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whats going on guys in this video Im,going to teach you how to get every,single steam game that is a single,player to work on your PC for free,safely lets go,first thing youre going to want to do,is open Steam unlocked on a safe browser,personally I use Opera GX Ive had the,best luck with that next on the menu,screen youre gonna go down to where it,says search and youre going to search,for any game you want so for me I want a,quick easy single player game so I look,up Esports Legend and this is the game I,get next you you click on the game you,scroll down this button right here click,that it takes you here and youre gonna,wait 15 seconds,now that youve waited 15 seconds this,button should come up that says free,download when you click it a little,rectangle should form around it and,thats how you know it worked if it,doesnt form then thats most likely a,fake one it should take you straight to,another upload Haven link,um if its any other website go ahead,and make sure that nothings downloading,and uh yeah so I click it,boom automatically I know that this is,not real I go back,go to it again click it I see that,little box form and boom were on an,upload Haven link and your download will,start,once you have it it should appear in,your completed downloads youre going to,grab it and drag it on over and boom,okay next what youre going to want to,do right click it and youre going to,extract all,then youre just going to click extract,and it should start extracting,once its done extracting,the file explorer should appear and this,should be here youre going to click it,you have instructions on how to run the,game itll also have instructions on,troubleshooting if it doesnt work I,dont need that right so Im going to,click the game and boom its right there,I can run as administrator or I can go,ahead and just launch the game normally,[Music],so this warning appears,um this of course is not real like its,of course its a warning but Ive never,had any issues Im just gonna click more,info and then run anyways,then boom we go ahead and get the game,launching up,so in this particular game you make an,Esports team as you can see everythings,working properly the menus here,um Im just Im gonna leave everything,basic right you start it and boom,everything comes up right so your game,you know it works now that I know the,game works Im going to go ahead and,head to my settings and go to virus and,threat protection and Im going to go,ahead and run a quick scan,scans are really short they scan your,most recently downloaded files and they,let you know if they detect any like,suspicious activity any files that could,harm your PC or alter any data and,theyre just really good to run really,fast to run and since you got that,warning Im just going to go ahead and,run this just so you know that you know,obviously nothing is on my computer that,could compromise it so as you can see it,just finished 10-5 at 11 05 as you can,see 105 1105 and there were zero threads,found scan lasted 34 seconds it scanned,20 000 files and zero threads found as,you can tell,that little like thing was only because,it wants you to run it as administrator,you do not have to do that,um the only time Ive had to run a game,as administrator is if its an online,game because a lot of times those are,really iffy I personally only use steam,unlocked for single player games,um it just ignore my dirty ass monitor,but yeah I only use it for single player,games and older games that I cant,really get anymore but it basically has,a full steam library and you can get,almost any game you want so yeah you,know use it at your own discretion,um youre not technically allowed to you,know pirate games but it is what it is,youre able to do it and thats what,matters I hope this helps you out uh,stay safe make sure your PC doesnt get,a virus be sure to like And subscribe,leave a like if you enjoyed comment if,you have any sort of error I want to,help you guys out as much as possible in,the comments,Peace Out Boys

Top websites to download paid PC games for free – legally

when I was a kid I had plenty of time,but no income as an adult its a reverse,situation well sort of but during my,childhood the way to get free games,legally was to borrow some shareware,floppy disks off your mates which were,essentially fancy demo discs encouraging,you to buy the full game but theres,only so many times you can play the,first episode of Doom or Jazz Jackrabbit,before you get bored now you might not,have any spending money to purchase,games but that doesnt mean you still,cant enjoy some great titles for free,without pirating them when it comes to,game access things are better than ever,many of the paid game stores give away,full game titles on a regular basis and,its not junk these are real retail,games often popular AAA and Indie titles,just to give you an example epic games,recently gave away just cause 4 a full,price retail game from 2018.,and thats a good place to start epic,games gives away a free game weekly,theyve already given away Grand Theft,Auto 5 civilization 6 Watchdogs and,Borderlands the handsome collection this,year just to name a few go to the store,website and youll see the freebies at,the moment and even whats coming up,every PC Gamer should have the epic,games store on their PC even if its,only for these freebies grab the epic,games installer to get started create an,account log in and grab the games each,week theyre yours to own with no time,limits or other restrictions but they,are tied to your epic games account if,youre playing fortnite youve already,got an epic games account anyway so,dont miss out on the weekly freebies,next up is Gog or good old games despite,the name Gog does have newly released,game titles as well all without any,annoying DRM this store gives away free,games regularly head to the main page,and scroll down to find the latest one,its Hitman Absolution at the moment,youll need to create an account with,Gog to get started then download your,game install it and youre good to go,the Ubisoft game store gives away titles,from time to time recently Assassins,Creed 2 was given away as with the Epic,store these games will be tied to a,Ubisoft account and youll need to,download the Uplay software to access,them the page to get the current,freebies is linked below and you can,also bookmark the news page if you,prefer to check that way instead,the electronic art store known as origin,provides free games occasionally you can,check their free section to see whats,available Apex Legends like fortnite is,a free to play multiplayer title which,is always available,okay while I could keep going and,provide links to a bunch of other stores,I think what Ive shown so far is a good,start to let you know there are a lot of,quality games freely available the,problem is to keep track of the,giveaways since there are so many and,once you miss it the game may not return,as a freebie for a long time if ever so,you dont want to miss out on a,potentially great title,here are two good options Ive found to,help keep track of what free games are,available first one is Reddit theres a,subreddit called free game findings,where users submit the giveaways theyve,found easy the second one is the,giveaway section on gamepower.com its,simply a matter of choosing the platform,and the giveaway type youre interested,in here you can see some of the,giveaways that I covered previously both,these web pages keep track of the best,free game giveaways so choose whichever,one you prefer I hope that helps you get,some free games for a steal of a price,thats all for this one and happy free,gaming cheers

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Unlimited Free Games in Steam

well ladies and gentlemen weve broken,youtube and in the past weve broken,steam,but today were going to be breaking,steam to an all-new level,im going to accidentally be,demonstrating a way to farm steam keys,and then sell them for a gigantic profit,this is completely broken 100,not perfectly balanced and dear god,please i need someone to stop me and,help me,this is the worst steam exploit that has,ever touched the platform and my,goodness is it not absolutely,fantastically perfectly balanced money,laundering so strap yourselves in grab a,cup of tea because this,is going to be one heck of a bumpy video,well today ladies and gentlemen were,going to be ignoring all of these new,fangled games that are really fun with,innovative new ideas and instead im,going to be,showing off how to exploit steam and ea,in order to destroy their payment,mechanism,and basically get a whole bunch of games,without actually paying for them now,doesnt that sound perfectly balanced,and completely unfair,yes thats because it is valve please,for goodness sake fix this i cant,believe you didnt see this one coming,so ladies and gentlemen lets go take a,look at this brand new exploitative,feature,now the feature that were exploiting,today ladies and gentlemen is the lovely,and wonderful ea play,its a service which has been available,for ea for quite a while now,but its recently been released to steam,now what exactly is it,well its a monthly subscription service,where you basically pay a small amount,each month for over a year to gain,access to basically all of the ea games,its not too expensive and the games can,be quite good so you know it might work,out saving you a fair bit of money,however,were not here to save ourselves a bit,of money were here to spend basically,no money,and gain a whole bunch of games for free,so how on earth are we going to do it,now in order to get this exploit started,we need to sign ourselves up for ea play,luckily for us until march the 9th ea,play is only,80 pence im pretty sure thats one,dollar or something its exceedingly,cheap however you will be,billed four pounds monthly every time,thereafter however for the purposes of,this exploit were going to be spending,the atp,and then immediately canceling it but of,course i hear you saying spiff,surely this is a terrible idea you spend,atp to gain access to these games and,then you only have access to them as,long as youre paying the monthly,subscription,and yes technically thats the way the,systems meant to work,it makes sense as a concept its a,subscription-based service where you get,the games provided youre paying the,subscription as soon as you cancel,the subscription you lose your games but,what if that didnt happen,oh no well ladies and gentlemen what are,we going to do well were going to,subscribe up monthly for good old ea,play thats right,only 80p look at that its brilliant,nice and cheap so im gonna buy this bad,boy for myself,this is where the fun begins because we,can now get started on ea play,every single one of these games we can,press add to library,and thats right this game gets,immediately added to our glorious steam,library so lets add a couple of games,were going to add dead space 2 were,going to add oh,mass effect 2 why not while were here,well also add in oh good old the sims 3,and my personal favorite of course,spore which is for some reason in the,strategy section oh yes famous grand,strategy game,spore oh god and you know what western,was a hero pick up good old crisis too,because its a fun game oh battlefield,bad company too,oh but lets not forget the greatest,game of all ladies and gentlemen its,goddamn peggle deluxe,what the heck is this im spending 80p,to gain access to this oh it looks,incredible,oh its amazing oh this is going,straight into my library thank goodness,i dont have to spend four pounds 25 to,buy,peggle deluxe but instead i have it on,my account already there we go its now,mine,so as you can see up here ladies and,gentlemen are all of the games that ive,added via ea play,these are effectively the games that,ive spent atp in order to have them in,my library now of course im interested,in having these games forever so,how on earth do we get these games,forever well the thing is basically a,long while ago ea and steam had to set,up a way of allowing players to still,access the online content of sport,because ea decided to move the servers,around because they had to do this,process,basically if you bought a copy of sport,on steam you also gained access to a key,which would allow you to claim spore on,an,origin account now this makes sense,basically you buy spore you get it on,two platforms,thats great its a really nice feature,11 out of 10.,the only downside is that its broken,and allow me to demonstrate why were,going to set up ourselves a brand new ea,origin account,okay so now we actually need to set up a,brand new origin account because im not,going to use my actual origin account,because i already have ea play on it so,we need to make a brand new one so of,course,date of birth its got to be january the,1st um,1896 that seems perfectly acceptable,and for the country that im going to be,in well its got to be none other than,the actual home of world of warcraft im,of course talking about the british,virgin islands,perfect lets make this account email,address uh well were going to use,actually one of my favorite email,addresses that ive stored up,this entire time it is of course todd,howard at bethesda.com,dont ask how i managed to gain control,of the todd howard email account but um,it happened anyway there we go were,going to gain the account todd howard oh,apparently todd hows ready in news todd,howard 69 someones using todd howard,69.,todd howard for 2069. there we go,first name todd last name howard,brackets best game designer in the,universe there we go,password of course were gonna go for,the greatest password of all which is,todd howard 69 there he goes the best,password,oh god what is this account of course we,need to come up with an incredible,security question,so for that its going to be where did,you go for your honeymoon,todd of course famously went to skyrim,for his honeymoon when he used his,incredible money from fallout 76 to,build an entire one-to-one scale replica,of skyrim,just off of the coast of iceland i says,allow gamers to find me by email,oh no we definitely cant have that,anyway lets create this account,and there we go welcome todd howard for,2069,lets get gaming ladies and gentlemen so,say hello to our brand new account,at the moment our entire library is,completely and utterly empty we have no,games in here however,this is where something interesting can,happen because as i mentioned,earlier a lot of old ea games give you,keys so that you can also access them on,origin now remember we now own this copy,of spore we dont have it downloaded but,because we have ea play,we now technically have a copy of it so,interestingly if we want to take this,from being a temporary copy we can get a,permanent copy by right clicking on it,going to manage,and cd keys here we have an incredible,product key which we can copy to our,clipboard we can go on over to origin,add a game redeem a product code and,enter in a product code for sport,yeah you can probably see the issue here,and there we go weve just redeemed a,copy of sport its been added to our,library and we can download it,the issue is this stays forever because,we got it via a product key for a game,that we only temporarily own,this can be done for a huge amount of,games like the good old sims 3 here we,can claim ourselves a sims free key heck,we can even claim the sims free pets,then all we have to do is go on over to,origin deposit our key and would you,look at that we now own the sims 3.,this is an incredible game one of the,greatest games in existence and it would,normally cost you 18 pounds to buy,weve just got this bad boy for atp and,we keep it forever,we also get the pets dlc how much is t

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Where to download games safely

lesson two where to download games,safely,so you decided to play something new,first you need to download it,theres no shortage of options but not,all of them are safe,a simple rule to help avoid danger is to,buy and download games only from,official stores,youd probably know the big ones already,for computers,there are the major distribution,platforms steam from valve,epic game store from epic games and good,old games from cd,projekt as well as mono brand or near,monobrand stores from various developers,and publishers,including origen from electronic arts,uplay from ubisoft,and battle.net from blizzard perhaps,also still worth a mention,is this semi-charity humble store for,smartphones and tablets,the big two are google play for android,and the app store for ios,the main advantage of large official,stores is security,they care about their reputation and,check whats on their platforms,in addition its more convenient when,you can get all the games you need from,just,one or several services a good example,of how security and convenience still,rule is epic games and their mega hit,fortnite,to begin with the company avoided,uploading the game to google play,encouraging android users to buy it on,its own official website,however when they couldnt find the game,on google play some users often went,straight to third-party resources,inhabited by cyber criminals instead of,fortnite,they ended up downloading malware to,their phone even if gamers did go to the,games official website,to install the game they had to enable,downloading from third party sources on,their device,after installation some forgot to,disable it again,leaving the door open to malware and,cyber criminals,in short the companys decision caused a,heap of trouble,so in spring 2020 epic games backtracked,and made fortnite available on google,play,as for the app store the game was there,from the start for the simple reason,that theres no other way to install it,on a non-jailbroken or non-corporate,iphone,now imagine youre scrolling through,your favorite gaming forum,and see the message forum users hey,there insider info,ubisofts got a new game out wanna try,download the beta version via this link,sounds tempting,you bet but the link is best avoided,its very likely to point not to the,official site in the game,but to malware that allows cyber,criminals to take over your device,for example it might draft your computer,into a botnet,that sends out spam or attacks company,servers,or simply display incessant ads another,scenario,you receive an email bearing the steam,logo and offering an,add-on for your favorite game with the,corresponding link of course,clicking it most likely takes you to a,fake website asking for your steam,credentials,not for you to log in but to hijack your,account,classic fishing no less the bottom line,is simple,dont download games via links in emails,or messages on social networks,instant messengers or forums otherwise,you risk falling victim to phishing or,picking up malware,we talk more about these threats in our,cybersecurity fundamentals course,check it out when you have a moment if,you havent already sure,there are far more online game stores,than those we listed above,including many trustworthy ones there,are also marketplaces where you can buy,digital keys to activate games on the,aforementioned steam,the problem is that its difficult to,distinguish a little-known bonafide,store,from a malicious one whats more,scammers even use well-known,marketplaces,and they dont even have to get you to,follow a link you simply enter your card,details,pay up and receive a useless code or,nothing at all in return,conclusion its better not to mess,around with third-party sites,even for the sake of cheap keys now you,know where its safe to buy games,as for getting a good deal and saving,money thats the topic of the next,lesson

How to diagnose and remove a bitcoin miner trojan

hey whats up easy overdose here Im,going to show you how to diagnose and,remove a Bitcoin miner Trojan off your,PC these things are most noticeable in,games because they will just kill your,FPS so you can see here Ive got 60 FPS,while were recording at 30 FPS no,problem GPU is running about 85% load 85,to 90% load and with these things to do,is they will make your GPU load maxed,out they will push your GPU to its,limits you might also notice a spike in,usage on your CPU as well depending on,CPU you have if you have a lower end CPU,with less cores and threads it will be,more noticeable than if you have as well,thread CPU so I know that the minor,thats on my machine is trying to reach,out and call home and grab data every,minute or so on one of these IP,addresses thats going to port 9001 so,what Im going to do is just a disable,peer block which is like IP filtering,software which serves as a firewall,innocence and when it finally grabs the,data it needs and starts crunching the,bitcoins you can see the FPS opponents,struggling to hold 30 FPS now went from,block to 60 no problem to cant even,hold 30 and now you can see GPU load,pegged at 99% just run full blast,you can also see the CPU load went up a,little bit and you can notice that the,thread that was processing the draw,calls actually went down because that,fluctuates with your fps and so now Im,scrolling down my process list and I can,see MDM so just a no icon file called,MDM and it is using the most resources,even more than the game and the,recording software so I can go over into,the detailed breakdown and you can see,that MDM is the only thing that has a,description,that is not like a real description so,all lowercase letters,it just has its own file name so that is,the red flag youre looking for so then,you right-click on an open file,location you can see that its inside,of app data roaming and a handbrake,inside a folder called caches and what,youre looking for is date modified and,date modified is basically the same date,every single file 510 and I know that I,installed handbrake months ago so Im,going to do is just show you that still,getting like 30fps and lower and then,bring task manager back over and Im,going to end task on this process you,can instantly see FPS right back up to,60 GPU load drops down so what I do is,send some confident that I think that,entire folder is no good has nothing to,do with handbrake even if it did have,something to do with handbrake and it,broke handbrake I would just reinstall,it Im going to delete the entire folder,now with these bitcoin trojans like to,do is they like to set a task in task,scheduler to run at log on so I go into,task scheduler and I scroll down to find,a task that I actually created like a,user created task and all of the user,created tasks are like consolidated,together so I just go through the list,and Im looking for it and you can see,it right there,MDM update task machine core and then,you can go to the actions and you can,see that start location is the location,that I just got done deleting so Im,going to go ahead and just delete this,entire task and thats it Bitcoin miner,Trojan is now gone no problems so thats,a pretty simple process its important,to know whats running on your machine,like you should be familiar with your,process list that way when something odd,pops up like that you know instantly,that does not belong there and you,should start investigating it and thats,all I got so thanks for watching keep, clean

Steamunlocked ¿Vale la pena? ¿Es seguro? | RedLuigi

[Música],y qué tal gente cómo están bienvenidos,una vez más a un nuevo vídeo para el,canal y no gente hoy al parecer no voy a,hacer el especial de los 100 shows,como si fuera con p pero bueno no,importa esa es la siguiente semana y,para los que preguntan de un tutorial de,cómo descargar,friday night con kim para pc con el,molde hiper pues a ver voy a intentar,hacer el tutorial ok eso sí también lo,haría la siguiente semana ok primero,pienso hacer un tutorial de cómo,descargar el juego mortal sin mods y,luego con el molde pero con cualquier,modo que ustedes quieran pero eso sí ya,la siguiente semana ok,bueno a lo que vinimos hoy oa lo que,vine yo a mi amigo girl otra vez,es para enseñarles una página que,descubrí hace poco viendo tick tock,bueno hace poco es como unos 34 días,pero bueno resulta que el tic tac decía,oh pues en el texto,si quería tener todos los huevos de,sting gratis tendríamos que venir a esta,página es un loco,luego de eso le tendríamos que dar aquí,freestylegames preinstalado por por pc,bueno hay varios y bueno etc digamos que,yo quiero un oeste,un arte y luz verde este generalmente,cuesta platica,donde sea aquí está,buscar,aquí aparece,y si lo queremos descargar lo que,tendríamos que hacer es venir hasta esta,parte de abajo pues bueno yo ya lo,descargue y déjenme decirles que esta,página si es segura por cierto también,descargue crash bandicoot 4 que por,cierto está aquí pesa 22 gigabytes,demasiado pero créanme que vale la pena,por cierto luego en mi canal de tweets,estaría haciendo un directo es,probablemente hoy o mañana quién sabe,sobre crees 24,pese a que no sé si me vaya bien el,string pero bueno les dejaré,link canal de tweet dios casi me,confundo en la descripción recuerden,revisar la descripción ok,la mayoría de links ese tipo de cosas,las voy a dejar en la descripción ok,así que,bueno para descargarlo y descargar,cualquier juego van a tener que venir,aquí abajo y donde diga la descarga,under tail free download o cualquier,juego luego de esto si les aparece algo,de que,necesita recibir notificaciones que,debemos aceptar para recibir,notificaciones de léala x pueden,desbloquear luego le van a tener que dar,aquí si les aparece otra pestaña no se,preocupen luego le vuelve la cierran y,le vuelven a dar aquí allí se va a estar,descargando pues yo ya lo tengo,descargado así que no,y así con cualquier otro juego,ahora para que vean que funciona,tengo ahora,algún juego,no tengo ningún juego la verdad algún,juego que yo conozca y que quiera,demasiado pero que en este momento no lo,pueda tener,ya se fragmente atradis 4 o sister,location muy bien esperen se lo busco,gente y ya volvemos,listo gente ya encontré el feminista,tradis pueden buscar fine esta tradición,feminista 34 y no sé cualquiera,cualquier fan está 3 que exista hay,algunos que están en streaming gratis,por ejemplo el ultimate custom light,y bueno,también el predio fast bears pizzeria,simulator pero el resto como por ejemplo,fácilmente a través del wanted sister,location y del 1 al wanted que yo sepa,son de pago pues yo ya tengo el de el,plante de pago pues a ver me lo dieron,no lo recuerdo porque me lo regalaron,sólo sé que me lo regalaron ahora voy a,descargar el císter location,vamos a hacer todo el proceso de siempre,esperamos 5 segundos,a ver otra cosa si me preguntan si la,página es confiable pues si es viable,es mi opinión de todas maneras no digo,que sea del 100% confiable pero en mi,opinión es una página segura y no les,mete virus porque hasta ahora haya,descargado cuatro juegos lidón light,merz 2 crash bandicoot 4 neón e ibis y,hyundai,y hasta ahora no me ha dado ningún virus,eso sí,tengan tengan en cuenta los pasos que,les estudiando para que puedan descargar,cualquier juego ok de todas maneras cada,que vayan a descargar un juego vayan,hasta la parte de abajo que les va a,aparecer una serie de recomendaciones,para que lo puedan descargar,bueno ok le damos a descargar,y esperamos un momentico a que se,descargue bueno en este caso a mí se me,va a demorar como media hora así que,cuando pase media hora gente les aviso,bueno para mí habrá pasado media hora ya,ustedes pues,como un segundo o dos e iba a llover por,aquí por mi casa,nos vemos pronto gente,bueno una vez en el explorador de,archivos,van a no pueden crear una carpeta o,pueden ex pueden a perdón de conjunto,pueden mover el archivo winrar taltal y,es más o menos el mismo proceso que el,molde hiper,al escritorio luego le van a dar a bueno,en mi caso yo lo tengo en el explorador,de archivos pero bueno le van a dar a,extraer,el nombre del archivo que le salga,o como siempre lo pueden sacar,sí,hacia el escritorio y jugar directamente,en el viento,lo van a tener que venir acá si estoy,grabando con el stream lapse por qué,a veces me queda complicado grabar el,escritorio con el otro programa que a,veces utiliza van a tener que hay,mover esto acá,yo lo voy a colocar aquí abajo de las,otras carpetas van a ingresar y si no,saben cómo correr el juego pues van a,venir acá y dice para jugar el juego fue,tremendo la palabra bueno tremenda frase,vea dentro del de la carpeta de fan y,sastre sister location y dale clic,y corre sister location como,administrador,bueno vamos a ir aquí sister location y,para que vean que funciona,vamos a ingresar,bien ahí está,ella carga que generalmente tiene mucho,volumen así que pues luego así que lo,voy a dejar así ok,bueno gente espero que les haya gustado,mucho el vídeo ya saben que voy a estar,dejando el link de mi canal de tweet en,la descripción,aparte voy a estar dejando el link de,mis otras redes sociales por decirlo así,en las cuales un tick tock y spotify,y creo que eso sería todo por ahora no,sé qué más debería mostrar pero bueno en,fin la página se llama steam un lock lo,voy a dejar en la descripción,gente,que les vaya muy bien a todos y nos,vemos el siguiente fin de semana para el,especial de 50 cosas sobre mí por los,100 shows,hasta la próxima,[Música]

Make your Download Speed 10x FASTER! (780 mbps) | Free Download Manager | 100% WORKING 2021 – 2022

[Music],so youre here because you want to make,your downloads faster,well not only fast but of course 10,times faster than your regular internet,speed i got you stick around ill show,you how,very,[Music],what is up people birth welcome to the,most early channel here on youtube you,are watching very early being today,youve seen the intro youve sent the,title and youve seen the thumbnail yep,our content for today is how to make,your downloads 10 times faster on pc,this works for mac 2 and it works the,same as the process in windows computers,okay so you dont need to worry about,downloading devices okay so of course,this software is also available for,android so if you want me to make a,tutorial about android including this,software please comment down below,android tutorials android tutorials,android tutorial anyways so lets hop,onto our desktop,so guys welcome to my desktop right now,and as you can see i am going to screen,record to show you the process and,procedures and how to install and use,free download manager yes that is the,name of the software that we are going,to download so now go to your preferred,browser my preferred browser is google,chrome it is the best browser for me for,my opinion but if you have opera gx,opera or firefox or safari you can use,that too this link will be safe it will,be in the description too so check it,out lets go now you just want to go to,your google chrome,and type in free download manager so we,can start our um procedures manager,so we have it right here free download,manager,now as you can see its marked violet,because ive been here a couple of times,now and if you see right heres the,direct download link for the free,download manager so what are you waiting,for just click on it and if it doesnt,show up you can go to this link right,here but its more time saving if you,can click this link as soon as possible,but anyways as you can see mac os,android and windows of course,all of these are gonna be available for,your device so now lets go to the,download tab,and it will load for a bit and as you,can see we have the free download right,here 64-bit for windows 10 8.1 8 and 7.,i just saw this,linux is compatible all right this,software is compatible with linux,devices im so sorry for the,miscommunication earlier but anyways if,you use mac os if you use linux if you,are using android as of now you can,download it it is very safe and its not,that large on your device so now lets,download it but i am using 64-bit so im,just gonna click on this but if youre,using 32-bit you can click the thing,right here the link down here so it can,direct you to the download of the 32-bit,so if you dont know what bit your,computer is dont worry just go to your,settings in the,start menu go to settings right here go,to system right here,and now as you can see just go down,scroll down right here about go to the,about section and as you can see 64-bit,operating system thats why im going to,click on the 64 a bit it will show up,x86 32-bit right here if you are using a,32-bit currently so now im just gonna,download this one,and as you can see it is starting to,download right here very fast so if,theres times that its not going to be,fast unexpectedly on your internet,connection fdm or free download manager,will save your day now just click on the,download right here,at the bottom and it will prompt you,something for the installation i only,have one device so lets just install,for me only so now lets go next okay so,if you agree on both of these terms,create the desktop shortcut yes i agree,on that create a quick launch shortcut i,also agree on that just click next and,you have some of the uh informations and,like directories that it will install so,lets click on install after that it,will take a few seconds so lets just,wait,[Music],so after that you will be directed to,the web browser that you have just,downloaded um it will pop up on the,google chrome in your windows device or,if youre using a mac it will work the,same thing the procedures will be done,the same way it is used in windows and,it will prompt you maybe in safari or,something but if you have google chrome,maybe it will open up in google chrome,so it will prompt something up as you,can see in the taskbar just click on,that just finish it,and now its all done disclose your web,browser,after you close your web browser as you,can see like the instructions earlier it,will create a desktop shortcut for me i,checked that out and now its all here,now lets just click on free download,manager and now its open the panel is,now appearing and would you like to make,fdm as the default torrent client i,dont do that because sometimes its,pretty annoying to see that you want to,download some stuff and then free,download manager will open up as soon as,possible and you know i sometimes want,to download it directly from the web,browser and not going to other,applications now if you dont want to do,that just dont ask again or theres a,little x right here lets just click,dont ask again just to be sure now,download list is empty add a new,download url im gonna show you,something cool right now okay so im,gonna go,to a website to download something and,lets see how fast fdm or free download,manager response so now i opened a tab,called hio its an indie game stores,where the indie developers of these,games can upload it here lets just pick,a random game,lets see,lets try a hundred megabytes or more,than a hundred megabytes would be cool,so lets have,so lets just download one of the games,i played in this channel the link is up,here check it out all right so now its,called paranormal entities lets grab,that in paranormal entities 255 mb,okay thats cool so first up ima get my,alarms and timers just to keep track on,how,much time its spending when you,download it in the website itself all,right so lets just get our timer right,here so the stopwatch is in our screen,right now lets click on download no,thanks just take me to the downloads,uh okay so lets just download this 255,mb okay so just pause this right now,um,4.5 mb lets just show all,now lets pop the timer up,right here at the side,and,lets see how long this takes me all,right,[Music],so if some of you viewers that has a poo,poo connection,this means,free download manager is pretty much for,you because it can be used for mac,windows linux android its all in one,okay three seconds left one second left,zero seconds left,zero seconds left but its still going,are you kidding me,two minutes on the clock,and lets stop it right there two,minutes and 17 seconds just to be,downloaded lets delete it from our,downloads folder,the thing here is you need to get the,link and then paste it onto free,download manager all right so just,get this link right click on the link,down there down the title of the file,youre downloading so now just get the,link populate the address there we go,minimize everything restart this,just minimize it and now lets go to,free download manager,lets close our file explorer for a,second lets close it,and now paste our file in here so you,dont want to right click because it,wont do stuff when you right click and,paste it you have to press control v,control plus v or in mac command plus v,all right ctrl v and as you can see,enter,and now as you can see right here every,single detail is in okay now just wanna,hit download,okay okay were on it were on it,look at that 15 16,20 plus percent,on 10 seconds are you kidding me right,now nope,wow this is amazing,this is why you should get free download,manager i recommend you getting this as,soon as possible not sponsored but if,you want to sponsor me,go,look at that,217 mb what time is it 55 seconds almost,one minute can he beat the clock,nope and oh stop,one minute and 12 seconds ive proven,the worth of free download manager lets,close the timer right here lets close,fdm or free download manager lets close,google chrome,and im gonna show you that it wasnt,even compressed or connected to a vpn

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