and take phone calls,before ever downloading the app to my,phone however the app is required to,customize the headset to your liking it,allows users to monitor battery life,toggle superhuman hearing change the,audio presets,alter the bluetooth volume modify the,equalizer,adjust the mic monitor level enable chat,boost,and remap the mode button while yes the,headset,will work out of the box you really,wont unlock the full potential unless,you use the mobile app,from the moment i unboxed the stealth,700 gen 2,it felt like a much more premium,experience than the 600 gen 2.,the box is larger and foam padding,gently cradles the headset within,now this is normally where i would,showcase more of the packaging and,unboxing,but unfortunately my review sample seems,to have,undergone a bit of an adventure before,it arrived at my doorstep whats,interesting,is the cardboard box the device was,delivered in was completely unharmed,indicating that the headset box was,either repackaged somewhere along the,way,or it was damaged before it was ever,sent to me i alerted my contact at,turtle beach who reassured me that,although this appears to be an isolated,singular incident,it would be investigated thoroughly all,of the original paperwork,was still intact but the charging cable,was unfortunately unaccounted for,but since this was merely a standard,usbc cable,its absence really didnt impact my,testing,thankfully the headset itself appeared,to escape the incident completely,unscathed,holding the two headsets in my hand its,immediately apparent what your extra,fifty dollars gets you,every piece of the stealth 600 gen 2,feels superior,to the budget friendly offering while,the metal reinforced headband is welcome,the visual notches indicating the,adjustment size have been removed,if your ocd requires you to keep both,sides adjusted to the same level,like mine does then this is going to,annoy you greatly,while they should deliver a very,comfortable listening experience for,most people,i found the ear cups to be a little too,confined for my admittedly,larger than average ears regardless i,still found them comfortable for several,hours of use at a time,because of the lack of color the hidden,microphone and the overall understated,design,the stealth 700 gen 2 is the most,innocuous looking turtle beach product i,have,ever tested and because it supports,bluetooth,you could legitimately use these as your,day-to-day wireless headphones,without looking like a complete doofus,from an audio perspective the stealth,700 gen 2 has a much punchier sound,signature,than its little brother,as a result of the thicker padding,around the ear cups sound isolation is,also much improved i mentioned this,before in my elite pro 2 review,but bluetooth is an absolute game,changer if youve never had a headset,that supports it,if you receive a call while youre in,the middle of a competitive match,its not exactly convenient to remove,your headset,and take a call on your phone especially,when both hands are preoccupied,and thats assuming you even hear your,phone ringing at all,its easy to miss phone calls when the,sound isolation is,as effective as it is here the stealth,700 gen 2 can take incoming calls by,utilizing the microphone and speakers,youre already wearing,if a call happens to come in your game,volume will automatically turn down,alerting you of the incoming call simply,press the bluetooth button on the back,of the headset,and it will seamlessly switch your,microphone from game chat,to your phone call the game audio will,continue to play softly in the,background,when the call is complete simply press,the bluetooth button again,and the call will end the mic switches,back over to game

You Might not Like What You Hear… | Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 PS5 REVIEW

okay so youre tired of pushing,buildings in warzone just to get riddled,by,bullets because you couldnt hear the,enemy that was two feet away from you,well you might want to watch this video,whats going on guys its pixelated and,today we are looking at another headset,as we all know sony introduced the,tempest 3d audio engine in their,playstation 5.,its supposed to advance sound and how,we listen to sounds in,gaming and there are a handful of,headsets in the market that claim to,take advantage of,this audio engine so we are going to go,ahead,and test out these headsets ever since,my review of steel series arctis 7p and,sonys pulse 3d headset ive got plenty,of comments letting me know multiple,headsets that people use,and that they claim to be great with the,ps5 so ive pretty much gone on this,journey to find the best sounding,headset for the ps5 because of you guys,and today weve come across the turtle,beach,stealth 700 gen v2 for the originally,for the playstation 4 but now it is,being marketed for the ps5 yes that is a,long name,as you can tell it was marketed for the,ps4 it says ps4 right there at the,bottom,but now we have this sticker right up,here for the ps5 and you can tell its a,sticker if you put your handle if you,put your finger over it,which means this headset was obviously,made for the ps4 but then eventually,the head office up at turtle beach,wherever the hell they are,they decided to send a bunch of stickers,to all the retailers to put them on so,that they can claim that this is,marketed for the ps5,there obviously are good headsets out,there that may not be taking full,advantage of,3d audio you can still market them and,use them for next-gen consoles however,well determine whether this headset is,truly capable for the ps5 and viable as,one of the best ps5 headsets out there,or maybe its the worst we dont know,will it really take advantage of 3d,audio were going to find out soon,enough also you cant use this headset,with the ps5 right away theres a bunch,of software stuff you have to do before,this thing,actually sounds good on the ps5 so stick,around for that now before we get,started feel free to like the video if,you happen to enjoy it at any point make,sure to hit the subscribe button for,more videos it helps the channel out a,lot,and make sure to hit that noti bell so,you can join gang and so you dont miss,out on future videos ive also started,streaming on twitch ive switched up my,schedule recently to mondays and,thursdays usually around 8 30 to 9 00 pm,to,later in the night probably 11 p.m so if,you want to see some playstation 5,gameplay you want to see me trying out,headsets you want to see me doing some,mukbangs or some other weird stuff just,go on over there and well have some fun,okay so were going to go over a few,aspects of this headset like sound,quality mic quality but first were,going to start off with the comfort okay,so when it comes to comfort these are,not necessarily,lightweight but it doesnt really matter,too much because the headband is very,nicely padded,its got this very soft pleather overlay,and it feels softer than typical,pleather so im not really sure,what kind of mix of material this is but,its really comfortable the padding,inside also feels like memory foam i,almost feel like it has to be but ill,get into why i think that is,in a bit weve got these ear cups right,here that are super thick and theyre,lined with pleather on the outside but,they have a cloth,finish up here which is actually really,good for your ears its a lot softer it,feels great on the ears and this thing,is,actually padded with memory foam so even,though its super bulky its not super,stiff its actually really really soft,and because of the cloth finish when you,put these things on your ears its,actually really cool to the touch and,whats great about having ear cups that,are this padded and they have memory,foam is that theyre actually great for,manual noise cancelling when you have,them on your head and while this headset,might look bulky these ear cups here,actually have,a lot of movement built into them you,can swivel them all the way over here,which is great for having them around,your neck,as you can see super easy to put on they,dont get in your way you can move your,head around do whatever you want to do,but at the same time because of this,movement we have a little bit more,movement here,and we have this notch over here that,allows the ear cups to move back and,forth like this,which pretty much allows the headset to,sit on pretty much anyones head,very comfortably around their ears it,prevents there from being any pressure,points that might make it uncomfortable,or might not allow this thing to form to,your head with that being said even,though this headset is super bulky and,it looks like its really heavy it is,definitely heavier than the arctis 7p,which is what i,currently use you dont really feel the,weight of it okay moving on to the fit,we have the standard adjustable,slideable headband as you can hear,every time theres a click there is a,notch and you can adjust it based on the,notches that way if you have a preferred,adjustment you can know how many notches,it is exactly maybe you want four,notches,just put it in four notches and you can,do that on both sides whatever your,preference is now one thing that i do,have a gripe with this headset for but i,can kind of forgive it because it,actually solves another problem while,creating one which is kind of weird is,the,strong clamping force now when you first,put this headset on you will definitely,feel that it is pressing down a little,too hard a little too much for your,liking however because the ear cups are,memory foam and theyre very well padded,eventually you dont really feel it it,actually feels very comfortable it feels,very secure so even though this clamping,force is a little stronger than what i,would hope for it actually creates a,solution to another problem which is,headphone sway,like when i move my head around like,this you dont feel it move at all the,arctis 7p which is my go-to headset,right now i love this headset for,everything,i love the comfort even this headset,sways a little when i move it around,like this and although its not a game,breaking issue its just that slight,minor inconvenience or minor nuisance of,when you move your head,right or left and you feel it sway right,or left you kind of want to,counterbalance it by moving your headset,the other way you would think it would,counterbalance it but what it does is it,just actually makes it sway back the,other way and its just an uncomfortable,feeling,not a big deal but this headset with its,strong clamping force and its memory,foam padded ear cups actually solves,that problem,this is probably the first time ive,seen no sway on a headset okay moving on,to the audio quality now i hate to say,this but this is where things get dicey,now i wanted to mention a quick tech,spec for this and that tech spec,is the driver size the sound drivers in,here are 50 millimeter drivers,for most headsets in this price range,even the artist 7p you typically get 40,millimeter drivers the arc to 7p does,have a 40 millimeter or a set of 40,millimeter drivers whereas this has a,set of 50 millimeter drivers now its,hard to quantify what that really means,when it comes to sound quality because,there definitely are,super cheap headphones out there with 50,millimeter drivers that just dont,produce the sound well because theyre,just cheap headphones with big drivers,but when it comes to a gaming headset,from a reputable company like turtle,beach or arctis 7p when youre looking,at the driver size it actually makes a,difference because we know theyre gonna,take full advantage of those drivers,this headset in theory is capable of,producing better sound in the arctis 7p,however they both cover the same,frequency range,and this is what i mean when i say you,cant just use these on the ps5,right out of the box they sounded,terrible right

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