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Strikeman Firearm Training System Review

[Applause],hey guys,today were doing something a little bit,different or at least new for those of,you that have been watching us,all through november this year and,leading into the holiday shopping season,we were seeing a lot of advertisements,through social media for strikemen,a device its a dry fire laser device,that you use at home it looks like they,send you,uh something that you use with an app,and a laser in your device,to help you track where your dry fire,accuracy is at we were seeing it all,over,different social media platforms it was,less than 100 bucks to get it shipped,here,so were going to go through and and see,if its something that,we would recommend for our viewers all,right so lets go through this,piece by piece see what we got in here,all right,all right so far we got a couple pieces,here packing list,all right its got a,separate box looks like for the laser,from the rest of the,device here so this is the nine,millimeter,this is the laser that will go,into the chamber and looks like itll,itll shoot a laser out the barrel when,you fire,uh when you squeeze the trigger and the,striker hits it all right,some nice cellophane wrapped around here,its not a bad little box,yeah so far for the for 100,shipped the quality doesnt seem that,bad at all with what were getting here,heres the first set of instructions,about the laser,looks like it talks about the distance,in using it,we got what looks like a target here,weve got a few extra pieces right here,all right so right now im looking at,what looks like a tripod for your phone,a couple of suction cups looks like the,base for this target right here,so im gonna go ahead and download the,app on my phone,and well see how far we get with the,loading the batteries into the bullet,and loading the bullet into the firearm,well go from there,all right so this is how the laser,device comes when you pull it out of,this box right here,its got three batteries that come with,it were gonna see how,how easy this is to do here so it said,to put the engraved,side down into the the bullet,so the engraved side is the the more,flat side it looks like,see if the first one drops in there that,one spins around on me a little bit,there,there we go put this top part back on,and it looks like this is the button,yeah looks like its already coming on,for me the tripod that we have is,different than the tripod that they use,in the video,so we had to take it apart turn it,around put it,it was different than what they showed,in the video but it wasnt hard to,figure out there wasnt any actual,set instruction on how to put everything,together so should be pretty easy,kind of kind of a guy way i guess you,dont need too many instructions but you,can just figure it out,many many minutes later there we go,all right,[Music],all right so it says between two and,five feet,so just for the purpose of this video,right now were gonna keep everything,a little bit close well well do some,experiments with that,a little bit further away a little,closer um now the video says that its,capable,the the book the paperwork that we get,originally says two to five feet,in the video he said up to 10 feet but,recommend recommend two to four,so theres already a few things that are,definitely different from the video,in comparison to what we have in front,of us here so well do five of these,and then well see how well it tracks it,[Music],we are pretty close,[Music],all right,all right so now well stop this so it,looks like it gives me a grouping,all five shots in the one in the one,area here,looks like i can download this share it,um,start a new one its giving me a total,score of 49 so five shots taken,average rating is a nine so it shows,on the history its showing we have,everything from the date how many are,what our average score is,we brought us up to a nine um,so i dont know average its got a pie,chart in here,so were gonna have to do a few more,sessions well do them at different,distances,and see what happens with the history,and with this pie chart to let us know,what it is that were,that were trying to learn here,[Music],do,[Music],right now were not having any issues,this is a pretty good session,prior to this session we noticed some,issues on our on,two different android devices this thing,has given us a lot of phantom shots,we went into the the google play store,and and the reviews for the app there,was there was some other people,complaining,about the same thing that it was,recording shots that werent being taken,um we tried to do that in a brighter,room,we tried to change the lighting its,still happening,on the iphone device it wasnt doing the,phantom shots but it wasnt registering,all the shots,theres a phantom one there the other,things that we noticed there was a,difference between the iphone,and the android whereas when you first,open it on the on the iphone,it gives you an option for for a day,mode or a nightmare we didnt have that,on the android,also if you notice here when i want to,stop this one and start a new one,it zooms back all the way out to start a,new one,i have to zoom back in on the target,i have to do my red circle all over,again pick the pick the distance and,start again,on the iphone it stays right there when,you stop and start a new one,its its set where you last left it off,left off at,you dont have to reset anything my mom,got a new,got something from santa claus this year,so before going to the range with it she,came over and,and got some some time with her trigger,press before going to the range with it,and that worked out actually wasnt how,many glitches when she did it at that,time,so sometimes its great there was also,in the video,when the the guys giving you,description how everything works in the,video how to use it,he said that when you go into history,youll be able to see this is the pie,chart it gives you but like i said its,just,its not accurate i cant use this pie,chart for anything,um when you view your previous sessions,in the video he was showing us how,theres options that you can do with,these sessions i can delete certain ones,that i dont want to keep in there,theres no options here you can view,each session,where it left off download it share it,um,other than that theres theres no other,options like you were describing,all right so weve been using,strikemans system,for seven days now um as you saw earlier,we were having some issues with the app,itself um we saw,like they mentioned in the video making,sure that you have enough light weve,used it in different,lit areas different types of lighting,dim,lighting it doesnt work as well when it,comes to the setup,and how to work it how to operate,everything its pretty easy,when we first started this i tried to,kind of do it,as like in a layman way but,honestly and truly this thing is super,easy to set up super easy to figure out,super easy to operate,um its not very technical at all to get,everything rolling and moving,as far as recommending this for for our,viewers or for friends and family,ive i got to say no 100 cents,its less than 100 bucks but but,honestly with the app not working,the laser itself is really all that,were gonna really get out of this,out of this system because we cant keep,track of our history we cant keep track,of,of if were getting better or not would,recommend some things for the app if if,you get the app fixed,to where you dont have the phantom,shots and it is registering all your,shots,from there something that would be,really cool is if the thing had a,built-in,shot timer so where its,even if so if youre if youre kind of,using at a distance you can even have,maybe a shot timer that goes off every,so many seconds you can set it at like,every 30 seconds it has a random,or every 15 seconds it has a random just,depending on what you wanted to do,that way you could have uh,draw fire you see where youre at from,from the draw,to the to the laser on target you can,have mag,changing you can actually get your time,on with your accuracy

Strikeman Pro Laser Training System

guys when it comes to firearms training,going to the range theres no substitute,i mean youre feeling the recoil you,know youve got your grip you know where,the guns coming you you know how it,acts youre watching your sights youre,watching bullets hit paper,but one of the problems with the range,is that a lot of times the subtle,nuances of being a really good shooter,are lost,the recoil the blast the ammo costs the,trips to the range the time constraints,and really being able to get that right,trigger pull being able to really line,up your sights,its one of the things about these laser,training systems that are out right now,that are really,transforming shooters,and i have done a review on the original,strikeman laser training system its,excellent its just one small target you,set up your app you shoot the target and,it gives you instant feedback and it,lets you know right then if youre,braking right before you should if those,sites arent aligned you see it and the,laser gives you an instant feedback this,small little laser cartridge just fits,right down into the chamber,it has a couple of batteries in it it,has a really soft little backing where,the primer is and that protects the,firing pin,so when we drop it in,close it and now i can fire this with a,laser indicator and that way it allows,me to see what im shooting on target,now were going to be talking about the,strikeman pro,this is a really advanced system in fact,behind me is the target that comes with,it i mean its a large target stand here,we have some ipsec type targets but they,also come with just round targets,bullseye targets you can switch that out,and theres a lot of different programs,you download the app to your phone and,it gives you all the instructions the,prompts its really simple and yet you,can get very complicated with this,system you can even train with friends,that are on the other side of the,country and network with your shooting,showing you know your progression,and really competitive shooting is what,really helps hone your skills more than,probably anything else but were going,to take an overall look of the strikeman,pro i will recommend their tutorial,videos that are on youtube and ill have,it listed down below in the description,but ill also have it annotated above,theyre excellent and they go from start,to finish from assembling the target,stand,how your tripod works for your phone,and it gives you a lot of tips to get,you started in the right direction but,guys if youre concerned about getting,something like this and its just,overwhelming you can dial it down which,i did,and got it on the simplest program there,is,and man immediately it started being a,lot of fun putting this together and,then as i got used to that i wanted to,progress to the next level getzone.com,brought us together with strikeman and,we really appreciate gitzone.com its,one of the best second amendment,friendly video platforms out there,but the strikeman system ive had a lot,of experience with it already and so i,was pretty excited to get this out and,check it out,now the strikeman pro comes in this,really large box,and of course you need to because it has,the target stand,and everything with it,open it up everythings in here,at first it looks a little complicated,but really its fairly simple to put,together,here you have a tripod for your phone,with the phone adapter,we have the different targets and,theyre rolled up and then the target,stand right here here we have a little,info packet but honestly the whole setup,how to set this,tripod up the target stand has tutorials,on the strikeman website and its even,on the app when you download it now,heres the target and we have it on the,stand it has little clips and you want,to make sure this is as flat as possible,now it comes rolled up so it takes a,little bit to get it flattened out,but that way itll read the targets the,best these little small clips are easy,to attach,and the target really you just want to,get it kind of lined up but uh the feet,are sturdy and i would recommend putting,it on something thats a little bit,elevated like here i have it on my table,and so that way i can get a natural,point when im pointing toward the,target and heres the back of the target,you can see it has a brace right down,the center this is really easy to,assemble,and strikeman actually has a great video,that shows you how to go from start to,finish now it comes with a foam tripod,this just folds out,just like this,you take this little knob and you,tighten it up and every foam base is,telescopic,i mean it really gets some height on,here so you can really adjust this,however you need to however your setup,is once you get this out you just turn,it and it locks it has a padded cell,phone holder this just lifts up and,clamps to your phone you get your laser,and you get three batteries these are,watch type batteries theyre the lr626,theyre very common,just unscrew your laser,now you want the flat contact to be up,with the laser so the engraving is down,so drop this in,and you have three of them,and they last a good while and then you,just screw it on,youll notice this little rubber piece,right here and of course weve been,using this one and this is going to,protect your firing pin then you have,the laser right here its all brass so,its not going to damage your chamber,you can choose a number of different,firearms there is there are so many,options one reason why i chose the 1911,is i dont have to rack the slide every,time i pull the trigger i can just pull,the hammer back but i did use a glock 19,and also a beretta px4 storm,the px4 storm is double action so i can,just pull the trigger every time,but it is that longer trigger pull,but it does help with accuracy so you,can choose whatever you want to but i,mainly did most of my training with this,bull armory 1911 commander and its,sweet so just take your laser drop it,into the chamber,just push it forward and then just let,your slide go it will not pull the laser,out because theres no rim on it and so,that way when you do rack it especially,if you have like a glock or any kind of,striker fire pistol its not going to,pull the laser out every time you rack,the slide now one thing is if you want,when you want to remove it go ahead and,put it in the slide lock,i take a pencil with an eraser but you,take a wooden dowel or whatever and it,just pops the laser right out,and so guys when you pull the trigger,it activates the laser and you can see,it right there,and thats going to activate on your,target and the app is going to pick up,the laser up wherever it is on the,target and itll score it for you,plus you have instant feedback,ten,ten,ten,nine,ten,ten,ten,nine,and once you download the strikeman app,to your phone its really easy to do,then just bring up your strikeman pro,and this is going to give you all your,templates its going to give you all,your information your metrics your,profile,gives you a lot of different prompts,for training though of course these are,the uh training templates,and so you can set up different things,and well go through that as well but,this is a really easy way if you want to,just get started quick or if you want to,start a new session you have a new,handgun you want to do a different drill,for me typically,i just go in and do the basic because i,want to learn the system and then,theres a lot of different options that,you can go into,one thing thats really big is competing,and so you can go with your friends they,can be at home you can be at home and,you can set up,a match and then you can compare the,results and so its a great way if you,have a good friend especially thats,across the country and you can sit and,you can figure out you know how youre,progressing compete against others and,competition is always a great way to,really hone in your firearm skills now,to get things started you want to turn,it this direction and this allows you to,be able to read all the prompts on your,phone and you c

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Strikeman Dry Fire System: Owners Review

were going to be taking a look at the strikeman  the strikeman is another way to dry fire your  ,pistol without having to use actual live ammo so  with the ammo shortage that weve got going on  ,right now its a really good way to practice  and not have to use up all your ammo supply  ,so lets take a look at it and see what you  actually get with the system the cartridge,comes in this little case here  ,and it comes in the box and has the thing  on the outside showing you what caliber  ,the actual bullet is in so this one it shows as  a nine millimeter but this works uh with a laser  ,system it doesnt have a rim on the case so if you  have a striker fired pistol then its not going to  ,extract the bullet every time you try to rack  the slide to be able to pull the trigger again if  ,youve got a single action double action pistol  that you can keep pulling the trigger without  ,having to rack the slide of course itll be in  double action all the time then you can just keep  ,pulling the trigger and not have to worry about  it this little black dot here on the back of it  ,where the primer would be in a normal casing that  is the laser for the cartridge when the striker  ,or the the firing pin hits the laser or hits the  little rubber piece here it activates the laser  ,so when i press that you can see the laser  showing up on the strikeman box over there okay  ,so you can order the different calibers for  the laser itself and the top of this screws off  ,so that you can put the batteries in there and it  comes with three small watch batteries probably  ,more like hearing aid size batteries that go in  this case and they stack up in there to power  ,the laser and its got the on and off switch  so you dont have to worry about the the laser  ,coming on automatically like you do with a lot  of other laser cartridges or like with the bore  ,sights where you have to turn them on before  you put them in there this has got the switch  ,so that the the firing pin hits that to turn it  on every time without it staying on constantly  ,and then the rest of the system that you get  comes in this nice box here and you get the  ,target stand and a target that slides in here  and if for some reason that the target gets  ,damaged then you can can get a different  target to go in there or you can  ,make up your own eight and a half by 11 target  and use it and its got the stand that affixes  ,to the bottom of it this bottom piece just slides  on and off so you can either sit it on the table  ,like that or it also comes with suction cups  so that you can attach the suction cups to the  ,back of the stand and then mount it to a window  a mirror or any other type of surface so that you  ,can anything that a suction cup is going to attach  to you can stick it to that and itll hold it up  ,on the wall so so you just press that in there and  then just stick the the target to the wall one of  ,the main parts of the system is the app that you  get to go on your phone uh it also comes with this  ,tripod that you put your phone in the  tripod comes like this and it also has  ,an extension that you can put on the the pole  of the tripod if you need to raise the phone up  ,a little bit or something to get it in a  better position to be able to see the target  ,and when youre using the system  the phone has to be able to see  ,the target for it to register whats going on  with the system so lets look take a look at  ,the app here it shows you all the safety things  that you need to go through before you actually  ,go in here so like with any dry fire you want to  make sure that theres no ammo around you so that  ,you dont inadvertently pick up a live round and  put it in the the gun while youre shooting so  ,once you say that you have checked all that  it gives you the option to hit the i agree  ,and then it takes you to the setup screen here for  the session so the first question is what range  ,are you going to be shooting from to the target  and you can pick anywhere from 0 to 20 all the  ,way up to 100 feet just by scrolling through the  different settings there so im going to pick  ,0 to 20. and then you can select whether  youre gonna be shooting in night vision  ,or uh night mode or day mode so were gonna be out  or since were outside well put it in day mode  ,and then select a session type  you can either do it by time  ,or you can do it by the number of shots so well  pick number of shots and then you can pick how  ,many shots you want to do anywhere from 10 all the  way up to 50. so lets pick 20. hit done and then  ,it asks you whether you want to have multiple  sessions or not so you can enable that or you can  ,disable it and if you want to do multiple sessions  then you picked how many sessions you want to do  ,so well do two hit done and then its  going to ask you how long of a break  ,you want in between sessions and  you can pick anywhere from no break  ,all the way up to 100 seconds so lets  lets do 10 seconds in between the things so  ,now its asking you to calibrate the system so  what you have to do for that is well set the  ,the phone down on the the shooting bench here  and then you hit calibrate and it brings the  ,picture of the target up on your phone and then  you take your fingers and you zoom the main body,theres a red circle that you  probably couldnt see very well  ,on the the camera there but you match  that outside circle with the the outside  ,or the the you match the red circle to the  outside target ring on the target there so  ,if i put my fingers back on there squeeze  that in like youre shrinking or enlarging  ,a picture on your phone and match that up to the  target so were pretty good right there so now  ,were ready to go as far as thats concerned  so lets pick one of the guns we got out,here so this one is the fn its  more of a full-size gun and when you  ,load the the round in youre not going to have  the magazine you dont want to load it from the  ,magazine because its got some rubber o-rings  around the casing here that will hold it into  ,the chamber so you you dont want to try to feed  it from the magazine so you just drop it into the  ,chamber make sure its seated in there  good and then just drop the slide onto it  ,so now its ready to go so all were  going to need to do now is hit start,so while im shooting its  going to record the shots,now since im using a striker fired  ive got to rack the slide every time,and ive got the setting on the app to where i can  ,hear whether or not it is hitting the target  or where its actually recording a shot,so you can hear that little click on the the app  over there now the next session is going to begin,so,i think it occasionally misses a few shots  ,okay thats probably the last  one thats recorded there no,okay once you get done you  can hit stop and it records  ,how long the time elapsed was the shots  taken 20 out of 20. the average rating was  ,a nine total score was 193 so you can go back  and look at the the history so lets look at um  ,so its got average score average range  zero zero to twenty total shots eighty,and then this is the time frame that  youre looking at there so if we just pick,today,then its going to show you what we were looking  at there as far as the the number of shots that we  ,did and then when you scroll up it  shows you where youve been hitting  ,on that and then you can look at each one of  the the ran the ones that you did so todays,so we we can see there that my average score on  both of those was a 9.65 so i was getting pretty  ,good shot placement on that and total shots 20  session time was uh 2 minutes and 37 seconds to  ,get all those in and then it shows you what the  the shot distribution as far as 65 was in the 10  ,ring and 35 percent was in the nine ring okay so  you got the the different settings here that you  ,can change its got the the profile that you  can change all your information on the profile  ,its got tutorials that you can go through  ive

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Mantis Laser Academy VS Strikeman

hey guys welcome back to pro gun,today im going to be doing a review of,the memphis laser academy,versus the strike man,these are the two most popular dry fire,training systems and ive done a review,of them individually ive done one on,the mantis laser academy and ive done,one on strike man,so i highly recommend you look at both,of those,but before you spend your hard-earned,money,i want to go through what they have in,common what the differences are,and,what justifies the price,mantis laser academy is about 150 bucks,and strikeman,is around 100.,so lets go,strikeman comes in a big cardboard box,mantis laser academy comes in a nice,portable,hard carrying case very lightweight,yet rugged,they both start off with the laser,cartridge and theyre both very good,quality,and theyre available in the caliber of,your choice i chose 45 acp,since i have a lot of guns chambered in,45 acp,firearm is unloaded,and what you do is you drop the,cartridge into your firearm,load up your app calibrate the target,and you fire,mantis laser academy gives you this,wooden dowel,so you can knock the cartridge out,and you dont get that with strike,man so if youre using strike man youre,gonna need to,stick a pen or something down the barrel,to knock it out,strikeman gives you a tripod which is,very good,quality,so you can put your phone in here,and you can calibrate your targets,mantis laser academy gives you a small,tripod,that you mount your phone in,and they also give you a large tripod,and the large tripod,is very,well made,and it comes with a remote control,that is bluetooth,and you pair it to your phone,and you press any of these buttons and,itll take a picture,so you can use this large tripod for,many other things,and it is quite large,okay,now it comes down to the targets,strikeman gives you one target with the,target holder,and they give you suction cups you can,put in the back so you can,stick this where you want,mathis laser academy gives you,a set of small targets,very wide variety of targets,and they also give you,large targets,same thing their duplicate of the small,ones,and they give you some sticky taps so,you can put these targets anywhere you,want on the wall,and the nice thing about the mantis,laser academy is you see the,stop start and the clear,you can basically,put these up on the wall put one of,these next to another target,and you can control the app just from,shooting at it so that your hands free,its a nice really nice feature,you can also download the targets for,free at the mantis website uh and they,dont force you to purchase them so that,works out really well i,downloaded targets and,they worked perfectly fine,however these are still in very good,condition,next thing comes down to is the app,the mantis laser academy has got a,phenomenal app,it gives you,a,wide variety of,training drills,i dont know if you can see it on my,phone but theres a huge variety of,training drills you can select from,and this app is totally free,you even get the pro version once you,register the product,and they have courses they have a pistol,marksmanship course and they have a,pistol marksmanship test,the app for,strike man,theres really nothing to show you,theres only one drill,and thats it if you want to try,any of the other drills they force you,to purchase the app,and to be honest with you its all about,the user experience,the app on,mantis laser academy is constantly,updated its fresh its a lot of fun to,use as opposed to the,boring app that you get with,strikeman and if you want to do,additional training,you need to spend more money and,purchase it as opposed to mantis laser,academy,giving you that for free,so,being that i did a review on both of,them,were going to just try a real quick,simple testifier,one with the mantis laser academy app,and one with strike man,and then after that well come back and,tell you what we think is the best,system for you,so before you go out and spend your,money on either of these,please watch to the end of the video and,hopefully youll have enough information,to make your own decision,okay were going to shoot with the,mantis now and im going to pick a,random drill,and well try multi-target so that i can,shoot multiple targets,and here we go,nine,ten,eight,eight,nine,ten,nine,and there you go,okay now were going to try using strike,man,9.,nine,nine,now you can see the problem with the,strike man app is that,a lot of shots are just not registering,okay so now after comparing both,products,you said the laser cartridge is um,very good quality for both of them,and ill give the same thing to the,tripods,but what really separates both of these,products is that,if if you didnt know any better if if i,only had the strike man,i would have thought it was a fairly,good product and it will improve your,shooting skills,however,ive been using,the,mantis laser academy,for,probably six months now around three,days a week i leave the targets tapped,up on the wall in the basement so i can,use it anytime i want,it is,head and shoulders above strikeman the,app is just phenomenal its a lot of fun,its always fresh they add new things,and it will dramatically,improve your shooting skills and its,fun,the nice thing you can do is,you can make a copy of one of these,targets,and then after you practice your dry,fire training and you go to the range,you can compare and see how you uh how,you do,the,strikeman app is just,like i said its horrible,you saw when i was doing the demo of,shooting it doesnt register all your,shots which defeats the whole purpose,the nice thing i like about the,mantis laser academy is that if i get,tired of having to keep racking the,slide i could use my cert pistol,okay and thats actually what i used in,the demo,and maybe thats why the,strikeman app didnt work as well but i,i highly doubt it,if you had to put them side by side you,had to spend your money if its a matter,of the money,save your money,when you get the extra 50 bucks,go out and buy the mantis the mantis,laser academy will dramatically improve,your shooting skills save your ammo its,convenient,you can shoot at any time anywhere you,want comes in a,nice small case like this so you can,take it anywhere you want to go,portable its lightweight,great quality,the targets are free you just go to the,mantas website and you download them,like i said either one of them will help,your skills,but if you want your skills to improve,much more quickly,and,have it be a lot more fun,the mantis laser academy,is head and shoulders above strike man,matter of fact,comparing the two of these now i i,wouldnt even recommend anyone getting,the strike man,and thats because of the app,unfortunately if it doesnt successfully,register your shots,and then you really dont have a,true,training system right,mantis works every time its dead,accurate works in light works in dark,you can put the targets on the wall and,you know shoot from one end of the house,to the other,its a great product it really is,in my mind there is only one dry fire,training system and that is the mantis,laser academy,if you havent already done so please,subscribe to our channel we greatly,appreciate that,thanks for watching

Strikeman Laser Training: Honest Review, Returning it.

so ive got myself the uh the strikeman,laser system,and ive had it for a few days been,playing with it and i am contemplating,whether or not to return it,main issues i have one it does not work,with my gross and regard the nine,millimeter shell simply doesnt insert,um it does work with my lc9s,smith and wesson m p,works with my kel tec sub 2k so it does,work with a bunch of other guns but it,doesnt work with a gross standard guard,and i really wanted it to,um other issues they recently updated,their app,and apparently they broke several things,when they did,you can now become a strikeman pro,member,uh for eight bucks a month or a hundred,bucks a year,more than i want to pay for an app for,basically a glorified video game here uh,i think a monthly subscription is,ridiculous,even though its relatively low cost or,low cash but i aint paying every month,for a monthly subscription,things have broken the app,it no longer will call out your shot,score i dont know if that is a feature,that is migrating solely to the,strikemen pro and theyre just removing,it from this app,also it does not calibrate,for every session,it doesnt remember your zoom setting,when you,restart your session so you finish your,your 10 shots whatever,you hit do it again,and you have to resume in your phone and,you basically have to recalibrate,everything all over again which is a,pain in the ass,um that should definitely be fixed,so i got a probably 12 more days before,i have to make the decision as to,whether or not im going to return it,odds are i am um,also,if you,were just to buy the bullet or the laser,bullet cartridge thing,um and print out the target,you would probably save yourself about,50 bucks,why because you can you know ill link a,pdf to the target you can print out in,the description here,the tripod that comes with it is crap,not good quality at all i actually have,this uh hooked up on my regular,camera tripod which is you know i just,left the phone there and figured id,have a little discussion with you,um,so basically youre paying,100 bucks for a 50 bullet a crap tripod,a target holder,and,[Music],a free app because a strikeman regular,app is free,if you want to go strikeman pro,then apparently well do a bunch of,features and while youre in the regular,strikeman app it just teases you with,these features like saying you know what,type of firearm no firearm selected,because you cant freaking select a,firearm in the free app,so,for that attitude alone from the company,im thinking about just returning it and,moving on with life but anyways i,figured id give a quick review if you,want to see what the strike thing is,theres a billion other videos out there,for it you dont need me showing how it,works or unboxing it for you thatll,just waste your time alrighty going to,upload this you all have a great day

This Happens Every Time I Use Strikeman

whats going on guys chad here with,green light shooting,so we are here and once again our,beautiful airbnb up here in,northern idaho were on a family trip,and uh man its been a long day weve,all been at the amusement park,all day long the rest of the familys,still out there,but uh me and the baby girl over here,came home a little bit early,because it was getting kind of crazy um,but you know kind of got some time to,recoup,no one really else is in the house so we,thought itd be a great time to get a,little bit of training in,and uh you know i had to bring along,the strikeman man get some reps in,that dude thats one of my favorite,things about strikeman is its,super easy to travel with make sure you,know youre staying accountable i told,you guys im working on them reps,so im gonna be continuing that process,getting some reps,but uh i want to go outside go out to,that backyard its nice and beautiful,wonderful weather out here right now so,i thought itd be a cool way just to get,a little bit training and have some fun,so lets go,[Music],im gonna try and do this one-handed,[Music],all right safety first so ive got,this is my smith wesson m p shield plus,performance center empty chamber,empty mag a laser bullet,in the gun here,drop that slide empty mag,goes in,holster you got a baby in one arm,youre gonna clear the shirt draw the,gun point,oh oh that was a pretty good shot,[Music],youre feeling pretty good,[Music],ah of course when i say that,how was that okay you got to pretend,like youre drawn you dont have a,holster,go on to that side thread throughout the,red thread,howd you do to the way higher right,why lets see where you hit bro you,werent even on the target for that one,okay all right ready and,okay,youre getting bullseye after bullseye,right now see that ones faster than,isnt that cool though to like yeah it,kind of is and its cool to get like,actual feedback about where youre,hitting,[Music],i see you do it,[Music],see man thats what always happens,whenever i,break the strikeman out in public i end,up you know having someone thats thats,never used it before coming and playing,with it,and they love it like and theres always,a big takeaway from it so like i said,that was my father-in-law hes not a,huge shooter but i mean you know he does,shoot,and the thing that he took away from it,is that,he just he aims high he got that from,two things one hes never,used an optic before like a red dot um,and so,you know i was trying to tell him what a,red dot was and like hes like i dont,see no red dot in here,and it took him a while before he,realized oh if i start you know pointing,down and kind of lining everything up,then i start to see a red dot,so we started kind of working a little,bit on his natural point of aim getting,him pressing out to be able to see that,red dot,and then as he pulled that trigger he,was just knocking,10 after 10 after 10 on this target and,you could really see him start to start,to come alive and have some fun with it,then we did a little bit of like actual,like threat threat like kind of,pretending to draw from,from a holster and that got him frazzled,at first and,he wasnt even hitting the target and,then as we you know did it a couple more,times he started kind of slowing down a,little bit actually getting on target,and firing and hitting some good shots,and uh its just cool to see that light,bulb go off with people,um i mean its its the same thing with,me every time i do this you know it,takes me a couple rounds to kind of,get into the groove of it and its just,nice to be able to stay on top of your,training like that so,anyways man im having fun with this,strikeman if this is something that,interests you,i do have a link to it down in the video,description below you know its a,company that im working with ive been,transparent about this before but,its something im actually using and,im having a lot of fun using so,if youre digging on it if you want to,train with me uh,go check that link out order you one up,ive mentioned that my channel is no,longer monetized so thats a way that,you can help me out its just supporting,the brands that support me,that lets me keep making these videos,and having fun doing it,so uh yeah man thats all ive got for,you guys today go check that link out go,show strike with some love if youre,interested,hit that like button if you enjoyed it,subscribe to the channel if you are down,for the ride i gotta go take care of,this baby,and ill catch you guys next time on,green light shooting peace out

Dryfire Training with the Strikeman System

[Music],hey guys dustin here,and today we have a dry fire product on,steroids the strikeman system and well,get to that in a minute but you know the,best thing about dry fire training is,that it saves you money because youre,saving your precious metals right,this ammo is so precious nowadays but,nine millimeters like 60 cents a round,now,definitely precious but jet cal our,video sponsor for today and that is acre,gold,now a lot of us cant just drop two,grand on a gold coin to have,our portfolio diversified so you have,some gold in your safekeeping,acre gold is different for as little as,a dollar a day or you can do the 50,a month plan you can invest in gold and,then once it reaches a certain level,they boom they ship you out your mini,gold bar this is two and a half grams,and its a nice sealed up and ready to,go,so check out the link in the description,and lets shut up and shoot,so im a big believer in dry fire,training when i was running three gun,matches eighty percent or more,was dry fire training because one its,free right,but you dont always get feedback what,the strikeman system gives you is a,scored feedback,the heart of it is this laser cartridge,i was impressed by how many calibers,they make this in this is the nine,millimeter one they make a 380 a 40 a 45,357 sig what 38 special and a two to,three,its seven cartridges right and so you,can get different ones theyre like 59,bucks,it takes three little button batteries,it has a o-ring here that keeps it,centered in your barrel,and i was very surprised at how it,matched up my point of impact on the gun,itself,especially on my glock 19 here with the,sro it was like just a touch,like a quarter inch to the right so,hardly any offset on it,so i was pretty impressed all you do is,you stick it in your barrel of your,empty and unloaded gun,however once its in that barrel if you,were stupid and tried to put a loaded,mag,in behind it its not going to load,because you already got something in,there,and that cartridges that laser cartridge,is not going to come out until you push,it out the other end with a cleaning rod,or i just use a pencil,so once its in there since theres no,rim you can cycle it and restrike,so when your firing pin hits that rubber,striker button right there,it activates that laser now part of the,strikeman system,is this target of course you can set it,up its got little suction cups you can,stick it on the wall or anything else,and it comes with this tripod for your,smartphone and the app is free,ios or android all that good stuff so,setup is pretty easy,just set it up about two foot away from,your target line it there,start this is all the safety stuff pay,attention to it,dont use a loaded gun all right were,going to select day mode because its,still pretty,uh its pretty bright here were zooming,into the target i like,that now heres a tip put your distance,in first because,after you draw your scoring rings you,can bump it and kind of mess it up so,we just show the phone where our,target is set up hit start boom were,ready to fire,so dry fire training is not a substitute,for all live fire training,but it helps a lot especially in first,round hits,and of course drawing from a holster,heck some of your ranges wont even let,you use a holster,so youre left with no choice but to dry,fire train and something strikeman helps,you grade your scoring and your hits and,all that good stuff,and so of course using a holster this is,a great uh,for any type of first shot hits but also,the whole,psychological impact of shooting a,firearm okay i know i have students all,the time i do ball and dummy drills,so we can diagnose when theyre messing,up and then they they see,oh man i did dip the trigger a lot right,well,if all you ever do is live fire its,really hard to overcome,just that psychological impact of this,things gonna explode on me,i mean technically its an explosion,when i press the trigger,and so its good to get a hard clean,break however if you train your mind,that it just goes click,your your marksmanship scores will go up,tremendously,if you utilize dry fire training so we,have the strikeman laser cartridge in,here and the target setup down there im,done talking i want to shoot this thing,so here we go,so were going to just punch out and,there we go weve got a 10 there,keep going theres another 10,looks like right on the top edge of,theres another ten,okay but heres we could just play all,day i gotta stop myself because i enjoy,it,you know if you guys just i know im,guilty when im at home alone watching a,movie or something,its dry fire train time and every time,this character changes on screen thats,my target,okay not the this is a lot better but,its more addicting as well,so were going to try slapping the,trigger a little bit and just show you,because i was afraid that the trigger,slap and a jerk and all that good stuff,uh you know you can see that laser drop,i was afraid the program would pick up,where it started but no,they know they they knew that to you,know not count that but where your,bullet actually would have been,its easiest for me to kind of jerk just,straight down so im just going to aim,at that 10 and jerk,six oh snap so i saw my trace of the,laser go like that like a,s and it gave me a six lets try again,im going to slap it,oh probably so bad it didnt really so,bad its off the screen,nine that was a nine that was okay uh,all right,so you see the benefits of it and then,of course you can grade yourself,these things are actually accurate out,to 100 yards were kind of out here at,the range i dont wanna im not gonna,walk 100 yards,im gonna walk back to 50 and well see,what happens right so were at the 50,yard line were not really at 50 yards,from it because its not at the berm,but lets see what we can do hope i can,hear it score me,i was right on the edge of the black,six thats a six,ten a ten ha ha,that looked that looked good it just,didnt read,eight eight,eight eight,six a six i cant end on a six,seven a seven okay well end on a seven,but heres the deal if you have some,other sort of laser trainer system,it works with my next level training,certs so you can also use that with the,system but it does not work with green,lasers,all right so here on our history it,shows me everything ive done over the,past,14 days and im a little embarrassed,because,sometimes im just slapping the trigger,to see what it would read so,im sure that was half my score but hey,thirty percent are tens,25 percent are nines fourteen are eights,thats not too shabby,and you can view all your previous,sessions so heres the last,all my sessions from the past week of,playing around on it and seeing its,going to tell you your score,and you can download and all that kind,of stuff it shows you,your all your hits there thats a pretty,good group in the 10 ring so,thats the one that uh at 100 i mean 100,feet beef up your dry fire training,sessions just check out the strike men,they come with a 15 day guarantee if you,love it you,you well youre gonna love it so youre,gonna keep it but if you hate it you can,send it back and get your money back,like i said those little laser,cartridges are 59 bucks the whole system,with the laser cartridge is 99 bucks so,you can click the link down below,to check it out for yourself thanks for,watching today guys remember to check,your subscription notifications like,subscribe all that good stuff,okay i love you bye-bye that one right,there that one,yeah how about that one right here,that one right there back off,back off,[Music],practicing,[Applause],[Music],oh my gosh its moving so bad,[Music],oh thats right,whoo,did you see that,[Applause],[Music],[Music],oh perfect,[Music]

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