1. 2022 Subaru Legacy | Review & Road Test
  2. EXCLUSIVE! 2023 Subaru Legacy GT Review
  3. Subaru Legacy estate review – CarBuyer
  4. 2020 Subaru Legacy Touring XT Turbo and 2.5i Sport Reviewed
  5. 2020 Subaru Legacy Touring XT – POV Review
  6. 2020 Subaru Legacy – Review & Road Test
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2022 Subaru Legacy | Review & Road Test

im told there are people who want,all-wheel drive but do not want an suv,huh,[Music],this is the seventh generation subaru,legacy it comes with all-wheel drive,standard and it is a mid-size sedan see,sedans do still exist,but is all weather traction enough to,justify buying this versus lets say a,toyota camry honda accord or hyundai,sonata lets dig in,starting off subaru has done a nice job,inside keeping noise at bay in most,spots the materials convey a sense of,quality and the general arrangement,looks handsome i also like the little,passenger side storage slot carved into,the dash plus another nook next to the,front passengers left leg,one wish though itd be nice if these,rear vents werent reserved for the,premium trim and,higher in terms of occupant space i the,quintessential average five foot ten,inch american man fit just fine no big,feet although i will say i really do,like the seats supportive and,comfortable almost pressure point free,and this is a very comfortable driving,position but lets find out what happens,when i go back to the rear quarters,leg room is really quite good i wouldnt,say its a cord good but plenty of,excess space here,but i have a poofy hair day happening,and im barely brushing against the,headliner i could use a little extra,headroom and just for perspective im,going to move right over here so you can,see what that looks like,you know the problem here i need worse,posture,i got it,as for cargo space the legacy provides,15.1 cubic feet a respectable number,among midsize sedans there are also,conveniently located rear seat releases,and a wide pass-through to the cabin if,youre lugging bulky gear if your rugged,active lifestyle demands even more room,consider the subaru outback it delivers,a very legacy-like experience but in a,wagon form factor that affords a big,bump for cargo hauling,of course the centerpiece for any modern,vehicle is the infotainment display dual,7-inch screens come standard on the base,trim but all other versions of the,legacy include this 11.6 inch screen,not only does it control your,information and entertainment but youll,also find hvac controls at the bottom,supplemented by the make hot and make,cold buttons on either side,the icons are clear and its smartly,arranged in some infotainment screens,convoluted menu structures make this,area a distraction,not in this case,nicely done legacy,just staring admiringly at the screen,moving outside im not one to tell you,how to think about a cars exterior,styling though i will say the legacy,isnt taking any wild swings with its,exterior,if you want a bigger stylistic statement,the hyundai sonata might suffice though,im sure some folks appreciate a low-key,visual presence a la legacy,when applied to open roads the subaru,legacy inspires broad confidence,while not overtly sporty the legacy,steering feels accurate and prompt,yeah,in normal driving the suspension does a,great job delivering a comfortable ride,but just for fun how about i go through,this corner too quickly,lets see,uh-huh,okay,theres some fun potential there,ill also note that while all-wheel,drive provides invaluable traction in,slippery conditions it also helps you,rock it out of corners even in dry,conditions,overall there is a lot to like about,driving the subaru legacy oh but look,out ive got three controversial letters,for you,c,v,t,that stands for continuously variable,transmission its basically two variable,sized pulleys connected by a belt that,creates drive ratios in lieu of a,traditional automatic transmission in my,experience some cvts deliver surging,acceleration or the sense that the,engine is racing,in the case of the legacy as long as,youre accelerating at moderate speeds,the cvt feels fine,subaru has worked to make their cvt,drive like a normal automatic but astute,drivers might notice occasional,peculiarities,what i would say is that every,technology has its quirks try before you,buy,most legacy trims feature a 2.5 liter,four-cylinder engine our car has that,engine and it feels acceptably eager for,the category for more intense,accelerative thrills though the xt,limited and xt touring trims offer up a,2.4 liter turbocharged four-cylinder,both engines utilize a horizontally,opposed layout which helps lower the,legacys center of gravity that is a,good thing in any vehicle,each engine is also teamed with a cvt,yes thats your only transmission choice,oh and if you feel like selecting from,eight different ratios as if youre,driving a regular automatic transmission,just start tapping these steering wheel,mounted paddle shifters thats fun as,for fuel economy heres how it breaks,down,in the safety department the subaru,legacy has earned a five-star overall,rating from the nhtsa it has seven,airbags including a drivers knee airbag,and it features a standard suite of,active safety assist technology dubbed,eyesight comprising that suite are full,speed adaptive cruise control lane,departure warning and automatic,emergency braking,in practice eyesight does a great job,keeping me in my lane thank you eyesight,the legacy can also detect when the rear,seats are occupied emitting a chime if,the seat belt isnt fastened that sounds,helpful but in speaking to subaru owners,the system can mistake an empty child,seat for a passenger sparking a,maddening blast of warning chimes at the,school drop-off line,once again try before you buy,one area of unambiguous praise is price,the base subaru legacys msrp lands,right about 23 grand not including,destination charges that price scores,you apple carplay and android auto,smartphone connectivity all-wheel drive,as frequently mentioned and adaptive led,lighting which is a cool surprise at,that price compared to the honda accord,toyota camry nissan altima kia k5 and,hyundai sonata the subaru legacys entry,price is lower in some cases by,thousands of dollars a doubly surprising,fact considering the legacy is the only,midsize sedan to offer standard,all-wheel drive,incidentally you can get all-wheel drive,in the ultima camry and k5 but itll,cost you extra,the legacys value proposition is,further bolstered by subarus,traditionally strong resale values,if you want a bit more indulgence in,your legacy higher trims add things like,heated seats smart key access and,leather spring for the highest touring,xt trim and those front seats are heated,and ventilated units clad in nappa,leather ooh swanky,despite the dominance of suvs the,midsize sedan category is still rich,with choices there are certainly more,emotive options,but the legacy has excellent safety,strong value and mostly satisfying road,manners on its side,all of that makes it worth a look,also it has all-wheel drive,[Music],[Music],[Music],you

EXCLUSIVE! 2023 Subaru Legacy GT Review

[Music],Drive,[Music],2023 Subaru Legacy GT with the big,Engine with no launch control its,better hold gears,the CVT better hold gear,[Music],yes,yes,horsepower and torque 260 horsepower 277,pound-feet of torque from a turbo 2.4,liter four-cylinder boxer engine okay so,what trim is this this is a GT its a,Canadian exclusive however Americans,dont feel left out you have a sport,trim with the same engine and then you,also have the touring XT with the same,engine what Canada did was blend those,two trims together so you get the,sportiness of the sport model with the,luxury treatments of the touring XT on,the interior and in Canada we get heated,seats and heated steering wheel I dont,know if USA gets that everywhere maybe,on the maybe on the touring XT keep your,eyes on the road Yuri it has a lot of,sensors and stuff too uh so they refresh,the looks thats the first thing I want,to talk about because,um I think the last Legacy I said it,looks Bland this one I think also looks,Bland even though they made the grill,bigger and added a red stripe to it yeah,so the red strip is only on the GT in,Canada and the sport in the states and,uh yeah its its just still very very,Bland but I think it does look better,than it did yeah Im uh I dont its,just blending into society for me dont,like or dont care about it at all but,the the headlights we dont have drls,that stay on while driving we got full,headlights on all the time thats why,all of our footage looks like someones,shining a flashlight into a camera yes,you can only have the headlights off,with the drls when youre parked and as,soon as you put the shifter into drive,that turns right back on protect the,tail lights tell its okay nothing,special nothing special at all and then,from the side view just uh just its,just car slab yeah its just a sedan,its that old Subaru commercial making,fun of how black cars have gotten it,again and Im okay with that but you,know whats the the funniest part is how,they made the alloy wheels look like,hubcaps that is impressive yeah because,yeah they look straight up like hubcaps,okay weve got Winters on here what,would be the Continental recommended,tire for a winter Subaru Legacy the,Viking contact 7. make sure you guys,have winter tires heres some cool,photoshops of all our cars with,continent the Viking contacts Evans I,did this photoshop on my phone its Im,impressed by it follow us on Instagram,to see more cool stuff we post right,down here Instagram,all right winter tire send through,cliche Corner Ive got traction on Im,in sports sharp oh Sports sharp which we,get on this trim and handles pretty well,it doesnt want to oversteer lets see,if I get it to unders oh yeah a little,sketchy yeah uh body rolly and uh,liftoff over steering but its not bad,it handles better than I thought and,its that awesome Subaru symmetrical,all-wheel drive which is probably the,main reason people buy this over an,accord or a Camry or Ultima even though,lets have it yeah now they have,all-wheel drive not Subarus symmetrical,all-wheel drive system yeah it might be,worse all-wheel drive,dont know we dont know its not,snowing right now no okay but it feels,snowing youd be stomping around in the,snow and bring that into your car and,right now this is specced out with,carpet mats yeah so you want to protect,your actual carpet with some tux mat tux,mat has Subaru Legacy mats they have so,many different Subaru mats go to,tuxmat.com straight pipes to see what,products they have available for your,car itll add some luxuriousness oh yeah,to your not luxurious car this is a GT,after all top dog its not luxurious and,Im going to quickly spot out a few,things that I really enjoyed while,driving this weve got the upgraded,eyesight which is the system for radar,Cruise Lane keep it worked really well,theres a little camera here in the,middle thing that watches your eyes so,if you look away too long itll be like,yeah,now is it cameras or is it some sort of,sensors because we have those sensors up,here yeah yeah this thing here watches,my eyes so I told me to keep my eyes on,the road and then itll get you to put,your hand back on the wheel and stuff,but it works really really really well,just like I think that Forester or XT or,whatever it was that cool one with the,orange badge that I really like,Wilderness Wilderness I,feels good just like that and then,besides that I like that theres a,normal shifter yeah its very normal,people car the cup holder fits a medium,cup thanks to this,cup holder uh hockey puck lifter but I,dont know if itll fit a small cup and,then how about the visors real quick oh,these literally will pass three two one,good job Subaru all right it says slide,oh and then with the lane keep stuff too,you do have a little head up display but,you have little lights that show up that,reflect into your windshield that match,whats going on in your dashboard if you,do get distracted so its kind of a,head-up display but not really its like,its like a 2011 Mercedes head-up,display style yeah yeah or like uh very,rudimentary or like a GM thing I feel,like in the 2000s that they would have,tried you know on like a Grand Prix or,something I havent not driven anything,it feels like something that would,but I I would with an SS Monte Carlo and,yellow oh sick check out my Instagram,no brake boost lets let the CVT do its,work,I felt better off the launch,there it is,dude its simulating those fake gears,real quick thats good yeah this thing,is definitely not slow this uh this,engine is really nice Im glad that they,put this into the GT and its kind of,interesting that this is the only Trim,in Canada because you can get the,cheaper sport without the luxury,amenities so if we were shopping for one,of these tsp.truecar.com maybe just get,the sport so that you do get the better,engine and the sport tuned suspension or,find a Subaru Legacy spec b or is it B,spec its spec B spec B I had I know two,people who have one of those yeah though,they were sick but uh lets send it,through cliche corner and yeah a little,bit of understeer but the suspension is,actually really good its really,comfortable like going over those bumps,through cliche,tires are squealing because were on,Winters but yeah lets bump lets take a,full speed thats great like this,suspension is really really good and it,is very tuned version which you wouldnt,then get on the touring XT in the states,okay back to the power delivery so lets,go to I yes thats uh SI drive with the,sport sharp is another thing that we get,let it let it let it theres cvts doing,its thing okay give it a,oh wow so I was trying to pass a bus in,front of an 18-wheeler,and I did that and the 18 came so close,the 18 wheeler was high beaming me yeah,yeah that was this was on like a 70 road,not like a highway so like even though,it can be fast it is dangerously slow in,my opinion from what happened that one,time where I almost got rear ended by an,18-wheeler that should yeah that should,be more responsive here I switched in,the sports trap gave it enough time,still yeah so theres uh theres,definitely some CVT delay I dont think,its really engine delay it doesnt feel,like that because the Boost kind of they,they need an eyesight sensor when this,is your foot yeah when it sees this the,the V starts variabulling the right way,yeah but what else I noticed through,cliche corner is the extremely light,steering and um I mean daily driving,its not really a thing but when youre,actually trying to handle its kind of,annoying no ones going to try to handle,this no no but it is the GT so like a,legacy like you said there was the spec,B like there is Heritage to the Legacy,GT although this is not back when they,used to look cool yeah yeah they were,really cool you like this infotainment I,dont like it its okay I like the old,style one that was perfect for like a,bunch of them so this ones a bit laggy,its definitely not my favorite I also,prefer the previous one theres a lot of,stuff thats baked into the i

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Subaru Legacy estate review – CarBuyer

haha,if youre looking for a robust practical,vehicle with lots of standard equipment,and gizmos that stands out from the,crowd then take a look at Subaru Legacy,this car definitely stands out from the,crowd with the distinctive swept-back,headlights and prominent bonnet scoop,also the chunky wheel arches and side,skirts these large proportions really,lends themselves to occupant space and,luggage I mean just look at the size of,this boot its absolutely huge theres,no load lick which means its easy to,get things in and out of and the seat,split 60/40 and the easiest way to get,them down I dont even have to clamber,around in a car and demonstrate that so,if you just bought a piece of furniture,and you cant wait for delivery there,you go,and you dont even have to go to the,boot to put these seats down because,theres another handy lever here but I,need the seats up so that I can show you,how much space there is in the back here,okay Im quite small so it is going to,be very spacious for me but somebody who,is so six foot tall is going to be more,than okay in the back here,I would also normally complain about,such a big transmission tunnel but Im,going to let the Subaru Legacy off,because the foot wells are so big you,can actually share with the person next,to you well it certainly is comfortable,in this cabin the seats are very large,and theyve also got a lot of padding in,them theres also a lot of adjustment so,you should be able to get comfortable,for driving especially as the seat also,does a tilt adjustment and the steering,wheel reach and rake so virtually,anybody can find a suitable driving,position also spec levels are generous,you get climate control cruise control,and alloy wheels are standard and if you,go for the SE model you get these,gorgeous soft leather seats but my,favorite gizmo is probably the,calculator and converter tool youd be,surprised how much youll actually use,it like if you want to figure out your,weight in kilograms if you know it in,pounds or something like that will,perhaps settle an argument,but next Im going to show you a little,montage of the storage in here,you feel pretty safe when youre driving,this car which you should because it has,the maximum 5-star Euro endcap safety,rating scoring particularly well for,child and adult occupant protection also,its in permanent four-wheel drive which,means it copes extremely well with,slippery surfaces and also moderately,rough terrain what also helps it to do,this is the soft suspension which means,that it feels very comfortable over the,lumps and bumps of our uneven road,surfaces also the steering is very,accurate which makes the car feel a lot,smaller than it really is which means,its easier to drive than you would,expect also it makes it feel smoother as,are the engines at low revs however that,does bring me on to the negatives there,are only two engines to choose from one,is a fuel guzzling petrol married up to,a noisy CVT automatic gearbox the other,a diesel although smooth and quiet at,low revs pick up any sort of speed and,the engine sounds incredibly strained,its also expensive its about the same,price as an Audi a4 Avant and an Audi a4,feels a lot more luxurious than this,thats because while the Subarus looks,good and all the controls are logically,laid out if you look at it a little bit,closer the materials feel a bit cheap I,mean theres a lot of hard plastic,thats been used throughout and youll,notice it with the German premium brands,they do use a lot more soft touch,material but there are a lot of BMWs,Mercedes and Audis on the road and,perhaps you would like to stand out from,the crowd and drive something a little,bit different you cant deny that this,car has bucket loads of practicality and,space also as you would expect from a,sea route it is rugged and it should,withstand the daily rigors of family,life subscribe to the car buyer channel,for our latest videos click,here to see our reviews of other,four-by-fours and dont forget to rate,share favorite and comment on this video

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2020 Subaru Legacy Touring XT Turbo and 2.5i Sport Reviewed

three two one go on this episode we,travel to Southern California for a look,at the all-new 2020 Subaru Legacy its,coming up right now on driving sports TV,before we dive into the new 2020 Subaru,Legacy I wanted to take a moment to,thank you for watching if you havent,yet subscribed to please take a moment,to hit that button if youre already a,subscriber thats awesome now lets get,this started,it may resemble last years model but,this is in fact an all-new legacy for,2020 its now riding on Subarus global,platform the same architecture that,underpins the 2019 forester impreza and,ascent thats cool but whats even,cooler is that the turbo is back now,called the XT it features new levels of,comfort and performance never before,available in a legacy for our run,through all the features were gonna use,a new Touring XT model even though it is,a turbo theres no more hood scoop,instead the turbo is fed by ducting that,channels the air through the front grill,top scoops may look cool but theyre not,very good for aerodynamics the engine is,the same 2.4 liter 4-cylinder boxer that,premiered in the Subaru ascent the,turbocharger is placed under the engine,and is a twin scroll configuration that,means that the peak 277 pound-feet of,torque hits as low as 2,000 rpm and,rides all the way to 4800 peak,horsepower is a solid 260 premium fuel,is not required it can take 87 octane,just fine its paired exclusively to a,high torque CVT and it powers all four,wheels using Subarus symmetrical,all-wheel drive system which is standard,there is unfortunately no manual,transmission available because according,to Subaru only five people bought them,in their final year production to those,brave 5 turbo owners I salute you,apparently Subaru fans that won a manual,are all gravitating to the WRX family,EPA rates this setup on the Touring XT,at 20,four miles to the gallon in the city and,thirty-two on the highway in the,redesign Subaru has stretched the cargo,capacity to now accommodate up to four,suitcases using the new measuring,standard its good for up to fifteen,point one cubic feet of storage easy,poles give a large opening for longer,objects,[Music],with the second-row back in place I fit,just fine at six foot one Im close to,the roofline but not rubbing legroom has,also been increased back here by one,point four inches on top trims,passengers get dual stage heated seats,and dual 2.1 amp USB charging sockets,the center armrest provides a pair of,beverage holders like the new Outback,which we reviewed just a few weeks ago,the front of this cabin is a new high,mark for Subaru this Touring XT is,trimmed with premium nappa leather from,door to – and of course theres that new,massive tablet-like touchscreen in the,center the 11.6 inch screen is standard,on all trims except bass the new seats,arent just pretty theyre also very,comfortable with the driver getting,10-way power adjustments plus memory,touring also has their new driver ID,system which will save personal settings,for up to five drivers using facial,recognition all trim levels even bass,get led high and low beam headlights,touring xt also gets steering responsive,units which are a nice step up the,steering wheel on this top trim gets the,same nappa leather along with a large,collection of buttons available blind,spot monitors with lane change assist,are integrated into the side mirrors,which happen now sculpted to reduce wind,noise theyve also been moved lower on,the door to give greater visibility all,legacy models come standard with the,latest eyesight safety system this,provides adaptive cruise control with,lane centering at speeds up to 90 miles,per hour pedestrian detection collision,mitigation lane departure and sway,warnings a rear camera is standard,across the board but rear auto braking,is an option on some trims touring trim,also gets the front 180-degree camera,for all the good things Subaru has put,into this its a shame to still see some,piano black around the shifter this is,going to scratch something awful to help,simplify cabin design Subaru integrated,a ton of features into the new tablet,light control screen and if youre,worried about lag Subarus address that,theyre using dual Denso processors to,keep response snappy,the top section of the screen gives,quick access to weather thermostats and,music the bottom section is dedicated to,climate control which also includes seat,warmers and coolers when available,physical buttons are included for,temperature and volume clicking down a,screen you can find several functions,that previously had their own dedicated,buttons if you want to disable the new,auto start/stop feature that is three,clicks away and it resets to on every,time you start the car Android auto and,apple carplay are standard across the,lineup but they dont really use the,large display effectively Harman Kardon,is still their high-end speaker option,and it sounds pretty good prices you see,it here fully loaded is thirty six,thousand seven hundred ninety five,including destination Before we jump,into the touring XT trim I thought wed,first give the naturally aspirated Sport,trim a try the sport comes with a,blacked-out grille special 18-inch,wheels a unique rear bumper and a small,wing under the hood is the same 2.5,liter four-cylinder boxer found in the,forester here it puts out 182 horsepower,and 176 pound-feet of torque,EPA rates the sport at a shockingly good,35 miles to the gallon highway and 27 in,the city with all-wheel drive standard,the Legacy sport starts at 26,000 945,ours came with a package that added,sunroof rear auto braking navigation and,blind spot monitors bringing the price,to thirty thousand ninety dollars,including destination my co-driver,is Bradley Brunel from jalopnik.com now,if you want to think about what is the,sport its basically the Onyx edition of,the outback but without the turbo and,without the startx material essentially,its the blacked out cool version of the,legacy it just doesnt have any extra,horsepower,lets try quick zero-to-sixty,we do have some extra weight in the,vehicle because we have two full-grown,adults three two one go twenty thirty,forty were gonna need a longer road,fifty and sixty ok takes a little while,to get there but you know it is what it,is you want something faster you get the,turbo you want a turbo with blacked out,wheels theres always the aftermarket,oh and that zero to sixty run was in,sport sharp mode but interesting thing,to note about sport sharp is that if,youre going wide open throttle it,doesnt matter what mode youre in and,thats not just a Subaru thing thats,pretty much all makes and models sport,modes typically give you a much more,aggressive throttle however when you go,wide open throttle its wide open,it doesnt matter theres nothing to be,more aggressive so if you have a car,that doesnt have you know fancy things,like adaptive suspension which can also,get modified if youre looking at just,throttle adjustments sport modes dont,do jack if youre gonna go wide open,throttle anyway you know overall the,seat design is pretty comfortable I kind,of like this red stitching that theyve,integrated here now there is some vinyl,to be found in the doors as well as in,the seats but its not that startx,material its just traditional vinyl one,thing thats kind of nice about the,legacy lineup is it doesnt matter which,trim you get you get their eyesight,system standard not only does eyesight,prevent collisions,it also has Lane detection as well as,the lane centering which is new for this,year the lane centering system works,brilliantly and if you dont like the,vehicle steering for you automatically,you can still enable adaptive cruise,control without the auto steering,function if that makes you happy either,way this is one of the best systems,available period,another interesting fact about the 2.5 I,is that it does have acoustic glass on,the front does not have it on the sides,like the outback they also reserved side,acoustic glass for the turbo mo

2020 Subaru Legacy Touring XT – POV Review

today were driving the 2020 Subaru,Legacy this is the Tori XT painted in,magnetite gray metallic as legacy is,powered by a 2.4 liter turbocharged of,boxer engine that makes 260 horsepower,and 277 pound-feet of torque thats made,it to what Subaru calls their high,torque Lineartronic CVT it gets 24 miles,to the gallon on the city 32 on the,highway for a 27 mpg combined reading,this new 2020 Subaru Legacy is built on,Subarus global platform it has an,all-new tablet-style,Subaru StarLink multimedia system which,is an 11.6 inch high res touchscreen,with on-screen controls for audio HVAC,and other vehicle features it also has,the eyesight assist monitor which offers,a heads-up display on the windshield for,eyesight warnings and various driving,display status information like cruise,control this legacy also has Subarus,driver focused distraction mitigation,system they can identify signs of driver,fatigue or distraction so if youre on,your phone youre keeping your eyes off,the road itll give you a little prompt,to say hey pay attention keep your eyes,on the road,this new Legacy has an increase in,passenger volume and a small increase in,rear passenger legroom by 1.4 inches,over the old legacy theres an available,Wi-Fi hotspot and a front view,180-degree camera the MSRP on this,legacy touring XT is thirty-five,thousand eight hundred ninety five with,destination and delivery that brings us,up to thirty six thousand seven hundred,ninety five dollars as tested lots of,luxury and tech in a Subaru Legacy lets,talk about it and go for a drive,only Subaru Legacy we have this massive,touchscreen here it seems to work pretty,well its a little bit laggy a little,bit sluggish,I wish it were slightly more responsive,and you do have to put some muscle into,your presses and sometimes it doesnt,quite respond to your inputs like right,now its okay it works theres some deep,menus that you have to use to get to,stuff like for example if you want to,turn off the auto stop start you have to,go into settings and turn that off or,there so theres a few menus luckily,though this legacy has an excellent,cruise control and lane keep assist,system well get into that a little bit,later but for now I mean I think once,you have everything set to your liking,this is gonna work out pretty well,sometimes on startup its a little bit,slow to get going but once you get going,everything responds quickly it just,doesnt have that sweetness that,crispness of a of an iPad or maybe even,like a Tesla screen for something that,youre using all of your inputs in,besides a couple of will climate control,buttons and volume knobs Id like a,little bit better response but its,pretty bright its pretty clear its,very nice and high resolution its,attractive enough you get a decently,sized reverse camera theres also a,forward-facing 180 degree camera that,you can see for stuff going forward,theyre a little distorted theyre a,little bit low res but thats okay,theres really only so much you can use,horizontally with this vertically,oriented screen we have a lot of,controls and a lot of buttons in this,legacy heated steering wheel button is,really accessible easy to use and I mean,thats kind of why you buy a legacy two,is to use in cold climates for the,all-wheel drive weve got some snow,coming in later tonight and I think,were going to test this out in the,slippery stuff see how it does we get,enough and hopefully it doesnt miss us,weve got a lot of information here in,the center display and the gauge cluster,a compass tire pressure,how much gas weve,deceived with the Auto stop-start system,our trip miles remaining all that good,stuff cruise control is really easy to,operate well talk about that a little,bit later over here weve got our trunk,pop button gauge display brightness get,a couple memory seat settings and for,automatic windows on all four sides,which is very nice a couple of cup,holders here center armrest I put your,phone youve got a little USB port in,there actually its a 120 volt outlet a,couple USB ports here labeled as 2.1,amps as well as an auxilary jack,everything is really easy to access and,falls to hand nicely once you get,familiarized with the cabin its all,quite nice little sunroof there too,those guys slide,while were here lets even pop the hood,look at that it looks like an engine Im,glad that Subaru is still making their,engines look like engines youve got,some funky little foam and plastic here,in there but overall a little,better-looking engine Bays on sale,today I think the legacy is the car you,buy if you want all-weather capability,something kind of understated a little,bit subdued not flashy good amount of,comfort luxury tech from this rear 3/4,angle it kind of reminds me of the last,Saab Aero especially in this gray you,get a decent amount of trunk space back,here 60/40 folding seats with a spare,tire under there a jack all that good,stuff this is a little bit flimsy but,otherwise looks pretty good no handle,here to grab from the trunk but luckily,it closes very easily in the back seats,look at this extra 1.4 inches of legroom,its positively spacious back here,plenty of room to put your feet,underneath the seat,very comfortable Ive got a couple,inches above my head and we even have,heated seats back here and a couple USB,ports,pretty attractive interior I really like,this napa leather it feels good to the,touch and tears designed pretty well we,even have a little slot here for,passengers to put their mobile devices,and various things and its a rubberized,grip II and so is the phone holder in,the center console one complaint though,I do have is there is a lot of gloss,black and shiny surfaces in here that I,dont think well aged well so you really,do if you do own a Subaru Legacy youre,gonna want to be extra careful about how,you polish and clean all those surfaces,otherwise that touchscreen is gonna get,really scratched up,all right I think that covers this,walk-around portion lets go for a drive,see how this does on the road a little,bit excited to drive this 2.4 liter,turbocharged boxer because a rumor has,it this might be an extension in the BRZ,who knows probably will be in a much,different state of tune with a different,transmission everything but with 260,horsepower its pretty quick pretty,powerful,the CVT simulates shifts like all of,them do pretty much now gone are the,days of droney CVTs that are lackluster,in response in this period with this,turbocharged box urgent is actually,pretty good its a its a nice power,plant power train its responsive it has,kind of the smoothness below a certain,threshold and then when you really,really kind of give a little bit more,input from the accelerator,itll downshift and give you more power,and higher revs so it revs pretty well,its pretty responsive off the line its,comfortable when youre just tooling,around town and when you need to get on,it,and acts more like a traditional,automatic and then it gives you some,revs so thats nice,theres a lot of driver-assistance a lot,of tack in this car,it all works pretty well which is nice,one thing that I have turned off,permanently is the lane keep assist,feature where it tells you whether,youre in or out of your lane though you,do get a pretty permanent display on,your gauge cluster telling you that its,off theres a little display telling me,that the vehicle ahead has moved and you,heard stop start engaged there the,stop-start system is pretty consistent,and how it works and when it works it,only lasts about 15-20 seconds before it,starts back up again to run heat and,various items inside the car and when it,does start up its a little bit jerky,kind of gives you a little bit of a,lurch with the engine transmission so it,is a system that I would normally turn,off but Ive left it on for this review,just so you guys can kind of experience,what its like not my favorite stop,start does disrupt the driving,experience a little bit and really it,only saves a marginal amount of fuel,because it engine tur

2020 Subaru Legacy – Review & Road Test

the midsize sedan market isnt exactly,burgeoning but those holdouts that are,still in it are definitely putting their,best foot forward Subaru is one of them,and with the seventh-generation legacy,they are making quite a statement,[Music],well they still have competition from,the likes of the Toyota Camry Honda,Accord and Nissan Altima Subaru has,stepped up their game especially when it,comes to the interior the cabin evolves,in an impressive and excellent way,everything in here is streamlined now,even down to the air vents the center,stack is whats changed the most now on,the base model this is 2 7 inch screens,but on the premium legacy and above you,get this vertical styled 11.6 inch,tablet where all of your functions are,now some of them are a little bit buried,it is more elegant but oh it does lend,itself a little bit to driver,distraction the interface itself is,fairly intuitive to use and there are,manual controls for things like audio,volume and station selection but there,are some vehicle functions like being,able to disable the engine stop start,feature or turning out some of those VP,alerts that are buried beneath several,different menus and while you get apple,carplay and android auto because of how,the screen is oriented and all of this,other information thats included the,icons are quite small still its a good,and necessary upgrade this legacy is,bigger than the previous gen so that,means more interior room that means more,legroom which is fantastic even in the,second row so thats really nice for,your passengers they will appreciate,that the materials back here and up,front are really high-quality its,modern its comfortable its upscale,the designers did a great job kudos the,rear seat features a 60/40 split and,when its folded down theres a ton of,cargo space thats easily accessed,through the rear decklid which now has a,larger opening and lower lift over when,the rear seats are down the legacy sedan,has a load floor that nearly rivals its,outback wagon sibling Wow,riding on the same all new Subaru global,platform as the outback the legacy,boasts more interior room a stiffer body,and more responsive chassis along with,standard eyesight safety and driver,assists across,all trim levels the first thing you,notice in here is how much quieter it is,over the previous generation thats,thanks in part to a lot of sound,dampening materials used throughout the,cabin,also the chassis that it rides on now is,a lot stiffer and so the legacy is a lot,more responsive,there are two engine options available,to legacy purchasers theres a 2.5 litre,naturally aspirated engine thats more,than adequate in the power department,thats the engine that weve got in this,tester the XT has a 2.4 liter,turbocharged engine that replaces the,flat 6 and makes 260 horsepower that,gives the legacy a lot of extra giddyap,[Music],as with all Subarus the legacy comes,standard with all-wheel-drive which,gives this to Dan a leg up or four,wheels down rather when it comes to,traction and grip,its confident in turns and supplies a,comfortable stable and spirited driving,experience you might think that that,all-wheel drive is a disadvantage when,it comes to fuel economy but not so the,2.5 liter gets 35 miles to the gallon on,the highway 27 in the city the,turbocharged you get a little bit of a,disadvantage its 32 on the highway and,24 in the city but theyre pretty close,to the rest of the segment,if youre looking for a sporty or drive,the sport model comes with blacked-out,trim elements a rear spoiler as well as,18-inch wheels the sport also gets an SI,button on the steering wheel which,sharpens throttle response and gives,this trim level a bit of a livelier,Drive you know how I feel about cvts I,dont make much of a secret about it but,I will say that they are improving the,one that Subaru employs is pretty good,there is a little bit of droning that,you hear but its not super distracting,and all of the legacies have paddle,shifters so if you want to take matters,into your own hands you can,[Music],the exterior design of the legacy is,more of an evolution and not a complete,redesign the shapes and proportions are,very similar where it sees the most,difference is in the grille which is,lower and wider and the headlamps have a,new look the exterior here definitely,feels fresher than the previous gen but,its not as dramatic as the accord or,Camrys new and extremely modern design,language if understated and unflush is,your aesthetic then the legacy could be,a good choice in addition to,all-wheel-drive the legacy gets a lot of,great standard equipment including,active torque vectoring eyesight driver,assist which is Subarus safety feature,package that includes adaptive cruise,control with Lane centering and Auto,vehicle hold additionally theres,automatic climate control LED headlights,with High Beam Assist remote keyless,entry and auto stop start get into the,premium limited and XT models and other,options become available such as blind,spot detection with rear cross traffic,alert keyless entry with push button,start and LED fog lights you can add a,power moonroof 11.6 inch touchscreen,with navigation reverse automatic,braking and heated seats in a steering,wheel at twenty three thousand six,hundred and forty five dollars the,legacy is the most affordable out of the,Camry Accord and Ultima and remember,thats with all-wheel drive the level up,premium model starts around $26,000,opting for the turbocharged limited XT,takes a hit on the wallet of close to,$11,000 and a top of the line legacy,touring XT will cost you around thirty,six thousand eight hundred dollars all,of those prices include a $900 delivery,fee,with an excellent new interior and great,standard features like all-wheel drive,and eyesight the Subarus value in really,tough segments is undeniable,add to that the excellent cost to own,and Kelley Blue Book resale prospects,and the seventh generation legacy is,looking good,[Music],you

Subaru Legacy Review // Solid, dependable and… different

[Footsteps],Welcome to the fifth generation Subaru Legacy – youd be forgiven in the UK for,forgetting these things existed, now theyre  quite popular around the world, especially in the US,and in Australia, but in the UK they never really  sold too many of them – especially this generation.  ,They actually only sold us the Tourer – or estate  car – which is what this model is. When I  ,got offered the chance to drive one, I jumped  at the chance because its a properly cool-looking  ,car actually, I knew it would have the standard  Subaru all-wheel drive system, and I knew that  ,it would have some sort of quirky engine, boxer  flat-4 engine. This is a 2011, they came out in  ,2009, the fifth generation and sold it till 2013.  Theyre quite difficult to place on the market and  ,where they were aimed at because at the same time  as being quite a luxurious and well-appointed car  ,with all this leather and technology and its  also quite agricultural in its underpinnings.  ,Its all-wheel drive, its got this  very stiff clutch and manual gearbox that feel  ,like youre piloting something a little  bit more serious, and then this great big  ,power bulge in front of me as well, which is  essentially the intake for the intercooler on  ,the engine. This is the top  spec model – the SE Nav+, so as  ,by the name you might imagine it has sat nav,  it also has leather seats, a reversing camera, ,xenon headlights and keyless entry and go – quite a  high tech car given that it came out in 2009.  ,And the nice thing is that even if you dont buy  the SE Nav+ and you just buy the basic  ,entry level ones, you get dual-zone climate control, 10-way adjustable seats – now these seats theyre  ,electrically adjustable forward and back – even in  a 50/60 grand BMW or Mercedes they often  ,neglect to give you a seat that will move back and  forward under its own steam – so definitely got plenty  ,of kit on it. You could get this car in the UK with  only three engines, now in the rest of the world  ,there was a few different other engine options,  so here you could get two petrol engines – a two  ,litre and a 2.5, and then a diesel. Elsewhere in  the world there was options such as a 3.6 litre  ,boxer flat 6 which – now youre talking! Its a  real shame we didnt get that here, so if anyones  ,watching and youve got like a 3.6 then do let me  know. The diesel was only available with the six  ,speed manual, then with the two litre petrol you  could get the manual or a CVT gearbox and then the  ,2.5 was only CVT. The weird thing is that this  particular car is the diesel and the worlds first  ,diesel boxer engine, and I was wondering – does  this mean its going to sound good? I was getting  ,kind of excited to hear what it was like – I  thought maybe itll be the best sounding diesel  ,Ive heard in a while.,I was sadly disappointed  because it just sounds like a diesel. ,There is an advantage to this boxer diesel and its that  its a little bit more like a petrol engine  ,in its performance it likes to rev and its  got much more linear performance it doesnt  ,have that low down turbo shove-you-back and then  its gone, and you have to change again its much  ,more like smooth and… okay the revs still run out  at four and a half five thousand.,Its got an electronic handbrake, its not  where youd expect it to be – its not down here  ,in the centre console, its to the right of the  steering wheel. Now obviously Subaru knew this  ,would be a bit weird, theyve literally got this  sticker next to it telling you how to use it  ,and then its got hill hold assist as well  which you can turn on and off next to that.,Im gonna try out the memory seat memory option…,whoever had this set… likes sitting up straight!  Up front its a pretty practical car youve got  ,cup holders in the middle which fit this fat  bottomed bottle no problem and in the side pockets  ,as well. Youve got a sunglasses holder up on the  top, this centre console cubby which sort of splits  ,into a tray on the top and then a bigger thing  underneath, theres also another 12-volt socket  ,inside the center console as well, and then a  little storage place with another 12-volt socket.,The glovebox is a reasonable size. Most of  them dont have the great big screen in the middle  ,here, so Ill just go over this quickly – its not  bad actually, its quite big, given this  ,is 10 years old now its all right – youve got sat nav which is okay obviously a little  ,bit out of date now then youve got your bluetooth  phone connections and a calculator and a calendar  ,so thats, uh, unusual. ,Do you want me to tell  you about the back or not mate? ,Whats that? I suppose he should show you around the back  now its his turn, so I think Im just going to  ,play Wordle for a bit. ,Welcome to the back of the  Subaru Legacy Tourer, where theres acres of room  ,its fantastic back here – crap loads of head room, loads of leg room in front of me even though its  ,set for JJ at six foot (184cm) tall, you could easily  get a family in here. Theres not really much  ,back here – theres some decent door pockets with  cupholders, theres a weird little bit of storage  ,in the back of the center console. You can  also lean them (the seats) back a little bit, so I can  ,have a little sleep back here as well which is  nice. ,Yeah, cheers for that mate.,Oh and theres an arm rest with two cup holders in it, its got a great big load bay with a flat  ,load lip, you can pull the seats down by just  pulling the little handles at the back so you  ,dont have to lean in to do it, you can either  do it from in here or in the back. Lots of storage  ,underneath, theres a little tonneau cover thing  that you can take out like in a lot of estate cars.,You get these hooks that you can pull out and  hook things on to as well. ,What a lovely landscape!,Cheers for that mate. Dont forget to like  this video if you think Backseat JJ is helpful  ,then he likes it if you put some likes  on. And then Im gonna get going – I was talking  ,about this car being agricultural, I mean it in the  nicest possible way of course, there was an advert  ,at the time with Robert De Niro in it and he basically just gets held up by a load of sheep  ,in a very countryside kind of location, and  that appears to be the advert – its like  ,thats the joy of owning a Subaru. Tell you what  actually, the visibility in this car is pretty  ,good – Ive got this horrible turning here to make, its onto a main road at a really  ,terrible angle, but theres a lot of glass and I can see all the way down the length of the car and  ,theres not really a big blind spot or anything.  To add to the visibility – the massive wing  ,mirrors as well, you can see all sorts through that.  The whole shape of this car actually with those  ,massive wing mirrors, its kind of like a big Tonka  toy, it does add to that rugged feeling, it actually  ,looks quite modern given that this car was made  in 2009. It still looks like it could be a new car. ,In the twisty corners, its definitely not a  bad car to to drive, its got huge wide tires on it  ,and theyre 255s or something like that  and they they grip really well, and the all-wheel  ,drive makes you just feel like you can get around  the corner quickly and safely. The steerings a  ,little bit vague but once you get into the corner  it its quite fun! I like the instrument cluster in  ,front of you, its quite sporty in its font and  design and the little screen in front of you  ,actually tells you what gear youre in even in a  manual which is unusual. Its got an MPG meter  ,but its one of those analog dials which  Ive never really understood the point of  ,- all they are is a indicator of how much  youre pressing the accelerator, but inverse.,And in order to put that there theyve got rid of  the temperature gauge so all you get is a little  ,light that tells you that the engines cold and  then it goes away when the engines warm. So the  ,problem is to achieve that that quality

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