1. Subaru Solterra in-depth review | Pricing, range, availability and driving impressions
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Subaru Solterra in-depth review | Pricing, range, availability and driving impressions

subaru its an outdoorsy brand for outdoorsy  buyers but its never had an all-electric  ,vehicle to help keep those outdoors east so great  until now this is the 2023 subaru saltera its the  ,brands first all-electric vehicle so is it worth  the wait or is subaru in over its head whats up  ,folks im dave undercoupler editor-in-chief of  autolist.com a sister company to cargurus were  ,looking at the soltera today and this is an all  new all-electric compact crossover that subaru is  ,building in conjunction with toyota this version  seats five people its all-wheel drive and it  ,starts at about forty six thousand dollars before  any state or federal tax credits so lets go take  ,a deeper dive all right before we go any further  be sure to like and subscribe to this cargurus  ,channel so you can get alerts on all of our future  video reviews so some of you may be wondering just  ,what is so different between this soltera and  toyotas very similar version which theyre  ,calling the bz4x im glad you asked besides not  sounding like my wifi password the subaru comes  ,standard with all-wheel drive and dual motors  whereas the toyota comes standard with front  ,wheel drive in a single motor and all-wheel drive  is optional this subaru has a bit more horsepower  ,than the all-wheel drive version of the toyota  and it offers its x-mode off-road driving system  ,inside the car the 12.3 inch screen that you see  on our tester is optional for the subaru where  ,its standard on the toyota and in terms of safety  both the subaru and the toyota come with toyotas  ,safety sense rather than subarus eyesight  system which it uses on the rest of its lineup  ,finally perhaps the biggest difference between  the two cars will actually come down to pricing  ,subaru is still eligible for all of its federal  tax credits so you could get up to 7 500  ,back on this vehicle whereas toyota has largely  run out of their tax credits so you wont be  ,able to get the same money back just something to  consider if youre cross-shopping the two vehicles  ,all right lets take a look at some of the  exterior highlights on the soltera this car comes  ,in three different trim levels premium limited and  then touring this is the mid-range limited so it  ,has the led headlights you have led fog lamps all  models will have this nice little pass-through on  ,the bumper plastic cladding too throughout  the entire exterior the hood is low and its  ,good for aerodynamics and for safety youve got a  very large charging door here just looks enormous  ,20-inch alloy wheels on our tester moving to  the back youve got more plastic cladding subaru  ,likes that gives the car a rugged look if youll  notice the spoiler here comes out quite a bit  ,thats actually hiding the hinges so its better  aerodynamics and if you look in the back window  ,here youll notice its missing a rear wiper  thats on purpose subaru says that this angle  ,is so steep you dont need a wiper theres a rear  spoiler here and then a diffuser on the underbody  ,for better aerodynamics and one more thing you  can get a trailer hitch not for towing but for  ,mounting bike racks or any sort of accessory  hitch so thats a quick look at the exterior and  ,its definitely bold styling but what do you guys  think does this fit in with the rest of the subaru  ,lineup or is it just too much leave your thoughts  in the comments below alright so with a lot of evs  ,particularly teslas theres always talk about the  frunk how big is it what can i put in it but its  ,important to remember not all evs have frunks as  you can see here this is where the subaru keeps  ,a bulk of its powertrain so the solterra has two  motors that combine for a total of 215 horsepower  ,and 249 pound-feet of torque as i mentioned  all-wheel drive is standard and also standard is a  ,72.8 kilowatt hour battery the all-electric range  on the base model the premium is 228 miles this  ,limited and then the high-end touring version get  222 miles because of their larger tires and wheels  ,subaru says that you can fully charge this car  in about 9 hours using a level 2 240 volt charger  ,theres also dc fast charging which will  recharge about 80 percent of the battery in just  ,under an hour subaru is also offering all of  its soltera buyers 400 towards either an in-home  ,charger or towards public charging one other nice  little piece of mind that subaru is offering all  ,soltera customers is 10 days each year of a free  loaner vehicle for any of its gas-powered cars  ,and thats nice if youve got a long road trip  planned that the zotero wont be able to charge  ,you head to your subaru dealer and grab another  car for a few days all right lets take a look at  ,the interior of the solterra a couple things you  notice the minute you get in the car for one the  ,instrument panel is this sort of odd floating jet  fighter kind of setup that takes a little getting  ,used to especially because the steering wheel  doesnt come up that high so it feels like its  ,kind of in the way but you do adjust as youre  driving the car also youll notice this is a 12.3  ,inch screen thats the biggest screen subarus  ever offered that is standard on the limited and  ,the touring model the base model will have an 8  inch screen there for the most part theres a lot  ,of really cool storage built into this car youve  got wireless charging for your phone down there  ,youve got cup holders here youve got a center  console right there and then youve got storage  ,space underneath this console but its missing one  key thing that i think a lot of buyers are really  ,going to want and thats a glove box theres no  glove box here so thats a little frustrating  ,otherwise the materials in this car are pretty  nice you have this really cool cloth covering  ,across the dashboard thats a nice touch  the seats look leather theyre fake leather  ,and thats standard on the limited model and  on the touring its cloth seats on the premium  ,on the center console youve got the gear  shifter here and to put it in the gear  ,you push down and turn to the right push down  turn to the left for a reverse parking is just  ,a simple push button and then these buttons  control different drive modes of the car  ,up on top youve got the infotainment system  and the climate control and what i really like  ,is that there are physical buttons mixed  with the touch screen and thats nice  ,this infotainment system itself was developed by  toyota and its really nice theyve used it in  ,some other vehicles as well its bright its clear  the screen is responsive to your touch and it has  ,wireless apple carplay and wireless android auto  if i had one gripe about this interior though it  ,would be the piano black finish on the center  console it looks good when its clean but it  ,smudges very easily and shows fingerprints very  easily so i dont love that feature all right now  ,to the back seat so im six foot one and ive got  the drivers seat set up where i would have it if  ,i were driving so im basically sitting behind  myself and you can see how much space i have i  ,mean its almost a foot between my knee and the  back of the seat thats incredible tons of space  ,plenty of headroom as well i also like that  the floor down here is flat so we just grabbed  ,a touring model thats a fully loaded solterra to  show you a few other features that we really like  ,for one youve got three mode heated seats  in the back thats a nice little feature  ,and youve got a sunroof now its dual pane thats  nice really opens up the cabin versus the earlier  ,version that we were showing you was kind of dark  inside but what we dont like is that yes the  ,shade opens but the window itself the actual glass  doesnt open so thats a little bit of a miss  ,another feature that we dont love in the back  seat of the soltera is theres more piano black  ,plastic as we mentioned in the console this kind  of material can show smudges or dirt very easily  ,so we didn

2023 Subaru Solterra Electric Crossover Review and Off-Road Test

this is the all-new 2023 subaru soltera,its an all-electric with all-wheel,drive thats coming up right now on,driving sports tv,[Music],so,[Music],the all-new 2023 solterra is the first,battery electric crossover from subaru,built and designed in partnership with,toyota on a new electric car platform,the saltera brings a new level of,off-road capability to the segment,all-wheel drive is standard thanks to a,pair of independent electric motors 180,kilowatt hour on the front axle and a,second 80 kilowatt hour on the back,thanks to this setup front to back,torque can vary from 70 30 front to back,to 40 60 front to back effectively,making this a rear bias system when it,wants to be altogether this setup,produces 218 horsepower and 249,pound-feet of torque this alteras,all-wheel drive is further enhanced with,subarus x-mode brake vectoring and,crawl control systems well test those,out later in this video,the battery pack is a 72.8 kilowatt hour,lithium ion with 96 cells mounted to the,floor structure level 2 charging takes 9,hours with dc fast charge hitting 80,capacity in 56 minutes toyota claims,that this battery will retain 90,capacity even after 10 years of use,official epa range isnt yet available,for the subaru but they are targeting in,excess of 220 miles the model were,testing today is the loaded touring trim,this includes all the features of the,limited including a 12.3 inch multimedia,system with surround view camera 10-way,adjustable driver seat and 20-inch,wheels but it adds c-coolers digital,rear mirror camera gloss black hood,accent and some other niceties pricing,will be announced at a later date but we,expect it to start at less than 40 000,us dollars,the saltera comes standard with,bridgestone terranzas these are 20 inch,wheels wrapped in all season radials so,itll be kind of interesting to see how,well this does in the off-road portion,of testing a little bit later itll,definitely put this all-wheel drive,system to the test,now lets check in the back,under the floor extra storage,plus we also have a privacy screen,stowage spot which is nice,put that back in,charging cables not yet unwrapped,emergency recovery eyelet thats nice,the floor panel is height adjustable to,fit larger items when positioned in the,standard height and the second row is,folded it makes for a flat surface okay,youre not going to believe it but i can,sleep in here,i mean i need to put my head on,something,but this is a surprising amount of space,the rear gate has both a closed and,closed lock option,okay lets check this out,okay like its toyota cousin the floor,is rather high i mean my knees are much,higher than they would normally be,however i do have lots of leg room im,six foot one legs torso proportionate,this is great,head,its close but it fits,i get a pull down armrest with twin cup,holders and a device holder down here i,have three stages of heat for the seat,as well as two usbc sockets and vents in,the door theres a lot of piano black,and i can see up front theres also a,lot of piano black so lets go check,that out,okay,yeah this pretty much looks just like,the bz4x on the inside we just happen to,get a subaru logo right here this also,has paddle shifters which allows you to,adjust the amount of brake regeneration,well lets talk about the seating,position the seats themselves are,actually quite comfortable i got lots of,adjustments here they are power i can go,up down back forth,i have both heating cooling and a heated,steering wheel which is nice subaru in,north america at least outside of canada,has a tendency to very often forget to,do this heated wheels but we have one,here i really like this digital gauge,cluster up here but there is a problem,when you put the wheel high,and youre seating low or if youre,short and you want the wheel high,i literally cannot see a single thing on,that gate cluster right now,now i am six foot one legs torso,proportionate and,uh,i would rather this is okay this is okay,for me i can lock this in there uh now i,have full view it would be better if,that tilted or there was some way to,adjust it but there isnt the steering,wheel has tons of buttons in the middle,there are so many,buttons here and theres very little,room for my fingers to fit,but they do fit its okay well see how,this is in actual driving now we have,lots of stuff here we have mode control,which i believe is for the stereo yep,that is for the stereo wheres my volume,oh no volume knob i have to hit buttons,at least there are hardware buttons,there uh there is a voice command there,is,lane detection adaptive cruise control,with adjustments all the stuff that you,would expect in a modern vehicle,the sunroof here is huge this is a,double slot sunroof so its not really a,panorama but it does let light into the,front in the back and i think this is,good i have no problem with this,boy thats a really loud motor,visor,does it extend oh nope we have a little,thing there,and for this,up we have a little slighty thing from,here,with a light okay,and then over here we just have a c of,piano black now the one good thing they,did do is they separated the bin from,the piano thats,those two shall not meet,so you can put cups here you can put all,your stuff in the tray here you can put,stuff in the center thing here youre,not going to touch the piano black,oh thats kind of neat i pop that open,and i get a,wireless charger,thats kind of cool and i hide it and i,can still see it in there i guarantee,ill still forget my phone i dont care,how many notifications you have here if,im closing it in a bin im going to,forget it so on the subject of this,gauge cluster i really like the material,i can tell that its its kind of a,matte material so its not going to,reflect we have all the safety stuff,integrated here and this is loaded we,have,lane departure blind spot monitoring,pre-collision parking assist with sonars,rear cross traffic alerts uh rear,pedestrian detection,okay thats cool and then we also have,on the left side here what else do we,got,music we can also look at the safety,stuff the adaptive crews economy,and yada yada,and then we can also see range which,in an electric car is of course,critically important oh i like that so,the tires have individual tire pressures,its not a passive system its an active,that means each tire actually has a tpms,sensor in it which i like thats good,not every car does that and then i have,an all-wheel drive display up here now,lets talk about the all-wheel drive so,this uses two electric motors one in the,front one in the back,and each one drives the axle,independently there is no shaft down the,middle subaru says it has a range of 220,plus miles which should be plenty for,most people now because this is a subaru,it does include x-mode for off-road we,have snow dirt and deep snow and mud,which i can clearly see disables a layer,of traction control and then theres,also a system called grip which is a,crawl control function of course in,addition to the off-road mode so theres,also standard drive modes power and eco,you know whether you want to conserve,power or use it all up and have more fun,we also have traction control i could,independently turn that off theres an,auto park feature uh which is currently,unavailable because where im im how,im chilling right here so if i go into,regular reverse i can see a camera view,and this will actually draw,whats underneath me on the map on here,which is cool of course the parking,sonars are going off,right now because we have a shrub right,behind us there,cant put that back into park there is,single pedal driving all i have to do is,push,a button here and then that means that,when throttle is on it accelerates when,i release the pedal it breaks,its kind of more like video game,driving personally not a fan but i think,some people will like that thats been,on prius for a long time so not really,too surprised to see it here,now lets look at this infotainment,system if you see my reviews of the new,toyota tundr

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Electric Subaru Solterra driven!

this is the Subaru soltera an all-new,electric SUV from Japan so new is it in,fact that when we phoned Subaru UK to,ask where we might be able to review one,of these we were told that because there,are hardly any in the country as of yet,it wouldnt be until March now that is,far too long for our beloved viewers to,wait and such is our dedication to,bringing you the latest car reviews as,soon as humanly possible we track down,one of the very first dealer,demonstrators in the UK,and this is where we found it West Heath,Garage in farnborough in Hampshire,massive thanks to them linked to their,website in the description and if youre,after a Subaru in London or the,southeast these are the guys to come and,see and if you do tell them we sent you,and they will take extra special care of,you,anyway back to the soltera and it is a,big old thing that shares most of its,mechanical underpinnings with the,snappily named Toyota bz4x,however while the Toyota is available in,a variety of different formats with,various power outputs trim levels and,front or four-wheel drive the soltera is,available in just two forms limited or,touring trims aside from slightly,different standard equipment levels both,of which are very extensive by the way,both cars get the same twin motor,four-wheel drive setup typical of Subaru,which delivers 215 brake horsepower and,an official range of between 257 and 289,miles prices start at just under 50 000,pounds for the limited and rise to 53,000 for the touring,the thing is that is a lot of dough so,how does Subaru justify it well space,for one thing lets start with the,luggage compartment and as you can see,there is plenty of the stuff in there,and that space is a nice square shape,this High spec touring version has,441 liters for bags but it should be,noted that the entry-level limited,version does without this subwoofer,which earns you an extra 11 liters on,top you get type 2 to type 2 and type 2,to 3 pin domestic socket charging cables,as standard and theres just about,enough room underneath the boot floor to,squeeze both of them in so theyre not,cluttering up your main boot space,whats more you can also stash the load,cover under there when its not needed,the only slight disappointment is the,scratchiness of the plastic that makes,up part of the boot floor which looks,like itll Mark pretty easily when you,start dragging heavy items over it the,rear seats fold down in a 60 40 split to,help you carry bigger loads which,doesnt give you the versatility of,Rivals with a 40 20 40 split and,although folding the rear chairs doesnt,leave you with a step in the low floor,it does leave you with a bit of a slope,with the rear seats configured for,people rather than payload however the,saltera really begins to impress Im six,foot one and as you can see there is,plenty of Headroom for me and even when,sat behind my own driving position there,is absolutely bags of legroom so there,are very few people who are going to,struggle for space back here you cant,Slide the seats backwards and forwards,like you can in some Rivals but you can,recline them slightly for a more chilled,out position and the rear seats are,heated on both trim levels,the cabin also feels quite wide and the,middle seat has a wide base and a flat,floor in front of it so carrying three,across the rear bench will be,comparatively comfortable,up front you really know that youre in,an SUV you sit quite high up which many,drivers will really like and you get a,brilliant view of the road ahead,although the view behind you isnt quite,so good due to the thick pillars that,flank the rear window and the fact that,theres no rear wiper however you can,still see behind you by turning the rear,view mirror into a screen for the rear,view camera otherwise though you might,feel that the driving position is just a,little bit awkward much like you do in a,Peugeot you view the instrument panel,over the top of the steering wheel,rather than through it and that means,you might well have to set the steering,wheel a little bit lower than youd like,it all feels a little bit odd at first,but there are electric seat adjusters as,standard on both models so if you spend,enough time playing around with them to,fine tune your driving position you,should be able to get comfortable,something else you should be able to get,to grips with is that the touchscreen,system The Logical menus and shortcut,buttons down the right hand side of the,screen make it easy to use while the,graphics are quick and slick and the,screen sensitivity is also good you also,have separate controls to drive the,aircon something we very much like here,at CarGurus and the rest of the controls,on the center console are clearly marked,what might not be so clear is that,digital instrument screen we mentioned,earlier you can select from a variety of,layouts but some of them try to pack too,much information into too small of a,space and it looks rather cluttered as a,result the area in which existing Subaru,customers will be most surprised however,is the area of interior quality and in a,very good way most of the firms cause it,has to be said have a predominantly,robust and hard wearing field it seems,to prioritize functionality over flare,and in that company the soltera feels,like a real oil Cut Above,the surfaces within your eye line are a,pleasant mix of fabrics metallic,finishes and glossy black inserts and it,all looks interesting cohesive and,classy there are harder scratchier,Plastics but these are tucked away where,you cant see them so the premium,feeling isnt portrayed in fact those,scratchy plastic panels in the boot that,we mentioned earlier are about the only,place where the feeling of quality isnt,maintained,[Music],thank you,[Music],as weve mentioned the soltera is an,electric car so lets begin with that,aspect youve got two electric motors,one on the front axle one on the rear,axle to give you your four-wheel drive,and they combine to give 215 brake,horsepower and allow the car to Sprint,from North to 62 in 6.9 seconds,now both of those numbers are bordering,on hot hatch territory but thats,certainly not the character that the,solterra communicates thats largely,because of the slightly lazy throttle,responses push the right hand pedal and,theres a strange delay of about half a,second or so before the car responds now,when that happens in most cars its,usually the fault of the gearbox but we,know thats not the case in the soltera,because it hasnt got one like most EVS,its a single gear arrangement,that on its own means the pickup doesnt,feel as urgent as it might but once the,soltera does finally wake up and get,going the acceleration you feel is,strong smooth linear and uninterrupted,your progress is also nice and quiet,many EVS these days synthesize an overly,theatrical whoosh or whale as you put,your foot down but refreshingly there is,none of that in the soltera choosing,instead to adopt a more Serene,sophisticated approach there is a little,bit of road noise as you get up to,Motorway speeds but importantly its not,enough to ruin the calm big SUVs like,this usually concentrate their Dynamic,efforts on providing a comfortable ride,and such is the case here theres a,slightly firm Edge at low Urban speeds,but otherwise things stay impressively,composed and forgiving that comfort,means that its all the more forgiving,that the soltera isnt exactly the,sharpest handling cart that youll ever,drive it feels tall and heavy largely,because it is upwards of two tons so,fast Direction changes arent really its,Forte but despite feeling a little bit,clumsy in a set of bends it does at,least feel stable and secure not least,because of the grip and the traction you,get from that four-wheel drive system,theres a touch of clumsiness in a,couple of other areas too the steering,is fairly quick but its initial,responses are a little bit leisurely and,you get a slightly rubbery synthetic,feel through the wheel like most EVs and,plug-in hybrids the solter

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The 2023 Subaru Solterra Is an Electric Crossover for Adventures

a portion of this video was sponsored by,discovery plus this is the new 2023,subaru sultera and its a new electric,crossover from subaru it may seem like a,new electric crossover appears on the,market every single week and ive,reviewed all of them but now subaru has,one the soltera and today im going to,review it,this portion of the video was sponsored,by discovery plus before i get started i,want to tell you about the new discovery,plus original series million dollar,wheels million dollar wheels is an,exclusive behind the scenes look at the,cutthroat world of luxury car sales,buckle up this is about to get,wild just said he hit a bump he hit a,bump million-dollar wheels features,high-end car deals with celebrities like,kim kardashian travis barker tom holland,and more if you want to see how some of,the most expensive car deals are done,with rolls royces bentleys bugattis,lamborghinis and more watch million,dollar wheels on discovery plus all,episodes are now available and you can,download and subscribe to discovery plus,easily and even check it out with a,seven day free trial so click the link,in the description of this video to head,over to discovery plus where you can,stream all episodes of million dollar,wheels available exclusively on,discovery plus,welcome to the game,thanks to discovery plus for sponsoring,that portion of my video now back to my,regular content,so lets talk sultera like i said it,seems like everybody has an electric,crossover these days and now subaru has,one the solterra is meant to rival the,tesla model y the kia ev6 the hyundai,ioniq 5 the ford mustang machi the,volkswagen id4 and undoubtedly many,others that are coming soon and today,im going to show you just how it does,first ill take you on a thorough tour,of the solterra and show you all of its,quirks and features then ill get it out,on the road and drive it and then ill,give it a doug score,all right im gonna start the quirks and,features the soltera with getting in and,that means starting with the key which,looks like a fairly normal modern car,key except it has this interesting,button that says hold ac if you press,that you can get the air conditioning,system to turn on before you get inside,the car which is nice field in a hot,climate you can get the ac working and,cool down the interior before you climb,inside kind of cool but anyway next we,climb inside the solterra and the first,thing you notice when you get in and sit,in the drivers seat is the unusual,location of the gauge cluster like the,speedometer and that sort of thing,mounted almost on the top of the,dashboard rather than in the normal spot,directly behind the steering wheel now,the benefit here is that putting it so,high up almost puts it in your line of,sight and so you dont have to look down,beneath the rim of the steering wheel to,see your speed or directions or anything,like that instead its right where,youre already looking anyway while,youre driving which is a pretty good,idea it almost functions like a heads up,display the problem though is that in,order to make this work you have to look,at the gauge cluster screen above the,steering wheel and that means the wheel,itself cant be adjusted very high and,the problem with that is if youre,taller like me you might have trouble,getting the steering wheel to clear your,knees when youre sitting in the,drivers seat this setup does add some,benefits for visibility of that gauge,cluster screen but it steals some knee,room and it can make it kind of tight at,the bottom part of the steering wheel,for taller drivers but that interesting,steering wheel gauge cluster setup is,just one of many quirks in this interior,another one is here in the center,console where you can see this storage,lid is see-through with this kind of,strange pattern of like boxes that let,you see inside thats because open it up,and its your wireless cell phone,charger you stick your phone in there,and itll charge while you drive and,then you can close the panel but subaru,doesnt want you to forget your phone in,your car so they make it see-through so,that you can look in there and remember,that your phone is charging while youre,driving kind of an interesting idea and,then we have yet another interesting,quirk in the same vicinity and that,would be the gear selector which is this,dial in the middle of the center console,and it doesnt operate like youd think,you get in you twist it but it doesnt,twist instead you have to push it down,and then twist it to the right for drive,to the left for reverse or just push it,straight down and then youre in neutral,certainly a very odd gear selector and,park is accessed by a button on the top,of the whole gear dial situation and,theres more interesting quirks to come,in this interior for instance the,dashboard is covered in cloth you can,see on the pasture side the drivers,side theres just a lot of patterned,cloth here which is not the material you,normally expect to see on a dashboard,and then,theres the glove box there isnt one,this car strangely enough doesnt have a,glove box which is not something you,often find in modern cars but,thats the case in the solterra no glove,box at all and next up another,interesting quirk in this interior is,how you adjust the volume you dont have,a simple dial like in most cars instead,you have these buttons directly below,this center infotainment screen over on,the left volume minus on the right,volume plus and so you tap tap tap to,increase the volume with these center,mounted buttons and next up speaking of,interesting controls and buttons in here,how about this one in the center console,marked x mode showing like a vehicle on,a rough road that activates the,solterras off-road driving modes and,surprisingly it has off-road driving,modes there are two the first one is,snow slash dirt and the next one is deep,snow slash mud for when you really get,into off-road driving situations now you,look at this vehicle from the outside,you might think it looks like a fairly,traditional crossover but actually its,off-roading capability is a major,selling point that subaru is using to,market this car really one of the more,capable evs on the market and those,off-road driving modes help to drive,home that point it really can do a lot,and indeed if you take a general look at,the solterra one of the things youll,quickly discover is that this has some,major benefits in the world of,capability and like adventureness,especially compared to other electric,vehicles however it also has some,interesting drawbacks in terms of just,daily,simple around town usability so lets,talk about those adventure benefits,first i already showed you the off-road,driving modes which really do help to,increase its capability and performance,off the pavement it even includes hill,descent control which can help guide you,down a steep off-road hill and hell,start assist which can help you get up a,similar situation but theres more to it,than that the solterra also has standard,all-wheel drive like most other subaru,models but unlike most other rival,electric vehicles at this price point,which usually comes standard with two,wheel drive not the case here all-wheel,drive standard in the sultaira and the,soltera also benefits from fantastic,ground clearance subaru says,8.3 inches of ground clearance with the,soltera which is way more than rivals,the volkswagen id4 is around six inches,or about six and a half you get,all-wheel drive the hyundai ioniq 5 is,like 6.1 inches this at 8.3 inches is,some serious ground clearance for some,serious adventure so its pretty good,off the pavement and to really drive,home the point of the sulterras,ruggedness subaru has given it some,massive plastic fenders you can see both,front and rear they are absolutely huge,the overall design of the soltera isnt,really all that controversial just looks,like a fairly standard crossover but,these plastic fenders have inspired some,real debate because theyre certainly a,big design element

New Subaru Solterra electric SUV walkaround – the best EV off-road? | What Car?

foreign,[Music],s first electric car and it could be a,major turning point for the brand,especially in the UK and in Europe in,this video were going to tell you,exactly what it is were going to tell,you how far it can go on a full charge,and were going to see whether it should,be on your electric car shortlist but,first if you want to see our review of,this car as soon as weve driven it and,to see all of our other new car reviews,make sure you subscribe to our Channel,and for a great deal on your next car go,to whatcar.com,foreign,so first lets explain a bit about how,Toyota has played quite a big part in,the existence of the soltera back in,2012 Toyota and Subaru jointly developed,the Toyota GT86 and the Subaru BRZ two,sports cars that were basically,identical then in 2019 the two Japanese,manufacturers announced another new,joint venture this time to share,resources to develop electric car,platforms the first results of this,partnership are the Toyota bz4x and the,Subaru soltera,two electric SUVs that will rival other,EVS like the VW id4 skoda enyak and Kia,ev6 its said to be a true 50 50,collaboration with the driving Dynamics,and Chassis done by Subaru and the,battery and electric motors taken care,of by Toyota,and as youd guess the two cars are very,similar indeed in terms of the design,the only real difference is to point out,are of course the badge on the nose of,the car but also the soltera gets a,slightly different front end with a,different bumper and different,headlights while at the back of the car,the two cars again are very similar and,the main difference in the look is that,the Toyota gets a full width light bar,foreign,[Music],the Subaru and the Toyota are very very,similar in fact the only thing to point,out thats different is the badge that,you have on the steering wheel so that,means that both cars have the same,driving position the same layout the,same materials in here and that also,means that the driving position itself,is something thats kind of new for,Subaru and for Toyota so theyve gone,for a driving position that puts the,driver display above the steering wheel,so in most cars you look through the,steering wheel to see all the driver,dials but now in the soltera and in the,bz4x that driver display which is seven,inches and fully digital as standard is,above the steering wheel which is,similar to what you get with peugeots,eye cockpit now weve seen with Peugeot,that it took them years to get that,driving position right and even on their,latest models its still not perfect and,the problem that people have is that,depending on where you want to have your,seat and your steering wheel theres a,pretty high chance that the top of the,steering wheel here here cuts off some,of your view of the driver display so,again with the soltera with the bz4x,that is going to be something that wont,be perfect for everyone so depending on,where you want to have this set up you,might just be blocking some of your view,of that driver display so just like with,any car really you want to make sure,that you sit in this car and check that,the driver display the driving position,works for you before you go ahead and,buy it now in terms of the tech thats,on offer in the soltera its the same as,the bz4x where you get this 12.3 inch,touchscreen infotainment system but with,the Toyota on the lower trim levels you,can get a smaller screen you cant,actually get that with the Subaru you,only get this bigger screen as standard,which also gets Wireless Apple carplay,and wired Android auto now the screen,itself is Big obviously its got really,nice graphic its pretty clear its,responsive some of these icons are a bit,small but on the whole this is a pretty,decent infotainment system with a simple,layout of course it would be better if,you she had more physical controls to,help operate it safely while youre,driving but its good that you do at,least have these rocker switches to,control the air conditioning,now the build quality and the materials,in here is the same as it is in the bz4x,so it feels pretty robust it doesnt,feel like its going to fall apart at,all feels solid well put together,durable not all of the materials are,amazing so these gloss black Plastics,look quite nice and this cloth on the,dashboard helps lift things a bit as,well youve also got some soft touch,materials here as well but some other,Plastics like down here on the center,console just feel a bit Hollow and cheap,and Scratchy really you do get quite a,lot of storage up front in the soltera,so youve got this big Central armrest,here with a removable compartment,underneath it and even more space,underneath that in front of there youve,got two cup holders and more storage,under this this is where the wireless,phone charging is and then under this,floating center console bit youve got,even more storage and the door bins are,fairly good size as well but its lucky,you do have all this storage because,there isnt actually a glove box,space in the back is really pretty good,by electric car standards so you can see,theres absolutely loads of leg rooms so,even if youre especially tall with very,long legs youll have no problem,whatsoever in that department theres,also a flat floor back here if you go,for the panoramic sunroof then it does,eat into the Headroom available but,still even if youre just under six foot,as I am you can sit up straight and,still have a little bit of clearance,above your head there although we,suspect versions without the panoramic,sunroof will feel a bit more open but,its a very wide interior back here and,if youre going to be regularly carrying,adults in the back then this is pretty,good and pretty big by electric car,standards although a Kia ev6 a skoda,eniac theyre not exactly small are they,now these rear seats they dont slide,but you can choose to have them in one,of two positions to recline them you can,either have them here or very slightly,different a little bit further back but,they only fold down in two chunks so,they split fold 60 40 where some other,Rivals like the Tesla Model y allow you,to fold each rear seat down individually,so they fold 40 20 40. you cant get,that with the soltera and you cant also,get a ski hatch either,with the rear seats in place you get a,452 liter boot with the soltera now,compared to an ev6 that gets 490 liters,and a skoda eniac gets a massive 585,liters of storage in its boot and also,if you go for the range topping version,of the soltera then because you get an,upgraded sound system the subwoofer is,in the back and takes up some extra,storage space that youd have on the,lower model which you can see you do get,on this side of this upgraded range,topping version that weve got here,so the fact is this car is up against,other electric Rivals that are a similar,size and similar money but have bigger,boots if the solteras boot is big,enough for you though then there are,good things about it because you get a,high adjustable boot floor as standard,and you can see in this highest setting,here theres no loading lip at the front,you also have underfloor storage for the,charging cables and because its height,adjustable you can move it down to free,up a bit of extra space in the boot,although you can see that its not the,whole of the boot floor that is height,adjustable because in the lowest setting,there youre left with a bit of an,awkward step right at the back of the,boot another handy feature though is the,fact that you can take the parcel shelf,out and store it in the boot itself,now lets talk range next and the,soltera gets a 71.4 kilowatt hour,battery which gives it a claimed wltp,range for the entry level model of 289,miles now that isnt terrible but it,also doesnt necessarily Stand Out,compared to the other EVS that this,cars up against and with those wltp,ranges for this core and every other,electric car always remember you wont,actually be able to achieve that figure,in genuine real-world driving conditions,and the clean figure for

RIP IONIQ5? 2023 Subaru Solterra Promises To Be A Different EV. Review

hey what are you looking for,wheres the glove compartment,no,there is no actual glove compartment,here,am I missing something or,like this is like definitely theres no,theres no glove compartment in this,huh,this is the 2023 Subaru soltera it is,the first time that Subaru has,introduced a fully electric SUV and it,is probably the first time theyve used,the name soltera which I think and you,guys can correct me or confirm without,even looking online I can bet that,soltera means Saul the sun Tera the,Earth,I could be wrong but you can correct me,good news is that Subaru got the name,right and thats a great start why do I,say that dont forget Toyota is also,making very similar platform SUV the,only problem with that I cant remember,the bloody name I would guess probably,bz4 x y m something this video is made,possible things are great friends at,buds Subaru a Subaru dealership located,in Oakville Ontario Canada they were,kind enough to allow us to borrow this,for the day test drive it and show you,what its all about but whats also,important is the fact that this video is,not sponsored by that dealership and is,not sponsored on none of my videos by,any dealership but if you want to reach,out to them guess what check the link in,the description below if you want to,take this for a test drive because it is,a demo therefore you can go and take it,for a spin and see how you like it after,this video someone who has been very,slow in rolling out EVS now like Ford GM,Hyundai Hyundai for example the a15 came,out a year ago so super has been taking,their time because they wanted to make,something that is very different of,course and to give you something that,you love and heres the thing though,this does not look like your average,Subaru so lets start first with the,exterior it still has that Subaru,signature design for example the front,end the side profile look at this Fender,this is plastic in case if you want to,go off-road because you can take this,off-road it goes all the way around at,the bottom over here the same thing we,have beautiful LED headlights very very,skinny we got LED fog lights at the,bottom in case again if you want to go,off-road and then if you look at this,theres no Grille here because this is,an EV we have the sensors at the front,we got the camera of course then you,look at the bottom the chrome finish lip,at the bottom part which I absolutely,love the design is very very very,different overall about 90 percent does,not look like a Subaru very futuristic I,love that but again look at this we got,the side profile here for the fender,gives a bit of an aerodynamic for the,air to flow through absolutely love the,design now the question is probably,thinking does this thing have a frunk,well let me open it and show you and,its very easy like a standard vehicle,nothing crazy,you have a lever located right in here,pull that and lets see if there is a,frunk in this car wow look at that we,dont actually have a front because we,have the battery the motors and,everything else so at least unlike BMW,where you dont have access to the hood,here you do you have your windshield,Reservoir theres the brake liquid and,all the rest of them unfortunately,theres no frunk then we move on to the,side profile,again the rugged exterior design,absolutely love that the skirt at the,bottom plastic in case if you go,off-road we got the rails at the top,which in case if you want to put more,stuff on top of this vehicle maybe a,storage unit or something like that but,if you look at it the entire profile on,the side its very boxy same thing with,the rear tire the fender the c-pillar,here as you see the seat cover floor the,tires thats in plastic Iran that Subaru,design that rugged exterior then well,move on to the back side which I think,looks a bit like the model X or the,model y its the theme now with the,electric SUVs to have that sort of like,curvy at the top and then flat all the,way through at the bottom we have the,blacked out finish there is one lip on,top then we have another design at the,top over here for the tailgate which is,very different than what Ive seen out,there Bureau aerodynamically friendly,and more aggressive very different than,a standards Subaru then we have the,soltera on the right side badge its as,EV so you know on the road this is an EV,it has the symmetrical all-wheel drive,Subaru yes thats why I said before you,can take this off-road we got this,beautiful finish diffuser at the bottom,aggressive look very very different I,absolutely love that but if you come,close here the tail lights are my,favorite thing the way theyre finished,and the way theyre extended yet they,fit perfectly with this body shape,absolutely love that most importantly,you do got power tailgates fine we have,the Harman Kardon audio system inside a,subwoofer tons of cargo space because,you dont get a front theyre giving you,at least some space in the trunk,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Applause],lets jump into the interior second row,because its also pretty cold out there,freezing here I got heated seats yes,each passenger in the back well the,right passenger in the left one the,middle one doesnt get the same,treatment but we have a three level,heated seat which I absolutely love nice,leather interior Beautiful Finish space,wise Ill say Headroom,well Ill let you judge that,Im 62 so that just gives you an idea,beautiful panoramic roof all the way,across its not uncomfortable but it is,a bit tight in the second row for me,specifically so that just gives you an,idea how much space you get overall the,sitting position is nice the door finish,this glossy finish black I like that,gloss black all around for the door,panels the front ones as well other than,that very standard here nothing crazy we,got a light arm rest in the center were,good lets jump in the front because,thats where this thing is very,different from any Subaru that youve,driven so far to some this may not be,very very different why do I say that,well because this actually shares the,same platform as that Toyota EV which,again I cant remember the name,it has very much the same interior the,same user interface because these are,built under the same platforms its not,rocket science to figure that out but,heres one thing I love about is the,design is very different from Miami,Subaru if youve never bought a Toyota,so far 2022 maybe the steering wheel,thats like a fire jet look at this the,entire thing just moves I feel like Im,flying a US fighter jet its so,interesting the way theyve designed,this we have the clustered moved so so,far away from the steering wheel but,its higher comparison to some Vehicles,it is a digital cluster absolutely love,that I dont seem to have an actual,heads-up display with this package but,even if it did theres no way to fit one,because the actual cluster is so much,far further from the steering wheel we,have paddle shifters here which are for,regeneration other than that left side,gloss finish we got memory seats the,entire design here is very much that EV,theme including the dashboard we have,this cloth cover for the dashboard,behind the massive screen that you see,here this massive massive screen then in,the center it has the shift knob which,is very different from any EV that Ive,seen for example to go into drive you do,that and then goes up to go into neutral,you press down to go into park there is,a button theres a brake assist as well,theres many things but one thing that I,noticed is the wireless charging pad so,where is the wireless charging pad well,its right here and let me demonstrate,that take your phone you slide it in and,one thing I love about is the fact that,theyve hidden the actual phone so that,the massive screen doesnt obstruct you,while youre driving which is nice,but then again,there is a,a massive screen over there underneath,the screen we have the climate units we,got heated seats ventilated seats heated,steering wheel and what I love the most,is that youre still gettin

The New Subaru Solterra Is Much Better Than You Think | 2023 Subaru Solterra Review

[Music],today im coming to you from a very,dusty road in arizona and i have been,able to drive the new 2023 subaru,soltera although pricing is not out for,this model just yet this is likely going,to be one of the least expensive ways to,get all-wheel drive on your new ev and,this is going to be by far the most,capable affordable ev if you want more,ground clearance and better approach and,departure angles than this subaru,sultera youre gonna have to pay,thousands of dollars more really tens of,thousands of dollars more this has 8.3,inches of ground clearance and if you,want more than that youll need a rivien,a lightning or a hummer ev at the moment,the solterra is of course the electric,twin to the new toyota bz4x and the,zotero name definitely rolls off the,tongue more easily than the toyota name,the two vehicles are related but they,definitely have tried to style them a,little bit differently from one another,and subaru really benefits from a lot of,toyotas development with electrified,vehicles for the new subaru soltera,they havent really said what the,battery life in this vehicle will be but,toyota has said publicly that their aim,is for you to get 90 of the batteries,range after 10 years and if that applies,to this as well thats going to be a,huge deal for subaru now up front we get,a design thats definitely part of the,subaru family we get that large subaru,grill right there of course blocked off,because evs dont need much cooling,theres a camera up front this is gonna,be the first subaru to get a 360 degree,camera system full led headlights right,here led fog lights down there at the,bottom lots of arrow treatments and lots,of black body cladding youre certainly,going to notice that all around the,solterra the body cladding doesnt just,wrap around the side as with most,subarus it even starts to invade the,front end here just below the headlights,a little bit now this model is obviously,very dusty ive driven this about 30,miles down a dirt road so it is,absolutely covered with dust and i,apologize for that because in some shots,its going to be a little bit difficult,to tell the difference between this gray,paint and the black body cladding at,just over 184 inches long this is almost,exactly the same size as an ev6 and,logically this is a direct competitor to,the ionic 5 the ev6 the volkswagen id4,and the ford mustang maki theyre all,going to be right here in this,approximately 45 to 50 000 price range,now again subaru has not released,official pricing for the zotero just yet,but unlike those options we get,significantly more ground clearance in,the sole terra and thats one reason you,might want to get this over some of the,competition the mustang maki it actually,has less ground clearance than a real,mustang the kind with the v8 engine,under the hood the ionic 5 and the ev6,are a little bit better but at 6.1,inches there is still considerably less,ground clearance than we find in this,and subaru said that they wanted this,altera to be a subaru first and thats,why the tuning of this is going to be a,little bit different than its sister,ship from toyota as youd expect the,dustiest angle for the sol terra is back,here in the rear the black body cladding,is limited to just this lower portion of,the bumper but it does go all the way up,to the opening of the hatch according to,subaru thats going to make this more,dog friendly for folks that want their,dogs to be able to jump in the rear and,they dont want them scratching the,paint on the back theres also some,arrow treatment going on down there at,the bottom of the bumper and lots of,badging here subaru symmetrical,all-wheel drive sultera touring and ev,all spelled out across the back the tail,lamps are full leds which is a really,nice touch and they definitely have an,elegant circle theme to them this,reminds me a little bit of the pulstar,2. now lets dive into the mechanics of,the solterra theres an important thing,to know with modern electric vehicles,horsepower and torque figures are,actually not everything when it comes to,0-60 acceleration times neither is power,to weight ratio anymore because the way,a manufacturer chooses to roll on the,power can be very different even with,similar horsepower and weight figures,and that can result in drastically,different performance numbers the,solterra is a perfect example of that on,paper this really doesnt look very,impressive 218 horsepower total this has,twin symmetrical electric motors so 109,horsepower up front 109 horsepower in,the rear most electric vehicles the,solterra is competing with are not set,up that way they have a more powerful,electric motor in the rear and that,makes the front electric motor a little,bit less capable in challenging traction,situations but more important subaru is,more aggressive at deploying all 218,horsepower sooner so 0-60 performance in,this as well talk about a little bit,later is better than its number would,otherwise appear although we dont have,official epa numbers just yet i suspect,this is going to be a little bit more,efficient than it would otherwise appear,also,under the body we find a just over 72,kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack,subaru has been a little bit cagey about,how much of that battery is usable i,suspect its right around 60 kilowatt,hours because according to the spec,sheet the onboard 6.6 kw charger thats,connected via a port over here on the,drivers side that will charge this,battery in nine hours also having a,positive effect on efficiency especially,if you live in a colder weather state,the sotera has a heat pump and if youre,worried about heat pump efficiency in,colder weather remember that even below,zero degrees fahrenheit heat pumps are,still more than 100 efficient and if,youre still worried about this and,youve been reading some of those,stories about tesla owners getting a,little bit too chilly in some of the,colder climates this also has a ptc,heater that will back up the heat pump,if youre in really really cold freezing,temperatures below zero as far as range,goes i dont have official epa numbers,just yet theyll be on the side of your,screen because they will be announced by,the time this video goes live i expect,its gonna be somewhere between 220 and,230 miles of range so uh check out that,number and see how accurate i am the,next thing to know is that the solterra,does not give us a front trunk not even,a pizza box storage area under here like,we find in the ionic or the ev6 now,personally i dont find that to be a,problem at all because it means that,this vehicle is more efficiently,packaged when you take a look at the,distance between the dashboard and the,front of the vehicle this is simply not,as long as the maki and its no real,mystery where the makis front trunk,comes from it comes from that really,long hood profile that makes the maki,look gorgeous and look like a mustang,but its not overly space efficient in,the back we actually get more cargo room,than we have in the maki although i,wouldnt have minded a small storage,compartment for something like a tesla,tap or an evsc under the hood the main,reason im okay with the lack of front,trunk is that we do have a pretty,generously sized cargo area in the back,even though this has a pretty raked,profile just over 30 cubic feet of cargo,capacity is found right behind this,power hatch as far as cargo capacity in,the back goes that puts this above the,mustang maki and right in line with the,tesla model y although again the maki,will give you a little bit over four,cubic feet of extra space in that front,trunk the one thing that may disappoint,some subaru owners is that under the,floor of the cargo area we dont find a,spare tire its not available in the sol,terra at all instead under here we have,a little bit of extra storage space you,can lower the load floor by about two,and a half inches then we have room to,put the level one evsc that does come,with the soltera now speaking of,charging that happens right behind door,number

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