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STILL GREAT! 2022 Subaru WRX Review

[Music],im your im jacob from,drive,[Applause],oh,2022 subaru wrx sport tech without,launch control manual,all right,violent launch there,horsepower and torque 271 horsepower 258,pound-feet of torque from a 2.4 liter,turbo four-cylinder boxer engine so the,wrx is all new we have disgusting looks,which yuri actually kind of likes i,think this thing looks awesome because,its like a safari off-roady car now it,definitely is a rally car subaru is,telling us its a rally car all the,literature says its a rally car we,drove through some gravel so we are,rally drivers we are 100 rally drivers,this is a rally car we did off-road it,and i mean to be honest it worked really,well off-road its a solid take it picks,bumps really well,i understand the cladding thing yeah i,really dont but at the same time while,im rallying or at least in my head,while im rallying it makes sense,because then you can replace those,panels like you dont have to repaint,anything and it still looks like all the,new subarus or whatever there is no more,sti coming up so that render i made of,what the sti will look like is useless,now theres apparently one coming thats,going to be electric later and who knows,if its going to be on the same shape i,doubt it and they come in manual and cvt,but the cvt is now switched to whats it,called spt subaru performance,transmission and they had to call it,that because the cvt name has been uh,dragged through the mud for years by,journalists those damn journalists,thanks a lot nissan,but we did launch it and if you do a,break boost on the automatic one itll,just hold gear sing the song of its,people and probably get a much faster,zero to 60. yeah thats cool im okay,with that it was actually surprisingly,good to drive we did drive them back to,back and it shifts really quick for a,automatic cvt thing but you cant like,trip the tires or anything cool when you,do anything off like even on gravel,exactly you got to use this six-speed,manual yuri how is this six-speed manual,to shift,solid good normal subaru stuff no,complaints maybe like the heel toe isnt,like as nice as i want like not enough,room for the air but you still get it,all done and then you can turn off,traction you can go into track mode and,then you can downshift this thing and it,sounds pretty good okay cliche corner,everything off,and its really fun but that red line he,gets to you way quicker than you think,it would at six thousand and theres,like no warning or anything to know yeah,there you hit it,yeah and then up the bump,thats good very nice its a good mix of,being able to off-road and on-road in a,fun way yeah the suspension has been set,up really well its on the stiffer side,but its not too stiff and you can still,kind of get a little bit of that softer,damping off-road whatever they did is,really really good because its,sport-tuned as they say now i do want to,talk about those revs as you just said,the redline starts and ends at 6. so,like theres no before red line in this,car yeah,and then the way that they set it up,its on a horizontal plane so 0 and 6,are on the same level so when youre at,three youre halfway at the top whereas,like in a 911 gt3 youre at 6000 there,shift lights would be nice i agree then,back to looks because that is the,controversial thing about this i think,obviously the last gen looks better,right for sure it does but whatever this,is the new gen uh the tail lights look,pretty awesome in this uh they do but,they also kind of look like theyre,broken glass which is like a luxury,thing like the e-class had but they do,it in a slightly better way but yes same,idea oh mercedes does it in a better way,better way,its different yeah whatever its the,same idea well i mean you can go to the,dollar store or you can go to dollar,general theres a big difference they,still look good,then we got double dual exhaust yes we,do and it sound like from the outside,lets take a listen,and lets talk about the front end but,before we do every subaru generation has,a name like blob eye bug hawkeye,this one probably has a forum name on,nasiak or whatever turn our superb club,let us know if it does share this video,in a forum as well,but i think im gonna name this one,plastic face plastic face plastic face,not an eye name just plastic face im,all right with that okay so then this,material is supposed to be like dimpled,or something like a golf ball for more,aerodynamics so thats kind of what i,got,yeah thats what marketing says,apparently marketing cool cool cool side,view the body lines are pretty good like,nice and light kind of strong looking,yeah and then we got that plastic,lighting which kind of gives it that,okay so i think this should have been,painted and then they should have made,this as it looks as a wilderness trim,hey theres theres still time subaru,theyre probably actually saving a,wilderness trim with even more plastic,cladding yeah yeah im down with that,and raised ride height yeah yeah thatd,be cool man that would be its its a,crosstalk at that point porsche just,released some like crazy safari thing,thats still a rumor but its basically,gonna happen 100,the hood scoop is much bigger and thats,one of the biggest things that i noticed,from the front end as well and then to,finish off looks wise darker color or,brighter color i think in the reds the,oranges it looks really nice in like the,darker colors kind of like i dont,really care i think it looks better in,the darker colors because it hides the,disgusting plastic cladding all right,thats thats everything about the looks,of the wrx were kind of all right with,it except the wheels now i do like these,wheels but i think they should have,because theyre going with the whole,rally thing i think they should have,gone with like 15s or 16s and like give,it like the full rally kind of treatment,and what would be the continental,recommended tire for the new plastic,face wrx the extreme contact sport or if,youre going off-road,terrain contact at yeah are you ready to,rally this do you want to launch it on,gravel or on the tarmac or in the wet,im gonna surprise everyone with the,next shot,all right audience do you think were on,gravel or pavement,[Music],[Laughter],and then i pinged it off the limiter and,didnt notice,uh yeah so rallying launching is super,fun im,definitely turning the wheel more than i,need to turn it but im having fun out,here that seemed like a nicer launch,than on a dry surface oh yeah tons of,fun out here in this uh gravel but i,dont want to get a rock stuck in the uh,rotors so im gonna take it easy and,maybe head back onto the road thats,nice whoa that there we go here we go,im gonna jump,whoa,super soft out here this is great a,maybach oh yeah my box might as well,its got road preview its uh sensing,the the bumps on the road rally preview,downshift send and onto the road,and thats the thing you buy subaru wrx,to do that and then the gti guys like,man that looks like a lot of fun i cant,do that im in a front-wheel drive gti,jacob what did you think of the steering,feel uh what feel there was none like,theres theres nothing in this its,like its like light and floaty like,this is actually insane look at this,hopefully the camera will pick this up,but this is the lightest steering this,is like my box steering in a bad way but,we never got to talk to any engineers,about this car im sure,they had some reason for it maybe i,dont know uh i dont like the steering,i dont know what the tires are doing i,have no idea you can get by but it feels,like they gave it like crosstrek,steering but i like i like the whole,feel and everything going through cliche,corner like i really enjoyed it and then,what if you didnt want to drive with,like at all you just wanted the cruise,control can you do it in this uh well,you can cruise control uh you cant,adaptive cruise control you cant uh,lane keep with eyesight but in the cvt,which costs more because of all that,stuff you can yes so if you want all the,safety stuff you actually h

2022 Subaru WRX Review // Class Of One

james come check this out,whats up,yo i i played around with photoshop and,i think i fixed all of the issues that,everybody has with the new wrx,yeah thats just the old wrx,[Music],youre watching throttle box im thomas,and im james,and this,is the new wrx,[Music],from mean eye to bug eye to blob eye to,hawkeye to stink eye to evo eye,we now have this the fifth generation,wrx which well call i dont know sharp,eye,its a continuation of a rally bread,icon now sitting on the same platform as,subaru crossovers it has a classic subi,all-wheel drive system a subaru boxer,engine now enhanced and as spec today in,the limited trim a six-speed manual,transmission,this side of 40 grand theres nothing,quite like it but is it actually good,and is it really that different to last,gen,lets find out,if youre new to farmhouse,we do car reviews,track tests and quite a lot of messing,around,so subscribe and hit the bell,[Music],all right in the new wrx with an,astonishing 2.4 liter engine this time,we have more displacement so even though,we only gained a poultry extra 3,horsepower,theres more grunt down low and because,the engine is less stressed,its probably got some more longevity,which is good news for the tuners among,you,now the rest theres some similar stuff,going on here from last generation we,are in the six-speed manual right now,there is a cvt option but i highly,recommend the manual this manual shifter,feels like every subaru manual shifter,ive ever driven minus the sti and the,short shifting kit in the previous ryu,whatever it was this has long throws,its purposeful you can be kind of,aggressive with it its a bit goopy its,a bit goopy but you can be aggressive,with it which matches the personality of,the car the clutch is light its easy to,live with,but more importantly one of the biggest,issues when the last generation wrx came,out was rev hang when you wanted to,change gear the needle hadnt dropped,the revs were still holding high and it,punished you for actually enjoying a,manual gearbox which ruins the point,they fixed it a bit towards the end of,that generation but i can say now with,absolute confidence,whatever rev hang there is its minimal,its not impeding on my ability to enjoy,it which is great news because the other,thing i can enjoy is absolutely throwing,this thing around the canyons i didnt,expect a wrx to be able to manage,canyons like this that is not helped,unfortunately by the steering feel,because its next to there is next to no,feel its pretty dead its light it,barely waits up in the corners thank god,for that track focus new suspension and,stiffened chassis because i still have a,lot of confidence throwing this around,but the last,cherry on top would have been if the,steering was good,and its lost that a bit this generation,but as far as power,271 horsepower there isnt much that,competes with it maybe the rear wheel,drive americans,and yeah okay something like a civic si,or a golf gti or an elantra n,will feel sharper around these canyons,but those cars are screwdrivers you know,levels,this is the full,wrench kit,okay,whats happened there is no ones ever,around to help me at home depot so,i dont know much about tools,[Music],james is right,coincidentally he knows nothing about,tools ill talk to him but the point is,is that the wrx has something that the,civic si the elantra and the gti dont,because for those cars the end of the,road is literally the end of the road,but for a wrx,thats only half the story,this car,is at home on a surface,like this,and those might be more refined than,this one and i know they tried to,improve the refinement this generation,and if im being honest the rides kind,of still crappy on the highway and its,still very loud its not refined and it,jostles over bumps but this is a wrx you,want it to be a a rough tough,fire fighting machete wielding,lumberjack,you dont want refinement a refined,lumberjack is,just a barista,but out here i feel like ive got a lot,of suspension travel its taking these,big hits quite well its a washboard,back road a wrangler just went past me,and you wanna know the only other cars,ive seen on this road other than,wranglers,subarus,if i see a golf tti ill take it all,back but until then,were in subaru country,okay all right yes that looks quite,clean considering you just rallied it,yeah i had the track wrap on it you just,peel it off and its good also,california dust doesnt stick to,anything it just blows away not like,road salt in canada,on there but yeah i would i dont know,me that swirls in the paint,its got some swirls,its got some orange peel as well going,on but then soda 200 000 mercedes,diseases now so thats true this price,point cant complain,what you can complain about though yeah,i know its called i was gonna point out,the hood school because thats the one,thing we dont complain about because,its cool it is cool its wrx it has to,have a hood scoop and but uh yeah when,we posted this on instagram when it was,first announced,everyone was a bit like oh,stinky stinky uh for a few reasons and,interestingly because i wasnt a big fan,of it either yeah um but,looking at it because theyre cladding,right the cladding making were going,right to the cladding were going right,to it the outback the the cross subaru,crosstrek wrx you said it right there in,the words those are the ones that should,have some oh i got some plastic cladding,im outdoorsy and off-roady it doesnt,need all i want is just fender flares i,want more fender flare and less plastic,yeah but look youve got this cool,aero bit and stuff thats probably doing,some stuff i know the cladding i dont,mind as much as on the back this same,material was used and it looks like a,big black diaper it looks like thats,good i saw it sorry this isnt i didnt,say this someone online said it looks,like a big diaper and now i cant i,cant get rid of that and the tail,lights are in the wrong spot and theyre,in a weird shape and i though the,headlights are super cool the front end,is good but the tail lights are just not,i dont like the rear end at all the,previous one was significantly better,looking but but still yeah we threw some,shade at that yeah,which was mean,but maybe just,okay well one last thing though before,we complain about the stuff on the,inside yeah we complain a lot but this,is just some dumb decisions and we got,to talk about them,why doesnt it have a hatchback why,dont i have a hatchback all-wheel drive,turbocharged car why cant i get that i,want it yeah because the impreza gets it,imprisoned gets a hatchback why cant,this have a like,i miss the hawkeye generation thats,because at subaru theyre making some,weird decisions and that is,i would love the hatchback as well i,really would yeah if they imagine if,they came out with an sti hatch everyone,would go mad for it yeah,tens of thousands would say i won it and,five would buy it and thats all we,would need thats right yeah,theres dozens of us and the rest of the,rest would buy well this is affordable,and its got a manual and and they,punish you ruthlessly forgetting the,manual well get the manual because on,the inside yes lets go theres some,weird decisions yeah,okay all right lets just get it out of,the way okay because this is the limited,trim as thomas said we get punished for,having the manual because you cannot get,the gt trim,which gives you,so much stuff adapted adaptive,suspensions,drive modes so you can put your car into,comfort or sport,um recaro seats yeah,all the driver assists,and you know thats not to say that,the cbt,yeah its not as good no its not as,good its slow its slow and and,and like why why wouldnt they just make,it available i would like a manual with,recaros place yeah i would like a,manual with adaptive suspension because,that would fix some of the problems we,had with the ride yeah right like maybe,maybe maybe,its true we dont know we cant say but,but like it is a weird choice right i,mean at least we get this massive ipad,screen which has been fine i

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2022 Subaru WRX | Family Review

[Music],were driving a 2022 Subaru WRX coming,up were going to tell you how the WRX,can help improve your relationship with,your family but first information,explosion,[Music],I promise were going to get sporty in,just a little bit but lets begin with,interior,foreign,style thoughts its pretty sporty it is,pretty sporty yeah you got this red,stitching here on the seats and also,elsewhere throughout the interior but,even on the base trim you still get that,red stitching although you have less,premium materials weve got the ultra,suede here it is so soft and it looks so,nice and I am so curious how it would,hold up to repeated um takeout Taco,nights Jenna what do you think about the,interior of the car,well okay,that is amazing we found the one car,that my kiddo doesnt mind its new car,smell in terms of practicality its,actually pretty basic in here we got a,little pocket here here and there and a,few little places to put some,knickknacks um small center console,storage I do really appreciate the,storage right below the plugs because it,doesnt interfere with your shifting,another thing I really like about the,interior is that this matte plastic when,you touch it your fingerprints dont,appear the way they do on shiny black,plastic what do you think about this,trim right here,um does it make the car go faster,because it looks like carbon fiber sure,sure thats why were going fast like,this because theres something that,looks like carbon fiber what is it,moving to the back seat one minor,complaint no rear seat Vents and we love,our daughter and we like her to be cool,and comfortable on a warm day like today,but my knee room is quite excellent for,an average sized guy Headroom is a,little bit tight I can sit back there,Im five foot ten with a long torso,before you ask but I wouldnt mind a,little more Headroom but I can make it,work but if youre tall the rear seats,might be a bit of a challenge especially,that Center seat your feet dont fly,flat on the floor its a little bit,narrow back there yeah you get that big,Center hump thats more emergency use if,you have a small child that you need to,bring along for cargo space you have,12.5 cubic feet of space which is pretty,cozy one thing I noticed is that when,you open the hatch it doesnt want to,come up quite enough or if you do kind,of help it up it bounces off the top,this is a real nitpicky thing but I kind,of wish it would just sort of like stop,in a more dignified way just feels a,little bouncy oh and I also wish that,there were seat releases for the rear,seat backs in the cargo area rather than,having to come around to the side of the,vehicle to release them but you do get,that 60 40 split fold function so if you,need more space for carrying larger,items the WRX can accommodate,there are latch Flaps in this vehicle,theyre kind of long and floppy and,because of that sloped roof line it does,take a little bit of angling to get the,car seat in despite the sloping roof,line I do like the fact that the doors,and the rear open very wide kid what do,you think is it easy to get in and out,of this car yeah,very easy for a small child moving on to,safety the WRX which is all new for the,2022 model year has not been rated by,the national highway Transportation,safety administration or the iihs it,does have seven airbags but something,strange you cannot get the eyesight,Suite of active driver assists on wrxs,equipped with the manual transmission,huh I guess they think youre not,interested I hope thats not what they,think because I actually am quite,interested in having active safety in a,vehicle with a manual transmission other,manufacturers make those kinds of um,driver assist features available with,manual transmission so Im not sure why,as Subaru finds it so difficult if you,do buy a car with the um continuously,variable transmission that they offer,then you get Lane keeping assist,automatic emergency braking and to me,those are kind of Essentials in the,modern era I think for a small family,you could make this work and it could be,small family friendly however with these,small trunk space and The Limited,availability of the safety features I,dont think we can give it the badge,rear window test,all the way down,driving my comfortable eight and four,neither of my elbows touch the armrest,especially inboard the armrest here is,very far back I almost cant touch it if,my and is anywhere near the steering,wheel Im gonna go 20 on the inboard the,outboard by the way pretty soft and if,Im willing to take my hand off the,steering wheel I can use it Ill go 60,there hey have you subscribed to our,Channel if you havent please do because,then youll get to see more of these,kinds of videos if this is the kind of,thing you want to see in your feed,style pardon the brief Interruption but,let me thank the sponsor for todays,video Flying Eyes sunglasses their,sunglasses are not like normal,sunglasses theyre made out of a,material called rezilamide which is,incredibly durable you can bend it like,that and that lets it do things that,other sunglasses cant do like fit very,very comfortably underneath a headset or,a helmet it also weighs very little,which is why Eddie with her ophthalmic,line and her prescription in that loves,wearing them all day long this is true,these are the most comfortable frames,Ive ever owned they also come with,these removable magnetic tinted lenses,that you can pop on and make them into,sunglasses or take them off if youre,just hanging out at home with your cat,are you and your cat ready to upgrade to,Aviation grade eyewear if so click the,link in the description below use the,promo code Mica for 10 off Flying Eyes,style thoughts I like the black body,cladding what what shocking hot take,everybody its a hot take sweetie likes,the body cladding is sweetie crazy for,liking the body cladding if yes if no,tell us in the comment section proceed,with your comment,well now I dont want to oh I want to,hear it you got youre committed now one,thing I like about the body cladding,which I do like is the dimensionality of,it on some Vehicles its just kind of,flat slapped on there like in the front,theres that honeycomb look to it on the,sides it protrudes a little bit it helps,finish the shape that the doors are,already making yeah and in the back if,you are a skateboard you can do like a,50 50 grind on the rear a body flooding,theres a lot on the Reel I will say,that in pictures I thought my goodness,what are they doing and in person I,havent even really thought about it,interesting it just goes to show your,perception of a vehicle really changes,when you see it in person versus,pictures or even on video even amazing,videos made by amazing people,oh we should watch some of those oh if,youre curious this particular Subaru,WRX is suaved in WR blue pearl paint and,I think it looks quite nice and,something I really love about Subaru is,theyve got a whole wide selection of,paint colors and none of them cost extra,thank you Subaru I cant believe neither,of us has mentioned the intake yet well,youre about to hear about it its a,functional intake thats all I got,what do you guys think do you like the,look of the Subaru WRX if yes if no tell,us in the comment section and if youre,curious what were doing between YouTube,videos you can give us a follow over on,Instagram in motion,I work in the city I live in the,mountains can I tell you why that is,such a blessing because you get to come,home to us that and uh when I picked up,the Subaru WRX at my uh office job,um I started driving the thing and I,thought my goodness this thing rides,very firm feels like its rioting on,aftermarket Springs I feel like Im,bouncing a lot the steering ratio feels,almost too Swift and then on the way,home I got to the mountains once I hit,those curves everything made much more,sense,Speedy response incredible grip it feels,so confident cornering and what I,realized is that your experience of the,vehicle is very dependent on the context,in which youre

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Subaru WRX 2022 Malaysia

Hai guys kita nak review kereta baru,hari ini baru sampai di bumi Malaysia,ini ialah family k tapi dialah Spot,sedan,kita tengok Siapa yang tahu kita nih,Bagi tahu nama,[Musik],depan boleh nampak Saya sudah buka lampu,dia lampu dia jalan LED ya di area phone,LED lampu besar pun LED,ini dia Subaru double RX 2022 baru,sampai di Malaysia,kereta yang,dinamakan seni pekalah Oke saya bagi SP,engine 275,375,kegiatan ini memang sangat sangat,berkuasa so kalau dekat lampu merah,memang cantik nih,so ini rupa belakang dia memang sangat,sporty dan dia macam dia ada cladding,dengan cleading dia yang wanita nih,nampak begitu macho sekali so boleh,masuk hutan,belakang ini pun dia punya plastik,walaupun,apa nih panjang dia punya,Bonek di belakang syuting memang lain,daripada yang lain melengkung ke dalam,saya bagi tengok daripada atas,minimal lain,ini dia,profile,18 ini,500 600i,punya finishing,Walaupun dia menggunakan plastik warna,hitam tapi plastik ini,daripada plastik-plastik yang biasa,kalau daripada gambar ataupun daripada,video mungkin anda rasa Dia punya,trading nampak ada,tengok dengan mata ini memang cantik,memang cantik lampu belakang semuanya,LED,kita masuk ke dalam kita tengok apa yang,ada di dalam,kita buka lampu sekarang dia bising Oke,di tepi,ini ialah soft view ini kulit dan kulit,kulit,ada highlight Chrome setiap tingkat,semuanya ialah auto ya,tapi plastik yang keluar tadi dia akan,keluar,masih menu Inilah kita rally driver,cantik dia punya desain memang cantik,melingkung ke dalam,saya,[Musik],steering,gila,untuk adjustment,tak tahu oke saya juga,lagi,sejak Saya tunjukkan dia punya kopi dulu,ada,warna Gun Meta Grey,[Musik],[Musik],280 nah tapi kalau on people dia punya,249 nih 249,lebih sedap,memandang daripada kalau dibuat,macam rasa seolah-olah ada kulit,macam,plastik tapi nampak Memang sangat-sangat,sportilla so ini memang cantik saya suka,ini desain mana ini desain masjid,dan ada Yesi buka boot dan lampu nah,buka engine,dan bagian tengah pula Macam Tesla besar,sekali dan,Oh maaf inilah,boleh pergi ke FM,[Musik],dekat bawah ada USB fast charging to,pointment dengan satu paus Oke boleh,retak bagang,iniin bagian bawah nih ada kulitlah,kulit,masih bagus ini pun kulit bagian plastik,boleh ditangkap,dan di bagian ini beli nampak dia punya,alamat saya jatuh dia punya yang ini,yang warna,merah kulit plastik,quality plastik yang plastik sangat tapi,di quality view warna,lampu putih tapi tidak hitam,warna hitam,Oke dia punya cermin gila cermin yang,konvensional tak ada 4 Segi tak ada,frameless ini ialah,sudah ke atas semuanya hak plastik tapi,dia punya desain boleh tahan juga boleh,tahan ya,semuanya tajam susahnya sporty lah boleh,rasa bagian atas nih gila kulit juga,ke atas yang kita tahu Honda City punya,kulit tapi kulit daerah selain,dia punya game yang sedap sedap oke,memang sudah,ke bawah,inilah Driving position saya dia main,just ke depan,kita tutup kan,ini rupa kunci,baru Lock Lock untuk yang atas unlock,kuncinya cantik cantik memang cantik oke,ke belakang,ini,buka,enak,Subaru saja yang lain,hanya Subaru saja yang ada,kita masuk ke dalam dia punya speaker,Green agak menarik,ini,Si Febri,kita tengok Apakah rasa,orang tua,Oke sitting position saya ke depan so,saya ada Bapak saya ada satu lah satu,genggaman dan kepala saya sampai saya 6,kaki lah ada dua jari dua jari duduk,agak selisih saya boleh duduk dalam,keadaan ini mungkin dalam satu jam,setengah jalan untuk satu jam setengah,boleh dia punya belakang boleh tahan,tapi bukan kerasa boleh tahan dia punya,Cushion,Kak bawa nih ada dua USB,USB fast charging 1 kekurangan tak,record,ini pemandangannya kopi Anda memang,cantik steering dia Saya suka,ada yang punya kemasan boleh tahan boleh,tahan eh dia punya finishing dan ada,bini tua bini muda,bini yang simpan,ada lampu satu ke sini lampu putih dia,punya kabel warna hitam juga,warna hitam,semua untuk sporty rasa sporty driver,pun ada Oh my God kita tengok ke,belakang yang ini lama,plastik tapi,itu saja untuk bagian belakang Subaru,udah beli RX kita,belakang memang cantik sporty tapi kalau,ukuran tak biasa,datang dengan simetrical oil Drive,jalan ada Camera,bukan besar pasangan dia punya opening,dia punya mulut tak besar sangat,pusing,28 inci mungkin,dari segi bangga-banggang boleh tahan,hanya di sini tak ada plastik untuk,tutup,semua Oke ini semua Oke apa yang ada,17 inci,agak-agak boleh tahan ya,mencukupi dan dia punya,insolasi ya,Dan inilah tempat untuk angin masuk laut,kemas,dia punya bagan-bagan semua direka,dengan begitu kompleks,dari nice ada dua hidroliknya,tekan link di description video Kak,bawah Lepas itu pergi ke website custom,di website custom anda kenal Anda harus,menjadi pendaftar yang pertama kali ya,dengan custom Jika Anda pernah daftar,dengan custom Sorry lah Anda tak layak,selepas tekan link di sana anda sudah,login di custom Anda boleh beli atau,jual kereta di custom mana-mana,kepada website kepada email kita yaitu,wawka [email protected],[Musik]

Subaru WRX Review: better than the BRZ? (FRS, GT86)? — Everyday Driver

for years the WRX has been a celebrated,choice for a great sports car right,about $30,000 but then the BRZ and its,sisters showed up and became the car of,the moment the instant icon compared to,well frankly every car I can possibly,think of well so now theres this,all-new WRX,which shares some technology with the,BRZ which means two of the best,affordable sports cars now share the,same badge the same price point and more,but heres the thing you bring up either,one and somebody is going to mention the,other one so the question is which one,and why,this is the brand-new 2015 WRX right up,front I should acknowledge I like the,WRX enough that I kind of own one I have,a 2005 Saab 92 X which is essentially a,no.5 WRX and a Saab suit so right away I,have to acknowledge Im a fan and you,know as Im driving on this canyon road,you wouldnt believe the number of peace,signs and thumbs up and just waves from,people everybody loves this car they,know what it is and they know what it,can do we drove the FRS and the BRZ,against each other at a track event and,weve driven the FRS against some,competition before so this is really a,new car for us to discuss,this car may not be the new story the,new kid but its still getting accolades,its still being discussed as one of the,best cars available theres a reason for,that jumping back into the BRZ reminds,me of why this car is so fantastic we,had to bring the BRZ along because of,the comparisons and you wouldnt believe,the direct seat to seat comparison feel,that we are noting hopping right out of,the BRZ into the WRX when the last WRX,ended the Subaru talked about the fact,they were going to take it away from the,Impreza and make it its own line its,going to be an all-new chassis and be,totally different they teased us with,that amazing looking concept car that,they said this is the new WRX then out,came this car which is like past,generations pretty much a tune in,present do you remember the concept car,wow that got everybody excited and I,thought it looked great and then they,promptly drove it through the ugly,carwash I dont know what happened but,this car is not pretty I almost prefer,the prior generation and thats not,saying much and of course youve heard,Subarus saying there will not be a hatch,version on this car and all you hear,about it is essentially rumors and,gnashing of teeth about whether or not,there will ever be a hatch version for,now we only have a sedan the front is,angry and aggressive but its actually,surprising how many very intricate,twisting complex little details are on,this car for a car that ultimately ends,up looking kind of bland the rear lights,on this car are so fussy ins because the,surface transitions and then we add the,light cut out its a very strange,amorphous shape its not pretty but if,youre a Subaru fan youre not going to,care what I do like about this car is,that its instantly recognizable,the styling on the BRZ well surprise it,looks like an FRS which means I feel,about the same about it I just dont,feel like either the BRZ or the FRS have,a front-end design Im in love with this,front bumper feels like a boxer wearing,a mouthpiece now Todd is gonna tell you,it looks like a mouth guard and he,doesnt really like that personally I,prefer the styling of the BRZ over the,FRS over the gt86 I like this car better,I love the front clip and the BRZ is,more sophisticated the owner has changed,out the rear taillights theyre slightly,upgraded and they look great on this car,and what I love seeing from the cockpit,here are just the subtle hint of those,front fender flares its just a reminder,about what youre driving on the inside,its an upgraded FRS I prefer the silver,accent on the dash over the carbon-fiber,looking one in the FRS this has a black,centre gauge instead of a white one but,the biggest difference is the automated,climate controllers and the Start button,this interior upgrade frankly is the,only way this car should come now there,are arguments out there that this,interior is just cheap that it rattles,that it doesnt feel good lets be,honest this is an inexpensive car all,things considered I think if you buy the,base based version youre going to,notice pretty fast,so maybe the extra money for the better,interior is worth it I forgot how low,this car is the instrument panel is so,tall in front of you when you love this,driving position,it says sports car in a way that the WRX,just cant on the prior generation WRX,both Todd and I wanted a little bit,simpler interior and Subaru has answered,this its still got that Subaru flavor,but its a simpler cleaner design and it,works it has a little bit of utilitarian,feel in it the visibility is like a,fishbowl its great everything is really,easy to reach youre very upright,everything is usable its just not very,exciting youre gonna be really busy,when youre driving this car and youre,not going to be paying attention much,the interior what is different about the,WRX is the seats and theyre great I,have no,plaints anymore for a car loaded up like,this one thats still just under 30,grand this is a really solid impressive,place to be back in the WRX after the,BRZ these cars feel shockingly different,I cant get over how upright and truck,like this seating position feels after,youve climbed out of the BRZ this is a,different engine than the prior,generation its a 2 liter as a matter of,fact the heart of the BRZ beats inside,of the WRX but here its turbocharged in,fact its exactly the way Subaru puts it,in their current Forester now when I,first jumped in the car I admit that I,went looking for boost and the WRX,served up a giant scoop of turbo and,really surprised older WRX that turbo,didnt really get going full force till,3500 4000 rpms here youre feeling,pretty solid turbo boost as low as 2500,you launch this car right into power,and in every gear this car is just quick,there is no doubt about it this car is,fast again you cannot look at numbers,and think mmm this car just has a few,more horsepower than the last one and it,must be slightly faster,I found myself knifing through traffic,at speeds that I shouldnt have been,driving just because I could this new,engine has a torque curve like a plateau,you just kind of become shift lazy in a,way you normally would in like a big v8,muscle car whatever RPM youre at the,car has power just put your foot in it,this has a surge an urgency the BRZ just,cannot muster,what if the BRZ had the turbo out of the,WRX dear Santa dear Subaru,why couldnt you put the turbo on this,car because this car is so light in most,situations you feel like you have just,about enough power its very easy to,launch its simple to drive in traffic,so you end up driving on the freeway a,little bit differently and sometimes a,little defensively,theres no offensive power at a,stoplight drag or a straight run theres,no question the WRX will leave this BRZ,then were finishing our shoot Im,driving home on the freeway and I was,not happy this is not a comfortable car,to do a road trip in Im sure people do,it but I certainly didnt want to be in,this car its just loud and on,straightaways frankly its kind of,boring,now you have to ask yourself the kind of,driving you most enjoy or lets be,honest youre most likely to do if,youre the kind of driver that likes to,sniper through your commute just shoot,your way through tiny holes in traffic,this is the car for you come in here you,can feel a little more anger theres,some induction noise and whistle some,personality to this engine there isnt,any in the BRZ terracotta these things,fast okay I lied there was one other,thing that I dont like about this car,and that is the shifter now its got six,gears which I love thats great but,every time I shift I feel like Im,fighting a garden gnome on the other end,of the lever that doesnt want me to,choose that gear Im not saying it cant,be done and again thats not something,that should prevent you from buying the,car put it aint smooth the 6-speed in,the WRX is

2022 Subaru WRX | Review, Dyno, Reality Check

[Music],do,[Music],[Applause],inside the 2022 subaru wrx if youve,ever gotten into a modern subaru youre,going to feel right at home with this,thing from the plastics to the dash,design to the interior electronics feels,like a corporate modern subaru and,honestly thats not a bad thing at least,when it comes to the dash layout because,of how low it is theres a ton of,interior glass which means you have,minimal blind spots this car is grown,versus the vehicle replaces which means,the interior space is bigger and you,have an even more usable trunk the rear,seats fold down and you can fit like a,mountain bike back there the back seats,are also pretty comfortable despite,losing a little bit of headroom a,full-size adult should fit back there,with no issues the front seats are,totally redesigned the tracks have more,movement in them so they can go further,back or forward and the seat design is,entirely new theyve changed the,internal seat construction and you have,three different seat options you have a,all cloth or a alcantara on cloth,version and you have the recaro seat,which ive never been in and i have no,idea what that things like when it,comes to the seating position you sit up,pretty high in this car honestly you,cant get it that low and the seats,themselves lack adjustable lumbar,support when it comes to the rest of the,ergonomics of this cabin its mostly,good the pedal box is easy to heel toe,the steering wheel doesnt feel like a,total turd and the shifter falls right,to hand not to mention the fact that you,have a,physical e-brake which is wonderful,really the only con when it comes to the,interior ergonomics is kind of a weird,complaint but its the armrests the,center armrest feels like a total piece,of crap its really hard and if you are,a shorter driver you cant use it anyway,because its so far back and if you are,a taller driver the door armrest and the,center console armrests are not at the,same height which is really frustrating,from an ocd perspective now when it,comes to the interior electronics thats,the other big controversy of this car,other than the way it looks of course,they have now gone to the corporate,giant tablet for all trims higher than a,premium so the premium,limited and gt all get this giant center,tablet the base model and again ive not,used the base model screen comes with a,dual screen,the tablet at least for the most part,works pretty well its far better than,something like the,vw infotainment system you still have,physical controls for things like volume,and the basic hvac controls but the fan,speed and heated seat controls are built,in the infotainment system the screen,quality is,average at best but it reacts pretty,quickly and unlike other generations of,this technology it does not seem to be,as affected by cold weather apple,carplay also works pretty well,when it comes to the audio system i know,nobody cares in a wrx but in short its,not great its definitely not going to,win any awards if you compare it to the,standard bose in a mazda 3 or civic si,this leaves a lot to be desired but with,all that said i think its time for us,to head into the shop and put this thing,up on the lift,so mark were underneath the 2022 wrx,and before we talk about anything else i,think its time for us to talk about the,elephant man in the room the styling oh,yeah thats right the styling so i told,our subaru reps im like look were not,going to focus too much on this because,it doesnt matter if this car was,perfect people are still going to talk,about 90 of the comments are about how,hideous this thing is ive never been a,subaru like fnatic ive never owned a,wrx but i know where people are coming,from when you make changes,this is the thing,the wrx has never been the most,beautiful car traditionally beautiful,car it has always been quirky awkward,styling they go from bulbous and then,they go back to like conservative and,people complain about that and then they,go back to aggressive and now theyre,kind of following that suv cuv trend,where its a little bit more rugged and,im just going to leave it at that this,is not a car that youre going to look,back at and be like oh my god its just,this beautiful car and it was never,designed to be that way from the get-go,its never been a traditionally pretty,car,however youre gonna tell me a little,bit why they have some of this unpainted,material and the science or engineering,behind some of it so thankfully for this,loan subaru provided us with a lot of,technical support through their reps and,they gave me a couple reasons behind,this styling or a couple i guess excuses,the first thing is,most wrx owners according to their focus,groups always want their cards to be,more aggressive looking and well this is,what you get its more aggressive,looking so,here you go yeah you got what you asked,for the second thing is that every,single time they release one of these,cars people freak out every generation,is apparently more ugly or more boring,looking than the prior generation,vehicle they think youll get over it,and thats up to you to get over it or,not they think youll get over it based,on how it drives that was a big point,and the last thing is this is actually,functional all this unpainted black,plastic on the rear diffuser on the side,skirts and on the front of this car has,a hexagonal pattern on it which is more,aerodynamic it helps reduce wind,turbulence which in turn will make this,more aero stable at high speeds,particularly around the sides of this,vehicle,and translate less wind noise into the,cabin the other thing theyve done is,extended all the aero panels underneath,this car which again reduces nvh its a,quieter car because of it and,theoretically at least its more,aerostable at high speeds and they do,that in multiple ways underneath as well,the hexagonal shape is only here really,in a small portion of it but there are,different lips and different contours of,these plastic trays that help smooth out,airflow direct airflow over the,elongated panels and its one of the,smoothest air flows exiting the back of,the car which again increases stability,aerodynamically and you could make this,huge argument on an enthusiast car like,this at this price point were not,talking about a race car here so they,have chosen this over some of the,appearance part and i think the,appearance part is more important to,most of these people in the demographic,but,time will tell jack so the other thing,to talk about is all of the improvements,to the suspension architecture and,really the platform itself so this is on,the most recent version of subarus,global platform which means it has a,bunch of manufacturing improvements more,high strength steel the welding process,has changed and more adhesives which,means this car is more,rigid which should increase the handling,performance of this car and it is much,quieter plus it is safer and they,changed something in their manufacturing,process mark yes they did and this is,learned from other models in their,lineup like forrester etc so as they,make improvements they figure out oh how,can we do things better and easier while,adding more welds more adhesive so like,in the impreza theyre seven meters of,structural adhesive now theres 26 in,this car the other part is welding,processes theyre able to get more,robots in during the body and white,welding process before they attach hang,on panels or welded panels onto the back,youre going to see some of these videos,but again its about that improvement,and all of that equates to what so this,car is bigger than it used to be but,despite being bigger and more rigid and,having more nvh material it has not,gained much more weight and in some,triple trim levels its lighter than the,prior generation vehicle now lets talk,about the suspension so in the front,mark they went to a different steering,system its a dual pinion steering rack,so theyve moved the motor off the where,the torque sensor is,so the motor is now moved to the side of,t

The 2020 Subaru WRX is a Modern Day Classic

[Music],Ill take on the area motor drive,[Music],2020 Subaru WRX sport Tech RS with a,manual transmission horsepower torque,definitely pretty sloppy 268 horsepower,258 pound-feet of torque from a 2 liter,4-cylinder turbo boxer engine yeah right,on whoa ok so lets get into the,sloppiness because we experience this in,every supe room except for the beer Zs,yeah because thats not all wheel drive,and I think its tied in with the,all-wheel-drive system because this one,is definitely all-wheel-drive pretty,much you cant beat it up like a,rear-wheel drive car thats right,so its got something to do with the,overall drive line and its really hard,to drive smoothly especially from first,gear all right lets try it again,be smooth be smooth no launching heres,first gear normal,and theres that little like shock and I,was trying to be smooth right so what,happens is the revs dont match exactly,how they should be so you have to be,absolutely perfect like on the button to,drive this car smoothly and even when,youre in first if you fool or it like,say its wet itll go I like yeah you,got to be really careful with this and I,owned a 2004 Subaru WRX and this feels,pretty much identical in terms of all,the driveline stuff which is actually so,nice because I think the further we go,into the future the more this car is,better yeah the fact that this still has,a manual transmission doesnt have any,drive mode nothing yeah its amazing,its just like hey heres cool card hope,you like it,so everyone complaining in the comments,saying that oh now they like old cars I,think what happens is once a car gets so,old to a certain point that every other,car advances so much that this feels,great when its at the midpoint thats,when it sucks and then we say man that,car really sucks compared to its rivals,thats thats why we like the GTR the,370z this the STI yeah so if we reviewed,this like half way into his product,cycle we would probably hate it yes,because wed be like why isnt it like a,Type R exactly because when the Type R,came out we didnt like the STI which,makes sense you guys get that yeah,hopefully that makes sense because it,makes sense to me all right punch it,alright downshift,and turbo lag so what else they,apparently solve for 2020 was Rev hang I,think its definitely better but they,didnt solve it a hundred percent,so what Rev hang means is when you let,off the gas between gears the revs just,kind of sit there for a bit and then you,need to wait a little bit for them to,drop so that you have a smooth shift yep,but then theres certain cars that have,like no Rev hang like that speedster we,drove yeah exactly so comparing it to a,Civic which is a little bit more,relatable a civic base model has a lot,of Rev hang a civic SI has a lot less,and that a tie bar almost has no revving,Im sorry I brought up the speedster but,that was just like you let out the,clutch is like dude I love that thing I,just I want to make it relatable to the,people like us so we do have a six-speed,transmission I like the way it shifts,its very nachi feels very old-school,and the fact that when you rest your,hand on it its moving it shows you how,mechanical it if you let off the gas I,swear it moves like an itch every time,it really does so it kind of moves with,the transmission so you can see all the,like mechanical stuff all the bushings,everything is doing its job and like you,feel the car which is pretty cool how,does it feel to cliche a corner well,lets find out Im gonna downshift into,second gear and really rip this thing ok,so theres definitely a lot of,understeer on turnin and if you floor it,through there also understeer but if you,floor it and let off then you have,liftoff oversteer which is actually,pretty fun yeah I feel like this car,wants to oversteer anytime youre not on,throttle yeah so this does body roll but,you can make it oversteer just not on,throttle like he said but this would,probably be ideal for loose surfaces,like snow and dirt it definitely would,be which we have an experience but I,have experienced in my 2004 WRX and it,was amazing so mechanically what else,did they update apparently they updated,the rear differential now I tried to,research what that actually meant but I,couldnt find anything that said what,the new differential was so I cant tell,you what it actually is but there is a,new differential thats it okay so its,new it is new its got a new part number,and what else does it have new it also,has Brembo brakes now which is very nice,it looks really nice with the red on the,blue yeah you only get them in the sport,tech RS and what was the last WRX we,drove we drove the Ryu Edition which was,basically a sport tech RS but one step,above a cool color and a little more,money yeah so you cant get those,anymore because I,limited-edition so lets talk about this,engine some more so Im gonna leave it,in third Im gonna be around 3,000 rpm,Im just gonna floor it turbo lag and go,and I think that flat spots been gone as,well,like you get full boost theyre like,four and a half thousand rpm yeah and it,does feel pretty good the lag is,actually fun as weve said in some,previous reviews yeah especially when,you like get into second gear sometimes,its just like right into the Busha okay,yeah and sometimes you even hear the,turbo spool the blow-off valve well its,not a blow-off valve its a bypass valve,but you still kind of hear a little bit,of turbo spool but overall its not like,one of the loudest best sounding cars,stock no.1 because its a twin scroll,turbo with equal length headers you,dont have that box Rumble however I can,hear a little bit of Buxar is really so,its and suspension wise its a little,bit on the stiff side but in no way is,it uncomfortable yeah I think its as,stiff as youd want it for a daily,driver yeah so the velociter in in full,end mode is like way stiff today way way,stiffer but then a tie bar would feel,better than this,exactly type bar is a little bit more,expensive but an S I would also feel a,little bit better than this in terms of,suspension yes and those have active,dampers yes and since this is the top,trim of this its actually pretty,expensive which kind of sucks yeah but,its in the cool category now because,its so old its good thats true but,theres something thats even older an,even kind of cooler thats very close in,price to this all right well get to,that later we will all right so we got,carried away with all the horse powers,and torques lets get to the looks looks,cool it looks the same as its looked for,the last couple years,whats this color called this is called,world rally blue pearl we dont have,gold wheels yeah I know it sound like an,SG I only think I feel like it well done,Rexs had gold wheels no you couldnt,get them from the factory like that did,you up bad your WRX with gold the wheels,well thats not up badging I didnt,badge it as an STI yeah I did yeah Im,Joe I know I did get STI wheels for it,you have a spoiler on it no I thought,about it Bella I did have the STI hood,scoop okay so this is a blue one its,got a little spoiler it pretty much,looks exactly the same weve got a,little WRX badge on the fender and,because this is a classic Subaru now I,guess all the new Subarus that are,coming out dont have hood scoops so we,still have one here and I love it,what do you think of the wheels wheels,are pretty basic I feel like they should,have been one size bigger and what is,the Continental recommended tire for the,WRX the Viking contact seven and the,extreme contact sport and weve got,double dual exhaust with,some cool diffusers in the middle yeah,quad exhaust huh whatever you want to,call it double dual double dual it looks,pretty good its real which is nice in,2020 because technically the Corvette,has quad exhaust but its not a double,tool oh yeah I guess so yeah all right,fair enough I can make up terms its,overall or the look still good yeah I,mean it still looks good but I am,excited for this to get refreshed its,probably gonna be a plug-i

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