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Stranger Things Season 4, Part 2 Review

youre terribly frightened by what,youve seen,but im not gonna lie to you,your friends are not prepared for this,fight part two of stranger things season,four only consists of two episodes as,opposed to part 1 7 but that doesnt,mean its a quick watch get ready to set,aside 4 hours for just about all the,upside down madness you can handle and,you can rest assured that there is never,a dull moment this is stranger things at,its most emotional thrilling and,ambitious it also happens to be stranger,things at its very best guaranteed to,give fans everything they want and a,whole lot more,the branching narrative style of,storytelling that was established in the,first part finally converges in a way,that feels mostly very satisfying the,first seven episodes constantly jumped,from california to hawkins to russia and,while theres still a good amount of,that in part two for the most part it,manages to bring our players together in,a way that pays off the patience that,was required for part one my biggest,complaint about part one was that the,mike will jonathan and argyle subplot in,california didnt feel in step tonally,with the rest of the season feeling less,necessary than the hawkins and russia,storylines the good news is that this is,largely remedied in part two they even,managed to justify argyles involvement,beyond mere comedic relief i felt this,intense relief,when she wasnt there no no thats the,purple palm tree delight working its,magic my man and will who is pretty,underserved in part one gets a few,emotional scenes including one,gut-wrenching one in episode 8 that is,easily noah schnapps most impressive,showcase on stranger things thus far,in fact theres a lot of that going on,in part two with several actors,including caleb mclaughlin gayton,matarazzo joe keary sadie sync millie,bobby brown natalia dyer joseph quinn,and david harbour giving some serious,best performances theres a ton of,effects heavy action and exciting plot,momentum but one of the most impressive,things about these two episodes is how,many moments of tenderness it manages to,squeeze in between various characters,with more than a couple of tear-jerking,moments while the run times may seem,overwhelming for some the result is that,not one bit of it feels rushed the,action emotional beats and the many,answered questions about the shows lore,are given plenty of time to breathe,without any of the elements undermining,each other that doesnt mean that it,doesnt feel a tad bit unwieldy at times,though once again the hawkins storyline,is the strongest and its,extraordinarily good at building tension,with vecna as menacing and terrifying as,ever they cant help you max,theres a reason,you hide from them,for the first time in a long time it,truly feels like we could lose some of,these characters and it makes for a,nerve-wracking watch still itll,occasionally halt its own momentum for a,detour to the russian storyline which,takes the california subplots place as,feeling the least necessary in this,installment it might have felt a little,more manageable if episode 9 were split,up into two episodes instead of giving,us such a pack to the brim be a myth of,a finale,but taking season 4 in as a whole its,pretty astonishing how much creators,matt and ross duffer were able to,accomplish both episodes 8 9 9 in,particular feel like big blockbuster,movies in every way especially in the,effects stunts and production design,from the deserts of california to the,slime of the upside down everything,simply looks astonishing and sleeker,than stranger things has ever looked the,ambition that marks season 4 extends to,every single part of these episodes,especially the storyline which really,starts to cement the duffer brothers,master plan for the series overall,setting up whatll have to be an even,bigger final season,the final two episodes of stranger,things season four are the series and,its most emotional action-packed and,tension-filled there are as many thrills,as you could hope for but also quite a,few lovely tender moments between,characters weve come to care so much,about there are so many series best,performances that is hard to single out,any in particular but its especially,nice to see noah schnapps will get a,bit more attention than he did in part,one it still ends up feeling a tad bit,unwieldy but ultimately these four hours,pack in just about everything a stranger,things fan could ask for,for more stranger things check out our,review of season 4 part 1 and our,interview with the actor behind fekna,and for everything else stick with ign

Stranger Things Season 4: Part 1 – Angry Review

[Music],[Applause],[Music],hey guys and finally welcome to our,stranger things season 4 review took us,quite a while to get through this one,because youre looking at what,seven episodes theyre super sized,episodes some longer than i think all of,them longer than an hour so it was over,eight nine hours of content that we had,to go through in order to review this um,and its been what three years uh since,the last of stranger things and then in,the and there was a two year break in,between three and two and there was a,one-year break between one and two uh so,the brakes are getting a little longer,of course the pandemic happened and kind,of slowed things down but it did kind of,put a damper on my height for it right,until they released that trailer you got,this interesting,vacuna,freddy krueger-like uh villain you you,get the,you know,kind of the other world rights and were,getting more on that,and uh the upside down,and,theyre back the crew is back right and,so,how,did this go over with me as i was,watching it,to be perfectly honest i know im gonna,get down voted i know everybodys gonna,hate us and and i dont care because,here at the angry joe show we just give,it to you uh our brutally honest,opinions i think that this season was,just too bloated,it a lot of this thing was spinning the,wheels we added a bunch of new,characters that i dont care about um,and and,a lot of subplots that frankly go,nowhere and arent really contributing,much especially um,how am i blanking on his name,the sheriff tom oh hopper hopper yeah,hopper not topper thats hot shots uh,anyways um,and to me in my opinion it started too,slowly uh and it was dull in parts and,it was repeating a lot of the same story,beats that weve already seen while,simultaneously dragging out those,subplots too too long and and adding in,way too many new characters thats,thats my opinion i know and almo almost,in a way its become too big for its own,good right bigger better more badass,comes to mind they want to try to make a,bigger better and more badass and to be,honest the visuals have never been,better uh that the budget is high,it is a lot darker i mean people are,dying in gruesome ways,nobody that we care about but people are,dying in gruesome ways its there yeah,but its there so while they made it,bigger better more badass i think they,went uh,some notches too far to where its,bloated in places and frankly kind of,boring wanted to scan through uh a lot,of the episodes for me episode four and,seven,thats where its standing out and im,actually excited for the last two,episodes because thats going to be,releasing in july,im im amped but i felt like i went,through a lot of,filler to get there well for me what do,you think it felt like,it was a brand they they treated it like,a brand new series were doing like,character introductions its like were,on season four like we know these,characters we dont need to redo all,these things and reintroduce all the,its like we were at the fourth season,i think that we,youre not starting on season four right,so you can get to the point and it felt,too it felt like it was taking too long,for them to get to the [ __ ] point in,the first couple episodes because it did,it dragged ass,and i get what theyre sending up i like,the directions theyre going it just we,just had to slog through some [ __ ] to,get there its like you can,you can explain to me very quickly that,ls getting bullied and shes not having,a good time but they just decided they,were just gonna drag that [ __ ] on and i,cannot i do not care dont care at all,not at all stop it yeah one bully scene,is good for me i i dont need three you,know and it just kept going and and four,its the build up,all right now shes really getting ready,dont get me wrong i love all this stuff,in the experimental area that the,flashbacks are great yeah thats weird,and strong well i feel like the opposite,of you guys im actually enjoying i am,enjoying this but i do agree the first,couple episodes or the first two,episodes are kind of slow but it,actually picked up for me and im,enjoying it so far yeah same with me it,picks up at the episode episode seven,definitely for sure episode four where,max is in like in trouble,you like eddie okay so lets talk about,all of the new characters what do you,guys think of some of the new characters,eddie is pretty [ __ ] cool hes one of,the guys that i would love to play some,d d with eddie reminds me of the dudes,that some of the dudes i used to play,[ __ ] red,yeah without that hes like i dont want,him to die or not oh fire hell,care about that one we never had [ __ ],t-shirts or anything but,that would be sweet its hard to make,you care about new characters especially,when were this far in and you think,eddie works yes what about anybody else,um,the [ __ ] is great at being an [ __ ],the jock,for me thats not working thats one of,the subplots thats not working its,like come on i know its just its fine,like yeah it is,so stupid youre supposed to hate him,hes hes hes captain of the ski team,or whatever his names blake or chad or,and ive got two buddies named blake,but its just like hes hes that true,like 80s dude his dad owns a dealership,and you know he just looks down on,everyone else and hes it is overwritten,and overacted and it is kind of dumb but,i get like i think im giving them the,past tropes because theyre putting it,in on purpose i think they are trying to,do that um yeah the thing i like about,this too like the way they put these,characters i actually do like them as,opposed to what season was it what they,introduced the new people there the emo,eleven,oh oh oh youre right i was like i,didnt do that okay i didnt do that so,im gonna give him credit for that i,think im better than season three,subplot yo sure sure sure no youre,actually making me soften on it a little,bit a little a little rough because i,thought i was gonna hate him i was like,no eddies pretty cool like dont hang,out with the game yeah um and uh what,about the subplots or the subplots,working for you like for example weve,got,[Music],joyce going and yeah trying to,figure out how to get to him then were,flying there then were rescuing him and,then the subplot of hopper within the,actual prison with a russian uh soldier,that he kind of betrayed befriends and,betrays or betrayal,um what do you think about that,that to me that is where its not,working yeah i agree with you on that,one thats the weaker aspect of it that,one im just like okay lets go back to,the main plot because this isnt working,out for me so thats the part where im,like okay i could fast forward to this,yeah i feel the same way that that is,actually it feels kind of like the whole,series where it just starts off too,[ __ ] slow and they didnt need to,start off that like we could have gotten,to the juicier bits within that,storyline introduce some of the un the,underground stuff that is happening,there that is present there and really,ramped up the excitement and the,attention and just the enjoyability of,that storyline because its not,enjoyable it doesnt go anywhere its,just kind of meandering and we just,dont like it if youre going to give me,an hour and 20 hour and 10 minutes for,these episodes i know we are constantly,give me more give me more this is not,the stuff we want more of yeah,um,lets see so i i do want to point out,this feeling that im getting uh that it,doesnt feel like a story they wanted to,tell from the beginning you know what i,mean but rather something they came up,with right like a team of writers in a,room and focus groups that that are now,being in past its okay all right how do,we get how do we do this you know its,like man i like it when when series are,planned you know and and its getting a,little bit of a lost thing um,but i think that the people that they,got and the way its going is the right,choice you know what im saying so so,ultimately i agree with where theyre,going and im excited with where theyre,going but it just

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Stranger Things: Season 4, Part 1 Review

youve broken everything,season four is the first season of,stranger things to be released in two,parts and it quickly becomes pretty,obvious why this season is incredibly,ambitious and are there a few moments,where you can feel it struggling under,the weight of that ambition sure but,part one which consists of seven of the,nine episodes of season four largely,works by leaning on a lot of whats paid,off in previous seasons while also,taking some exciting new swings that,prevent it from feeling like a greatest,hits rehash,[Music],the entire season is constantly bouncing,across various story lines the buyers in,a still powerless 11 are in california,poor hoppers in a russian prison and the,hawkins crew is well still dealing with,upside down shenanigans in indiana in a,lot of ways that tri-prong structure,gives stranger things a needed shake-up,and each storyline successfully brings,its own intrigue the hawkins arc feels,like classic stranger things but with an,added level of maturity as the kiddos,arent exactly kiddos anymore the way,they unravel the mystery of hawkins new,threat is consistently satisfying,theres a mystery to solve yes there,always is but the storytelling is far,from lazy in regards to how that mystery,unfolds and its never coy or,withholding for the sake of it hoppers,storyline sometimes feels like a,different show altogether but thats not,a bad thing its no doubt the bleakest,portion of the season but its also,beautifully shot and refreshingly action,heavy plus it gives david harbor some,emotional moments to shine as hopper,goes through his most difficult journey,yet the best part of the california arc,meanwhile is millie bobby browns,continuously great performance as a very,much struggling 11 and the much awaited,revelations about her past the other,parts of the california storyline like,an attempted buddy comedy and a couple,of the later episodes of part 1 mostly,feel pretty out of place in the larger,scheme of things despite their attempts,at comedic relief in short its a lot,and the episode run times accommodate,ranging from an hour at the shortest to,an hour and 40 minutes at the longest,but surprisingly the scripts are,incredibly tight in fact and bear with,me here because i cant believe im,saying this either it feels like some of,the earlier episodes could have been,longer every scene in each storyline,does something to move the needle,forward and on one hand thats exciting,on the other hand none of the more,emotional developments are giving much,of a chance to breathe plus that,branching narrative style of,storytelling could lead to some pretty,jarring occasions of tonal whiplash but,taken on their own none of the arcs are,weak ones in particular the hawkins,portion contains some genuinely scary,sequences especially in episode 4 dear,billy which is the best episode of the,bunch hell it might be the best episode,of stranger things yet thanks in large,part the sadie sings fantastic portrayal,of a grieving max as for our new big bad,vecna theres not much we can say,without getting into spoiler territory,so lets just say he looks freaking,badass the creature itself is a stunning,achievement of practical effects and the,series never takes any shortcuts that,would have him obscured in shadows its,never cheesy or fake looking instead,its terrifying having a sentient,villain as well adds a welcome extra,level of horror in fact everything looks,quite a bit sleeker this season in a,good way the effects even managed to,step it up a notch from the already,impressive season three especially since,this season spends much more time in the,upside down and there are some gorgeous,landscape shots those visual spectacles,are just one reason why each episode in,season 4 part 1 feels like its own,little movie its a lot to take in i,wouldnt even recommend binging it but,should you choose to anyway youve got a,lot to look forward to in that binge,part one of stranger things season four,sets up its most ambitious season yet,the performances are all top-notch new,baddie vechna is appropriately,terrifying and there are some gorgeous,special impractical effects not every,plot line in these extra-long episodes,works as well but none feels unworthy of,the time spent well have to wait and,see if season 4 sticks to landing as a,whole with the final two episodes in,july but for now we can say that this,batch of episodes was well worth the,wait for more stranger things check out,our exclusive trailer breakdown with the,duffer brothers and for everything else,stick with ign

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The Good, The Bad and The Incredibly Frustrating⎮Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Review

hey there and welcome back to another,stranger things video and today i want,to talk about the release of the second,volume of season four because i have a,lot of feelings about this and not all,of them are good now dont get me wrong,i dont think the second volume was,necessarily bad but i do think it was,held back by the writing in a number of,ways and honestly when i first watched,it i was gripped the whole way through,there were moments here and there where,i had to pause the episode to let out a,big sigh of disappointment but for the,most part i enjoyed the experience,immensely but then i sat back and i,started thinking about things a bit more,and i just couldnt help but have this,big feeling of disappointment with how,they wrap things up like im still hyped,for season five and all but now im,sitting here looking back on the,awesomeness that was volume one of,season four and then volume twos just,sitting there like,but anyway enough vague complaining,well start off with the things i didnt,particularly like and then finish off,with the fun stuff to send us off on a,high but yeah like spoilers so lets,start off with the big boy character,deaths spoiler alert go away if you,dont want spoilers last chance okay,eddie died and i loved eddie eddie was,awesome and i think killing eddie was a,mistake it was wasteful and i dont know,it was a bit of a cop-out for me i guess,and yeah i get im a fan of the,character and you might argue that makes,me a bit biased a bit of a blind fanboy,but honestly i really liked barb and bob,and alexi as well they were fun,characters too and honestly they did,need to die for the story to progress,barb had to kick-start nancys entire,arc bob and alexi were kind of loose,ends that needed to be tied off they,would have cluttered things with their,presence in later seasons but i do not,think the same thing applies to eddie i,think he had more of a story to tell and,a place in the narrative going forward,he was just such a unique character,compared to some of the very vanilla and,samey characters weve got going on he,was a breath of fresh air and they,killed him off because what they didnt,know what to do with him because he was,an accused serial killer like isnt al,already on the run now they would have,been a very fun duo to have living in a,cabin in the woods together but no,lets kill him off instead but thats,not all because they also had to kind of,hit him with the idiot stick to actually,successfully kill him off for some,reason he decides that sacrificing,himself to the bats is going to be,helpful like what like i get they have,this vague dont run away motif but,wouldnt have been better to i dont,know keep running with dustin to keep,distracting the bats theyre doing all,of this to ensure that nancy steve and,robin make it to wekner and kill him,successfully but eddie leads them back,away from the gate back towards nancy,robin and steve into the upside down so,what if they i dont know just go back,to the house after they kill him then,three more people would have been,trapped and killed and it would have,been his fault just so he could have his,i didnt run away this time storyline,also they went to a weapons store no,guns for the boys that have to fight the,bats look this is the usa everybody,knows that in modern day usa theres,almost no gun regulations anyone can buy,an assault weapon surely the 1980s was,no different if a little girl can walk,around through a store like this on her,own putting [ __ ] in her wagon surely,they could have got some better weapons,for dustin and eddie instead of just,spears and shields nice also according,to my very very brief research you can,apparently buy flamethrowers in the usa,theyre not even considered weapons,apparently but tools now that horrifying,revelation aside for a moment surely,that means you could buy one in the 80s,right did they not sell them back then,and even if not would these kids not,know how to build one using the stuff,they could buy whats the point in,having nerds on your side if they dont,think of [ __ ] like this i mean they,already know that fire hurts these,things the most they make molotovs to,fight vechna for [ __ ] sake so having a,flamethrower to kill the swarm of bats,feels like it makes just too much sense,no one had to die if they werent stupid,and on top of that its yet another,example of them killing off the new,character simply to try and get an,emotional response whilst not taking a,risk by getting rid of a main character,hopper is the only time they did that,and even then he was clearly not dead,even that episode because you saw him in,the post-credits scene or at least saw a,hint of him so at this stage why should,i ever believe the main characters are,in any sort of mortal peril why should i,care theyre in any sort of danger when,theres no proof that any of them at any,point in time are at any proper risk and,if theres a new character why would i,bother getting attached to them why,would i bother caring about them theyre,just there for the cheap death after all,so it really lessens the suspense when,the majority of the characters just have,straight up plot armor like seriously,nancy steve and robin were getting,straight up strangled for what felt like,half the finale and they were just fine,not even bruised around their throats,steve was bitten by bats in volume one,completely fine lucas is beaten to the,point that he shouldnt have still been,standing hes just a teenager he got,walloped and he ducks under a gunshot,like hes james bond or some [ __ ] max,straight up dies and was resurrected,somehow like i know shes in a coma but,lets be real how long is that gonna,last and i mean realistically i could,also see there being little to no,consequences from that even though i,feel like surely he would have attacked,her spine surely shed be crippled or at,least blind judging from her milky eyes,at the end but i could see them just,being like no shes fine and so this,does bring me to max and god her,storyline this season was so good and,the second volume was no exception but i,just cant help but think killing her,was [ __ ] dumb like i know they needed,to open the portal for the ending but,killing a character and bringing them,back to life that just aint it chief,having her just have her snapped bones,and blinded eyes seems like it would,have been enough for me i mean you could,easily easily write your way out of this,and [ __ ] your way to the finale it,just feels like they wanted to have that,emotional response of a main character,dying and then none of the consequences,but dont get me wrong i love max i,didnt want her to die im not a psycho,but it happened and if they were brave,enough to do it be brave enough to stay,the course with it and i mean i just,pray that shes not fine and i know this,sounds so deranged i hope shes crippled,or blind but come on give me a reason to,care give me some narrative consequences,if they just have her sleep and then,wake up all fine well i wont stop,watching but you better believe ill be,complaining online also having the death,scenes back to back also felt like a,mistake you were already emotionally,exhausted and so it did lessen the,impact of maxs death a little bit and i,mean yeah she ends up coming back but it,still felt lessened and so those are my,major complaints but i do have a few,minor complaints too sorry,for one russia oh russia that whole plot,was not it for me it bogged down the,flow of the rest of the story like dont,get me wrong it wasnt bad and it was,fun to watch i enjoyed the scenes for,what they were and hopper and choice,reuniting was ah it was everything but,at the same time it felt so disconnected,from the main storyline that it was so,much harder to care and it really threw,off the pacing of that final episode,like oh no steve nancy and robin are,getting strangled max might die she only,has moments to live shes getting,attacked by vacna [ __ ] lets cut back to,the oldies breaking back into a ru

STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Recap | Volume 1 & 2 Ending Explained

in season four of stranger things nine,months have passed since the mind,flayers defeat at the star court mall,eleven has moved with the buyers family,to california forcing her and mike into,a strained long-distance relationship,mike and dustin also begin to have a,strained relationship with lucas and max,lucas has joined the high school,basketball team and befriended the,popular jocks led by jason while max has,pulled away from everyone as she,continues to grieve the death of billy,mike and dustin joined the hellfire club,the schools dungeons and dragons club,which is led by the eccentric outcast,eddie munson when jasons cheerleader,girlfriend chrissy is plagued with,headaches and nightmarish visions she,pays eddie a visit to buy drugs to cope,with her symptoms while in eddies,trailer chrissy becomes possessed by an,evil force from the upside down which,brutally murders her when chrissys body,is found eddie goes on the run as he,becomes the polices prime suspect jason,and his gang of bully jocks lead the,charge in labeling eddie and the,hellfire club a group of satanic devil,worshipers responsible for chrissys,death an attempt to find eddie to enact,vigilante justice as mike departs,hawkins to spend his spring break with,11 in california dustin max and lucas,team up with nancy steve and robin to,uncover the truth behind chrissys,murder the group explains to eddie their,previous experiences with the upside,down and name this new evil threat vecna,who continues to possess and murder high,school students nancy and robin follow a,lead to the pinhurst psychiatric,institution where they interview a man,named victor creel who had been in,prison decades prior for murdering his,family victor explains to them that,after his wife and young children moved,into their new home in hawkins they,experienced similar horrific visions as,chrissy before being possessed and,killed victor was arrested for their,deaths after no one believed his story,nancy also figures out from hearing,victors story that hearing his favorite,song was what pulled him out of vecnas,possession and saved his life meanwhile,max discovers that all of vecnas,victims experienced severe headaches and,nosebleeds and were suffering from ptsd,from past traumas the same symptoms max,was currently experiencing and thats,when max realized that vecna was,possessing her as well fearing that,vecna could kill her at any moment max,writes letters to all of her friends,then heads to billys grave to read him,a letter at the grave site max is,possessed and taken to veknas alter in,the upside down where he prepares to,kill her nancy and robin managed to,relay to the others that music can break,vechnas possession and they play maxs,favorite song to her this helps max,fight vechna off and escaped the upside,down saving her life dustin theorizes,that new gates to the upside down were,being opened at the site of vecnas,murders when steve investigates the,bottom of lovers lake to confirm,dustins theory he is pulled into the,upside down and attacked by bat like,creatures nancy robin and eddie enter,the upside down to save steve but are,unable to return through the gate due to,it being guarded by more of the,creatures and so the group decides to,make their way through the upside down,to eddies trailer to find another exit,back in the real hawkins as the police,begin to investigate the hellfire club,for their involvement with eddie dustin,max lucas and lucass sister erica flee,the cops and their parents to head to,eddies trailer and save their friends,they managed to save robin and eddie,from the upside down but before nancy,escapes she becomes possessed by vechna,the villain reveals to nancy the extent,of his evil plans promising to use the,newly opened gates at the locations of,his victims to fully break open the rift,between the upside down and the real,world which would destroy all of hawkins,meanwhile mike arrives in california to,spend his spring break with eleven and,the buyers family he quickly discovers,that although eleven had told him she,was doing great she was actually,depressed and mercilessly bullied eleven,was also upset with mike for not telling,her he loved her will had his own issues,with mike feeling abandoned by his best,friend who only seemed to care about,eleven and jonathan was dealing with his,own relational issues too afraid to tell,nancy that he was having second thoughts,about their college plans wanting to,stay close to protect his family the,kids quickly have the house to,themselves as joyce receives a message,from hopper revealed to have survived,the star court mall explosion and was,currently imprisoned in russia a kindly,prison guard named antonov agrees to,help hopper escape and tells joyce to,bring forty thousand dollars to a,russian pilot in alaska joyce teams up,with murray bowman to head to alaska,where they meet the eccentric pilot yuri,yuri betrays them drugging joyce and,murray ratting out antonov to the other,russians and thwarting hoppers escape,attempt as yuri flies a capture joyce,and murray to turn over to the russians,they escape their minds and murray uses,his new black belt skills to subdue yuri,they hatch a plan to break hopper out of,prison with murray posing as yuri to,deliver joyce and the real yuri to the,russians the plan works and the group,are allowed to enter the prison where,they are taken to watch hopper antonov,and a group of prisoners fight a,demogorgon hopper uses his prior,experiences with the creature to save,his and antonovs lives while murray and,joyce revealed their ruse subduing the,guards and unlocking the doors to allow,hopper and antonov to escape hopper and,joyce have an emotional reunion and the,group make their escape but upon,learning of the dangers back in hawkins,hopper joyce and murray returned to the,russian prison to battle their lab,filled with demogorgon test subjects in,the hopes that it would help the kids in,their battle against vecna back in,california after her bullies publicly,humiliate her eleven finally snaps and,assaults one of them after being,arrested eleven is saved by dr owens who,warns her of everything that was,happening back in hawkins while,higher-ups in the government believe 11,could be responsible and was too,dangerous owens assures her that he,believed she was good and had been,working on a program that could give her,her powers back eleven agrees to go with,owens to attempt to restore her powers,and save hawkins from becna while two of,owenss men are tasked with protecting,mike will and jonathan when armed,soldiers attack the buyers house the,boys flee with jonathan stoner friend,argyle and race to find owens and eleven,along the way will gives a rousing,speech to encourage mike during which he,implies that hes gay and in love with,his best friend owens takes eleven to a,secret underground lab where he reveals,that he has been working with a very,much alive dr brenner to develop an,isolation tank known as nina that would,allow eleven to access her forgotten,memories and reawaken her powers inside,nina eleven remembers her time in,hawkins labs under the care of dr,brenner where she was bullied by her,fellow super-powered experiments eleven,had been befriended by a kind orderly,who warned 11 that brenner wasnt to be,trusted eventually the orderly revealed,himself to be one the first child,experimented on by brenner who had a,device in his neck that suppressed his,powers eleven helped remove the device,to allow them both to escape but the,orderly instead massacred everyone in,the lab it turned out the orderly was,actually henry creel the son of victor,creel he had used his psychic abilities,to murder his mother and sister and,though victor was told henry died he was,actually placed in the care of brinner,and now that eleven knew his villain a,secret he was going to kill her too,eleven managed to overpower henry,ripping open the first portal to the,upside down and sending henry through it,where he was transformed into v

Stranger Things Season 4 SPOILER Review – Easter Eggs, Ending Explained!

i gotta tell ya im having a real good,time with stranger things i loved this,part one uh of season four episodes one,through seven it has the feels,of those classic blockbusters im,talking from back to the future to even,a little bit like jurassic park,it really is like back to the future and,you i think a lot of us felt they,couldnt recapture that cinematic,feeling anymore and for them to do that,with this show,uh its beautiful i love it and i went,to the stranger things experience in new,york city the other day if youre in the,new york city area i highly recommend it,they really went over the top on this,and i got a shirt stranger things i got,the logo shirt they had other shirts but,i wanted to you know simple was best,like that great iconic logo and i got,this drink cup because that was i got,the vip ticket so you could buy this too,but i got i got a free ticket and a free,gift uh you get to cut the line it was,great i highly recommend it,im just i honestly just went on my own,you know,with my with my friends and family i had,an amazing time and i want you to be,able to have a good time that runs all,the way through the end of july so go go,see that,boy i really love this show all right so,you have also made it through all nine,glorious hours all youre cheating but,go back and watch it if you have not,seen it uh of stranger things four part,one so now we can talk spoilers,including,amazing finale how great all the finale,of part one how great was that final,reveal my jaw was on the floor i mean i,knew that jamie campbell bowers orderly,orderly was up to no good and i,suspected he was number one,and vecna or had something to do with,vecna,but i never guessed he was also victor,creels son i thought that was some,demon that was haunting the house they,got me they got me good when they had,that reveal i was like oh my god of,course its so beautiful and its,simplicity but yet you hit it so well,id be curious if any of you guessed,that in advance and also did you really,i mean wow it was great he killed his,mother his own mother who was trying to,get him to go to a doctor because she,suspected that he was the one causing,the problems in the house then he killed,his sister and he passed out before i,thought he passed out before he could,kill his father because he was new to,his powers and then he was like what,luck my dad takes the takes the fall but,yet everyone thought that the whole,family had been killed because dr martin,brenner who his mom had called whisked,him away uh to a le to the lab so he,ended up being locked up in a lab anyway,despite killing his whole his mother and,sister i mean that was really good stuff,that was excellent i loved it uh i they,they really got me with thats that,final twist twist upon twist upon twist,i loved it uh his motivations were a bit,wonky you know he was just bad,apparently,but it was still a great twist because,it was right in front of you the whole,time like you werent like oh come on no,one could have guessed that you were,like oh,you did it that was a good one and also,i think what really seals the deal is,how great a villain vechna is from,whoevers doing the performance under,all that makeup which is so cool and so,well done to also bowers performance as,the orderly that was some charismatic,,i loved it so much,all right we also learned that hes the,very first person to have these special,powers and then 11 was part of this,project by dr brenner to replicate those,powers and probably get someone a little,easier to control the number one i dont,think they ever revealed his name i,looked in the credits and the son uh has,not given a name peter ballard is what,they call him in the in the credit list,you know for when uh for for the who,jamie campbell bowers playing but maybe,thats his orderly name,brenner kept being like he was so,suspicious of him and im like i cant,believe you kept that guy around as an,orderly around all these other children,but anyway im getting ahead of myself,11 was the only other child in the,program to come along with powers at the,level of one potentially so he helped,her to get to his level uh so that she,could help him escape and then also to,team up with him i thought 11 had killed,everybody until right toward the end,when i was like ah the orderly did it,and then of course that was indeed what,happened but then she didnt stay in the,closet and saw that he had killed,everybody and banished him to the upside,down she opened the first rift and he,turned into vecna uh on those on the,press screeners the vfx on that sequence,were a little wonky but it was still,very cool but a little part of me was,sad because i was like were not going,to see any more jamie campbell bower,because hes really an asset to this,show,so good its just as cool as feckner but,i like both of them maybe hell like,talk to her through his mind and thats,where well see jamie campbell bower,again,again,great mystery and all the puzzle pieces,come together i feel in an incredibly,satisfying way power lets talk more,about bauer i loved his hair he had this,sweet wonderful sides you know frontal,sweep when he was the orderly and then,when he got when his powers were,unleashed he became like super cool and,he got you know a little bit like his,hair moosed by his powers i was like,thats hilarious,of course his hair looks cooler when he,becomes you know his powers are,unleashed it was just a really funny uh,detail that i really liked it was so,great and the way he subtly communicates,with eleven up until that point like i,loved when he tapped the one spot about,who he was talking about on that puzzle,she was working on you know to reference,number one who he said well who knows,where one is but he was sitting right,next to him but that was really good i,thought this was a star turn for jamie,campbell bauer if i were another studio,or netflix you know a lot of times,people like to keep this talent they,discover with them,i would sign him up for something,immediately i was really really,impressed with him here and also again,the brenner would keep him around as an,orderly even when he was maybe he felt,this guy would somehow be helpful but,that he could brenner felt that he could,still stay one step ahead of him brenner,always thinks he can stay one step ahead,of everybody and he never does,but,that seems very weird brenner is a,monster but you know is he a monster but,i think he has monstrous elements and i,think thats why hes a perfect person,to talk to 11 about superhero versus,monster that was one of the greatest,speeches on the in this season part 1 in,episode 7 where he says,dealing in these absolutes 11 uh,superhero monster the world is not so,black and white there are graves,hes like i should know,hes great,i thought that was a wonderful speech,and i think actually very true about,what you know about real life,and he said you know he said what have,you done in the flashback to help to,help sell us n11 on it being her fault,that she killed all those people,uh but i mean hed seen the security,tape since then so he knew it was one,but i i dont know why he couldnt just,tell her that and be like youre not a,monster that was some other dude let me,tell let me show you the tape you know,let me show you the security tape but i,guess it had to be done this way not,only to unlock unlock elevens mind and,therefore her powers but i guess its,also more cinematic so anyway very funny,stuff all right so vecna once he once,one becomes vechna i realized that all,the things that come out of his back,when he plugs in to power up i think are,a spider motif its like his legs slash,a web and i thought that was very clever,i dont know why he likes spiders but he,did and that motif was carried out into,his uh branding as a as the big bad,i like the way he slowly moves towards,his prey and the dream sequences,a little bit like robert pattinsons,batman who of course co-starred with,jamie campbell bower in the twilight,movies but that was j

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