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Stillwater (2021) – Movie Review

so the main tagline for stillwater is,secrets run,deep now if youve seen the movie youll,understand that that is a perfect,tagline for this movie i was lucky,enough to see it early and im going to,give you my thoughts,right now,hey everybody welcome back to the,channel thank you guys so much for being,here my name is brandon icky the brando,critic and im going to tell you whether,or not still water,is worth a watch but if you havent,already make sure you hit that like and,subscribe button its the best way to,show your support for the channel and i,really do appreciate it its free folks,so dont worry,and i also hope you check out my,partners at movies in canada their link,is down below in the video description,but today still water is it worth the,watch,i would say yes now when watching a,movie i can get a couple different,things from it i can get entertainment,i can get information i can get escapism,but i think when a movie is really,fantastic it makes you think about your,own life because of the messages and the,theme that this movie brings forward and,thats what stillwater does,its a solid well-made movie its,entertaining matt damon is great in it,but it also has these themes that make,you take inventory of your own life,and that of course is to do with secrets,whenever a character lies,doesnt tell the truth which is the same,thing or keeps a secret from somebody,goes down the whole plot of this movie,is caused by misinformation,and other characters keeping secrets and,whenever that happens another character,goes off,and does something based on the,information that they think is true,and it just unravels and unravels and,unravels and it also shows us how that,behavior can rub,off on certain people and theres no,spoilers here dont worry but for,example,a younger character is hanging out with,an older character who is known to do,this,keep secrets lie spread misinformation,so much so,that they start to do it too at a very,young age so you can see where this,trait comes from now the plot is that,matt damon plays bill baker and hes a,construction worker from oklahoma who,goes to marseille france to visit his,daughter who is in prison,now his daughter she claims that shes,falsely accused of killing one of her,best friends from college,and of course bill goes out on his own,to investigate meanwhile he starts to,form a relationship with a french woman,and her daughter,and basically its a second chance for,him to become a father,now i will admit the trailer for this,movie is a little misleading,the trailer makes it seem like its this,tense thriller and while yes there is,some investigating theres a bit of,you know espionage going on but the,movie really isnt about that and about,halfway through the movie im like okay,this is not the movie i thought i was,gonna see,right like you do see matt damon go,undercover and go around asking about,certain people,but this is really a family drama this,is about a man who gets a second chance,to be a father knowing that he screwed,up the first time and now he meets this,french woman,and it brings him out of his shell right,hes this american hes this hard-nosed,oklahoma state boy but he learns more,about the french culture and he starts,to become just a better person because,of this family and thats what the movie,is,really about but of course the lying and,the secrets catch up to him,no spoilers so yes the trailer is,misleading and of course like i said,theres a moment in this movie where im,like okay what movie am i watching here,this is not as intense as i thought this,movie was gonna be,this is more of a family drama but right,at the end,of course no spoilers though its where,it all comes together and its not,the ending that i thought i was gonna,get and it really leaves a punch,its one of those endings where its,like huh okay,this is interesting it leaves on a,question rather than an answer now of,course matt damons great,the direction is great the writings,great the cinematography is great you,know it gets an a plus on the film,school report card,the story is entertaining and of course,the themes are very thought-provoking of,course theres some moments in the,middle where im like,okay this is kind of dragging right like,i said it does come together in the end,but there were some pacing issues in the,middle but overall i was thoroughly,impressed with stillwater im giving,this movie a four out of five,its not a movie where im gonna be,telling you guys to rush to the theater,to go see but if you do end up seeing,stillwater i think you will get a very,quality product but what about you guys,are you excited to see this movie if you,have let me know what your thoughts are,down in the comment section down below,and as always if you like what you see,here and you want to see more make sure,you hit like and subscribe and ill see,you guys in the next one,take care


[Music],thats nick,and thats joseph and today were here,to talk about stillwater the seven film,direct by tom mccarthy which focus,features is releasing july 30th 2021,uh just had its world premiere uh out of,the competition,outside of the competition at the 2021,cannes film festival,uh i know nothing about this film,is it related to stillwater minnesota no,stillwater oklahoma is the reference uh,and,it also has something to do with the,pertinent necklace,what genre is it its a thriller,uh its imagine if amanda knox had been,uh convicted and left to rot in jail oh,sound watch that i i knew little about,it other than,uh this was a can screaming no this was,because its coming out this week oh um,and the director,tom mccarthy what has this person done,uh you know his film spotlight which one,best picture,thats a jennifer hudson now bro yes,chord for you all,um i did like spotlight uh but i could,actually rewatch spotlight spotlights,okay,uh but prior to that he had a one hes,an actor theres a lady in spotlight,rachel mcadams,hes right actor turned director who in,the early 2000s had like the station,agent which is fine win-win which i,hated,i did a terrible adam sandler movie,right before a spotlight called the,cobbler,uh anyhow this notably is written by,thomas bidigan,and noah debray along with marcus,hinchey but the first two of those are,french writers directors uh,who wrote jacques audiards d-pawn which,won the palm dior,that film im not so much of a fan of,but bidigans,uh directorial i think debut or one of,his first films that he directed called,lake cowboy,uh back in 2015 is quite watching its,kind of a retool the searchers,um which i cant stand john wayne but,john fords the searchers is,really good um but so like cowboy i was,excited to see how,they mixed with tom mccarthy would uh,what they would come up with and it,turns out its a mostly good film thats,in the vein,of clint eastwood when hes closer to,his a game is what it felt like to me so,can you provide a synopsis that will,sell this,movie to us im not trying to sell it to,anybody im just trying to explain what,i,thought well can you describe the the,film though,uh matt damon plays a man named bill,baker whos,in construction we slowly piece together,because if you know nothing about this,film it doesnt automatically announce,what it is but,he is um hes looking for work hes in,construction,it seems like hes a little bit down and,out he uh,has a kind of a kindly interaction with,a woman named sharon played be,played by deanna dunnigan who looks a,lot like a gish sister,uh who uh is his,dead wife she committed suicide mother,uh,and all of a sudden hes on a trip to,marseille and then all of a sudden hes,visiting somebody in prison who ends up,being his daughter allison played by,abigail breslin,and then we kind of learned about this,period of the film that,she served a five-year prison sentence,because she,was convicted of killing her lover slash,roommate,uh a young arab girl uh shes a lesbian,shes a lesbian and upon his,usually the one thats kind of been,helping her is her grandmother,whos now too ill to travel so its,clear that she thinks her dad is a,little bit useless hes this blue collar,kind of a redneck but an affable sort of,guy,he speaks french uh haltingly,kind of in a pattern of like brad pitt,and glorious bastard saying arrivederci,and then she passes him a note in french,can you please give this to my lawyer,whos played by anne lanai so he goes to,the lawyer gives her,the note and the lawyers like no no,dont give your daughter false hope,whatever shes written here in french,i cant help her meanwhile hes made,friendly with,camille cotton from call my agent and,her young daughter maya,whove been sharing whove been living,in the best western next to him while,she waits for her new apartment,hes made friendly with her she reads,and translates the note for him,it turns out that allison has come upon,new information,something like an old professor at the,university which she was at,was told by another student at a party,that some boy admitted to getting away,with stabbing a girl,named akim uh which sets,him off on a search in marseille for,akeem,and that is kind of the thrust of the,film well does he find him,he does find him uh yeah so major,spoiler alert,he gets beat up bad by these kids he,ends up living with camille cotton four,months later he has a chance he,has chances to see akeem after all his,agonizing search for him,beats him down and locks him in the,basement of the building he lives in,with,um virginia camille cotton uh and then,has found a private investigator hes,given a hair sample to and says can you,match this dna to this unknown dna at,the crime site,the private investigator kind of catches,on though that he probably is holding,this person captive,uh and the cops come looking uh,searching in this basement that he lives,in,uh anticipating theyll find this uh,young man held captive there but right,before it happens virginia,discovers what hes done and releases,the young man who absconds into the,wilderness but it is a dna match,which allows uh for allison to be,released uh but because camille is upset,at his actions,uh she says you cant live with me any,longer and then,matt damon ends up back in oklahoma with,his daughter,so let me make sure i understand a mans,daughter,is in prison for killing her roommate,so the dad goes to try to find who,really did it there you go and he does,so he gets his daughter off the hook,there you go yeah okay,theres theres the short log yes thats,what i was looking for but it sounds,interesting,it was interesting enough and then,theres the gag is though however that,the daughter,yeah whats the gag the dog you gotta,punch it come on,whats the game im excited the daughter,uh was involved with akim because she,had broken up with her girlfriend who,was still living with her and she,hired joaquin or joaquin akeem,by promising this gold necklace that,says still water that her father gave,her,if he can get lena out,and of course she claims when shes,confronted finally about at the very end,that she by getting out she didnt want,lena to die she just wanted a keem to,extract her from the apartment so i,think,oh so shes kind of responsible she is,kind of responsible,but she didnt tell him to kill her,according to her but you cant trust his, but you cant make someone kill,someone either,right no but heres how this doesnt,really make sense okay after that,the way that its presented that after,five years of spending,uh staying in prison she offers forth,this,ghost named akeem that she has to find,some very complicated way,to to allow investigators to go talk to,some roommate of a,classmate of a blah blah when its like,you know that if they catch akim,hes going to say that you hired him,to do this and this necklace that you,paid him with is missing,anyhow so so that doesnt make sense and,i think the film shies away from being,really,leaning into that darkness of how this,could be a really good neo noir about,this father,doing all of this to get free,his daughter when shes actually,guilty was it as good as like an average,episode of dateline,no oh no because it and it has a,terrible score by michael,dana who won an oscar for the scoring,life of pie,that really is trying to sell this as,kind of a you know he,spends a lot of time with his romance,with camille cotton they do have,um should probably pronounce carteen but,uh,they do have good chemistry together but,its really thats not whats,interesting about the film whats,interesting is kind of the darkness,beneath,uh doesnt matter damon look good yeah,of course he looks good well not of,course,well hes a good looking man is he okay,uh but it which is why it feels kind of,like a clint eastwood,version of a more interesting story um,what else didnt you like about it well,they they really lean into,uh matt damons christianity and hes,always praying and indoctrinating,everyone else with his prayers but hes,al

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Stillwater reviewed by Anna Bogutskaya

so this is the new film from director,tom mccarthy,who did his first feature was this very,beautiful indie film called the station,and agent with peter dinklage which i,love,and obviously he hid it real big and,garnered a lot of awards including a,comedy award academy awards with,spotlight a few years back and,stillwater,is roughly based on the amanda knox case,and has actually drawn some criticism,from her about how it takes elements of,her story,and its essentially centered on the,father,the american father bill baker played by,matt damon,of a young girl who is imprisoned in,marseilles,in france for essentially shes in,prison for,murder for murdering another exchange,student,another american exchange student in in,in,france and he shes been imprisoned at,this point when we started the film for,about five years,and the film is very much centered on,bills character,matt damons character hes this very,kind of rough edge kind of roughneck,um oil rig worker and the first half of,the film is very much centered on him,doing,this this new routine of his you know he,works,to get enough money to travel to france,get his daughter,some essentials go visit her and then go,back continue working,and then the film continues and this,sort of shifts,when there is a small glimmer of hope,about her case potentially having a,chance to be reopened,and his daughters played by abigail,abigail breslin obviously you know,great child actor a little sunshine and,is really kind of growing into what sort,of work shes doing as an adult,and shes not in the film for very long,because like i mentioned the film is,very much centered on bills character,and thats what makes it quite,interesting because hes not,a character who really talks that much,hes very interior hes not necessarily,very loquacious,as a man so he doesnt really have the,language to,express the very complicated things that,are going on in his situation at that,moment,and hes also a you know a fish out of,water hes this,very extremely american uh dude who,lands in in france and has to deal with,the bureaucracy,of the french court system with the,french attorney,with not being able to speak the,language and relying on the help and the,kindness of strangers,and all of that is complicated because,everybody is aware of his daughters,case so,if he mentions her name if it mentions,his name,they instantly know and have this,baggage and,those interactions that matt damon has,with with,um locals and marseille are very curious,because he,you know it kind of goes against this,whole vibe that he has of this whole,proud to be an american thing but then,he kind of has to,not swallow that pride a little bit,because people know,what his daughter did what his,daughters in jail for,and its a very traditionally made film,you know,its not flashy or particularly bold,filmmaking thats not what tom mccarthy,does,its not like zola where youre,experimenting and doing something very,intriguing,with the with the filmmaking itself,this is much more focused on the,interior lives of the characters,and so the performances become the,centerpiece of this film,its essentially an adult drama between,a relationship between a father and his,daughter,and the reckoning especially with bills,character of,what do i do if my daughter is actually,guilty do i,do i stop supporting her do i stop,fighting for her do i stop,loving her what does that do with my own,value system with everything that i know,to be true,and right and what i know to be wrong,how much am i willing to do,in order to protect and defend my,daughter,who might be a convicted murderers,so thats quite an interesting character,especially for someone like,matt damon who is extremely charismatic,is very likable character and,always very likeable actor on screen and,here he really pushes the limits of his,likability,so he you dont really know whether you,want to stand by bill whether you want,to see him,succeed its a very morally,gray area and i think thats the the,biggest success,of this film is that it it asks a lot,more questions than it gives,answers and it doesnt try to pander any,sort of like black and white morality,and its not necessarily a a court case,or a crime thriller or court drama,because everything is centered on bill,so theres a lot of,his everyday his every day in stillwater,which is the name of the town where,theyre from,and also his everyday mercedes just you,know doing,doing any sort of job that he can in,order to,continue being there to support his,daughter dealing with,translation dealing with um,local police and and local,law authorities and and people who he,also needs to,to connect with and that kind of thats,the the interesting part of the film,right its kind of two films in one,its the very sensationalist um crime,drama thats kind of roughly inspired by,amanda knoxs case which was a huge,huge media thing and at the same time,its this very,its the story of this very closed off,very by-the-book,rough and ready um man who is dealing,with,very morally great questions about,himself and his family that are,quite difficult to untangle its the,when you talk about it being two films,as well because it has a very,kind of controlled pace for that first,half of the film where,i say nothing really happens but it does,you know its its a kind of,it is him like you say going through,those everyday,um steps of getting to where he needs to,to get but you can you can tell hes,internalizing everything hes kind of,and every decision that he makes and you,know he befriends this,this single mom and her her child and,and,virginia played by the amazing camille,cotton who i,absolutely adore and then he forms this,brilliant relationship with his,extraordinary,another union brilliant young actress,which is amazing,plays maya and that relationship almost,you feel makes up or allows him to learn,how he should be a dad and how he should,act as a dad,and of that then makes him question and,even though hes a character of,very little words you can see through,matt damons performance,how much hes questioning everything,hes going through and relating it to,his own experiences,past present and future yeah and its so,its so,pained its such a pain performance and,you know,i talked a little bit earlier about him,being a very likable charismatic person,on screen he has played unlikable or,kind of,morally questionable characters before,like,yeah so this is like a slightly more,redneck version of the talented mr,ripley,um and i think we have a little clip,from,tom mccarthys redneck ripley learned,something new actually,its helped me a lot something called,neck tube a nurse told me about it,its about acceptance acceptance of what,your fate its helping me to stop,struggling so much,stop questioning everything,you just embrace your fate,and learn to live and peace with it,its a muslim idea its about,letting go of all of that,shame and guilt,that pushes you down and keeps you down,and makes you feel so powerless,and thats how i felt for a really long,time,[Music],powerless and forgotten,and that makes living really hard,you know what i mean,but youre innocent,so we gotta keep fighting it doesnt,matter that im innocent dad,its not about justice,its about finding peace,abigail bryson there in a clip from the,film shes i i,am i feel like i,im glad that she got this rose of,supporting roles you mentioned,but it really does i think these are,great moments,for heart in the film yeah i completely,agree and in fact i think the strongest,parts of the film,are the ones where matt and abigail,are playing off against each other its,that relationship,between father and daughter thats,really the beating heart of the film,and theyre not on screen together for,very long but when they do,its so tense theres so much pressure,so much emotional pressure on those,scenes,and at the beginning its because you,know shes in prison shes been in,prison for years this is not,the father-daughter relationship that,any of them expected,and its it

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Amanda Knox Speaks Out Against Matt Damon Film Stillwater

allison came here for college and thats,where she met this girl,lina one night she found lena dead and,called the police,amanda knox is speaking out against matt,damons new film,stillwater thats everyones nightmare,either im a psychopath in sheeps,clothing,or i am you the 34 year old writer and,journalist,called out the people involved in the,film that she says profit off her name,face and story without her consent,writing on her website thursday quote,this new film by director tom mccarthy,starring matt damon,is loosely based or directly inspired by,the amanda knox saga,as vanity fair put it in a for-profit,article,promoting a for-profit film neither of,which i am affiliated with,et has reached out to damon mccarthy and,focus features,for comment did you ask her to lie im,trying to get my little girl out of jail,thats all i give a damn about,she went on to address vanity fairs use,of the phrase,amanda knox saga writing quote what does,that refer to,does it refer to anything i did no it,refers to the events that resulted from,the murder of meredith kircher,by a burglar named rudy gueyde it refers,to the shoddy police work,prosecutorial tunnel vision and refusal,to admit their mistakes that led the,italian authorities to wrongfully,convict me,twice knox made headlines after she was,wrongfully convicted for the murder of,kercher,a fellow exchange student in 2007. she,then spent the next eight years,fighting for her freedom until she was,acquitted in 2015.,and she was able to tell her side of the,story in the netflix documentary amanda,knox,if im guilty it means that i,am the ultimate,figure to fear because im not the,obvious one,meanwhile stillwater follows damon as,bill barker,an oil worker from stillwater oklahoma,who travels to france when his estranged,daughter allison,played by abigail breslin is charged,with murdering her friend while studying,in marseilles,i loved her i know you did but everybody,thinks that i killed her,knox went on adding that stillwater is,quote by no means the first thing to rip,off my story without my consent at the,expense of my reputation but she says,she would have liked the chance to speak,with damon and mccarthy to give them,insight before they got involved with,the film quote if youre going to quote,leave the amanda knox case behind and,quote fictionalize,everything around it maybe dont use my,name to promote it,youre not leaving the amanda knox case,behind very well,if every single review mentions me knox,says she understands that damon who is,not a producer on the film and mccarthy,who,is had no obligation to consult her when,telling the story,but she reiterated that she quote never,asked to become a public person,quote my only option is to sit idly by,while others continue to distort my,character,or fight to restore my good reputation,that was wrongfully destroyed its an,uphill battle i probably wont succeed,but ive been here before,i know what its like facing impossible,odds,et spoke with mccarthy at the stillwater,premiere in new york city earlier this,month,where the director opened up about the,similarities to knoxs life story,when you see the trailer you kind of,think of the amanda knox case but this,is not really taking that story piece by,piece bit by bit so for folks that are,intrigued by,the themes of this story and where its,going in the trailer how would you,describe it to them,its a its a tricky one to describe in,fact i would just say,come and get lost in the movie it goes,to places you dont expect,and i hope engaging and compelling go to,go buy a ticket and get lost,just go sit in a quiet theater alone and,with your family your friends and enjoy

Matt Damon talks about new film Stillwater l GMA

live from times square with matt damon,this morning how about that hes right,here,welcome back yes thanks guys,we want to talk about still water in a,second but but first you know i i have,twin daughters at home theyre my tough,ex critics and i understand you have,exactly the same problem,oh yeah yeah they i i cant get away,with anything im sure its the same for,for for most parents uh theyre theyre,theyre entering that you know,adolescence that age where,dads really not cool,try to explain them how cool i really am,theyre theyre theyre not buying it,i dont know even though some of this i,mean you could put it some crazy whos,here i mean,when they see well my one daughter wont,watch my she just if she thinks im,going to be good in the movie she wont,watch it,because she just she just wants more amy,she thinks the movies bad if it gets,bad reviews then shes all,injured so she said,i have to have this conversation with,her im like you know we dont get to,see the movie before we make it right,like we just we gotta get so its always,a gamble youre like well i like all the,ingredients this could really work out,sometimes it doesnt work out and thats,the one she wants to see,many people are very anxious to see,still water,and khan five minutes standing ovation,you even got a little weepy i did im,getting old,no it was that feeling of being in a,movie theater again with everybody i,just,it really snuck up on me i was i i was,uh,yeah i was surprised i really it was,just great to kind of,be reminded that thats how were,supposed to you know get together and,and watch stuff and were going to talk,about still water you play an oil rig,worker,a rough neck yeah and and you are go to,france to get your daughter,out of prison and and you had a chance,to spend some time with the roughnecks,in oklahoma,and outside of the way that they dressed,in the look what else did you take away,from that,well just i mean its just such a,different culture from where i grew up,you know,up in cambridge massachusetts and its,like it and they were so great you know,i mean i think at first they were a,little wary they were like,you know what are your intentions you,know are you here are you here to poke,fun at us like whats this kind of,hollywood liberal,what are you doing right here well they,realized that the director tom mccarthy,and i were like,we were really trying to get it right,and and they they,they saw the story we were trying to,tell had a lot of empathy for this guy,and,um and so these roughnecks kenny baker,and ryan stewart these guys just took us,all over the place took us to the oil,rigs i mean,i realized about five minutes in that i,could not do that job,i mean theyre tough guys you actually,get a hard hard job like those guys work,as hard as anybody,can work i mean theyre its a its its,real and uh and and they just were so,great with us like took us you know i,mean to meet their family like it just,was,uh it just the reason this performance,works in this movie is because of the,access those guys gave us it was really,great it came through on the screen,lets take a look,hey hey what happened,im sorry i just i i cant talk to that,guy anymore he was just saying some,horrible things,like what like he just wants to put an,arab kid in jail you know he doesnt,care which one,thats it thats it,what do you mean thats it hes a racist,okay hes a racist we still gotta talk,to him,no i dont talk to him no well he might,know something no he doesnt know,something,bill were not gonna send an innocent,boy to jail my daughter,is innocent you spent a lot of time,location in france shooting that what,was your what was your favorite part,about being there,oh marseille was where we shot and,thats a great town and its kind of got,you know its reputed to be its its,like its got this great history and,and and culture and its just the,coolest place its got such a good vibe,i didnt know the city before uh,before i went um thats thats just the,city that jason bourne got pulled out of,the water,what a wonderful place like i would love,to go back there and work again,but its you know i got to bring this up,its been almost 25 years since goodwill,hunting,i know would you co-wrote of course with,ben affleck and your,your best bud yeah now you have a new,movie the last duel that you two wrote,together,are we gonna have to wait another 25,years for the next one no actually i,think we,you know we didnt write for a really,long time because it took us so long to,write goodwill hunting,because we didnt really know what we,were doing so we didnt really,understand the structure and also we,would write we understood the characters,so wed write,all these scenes and then and and then,just we wrote thousands of pages and,then just kind of,tried to jam it into something that,looked like a movie and uh,and this time you know weve been making,movies now for 30 years and,and so just kind of by osmosis weve,learned structure and so,we outlined it this time that was a good,idea,and we also we also wrote that we had a,third writing partner one of the great,american screenwriters her name is,nicole hollof center so that so so the,three of us uh,uh all work together and uh and uh she,she definitely helped keeping us on on,between the rails too 25 years since,goodwill,only 20 years almost since oceans 11.,wow yeah man its weird its i time is,such a,strange thing isnt it it just im its,its strange for me to hear you say that,it doesnt feel like that at all i can,remember like,what i had for lunch on most days you,know what i mean so we also saw a 12 and,a 13. how about a 14.,uh well look i mean it would always be,up to stephen soderbergh you know if,there if there was a story,i mean uh you know weve uh weve lost a,couple of our,members at this point and like really,you know and so i i,it wed have to figure wed have to,figure it all out but uh yeah were,were a depleted gang now um yeah what a,franchise,stillwater hes come to theaters on,friday you got to go see it,well hey there gma fans robin roberts,here thanks for checking out our youtube,channel lots of great stuff here so go,on,click the subscribe button right over,right over here to get,more of awesome videos and content from,gma,every day anytime we thank you for,watching and well see you in the,morning,on gma

Stillwater movie review – Breakfast All Day

hey everybody welcome to breakfast all,day,christy alonso talking about stillwater,the long-awaited sequel to almost famous,no just kidding,uh this is a tom mccarthys latest film,his follow-up to his oscar-winning,uh spotlight matt damon um plays a,dad whose daughter is in prison in,france,christy tell us about it yeah that is,one of many many things happening in,stillwater and,i too was hoping for a behind the music,of the band from almost famous but no,billy crudup is too busy doing the,morning show season two,so no time for this so yeah as we talked,about,in our news segment earlier this is,loosely based on the story of amanda,knox and,abigail breslin plays this american,college student who has been in a french,prison,for five years of her nine year sentence,she was convicted,in the killing of her lover who was a,young,french muslim woman and so when we first,see matt damon,he is working just,odd jobs manual labor hes between oil,rig,gigs he lives in the titular,town in oklahoma where oklahoma state is,and hes stoic but not,gruff hes like mild-mannered hes got,the baseball cap and bushy goatee,he listens to country music and his,pickup truck and,he is very devoutly religious even if,hes going to get tots and a cherry,limeade at sonic he will still pray over,it,i admire his sonic order foot long with,chile large tots,cherry limeade thats what you get that,sonic very specific,and so um he but then we see,you know a little more about him,with each person he interacts with,including when he goes to,france for what we find is a pretty,regular visit to go see his daughter in,prison he stays at the same,motel he they all know him,but during one of his visits his,daughter passes along to him a piece of,information that she he wants,she wants him to pass along to her,lawyer right um because as we learn once,the letter gets translated from french,um,she hasnt really trusted her dad to,deal with this information and basically,its,a piece of jailhouse hearsay that there,is an a young arab man,who is bragging about being the one who,actually did it,and so um matt damon takes it upon,himself or his characters name is bill,baker bill takes it upon himself to,investigate this on his own,and we learn a little bit more about him,with each person that he encounters,including a woman who becomes his friend,and his translator and his driver played,by is it camila kattan,is that how you say yes shes a french,actress shes on uh call your agent,which ive never seen,but um there are so,many different movies going on here,because it is sort of a procedural like,spotlight,with a lot of knocking on doors and,making phone calls and trying to piece,together information to,you know investigate this piece of of,hearsay this gossip,but its also about a father-daughter,relationship,that is estranged and we learn why that,is and its also about,the racial and socio-economic,disparities that exist in both france,and the united states,its also about our you know our current,political state in terms of,matt damons character is like this,collection of red state,you know characteristics and quirks you,know and and,you think you know who that person is,but perhaps theres more to him than,that,and then in the third act,it just goes off the rails based on this,crazy coincidence and some really unwise,decisions,that i just could not go with and,what was that the nicest part of it is,him being involved with this woman and,her little girl and having the,possibility of second chances,when its the three of them interacting,or he has a lovely,connection individually with both the,mom and this little nine-year-old girl,yes in those quiet moments when there is,the possibility,of redemption when when and damons good,in this,like when he lets the character crack,open just enough to like,let some hope and some vulnerability,shine through thats when this movie,really works,and when it becomes this other whole,crazy thing in the third act its very,frustrating,yeah it is frustrating because youre,right the the the the domestic,scenes of of of damons character this,woman who,ordinarily he would never ever have met,much less be sort of,getting into a relationship with whos,like a stage actress and hes,the concept of acting that isnt on,television is completely foreign to him,and hes a theater theater and her young,daughter like those are really lovely,moments and they,they they start kind of adding up to,something overall like,i couldnt escape the notion of what,this movie becomes,and maybe im this is my read and i,could be totally wrong i felt like,matt damon is basically a metaphor for,america,in this movie and in and and,you know specifically like how america,deals with complicated,foreign policy issues which is we,we we bumble in try to take over and,make everything worse than it was before,because thats what matt damons,character keeps doing every time he,actively tries to get involved in the,investigation of,this guy and whether or not he you know,this is true and blah blah blah,um and yeah thats the least interesting,part of the movie,and like the scenes with abigail breslin,are okay but,like the the everything tied to,her and the prison and the murder,investigation is far less interesting,than him,and the the french lady and the daughter,uh but of course,we dont get they they get pushed aside,for more murder and more investigation,and more,crazy coincidences and and for the big,third act thing that happens,and its just yeah it you just sort of,like go okay then i dont care about any,of this and its like,you know we talked in the in the news,segment about how man the knox feels,like theyre exploiting you know her,story,and you know and as i said then i think,theres theres a history of hollywood,telling these sort of like,ripped from the headlines but weve,changed the names you know kind of,things,and i think if this were a movie that,had as much dramatic impact as spotlight,let alone the sort of like,real world you know kind of cultural and,news impact of spotlight then youd be,like well you know,yes but look at what they made with it,but given that the movie itself,is such a mess and so not interesting in,so many ways,you kind of have you kind of feel for a,man that knocks here its like youre,going to exploit this person and youre,going to give us this,for this come on you know an,understatement is what tom mccarthy does,well and thats what made spotlight so,good was despite what the subject matter,was that they were investigating,he was very methodical about it and,about,these reporters work and when hes just,focusing on,matt damons character going through the,the day in and day out of his life like,thats more compelling you know him,picking up this little girl from school,and bringing her the same pastry every,day,and then just having a nice conversation,walking down the street like that stuff,the realism the understatement of that,is more interesting,than any of the the wild stuff that it,ultimately ends up being about,and um i wonder what happened along the,way,that maybe folks didnt feel like,the the redemption arc was enough you,know i wonder what happened along the,way that they felt like,weve got to wrap it up with something,big yeah i mean the thing thats worth,noting that we havent really talked,about is the the damons character,is a recovering addict and so so much of,his choices,are about trying to not repeat the sins,of the past and and,and so much of that has colored his,relationship with the abigail breslin,character,you know she was mainly raised by her,grandmother because like you know,because her parents were not reliable,and he was getting drunk or getting high,or whatever,and so theres so much of this guy who,his,internal turmoil that hes playing out,is that of somebody who was,trying to stay on the straight and,narrow trying not to,give into you know indulgences of the,past and thats all really interesting,and that also kind of gets pushed aside,for this,more sort of outrageo

STILLWATER: Movie Review – Hollywood Dunks On Middle America

so i just got back from watching,stillwater matt damons newest movie and,this is my review on the film so still,water stars matt damon who plays a,roughneck father,who you find out has a daughter in jail,in france,because she was accused of the murder of,her girlfriend so matt damon,goes to france every once in a while to,visit her and this time,when he goes to visit her you find out,that there is a lead that could prove,that via a dna sample that this,other guy who actually was there with,her and her girlfriend was actually,responsible for,her murder so matt damon tries to find,this guy and prove,that he was the one that murdered her,and not his daughter,so its kind of a very interesting very,slow building film this movie is,absolutely a straight up drama,in the purest sense of the word its a,slow burner,very very slow burner at times with a,very,well developed and complex arc for matt,damons character,um i love that you see the clash in this,film,of the different cultures because,basically you have matt damon who is,playing,obviously this rough neck type of,character a guy from,middle america from oklahoma who is,staying in france for several months and,you kind of see his reaction or his,interactions,with the different people in france and,its just a very,interesting dynamic in the film i found,that to be very very cool,i loved it i thought that for the most,part it was played very well,in this film this film is also,incredibly tragic,but not in the ways that you would,expect when youre watching the movie,because,the tragedy comes from matt damons,character and his flaws,in a lot of the cases in this film and,how that affects,the people around him but at the same,time its also,very very complex because hes obviously,you know a man and a father whos trying,to do better in life,because hes basically kind of a a,complete screw-up in the past,and hes trying to basically rebuild his,relationship with his daughter and this,movie is kind of about that and kind of,about,him trying to salvage the relationship,with his daughter and trying to,rebuild that in a way and this movie,really does have a very interesting,redemption arc for matt damons,character,but at the same time its also kind of,about him trying to,you know find this dude who is,supposedly the one who,murdered his uh his daughters,girlfriend and stuff so,its a very interesting story its very,very interesting theres definitely like,two different,parts going on here because matt damon,also in a lot of ways,finds this connection in france with,this woman and her daughter and,that was a very very interesting thing,that was going on there as well,so its a theres a lot of layers to,this film theres a lot of complexity in,some ways as well,but there was also definitely some,things that made me roll my eyes,in this film as well mostly small jabs,at middle american culture,uh but you would really only know that,if you know who hollywood really is and,the fact that hollywood actually,truly hates middle america that is,completely obvious right like anybody,who knows,who you know anything about hollywood,knows that they cant stand middle,america they hate middle america,and its not just them its obviously,like a lot of leftists in general its a,lot of people who,are you know the the screechers from,california,or the sjws from new yorks and and all,that stuff like they they cant stand,middle america,we know this and that was very apparent,in some cases in this film,and it really made me roll my eyes it,made me super annoyed at those moments,obviously,but for the most part with all of that,aside the film in itself is a really,well made film its a really uh,interesting film,matt damon gives a great performance in,it as well as did all of the cast,theres a lot of people in this film who,are,absolutely fantastic like lulu uh,savelle i think is how you pronounce her,name who plays like the,the little french girl in this film she,was fantastic she was,excellent i i hope that her career,continues to,you know improve and she can continue to,get more more roles because,you know shes really talented um so you,know,the pacing was uh definitely on the slow,side like i mentioned earlier but,remained steady throughout so,but with all that being said you know i,i enjoyed the film for the most part i,dont think it necessarily needs to be a,film that needs to be seen in theaters,or anything like that you could probably,wait for it to come out,on vod or you know streaming or whatever,and then you can watch it if you want to,um its definitely worth the watch,but like i said the there are definitely,some annoying things that happen in this,film some,small jabs out middle america a middle,american culture,that i just did not really appreciate,but all of that being said i think that,it also at the same time,had a lot of really good stuff about,kind of dealing with the,different cultures of like middle,american culture clashing with french,culture in a lot of ways,and there are some good moments in of,that as well in the film so,uh it wasnt all bad but there were,definitely some moments where you could,tell,that they were just really wanting to,just really just,drive the wedge in a little bit into,american culture or,middle american culture i should say and,that was,kind of annoying obviously so with that,being said all of that aside,uh make sure that you uh leave a like,and subscribe and all that stuff it,really does help,the channel out and i really do,appreciate that let me know what you,think about this,if youve seen the movie what do you,think about it id love to hear what you,guys have to say in the comments below,hope you guys enjoyed and i will talk to,you later,[Music],with my,slowly

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