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  4. Country Farms: Super Greens Powder Review
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Country Farms Super Greens Review

whats up guys today im going to be,reviewing this country farms,super greens berry flavored powder,ill be right back,[Music],all right guys here i am with the,country farm super greens,berry flavored powder and this is,you know this is they they have here 50,organic,superfoods thats in this thing so,im excited about bringing you this,review and hopefully you know that you,stay tuned with me and see how i rate,this,before i begin go any further i do want,to tell you,this just a little disclaimer for you,that my review of this product,is just its not a recommendation for,you to go out and buy it and try it,its just me sharing my personal,experiences for your information only,in case this is something youre looking,at you can know how i feel about it,my recommendation is for you to strive,to eat as,natural and as healthy as you possibly,can,but if you decide to use supplements,please consult with your doctor,and follow your doctors guidance but,also follow the guidance thats on the,label of these supplements also okay,if you decide to do that all right so,back to this country farms,super greens which is a super foods,formula right,so what was i looking for when i found,this product,so this was a recommendation to me and,so i decided to go ahead and try it,based on the recommendation,and i did get to to see it and look at,it and read it first,so you know its one of those things,where i was like yeah,definitely well give it a try now i am,taking this one along with another,powder and so its you know im trying,them both,and im giving them both their own time,to,you know to have some effect on me so,that i can make sure i give you guys an,honest review so i feel like im there,and so ive been taking these for a few,weeks so i decided to go ahead and um,and give you this review i decided to go,ahead and take this because i was,looking for a more convenient way to get,more,you know greens and probiotics and,superfood,like things and things with superfood,like properties,um into my into my diet and so this,right here fit the bill,and i will have another video too on how,i use this because i actually use this,along with and i im i call it my,superfood,stack i mean this drink i love it i feel,like itll do a lot for you,like as far as healing and stuff like,that,based on trusting the ingredients that,are in all three of the the things that,i put together so thatll be a whole,nother video and ill talk a little bit,more about that here,here in a little bit but what attracted,me to try this,so of course it was recommended to me so,i had to had to try it,and i asked for this they wanted to give,me a gift its for my birthday so i,asked for this,as a gift for my birthday but if you,were going to go pick it up,it would be about 15 at the time this,recording,and you can find it at walmart or amazon,and those are the only two places that,ive checked,but fifteen dollars and in it uh its,one scoop,and each and its got about 20 servings,in this okay,so um im gonna go ahead and,show you now you i did a im not gonna,take it right now,i did do i did take it earlier and so,youll see a video from,from me mixing it up and things like,that,and so um the,the powder does have a red tent to it,and so,whereas the other one i had that i was,that im also taking has a,green tint this has a red tint to it and,so,and the other one it said i had to mix,one scoop in about eight ounces where,this one is im mixing this one scoop,into 10 to 12 ounces,and it says cold water beverage of your,choice what are the three best qualities,of this product,so the first one is it has,you know it says it has potent,antioxidants,that help your body remove like free,radicals and protect you from toxic,substances and things like that,but also it appears that,that this will give you like a natural,boost of energy and im saying that,based on my personal experience now,i am all about caffeine and i dont look,for things that,dont have caffeine in it to give me,that effect but i will tell you when i,when i drink this i feel like it does,something to me,as far as its just its like a clean,pep that it gives me so i will i will,attest to that thats my personal,experience now if you were to try,you may have a different experience and,it had me actually searching the,ingredients to find out what could it be,to give me you know that little bit of a,bump and,let me tell you it is not so i just want,to be clear it is not,you know to be compared to like a with a,pre-workout or something like that im,not saying it gives you that kind of,that kind of feeling but i did feel like,this just natural,energy boost and it does have beets in,it so,part of me is wondering if thats whats,doing it but it has a lot,theres a lot of ingredients there too,but thats the first,or im sorry the second best quality,that i can tell um the third is that it,mixes really easily,so theres no no clumpiness and things,like that so it does mix,easily i like that so what are the,downsides to this,so i will tell you that if the taste,gets in your head,its gonna mess with you so and,hopefully i didnt just put that in your,head by me just telling you that,but this berry flavor i havent tried,any other flavors but i think this berry,flavor,you know it i see how there are some,berries mixed in,so the berry flavors kind of you know it,kind of will give you,a it kind of covers up what would be,considered like kind of like a dirt,taste,some of these these natural superfood,vegetable type drinks to me have like a,grassy or,dirt taste to them so the berry kind of,mixes that up a little bit so you dont,have so much of that,another downside is really finding,creative ways to cover up the taste,and again ill tell you i do have a what,i think is a,complete superfood drink and again im,sorry to keep,keep you in suspense about it but im,im still in the middle of doing,research for it so i dont want to like,tell you about it until im finished,with the research,i think im close enough and i have,enough to make another video about that,and youll see it and ill link it to,this video too,and vice versa but this right here uh,finding creative ways to cover up the,taste now they will tell you can,you can put it in a shake you can blend,it into something,or you can bake with it and so if any of,you guys figure out how to do that,and you come up with with a great recipe,to do that im sure you guys have,a lot of creativity leave it in the,comment section,and as ill see it especially if its,the first comment i definitely see it i,love to try to answer everybody,who leaves me a comment so the third,thing,downside is theyre very vague about,so here you cant tell how many the,amount of vegetables and things that are,in,this at least i cant so its its just,very vague it just tells you that it has,organic fruits and vegetable blend and,you know has beets and red raspberries,and cranberries and strawberries and,blackberries blueberries and things like,that but,i dont know how much so you know,um it tells me that it is 10 grams,overall,but its all mixed up so i mean so i,know its 10 grams of,all these things in there so maybe its,okay i dont know that,all right but that vagueness i kind of,wish there was a little more clarity to,it but,i mean in the grand scheme of things,maybe its not that big of a deal,all right so how do i rate this product,i rate this product,an 8 out of ten on a scale one to ten,where ten ten is the best i give it an,eight,and you know its a healthy,you know a healthy clean product with,clean ingredients,all right so how can you use this,product,i use it and mix it up with other,juice juices and other drinks and things,like that,you can take drink it straight if you,want to,you can put it in protein shakes ive,done that also,you know its up to you and again if you,figure out how to bake with it please,let me know,and i may actually give it a try but let,me know make sure its good,all right so thank you for tuning in,hopefully this video helps you,dont forget 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Benefits of Green Superfood Powder | Pros and Cons

hello welcome to quality cup life my,name is imani and here we believe that,it serves the world best when you pour,into your cup first,you cannot give what you do not have so,lets pour it up in flow past capacity,all right,so today i am drinking water its so,essential,i dont have a cup today but this is,going to be my cup for today,all right so we are talking about the,benefits of superfood greens powders,if you stay till the end then well talk,about,some of the cons as well all right first,things first what is a superfoods green,powder,and why i even take it right so a,superfoods green powder,is the dry they take superfoods which,means,foods that are high in nutrients dense,foods and they take it and they dry it,out and then they,make it as bioavailable as they can,just for a quick way to get extra,nutrients so the first,benefit is that youre being intentional,about your health thats awesome,congratulations,because theres a ton of people who are,not being intentional,the second is that youre getting your,micro nutrients in,and your phytonutrients which just means,that youre getting,extra vitamins and minerals that people,typically dont get from eating,every day and so thats where,supplements,and superfoods come in and then,phytonutrients also helps with your,boosting your immunity your,intercellular communications and it,helps to repair,damaging your body from like toxins and,stuff like that because were breathing,it in all the time youre eating it,all kind of stuff three its a quick way,to get in,daily vegetable nutrients in about 30,seconds per day,real quick real easy get some water get,some juice,put in a smoothie blend it up stir it up,in some water,drink it throw it back and we good,however,remember this does not replace,vegetables,all right four you could always throw in,a smoothie or,juice like i said real quick and real,easy,and with the smoothie or juice it helps,with the taste,makes it taste better and,with the actual foods whole foods and,smoothies it probably helps with the,bioavailability and it probably helps,your body to absorb,the nutrients in it as well five its,much much quicker than juicing and the,cleanup is super easy especially,if you just throw it in a cup of water,or a cup of juice all you have to do is,just,mix it in that and then just clean the,spoon and the cup when youre done,quick six it typically comes with,a ton of different superfoods which is,super beneficial,gets you a variety of nutrients and the,different colors of the rainbow of,fruits and vegetables,and its most likely way cheaper to get,this,than buying all the individual,supplements of,the superfoods and its also a lot,easier,to do that than to swallow a bunch of,pills,ive personally found that it gives,a boost of energy when you when i took,it not like a,coffee type of energy or caffeine,but it was more like energy boost when,kind of like if you go to lunch and you,eat a salad or some vegetables with them,with the protein versus eating a burger,with fries,and bread or pasta that kind of,difference of energy,and then some of the cons is that of,course this does not replace,vegetables and during the,drying process and the creation of these,products it loses its fiber,and it probably loses some of its,nutrients as well so which is why i say,it does not replace vegetables continue,continued vegetables,greens powder is just like sort of like,insurance,and then another con is that,a lot of these powders ive tried four,different ones,and three of the four tasted like,grass and dirt to be honest,so just be aware of that when youre,purchasing them and then when youre,trying them,i am aware that there are some flavored,ones,like the super greens ones they have,like a chocolate and a berry flavor but,i was,kind of nervous about it tasting like,chocolate and dirt so i just stuck to,the original one,and i tend to mix it with the,natural vitality calm,with its the raspberry and lemon,flavored,keys yet and multi-collagen protein,from ancient nutrition to getting some,extra protein,collagen and it helps with the taste a,lot,but just be careful with the magnesium,dont overdo it it will have you run,into the bathroom,i typically take it every day,ive been doing it for about a year or a,year and a half something like that,ive fallen off recently so i havent,been hitting it every day every day but,i have been for the past,probably for the past year i think its,a good idea to try it out,so comment down below and let me know if,you tried any,and if you liked it if you didnt like,it which ones did you like what did you,add to it and how did you feel,personally my favorite in taste its,organifi,to be honest,when drew canole pops on your youtube ad,and tells you that this one tastes,better he wasnt lying,he was not lying it tastes a whole lot,better and this one is way more,costly i guess than the super greens,from country farms that one i picked up,for about 15 this one i believe is can,be anywhere between,60 to 75 depending on the sale,and how you get it so just be aware of,that,but also sometimes you get what you pay,for so,this one is probably better sourced and,better,converted from the superfood to the,powder,and i think its i believe its cold,processed maybe,or it says gently dry i dont know how,this other one is dry,so just be aware but anyone you use,is a great start to promoting good,health all right thank you so much for,watching i really,appreciate you coming by if you like it,hit the like button,dont forget to subscribe and i thank,you so much for watching,have a great day okay bye

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I took a GREENS POWDER for 7 days and heres what happened…

greens powder boys whats the deal with,them do they actually work are they,nonsense are the expensive a waste of,money I have no idea,this one was free so for the next 7 days,Im gonna find out what happens when I,take a green,[Music],theres a lot of stuff in here,full-spectrum antioxidant complex immune,support complex adaptive and adrenal,support complex this is so complex,probiotic culture complex digestive,enzyme complex liver support complex and,non medicinal ingredients featuring,spinach and beetroot juice so much great,stuff so were gonna see what happens,when I take this and probably nothing,because I actually do eat my vegetables,on a regular basis but Im open to it,youre open to it everyones open to it,and speaking of opening lets open it,and do our first sip taste test sniff,test all the tests lets go boys how do,we even get this open good night success,sealed for your Oh,it smells exactly what you think greens,powder would smell like but worse oh,this is gonna stain theres someone must,knocking at the door what is happening,at all this shipment is here great way,to interrupt my video BRB,[Music],[Applause],[Music],okay boys quick lunch breaks youve got,some vegetables in there hence why I,dont really believe in the Greens,product but were back from our,interruption were an act to do our,greens product now lets have a taste,lets see what its going to do okay,lets get a scoop here boys okay boys,lets pour in the recommended and all,this looks awful boys and girls with our,lunch here hopefully this shaker is,actually good it doesnt cause,everything to go all over the place this,is mostly apple flavor as well so well,see how see how happily it is okay boys,sniff test smells like tea I like tea,first sip,[Music],it tastes how a sweaty humid Mexican,Street smells mixed with jasmine tea,tolerable tolerable yeah yeah,lets have lunch,[Music],okay so workout was decent energy not,really that much different than usual,and weight is around 130 pounds,that was my current body shape so well,see how we progress weight its,lunchtime subway voice subway plus super,greens this is gonna be super diluted or,super bad because we have a whole lot to,drink we have like the entire shaker so,hopefully its not disgusting lets do,our second serving of the week video,thing seven days do fish oil burps lets,have a sip again this is drinkable but,it has no resemblance to Apple not bad,though lets eat okay prepare yourselves,for the weirdest subway order k boys so,you go to Subway you get the footlong of,the cheapest but highest calorie option,cold cut combo then you ask for,everything but no onion and you get,excessive amounts of lettuce in here and,then for sauce you just ask for a little,bit of mustard because mustard I dont,know I like mustard taste test boys even,though this is a greens video yeah,so ladies and gentlemen in terms of,benefits,nothing really yet its actually not,that bad to drink and sip on throughout,the day if I diluted a lot but so far I,ever really seen any magical health,benefits from these greens powders be my,pool turned green someone suggested that,my foods gonna turn green so I guess,thatll be a benefit but probably not,workout yesterday was good it was like a,super intense workout with the,pre-workout but I dont have to do with,the greens powder or just like intense,pre-workout but very very serious focus,strength endurance it was good but um,good job with you guys tomorrow,slightly delicious fight boys its day,number three of taking a greens powder I,know you cant see my face theres,someone coming in here no but some guy,got his UPS package thats cool okay,its lunch time let me do a little chat,with you guys about what Im finding one,second,lets give it a shake hello ladies and,gentlemen,so last night I dont know I was on the,way to the gym I dont know if it was,the pre-workout – the stems but I felt,very like grounded and focused and not,that depressed which is a strange,feeling,usually Im so depressed every day of my,life maybe its the greens powders maybe,its not but I feel like I feel like I,feel better,maybe its placebo still tolerable today,were doing hot yoga at 5:30 p.m. Ill,try to use my busted ass phone to get,some clips if not Im recycling the,clips from 2019 January of me doing hot,yoga,so well see because we want to work on,our flexibility becoming a whole natural,holistic flexible full-bodied youthful,person and I think Ill combine well,people go vegan next vegan yoga greens,powders actually no Who am I kidding,thats not gonna happen ever,[Music],see you guys later,[Music],ladies and gentlemen we gotta get our,greens in nice that looks delicious,to lucious let me do a little shake boys,and girls how do I get this how do I get,the sickest angle but can you focus on,my face can you focus on my face all,right sick boys I almost put the wrong,lid on whats up Im it Im a talking,head Im kidding Im so funny let me do,some brand placement so they sponsor me,whats up yeah youre hot can you focus,on my face please focus on my face thank,you,ha yoga was intense last night boys and,girls also I think my poops are getting,smoother thats really bad like smoother,but also greener energy levels are,pretty much the same,dude thats actually good its good if,you dilate it dilate it diluted thats,the word yeah not sure not sure what the,point of this video is anymore this is a,bunch of clips of me drinking greens,juice but thats okay because Im trying,to see if theres a good benefit,honestly I think that so far if you,cant afford it its worth it even if,you eat vegetables,I just feel like theres a couple like,extra things in there I mean honestly,eat your vegetables to get like fiber,and all the extra stuff that like,actually is digested from the vegetables,but I feel like there is a place for,greens powders but if youre like a,basic fitness person or like youre,someone whos just starting out with,like no money dont buy greens powders,but like if you have money to invest in,supplements get a green spouter make,sure its like well reviewed maybe I,dont know but I feel like it may help,or maybe its just a placebo I dont,know Ill catch up after work before the,gym bye,[Music],guys we have a very special day today I,dont know if any of you know where we,are abandoned train tracks dirty,Scarborough streets lets see if you,guys can figure it out,wheres my room I came here specifically,to take a selfie its probably busted up,right nice nice what are they doing in,here yo we can still take a selfie here,we can still definitely boys and girls,we can still take a selfie with some,sick stuff in the background all right,boys you know what its time for the god,of capability I dont know who built,that we could do wishes thats actually,delicious plop,okay boys focus on my face thank you,[Music],[Music],in the video I dont want to be your,friend be nice I see you get your butt,over here oh youre just doing a spin oh,what a star huh oh hey guys uh uh since,this is a greens video um what are your,experiences with greens talk to the,people thats really weird how do you,use that like just,okay so this is the one Im using metal,clubs Oh light me up focus on my greens,yep,so lots of greens lots of antioxidants,in here so this guy was gonna use it,post-workout I recommend not doing that,just because you want inflammation like,during and post-workout to create growth,I use a pre-workout you can use it in,the morning use it before bed but maybe,not because it could keep give you a,little energy because theres like lots,of vitamins hahaha B vitamins and it,tastes really good,thank you thats all its good I have,all good experiences but if you eat a,ton of veggies then maybe its not,necessary but but no one needs a ton of,veggies okay here at the time,[Music],boys been a while but uh greens powder,scandals of the columns right,darn lets hope this counteracts the,McDonalds slightly less delicious now,kind of getting tired of this see you,tomorrow,oh hey guys if you thought

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Country Farms: Super Greens Powder Review

hey whats up my name is Imani and I,wanted to do a review on the super green,or certified organic whole food formula,it has 50 organic superfoods wheatgrass,I fought for spirulina kale berries,beets barley grass a little pomegranate,apple pectin flaxseed and a bunch of,mushrooms as chaga turkey tail,cordyceps my take might think should,take bunch of other things,reishi bunch of stuff i dont know how,to pronounce,um but yeah ive been taking these this,for for a while now but consistently,every day Ive been taking it probably,for about like a month and a half I,would guess I first started taking it I,just want to try it because Ive tried,organifi which was organifi was cool but,it was kind of expensive and Im not,quite there yet so I tried this little,sample packs of organifi and it was cool,it was kind of expensive and these are,its a Walmart for $14.99 or not for,1496 or something like that so I can,afford these little bit more and it has,some of the things,its our sim is similar to organifi so,try that I have this one that went,through these two and then I have this,one up here as well Im using this one,at the moment I have another one back up,back there trying to get my life,together and be a little bit choose more,healthier options and get my greens in I,first noticed that it was it helped with,my energy so then I was like oh cool I,should probably take this more,consistently and so I started doing that,and,learned that to bring green leafy,vegetables a day can extend your,lifespan so I was like thats awesome,and then I also had some health,challenges challenges challenges sorry -,as well as sobs like well let me go,ahead and get make this a better habit,and start doing this as well I think I,recommend it especially if you cant if,you have like kind of a smaller budget I,recommend trying it out see if you like,it it is it is a little clumpy I want my,life and it doesnt taste the best buddy,I just took it out and I just mix it up,as best as I can and just chug it down,but to be honest it really doesnt taste,it doesnt taste too good its too good,I havent tried any of the other flavors,I know they have bug berry and one,packages like purple and wanted to,yellow and one is a brown or something,like that I just decided I just wouldnt,go with the stick with the regular green,one the original taste and figured Id,go with it so comment down below if wait,tell me what you think about it if you,have any questions and I will comment,back

Green Powder Supplements: An Inside Look At Latest Health Craze

a popular health trend creating quite,the stir,on social media and beyond i saw,something like that at the bottom of an,aquarium,from effervescent tablets and powdered,drink mixes to gummies and even,lollipops greens have made their way,into the mix of the countrys,multi-billion dollar supplement industry,with 9 10 americans struggling to eat,the recommended daily number of fruits,and vegetables many are now turning to,these products to help them get their,vitamins and minerals and a lot of these,things also promise to increase your,energy aid in digestion and support your,immune system while prices vary per,product a 30 serving container of greens,powder can cost between twenty eight and,a hundred dollars whats your take on,these green powder supplements,generally theyre theyre safe uh they,provide some minerals vitamins and other,nutrients,and they can supplement your diet dr,stephen heimsfield serves as a professor,of metabolism and body composition at,the pennington biomedical research,center in baton rouge louisiana have you,heard from people whove taken these,supplements about improvements theyve,noticed ive not seen specific uh,examples of that but people who take,these dietary supplements often will,tell me they feel better for a little,while but it doesnt last and a month,later,theyre off of them for those who find,its not easy eating green doctors say,these supplements can certainly help but,theyre no replacement for eating whole,foods,these supplements only have a tenth or,less of the amount of fiber in it you,need every day,one of the most well-known greens powder,supplements ag-1 by athletic greens the,company says customer growth has,increased 275 percent year-over-year the,subscription-based drink mix starts at,80 a month and boasts 75 vitamins and,minerals in one daily scoop athletic,greens founder and ceo chris ashington,says while he agrees food should always,come first he says ag-1 can help build,nutrition it says daily support for,energy and immune system brain and,neural function liver function gut,health and digestion,hormone function but theres an asterisk,next to each of these claims what do you,say to people who say well then why,should i spend three bucks a day on this,we actually have to put the asterisks,there to state that while there is a,horde of scientific data that the,ingredients exist inside this product,that can substantiate those support,claims those specific claims have not,been validated by the fda ashington says,along with scientifically backed,ingredients anecdotal evidence suggests,his product works have you studied this,product and its direct effects on,peoples health,we have not paid for a separate study,yet vicky on the direct impact of age,one while the food and drug,administration does not review dietary,supplements for safety and effectiveness,before they hit the market organizations,like the national institutes of health,do keep a list of approved products and,their ingredients so before sprinkling,any of these supplements into your diet,look up the ingredients read about the,possible side effects and consult a,doctor if you dont feel well,across the board not just athletic,greens these products lack scientific,study however experts say some of their,individual ingredients do have,supporting research athletic greens,founder chris ashton says he plans to,fund studies on the efficacy of his,overall product in the near future as,for results he says they usually take,three months dr heimsfield says,definitely dont expect results,overnight back to you its good,information vicky were all interested a,lot of people are trying to find,something if they cant get this its so,hard to find the taste exactly salad you,know if it comes in a powder it just,makes it easier i do ive been using,them for a while now i put them in my,smoothies really and i notice a,difference i do and i only notice when i,dont do it right sometimes but its,also because we get up so early yeah but,to vickis point a lot of those a little,prizes,hey thanks for watching our youtube,channel find your favorite recipes,celebrity interviews uplifting stories,shop our favorite deals and so much more,with the today app download it now

Country Farms Super Greens

hey yall so I went to do this product,review today and Im going to be,reviewing super greens and its by,country farms as its fun fresh,nutrition so its a supplement a battery,supplement of greens like super greens,so I purchased this one back months ago,and actually um its all gone so they,say Ive opened this month only use no,thats how much you actually get Ive,used it maybe like twice and at the time,when I use it is only a scoop so just,take the scoop on what you see its a,powdery substance of course and just,tell you a little bit about it so it,says super greens raw food grains fruits,and vegetable formula so it says Ross,super fruit and berry blend so that it,has 32 organic whole food extracts mixed,berries kale barley grass beat wheat,grass blue-green algae and aloe vera and,dairy free probiotic um it has a,delicious berry flavor its four grams,of fiber non-gmo gluten-free 100% a,vegan DVD out so um and it says that one,scoop is you know your service eyes,thats 14 per container I dont know why,I got more out of it than 14 but,sometimes I dont use like a fool school,I might use like a hassle school because,I most of time when Im making a,smoothie I have like um spinach,you know like raw spinach I put in there,I really dont need it but sometimes I,just do it and I will say that this,flavor this product blend very well Im,one of those people that I if I can,taste the grit and stuff I cannot use a,product however this one blends out,really nicely I you know what sometimes,I can drink anything you can taste you,know I have those tastes with it and,they could drink it I cannot do that,this actually has a it mixes like really,really well not it has a very high very,flavor to it so youre definitely gonna,taste a berry flavor in it but it has a,really a nice blend of items it has beat,fruit beet root juice or getting ready,raspberry organic cranberry or getting,strawberry organic carrots organic,blueberry organic pomegranate acid fruit,um organic so or getting blackberry or,again cherry or getting blackberry,raspberry organic what is that I cant,pronounce that so yeah it has like a lot,a lot of stuff the grains blends have,like wheatgrass broccoli or getting,killed,Kaylee Paisley Paisley organic alfalfa,sprouts organic barley grass blue green,algae green cabbage and spinach so the,list goes on and on on so if you havent,tried it yet I highly recommend that you,check it out,like I said for $14.99 is really nice,space then they also have like a all,green one I think its all great without,havent tried yet,so yeah but check it out and if youve,tried it before let me know what your,thoughts are if you havent tried inside,try it please please please let me know,what you think about it alright yeah,thanks so much except about my challenge,and I will holla at you in the next,video alright

Country Farms super greens powder, 10.6 oz, 20 servings

hello everybody out there in youtube,land,[Music],this is whats on the menu for today,its uh,super greens 50 organic,superfoods the alkaline eyes,form aquila alkalize nice formula or,whatever,all right so um,[Music],i got this from uh walgreens,and uh its really,green you know,[Applause],[Music],i wasnt getting a lot of vegetables,in my meal you know i just never got a,lot,so its got like organic greens super,fruits,and its got fiber blend,bunch of vegetables aloe vera is in here,so this one im gonna mix this up,so i want you to see this okay i got,some water in this cup,has a scoop,so,[Music],one scoop of this goes in here,okay i used to put it right like,that right in the bottle and try to,shake it up but it would get stuck at,the bottom,i found out its easier to stir it in a,cup,so thats what im gonna do stir stir,stir,[Applause],yeah um,its got mushrooms in it too yeah,its far out huh so im stirring and im,stirring,you can see that,[Music],you know you can mix this with more than,water ive been taking it with water,you know i can mix it with anything else,i want it,but you know,[Applause],this is fine for me you know,for what im doing if you want to make a,smoothie out of it you can you know,if you want to mix it with anything you,want,im going to try it with almond milk i,havent bought almond milk in a while,[Music],lets see whats happening,[Applause],but first got to get a blender i never,buy blenders,i dont know why i never need them,look on uh online and i see a bunch of,people making smoothies i think,how cool it is to make a smoothie but,then i,figure its like just the same thing as,eating,a vegetable and the fruit you know,its just already mashed down but i do,want to get a blender you know,okay,[Applause],i want to tell you how that tasted,its kind of sweet tasting to me you can,taste the fruit,and you can like smell,the fruit and the vegetables um,what is that stuff that smells like,seaweed almost kind of smelling dried,seaweed,you know but theres no seaweed in here,not that i know of,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],that seaweed barley,wheat grape wheatgrass,uh alfalfa leaves uh,flaxseed spinach parsley,a bunch of names i cant pronounce,uh thats good its got beets,red raspberries cranberries strawberries,blackberries,blueberries pomegranate carrots,cherries i dont know what that is apple,banana,flax mingle papaya,[Music],and a pear pineapple tomato,peach watermelon,its got a few things in there uh,so thats pretty good but look at this,[Applause],isnt that the greenest thing youve,ever seen,[Applause],that is so green you know,its almost like i took something from,like you ever see tap holes,and on top of the water you see the,green,algae stuff that apples are born out of,thats what this looks like,is that green um,its not to me its not harsh to drink,when you first drink it it is,like if you if you drink it with uh the,wrong,mix like i i first started drinking this,with the iced tea mix in it,i didnt like that that tasted terrible,but its not hard to drink,um,i can tell you it keeps you regular um,[Music],but thats basically it like i said,i dont go to the store and i dont buy,a lot of fruits and vegetables,um i think i got one banana left up,there,but uh this makes up for the loss of,vegetables in my diet,so,thats that and um,ive been taking it well using this for,about uh,three weeks now and um,like i said it keeps you regular you,know,kind of keeps kind of like full you know,[Applause],[Music],if youre on a real strict diet like im,trying to lose weight myself,this can help but you will need to put,something in your body besides this,of course but uh,thats basically it uh super greens,im gonna put this in the ice box and,let it chill some more,all right peace out

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