1. First mag jammed!? STRIBOG SP9A3! (A DISASTER AVOIDED?)
  2. New Grand Power Stribog SP9A3 Delayed Blowback 9mm Review
  3. Grand Power Stribog SP9A3. How did it do?
  4. Grand Power Stribog SP9A3G Glock Mags Tabletop Review and Field Strip
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  6. The Mini Bog! Stribog SP9A3s Pistol Review
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First mag jammed!? STRIBOG SP9A3! (A DISASTER AVOIDED?)

[Music],[Music],[Music],so,[Music],so,[Music],if youve ever actually gotten grantham,go ahead and hit that subscribe button,guys like and comment comment with,how you got grantham for me it was that,very first time loading my m1 grand,good times i paid the blood price and it,was,certainly worth it if you guys are,looking to support the channel,the biggest support of the channel right,now is big daddy limited big daddy,unlimited is like the costco of the gun,world,99 cents for the first month after that,price goes,up is it worth it well i think youre,worth it so why dont you get,in there of course we have some other,great sponsors of this particular,channel,we have the dude bag the dude bag is a,subscription,service go check it out really cool,themed uh,boxes for all your dude friends or maybe,for yourself of course we have,acre gold acre gold if you want to get,into that gold game they are a great way,to do it and of course,my very own company onward research we,have some very cool limited edition hats,and we have,excellent new rigs and other goodies,coming out very soon including clothing,definitely go check it out,well have a link right below ladies and,gentlemen am i often forgotten but most,certainly not by me,c z scorpions welcome to the channel,today were going to be talking about,a pistol thank you atf for your,arbitrary rules,we have the srybog sp9a3,brand new updated maybe not brand new,but well talk about that in a little,bit but before we talk about,this particular pistol caliber carbine,pistol caliber pistol whatever you want,to call it,full disclosure what is my relationship,with global ordnance with grand power,with all these companies so with grand,power the makers of strybog i have done,a review previously,previously for them in the strybog sp9a1,and um ammunition is provided for by,them and the,gun of course and then with global,ordnance who sells these um,they provide some ammunition for the,follow-on onto this,which well be talking about so to start,off with what is,the stripe this rybog is a roller,delayed,semi-automatic magazine fed pistol,caliber carbine in,nine millimeter,so ive had this gun for about close to,a year at this point um,this firearm was an utter,and complete disaster when i first got,it so,guns will be made and they will be,broken on,merit of their magazines in the case of,the original,a3 there was a combination of,it wasnt sprung well and the magazines,absolutely sucked and because of that,this thing couldnt make it through,three to four rounds without jamming,without double feeding without,shooting around up into the chamber and,then they didnt have anything blocking,it from getting from behind something to,jam up into the gun and completely lock,it up and id have to disassemble it to,take it,apart and to get it working again,it sucked this gun was horrible so i,contacted um,grand power to figure out what the hell,is going on and i got a lot of ho-hum,about what was happening with it they,blamed weak american ammunition on it,which is hilarious and uh they just,blamed it on a variety of factors but,most of the problems came from the,magazines in any case,global ordnance went ahead and they are,the absolute savior,of the sp9 a3 global ordnance fixed the,problems they came up with a better,follower design,and they made this gun functional now as,it stands,after being repaired and fixed by global,ordnance as they are,all coming out now through global,ordnance they are working,perfectly and there are no issues with,them as far as reliability is concerned,that being said it must be noted that,the original model that i had saw about,2 000 rounds,this updated model unfortunately got to,me during the ammo crisis because of,that,i was only able to put about another,thousand rounds through it,not nearly enough to reliably comment on,the reliability nor the parts wear or,breakage that you typically see,and that is unfortunately what were,dealing with given these times,everybodys feeling the squeeze,including me,and it was hard to put the rounds,through it that i did but um i wanted to,at least get a,somewhat you know above average number,to try to give you guys a,a good review so with that being said,lets go ahead and lets get into this,particular firearm lets talk about what,makes it good what makes it bad and we,will go,tip to bite as you always do the navy,guys are pumping their fists in the air,right now,lets get into it so to start off with,we do have a,thread protector on the end it is half,by 28 which is your standard threading,that you typically see with a 9,millimeter so there is,no surprises there um,i find if youre going to use a,suppressor you do not want to have a,nielsen device on that suppressor,you should have a fixed spacer of some,type,so make sure youre doing those correct,things when you are mounting a,suppressor,to this particular model going down from,there barrel barrel is eight inches um,its perfect length and youre getting a,lot of velocity out of your nine,millimeter,um the issue uh there theres no really,issue its just that you shouldnt be,expecting,one just phenomenally long accuracy out,of this it is a nine millimeter pistol,caliber carbine so i found about 50,is where youre starting to see a,substantial spread and that is pretty,typical of most pistol caliber carbines,and then,of course getting past 50 not only do,you see an increased spread,but you of course see a lot of ballistic,problems the nine millimeter is a little,bit,anemic at those extreme distances so,because of that,just be aware of where a pistol caliber,carbine falls if youre trying to,engage targets from 50 plus this,probably is not the weapon for you it,can certainly do it,its just nine millimeter does not have,that hitting power that,that umph to really make um the,difference that youd see from perhaps a,different round such as five five six or,three hundred black or something along,those,lines but in any case the,strybog is pretty accurate um at about,25 im seeing about a two to three inch,group depending on the ammunition that i,use,um i have used a lot of different,ammunition types with this anything from,tula to blazer to,federal winchester um i i didnt see any,problems with any of them,certainly blazer was a little bit anemic,as far as it,is its powder quality and its ability to,eject well but it still worked well,and every ammunition type ultimately,worked well there was of course a small,break-in period,of about id say about 150 rounds before,it started just,running and running but um it has been,very reliable with every ammunition type,that is that ive used with it and that,is,much more than i can say for the earlier,version as it stands right now its,about as reliable as i saw from the,original version which was the sp9a1,so moving from the barrel lets talk a,little bit about the gas system so,the difference between the sp9 a1 and,the a3 the biggest one,is a roller delayed system so the,a1 was a direct blowback which is fine,its a very reliable system its used by,multiple pistol caliber carbs anywhere,from the ump,to multiple multiple others its a,rudimentary but a very reliable design,the a3 decided to go with a roller delay,design now not quite the roller delay in,the way that youd see,like an mp5 but very similar similar in,some ways,but the point being is that a direct,blowback is not very,gentle in fact it has more recoil than a,556. so a lot of people look at a pistol,caliber carbine,nine millimeter more recoil than a 556,and they say why,and theres some reasons that well,perhaps talk about in another video,but in any case a roller delayed system,like in the mp5 are,incredibly incredibly soft shooting,so grand power decided to of course go,with a perhaps,softer system in my,opinion the a3,really isnt all that soft shooting,its very similar to the a1 which wasnt,a uncomfortable,you know impulse as far as its recoil,but its not what youd expect a lot of,people were coming into this and saying,okay,roller delayed

New Grand Power Stribog SP9A3 Delayed Blowback 9mm Review

first mag with the a3 so yeah she does,[Music],[Music],welcome back everybody as you probably,guessed we are going over this little,pistol right here in todays video this,is the grand power scribe AAG a3 now,its significant that many of you guys,already know about the a3 variant is,that it is a delayed blowback system so,its not actually roller delayed well,get into the system here a little bit,later on in the video but a lot of,people have really been waiting for this,as sort of like a budget competition,option for the HK mp5 style of pistols,or carbines depending on which system,you have anyway so I got the first one,in the country and so what I learned,what we learned really benefits all of,you but we definitely had some hiccups,along the way and what you guys are,going to see here initially is going to,be my first day out with the carbine and,basically running into some issues some,of those issues were solved with this,magazine right here that you guys are,going to see but Ive had this gun in,for a while and thats one of the,reasons why I havent done the review,yet because they were revising the,system as I was your test dummy to find,some problems with it so we found some,problems some of those problems were,fixed which you guys will see you in the,next outing and then at the end Ill,kind of walk you through where we,currently sit and when these are going,to ship all those sorts of things so,anyway lets get out to range day 1,right now you guys are looking at the a,one version which is a direct blowback,we have a full video on the channel and,Im just going to fire Im kind of back,to back and see if I can feel a,difference with that roller delay,9 millimeters 9 millimeter so its not,too bad regardless in terms of recoil,impulse and then real fire against the,mp5 as well kind of see how it does I,have them all set up suppressed now so,it should be pretty similar in that,regard and lets see alright,thats the a1 mp5 were just gonna fire,it on semi-auto just gotta keep things,similar,all right so forth or you can feel the,delay and that versus the a one straight,blowback versus the mp5 its definitely,a smoother impulse lets see we got here,the a3 alright a one oh yeah,its noticeable yeah for sure,it is a smoother impulse without,question that said again it was not bad,its not horrible or anyway this is,definitely smoother now functions first,one and it was on the last round of,frangible ammo for what its worth range,of all other malfunction,once again actually its the last round,the mag so thats kind of a theme I,apologize if theres any wind noise but,were using a shotgun mic instead of the,lab and we have 150 grain syntek bullets,here so subsonic folks like to ask how,it you know sounds particularly in,something thats role or delayed like,this so well see how it sounds just,firing the dirt down there at about 20,yards we had a failure to beep that,syntek bullet is is a longer bullet for,sure as as are the frangible stuff too,so I wonder if thats a theme alright we,didnt walk open on the last round,either but that appears to be a magazine,issue right there just Im Paul,all the way back its just this,particular mag probably seen better days,so next up here we have 15 rounds of,supersonic of course 124 Green federal,HST standard pressure and well see how,its the whole points walk back I would,imagine you guys could tell the,difference there just in terms of sound,with the whole points being supersonic,but again its being filtered through my,microphone my camera my computer your,computer your ears so theres a lot,there anyway well keep on food here,there on the last round its not,chambering that Minuteman munition stuff,and interestingly let me get in here,closer I dont know if you can see that,but the the actual extractor isnt even,going over the rim so thats the top I,mean thats but that is the issue all,right,well again thats just me cycling it but,we had a round go behind its back in,there the round went behind the bolt,carrier group I shake it out Im not,sure if you guys can see it there but,that is where it is its right back,there,right behind it let me pull it out and,see what happened alright so what we,found out was actually interesting so it,wasnt the malfunction I thought it was,however around before that was so we had,a malfunction which I thought was just,in the last round but without it,actually happened was this case went,behind the bolt so what that was doing,was preventing it from traveling forward,far enough to put our Minuteman into the,chamber so that actually happened on its,own during the firing of a previous,magazine so not good,that the round is getting back there,anyway well keep going,with S&B hundred fifteen green and it,was the last round again and you can see,that round wants to go back behind the,bull it didnt it got hung up on the,ejector but thats what it wants to do,now lets just say I drop her wagon to,her normal parents you must see what,happens the clips that you probably just,saw were recorded probably a month ago,so we back the drawing board the folks,over at Grand power came out and,released their steel magazine steel,reinforced mags theyre saying it should,fix the malfunction issue we were having,there at the end of the magazines with,this particular operating system because,obviously its gonna operate at a,different speed than a direct blowback,so were gonna test it up and Im,probably gonna get this gun really hot,here really quick because the farmer who,is typically doing the harvesting he,told me that they would be out here,yesterday which is why I came out today,in fact hes out here today and doing me,a solid by harvesting well not here just,the rest of the field its a big field,so hes got a little bit but were gonna,try to run a few hundred rounds through,it with these new mags and see how it,does but its gonna get hot this is all,there is to it,make sure everythings tight at first,first up were just running some minimum,a munitions 115 grain so well see,all right I dont know if that was a,hang fire if were out all right so we,were out there now locks back okay,interesting so just last round hold open,didnt work on this magazine they are,numbered so we will see if that is a,theme today its a little sticky in,there – all right what we got on deck so,right here we have some frangible from,Pine Valley again its a longer bullet,and well see how it does I didnt test,these mags out of home or anything so,well see were going live Oh started to,get hot all right so Im that one again,same thing didnt lock the bolt back,which is interesting two in a row and,everything still looks decent and lastly,were gonna fire some of this stuff this,is a PMC 124 125 green out remember Ive,popped my head haul points so well see,how it does with some defensive AML got,it in the other day and were gonna try,it out I might do a gel test fit we,shall see so just before we finish out,its noticeably hotter a mo probably cuz,its defensive stuff so its noticeably,hotter well see if it locks the bolt,pack,it did okay so that is good and no,malfunctions while were on that subject,lets talk about malfunctions so I went,back and forth with the folks over at,Global who are the importers here in,America about the round getting behind,the bulb so basically what they told me,was its kind of just the way it is with,this gun that is a possibility however,the way to prevent it was to as American,shooter particular right-handed American,shooters we have a tendency to clear,malfunctions like this right which is,exactly what I did earlier in the video,ie pointed down and up so point it a,little bit down and up down to the right,so what they said is if you just happen,to have a malfunction in the gun just,point it down and then itll never,happen which makes sense with gravity,and all that but that was a response,that may not be the greatest response,however it does make sense so take that,for what its worth anyway were gonna,load up some more mags Id fi

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Grand Power Stribog SP9A3. How did it do?

[Music],thank you,[Music],hello everyone and welcome back to the,X-Ring I hope you guys had a great,holiday Thanksgiving with your family,and what were going to do today is,review the streibog by Grand power sp9,A3 so a couple of weeks ago I had the,opportunity to attend the recoil can con,event down in Georgia down in Fleming,and while we were there we were set up,right beside of global Ordnance now I,was not familiar with global Ordnance,they are based out of Florida I think in,Sarasota and they are the Importer for,the grand power streibog,so while they were set up they had a ton,of these on the table and so they asked,us if we wanted to use one for our demos,for the suppressor and we said why not,lets go ahead and try it now the entire,time we were there we were there for,three days I never saw one of these have,any type of malfunctions or anything now,I am unfamiliar with the striabogs or,the grand powers for that matter and so,it was rather new to me and I knew that,it looked a lot like the BNT that I,reviewed last week so because of the,people there great awesome people cat,and Jordan and Lauren they agreed to be,able to send me one of these for review,so that I could really get my opinion on,these now the price point of this on the,A3 theres a couple different models,price point on this Ive been staying,around 789 dollars in the pistol,configuration they offer it in a pistol,a carbine as well as a rifle 789 dollars,thats a lot cheaper than a BNT now is,the quality there I dont know were,gonna find out but I do know that,starting at the top here we do have a,half 28 threaded barrel comes with a,threaded barrel protector it does have a,non-reciprocating charging handle this,also works on a delayed roller system so,it is going to be not just like an hknp5,but instead of getting a straight,blowback its going to be a delayed,blowback because of that roller so it,should be softer shooting as well now,this one is one that they had sent me as,a pistol but I went ahead and configured,it into an SBR and registered it I will,tell you upon first glance it does have,good quality it appears to have good,quality it does have a straight trigger,here everything is ambidextrous you have,ambidextrous magazine release on both,the left and the right side as well as a,bolt hold or bolt release on the left,and right side as well the Fire Control,is also ambidextrous and on this one I,did not go with a folder ended up going,with a wire stock like this one uh it is,quick to deploy you dont have to press,the button or anything else it does have,a couple of different positions to,choose from I think its like five,positions total and so Im really,interested in seeing how this works,um it also comes with some flip up irons,although there might be rudimentary you,do have flip up iron sights it does have,a big white dot up on the front and it,does have just a standard sight through,here on the back side now I do have this,on a Daniel Defense Riser with an aim,point which allows me to be able to see,through the bottom portion and still,utilize all of my irons in such a way,that I can still use the peep and,everything else,so what were going to do is were going,to go ahead and shoot this now I will,tell you that Global ordinance those,guys are a lot bigger than just a little,importer they do a lot of military,contracts a great place to get,ammunition at a really good price,especially if you dont mind shooting,any European ammunition such as Bellum,and some other cartridges now the,interesting thing about the stribog is,when in 2019 in May when the US Army was,looking for a small basically a compact,nine millimeter sub gun of course we,know that BNT the APC 9k won the,contract Global ordinance had submitted,one of the striabogs for evaluation now,during that time I believe the magazines,were of a different configuration they,were straight and they had some feeding,issues they went to a reinforced steel,mag I think they still had some issues,but theyve since went to this curved 30,round magazine and when you get your,stride bog its going to ship with three,30 round magazines so these are the ones,that we used down there at can con and,like I said we had zero issues with with,it now another requirement that you guys,might not be familiar with is the,requirement did require 147 grain,ammunition for the testing so you know I,did shoot 147 last week in the BNT but I,actually have the actual ammunition,which is a spear Gold Dot 147 G2 were,going to test it for accuracy so other,than that I have put the Surefire the,turbo series light on here it does offer,on the stribog two M locks on the left,and right one of the things I did notice,is on the inside here it will start to,hit the barrel trunnion with your M lock,screw so you might have to trim that,down because we wont be pushing on that,Barrel however it isnt a precision,rifle so a little bit of contact might,not hurt it it does have a straight,trigger,Everything feels nice and smooth with it,this was cleaned and oiled prior to me,shooting it Ive not fired a single shot,out of this firearm so youre going to,learn as I learned today so lets go,ahead and hit the range and see how this,stribog sp9 A3 works all right so to get,started what were going to do is shoot,at 25 yards on that paper there I do,have a camera down range and what were,going to shoot is the spear Gold Dot 147,grain G2 I think that was the ammunition,that was used for the testing for this,Im not sure but Im pretty sure and,then from there were going to switch to,a 147 just so I can keep the noise down,and shoot it with a suppressor because I,know there was a suppressor that went,along with this platform when it was,going under evals so lets go ahead and,load up three rounds Im going to aim at,the center I dont know where its going,to hit because the pistol is probably,going to shoot a little differently with,this than with the suppressor of course,but well see what happens well see if,we can keep everything in that square at,25 yards so lets go ahead and load her,up all right so right out of the box,after cleaning it I did notice that the,action is just buttery smooth believe it,or not I like the feel whenever you rack,it and it hits hard on the back side,without that hydraulic buffer that you,have on the BNT it just feels like,youre getting more of a constant rack,like what youre used to so Ive got,three rounds of the spear,and we will go ahead and,see what we can get for grouping at 25,yards here we go,okay now those three shots felt really,good to me as far as the recoil its,almost non-existent Im Im almost going,to venture to say that it does feel a,little softer than shooting the BNT I do,have the BNT with me so maybe we can do,a side-by-side comparison but you guys,are seeing what the group looks like I,havent even been down there yet so let,me go check it out all right so that,were not making a ton of noise out here,I am going to go ahead and take the half,28,thread protector off and Im going to,run the Microtech the r squared K9,suppressor on here we are going to run a,direct thread configuration just to make,things a little quieter out here I think,itll be a little more enjoyable for,everyone right,and it also makes it look a lot better,one of the things that I do notice is,that with the half 28 it doesnt,completely bottom out on the shoulder,its also something I did notice at can,lets go ahead and see what kind of,grouping we can get with this ammunition,Ive got 30 rounds loaded up,of just ball 147 so well just shoot,this rather quickly just so you guys can,see The Recoil and everything else the,bolt release is a little different you,do have to push down on either side of,this its almost reminiscent to,something like an AK style uh,stamped metal,so here we go well do 30 rounds in that,square here we go,that was crazy quiet,now remember Im at 25 yards Im just,when it gets close Im pulling the,trigger nothing crazy,whoa jerk down,that one too,all right we

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Grand Power Stribog SP9A3G Glock Mags Tabletop Review and Field Strip

those whove been with the channel for a,while know this suitcase looking box,thats right its stree bog time this,time the sp983,g,g as in glock mags tabletop review and,field strip coming up next on gb,with a shorter overall length but a,longer barrel than the scorpion and now,the roller,ish lock delay,bus recoil,its no wonder that street bog has,become so popular weve been covering,these things for years this is now the,fifth variant that were showing and it,all started right here,with,the first,interwebs video on the streebog if you,want to see any of the other variants,including,one that actually looks like this,because we went to slovakia and shot it,check out the grand power playlist here,on the channel we cover all of it,i forget now how many dozen videos ive,done on the street bog but weve covered,pretty much everything there is to cover,theyre still shipping in,these,suitcase looking boxes with the pre-cut,foam,you get your,lock,a spare set of flip up sights in case,you break them because they are plastic,although there are aftermarket metal,options out there and three magazines,this one being the glock compatible one,ships with three korean made stick mags,of standard capacity,and the manual always look at the manual,why because it shows us how much the,company wants to understand the product,it includes a warranty card in all the,languages,where these things are sold,they are european,creation coming out of slovakia um,the ammunition recommendations on here,it does not say just says cip or sami so,theres no warnings about steel or,aluminum casing which sometimes in pcc,type things this is not a carbine so,its not a pistol caliper carbine i call,it more of a pdw type thing personal,defense i dont know large format,pistols the safest way to describe it,anyways um it just says cip or sammy,the description,and instructions are fairly clear,and the photos thats right photos are,full color,showing you how to do everything dont,worry ill show you that soon just,wanted to walk through the manual itself,lets get this thing out of the box and,take a look at the gut itself some of,you may be wondering why clock mags and,thats because obviously curved,magazines dont work for stacking 9ml,just kidding im just poking at the,folks who said that stickmags uh of 9ml,dont work ive already done videos,i showed many historical examples of it,working just fine but really the,attraction to the clock magazine is that,they are readily available and most,shooters have a bunch of them laying,around probably from a glock that they,either are or not shooting anymore,including um this one from xtar the guys,that make,another nine mil large format pistol,and as you see it holds in and you get,last round bull hole hold open,you get magazine ejection on this side,and on the other side because like all,of the other 18,models of grand power that ive ever,covered on this channel,all controls are fully ambidextrous,youve got a,bolt release and catch on this side your,safety is over here as well and then,when we flip it over,weve got everything in the same spots,this is one of the newer flat face,triggers,if you guys want to talk trigger talk,since weve already shown its clear,immediate break,the weight,feels good its not uh not too heavy not,sub gun heavy or long its just an,immediate break,and,a relatively short reset so nice for,a sub gun type deal which of course,they had the chance to redo this since,this was originally designed as a,submachine gun for military law,enforcement use,this being a semi-auto only,u.s civilian model,of course uh they had to rework the,trigger so its nice to have that,trigger set up in there notice up here,it says us in that little bar there ill,get into that once that field strip it,thats part of the locking mechanism,and if youve heard any of the rumor,about ammunition issues,the original designed version of this,roller lock,roller delay i guess is a probably more,accurate description of it,was formulated around 124 nato,loads,which,are about 10 percent higher pressure,than us ammunition so needed more,resistance additionally,being designed around,professional users,they are assuming a little bit firmer,shoulders or better hold if you will,than,most of us enthusiasts here in the u.s,as a result with the very first of this,roller lock delay,if you had a soft shoulder or you had,soft ammunition such as a reload or even,some of the,standard out of the box 115 grain stuff,it wouldnt quite stroke,[Music],grand power has changed that and they,now have this us marked locker to help,the gun cycle better,with either soft ammunition or soft,shooters,the,muzzle is threaded half by 28 comes the,throat protector weve run these,suppressed and non-suppressed if youre,curious how it runs suppressed and if,youre curious about what ammunition,we have a mega whats for dinner test,that we did with,two different versions of,street bog one suppressed and one not,suppressed and we ran 28 different nine,mil loads through the gun,go watch that to see what works and what,doesnt,you see weve got plenty of pickerel,underneath here for,um ford accessories uh changing this cap,out is very easy its not something that,i can,tell you how to do to install brace,because youtube nannies will shut it,down but,um braces do exist now,pre-cut for specifically for the street,bog there are also adapters to be able,to run,a buffer tube type,insert for buffer tube requiring braces,theres also one that collapses all the,way down with rails sore like the cool,mp5,style you notice weve got,integrated pistol sights see that nub,there and theres a notch back here,thats what i like to use when im not,using a dot these also flip up though,for a nice white dot there and aperture,rear sight,our charging handle is non-reciprocating,as i lock the bolt open you can see that,bolts open and this can move back and,forth its got enough friction in it,thats not going to rattle around at,least not until youve got a whole lot,of rounds through it as far as i know,ive never had one rattle around on me,but it is reversible,once everything is deconstructed,and field stripped,weve got mlok slots on the sides,rail all the way at the top,weve already seen this side all of our,controls,and as far as running a stick mag versus,curved mag ive noticed that the angle,that this presents youll see more of it,in the range video is much closer to,your firing hand so,maybe thats a better,grab for some folks i i dont know its,a personal preference thing,i think it runs fine with the grand,power mags,theres,talk of bad mags out there of the 20 or,so that we have and have run over the,years i think ive had two,bind up so,thats a one in ten rate on a disposable,thing like a magazine yes thats higher,than what were used to but its not,like the mags dont run at all,going with the glock option is just if,youre a glock eye and have lots of,glock mags as far as im concerned,you can see weve got texturing on the,front here for a support hand also that,curve does give you space to hold a hand,further back here if you like i found,support hand with the thumb on the,charging handle is a nice way to hold on,to the gun but just a personal,preference,end cap on the back that will remove in,a bit,everything else is pretty standard and,acceptable if youre worried about,clearing the thing because youve heard,about,how to clear or deal with malfunctions,we also have a dedicated video on that,there have been some internet examples,that,i personally do not agree with based on,my training and experience i like to let,gravity help me so check out that video,if youre curious with it as far as,inside the street bog sp9 a3g and how,this operation works,thats coming up next with the field,strip i do want to mention before we,dive in this as far as magazine,compatibility,glock mag means glock mag but not all,glock mags especially aftermarket mats,are the same when we go to the range we,will hit,our whats for dinner mag test on this i,have eight or

Worst PCC Ive bought!

[Music],hey guys,welcome back so today were going to,talk about the worst pccs ive ever,purchased in a previous patreon only,video i talked about pccs i wouldnt,buy again mostly because they werent,exactly what i thought they were going,to be,in this video were going to talk about,the worst pccs ive,ever purchased and i would never do it,again i wouldnt even wish it upon my,worst enemy,now im going to show you several,firearms in this video and give you the,reasoning why i dont like them,but at the end im going to pick that,one pcc that i think is the actual worst,gun that i would avoid at all costs,going forward,i wouldnt even buy it again if they,came out with the new generation of the,gun im just done with it,but before we get into todays video i,want to ask you guys to please like,share and subscribe to our channel,a surprisingly small number of you guys,actually subscribe to the channel but,you watch our videos,please click that subscribe button as it,helps us out tremendously,also please comment down below i want to,hear what you guys have to say about my,choices and i want to hear about your,experiences with your own firearms,and please share the video it helps us,out tremendously all right lets get,started with todays video,guys please swing by and check out big,daddy unlimited bdu,they help support us here at the,military arms channel with products and,things like that so we can continue to,bring you content,theres a link in the video description,down below thatll take you to,the mac blog and website please follow,that link and from there youll find a,link to big daddy unlimited,and try them out just for 99 cents you,can see what theyre all about in,essence theyre just like a big online,store that has amazing prices so please,again check out bdu,so the first gun in todays video is the,knack,9. i bought this thing with my eyes,open jason had previously owned one back,when he was a big ak guy he since,moved on to other firearms but his gun,was a complete,hot mess but i still wanted one for,comparison purposes,because a lot of people were doing nine,millimeter aks at the time you know,kusa was bringing out the kr9 palmetto,state army was bringing out the akv9,well then you had this thing so i just,wanted it for reference,when i bought it i did so because i,could actually see the gun i could look,down,and see that i had a very good chance of,being able to zero it,with jasons gun you look down the,sights you could see that that front,sight was,visibly way off and not able to be,zeroed he was able to use his,because of the accessory rail he was,able to mount a red dot to it but aside,from that this thing is just extremely,poorly made and its not going to last,the test of time,again i bought it knowing what i was,getting but if youre looking for a nine,millimeter ak,this is probably the last stop on that,train ride i would take this thing,is not quality built and well see that,when we get to the inside of the gun,lots of plastic in there its not what i,would call an heirloom gun,so if youre looking at buying something,like this for personal defense or things,like that,avoid this thing its not good for that,this is a nine millimeter plinker that,you wouldnt want,anything more serious than a range,session hanging in the balance,alright so this one is set up to use,glock magazines,i have some federal 124 grain ball in,here i want to thank our friends over at,federal,for supplying the ammunition to the,channel it means a lot to us ive used,federal ammunition since i was a kid,and i really enjoy working with them,extremely good ammunition,all right so i insert the glock magazine,well talk about how this whole,mechanism works down here,and well do a little bit of shooting,now reliability with this gun has been,surprisingly good,watch as soon as i say that im going to,have a malfunction,all right so straight blowback even,though it has a gas tube theres no gas,system in the thing,i did have to drift that front side over,a little bit but again i knew that i,could get it zero just by looking down,it,lets take it apart and look on the,inside and i think youll better,understand why,i would not recommend this thing this,entire gun is,just built extremely poorly the,materials and stuff used in its,construction,just scream you know budget the wood,as good as it looks has the consistency,of balsa wood very easily dinged and,things like that,it looks really sharp it has a decent,looking finish on the outside,but thats very deceiving as to what,youre going to find on the inside,to unload the gun you have a magazine,release right here that you can use your,non-shooting hand use the thumb to,release the magazine,youll notice that they used a standard,akm receiver they even went to the,trouble of putting,the ak mag release system in here but,just ground it off,but thats because these bottom plates,are removable and you have to use this,lever,to actually get the bottom plate off but,you can see its just a standard akm,receiver that theyve modified heavily,to use nine millimeter taking it apart,is just like,any other ak you take out your,stumpy recoil spring you have this piece,of plastic in there,then you have your bolt,and this is just a weight to add mass to,the blowback system its not a gas,piston,then up here you just have a whole big,mass of something thats plugged in,there which,the barrel is is installed into so the,barrel comes clear back here,and inside you have mostly a normal ak,fire control group,you can see that theyve just machined,one side of the hook off because it has,a single hook design,on the hammer and then if you want to,take the magazine well out,you just do this take it off and,presumably you can use,other magazine well adapters but you can,see its just a standard akm,down here this entire pl piece including,this toe up front that holds it in the,front,and then back here is all polymer this,would be very very easy to break and,over time it probably wont age well,because i cant imagine they used high,quality polymers this will probably,become brittle,over time and with gun cleaning solvents,in in 20 years the things just probably,going to fall apart i have old ladies,guns that made use of a lot of plastics,that are literally just brittle enough,where theyre falling apart now so you,cant shoot them anymore,so this gun is just not quality,if you buy one know what youre getting,again its not an,heirloom piece and when you take it,apart and put it together be very,careful,not to snap anything like when putting,this on not to break,the plastic piece by holding that lever,in and putting it down,because if you do that too many times i,fear youll break off that rear tang or,break off the front tang thats holding,that in place,this is just yeah,awful all right lets see if i can,remember how to put this thing in here,does it go that way or the other way i,think it may go the other way,nope he goes this way i dont even know,if thats some sort of a buffer to stop,the travel of the bolt when it comes,rearward,and then uh i dont know how much of a,beating that thing will take if its,actually stopping the throw of the bolt,put that on put your standard akm type,top cover on,and yeah back together,dont buy one so my next choice may be,surprising to some and may not be,surprising to others,its the stree bog now im trying to,pronounce it the proper way because,thats about the only dignity i can give,to the gun,given the problems ive had with three,or four of them that ive used here on,the channel and have tested,the gun is just a complete hot mess it,started off,with the first generation guns that were,pretty much okay but because they were,trying to transition to a,generation three and a three version,that was already available in europe,but because atf was holding up the,approval process in the united states,they had these transitional guns that,had part a3 gun guts in it and then,part a1 guts in it and they were just a,hot mess which ive well documented here,

The Mini Bog! Stribog SP9A3s Pistol Review

the streebog sp983s,lets check out the mini bog,[Music],[Music],so,[Music],grand power is based out of slovakia and,they produce a really fine line of,handguns in fact very popular in,competitive circuits,one of the big pluses for the grand,power pistols is they have the rotating,barrel design which makes very flat,shooting and theyre really high quality,firearms when the slovakian military,needed a small little machine gun,grand power came out with the stree bog,first with the sp9 a1 and there have,been a number of iterations from that,time but the sp983 was introduced with a,roller delayed blowback action which,made it even softer shooting,and this is the,sp983s which means short,and it is a much shorter in fact this is,a five inch barrel compared to the,standard street bog which has an eight,inch barrel one thing that grand power,has also had some issues with are their,magazines,with the straight walled magazines and,even reinforced there were some issues,around for us we have had very good,results with all the stree bog magazines,but with these new curved magazines,weve done a number of tests with these,in fact weve shot a couple of thousand,round tests without any malfunctions so,were going to take a look today at what,i like to call my mini bog and its a,very small package now grand power sent,the stribog,sp983s for this review i mean these are,just being imported into the us so this,is a brand new offering from grand power,but we also want to thank gun zone deals,they are great for furnishing us,different guns to bring reviews to you,guys and theyre the ones that actually,introduced us to the street bog,now here we have the sp9 a3s and the,bigger brother the sp9 a3,theyre very similar in fact almost,identical,in a lot of the parts in a lot of the,ways theyre set up,but the s is just smaller five inch,barrel compared to an eight inch barrel,well get into the details in a second,but one of the things about the sp983s,again and the sp983 is that they are,roller delayed blowback that just means,that when a round is fired there is some,delay before the bolt comes back and so,some of the spent energy is gone and it,just allows for softer shooting,just like your hk mp5,those are world renowned and thats one,of the calls to fame for those firearms,theyre so soft shooting now you can buy,these just like they are without the,brace,but you can also buy these with,different type pistol stabilizing braces,attached which thats what weve done,here and the reason why i need to,mention that is because youtubes,policies forbid any modification to the,firearm and so there have been no,modifications to these firearms now,well safety checks well drop our,magazine pull back on the bolt and the,chambers empty,the sp983,chambers empty now the spm-983 is a,small firearm but when you compare it to,the sp9 a3s theres some definite,differences,a five inch barrel on the sp9 a3s,then with the original you get an eight,inch barrel but also the receivers,themselves have been backed up this is,about two inches longer youre getting,that one m lock rail whereas on the,original youre getting two m lock rails,and youre getting just four slots of,picatinny rail on the front of the s,model and then were getting additional,rail on the regular model but everything,is interchangeable all the parts the,receivers are the same the bolts are the,same theyre both non-reciprocating bolt,handles the biggest thing is probably,the sight radius with the fixed sights,you have just a little bit longer sight,radius with the sp983 than you do with,the standard sp983s,even the receivers themselves everything,is identical now these are both threaded,with half by 28 threads and it does come,with a thread protector so you can put,on any kind of suppressor or,even a compensator if you want to,and the sight system is really nice,because they are retractable you can put,them where theyre flush especially if,youre using some kind of optic,but with the polymer sights theres,actually a little notch here and a,little post at the front even with the,sights down you can access your sights,one thing though that theyve made an,upgrade is these are polymer but they do,include a still set of sights with the,pistol theres just a roll pin so its,very easy to be able to switch those out,now here we have our selector switch for,safe to fire for fire just bring it down,and it is ambidextrous on the other side,you have your mag release right here,its a nice paddle its in a natural,position to be able to drop that,magazine and they do drop free,also right here is your bolt release and,it is also ambidextrous so everything,they have is ambidextrous as far as the,controls and it does hold open on the,last round of an empty magazine and then,with your bolt release right here even,with the magazine inserted go straight,home the grip is pretty large it is part,of the receiver so you cant really,switch these out,and then we have a nice trigger guard,that rides up close and we have a flat,face trigger and that comes with all the,sp983s,and the s,here we have our charging handle,brings it back very easy,you can switch this to the other side,but you can also get ambidextrous,charging handles as well one of the,things about streebog is there are a lot,of aftermarket support,whether its safeties whether its even,your bolt release and so that gives you,a lot of options theres a lot of,support from the gun industry it has a,one piece,extruded aluminum receiver,which is really strong the lower,receiver is polymer though all the way,through and because this barrels so,short guys i highly recommend getting,some some kind of stop to put on the end,here because your hand does ride really,close unless you want to grip right here,at the magazine because they do have a,very textured front of the magazine well,and the mag well is nicely beveled so,its really easy to flip those magazines,in now there has been an evolution with,the magazines from streebog and,originally just the straight walled,magazines theyre translucent,some people were having a few issues,with these and so they went up to the,reinforced steel feed lips and theres a,lot of other upgrades theyve made to,these mags there were some problems out,there,and i saw some of them we did not have,any problems but that doesnt mean,theyre not out there,also we have the curved magazine which,is their newest and honestly by far the,most reliable it just naturally feeds,and it curves and it gives you just,better reliability and youll notice,that they did away with the metal,reinforcement because these magazines,hold up very well theyre very strong,the a3 tactical brace is really nice,its all aluminum and then again we have,our gearhead works tail hook which to me,is one of the best for the stabilizing,brace i mean this is very effective now,this brace is a side folder so i can,depress it and we can bring it around,again guys it makes it a really small,little firearm then again if you choose,the grand power pdw brace,it just brings it out and it collapses,down to a really small,tight package,again we have a flat face trigger i love,the geometry,a little bit of take up right here,and then,a nice break now its not very crisp,but it is a decent break and were going,to look at,reset,right there very quick reset,and this is a steel trigger which i like,over a lot of the polymer triggers i,really appreciate fioci for sponsoring,the ammo all made in the usa,we have shot a lot of fiocchi and this,stuff is great,really wish that maglula would come out,with a loader for the stree bog but,these magazines are considerably easy to,load now theyve gone to the curb,magazines,and so its not bad at all,but mag lula come on,bringing out the s model,its just smaller and while there is a,little more recoil felt recoil with the,s model because it just has a little bit,less mass,its still very soft to shoot,[Applause],this is definitely a little flatter,shooting,uh i guess because of a little bit of a,longer bar

Stribog SP9A3S

it is always a good day to break out of,strybog and we got a really special one,to show you here today this is the new k,coming in from gun zone deals lets,check it out,baby,all right,well lets get after it,uh,yeah,baby all right,welcome back everybody eric here with,iraq veteran 88 88,all right got a very special stride bog,to show you here um,look,the the stride has not been without its,uh,lets just say growing pains and,teething issues but i think that the gun,this platform really has come full,circle in a lot of great ways and we are,going to dive into this a bit um i would,like to thank our friends at gun zone,deals for sending this particular um,example out for us were actually one of,the first people to get a hold of one of,these,granted not the first people put videos,out because sometimes our video cue,takes a little bit of time,but they were nice enough to send one of,these out for us to check out because,you guys know were a big fan of the,strybog so gun zone deals sent this one,over because they knew wed want to,check it out and theres also some,things that i kind of want to show you,as well remember when we uh we did the,whole thing with magazines right you,know there there was a and,some minor teething issues with some of,the early stride magazines and they were,more of the straight configuration you,notice now they have curved magazines,for the stride and that helps get rid of,some of those feeding issues primarily,feeding issues that were occurring with,some of the more hollow-point variety of,ammunition,so uh the folks at uh gun zone deals and,many others are selling these mags now,with the curve in them so that kind of,helps you know get that situation,uh in check and handled this is the sp9,a3 variant which means it is the delayed,roller or the roller blowback,systems super super super smooth recoil,so its not a blowback,they did have the earlier a1s that were,blowbacks,and this is a k model so compared to the,standard tri bog it is much shorter,which is nice this one has a collapsible,brace,on it and it gets nice and tiny look at,that looks like something that would,belong in a movie,kind of a movie gun you just push this,plunger down and you get your brace all,the way out here,youve got the same functionality in,terms of the very basic bolt stop that,you push up on either side so you have,an ambidextrous bolt stop ambidextrous,magazine release that can be gotten to,from either side of the gun as well as,an ambidextrous,safety of course now one thing about the,stride bog you cant go from left to,right hand ejection so its right hand,eject only but the gun can be set up and,used for a left-handed shooter,no problem this particular one is,threaded half by 28 at the muzzle weve,opted in this particular one just to run,it loud,just so we dont introduce any,additional variables into the situation,is a polymer lower um so its not a very,wide gun at all its very slim this one,does have a,non-reciprocating charging handle that,was one uh popular thing people were,asking about in terms of an upgrade on,that,very smooth bolt very smooth recoil,impulse,this particular gun is wearing a crimson,trace rad max pro,this is one of their newer ruggedized,optics thats intended more for pccs ars,ak pistols things like that i mean,basically any type of a uh you know,modern platform with a pick rail you,want to be able to drop a red dot on the,crimson trace is great for that and,weve had very good luck with these and,uh this is a great setup i really enjoy,it this particular one lets just say,for whatever reason if you didnt want,to run the brace it is set up for qd,points on either side so you can run a,wolf tail on this if you just want to,run a one point sling you can do that,also what i really like about this setup,too they did upgrade the trigger its,got this great flat shoe trigger and it,breaks super super super clean very,little take up i really do like the,trigger on this particular gun quite a,bit so it seems,it seems,knock on wood it seems that they have,worked out many of the issues that the,strybog has always been kind of known to,have in there now i will say this my,older strybogs both the sp 9a1 and the,a3s,with the straight mags,ive never really had too many major,issues out of them now granted i havent,fed like a ton of variety of different,hollow points so the issue with the,earlier mags was mainly that there,wasnt a lot of extra length in the,magazine so if you had a projectile that,was maybe heavier or a little bit longer,or maybe a round that was slightly out,of spec it was causing some of those,mags to have some minor feeding issues,so it looks like the curved mags just,kind of help with that well shoot the,gun a little bit more and also real,quick,i am running some new ear pro our,friends at otis technology sent us out,some of these ear shield rangers uh they,are electronic ear pro,very affordable but decent you know good,high quality very comfortable try these,out a little bit and do a little bit of,shooting,were shooting some 124 grain bell on,ball ammunition out of this shrybog here,today all right,man,this is sweet dude yes i love it,right,yes dude the recoil impulse on this,thing is stupid controllable very easy,gun to control and i love that flat shoe,trigger very very easy to shoot,[Music],baby,all right,now from what i understand as well just,a quick note,is that uh these magazines are pretty,affordable i want to say theyre maybe,just slightly south of 20 bucks or maybe,just a little north of 20 bucks so,theyre in line with some of the,scorpion offerings uh ill quickly make,a mention of that we did mention,i believe we actually did do another,video where we tested some of these,scorpion adaptable lowers in the strybog,so even if lets just say for whatever,reason youre not in love with with,these mags which i dont really see a,reason not to like them at this point,that they got the kinks worked out but,they can be adapted to other mags if,thats something you want to do later,all right,lets have some fun,one more mag and then were going to,reset,i cant wait to try this thing out,suppressed i dont have a suppressor to,drop on it today i wanted to you know,really eliminate all the variables but,man this thing is sweet,man,look this thing right here is a bullet,delivery device,so in case you are not familiar with the,strybog in general the way that the,upper on this particular gun is made,its very interesting its like one,continuous extrusion and then all the,machining is done youve got a pick rail,on the bottom and top of the receiver,section,so of course the the lowers polymer,which is no problem that kind of helps,cut down on the weight not to mention,manufacturing costs to keep the gun a,little bit more affordable,but um dude this is sweet,and look im a big cz scorpion fan and i,love the scorpion micro its a great gun,probably one of my favorite guns but,i dont know,this one is way smoother and its a,really cool setup right there all right,we got a little bit of a variety of ammo,were going to try out this time were,going to do,as a control uh 30 more rounds of the,bellom 124 grain ammo,and then were gonna move on to a couple,of different brands of ammo to try it,out here test these mags out,bellam all right this is 124 grain cci,blazer,all right same bullet weight just a,different brand,steel case red army standard 115 grain,dude,get out of here,wow its so weird going between the,different weights of ammo,with the 115s is like theres so little,recoil,that it almost surprises you that the,gun is actually cycling you dont really,expect it to be running right that first,couple of rounds i was thinking did that,thing even cycle like thats how smooth,the 115s were and its nice to know,itll eat some steel case uh just fine,too i cant wait to throw a can on this,thing and do some more work because you,know the delayed stuff tends to do,really well with suppressors,i wanted to run this one loud just for,this particular video bu

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