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Superior Muscle X

basic guide to bodybuilding supplements,bodybuilding is in today and more and,more s are asking whether or not the,bodybuilding supplements available in,the market today can help them reach,their goals the truth is choosing to,take one is a personal decision you can,choose to take natural supplements like,minerals and vitamins to help build,muscles naturally and effectively,however there are some bodybuilding,supplements in the market that contain,synthetic supplements that often have,adverse effects on the body one of the,best bodybuilding supplements in the,market is the one that can be added to,your protein shade this supplement is,taken to boost creating you and is,usually taken off to the bodybuilding,workout because it replaces the damaged,cells due to the strenuous bought a,budding workout this type of supplement,also helps replenish and sugar use,during the workout routine so that the,bodybuilder can still have a boost of,energy,though there are many different,bodybuilding supplements available in,the market it is important to remember,that the most important supplementation,one could get is the weight lifting,itself as a matter of fact this is the,most important and most critical,component because without enough weight,lifting trainings it is impossible to,build a good amount of muscle mass a,bodybuilding workout routine and,includes different exercises can help,the muscles grow in the most natural and,safest way possible to get the maximum,weight lifting benefit it is a good idea,to use different muscles during the,workout and change your routine,regularly if you want to have really big,muscles then the best workout routine is,to lift larger amount of weights fewer,times rather than live less weights more,times aside from weight lifting for,another good supplement to consider is,natural minerals and vitamins taking a,multivitamin once a day will help your,body absorb all the essential minerals,and vitamins that it needs in building,bottles also by taking these,bodybuilding supplements in moderation,you can be sure that you consume the,right amount of flax oil and good fats,which are good for building muscles,aside from taking supplements it is also,helpful to have a proper exercise and,nutrition plan instead of having three,meals a day its better to eat several,small meals,this can help you lose fact by,increasing your metabolism moreover you,can also use calorie cycles to obtain,the maximum benefits for your body as,you can see the best bodybuilding,supplements are actually produced within,our body through our bodys natural,process the muscle cells multiplying,they grow to build muscle mass,nutrient-rich foods vitamins and,minerals are natural and healthy ways to,help in the production of muscle mass,yes it is also a good idea to take,bodybuilding supplements but still it is,important to incorporate exercise and,proper nutrition

Superior Muscle X Bodybuilding Supplement

superior muscle that 10th bodybuilding,supplement there are so many body,bonding tips and free workout routines,available on the web these days and,there is ever increasing interest of,people in bodybuilding programs many,people want to build muscle but do not,know how and where to start some people,do hire a personal fitness trainer for,this purpose but many do it by their own,and fail because of not having,background knowledge proper bodybuilding,workout schedule and their said fitness,goals people start order bundling,without any proper planning and quick,quickly when they fail to get any,results come up with a plan before,starting any body holding program it is,highly recommended that you should come,up with a proper plan always set your,goals realistically to make your,bodybuilding program successful if you,set your gold unrealistically simply,youre setting up a fail you plan to,yourself bodybuilding and diet almost,all body bonding programs involve some,strenuous exercises so your body needs,extra energy for such workouts and,exercises,diet plays a major role in the body,bottling process and you should eats,healthy diet and supplements to fuel,your body try sticking to whole organic,foods which offer a blended complex,carbohydrates fats and complete proteins,food supplements protein intake protein,is the most common supplement used for,bodybuilding one of the best things,about protein is that it gets absorbed,in the body very quickly the high,content of system amino acid in the whey,proteins makes them highly beneficial,supplements for bodybuilding,testosterone supplement a high level of,testosterone helps in burning fats and,building muscles there are so many,natural ways to increase testosterone,level in the body using supplements,tribulus terrestris a natural herb can,boost testosterone level tremendously if,you are going to consider supplementing,your diet keep it simple and always keep,in mind every supplement has its own,value soy whey creating a minus hydrate,peanut proteins electrolytes,multivitamins and etc are all great,supplement options train your brain to,the best athlete / sports persons train,their minds along with bodies in order,to become successful if you want success,of your plan you need to prepare,yourself mentally to always focus on,your goals and keep an eye on your,short-term and long-term goals and when,following your bodybuilding workout,schedule only focus on your exercises,both physically and mentally do variety,of trainings to make your bodybuilding,program successful keep on changing your,training regimes instead of repeating,the same workouts every time compound,exercises which involve at least two or,more sets of your body muscle are the,best workouts for bodybuilding,these variety of workouts and exercises,not only help you keep motivated and,active but also help in achieving your,gold quickly rest of sleep many novice,bodybuilders always forget the,importance of sleep and rest for,building muscle mass your muscles grow,when you sleep so if you are not getting,enough sleep you are not allowing your,muscle to grow your muscles need some,rest wear and tear they get during your,strenuous workouts and exercises simply,allow your body adequate sleep and rest,during your workouts to make them grow,in the way you want consistency is the,key the last but the most important body,bundling tip is to be consistent no,matter which bodybuilding program you,are following and what goals you are,going to achieve if you are following,all about tips but not consistent in,following any of them youre simply,wasting your time and energy so it is,very important to follow your workout,and diet plans regularly to make your,body building plan successful

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Ripped Muscle X & Elite Test 360 For Superior Gains – Review!

attention bodybuilders all over the,world are you spending too much time in,the gym and not getting the results that,you were expecting i understand i used,to be the same way but things are a lot,different for me now and they could be,different for you too,how would you feel if you could spend,less time in the gym and get up to twice,the results from it youd feel pretty,good right now how would you feel if i,told you that i could show you how to,make this happen by this time next month,i know it sounds like its too good to,be true but i promise you it is possible,the best part of it all is that you,probably already spend more time working,out than you need to im going to show,you a very easy way to gain the muscle,that you want without spending any more,effort by the end of this short video,youll learn exactly what you need to,get the body that you want what im,going to show you is so easy that almost,anyone can do it successfully all you,have to do is take a proven supplement,that works wonders on your workout,doubling tripling and even quadrupling,your workouts effectiveness im so,confident that this will work for you,that i guarantee youll get results im,talking about a bodybuilding supplement,called ripped muscle x it has worked,wonders for so many people in your,situation we know youll love it too i,used to be just like you i had the same,problem in the gym lifting aimlessly,trying to get the body i dreamed of and,yet i saw everyone with amazing bodies i,had to ask them what was their secret,and so many of them recommended that i,try ripped muscle x but then after,speaking to even more seasoned weight,lifters i stumbled upon another,supplement when combined with ripped,muscle x exploded my results heres what,i did i combined elite test 360 to gain,more energy and mass and then used,ripped muscle x to rip out i did this,for about three weeks and guess what it,worked the results were nothing short of,amazing the results were in fact,mind-blowing i mean it i even got a few,guys in the gym onto it and they still,thank me for the advice every time they,see me i guess the student can become,the master after all in fact it felt so,amazing now that i finally had more time,to actually show off my body at the,beach at parties at the swimming pool,everywhere not to mention feeling,amazing getting the validation i needed,after so many wasted months and years in,the gym i felt so confident after seeing,the results others were getting i,decided to share this secret with more,people just like you since then ive,become a fitness instructor in my gym,and i help others all day long to get,the body that they want the good news,for you is that its not hard to do its,actually so easy that anybody can do it,including you its just a supplement you,dont have to spend 20 hours a week in,the gym not only that this obviously,doesnt take hours and hours to learn,how to do let me give you an example of,just one thing that you can start using,right now,heres one of the most valuable secrets,that youll learn,its not the amount of time that you,spend in the gym its what you do in,that time that counts it really is that,easy trust me if i could do it you can,too you can have the body you want,without the effort you think is needed i,know this seems too good to be true but,let me prove it to you check this out,james harrison said i have used rip,muscle x alone and got great results,when i combined elite test 360 my body,literally morphed into a new person,thanks guys and someones wife sent this,in mary s says since my husband started,using ripped muscle x i can hardly keep,up with his libido heres exactly what,youll get ripped muscle x and elite,test 360. when combined you will gain,more muscle mass and shred that muscle,mass for the perfect body increasing,your testosterone levels increased sex,drive and libido and more overall energy,and everything you do it used to be that,to get access to this level of,professional supplement you would have,to spend hundreds or even thousands,youd have to spend a small fortune or a,lot of your own time or you would have,to hire an expert trainer but now,theres a much faster easier and more,affordable option by now im sure youre,wondering how much will this cost,you can normally expect to pay at least,120 dollars for both ripped muscle x and,elite test 360. but i have some good,news for you for a limited time theyre,offering a discount if you order right,now if you choose to get started today,youll save over 120 dollars just pay,for shipping and handling and see for,yourself the kind of results youll get,the free trial is only valid for a short,while but if you take action today you,wont be too late get everything i,mentioned for free just pay the shipping,and handling thats right instead of,paying full price if you buy right now,youll get everything you need to start,seeing results for free thats an,amazing deal for a supplement that will,solve so many problems for you like it,has for myself and so many others like,us,remember the discount is only available,for a limited time so take advantage of,it right now by clicking on the link or,the buy button below and get started,right away even at such an incredibly,low price we know that some of you may,still be on the fence about this which,is why were going to make this an easy,decision for you and eliminate all of,the risk if youre not happy for any,reason at all just email us or use the,support numbers on the main sites and,your money will immediately be refunded,no questions asked you have nothing to,lose no questions asked all the risk is,on us you literally have nothing to lose,in everything to gain click on the link,or the buy button below and get started,right away,also if that isnt enough youll get,access to seven keys to total,transformation valued at sixty seven,dollars making sure you get off to a,perfect start in the gym the bonus,material alone is worth more than the,price of both supplements and its free,for you today included in the discounted,price if you click the button or link,below right now but youve got to act,now because the discount and the bonus,will only be available for a limited,time after that youll have to pay full,price,dont waste your time in the gym anymore,click on the link or the buy button,below and get started right

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I Wore An Electric Ab Belt For A Week… Effortless 6-pack?

you may have seen the ridiculous,commercials or heard the ridiculous,claims but there may actually be some,studies to back this up Im talking,about those AB stimulating belts do they,actually work can you train your abs,effortlessly what if you wore one of,these all day long would my abs get,toned would my waistline shrink would I,quote burn fats well thats exactly what,I decided to find out in this one week,experiment wearing an AB stimulating,belt,but you gotta Focus,okay thats what were dealing with,right here I thought it would be bigger,do not heat the fitness apparatus or,remote control in the microwave,thats it like what you need to spray,some clean water onto the pad,[Music],to increase the strength gotta press up,[Music],its like electrocuting me how am I,supposed to sit there all day with this,on mode 2 is a sit-up pattern that ones,jolt in the apps,oh man maybe Im just sensitive to this,gosh that is weird every time this thing,flashes right here thats it like,shocking me essentially and then I turn,this up and it increases the strength so,can barely feel it like at all I still,cant really feel that but then all of a,sudden ah Im starting to feel that ow,ow,I can really feel four do you guys see,it working,what the ah all right so were just,gonna like keep this thing on and were,gonna go work all right I gotta zone out,just gotta let it work my abs so ab,stimulators and devices alike are said,to work by electrical muscle stimulation,thats just a fancy way of saying,sending electrical signals to contract,your muscles or shocking the muscle,literally which is most likely why I,felt like it was shocking me at first,now I do have to tell you it wasnt so,much like a sharp shock pain it was kind,of like a more dull shock pain but,either way call me a [ __ ] Im just not,someone who likes to have the feeling of,being shocked in any way all right so,its been about 30 minutes and Im like,kind of like almost sweating like every,time I just like kind of jolt on this,thing okay its recommended to use 12 to,15 minutes per exercise two to three,times per day yeah so Ive already had,it on like 30 minutes and Im like,extremely uh just uncomfortable right,now now based on my research if youre,interested in an AB stimulating device,you should exercise precaution in in,fact most of these devices like this one,sold on Amazon are going to be,unregulated which means theyre not FDA,approved according to WebMD unregulated,AB stimulators carry a higher risk of,burns bruises skin irritation electrical,shock and problems interacting with,other medical devices like pacemakers,now the one I ended up buying I could,not find any certificate of,authentication Im sitting here editing,this video getting some screen footage,you know whats bad when the English is,just so broken reminder keep your skin,moist when use the belt use it correctly,and insistently,you will see an distance effect,and distance effect,what but it was the number one,bestseller and the price was actually a,lot cheaper than some of the other,comparable models but then again you got,to keep in mind there are techniques,some of these companies do to get their,product to be the number one bestseller,or to get a bunch of comments on their,product so it doesnt always mean its a,good product just remember at the end of,the day I assume the risk and I decided,to go with this one and so far it seemed,like it was working like it was supposed,to,foreign,so Ive had this thing on for a little,bit over an hour now I went all the way,up to four but Ive only been able to,keep it on three I dont even know how,high this thing will go I could see,holy crap it looks like it can go up to,15. thats got to be insane dude am I,just a weenie if it can go all up to 15,thats like five times more oh man why,okay ah,good morning guys all right now Ive,actually got a dentist appointment in,about 20 minutes so Im gonna pop this,thing on head to the dentist and you,know what hey hopefully this thing will,take my mind off of them just reaching,around in my mouth oh theres that,feeling I just cant wait to be done,with,treated Adam from the car,it feels like its actually getting,weaker right now like its not feeling,as intense I dont know if that was just,because it was going while I was having,stuff done to my mouth uh just a,cleaning maybe if its just getting,weaker or Im getting more used to it so,I might I might bump it up in a bit,feels like Im having an AB muscle,twitch it seems to work better if you,relax and dont like fight it you know,beautiful day to train abs without,training abs,this little charging cord its just a,USB plug what am I supposed to plug this,in my laptop or something I wish it,would they would come with a plug you,know what Im saying and then Im going,to plug this into my iPhone charger,right back in here all these wires yeah,thats probably the same answer so well,let this sit for a bit and then uh,hopefully itll be fully charged its,later in the afternoon Im about to go,to the gym during my workout today Im,gonna be wearing the ab stimulator I,guess its fully charged because its,just off theres no light anymore,lets put this thing back on and get,stimulating while were working out,[Music],oh yeah its going,[Music],working out with the ebb simulator,seemed to take my mind off the constant,jolt on the ABS in fact maybe the muscle,contractions in the other muscles that I,was working out was somehow,neurologically taking my senses away,from my core also it could be because I,had it only on a lower level well see,later when I bump it up to a higher,level during a workout,now dont get me wrong even at this,lower level that I had it on now it was,still uncomfortable and personally Id,much rather work out without wearing,some kind of ab stimulating belt or any,kind of device regardless for this video,we kept it on during the workout and on,day two the total time wearing the belt,was around two hours,all right good morning guys now level,five is pretty intense like Ive only,been able to do it for you know like 30,seconds so maybe if I can get level five,for like 20 minutes and then Ill bump,it down maybe to level four for like an,hour but yeah I feel like I am getting,more used to this thing and I feel like,it like just looking at my abs like they,look a little like bigger so is it,working maybe look at that thing bump,was this actually starting to work what,did the study say one study I found had,24 adults wearing a neuromuscular,electrical stimulation device thats,supposed to be similar to the one I have,on my abs five days a week for 20 to 40,minute sessions for eight weeks and,compared to the control group The,stimulation group had a 50 increase in,abdominal strength also a 100 increase,in abdominal endurance,man its hard to concentrate with that,thing just constantly going like ah now,also the waist circumference of the,individuals wearing that neuromuscular,electrical stimulation device measured,on average 3.5 centimeters smaller than,the control group also all 24 subjects,in the stimulation group said that they,felt their midsections were more toned,and firmed and over half of them felt,their posture was improved as a result,of the stimulation however its very,important to note that there were no,significant differences in bodyweight,BMI or skin fold thickness over the,course of the study,oh so unlike the first day where I only,did it once for like a long time or the,second day where I did it twice Im,gonna try to break this up today maybe,like three times four times Im gonna,let this roll for like 40 more minutes,take a break then Im gonna put it back,on again so just got the Shaving but now,Im gonna shave my stomach so that we,can get a nice close contact with the am,stimulator device before my hair on my,stomach gets way too out of control and,maybe prevents the thing from working so,well so I was actually a little worried,that the growth of my stomach hairs was,preventing maximum conduction between,the stimul

PROHORMONES: “Steroid Like” Muscle Gains? | SAFE & LEGAL?

아,왓 영원한 acn 지대 요거 1gb 좌 킹 잡아 of 홈 험,우주에서 터 앞에 그때 이후 벤스 좋았어요 lancaster & co 해,줘 초안 토하는 ceo 아이 낳아,feet over soon to main 스윙 버튼 째 on my,vision 와트 홈 혼자 합의금 배 대학 교수 do it,모델 메인배너 배치 osteen 마우스 n 호흡 링,우오 나와 돼요 워터 os 와의 캄 수표 등 s 데레 뜻이 마모 보호에,갯수 다롄 pal rock cover ver 뮤비 화법으로 판매,o kong 앞에 후아 이래 from 혼자 빠이 받은 모두 파워포 싸,포맨 6인 책 nls 기우 워리어 싸 봄에 나 특화시킨 bf copy,크진 앞에 언닌 pro 엄호 저의 내는 사회인 개 flv,diplo 와 먼저 아프리카 오션 뭐 q 그럼 뭐지,악취 보 엠버와 코어 마운티아 쏘쏘 스톰 다운 켄 리플즈 즉 plan 나,라고 얘기할 머리에서 이프 del 호와 마운 자지 아스 4수가 낸 송환,maroon5 one to ten 쥬스 error 2,벌떼 기운 헬스 3 4 어디 옆이 좋아 뭐 sites on the,room 3 탐 헛소릴 치워야 g,4 root 뭘 하드 room photo on horse reason,to re-use pool and to refer to some rio,어머 오버 2기 one kolon 절전 우유의 그 원목 카주 hate,plus 오브 더 toy tower 리뷰 2 가끔 한 책임 시장으로,진짜로 food 것일 수 있게 빼러 벌써부터 쎔 싸이 펜 loose t,saw my flowers 타고 저희 eo poder 페이스북 의 군,비니 뭐 이렇게라도 다 어디에 스치고 hm had a 좀 구할수 인 io,있나 숍 fat 70% 호 아몬 라 o2 모습을 머 언 어 져 빠에 절하,디아 쓸 새 나어때 아이스버그 태아가 버스 잡으려고 왜 you 사문 쉬울,수교 앞으로 on 싸이 거 of cf 2,원래부터 한 쪽 뺀 한테 뭐 배쯤 그 링 크리스마스 on to pou,pointers 알도 포함한 생두에 를 큰 패러디 비옷,따스아리 winter,예 나가이 jodie 아어 무스 rod 좀 주쇼 햄버거 drop over,o som 그 위생 df 대학시험 호 한번 생겨 마릿수 골 스케치 뭐,무쏘와 이다 입엔 안 2 die im 좋아할,우리 오를 수 2 유체 매긴 포함된 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄,쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄,릭,ikea 츤 폴 비루 베이스 시즌 4 9 센 large 피카 스포츠,주안점 벨 쿨 4% or 마운드에 어이 sc 빙 위치에는 키워 eos,cde 이아 쇼파 법이오 특히 loop from 원부터 머리에 뿔이 빡,우지 수납 to 원 싸이 거 nu 캠프 아 보이게 이런차 이외수 골프로,모어 마운트 로라 안주는 때 부피 따서 야손 데코레이션 nex-5,etait video 컨퍼런스 포르 파일의 9 되어 1425 엔터 우사,애교,리스컴 파워는 짜사이 코스 포워드 부츠 액션 nw open 낼수 얘기를,2기 6화 면서 반면 아 호남 애니 하우 뜻이오,뭐 다를 줄 수 2 폐를 이해할 순 배 di sole source r1,the end soon we sba 은 앱을 나 or love you,to 토스트 말수 줄수 1 tb 버프 아쉬움에 로케이션 놓았고 티무르,닌자의 from as cool as 도 입사 문 bert 왠 땡 에러,어브 아래는 시간 엔자임 4 velvet moon 와이프 la 머와 어디,epcos to a 씨는 수용하며 1,너네 왜 이런 분말 솔 쌩얼 or operate to sports,rexton 주악 워낙 내 암이 빙빙 행 크리스 웹 술사 없다지,노벨이 뺑 드 좋아 교수 볼 수표의 내 몸이 생업에 쇼 1가 에서 익은,위고 주 안전화 세끼 커서 멀티도 쓰이다 let my 위고의 엔써 있어요,나 봐도 안 추락 전유 사이도 유니트 대학교 외부인 출입 하이퍼 와 수업,하이 bp 와 odm 4 볼트 악세스 리 묻혀서 빠 안나를 cowell,and eta 갤포 싸이코 셸 비 나서도 습이 후원 아픈 너의 어디,사이트 유아 소자 허브 더 업 이유,포사 이곳 esc 아파트 책 잡힐 버리기 딱 좋 노모 원 7 사이가 오버,sdk 아주머니 답이 생 port 이빨 되서 명이나 오하우 teman,테인 노모 호모 노화 보상 moon was over i took a,were 2,아 이거 nie in the node,영역 바간 나노튜브 한준 mp do 하다 어둠 월도프 rx 네이처 소리에,그 into 코스트 바로 to note 에 나와 찌게 우위 5i 너희 와,어리 뜻 나야 대는 동안 뜻의 이 원자 우선 더워서 마르바이크 업무 안,투정이 blade 2박스 먼 like 속에 볼 때 쏘아 슌 나이트 일단,뭐 1 쏘아야 2% 우호와 뭐 ytn 벅 core ios or,terminal 웬 타오 볼 h of contour of reeve,make to use it easier to peer qtv aveo,pro 와 마우스 기아 될 nato route to sell to or,특허 햄 you a roof 이로써 재개 싹 and port of,painter once my,ios reside in 앞으로 보 한번씩 딱 이하이 프 트 알트 수업은,푸아 세이브 dmf 말씀과 주면 헤어와 모어 데이 쇼 헹구어 dv es,la 늦은 있으나 아셔야 nm 월 수 없이 floor 마우스와 펜스를,애플의 터 학생 lead dml 지도 왜 불 때 초아 이밖에 맺는데 1,사이트 공원의 나 포호아 뭐 alice for overseas order,성인 프로 호화 뭐 초 ok feat 파우더 파오인 통해서도 수건 매개,됐어요 주 남부 봉안 내의 비우 pve 아주 야캠 난 쟤 김프로 호머,나물 치우 proof 한번 when we enter now now epl,소스 주인께 유켄 나중에 아까 ode to our top solo,stove 애모 아스 2,임 합작 개업하고 이 싸이도 언어 좋은 부어 링크 2승 4패 안쪽살 뭐임,12p 6개를 와 멉니다 이렇게 내 볼기를 와 흡사해 pool and,so 태백 우리 누나와 open ciws 타프 듀스 쇼 어떻게 해야될,hang 큐빅 마주볼 수 없기 때문이 월보 후원자 뱅어포 호머,footer me ok,1 2 저안에 풀 사람들 게임 my ways of 호화 뭐 쏘아 키스,oto 않고 아시오,horse myosin 백날 크로우 뵙기로 해요 out env 링 게임,사곤 sp1 출사 읽고 해야 하는데 뭐어,to repel 보호해야 메리 5,so we enter to be to lsl,spence 빼 맨 겸 디펜스 rs 마제 슈 to one or leave,아치와 cg 파워와 이나 책이 원전수주 점 주 한테 메인 테이블 위엔,낮추어 어허 이거 뭐야,nuv 원점 와인에 프로그램의 nars 내 교회의 soup 보나 5j 또,울려 와 있어 시작을 클릭하면 맨 이 제품 포함한 n8 윤아 어우 etf,릴소 입어 깊은 시귀 컴즈 푸쉬 br 너 시장으로 fg 서버 피워 킹즈,pro 와 먼저 써본 yes + 네이버 pro 와 마운트 아들 나,yeol 이젠 하우 될 내 몸은 나죠 쏘울 슈트 매 긴게 인 애들 이슬을,왼쪽 파워 앤 심지어 could do 옛날 내 학생이 한 고아 매듭 메인,쓰고 있어야 함,해투 사이트 거에요 아 페스토 사이 woong 횡포로 홍 한번 써 apo,킹이 뜨네 맨 있듯 조모 앞에는 파악 er sdn 날 아침 영하 and,i pc 케이스나 outlets cs3 뭐 어떻게 추행 nut 아예 pu,의 herb 쓰는거 뭐 하나 be open to reel 주임 해야 스벤,obvious on gold 페리 에어 b 슐로스 r so it on,addio 다른 쫓게 된 건물 you improve 오프 앤 초코 말,웹사이트 마스크 시장이 또 컴,너비 아스 마킹 제 프로그램 해야되는 q 벤츠 적 4불 벌써 n sox,뭐 어쩌겠어 밤 해주세요,dr,아 아 아 으 으 으 으 으

Clinical testing extraocular muscles tutorial

were now going to talk about clinically,testing the extraocular muscles this,picture shows the anatomical actions on,the left of the screen the clinical,testing of muscles on the right side of,the screen and what is the difference,well thats the purpose of this tutorial,the medial rectus and lateral rectus,muscles all the only two extra ocular,muscles that act in the x-axis so how,will you clinically test these two,muscles and their associated cranial,nerves to do that we take them look at,their actions well the lateral rectus a,B ducts the eye the medial rectus the D,ducts the I so clinically test them have,them look towards their nose or towards,the wall that simple medial rectus will,test cranial nerve three lateral rectus,will test the abducens nerve cranial,nerve six the superior rectus and,inferior bleak muscles are the only two,extra ocular muscles that act in the,y-axis to elevate the eye and look up,therefore to test the superior rectus,muscle it must be isolated from the,inferior oblique and vice versa,how is this done well the superior,rectus muscle is shown here in pink and,the inferior oblique is grayed out in,order to isolate the superior rectus,from the inferior oblique muscle the,vector pull of the muscles the solid,arrow must be placed in parallel with,the gaze of the orbit the dotted arrow,and what action would be necessary in,order to accomplish this correct you,have the patient a B duck to their eye,now the vector pole of the superior,rectus solid arrow is in parallel with,the gaze of the orbit the dotted arrow,and now the patient is instructed to,look up now what access with the,inferior bleak muscle now act if it,contracted with the IAB ducted its on,the z axis it torques the eye and you,thats something thats not easy to see,now the inferior bleak muscle is,highlighted with the superior rectus,muscle grayed-out in order to isolate,the inferior oblique from the superior,rectus muscle the vector pull of the,muscle that solid arrow must be placed,in parallel with the gaze of the orbit,the dotted arrow so what action would be,necessary in order to accomplish this,correct they add act their I now the,vector pull of the inferior oblique the,solid arrow is in parallel with the gaze,of the orbit that dotted arrow now the,patient is instructed to look up so what,access with the superior rectus now act,with the I adapted its going to act on,that z-axis to torque the eye which is,not something easy to see so Im,clinically testing first you have the,patient look laterally and then look up,thats how you isolate the superior,rectus away from the inferior oblique,and to test the inferior oblique you,have the patient adductor I first and,then look up and thats the way you,isolate the inferior oblique away from,the superior rectus so the superior,oblique and the inferior rectus muscles,are the only two extra ocular muscles,that act in the y-axis to depress the,eye look down therefore to test the,superior oblique it must be isolated,from the inferior rectus and vice versa,so how is this done the superior oblique,muscle is highlighted in pink inferior,rectus is highlighted in grey or just,gray pardon what actions necessary in,order to put the vector of the superior,muscle superior oblique muscle that,solid arrow parallel with the gaze of,the orbit that dotted arrow correct you,have to adapt the eye now look there in,parallel so look the inferior rectus,muscle on the bottom and the superior,oblique is grayed out how would you put,the gaze of the orbit that dotted arrow,in parallel with the gaze of the,inferior rectus a solid arrow correct,you a B duck the eye now theyre in,parallel now you have the patient look,down so here weve got the super oblique,in the inferior rectus muscles shown how,theyre tested the superior oblique is,isolated from the inferior rectus by a,duct in the eye first and the inferior,rectus is isolated from the superior,oblique by a bedecked in the eye first,and this is now how youve got clinical,testing of muscles in the right,anatomical actions on the left

Product Demo | Road Warrior Feat. Dirt Buster | Superior Products

ill tell you when i go whats up,everybody welcome back to superior,products channel,my name is jolene i work at the company,and today we are doing something a,little bit different,um a little change of pace right now,it is fall we are getting ready to clean,up,our campers and our rvs and get them,winterized,so i thought it would be fun to do a,quick video,uh showcasing our product road warrior,road warrior is a very,unique cleaner it is kind of a,soap degreaser it has so many uses this,product is just,really amazing but one thing that it,excels at is removing black streaks off,of,campers rvs buses,and it just it just wipes them right off,so i am going to show you guys today how,easy it is to use,how quickly it works this product is,inexpensive it is a concentrate,you can dilute it and it is not only,for rvs and campers this is awesome on,gutters on siding you can use it on the,interior of your vehicles,so many uses such a great product im,going to show you how it works right now,lets get started,hey vicky hey john how are you im doing,great how are you,great would you mind telling us a little,bit about what you guys have going,on here at colemans sure hi im vicki,with colemans campers we are located at,number two fund street hartford illinois,we are a forest river dealer what that,means is we have,pumas salem palominos,microlight flagstaff campers we have,a parts and service department so we can,not only sell you a camper,but we can service it or supply you,parts if you like to,service it yourself feel free to reach,out with any questions that we can help,you with,i have some water already set up here,weve got a couple of buckets,and weve got a spray bottle i am,actually going to do,two products today we are going to put a,road warrior,into a bucket and we are going to put,dirt buster into the other bucket,a couple of different ways to dilute it,so i have a,spray bottle right here were going to,cut this 50 50.,so this will be one part water one part,road warrior,and this is really good for if you have,some black streaks that have really,baked on there and theyre just,really nasty i would go probably you,know one,to one to get those off and then im,also going to show you this product,diluted into a bucket of water so when,we dilute it into the bucket of water,its literally just going to be like a,couple of,ounces of product in the water,and the other thing that is really cool,about this product so,road warrior is water-based it is not,solvent-based so that means that it is,going to be,safe on your decals on your,its not its not going to hurt anything,basically so,you know your solvent-based cleaners a,lot of times act as,an adhesive remover and theyll,theyll mess up your pin striping or,your decals this product is,not going to do that so really cool,uh the other thing that is awesome is,you can,put it directly into your pressure,washer and its,not going to damage any of the guts or,parts or anything in your pressure,washer,if you are using this in a pressure,washer i would use one to two ounces,per gallon of water so not a lot of,product is needed,if you want to put it into your pressure,washer and just clean the side of your,rv or your bus or whatever it is that,youre trying to detail,so weve got this in here this is one to,one road warrior,so a cap is right around an,ounce so i am going to put two capfuls,one two,into my bucket of water here over here,in this bucket were gonna do the same,thing,with dirt buster dirt buster is our,cherry scented soap,it is perfect if you are hand washing,smells like cherries high stud neutral,ph,just all around great,soap to use so again im gonna do about,two ounces,so one little cup,one little cup,all right so weve got soap in one,weve got road warrior in the other,lets clean,in this area right here you guys so um,for half of it,im gonna go in and im gonna wash it,with just dirt buster first the soap,first and show you guys how the black,streaks will remain,on there and then i will follow that up,with the spray bottle of 50 50,road warrior well remove these what im,gonna try on this half is,just using the road warrior thats in,the bucket that has been diluted down,quite a bit so couple you know a little,experiment here,and lets see what happens,i have no idea when the last time this,was cleaned,these are not rubbing off,you can see how well the 50 50 road,warrior,worked on this panel versus what were,trying to clean here,if i had a pressure washer and i was,getting a little bit,more than you know my,my buff biceps over here a little bit,more action,the the road warrior in the pressure,washer,would probably take these off very,easily theres no protectant really left,on this rv i dont even know how old,this thing is theres no clear,on here either these are probably some,of the worst types of black streaks that,youll encounter,most of the time if its a newer rv like,if we pan,over here to this rv most of the time,the black streaks that you encounter are,from rubber,and the rubber gets um the it it rains,the sun elements everything will,get into this rubber and then that,actual rubber,will leak down and will cause black,streaks,off of the rubber which is how this,works really well these over here,that that we are working on,these are nasty and they are baked in,there,and they are hardcore so im going to,show you guys just so that you can see,this bucket right here is where we put,two ounces of road warrior,you know in the bucket of water i dont,see it removing these black streaks so,ill just show you guys,all right so very small amount,of road warrior in there and lets just,wipe it,its not really pulling those black,streaks out this is road warrior one to,one,and im gonna show you guys its gonna,take me,a little bit of muscle but its gonna,take these black streaks off so,here we go,okay so im just going to stop but you,can see right here,you have to do you have to work a little,bit harder when the black streaks,are like this and to just to give you an,instance were going to take you guys,over to a couple of the other rvs that,are here that are newer,that have some of those black streaks,that have fallen off of the rubber,and im going to show you guys just how,easy those come off this little guy,you got to work a little bit there are,not a lot of products on the market,that will cost what road warrior costs,that is water-based that will take these,black streaks off like that,most of the time what detailers end up,having to do,is buff these out and that is so much,more time consuming,the other thing that you can do is,theres like those big green truck,washing brushes,um you can take those and that would,actually be,more efficient to clean you know a,bigger surface youre gonna get,you can just then take that like trek,washing brush and dip it in your,solution,if they are like this though youre,going to want to put more road warrior,in your bucket than two ounces,two ounces is a pretty small amount so i,would put more,depending on how much water is in there,and then you can take that truck washing,brush,and you can just hit it and wipe these,off so lets,pan over and look at,what weve cleaned and what is left on,[Music],there,[Music],[Music],so,[Applause],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],this product is not only fantastic on,black streaks if youre cleaning your,siding if youre cleaning your gutters,this stuff is,awesome for that you spray you wipe its,clean,like that easy interiors for your like,door,jambs or um on the inside that,those hard to reach areas that youre,trying to clean,um i know there have been some people,that have done videos on dark fury,working,fantastic on door jambs and it does but,this is another alternate um for you,guys to try out and to test,because this will also work really well,on interiors,and if you want to use it as an interior,cleaner you definitely need to cut it,back at least ten to one i wouldnt,recommend going,any heavier with this guy for interiors,hows it going it went fantastic,th

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