1. SugarBear Hair Vitamins Review ???????? THE TRUTH
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  4. SUGAR BEAR HAIR REVIEW | is it worth the hype??
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SugarBear Hair Vitamins Review ???????? THE TRUTH

check out the curly penny Amazon shop for all of my favorite products and merch! link down below in the description box,Arent you going to eat those,Hey yall, so today I will be reviewing SugarBear. Okay,SugarBear hair vitamins. Okay, you see these little blue things. They have taken over the Internet, okay?,Its like a virus that has permeated into every social platform that there is. Are you stalking me? Its like youre stalking me,Im gonna get a restraining order against you. They did not send me this, this is not sponsored,I bought this from their official amazon page, and the reason I bought it through Amazon,Instead of their website is because I was gonna get two day shipping,Since I have Prime, and the price was cheaper. If you want to buy some Ill leave a link down below in the description box,so first lets look at the ingredients. It contains vitamin A, C, D, E,b6, folic acid, b12 and biotin. It contains 5000 micrograms of biotin,Which is the main vitamin for hair growth. Some of the bears are really cute,And then the other bears look like they were jumped by the other bears in the bottle, and their face is all smooshed in,But the taste yall, the taste,These taste just like Scooby Snacks. You know those blue Scooby Snacks,That are so freakin amazing? It tastes just like that, and I just love it,I think the fact that its like this really good gummy candy sort of vitamin,Helps you to remember to take them because when its something like a bland pill, youre gonna forget,Like yall, I have such bad memory. I forgot what I had for breakfast yesterday,You want me to remember to take two pills a day? okay…,And I thought the biotin mixed with the sugar, since its like gummy candy, would break me out even more,But yall, it didnt break me out. The fact that Ive been taking biotin every single day for a month,And this is what my skin looks like right now… like, Im shooketh. My ankles are broke,So now it is the moment of truth,Kinda sounds like a novela, “el momento de la verdad”,”Mujer de madera” I measured my hair exactly one month ago. Lets look at that clip,Put that down the middle of my cabeza,Split this like that, you nam sayin,And Ill grab the longest part of my hair. I usually grab this piece of hair to measure everything,Thats the longest and thickest curl I got,Lets go all the way down,All right,Right now it is at about,27 inches, a little,Anywho, so lets just back up a little bit, so yall can see my cute overalls,Im wearing my cute merch look at that. You wear your own merch?,Yes, I like the design and the colors,Its very aesthetic.,Okay, so Im gonna to put this on the middle of my head,All right,grab the longest curl and just pull it all the way down,Okay right there, which is,almost 28 inches,almost,So it seems I achieved a little under one inch of hair growth and,honestly,Naturally, I get 3/4 of an inch of hair growth alone without any supplementation. Ive tried lots of hair growth supplements,Ive tried Hairfinity, liquid biotin,,biotin capsules, hum nutrition,And I honestly dont want to trash the brand. I respect the brand, I respect their product, but this definitely,Performed the least of all the hair growth supplements that Ive tried. Did it work? Yes. Is it the best? No.,I also think its important to note that,Everything works different on everyone. I think that everything is worth a try. If youre curious about it, get it,Try it. See how it works for you. I also think its important to note that I got these from Amazon,I didnt get these straight from the website, however,,I did buy from SugarBear hair, from their verified Amazon page. So technically there should be,No difference between the two,Personally, my favorite hair growth supplements thus far has been liquid biotin because this doesnt break me out,This is administered,Sublingually, which means under your tongue. Our mouth has a very high amount of vasculature,Which is very rich blood supply. So it immediately absorbs into your bloodstream,And you get the full dose. When it comes to the absorption in your gut, a lot of the vitamin is broken down before it,Even gets the chance to be absorbed. This gives me a minimum of one inch of hair growth per month,So this is definitely my staple. All right yall, so that was my review of SugarBear hair,Let me know down below in the comments if youve ever tried it. What was your experience? Do you want to try it?,Comment, like and subscribe if you like what Im doing here and comment down below,What else you would like me to do/ discuss on this channel. Thank you for watching, and I hope you have a great day,byeeeee

SugarBearHair… | Simply Jane

hello friends and family welcome back to,my channel I am back in Hong Kong in my,old filming space room so today I,thought I would finally film the video,thats been requested so many times on,my channel and that is a final or like,an extra or a you know like a final,review on sugar bear hair which I took,back when I was like oh 17 going on 18,kind of time and Im 20 now so I thought,it was like enough time for me to,finally film something for you guys,thats like proper and like honest,because I feel like Ive gone through,this whole process already and theres,like a lot of drama around this brand,right now but Im just gonna give you my,honest review,so I started sugar bear hair back when I,was um 1718 so that was like 2016,somewhere and honestly I started it,because I was insecure as so,because I cut my hair super short I,think back when I was like end of year,10 kind of time I might you just took a,long time to go and it just didnt look,good and I wanted like long cher like,beautiful hair I had this friend called,mega I had I still have this friend,shes like my best friend still I share,just this long beautiful hair and I was,like maybe Im like that too so I got it,Booths to do bare hair and it was like,the quick fix it was like back when it,almost just started to be a thing on,Instagram and I saw Kylie Jenner doing,it and I was like me too and I was,insecure because my hair just wasnt,looking great because it was toward the,look where we are now,and I took sugar bear for around one and,a half years so by this time it would be,December of my freshman year in college,and honestly it was just enough for me,because they claimed you wouldnt lose,your hair right after like stopping so I,stopped Id also go though was just,getting too expensive and I just wanted,to spend my money on other things like,makeup or like um but I started sugar,buy her again in the summer of 2018,which by then I would have finished my,first year of college but in my spring,semester I didnt take it,so yeah 2018 summer I started it again,but I made I guess a smart decision to,stop it in November so by now I would,have been taking sugar bear hair kind of,on and religiously for one and a half,years and then another like lets just,say six months of it and thats like two,years ish so I want to divide this video,up into pros and cons because it,definitely had its pros but it most,definitely had a lot of cons and I wish,I elected more research and I wish I,disliked didnt follow kind of January,like shes still beautiful the links,anyway lets go and talk about the pros,of sugar bear hair so definitely it made,my hair grow super fast and it was,really thick like I think I like if I,could find a photo Ill give you like a,comparison of the hit my hair beginning,of senior year to the end of senior year,it was literally like super thick even,my hairstylist was like wow youve so,much hair look where did this all come,from it also tastes really yummy thats,what like a lot of people are saying but,it does really taste really good and,its not like the usual biotin you get,off like I heard were like it tastes,good theyre like little cute gummies,you know like a good way to like get,your bitumen and like youre a kid you,know you get those like vitamin gummy,its like that it also made my skin,super glowy but we will come back to it,it made it like insanely like yeah but,well come back to this point it also,made my nails grow super fast like and,also it was like it made my nails have,super strong nail bed,and that made me do gel nails,religiously for like my whole of my,senior year and I was getting them Im,like this shitty little shady,underground Causeway Bay place and they,just shaved my nails so thin but I was,gonna sugar bear hair,it didnt matter it just was like,sprouting like crazy but I didnt let my,nails breathe so that was also not great,I think I guess those are my pros lets,move on to the cons of sugar bear hair,and before I really go in and on it,like please know everybodys bodies are,different,everyone process like bitumens Im like,biotin especially reapplied differently,so I guess take it with a grain of salt,so the biggest claim I guess it was like,oh if you stop taking it it doesnt,affect your hair because Im pretty sure,like other biotin doesnt do the same,thing I dont notice I dont have enough,research in this area but I think thats,what happened and they say like oh it,doesnt affect the quality of your hair,whatsoever,but I can tell you so my hair got a lot,thinner in my second semester and my,freshman year saw my spring semester and,like I just literally noticed this a rat,in the train in the dorm showers and Im,like thats my hair that kind of like,made me want to take sure youre right,Harrigan so I did in the summer and it,was all good you know all cute sten,didnt know my might when I was in,Canada my house thinning like crazy,because I stopped it again I just made,the decision I was like I need to stop I,cant keep taking this and I just made,it super super super thin like literally,this probably and like there was so much,hair in my shower drain like even under,the shower drain there was hair like so,gross,but yeah I also went to the,dermatologist during Christmas and like,after the November hares period where I,stopped it and they did say that I lost,31st out of my hair and I was like,[Music],also it broke me out like crazy amounts,but I really associated a lot of the,breakouts with stress in my freshman,year cuz I was like Im gonna new,environments probably stress cuz a lot,of the times when I was in high school,my breakouts would be because of my,stress so I was like okay its probably,cause of my stress so whatever but then,weirdly enough when I stopped it the,Christmas of 2017 which isnt my after,the fall semester of my freshman year my,skin cleared up like I was like what the,heck am i doing like Im kind of doing,the same thing like maybe Im exercising,a little more but like thats it but I,still didnt think Ill shave her back,here I was like oh no biotin is good for,you,even though my hair thinned a lot in my,uh spring semester my freshman year my,skin was a lot better I was also if not,even more stressed in my second semester,of my freshman year because I was taking,a buttload more classes when I was,trying to transfer but I didnt break,out like I was totally fine like maybe a,couple on during my period but like that,was it and I havent changed anything my,diet has still been the same I still,could dairy out pescetarian and cuz,really the only thing Ive dropped it,was sugar of our hair so Im not a,scientist but like I want to link those,things together um like maybe not cause,an effect but cause and effect for me I,guess it didnt affect my skin too much,when I was in senior year 2016-2017 time,but once I did take it long-term 504 son,saw the difference I had like chest acne,I was breaking out quite a lot and its,hard to not associate it was joka by,your hair but so after breaking out,again kind of like reap it when I we,took sugar my hair 2018 I was like okay,Im gonna do some research and find out,why I like I started it start to click,Im not very fast sorry to click and I,was liking maybe it is sugar by her so I,looked into the ingredients and I know,nutritionists or anything but one of,their main ingredients is iodine,and apparently that breaks you out,because its like these sugar fillers I,believe let me just reread when I note,it down its like it says gummies,contain a lot of sugars and fillers,if you already have blemish prone skin,and youre taking excess iodine that can,aggravate sebum production in the skin,that could cause breakouts I kind of so,she ate it with that so November of my,sophomore year I decided she just like,take out sugar by her and see like if,there was a difference because of the,iodine Im surely enough there was a,difference in my skin it was a lot,better all my chest skinny and back me,cleared up my cheeks were so much,clearer and everything and I

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Mi TRISTE Experiencia Con Las Vitaminas SugarBearHair

hola a todos bienvenidos nuevamente a mi,canal de youtube en esta ocasión vamos a,hablar sobre las vitaminas jugar y vivir,estas vitaminas que se han vuelto cada,vez más famosas debido a celebridades,como ya bueno todos los cardales,vanessa hudgens y miles de,personalidades en este vídeo voy a,hablarles sobre mi experiencia lo que yo,viví el proceso de tomar estas vitaminas,y así ustedes van a poder decidir si,realmente estas vitaminas funcionan con,es solamente pura publicidad pérdida de,tiempo y dinero,hablemos un poquito sobre la empresa,azúcar berger ellos establecieron en el,2016 en florida y desde entonces han,promovido este multivitamínico vegano,dirigido tanto como para hombres como,para mujeres a partir de la adolescencia,este multivitamínico lo que ofrece es,fortalecimiento de uñas una mejor cutis,y también fortalecimiento crecimiento y,belleza del cabello ellos se enfocaron,en lo que es el factor que el factor,lindo y es por eso que las vitaminas,tienen forma de ositos su principal,propósito es el de poder proporcionar,esas carencias vitamínicas que muchas,veces presentamos nosotros en nuestro,organismo para poderle brindar más,belleza y salud al mismo al principio,del lanzamiento de estas vitaminas la,empresa se percató que el mercado meta,al que estaban dirigidos o sea el,público a quienes les estaban vendiendo,estas vitaminas lo que buscaban era esa,vitamina milagro que pudiera resolver,todos los problemas y carencias,vitamínicas que todos alguna vez en,nuestra vida presentaba,por ejemplo el envejecimiento prematuro,uñas quebradizas cabello estancado que,nos reciba falta de brillo o cabello,quebradizo puntas abiertas etc etc etc,entonces fue ahí mismo cuando la empresa,se dio cuenta que el público al que,estaba dirigido realmente estaban,enfocados más en lo que era el cuidado,del cabello y entonces fue ahí donde la,empresa de juego y se reconoció como las,vitaminas del cabello,ahora quiero hablarles sobre mi,experiencia que comenzó a principios de,febrero del 2018 así tanto tiempo me,tomo en hacer este vídeo porque quería,tener todo bien a detalle para poder,explicar al principio todo parecía muy,simple me enviaron un correo me,contactaron por medio de instagram,después yo les ofrecí mi correo me,enviaron una encuesta para poderles,contestar algunas simples preguntas y,todo parecía muy bien este iba todo,perfecto las complicaciones y mirón,después y entonces fue cuando empezamos,a negociar el contrato porque en el,primer contrato había varias cláusulas,en las cuales yo no estaba muy de,acuerdo como por ejemplo derechos,totales sobre mis vídeos y fotografías y,manipulación de las mismas así también,como las captaciones de pantalla que yo,pudiera hacer en mis publicaciones de,facebook instagram y entonces todo esto,me llevó alrededor de 5 meses y en julio,28 del 2018 fue cuando por fin acordamos,un contrato justo para ambas partes,obviamente patrocinado pagado,promociones les quiero mostrar algunos,extractos de ese contrato,desafortunadamente está en inglés pero,de todas formas estoy poniendo los,subtítulos para que ustedes puedan,entender de qué se trataba este contrato,el primer contrato contaba con tres,meses de patrocinio y me enviaron sus,productos que venían en esta bolsita que,son estas vitaminas y yo tenía que,consumirlas promocionarlas y tenía que,hacerlo como ya se los mencioné en el,contrato las publicaciones por semana,con las plantaciones y tenía que,enviarles carretes y carretes de,fotografías mías las cuales ellos,decidían cuáles eran las mejores lo que,a mí no me gustó con respecto de este,contrato es que quebraron algunas de las,reglas que nosotros habíamos acordado,como por ejemplo la edición de,fotografías o varias fotografías en las,que a mí me ponían demasiado,con mucha luz yo entiendo que hay,fotografías que la luz del día no ayuda,o la luz de mi estudio no ayuda y hay,que retocar las un poco estoy,completamente de acuerdo pero había,algunos extremos que muchas de mis,seguidoras se dieron cuenta y me,contactaron y entonces fue ahí en donde,yo me comunique con ellos les dije que,no estaba de acuerdo que hicieran este,tipo de cambios así también como que,cambiaron las captaciones de pantalla,que yo había hecho en mi instagram y que,ellos en su instagram la cambiaban,también es debido a este tipo de,situaciones que se repetían,continuamente cada vez que yo enviaba mi,nuevo carrete de fotografías fue cuando,yo decidí en octubre concluir el,contrato con ellos y ya no volver a,aceptar el nuevo paquete que me querían,enviar de las gomitas que eran solamente,dirigidas para las mujeres las que son,en color rosa,las vitaminas como cualquier otro,multivitamínico claro que van a,funcionar siempre y cuando tomes la,dosis indicada al tiempo determinado y,seas paciente y también lo consigues por,el cuidado debido de tu cabello y tu,persona una buena alimentación cepillos,etcétera lo que yo ya les he comentado,en mis previos vídeos realmente estas,vitaminas se les dio el nombre y se,reconocieron como las vitaminas del,cabello más que nada porque esta misma,empresa se hizo de muchos influencers,violín winters como en mi caso que ya,teníamos el cabello largo para poder,promocionar estas vitaminas,no mi cabello ya era así de largo como,ustedes lo conocen y que ya tienen,tiempo de siguiendo este canal han visto,cómo lo cuido como lo trato la,alimentación que llevo los peines que,uso bueno en fin las rutinas que yo he,practicado y las vitaminas que antes,tomaba también antes de empezar a,consumirla schürrer verger,no el crecimiento del cabello así como,la densidad llevan su propio ritmo y,esto depende mucho de los cuidados que,le demos a nuestro organismo a nuestra,persona y de los hábitos que tengamos de,cuidado,y claro que va a funcionar como,cualquier multivitamínico pero aquí lo,más importante es que ustedes estén,conscientes de que no es la vitamina,milagro que solamente consumiendo la les,va a aportar todo lo que les promete,sino que ustedes deben llevar un,conjunto de cuidados personalizados para,cada tipo de cabello para cada necesidad,y también deben de prestar mucha,atención en conjunto con sus doctores en,caso de que haya algún tipo de falta,vitamínica para que puedan consumir las,vitaminas que realmente su organismo,necesita como por ejemplo hierro calcio,ácido fólico o vitamina de vitamina b12,y esto depende mucho también de la,alimentación que es el factor principal,que cualquier dermatólogo cualquier,médico les va a decir que es la base de,la belleza para el crecimiento de su,cabello para un cutis saludable para,unas uñas fuertes y para un organismo en,conjunto que trabaje bien y saludable,bueno esta es una decisión muy personal,si ustedes se quieren dar la oportunidad,de probar estas vitaminas porque,efectivamente como todo el mundo lo dice,tienen un sabor muy rico de hecho una,saca que no me termine y si saben hacer,o saben como cualquier otra gomita pero,deben de seguir las indicaciones que,vienen en cada botella de cómo,consumirlas no crear ya porque tomar más,vitaminas es como ayudarles a que el,cabello crezca más rápido o que se hagan,más denso no es lo único que va a lograr,es que su cuerpo o su organismo lo va a,permite a minar y entonces lo vamos a,desechar por medio de la orina y no van,a ofrecerles ningún otro beneficio,solamente lo que está indicado en la,dosis y la cantidad y el tiempo que dice,cada vital en cuanto al costo beneficio,honestamente y en mi opinión a mí me,gusta más comprar lo que es la biotina,que es el componente principal de este,multivitamínico y es la unidad más,grande que van a ver en la lista de,vitaminas me gusta comprarlo por,separado y derecho hablando con mis,doctores me dermatóloga,pero la que es la que casi siempre me,recomienda qué tipo de vitaminas debo de,tomar ellos me sugieren que en lugar de,un multivitamínico como un cuerpo pueda,presentar ciertas carencias es mejor,tomar las vitaminas por separado no sé,si han escuchado aquel dicho que dice lo,que sirve para todos no sirve

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SUGAR BEAR HAIR REVIEW | is it worth the hype??

[Music],hey yall what is up welcome back to my,channel its me shelby aka simply shelby,welcome back graffiti here hello welcome,today we are going to be talking about,sugar bear hair vitamins its been years,since ive been on the market i see them,all over abs and i finally decided to,give it a try so if youre curious,and hearing about my experience wish for,bear hair and kind of seeing it before,and after i would love it if you stick,around subscribe to my channel if you,havent already give this video a big,thumbs up and turn on post notification,that we get notified every time i upload,a new video and lets get into it okay,so sugar bear hair vitamins have been on,the market for quite a while and ive,always seen them so many instagram,people use sugar hair and i feel like,its was like a huge thing for a while,and then kind of died down,but i finally wanted to give it a try,because i recently went blonde from my,brown hair and kind of have been,bleaching it and things like that so i,was like i need a vitamin that will help,my hair grow but also keep it healthy,and strong and things like that so i,wanted to give sugar my hair a try and,ive been trying it for about eight,six to eight weeks now i think maybe six,or seven its been a little bit over a,month,but ive been trying it this is my,second bottle you get 60 gummies in a,bottle and they say it has vitamin c,biotin and folic acid which is supposed,to help your hair grow and stay strong,it says take two for hair a day it says,it uses real fruit and has coconut oil,and things like that so a lot of,different stuff that it claims to have,in it and then it also says all hair,types cruelty free and just certified to,you know be on the market but yeah i,wanted to give sugar ray hair a try im,going to show you a before and after of,my hair what it was when i first started,taking it i just filmed a shot of it and,what it looks like now might be a little,bit weird because i have the blonde hair,now so the length and everything it,might,who knows maybe a shrink when i bleached,it but youll be able to see before and,after,[Music],so far i do feel like my hair has grown,a little bit but where i noticed my hair,growth not even on my head is more like,on my armpits and all over my body,because i feel like my armpits are,growing hair like abnormally fast now,and on other parts and im just like,great that you know you wish the hair,would grow out of your head but it,doesnt always work like that also do,you feel like my eyelashes are getting a,little bit longer i have little falsies,on them but i feel like,theyre getting a little bit longer so,im going to keep trying it it runs,about 34.99 from the sugar bear hair,site straight up i think you can get it,on amazon for like 32 ill link it down,below thats where ive been trying to,buy it and i think i bought it once at,ulta but you can buy alta amazon or,sugarbear hair itself comes in a little,blue packaging like this,and i have a gummy out,they look like this cute little bear,im going to eat one,um,[Music],they taste okay it tastes like a gummy a,fruit gummy not bad at all,you know only have to take to a day,pretty easy so,this is my sugar bear hair journey after,almost two months,if i keep using it throughout and,throughout then maybe ill do like a,update later on if i keep using it im,not sure,because i havent seen a miracle growth,but then again like i just started and i,know with like these type of vitamins it,might take like four to six weeks to,like actually start seeing any results,so im gonna keep trying on the sugar my,hair journey i think theyre a little,bit pricey for what it is but,you know well see how it goes if you,have any recommendations of,hair care vitamins or products that,really help your hair grow please let me,know down below because im trying to,get my hair to grow and be thick and,nice especially after bleaching it it,does a lot of damage,so,that was a little review i think its,worth a try maybe if you want to check,it out i mean other parts of my hair is,growing so hopefully on my hair it is it,just the growth might be slower than,what i wanted to see but yeah let me,know down below what you think if you,treasure over here would love to hear,hope you enjoyed this video a wonderful,day and ill see you next time bye,[Music]

3 years of Sugar Bear Hair| Update on Growth & Side Effects

this my brain wheres my friend oh hey,guys welcome back to my channel if you,are returning use my channel as always,say this is Keith sphere and I feel like,after three years this is a long overdue,video I am giving you guys update on,what I think about sugar bear hair,vitamins after three years with the,juice so if you want to know what I,think what Ive learned with your never,tried the product and youre interested,in trying it as I always say stay dude,alright guys so were gonna get straight,into it so if you guys didnt notice,straight off the back my tongue is blue,from taking the sugar bear hair vitamins,they market their vitamins as being,delicious vegan cruelty-free and they,have lots of natural elements and did I,mention that they taste good they,actually taste wonderful like they taste,so good that you would think that,theyre candy so if you guys know me you,know Keys youve been on my channel for,quite a while or even youve seen my,past video about five years ago about,five years ago of the first time I ever,ever did a review on sugar bear hair so,in the video I basic my last video I,basically explained the cost benefits of,buying sugar bear and comparison to,buying other hair vitamins and at the,time I was like they work really good,and they still work really good but I,pointed out that in terms of cost,is it really worth getting this bottle,and comparison to other hair vitamins,that cost significantly less and Im,talking this bottle was about twenty,nine dollars versus maybe Natures,Valley which is eight dollars and for,most people the eight dollars sounds,more practical and although the product,may not work as quickly a shiver bear,hair for some people I mean thats a,pretty good deal and theyre willing to,wait for their hair to grow out their,nails to grow and get strong using the,cheaper vitamin but I will tell you guys,Ive tried the cheaper one I tried this,one and after five years update,sugarbear hair is my absolute favorite,hair vitamin and Im willing to spend,that money on something that I know,works good I know its gonna work how I,want to it to work and let me tell you,why so I will say that sugar bear hair,has been my favorite one because if the,ingredients that are in the product it,has vitamin C folic acid and biotin and,its tastes way better its way better,than taking pills pills are nasty,nowadays pills are kind of being thrown,out the door as supplements that people,take for like these cause men,reasons but I like the product because,it does contain vitamin C which is good,for your skin as well as your hair,biotin good for your hair and your nails,and it has folic acids so over the over,the past couple years Ive used sugar,bear hair I used to use it on and off,but for this year Ive been using it,more consistently just because I love,how the results Ive been getting from,using consistently my hair has grown,significantly longer I can take it out,the bun so I can show you guys let me,just unwind this but yeah my hair is,significantly longer than what it was a,couple years ago and its definitely way,way way more healthy than it was before,all right were ready to rock and roll,again okay so other than being my hair,being longer its also thicker its,healthy or for someone that Im someone,that perms my hair so and Im quickly,Im transitioning so you guys can look,out for a video of my transition hair,journey okay so getting back on track,for someone that perms my hair my hair,is significantly healthier than it would,be like it was before without the sugar,bear hair vitamins Wow I really dont,like this button okay okay um my hair is,healthier my nails are super long and,super strong like what more could I ask,for like these look like salon nails,like people ask me my mails are real or,not all the time and girl let me tell,you these are real and thats what I got,from taking the sugar bear hair vitamins,over a course of time so when I think,about whether its worth it or not to,spend the extra money I always think,that is worth it so let me just leave,you guys let some come with a couple of,tips that Ive learned from using the,product so the first thing I want to,point out to you guys is how to get more,bang for your buck so on the bottle it,has 60 pieces in a bottle this is a one,month supply,so as in my old video I told you guys is,it really worth paying $29 every month,for this bottle of vitamins thats just,not practical it sounds way too,expensive for people that like lets say,okay like okay $29 for just vitamin,my hair shampoo why made any pads I mean,so by the toothpaste I need whatever you,need your your monthly weekly shopping,list is it really practical to add that,$29.99 into your car and your list of,things that youre budgeting but just,because it has 60 pieces on the,directions it says to take two gum use a,day now I told you guys that you can get,significant hair and nail growth from,taking these vitamins however I think,that the whatever theyre putting in,there whether its good for you or its,not good for you Im not a scientist but,face what based on what they put on the,bottle Im gonna say that everything in,there is vegan its healthy for you so,it has like a super its almost a,superfood I guess I would say a super,vitamin so do you really need to take,two of these gummies every single day,and over the past couple of years Ive,used it Ive played with it Ive used it,and consistently and consistently you,dont need to take two vitamins every,day these vitamins are so strong that,you can honestly get away with taking,one vitamin a day and thats because of,how powerful these vitamins are Ive,done it where Ive taken it once every,day once every other day once a week and,I still get hair girl nail growth and,strength in my hair and make nails so,you guys dont really need to take two a,day and you can stretch out this one,month bottle into two months and when,you do that youre basically spitting,splitting the price of this bottle into,two so its almost you can pay for it,one month but in reality youre paying,almost fifteen dollars for stretching,this bottle out for two months so thats,one of the tips I want to leave you with,if you guys are deciding to get into,sugarbear or not is that you can really,maximize your dollar by using a one,month supply for two months now the,second thing that I want to leave you,guys with before we end this video is,something that people dont tell you,about sugar bear hair so like I said you,guys already know Ive taken this,vitamin for quite a while and before I,start taking,the vitamins I did not have hair growth,mainly on my head that fast my armpit,hair didnt grow that fast my hair you,know where did it grow that fast and the,hair on my legs it didnt grow that fast,so now that Ive taken this vitamin so,often or not as often like I space it,out Ive taken it consistently over this,time I noticed that rather than having,to shave every four days and the spots,that I usually have to shave its almost,like I had to shave every other day and,its super annoying because who wants to,shave every other day so one thing to,keep in mind is that when you take these,vitamins and not only is progressing the,hair growth on your head super fast,everywhere else,youre about to turn into a sasquatch so,just keep that in mind when taking it,regardless of the over hair growth in,places I dont want to have hair growing,super fast my main goal is to get my,hair to grow on my head so I will say,that I like that the product does that,but I dont like that I have intense,hair growth crazy hair growth everywhere,else alright guys so this is an acute,fear if you like this updated video of,what I think about sugarbear hair,vitamins and you thought it was helpful,useful please leave a like below it,helps me a lot it helps other people in,our community who want to know these,things about sugarbear hair and they,bring them back to this video as I,always say dont forget to press,subscribe and that bell so you know when,your girl ke


hello and welcome to my youtube channel,or hello if youre new in todays video,im going to be chatting about,sugar bear hair vitamins do they work,are they your magic or are they a total,myth,my findings my research and also my,experience using them ive been using,these for the last 30 days with the,exception of the last two gummies which,im going to eat,now what im going to do is just play,the clips of me,eating them just so that you know that,this has been a journey that ive been,on for the last 30 days and then,i will chat more about my experience,using them because i have some thoughts,i really really want to share,so theyre all said and done lets get,straight into the video,okay and here i am taking the final two,gummies,to conclude the 30-day challenge okay,and there we go so youre probably,thinking why did i not,start the video with this full,and kind of showing you my before and,after,and that is because i have i did film,that,i dont find that that footage is,relevant based on what i have now,since found out since using them and,every time i review a product i do,more research into it and share whether,or not i would recommend it because its,more than just,does it work like is it good for you,especially for a hair vitamin where,theres so many on the market,and i feel like sugar bear hair is like,the most infamous version,its the one that most people probably,know about probably one of the most,expensive versions but,what does that mean in terms of your,hair the first thing i want to talk,about,that is kind of,not good is the fact that each bear,has three grams of sugar in it now for,the two gummies which is what is,recommended to take daily that i have,taken the last 30 days,thats six grams of sugar per day just,on vitamins,vitamins and things that should be,healthy should be adding,supplements to you and providing like,internal good instead of external good,and six grams of sugar per,like dose now also the other thing that,i wanted to just chat about is that,when you look at the packaging of this,it,basically says this is as it describes,it sugar bear hair hair vitamins are an,easy to chew,vegan vitamin designed for all hair,types and genders,sugar bears nourishing formula contains,biotin and zinc which supports the,maintenance of normal hair,feel good about your hair and the planet,with these cruelty free gummy vitamin,bears,it just says the fact it supports hair,and nails lab tested vegan for all,genders,contains natural fruit flavorings um,but at no point on the packaging does it,say what it does for your hair,obviously its implied that it helps to,grow your hair,and helps i guess the health of your,hair generally,but nowhere on the packaging doesnt say,specifically,the aims of the product so i decided to,have a little bit more,of a look at the ingredients and like,whats involved within this product and,like,if its not telling me what it does what,are the ingredients telling me,what it does and strangely when i was,looking at different ingredients,i suddenly realized that ingredients,within this,were exactly the same ingredients that,youd get in like a multivitamin which,you would easily be able to afford,in places like superdrug and boots even,their own versions like,the cheapest version of a multivitamin,contains the basically the exact same,ingredients as this,thats marketed as like an all-round,internal health good thing,this is obviously specifically,formulated and marketed as a hair,vitamin,but the two are basically the same,product,this is really expensive for 30. those,multivitamins you can literally get in,like huge,jugs and its like i dont know like,three months worth,for like a quarter of the price of these,i think,these were 19.99 which is an,atrocious amount of money to spend on,vitamins anyway,but i wanted to obviously get them to,share my thoughts and,conclude whether or not i saw a,difference in my hair after the 30 day,period,and i just realized the fact that i have,been,i guess conned into buying a product,that hes so involved in the marketing i,think,even the kardashians market these have,been involved in marketing campaigns,ill tell you something as well they are,not cheap to employ as advertising,like ambassadors i suppose and so,their money i feel like sugar bear hair,is so much tied into marketing and,obviously it works because theyre,selling a lot of products,but when you look and strip back to just,the ingredients,these ingredients are included in those,like very cheap multivitamins that you,can buy,in drugstores or in a local like,pharmacy or anywhere like that at a,fraction of the cost,however when we compare the two the only,thing that is different between the two,is the fact that these contain that high,dosage of sugar the multivitamins dont,yes,these taste quite nice they taste all,right,um but the other ones probably dont,taste as good if anything they just,if you have them with some water or,something you dont really taste them,if it kind of like gets stuck in your,throat like you can taste the not so,nice,like taste but is that really worth,three grams of sugar,to just change the i guess the texture,and the taste,no um and its just something that i,would recommend looking into if youre,thinking right,i want to get sugar bear hair vitamins,im looking at reviews what do people,think,my honest opinion at this point is that,youd be better to buy a big pack of,multivitamins because,the two would do the exactly the same,thing so youre probably thinking thats,all well and good but what about,biotin biotin is particularly good for,the hair,and what does the science say about this,product because im sure a lot of their,claims and they would say but,you know the science proves that this,would work but,the science says about biotin biotin is,basically vitamin h,its a b complex vitamin that helps the,body convert food into energy,now its recommended for adults to have,30 to 100 micrograms of biotin a day,a daily serving of these two gummies of,sugar hair is listed as providing 5 000,milligrams of biting which is 167 times,the adult,daily requirement now again youre,probably thinking that must mean that it,must work,really well on the hair because youre,getting like an overdose of biotin and,biotin is,sometimes connected to hair loss and so,like that must make your hair grow right,wrong so according to a review in 2017,in the journal,skin appendage disorders there really is,little conclusive evidence that biotin,reduces hair loss which,is just such a myth in the hair care,industry though ive seen people that,really vouch for,biotin i think if you have your,recommended amount of bitin,and youre currently not then that,changes a positive change,but to go from perhaps not getting the,supplements to something that is,so highly enriched with them like your,book like your body doesnt need that,amount like 167 times,what your body requires like thats just,going to go to waste thats not working,167 times,more efficiently for your body and,another important thing,is that healthline.com also states that,you shouldnt need to take a biotin,supplement,unless its recommended by your doctor,so the body actually makes biotin,as well through dietary intake per day,and what is another thing that im just,like as soon as i kind of went down this,rabbit hole of like research i just,discovered so many things i was like,oh my god like i wish i knew those,before i tried them but i,also please i didnt because it means i,could have tried the products,share my results and you know just share,my experience with you guys because,thats what i do on this channel i am,100 honest,always and you know this has had a lot,of people endorse the product,there has been controversy around the,product but theres been a lot of names,that,youve seen holding the sugar bear hair,vitamins that claim that they do,amazing things help your hair grow,magically all those things so whats,worth noting is that the kind of vitamin,industry in general is a lot more,regulate

Sugar Bear Hair is a SCAM

you see these little blue things they,have taken over the internet okay its,like a virus that has permeated into,every social platform that there is,theyre beautiful hows it going so,unless you have lived under a rock and,you dont follow any beauty influencers,anywhere you might have not heard of,sugar bear hair but otherwise Im sure,you all know this scam that is sugar,bear hair and any of you out there are,like no Brad it works just shut up and,if you are home just walk outside I,dont know do something dangerous dont,do anything dangerous you know what its,fine just just watch the video,okay please dont hurt yourself I really,dont want it like I I dont want to get,sued here Im just Im just a kid making,youtube videos please so I held off,making this video for a long long long,time and that is because as much as you,know I spit on people way to put it I,stood on peoples lives,in my videos a lot I try to be a lot of,it nice about it but Im genuinely just,big when it comes to hair care Brad I,try to not burn bridges because you know,what one day I am gonna have my own,brand and Im not trying to get it on,every day of my life,but Im sure well anyway so and I just,spit on the table,thats my life you know I did a video on,the Korea clip sorry Priya Miss Korea,Im sorry you for that video and an idea,video when sorry Chaz Dean for that,video and sugar bear hair and I am now,sorry for this video I know it hasnt,started yet but I am already sorry,because Im gonna just demolish you just,kill it just just uh you know just its,yeah dad,just like yeah I was scrolling through,the instagrams like I used to look I do,a lot and we got hashtag relatable,alright so I was scrolling through,Instagram and I havent actually watched,video yet I saw it,without the sound on and were gonna,watch it together Im gonna do a little,react for you right now,it is Kylie Jenner she is doing an ad,for sugar mat hair and she does a lot of,these ads alright and every time they,just seem like well why dont you just,see be yourself first how about that,[Music],their cruelty free vegetarian and gluten,free,[Music],Jenner listen before I get more into you,know its a reality I just want to say,sugar bear hair if youre watching this,I can easily change my mind about this,brand and you know make another video,saying how much I love your product if,youre willing to pay me as much as you,pay Kylie Jenner which is probably like,in the millions Im guessing a million,dollars for that one below 10-second ad,so sugar bear hair Im here Im a,sellout Im ready to take your money and,make a video about it okay and of course,you guys but their tagline on Google is,revolutionary hair vitamins are you,kidding me are people people are,believing this how can you make stupid,people buy your stuff you put the word,revolutionary in something and people,will buy it not saying I never will do,that because I probably will but its,good marketing all right honestly so,here we are,oh god damn it the fact that people,think that this is gonna grow their hair,I mean its a goddamn gummy bear a gummy,bear a very chic a very cute gummy bear,however is still a gummy bear and I mean,do I want to put this thing Im out yes,dont wanna put a lot of things in my,mouth,no actually honestly I really dont like,things my mouth on it like sorry a,regular hair vitamin um thats,vegetarian okay why isnt it vegan okay,probably gelatin on it which is like,bone marrow I am disgusting right you,guys ever eaten anything thats gelatin,base like gummy bears,it has bone marrow in it that might not,be like totally correct but Im 99% sure,its disgusting,so my vegans out there just leave a,comment I mean is that what it is bone,marrow for healthy hair eat the blue,bear for total body care eat the pink,bear holy SH our ingredients lets look,at this effective ingredients okay,here is sugar bear hair we strive for,maximum safety and maximum results our,products are manufactured in the u.s.,almost burnt our products are,manufactured in USA in facilities that,are FDA approved guidelines to ensure,quality and safe products for your peace,of mind we use only the best ingredients,available to ensure an effective product,that looks great smells great and tastes,great to most importantly everyone says,it it works,I am so shook that I just got through,that entire paragraph about stuttering,because Im not a good reader like my,ass in high school like when they call,me to read books I was like the goose,hopped over the fence sugar bear hair,ingredients our vegetarian vitamins,containing vitamin A vitamin c vitamin d,vitamin b6 folic acid vitamin b12 biotin,which I dont find nicely uh choline I i,total I dont even know what the it is,the gummies are made coconut oil – of,sugar hold up let me just this,says a dash of sugar I dont know about,you but to me a dash of sugar is like,pink when do it again pink,hows that one okay thats good okay so,three grams of sugar all right listen,the amount of sugar isnt that bad,though,sugar is never good for you okay just,its just not its just not its just,not three grams of sugar theres about,four grams of sugar and a teaspoon so if,you eat this entire thing youre,basically eating like a spoonful of,sugar you probably you know the girls,that order theres probably eat like,five of them a day and they order more,and more and more and that is why,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],I dont understand this review your hair,grows naturally I mean its gonna grow,even if you dont take the vitamin in a,month its gonna grow a half an inch,usually around a half an inch a month,for everybody so this group you would,have been a lot better if you did a,comparison between you not eating the,vitamin for a month and how long your,hair grew and then you eating the,vitamin for a month and seeing how much,longer your hair grew than the month,before this review literally means,nothing my issue with this is not that,it is bad for you or that its harming,you its not that my issue with vitamins,for your hair is if you just eat right,and you drink some water and you do a,little fitness and you just your hair,will grow so damn fast,however genetically speaking if you just,have genetic problems with your hair,just like people have bad skin your hair,just never gonna grow that healthy okay,you can do as many things you want you,can eat these dumbass sugar bear hair,vitamins you can workout you can do eat,right you can be vegan you can blah blah,blah blah its only gonna help you so,much I know thats frustrating but,thats why we made hair transplants a,thing okay thats why we have modern,technology to give you a hair transplant,I just feel like its a huge waste of,money to buy these hair by the events,when you could you could just help your,entire life by eating right and by,staying active and by drinking water,instead of spending your money eating,sugar theres something in life called a,placebo do you know what the definition,placebo is why dont you look it up so I,get the real definition for you see BOM,lets see if I spelt it wrong because I,am illiterate a harmless pill medicine,or procedure prescribed more for the,psychological benefit to patients rather,than any physiological effect so,basically if you didnt understand that,either because I didnt get it I decided,say youre taking sugar right here and,you and your head are thinking this the,dopest oh my god like it tastes good oh,my god like my hair is growing my skin,so then your mind has the power to,reconfigure things send out good vibes,to rest your body send the proper,vitamins and minerals to your hair this,is all just by you your brain thinking,somethings going to work it can send,these vibes out and things will work so,its not exactly the fact that sugar,doesnt work,but its only works because you think,its gonna work,mind blowing I know theres a lot of,research about this placebos are nearly,almost almost nearly as effective as,real medicine you can read a book about,it Ive read many books about it

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