1. Personal Review | Street Outlaws 2
  2. Street Outlaws 2 winner takes all Quick review
  3. The Super Street Devs made a New Game…
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Personal Review | Street Outlaws 2

[Music],whats going on everybody welcome back,to another video here with average guys,gaming my name is michael and were,going to go ahead and get to my official,and personal review video here of street,outlaws 2.,i played the game all the way through,the career so i have a great,feeling of understanding the game and,and what i like and didnt like so im,going to bring that to you guys here now,if you guys havent seen any of the,videos and this is the first one youre,checking out there are some spoilers in,here so please bear that in mind,were gonna go ahead and start off with,the bad get that right up out of the way,things i didnt like about this game,the online hub and tournament modes,garbage,the,tuning and adjustment setups,garbage,mod system,garbage and im going to explain why the,online and tournament hub mode,were,just that an online hub,there was no point in playing it other,than to ping off a quick trophy that you,did play,x number of tournaments or whatever the,case may be and join a crew or create,one,there was no motivation to continue to,go in there and play other than a show,off your car to get to six seconds or,the case may be there was no,parts you were earning for participating,theres no parts,no cash transactions no nothing for for,playing and like any other online game,or any online mode you usually get,something xp or something nothing here,online tuning or not online but the,tuning system absolute,crap,it uh,didnt,didnt do anything very well,um,it uh,just made things difficult like as you,were trying to adjust things it made the,car different but there was no way,to,see what you were doing in a real-time,effect to say okay yeah thats good or,not other than hitting the test track,then at that point you were either a too,far over or not far enough or it didnt,make a change and there was plenty of,times where id make a huge swing at,something and,nothing,and the test track should be that nature,of there so definitely could have,improved that in my tuning video i,showed the difference between the tuning,system,the steering ls2 versus the tuning issue,or the tuning in street outlaws one,and the one,the system in one was so much better you,got to see real time what it was doing,and adjusting and kind of going from,there so,they should have left that system alone,mods,really kind of a joke they give you,legendary mods but they dont,really do anything well there i didnt i,havent personally found anything,that,made the car better theres some things,im like in theory oh yeah it should be,better like,i have a gold transmission mod that,would improve shifting to get to there,quicker,it doesnt seem to help everything is,literally about top speed or,acceleration or boost or whatever the,case may be and thats the other thing,too boost is ridiculous you hit it and,youre all over the road it just flings,you no matter what and thats not how,that works so,slight clip i didnt touch this as well,but your teammates,um i think,you dont get enough of them or recruit,them as well they kind of come to you,to join your team at that point theres,a trophy in here for having a legendary,teammate,were all the way through the career and,i never even remotely saw anything but,blue or gray not even not even a purple,one i dont know if they exist but,theres a trophy for one maybe its,coming in a future update and this is,premature but,your teammate system is great in theory,but is really kind of junk because they,dont do,a ton for you for the most part same,thing with betting really much of a joke,its kind of up to them whether they,take it or not,lets get on to the good stuff,what,excuse me what did i like about the game,um i liked it street outlaws im a huge,fan of this series watch at all time and,i like that they were able to use a lot,of likeness of,the characters um not characters the the,guys that are really on all of their,cars etc and bring that in they kind of,missed some of that in the first game,they didnt,i dont think they had,approvals for certain people or whatever,the case may be but,um,its three dollars game so its,straightforward it is street racing this,one unfortunately was more focused on,their new,part of it as a no prep kings,uh series they did throw in some street,racing as your trial night or whatever,the case may be so that you could earn,rep to get to,racing in them which is kind of cool so,you got a little bit out of it but um,didnt know that going into the game i,just knew street outlaws and that it was,kind of cool new cars new features new,bodies things like that and it was great,racings fun straightforward pretty,simple um,gave you a little bit of a,i dont see difficulty slider in the,sense of youre really in the control of,whether you do or did not want to race,if you jump the light youre out you,know if youre over the line um,but its straightforward hit the gas,shift gears go great love it,simple perfect there arent too many,drag racing games out there by any means,i think this is the only one that,focuses on any sort of drag racing i,know need for speed,uh i want to say shift had some drag,racing but that is probably 15 years ago,yes im that old,to cover that so,i did like that,there were,part shops that you could go to,and,buy your parts from buyer mods from you,werent stuck just kind of going you,could,pick and choose i think the part depth,though,of,street outlaws one was way better you,would buy independent components like,pistons rods etc um and then you could,vary out your your modifications in,there you werent able to slot them in,so they should have took a piece of that,but i do like that you were able to buy,your mods and earn mods and,buy your parts and earn parts and then,level them up that was super nice i did,like that there was kind of a damage,system to it as well that you did have,to worry about repairing your parts,um to make sure that,they didnt explode as much as thats a,trophy in there there is required that,you uh blow yourself up somewhere so,car selection uh i dig it obviously they,dont have likeness rights for,cars and vehicles so they cant call,them what they actually are but you can,look at them and see pretty much what,they are,did,have a small complaint here,the,caro,carl xl and the caro 89 or whatever they,call it are also supposed to be,likenesses of a camaro definitely dont,look like it theyve got tail lights of,a mustang theyve got doors of of a,of a dodge but again theres no likes,and so you got to do make small,modifications there but i do like the,car selection as decent amount that you,can switch,cars on the fly you could start with one,car purchase another one later switch to,it i do like that your parts follow,through,its kind of a cool unique thing but i,think it,would have been better and gave a bit,more depth,to,one if you switch a car you kind of,start your career over thats personally,me i think that would be kind of cool to,see,that happen here you swing youre,changing cars now you got to earn a new,rep,same thing with parts i think if youre,switching cars your parts shouldnt,necessarily follow over you should be,able to move them but they shouldnt,follow,same thing with paint i prefer to have,multiple cars with multiple paint did a,lot of cool schemes but i,you cant save them because,theres no,no place to save them you know loadouts,are just strictly for tuning so,call my complaint so,indifference,now theyre good not theyre bad the,challenge series uh i definitely enjoyed,the challenge series a lot more,than,i did in the first game the first game,you were stuck using your own car to,go through and do these things and of,course you are set up to drag race where,the challenges are left right you know,youre kind of going through a road,course,or in this one i did like that they did,give you a car specific from,something that asian and farm truck did,its nice to see those guys back in it,and do something a little crazy with it,it was super kind of cool um,and kept things kind of moving al

Street Outlaws 2 winner takes all Quick review

show you this game,im just gonna make sure im broke to,cast in live on youtube,just to make sure i can hear my voice,which doesnt seem to be happening right,now,one second,you probably already knew that you can,wager on parts and mods but also money,but during grudge nights you can bet,more than youd normally be allowed to,oh there we go there we go,right so im broadcasting live right,were good,so i just wanted to come on and show you,this game um,i got it a couple of weeks ago and uh i,was struggling at first because,i couldnt get a good tune for my car,but the other night i worked it out and,uh,im rolling on this game so,im just going to show you a few things,and im just going to do a couple of,races just to see you just to show you,um,the speed of these cars and how good,this game is,so uh ill show you some car paints,first,so you got these like normal paints and,stuff like that but you can go down you,could have metallics,mats,satins,and these chromes oh my god look at,these chromes,unbelievable,they just look so good,you can also have flakes,and this one called chameleon ive not,tried this one yet but,ive got a few colors,but yeah theyre pretty cool,right so anyway,this is just a quick review just to show,uh some of my friends what this games,like,so were gonna go to the map,were gonna find a race,uh,let me see,just gonna find a few quick ones so,well go to savannah first,you want to make a deal,use what i got here ive got one of them,so i dont need that,yeah and i wanted to show you this game,because its the acceleration and the,gear changes and everything on this game,i had the first game,and uh it wasnt,visually that good,um the second game,oh my god its amazing the gameplay on,the first game was good but,this is just,another level its unbelievable,so yeah im just gonna line up for a,quick race and and show you it,and then ill give some shout outs to my,friend on the playstation,um but yeah im just gonna show you a,couple of races first so here we go,ive unlocked quite a lot,there you go theres the gold car,ill show you the other cars ive opened,as well after this,jason lancaster okay,how about putting something on the line,this time around,so minimum top speed on 20 okay well,accept that,right lets go,i honestly love this game,is the best,driving game ive ever played it from,honest i might be biased because i like,drag racing but,were gonna get them tires to about a,hundred,hopefully well be like in the 104 is,when we get to,coming back,im going to boost into the line,and then youre going to see what i mean,about the power and speed of this game,listen to the gear changes,unbelievable,coming to the line,better,[Music],[Applause],there we go,i love this game,unbelievable,the next time im gonna hit the nitrous,boost when we get to about fourth gear,honestly ive been addicted to this game,for the last three nights as soon as i,worked it out it was great what i was,doing was in the first race i was using,all my nitrous,and then it come to the second race in,the third race this is when i had a,normal car,i was losing but then when i worked out,you could just use a little bit of your,boost in each race i started winning and,started opening up things and like,putting big tires on the back of the car,and,ive not looked back since,thats,that could make things real interesting,im gonna put wind the race on there as,well and bet him like,youll take this back that looks fine by,me i can accept that so this time im,gonna use the nitrous in about fourth,gear,but,the boost,is honestly the best driving game ive,ever played but as i said i might be,biased because i like drag,ive watched races show since it began,im still watching it now,i love that show,but i needed to show people this,im gonna do some shout outs later on,all right lets walk this guy,and im gonna boost him,bump into the line,ill hit the nitrous,[Music],[Applause],so as you can see the time was quicker,this time saying the nitrous i ate the,boost sorry yeah so 200 miles an hour,there you go,well ill show you a couple of cars,show you what you got to do after every,race as well,just to keep your car from blowing up,because ive had my car blow up on this,game as well its absolutely incredible,right so im gonna go back to my garage,go to engine,and then,im gonna hit square,and it repairs my engine,ive got all sorts of different parts,but im just,as i say im just getting used to it,last couple of days ive been opening up,things and,winning mpks the no prep king races,right what was i going to do right i was,going to show you some uh,some different cars,ive got a progression first so,those are all the weight races ive won,and ive unlocked different like uh,wheels and parachutes and,won that car and,just one,that one that big chief drives last,night,uh theres one there,just wheels and parachutes and then,hopefully tonight im gonna go to texas,and win that one,all right let me show you some cars,so these are the ones that ive bought,or uh unlocked,i can show you a few,there you go that one and then you can,go to cosmetics and ive got ive,actually got three body kits for this,one,so ive got that one,and then if you go to rear,youve got three,and then once this one,so there you go put number three on,got that nice drag wing on the back,thats that one,got my other cars,i started off with that truck,and it was honestly it was annoying me,because i just couldnt get the tune,right and like uh the gear ratios of all,sorts ill show you this one,uh,go back to body kits,put number two on,it changes the whole from them rear body,kit,shows you just that look at that,look at that car,oh my days,so thats that one oh god,there we go,um,that that foxy i just won yesterday ive,not tried it yet,uh,monte carlo,that looks good with all the body kits,on it,and then the one that big chief drives,ill show you the body kits,there we go,front,put that one on,and rear,put that on,and then youve got that look at that,look at that car,amazing,ill just show you one more,and then well go and do another race,so there we go thats that one,and put,body kit on it,got that,bit of that,there you go look at that car,amazing,absolutely amazing,im actually quite scared of that car,because when you hit the boost,it goes all over the place i mean i,could sort it out with settings but im,just enjoying running uh,like the big chief car and uh,the other one that i started with the,one that i did the race with,so ill tell you what,ill put on big chiefs car,and then were gonna add the body kits,and you could do like window tints and,different shoots,ill show you the green im not i wont,put it on but amazing look at that,absolutely incredible,well ive showed you paint,you can do tire smokes,ive only been like rolling for two days,but ive opened up quite a lot so im,just going to try and get everything,open,all right i fixed my engine,oh i dont want to be open but it,doesnt matter,ill just show you one more,me,right ill show you this last race ill,give a couple of shout outs and then im,gonna get off its just a quick review,just to show my friends this game,are you ready to see the,[Laughter],power best driving game ive ever played,if you want me to give this game marks,out of 10 ill say 10.,right here,megalodon,hes got a nice car,some side action to go with our next,race okay then launch,but win the race,and well see if well take this back,now he went and spoiled it,he will take the bat okay,he knows hes gonna get drunk,all right so were going this big car,i dont know i might be doing it,completely wrong but it works with me,im going to be gone in this car this,gear changes in this car and different,for the last one,but were going to go like a rocket,right now,got three bumps into the line,lets do something like that,[Music],[Applause],just pure speed,excuse me,excuse me,the next time im going to hit the boost,im not im not saying im going to be,out of control because this cars com,this is this is a different car you know,but im gonna anyway a

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The Super Street Devs made a New Game…

do you remember super street the game,that horrible horrible game well the,developers were paid to make another,game it wasnt another super street so,thats,fine when it was this street outlaws,which uh hey that looks pretty good that,that looks good thats from the show,this is this is a tv show game im going,to do the solid thing and pay 40 pounds,for this game thats like 50 dollars,youre welcome lets just hope its not,like super streets uh again,that would that would be that would be,terrible here we are in the gameplay,this is what it looks like honestly it,doesnt look too bad it kind of looks a,bit maybe like car xc now they get both,hands on the wheel okay,it looks pretty decent to be fair i need,to enable v-sync but press the,accelerate pressing throttle press break,at just the right time to maintain,acceleration okay i got it lady im,trying im doing im trying to do it but,youre not letting me shift, im,im trying oh my god,are we topping out what the knight press,x to the deploy parachute,i won the cash is mine and i beat axe,man too,that was a tough race,well youre really not much a voice,actor are you so we get to pick our,first car right,pick one you cant go wrong we cant go,wrong with any of them apparently all,right lets see what we picking were,picking elmo mp or c1000 i wonder what,this is,i wonder what this is i okay it clearly,didnt go for license cards again again,they normally say that to do,customization so im kind of like fair,enough theyve got the actual things,that you actually want but uh lets go,with elmo now this one will have you,winning in style youre gonna i mean,yes were learning about drag racing so,i guess this is a drag race show i dont,even know the show to be honest with you,but all right yep yep yep yeah im,pressing both,were doing a were doing a bernie,its its pretty decent to be fair we,just made a video on like drag racing in,need for speed,oh im actually staring do i go to the,light,where do i go here,um you know maybe i shouldnt have,skipped the objective oh i need to burn,out all the way to the front and then it,does a reverse thing i knew that i know,how to drag race dont play did you lay,down a patch great work thank you very,much hold our t to stage,okay do we just press it all the way,its gonna do it for me amazing three,bumps to stop the marker in the zone to,get your car even closer to the line,after you do it oh,let me blow my engine up wow youre one,of the fastest learners i have ever seen,i think youre ready for a real race,against your first race against another,driver no we did one right before this,me,show me oh,but im still gonna make you work for it,remember what i told you im just gonna,go forwards,to a clean start,do a big old bernie,were on the green,were now going orange that means too,much,oh thats way too far i almost like did,the whole drag race rt to stage,how are you talking to me when were,racing buddy,you know what this is actually not a bad,game,so far,i was out of lane oh my god i didnt,tell you i was out of lane come on man,come on i got nothing i need money i,need money we got upgrades surely so,its throwing back to this map and quite,honestly all there is available is these,two again do i have to win im guessing,i have to win he told me to bump told me,to bump as much as i could i didnt know,i couldnt bump too much okay or on the,green is key to a clean start,amazing look at the skills weve got,right there hold our teeter stage,come on,there we go,that should be fine,it just put me forward,and then just drive like a bat out of,hell thats for sure,it just put me forward theres no way,that its acceleration that that bump is,is allowed,lets go big dog you gonna lose today,buddy im gonna win today put it man you,dusted me i may have lost but im mighty,proud of you,congratulations here we go this is what,i was waiting for this is where youll,be spending most of your time i like the,sound of that no customization,no customization do i have to unlock it,yeah i think i gotta unlock it so there,is full like customization available in,this game you can do,quite a lot to it its its based on i,imagine the same engine thats super,street the game was improved it looks,better honestly it looks pretty good i,would say im actually quite looking,forward to the upgraded stuff on this,game i want to see what it does i think,the upgrades were something that was,decent on superstreet i admitted it but,the handling and everything else,however this looks pretty good,team members progression cars oh do we,have a car list coming we cant see them,come on man what the all right here,is the map its the whole of us and a,drag racing thats right my boy so uh we,could basically pick anywhere we want,and then do some drag races lets go to,tucson,and get that money,he said i could go anywhere why is it,not,he wont let me i need to be level 25,well i cant go anywhere then cannon,level 35 requirements,im allowed to go there i literally can,go one place dont tell me i can go,places and then give me one damn place,that i can go to here we go baby drag,racing the game with murica and rednecks,lets go lets see if i could do this i,think we could do i think i think im,gonna i think i got it i think i got,first time baby get that bernie going,i wanna like,there we go thats what i need,just just green tire,and fly a million miles forward boom,boom boom,boom,he just put me,okay,lets go lets go lets go lets go,green,oh that was a good launch,oh that was a good shift thats a very,good shift honestly this is a much,better game than their previous i dont,know how much depth this is going to,have i mean for 40,what it pushed me forward literally just,the other day we were talking about the,formula of need for speed,there we go and drag racing,i dont want to go too far forward see,that was perfect that was perfect dont,play no games with me,good launch,perfect shift,oh my god are you in the you in the dust,baby,and,got him look if thats theres no way,that i didnt win that one exactly shut,up i should have won that other one too,oh so its like three rounds that makes,sense as to why we swap side weve got,one round left its one each,we gotta we gotta win we gotta win lets,go come on,lets go,wait ive got a boost,why did i not know i had,boost are you,are you kidding me i got a hundred,dollars dont forget to keep tuning up,your reputation shut up new location new,race im just gonna smash out a few,races oh look at that big old boy,that looks,i dont know what it it looks kind of,camaro but also like dodge charger like,kind of hybrid whatever the hell that is,it looks spicy i want it in my light,looks like a wide camaro okay so,basically what i dont understand is you,have to go to where the game tells you,to as you can see it looks like im over,the line already i have to bump right i,dont want to,it looks like its already too far over,the line,but i have to,okay,done lets get the launch,here we go,boost,oh almost lost it there,almost lost it there,deploy parachute ah x there we go,wait,was it did it is it because i went on,the other side of the road before that,is that the issue maybe thats the issue,maybe thats why watch hold rt,to where it says okay,bump,bump bump,push me forward short,go,shift,shift boost,i dont know if it even works but when i,think were okay,and i think it was maybe it was crossing,the line,do i even need the parachute there we go,were leveling up wait we level up the,parts thanks for asking me on the team i,can get you all an extra test pass if,you need it i dont want you on my team,i got an offer you cant refuse okay you,want in look at this dude uh you want to,give me two grand sure ill ill take,two grand lets go oh whats this all,about,theres checker all over the the,beginning of it this mans rocking,something spicy to say the least he,looks pretty damn good honestly this,game its pretty basic i think if youre,just gonna be doing of course youre,just gonna be doing this all game,however,its,its not bad lets ge

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Street Outlaws 2: Winner Takes All Career | Episode 1

ladies and gentlemen this is chuck,seifinger presenting this special no,prep kings racing event in this matchup,lizzie musee faces off against paxman,larry roach should be an exciting race,folks who will win,the race is on gotta get both hands on,the wheel,[Music],all right hello everybody what is up,welcome back to the channel i am the og,geo greg osmond and look at this,look at this we got something new,thanks for joining me today episode,number one,street outlaws 2 winner takes all career,mode,make sure you like the video share the,video subscribe to the channel so you,follow along with this,and the rest of all the other stuff,weve got going wow,just subscribe it would be greatly,appreciated,uh normally i would say if you missed,laps last episode,click the i in the top right but there,is no last episode,uh but yeah you can uh click down in the,description for i i dont know if im,gonna do time stamps with this one or,not um,so you can check the description to see,if theres anything there but there is,obviously a link to our patreon page as,well as the,i in the top right of the screen click,that head to our patreon page five,dollars a month get you,in the door with all of that so yeah,episode one here uh street outlaws too,winner takes oh this is the first time,ive ever booted the game up,uh i i look through like the the,controls and whatnot so i know kind of,whats going on but um,yeah youre gonna follow with me through,everything here so the start sequence,tutorial and all that uh just burn out,hold the brakes,okay cool story uh hold the brakes in,the accelerator same time rev up the,engine release brakes as soon as the,green light turns on okay,oopsies,at just the right time to maintain,acceleration i did up shift,come on shift,shift,yell at me lady,i was a little,okay parrot wow that was i won,the cash is mine and i beat axe man too,that was a tough,race now ima be bluntly honest with you,all i have not kept up with street,outlaws im sure so you one in on the,world of no prep kings huh i guess well,have to see if you got what it takes to,compete you can start racing with one of,these cars,each is a butte in its own right,pick one you cant go wrong,thanks chuck,yeah i have not kept up with street,outlaws the tv show,so i have no idea,who the people are the new people are,and everything like that so heres our,three cars so we got a c1000 a 1970,c1000 uh its pretty much what farm,truck is uh weve got a,elmo oh my goodness a 1972 elmo,uh so thats the uh kamikaze chris is uh,el camino and then impe a 1968 impe,which is probably an impala,or impala however you want to wear it,the headlights kind of look like a,442 but whatever uh i dont really know,i think im just gonna,pick one i dont really have a,preference so uh,if youre looking for thats what we got,the engine in this baby is the beating,heart of a stallion,im sure you want to choose this as your,starter car yep that was one fine choice,you made you are raring to go now,sweet all right im probably not gonna,cut out loading screens in this game,because,the last game or the first game they had,the loadings theres just so many,loading screens you can see different,cities and races that are available,once you are ready select okc and head,to the test track ive set up,all right so the map each city on the,map hosts different types of events in,selecting a city you can enter your next,race eventually more the map will open,up to you but first you should finish,learning the basics of drag racing,okay,this is kind of cool its time for me to,show you the basics of drag racing its,why youre here aint it,lets go that is why im here so uh but,yeah cant really do a whole lot so,lets go to our tutorial race number one,first thing you gotta learn is the,burnout,important stuff so listen up the burnout,heats up your tires and lays down some,rubber which reduces your wheel spin and,thatll keep you more stable,okay,cool story bro,stay in control youve got to keep the,car straight maximize your burnout by,tweaking both the gas and the brake to,keep the car steady,this will keep your tires and your,engine from overheating,cool so heat up your tires during the,burnout by holding both the brakes in,the accelerator slowly release the,brakes try to get your tire heat in the,green zone for optimal grip during the,race,okay,hold,rt to burn,out a little too warm there,okay man sweet you lay down a patch,great work they were a little too hot,its ready to start but to do that you,gotta get to the starting line just give,it a little gas and drive towards the,staging area,okay so bump and line up stage tutorial,get your car as close to the line as,possible bump the car forward by holding,the bump button the longer you hold the,button the farther you will go you need,to do three bumps but make sure youre,not you do not overshoot okay,hold rt to stage,did that,fine tune your lineup youve got three,bumps to stop the marker in the zone to,enter car even closer to the line dont,go over now,okay,youre moments away now let me explain,the start sequence,after you bump hold the brake and gun,the engine keeping your tachometer in,the zone the better you maintain this,the better start youll get when its go,time okay when youre revving your,engine watch the christmas tree itll,count down at green release the brakes,and go go go,go go go,so get ready for the christmas tree to,drop by revving your engine whats light,green light once the green light turns,on lets go off the brakes and jump off,the starting line cool,were gonna hold that,[Music],[Applause],looking real good there other drivers,are gonna have to be aware of you lets,go to the next step now lets go over,shifting your timing when you shift is,critical to maintaining your,acceleration youve got five gears so,youll need to shift four times when the,shift light is on shift up when it comes,back shift again,then again,shift the last time and youre golden,remember shifting too soon or too late,will hurt you,cool to get the maximum acceleration you,need you need to shift at the right time,shift when the shifting indicator turns,green it carries much speed over to the,next gear cool,theres one shift,two shift,man oh man look at you okay thats a,mighty fine racing there congratulations,cool story bro,didnt even get to fifth gear so thats,cool,its a cool looking car though,all right,lets keep going,okay wow youre one of the fastest,learners i have ever seen i think youre,ready for a real race against a real,opponent lets check the map out and,find your first race,i bet he tells that to everybody,all right final tutorial race,lets go,all right new blood its your first race,against another driver surprise its me,tell me what youve learned,if you do have i didnt see that coming,if you did in training youll be fine,but im still gonna make you work for it,cool story bro,all right lets go,all right so,start race remember what i told you,a good burnout is key to a clean start,yep,yep i got good tires,good tire heat right there,all right back me up back me up back me,up bag man thats cool,okay now staging,every inch counts so dont forget that,when youre bumping in,bump in bump in,pump it,when you see the green light let go of,the brakes and then,just drive like a bat out of hell thats,perfect launch look at that,watch your shift timing shift,i may have lost but im mighty proud of,you,congratulations on your yay,we won,all right look at that we gotta win yeah,all right so i dont know what all this,stuff does,okay cool,total rewards we got nothing,welcome to the garage beside the track,itself this is where youll be spending,most of your time everything you can do,in the world of no prep kings starts,here youll find all the cars you own in,the garage and you can customize them if,you need to whether that means paint,jobs fancy rims new tires and whatnot,cool,so this is the garage you can customize,and tweak your vehicle engine parts and,your team oh,have a look around head to the map to,get into y

First Look/Career Mode | Street Outlaws 2 | Lets Play

[Music],just because were dumb asses dont mean,you can be too,so dont do any of this we do at,home,whats going on youtube welcome to a,different video here with average guys,gaming my name is michael and were,jumping in to a game series that you,guys,love,whatever reason,its,the original game gets a ton of views,every week and thats all on you guys i,love it thank you very much i do,appreciate the support all day long so,i had to just take the dive on street,outlaws too like,did they fix any of my complaints about,the first game were gonna find out,but before we get started im going to,touch on one topic here,bear with me guys thanks a lot i,appreciate it,my views i love it analytics are looking,good i know im a small channel but,85 percent of my viewers are coming from,non-subscribers i love any view i get i,appreciate the house amount more you,guys can possibly know when it comes to,making videos,give me a click guys super subscribe to,me itd be awesome and help me grow my,channel so i can get out there i love,making videos and entertaining and,bringing them to you guys so,with further ado were going to go ahead,and jump right in to street outlaws 2.,all right were in the main menu um like,the car like a little vibration out of,it a little steam smoke in the back,lets get right into the career,ladies and,gentlemen presenting this special no,prep kings racing event in this matchup,lizzie musee faces off against axe man,larry roach should be an exciting race,folks who will win,the race is on gotta get both hands on,the,[Music],[Applause],up shift wheel just the right time to,maintain acceleration yeah come on shift,shift yeah come on,oh youre on the rev limiter so there,[Applause],playing shoot oh man i did it i won the,cash is mine and i beat axe man too,that was a tough race,probably the first time weve ever done,that,im chuck so you won in on the world of,no prep kings huh i guess well have to,see if youve got what it takes to,compete you can start racing with one of,these cars,each is a beaut in its own right,pick one you cant go wrong see i,question that im pretty sure i can pick,one and go wrong all right lets see so,we got a c100 truck,an elmo which is an elko,and an impe which is definitely going to,be a chevelle,you know what im feeling like we did an,elko last time im feeling like,feeling like a truck i mean why not,theyre big theyre heavy and,because yeah,i can see why you got your eye on that,one sturdy reliable and fast,everything you need in a car this is the,map here you can see different cities,and races that are available once you,are ready select okc and head to the,test track ive set up,all right its time for me to show you,the basics of drag racing its why,youre here aint it lets go,yeah,about that ooh online hub okay get a,little online action here we like that,we like that but lets get this these,tutorials knocked out,with skills like that its time to take,the show on the road use the map to race,in other cities and see what the,competition is like elsewhere its not,just fun it serves a purpose you will,not only grow your racing skills but,your reputation in each new region you,race,build your reputation to qualify and,participate in no prep kings tournaments,all over the place,and that competition my friend is what,its all about so go to it and qualify,for a tournament,so we got through all the tutorials did,a little ec tuning on our truck we got,zero parts zero nothing,this game from what i can tell so far is,all about the no prep king scene that,really kind of took off so thats what,were gonna concentrate on here were,gonna see where were going so were,gonna go to the trial race here in,nashville thousand bucks 16,uh xp and five reps so lets see if we,cant get a winner to you,that so we gotta win the best uh this is,the best two out of three,because were on the street um no uh,grudge racing nights are three out of,five so we got nothing,we have for the engine ecu we got no,parts no nothing no no xp no no nada so,lets get started,lets see we can get started,[Applause],were gonna get whooped,93 mile an hour,that is not gonna do it,there we go perfect launch,[Music],perfect shift perfect shift,[Music],i can hear him back there,we almost didnt get him yeah we,definitely uh i need to re-tune the,truck here,because i set it for some acceleration,so our top speed is kind of down so,yeah see if we can get a good launch,this time,oh yeah,shiftings a little rough here,i didnt even talk about boost,didnt even talk about boost,hadnt didnt use it like a fool i could,have been using boost didnt even see it,damn,dont forget to keep tuning up your,reputation along with your car each,region has its own measure of reputation,and different rewards to boot as your,reputation grows you can unlock city and,regional no prep king tournaments till,you get to the granddaddy of a all the,national no prep kings tournament oh,good to know lets see we got in the,garage we got some parts,big customization,parts vault,nothing,okay no parts because were in an xp so,lets check the tuning speed,suspension yeah we got low speed,i think we want probably top speed out,of this so you think you can do me big,chief one better multiplayer is the,place to be to start or join a crew and,compete on your own list,oh snap that is a multiplayer,well come back to that later though,crew tournaments okay yeah well come,back to that later were going back to,the map all right not sure what that,little gear up there means a little,wrench so were gonna what do we got,here in nashville do we got another one,to run here in nashville,nothing around in nashville we got next,another trial race in bringington oh,look at that some more stuff opened,and 100 of something well lets try it,out,lets try it,oh man race of mike morillo,oh,,ah jumped,go,[Applause],oh,nothing,oh well that sucks ass you cant even,like re-run them,horrendous thats,thats bogus,cant even re-run the race oh i cant up,here though,okay,okay 33 of something,so if you lose a race youre done,yeah it must be a number of races that,little gear thing there so,the bump box thing is super weird,howd i jump,what,all right here we go,[Applause],i dont know were beating jeff lutz uh,but we did just boost out of the gate,just why not,[Applause],he only hit 93 miles an hour,i dont know how i got dqd the first,time,[Applause],i think hes got us,yeah brought a boost,jeff got us,man,[Applause],so we are not doing so well there uh,with things can we go back and raise,bring him tin,i dont know what that 33 of something,is but were gonna go were were trying,to redeem ourselves here were going,back to bring him to we want that xp,racing reaper come on man this guys car,never runs,all right,[Music],there we go,a little late on the,on the ship there,oh parachute in the face,oh reaction time was fast,staged,there we go,see if we cant get it again,[Applause],oh yeah,still on the throttle all the way up,through that,you know what we havent watched the,replay lets check out a replay guys,so you can definitely keep replaying,areas to kind of grind out some of that,whatever youre grinding so i guess the,first point i mean theres plenty of,other races in here but,you need to find uh,what,cosmetic shop huh,requirement miami south region huh okay,need to be requirement need to be number,ranked in the 15.,okay so those are your reputations so,thats columbia,so ive only got three races i can,choose from bloomington savannah,and nashville,interesting interestings all right well,lets get into some savannah racing here,racing some big names and some big cars,and they dont um,okay his car looks legit thats cody,bakers car for sure,im gonna get annihilated,absolutely annihilated,still holding the break already,[Applause],its a little early on the boost,what i felt we needed to be,had to be,that was definitely a uh too early son,wager all right now that we know who,youre facing off against its time to,place a wager heres where wagers are,made by you,and a


I found this game on the internet called,Street outlaws and Ive watched her show,I havent really watched the show a lot,so I cant really tell you that I know,much about it but I like street racing,and I like 1320 video and obviously Im,gonna lock like Street outlaws – okay so,theres nothing wrong with it now this,game looks pretty bare-bones from the,beginning it customi $19.99 on Steam by,the way I was not sent a key for this,game just so you guys know and Im here,at the career I have career quick play,speed display screen options and quit,but today were gonna try out the career,lets see what happens dude Im in for a,surprise just like you guys are lets go,man lets check it out all right man,lets uh lets start the race,lets dude Im gonna foretells this time,oh I love the flip so its the trick,here to just always put heads oh man oh,thats a badass right dude,Go Go Go keep bill to keep building that,heat 91% I guess the goal is for you to,keep it in balance that that really,helps the tires even out in heat,all right come on ready oh no hes gonna,beat me oh theres something bad yeah it,would be cool if it was like the crew -,thatll be awesome whats in the storage,oh this is where I buy cars all are,gonna see the full car selection here,the resistance the Cyclops rapid a ram,so here you can see the cars that are,available in the game which is pretty,awesome it has a pretty good selection,theres a Dodge Charger there you go,some oldies man judy has a pretty good,selection of cars the leopard the pony,alright man look Im really excited to,see how you can actually customize these,cars lets go back to the garage here,you make those tires same kid so you can,move the camera around and look at all,the different look at how the car looks,wheres this at Airport okay we got an,airport this game has some airport take,note take note,alright so I could do a test pass I can,also tune the car I got up in my ECU,though all right man its to see how we,do,[Music],hahaha dad this is something else dude,come on I gotta keep it in balance gotta,keep it in balance keep it in balance,keep it in balance keep it in balance no,no no stay in the middle stay in the,middle stay in the middle,90% ok Im doing pretty good Im Im,getting better at at the grip here,nobody told me how to do that,the other guy probably missed his ship,because I was terrified it come on,no ordered or disqualified out of bounds,damn it come on Im gonna try we got,this,aha were just a log there was just a,practice run oh Ive seen that in 1320,you know its funny Oh concentrate,concentrate got a state gotta stay in,the 95% ah man I I could have gone a,hundred there dude,this gave me something else,oh I cannot pass him okay go,do not get out then I get out the lane,you think this chat is not challenging,it cant be it cant be man this game,should have gone like another like 1,million dollars in budget this will be,some serious stuff Im telling you man,this game will have some serious stuff,all right another box another container,new wheels you stopped being unlocked,and distributor oil pump flywheel ok so,lets go back to the garage and do some,installations on the car distributor we,install it cooling which will give you,more performance what is this K a,performance air system,we got a lighter fight wheel all right,so cosmetic inventory we have new rims,unlocked but theyre not my kind you see,Im not Im not into that,okay so tuning has been unlocked now,total performance 1792 – and up – and up,- tune-up three – enough for you can,actually tune your car dude having a,great top speed if you cant reach it,before the race is over launch is the,boost you get once you release the,brakes in the beginning of a race dont,forget that early boost could put you,ahead for the rest of the race,ah but you see it it makes me go slower,okay so you can set up your Tunis do you,dont have to pay for it you can,actually customize it here you go hey I,think I did a pretty good job of tuning,my car I think we did pretty good I,think we increased the top speed so that,should help us win the next few races,I can only imagine how hard is gonna be,to to drive these cars once theyre all,maxed out,I can only imagine Oh almost there,almost there okay we got a spread here,lets do this print hurry up do the,loading is so fast in this game theres,like no loading dude he loads up all the,assets so fast watch out,okay go up if some of you if you like,this game let me know man I I think its,an interesting take I obviously its not,a triple-a title but sometimes Indies,deserve all the love you know because,they they dont get much of it all the,time you know its always a triple-a,publishers that get all the attention,but Indies also deserve some respect and,love you know yeah Im gonna buy a turbo,well we know Im gonna buy a nitrous,cooling air system drivetrain electrical,compression,there you go nitrous why cant I buy it,lets do a also you can buy through vit,okay so I just bought that what about,air system intakes here – this is dry,strain and extra cool mmm,lets do drivetrain,thats the gearbox clutch blade flywheel,theres a stripper dress on and then now,drivetrain Im gonna install the,flywheel all right so I got stuff,matching now Im doing everything,ay-ay-ay see that thats smart thats,smart because now my car is faster way,faster dude that is one epic setup then,what else do I have,rims no not too much into those lets do,one race with the nitrous I want to see,what happens,so I unlock this door thats the one,that I just unlocked hey man its cool I,hope you guys like it let me know what,you think about it I bought it for,$19.99 but its a war $19.99 or maybe,something a little bit less maybe $15.99,or $14.99 theres some customization you,can definitely customize your car and,Im sure theres a lot of people theres,people playing it if you look at the at,the reviews Im looking at them right,here and it has some lets see Im,looking at the full reviews on the game,Im gonna go back to the store page that,way you guys can see it and you can see,it has mixed reviews some people dont,like it some people like it like for,example this one says let me start by,saying I do enjoy this game and it is,fun it slightly reminds me of the old,knee for Speed Pro Street Im also a big,fan of the street outlaws TV series so,I thought it would I would check it out,check out the game on the other hand,there are some downsides to the game,though I personally dont think its,worth the full 15 to 49 with more like,750 or something around that price the,reason I say that is because its fairly,small game and from what Ive read it,doesnt take too long to complete there,you go thats a good opinion so yeah 750,good point here I would recommend this,game to anyone who likes the TV series,or likes track racing but not the full,price theyre asking for what until,there is like 50% off or something close,to that mmm,good point so I overpaid all right all,right guys thank you so much for,watching I just wanted to bring you guys,this one so you guys can go check it out,and yeah did not pay $19.99 no I would,say maybe 15 no no I will say that less,than that maybe like 7-foot 750 750 is a,good thats a good review I just read a,good review see you guys on next one,this is help Ripper 24 and Im out


[Music],the street outlaws,2 winner takes all was just announced,today and um,i already watched the video once i am,not impressed,at all whatsoever i have ive seen farm,truck doing a circuit race,oh my god how is it that people,in 5m how people on a mobile game,can make better drag racing,anything than a full game studio,okay i get that i dont even give a [ __ ],about licensed cars,okay i dont know thats fine whatever,shoot but why does this look,like a mobile game from 2012,what look look,were just gonna let it play okay,were just gonna let it play and um,for for obvious reasons were not gonna,have the audio going but this they,half the trailer is real life cars,and clips from the show and part,look and part of the trailer the part of,the train thats showing the game,is covered up by these these,fancy words like pop the clutch,sir,this this is oh my god,oh my god,no like see look hang on,first off wza,you can definitely tell they dont have,licenses its drive,wfx thats on chucks car,if im not mistaken thats what its,supposed to be,but this looks like im,okay you know cool im alright but,this this this looks okay like this this,but look at the trailer is literally,this is what im talking about why is,farm truck surrounded by like,lightning going around a circuit track,what is this what is going on here,like what no no,i didnt even play number one because,i literally watched the trailer and it,was like this looks like us,and then the day it came out i watched,all the reviews and guess what,it was asked and yes this is a car,channel i am a car guy,and i love street outlaws honestly ive,watched street outlaws since season,one okay since it came out street i was,a huge part of my life now its its,i will say that its for a lot of people,but,dear god how dare yall stamp street,outlaws,on this horrendous piece,of crap okay,i dont know what yall are doing with,discovery i dont know what is going on,here i dont know,what yall got going on but this is not,what street elo should be about this,no no limit 2 has done a better job at,drag racing and the best,the best drag racing game out there no,limit to right now honestly,and its a mobile game its got better,graphics,than this no limit too literally has,better graphics than this and it is on a,goddamn phone,okay what,we play in a a mod for a game,a whole mod for a game we,we make cars for the mod for the game,and it still comes out better than this,what,i know 15 year olds who could do better,okay like why do yall put straight out,walls,on this why do yall let yalls do,yourself things why,this is some of the cars do look good,some of the cars do look good okay they,got some cool customization i see that,now i will say that,but why is half the trailer the actual,show,well why wheres like show us actual,gameplay [ __ ],okay see see here we go here we go cool,customization the rails look cool all,right,are they actually sponsored like real,rooms uh,i dont see any name brands but,okay like i get that its supposed to be,a street outlaws game but you dont,have to make 75 of the video,the real show like,uh and whats this black market about,what,what what this is not grand theft auto,no okay obviously we have online play,right there but,black market you know like,i im taking this video for what it is,okay first glance first impressions,this is what youre getting so yeah,maybe well get some more info on,everything soon um,but so far the best thing ive seen out,of this is the way the garage looks,and if thats supposed to be the rear,end of a camaro,im sorry that looks tremendous,just throwing it out there,um i dont know if yall have to custom,3d model all this all these assets i,whatever it just,i dont know see okay one thing,some games like is,like pro chargers turbos in the bumper,thats cool,thats cool okay i can see that looks,kind of baby but thats fine,okay wait is this a camaro or a goddamn,muslim well what,hang on i cant even,is it supposed to be a camaro or a,mustang and then back to the show back,or i guess were actually watching the,show you know,okay okay,see the whole garage scene looks really,cool the lighting looks really cool,engine details right here really good,but,this is not the whole,this is like when you actually get out,and raise them i dont think it looks,like this because they showed it,like,and what is this whats this truck what,what,you know,see look it doesnt look like that,so i see they got some streets and some,tracks so i wonder,if theyre going to incorporate i wonder,if theyre going to incorporate the,actual like,no prep like theres going to be a note,in the production series,as well as like the cash date like are,they gonna do various,different online um,tabs are they gonna have online terminal,tournaments,um you know what i have a lot of,questions about this game but so far,this trailer does not make me,excited for it in the slightest okay,and i would love to bring some new,content to the channel i really would i,want to bring some new content this,channel i want to bring something,besides 5m thats definitely drag racing,related,no limit yeah um i like no limit but,this would be cool okay this would be,cool,if its done right and what im seeing,is,i dont i dont see it i dont i dont,i dont,id like to see more of the car,selection id like to see more,of the real racers that you can buy uh i,assume theyre gonna be locked behind a,paywall,id like to see more of,like what the career path to see if,its actually legit and i know a bunch,of the street out,die hard street outlaw fans are going to,be really beating my comments,like oh you suck blah blah blah its,going to be a good game,im a die-hard street law fan too and,im taking this video for what it is,im being real with you and if you dont,like it i dont care,okay last time i checked this is my,channel okay,this is this is me,giving my feedback on this video okay,some people value my opinion,you can make your own opinion of what,you see here okay thats just what this,is,so make your own assumption make your,own opinion do your own research,and if you want to buy this game when it,comes out,go buy it im not stopping you i know,its like whatever okay thats fine,as of right now me i dont know if im,gonna get this,just based off of this so hopefully we,get some more info,hopefully we get some more screenshots,cars,whatever and we can see some more uh but,yeah guys thats just where im at right,now on this,um i hope you,uh let me know what you think in the,comment section below i want no i want,to know yalls feedback,i want to know what yall want to see,and,generally i really want to know yalls,opinions uh,and i hope to see you,in the next video,[Applause],you

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