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The Suicide Squad Review

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The Suicide Squad – Movie Review

man they were giving out these cool,glasses at the screening these,sunglass looking things i was like oh,perfect for a thumbnail i forgot them at,the movie theater theyre in the cup,holder,right now theyre probably in the trash,now anyhow now i got to have some,generic ass thumbnail that looks like me,doing this or something like that,i cant win them all all right lets,review the sequel to the greatest movie,of 2016.,[Music],so thus suicide squad is the sequel to,suicide squad this time this is written,and directed by james gunn in this movie,its kind of treated like a mulligan for,suicide squad but it still treats the,universe like,well it still happened which works out,for this movie because the original,suicide squad movie,did the heavy lifting in terms of what,the suicide squad,is why amanda waller has it how they get,these people to go on these missions so,all this movie has to do is be like yeah,well take time off your sentence all,right sweet go,go forth for king and country still,recognizes that the first movie happened,in the sense that it doesnt waste my,time i appreciate that so now you have,these new characters that make up the,suicide squad for the most part and they,have a new mission to go to,and complete which is code four theres,no jared letos joker in this movie,theres no sky beam at the end of the,movie and theres none of this so,you know,if youre gonna start off on a new foot,but theres a lot more that this movie,did that worked,better than how it was executed in the,first movie first of all the characters,had better contrast between them,and better synergy they worked off of,each other better you have john cenas,character and idris elbas character,they work well off of each other theyre,both trying to,alpha dog each other as they would do,theyre shooting people but theyre just,mean mugging each other its like,legolas and gimli but much less friendly,like sylvester stallone as the shark,character,he has no friends then you have this,lady i call the rat queen like,look were getting into the deep sweaty,were getting into the deep cuts,of these obscure comic book characters i,dont know them as well like in first,suicide squad,i actually knew the characters im like,oh i know who killer croc is i know who,deadshot is i know who rick flagg is i,generally know who these characters are,i dont know who polka dot guy and rat,queen are i just dont but in a world,where ninja turtles and batman have,crossed over before in my own head,cannon she is the daughter of the rat,king,and that is that but point is she is the,heart and soul,of this movie shes just a really sweet,person shes very endearing youre just,like,youre so nice how did you get wrapped,up with all of them,in all of this shes a very tragic and,lovable character so a friendly,character who befriends rats and a shark,with no friends,they worked well together too and the,polka dot theres a man who shoots polka,dots thats his power,in my head cannon also he is the same,character from the dark knight but how,dumb does that sound,saying it out loud dude shoots polka,dots thats his superpower like right,there youre like this is,theyre scraping the bottom of the,barrel but it really is advantageous,for this movie and the premise they have,a freedom to do whatever they want with,these characters like they wont have,that freedom with,batman or someone high profile also,cherry on top if you can take an obscure,character with a weird power like that,and make them awesome and make their,power badass they make the characters,indispensable to the team both,personally,and with their powers you know theres,one moment in this movie that stands out,to me with harley quinn is thats the,fact that,she is crazy you know like harley,quinns been an anti-hero for long,enough you know and,shes working with the good guys a lot,and you forget that shes,actually insane theres a scene in here,where she does a thing and,i mean its not a bad thing i shed no,tears but the way it was executed i was,like,oh yeah youre not saying and she has,one of my favorite scenes in the movie,like,actually my favorite scene bar none in,this movie,a scene with harley quinn and its shes,completely badass its like a thing that,birds of prey tried to do and the,suicide squad,did idris elba was great in the movie i,always say like idris elbas one of,those actors where,even if hes in a movie which the,suicide squad,isnt a movie but even when he is,in a movie,hes still great in the movie hes,one of those actors man where hes,like yeah i mean ill crush it on my,part that doesnt mean the movies good,also another standout thats in the,first suicide squad movie,is also in this movie um amanda waller,viola davis as amanda waller,perfect casting was then is now shes,just such a dick,and shes so good at it i dont know how,she does it its just i dont know how,people are like that in real life,i dont know how theyre that good at it,in movies,but shes so good at being amanda waller,also yeah the movies really bloody,its violent its rated r it uses that,absolutely,actually uses that with some of the,humor too i mean violence and humor is,just,we all love it i mean if you dont i,dont know maybe im projecting i do i,dont know some stylish violence that,reminds me of mortal kombat fatalities,i just that speaks to me and visual,effects in this movie were really good,surprisingly shockingly good i dont,know why i didnt expect that i didnt,expect to look at the shark and be like,this is actually really good lighting on,his skin its,props and it being written and directed,by james gunn you know hes going for,more of a comedy than the original,suicide squad was and yeah thats an,expectation that,that is what the movie is like i already,said some of its tied in with the gore,some of its just,really odd that is to say some of it,really landed with me some of it just,didnt i was like oh okay that was,that happened it doesnt change the fact,that there were quite a few moments in,this movie that i found hilarious,and they absolutely do outweigh the,moments that were just kind of amiss for,me but guys in the end the suicide squad,great bloody fun it does away with that,vibe that feels like you just,snorted a can of surge energy drink it,gives you more of a,bloody gory comic book action comedy so,whats the writing for the suicide squad,ill give you a hint,no no its not a good time if youre,drunk this is for me survive in my,comment section to see that paradigm,shift of those comments going from,remember this guy gave suicide squad to,buy it on blu-ray rating two remember,this is the guy who gave suicide squad,and the suicide squad the same rating,that is to say the suicide squad is,worth watching and worth buying on,blu-ray,[Music],here we go in my defense i did try to,fix the timeline of my deadpool 2,spoiler talk video so,couldnt do it all right so the suicide,squad have you seen it what did you,think about it whatever you thought,comment below let me know and as always,if you like what youve seen here and,you want to see more,click right here to see more,you

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Suicide Squad – Movie Review

ah Suicide Squad is finally here from,writer director David Ayer the man who,brought us movies like training day yes,sabotage hmm and if you guys know,anything about this movie or these,characters you know that it is an,assemblage of the baddies this is like,the Justice League of the bad guys,Viola Davis wants to recruit these,people to go out into the city to defeat,this thing thats wreaking havoc in the,middle of the city and the beam is,shooting up to the sky and its a big,deserted city and theres a battle so,you know its its a comic book movie or,the new Ghostbusters that happens a lot,in movies is what Im saying now I was,really excited for this movie not just,because I enjoy the comics and I love,these characters but because of the cast,involved and the director I think,training day is an excellent movie and I,liked end of watch maybe even a little,bit more I think David Ayers super,talented so I was so excited to see what,he could bring to this universe because,not only is he directing but hes also,writing so thats a big creative talent,working with all these awesome,characters and a plethora of great,source material well talk more about,that in a minute lets talk about pros,first Will Smith as Deadshot I really,like this character hes one of the very,few people in this team that has given,any bit of characterization he has a,daughter youll learn a little bit more,about his past theres a really integral,scene involving another DC Comics,character that gives him some humanity,and it makes you feel for him I also,thought he was very entertaining and a,lot of his jokes hit thats another,positive this movie is more lighthearted,it does have humor and it feels like the,characters are having fun Margot Robbie,as Harley Quinn she was exactly like the,animated series character she did a,great job capturing that characters,unhinged insanity well also similar to,Deadshot having just a small thorough,line of humanity peeking out of it the,first 20 to 30 minutes or so were pretty,good although there is a lot of people,telling us about characters theres a,big difference between us watching,something happen to a character and,another character that we dont know,just coming in and saying heres what,you need to know about this person,because we dont really have any time to,set up these characters lets just get,to the big Beeman,sky for instance if you had never heard,of Superman before or he was a more,obscure comic book character and he,comes on screen and somebody says this,is Superman his planet was destroyed he,has no family feel bad for him,thats essentially most of the,characterization we get for the members,of the Suicide Squad,except for Deadshot and Harley Quinn and,a lot of their stories are told through,excessive flashbacks the brief,appearances by Batman were awesome Ben,Affleck once again looks amazing as this,character and I want to see Ben Affleck,as Batman in a great movie also Jai,Courtney was not awful he was actually,pretty good as Captain Boomerang and a,fun and likable presence miracles do,happen and last on my list of pros Jared,Leto as the Joker I think that he is,doing something really cool I think that,hes doing something very different I,liked his portrayal of the Joker it,wasnt exactly like Nicholson it wasnt,exactly like Ledger it was sort of a,combination of the best of the both and,he also had some really cool visual,things going on with his face and his,outfits there were some good moments,with him and that leads me into my cons,when I said there were some good moments,with the Joker thats absolutely what I,meant hes barely in this movie dont go,to this movie excited about Jared Leto,as the Joker because youre not going to,get much of it his scenes are so minimal,that when I think back on the movie I,cant think of that one scene with the,Joker I cant think of a standout scene,he does not have an interrogation scene,like in the Dark Knight he doesnt have,a hahaha I thought my jokes were bad,scene he has nothing like that,hes just got a couple lines every here,and there scattered throughout the movie,that was a big disappointment for me,because a lot of the marketing kept his,performance very under wraps like it was,this big awesome thing but in reality,they just didnt have that much footage,to work with because hes barely in this,movie the second and third act is a,gigantic city scene just it all just,kind of bleeds together and becomes one,big messy scene I could tell they were,trying to make a more contained film,which I am all for I love contained,movies I love smaller movies that have,big ideas to take place in one small,environment but that claustrophobia just,wasnt there and that feeling of in the,moment real time action just wasnt,there because there,some seriously choppy editing going on,here and a ton of [ __ ] was cut out I,know it there has got to be a ton of,deleted scenes on this blu-ray and I am,really curious to find out about that,because theres also a lot of scenes,that do feel very much so tacked on,theres this elevator fight scene with,Harley Quinn that really felt like it,was a reshoot scene from the beginning,of the second act all the way to the,finale it just felt like so much had,been cut out and removed from this movie,to where it was just bare-bones,action sequences and a few conversations,now there was one aspect of this movie,that I was very curious about because it,was kept from almost all marketing and,that is the villain now if you dont,know who the villain of this movie is,and you dont want to know who the,villain of this movie is Im going to,talk about the villain now I dont,consider it a spoiler but if you dont,want to know who the villain is or my,thoughts on said villain then I will let,you know that Im about to discuss that,thats my way of respecting you guys the,villain in this movie is in Shan trous,its this which character who can do all,kinds of crazy things she has a,relationship with one of the people,involved with the Suicide Squad and so,theres some tension there because shes,also this witch enchantress they can,take over people and make them do things,and she turns a random person into,Incubus and this guy just kind of starts,wreaking havoc and she just starts,strutting around and doing like hip,moves and making like weird faces and,twirling her arms around my one friend,said she looked like she was hula,dancing most of the time and I got to,tell you guys straight up there were,aspects of this finale that reminded me,a fan for stick it is that messy at one,point one character is in dire danger,and youre positive this character is,dead things are like tentacles are like,going through this persons body and,[ __ ] and like five minutes later this,character just walks on-screen their,clothes are perfect theres no dirt,theres no sweating theyre just like,hey whats up yeah Im fine so in truth,the storytelling here is very poor its,a very choppy film there are entire,things that just feel ripped out and,left on the cutting-room floor Im very,curious to see what this blu-ray looks,like and the special features there are,good portrayals of some of these,characters in this movie like the Joker,like Harley Quinn like Deadshot there,are aspects of these characters I really,enjoyed I wanted,way more jared leto because i was,intrigued by what he was doing there are,some good jokes there are some fun,scenes but the action sequences feel,very pedestrian and there doesnt seem,to be anything special about them,theres just a lot of weird shapes,coming out of the sides of the frame and,people slice through them and shoot them,and nothing really happens of much,weight or importance suicide squad was,very disappointing and Im going to give,it a see so guys Ive gotten an absurd,amount of requests to watch Netflix new,show stranger things and I did I just,finished it last night Im going to,review that for you this weekend and Im,going to go see Nine Lives,the Kevin Spacey cat movie because I,just want to I

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Why The Suicide Squad Worked where Garbage Squad Failed | One v One

[Joker laughs] [Music],2021s The Suicide Squad is kind of like Warner Brothers own version of the,Snyder cut where they essentially try to make up for an absolute train wreck of a,movie by replacing it with an improved one, and much like the snyder cut they do,succeed at it. Now exactly how well do Warner and,writer director James Gunn succeed at it Ill leave that up to you. But comparing,this new Suicide Squad to the core problems of the old one, which we covered,here a couple years ago, there has been a lot of improving done. For example one of,the central issues with the original movie was how it straight up degraded,already established characters by forcibly squeezing them into the mold it,wanted to portray. Like having batman attack Deadshot when hes with his,daughter even though that in her eyes basically makes Batman a mirror image of,the guy in an alley that took away his parents. “I dont want to do this in front of your daughter.”,Or like having the Joker just openly hang out at nightclubs and dress like,hes about to hit off the star in a Skrillex music video about purple,Lamborghinis, which of course he did. “My disappointment,is immeasurable and my day is moving.” And the way the new film avoids this,degradation issue is simply by not resorting to the forcible use of,established icons and instead using lesser known characters it can build an,identity for itself. The initial squad of characters in the opening are treated,very badly and disrespectfully but at the end of the day it doesnt really,matter because this is the first time 99% of audience has have even heard of most of,them. “TDK is The Detachable Kid. Who?” I mean the only exception being maybe,Harley Quinn who for some reason Warners is determined to portray as a dum-dum,acting on impulse, as opposed to purposeful intention. But at this point I,guess it just comes down to personal preference. If you prefer Harley to be,less of a smart wolf disguised as a dumb sheep who uses her wits and special set,of skills to commit to realistic actions and more of an unrealistically,overpowered idiot who can inexplicably turn into an invulnerable giant wick, for,example, fair enough.,[Music],”Youre having a laugh. What? She does exactly what I do.” But so essentially in,style of this first example lets contrast the new Suicide Squad to the,rest of the key problems of the original, to not only see how exactly it improves,on them but also to hopefully in the process learn a couple useful tips about,how to make a movie that is less like this and more like this. Oh and also even,though Im not continuing the one DC sasser scene playlisting here, I do want,to once again encourage people asking about it to start making videos about,movies, anyway, if thats what youre interested in, but Ill touch more on,that after we first get some perspective.,The first key problem with the original Suicide Squad was the lack of a,consistent point of view which in terms of things like tone and emotion,essentially turn this movie into multiple different ones.,”Daddy, I know you do bad things,,dont worry, you still like… captain boomerang”,And the way the new version solves this problem is by anchoring its story and,events in a specific point of view that keeps things in a consistent perspective.,If you look at the opening toll from the eyes of Michael Rooker for example you,can notice that no matter how insane or unrealistic things might get, it all,still remains grounded in one consistent tone of sane realism. When we meet the,other members of the team we do it through Rookers rational pov which,allows us to view everything through the same lens that all these people are,crazy, that this mission as a whole is crazy.,And once we then get ambushed by the local military at the beach, same thing,,regardless of how unrealistically nonsensical the sequence might get we,always maintain rookers rational perspective on it,,the perspective that the army slaughtering us is a big deal, that,people dying is a big deal, that whats happening right now can be viewed as a,serious dangerous threat. See if Rooker for example died halfway into the battle,and we then jumped into harley quinns point of view instead, all that sense of,danger and threat would be gone because in harley quinns irrational perspective,it doesnt exist. Suddenly it would feel like a whole other movie, like for a,moment happens later in the story but because Rooker doesnt die halfway and,instead maintains his more realistic anchoring pov all the way to the,openings end, so too maintains the more rational tone that comes with it.,After prologue the perspective then shifts over to our main hero bloodsport who,carries pretty much this exact same sane lens that we view all the insanity,through, and in addition to just tonal,consistency youll notice that it also keeps the plot of this movie as more of,a progressive series of interconnected steps rather than a disconnected,collection of individual occurrences. For example, when Bloodsports team has,arrived in the country theyre trying to infiltrate, he wakes up in the middle of,the night to see one of his squad mates about to eat another and then has to act,”- Yeah well we cant function as a team if we gotta watch our back from one of our,own eating our bullets. – Hungry. Hey boss, I truly chewed the dudes hand,off. – Look at that! Right there, vulcanized,rubber.” And the reason its so important for the scene to unfold from,Bloodsports pov is obviously to keep him active, as the main hero should be,,but also to turn the scene itself into an obstacle that we need to solve to,stay on course to our main objective. You know we cant really lead a team to,complete a task if we dont have a team left to lead. “Friends”,[Music] All in all if your main hero just leaps,through the events of your movie not only will the audience wonder why,theyre the main hero in the first place, the events themselves can also very,easily feel like brief standalone moments that carry no larger purpose so,try to involve your main hero in the plot events as much as you can, but,perhaps the most important part of a consistent perspective is how it allows,emotions to actually connect and resonate. Like for example with the Rat,Catcher sad story about losing her dad that we learn on our car ride to town. “My,fathers burdens became too heavy to carry,and he was caught.” What youll notice about the story is that it doesnt exist,in a vacuum but instead directly connects to Bloodsport and us due to us,knowing that he himself has a daughter that hes sort of abandoned, which,essentially then turns the Rat Catcher into a proxy of his daughter, that we at,the end for example can genuinely emotionally fight for but if we dont,learn Rat Catchers story through Bloodsports relevant point of view over,the course of the story and instead get it from this third perspective,introduction trailer right as we meet her, it doesnt really function the same,way. To be clear its totally fine to view things from other perspectives to,better understand them as well as have multiple main perspectives depending on,the size of the story but the way emotion can actually truly resonate is,when its generated through a close and relevant first person view its easier,to care about. King Sharks loneliness when we learn about it by at the same,time being out having a good time with all the human squad members in a way,that we can put it in perspective because no matter how great your story,and characters may be, if theyre all established through their own individual,disconnected third-person view mini-trailers right away odds are that,theyre not so great at all. [Music],”You shall be in the fellowship of the ring.” [Music],[Applause] [Music],But before we move on to address the one DC-sastrous scene playlist thing — were not,doing it this time but I still want to take a moment to encourage everyone to,start making videos about this movie or any other, if thats what youre,interested i

Val – The Suicide Squad

[Music],whats going on everybody i hope,everyones doing really well i want to,talk about two films that i saw this,week that i had a lot of fun with that i,want to mention and if i ever decide to,make a video that includes a big film,like the suicide squad i want to make,sure that i also talk about a smaller,film that can get some support sort of,residual,support from the bigger film that most,people are probably clicking on this,video to hear me talk about but i want,to talk first about val,vals documentary thats being put out,by a24 about val kilmer gratefully,throughout his entire career kilmer,filmed a ton of behind-the-scenes,footage of himself on movies his,auditions the films that he made with,his brother when he was young and this,documentary painstakingly pours through,that footage in a very revealing way you,get to see footage of kilmer with kevin,bacon and sean penn when they did a play,together as well as some highly,distressing footage of the making of the,island of dr moreau which was a cursed,production from the start and you can,only see that even clearer now this is a,very heartwarming documentary especially,if youre a fan of val kilmer which i am,over the years i have watched him take,so many different roles he became known,for a lot of bigger budget stuff like,top gun tombstone or batman forever but,in the 2000s onward he started taking a,lot of risky choices and you realize,quickly that thats really more his,mindset thats where he was more,comfortable thats the kind of stuff,that made him feel like he was,expressing his artistry and as some of,you may know he tragically was diagnosed,with throat cancer and has since,recovered but it has severely impaired,his voice so the documentary also covers,that time period where he was doing his,mark twain play and trying to get,financing for the film which was of,course halted by this diagnosis the doc,can be very heart-wrenching but also,very heartwarming there are some scenes,where you see that he has,genuinely rebounded and has found sort,of a new lease on life with his family,the documentary is narrated by his son,jack kilmer who sounds a lot like him,and that was a really wise choice but it,reveals a far more personal side to,kilmer than we perhaps havent really,even known about and it sort of opens up,your mind to the way we perceive,celebrities,because,despite the fact that we know,theyre actors or directors or writers,whatever and we know that their material,isnt necessarily them,its a little hard to detach from that,you see him in tombstone you see him in,batman you see him in top gun and and,kiss kiss bang bang and youre like yeah,thats val kilmer and yeah but,its not,and great actors are very capable of,making you believe things that they just,dont feel,and so its very revealing to see this,behind the scenes look at someone who,was a pure artist at heart and just,wanted to express themselves,through their creativity,and that you dont really know anybody,when you watch them in movies,theyre,great at their job theyre really good,at pretending to be someone else and so,seeing behind the curtain especially in,kilmers case was,enlightening theres one sequence in,particular that i found difficult to,watch and thats when hes trying to,sign autographs at some con,and hes looking at all these pictures,of as he says his old self and he says,he feels like hes selling his old self,and nobody cares about who he is now,and its a very sad sequence and you,really feel for him but since the,documentary is edited by other people it,also doesnt feel self-serving,it shows embarrassing moments it talks,candidly about things its very very,well done and i would highly recommend,watching it even if you dont,necessarily find yourself being a fan of,kilmers work i think its worth,watching if youre an artist at heart or,especially if you have something in your,life thats keeping you from doing,something you love and you have no,control over it i think that that,documentary is going to speak to you as,well its on amazon prime right now and,i would highly recommend checking it out,i also saw the suicide squad james,gunns new film i saw it in theaters it,is on hbo max right now and this one,follows some characters from david,ayers first film and brings some new,ones back for another mission in which,theyve got a chip installed in their,neck and amanda waller played by viola,davis could blow up their heads at any,moment if they go off course i had a lot,of fun with this movie obviously thats,why im talking about it i dont plan on,talking too much about big movies in the,future unless i genuinely love them and,the suicide squad,is,the kind of movie that i wish more comic,book films were like its extremely,violent it doesnt seem to care too much,about,you know,test audiences,theres a lot of stuff in the movie that,i could easily see offending people if,you look at james gunns previous films,like slither or super you know that he,existed before guardians of the galaxy,and he has sensibilities that are seen,all over this movie uh a penchant for,irreverent humor,jokes that,kind of make you,feel bad for laughing,theres a great sequence probably my,favorite sequence in the whole movie,where peacemaker played by john cena and,bloodsport played by idris elba are,competing in this jungle to see who can,pull off the coolest kill and i wont,get into spoilers but when they reveal,what was actually going on in this scene,it creates this sort of nervous laughter,and then just this this uproaris,hilarious burst of insane laughter when,you realize what they were really doing,and its the type of joke that takes,guts,theres a lot of jokes in the movie,similar to,once upon a time in hollywood,where,tarantino dedicated a lot of time in a,film to one joke theres two sequences,in this movie,that,you sort of dont really know,where theyre going for a while theres,a sequence with harley quinn,and a potential person who wants to,marry her and it kind of just goes for a,while and youre like whats whats this,all about oh thats what this is all,about and it kind of just like kind of,rewards you for sticking with the story,idris elba is awesome in the film i feel,like this is finally an opportunity for,him to be in a bigger budget film,that just plays to all of his strengths,hes not a side character hes kind of,the main character in a way and hes,really strong in the movie john cena is,utilized perfectly margot robbie once,again is excellent as harley quinn and,its great to see her in a movie where,she is really given a lot of,opportunities to shine but i think,sylvester stallone as king shark stole,the whole movie for me i love that,character so much james gunn is very,good at introducing,animal side characters that really steal,the whole movie and hes amazing in the,film and i love that character and i,hope to see more of them the suicide,squad gave me everything i wanted from,these characters because it was clear,that gunn tried to use more second-rate,characters that maybe arent as known,and that he could just do a lot of stuff,with like polka dot man or whatever his,name is like theres just so many,choices in the film that,you can clearly tell that somebody who,had some clout going in was able to make,which is what i love about this i wish,that more studios kind of trusted people,in this way and allowed people to make,choices that maybe seemed risky at first,but if you just,kind of trust the people you work with,you might get something great and i,think james gunn pulled off a really fun,movie and more than likely you guys are,going to see it anyway but i wanted to,tell you that i had a great time with it,guys thank you so much as always for,watching look forward to more videos,very soon but i also want to give a big,thank you to the sponsor for this video,skillshare skillshare is an online,learning community where millions come,together to take the next step in their,creative journey with thousands of,inspiring classes for creative a

Suicide Squad – Movie Review

I just crossed my fingers on this one I,just I want to be good I want him to be,good Suicide Squad,so Suicide Squad is the newest movie in,the DC Cinematic Universe the most,different – its directed by David Ayer,and ultimately Amanda Waller is a,government person played by Viola Davis,and she gets these wild ideas like all,right Superman,was a big deal and willt spoilers for,Batman vs Superman now Superman is just,kind of not around anymore so like what,if the next Superman is an [ __ ] so we,need to put together a team that might,be able to battle something bigger than,what we can take on so they compiled,this group of DC villains together,theyre like all right now you are Task,Force X otherwise known as The Suicide,Squad now they got to go to solve a very,vague problem because I dont want to,give you spoilers and we have ourselves,a pretty [ __ ] office movie I have,got to say you have a cornucopia of,characters that we havent seen on,screen before they have no backstory,before this film so they got to do their,best with that premise but it is its,worked before so why not have it work,now I feel like Suicide Squad hits that,point that DC needed to hit in their,film you wanted to have humor to make it,just more human and relatable because we,human beings we gravitate towards humor,but you dont want to have too much,humor to where it compromises the DC,Universe and they hit that perfectly,with Harley Quinn and Deadshot arlequin,is Fanta Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn,is every bit is brilliant as Harley,Quinn as you thought she would have been,when you heard she was cast as her shes,gorgeous sexy very kick-ass and very,nuts but also Will Smith as Deadshot he,brings loads of humanity to this movie,and also brings his Will Smith wit you,know that charisma that Will Smith has,is brilliant delivery on a comedic,moment that needed to happen because,right there youre like alright Will,Smith,say something perfect you said it and,you said it wonderfully and thats what,we needed for that moment,Will Smith can throw out comedy without,making the movie accommodate guess is,what Im trying to say right there a lot,of kick-ass characters before I get into,the Joker Im gonna let you know right,now cant believe Im gonna say this Im,gonna say something I never thought I,would say honest to god Jai Courtney was,good in this movie yeah Ive never,really been the biggest Jai Courtney fan,I just feel like theyre trying to shove,Jai Courtney down our throat but no he,was great he actually displayed a,likeability and a snore,to him that I didnt think Jai Courtney,had the ability to give us for Jared,Letos Joker Jared Letos Joker 8 thing,about the Joker first of all is that,hes such a malleable character he is a,psychotic chaotic [ __ ] however you,want to display or portray that Ive,seen that portrayed so many ways in,comic books a few different ways in film,Jared Letos Joker is another take on,the Jokers one that I have seen in,comic books not yet really on film hes,not Heath Ledgers Joker although his,voice is sometimes similar but his,mannerisms are completely different he,is that well dressed eccentric mob boss,think Scarface if Scarface did way too,much coke and they said nah I like meth,better thats thats this Joker but the,fact is if youre going into this,looking forward to seeing how the Joker,kicks so much ass hes not really in the,movie much he is a wild card in this,movie hes not by any means the point he,is a detached third party that has his,own agenda see weve grown so accustomed,to the Jokers dynamic with Batman and,how they bounce off of each other but,Batmans not really in this movie he,cameos in the beginning but for all in,all hes not really in it so what we get,is the Jokers dynamic with Harley Quinn,and how they work together and I really,like how they did lovely is enjoyer,madness I cant wait to see Jared Leto,get more screen time as the Joker I hope,in the standalone Batman movie we get,him as the main antagonist yes I know,weve seen the Joker be the main,antagonist a couple times before but,what can I say I want to see how this,guy brings it against Batman this movie,really won me over with the heart it,really has a lot of heart among the,characters its great to see these,characters grow the scene where theyre,all reflecting in the bar that you saw,in the trailer is one of my favorite,parts in the movie nothings really,theres no excitement happening its,just great character building I love,that it does have some pacing issues if,not balance issues periodically in this,film and I dont really blame this movie,for it its like theyre like we need to,give backstory to some of these,characters are pretty big power hitting,characters among the DC Universe you,cant just not give them backstories so,you have to give backstory and flashback,periodically throughout here and it,doesnt always gel theres not always a,smooth transition to do it but I would,rather they do it than not have it my,biggest gripe hands down and this entire,thing is there is a character who deals,with something in a certain way that I,just dont think you would deal with,Ill talk about it more on my Suicide,Squad spoiler talk but for right now,just all I can do is keep it vague and,Im just saying this one scene this one,thing that happened maybe just look at,it more like,I dont think that dude would deal with,that like that and that really does,compromise his character for me a bit,but its easily the most glaring issue,in the entire film really looking,forward to seeing more of what the DC,Cinematic Universe has to offer thus far,I hadnt really been blown away by,anything in that universe until now now,this is exactly what I needed I think,what we needed and I think what they,needed,soundtrack alone is worth it the set,track is great doesnt he had Suicide,Squad gave me what I was hoping it would,give me but gave me a lot more than I,actually thought it would give me hes,cleared by now that I loved this movie,but it is the best DC Cinematic Universe,movie that I have seen by a clear mile,most importantly this movie was a lot of,fun a lot of kick-ass rain a lot of,likeability a lot of banter with some,really cool characters and I will say,Suicide Squad is definitely worth,watching and definitely worth buying on,blu-ray right guys so Suicide Squad have,you seen it what did you think about it,whatever you thought comment below let,me know and as always if you liked what,youve seen here and you want to see,more click right here to see more,you

Half in the Bag: The Suicide Squad

half in the bag,[Music],oh god damn it,were almost out of germax,what are we gonna do i cant believe the,cdc says we have to go back to wearing,masks indoors even if were vaccinated,yep were back to this [ __ ] again,i call it deja flu,thats right i just coined that term and,dont you try to use it in major cable,news outlets im watching you and so is,my lawyers,who are you talking to,uh whatever but youre vaccinated right,[ __ ] yeah yeah me too and with the real,deal not the fake [ __ ] you were trying,to sell at your fraudulent pop-up,vaccination clinic,ill admit jay that wasnt my best scam,but how was i supposed to know that,vaccines were free i mean at that point,i had 20 000 fake doses and a line of,people around the block what was i,supposed to do,maybe tell people just to go home,im sure all those people that i,injected with a placebo are doing just,fine jay,but lets not lose sight of whats the,most important thing,us,thats right mike it just sucks that i,finally got used to not wearing a mask,and now i have to wear one again well,thats not entirely true some places now,require masks again if youre vaccinated,and some dont,some require masks only if youre,unvaccinated while some require just,half of a mask if youve only received,one shot,which half,the left half,so uh what if im in like target do i,have to wear a mask there well it,depends on what on where the targets,located and what your countys current,risk assessment level is also known as,ral,huh,here take a look at this handy,interactive map this might,help oh god no light orange levels 1 a,and b do not require masks inside retail,establishments with the subcategories a,b and c,category d are bars and restaurants they,do require masks when walking inside and,to your table but when at your table,youre free to remove your mask while,eating drinking and coughing on the,people that youre with,medium orange color levels 3a and 3b to,light red colors 3a to 3c do not require,masks and retail establishments in,categories a b and c but do require them,in categories d and what are categories,a b and c again category a are outdoor,events concerts beaches kite flying,competitions,outdoor dining where the tables are at,least 6.3 feet apart what category b are,larger retail outlets like big box,chains targets walmarts grocery stores,etc but only if the store is at least 20,000 square feet if it falls below that,then its in a category in between b and,c called b 1.6 consult your local store,directory on the store square footage,category c is just indoor skydiving,nobody really knows what to do with that,so lets say im in a mild risk zone say,dark orange to light red im wearing a,mask and i want to go into a place,thats in the category of b1.6 well it,depends on the state the county the type,of mask youre wearing and the current,status of the legal action against the,regulations wait type of mask well i,usually just wear my trusty old blue,surgical mask thats falling off my face,that i can easily breathe through oh,silly j light blue surgery masks are so,first half of 2021,they dont protect against any of the,new variants what do you mean,new variants oh yeah the delta variant,is 10 times more contagious than regular,covid and delta plus,a hundred times more contagious than the,delta variant but what about the delta,burke varian and dont even get me,started on the lambda variant,im never going at the target again,so,what happened to the variance of beta,gamma,oh those are all out there too,and theyve all mutated into their own,plus variants,[Music],i have covered,what kind of covid,all the covids,regular yes,delta yeah,delta plus yes,epsilon zeta yes,not,omega,yes i tested positive for all of the,variants thats what the medical,professional said at the piggly wiggly,oh well,i mean,you were vaccinated right what,oh i dont believe in the covet vaccine,but i have been vaccinated for,measles,mumps,rubella,shingles,jay if this is true and mr plinkett does,have all the covet variants his body,will most likely mutate them into the,most dangerous variant of them all,the omega plus plus,plus variant,its resistant to any known vaccine and,is 100,billion times more contagious than any,disease ever known to mankind,where did you get this information,buzzfeed well im off to a crowded,concert venue where nobody is wearing,masks,hold it right there you prick,should we just shoot him,no if he survives his body will produce,antibodies which will be very useful to,scientists and by very useful i mean we,can sell them to scientists all right,dont shoot dont shoot ive got so many,years to live jay go get the duct tape,and as for you,sit down in your [ __ ] wheelchair you,prick [ __ ],look,i dont know who you are but this might,be my only chance to see bts,exo,got7 monsta x,tvxq and nctu all on one big stage and,im not going to miss it,what the hell is all that are those some,kind of new covet variants no,its k-pop its its kind of my new,thing,k-pop,what the [ __ ] is k-pop what,come here you prick oh you get in the in,wheelchair im not getting,unless you get in the [ __ ] wheelchair,look out,oh stop it stop it right now god dammit,oh oh when i get out of here im going,to give you so much coping,great now we just wait for him to get,really sick,recover and then we can sell his,antibodies to joe biden,mike hes 117 years old do you really,think hes gonna recover from the most,deadly,uh what am i doing what does it matter,i cant believe this is my life,there really is only one solution,no wait,speaking of suicide,have you seen space jam a new legacy,those tickets were non-refundable youll,pay for this you prick,[Music],robert dubois hes in prison for putting,superman in the icu with a kryptonite,bullet the suicide squad is back,in the worlds shortest wait time,between a franchise reboot or is it,actually a sequel either way this,suicide squad doesnt feel like it was,edited by an algorithm thats on the,fritz harley quinns back,some guy named rick flags back,and james gunn is back after being,twitter cancelled i might dispute your,your accusation that this is the worlds,fastest reboot uh the,andrew garfield spider-man into,the,uh whats that little kids name,tom holland spider-man yeah wasnt that,like 18-20,like wasnt that like,17-18,with andrew garfield and then,2019 wasnt it like a year later or like,a week later i dont know well have to,do some some calculations and some deep,diving and well put the results here,the time between,uh amazing spider-man 2 and,spider-man homecoming right its,probably comparable to this,the bigger question is how pissed off is,david air right now oh oh i think hes,probably a little annoyed,studio took his movie warner brothers,took his movie and just shoved it into a,blender in an attempt to please,nobody they also shoved it into a,blemmer a blemmer at a rich evans moment,thats worse than a blender uh and then,he sees this and its like oh they let,james gunn just make a james gun movie,with,seemingly no interference or if there is,any its very minor yeah well that was,uh a a trending twitter thing released,the air cut following the success,yeah,admitted success i enjoyed the snyder,cut much much much,more than the studio butcher job,uh and then david ayer had a statement,where hes like i wrote a film with,intriguing depthful characters with,amazing arcs and thoughtful this and,that and blah blah blah blah blah blah,blah,i think at the very least the air cut,would be better than the theatrical cut,even if its not very good maybe maybe,its okay i dont know but im not a,huge fan of his,i like the movie with the tank in it,and oh yeah the brad pitt movie yeah,that was good um,but i did not like the movie with the,cops in it,i didnt know anything about david ayer,so i was surprised to read his like kind,of rough backstory and upbringing and uh,but uh,uh this original suicide squad,uh,not so good,uh james gunn a better fit yes and well,discuss that now,on our program,my vcr almost fixed i dont have a l

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