1. Stocks Alerter App review, GME GameStop and GNUS Genius Brands Trade Results
  2. [LIVE] Day Trading | Is $99 Worth It For Stock Trade Alerts Like This? (real results…)
  3. I Joined a Stock Trading Signals Group for a Month and Made $______
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Stocks Alerter App review, GME GameStop and GNUS Genius Brands Trade Results

hey my name is kelly uh,i go by hyper trader it seems like,people who,present content on youtube come up with,a nickname for themselves so it kind of,makes sense,im here today to um,review stocks alerter app um,i have no connection to stocks order,other than having used them for the last,10 and a half months,and i wanted to review give kind of a,semi-experienced traders point of view,um how it works a little bit,and then um a little preview for my next,video,you can see on my t-shirt here is a,couple of the big,uh hits ive had with stocks alert um,stocks alerter is an app thats on the,uh,app store youll see the,the green arrow sorry my content,uh ability isnt that great but youll,see the green arrow,um with the black box and that stocks,alerter,on the app store on the apple app store,i started trading with them march 27th,so its been actually about 11 months,today,and i started really trading actively i,would say,april 7th i tried it out on march 27th,for about 10 days,i did a uh a one-month trial and then i,converted over to the annual,subscription,because i had pretty immediate uh,success,um and again this is swing trading um,its you know three percent gains on,average but sometimes youll get,uh bigger gains than that so i just,wanted to give kind of a,you know the good the bad,and there really is no ugly so the good,um,im up several hundred percent in the,last ten and a half months,and ill go in that in more detail in,future videos,um i am a semi-experienced trader i,would,say that can work against you a little,bit when using this app because,the app really takes the experience out,of it you,follow their signals they tell you to,buy a stock,at a hundred dollars a share if it drops,down to 97,they may tell you to buy a little bit,more and then,you sell it at maybe 103 for a profit in,that,example maybe four to five percent,um the app signal comes out to you,again i dont think its going to show,up very well ill show,an old signal a closed signal that,should not be a problem,for the stock alert people as im not,giving away anything,um,you can see a recent example and youll,recognize that company because theyve,been all over the news and im sorry,this is a little blurry,uh but uh gamestop was a recent app,signal they sent out and ill go into,that a little more on my,in detail but on on that signal um,i made uh lets see around 3,264 yeah in about a month or a little,bit less,on two or three different trades um you,know,not big amounts either um and i missed,out because,im hyped hyper trader i missed out on a,bigger game because i sold it a little,bit too soon,so i would say that gamestop is kind of,a wild swing example,along with another company called genius,brands and i made some notes here um,in 2020 off genius brands thats gnus,i made about five thousand five hundred,eighty two dollars and fifty six,cents off trading that stock from apps,signals from stocks,alert or app signals and year to date,ive made about four thousand,seven hundred and twenty one dollars the,bad is i tried to,trade some options on it and i lost 876,and 23 cents so the bad,is because im semi experienced and,sometimes i think i know more than they,do,which isnt the case um so anyway i,just im gonna go into more detail on,future videos,um i really appreciate the signals,and the side hustle income ive earned,from stocks alerter,and i would strongly suggest to go take,a look at it if you have any questions,i believe you can send contact me,through youtube,ask a question below after i post this,video,today it is february 27th,2021 its about 308 in the afternoon,this is my first video uh kelly signing,off,a hypertrader and i look forward to,putting some more videos out there in,the future,thank you have a good weekend

[LIVE] Day Trading | Is $99 Worth It For Stock Trade Alerts Like This? (real results…)

good morning its clay at claytrader.com,this will be a live trade video where i,try to capture some of my trades as they,play out live actually let me get my,order out there right now just in case,something crazy happens,there we go so right now what im,watching is,kodk crazy mover market opens up in 20,minutes still but yet this thing has,already done,35 million shares up over,a hundred percent and you can see it has,just been,basically straight up from eight oclock,on,just one big old uptrend and you know,unfortunately you know,you just cant chase and as much as i,would like to have bought along the way,it was just always way too risky and yes,in hindsight,they all would have worked out but,thats the tricky part about trading is,if you chase,you can get rewarded chasing but the,problem is one time,its not going to reward you and it can,wipe away a whole lot of your gains if,not all your gains,so at this point im looking forward to,pull back im still very interested you,know theres no doubt about it this,uptrend is very very strong,but im just not interested until as you,saw me putting my order down here,at 16.25 to buy for those youre not,familiar with my screen,500 shares but as of right now looking,like,who knows if thatll occur or not but,that is the current plan right now,and unfortunately you im not able to,short,so that 100 up there means no shares to,short and i just mean that,as in terms of flexibility right when,you can short then that means you can,make money when prices go up,or down but right now im gonna have to,play it from the long side which you,know its kind of like having one hand,tied behind your back which is not the,preferable position to be in,uh but it is still definitely,interesting enough to keep an eye on,so well see what happens with it but,yeah as of right now its looking like,it just wants to continue to break up,forward here,so who knows if 1625 is going to come,into play if it does,ill get the video rolling if not ill,just see you back at the open,just a little update here im going to,cancel that order because its not,really,moving as fast as i would want to see it,move and its moving fast dont get me,wrong uh but,just not behaving the way i would want,to see it behave but the,the learning lesson here is i mentioned,dont chasing so i mean lets think,about this right now,given we have data from the market we,know its a its a fact that people were,buying there and buying there,and buying there meaning they chased the,price,ask yourself how how do those people how,do you think they feel right now how,would you be feeling i mean right now,they have had this big old pullback go,against um,over a dollar against them and you know,theres people out there right now,holding and hoping holding and hoping,and to be fair,maybe they get bailed out maybe this,thing just continues on up,and then all of a sudden oh im such a,great trader oh im glad i had patience,and all that but there theres a fine,line between patience and then just,simply,chasing the price crossing your fingers,holding and hoping,big big difference there and thats what,you know is going on right now as i,speak,again because hes live or because these,are live i dont know whats going to,happen,so the price very well could head up,here and it could bail those people out,but talk about the creation of a bad,habit where people,chase hold and hope and then potentially,get bailed out so like i said i dont,know if that will play out,uh but for me im just gonna wait till,the market opens now it opens in about,11 minutes and then well see how,this one trades but as of now yeah you,know you got some nervous people out,there,if youre not uh aware maybe this is the,first video i do a,video youve watched of mine live tradie,uh but i do offer a live,community where we uh you know discuss,alerts and stuff so what im gonna do,here is on kodk,i really like 1775 as a breakout point,so what im doing here key,is im going to alert 1775 here so point,here being what i want to,you know map out is that this alert has,been made i dont own any shares lots of,times you know,people the moderators whatever you want,to call them they get the shares first,they,build a position and then they alert it,to everybody but as you see here,everybody has the exact same opportunity,as me,again this is live so i dont know if,1775 will ever come into play,uh but thats the level that im going,to be watching thats the level that has,been alerted to members,and well see how things play out from,there but just a little example,of not only the thought process behind a,trade but at the same time,just showing those of you who are maybe,always wondering how does the community,work a little behind the scenes there so,again,1775 gonna be that key breakout point,that im very curious about and really,if it gets up there even before the,market open,i may be uh interested in getting in,there this thing has definitely,consolidated out nicely here,so well see if it wants to demonstrate,enough strength,to potentially get up through that level,so ill keep you updated,all right its potentially making a move,up there,in there at 17.72 lets see if we can,get the break,up through 17.75 taking on a bit of risk,here because i anticipated it,so i didnt quite wait for the break but,i like the chances that it can get up,through that level,so there is the break,lets see if we can get some more follow,through of it,yikes trying to be patient here but,i was thinking there we go,so all out there for a nice 189 dollar,scalp,pre-market so a little bit nervous in,hindsight may prove that to be a very,very silly mistake on my part,but going in i knew i you know was,risking,right around that amount so just going,for a quick scalp and like i said,um as of now that was uh not the right,thing to do,but again thats why were all worth,more than jeff bezos in our hindsight,trading accounts because,um its easy for me to sit here and say,oh i should have held but had that thing,hit 1810 and then,ripped to the downside and if i was,still holding there would be people in,the comment section including myself,saying clay,why dont you get out why dont you get,out so thats always the confirmation,bias that hindsight gives,but you saw that whole trade play out,from beginning to end you saw me make,the alert to the community,so to be fair community members right,now for all i know they are making a,whole lot more than what i did on it,because,you could still very well have some,people holding right now so for those of,you community members that played this,one,congratulations thats awesome but i,mean how long was i actually in the,trade lets do the math on that and,thats what i like about my broker so i,got in,at 9 24 47 got out at 9 25 17.,so im not a mathematical genius but i i,think thats about,what 30 seconds there is it 20 or 30,seconds,lets see 57 07 30 seconds,so 30 seconds and 190 dollars,i swear trading the stock market it,blows my mind,where else in the world can you make 30,seconds and 190,and to be fair thats even with me in,hindsight screwing up the trade because,as youve seen i could have gotten a lot,more from it,uh but like i said for me going in,knowing it was pre-market,it was definitely a scalp that i wanted,to mitigate the risk,of pre-market by just being a little bit,more aggressive with my profits which is,what happened there but i mean you saw,the alert 1775 was the area people were,watching,they got in and as i said for all i know,theyre doing much better than what i,did especially if this thing continues,on up but yeah there we go a nice alert,to the chat room a nice quick,189.30 seconds im more than happy with,that,well markets have been open for two,minutes and a bittersweet feeling,once again just hindsight voices uh but,seeing now that ko dk has now gotten up,as high as 1925 that is awesome very,happy for members,and um you know im not saying anybody,played it perfectly but i mean it would,have been easily,easy better to play it

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I Joined a Stock Trading Signals Group for a Month and Made $______

in my time of trading ive come across a,few fakes,[Music],and with todays age of social media it,becomes a lot easier to fake certain,things,hence why signals group scams work,because people can act like they have,money,but dont necessarily tell you where the,source of where its from,just how to flash a damn bullserian but,the point is if youre naive to this and,see someone posting with money and them,saying theyve earned it from forex,trading or whatever the it,is this couldnt be any further from the,truth because they often earn commission,every time you place a trade,and they charge you a monthly,subscription essentially then posting,photos with your money is a way to,market themselves,claiming theyve earned it from trading,recently i found some pleasure in,calling these people out for what they,are on tick tock,calling out fake traders of instagram,and tick tock,these guys the alert nation lets get,this straight,outside of the fact that this guy looks,like a complete and utter,douche what theyre doing is probably,illegal,you cant claim no investment advice is,provided,then tell people to copy your trades to,make money,but today is the day that im going to,be finally joining one of these groups,to see if you can actually make a hustle,out of it,lets get this straight im not doing,this to discredit the owners of the,server,and if they are profitable which they,should be by the way then if anything,im doing them a service,i clearly do have my own opinion on how,these people earn their money,but everything im going to be sharing,with you is facts ive set up a,simulation with a 100,000 trading account yeah apologies for,the clickbait but like,because im going to be using my own,money on these shady signals,the title and thumbnail didnt quite,ring the same without it and to be fair,if they can grind a profit theres no,reason why i wont continue to use their,service but this time with real money,every single trade they make over the,next week ill be recording and using a,5 000 position size for each trade and,to make this completely fair if they,have an off week or whatever you know,you dont know if theyre gonna make,excuses,im going to be back testing their,trades for a month adding them to the,simulation to see if they were actually,turning a profit over the time,so its completely fair game no excuses,[Music],the server ive joined is called stock,vip always fun to know you get hit with,a fat disclaimer before being allowed,entry but click the little green button,and bamboo rim,can see that theyve got a few,testimonials but we are the true,testimonial right here,either way taken through to the sign up,page and paying twenty dollars for the,mumps access,ive covered my username because im,part of other discord signals groups and,dont want my undercover identity blown,make sure to subscribe so you dont miss,out on those ones,nice from what i can tell the server is,run by guru,james and his sideking guru moneyline,they all have funny names arent they,these guys have some serious influence,on tick tock with 60 and 175,k followers respectively and its going,to be where they source most of their,clients,im going to be following everything,from the day trade alerts and swing,trade alerts tabs,this is where both guru james and guru,moneyline post their trades,they do have a few other traders on the,platform but these two are the big dogs,so thats why im just gonna be,following them,[Music],right so its the end of the first day,and i did get a notification to buy a,stock called,aht a potential entry of 240.,the important thing here is to take a,note of the time the signal was posted,6 28. now if i show you a ht stock at,the exact time this signal was posted,youll be able to see the share price,was 242,just off the potential entry spot of,240. anyway over the next hour or so the,stock has a nice run up,but the problem here is we missed the,entry they clearly said to get in the,order at 240,not 242. now when you look at the graph,242 was quite clearly the lowest point,when they posted the signal yet guru,james says there was time for the entry,what bro what are you talking about man,even though it never hit the entry point,so the orders would have never have been,filled in the first,place and still claims the victory,saying he cashes out for profit,you sit on a throne of lies but the,thing that gets me,is he shields the stock as it runs much,further over the next hour,blown past take profit as if to say he,didnt tell us to cash out at 216. im,going to be a fair sport and give him,the trade as if we mark it bought,but im cashing out the profits to 260,like he said,anyway lets see how guru moneyline did,i got a notification saying to buy a,stock called,kern with an entry of 432 five minutes,later hit stop and we lose 185 dollars,yep great day at the office then i have,one swing trade signal to buy,nndm with an entry of 4 30 and a stop,loss of 398. now once again pay very,close attention to the time here,guru james the next day tells us to move,nndm stop-loss down,at 357 but when we look at the graph our,stop-loss order has already been hit,around 40 minutes earlier so weve,already lost the trade,you know if youre going to be taking,these trades at face value which 99,of the people in these groups are going,to be doing youre gonna get screwed on,this you simply cant tell someone to,place a stop there,it hits their stop and then go to them,oh well you should have moved it,you know if things are gonna seriously,have to change moving forward,no more tricks no more lies,only truth,all right so ive back tested the trade,store october the 12th,i do still have access to all of their,old trade so im able to record if they,were successful or not,today today is friday the 13th ive just,realized what ive said then,heres johnny ive been using the live,signals for around,a week but before we do get into the,results i want to bring your attention,to a few examples,well start with the positives they made,an exceptional trade on,fubo stock getting roughly 1 160,but it wasnt necessarily their cool as,they got dmd multiple times to do the,write up on it they didnt post an,entry take profit or stop loss where at,one point the stock was down over 10,following these guys over the last week,i promise you there wasnt a single time,they held onto a stock if it was down,this much,because it would have already hit their,stop it then has a massive run-up where,as soon as it does they start shouting,about how great they are,and to be honest this was a bit of a,recurring theme often they would post,about a stock like cpsh,saying it looks like its going higher,then when it doesnt,you wouldnt hear anything again as if,it was never said but im telling you if,that stock went up man they would bang,on about it as if it was the greatest,call ever,even though they would never define if,you should get into the trade or not,the ones though that got the most under,my skin without a doubt,is when they define a stop loss and it,gets hit like,polar an hour or two later it runs to,take profit,get this after it has hit the stop so,youre out of the trade they then make,up some bull,like they move the stop so it didnt hit,and now theyre cashing out for profit,that is one big pile of bro this is,literally just straight up fraud,they tell you to do something its not,successful,and then the moment it is come out with,how they magically moved it,but never told you to do so at the time,it was actually,important again let me reinstate the,fact if polar carried on dropping you,wouldnt have heard a word most,definitely not about how they adjusted,their stop further away,meaning they would have lost more but,now its the fun time because you cant,hide from the facts,and i was even lenient towards them with,a lot of trades like fubo,giving them the benefit of the doubt in,very shady spots,almost forgot to say they very often,wouldnt post a stop loss and if the,trade was to go wrong,guess what they wouldnt say anything so

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hey whats going on guys its Rick you,attack with solutions and in the next,couple of minutes Im going to be,talking about why I dont think that you,should invest in alert based systems I,want you guys to know that again this is,based off of my opinion and the reason,that Im making this video is my name is,Ricky I run the largest YouTube channel,and the largest private Facebook group,for those who invest in the stock market,coming around the corner 2019 weve been,getting a lot of new traders joining our,community and one of the biggest,questions that theyve been getting is,like again theyre super motivated,theyre super pumped and they want to,learn more and actively start to trade,you know top trending stocks and theres,these different alert based systems that,people offer but the reason that I dont,think again and Im gonna give you,different examples but the reason that I,dont think someone should invest in,alert based systems when theyre just,getting started especially for beginner,traders is because you havent developed,your own I for Val you havent developed,your certain like criteria that every,stock has to meet or every investment,has to me before you valid it as a,quality investment you guys might be,asking well why does that even matter,like why cant I trade based off of,other peoples opinion thats one of the,biggest mistakes that people make and,you know when someone alerts you that,hey you know this ticker symbol is,trending usually a lot of alert based,systems and the filtration systems and,the criterias that they have set up that,alert other people are based off of,volume volatility and series of,qualities that are extremely extremely,risky this is very difficult for a newer,trader to understand where to enter,where to exam where to Colossus,successfully when theyre just simply,you know presenting a stock that is,trendy but with no plan theres no,structure theres no understanding of,what theyre about to get themselves,into and again that is one of the,biggest reasons asking that question,backwards why I dont think that newer,traders should invest in alert based,systems as theyre just in and started,is again going back to the basics of you,have not developed your own I for value,one of the biggest I think take back,that a new trader should like really,dedicate time to you is to cherry-pick,different best practices different,qualities that they find attractive and,that they see that works well with them,with their own style of trading that,they see from others so like lets say,you like a specific best practice of me,right Im pretty conservative I you know,dont trade a bunch of different stocks,I as of right now,a huge focus on natural gas ETS lets,say you like that quality about me it,doesnt mean that you might natural gas,ETS it just means that you like that Im,very micro focus great but lets say,that you dont like that Im super,conservative great lets say you find,that quality or something a little bit,more attractive from someone else you,cherry-pick that quality and you,implement it into your own so then you,begin to cherry-pick,a bunch of different best practices a,bunch of different qualities that will,develop and uniquely make up your own,specific style for training so then when,youre presented an idea of hey this,might be a stock that you might want to,look into then you at least have any,general understanding due to the,knowledge and due to the experience that,you dedicated to understand what is,valued as a quality trade to make up,that hey yeah I actually do you think,that thats a good trade and not just a,beginner trader thats like okay hey d,ry ass is trending its a penny stock I,think Im gonna make it or break it or,its gonna go to the moon then great you,know Im an investment and hope for the,best,again that it just doesnt work like,that you guys have to understand that,90% of people who invest at the market,lose money so what is it that youre,going to implement on the day-to-day,basis that is going to set your heart,again this video is not made to hate on,anyone,by any means this video its only here,to remind you how important it is to,develop your own eye for value and make,sure that youre dedicating time that,youre doing dedicating your effort to,be that 10% and what is it that you are,going to do this 2019 to be that,difference right to be that 10% to,actually consistently grow your account,it means that youre going to have to,dedicate time and effort to develop your,own eye for value to make mistakes to,learn from them to create best practices,that other people can learn from and,share them with one of them being,empowered that its going to take time,be empowered by your mistakes be,empowered by the whole learning curve,because again youre going to have and,youre working towards this luxury of,being able to make money by investing,money and thats something that you have,to earn so I really do appreciate your,gadget time again I wanted to keep this,super simple I hope you guys have an,absolute amazing holiday I do want to,remind you guys that tomorrow is our,free live training session so if you,want to watch any trade live absolutely,for free,be sure to click that first link in the,dish,after you save your spot for our free,trading session I am also going to be,flying out one lucky member to spend two,days with me and the tech butts team,here in Gilbert Arizona,all expenses paid so again if you guys,want to learn about you know how Ive,grown the largest community around the,stock market the different businesses,that we own and just a little bit more,about our lifestyle I would love to you,know spend two days with you and just,kind of like have you pick at my brain,and just hang out right kick start 2019,on a green note so again be sure to,click that first link in the description,if you guys want to watch me trade live,and if you guys feel like you guys are,ready to kicks out 2019 on degree now,and have watched a couple of my videos,and like my investing stuff be sure to,click that second link in the,description to learn a little bit more,about the learn plan profit lesson,library where not only do you get access,to the H is a video lesson library for a,lifetime but you also get to watch me,trade live every single day not once a,week that once a month of every single,day at market up and you get to watch me,trade life using my entries you see my,actions for about 45 minutes to an hour,every single day be sure to join and,stay connected with our free Facebook,group thats linked down below and also,be sure to follow me on Instagram I hope,that you guys like this video and like,always lets make sure that we end the,year under green up take it easy team


stock alerts can be a great way to keep,your finger on the pulse of the market,but what are they really good for,hi there im your minister of capitalism,brett davidson,and today im going to show you how,stock alerts work why you need them,and which service is best for you are,you looking for the best stock alert,service available as part of one of your,core trading strategies,if so youve come to the right place,in this article i will discuss what,makes a good stock picking service and,which one is best,i will also give you a list of some of,the best stock picking services out,there,so that you can take your pick if youre,interested in achieving profits through,stocks,then lets keep going if youve ever,been interested in trading stocks,but havent taken the plunge yet then,today is your day,whether youre just getting started in,the stock market or if you have years of,experience by signing up with a stock,alert service,youre effectively able to leverage the,experience of a pro,rather than trying to do all of the work,on your own before we get into this,let me tell you about terry terry spent,his friday night scouring investment,magazines and watching cnbc,he had just graduated from college and,wanted to get into investing,but he was hesitant because of all the,complicated jargon in the industry,after reading an article about a man who,made one million dollars each year,just by trading stocks in his spare time,terry decided that he would give it a,shot,terry went online and began searching,for how to invest in the stock market,he quickly found a site with articles on,how easy it is to make money by trading,stocks,the first thing they recommended was,that he should sign up for their stock,picking service,terry thought that signing up for stock,trade alerts was a great idea,so he signed up immediately he paid for,one years worth of stock picks right up,front,the problem was these people didnt,actually have any experience giving,stock picks,without realizing it terry had signed up,for a penny stock day trader service,but terry wasnt interested in trading,penny stocks nor did he have the time,for day trading,in fact because he didnt have at least,25 000 in his brokerage account,it was not even qualified to day trade,because he didnt take the time to find,out if this sites investment strategy,fit with his own investing strategies,terry ended up saddled with the hefty,price tag of a stock advisor,subscription that he couldnt really use,in hindsight terry should have signed up,for swing trade alerts,and he should have kept looking for the,best stock alert service that would give,him stock trades better suited for him,instead rather than starting over terry,tried to trade penny stocks by following,the stock making service that he signed,up for,but the stock taking service he was,getting simply didnt match his trading,style,and in the end terry did nothing but,lose money,lets start with the basics what is a,stock alert service,lets get started with the basics stop,picking services inform you of any,significant movements in stock prices,not only will they let you know when a,profitable trade setup occurs,but they will give you detailed entry,and exit points for the trade itself,the best stock picking service will,always specialize in a handful of,trading strategies,professional traders know that they,cant give investment advice or trading,signals on every style of trading in,their stock picking service,so they specialize the best stock,picking service will often focus on one,or at most a couple different trading,strategies in their stock advisor,service,depending on how often or quickly trades,are made the real time alerts may be,sent out by email or by sms text,typically if the stock alert service is,based on day trading,alerts need to be sent out instantly,this usually happens by text or by,giving some other form of real time,update,this can be done by a members only real,time chat group or something along those,lines,if the membership focuses on swing,trades trade updates are often sent out,by email,as trade entries and exits are not quite,as time sensitive,here is why you need a stop alert,service,so thats all well and great but why do,you need to sign up for stock alert,service in the first place,well if you sign up with an experienced,group who have a proven track record,that will help you make more money plain,and simple,this is really the ultimate goal of,every trader and investor out there,right every single one of us wants to be,profitable in our trades,and stack the cash trading alerts can,allow us to do just that,and give us trade ideas and technical,analysis for stock trading picks that,look to offer the best,possible setup at least our stock,picking service inside the empirical,collective does that,i can really comment on what many of the,so-called stock picking gurus,do when they make their stock,recommendations but in many cases,if you follow some form of trading,alerts program you will get a jump on,the market and will be ahead of most of,the other traders,you will be able to enjoy the benefits,of spotting a profitable stock setup,without having to do all the work in,many cases,you will not have to watch the charts in,order to find a great opportunity,as it will be given to you from there,you can further screen the trade idea,or you can just take the alert and go,with it and if trading is not your,full-time job and youre busy trying to,balance and live your life,this is incredibly important rather than,having to spend the time to do all this,initial research,and leg work on your own you can use the,trade alerts as a jumping off point for,your trades is signing up for an alert,service,like having a trading mentor for people,new to trading,having a trading mentor is a great way,to get started,they help you learn and provide feedback,on your trades,that said trading alert services are,another good option for traders who want,a mentor but dont have one available in,their area,or if they cant afford to pay for a,personalized mentoring service,many of these services offer live chat,rooms where traders can share ideas and,gain knowledge from the other members as,well as experts or professionals that,are also present,here are some of the best stock alert,services on the market today,of course because im involved with the,empirical collective,im biased but with our win rate,hovering around 94,and our average trade return being above,24 per trade,i feel a membership with us warrant,strong consideration,of course there are other options out,there that are available,i think steve has true wealth systems is,another great choice with their 11.89,percent average trade return per,position open,sure valuations newsletter wins about 68,of the time and averages about 13.7,percent per trade,there are others out there but the best,piece of advice i can give you is to,sign up with an alert service that,matches your trading style,if you cant be at your computer during,the whole trading day dont sign up for,day trading service,like terry did on the other hand if you,want non-stop,trading action and have a minimum 25 000,in a trading account then dont sign up,for swing trading service,inside the empirical collective we focus,exclusively on swing trading,so if you are wanting to date trade we,earned the service for you,our team of seasoned professional,traders is constantly watching the,market and analyzing trends to pinpoint,when certain stocks and options will,make a major move,we offer actionable trades based on that,analysis including entries,exits and short-term trading setups for,swing traders,we also offer long-term plays in order,to provide you with trading,opportunities no matter how much time,you have to invest in your portfolio,these alerts are sent out via email so,theres never an excuse not to follow,along,our option plays target large cap,companies only as we dont do any penny,stock trading at,all i will explain some of the reasons,for that later,the motle

D15: Scam! Option Trade Alert Services Don’t Work

hey this is trader Travis and todays,video is sure to mess with a lot of,peoples head you know every time I,reveal this truth bomb by email I mean,some people get downright angry with me,others have this my blowing moment and I,hope you have a mind-blowing moment,because todays video is about why all,not some but all option trade alert,services are complete scams thats right,scams again whenever I say that by email,people are like what do you mean they,dont work and well you know what youre,doing and I thought I could copy off you,until I could learn how to do this on my,own and this other guy you know it has a,treatment service and he posts that his,members are making money about just,stick with me you will completely,understand where Im going with this so,I hope you enjoyed todays training now,before I begin let me disclose that I am,completely biased and Im biased based,on my life experience I have tried treat,alerts in the past several and they have,never worked for me and I mean never you,know the results were inconsistent youd,make money then lose it the service,would always have some excuses to why,certain trade didnt work you know and,then at the end of the day I always felt,helpless I didnt feel empowered and,its because they dont teach you its,like welfare its like sitting on your,butt somebody else doing the work and,you have your handout right that doesnt,youre not building any kind of skill,set you dont know how to do anything,your own so you always feel dependent on,someone else its a very weak and,disempowering position to be in,right anyway so Im biased because they,dont work for me at least now I also,give 3 you know what I feel a strong,logical facts as to why I dont think,anybody can succeed with them and when I,say scam I mean scam and the fact that,is misleading its teaching you and,making you believe that its two paths,to success and so what I have right here,are some copy Ive seen own around the,web were one guys selling a service and,hes saying hey real-time trade alerts,maximize your profits youll see my,exact trades you can inst,we learn to be a profitable successful,trader right who wouldnt want that it,speaks to the irrational side of us the,emotional side of us looking for the,shortcuts to getting rich and then you,have another one down here which is a,little bit less where you get daily,trade alerts and texts and you know,detail review geez night you get access,to someones portfolio well Im sure you,have seen them all across the web now,anybody offering at retailer service,right a peer trade alert service with no,education what I want you to look for in,their material and what I want you to do,to email them and your if youre,wondering why Travis doesnt offer a,trade alert service heres why I mean,let me come to my website real quick,Ill show you about website youll see,why I dont offer one right its because,I feel its inauthentic because right,here you see my performance where I,publicly share my performance teacher,with everybody and I say hey right now,as of this recording Im in a case study,of five year case studies showing people,the fibre time I play my millionaire,mentor taught me and I said this is the,same player my wife and I follow to,become financially independent and how,did I say we did it high savings,underline right,prudent investing and getting out of,debt thats what allowed us to well I,wouldnt say bird retires a tricky word,lets just use fi because I dont,traditionally believe in retirement I,believe in working until I fall over it,and die well anyway thats another story,for another day,but you see it here right high savings,theres no wealth without savings so you,see that and then you come over here,right my website is like saying hey you,know you want to lose weight eat,broccoli workout every day you know I,want to come to this guys site because,this is equivalent of hey you can eat a,doughnut every day and still get,six-pack ABS right right,but anyway going back to what I was,saying so email those guys and ask them,how can you offer a service when this is,not how you built wealth your self think,about that all the people offering these,services anywhere in their material on,their website or even email asked them,did you become rich following a trade,alert service if they did not then how,in the world can they offer your service,I can tell you why,because this is a quick way to make,money its an easy way to make money,because thats what everybody wants if I,through if I created a website right now,and I sold a book you know what is it,called the donut diet and I wrote a book,about how you Donuts every day and get,six pack apps guarantee you would be a,best-seller not because it actually,produces results in peoples lives,but because people will be suckered into,buying it because thats what everybody,wants right,everybody wants quick and easy and Ive,never discovered that but I have,discovered a proven blueprint to wealth,and I teach it here but the people who,are turned off but the people who are,attracted to this and like hearing truth,right even when I put here there are,more crash and burn stories than racks,or riches why is that because again,everybody is attracted to the,get-rich-quick the trade alert services,when I come with my broccoli and working,out theyre like yeah that leaves a bad,taste in my mouth,Im gonna go somewhere else but the,people who actually can slow down enough,and not get their monkey mind seduced,and to tree you know suckering and to,getting suckered into a trailer service,get results like this this is an email,for one of my students and I get a ton,of emails like this right hey were out,of consumer debt to vehicles RV only,have left now is our house paid in full,hallelujah instead it was the start of,your options course that got us on a,mission to remove our over all of our,debt other than our home now we only,have our home left to pay off and well,work on that balance – and look at the,PS oh yeah the option trading is great,too,because thats what Im about Im about,teaching you about real wealth building,let me actually this any Gs trade alert,service you have assigned it for help,you get out of debt help you build,wealth think about it have you signed up,for one have you are you rich because of,a trailer service have you paid off all,your debt at other than your home,because of a trailer service okay thats,reason number one one is the people,offering this thats not how they built,their wealth right I dare you to find,one who said they built their Wharf,through trade alert service thats why I,say all trailer services are a scam,because Ive never met a person who said,I became a millionaire from a trailer,service,reason number one why all trade alert,services are scam reason number two,lets come over here to the Forbes 400,riches okay this is from Forbes calm and,Im just going to scroll through real,quick and look at the source column and,how these people built their wealth all,right Im just gonna scroll through you,can search for this yourself the Forbes,400 richest list hmm what I want you to,look for is you see any treated or,services on there hmm where are we at,number 30 no trade alert services there,funny huh why because through the,beginning of time Ive never met a,really wealthy person who got wealthy,from a trade alert service if you want,to be wealthy then follow what wealthy,people have done before you all success,leaves Clues none of these people Ive,read somewhere theyre books Ive,studied them Nair one has said I built,my empower Empire through a trailer,service right through somebody handing,me trees without me doing any work on my,part,okay thats reason number two recap,reason number one the people offering,new services thats not how they get,wealthy thats why its a scam reason,number two the worlds richest people,Nair one of them built their wealth,through a trailer service and reason,number three have you ever looked at the,best-selling books on Amazon you

I Paid Fiverr to Day Trade $10,000. Heres What Happened..

when youre a financial planner do you,know what the most annoying question,that you get is,guys guys hey jeff whats the best stock,to buy whats the one thats just gonna,make me,so much money i cant even tell you how,many times,ive been asked that question throughout,my entire career,even though im not a practicing,financial planner im still,getting that question today but i get it,buying and selling a stock at a profit,can be one of the quickest,ways to make a quick buck and thats why,so many people,want to become day traders blue star,put all your clients in it and the,concept of day trading,seems pretty simple right you pick a,stock maybe,a currency or commodity you buy low you,sell high and then,you make money and thats what we call,money in the bank now obviously,thats not the case most people that,attempt day trading,dont make any money actually they end,up losing money,youre gonna give me my money its been,reported that anywhere between 90 to 95,percent,of people that date trade in fact do,just that,lose money even gram stefan did a video,talking about day traders,losing money and in his video he cited a,study done by the trading platform etoro,now in their study not only did they,share the percentage of people that lose,money day trading,but they also shared the average return,and trust me it aint pretty but,seriously though the fact that 80,of day traders have a median loss of,36.3 percent is absolutely unacceptable,and needs to be stopped,not to mention that 75 of day traders,end up quitting within just two years,now you might assume as a certified,financial planner and a former,practicing financial advisor,that i am an expert at day trading,well the fact is im not day trading was,something that i never really,got excited about i was already in front,of my computer screen,enough i didnt want to have my face,glued to charts and graphs,any more than i had to but then i came,across this,young gun youtuber by the name of,biohaza by hisa i,i dont know how to pronounce his name i,tried looking it up,buy us a buy us a buy is a buyer,buy as a buy buy,so in his video he shared how he went to,one of my,favorite websites of all time fiverr he,went on,fiverr paid somebody to show him when to,buy,and sell stocks and made money and i,thought,i gotta do this so welcome to my fiverr,day trading experiment,lets go so if youre not familiar with,the site fiber it literally is,one of the best sites ever you can pay,anyone to do basically anything if you,need somebody to do some graphic design,if you need somebody,to do a voice over if you need somebody,to say anything that you want wearing a,fruit suit you can pay them to do it,jeff has the best money channel on,youtube,you better subscribe and sure enough,there wasnt,a shortage of people that were willing,to take my money to teach me,how to learn how to trade stocks how to,make money in the stock market,and for the nature of this challenge day,trade so after looking through,all these different gigs all these,different options i,finally found the magic one,i will help you make 1 000 a day,by providing stock market signals i mean,who doesnt want to make a thousand,dollars a day sign me,up all right so this is the gig that i,bought and lets find out what happens,next,all right yall this is probably one of,the worst challenges that ive ever,tried to do i really underestimated,trying to,do this challenge with being quarantined,at the house having four kids trying to,run a business you know its a little,bit of crazy talent nonetheless i have,made some progress so i went on to,fiverr you know i got,the gig i found somebody thats going to,share some amazing stock pics with me,from there they instructed me to open a,telegram account which is kind of like,an,instant messaging service and uh from,there,they started giving me some stock picks,so from there i transferred,money into my td ameritrade account this,was,a brokers i felt much more comfortable,with i know like robin hoods very,popular theyve obviously had some,issues so i transferred,ten thousand dollars uh into my td,ameritrade account just in case theres,some,picks that i wanted to make one make,sure i had the cash ready,and uh then it began so this is what,started happening from uh this,this this fiber gig you know hes giving,me all these different pics,sending me information but what happened,was that,i just i just didnt have the time,to actually execute on any of these,trades like i just i would wake up,you know i had other things i needed to,do and next thing i knew like i just,missed it because a lot of times he was,like okay you need to buy this now,and then you sell and i really missed a,lot of opportunity but then there was,finally one,that i acted on so one of the picks that,he suggested was s,p g which is simon property group uh,they actually just recently,were going to buy out this other company,that all fell,through but,nonetheless i gave was given the,instructions,i bought in at 51. the funny thing is,like if you actually look at my account,here uh this was a while ago so,i bought it on may the 13th i bought a,hundred shares,for a total contribution of 5 320,have i made money um yeah i actually,have,so heres where im up today so right,now spg,uh total market value 71.67,and uh so ive got about an eighteen,hundred dollar game,and if you see some other positions in,there so these are some of the stocks i,bought as part of a grow your dough,challenge which is another challenge,that im doing,uh all those all those investments were,in there together,so im excited im i made my first trade,like im ready to see if i can actually,make,money using somebody off fiverr you know,im getting all these,updates and then all of a sudden i see,this,message,so they had posted this in the telegram,app,thingamajiggy and im like wait what,whats going on so i took a screenshot,of that message i went back to fiverr,and like hey dude like,whats going on and thats when he,replied,with this so basically saying hey,because there are so many people in the,channel,uh that buy i wont be buying any cause,buying usually goes,against me instead ill be shorting i,just didnt want to say it directly plus,im doing,exams at the moment so sometimes i wont,be trading until the 22nd,so apparently im getting stock trading,tips from somebody whos in college i,hope theyre in college maybe theyre in,high school i,have no idea i also realized or didnt,realize at the time,that the fiverr gig that i bought i only,had like two,weeks of trading tips that i was going,to get with that gig,if i wanted to continue with this person,then i would have had to,rebuy but i couldnt rebuy because they,had to,study for their next college exam so now,its back to the drawing board i gotta,go back to fiverr i gotta see if i can,find anyone else that has a gig that,they are,going to give me some amazing stock,picks but so far so good,because i am going to sell out of spg,today,but i actually miss my trading window,today so i dont know if ill still be,up 1800,tomorrow itll probably be down 10,tomorrow the market will probably drop,thats just how it is when i do these,types of challenges,but either way we made some money now,lets see if we can make some more,all right so right now im gonna go to,fiverr im going to see if i can find,another gig and im gonna show you what,im looking at right now,let me show you some options that i got,so ive got this one stock alerts i will,provide,my best stock strategy all right i like,it,but uh let me go ahead and just type,something in,really quick do a little search stock,trading stock trading lets see what,comes up,okay i dont know about this guy right,here,he uh he looks about the same age as my,oldest son who will be 13 in july,lets not go that route but i will do,stock analysis and prediction,auto trading theres a same one that we,saw hes 295 dollars,that seems like a lot uh 250. im cheap,when it comes to like,trying to save on trying to make money,in the stock market,all rig

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