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Yelp’s Worst Rated Strip Club | One Star Reviews

and in terms i just got to ask about,this one you know when i was researching,i saw an article came up that,dealt with you know there was uh some,sort of shooting that took place here,the bad guys leaving body bags they,pulled their guns and we,shot them your security,im not going to go into the details,[Music],all right so here i am in sunny los,angeles the weather might be nice,but finding it a bit difficult to tap,into the whole scene here,so im thinking uh to take,matters into my own hand and go to a,strip club,[Music],oh so i just came across exposed,gentlemens club,its uh quite lowly rated and uh it is,worth noting that the,the first photo is of a candle vigil,picture of memorial for persons killed,out front um,but the next one has their specials,listed so,kind of mixed bag of things,i dont know what this photo is of but,its like a bag of garlic and a vape pen,interesting advertisement says free,admission for first time,and security guards said i dont give a, so that guy in this place,the dancers are rude and disrespectful,they come up to you and tell you you,need to dance and once you say no thank,you they say, off they insult their patrons just,for enjoying the atmosphere and,standing sitting around not a good way,to respect customers who pay 20,to get in so im seeing a lot of,complaints involving the price being,very high,and the customer service being very low,so im gonna look out for that,bartenders and people have been,shot there nice a few years ago,i was there at night and had a very bad,feeling so i left,that was the night two men were shot and,killed in the middle of the club,i stopped going to this place a lap,dance is not worth my life,if you like random parking lot shootings,im sure this is a place for you,just read the news articles on this,place a deadly shootout at a strip club,in the san fernando valley caught on,camera,a security guard took down two suspected,gunmen,two men with backpacks got into a,confrontation with the general manager,my security guard shot both of them and,killed him the lapd,says this club is no stranger to,shootings i think he did a great job,im gonna give him a bonus for taking,out the bad guys,not scared,just kidding im pretty scared,[Music],[Music],if you cant film the girl on stage okay,so just be careful great well be,careful im chasing by the way,hi im brad nice to meet you brad um do,you want to give me a quick tour of the,spot,um sure,opening up the strip club is not the,most easy thing to do in this in,any city nowadays but its just tougher,in a blue state than a red state and um,you know we live in a really messed up,blue state,theyve lost our first amendment rights,weve lost our,our second amendment rights and were,losing them nationwide,so hopefully trump gets reelected and,things will get better,[Music],all right should we keep checking out,the rest of the spot go ahead the tour,continued with a visit to the clubs,high tech dj booth,this is our high-tech dj booth while the,dances are kept track of on the computer,um the djs can know where every girl is,how much how much time they have left in,the booth um who to call,we track them over here the managers the,djs can monitor,the parking lots and the bar and the,entire club from here,or the managers office or my room or,even the back office,and what kind of other like obstacles i,guess aside from just you know,dealing with the town dealing with the,law all that has there been any other,sort of,issues in the past running a business,like this,a possible attempted robbery at a,gentlemans club in canoga park,the minimum wage keeps going up and up,and forcing small businesses to close,and,i mean im ready to put a monkey behind,the soda bar to push coke and sprite,for 15 bucks an hour you might get some,animal kind of you know rights people,may be a little upset but i dont know,no no we keep the monkey happy i guess,you keep the monkey happy,itd be thatd be the happiest monkey,around its air conditioned it gets well,fed,it gets a lot of attention i guess,youre right think about it,yesterday next we went to see private,moments,an adult store next door that brad also,owns thats the whole entire wall of,lube theres more lube on this wall than,in santa monica,its a lot of lube at this point i,thought i was starting to figure rat out,but i was only scratching the surface,you might recognize that guy right there,whoa that was one of the one of the last,girls i worked with before i built the,club,no you really are hot i know and why do,they call you brick majors,thats the name i chose is there a,reason behind that no,you just like the name,brad then took me to another part of his,compound a bikini bar,called the wet spot but our conversation,quickly went to brads favorite topic,yet again,his issues with california politics,sacramento has their,their heads so far up there that they,cant uh they just dont get it,well probably dodge the politics too we,came here just you know for the club,everythings politics i guess i guess,when it comes to this,um everything is politics guys,everything,every business has a political issues a,flower shop this city is so out of,control,they dont cite people selling flowers,on the corners when,and then youve got brick and mortar,flower shops going out of business,because they let all the illegals sit on,the corners,on valentines day and all the special,event all special occasions its not,okay,and theyre not paying their taxes,theyre not paying rent,theyre not paying anything this whole,country is changing,and its not for the good,all right well should we enjoy,[Music],oh this one this ones 19. 19 embraces,no dont tell baby mama because thats,my girlfriend and baby mamas next door,and i get a two and a half year old too,all right well well keep that on the,low so im gonna let you play im gonna,let you go talk to my girlfriend and,play with my girlfriend but just just,dont tell anybody,well make sure your secrets safe here,okay,hello hows it going im tagging im,meredith nice to meet you,thanks for chatting with me so you can,go ahead and sit down,all right let me make sure i can find my,money are you nervous,a little bit are you really i dont even,think i can get this money in here im,so nervous,so i wanted to ask you i guess just,working with here like in general do you,ever deal with any like difficult,customers do you have any crazy stories,or anything,um for me personally i kind of can feel,like vibes off of people,so i dont know i dont really get like,those creepy guys,whats my vibe like right now youre,very nervous a little nervous,yeah i even like did some research for,coming in i,even noticed some people had written,like some negative reviews,have you ever checked out any of those,yeah i mean,everybody has their own opinions some,people might have the best experience,here and some people might not like opp,you know,i guess theyve complained too about the,management what has your um experience,been like working here,im saying its really really good like,i always say like stories about like,people hating their managers or their,managers,but i feel like really comfortable here,i know they got my back,got it thank you so much meredith that,was an awesome lap dance,you have an awesome rest of your day now,thank you all right bye,at least meredith was super sweet now it,was time to meet back up with brad in,his office,to hear his side of the negative reviews,not the messy desk this,do not get that in the shot i do not,thats not mine i dont drink that,all right you got fox news playing,youre not gonna like this,but is there any way we could turn off,the fox news no,fox news is always on the bartenders,cannot change fox news in the bar,wow ever you never caught any heat for,that,oh yeah some people get mad they get all,pissy and they leave,but you almost feed off of that energy,sometimes i do it seems like it i can,they get all people get worked up but oh,well all the cupcakes but its okay,thats myself and eric garcetti the,may

Reading Small Town Strip Club Reviews

we I did yeah I guess were doing it I,got taped on mic down first of all you,need to shut this oh sorry,shouldnt you do this Wow brother gets a,few subscribers and suddenly he acts all,big town reviews Im using this tape,its from the Truman administration that,was pretty tight looks like a 60s,gameshow microphone so you won $20 on,the whole Maytag fridge hey guys the,boys are back for some small town,reviews and today were looking at the,strip club strip so as per usual we,chose a line of work that line of work,is this strip club industry and I went,out on Google and I pulled together some,of the best google reviews that I could,find for strip clubs that are located in,more rural areas by the way Im joined,today by my brothers friend Johnson,hes here please go subscribe to his,YouTube channel its called Sven Johnson,that should be easy to remember [ __ ],and I have not yet seen any of these,reviews so this is brand new for me,yes Im the only one thats seen any of,these reviews so without further ado,lets see what the fine patrons of,American small-town strip clubs have to,say honestly were how do you get to the,point in life where youre leaving a,public Google review for a strip club,its pressing anyway lets get going,so the first review was left by Jenna,Boogaloo and she gives it five stars,saying it only cost $40 to get to get,file drive by a linebacker sized woman I,wonder – its like if she is this sex or,is this like a lap dance so aggressive,so local guy Joey Diablo said one star,my name is TJ but you can call me Todd,this place smells like a combination of,McKinsey Lake and my minnow bucket all,woman here were over 300 pounds each,thought I was at the zoo or SeaWorld,thank God,wait I like to think that he was going,incognito hes just like I dont to use,my real name so anyway my names TJ all,right next review is left by John he,said had sex with one of the dancers I,feel like youre obligated to leave a,five-star review if,so Tony al says three stars middle of,the road and he goes I mean you want a,bargain this right here is up your alley,you got sixes to the right and they turn,to eighths by the end of the night,rarely a fight and above-average delight,slap a couple bucks up there and youre,in for a treat them gals slide up that,pole and clack their feet come to augs,were having a strip club is better than,not thats pretty honest I want to know,why theyre clacking their feet are,theyre wearing like tap shoes up there,yeah Robert Cheeke is it two stars only,saying wow what a fabulous dump took a,crew of redneck boys there dot dot dot,it was great watching them get nervous,because we were the only Caucasian in,the place I didnt have a problem with,it but it was fun watching them okay so,what I did for some of these strip clubs,is I did put some of the search terms in,the Alabama area I was gonna say right,now some of these get pretty racist,so hey ZL says one star not a good place,to go to I heard they dont even go,there,Todd Elk is it one star saying nice,place to get shot nothing but street,dogs in there I promise thats only a,one out of ten on the racism scale so,doc I couldnt I couldnt I couldnt,censor this guys name I hope its not,his real name but it was so perfect his,name is dawn Zilla sergeant and he says,five stars this place is the Disneyland,of ass next person Jason J gives it a,one star just says so Zaki M gives it,one star and they say well the strippers,on a Friday night appear to be as tired,as a slave after working 300 years in a,cotton field drinks overpriced private,dancing way way over price never going,back there are other analogies I dont,know I dont know what to tell ya so Dan,B gives it one star and says I have been,kicked out of better strip clubs is he,bragging yeah this aint [ __ ] thanks,guys name was Benjamin coming he gives,it three stars saying a stripper called,me awkward circa 2014 in her defense,though I am awkward so Brian said five,stars,believe it or not Ive gone here before,just for the chicken Caesar salad the,entertainment is great too I think there,are a few dishes that I would trust like,Caesar salad club Jack Daniels a local,guide gives it five stars saying five,stars because its close and I like,naked people with my beer so William,William says one star,toothless strippers wouldnt it be,better you know Im not gonna say all,right Sean D gives it only one star,saying if there were less stars I would,left them for less stars oh he would,have rated it fewer stars is what hes,saying braun chi angry women you had two,strippers at the bar kissing each other,and acting inappropriately doing what,are you talking about there was one half,decent woman there one of them tried to,put a hex on and one was extremely large,they were rude at the bar and you got a,feeling that they really didnt want you,in there really bad place to go to do,not recommend go to cruise and Jovis so,much better to see a professionally run,organization was this guy who was,complaining about overweight women who,just yeah hes like well I dont,understand – its like what are their,witches in here are there like 300-pound,women yeah also its like oh this some,of the strippers were kissing and acting,inappropriately is not my taste this is,very uncrewed in Chubbys of you i love,this guys name sober nice and easy,bernie sandy says one star my sister,works here and i dont really approve,with the soul bro may have I leave this,review itll fix our family just the og,one star I went there looking for love,went broke before the night began now,rent is due,gotta go home face the ball and chain,thanks for the memory and biggest nachos,what again you did that like you know is,your fault would you spend all your,money on nachos Susie complaining well,thanks for the tits and the big I had a,good time but now I have to go back home,to ball and chain hmm so John goes one,star they charge 30 for one song I,respect women and all but the usual,price is 20 no offense to women but no,girl is worth 30 for 3 minutes,grinding like I was starting to like,portray himself as like a female active,its to like I expect women I bought,their are not award more than $25 a,Google user this guy is the first guy to,have that username why is why is,everyone commenting not having this be,their username I dont have any info a,Google user gives it one star saying,just a bunch of white trash crack [ __ ],and hillbilly rednecks,this is just sad I know its a bummer,all right so Kayne H says two stars big,black a sweet dreams what does that mean,do you think that Caine is trying to say,that he saw a lot of big black asses and,there were weak drinks or was he just,loading up for one big black ass week,grace okay so for this final club its a,club in Alabama and Im not gonna say,its name but it is pretty common for,these businesses to have the owners come,in and respond to criticism or praise,sometimes and typically pretty much,every time the owners are really cool,like oh Im sorry Jonathan Im sorry,your experience was not as good can you,contact us blah blah blah blah anyway I,found this one strip club where the,owner goes in and she just drags,everybody through the mud if I was the,owner of a strip club especially in like,a rural area the comments section of my,own business is the last place that Id,want to go and peruse like you know,everyone in town – all right [ __ ] you,Martha youre not getting ripped off so,anyway this is this person the owner the,club is going in and they are just,[ __ ] mercilessly on anyone leaving,complaints so were gonna read the real,reviews first and then the owners,responses to all of these reviews so,first off a customer left a complaint,and said two stars absolute most boring,club Ive ever been thats after 20,years all over our country between every,coast the bartender did a fine job do,not go to Dolphin on purpose if you want,to have fun and the owner replied and,said hahahaha being old fat and broke,must be a real bummer for you bud but,then they go lol

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Las Vegas Guide to Adult Entertainment 2022!

hey guys thanks for joining me and,another video of life in las vegas and,weve got some uh,club stuff you know theres nightclubs,you can go to,theres other entertainment venues on,the strip you can go to to see some more,kind of uh,risque kind of stuff going on burlesque,stuff,but then theres also the the evening,late night early in the morning,gentlemens clubs,so whats open ive done a video on this,before,and uh its about uh the entertainment,evening entertainment,ill just call adult entertainment here,because we are in sin city and you guys,want to know about some of this stuff,the first on my radar is you know youre,coming here and its like where do i go,las vegas seems so big and especially if,its your first time coming here,and youre gonna meet the the boys up,for you know a bachelor party and you,want to meet up at a club or something,like that and then later on you go to,the evening adult clubs,so what are some options that you can,choose from while youre here and ill,give you the whole rundown of what and,theres actually something new coming,here and ill get to that in just a,moment all i can say guys if youre,coming here and youre doing the adult,nightclub stuff bring your money because,these places,are are very expensive to even just toy,around with really,a lot of them ask for your card up front,and all this stuff so be wary that check,their websites im not going to leave,their website on my page but,if any point you find some of this stuff,curious just,type in on google what the website is,and you guys will find it its really,simple but lets start with little,darlings,little darlings is its a big place but,its really for the younger crowd in my,opinion,it is what it says it is little darlings,they probably have a lot of young girls,and this is where all the guys go after,work or the construction dudes and they,just come out of work and they just want,to go check this place out,but they have thousands of beautiful,girls and three ugly ones just to let,you know um,they do have the ugly ones maybe youre,into that i dont know leave a comment,below,let me know if ive missed anything or,you go to any of these clubs or what,your experience is,with these,las vegas,adult clubs i want to know more about,where you guys go or would like to go,and check out so this new one here is,the library its kind of new and they,took over again remember what the name,of it was,it wasnt it may have been cheetahs,it might have been cheetahs,i cant remember but this clubs the,library its an la-based club a lot of,la people when they come here,theyre familiar with the name theyll,come to this club here so,its uh very interesting they just now,got their,fully nude,approval,so theyre fully nude plus 18. um so,thats what youre going to be looking,at there so its a smaller club but im,not sure what goes on in here i really,havent been into these ones but,just let you know they read this one i,think it was cheetahs back in the day,but anyways thats where that ones at,seems like,kind of a cool,um,renovation there maybe you like this and,something nearby there is called,treasures now treasures is also i dont,know if you guys knew this a steakhouse,so whether you go for the adult,entertainment here or not you can go to,the steakhouse grab a steak lobster tail,they really have some fancy stuff look,on their website they have some cool,stuff,as far as eating and dining and all that,neat stuff but big lot a big giant place,and uh i think youll like this one,looks pretty cool lets go to the next,one,its going to be scores scores is kind,of new here they started here i think,i i want to say 2018.,they uh bought this location here it was,a small they had to renovate the front,end and now theyre putting a bigger,addition onto the back end of it and,they expanded out their parking here not,much of parking most people just get,dropped off by a party bus,or a limo or whatever,um so scores is really cool heres why i,like scores and its probably,probably the top on my list to go to,ive met the girls here,and the strippers whatever they were,actually really nice they were really,cool down to earth and i like that you,can actually talk to somebody,and you know get to,be at their level basically but they,were actually cool theyre very,attractive and uh i think you guys would,really love scores if youre coming into,town and checking it out but definitely,check out their website see if its kind,of what your thing is,so there you go cryptocurrency is kind,of making head waves in here in las,vegas,um you can find a cryptocurrency thing,in a resorts world,theyll uh take your cryptocurrency for,exchange of goods or services but also,crazy horse will do that too crazy horse,three,is uh near the stadium uh in las vegas,here but its open 24 hours and you can,use your cryptocurrency for vip service,bottle service things like that,and which is kind of cool so theyre,kind of threatening that in but i also,get an idea of maybe theres an nft,space for,some of these places like,you know all these,popular strip places and stuff like that,will it become something in the,metaverse where theres an adult version,of adult clubs in the metaverse,maybe thats something that is coming in,the future or maybe they got their own,nft thing going on there but crazy horus,will definitely do that its a really,huge place here the next one nearby here,is hustler its just down the road a,little further from,uh the stadium there the allegiance,stadium,um this is hustler its been around,larry flints hustler,hes since then passed but,uh the name still lives on holster is a,almost a household brand really but they,have her uh also dining and nice clean,place i found the parking lot to be,pretty spacious but most people are,gonna get dropped off here,and its near the freeway close to the,allegiant stadium so,thats hustler club next one is over by,the trump tower its deja vu and deja vu,has been around for a while there are,many states,but,they have a smaller club here,it is,um not quite,nude i dont even think its nude i,think its just thong,most places are just thong kind of stuff,so you got that its a deja vu its also,next door to the erotic heritage museum,if you just want to take a step in there,it doesnt cost you anything to go in,there its just kind of a fun little,quirky thing to go through,whats called the erotic heritage museum,anyways lets move on to spearmint rhino,spearmint rhino has been around for a,while theyre also i believe in la,very popular with sports people tech,people,uh people that come through here are,business people because this place is,expensive very expensive this is like a,joe rogan type of thing where you come,in and you dump a lot of money youre,drinking youre eating youre doing,whatever,uh you pretty much can afford to do in,here,so thats the thats the take on that,experiment rhino also has this thing,called um peppermint hippo i dont think,it has any association with spearmint,rhino but the person that used to,run spearmint rhino,now runs his own thing called peppermint,hippo and they do have a website you can,check it out its pretty cool,and theyve got the uh old og,venue,uh near dinos bar,on the las vegas strip as youre going,into the downtown area thats where,youll find this and theyre renovating,the whole building and theyve done this,to several other places more so on the,east coast midwest,as theyre buying up all these uh,joints and redoing them and making it,peppermint,um yeah peppermint hippo,so will it be like a spearmint rhino i,kind of think it will its kind of like,a throwback og,kind of uh thing going on with some of,these um concepts that are coming,through here its just my opinion but i,dont know what it looks like because it,it hasnt even opened up here yet so,itll be a brand new thing here in vegas,so im looking forward to that maybe,ill go to that and see whats up,another one thats close to the strip,here is center folds center folds has,been around for a while were talking,li

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dying for your attention and they want,to feel its not like well i already hit,that like i already had that like they,its just a mental thing for them it,builds them up and it breaks you down so,i always knew it was never an option for,me to sleep with people to get jobs,because i dont want a man feeling that,power,[Music],[Music],hi guys,welcome back to my channel its chloe,fans and im here,with another video okay,so today im going to be talking about,nightlife um a lot of people asked me to,do this video,to give insight like talk about my,experience and my point of view of,things so i just want to enlighten you,guys if youre new here please like,comment and subscribe turn that,notification bell on so you can know,every time i post if youre a returning,subscriber welcome back,you already know the vibes lets rewind,so when i lived in new york and you guys,know i just started doing nightlife,earlier this year in the month of,i cant remember but i started doing it,like this here or whatever i got my,breasts done and it gave me a boost of,confidence because i didnt want to be,like straight like a board you know im,gonna say like,i look a little over the lump shoot,because i thought that that would help,me in the night life,so,now lets fast forward to me moving to,florida when i moved to florida i was,thinking like oh i could just find night,life out here,get into the cooler things out here and,you know do my thing whatever whatever,so,ive recently gone to nightlife out here,and to be honest with you guys its been,a nightmare im not going to say these,things do not happen to girls in the,nightlife dancers bartenders bottle,girls waitresses in strip clubs whatever,im not saying that these things dont,happen to girls in new york but when i,was in new york these things did not,happen,so,one,the first time i try to charge the,nightlife i try to get a bottle girl,position at this club in west palm beach,im not gonna say the name some run down,little spot,and um i was trying to work there,whatever,and when i started when i went there the,owner was very nasty to me you know i,dont know what it is about florida,people maybe its not all that im cuz i,know some of my subscribers from out,here but like a lot of florida people,dont like people from new york because,they feel like where they were better,than people no were just cocky were,from new york thats it from new york,so,the guy was being really nasty with me,and i didnt even get inside the,workplace yet i was outside i said you,know something,im good keep this [ __ ] i blacked on,him cursed him out and i left like he,was being really nasty at the door,because what happened was the security,guard at the door was like oh my god,its my own girl from new jersey i cant,leave you about to work in here or,whatever and he was like i dont care if,shes from new york,and im like why are you so mad like,yall florida people be so mad,if yall been keeping up with me on,instagram yeah i know i mean the,floridians is not getting along like i,dont see it for them,i cannot wait to move back to new york i,was going to say that at a later time,but i do not like them like i dont like,it out here,i dont need a lot of people that i like,i meet some people thats cool but i,most likely meet people that i dont,like,so,now um,that was the end that i,i tried to get another bartender,position in miami so i went to this,interview the guy told me that it was,going to be an interview um it was going,to be open call or whatever they call it,right i get there its just me and the,dude by myself,and he starts showing me behind the bar,and everything and he starts being,really weird like trying to touch upon,me and im just like,yo for me and then,like he was like oh in order for me to,get the bartender position i have to,dance for him,like undress and dance and its like you,know something i dont do that if im,here to make drinks im a bartender why,do i have to undress and,do all of that like im not with that,okay like im here to do a job,you know i dont knock these girls,thats doing whatever they can to get to,the top but,im not doing that because let me tell,you something about nightlife a lot of,these promoters a lot of these club,managers they want to sleep with you not,because they even like you just so when,youre at work they can feel,more superior over you because youre,going to be disgusted with yourself like,damn i gave this person something so,special from me,and they just want to have that feeling,like yeah slack,yeah see nothing like she not prussia,they like the feeling of customers,coming into the club and lusting over,you and wanting to talk to you and want,to get your number and dying for your,attention and they want to feel its not,like well i already hit that like i,already had that like they its just a,mental thing for them it builds them up,and it breaks you down so i always knew,it was never an option for me to sleep,with people to get jobs because i dont,want a man feeling that power over me,id rather feel that power over you that,none of yall [ __ ] to ever touch me in,your life yeah,mm-hmm,so i dont really keep nightlife jobs,out here like id be working somewhere,real quick and they let me go,because i am not on that okay like im,not on that youre gonna meet a lot of,guys in the nightlife that that is their,motive to get with you you understand,what im saying they sell you a dream,and they want to get with you,and when they get with you theyre going,to treat you like trash,youre going to see that they talk to,everybody in the club the same way they,act like they were trying to kick it,with you,and um i got this thats why a lot of,men dont like me thats why i dont,like nightlife out here because i dont,know what theyre used to or the other,dancers bartenders they set the tone,like im willing to do this and that and,they meet me and they dont like me,because its like this girl is smart,this girl is not witty this girl is not,playing these games yeah okay im not,so thats one other thing that i,experience thats very uncomfortable for,me and it always runs me out of jobs,okay,another thing that you will experience,in a nightlife is people telling you to,like come back with them,and stuff like that,to their rooms and stuff like that and,you dont want to do that because that,is prostitution,not knocking nobody well you could be,arrested for that sometimes people,thats coming to clubs there are cops,and you know you get yourself in trouble,i think thats a lot of girls i wouldnt,want that to happen to you guys because,you cannot trust people that you just,met,when youre in a nightlife youre in a,nightlife to sell a fantasy and keep it,moving youre not there to go back to,their rooms with them youre not there,to do this and die like youre not,so,and then another thing um,that i experience,working in nightlife,is dealing with overly aggressive,females me myself i am an aggressive,female,depending on the circumstance if i feel,like i got to be on my bully with you,im gonna do just that if i feel like i,could chill i could vibe you normal ima,do just that whatever whatever energy,anybody give me im gonna give you that,back and im gonna give you that back,times 20. dont play with me,so,in a nightlife you got to have a tough,exterior and you got to be tough inside,a lot of girls will try you like ive,been at work and be in the dressing room,some ugly girl coming to me talking,about this my spot,i look at this girl,and i just kept moving i just kept doing,my makeup because its like,if i pay you any mind imma hurt you,imma im gonna really get up with you,like im gonna get up with you and i,dont want to lose money playing with,you,your raggedy ass,so theres a lot of girls that will try,you,they want to see what you want like they,want to see your vibe like they want to,see like if they say certain things to,you what you gonna do its a lot of,girls that will see you making money in,the club and theyll try to start a,fight with you and you

Strip Club Tips and Tricks

all right now I know you read the title,but before I get to the tips and tricks,let me tell you the number one most,important things you got to know before,stepping foot and any strip club,you dont own these wimps youre paying,for service or performance whatever you,want to call it but shes not paying for,the ability to be greater,youre not buying her integrity youre,not better than her just because of her,occupation so dont be a jackass respect,the ladies and the second most important,thing you need to know before stepping,foot inside of any strip club is they,dont like you this is a business and,they are good at that business and they,will take every last dime your job as a,consumer is to get the most bang for,your buck not that kind of bang oh well,it could be that kind of Bank you know,what thats a totally different video,moving on what Im saying is dont fall,for the act and you got to do a little,bit of asking yourself but Ill get back,to that you know one of the biggest,mistakes I see men do when going to a,strip club is trying to get cute put on,a best outfit trying to impress somebody,thats stupid okay like I said before,this is a business thing youre thinking,about Monday night trying to find a new,boot what you want to do is look as,neutral as possible maybe even a little,bit lame big bad lame boobs usually,dont get verbs Googles more likely to,pay female interaction Elaine do you,want to look lame not dirty not creepy,just lame a lame easy target now heres,where the acting comes in once they see,you looking online looking like the easy,target looking like you dont get girls,theyre gonna pounce and theyre gonna,try to manipulate you out of your money,so what you have to do is be aware of,the manipulation act like the,manipulation is manipulating you but the,whole time you got to be manipulating,the manipulator did you catch that so,heres what I do Im sitting there Im,looking laying looking like the easy,target lady approaches me ask me if I,want to go for a lap dance I personally,used to start with a welcoming no tell,him no but in a welcoming way I know,that sounds weird but Id say some some,lame like I dont know your trouble,not as corny as that but you gotta put a,little corn on it now naturally shes,gonna ask how about trouble and I turned,the corner back on and I say some I,mean you youre exactly my type I know,if I get back there Im going up,spinning all my money,no Im not new she heard just my type,and spin on my money so now she come,into getting a little closer than she,should have probably in between your,legs touching and rubbing on you really,trying to convince you to go back there,after enough time with playing coy and,not being able to keep eye contact with,her you give a reluctant and yes Oh fine,okay lets go now heres the best part,you about to get a much better lap dance,than usual because this is not a regular,lap dance at this point this lap dance,is advertisement can hit you to go to,the VIP room because she feels like you,are down to spend all your money,shoot me back there you want a little,extra things to you that are gonna make,your experience great you get one maybe,two amazing that transitions gonna be,like we can have a lot more fun if we go,to the VIP and then thats when all your,corny and lame is gone its like oh good,I mean dont get me wrong shes still,made a little money hot for the lap,dances,you got a great lap dance its a win-win,but most importantly you didnt lose,wear soft pants no denim were like some,cotton loose Christ joggers everybody,gets to feel everything trust me on this,all right this is probably my favorite,tip I used it all the time this is for,my more frugal brothers the real flugel,brothers you know Im singing on,strippers if you happen to be watching,this could you please stop watching it,now just in case I forgot to use this,trick on that gum all right cool,here in Southern California when you,walk to strip club youre gonna pay a,cover charge most the time its like ten,dollars,keep in mind Im talking about regular,strip club,not like a Odies and things like that,where its a giant party no time I like,spin the Rhino typos now when you get in,dont go to the stage chill in the,background and really keep the sync keep,all the dances until you find one that,you really like right get changed from,the bartender a couple of singles maybe,like lets lets say 25 singles thats,what you want right now when that girl,that you picked its not for her to go,dance thats when you hit the stage you,tipper one by one at first maybe four or,five dollars then you throw the rest of,the money to tweet me 20 dollars theres,not a lot of money strippers if you,still watching this Im aware of that,dont think I think Im doing something,big dont twenty dollars but 20 singles,looks like a lot of money but most,importantly that tells the dancer,this guy likes me so how does she does,shes gonna come down and proposition,you for a lap dance now once again shes,gonna feel like I can get something out,of him his do it really likes me of,course you say yes to the lap dance you,go get the lap dance again one or two,lap dances depending on the price a lot,of times theyre like $20 you get two,you spend $40 no big deal you get that,one or two left bends and then you walk,the hell out okay you you saw all the,neck you miss when you was peeping the,the scene trying to pick your one girl,you saw everybodys neck again you got,to tip you got to make it rain a little,bit anything like this what more do you,need from a strip club night now this,right here I consider more of a life,hack than a tip because this is crucial,okay when youre talking to a stripper,shes usually gonna ask you the question,is this your first time here never never,say yes to them because they will try to,trick you on prices if you aint,been there before did you mess around,they show first time there and then she,asks me if you want to get a dance you,said yeah how much she tell you $60 and,then after you didnt got a couple of,dances from her and youre chilling,somewhere else you hear the DJ talk,about $20 lap dances all night you go,feel stupid,so always say youve been there before,all right man thats all I got,I really hope this helps somebody out,for your next strip club experience,because you shouldnt be going broke in,there thats just damn ridiculous but,most importantly respect the ladies man,my last skit you can watch it Im gonna,have it somewhere where you can click it,look around cuz I dont really know how,this new YouTube thing work but its,somewhere you can click to watch my last,video its funny Im out peace,[Music]

Attractive guys @ the strip club | stripper advice


hello ladies welcome back to my channel,so today im going to talk about,something,and just give you some quick games some,quick advice,and i dont know if ive really covered,this on,a previous video before but i think,it is worth,talking about so when youre at the club,and youre working okay,i think its a really good idea,that you are very careful,of talking to guys that you find,attractive,now some of you may ask okay egypt i,dont understand whats wrong with that,like why cant i talk to a guy that i,find,attractive and the reason for that is,because,you will not have the power,in that situation and usually when you,like a guy more than he likes you thats,when you let things,slide you let things slip that you,normally wouldnt,allow thats when you kind of loosen,your boundaries,a little bit and you get a little too,comfortable that also may include giving,out,too much information being too chatty or,anything like that okay so by the time,that you have spent,talking to him you probably will,have invested way too much time into him,because you know when you like somebody,you just want to talk to them right and,kind of like flirt with them,so by the time you realize whats,happening it will probably have been,15 20 minutes or so and you probably,havent even gotten any money out of him,yet,so i only really think its a good idea,if he,is spending money on his own you know,you dont have to do too much,because you know like i said a lot of,times attractive guys,know that theyre attractive and they,think that they dont have to spend,money when theyre at the clubs,so i also think that they can sense when,you,like them and they may use that to their,advantage so like i said,just be cautious when you find a guy,thats attractive,dont even bother talking to him like,honestly i know,you uh it might be hard but unless hes,coming up to you and giving you money or,hes the only guy in the club and you,got nothing,better to do than maybe but if there are,other options,just make him the last one you know,i just like i said if youre there to,make money and not waste time,thats really the best advice,so if you ladies have any further,questions,feel free to leave it below and we will,see you in the next video

How To Attend A Strip Club Like A Gentleman | 10 Simple Etiquette Tips

gentlemen congratulations for being,awesome word on the street is that you,have seriously up your gent game let me,tell you it has not gone unnoticed or,unappreciated but there are some of you,that apparently are late to the game,because you know what as gentlemanly as,you should be and if you missed any of,the other topics or videos they are all,listed and linked in the description but,today we are making it rain because we,are talking about how to attend a,gentlemens club like a gentleman now,before I get into this I would just like,to acknowledge that I am NOT the biggest,fan of strip clubs for various reasons,total Ive been to three in my entire,life the last time was 10 years so mine,expert in strip clubs no am I an expert,in being a gentleman yes and just,because I dont like going doesnt mean,that you dont like going and so without,any further ado I would like to,congratulate you for putting all those,young ladies through college it is a,known fact that strippers only strip,because they all need to ition Im,telling you ask them but my personal,opinion of strip clubs aside I my job,right is to ensure that wherever you go,you are doing it like a gentleman,strip club youre going youre gonna do,it like a gent tip number one a,gentleman knows of the rules of the,establishment that hes going to all,strip clubs were not created equal just,because you were able to get a little,bit handsy at Jims house too juicy yes,doesnt mean youre going to be able to,fondle the ladies at the cheetah a,gentleman sits back to get a lay of the,legi land before engaging tip number two,a gentleman brings cash to the strip,clubs all right if you want to get raped,figuratively bring a credit card and use,a credit card you will get hammered with,fees up charges and suspicious charge,youre like a what I wear huh bring cash,not to mention you got a credit card on,you start drinking a little bit things,start sounding like a good idea that,would not be if you were sober tip,number three a gentleman,and knows the price before engaging in,anything because everything in a strip,club has a price right,those lap dances they dont think youre,super cute and charming there is a price,associated with it you ask them how much,first how much ask them dont be shy,because true story out of Buddy all,right it was a bachelor party we go and,hes like yo hes starting to drink and,theres this chick whos hanging with,him for hours,right and shes just you get up and do a,little Sun and hes like hes actually,leans over to me is like yo I think she,likes me Im like no what I didnt say,anything,she kept dancing they kept hanging out,at the end of the night he owed $300 he,was pissed hes like 300 Im not payin,you he tried to leave old boy ended up,paying but the moral of the story is ask,before you receive leading us the tip,number four a gentleman has the ability,to say no or no thank you,somebody comes up says hey you want to,dance yeah you like that you work it you,dont have to accept it you can say no,thanks maybe later Im married whatever,you want to tell them its up to you but,you dont have to accept if you accept,everything youre going to have,everybody coming up to you being like,hey how about I cans and then like the,girls you really dont want dancer for,you the one that they like keep in the,back like no you can come out like when,it gets later yeah theyll be all like,you Im a man tip number five a,gentleman doesnt use his phone close to,the stage all right there are sort of,zones in a gentlemens club theres a,fun right by the stage where all the,action happens and theres the darker,areas in the back right you need to use,your phone to answer texts read an email,whatever dont do it up at the stage,thats just frankly rude right do it in,the back tip number six if you are,sitting up front you tip the dancers at,least a buck or two every song Im,telling you dont be one of those guys,that just sits looks on this is a job,theyre getting paid to do a job and,youre taking up the seat you dont want,to tip them move to the back to number,seven a gentleman knows the dress code,prior to going to the establishment but,I must warn you do not wear your nicest,clothes to a strip club right you,wouldnt wear your nicest three-piece,suit to a dive bar would you strip club,same thing,you want some chick riding all up on,your light tan favorite chinos haha not,me jack tip number eight a gentleman is,polite at a strip club he doesnt treat,the dancers like prostitutes because,theyre not most of them some of them,probably uh assume that theyre not kind,of related as tip number nine which is,dont fall in love with the dancers,right theyre there to make you feel,good so handsome like my god you are the,man right and youre like some dudes,like really and their light is like ah,you got some pretty naked girl sitting,there telling you how fantastic you are,running their fingers through your,perfectly quaffed hair it is their job,to make you feel like a rock star dont,believe the hype and last but certainly,not least probably should be first is,tip number ten a gentleman doesnt get,wasted at a strip club he doesnt get,wasted when he goes out all right if you,missed the video where I talk about how,to drink like a gentleman its listed,and linked in the description gentlemen,clubs are for some dudes a lot of fun,other dudes not so much but if youre,going to go now you know how to do it,like a gentle

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