1. Why You Should Watch Succession
  2. Top 10 Reasons Why HBOs Succession is the Best Show on TV
  3. Unpacking Successions Most Dangerous Character
  4. Succession Season 3 – Toms Decision Explained
  5. How Succession Crafted the Best Episode of the Year
  6. Succession Deserves the Hype
  7. Review: Succession Season 3

Why You Should Watch Succession

funding for shaperless is provided by,squarespace the sponsor of todays video,from websites and online stores to,marketing tools and analytics,squarespace is the all-in-one platform,to build a beautiful online presence and,run your business hey gang today i want,to talk about,succession i know that seems like a,completely out of left field topic for,me to discuss on this channel but really,when has that ever stopped me before a,few months ago i was in the mood to,start a new show and euphoria and,succession were the two shows in my hbo,max watch list so i held a poll asking,you guys which one i should watch and,succession narrowly won and holy,thank god for that extra six percent,because i adore this show its already,secure to spot as one of my top 10,favorite tv shows of all time and i,wholeheartedly believe its the best,show on television right now i dont,think thats a bold statement,considering all the awards and acclaim,its gotten since it first started,airing in 2018 but even so it feels like,there should be more people talking,about it which is why im making this,video to get the word out also because,none of my friends have seen it yet so i,dont really have anyone to talk to,about it so thats why im talking to,you guys about it right now oh yeah i,wont do any major spoilers in this,video ill explain the basic premise and,the characters plus some of the settings,for episodes in later seasons but i,wont get into any of the juicy plot,points you do not want to get this show,spoiled for you trust me just like how,you should trust squarespace the sponsor,of todays video theyre never going to,get bought out by waystar royco because,waystar royco is a fictional company but,squarespace is real so lets hear some,real things about it now squarespace is,a fantastic intuitive online website,builder that allows you to create,beautiful websites for your business or,personal hobby present your work using,squarespaces professional portfolio,designs display projects in 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promote your business with,the rest of the world head to,squarespace.com for a free trial and,when youre ready to launch go to,squarespace.com shave furless to save 10,off your first purchase of a website or,domain in a nutshell succession is about,the roy family helmed by patriarch logan,roy whos basically a jeff bezos bill,gates-like media mogul who owns and,operates one of the largest and most,powerful companies in the world waystar,royco and the main crux of the show is,his children fighting over who will,succeed him and take over the company,when he retires or dies preferably when,he dies because hes a gigantic,as youd probably expect from someone,who holds this much power moving on to,his children you got kendall a,middle-aged blowhard tryhard who really,wants to be seen as hip which leads to,some of the most beautifully,cringe-worthy scenes ever filmed he,frequently goes back and forth between,kissing his fathers ass and trying to,take the company from him by force and,his constantly shifting motivations,often for the most tragic and messed up,of reasons really makes you feel for him,in spite of his obvious character flaws,im trying to be as vague as possible,for the sake of spoilers but theres one,season finale that messes him up so hard,that he just spends the entire next,season being depressed as all hell ive,never seen a character embody sheer,emptiness on screen better than kendall,in this one season and its such a,testament to jeremy strongs harrowing,performance as the character while the,cast across the board is uniformly,amazing its generally agreed that,strong is the mvp being able to,perfectly adapt to the undeserved highs,and unfortunate lows of this character,but hes just one of the three roy kids,vying for the top spot or was it four,nah im pretty sure theres only three,kids anyway yes so roman hes played by,kieran calkin brother of macaulay culkin,i just thought that was neat also hes,the guy who played wallace and scott,pilgrim so if that doesnt make you want,to watch this show i dont know what,will while kendall seems like the,obvious choice to take over the company,from a glance despite the fact that he,cant really live up to his fathers,business practices when you start to,look at him deeper roman is the exact,opposite on the surface he looks like a,complete slacker a class clown who,should never be considered for any job,let alone one as significant as the head,honcho of one of the most powerful,companies in the world but over time you,start to see that beneath his i dont,give a attitude hes actually just,as business savvy and morally bankrupt,as his father they show off how flippant,and immoral he is in the very first,episode when he makes a bet with this,random kid that if he gets a home run,hell give him a million dollars the kid,hits the ball but doesnt run around the,bases in time and then roams like oh no,saw wee oo wu mocking the kid as he rips,the checkup right in front of him yeah,romans a deeply up and disturbed,person on the other hand nowhere is it,more evident that hes a legitimate heir,to the throne than in season 3 episode 5,which by the way is one of the best,episodes in the whole show its such a,delicious show at one point the,literal president of the united states,is calling to talk to logan whos,preoccupied at the moment logans team,frantically debates which one of them is,the closest thing to logan and they,ultimately decide that roman is the best,one to talk to the president in logan,stead its one of quite a few very,significant moments for a character that,just appeared to be comic relief at the,very beginning you slowly start to see,him as a dark horse who could,potentially swoop in and take the,company at the end as long as he stops, around and getting in his own,way,the last roy sibling to talk about is,shiv and i dont know if this is a very,popular opinion or not but by the end of,the currently three seasons shiv ended,up being my favorite character in the,whole show not because shes more moral,than her brothers oh god no shes just,as up as them in a lot of ways,but i feel like her complexities as a,character are kind of slept on by a lot,of people and sarah snooks performance,in this show is easily one of the most,underrated shiv starts out as an,outsider to the company in fact shes a,political advisor for a senator that,really does not like logan shes the,only one of the roy siblings whos made,a successful career for herself outside,of daddys company and yet this isnt,enough for her she gradually gets sucked,into the promise of power within waystar,royko considering the top position at,the company to be her birthright despite,the fact that she hasnt worked there,very long at all she constantly asserts,how much she deserves this position she,didnt earn which majorly backfires for,her in a certain season 2 episode that,is also easily one of the best ones in,the whole show i was doing some exercise,walking while watching this episode on,my phone and what she said

Top 10 Reasons Why HBOs Succession is the Best Show on TV

is there any way we can get in on that,sweet Roy fortune welcome to,watchmojo.com,this list were taking a look at why,this golden globe-winning HBO series has,become televisions most addictive show,over its first two seasons hey Greg you,ready to step up they think benign,fungus great title for your memoir,number 10 it blurs the lines between,drama and comedy award shows and critics,have labeled succession a drama series,but its just as much a dark satire,about big business controversial,families and what the American Dream has,become each episode is riddled with,witty one-liners savage insults and a,whole lot of swearing what you three,years ago we were still in the nuthouse,rehab dad its called rehab like the,best comedies the humor is grounded in,the characters and their chemistry with,one another I just think we need to be,careful,well whats wrong you know wedgied up,because Reyes stood on your back and,worked your arms like an elliptical the,Roy family often talks with one another,as if theyre on stage at a Comedy,Central Roast with a never-ending supply,of creative jabs you the chief operating,officer yep I mean if that wasnt a sign,he was Loco in the Coco I dont know,what is each member of the family,possesses all the layers and,complexities youd find in a Shakespeare,villain but whether youre rooting for,or against them its a show thatll have,you laughing all the way to the bank I,really think it is burning my eyes but I,cannot look away,oh gee dude me the whole G playing like,a pro number nine the first-rate,production values peak TV has gotten to,a point where premium programs look more,cinematic than most movies succession is,no exception emerging as one of,television sleekest shows his name all,his names Lisa why does every his real,name is Lester yeah it was I guess I,havent thought about it for a while but,as kind of a joke like molester with,many series that are as dialog heavy as,this the production values are usually,an afterthought alongside the writing,its the direction cinematography and,editing that bring out much of the,shows personality the use of handheld,cameras and zoom shots give succession,and almost documentary like quality,listen you know I love what you do right,I mean Id love to keep you in your team,in place Lawrence I think voltar is this,is where this is this intern heightens,both the intensity and humor of the show,which is all the more evident when the,Roys fire off of one another and,somebody realizes theyve been owned hmm,I mean I was gonna mansplain it to you,but I think he did a very good job,number eight the behind the scenes,talent creator Jesse Armstrong who won a,Primetime Emmy for writing the season 1,finale knows how to strike the right,balance of black comedy and tragedy,Armstrong previously scored an Oscar,nomination for co-writing in the loop,which offered a similar mix of political,satire and insult humor your swearing,does not impress NEMA my husband works,for Tower Hamlets and believe me those,kids make you sound like Angela Lansbury,viewers can also notice a clear,influence from executive producer and,pilot director Adam McKay whose notable,credits include films like the big short,and Vice I can feel your recriminations,and your judgment and I am fine with it,between McKays visual eye and,Armstrongs dialogue succession is,exactly what one would expect a biting,exploration of both the most cunning and,the most incompetent people at the,pinnacle of power,sometimes I think you just need a good,old-fashioned dinosaur call and whos,the big t-rex in your sights,oh no I mean a dinosaur attitudes that,is values no I would never go after my,dad thats a sport others enjoy number,seven,Jeremy strong as Kendall ROI on,succession jeremy strong delivers a,breakthrough performance as Kendall Roy,who seems like a prime candidate to,inherit his fathers media empire this,is it this is the day we make it happen,- correct youre the man mr. Roy youre,the man whats tragic about Ken is that,we can see the potential for a smart,capable leader however when youre,living in the shadow of such a cold,domineering figure its easy to get lost,ken is constantly torn between pleasing,his father and being his own man which,drives him to take increasingly,desperate measures to do both he is,gambling our last dollars at the track,on a horse thats ready for the glue,factory and Im calling for a vote of,no-confidence in strong hits just the,right note as a man who wants nothing,more than to prove himself but often,collapses under the weight of his,insecurities addictions and ego,youre my boy my number one boy number,six it just keeps getting better the,first season of succession received,mostly positive reviews coming out of,the gate its tough to have to tell you,like this,but Im in a sexual relationship with,your mother she talks in her sleep,season two however has garnered,universal acclaim with many critics,awarding at near-perfect scores the,pilot is only a small taste of the,captivating character dynamics and,killer twists that are about to unfold,from there the series keeps building,tension with each episode finding new,ways to top the last no no no that was,not the answer we need something big,time for the blood sacrifice many have,labeled the season two finale as the,most intense unpredictable and,well-crafted hour yet can you handle it,well yeah yeah dad thats really,exciting,although an argument can be made for the,season one finale we wont dare give,away what happens in either but each,will leave you astonished and anxious,for more but the word is like the family,that the family line is that were not,going right oh good you know number five,the ensemble jeremy strong isnt the,only contender for this shows MVP Brian,Cox who plays Kendalls father Logan has,a temper that cant be matched which,further increases his appeal I thought,we had this also no I said I hope dont,interrupt me Kieran Culkin has earned a,couple of Golden Globe nominations for,his work as Roman Roy the youngest of,the Roy siblings who has no filter too,far hmm,sorry Oh thems the facts,theres also Sarah snook as Shiv Roy,whos usually the most calculating and,composed of our siblings frankly I want,whats best for me,but the other people the folks who want,you to get up there tomorrow and get,pulled apart they want whats best for,them,of course Shiv is at her best when shes,with boyfriend Tom who has a habit of,saying the worst thing at the exact,wrong time will you marry me what we,cant forget Allen rucks portrayal of,the oldest Roy sibling Connor whos,perhaps the most delusional of the bunch,I think I finally found a job I want to,do okay,president of the United States okay Wow,dont worry we didnt forget about,cousin Greg more on that later yeah,number four the fascinating family drama,I think Im the best option if youve,ever done business with family chances,are youll identify with at least one,member of the Roy clan in the corporate,world sides are going to be taken people,are gonna be thrown under the bus and,only the most ruthless come out on top,however when your colleagues are your,flesh and blood the pursuit of success,becomes all the more challenging,especially when you are viciously,competing with them to prove whos most,worthy of succeeding the man in charge I,was about to be announced I mean how can,I not be the logical choice because you,were about to be announced ken and then,you werent I mean the only thing we,know for certain like for absolute,certain tonight is that dad didnt want,you running the company however behind,all the lies backstabbing and harsh,words there is a strong sense of,camaraderie and love between them is,their thing where we like talk to each,other about stuff normally despite their,differences they all grew up under the,same stir and fathers thumb which,either unites or tears them apart this,whole family is a nest of vipers theyll,wrap themselves around you and theyll,suffocate you,pretty sure thats boa constrictors,numb

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Unpacking Successions Most Dangerous Character

your favorite succession character,probably says a lot about you Romans,your favorite character you probably,enjoy chaos Toms your favorite,character you probably live for dinner,parties Logans your favorite character,you probably like telling people to [ __ ],shes your favorite character oh for,[ __ ] sake dad just tell him its gonna,be me,I dont know what to tell you get a new,favorite character but its also hard to,choose because the show acts as a,confusing litmus test not because its a,complicated premise a filthy rich family,fight over their vast media Empire I,have you beat but because the characters,are so unlikable if I met any of these,people at a party Id bloody hate them,theyre obnoxious rude selfish,narcissists everythings an angle every,relationship is an opportunity for,leverage and while its impossible to,keep a straight face at Romans crude,comments and Conors complete lack of,awareness I think I finally found a job,I want to do okay what is it president,of the United States Im pretty,confident in saying I wouldnt have a,beer with any of the main characters but,its pretty hard not to like Greg this,is like OJ,I mean except if OJ never killed anyone,cousin gray Greg the egg sporis whatever,you want to call him Im actually going,by Gregory now Gregory is my favorite,character on my favorite TV show and I,want to tell you why,[Music],you see Greg isnt like the rest of them,hes a distant cousin who no one really,knows he works on a way Stars theme,parks and he doesnt have any money no,seriously Im not kidding Kens off,waging a war against Logan for billions,of dollars and Greg cant even afford a,taxi dude you guys need to work this out,for yourselves because basically one of,you guys hasnt got 14 okay and when we,first meet this tall bumbling doofus,with no corporate skills hes on a,simple mission to convince Logan to give,him his job back its simple but,effective writing as this means Greg,acts as our audience surrogate into the,world of ridiculous wealth the,implication is that hes just like us a,big relatable normal goofball a standard,by the helicopters and lavish parties,cleverly this also tricks us into,thinking hes the most moralistic of the,bunch someone to root for a trick that,pays off when he eventually decides to,sue Greenpeace I have some beef with,cream piece a long story but theyre bad,we later find out that hes actually set,to inherit 250 million dollars from his,uncle Ewan so this whole every man stick,loses its relatability but this makes,Greg even funnier to me someone whos,generationally wealthy but cant access,their money and they have to hang around,with people saying stuff like this look,heres the thing about being rich,okay its [ __ ] great that is funny,and makes Greg the token comic relief,character but not an annoying way hes,not overused and its not like Jesse,Armstrong makes him repeat the same joke,over and over again Ill admit that the,Tom and Greg Dynamic can get a little,bit grading by the end of season three,but theyre not throw away,one-dimensional dummies instead Gregs,appeal comes from the circumstances of,his meteoric rise and how he seems,completely different from the Roys,while also exhibiting a lot of their,cold-blooded traits well talk about his,Machiavelli inside soon but we cant,talk about Greg without talking about,youre trying to seduce me Tommy yes I,am yes I am Greg,while the siblings are busy backstabbing,one another Tom and Gregs on-again,off-again romance is one of the only,consistent alliances throughout the show,its definitely an uneasy Arrangement,founded on threats and blackmail would,it be bad for me to like mention those,to you now are you asking if you can,blackmail me but theyre both so,outwardly ridiculous that there never,seems to be any true malice there and,even when theyre on opposite sides of,the Logan Kendall War they still feel,like Kindred Spirits which stems from,the first episode when its clear that,they have more in common with each other,than the rest of the Roys theyre both,outsiders with Tom regularly complaining,to Greg that hes not part of Logans,Inner Circle he didnt come from,ridiculous wealth and so is Hell banned,on destroying anyone in his way to make,it to the top including shiv but he sees,a lot of himself in Greg so in a rare,moment of kindness decides to take him,under his wing when you uh figure all,this out come in and see me okay which,brings me to my favorite thing about,Greg his role as The bumbling Idiot has,ironically shrouded his emergence as one,of the shows biggest threats,while hes probably the only character,in the show who has an associate path,Greg has been pulling the strings from,the background since episode 2. after,ending up at the hospital when Logan has,a stroke he decides to use his time by,slightly dropping into conversation that,Logan gave him a new job and he offered,me a job,right which is already a bit dark,capitalizing on a dying mans inability,to dispute a lie but then he decides to,play Roman and shiv against one another,following his mums advice and I guess,you need to decide which one of them is,more important and this one conversation,seems to encapsulate the way in which,Greg manipulates those around him for,the rest of the show its a bit of a,stretch to say his Persona as a doofus,is an act nice to meet you likewise your,Excellency but hes clearly aware that,it disarms the Roys and so he uses it,to his advantage while they continue to,view him as a harmless idiot he uses,small pieces of information to go from,theme park worker to whatever the hell,he is now some upper mid management lot,the Lord of I dont know and its not,just seemingly harmless blackmailing of,close confidants Greg goes out of his,way to find people to leverage for,example in only three seasons he tells,Jerry about the cruise line Scandal but,lies to Tom when confronted about it,keep some of the cruise line documents,as an insurance policy later uses these,to Blackmail both Kendall and Tom rats,out his co-workers at ATN wears a wire,to entrap Tom pledges his allegiance to,Logan but switches sides and gives Ken,the cruise documents asks Tom to take,the fall swaps from Ken back to Logan,and as Greg slowly loses his soul his,appearance changes once a casual mess,hes now wearing a 40 Grand watch fancy,suits and combs his hair back like a,corporate Lackey from the outside he now,looks like a Roy which makes sense right,all of his backhanded deals are dripping,with self-preservation a defensive,maneuver the Roy is a world renowned for,and he seems committed to a life of ego,driven Uber wealth and in a lesser show,this could put a nail on the proverbial,coffin with any of Gregs previous,Purity eradicated by his Newfound status,towards the bottom of the top,the bottom of the top but succession,gives us hope because despite the,designer suits and his ever-growing list,of depravity Greg is still the same,awkward bumbling mess,[Music],and stay with me here because I dont,just mean oh hes so cute he stumbles,over his words he must be a nice guy I,think this actually means something as,Megan Garber stated in a brilliant,article from the athletic in the world,of succession eloquence is a sign of,complicity Greg a malapropism incarnate,is the exception that proves the rule in,simpler terms Greg is the only character,in the show who speaks with any,insecurity even when hes trying to be,formal or fit in he says stuff like this,if it is to be said so itd be so it is,and in a world of supreme eloquence and,self-confidence this signals to us that,no matter how embroiled he is in the,Roys world he is not fully capitulated,to it through Gregs imperfect language,comes hope strong well nice and strong,strong one,strong for a man and language carries,incredible weight on the show Logan lies,almost too easily long having rescinded,the morals that would trip him up,Kendall is a jukebox of abbreviated,corporatisms if I get taken out on other,[ __ ] I might need you to take my,cu

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Succession Season 3 – Toms Decision Explained

this video is sponsored by husk the new,free app extension that helps you to,remember what you learned on the,internet,i admire you man you know you youre,looking youre a long way from home,youve played your hand well and youre,sitting at the top table,this scene raised an important question,who exactly is tom womskans and what are,his long-term goals,[Music],with characters like cousin greg we get,to see his awkward introduction to the,family and how he manages to entrench,himself in the outer rim of the inner,circle but with tom we dont really know,where he came from or what hes capable,of we just know that hes here and like,every other character that orbits logan,roy thats no mistake whats interesting,about successions third season is that,its meant to be about kendalls public,betrayal of his father and how that,could potentially result in a hostile,takeover but in hindsight the third,season is actually about how tom,gradually decides to betray his own wife,lets examine how toms relationship,with three characters colours his,decision to make a play for the top the,first season ended with tom and shiv,getting married and on their wedding,night shiv asks for it to be an open,relationship the second season ends with,shiv throwing tom under the bus during,the boat scene and he finally builds the,courage to push back against her showing,contempt for how she forced him into an,open relationship and what should have,been their most committed moment the,trust in their relationship is fractured,and we begin to see how unhappy tom,truly is with their imbalanced power,dynamic i wonder if the sad id be,without you would be less than the sad i,get from being with you,so coming into season three we can see,them both attempt to rebuild that trust,after kendall makes a play and tosses,the board up in the air tom is a loyal,servant demonstrating his loyalty by,keeping shiv in the loop of every,conversation that goes on behind the,scenes between logan and the others but,notice how she doesnt return the favor,she lies keeping tom in the dark about,her secret meeting with kendall,something he has to hear about through,greg,at this moment we can see that shes not,being a team player in their marriage in,the same way he is then tom discovers,that hes likely going to jail for his,role in covering up the crimes of season,2 and he receives little to no sympathy,from shiv again she clearly prioritizes,herself and although she promised to,protect him her behavior consistently,says otherwise shes playing the game by,herself and it appears that tom is a,mere accessory to her goals,knowing he might be going to jail makes,tom insecure about his position in the,family and he wants to secure that by,having a baby with shiv but shes,standoffish about the idea as if she had,a child soon that would take her out of,the running as logans successor,so again the pattern continues tom isnt,prioritized and can feel his role in the,family and the office diminishing more,and more as shiv tries to claw her way,to the top the higher she flies the,smaller he becomes the exact inverse of,what a healthy relationship and alliance,should be,he likely could accept her ambition if,she nurtured their relationship more and,let him feel safe but in episode 8 she,exposes the truth during their role play,and you can see tom essentially looking,in her eyes for a reason to stay and not,finding one even though i dont love you,but you want me anyway,shiv demonstrated no romantic loyalty to,tom in season one no business loyalty to,him in season two and no emotional,loyalty to him in season three by,keeping him in the dark not listening to,his concerns about going to prison not,making any future plans with him and,disrespecting him to his face so his,relationship with shiv is at its weakest,point her behavior has revealed that she,thinks its okay to screw him over in,order to rise the ranks,so why shouldnt he do the same,when it comes to logan tom reveals his,true loyalty to him when he offers to go,to jail as a human sacrifice to appease,the doj and the media,at a time where logan is being betrayed,by his own children toms selfless offer,truly lands,however this is a high-risk play that,really only pays off if he somehow,doesnt end up in prison as its the,thought that counts tom isnt used to,taking risks like this and spends the,rest of the season amusingly insecure,about his future,and why wouldnt he be his role in the,company begins to feel more and more,redundant as he is nicknamed terminal,tom as he has cancer of the career,tom loves being rich as we know from his,time introducing greg to the lifestyle,but given hes not a full family member,he needs shiv or he has nothing as,kendall rightly observes its no fun,being the last eunuch in the forbidden,city,since his demonstration of loyalty logan,starts warming up to tom we see this,during his uti episode when he chooses,tom as the only one to take him to the,bathroom and allows him to see him at,his most vulnerable,thanks son,anytime,even though he was delusional at the,time emotionally there is still a,growing sense of trust between the two,and you can see that tom really needs,someone to validate his role in the,family if someone doesnt feel safe or,valued within one team they have no,logical reason to remain loyal to them,and should go where they do feel valued,with the threat of prison hovering over,him this season we got to see this other,side to tom blossom in episode 6 when he,slips away from the inner circle for a,secret meeting with kendall,this mirrors the same lack of loyalty,that shiv shows to her own family as she,went to kendall to weigh up her options,too,kendall tries to butter him up and turn,him but for the first time the writers,show us that tom despite his,insecurities and misplaced loyalties is,actually quite a clear thinker my hunch,is that youre going to get,because ive seen you get,a lot,and ive never seen logan get once,it wasnt obvious that tom would ever,betray shiv yet but this moment really,solidified that tom is calculated and,given he has already made some high-risk,plays to earn logans trust he has too,much to win by keeping him in power to,be lured away by kendalls delusions of,grandeur then it comes to greg tom and,greg are easily the most enjoyable,dynamic in the entire series while they,both serve as comic relief this season,revealed why theyre both actually dark,horses for the top position we begin to,see greg learn on the job not so much,learn how to do any particular role but,how to stay in the game hes now playing,both sides to see who wins serving,kendall while also keeping his hooks in,with the core family even learning how,to leverage and negotiate and climb the,dating ladder but now both tom and greg,are at risk of going to jail which,solidifies their previously existing,bond more and more as greg is the only,one that understands and will listen to,toms concerns in the same way tom,banked gold with logan by demonstrating,his loyalty greg has done the same thing,for tom in the past already greg is a,little bit like toms work wife when,hes having a terrible day he goes to,greg to vent when he has great news he,goes straight to greg to celebrate,theyre sharing a similar journey they,both came from the outside they both get,disrespected by the siblings and they,both fear being kicked out of their,positions of power never to return,given the precarious nature of their,positions it makes sense for them both,to do whatever is necessary to climb the,ladder and secure some power,nero pushed his wife,down the stairs then he had spores,castrated and he married him instead,this scene is actually what foreshadows,toms future betrayal the most,id castrate you and marry you in a,heartbeat,although it initially just seems like,tom is borderline hitting on greg its,actually showing us that tom wishes he,could play this game with someone loyal,by his side when he pitches his deal,with the devil idea to greg he asks him,do you wan

How Succession Crafted the Best Episode of the Year

hi,pretentious writer here lets talk,succession,[Music],best show on tv right now third season,just ended i had a blast and if for some,reason havent watched it please fix,that if well realize family drama with a,fast plot a spice of business lingo and,a shitload of the most creative cursing,ive ever seen in my life sounds like,your gem give it a try you will not,regret it,but heres the gist of this video,i want to focus on something else,my original plan was to do a video on,succession as a whole but theres so,many great videos analyzing and breaking,down this show already that it felt like,mine would be just another one in a,million,cut to a few days ago and this seasons,finale breaks the internet,i,[ __ ],win,[Music],[Applause],now listen i dont know what your,opinion on this third season as a whole,is but i believe im not far off the,mark by saying it has been,polarizing a lot of people claim that,the season dragged and it felt aimless,at times while others like myself,actually enjoyed the different structure,it had,one thing however is unanimous the,season finale is easily one of the best,things in the entire show,period,and [ __ ] yeah i wanna talk about it,lets do it,the third seasons final episode all the,bells say was written by the creator of,the show himself jesse armstrong and,directed by mark milad who has also,helmed the overwhelming majority of,successions episodes,and before i go into the meat of it i,want to briefly mention the bigger plot,of the season promise i could be brief,but just trust me this is important for,later in the video,so the overarching conflict is kendall,vs logan as he threw his dad under the,bus and wants to sink him while also,saving the company but it gets,increasingly clear as the season goes on,that candle has jack [ __ ] on logan or,waystar and is just coasting through his,15 minutes of fame being part playboy,douchebag part conflicted man who deeply,wants to believe hes a changed redeemed,person he falls down from grace pretty,heavily culminating in that bad [ __ ],cliffhanger from the previous episode,meanwhile she spends the whole season,seeing that daddys promises are kinda,not that real and shes getting cut off,left and right to make matters worse her,and toms marriage plummets as she,barely cares about the risk of him going,to prison or while hes going on a,downward spiral before rebounding from,that but still feeling like dogs ass,when he realizes along the way that huh,i am in a shitty marriage roman on the,other hand manages to taste success gets,on his dads goodwill and the power,climbs to his head,and then it all comes crashing down in,the final two episodes as he [ __ ],things up and also sees that no daddy,actually does not trust him that well,with all that set up we get to the,finale,the first thing that i imagined would,happen and im glad it did was just,straight up revealing kens fate no hes,not dead and this accident is what,allows the siblings to slowly approach,each other again,they try an intervention which takes a,pretty wild turn as connor is the one,who ends up bursting out i was actually,surprised it took that long for him to,lash out at them and i love how ellen,rock balances this genuine resentment,with what i would call very entitled and,pathetic energy,conor is at a low point i get that but,all of his problems sound so petty and,silly yeah he also speaks true when he,calls out his siblings for the way,theyve always disregarded him im,curious to see where they are going to,take the character especially when a,simulator he gains some morale as willa,ends up accepting his proposal and my,god their marriage already sounds like,the most juicy hilarious [ __ ] show i,cannot wait to see what they have in,store for us,but we switch gears as the wedding goes,on and roman already cut off from the,negotiations with gojo is insecure about,whats going on in what feels like a,boiling pot and a surprisingly tense,sequence he and shift start sniffing,around and find out that their father is,probably gonna sell the company the drag,candle to discuss their next steps and,we get to the scene,okay,where can i start,so,there are tv shows that would consider,themselves blessed to have a scene like,this in its roster a moment that just,encapsulates the characters dynamics,develops them and manages to be funny,emotional and cathartic all at the same,time yet this episode has not one but,two,the second one im gonna mention in a,while but this is the first and big one,for starters i love how the change of,tone happens ken is completely tuned out,and both shiv and roman are in such a,paranoia that they start suspecting him,maybe he has something in this deal,maybe hes trying to sink the ship yada,yada but its as the conversation goes,along that they realize that nope their,brother is really in a bad place,and then,comes that review,i killed a kid,what,what is so shocking to me is that the,show up until this point had kind of,programmed us the audience to believe,that this subject about kendall killing,that waiter would always be a big no-no,to everyone else especially his family,caroline shuts him off when he tried,talking about it and he almost spills,the beans to shift last season but holds,back because they cant be trusted,because they dont give a damn and a lot,of events this season reinforced this,idea,but its not what happens,both shiv and roman comfort him,its awkward weird and slightly [ __ ],up but they are trying,the way the dialogue progresses is just,masterful it feels surprising but,completely in character and as i saw,roman on the ground with ken cracking,very uncomfortable jokes about how he,suffered more that night because he,couldnt get a drink i honestly felt,relieved,and i feel awful for saying this because,its the death of an innocent man,theyre discussing and roman is joking,about but i was so caught up in the,emotions of the particular scene and,these characters journey that the way,they welcomed these news was like,breathing a sight of relief,i feared what would they say what would,they do with it but this moment made me,realize that throughout all the sniping,all the backstabbing all the screaming,with each other they do have a limit,they do have a line and in their own,flawed and strange ways,the three siblings have each others,backs,and not only the writing but the acting,and directing as well a lot has been,said about the framing and that,beautiful shot that is probably an,all-timer in tv history by now but if we,rewind back a bit we see that even the,staging of the actors tells a story and,credit where credit is due an article,from vox pointed that to me ill leave,the link in the description but if you,pay attention to the dynamics in this,scene every time either shiv or roman,approach a scandal and gets to his level,is when theyre really acknowledging his,dark state of mind in the beginning its,shiv whos comforting him while roman,stands,as the scene goes on he starts to,approach kendall both physically and,emotionally until he finally sits down,and its his turn to comfort him being,also the first moment where his jokes,land and candle laughs,meanwhile she answers the call to hear,about the deal and guess what she stands,up and moves to the background because,the deal is not the focus of this moment,anymore and then it culminates with the,aforementioned shot,its beautiful and also sad all of the,details as she quickly wipes the tear,and they move on because their,upbringing has made it so hard for them,to show emotions to each other with the,exception of kendo who is dealing with,the darkness inside him yet finally,being able to talk about it with his,family with the cherry on top being when,he asks one simple gut-wrenching,question,uh can i can i be with you guys okay,man this scene is a roller coaster but,it provides such an organic moment to,bring the siblings together and finally,have them working towards a single,objective sink the deal that that is,concocting,as they sta

Succession Deserves the Hype

this video is brought to you by,squarespace when it comes to websites,online stores etc theres no place to,build a beautiful online presence like,squarespace,[Music],succession is a show loosely based on,the murdock family where it tells the,story of logan roy the owner behind,media empire way star royko hes,starting to think about what his future,holds and as a result,family drama ensues between his children,kendall shiv roman,and connor over who is going to take his,place and what the future entails for,not only the company but the family,as well lets not beat around the bush,the synopsis sounds intriguing but not,like anything crazy,the poster is mostly browns and greys,the actors all look kind of generic,the font choice and title is pretty,forgettable but i need you to all look,past that and hear me out when i say,that this show is not only a drug but,probably the most exciting show on tv,right now this is why succession,deserves the hype,[Music],in my own experience with succession the,show didnt start to click until i had a,full understanding of each character and,the chemistry within the group which is,why when talking about the shows merits,theres really no other place to start,than here to name off the key players,you got logan kendall shiv,roman tom greg marsha jerry and connor,there are obviously some other side,characters but we dont have nearly,enough time to get into everything,basically logan owns the company kendall,his one son wants to take his spot but,shiv and roman also kind of want the,spot connor is the other kid but hes,off doing his own thing,a side plot that is too hilarious to,reveal tom is shivs husband,greg is a distant cousin and tom and,greg work together a lot greg is kind of,toms assistant,tom is super insecure for a variety of,reasons so he basically uses greg who,weaved his way into the company with,little to no effort,which makes for a pretty interesting and,always entertaining power dynamic marcia,is logans wife,i genuinely am still a little foggy on,what her motives are and jerry is the,general counsel of the company,she sort of gets left in the shadows for,a good part of the first season but,trust me,you really grow to love her i think,whats so great about the characters,here is that theyre all so,different from one another which let me,just say is the case with every,successful show,ever thats what you need to do to,succeed but in succession they all,in a weird slimy way share the same,motives of rising to the top,whatever that means for them whereas in,another family drama show like arrested,development which dont get me wrong i,love for different reasons each,character seems to function off their,own unique goal here everyone is taking,a different path to the same location,and each is pretty clueless,besides kendall kendall roy is so,interesting it makes me want to scream i,have a hard time talking about kendall,especially without spoiling im gonna do,my best to not spoil anything here hes,a broken guy he has,absolutely no clue what hes doing most,of the time just look at the l to the og,rap its ridiculous but at the same time,hes without a doubt the most aware of,the group he needs a ton of,counseling and self-reflection,yes but lord knows hes not gonna do,that any time soon but he also feels,like he can see through the,that the rest of the family cant which,is what makes him special throughout the,two seasons he seems to not only,understand but challenge the evils of,immense wealth and greed that his father,has built an entire life,on but him being the most like his,father in a lot of very,subtle ways that slowly reveal,themselves throughout the season,is what creates just an absolute,show in this guys head i think thats,as much as i feel comfortable saying,about kendall roy he might be shitty,theyre all shitty but,man do i want the best for this guy,because he really is daddys number one,boy he cant deny that but then theres,greg,im not gonna go through every character,i just really feel like i need to,highlight greg because,he really is one of the best parts about,the show but you cant really talk about,greg without mentioning tom,you famously cant make a tomlet without,breaking a few grigs but as i mentioned,earlier these two go together so well,and provide the comedic relief to show,desperately needs in some extremely,tense episodes but i wouldnt,necessarily call it a relief because the,comedy you get out of this pair,is beyond chaotic the panic room scene,is pure gold if im being honest its,one of the best written scenes ive,watched on television and you gotta owe,all of that to greg,played by nicholas braun every time greg,is on the screen you feel like youre,kind of coming back down to earth,because boy is it easy to get caught up,in the gross,self-centered lifestyle of quite,literally everyone else in the show even,characters,like tom who dont have the chops to,flaunt all that come off very,disgusting besides jerry i guess but,jerry isnt,i dont know jerrys not that great and,thats because greg is the most like us,hes still an but he seems very,human at the end of the day,he starts at the bottom and works his,way in serving as a figure we can,weirdly see ourselves in these,characters are so detached from reality,in the everyday man that greg is,completely,necessary without him it would be a very,average show we would have no other way,of watching how these people respond to,people whose minds arent filled with,sludge 24 7. but thats the beautiful,thing about,greg in the show we watch his mind fill,with whatever that sludge,is over time and im gonna cut myself,off now before i spoil something else,and good god i just cant wait for,season three,and then theres roman this is the last,character ill highlight i just,couldnt handle uh not talking about,roman roman is such a,slimy perverted weasley little,everyone describes him as a bon vivant,prick which is very true hes an,annoyance hes literally the human,version of a mosquito,and all that said i just cant get,enough of him roman is so many different,things to the group here,yes hes probably the most offensive and,unaware of the group but hes also kind,of the most rebellious in that,he really does not give a single,about anybody romans hooks up the,luxuries of his privilege as much as he,can while still being very aware of it,and making everyone else very aware of,it,which makes for probably the shittiest,type of person possible theres nothing,cool about roman nobody wants to be,roman but everyone kind of secretly,wants to have sex with roma theres,something about his aura thats just so,cocky and sexy in the worst way what i,think makes him such an interesting,character though is that hes always had,something or someone to protect him to,take him out of a situation he doesnt,want to be in which is why,in some ways in season 2 when he doesnt,have a sense of protection,he kind of freaks out and it reveals,this entirely new side of him roman has,probably done as many unspeakable things,as you can think of but he also has the,mind and attitude of a child which,makes for one of the weirdest and,funniest characters to watch,the look of succession plays a huge part,in why i think this show is so addicting,crash zooms tight close-ups muted colors,and a grainy look all give the show a,sense of grit that i rarely see in,television for as luxurious as these,settings are with their big leather,couches their fancy dinner tables and,their gorgeous yards of perfectly green,grass,it never feels appealing theres,something about the grainy dark tones of,the show that capture the greed hidden,beneath,everything the roys use to the roys the,world isnt necessarily meant to enjoy,but instead to own and conquer what they,own,isnt for enjoyment but instead for,protection convenience as a tool they,can use to just,continue building theres an episode at,the end of season two i dont think this,is a spoiler that takes place entirely,on a yacht and its not like a nice,vacation,by a

Review: Succession Season 3

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