1. Steelcase Leap v2 Review: My Opinion 3 Years Later
  2. Steelcase Leap V2 – AWFUL Headrest. Solid Chair.
  3. Leap vs Gesture: My Opinion 3 Years Later
  4. We BOUGHT a NEW-Open Box Steelcase Leap For 70% Off on Ebay
  5. Steelcase Leap v2: Is It Worth It?
  6. Consider THIS Before You Buy The Leap v2
  7. The TRUTH About The Herman Miller AERON Ergonomic Office Chair | Steelcase Leap V2 vs Aeron Review

Steelcase Leap v2 Review: My Opinion 3 Years Later

hey guys its hard to believe its,already been over three years since we,first brought in the steel case elite v2,chair here to beat todd for review and,since that time it is consistently,ranked at the top of our list for best,chair for most people its also been a,product that ive actually been using as,my daily driver now weve had these,chairs here for a long time and so some,of my opinions have changed on the chair,so make sure that you stay through to,the end of this video where i talk about,how those opinions of mine have changed,as well as how i use this chair every,day all right with that lets go ahead,and jump into the review all right so,the first thing that we want to talk,about is just the pricing of these,chairs as it has changed since we first,brought them in this one is set up with,the four-way adjustable arm set and a,height adjustable lumbar and it just has,standard casters on it right now thats,selling for about eleven hundred and,fifty dollars on steel case and i would,definitely recommend,this particular setup with the four-way,adjustable arms as well as the height,adjustable lumbar the one over here,where you can see we have the headrest,on it that actually boasts the price up,about 180 bucks so its almost 1300 in,this configuration some of the policies,on steelcase.com have changed,specifically looking at the returns and,their warranty policies the return,period has gone from a 30-day window,down to 14 and the warranty if youre,outside of north america specifically,the emea region has also changed so id,highly recommend checking out the link,that we dropped down in the description,when you spend over a thousand dollars,on your next office chair like you would,be on a steel case elite v2 chair its,really important that the product holds,up and stands the test of time now i do,believe that the steel case leap chair,does just that it has one of the best,build qualities in the industry now not,only have i seen it from my own personal,experience using this chair over the,last three years but we also do,refurbishing here in-house where were,bringing chairs and specifically the,leap v2 chair that are from 2006 the,first iteration and while they come in,some of them are in pretty rough shape a,lot of the chairs actually function as,they should they might just need a,little bit of tightening here maybe some,cleaning of the upholstery replacing of,casters things like that but overall,from a build quality standpoint this is,definitely one of the best products out,there one of the reasons why this chair,consistently gets picked by our staff as,a best overall for most people is,because of how adjustable it is really,the entire chair will adjust to fit,almost any body type first specifically,we look at just seat height range,because this is going to be one of the,more core components of getting a chair,set to you it will go all the way down,to 15 and a half inches and up to as,high as 20 and a half inches so that,means people that are as maybe short as,five two upwards of six six should be,able to sit in the leap chair,comfortably now when we move from that,point it also has a seat slider function,now a seat slider function is going to,adjust the depth of the seat pan,depending on the length of your legs so,if you have shorter or in this case,shorter legs you would want to tuck it,in if you have longer legs you can pull,it out and theres some additional,adjustments in between there also when,we look at the leap it has a back or,tilt limiting function this is kind of,unique to the high-end chairs so what,youll find with a lot of like mid-range,or low-end product is if they have a,locking function it will allow you to,lock the chair in a position like this,so once you lock it in the recline its,stuck in that position the higher end,chairs like the leap what they do is,they have a backstop so its five,position so right now i have it all the,way back so this is as far back as you,can lean in a leap chair if i go to the,next setting,which you hear a click you can see the,back will stop shorter now but i have,free movement here so im not locked in,that position so depending on how you,like to sit in your chair you may want,to leave that backstop at the furthest,back position which allows you to,recline in the chair freely but what a,lot of people find is that it might be,too easy to recline or maybe its too,difficult and theyre not able to move,as much as they want to or maybe sit in,a position somewhere in between there,without locking the chair so what id,recommend doing there is using this tilt,tension function which is on the right,hand side of the chair and you can see,as i loosen this up it becomes much,easier for me to tilt back in the chair,but something that people have noticed,with that is that it becomes a little,bit more difficult to kind of pop up in,the chair it actually forces you to use,your abs to kind of your core muscles to,pull the chair up and in those,situations i definitely recommend kind,of tightening it down its also to be,noted with the tilt function on this,chair if youre someone who really likes,to kind of rock back and forth in the,chair this is probably not a great fit,for you because there is quite a bit of,friction in the sliding mechanism that,its using as youre tilting back in the,chair so its just something to take,note of as i mentioned in the pricing,section i highly recommend that you look,at getting this four-way adjustable arm,set so with the arm options from steel,case theres really three options one is,no arms one is height adjustable arms,where theyll only move up and down and,then theres the four-way adjustable arm,set this is definitely a strong part of,these products with the steel case line,is their armrest adjustments and the,four-way adjustable arm set on the leap,is one of my favorite by far so,what youll notice is it has width,adjustment it has a depth adjustment it,has this pivoting adjustment as well and,of course it has the height adjustment,that moves up and down but because its,so flexible and you can move them around,so much theyre wide ranging enough that,most people should be able to find a,comfortable position with these armrests,and its the exact reason why i,definitely recommend everybody goes with,that option one of my favorite things,about the steel case leap besides the,armrest adjustment is the actual back,itself and i think its actually one of,the best backs for overall support and,for in the lower lumbar region now how,does it function theres a tension knob,here on the right hand side that you can,increase or decrease the tension which,you really feel down in the lower part,of your back so if you dont want as,much support then you dont want it to,feel as pronounced you want to decrease,that tension but if you like a lot of,lower support like i do i always have,this thing pretty much cranked all the,way up also it has a height adjustable,lumbar feature on it which is a pretty,simple system that youre able to just,move up and down but what it does is,allows you to kind of fine tune where,you want the most support and for people,like ryan whos the vp here at btad he,actually switched over to the elite v2,chair maybe about a year ago and he had,some issues with the lumbar just being a,little bit too aggressive for him and i,made a mention you should probably just,take this out because this is actually,fairly easy to take out of the backrest,when he did he fell in love with the,chair and he has used it every day since,so just because i like a lot of support,doesnt mean everybody else does but,there is some flexibility there i would,recommend if you bought it though to go,with this option just so that you have,it its a little bit easier than going,the other direction now the last,adjustment feature that i want to talk,about is the headrest on this chair now,i absolutely hate this headrest and im,pretty consistent on that since the,first time i tried out the chair i just,feel like it doesn

Steelcase Leap V2 – AWFUL Headrest. Solid Chair.

[Music],[Music],whats up everybody my name is dan on,and welcome to honestly today were,going to take off the highly requested,steelcase leap v2 now this is the fully,loaded model everything is in here that,you can get this is the 3d knit back,this is a headrest which you typically,dont see on the v2s and this has the,fully adjustable arms and after testing,this one i realized that it is probably,most comparable to this chair on my left,the citiz t80 as a matter of fact i,think you get a little bit more bang for,buck out of the t80 and ill be drawing,minor comparisons because ive already,reviewed this chair in depth which you,guys can check out i forget which side,one of these sides and at the end ill,tell you guys which options i think are,worth it and which are definitely not on,the leap v2 lets get honest if you guys,havent already please check out my,other channel the blind guys where we,test everything blind so that we can,remove all kinds of brand bias price,bias and all that stuff as a matter of,fact the t80 was featured on a video,there and it actually came out as,someones number one winner i wont,spoil it for you guys and then both of,these chairs were featured in part two,where we blind tested chairs ranging,from the 200 all the way up to the 1600,range and you guys can see where these,guys line up relative to that i forgot,to mention that the leap v2 is the,second generation of leap hence the v2,there is a leap v1 but generally that v1,is omitted they just call it the leap,but both the leap v2 and the t80 can,accommodate people who are shorter like,me um five foot six 175 pounds and it,can accommodate people all day up to,like six foot one and taller so they do,a pretty good job at handling that range,of chair ill talk about some of the,limitations on these chairs for taller,folks but again well get to that as we,move along so starting with the legs the,legs here are probably the only legs,that ive tested in a while that are,totally rounded on the bottom and that,kind of stinks for me personally because,i like to rest my feet on the legs but,it being rounded here my feet would just,fall off really quickly or if you have,shoes on then one of the things that,youll probably see if you like to keep,your feet on the legs is youll see a,lot of wear on the polish here or if you,have the graphite version youll see a,kind of like a fading of that color,because people like to keep their feet,on the corner sometimes and theyll rub,their shoe all over it and again that,ruins kind of the polish on the corners,thats the number one fading that youll,see from like used aerons for example,the casters i usually dont talk about,casters this much but i want to hear,these are big beefy casters and theyre,a little bit disappointing for a chair,of this price because they are noisy,just listen to this,so they rattle a little bit more than,id like casters of a chair of this,caliber to sound like compare that to,the t80 which are virtual silent,so yeah its a little bit surprising for,the price point here so moving up now to,the controls on the left side here,youve got a paddle which you can pull,and then move the seat in and out which,is a pretty simple thing and it does it,really well its nice and smooth and,then over here on the right side youve,actually got a couple things going on so,the first thing you have here is this,knob this is your back tension knob so,it allows you to have it can either be,loose or it can be very tight and then,attached to that is going to be the back,tilt limiter so youve got one two three,four uh four settings for tilt so if,youre on the first one you can only go,a little bit and the fourth one you can,go all the way back now whats odd here,there are two cons here about this one,is that the tab sits right where the,knob is so if you are really trying to,go crazy on that knob you will,inevitably hit this tab here thats,connected to it and it just kind of gets,in the way and its its not a great,design the second thing is that with the,tab all the way down and fully loose the,leap b2 by far has the least amount of,range in which you can tilt back its um,its not by far but it is the least,amount which i think kind of explains,why the leap typically doesnt come with,a headrest because you generally dont,need it now one of the good things about,the leap v2 and the t80 although the,leap does a little bit better is that,when you lean back if you have it fairly,tightened its got this kind of i forget,what the mechanism called but its got,this ability to kind of it doesnt just,let you fall back instead it kind of,holds you in place and kind of adjusts,auto adjusts with the amount of tension,you put on it so you can see here that,im coming down but im not going as far,as i can go because there is this system,that kind of holds you this auto,suspension system that holds you in,place and again if i just exert more,fresh pressure then ill go down further,the t80 does it the exact same thing but,again its just a little bit nicer on,the leap v2 so here if i go down you can,see that im right sitting right here,but i can potentially go down all the,way down to here not every chair has,this so this is something thats unique,to the leaf b2 the second tab on the,right side is going to control the seat,height so if you just pull it its going,to go up and then if you sit down on it,and you pull it again itll go down,nothing crazy there and then in the back,here you get this lumbar,uh what do you call it vertical lumbar,pressure so you tight righty tighty and,youll feel a little bit more and lefty,loosey now honestly i dont feel a lot,of difference in the mid zones like if,youre kind of in the middle of spinning,it i only really feel it if youre fully,loose or if youre fully tight and even,then its not a huge difference but it,does hug your back a little bit more in,that fully tight position and i would,recommend that you keep it there because,it does a nice job of kind of enveloping,your back a little bit moving to the,seat this is one of two areas where i,think the leap v2 is superior to the t80,the first one was the warranty which i,already talked about and the second one,is gonna be this seat this is very very,well cushioned its pretty comfortable,and it does a better job at keeping your,butt from feeling the plastic compared,to the t80 now you can still definitely,feel the hard plastic underneath after a,while of sitting and the other thing to,keep in mind is that because its so,densely cushioned that i felt myself,getting toasty in this chair after about,10 minutes so yeah it definitely has a,better seat than the t80 but you do get,hotter a little bit quicker and you,still just cant get around feeling a,little bit of plastic on your butt,cheeks especially if youre on the,heavier end one thing i forgot to,mention about the seat is that its wide,and its cloth all around so for you,rebels out there who want to sit,cross-legged youre going to have no,problem doing so however if youre on,the bigger side youre definitely going,to want to,stretch that seat pan out first and then,cross up and youre going to find,yourself having plenty of space now,moving to the arms these are the fully,loaded arms and ill show you all the,ways that they can be adjusted so if you,pull this tab here you can obviously go,up and down the range of motion is,pretty good right so you can go from,here to there and then you can also,slide it kind of so it can go in and out,but its not a direct in and out like,you would see on most chairs like for,example on the t80 would just go,directly in and out,but here you have to kind of swivel in,and out so that if you look at it here,you kind of have to kind of go up and in,and out like this and then from,in here you can slide it in or out like,this the arm padding here is really nice,so its hard in terms of like its,supportive but its softer than for,example whats found on the embody so,they do a really nice job at kind of,bringing the best

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Leap vs Gesture: My Opinion 3 Years Later

in this video were going to be,comparing steelcases two most popular,chairs the leap v2 versus the gesture,weve actually had both of them in our,office now for over three years so i,have an extensive time in each and have,some opinions that have actually changed,over the course of time the leap is,about a hundred dollars less than,gesture so is the gesture actually worth,the additional cost lets jump right,into it to find out so just a quick,mention on price for both of these,chairs as configured today the leak v2,is about 1150 while the gesture is 1250,we will be covering price later on in,the video so when we invest over a,thousand dollars in our new office chair,i think its assumed that the chair will,stand the test of time and thats why we,take a closer look at build quality with,all the chairs that we review and,compare here now the two chairs that we,have today from steelcase are their,highest end models and our chairs that i,believe are at the top range when it,comes to build quality now some of the,things that i look at right away for,build quality are just how are the,components manufactured,are they made specific for the chair,that theyre on or are they,mass-produced being used across the,industry for other chairs a lot of times,low to mid-range chairs will be,mass-produced components and theyre not,always that great of quality when we,look at the leap first you can see this,is a very unique chair its initial,design came out in 2006 and has been,with it ever since there have been some,minor tweaks but overall we have seen,these chairs coming actually into our,refurbishing process,older in the 2006 to 2008 range and,theyve held up very well the same can,be true when we look at the gesture now,not quite as old being designed and,developed in 2013,it has been around for quite a while and,this is the same thing here you can tell,this is a very unique chair everything,has its place and all the components,were made specifically for the chair we,have had some of these come in while we,dont refurbish them here we have had,chairs come from corporate clients that,are from the 2013 edition and they have,stood up very well when were looking at,high performance office chairs were,always looking closely at the ergonomic,adjustments for each now i think both of,these chairs do have some of the best of,the best with certain areas of each,chair the leap v2 definitely the lumbar,support for the gesture its the highly,adjustable armrest the first adjustment,that we look at on office chairs is seat,height adjustment now of course both,chairs are over a thousand dollars so,this is definitely something to be,expected each is really adjusted the,same with a lever on the side of the,chair and has a nice range from about 15,and a half inches up to about 21 inches,and the way that steel case works,theyre really focused on fitting the,95th percentile so if youre about 5 1,up to 65 you should have no issues,fitting in both of these chairs getting,your feet flat on the floor the next,adjustment we look at is seat depth,adjustment now this is very important so,that we can accommodate for shorter or,longer legs on different height,individuals now both chairs do have this,feature but they operate quite a bit,differently now the leap chair has what,i think is probably the most commonly,used feature so if you sit in the chair,its a little bit more difficult to use,so im going to demonstrate while im,standing up but you can see on the side,of the chair theres a lever here as you,press the lever youre able to slide and,adjust the seat now there are certain,spots that it will stop and lock,but,there isnt a lot of adjustments theres,i believe seven or eight in this one so,while theres quite a bit of adjustment,there is an infinite adjustment between,a range now when we look at the gesture,chair,this is actually quite a bit more,intuitive and when i compare these,chairs over the course of the last three,years i still believe that the gesture,is the best when it comes to this and,actually probably one of the best in the,industry so as youre rotating the knob,on this chair you can see,as im rotating this knob on the side,its actually changing the depth of the,seat while im seated in the chair and,you can see there are no definitive,stopping points its literally the,entire range from the start to the end,on how it adjusts this is really nice,because it makes it much easier for you,to fine tune it while youre seated in,the chair when we look at high-end,chairs a lot of times theyll include,whats called a tilt limiter or a,backstop function now this is quite a,bit different than what you find on mid,to lower range chairs which actually has,a tilt lock function the way that the,backstop works is it literally allows,you to stop the back at a certain,position and then move back forward so,ill show you exactly how that works on,the gesture here first so as i have this,set in the all the way upright position,you can see the back is stopping at its,upright position so this is what you,would use for tasking normally as i,adjust this which it has five different,positions you can see i can go back a,bit further and recline and i can come,back up its not locking it in this,position this is how a normal chair that,is less expensive would function you,would lock it here and you would just be,stuck in this position as i continue to,make this adjustment youll see it will,allow me to go even further back into my,recline now this is really nice because,i think its all about movement while,youre in your seat its not limiting,you and locking you in position and what,youll find with all steel case chairs,is they want to promote movement now,when we jump into the leap chair youll,see its the exact same thing now while,the recline is a little bit different it,does the same function,so were in the all the way upright,position here and as i start to move the,backstop or tilt limiter you can see it,allows me to start go going further back,into my recline until i get into the,full recline position but again i can,pop forward when i want to in addition,to backstop or tilt limiter each of,these chairs has a tilt recline tension,function its exactly as it sounds it is,the amount of effort required to tilt,back and the chair can be increased or,decreased now why would you want this if,youre a heavier set individual you,probably dont want it to go back the,same way that it would if you were a,hundred pounds and so you can adjust,this tension the same is true for,someone like me i tend i tend to not,really like to lock any of the back stop,in an intermediate position id rather,increase the tension and allow the chair,to really sort of move freely and then,let the friction in the mechanism kind,of hold me in one position versus going,all the way back to this the tilt,limiting function which youll see on,both these chairs it really is very,similar and that you rotate the knob to,adjust the tension but the major,difference here just being how many,turns,is required to get that tension set the,gesture is really only a few turns to,kind of go from the lightest to the most,tense or most effort required versus the,leap which is probably more in line with,chairs youll find across the industry,that requires a few more turns than the,gesture and one last thing to touch on,with the tilt tension and how i use it,in the gesture specifically one thing,ive noticed with this chair and this is,kind of an annoyance that ive had with,it basically since the start and still,continues to today is that there is this,sort of play thats in the back rest,when youre in the upright tasking,position which if youre upright tasking,i like it to stay nice and locked in,position so this bit of play here can be,an annoyance for some i know people have,commented on it before how you can,really get around that is using your,tilt tension function so when you crank,the tension all the way up to its,highest point because there is so much,tension in t

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We BOUGHT a NEW-Open Box Steelcase Leap For 70% Off on Ebay

recently a customer reached out to us,and asked us about a new open box,steelcase leap2 on ebay that was selling,for 299 and 11 cents now these chairs,brand new retail on steelcase.com for,over a thousand dollars so we thought,wow is this deal maybe too good to be,true so we decided lets buy one and,find out for ourselves alright guys so,we got our chair here were ready to,start opening it now remember this is,what they call new,open box,and,ebay has actual definitions,for what they deem to be new open box,and specifically when we talk about,whats new open box they say that this,product is in an excellent like new,condition,generally theyre used for,i guess,demo purposes showroom stuff so thats,sort of the expectation here when we,open this up and see whats in here,they did mention that its in different,packaging or it can be in different,packaging so thats not an issue so as,you can tell here,this is in the packaging,from the company that supplied the,product,what do we get we get a base weve got a,cylinder here and then weve got the,rest of the chair,one thing i noticed right away as im,opening this up and im pulling the bag,off it really smells,like spray paint yeah there definitely,is like a,smell of of some type of spray paint or,you know if this chair if this chair is,refurbished a lot of times what people,do is theyll remove the oxidation too,with some of this black plastic with,some type of a product too it could be,that but i honestly i think its,i think its spray paint im getting the,impression though that this might not be,a new open box chair just from some,things im seeing which well talk about,here shortly lets take a look and see,what the cylinder is that they sent us,so one of the things that i noticed,right away with this chair when i pull,out the the cylinder here,this cylinder is a top activated,cylinder so the way that the the chairs,work with the leaf v2s there was the,first generation of chairs which was,about two years that they were out and,it was a top activated cylinder they,eventually moved into what is called a,side activated cylinder and this would,be different this is also manufactured,by a company called suspo which isnt,manufacturing cylinders any longer for,steel case,and now weve got this together im,gonna actually bring in another chair,that is a chair that we bought from,steel case now its about a year and a,half old that would be what we would,deem to be new or open box because it is,a demo item that we use for videos here,in the office so were gonna slide the,table out of the way so weve got these,two chairs now next to each other this,is the steel case leaf that we bought,from steel case its been in our office,again for about a year and a half maybe,as much as two years but this chair has,really just been used for pictures and,videos and something that were going to,use now to compare to the ebay leap v2,which is a new open box leap v2 now at,first glance were going to kind of look,at the chair as a whole and just see,what the major differences are we can,tell here just at first glance theres,really not a ton of difference,theres maybe some some of the ways that,this is a poster maybe looks a little,bit different but honestly you really,cant tell at first glance that theyre,any different,the poster the upholstery looks pretty,similar now when we look here though we,can look at the arms you can see this,arm actually has some type of vinyl,covering on it,which,you can actually see how its pulled,under,and its probably stapled in there i,cant really see well pull these off,here in a little bit to look but this is,a single molded piece,that theyre using at steel case so when,you get it from steel case it definitely,doesnt have a covering on it,looking at the back again now this is,definitely a clear difference you can,just see here this is sort of,somethings in here whether its glue or,something its clearly been adhered to,another piece of upholstery you can kind,of hear the difference,kind of feel the difference too theres,theres something behind here and well,take this apart and take a closer look,but,overall this is,this is definitely not original from the,factory when we compare these two i just,want to take this chair and see if it,moves up and down with that cylinder in,there,and it does so the original cylinder on,here its good quality so it still works,just fine even though its older,its going to work very similar to this,one all right so were going to start,taking these things off the chair to,start comparing the different components,and just seeing what we find so well,pull the back pads off,once i got the back pad and the seat pad,off the ebay chair you can tell if you,look here down in the mechanism you can,tell this is all spray painted,throughout the bottom here,so this is this is definitely as i,expected a painted chair so this is from,steel case you can see this is a single,piece molded into the plastic,this is an original arm pad from a steel,case chair however it is,vinyl wrapped and stapled which is,definitely not how steelcase does it at,the factory,were gonna find out whats underneath,here and see what this original pad,looks like but i think its pretty clear,that this is a refurbished model this is,new,so when you pull off this vinyl what,is happening is there was a version,between before,this single molded,piece,where they have the plastic mold inside,the pu pad,and they actually had like a rubber sock,that went over their pads and this is,from the the first version of the v2s,this is like late 2006 seven and eight,is when they did this and then they,eventually switched over to this,different version this better version on,the chairs that were,2008 through current day,so what it looks like was done was the,old rubber kind of sock was pulled off,of this one because they sort of get,beat up and they dont look very good,and they replaced it with sort of a,vinyl upholstery which is,not how it was done at the factory so,the next thing were going to take a,closer look at is the actual seats,themselves you can tell here this is,what the plastic should look like right,this is theres clearly just its,plastic this is a plastic thats been,obviously spray painted over the top,its got a different sheen to it its,got a different texture to it,and you can even see the spray paint on,the plastics here as well so,were going to pull off this shell and,then were going to take a closer look,at the actual upholstery work to see if,that is in fact the same from a like new,chair,you can see the spray paint here that,came through,you can see it all around here,well another thing here that were gonna,see is that this,part here this plastic part that ties in,with the mechanism,has been stapled to the seat this is not,how this would normally be the way that,it comes from the factory is this is,free floating this doesnt get stapled,down,and were actually going to see that,there is a lot of staples here this is,the look of something thats been,refurbished this is common when chairs,are refurbished,okay so we take off the shell like i had,mentioned,this is not something that gets stapled,down and you can tell just when they,come from steel case directly they use a,different system where theyre cinching,this down and then theyre kind of,tacking staples to hold it in place its,quite a bit different than what you see,with refurbished chairs,it really isnt a ton to see i just,wanted to kind of show you what this,looked like underneath,you can tell this foam,this is definitely new foam,obviously the pad looks quite a bit,different just because its older and,again this chair that were estimating,is probably from the first iteration of,these chairs and well find out later,when we take a look at the actual,manufacture data on the frame but,you know this is this is definitely not,the same as this is,so thats exactly whats happening here,you can see this is just a little bit of,this background over the top,of the original pad and

Steelcase Leap v2: Is It Worth It?

the steel case leap chair is one of the,most popular and most coveted office,chairs in the world,but is it worth the thousand dollar plus,price tag,that you have to pay for the chair in,this video were gonna go over,everything steel case leap v2,to find out if this chair is worth it,for you hey guys its ryan with btod.com,weve done a ton of reviews on office,chairs ranging from inexpensive to,expensive,but one thing that we havent really,touched on is giving our opinion on,whether or not we think,that the value youre getting out of a,product is worth it,and so thats what were going to do in,this video with the steelcase leap v2,now the v2 has been one of the highest,ranked chairs from vtod.com,over the last two years ranking number,one on our best overall chair list,as well as our best ergonomic chair list,so we think,very highly of this chair and its also,one of two chairs that weve reviewed,thats received scores of 80 or higher,in every category that we test for but,ultimately,this is still one of the most expensive,chairs on the market and so were going,to do our best in this video,to answer that question for you is the,steel case leap v2,worth it so were just going to start,out by going over some of the things,that i,like about the leap v2 which should be,some positives that you would be looking,for,in your next office chair so for,starters i really love all of the,policies that you get,with the elite v2 from steel case when,you order directly from steel case,it will ship for free and it does come,fully assembled you do not have to do,anything with the chair to put it,together,and if you decide that you do not like,it you do have up to 14 days,to return it for a full refund roll it,back in the box,steelcase will pick it up free of charge,and you can ship it back to them,i would highly recommend sending it back,in the original packaging and make sure,that its in like new condition,so that you can avoid any restocking,fees when you get the chair,it comes with one of the best warranties,in the business right up there with,herman miller,12 years of coverage on the entire chair,this includes 24 7 usage,and for people weighing up to 400 pounds,if something goes wrong with your chair,let steelcase know theyll send,replacement parts,replacement chair or bring it back,in-house to fix it themselves,all of this will be covered on their,dime the next thing that id really like,about the elite v2 is that it does have,a very high-end build quality testing,right at the top,up there with the hermann miller aeron,and embody as one of the most well-built,quality chairs we have ever tested now,this is from the ground up everything,from the casters,to the base to the cylinder all the way,up through the arms is going to be,really high-end,all of these parts are good quality they,match together they fit together,perfectly youre not going to get,a bunch of wiggling or loose components,like we see on lower end chairs,and just from experience seeing these,chairs in the field from our,refurbishing business i can tell you,that we get chairs like this one that is,15 years old and they are still in great,condition,just add a little love to them through,the refurbishing process and they come,out looking brand new so,these chairs have a lot of longevity and,they also hold their resale value very,well,if youre looking to sell it down the,road so overall one of the most,well-built chairs on the market,the next thing that i really like about,the leap v2 is going to be the armrest,setup that you get,when you upgrade to that fully,adjustable arm package which i would,highly recommend,when you upgrade to this package you are,getting in my opinion the best arm,package,on the market i like these arms better,than any arms that weve tested,and that is due to their large range of,adjustability with their height,with depth pivot adjustments all,offering large ranges,as well as the arm caps themselves they,are soft comfortable to the touch,very nice to put your elbows forearm on,no hard edges so overall,a great arm package on the leap v2 the,next good thing going for the leap v2,is going to be the backrest comfort this,tested very well in our office with most,people that use the chair,and that is due to a few reasons the,first is going to be the natural curve,in the back,it has a great natural curve to provide,nice lumbar support,and nice support all the way up through,your mid to upper back i also love the,fact that the plastic backrest is very,flexible you are allowed to move shift,rock back recline,stretch its really going to give you,the freedom of movement that youd like,in an office chair and its not going to,limit you,like chairs with hard frames another,bonus with the leap v2,is that you do get a nice lumbar,adjustment package when you get that on,the leap v2 height,and depth adjustment with wide ranges on,both of them,easy to use functions so if you really,like adjustable lumbar support,and want something with good lower two,upper back support then the leap v2 is a,nice option,the seat on the leap v2 is another,positive that we can look at testing,very well in our office as one of the,most comfortable seats right up there,with the nightingale cxo,and this is for a few reasons the first,being the foam it is more of a firm,sitting experience with about two inches,of foam but it is very good quality it,has a nice contour,and it provides good support for long,hours of sitting i am also a big fan of,the seat,pan design it is very similar to the,backrest in that you have a lot of,movement,with the seat its flexible you can,shift around you can stretch,and the seat slider really helps to,allow you to fit multiple people,in the chair a wide range of people can,use the leap v2 comfortably,so definitely one of the more,comfortable seat options that weve had,at btod the final thing that i love,about the leak v2,is just going to be the overall,adjustments on the chair it has almost,every adjustment that we look for,in an ergonomic chair and they all have,nice ranges which does help to,accommodate,that 95th percentile youre gonna get,that seat height,seat depth adjustment when you upgrade,to those fully adjustable arms you do,get four-way arm adjustment,the lumbar has height and depth,adjustment you get tension adjustment,for the backrest,and multiple tilt limiting positions so,overall,definitely one of the most adjustable,chairs that weve tested so weve,covered the things that i like about the,leak v2 and now were going to take a,look at a few of the things that i,dislike about the chair so that you can,take a look at those and decide if those,would be deal breakers for you,so the first thing that were going to,talk about is the high price point the,leap,is an expensive chair the way that weve,got it configured here its just over a,thousand dollars,and some people are just not going to,want to pay that much for an office,chair which is completely understandable,so,one of the biggest drawbacks is that,some people are just going to be,eliminated right out of the gate because,they dont want to pay,the high price point on the leap the,next thing that might be a problem for,some of you is that the leap is missing,a couple adjustments that we do see on,some other chairs,that people look for one of them being,back height adjustment some people,really love to have back height,adjustment to ensure that the back can,cover their upper back the leap doesnt,necessarily,need that in my opinion because of the,wide lumbar height adjustment range and,the height of the backrest,but if you do need back height then this,isnt going to be a good option for you,another thing that a lot of high-end,chairs have like the aeron,like the fern is going to be forward,seat tilt and that is not going to be a,function that we see,on the leap chair again this is a pretty,rare function in my opinion,its not going to be used for most,applications but if you do need forward,seat tilt then the leap is not going to,work for you,a

Consider THIS Before You Buy The Leap v2

if youve been following our channel or,our content at all then you know that we,are huge fans of the steelcase leap v2,chair it has been the number one ranked,chair on our best office chair list for,years and it has tested very well in our,office for things like seat comfort back,comfort arm comfort basically all of the,things that we look for in a good,ergonomic chair but one thing that we,have not done a lot of is touched on the,potential downsides of the chair some,potential deal breakers that may make,you look for an alternative product and,after selling quite a few of these,refurbished chairs and using the leap,for an extended number of years at this,point we have a lot of personal,experience and customer feedback as to,why the chair may not be a good fit for,some people and so were just going to,go over some of those downsides here for,you quick so you dont get into a chair,that would be a bad fit for your needs,so the first thing that were going to,touch on is probably going to be the,biggest reason why most people would not,like the elite v2 and thats going to be,the firm seat design but i do want to,pre-qualify this by saying that the,elite v2 seat did test as one of the,most comfortable seats in our office out,of all of the chairs that weve tested,so it will be comfortable for most,people it will just be a deal breaker,for those of you that really like a,thick padded plush seat now i think,theres this misconception with high-end,ergonomic chairs that when youre,spending a bunch of money on a chair,that its going to come,with one of those thick plush seats that,you really sink into and thats simply,not going to be the case with most,high-end chair manufacturers companies,like hayworth hermann miller noel,steelcase have all opted to design most,of their chairs with firm seats and this,just goes back to all the studies,theyve done on ergonomics including,things from institutions like cornell,that really point to a firm seat being,more ergonomic in the long run and for,extended hours in one day than a plush,padded seat so one thing that i will say,about the leap is that sometimes it can,take a little bit of time to get used to,the chair and have your body acclimate,to the new sitting experience so if,youre experiencing some soreness or,some numbness in your tailbone initially,i would try to give it a few weeks to,test it out to see if it remains that,way or to see if it goes away because,for me personally when i started using,the chair i did experience some soreness,but after a few weeks it went away and,this has now become my daily driver in,my everyday chair and another thing to,think about with the seat design is that,i would advise against trying to alter,the seat on the leap to make it more,comfortable for you and if the seat is,just not comfortable for you i would,look for an alternative product and the,reason that im saying this is that,adding foam or another product like a,purple mattress type product or a,tempurpedic type product is not going to,necessarily fix the problem and may,introduce additional problems because,you will 100 be changing the ergonomics,on the chair everything on the leap was,designed in a way for a reason and that,includes the seat pad the seat head has,a very specific shape density it has,different thickness in the back in the,front so changing it will change the,ergonomics of the chair and so i would,advise against that and i would simply,go with another model if the seat is,uncomfortable for you the next thing,that were going to touch on that may be,a deal breaker for some of you is going,to be the recline function on the elite,v2 just because i think a lot of people,expect something different out of elite,v2 than it actually provides so im just,going to sit down in the chair here just,to start out to show you what the,recline is like so when i sit down and i,recline in the chair youll see that as,i go back the seat slides out a little,bit then i recline back and i come,forward now one thing that youll notice,is that,the back of the seat does not,necessarily sink down a ton it just kind,of slides forward so its not like a,rocking motion and one thing that is not,great about the elite v2 is for those of,you that like to be in constant movement,so if you like to be doing this all the,time,and reclining all the time its not a,great chair because this motion on the,leaf is not a smooth motion because,theres a lot of plastic rubbing on,plastic and its intended this way so,that you can do something like this and,just leave it here without having to,hold it here so it has a little bit of,catch in there so ill try to show it,but as you can see,when i move up slowly it kind of catches,at each point,a lot of people think that this is a,flaw in the chair but this is how the,chair is supposed to work so you are,going to feel,a lot of sticking points in the leap v2,and its designed to be that way so you,can hold your positions now this chair,is great for static position so if you,like to work here and stay here its,fantastic but if you like to be,constantly moving then its not a great,chair because you can feel it sticking,and its not going to be super smooth a,great chair to compare this against is,the aeron chair,because the aeron chair,was designed in an opposite way to the,leaf and its not meant to be in one,position in a static location but it,functions phenomenally when youre,rocking so when you,get in the chair,you can see that when i perform a,rocking motion the back of the seat,sinks down,its very smooth and its very fluid and,theres no catching or sticking because,its not designed that way its not,meant to do that and so a chair like the,aeron,or a chair like the zodi or the embody,are going to be much better chairs for,those of you that like to be reclining,constantly and have a nice smooth,rocking motion whereas the leap is going,to be much better for those of you that,dont move a ton in your chair but like,to have a nice reclined angle every once,in a while next up were going to talk,about the lumbar support on the leap v2,so the elite v2 like i said tested very,well in our office for back comfort and,one of the biggest reasons is the lumbar,support on the chair it has a nice,natural curve you get a big height,adjustment range and you also get depth,control so you can really dial in how,much support there is,the one potential downside will be for,those of you that do not like pronounced,lumbar because the lumbar on this chair,can be a bit aggressive now im one of,those people that does not like a ton of,lumbar support and so i did not,initially like the backrest on the leap,v2 one thing that i would recommend,trying if youre in the same boat as me,if you have this chair and dont,necessarily like how pronounced the,lumbar is you can try taking,the lumbar support out we do have a,tutorial video on this its just a,plastic insert you can see it here its,curved and it just goes in between the,fabric pad and then the backrest frame,and you can just take it out and it,makes it a lot less pronounced but you,still get the natural curve of the back,which does provide good support now if,you know that youre a person that does,not like aggressive lumbar and you do,not want to do something like remove a,part to make it more comfortable for you,then i would probably just steer towards,another chair from the get-go and the,final thing that i think that you should,consider when shopping for that leap v2,is the headrest design now if you are,searching for a chair and it must have a,headrest then im going to steer you,away from the leap v2 if youve watched,my worth it video on this product then,you know that im not a huge fan of it,its an expensive upgrade it feels cheap,it does not have a ton of adjustability,and the comfort level just does not,match the rest of the chair i also feel,that it takes away from the movement,that the backrest provides because it,makes it much more rigid and takes away,from the flexibility that you

The TRUTH About The Herman Miller AERON Ergonomic Office Chair | Steelcase Leap V2 vs Aeron Review

whats going on everyone my name is max,oh and this video Im gonna give you my,honest thoughts and opinions about the,Herman Miller Aaron office chair Ive,used this arrow at work for over 10,years and i know this chair inside-out,for this review im gonna compare the,Aeron with the steel case leaf version,to chair as their contemporaries in the,ergonomic chair market all have links to,both chairs in the description down,below the Herman Miller Aeron is an,iconic chair its hugely popular in,corporate settings worldwide and is the,number one selling office chair in the,world but even with worldwide acclaim,its a polarizing piece of office,furniture,I personally love the Aeron and I think,its one of the most comfortable chairs,Ive ever sat in I would recommend it to,anyone but it does have potential,drawbacks with my be deal-breakers for,potential buyers the Aeron is robust,chair made primarily of plastic resin,what sets the Aaron apart from most,ergonomic chairs in its class is it to,mesh fabrication while most chairs use a,seat and back cushion to support the,user the Aeron provides support with its,mesh netting which eliminates pressure,points it has an almost floating quality,I sit in my air on for eight plus hours,a day with little to no body fatigue,well Im not going to go through all the,chair options in this video it does,feature all major adjustments youd,expect to find in a chair at this price,point my absolute favorite feature of,the Aeron is its four tilt and tilt,limiter feature with the limiter off and,the four tilt on this chair acts like a,rocking chair its extremely fluid and,comfortable while providing exceptional,back support,the tension knob controls how easy it is,to lean back in the chair with the tilt,limiter on the back locks into an,upright position,this disengages any freedom of motion in,the chair which promotes a more,productivity oriented posture while the,leap does have a tilt limiter feature it,does not have the same rocking motion as,the air on you could lean back in the,leap and adjust the tension however its,more of a linear motion which feels very,clunky to me the arm adjustment of the,Aeron is my least favorite feature of,this chair to raise and lower each arm,to your desired height you have to first,unlock the arm by unlatching locking,mechanism on the back of the arm when,you find your desired height you lock it,back down into place both hands are,required to adjust each arm so you have,to make each arm height adjustment,independent of each other,its a cumbersome process to contrast,this with the leap you intuitively make,arm height adjustments by sliding the,arms up and down with the press of a,button which is a one-handed operation,the armrests slide back and forth and,side to side which allows the user to,find their ideal arm position the,aarons awkward angular armrests,adjustment gets the job done but it can,definitely use some refinement one,feature the leap has which the Aeron,does not is a seed length adjustment,depending on your height you can extend,the seat base and further out for more,leg support which makes the leap of,one-size-fits-all chair the Aeron on the,other hand comes in three different,sizes size a is the smallest B being the,middle and C being the largest there and,Im filming with is a size C its,important to get the right size for your,physique as this can greatly impact your,comfort and posture in the chair Im 6,feet tall in 175 pounds and both the,size B and C are comfortable for me,Ill provide a link in the description,below so you can refer to the Herman,Miller website for their size chart now,its time for what I like to call the,pretzel test while organ Amish heirs,were not designed for people to sit,cross-legged that doesnt stop users,from doing so and the Steelcase leap,youre able to sit cross-legged no,problem you can sit in pretty much any,position this chair comfortably I cant,say the same thing for the air on if you,try to sit cross-legged in the air on,the curved plastic lip on the seat pan,digs into your legs causing a lot of,discomfort with that said the plastic,lip only bothers me when sitting in a,position the chair was not designed for,bottom line if youre a lay crosser the,air on is a no-go but when a normal,seated position with your legs down you,should never have an issue for me the,Herman Miller Aeron chair is,unparalleled and comfort but I do,acknowledge this chair isnt for,everyone,I would definitely recommend,test-driving any ergonomic chair before,you commit to it as I mentioned at the,beginning Ive used the air on in this,video for over ten years and it looks,and feels as good as new,while these chairs are an investment,your health is worth it and the chair is,gonna last you a very long time a few,years ago I made a video where I,compared the Herman Miller and body,chair to the Steelcase leap and in that,video I said the air on was my favorite,chair since the time of making that,video in this one I refined my opinion,slightly my final verdict is this for me,personally the air on is my favorite,chair for a corporate workplace setting,however as far as my home office is,concerned I have to give the slight edge,to the Herman Miller embody the reason,being is that I do sometimes like to sit,with my legs crossed in my chair when,Im at home Im able to do this easily,in the embody but the curved hard,plastic lip on the Aeron does not allow,for this if I could sit cross-legged on,the air on it would be my perfect chair,but for now,the Aeron will be my go-to chair in a,professional setting while my Herman,Miller and body will be my go-to for my,home office if you have any questions,about any of the chairs mentioned in,this video be sure to leave them in the,comments below if this review helped you,out drop me a like and remember to,subscribe to the channel for more,content just like this also follow me on,instagram at mexico 14 thanks for,watching Ill catch you in the next,video peace out,[Music]

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