1. Succession Season 3 Episode 2 – REVIEW, BREAKDOWN & RECAP
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  4. Succession Season 3 Episode 2 Breakdown | “Mass in Time of War” Recap
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  6. Succession Season 3 Episode 2 REVIEW
  7. ‘Succession’ Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: “Mass in Time of War” | The Watch | The Ringer

Succession Season 3 Episode 2 – REVIEW, BREAKDOWN & RECAP

imagine a father-daughter relationship,so toxic that the daughter has a picture,of saddam hussein on her phone whenever,her father calls her well you dont have,to imagine because that is exactly how,logan is saved on shifts phone hi there,mate hows it going is benja here and,this is a breakdown and review of,succession season 3 episode 2 titled,mass in time of war the writers of the,show love a battle episode weve seen it,a few times in the first two seasons,when an episode almost entirely took,place in a single setting even though,this one isnt exactly a bottle episode,most of the action takes place at,kendalls ex-wifes house as his,siblings arrive one by one to negotiate,to hear him out to insult him and,everything in between so that is where,it will begin,shiv is the first sibling to show up she,decides to come here after logan,appoints jerry as ceo shiv has lost,count of how many times her father,snubbed her for a position in the,company even though he explicitly told,her that she would be his successor back,at the start of season 2. in fact thats,why shiv left politics but its not,working out too well for her so she,hears what kendall has to say,kendall is full of himself as always,saying to shiv that shes angry with,herself because she didnt do the right,thing kendall did kendall says hes the,real shiv because she always thinks of,herself as a good person but actions are,what matters and kendall thinks he acted,like a good person we know this is some,great a bullcrap because kendalls,ulterior motive was quite clear he,exposed his father to avoid going to,prison and also to take over waystar,before they delve any deeper into their,discussion roman joins in on the fun and,hes done something sweet for kendall,for i think only the second time roman,has brought kendall some danish cinnamon,buns from the airport i think the only,other time roman did something nice for,kendall was when he saved kendall from,overdosing in season 2. the negotiations,moved to kendalls daughters room,because they want some privacy and its,quite funny to see them discuss their,future in a kids room it shines a light,on the fact that theyre just a bunch of,kids playing with their toys so i really,like this setting because of what it,signified theres still a bunch of kids,and talking of kids conor is the last,one to show up prior to his arrival he,has a heartbreaking chat with his father,on the phone during rich logan tries and,fails to stroke conors ego saying conor,is number one its easy to read connors,facial expressions here because hes,like come on dad really and to be honest,that made me feel bad for conor hes,usually not self-aware but in this,particular instance he knows exactly,whats going on he knows that his father,doesnt actually care about him so yeah,that was hard to watch,kendalls pitch to his siblings is full,of buzzwords and mostly meaningless,promises he plans to go global and step,into the 21st century as a media giant,influencing the whole world he thinks,theyll be bigger than amazon and i,laughed out loud when i heard that,because it showed just how clueless,candle truly is personally i think its,impossible for any media company to have,more influence than amazon and be bigger,than them because amazon sells actual,products not information you might think,on a philosophical level that,information is more valuable than,products but thats not the case in the,real world selling products on a global,scale is definitely more profitable than,selling information and you can also use,those profits to sell information anyway,before we get even more off track i,guess what im trying to say is kendall,is a freaking idiot and roman makes fun,of kendalls remark about amazon as well,the conversation about the fact that,they all sort of knew about the crew,scandal is interesting too because conor,shows some maturity here by agreeing,with kendall that they knew shiv in the,meantime is in denial she claims she had,no idea but i doubt thats the case,kendall takes a break to chat with,shareholders stewie and sandy furnace,while the other siblings gather around,to discuss their options shiv and connor,agree that if they banded together and,supported kendall their father would be,toast but roman is hesitant because that,might actually kill logan kendall comes,back into the room after stewie and,sandy assure him that they would back,his play but the play is in jeopardy,because the siblings dont agree with,kendalls plan to become the new ceo,they think hes too tainted and theyre,right on the other hand shiv is too,inexperienced so kendall doesnt think,she could be the ceo he also says that,the market thinks shiv is a token woman,and this prompts my favorite line from,the episode which comes from roman quote,well is true i just spoke to the market,and thats exactly what the market,thinks ant code this was one of many of,roman zingers from this episode and i,loved it, is the fan when logan sends them a,bunch of donuts with a note saying have,a nice tea party this is what spooks,every single kid starting with conor a,bunch of donuts causes them to back down,because they think this displays their,fathers wide-reaching strength because,he knew where they were if they stopped,to think for a second they would realize,that logan might have sent this package,to every single possible location its,not like ravas house is a secret,hideout and logan could have just sent,the donuts to 10 15 houses but no the,kids are spooked so connor backs down,and the insults begin kendall calls,connor irrelevant he calls roman a,and he says he wanted shiv just because,shes a woman and yeah kendall is all,alone after this incredible firework,display he kept saying throughout the,episode that he was doing the right,thing and i guess he truly believes that,he cant admit that his ulterior motive,is to be the boss thats all he cares,about and thats why shiv calls him,plastic jesus,lets go from kendalls hypocrisy to,ewings hypocrisy after this episode you,wins become the character i hate the,most because he tells greg he doesnt,want to air their dirty laundry in,public but what he means by that is i,run a profit of a business model that i,claim to despise because my millions are,more important than my morals i can earn,my millions while also taking the moral,high ground that is ewans whole mindset,ewing comes into the picture because,greg needs representation after all he,had the cruise documents and for those,who dont remember ewin is logans,brother gregs grandfather and a,shareholder at waystar in the end,instead of looking out for his grandson,ewing decides to use him to,let me check my notes here to quote,unquote destroy capitalism,man poor greg even his grandfather,doesnt have his back,marshas back she left logan because he,cheated on her with rhea gerald and then,named reya as his successor marsha has,some massive demands including her,position on the trust which would allow,her to oversee the trust i believe this,would make martial logans successor,after his death logan needs her so i,suppose marsha gets what she wants,last but not least logan makes shiv the,president of weisstar and he tells her,shell be his eyes and ears shell be,clean if anything goes wrong because,jerry is the ceo and this combined with,the fact that slogan doesnt shake,jerrys hand at the airport indicates,that logan will hang jerry out to dry,this was another exquisite episode of,television kendalls attempt to convince,his siblings and the way it went wrong,was fun to watch they kept insulting,each other and being mean toward each,other which was tough at times to watch,but in a fun way greg is simply awesome,and i absolutely adored how clueless he,looked marsha being back is interesting,because even though i hated her in,earlier seasons her position this time,around is more intriguing and i liked,her power play in this episode so i,guess im glad shes back im also,curious to see if roman is finally gonna,go against his father to su

Succession Season 3 Episode 2 Mass In A Time Of War Recap

in episode two as kendall is at ravas,place trying to set up shop he goes and,asks greg about meeting with gregs,grandfather and gregs a little tepid,kendall confronts him about maybe,getting cold feet second thoughts to,hitching his wagon to the kindle train,greg though reassures him thats not the,case not to worry hes just a little,concerned about everything he thinks,hes too young to be talking to congress,again he admits to kendall that tom has,been calling him non-stop and hes just,a little nervous as all kendall tells,him im not gonna burn you and offers to,set greg up with a lawyer kendall then,gets called away by one of his lawyers,and greg starts to head home but as hes,leaving kendalls place or i should say,ravas place he passes by a trojan horse,that was sent by stewie as soon as he,steps foot out of the building he gets a,phone call from a weird number when he,answers it its tom tom had to call from,a weird number because craig wasnt,returning the calls from toms phone and,as tom is demanding to know where,exactly greg is and what hes doing greg,sees shiv walk into the building so as,greg is telling tom about how hes kind,of just standing there observing not,really on either side trying to play,both sides of the coin tom once again,asks if greg knows where the papers are,but greg says no i have no idea before,greg hangs up he does tell tom you know,that shivs over there right and of,course tom had no idea but he tells greg,yeah no i know but lets keep this,between me and you for the moment when,tom gets off the phone though he doesnt,tell logan and logans freaking out he,has no idea where shiv is and his boat,is quickly taking on water he needs,family unity and he cant figure out,where his family is back over at ravas,place though shiv has made her way up,the elevator and kendall is thrilled to,see her as soon as they get alone,kendall says i want you to join me and,shiv tells him yeah thats not why im,here but ill tell you that what dad did,to you that whole sacrifice that was,cold that morphs into them talking about,what kendall did and how it was a snake,move but kendall trying to explain that,he did what he thought he had to do at,the time after theyre done talking,about the move thats over shiv asks all,right where are these papers and kendall,assures her that theyre safe and,theyre being copied shiv tells him that,what he should do is burn the papers go,apologize to dad make nice nice but,kendall says no im not doing that come,on i want you by my side and shiv says,well then show me the papers but,kendalls gonna need reassurance that,shiv is in fact on his side to show her,anything kendall then gets word that he,has another visitor at the apartment,roman he tells the lawyer to send him up,but let ship know youre the one that i,want and roman is really coming on,logans behalf he wants to see what,kendalls up to even though logan did,tell him earlier not to talk to kendall,he didnt want anyone talking to the,snake,roman wanted to see for himself but he,also figured that shiv might be there so,before heading to ravas he headed to,waystar and talked to jerry about how to,start his quote apprenticeship he then,headed over to ravas and when he gets,upstairs they immediately go into roman,pleasantries if you will really just,nothing but insults when they finally,get into talking about the actual,situation roman tells them im just here,to spy for dad and shiv comes clean that,shes just there to get him to back down,they then realize you need to go to a,more private location have this,conversation so they go to kendalls,daughters bedroom and kendall tells him,lets gang up on dad to take him down,shiv asks why didnt he come to them,before but kendall tells them that this,was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing,he did talk to a lawyer but the lawyer,actually suggested that he not do what,he did he then reiterates i want to team,up and go against dad and they reiterate,why theyre there on logans behalf but,the conversation gets interrupted,because conor has shown up its not out,of the blue though kendall did call him,as they wait for conor kendall tells,them that ideally hed want to make a,media appearance with all four of them,announcing that theyre together and it,would completely kill logan connor then,walks in the room and tells shivan roman,you know dads looking for you two and,ship tells him yeah well were here on,his behalf and connor kind of chuckles,and says you know yeah no me too with,all of them now in the room kendall goes,into his big vision how theyre going to,take waystar to the next level without,logan roy and part of the play is that,under the leadership of all four of them,they can really turn waystar around to,just being a good company and not the,cesspool that its been under logan roy,selfishly kendall wants this to kind of,wash his hands of things because he says,that they all knew what was going on,that sparks a debate on how much they,knew or if they knew it all shiv says,she knew nothing but both kendall and,connor are like come on we knew what was,going on like deep down,we knew that stuff was bad,after that mini squabble kendall says,look i could do this alone but i want to,offer you guys a ticket to the escape,pod roman of course has some smart ass,answer but kendall says youre happy,that he put in jerry and roman says yeah,i think jerrys a good leader and that,sparks a snide remark from shiv who,thinks that she should be in charge,kendall then gets a text message and,tells the group its my kids i just want,to go downstairs and give them a hug so,he ends up leaving shiv roman and connor,alone when he gets downstairs however,its not his kids its stewie with,sandys daughter,and sandy on an ipad,kendall asks stewie how does this play,from the point of view of you guys and,stewie asked him do you actually have a,case and kendall says yeah i do so,stewie opens the car door and says good,i mean were all ears but im telling,you right now i dont really see it dude,but lets talk as soon as kendall gets,in the car he tells sandy back me he,tells them they offer they made to,stewie in greece theyre to stick with,all of that plus,more power kendall tells him that when,logan offers them the board seats one,way or the other hes gonna end up,sidelining them but when kendalls team,offers him the same deal they actually,mean it so kendall wanted to talk to him,to avoid a contested shareholder vote,and as kendall is making his plea to,sandy downstairs back upstairs roman and,shiver trying to kind of figure out,where each of them stand neither of them,want to put their cards in the table but,theyre definitely both interested in,kendalls offer yet they wont admit it,theyre both sticking with the story,that theyre there for logan they both,walk over with an ear shot of conor and,shiv does say you know with all three of,us back in kendall if we promise a few,seats to the others hes gonna be done,and we need to figure out what were,gonna do because this truly is our,moment roman is hesitant saying i just,dont think logans ever gonna fail and,shift cant believe it laughing saying,hes not dad from 20 years ago hes dead,now makes mistakes all the time and,conor ends up agreeing with shivs saying,its really hard to imagine him,surviving this if we back kendall schiff,says if they did this today than a,spooked board tomorrow they could,actually win this thing and romans,concerned that if they did that it might,actually kill logan at that moment,kendall walks back in the room and says,all right where do we stand so shiv,starts asking about the scenarios of,what happens if they end up winning she,tells kendall if you do win this and,take him out i dont see us coming,through in the proxy battle and kendall,tells him that sandy and stewie would,back down hes already talked to him so,there wont be a contested shareholder,meeting there wont be a vote theyd,have a settlement kendall then goes,around the room and says he was going to,send me to jail a

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Succession Season 2 Episode 3 Hunting Recap

and episode three Logan announces to his,advisors that hes planning on buying,this media conglomerate called PG n,Jerry lets him know it might not be the,best idea in their current situation to,be acquiring an asset with sandy and,Stewie breathing down their neck but,Logan doesnt care he think goes around,the room and its obvious that a lot of,people are hesitant to say that they,like the idea and they simply just lie,to Logans face but Logans line of,thinking is if we buy PG n were simply,too big for Stewie and Sammy to get its,still a very risky acquisition and he,goes around the room and once again has,everybody agree that they think that he,should go after it but once he leaves,thats when people start voicing their,hesitation nobodys quite sure why,theyre buying it and the whole reason,theyre buying it is because its been,Logan Roys white whale they wrote a,couple of bad stories about him their,news isnt very kind to them is simply,nothing more than vengeance and Carl the,CFO just cant understand why theyre,buying a twenty billion dollar asset out,of spiteful vengeance and Kendall speaks,up and says no youre right to voice,this concern I mean the debt from this,acquisition could end up being too tough,to manage and the death spirals and we,all end up going down with the ship,and thats when Roman starts believing,that maybe Kendall doesnt love this as,much as he was telling their dad but,either way Kendall gives the order to,get it done for Logan Logan then meets,with Roman Kendall and Jamie Laird and,explains that acquiring PGN is a,takeover defense he asked Jamie whats,next and Jamie says well the tough parts,gonna be contacting the family we need a,safe set of hands and they did like one,guy in your inner circle but you fired,him it was Frank and Logan still thinks,that Frank is a backstabber but now he,needs Frank so he tells Kendall invite,him to the retreat in hungry that hes,having for all of his upper management,folks he once again reiterates that,there can be no leaks but he gets,interrupted by Karolina who shows him a,video that Connor is planning on putting,out on Instagram thats going to,announce his presidency but also says,how he plans on paying no taxes,whatsoever and begs the police and the,federal government to quote come and get,me and when Roman gets home Tabitha is,actually watching that video laughing,about it cuz it just looks so stupid he,wouldnt survive one second jail Roman,then asked hey you still have that,friend Naomi Pierce right and she is the,Pierce P in PGN explains the tabatha how,their dad is trying to buy PG n and,Roman wants to use Tabitha as an in with,the family to possibly broker a deal and,this would really work for him because,it would be like the death nail for,Kendall and everybodys planning on,taking that trip,hungry but two people thatll be,noticeably absent from that trip are,Connor and Shiv and when Tom gets home,and starts to pack for it,Shiv has just gotten off the phone with,her dad and she has to now go over to,Connors house and try to talk some sense,into him by not releasing the video and,she wants to talk about the Pearce deal,of Tom but shes not even supposed to,know that she found out via Jerry and,shes trying to get all the details from,Tom who was in the meeting and Tom,thinks it could be a great idea but,Schiff thinks its terrible explaining,that the blowback alone would be awful I,mean could you imagine the Logan Roy,owning all of the news where would she,actually get her news Jerry thinks Logan,has gone mad and Shiv agrees with her,she further explains that were talking,about a twenty billion dollar,acquisition that either breaks the,company or takes 20 years to integrate,and shes saying all this because she,wants Tom to talk to their dad on this,retreat try to talk him out of buying,Pierce but Tom doesnt want to do that,he feels like shes using him as a,puppet but Tom packs his bags and heads,off to hungry with all the rest of the,upper management including Greg by the,way who spent the morning talking to the,woman whos gonna write a biography,about Logan Roy and he was just meeting,with her to vet her but he ended up,saying something he thought it was off,the record she thought it was on it now,hes panicking and he ended the meeting,right there and on the plane ride over,to hungry Karolina has some bad news,about the biography somebody has talked,and Logan is pissed off because he told,Karolina and Jerry to stop it but Jerry,says I cant exactly stop the,publication of a book its good to come,out and Logan says well anybody who,speaks to her is dead to me,Logan then orders a guy named Sam to,just scan email scan phone records and,find out who the inside mole is I was,talking to this biographer and when Greg,finds out about Sam he now has the fear,of God in them but everybody arrives in,hungry including Frank and Frank is very,suspicious but Logan acts like he didnt,just fire him a few months ago he gives,him a watch as a gift because he needs,Frank now well everybodys getting,settled in Turkey heads over to,Conners house to try to talk some sense,into him and she arrives there to find,that hes hired some pretty heavy,hitters for his political campaign and,she was trying to call in a favor to him,to try to get him to not release this,video because its a bad look for him,and its a really bad look for the,family and he decides to make Shiv a,counterproposal offering her a job on,his campaign but she has no interest in,that whatsoever and tries to get the,topic back on the video telling him that,that video is batshit insane he agrees,to think about it and with Connor,contemplating Shiv and Willow decide to,head off to,a bar because willow is meeting with a,bunch of her actors for her Broadway,play and shift figures that if she cant,get through to Connor maybe she can get,through to willow that this isnt a good,idea to release this video,willow tells her that they both support,each others dreams hers is Broadway his,is the White House but Schiff says that,the guys that he hired will suck 10,million out of them before even notices,and her Broadway play is not gonna cost,10 million dollars and like Connor she,says Ill think about it and were not,there she says that one of the actors in,the play walks by and ship starts I, the out of them but as,shes doing so shes texting Tom trying,to get an update on if hes talked to,her dad or not but he hasnt because,theyre not hunting yet and its still a,really touchy subject for him but Logan,isnt even on Toms mind right now,because Tom is busy finding out from,Greg that Greg was possibly the one who,talked to the journalist Greg thinks Tom,and him are close and that theyve been,through a lot so he can keep a secret,and Tom tells Greg dude you got to put,this in the vault I mean Ill keep your,secret but Logan will literally kill you,and the whole reason why Greg came to,tom was because he wants to find out,just how thorough this Sam guy is and if,he can actually figure out that it was,Greg who talked no Tom soon finds out,that is not the only one though who,wants him to talk to Logan because that,night Jerry and Carl come to him and,they try to coerce him into bringing up,to Logan that the Pierce deal isnt a,good one and no one thinks that this is,a good move but everybody is scared,shitless to actually be the one to bring,it to Logan and before Tom can even talk,to him about it Logan finds out from,Jaimie that somebody in the Pierce,family found out that Logan wanted to,buy them and theyre skittish now and he,advises him to back off and somehow that,news leaked out and with this leak in,the biography leaked Logan enters the,dining room in a really bad mood and,surely after arriving in the dining room,Tom does find Logan and tells him that,he is planning on making a speech,because there are some people that dont,think the Pierce deal is good but Tom,isnt one of them he reassures Logan of,that over and over again before Tom can,even make that speech thou

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Succession Season 3 Episode 2 Breakdown | “Mass in Time of War” Recap

were at the end of the long american,century,our company is a declining empire inside,a declining empire amen brother people,are are,killing themselves with guns or dope so,fast that were losing pace unsubscribe,hey guys pete here this is my breakdown,of succession season three episode two,theres a lot to talk about with kendall,trying to make his case to his siblings,all in the shadow of their father who,can turn everything upside down just by,sending a box of donuts to their tea,party theyre probably safe to eat but,act as a poison reminding everyone of,logans power over them even when hes,thousands of miles away as a quick,warning this video will contain spoilers,if you havent watched mass and time of,war yet and with that out of the way,lets get into it in episode 1 we,watched the newly liberated kendall,declare the juices loose baby as he,scrambled to find a place to set up his,operations after his press conference it,ended with his sister shiv telling her,driver there would be a change of plans,after she learned jerry would be named,ceo and we pick up with her on her way,to kens to open episode 2. we see that,she decides not to answer a call from,logan on the way this sets him off,shouting he needs to know where everyone,is and that hes losing juice theres a,lot that happens on the sidelines this,week jerry is settling into her new role,snapping a picture of the tv,announcement of her promotion so that,she can show it to her daughters logan,told roman to keep an eye on her so he,pays her a visit where she reassures him,that theyre okay and that he does have,good instincts sometimes he suggests,putting together an executive committee,which doesnt sound like a terrible idea,and from there his apprenticeship begins,at logans request marcia makes a return,hes not willing to apologize he cant,eat he just cant do it but shes,open to the idea of standing by her,estranged husbands side for a price,which according to her negotiator will,involve some very very large numbers a,literal trojan horse gets delivered from,stewie who drops by later to facilitate,a call between kendall sandy and his,daughter whos also named sandy but,spelled with an eye they want assurances,that ken can kill his father and if he,can deliver they seem agreeable to terms,that dont involve a shareholder vote we,got a continuation of the trend of,someone saying i love you and not,getting a response only this weeks ship,calls tom out on it he eventually does,come around saying it back but at the,same time reduces their relationship to,a financial agreement saying its good,to know they dont have an unbalanced,love portfolio kendalls new,high-powered lawyer informs him that,theyre gonna have to sit down together,for eight to ten hours soon she,pressures him for the documents and,warns him that he could be subpoenaed,that the fbi could show up at any time,and that they might be getting a search,warrant right now he puts her off saying,that hes got bigger fish to fry but we,do see him arrive at her office at the,very end of the episode greg on the,other hand is very focused on his legal,matters he doesnt really want to go to,congress again hes kind of too young to,be in congress so much you know he,consults his legal connections a,first-year law student and then he gets,spooked when a lawyer who says hes been,sent by jerry shows up at his front door,getting pressure from both sides from,the company ann kendall he decides to,turn to his grandfather ewan who agrees,to help him but then when they go meet,the lawyer it starts to feel like gramps,has his own agenda in doing so the,lawyer tells him theyre going to expose,the structural contradictions of,capitalism as refined in the,architecture of corporate america and,greg of course he just wants to stay out,of trouble if thats not too selfish and,its gonna be really interesting to find,out what hes got himself into while all,of this was put together well and,important for how things are going to,develop this episode was really about,kendall getting all the roy children,together and his attempt to get one if,not all of them on his side to try to,finally take his father down,as you might have guessed going in this,doesnt work out i thought that shiv,would come to see him at the end of the,last episode but was a little surprised,that they all came to talk so quickly it,does make sense though considering,theyre all opportunists every action is,an attempt to secure their position and,a lot of that is why kendalls approach,seemed so misguided he didnt appear,quite as manic here but he used that,same language where he tries to paint,himself as an agent of change hes the,best candidate because he understands,how evil their father is and he can do,things differently and theres truth in,the evil part and overall this might,work with people hes hiring to work for,him after all theyre getting paid to,listen to it whether they believe,theres anything behind it or not and in,that professional arrangement it is,worthwhile to say youre motivated by,the right things but behind closed doors,amongst the family it all just sounds,like empty platitudes to be sure there,are a couple of different things going,on here for one none of the roys,actually care about making a positive,change to the culture of their company,not enough to put themselves at risk,anyway conor seems the most receptive,but its hard to imagine him following,through with any decisions that would go,against logan roman is the most honest,he flat out admits he doesnt care and,as kendall pointed out earlier in the,episode shibb likes to tell herself,shes a good person but shes not and,all of that is beside the point because,everything kendalls saying is just a,way for him to feel justified in trying,to take over the company you see that on,display after things fall apart none of,what hes saying to his siblings after,they turn him down line up with what,hes supposed to be standing for,especially with the way that he goes,after shiv there are real issues there,real crimes involving marginalized,people that no ones ever gonna get in,trouble for ones that kendall and connor,both willingly admit that they know,about and seeing the roys tear into,each other the way they go after the,people closest to them tells you all you,need to know about how much they care,about the victims of their companys,crimes the other thing thats going on,is that from a lifetime of abuse the,roys are all afraid of logan back in the,first season the therapist pointed this,out before his unfortunate dive into the,shallow end of the pool and i suppose in,some families that might bring the kids,together against the parent but it has,an opposite effect here you can feel it,throughout the entire conversation as,they lash out at each other and its,hard to imagine that theyd ever be able,to work together even though they are,able to see that if they did theyd be,able to take their father down i,wouldnt be the first to point out that,the show is really best when you get all,these people in a room together and that,is where this episode shines or at least,it shines a light again on how,dysfunctional these kids are in relation,to their father they each have reasons,to want to take him down and other than,kendall they all have reasons to want,him to stay on top but none of them can,really do anything or even imagine that,they could do anything whenever it,really comes down to it it started to,look like they might come together but,no one was able to get behind the idea,of kendall taking the ceo position they,do have feelings for each other you do,see that come out at different points,but they all seem adverse to the idea of,working under each other unless of,course daddy had told them to so its,all a bit rough to watch with some,really funny and clever things mixed in,there i really like the inclusion of the,donuts and how that changed everything,also loved how they just showed up,without any setup on logans end they,just pop up 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Succession season 3 episode 2 review and recap: Kendall alienates EVERYONE! (HBO)

hey there everybody welcome to our,review of succession season three,episode two we have to discuss,the sibling summit the rotten cabal like,all of this just really,great over-the-top ridiculous stuff i,mean greg is already the headless,chicken of succession were only in,episode two yeah this was great it was,good to see all the siblings come,together because it was very curious to,know who was gonna land where were some,of them gonna land with kendall all of,them none of them will get into all of,that and you know were were not saying,we are smarter in business than kindle,roy but we may be smarter in business,than kendall roy in a couple of,different things and we will talk about,strategy in here as well yes before we,go further though there is that,subscribe button it is there it is,wanting you to hit it so that you can be,here with us as we go into the rest of,succession and a ton of other great,shows this fall dexter new blood is,coming power book to ghost yellowstone,were doing the blacklist every thursday,cobra kai too at the end of the year,were going to be covering that here too,so yeah hit that subscribe button follow,us on instagram matt and just tv,and yeah lets get into it all right so,first lets tip the cap here to kieran,culkin upcoming host of snl not this,weekend but the weekend after i am both,delighted and surprised by this yeah he,was,really the person that was actually sort,of speaking truth in this where he was,saying,logan logan can take a lot of harpoons,as he was saying with moby dick you know,he can take a lot of harpoons and keep,going so is this really what we want to,do like he sort of is this,unbreakable machine that no matter if,they all get together whats really,going to happen to them and hes not,wrong him having that conversation later,with jerry where she kind of said,yeah you guys probably could end up sort,of taking him down but in the end its,probably gonna come to the shareholders,and the board that are gonna make the,decision if any of you get to be in,charge and none of you will get to be in,charge so youre gonna be back at square,one it was good to hear her actually,just laying it out for him that yeah you,can get somewhere but youre not gonna,actually get where you wanna get,this is what made this episode so good,because its funny like the entire hour,is basically just geared around one,subject you know what will shiv roman,connor like what decision are they going,to make here youve got team logan,youve got team kendall and the reality,is,logan he can take a lot of these,harpoons as roman mentioned but hes,also somebody who he can be the,figurehead of dysfunction you know he,can be the head of the rotten cabal and,eventually he can be the one who sort of,goes down with everything and if you are,sort of waiting in the wings if logan,roy does go down and you are still there,thats still as weird and,counterintuitive as it may seem like,from the outside looking in that still,presents a little bit more stability,than oh were all gonna like do a conga,line dance over here to kendall who is,just the agent of total chaos yeah,because for the rest of them conor roman,shiv,they all have wanted to be in power,connor hes,you know a special case here but im,sure if he was offered to be the ceo he,would have taken it its just,none of them are being offered this,position logan has twice been able to,give any of them this position rhea got,it now jerry got it none of his children,have gotten it at all and that was,really the thing that i think kendall,needed to hold on to that as much as he,could and offer them as much power as he,possibly could like give them if he,really wants to be ceo give them every,other little bit of power he possibly,can the highest rungs he can possibly,give them because thats what theyve,all been fighting for and logan has now,shown them twice that hes going to give,the ceo position to anybody but them,none of them hes got four kids none of,them,this is what makes the sibling summit,such its such a sight to behold because,here is kendall roy on the heels of,doing this big dramatic move he is like,okay lets get everybody over were,going to do it at,xs apartment it is so completely,disorganized and he is that guy and,weve all been around this guy before,who has like these big ideas who thinks,that hes about to change the world and,he will sit there and talk to you for an,hour straight about environmental,factors and how he can blink and the,whole sky will turn to gold and its,like he will say an hours worth of,things did not actually say,anything that was the hilarious part of,kendalls entire pitch it was just,there was nothing actually there oh and,hes trying to lean into his siblings,sort of dont you want to be better be,good people do the right thing at the,beginning this is just like kinda this,is the wrong audience for this none of,them are here to do the right thing and,be better people youre just leaning,into the wrong thing they all want the,position of power so how are you going,to give that to them because there can,only be one boss obviously kendall wants,it since hes the one that started this,all but like there has to be other stuff,on the table and hes just not offering,it,kendall get off your high horse you,listen the only horse you have is that,one thats right by the elevator like,you,youre a murderer kendall like you you,lost all of the moral authority at the,end of season one if not then probably,before then theyre all terrible people,but he knows what they want and thats,the thing that he was just missing the,mark he i think he could have figured it,out,if logan didnt send those donuts,because clearly the donuts are the thing,that was basically,i see you i know youre all here i know,what youre doing so now you better make,a choice and it better be with me,because i know what youre doing and it,was just,so smartly planned and i mean we saw,logans side where he was pulling in,trying to bring back his wife bring back,his children try to make things look,like everybodys still with him but,those donuts man they,unravel them,i for one will say if somebody does send,me a pack of donuts i am very very,likely to side with them but no all,right listen logan its more of the,i know what youre doing i know youre,all there it makes it feel like hes,actually sitting at the window just like,staring in at you and i i think how they,handled this what was so cool was just,that we sort of saw every single,persons reaction to the donuts play out,in a different way like lets lets,start with connor who i dont think we,have spoken enough about so far this,season i,i love connor roy im not even being,ironic with milo he is in one side a,total idiot but at the same time i love,how much of an idiot he is like i love,that his just pure narcissism after,seeing these donuts just immediately,triggers in him,im a politician i have a career i,cannot put myself in instead of shut up,connor you dont have anything,it was it was interesting to see how,quickly he turned as soon as he read,that note it was quickly like uh nope,im out im done its over,cutters backbone is so thin i dont,think there is any way any like,microscope imaginable that would be able,to detect it so we also saw roman fold,then shiv fold and kendall just imploded,on himself which i think we all saw,coming because even at the beginning of,this he was saying i dont need you guys,i can do this on my own because he has,the papers that he doesnt seem to,really have he just knows that greg has,something hes really,playing a game here for not having them,in his hands here but,we saw like this is sort of where was,going they all kind of fold and fold it,and he just like,he,needed them and they knew he needed them,and you could see it by the way that he,was reacting already but they knew from,the beginning otherwise why would they,be there then you know he says his,generous heart just be like i want to,share the wealth the minute that came,out they were a

Succession Season 3 Episode 2 REVIEW

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‘Succession’ Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: “Mass in Time of War” | The Watch | The Ringer

hello and welcome to the watch my name,is chris ryan i am an editor for,theringer.com and joining me on the,other line the little man who started,that big war its andy grewell,[Music],i wanted to say that this was,probably among my favorite episodes of,succession really,but,ah,i i see i thought it was remarkable i,thought it was another,put this on jeremy strongs awards reel,like like it was like basically watching,a great stage play watching culkin,and snook and and strong and and ruck,like in the room together,i would like as a personal request to,just now kind of like do the rest of the,season like whatever bring the new,characters in have some challenges,to have some some side plots or whatever,is going to happen,im sure kendalls like cool his his,move against his father will be the,driving thrust of the season,but uh we have now done,basically three straight episodes of,people walking from one side of the room,to the other side of the room to the,other side of the room trying to decide,whether theyre gonna follow logan or,kendall and its really awesome its,really awesome and but this is as good,as it can get you know what i mean,i i really agree with you i think um,i think lets start here,without question i think everyone,listening can agree that of all the,episodes of succession thus far all 22,this is by far the most coveted,compliant,you know last week interesting point,last week when kendall is like i need a,clean jar im like episode 302 baby this,jar doesnt even have fingerprints on it,like,other than peter riegert and james,cromwell which may have been filmed at a,different time we were this was like,a living room yeah interior living room,interior living room,i kid although i do wonder honestly that,because of the production constraints,put on this show and every show in the,last year if there was some thinking in,that i am in no way suggesting that that,um jessie armstrong made adjustments to,his grand plan to surface the viral,realities of the moment i dont think he,was forced to i think that they worked,through it with the guidance of,incredibly dedicated professionals,whove you know come off the sidelines,to know how to do this stuff and they,got it done but,when shooting in covid there have been,multiple cases and ive heard this both,professionally and anecdotally of like,if something goes down we need to have,other scenes and episodes that we can,pull up so we dont lose too many days,and this episode was so contained yeah,it did occur to me that maybe that was,part of the reason for its construction,that said lets talk about it in and of,itself as a piece and i think that,instead of calling it um uh covet,compliant lets call it what it was as,you did which is theatrical yeah you,know this was um honestly this was the,episode that i would and i think this is,actually going to be a hugely important,episode for the series going forward,as the show has returned,with it has returned some of the,whispers that have plagued the show from,the beginning whispers that i actually,probably expressed when the first two,episodes premiered and then i you know,eventually walked back this is your,version of many people are saying,no no but i ive seen this and i think,youve seen and heard it too where there,is a type of television,fan who was like i dont understand why,i should watch succession,everyone is evil and sucks yeah anyway i,have to get back to my sopranos re-watch,so you know everyone has their,contradictions as to what they turned to,closely follow the american government,yeah exactly so but,um the idea that these people are,somehow you know uh cartoonish monsters,that are not relatable on a human level,this episode is the antidote for that,you know what i thought was so brilliant,about the episode was,something that we could also i think,its fair game for some like criticism,which is that it was for a show that is,generally up on the god level view of,the titans of industry this was,absolutely some people with a box of,donuts in a room or in a sarajevo,airport hotel and what was striking,about it and i think um,brilliantly executed and im gonna keep,coming back to this idea that i think,the show this episode is important in,terms of everything thats going to come,both this season and the series is that,we saw just on a human level,what motivates these people and how,deeply deeply broken they are and,while so doing,i thought jesse armstrong who wrote the,script um,also just did a really delicate and,impressive job of making it clear how,everyone is complicit in the economy of,the moment and of the of of the,realities that we are all in and that,even powerful people,can do the same thing that i do when i,dont look too hard at the thai food,takeout container and just assume its,trash like maybe you could scrape off,the pad so you would recycle it but,maybe not but its not my fault that the,world is going to burn am i ever really,going to meet that dolphin,exactly like,that sort of like well what can i really,do here im just one butterfly and the,beating of my wings wont do anything in,southeast asia or whatever,that sort of thinking,infects everyone thats just a piece of,being human and so we get these,beautiful set pieces that are about the,[ __ ] up family dynamic when everything,is about optics and money but its also,about kendall being like dont you want,to be a good human and save yourself,slash me slash planet earth,its a sliding scale and its so great,and so its so wonderfully,executed in this episode because and,kendall is the perfect avatar for it,because kendall is so full of [ __ ] yeah,but even someone full of [ __ ] can be,right twice a day help me with that,metaphor but i think you know what im,getting at no youre right its,basically i i noticed when kendall,started talking about um,you know when theyre in when theyre in,his daughters bedroom and he you know,first when he starts talking to shiv,outside of his dogs bedroom and hes,like you you tell yourself youre a good,person but youre not a good person i,dont remember that coming up,in succession before i dont remember,characters on succession taking a step,outside of themselves,and,in any other way but flippantly,considering the impact of their behavior,on the wider world or whether or not,they themselves were good people i think,that they i always just assumed they,were like were so rich weve actually,elevated beyond that you know what i,mean like right,like logan the other week last season,being like well no real people were hurt,when you killed a guy right so,you know one thing that you and i have,always kind of noted about post post,golden age or anti-hero tv or the this,this sort of wave of shows that weve,had in the last five years is how often,a character will al will will say,im not a bad man but i did bad things,shout out to low winter sun yeah you,know or or bloodline or any of these,things where,we,are getting off on watching anti-heroes,or watching essentially villains but,they the villains themselves need to,sort of tip their cap to the audience,that theyre aware of their villainy or,that theyre trying to explain away,their behavior succession was kind of,unique,it was closer to veep in this way that,it was just like well of course these,people are just degraded you know,mollusks on the on the bottom of the,boat of society enjoying the trip down,to the bottom of the ocean im gonna go,too far,feel with my navel uh metaphor there but,my point is is that i had not heard that,kind of self-reflection and youre right,the reason the self-reflection works is,because kendall is only using the,self-reflection to get what he wants,which honestly,same sometimes i mean i think thats,thats,this episode and this is what i want to,circle back to like this was a deeply,human episode of television where the,characters,understand even in their like,richly pampered animal hind brains,whats right,they all understood whats right that,moment when they do the round robin of,we knew we

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