1. 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness: Review and Off-Road Trail Test
  2. The 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness is Subarus Most Capable, Lifted All-Terrain Wagon
  3. 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness | O4W Review
  4. 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Review: Wild Thing | CarGurus
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2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness: Review and Off-Road Trail Test

we finally get behind the wheel of the,2022 subaru outback,wilderness edition does this off-road,ready crossover bring enough capability,to the table,or does it leave us wanting more buckle,up were heading to the hills of malibu,to find out,[Music],we are back in california to finally,drive,this the 2022 subaru outback wilderness,what the wilderness brings to the table,is more off-road capability,to an already very popular crossover but,first,lets take a look at how we got here,in 2020 subaru introduced the outback,onyx xt,at the time this was the choice for,off-road adventure as it came with a,full-size spare tire,and an improved x-mode system subaru was,so confident in their vehicle that they,gave us an extended loan so we could,test the onyx xt,in all the extreme conditions we could,think of that meant sand,snow dirt and rocks it did amazingly,well,but like all things there was room for,improvement,identified three major issues with the,2020 onyx xt when venturing,into the woods number one clearance,approach departure and breakover were,okay for the class,but if you cant get the wheels onto an,obstacle you simply cant climb,over it the outbacks long front and,rear overhangs,made choosing a line that didnt crunch,the bumpers a tricky endeavor,number two tires the included tires were,best suited for pavement,on dirt and sand they just performed,poorly,number three x mode when trying to climb,out of tricky situations,x-mode automatically turns off way too,easy far too often we found ourselves,with x-mode disabled,simply because we spun the tires too,fast all these in mind little did we,know,that subaru engineers were already,working on a complete lineup of off-road,focused wilderness vehicles,to address these very issues and theyre,starting,with this one the 2022 subaru outback,wilderness first thing youll notice is,that black cladding,lots of it this plastic is intended to,not only make a fashion statement,it shrugs off gravel without scratching,the paint,in redesigning the bumpers subaru has,also reduced the front and rear,overhangs as much as possible,which improves the approach in departure,angles to 20 degrees and,23.6 degrees respectively breakover is,also much better at 21.2 degrees,due to an increase in ride height of,almost an inch,from 8.7 inches all the way to 9.5,inches,that should improve issue number one,next,the tires are upgraded to a specially,designed yokohama geolander at trail,these combine a chunkier lug design,without getting too aggressive,meaning they should provide additional,grip off-road without completely,sacrificing on-road performance,subaru even included a fifth tire as a,spare with,a pressure sensor pre-installed that,takes care,of number two finally subarus advanced,off-road traction system,dual function x mode has been,reprogrammed for the new tire and,suspension setup,it will no longer shut off at speeds,over 25 miles per hour,number three done with those key items,addressed,lets take a closer look at some of the,details,in the back youll find the same cargo,capacity as the standard outback,32.5 cubic feet behind the second row or,up to 75.7 cubic feet with the passenger,seats folded flat,a light has been added to the power door,to illuminate the rear workspace,youre probably wondering about the tent,on this vehicle thats just to,demonstrate the load capacity of the new,ladder type roof rails,on top theres now a 700 pound static,weight limit which means,you can put a tent up however on the,road you need to limit it to 220 which,is called,dynamic load thats the most you can,have on top while rolling down the road,so you dont want to load bricks up,there before you start driving,that also brings up the orange markings,around the wilderness those are the same,color regardless of the paint,they are used to call out action points,on the vehicle,on the top they indicate tie downs front,and back theyre recovery points,its important to stress that these are,not load rated recovery hooks,like you would find on a jeep instead,they just add additional locations for,threading a recovery eyelet,i personally have no issue recovering,with these but i would use them,sparingly,the hood decal isnt just for decoration,that actually reduces glare when driving,into the sunset,the engine here is the same as last,years outback xt,its a four cylinder boxer thats been,turbocharged for up to 260 horsepower,and 277 pound-feet of torque the only,transmission option is a high-torque cvt,with an 8-speed manual mode of course,this also features,subarus symmetrical all-wheel drive the,undersides are protected with basic,underbody protective plates,but more comprehensive coverage is,available as options,the increased ride height and more,aggressive off-road tires do affect,economy,this gets up to 22 miles to the gallon,in town and 26 on the highway,which is a significant drop of four mpgs,when cruising on the freeway,now lets take a look at the interior it,should come as no surprise that in the,second row theres plenty of room for,a six foot one adult i am torso leg,proportionate,this is where i would be sitting if i,was driving and i have lots of room,i can also tilt this back theres a,lever down here wheres the,there it is if i want to recline,and down here we also get two usb,sockets as well as two stages of heat,moving up front the main cabin is very,similar to last years onyx xt,but you do get some nice upgrades like,branded mud mats,and an upgraded seat design although,this does not replace the onyx xt,at least in the us market so lets go,ahead and start it up,the seats are really comfortable and i,know this because ive driven,almost 3 000 miles straight in an,outback on xxt and these are very,similar seats theyre just,reupholstered for this model i get,three stages of heat which is controlled,in the main screen,unfortunately you cannot get a heated,steering wheel in this vehicle which is,kind of weird of course this does,support apple carplay and android auto,and last year they updated their head,units,with a really cool feature full screen,car play thats right this is one of the,few,portrait style displays that supports,full screen carplay,and what you get is one of the best,carplay experiences,and if you have an outback from 2021,2022,you can go into your dealer to schedule,that update this update also adds an,auto start stop button to the main,screen,as for this outback wilderness it gets,even more off-road data on the main,display,which is a nice touch in terms of active,safety all the greatest hits are here,collision mitigation and adaptive cruise,control with lane centering thanks to,the eyesight system,plus it has blind spot warnings and a,rear camera with automatic braking,unfortunately both the backup and,forward-facing cameras are the same,low resolution units as found on the,onyx xt,i just remembered this display vehicle,has a tent on top so were gonna go get,another,car the vehicle im actually driving,today is equipped with the optional,sunroof nav and rear braking package,that comes to a total price of 39 965,us dollars including destination,[Applause],oh yeah power is pretty good now this,does have,the same basic powertrain as the onyx xt,but the difference is it has a 440,rear which is basically the same back,end out of,a subaru ascent so youre going to get a,little bit more torque,specifically off the line youre going,to really feel more torque and i felt it,right there so theyve made a number of,changes not,just to the exterior its not,just a looks package i mean theyve,really,gone through and fixed a lot of the,things i think in terms of off-road that,were,you know not ideal but right now im,just feeling,road feeling and you know i dont even,hear these tires so often with,an all-terrain tire you would just hear,kind of a r,yeah so far road matters right i mean it,feels like im driving an onyx xt,in all the good ways but i have a little,bit more torque off the line,i mean it is high it definitely sits a,little bit higher y

The 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness is Subarus Most Capable, Lifted All-Terrain Wagon

for the past 25 years the subaru outback,has been one of the companys,best-selling models in fact one in five,new subaru sold in america,is actually an outback and for 2022 the,outback gets even more capable because,this right here is the 2022,outback wilderness a special off-road,oriented version of this wagon which has,a raised suspension,special all-terrain tires a redesigned,suspension as well and unique styling,front and rear so today im here in,monticello new york to drive the new,outback out on the road and on this,special,off-road course and the big question i,want to answer if you guys are looking,for an even more off-road capable,version of this car,just how wilderness is the new,wilderness thats what were here to,find out,so what makes the outback wilderness,stand out on the outside while subaru,has made some nice changes to help,distinguish it,from other outback models as you can see,i want you to notice this geyser blue,exterior this is unique of course to the,wilderness model its kind of like a,combination of the wilderness green,and world rally blue its a really nice,color combination the front end of this,car is,instantly recognizable as something,unique you can see all of the chrome or,silver bits have been blacked out,on the wilderness mall the grille has,also been enlarged with these hexagonal,shapes on the insert,you can have the front camera system,that is taken from the touring,you have these copper trim pieces here,that show,important touch points on the vehicle,these are of course where the front,recovery tow hooks are you have,unique bumpers that give you a little,bit more cladding this gives you a,little bit more protection when youre,off-roading,unique fog lights of course these are,leds with a hexagonal shape and you also,have their led headlights,which are the give you the led daytime,running light but no led turn signals,and you also have this interesting,little hood graphic here which does help,to reduce glare,when the sun is shining really hard and,doesnt reflect back in your face and,subaru says that the wilderness model is,a tad wider,its mostly wider because of the fender,flares they gave you unique fender,flares more wilderness badging and of,course these tires these are a 17 inch,wheel,theyre an inch smaller than the other,outback models theyre riding on 225 geo,lander yokohama tires which again give,you a nice,compromise between off-road capability,and um,on-road comfort the suspension like i,said earlier has been raised,to nine and a half inches for ground,clearance and you also have a front skid,plate under there as standard my tester,has all of the,dealer accessory skid plates for an,extra 600 bucks which is nice,and you can see around the side profile,this is still a 191 inch long wheel base,or overall length and,the roof rails you can see on this,vehicle are also slightly unique these,are,a ladder type roof rails which hold a,little bit more weight these hold a,total of 220 pounds,dynamically and you can also put a tent,on the roof itll hold a maximum of 700,pounds,static weight which means when its at a,standstill which is about double the,weight capacity of the regular outback,which has a slightly different roof rail,system so thats of course something,that owners have been asking for,it gives you that ability to put the,tent on the roof when you guys go,camping here at the rear you can see,the taillights are a little bit darkened,more of that chrome trim is gone,more copper accents blacked out badging,of course,along with the black dot window trim and,then if you open up the cargo area for,this vehicle,that hasnt changed you still get around,32 cubic feet of space with the seats up,fold down the second row seats and you,get,75 cubic feet of space what they did add,however is this rubberized area on the,seat back which resists scuffing and is,easier to clean,and the headliner you can see is now,black as opposed to gray,which gives you a little bit more,durability if you guys put a mountain,bike back here,and one new feature thats a new part is,this led rear cargo light subaru added,this of course because owners were,asking for something like that,if theyre putting stuff into the,vehicle at night after theyve been done,you know going out on the trails or,going out hiking or whatever the subaru,owners like to do,with their vehicles now on the inside of,the outback wilderness subaru also made,some changes into this vehicle to kind,of differentiate it and make it a little,bit more special a lot of the copper,trim that you saw,from the exterior is kind of carried,over and you also have these unique,startex,gray a dark gray leatherette material,that does,again uh resist water and they are so,also our heated seat the driver seat,that im sitting in,uh is an eight-way power with a,two-person memory or with a,two-person lumbar or with a two-way,lumbar support but no memory seat so,kind of keep that in mind,if you guys want the memory seats you,need to go for the touring model and,thats the only way youre going to get,cooled seats,but looking at the interior you can see,it is still a very nice place to spend,time its very comfortable its very,roomy its very car like its very,spacious again here are the seats with,the,subaru wilderness badge embossed into,the actual headrest the headrest still,kind of adjusts that way,you have that same hexagonal pattern in,the actual seat fabric which is nice,and you have more of that copper,stitching i really like the seats,theyre comfortable supportive,theyre durable and you get those rubber,mats as standard along with the touch,points here in the copper trim on the,shifter,and on the steering wheel and you also,get these alloy pedals down here,which is a nice addition when i shut the,door the door still has a nice solid,sounding thunk the horn,also sounds very meaty it sounds very,aggressive,the button to fire up the engine is back,here on the usual place,and you can see when you start up the,wilderness version the gauges have a,unique copper ring,theres slightly different graphics the,head unit is also unique to the,wilderness because if you go into like,the car icon here youre going to see,something like,the uh the actual vehicle here in,which is the outback wilderness its a,unique head unit that subaru says that,shows you,some different graphics and whatnot so,of course thats all very nice to have,the x mode,as you can see here has its dual mode,function uh where it allows you to go,into a deep snow mode,in a mud mode which is nice and then the,materials in here are all pretty much,the same,soft touch injection molded plastic a,nice padded area right here with some,stitching on the actual dash this feels,like the same startex material on the,dashboard which is nice,same soft padding on the door panels,some you know carbon fiber look,trim over here theres again wilderness,badges,uh all over the interior the windows are,one touch power for all four which is,nice you have,the same steering wheel of course in,other outbacks but you get some copper,stitching and copper trim,its a tilt telescoping wheel which is,again very nice although no heated wheel,subaru does not offer that,on the wilderness um when you put the,vehicle in reverse you can see theres,the backup camera its a pretty good,um relatively clear resolution although,it doesnt offer some of the high-tech,features and i also im still annoyed,that it doesnt take up the entire,screen,when i put it into drive there is the,front view 180 degree camera that they,took from the touring model so im glad,to see subaru included that,but still no 360 camera if you guys are,looking for that feature,its not available my tester has the,navigation option so you have the subaru,embedded tomtom gps,which is okay most of you are going to,use the carplay or android auto which is,not wireless but you can see they did,update it,where it takes up the entire screen,before it was kind of cutting off and,there was a useless,wasted space down here

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2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness | O4W Review

foreign,[Music],[Music],episode number two baby whats going on,guys I am Chase uh its your boy Patty,Rick Patty what are we driving today we,are driving a 2022 Subaru,Outback Wilderness with a CBT yay good,its actually my car its Jesus car,great all right lets lay some stats,down real quick Patty what kind of power,are we looking at this we got 260,horsepower to all four wheels through,Subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive,system what about torque,oh I want to say its 272.,and all of that,number is just powered by Subarus 2.4,liter flat 4 turbocharged engine its in,the outback its in the outback XT its,in our Wilderness Edition obviously it,is also in the Subaru ascent and it is,kind of the engine that they used in the,WRX the WRX has obviously changed a,decent bit of stuff but its all,essentially that same 2.4 liter also,this thing is peppy yeah she boogies,coming from my old ass Jeep and then,getting into this and Im like oh,you dont think a car this wide would,Boogie like yeah like a big old station,wagony thing that like your grandma,would drive right that can put you into,your seat pretty well it is far more fun,than I think anybody buying a Subaru is,going to expect yeah I think this is for,I feel like the market for this thing is,very much get to your campsite because,everyone knows Subaru outdoorsy people I,dont think we can get around the fact,people know that Subaru is the whole,outdoorsy thing yeah so its for people,who want to get to the campsite and,maybe go a little bit further go on to,maybe a little bit more technical of a,trail right but with the amount of power,this thing makes you could argue that,there are some people who are maybe have,had a WRX or one of the STI models over,the past and are graduating maybe,theyve got a family and kids or what,have you or they just need some more,cargo space and like hatchbacks like I,do Im just a big fan of wagons,absolutely and you know youve got ton,of utility but its you still want to,have all that fun horsepower absolutely,which is great,all right Patty uh numbers are cool uh,how much gas we looking at as far as,MPGs so this 2.4 liter turbo engine uses,a little bit more gas than the standard,Outback does were looking at 22 City 26,Highway which is still really good for a,full-size SUV like this,um all thats done through Subaru CVT of,all the cvts on the market hands down,the Subaru cbts are the best in my,opinion theres been some other brands,have tried it for years and years and,has not had good luck I really love the,Subaru CBT its really smooth it doesnt,make weird noises all the time and it,does have an 8-speed manual mode which,is nice so if youre trying to play,around with it you can do that and also,just make sure youre in the highest,gear so you get the get the best MPGs,possible Im not gonna lie when I got,the car and I saw the MPGs I expected,them to be a little higher but uh my,wife and I have put over 10 000 miles on,this car already and the gas mileage,feels great like if youre especially,when youre on the highway oh yeah bro,you go for it ever yeah its a large,fuel tank I want to say its,15.3 or 15.6 gallons its a pretty,decent bit,18.1,18.5 well there you go large fuel tank I,only know this because a little screen,on the front when we do a fill up if,were and weve been on Highway because,it obviously uses your average yeah MPG,when you fill it up 420 miles in between,Phillips show you like your distance to,empty absolutely oh thats awesome its,its so far that you will have to stop,to stretch before,unless depending on how you drive,uh you will have to stop to stretch,before this car will run out of gas on,the highway geez dont know how big of a,deal this is on this car but towing,capacity so towing capacity on on these,full-size SUVs has been kind of a weird,thing for Subaru for a long time for a,while the standard Outback was kind of,the cream of the crop now the new Ascent,is out which is their full-size SUV the,one thats slightly bigger yeah a little,bit bigger a little bit taller than this,guy but the Wilderness Edition Outback,we have today is really really cool,because it will still tow 3 500 pounds,which is plenty especially for me Im,looking at it for a motorcycle like I,would want to do like a small trailer,and a bike thats totally enough you,could do a small enclosed trailer and a,bike or two or three even yeah and get,away with it if the trailer is light,enough its an aluminum versus a steel,all right so another deal for the Subaru,stuff is interior space which is,personally one of the huge reasons that,my wife and I chose to go with this car,what kind of space are we looking at so,really cool thing its its a hatchback,its a wagon youve got a really large,trunk here the back seats fold down flat,which is great so the when the back,seats are up your rear cargo space is,32.6 cubic feet right and then with,those back seats down youre looking at,75.7 cubic feet the back seats also fall,down a really cool way later on the,video well be outside the car well,show you guys that but oh,cool,so cool stay tuned for the video well,show you how the seats come down okay uh,I think thats all the stats uh we do,have this big screen in here which,um I have a lot to say about it yep yeah,I know youre very opinionated on the,screen I am as well theres a couple,really cool things about this screen,that I really really like theres a,couple things that I really really dont,like it is really big it is Big it looks,fine I I got no Im Im spoiled after,your truck I know right the tundra we,should have done these in the other,holes we should not have reviewed your,truck before we reviewed the Subaru uh I,think the screen is great I love the,technology and we can dig into the,technology of the car uh throughout the,video screen looks great uh a little,legging its yeah yeah Subaru does a,really good job of making screens look,very pretty they do have a small,assortment of physical buttons and knobs,which is great right I want there to be,more buttons and knobs thats all,um heres my thing buttons are great I,love the mixture of physical buttons and,like digital buttons right digital,buttons you get a lot more options and,you can do all types of things with but,there are a few,that I think they should have done,physical buttons with and if you look at,this Center area weve got so much space,yeah like you could put so many more,buttons there my pet peeve with the car,is especially with today heated seats,and stuff like that we have a colder day,it takes so long to get to the heated,seat thing and it make it it hurts me,its its frustrating in more than one,way I think my biggest irk with the,heated seat thing is Ive got to push a,button to open the seated heated seat,menu it lags I then have to push another,button to set,where I want my heated seat to be and,then to get out of that screen I have to,push another button to get back to the,main screen and its thats thats an,issue I dont think it would be as issue,if it wasnt laggy because it would feel,more tactile but that lagginess takes,you out of that experience and remember,youre the driver so youre supposed to,be driving while youre doing all this I,like the idea that like on the tundra,its a physical button I know the button,is I can tap it I dont have to look for,stuff that you need to be changing,relatively often and not that youre,going to be changing your heated seats,often but its annoying for me as an,owner as far as like going into the,settings of the car all digital totally,fine like make me dig through a menu I,dont care about that but that is,probably I guess this is a pro for the,car thats my biggest con is the the,lack of physical buttons on a few of the,settings that as an as a driver you,might want to utilize relatively off,major negative of the car yeah is the,screen its laggy its annoying but it,works good and its a portrait show,screen which is really cool its very,vertical the Tundras horizontal most,screens youre going to fin

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2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Review: Wild Thing | CarGurus

im back in the woods like always but,this time,i brought the wilderness with me this is,no ordinary subaru outback,this subi is brand new for 2022 the,outback,wilderness which i promise you has a lot,more upgrades on it than this racing,stripe,this outback has the hardware to hang,with pickup trucks on trails like this,behind me,you can laugh but dont because the,regular outback was already plenty,capable,and this thing goes so hardcore in ways,i didnt think subaru would ever tread,but now its here,theres dirt everywhere and its time to,get lost,in the wild theyre telling you to,subscribe,whats that oh cargurus has instant,market value that tells you the exact,price that your cars worth,in your area no wonder theyre so happy,okay outback fans subaru was watching,you modify your cars with oversized,tires and lift kits,so they decided hey why dont we cash in,and in doing so,they didnt just add some badges i mean,they did,theyre here here and here,but the outback wilderness is more,stylish with purpose,lets start with the obvious nine and a,half inches of ground clearance about,what this rock is,thats what the outback wilderness has,its almost an inch higher than the,regular outback and its,a tenth of an inch higher than a toyota,trd pro tacoma,right pretty crazy now the approach,angle,obviously because its not a jeep and,the whole bumper is actually on the,vehicle,its not going to crawl up those massive,inclines but its several degrees higher,than a regular outback,and the approach and this break over,angle here where you would normally use,the chassis to clear,an object thats going between the car,thats about the same as the tacoma as,well thats really impressive for a,vehicle that for all intents and,purposes is just a,regular family crossover it can beat all,those things,and heres the other things it can do,these wheels,theyre exclusive 17 inches theyre,smaller,and this is for the first time ill say,this smaller is better,because its riding on these yokohama,geolander all terrains,they bite sand and dirt and mud a lot,better than a regular,all season subaru also added more of the,cladding as if there wasnt enough,already,so youre not going to scratch the paint,when youre on these trails up in front,you can tell the new underbody shields,that are here the new bumper design,the new fog lights up on the hood that,racing stripe id like to call it that,it actually is there to reduce glare i,think it just looks cool,what also looks really cool are all,these orange points all over the vehicle,theyre there for the front and rear tow,hooks,and also for the mounting points on this,new roof,it can hold up to 700 pounds because now,its all metal and theres no cross,rails,[Music],[Music],yes yes yes yes yes yes this is a turbo,the wilderness comes,only with the turbo and that is the new,2.4 liter turbo flat 4,that debuted for 20 20. 260 horsepower,and 277 pound feet of torque,very low rpm just requires regular grade,gas,it is so much better in every single way,than the two and a half liter flat four,thats in every other outback i just,think that engine,is so underpowered on a car this large,so,do yourself the favor get now back with,xt,on the back or if you get the wilderness,no its already coming like this,it is so good,i think i like this wilderness better,than the regular outback xt,just a little bit more because theres,some extra changes with the gear ratios,the final drive ratio is a bit shorter,and the,transmission at the cvt thats also been,re-tuned,so that means theres just more,acceleration in general even though it,makes the same power and torque figures,gearing does a whole lot of things to a,vehicle,and thats there typically right to have,extra acceleration but with the outback,wilderness,its there so you can climb steeper,grades because remember this doesnt,have a low range gearbox it doesnt have,that type of thing that youd find in,any sort of you know true four-wheel,drive vehicle,so it needs all the extra gearing it can,get,and it can climb a 40 grade which is not,an insignificant thing,by any measure but lets just put it,that way i like it,better than i did before and this engine,really ill just keep saying it again,its the one you want,because you dont need to be going fast,you just want to be able to get out of,your own way,and this thing does,surprisingly these paddle shifters are,really responsive,because its a cvt which means theres,no real gears but it does a really good,job of simulating them,its quick its almost like a wrx in its,response,its really yeah,im fun driving this thing,4000 rpm and an outback,really thats not the thing you would,normally associate with a transmission,like this,and otherwise the outback wilderness is,driving the same as,any other outback you know the,steerings a bit squishy,the rides a bit you know rolly-polly,like this,but then you know come on this is not,meant to carve corners,its just meant to cruise and,considering the extra,hardware on this vehicle the height the,tires,it really doesnt drive that much,differently and thats actually the best,thing of all,i would like a little bit more precision,with the steering in terms of some,on-center feel,because you do find yourself correcting,the outback,at higher speeds part of that is,probably due,to those all-terrain tires because even,though theyre on the,less extreme side of the all-terrain,tire spectrum,theyre still not all seasons knobby or,tread,theyre just not going to give you the,same type of feel,on pavement as they do off-road so just,be aware of that if youre not,really hitting the trail i would say,skip the outback wilderness and just,grab a regular outback xt,so you can do all this stuff yourself,and people have right theyve changed,the suspension they put the lift kits on,they put wheel spacers on they put,35-inch tires yeah thats all well and,good,but subarus retuned everything,including the stability control,including the,eyesight camera system theyve done it,and it also comes with a factory,warranty,so the benefit of having a vehicle like,this come from the factory,is that you know everything is going to,work right,despite what it looks like this is not,an appearance package folks,not what it is but of course the benefit,is when you can go on a trail like this,and i like driving on trails when you,dont have to worry about hitting things,and all this stuff thats near the,vehicle well the body cladding is,protecting the paint,because you dont want to scratch that,and really yeah,in a lot of cases a regular outback can,do what the wilderness can,but its just that extra degree of,security knowing that you can clear some,much bigger obstacles and whats also,great,is that if i press the front camera,button i can get a live feed of the,front,as im driving and now that im going,downhill,i can activate x mode ill stop the car,right now,theres two separate modes that are,exclusive to the outback wilderness,theyve retuned them,snow and dirt theres normal and then,theres deep snow,and mud and what that does it retunes,everything on this vehicle from the,transmission to the steering response,the throttle and of course the way the,torque is distributed,so ive got hill descent control as well,so i really dont have to do a thing but,just steer,then of course when that gets too slow,you can just disable it,but you can just bite off the little,rock here get up on it,mean that felt like a speed bump to me i,dont know,in the wilderness anything goes,now on the same trail i was driving a,tacoma trd pro,that had the same ground clearance as,this outback,so im not really worried about driving,a vehicle like this that essentially is,a car,its just effortless,lets go inside the outback because its,a nice place to be,the wilderness has some special touches,the orange accents on the steering wheel,gear shifter and stitching on the dash,the seats have embossed headrests,and this really nice rippled fabric its,not leather,its called startex its really soft,water repellent

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness vs. Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road Trail Test

this is the test youve been waiting for,the 2022 subaru outback wilderness,versus the 2021 toyota 4runner trd,offroad,can the subaru keep up with a trail,legend,oh well thats interesting we find out,right now on driving sports tv,[Music],with the 2022 outback wilderness subaru,is aiming to win over buyers that want,something,more capable but dont want to sacrifice,comfort and economy,the outback wilderness comes standard,with 9.5 inches of ground clearance,yokohama geolander all-terrain trail,tires and a potent 2.5 liter,turbocharged,boxer engine good for 260 horsepower,and 270 pound-feet of torque it also,features symmetrical all-wheel drive,that has been enhanced with an updated,dual function x mode,front and rear bumpers have been,redesigned for improved approach,and departure angles and the cvt has,been reinforced for better climbing,abilities,epa rates economy at 24 mpgs combined,the outback wilderness starts at 38 120,us dollars,including destination our tester did,come with extra underbody protection,which is available as an option,at the time of purchase the toyota,4runner we have here is owned by the,show,its a 2021 trd off-road premium,like all four runners from the past,decade its powered by a v6,that generates 270 horsepower and 278,pound-feet of torque,and it sends power through a part-time,dual-range four-wheel drive setup,this trim has multi-terrain select crawl,control and,a-trac systems the suspension is the,standard setup,epa rates the forerunner at only 17 mpgs,combined,if economy is a concern you can stop,watching this right now,and just buy the subaru however if,capability is what you want,keep watching earlier this year we paid,a full msrp of 44,105 us dollars from the dealer,the standard all season tires the,4runner comes with are atrocious on dirt,so for this test we upgraded to a set of,falcon wild peak at3ws,in the stock tire size they are mounted,on trd pro,alloy wheels this test is not sponsored,we paid full price for the tires and,wheels from a local dealer,for the sake of this test both vehicles,are running similar tire pressures,at 33 psi now with the competitors,introduced,lets move on to the challenges for each,section of the course well first drive,the forerunner followed by the outback,wilderness,keeping it to a single driver will help,keep the test as consistent,and fair as possible this first test,involves a short steep climb with a deep,rut on the left side,this is what the course looked like a,few months ago when we ran the big,lexus lx uppet you can see that with the,stock all season tires,the lexus really struggles for grip but,thanks to its land cruiser underpinnings,it was able to rise to the occasion,weve also driven the forerunner up the,same,course it too was on all season tires at,the time,today with proper all-terrains i think,itll be a walk in the park for the,toyota,and itll also give us a good idea about,the geolandar trail tires,that are standard on this new subaru,okay so here is our first real challenge,of the day ive done this before but,theres been a lot of erosion,since i was here last but i am going to,do what i normally do in the show where,ill escalate ill,start with the basic features and add,more advanced capability,as we need it,hows my nose look am i going to be,scraping i think youre okay,it might be a little questionable as you,start approaching,got slipping youre good youre all im,lifting okay,so at this point im just slowly doing,it now the all-terrains are doing heavy,lifting here,im just in four lo actually im in four,high i havent even switched to four,low yet theyre so good i dont really,see a lot of problems and im just,crawling on up now at this point im,gonna lose traction in the back and im,really,questioning whether or not im going to,uh how am i doing on breakover,am i scraping it oh youre fine okay yay,for short wheelbases,i mean relative im just gonna claw my,way up,dude that was so easy it looked like he,had absolutely no problem getting up,that slope there a couple times he had a,little bit of slippage where he slowed,down just to make sure,i could check and see how much he had,underneath the car,but i mean that was like a piece of cake,no problem at all so well see,how the subaru does and there he goes,off to do,the next car all right so here comes,ryan now,with the subaru wilderness im really,kind of curious how the tires will do on,this,like in the 4runner pass i am not going,to engage any special features,unless i need them now in terms of,underbody protection the 4runner has,basic underbody protection but i dont,have any third-party stuff,this one has the basic protection plus,the subaru optional extra protection on,the front,and on the rear diff hes slowly,approaching,and that ground clearance theres a lot,less,massive slipping here hes got a power,through oh even wheel left on this side,hows it doing im trying to slow on the,brake to make sure i dont grind,oh this is the tough part im just going,to keep the throttle in,and we made it it took more,effort but it still did fine,at the end of the day actually its,really impressive,oh we got there yet we got there yet,juggling up this hill better watch out,so that last climb i did with no special,features,i want to try it again and this time im,going to enable x mode im just going to,do,snow and dirt which is the basic stage,one thats what all,outbacks have so lets see how this does,this time,okay so here ryan goes in the,subaru once again but this time hes,going to put it into,x mode so off oh,scraping up,so hes gonna back up my approach wasnt,as good,okay lets go left because that time,that clearance wasnt so great we had,some scraping,still hes made it up yep,got some uh slipping on the on the right,side,i go up and that power gets shifted,around the system,and the climb oh this is the hard part,right here tires going to chunk in,is the wheel braking working still able,to power through,lets see how he does on the last hill,oh i would say that was better than last,time,and that right there is why you want a,skid plate as expected with x-mode,engaged you can see brakes being applied,to the spinning wheels,this keeps power directed to the wheels,with grip,right here that drivers side wheel is,doing all the heavy lifting,the subaru has easy trail tires the,4runner has all terrains,so the all-terrains clearly did a much,better job of really grappling up that,and i think in this case both vehicles,did really,well just imagine what that subaru would,have done with equal tires yeah,the next test will,i think break the subaru not physically,just,on the inside so well see how that goes,all right,well see what happens this next,challenge is steeper,longer and it has an added large boulder,right in the middle,in a previous episode i did drive this,4runner up with the stock tires,using just toyotas a-track system which,is similar to x-mode,even on the crummy all seasons the,4runner did manage to climb right,up all four-wheel drive 4runners do have,8-track standard,so if you want to compare this outback,wilderness against an entry-level less,expensive 4runner,this is the result you would compare,against however,this trd off-road does one better with a,variable mode,addition called multi-terrain select,its like the outback wildernesss dual,mode x mode,but with a lot more settings to,fine-tune for specific situations,now were back in the 4runner and lets,see,if we can tackle this challenge,hes already giving up on the challenge,hes just driving away,man you know uh turn radius and a four,runner not great,body on frame with proper four-wheel,drive and a,lock transfer case yeah not very good,okay lets do this so im going to set,the vehicle up,in a more advanced manner for this,im going to put on,neutral put it into four low because i,want to really,slow crawl up this,im gonna go put it into drive,and leave my window open hey hey good,luck,how do you think this will do um i have,a lot of faith in it i think its going,to do really w

Updated 2023 Subaru Outback review // In a class of its own?

were in Huntsville Ontario to drive the,refreshed Subaru Outback beautiful fall,colors new Subaru lets go,I got a grab handle we got the non-turbo,its a little bit louder on the highway,but sufficient power yeah its quite,surprising were going to get into this,and the Turbo so about halfway through,and we do questions coffee and cars,were going to switch from this latest,model to the turbo model so Andrea the,base model whats under the hood of this,thing a 2.5 liter four-cylinder matched,to a CVT 182 horsepower and 176,pound-feet of torque standard all-wheel,drive and we will be driving the turbo,as well its a 2.4 liter four-cylinder,with 260 horsepower and 277 pound-feet,of torque standard all-wheel drive and,you can put regular fuel in this turbo,model so the Outback what do you get,with it what are the key standard,features the base trim comes with a,seven inch touchscreen wired Apple,carplay and Android auto a 4.2 inch,multi-information display cloth,upholstery a power driver seat and a,manual passenger seat heated front seats,a heated steering wheel LED headlights,and led combination tail lights 17-inch,Wheels a temporary spare tire and the,latest version of eyesight driver Assist,Technology all right Andrea were,driving on a gravel road right now any,special setting we could put it in what,do we need to put it in you got to put,it in s for subscribe and if you can hit,that notification Bell youll be,notified when all of our reviews drop,and then you can watch that and we do,this the couple car review twice a week,the first one drops on Wednesday we put,another one out on Saturday so make sure,you like And subscribe but most,important thing is to hit that,notification Bell but also follow on,Instagram its motor mouth underscore,Andrea to get a sneak peek behind the,scenes for me its motor mouth,underscore Auto and the links are below,the like button this video is brought to,you by carcass Canada get the Dealers,cost list of rebates plus discounted,interest rates use the promo code motor,mouth to become an expert member and get,extra searches the link is in the,description below,were going a steady speed on the,highway and the cabin remains quiet when,you do accelerate quickly you do hear,the noise increase a bit I found at,higher speeds so were kind of on an,intermediate highway on sort of an,interstate or major highway I find,theres quite a bit more wind noise than,I was expecting yeah it might be because,of the roof rails were getting that,noise but something to be conscious of,if youre taking one of these for a test,drive all right Andrea the biggest uh,question out there is it an SUV or is it,a station wagon SUV alternative thats,what Subaru tells us I think I still,like the fact that it started out years,ago as a legacy wagon and you know what,there are no non-premium wagons left,well what I love about this Outback is,the ground clearance 8.7 inches the,Wilderness model gets 9.5 inches but,its so easy to get in and out of this,vehicle so Andrea mentioned that ground,down clearance which is so important and,we are driving on a gravel road right,now now granted its not too hairy but,this is exactly why people buy these,theres a new trim its called the Onyx,in Canada it only comes with the,non-turbo engine but in the US you can,get the turbocharged and the non-turbo,for that trim so a couple of years ago,they used to have an outdoor model then,they brought out the Wilderness and this,Onyx kind of kind of replaces that old,outdoor model in a way,and I think whats important about this,is that it does come with dual function,X mode it has two modes snow and dirt,and deep snow and mud so it gets you out,of those tricky situations I think this,is really perfect for Cottage Trails,like I said it is extremely capable for,those pot hold filled roads but remember,though that x-mote is a low speed,Advanced traction and stability control,system so it works at low kind of,crawling speeds so remember that youre,not going to go flying down the gravel,road and expect to have all of that its,really when youre crawling along and,the Wilderness model also gets this as,well now lets get into the Onyx trim,exterior wise it has the black accents,throughout black badging and a black,gloss Grill the Wilderness model on the,other hand which comes with the,turbocharged engine has some Hopper,accents and comes with smaller Wheels,the 17 inch all-terrain tires and this,one has 18 inch dark gray wheels now the,other thing is this is a mid-cycle,refresh for the whole Outback line so,all of them get new grills new headlamps,I think the headlamps and the amount of,cladding that is in the front has been,tamed a little bit the headlamps I think,look really good and all of them have,the active turning headlamps which is,kind of cool but I think the cladding at,the front looks a little bit better to,me yeah I think even the size of the,Grille looks better also a Keen Eye will,notice the cladding on the side has been,enhanced its not quite as exaggerated,as the Wilderness cladding which Im not,a fan of but its kind of halfway youre,going to write below do you think,theyve gone too far with the clouding,or could they bring it back a bit now,all the models have roof rails but its,the Wilderness model that can hold more,weight you initially put a pop-up tent,on top of the Wilderness model when it,is not moving it can hold up to 700,pounds some other updates for 2023,include the latest eyesight technology,which is eyesight 4. it has the addition,of an electric brake booster and an,available wide angle mono camera which,works together with the dual camera,eyesight system and recognizes,pedestrians and drivers over a wider,area around the vehicle so that extra,lens basically the mono camera that has,a hundred degree angle is only on the,top trim its probably going to spread,to other Subaru models as they go,through so a typical the stereo cameras,that come with all of them is about 60,degrees this goes out to 100 degrees,which is why it can capture more stuff,theres also the rear view mirror here,that has a camera camera is now located,on the roof antenna and Subaru says that,it has aerodynamic textures that keep,the water away from the camera so that,you have better visibility also the,camera in here is clearer now thats one,of the updates the infotainment system,has been improved as well the HVAC,controls on the touch screen so theres,actually quite a few changes for the,2023 model also this is now a connected,car there is a SIM card that you get,standard in Canada anyway with three,years of coverage so they can do,over-the-air updates you can also use,your app to put the things like,ventilated seats on it if the car has it,and auto start so after the three years,is done in Canada the fee is 179 per,year Im not sure how many people will,take that but probably for the auto,start in a cold climate yeah therell be,some for sure I think thats a big one,thats one feature if youre used to it,for three years that you would probably,want to continue with it also includes,roadside assistance too another feature,available in the outback are ventilated,front seats never had that before and,USB C ports which are in the front and,the rear theyre also available and a,nice addition is Wireless Apple carplay,and Android auto on the larger 11.6 inch,touchscreen unfortunately that base trim,with the smaller screen comes with wired,Apple carplay and Android auto so one up,from the base model is where you want to,be to get the show biz screen over 11,inches its got the hotkeys at the,bottom for your HVAC controls they stay,on permanently theyve integrated things,better into the screen the technology,but also another big one Andrea,mentioned the USBC cable Port there and,also a wireless charger one from the,base which is pretty good and other,features went up for the base include,the sunroof a hands-free power lift gate,theres also the Sig speaker audio,system and Dual Zone climate control,which I thi

Subaru Outback Wilderness review // The Outback for the Outback..

weve got the subaru outback wilderness,and wed like to thank docs deader,subaru for lending us this vehicle to,review all right were going to drive it,on road like most people do but also,take it on some gravel roads to see how,it handles,well were heading out on adventure,andrea,to the wilderness in the wilderness,whats under the hood of this thing a,2.4 liter turbocharged four-cylinder,engine matched with a cvt it has 260,horsepower and 277,pound-feet of torque standard all-wheel,drive and subarus eyesight technology,the base engine on the non-xt models is,a two and a half liter four-cylinder,with 181 horsepower and 176 pound-feet,of torque so we are focusing in on this,new wilderness trim lets get into the,key standard features the wilderness,comes with an 11.6 inch touchscreen a,4.2 inch multi-information display apple,carplay and android auto a wireless,phone charger powered driver seat and,manual passenger seat heated front and,rear seats a heated steering wheel,sunroof power tailgate and led fog,lights i love the new screen but theres,still buttons what do we have to put it,in you got to put it in s for,subscribing if you can hit the,notification bell youll be notified,when all those videos drop and then you,can watch them and we do this the couple,car review twice a week we do the first,one on wednesday we drop another couple,car review on saturday and the way you,find out is to subscribe or follow,andreas instagram its motormouth,underscore andrea from me its motor,mouth underscore auto and the links are,below this video is brought to you by,canada drives shop online for your next,used vehicle and enjoy the convenience,of two-year door delivery and the,confidence of a 7-day love it or return,it guarantee visit,canadadrives.ca to learn more so were,heading to the wilderness in this new,wilderness on regular roads first well,im really impressed by how smooth and,comfortable this is even when you hit,some potholes it just eats them up this,comes with 17 black matte wheels theyre,yokohama geo-lander all-terrain tires,and they are good and we should get into,the changes in the suspension so the,real reason youre gonna want this over,an outback or maybe some other,crossovers is because it has more ground,clearance how much did they add yeah,theyve got 9.5 inches of ground,clearance on this other outbacks have,8.7 so that is a difference and i think,where this would really shine is in,harsh winters where you have deep snow i,think it would be perfect and also,theres more wheel travel which means,its going to be able to soak up those,bumps or maybe you live in a place where,they have a lot of bottles yeah now it,does affect the way it looks andrea so,what do you think about this sort of,jacked up look it has well i dont think,its going to win any beauty contest but,the thing about this outback is that,people either love it or they dont,its pretty simple and looks are,subjective this is all beauty is in the,eye of the beholder there will be people,that see this and go that is for me all,day long were driving kind of on the,way up to whistler and the people that,live in the mountains they like to go,hiking they like to go windsurfing they,like to go kayaking they like to go,mountain biking they will see this and,go thats for me yes there are some,unique features to the exterior of this,wilderness it has its own unique grille,it has copper accents throughout and,subaru has changed the roof rails on,this model to make them stronger you can,now hold 700 pounds when its parked so,that means you can put a tent on top of,this when youre out on your adventures,these things have become incredibly,popular these rooftop tents that pop up,so you dont have to worry about taking,a trailer thats really smart to,reinforce the roof rails on this now,andrea were going to talk about the,front here in just a moment i just want,to say,because this is based on the old legacy,station wagon you can put all the seats,down and you could actually sleep inside,if you wanted to you did it didnt you,zach maybe not sleep inside i let him,come home,on the couch uh but you know what it is,nice if you depends on what kind of,climate youre into might be a little,warmer inside yes and one other thing to,point out that when you are driving the,vehicle it can hold 220 pounds what,makes this wilderness different from,other outback models in the interior,its the copper interior accents and,also,you get waterproof upholstery in here,and it feels really nice im really,surprised they got rid of the outdoor,version so when this latest model was,redone a couple of years ago they came,out with this interior yeah right and,they have this sort of uh wipe-down,interior which i think is really,attractive to a lot of people but they,added this wilderness which raised the,suspension i wish they sold both still,yeah i mean it would just be extra trims,of course if you dont want the higher,uh ground clearance that you get in this,wilderness i like the rubber floor mats,in here so if youre out and about and,you come back and youre wet after a day,on the trails or hiking or mountain,biking you can just wipe this down its,easy to clean you know which group this,vehicle is really popular with,dog owners because this was built off,the legacy station wagon years ago and,they turned it into an outback you get a,very long cargo area that is lower than,a traditional crossover and its really,easy to get dogs in and out of we have,our friend susan who just got one of,these has got two elderly dogs perfect,for that yeah she really loves it thats,really one of the reasons why she bought,this she liked the smooth ride that it,offered the comfort level and all of the,space i really like this 11.6 inch,touchscreen its intuitive to use some,have mentioned on instagram that maybe,this system is a little laggy i didnt,find it at all thats fine its quite,good i like all the real estate it,really looks cool i mean youre getting,a premium interior in a non-premium,price tag and the materials theres,loads of soft materials all over the,inside of this like subarus doing a,really good job with their interiors,they used to be really spartan and,really not appealing this one looks good,yeah theres not much hard plastic,throughout the heated steering wheel is,heated at nine and three,thats a shame and it has this nice,traditional shifter with the copper trim,i like it even the stitching it just,looks a little bit more upscale so how,do you like this dash at night well the,touch screen is really the show stopper,in here as you can see theres no,ambient lighting offered so your main,focus would be that center console now,we talk all the time about people,rushing and buying crossover vehicles,because they perceive to get more space,cars often give you more legroom and,more trunk space but this is the best of,both as i mentioned again its built on,a legacy station wagon and because of,that you get a really roomy back seat,you can spread out you can even recline,the back seat so if youre looking for,space this might be your girl and as you,can see our carry-on and a cooler has,plenty of space back there you can fit,quite a few carry-on into coolers and,theres a rubber floor mat for your dogs,or for whatever else you need to put,back there,[Applause],weve arrived at our off-road trail and,i just want to mention that we climbed,up a mountain and this cbt is really,good the cabin remained quiet and the,power from the turbo engine is excellent,yeah this is a perfect example of like a,cottage cabin road and you could see it,here on a rainy day like this but also,covered in snow a vehicle like this,would just sort of gobble it up and,thats the whole idea so youve got the,symmetrical all-wheel drive system but,now youve got more ground clearance,and as you can hear as we go along this,trail the cabin still remains quiet and,it just beats up those bumps in the road,and we have to watch out for bears here,apparently,im the one im not getting

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