1. Stoeger M3500 12ga Shotgun Review
  2. STOEGER M3500 Semi-Automatic Shotgun FIRST SHOT Review
  3. Stoeger M3500 Review After A Season Of Duck Hunting
  4. [Budget Friendly 3 1/2 inch auto-loader] – Stoeger m3500 – Shell Test and Busting Clays @TrueTimber
  5. Stoeger M3500 Review
  6. Stoeger M3500 Review
  7. Benelli Performance for $600?!- stoeger m3500 review

Stoeger M3500 12ga Shotgun Review

hey whats up everyone welcome to target,focus life my names steve and today i,have the stoeger m3500 so if youre,looking for an in-depth and detailed,review,youve come to the right place lets go,so throughout this review im going to,be going through a lot of different,areas from recoil and reliability to the,specs to speed shooting if theres a,specific area that you would like to see,check in the description you can jump,right to it you dont have to watch the,whole thing but if you want to join me,its going to be good so looking at the,selling points of the stoger m3500 its,supposed to be an affordable and,reliable shotgun intended for use,waterfall upland turkey it is drilled,and tapped by the way if you want to,throw an optical on there for turkey,hunting but the thing that i look at,that stands out is reliable now were,starting to talk about a value shotgun,here with an msrp of 849 and thats for,this waterfall edition now this is,different than their regular camo,versions that have a little bit lower,msrp the waterfall edition has,cerakoted receiver and stock comes with,a bunch of extended choke tubes well,talk a little bit more about that later,but i was able to find it at reads my,favorite sporting good retail store for,799 dollars for the waterfall version,769 dollars for the regular camo version,and 699 dollars for the black synthetic,so were talking from 700 on the black,synthetic all the way up to just over,800 on the camo version so theyre,definitely a more affordable option for,a semi-auto shotgun i did pick up this,one thats a three and a half inch its,the m 3500 stoker also makes the m 3000,which would be a three inch model,why did i get the three and a half im,not 100 sure ive reviewed a lot of,three and a half this year so i kind of,wanted to see how this compared to the,much more expensive guns that ive,reviewed such as the maxis 2 or the,super black eagle 3. jumping into the,specs as i mentioned three and a half,inch version it is inertia driven its,similar platform to the benelli platform,in fact benelli frankie and stoker are,all under the same parent company so a,lot of similarities but stillger being,more of that value line frankie kind of,be in the middle of the road benelli,being the top end and the prices,definitely reflect that looking at the,weight of this shotgun it is seven,pounds 13 ounces and you can feel it,right away when you pick it up its not,a super light shotgun its starting to,get to the heavier end of semi-auto,shotguns the lighter end would be mid,sixes mid to high sixes i dont even,mind a shotgun around,seven pounds just over seven pounds when,were pushing eight its starting to,feel heavy in the hands if youre gonna,be sitting in a blind maybe not a big,deal if youre walking all day,consider that in fact,my left arm is already getting a little,bit sore just holding this shotgun it is,as far as balance kind of front end,heavy which im surprised a little bit,this is a nurses shotgun usually their,four ends are a little bit lighter,but i can definitely just doing that i,am getting sore so it may not seem like,a lot on paper to go from right around,seven pounds to seven pounds 13 ounces,but thats definitely something youre,going to notice over time in the field,length to pull this shotgun so from the,trigger to the butt end that is our,length of pull is 14 and 3 8. a little,bit longer than some i find 14 and a,quarter is a little bit short for me i,usually have to add shims,or spacers to adjust it so this will,probably fit me pretty well the drop at,comb is an inch and a half so were an,inch and a half drop here from the top,of the receiver,drops one inch to two and a half inches,drop here at the at the heel now the,stoger m3500 waterfall does come with,five extended chokes everything from,improved cylinder modified extra full,close range mid-range,but you know me im going to want to put,my carlsons on here maybe find a,cremator go ahead and throw that on just,a little bit added performance makes a,big difference now the waterfall edition,is in 28 inch barrel only there are some,of their other variations that come in,26 inch barrel lengths lets take a look,at the trigger though this is a big,thing for me how does that trigger feel,feels a little heavy off the bat were,gonna measure weights in a second but,im just going off feel here,theres not a ton of pre-travel actually,im a little bit surprised with that,just a little pre-travel and then it,breaks lets grab the wheeler digital,professional trigger gauge,come on,break oh boy 10 pounds,im entering ill see if i get,some variation here guys,nine pounds 3.2 ounces its getting,lighter,lets give it one more,nine pounds three ounces so if we,average that out were looking at nine,pounds seven point four ounces,honestly thats a little disappointing,uh in any shotgun i dont really care,for my triggers to be,really much over six pounds and i mean,you can tell its a heavier trigger but,it does break nice so ill be curious to,see what its like when i get to speed,shooting because thats going to tell me,a lot its going to tell me how well the,gun cycles its going to tell me how i,can recover from recoil its going to,tell me how good that trigger is its,going to talk more about the ergonomics,it all comes together in speed shooting,thats at the end of the video,dont skip ahead dont miss it because,we got more good stuff right now next,were going to take a look at the,ergonomics of this shotgun that is,something right off the bat if i just,grab it dont look at it and feel it im,like,this thing has some heft to it not only,is it got some weight,the forend grip is a little bit wider it,doesnt feel terrible actually its got,some nice grooves here to get your,fingers around it has some good texture,the grip is meaty man i mean its,like putting your hand around a,two by four darn deer,exaggeration just a slight exaggeration,but yeah it is definitely hefty on the,grip,a lot more than id like i like a little,narrower grip i feel like i can get,better control other things with,ergonomics i am looking at the controls,of the gun it does have the oversized,bolt handle oversized bolt release,thats super easy that is only on the,waterfall edition if you look at some of,the other camo shotguns or just black,synthetics they do not have the,oversized control so keep that in mind,safety is just a run-of-the-mill cross,bolt safety a little bit small i prefer,them a little bit bigger,trigger guard,nothing fancy there,not oversized,but the loading port is beveled out i,love when manufacturers do this,i think it should be standard on just,about every shotgun even the value,shotguns its great that stoger put the,time and the care and the resources into,beveling this out to hogging that out,making it easier to slam shells in not,get your hand cut up now with ergonomics,its look now with ergonomics its the,look feel function,lets try to mount this gun up,it actually mounts pretty nice length of,pull,is decent for me,you dont got to worry about whipping,this gun around though ladies and,gentlemen because it has enough half,that its smooth,actually i like that quite a bit,it mounts nice um the balance in your,hands isnt terrible,a little front heavy,just through this video duration my left,arm is getting tired butt pad is,nothing fancy just kind of a hard rubber,pad,but thats just a quick look at the,ergonomics its a gun that maybe isnt,my preference with a lot of the,ergonomics but,the rubber beats road when you get,shooting can you hit with it how does it,how does it shoot how does it mount,were going to test that all out in a,little bit in addition to the waterfall,theres the black synthetic just,straight up black gun theres other camo,options bottomland and max 5. theres,also walnut wood stock guns turkey guns,and they also have a distressed white,gun that looks pretty sweet for snow,goose hunting now taking a look at the,quality of build of the stoker m3500,how everything comes together materials,

STOEGER M3500 Semi-Automatic Shotgun FIRST SHOT Review

stoger m3500,true timber camo are you ready to go,feet down and its a beat down,longer is our guy today and i knew the,birds were gonna come in,[Music],so the m3500 is a three and a half inch,chambering gun,its got a barrel length of 28 inches,it is overall 50 inches long and you can,also add shims to the back so the total,length of pull,is going to be 14 and 3 8 with no shims,so this gun is a semi-automatic theres,an inertia driven shotgun it came with a,weird-ass choke,but we dont use it so we did buy this,gun used from gangnam sports out in,toronto so this gun is coming in at a,weight of seven pounds 13 ounces so the,trigger feel on the m 3500 is decent it,can definitely have room for improvement,i would say the bolt release as well,its pretty small for the standards of,today,but it is a smooth action,the bolt catch in the back is clean,there is no milling on the loading port,which i think is a huge desirable and,that i think can improve on it is,featuring a rear,trigger safety to me my opinion i would,much rather it on the front,and some people are even more accustomed,to it having it the thumb there at the,back so this gun features a single fiber,optic sight at the front of the gun,there is no mid bead its got a vented,rib on the barrel that the sight sits on,it is also raised from the back,to the rib,which is always good for sight picture,the overall ergonomics of this gun they,feel very clean theres no,harsh,between the stalk or the chambers or the,triggers everything fits very well i,would say this is a well put together,gun theres a lot of r d that went into,this to make sure no loose when youre,pulling on stuff or when its cycling,theres no loot rattles all right so now,that weve gone over the specs of this,gun lets go bust some clays,all right,its a three plus one gun lets get it,on some clays,this is sad bro,[Music],all right,first three shots i got one clay,this trigger is heavy,you really have to pull on it to get,that thing to fire,lets load up well have another round,holy,still rough were still breaking her in,damn two for three were getting better,with her,[Music],were getting better with her getting,better,getting worse,all right so after shooting a couple of,rounds at her that trigger definitely a,heavy trigger you really have to pull,that to get that on,what im really liking though is this,button the release for the bolt,its small,but its nice and soft so whenever you,push it it slams shut but its not too,soft that you might bump it and itll,shut,so and the oversized bolt handle itself,im a huge fan its got a little bevel,in it for obviously comfort of your,finger the front fiber optic not really,not really a great great one i would say,very small,the mid bead would definitely help,this lining up the shots for sure,especially having that hard trigger the,butt stock very comfortable it didnt,really feel like crazy amount of recoil,we are only shooting shot seven,but other than that,overall decent gun,lets go put some bird shot on some,paper and lets uh test out this,cheap choke all right so were using 12,gauge three inch,1550,bb lets put her on target and see what,she does,all right so were loaded up were 20,yards out lets put it on paper,20 yards out lets go see,so weve confirmed that the unknown,choke inside the gun is obviously a full,choke and that is why we havent been,shooting very well on the clays because,a full choke is not a skeet choke,alright so the m 3500 were gonna try,putting three shots as fast as my finger,can pull,smooth operator all three shots ejected,perfect chambered perfect,recoil,minimal this is a nice tight pattern i,would love this pattern if im out goose,hunting this is what im looking for,you got multiple,in the kill zone and youve got gnarly,groupings of a couple bbs and a couple,of them,this,is a prime target alright so my synopsis,for the m3500,its a decent shotgun for hunting i,would not use this for a competition gun,at all,id really like the button for the bolt,release,the bolt,its a good,good handle on her the trigger,definitely needs some work that is a,heavy trigger,for pulling for birds or for skeets so,at a price point of under a thousand,dollars,its an okay shotgun,would i recommend it for a first timer,maybe if they dont have the extra cash,for a benelli or something along those,lines but overall good shotgun but i,shoot it very often,probably not all right so thats it for,this gun review if you want to leave us,a comment on a gun that you want us to,do put in the comments below dont,forget to like that video help support,the channel and dont forget subscribe,because we dropping every week,[Music],you

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Stoeger M3500 Review After A Season Of Duck Hunting

[Music],whats up yall,um,welcome back to our youtube channel,appreciate you checking it out cant get,enough outdoors got my son hunter with,me so um,on my youtube channel,i did a stoker review when we first got,it,when i first got it hunter got his first,um and its probably been 109,three quarters of the season um its,been,probably,um,yeah three quarters of the season hunter,hunted with his all season,so what were going to do is im going,to do you a quick review on,the good and the bad that we found on,our stoegers um im going to shoot you,straight im going to tell you if it was,bad one tape it was good im going to,show you the wear marks uh and you gotta,remember we had these things laying in,kayaks and we i didnt have a gun case,until almost the end of,i didnt have a gun case yeah towards,the end of duck season i got a gun case,so um and hunter didnt get his until,christmas,so,i went through,a majority of the duck season with my,gun being in a kayak um in a jon boat,dragging through the timber,dragging through thickets,um,in and out of ditches,in the water,underwater hunting in the rain the snow,the ice,um,shot camera mounted on it,and just your basic hardcore,you know,getting after type of duct hunt and ill,show you what wore on the gun,ill show you how good a seracote stood,up,to all that abuse,and i was really worried about the,seracote um,not be able to take,uh the kind of punishment that we were,going to be putting the guns through,but uh ill show you what it did yall,let me know what your opinion is um,im going to show you the wall im going,to tell you the choke tube that i was,using and lets go for theres be pretty,quick um hunters going to tell you the,pros and cons of his i got a stoker,m3500,um cerakote in,the blades pattern and the hunter has,the m3000,in,the blades pattern his is full,fully uh,dipped mines half dip and half cerakote,so,run through mine real quick show you the,goods and bads on mine,and ill let you know what ill buy,another one or not and hunter ill do,the same thing,so uh,ill show you the upgrades we we did to,our guns too,um,the first upgrade i did,was i wanted to do a little bit bigger,uh,bolt handle,and its pretty cool this is made by,what is it the ugly duck company grumpy,grumpy duck company,grumpy duck co,um,so this,this right here,um its pretty cool its not big um i,didnt want a big huge one you can get,them a little bit bigger a little bit,taller um what i like about this its,perfect fits your finger perfect just,enough to pull back,um i didnt want it you know catching on,briars and,and grass and you know blind material,and all that stuff,and its uh its just like a band on a,duck,its pretty cool uh fits very good,within in the gun perfectly uh i did not,do a oversized,charge um,push thing for this right here,i might do that im not sure but this is,plenty big um,another other oh another upgrade we did,was um these grips well i did it hunter,didnt do it,got it on that side,got it on this side,on the forearm,here and on the bottom,and on the side,and,i got that off of amazon,and i tell you um i like it because it,gives you you know a little more grip,for gripping the gun when its wet,or icy out it grips really good feels,really good,and all the pieces,on here,were already pre-cut,to the indentions,on the gun,so basically its just peel and stick,you peel it off the uh,the paper put it on there i didnt have,to do no cut no trimming,um,it fit perfectly and i got that off,amazon as well,um,ill try to find a link,and put it in there ill try to find a,link for the uh,for the bolt,as well,another upgrade we did,is,it has a big it came with a big huge,round im not saying huge but a big,round,circle dock,site,and it was big um and,i was shooting over the ducks so,my other son corey he had put this,upgrade,on his uh stoker as well and,i think this is uh true glow,um ill find the link for that as well,and put that in there and what it does,it comes with,four or five sight tubes,and theyre different colors green a,darker green a lighter green,and an orange right,its got a red and a white too oh a red,and a white so pretty cool,um and i went with the smallest sight,tube that was in the uh,in the selection and it just really,helped my shooting a lot and theyre,super bright at low light ill show this,to you,and it screws um,the screw that held the original sight,is right underneath that,and you just,take a pair of pliers really easy,and um,unscrew your original sight and this,comes with two or three different size,screws for different uh,hole sizes for different uh vented,barrels,and,find the right one now i put a little,bit of loctite,um its like chapstick its not liquid,but its like a loctite paste i and its,not the kind that seals it to it forever,and never coming out kind of like tight,um so i put a little bit of loctite on,the threads,tighten down in there and its really,nice because this tube,isnt going to come out,um because what they do theres a little,i dont know if you can see it in there,or not its kind of hard to see but,right around in here,theres a uh its,its kind of like this inside there,so when the,tube or the pipe,slides in,it presses that down and then its kind,of like concave on the bottom side of,this,and it pops back up and locks this tube,into place,another great idea which im gonna do a,video on these,um,is a gunsling paracore gunsling,its pretty cool gunsling because uh the,guy who makes it puts a band on there,and crimps it,so it just adds a little nostalgic to,your uh to your sling just set your,little apart from you know somebody else,super nice its not adjustable um,theres one thing out there the only bad,thing i will say about this gunslinger,its not adjustable but its you know,its very very nicely made handmade by,fella,and hell do any color combination that,you want and were going to do a video,on that because we got some really cool,stuff from this guy,so ill run through,um,all the battle scars on this old girl,that it got,like i said i was worried about the,cerakote,um,getting really nicked up or or chewed up,real bad or just coming off in places,and i tell you man,this cerakote really stood up really,really good,so i got a place right here,you can see that little line right there,where my cerakotes missing,that might not even be saying that right,either so,place right there,as well,place right there,and thats it,i mean,you can see this gun,right look at this thing,its amazing,like im telling you guys,we put this through hell,absolutely hell,i mean im im really good on my stuff,and take real good care of it,but,this gun,the cerakote stood up really really well,another thing i like about this gun is,right here,four screws you can put you um,a red dot scope on there for turkey,hunting if you want and i will be doing,that this year i believe just because,ive never done it and be something else,you know just cool to do,so it has the option there,drill and tap ready for a scope mount,oh,i actually think they actually call this,a a turkey gun ill show you right here,a little bit better like this,for people cant read upside down,but um,this gun shoots,two and three quarter three inch and,three and a half says it right there on,the barrel,and im telling you guys,we wrap probably,i dont know,seven eight hundred rounds,i did through this thing,everything that it was shoot two and,three quarters threes and three and a,half this gun never jammed,never misfired,um never never put two in try to put two,in at one time,never double fed um,and these guns perform when theyre,dirty too its really amazing how good,these guns do,and we were we were busting off three,and a half taking the uh,the uh,plug out yeah thank you,taking the plug out and putting as many,as that we could in there for um,conservation season during snow goose,and uh,just ripping through shells i mean you,put them in there and you pull the,trigger its going to eat them and its,going to spit them out,with no issues whatsoever,no issues with the w

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[Budget Friendly 3 1/2 inch auto-loader] – Stoeger m3500 – Shell Test and Busting Clays @TrueTimber

[Music],hey everybody how you doing this is,about to be a really fun video out here,at the range today and we have a stoger,m3500,if you ask me hey,whats the most budget friendly yet,awesome three and a half inch waterfowl,gun,inertia driven this is probably what i,would tell you,the stoger,m3500,takes up to three and a half inch shells,will knock your teeth out if you wanted,to,this one is in the true timber camo drt,pattern you can see out in front of me,here today were gonna test it run it,through its paces this is supposed to,shoot two and three quarters all the way,up to three and a half inch shelves like,i said today we got some,two and three quarters what are these,heavy dove loads,then we got some remington,double up buck,and we got some of this remington,express extended long range two and,three quarters,then weve got some of the steel shot,remington nitro steel these are three,inch shells some more heavy duty ones,were gonna run this stoker,see what it thinks about all this stuff,the cheaper dove loads lighter stuff the,buck shot,this one with a pheasant on the front,and then even the nitro steel three inch,shelves run them through this stoker see,what it thinks about them,and we might even have some fun see if,we can,shoot some clays out of the sky or,something but lets run them through all,this real quick and see if itll eat,them stoker,m3500,and that true timber,drt pattern pretty slick,all right first were gonna put some of,this remington heavy dove loads through,it three of these quick,and ill just send them as fast as i can,give you a close-up of those here quick,fast as i can here,there we go,ran through those three no problem as,fast as i could squeeze it,now,ive got some of the,remington double up buckshot,lets see how it does with this stuff,ill give you up close look at these,theyve got a lot higher brass on them,see how the stover does with these buck,shots,same thing fast as i can here,[Applause],did those just fine,next we got some remington express extra,long range with the pretty pheasant on,the box lets run three of these these,are,two and three quarters as well too there,show you some of these quick,thats what those look like,lets run three of these quick,when you got birds coming through the,sky at you you dont want your shotgun,messing up you want to be able to blast,three of those birds at the same time so,this is really a big deal that it runs,all this,ran all those just fine now,lets go to the remington nitro steel,duck loads here three inch,ill give you another look at that box,there remington nitro steel,three inch shells here on these,and theres the three inch remington,nitro stills,three of these fast,[Applause],oh hey,there you have it so far so good running,it through everything i could find to,bring out to the range,lets do three of the lighter dove loads,just because we can and,prove that its going to work again,theres three more of those dove lows,with that lower brass there,super impressed with this thing that,its running all this stuff even the,light stuff so,lets see what it does,[Applause],as fast as i can pull the trigger,its running all of it,and that true timber camo is going to,help you hide from all the birds a,little bit better but lets see if we,can,hit some clays out of the sky with this,thing i think we probably can,but,super impressed with it running all that,real real good out of there,all right so you saw we ran a whole,bunch of different shelves through this,stoker,now were going to see if we can,actually hit something with it its,awesome that it runs them but what good,is it if we cant hit anything so look,were going to fling some clays and,pray that i can actually hit something,with it,ready,go ahead,[Applause],all right,i nicked the first one and demolished,the second two lets try three more,that was too easy man,just just jank it a little further that,way or something,all right now were ready good yeah,lets do the same type of thing its,three again yeah,[Applause],i did the exact same thing i danked the,first one and hit the second two but,hey,it uh,it hits stuff too,lets do another mag dump just because,we can,not a mag dump but rapid fire,now lets shoot plays thats more fun i,got the thing out here,yeah just do the same thing again same,direction yeah thats fine,[Applause],its too easy,lets uh,you shoot some,see if somebody else can hit with it,[Applause],oh i think you missed the last one,missed that last one,all right,good yep,[Applause],but there you have it guys its a stoker,m3500,it ran everything we threw at it zero,problems really surprised me this one,like i said its got the true timber drt,camo pattern on it,pretty pretty awesome but,super budget friendly three and a half,inch,semi semi-auto if youre looking for one,id say definitely check them out wont,break the bank and if its anything like,this one we got out here today ran,really good but appreciate yall,watching well see you on the next one,[Music],[Music],man,[Music],heres,[Music]

Stoeger M3500 Review

howdy folks its Adriel the hunting gear,guy I want to show you guys this Stover,em 3500 theres a three and a half inch,Magnum shotgun that is semi-automatic,made in Turkey and two magazine-fed this,is a really great option if youre,looking for a three gun shotgun or for,something to take duck hunting lets,take a closer look at this thing but,first lets just check to make sure that,safety is checked there is nothing in,the chamber and I have nothing in my,magazine so Im ready to go,not the rear here we just have this,standard polymer buttstock weve got a,pretty squishy ventilated pad at the,back here which is pretty good thats a,lot better than some of the other,shotguns out there we molded in sling,stead that I dont really like Id,rather see a metal unit there and the,grip is adequate I wouldnt say its,like incredibly sharp but its adequate,to hold on to the shotgun now lets go,over the controls really quickly weve,got a real simple cross bolt safety at,the rear of the trigger here so nothing,too crazy about that weve got our,charging handle up at the front here,its nice and small so if you want to go,duck hunting with this its good if you,want a three gun you might want to get,an extended charging handle right now,little just continue to cycle and it,wont lock the bolt back if you press,this button back here if there is around,in the tube it will release the round,otherwise its just going to lock it so,that we can lock this bolt to the rear,now once the bolt is locked to the rear,and you want to feed a shell in through,the open ejection port and then have the,bolt go forward its going to push this,button right here thats towards the,front thats your bolt release,were at the bottom here we have a,really nice charging port this is very,easy to push down which is great for,loading its also pretty large because,it has to fit three and a half inch,shelves which is kind of nice,so its actually very quick and easy to,load this shotgun with shells just on,the forehead here this particular,Stoeger is the 28 inch barrel so its,quite long they come in a twenty six and,a twenty four as well we have our four,end here again not incredibly grippy,checkering here but adequate our,magazine cap with a steel sling swivel,at the end and we have this really nice,raised rib thats going along the top,now this is going to help with Mirage,because your bear when your barrel gets,hot youre going to get heat waves off,there and if you didnt have a rib on,there it might get a little bit wavy and,hard to see but with their wave with,this raised rib on here its going to,keep those that Mirage out of your point,of view its also very well chequered on,the top here so that isnt going to give,you any glare from the sunlight the,barrel is also tapped for chokes and it,comes with four chokes it comes with,improved cylinder modified full and an,extra full turkey choke now this,assembly is pretty straightforward but,there is one little trick I want to show,you first Im just going to remove my,magazine cap and its as its coming out,because its kind of pinching so if you,were to just hold these and pull it out,its not going to come out all the way,and thats because its just pinching a,little bit there so remove the bolts a,little bit and just kind of wiggle it,and itll come out theres our four end,Im just going to put that off to the,side theres our barrel Im going to put,that off to the side,lets keep disassembling this thing now,to remove the charging handle from the,bolt what were going to do is just push,down on the bolt until it starts to,rotate and then were going to leave her,that charging handle out its a little,bit as stiff to start with so youre,going to have to really muscle it as,long as the bolts forward youll be fine,with that,our bolt an action Springer to come up,now this is one place that this differs,from the Benelli m2 where the Benelli,has the recoil spring in the buttstock,this one has it out front on the,magazine tube which is of its simpler,and obviously a little bit cheaper so,this is the bolt here and you can see,here its got us a bit of a rotate in,there the next piece we have to pull is,this pin now yours might be pained in,mine isnt if it is pinned in this,little hole here can be used to drive it,out the other side mine so loose that I,can just kind of flip it up there and it,comes right out with that the bolt will,come out as will the firing pin spring,and the recoil spring that helps with,the inertial action this spring here is,really really strong and this is what,helps provide that kick off that that,makes the whole action work now to,remove the firing pin what were going,to do is pull out this pin at the back,here just use a precision screwdriver,and get underneath there careful cuz it,is theres a little bit of a rubber wash,right here and then pull it right out,the back and with that the firing pin,will just come out the rear and now you,can clean your bolt assembly although it,doesnt you dont really need to all,that often because this bolt is a very,clean bolt its not like a gas action,all of the all of the gas goes out the,barrel so this is going to stay nice and,clean for you to reassemble were going,to put that a firing pin in let me grab,our pin put it on the side,now its captured put our firing pin,spring around the firing pin complete,with our inertial spring bolt goes on,and if you just need to remember the,extractor will always face the ejection,port you always want to make sure the,shells go out that away so thats where,your grabber will always go in look at,these fancy technical terms Im using so,push in your your bolt and drop that pin,in and you should see that rotating,action come back and your bolt is,reassembled Im not going to do this one,right now but if you want to just pull,this rubber cap off underneath there is,a metal retaining clip if youve got,some snap ring pliers or you can even,just lever it out with a with a flathead,screwdriver youll be able to then pull,it up be careful though because it is,going to be under a lot of pressure,theres a semi-automatic it needs a lot,of spring pressure to make sure that,those rounds keep up with the action to,reassemble grab your spring and carry,your slash action rod adjust a piece,here pop your bolts on top and just kind,of wiggle it into the action once youve,got that push your bolt face in grab,your charging handle pop it in there so,this next parts a little bit tricky,because between the four end and the,barrel its going to pinch right here so,we need to leave them a little bit loose,so we can get the whole thing together,so what were going to do is as were,putting in that magazine tube were,going to keep it a little bit loose or a,lot loose pop that guy in there and then,you can start clamping them together and,putting them in Im going to use gravity,to help me out here,and again youre pulling back the bolt,as its going in if it feels a little,bit too tight just try it again there we,go so you need to try it a couple times,to get in there but I can see that my my,stopper here is right up against the,receiver so,thats as far as itll go and lastly,throw on your magazine cap now just an,accessories that come with this shotgun,what I cant show you is the Weaver rail,that goes on the top its already,pre-drilled and tapped it and it comes,with the Weaver rail I cant show you,the drop-in cast thats because my,shotgun was used and it didnt come with,those accessories but does it does come,with this turkey choke you can see its,it looks a little bit rough on us,because its got this black finish on it,you can see that its extended so itll,go past the end of the barrel weve also,got our chokes here so weve got,improved cylinder modified and full so,these are the ones that youll be using,normally when youre not hunting turkey,weve also got this choke wrench that,you can use to pull your chokes out the,last accessory I want to talk about is,if youre shooting three and a half inch,shells only you mig

Stoeger M3500 Review

today on Canadian farms review we take a,look at the Stover M 3500,so this is the sober m 3500 its a,semi-automatic chambered in two and,three-quarter up to three and a half,inch and the reason why I picked this,shotgun up is because I was in the,market for a semi-automatic shotgun and,I want to find something reasonably,priced and that still worked well and,Ill cross my research I came across the,M 3500 and I figured Id give it a try,I have been hunting ducks and geese for,a while now using a simple pump-action,shotgun and I really wanted to try and,test out the semi-automatic platform so,this is what I purchased now what it,came with it came in this simple box,cardboard box it doesnt come with any,sort of case or any carrying case or,hard case it just comes in that simple,cardboard box obviously to keep costs,down it also comes with four chokes,improved modified theres a turkey choke,and I believe the other ones are full,full choke does have a couple other,accessories too it has a recoil reducer,and that only comes with the M 3500 the,three-and-a-half inch model its,supposed to help reduce recoil it does a,good job I dont even bother using it,though because I dont mind the recoil,Im not recoil shy so I dont even,bother putting it because it just,weighed the gun down but if you are,recoil shied you want to reduce the,recoil your shoot 3 1/2 inch youll,probably want to install the recoil,reducer it also comes with shims a shim,kit that will give you different angles,on the buttstock here so that it,presents itself in a different way and,you can customize it I just left it with,the one that it came with the standard,shim I felt it presented really well in,the hand and at a nice sight picture and,it worked really well for me it comes,with a simple owners manual and simple,takedown instructions funny thing is I,was on in the field this this this fall,and I was it was the last day of the,hunt and the water we had we were,flooded out and I was up to water my,waist Id taken a bird down and I was,just trying to put my shotgun in a tree,so I could take care of the down bird,that I got and I heard the shotgun fell,in the water dropped it in the drink so,that was it for me for that day I wanted,to take it home and clean it so once I,got at home I wanted to give it a,thorough cleaning as Ive gotten water,in there so you just remove the barrel,by unscrewing the barrel of the barrel,and trout separate nice and easily comes,apart and once youve got that apart,youre going to want to take apart the,charging handle bolt its a pain that,just pulls right out comes out nice and,easy,and then the bolt bolt carrier itself,comes out very simple and once youve,got that taken apart youre going to,want to remove the locking head pin from,the bolt comes out give it a tap with a,hammer that comes out and then youve,got your firing pin retaining pin that,comes out just use a screwdriver maybe,gently pry that out that comes out very,simple and thats pretty much all you,need to do to to take down the bolt bolt,carrier putting it back together was a,different story I had a problem with the,with the locking head pin reinstalling,that it didnt want to stay in so I had,to basically give it some taps with a,hammer and ensure that it wouldnt come,out because it was loose and it felt,like it was going to fall out so I kind,of crimped the material back on to the,bolt or sorry the bolt carrier and then,it was nice and firm and in position and,it wasnt going to come out so I just,want to quickly go over some of the,features that I didnt really care for,and some of the features that I did like,first off the safety and the bolt,release button theyre kind of small and,hard to get to and in a stressful,situation theyre kind of hard to,activate and Stoeger makes a shotgun,called the m3k and its essentially the,m30 500 but its meant for three gun it,has the extended bolt release and it has,the extended safety and if they could,implement that on this shotgun this,shotgun in my eyes would be almost,perfect things that we did like the,front fiber-optic sight is nice and,bright easy to take up a sight picture,and the best thing about this shotgun is,once you put it through its initial,break-in period,this thing can run anything it will run,light target loads all day long without,adjustment because its an inertia,driven system the same one that the,Benelli super Black Eagle uses theres,no adjustment required from going to two,and three-quarter three and a half inch,itll cycle anything you put it in all,day long so that we really highly,recommend and thats what kind of makes,this shotgun such a great bargain is,because at the price point I think the,MSRP is 779 right in and around there,you get a beautiful shotgun that has a,nice coloration for hunting doctor geese,waterfowl you add an extremely good,price and a shotgun that works weve,been super impressed with this shotgun I,havent had any issues with it and its,just a beautiful gun to run and the one,thing about the shotgun youre not going,to really impress anyone with a Stoeger,its not like having a super black eagle,but whats great about it is at that,price point you still get that super,black eagle reliability and a great,working shotgun so in summary guys this,is a workingmans shotgun really thats,as simple as that,its not something that youre going to,impress your buddies with its not super,expensive its really reasonably priced,and it works really hard you take it in,the field beat on it and you wouldnt be,too worried about it it comes in a lot,of nice colorations like I said earlier,max 4 which has recently been replaced,by max 5 camo you can get it in realtree,AP or black synthetic so beautiful,shotgun great price works great really,if youre looking for a semi-automatic,shotgun I dont think you have to look,much further than the Stover Im 3500 so,thanks for watching the video guys hope,you liked it if you did please like,comment and subscribe and thanks for,watching

Benelli Performance for $600?!- stoeger m3500 review

we got pigeons oh and I aint got shells,ah theyre just circling okay whats up,guys Jakes lose man blue collar,outdoors as you can tell if youve seen,the past videos I actually have one on,my own personal YouTube account thats,if you search Doge Ram 3500 youve seen,me and Im the BCO YouTube channel so,youve seen my two videos the shooting,part which I apologize extremely windy,were gonna redo that one just so you,can hear better were gonna do a pattern,test and a full in-depth breakdown on,this gun now today this is my one year,later review of this Stoeger Im 3500,man I tell you what this gun weve put,it through the paces Ive shot,three-inch I shot three and a half I put,both in there Ive cycled everything,early-season goose without the plugin,she has jammed a couple times I will say,that shoot black cloud three and a half,bbs sometimes that Kremp gets caught,right here 3-inch have never had a,problem that is the only negative I,found so far with this gun and I have,shouted a ton for waterfowl just pattern,test you know crow hunting you name it,just shooting weve shot this gun a lot,we put it through its paces and actually,Chris Johnson Prostaff for VCO he was,very impressed with this gun so he ended,up picking up one as well in a 26 bit,inch barrel not 228 this gun I brought,it down to Kentucky her turkey handled,flawlessly through the downpour and snow,and just crazy weather we had down there,and as you can tell out here,were in western New York so it shes,cold,well somewhat cold its been a pretty,relaxed winter put it through its paces,and I didnt clean it much I wanted to,see I know,usually I clean my gun every time I,shoot this gun I did this on purpose I,wanted to see if it could be dependent,reliable with minimal cleaning when I,first got I did my first vid shot I,cleaned it and then I have not cleaned,it since so its been about eleven,months of running this gun water fowl,crows turkey you know straight just,getting after it with it and you know,its not that dirty I dont know if you,can see down in there Im not gonna,actually take the gun apart right now,but after one year and everything I put,this thing through it has excelled the,only thing we changed is moose and I,both did this we added a we took off the,stock red bead we put a green on there,we both kind of agree that green picks,up a lot more light which is extremely,helpful when youre waterfowl hunting,this its just this gun is impressive,man the snow gram 3500 in a 12-gauge,its got your capabilities from 2 and,3/4 all the way to 3 and a half after,one year of beating the crap out of this,thing,you know I paid this gun was five fifty,ended up being 609 after everything,walking out the door so I wanted to see,how this would stand up to Benally in my,opinion is Benelli better than the,Stoeger a little bit but is it you know,$1,200 better no no actually I would,rather buy was three of these Stokers,Id rather get three of them than one,Benelli its just this gun,it has cycled smoothly it still has the,inertia driven system as a Benelli heist,Im telling you it keeps that gun the,difference between ex you know using a,gas driven semi-auto is all those gases,buildup in there and that collects,everything and gas,you know you get inertia hold on let me,clear us okay lets see if you can hear,it,thats the spring in here okay that is,what when you have it tight to your,shoulder which I will say this if you,shoot this gun you know kind of freehand,you dont have it squeezed tight,youre gonna jam because it doesnt have,a solid back for that spring to compress,and drive the next show because thats,how this system works okay so youre,youre coming down after shot say I just,fired shoulders tight to the stock,recoil drives it back and you have a,compressed tight to your shoulder youre,compressing that spring and sending it,right back up and youre good to go,so that keeps this gun extremely clean I,mean like I said I havent cleaned this,in 11 months and Ive been shooting it,almost every weekend every day just,unloaded and I know its not good,practice not to clean your firearm but,Im doing it for a reason I want to see,what this gun does if you were just to,run it you know and not clean it I want,to see how it holds up so well do the,next video will be an in-depth breakdown,were gonna do a pattern test with it,with the pattern master black cloud,thats whats in here now and a pattern,master code black turkey were getting,do a couple videos with that but this,video is just a one-year review would I,recommend it yes it is an extremely,great gun for a blue-collar guy like us,and 90% of the people out there wanna,hunt waterfowl they just want a good,semi-automatic weapon but they do not,want to spend money for a beretta or,Benally some Winchesters it doesnt,matter who owns guys Im telling you,this stole gram 3500 does the job this,is an extremely good gun Ive owned,Bonellis and honestly this one shoots,really good right out of the box theres,no I mean it comes with Shem so you can,adjust but Ive never,had to touch this like I just come in,when I go and I aim I put my cheek right,down my eyes right in line I dont have,to worry it doesnt shoot high and right,my Benelli oh is shot high and left this,gun is just its impressive for six,hundred nine dollars total I mean the,cost is gonna change depending where,youre at were here in western New York,so it might be lower it might be higher,where you are but having said that if,youre on a lower budget you cant blow,that money or you just dont want to,check out the soaker Im 3500 this thing,is VCO approved this is an extremely,extremely great semi-auto shotgun and I,cant wait to do the pattern test with,it and really show what this bad boy can,do so this is Jakes Liesman blue collar,outdoors I just wanted to update yall,on the still gram 3500 my thoughts after,one year of rigorous use so stay tuned,make sure to subscribe so you can see,the next video or if you havent go back,and watch the other two and once again I,apologize for the shooting portion it,was extremely windy and probably,shouldnt film it but its okay I had to,get you guys the video so Jakes losing,them blue collar outdoors yall have a,good day and lets go savers

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