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Supply Chain Management In 6 Minutes | What Is Supply Chain Management? | Simplilearn

[Music],alex is a major tech enthusiast,recently he attended a virtual apple,launch event where he witnessed the,capabilities of the all-new iphone 13,series,instantly he made the decision to get an,iphone 13 pro however he missed the,pre-booking deadline and hes been,waiting for this phone to hit the,e-commerce sites ever since,after waiting for a long time he visited,the offline apple store where the store,representative informed him about an,ongoing delay in the production of,iphone 13 pro due to the supply chain,inefficiency,alex then went to a couple of more,trusted apple reseller outlets and,received the same response,he then became intrigued about this term,supply chain and how it affects the,production of a big corporation like,apple inc,therefore he began exploring this topic,he spoke with his friend rachel who,works at apple inc to learn about supply,chain management and how the chain is,disrupted due to international chip,shortage,rachel explained to him about supply,chain management using applelinks,example,she said if you order an iphone from the,apple store youll notice that apple is,not precisely delivering the product on,its own,all the iphones available in apple store,are majorly manufactured at the shinsen,assembly plant in china,but before that raw material suppliers,from all around the world deliver goods,needed to manufacture an iphone to this,assembly site,and once the product is assembled it,gets shipped to the storage warehouse,and then to your doorstep by third-party,vendors like fedex or ups,this means entities such as raw,materials supplier manufacturer and,third-party logistics vendor are in,consistent communication with each other,until the iphone reaches you,these entities and their communication,involved in product manufacturing to,product delivery is collectively,considered as a supply chain after,listening to this alex asked rachel how,apple inc has implemented this supply,chain,and how can one design a sleek strategy,to manage a supply chain that is not,overly influenced by external factors,in response rachel explained well there,are five stages for building supply,chain management and apple has adopted,these stages while building the supply,chain management strategy,the first stage of building a supply,chain is planning an operational,strategy,apple since its inception has had a,clear goal,to provide the best personal computing,devices to consumers the initiative of,apple to scrutinize each app or program,before launching it on the apple app,store makes all apple devices more,secure these pre-planned actions or,strategies have been the most vital usps,of this organization,the next stage is sourcing,in this stage apple acquires equipment,and materials from suppliers and then,ships them to the offshore assembly,factory in china the 120 hertz screens,are exported from samsungs assan plant,foxconn ships batteries and the,processing chips are manufactured and,exported by tsmc,then comes the third stage known as,making,this is the stage where apple,manufactures its products the outsourced,chinese assembly plant majorly assembles,all apple products and ships them to the,warehouses or distribution centers,spread across multiple continents,after that the next stage of supply,chain management delivery comes into,play here the products ordered online,get shipped to the doorstep of consumers,from storage warehouses,whereas the distribution centers on the,other hand send items to retail stores,for offline sales this whole shipping,process is carried out by third-party,logistics vendors such as fedex,supply chain managements last building,stage is returns here the faulty or,damaged products during delivery get,shipped back to the storage warehouses,and then the assembly planned for,refurbishment,statistically speaking 97 of apples,supply chain is all about outsourcing,agreements and collaborations,which has helped apple become the best,computing device producer,however due to the recent worldwide chip,shortage apples supply chain has been,affected adversely the world was shut,down because of the covet 19 pandemic,and many factories also went down with,it leaving chip manufacturing materials,unavailable for months,increased consumer electronic demand in,recent times and scarcity of,semiconductor supplies,has put pressure on apples supply chain,prompting the company to halt production,of 10 million iphone 13 devices,after listening to rachel alex learned,why there is a constant delay in the,delivery of iphones and became more,patient about his desire to buy an,iphone,on that note heres a question for you,from the given options which option does,not fall under the stages of supply,chain management,a,planning operational strategy,b,sourcing,c,making,d,disposal,do give it a thought and leave your,answers in the comments section below,three lucky winners will receive amazon,gift vouchers,with the help of an apple inc case study,we explored how a supply chain,management strategy can be established,this domain of business management is,crucial for any product or service based,company in the long run,a well-managed supply chain can lower,operational expenses allowing a firm to,gain more profit,it can also improve corporate brand,recognition and customer service,hence companies invest a great deal on,their supply chain they constantly hire,professional supply chain management,experts these professionals are tasked,with managing logistics updating the,companys inventory and conducting a,thorough evaluation of the manufacturing,cycle to discover and correct laws,that is the reason why these scm,professionals are compensated really,well,according to payscale the average salary,for supply chain managers is eighty-four,thousand dollars per annum whereas in,india the average annual salary is,around 8.5 lakhs per annum we hope you,enjoyed this video if you did a thumbs,up would be really appreciated,heres your reminder to subscribe to our,channel and click on the bell icon for,more on the latest technologies and,trends thank you for watching and stay,tuned for more from simplylearn,[Music],you

Supply Chain Management Review

summer in three minutes we can fit a,trade show you know that we covered the,macro trends and our group has taught,mentioned that last week to Salford that,was lovely,okay we to this is what this was the,outline for week two all right the week,one week two so week one was all about,when and where to source the macro,issues and week two was more about the,innovation framework what you need to,know that because certain governments,are creating incentives for firms,operating in particular countries but,heres where the material gets,interesting when we talk about ok what,is in the quiz ah well you need to know,very very well what do we mean by supply,challenges and the big problem because,really what was a big key word in this,week 3 what was the key word Costco so,key word and awareness of cost helps you,to better understand the mind of the,supplier because then you know that the,supplier will take steps to try and save,costs and those steps may not be in,alignment with your need for a,sustainable supply chain or quality,we talked about supply strategies I want,you to think in terms of the force of,what the supply is one Ive seen that,back cover that again today – well come,back to that why why do you think Ill,give you a story quick story I went,visit a supplier that makes cashmere,sweaters put Jenna you know until the,medication here okay so the Kashmir is,grown by goats okay anyway so this,factory made the cashmere goats by the,way presenting a member see this is a,way of using intonation all right animal,noises those help subtypes,alright anyway so this supply made,cashmere sweaters they were selling,these sweaters for two thousand new one,in some high in Beijing though also,selling those sweaters for 400 you 1fo,be for a major American distribution,distributor and so the big question is,how come they sell it so cheap to this,distributor in America but its so,expensive the same thing they sell in a,shop in Shanghai and Beijing,Paden Bob supply okay so and then,actually gets to what were talking,about later tonight about multinationals,they have much more buying power so they,buy the volume and then but not on top,of that they actually say well this is,why Im not gonna buy from you unless,you bring it down to this place and,theyll just push the price down and,thats why some people come to me and,say how can I go directly to the factory,in China or I go in to send you near the,factory and I have to spend twice as,much for a t-shirt or this garment as,when I go into Walmart or gap or some Us,store in the US its because of that,your feet would be cheaper in China not,really it because youve got major,distributable power that is actually,putting a lot of pressure on this,appliance,Wow okay so you know theres surprise,strategy sometimes the big question with,strategies here is why do they still,want to work with these big distributors,its because sometimes they want to,learn from them sometimes I want to,develop their market sometimes they want,to copy,ideas from them I would say oh because,what happens is they would theyd have a,contract with GAAP and then they get,merchandise it comes to supply and say,oh weve got these new patterns we want,to do one two three four five and,theyre happy directly supplied to gab,at cost because they know your size,patterns theyll make it more and sell,in Shanghai Beijing for tripled advice,so actually learning from the,merchandise of merchandise it brings new,designs to the supplier suppliers have,many different strategies for working,with multinationals suppliers that work,with Apple some of them have told me,theyre happy to supply Apple and more,about that next week Ive done this even,if they make a loss of Apple why because,why do you think that is the case,who would like to answer that who would,like to put their hand up someone new,someone yes sir yeah and what can they,do with that Association marketing to,whom yes okay its sort of supply said,to me all the happiest pineapple out,applause why well because when we get,the contract Apple then we can go to our,other markets and say well were a,supplier back but you can trust us and,then they make profits selling to other,methods okay,so theres many different strategies,that suppliers do and its not just,about costs theyre happy to forego,costs when it comes to working with,large multinationals because the,multinationals bring other benefits to,the suppliers mmm all right so okay,theyre factory challenges okay okay,that was in we that was week three,Ryans just keep that in mind and,actually they signed the dovetails into,this week when were talking about the,multinational okay week forward,negotiation in wait for the big idea,here was again free serve the troll free,one dont forget that the very very,important because this is partly the,first top circle and this is all about,structuring its all about negotiation,is all about what one word questioning,thats all I thought about the question,its not about my one-on-one or 101 its,about asking questions so you put the,focus on the supplier revealing,information to okay negotiations okay,thats why heres a patriot visit its a,source of questions or for concern,source of value one two three because,when youre in the factory oh oh well,they didnt trying to stacked up there,oh how come you got so much inventory,but you wouldnt be Ill ask that,question when youre at the tradeshow I,see so the factory visit is a source of,question its a source of concerns,because you might say some problem okay,no static bang for the paperwork as,remember the study found is not to,protect the workers,I know that was vented the steady band,is to protect the componentry because as,humans we have a way of generating,static electricity all right okay,source open source of value okay expose,negotiation as you know from the factory,orders what we came up with last week,maybe its not the best factory that we,should source from maybe its a weaker,factory but we use more order things to,supplement the quality control problems,that we have witnessed in the weaker,friendly factory okay all right,contracts and payments hmm this is all,about if we want to get the contract,right we need to have a good,understanding of what cant go wrong and,lots can go wrong and when you know all,this might have been up have is in the,contract this might have been art is it,in the country okay now we know none of,the sub lawyers and if you watch Mikes,video he says also Im not a lawyer you,need to hire a lawyer but you need to be,aware hand on some things so you can,have a proper discussion with the lawyer,and coz its not assume that the lawyer,knows everything same with the auditor,thats what we learned last week what,was last week Oh,last week was after we talked about the,IOT startups what was the big idea about,the IOT startups one word for people,that have any can I have some,theyve got participating what was the,big word but me big theme for the IOT,startups the big thing,I paid protection exactly,all right its quite obvious their,startup is going to have challenges,because they do not have the resources,for one detail Williams they dont have,the teams of lawyers that Apple went to,Iowa and all the big multinational site,so if they dont have lawyers then they,need to have a substitute for the,absence of the lawyers and there but we,learned with the IOT thats why we talk,about it some people say hang on this is,global supply chain management why we,talk about IOT startups its just to,show you the reality of the situation,okay there are a lot of startups that,are trying to do business globally these,days okay,so thats why we talked about that okay,then we dont that the orden their big,idea of the order and thanks to the,presenters last week thank you and who,was the other group that presented over,here well done great both both groups,great effort and the big idea with the,auditing was getting ideas for,negotiation it was about getting ideas,for okay so weve got two fetc

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MITx MicroMasters in Supply Chain Management Program Overview

hi everyone my name is Chris Caplice my 00:10,name is Eva Ponce and together were 00:12,going to talk about the micro masters 00:14,credential and supply chain management 00:15,specifically Ill introduce the content 00:18,of the courses and then Ill turn it 00:19,over to Eva and shell talk about the 00:21,logistics of the curriculum so let me 00:23,get started excellent so the micro 00:27,masters consists of five courses and a 00:29,comprehensive final exam the courses are 00:31,SC0x to SC4x so let me talk about 00:32,each of them and how they fit together 00:35,SC0x is all about analytics were 00:39,going to teach you the methods and the 00:40,techniques you need to solve any supply 00:43,chain problem these are all the tools 00:44,you need to have in your toolbox for the 00:46,rest of your career 00:48,well cover optimization well cover 00:50,stochastic analysis will cover 00:52,regression and simulation all those 00:54,things you need to complete the rest of 00:56,the course then well move into sc1 X 00:59,which is all the fundamental trade-offs 00:61,that are inherent in supply chain and 00:54,logistics specifically well look at 00:65,demand planning well look at inventory 00:68,management and transportation planning 01:09,and see how those intertwine and 01:10,interact with each other NFC 2x we look 01:15,at the three major flows of supply 01:17,chains the physical flow the financial 01:19,flow and the information flow and we 01:21,understand how to design those systems 01:24,well look at Network design facility 01:26,location production planning well talk 01:28,about procurement Ill talk about supply 01:30,chain finance as well then well go into 01:33,some more qualitative analysis and 01:35,thats with SC 3x or supply chain 01:37,dynamics and what we do here is we 01:39,introduce reality we introduce 01:41,complexity and complications and 01:43,exogenous factors that you cannot 01:45,control in your supply chain but you 01:47,have to react to those finally in SC 4x 01:49,we introduced scale that is how do you 01:54,do all of these analyses how do you 01:56,handle things on a large scale so well 01:59,introduce databases will introduce 02:00,machine learning and talk about the 02:03,major systems that you need in 02:05,production to actually operate within a 02:07,company 02:08,so from fundamental models to actual 02:11,systems that are used in practice thats 02:13,kind of how we build everything you can 02:15,divide the curriculum in half the first 02:18,two and a half courses are all about 02:21,math 02:22,medical conceptual models will build on 02:24,those and in the second half we 02:27,introduce real life because thats what 02:31,supply chain is all about you have these 02:33,nice conceptual models but sometimes the 02:35,real world interferes so we take you all 02:30,the way through this and then at the 02:39,very end theres a comprehensive final 02:33,exam why do we have this we have this to 02:44,synthesize everything youve learned so 02:46,far so you can see how to apply it it 02:48,kind of Capstones 02:50,the entire curriculum so these are the 02:53,sequence of the courses we hope you take 02:54,them in order from sd0 ecstasy Forks and 02:57,then the comprehensive final exam and 02:59,now Ill turn it over to Ava and let her 03:00,talk about how we run the course 02:54,logistics of the course excellent thank 02:56,you Chris so in terms of how we deliver 02:59,the contents and how we want you to 03:01,interact with the course we offer a 03:12,course team each course team includes a 03:15,course lead one teaching a system and a 03:19,community teaching a system these are a 03:21,group of 10 people that are helping you 03:23,we through the discussion forum in terms 03:27,of the structure we started our courses 03:30,with a week zero in week zero and you 03:25,will find the schedule the syllabus and 03:36,the general things about each course 03:39,then we will deliver four weeks of 03:41,contents from week one to week four we 03:44,release every single week on Wednesdays 03:49,at 1500 UTC so after this a four weeks 03:52,we offer you a week off this week is 03:58,just to give you time to complete the 03:53,great assignments and also to be 04:03,prepared for the midterm exam the meter 04:06,and some will happen in week six then we 04:10,offer four more weeks of contents from 04:13,week seven to week them and after that 04:19,you will have again a week off just to 04:22,be people for the final exam 04:24,so we offer here the week off and then 04:27,in week 12 you will have the final exam 04:31,meter and final exam our time exam 04:35,this means that they are open for one 04:37,week but once you start with exam 04:40,you only have four hours to complete 04:41,these exams in terms of how we deliver 04:46,the contents we differentiate two spaces 04:49,in your courses we have the learning 04:51,space and we also have the assessment 04:54,space in the learning space or learning 04:57,environment we offer videos we offer 05:00,quick questions our practice problem 05:04,there is a discussion forum we really 05:06,encourage you to use this discussion 05:09,forum as a way to post your questions 05:11,and any comment that you have related to 05:14,the contents in your group in your 05:16,course so you can interact with the 05:18,staff the teaching assistant the 05:20,community teaching assistant will be 05:21,there to help you to solve your 05:24,questions related to the course we also 05:26,encourage a collaboration in this area 05:29,of the course study groups in terms of 05:32,the assessment we offer great 05:34,assignments every single week meter and 05:37,some and final exam this is an 05:41,individual work we really want here to 05:43,assess your knowledge and we offer you a 05:47,SC X help email account as a way to ask 05:51,any question related to the great 05:46,assignment meter of final exam questions 05:54,we have two type of a students all the 05:59,students are verified all of our 06:03,materials in terms of learning 06:05,experience videos quick questions and 06:07,practice problems are offered to anyone 06:09,anywhere anyone anywhere with internet 06:12,connectivity and a laptop or a computer 06:14,can have access to this content however 06:17,those students that want to pursue for 06:20,the certificate they need to be a 06:22,verified student did this means that the 06:25,student need to pay for the fee and this 06:29,fee is just a fee associated to earn the 06:32,certificate the administrative cost to 06:27,deliver the certificate and they the 06:38,student need also to be verified we need 06:41,to verify the identity of they steal 06:43,them in terms of our goals our main goal 06:48,is to deliver the best 06:49,experience to all of our students in 06:51,terms of assessment we really want to 06:54,ensure a rigorous assessment in order to 06:57,provide value to this credential all 07:02,right Thank You Ava so this the the 07:04,content this is how we run the courses 07:06,we encourage you to start as soon as 07:09,possible so have fun on your journey and 07:11,good luck best of luck thank you

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Top 10 Supply Chain Management Trends, Predictions, and Strategies for 2022

as we think about our supply chains in,2022 its time to rethink our strategies,and rethink our approaches so what i,want to talk about today are what are,those top 10 trends and strategies that,we need to be aware of we need to be,considering as part of our supply chain,strategies for 2022,[Music],my name is eric kimberling im the ceo,of third stage consulting were an,independent consulting firm that helps,clients throughout the world with their,digital and business transformation,journeys and as we enter 2022 we have to,be thinking about how our supply chains,have worked in the past and be thinking,about how were going to adjust those,supply chains to work better in the,future and it all starts with rethinking,our objectives with our supply chains in,the past prior to the pandemic most,supply chains were focused on cost,optimization and throughput how can we,get the lowest cost provider how can we,get as much through the supply chain as,quickly as possible,we werent thinking about things like,flexibility or what if theres a,pandemic that hits the world or what if,customer demand shifts dramatically,overnight those werent things we were,really thinking about they werent top,of mind for us up until 2020. so now as,we enter 2022 weve got a year and a,half to two years of experience dealing,with this post-pandemic world we have a,couple years of experience of dealing,with broken supply chains and now its,time to rethink those strategies and,really look at the ways that we can,improve our supply chains going forward,[Music],labor shortages throughout the world are,one of the key challenges that supply,chains are facing its something thats,limiting the reliability and the,flexibility of our supply chains and is,creating a lot of disruption its,undermining our customer experience and,making our lives difficult in the,meantime so one of the best ways that we,can address this labor shortage is via,human capital management and rethinking,our human capital management strategies,so in other words how can we better,attract and retain talent in light of,the fact that its so hard to find and,retain good talent how can we ensure,that we develop those resources to,become better at supporting our supply,chain and ultimately how can we ensure,that we keep those resources as part of,our team,and as one of our employees for the,longer term,now this cant all be fixed with,technology but there is hr technology,out there such as human capital,management systems that can help,automate some of the higher to retire,processes and create a certain amount of,employee stickiness with our,organizations and that can be a great,way to start is to deploy human capital,and hr technologies that help automate,some of our hr our recruiting our,development our learning and our,training processes and all the functions,that support the overall employee,experience so supply chains of the,future the most successful ones are,going to be better at human capital,management than those that arent,[Music],given the unpredictable demand and the,unpredictable impacts that suppliers are,having on overall supply chains its,more important than ever that we have,visibility into the overall supply chain,so we have to understand whats,happening from the point of customer,demand,through the procurement of raw materials,through the procurement of semi-finished,goods or components that go into our,finished goods through the manufacturing,process warehouse processes logistics,shipping,3pls,getting the products to our end,customers and ultimately repeating that,cycle over again and a lot of,organizations just werent prepared for,the unpredictability of todays day and,age so they didnt have the technologies,and the processes to support,those types of needs that we had within,our supply chains so we need to have,better processes and better technologies,to provide that visibility within our,supply chain and its not just our,immediate suppliers and customers we,need to think about in some cases,depending on your business you may need,to think about your second and third,tier suppliers what is their,reliability what is their quality what,is their availability what is their lead,time the further we can go down and into,the supply chain the more effective,were going to be at planning our supply,chain same with our customers if our,customers have customers theyre selling,to,its even better if we can anticipate,the end customer demand even if were,not selling directly to the end,customers so thats another way that we,can sort of extend that visibility via,our processes and technologies and data,to ensure that were looking at the,entire supply chain,and we also want to look at things like,visibility into other,players within our supply chains in,addition to our direct suppliers,you have three pls or logistic providers,you might have ports that youre relying,on or shipping providers,people that are critical to the,execution of your supply chain you want,to make sure you have visibility into,their reliability their costs their,predictability and all those things that,are important to a effective supply,chain so one of the most important,trends and strategies for 2022 is to,have this visibility into the entire,supply chain,[Music],when the pandemic first hit in early,2020 and all the lockdowns ensued after,that a lot of supply chains,learned very quickly the hard way that,they had concentrated their risk with a,small number of suppliers it may be that,they relied on one key supplier,for one key component or key raw,material for their supply chain and that,one provider was in a country that was,completely locked down or couldnt,produce for whatever reason that core,component so they found that they didnt,have the diversity of suppliers and they,hadnt diversified their risk enough to,sustain a supply chain to navigate some,of these challenges and curveballs that,weve experienced in the last couple of,years so organizations going forward,need to really think about how they,diversify their supplier base ensure,that you have your plan b your plan c,your backup vendors in case one vendor,cant perform or cant come through for,you or it may be that you just want to,diversify and hedge your risk to begin,with and procure,from multiple suppliers and that,certainly might reduce your purchasing,power with any one given supplier but,you might be willing to give up some of,that cost optimization in the name of,having more flexibility and more,dependency and reliability within your,supply chain so that diversity of your,supplier base is critical not just for,where youre procuring raw materials and,components from but also the types of,3pl providers you might rely on the,ports that youre receiving product from,do we need to have other ports that we,can rely on in case one port experiences,a bottleneck as many are throughout the,world so that diversification of our,supplier base and diversification of the,different points of our supply chain is,critical to success in the 2020s,[Music],another thing that the post-pandemic,world of the 2020s is teaching us is,that many organizations have overly,complex and over-engineered products and,raw materials,it may be that the products themselves,dont lend themselves to a streamlined,supply chain,so if you have a product that requires,thousands of different raw materials to,complete your product we may want to,look at ways that you can streamline,that and from a product development,perspective and also from a supplier,perspective to ensure that youre not so,dependent on so many different suppliers,oftentimes when you have that many raw,materials youre just increasing the,odds of something going wrong in the,supply chain so if we can streamline and,simplify,our supply chain that can oftentimes,mitigate that risk,[Music],supply chains in general struggle to,have a clear visibility into their cost,structure their landed cost structure,even before the pandemic and certainly,now in the 2020s thats becomin

Supply Chain Management (Full Course) | SCM Lecture

you buy italian loafers that were made,in milan two days later they get,delivered to your front door,you order red snapper for dinner and was,caught this morning a thousand miles,away,supply chain logistics makes all of this,happen it makes it affordable for,consumers,profitable for companies in a global,economy im rudy leuchner with rutgers,business school and im excited to teach,you about logistics oh geez thanks,im actually a professor of supply chain,management and were talking about uh,logistics,so what are you doing here every modern,company from apple to zappos,lifts,thrives or dies by their ability to mass,supply with demand if youre considering,a career in supply chain management,already working in the field,are simply fascinated by how goods move,around the globe this course is for you,here we see,a truck carrying several cars,oh man,moving freight on the road,about a third of all strawberries in the,united states come from one area,watsonville california when you think,about it its really far away from new,jersey over 3 000 miles,yet when i walk down to my local grocery,store and i look at the strawberries,what do i see,yep watsonville,it says watsonville right here now this,is over 3000 miles away,from here,how do they get there,well a lot of it has to do with trucks,lots and lots of trucks,and strawberries have to be refrigerated,so they better move fast that is what,were going to talk about today,motor freight and why it is so important,when we consider motor freight it has,several advantages,speed its very fast,reliability trucks rarely break down and,if they do its only for a very short,amount of time three,items do not get damaged very often,and fourth,trucks can pretty much get anywhere,theres a road a truck can drive on it,and when we talk about the other modes,of transportation i want you to keep in,mind these advantages that trucking has,motor freight is also very efficient in,a financial sense because the roadways,are paid for by the government and,ultimately the taxpayers its a,subsidized industry,most of the cost is in fuel,wages,maintenance equipment and user charges,not all trucks are the same we need city,trucks usually smaller vehicles that can,make it inside of a congested city,without a trailer we load stuff in the,back,then we have line haul vehicles and they,come in different sizes the most common,ones are 40 foot containers that are,used often for international shipments,and intermodal,the other one is 53 foot containers,which are very popular in the united,states and canada,in addition we have specialty vehicles,such as refrigerator,our strawberries have to come on those,livestock containers,automobile carriers and tankers when we,use different trucks we connect them,with terminals,terminals,are taking products from one truck,sorting them,and then moving them out on a different,truck,were not storing the items in these,terminals even though often they look,like warehouses,there are three types of terminals,we have pickup and delivery terminals we,go from a city truck to a line hall,vehicle,then we have cross docks where we,connect networks,of transportation together and finally,we have relay terminals where we just,switch out the cab,and put a trailer on a new cab so we,have a fresh driver and we move away,motor carriers,motor carriers are a huge industry in,the united states and many other,developed countries,in the u.s about two-thirds of the,freight is moved by truck,and there are over 2 million trucks on,the road,and over 5 million trailers,the majority of these companies are,small businesses sometimes owning just,one truck,the three basic forms of operation,the first one is truckload,or tl,and what that means is as a shipper you,rent out the whole truck,whether you use it or not and the truck,goes from your origin to your,destination directly,another form is less than truckload or,ltl in which you own a share,of the truck for that shipment,and you pay by weight,now that truck will not necessarily go,from origin to destination it will go,through a network of terminals and,lastly theres parcel freight which is,smaller shipments even than ltl,and,it is much faster usually but also much,more expensive unfortunately trucking is,not a very profitable business because,the major form of competition is,overpriced,everybody can get into the business,fairly easily,prices have come down in recent years,and theres just not that much money in,it for people,flying freight,this is the largest flower auction in,the world from here flowers get sent all,over the world,once the flowers leave the flower,auction in amsterdam,they get here on a plane,in less than 24 hours so when i buy them,at my local store theyre still fresh,there are several reasons why shippers,are using air freight,the first and most important one is,speed you can get it there as fast as,possible number two is capacity youre,able to ship a wide variety of products,by plane and the third one is,accessibility,you can get to pretty much any,destination,even by air its expensive but when,speed outweighs cost air transportation,is the way to go like trucking this is a,very competitive industry,it is hard to turn a profit because,the biggest expense is fuel and prices,are tied to fuel costs,therefore no matter how high fuel is,you rarely turn a profit,not all planes are the same and we need,different planes for different purposes,we have large all cargo planes,that,are just used for freight we have,smaller,narrow body planes,and a lot of cargo actually gets moved,on commercial airlines as belly cargo,airports work similarly to motor freight,terminals,goods come in usually on truck,then get loaded onto the planes,and fly out,when they arrive at their destination,they land at the airport planes get,unloaded you typically use drainage,carriers which are small motor freight,carriers for short distances,and then they probably go on a truck,towards their final destination,in the complex network between shippers,airports air carriers and customers the,three basic types of operation,there are all cargo carriers,where,you get the whole plane,and it flies from your origin to your,destination,then you can move,cargo in the valley of commercial planes,and use their network,or you can move cargo through commercial,parcel carriers,which have their own planes and,sometimes even their own airports rates,and air transportation are a mystery to,many on paper it looks simple,you get quoted the weight,however,weight must also correspond to a certain,density so for example a one kilogram,package must be no larger than 6,000 cubic centimeters,if it is heavier,you pay for the higher weight but its,low a smaller package if it is,bigger you pay for the volume,corresponding to a certain weight,so its weight,but only if that weight,is also a certain volume air carriers,compete amongst two major lines one is,amongst fuel which is their largest,expense,and the better companies can use hedging,to protect themselves against future,price increases the higher of a profit,they can turn the other one is delays,added on by security delays,and the better companies can use,technology to streamline that process,the better they will compete,containers,on a train,intermodal,means that we take a container and put,it on a train such as the one moving,behind me one of the most exciting,concepts in transportation is intermodal,there we combine,train,and truck to use both modes most,efficiently we gain an advantage by,using,truck for pickup and delivery and we get,to use rail for the long haul where it,is much cheaper because rail is very,fuel efficient and cost effective the,speed advantage that truck has over,short distances does not apply to long,distances rail is not that much slower,but it is much cheaper,and we can then at the destination move,on to another truck for final delivery,this form of intermodal transportation,maximizes the advantages of one mode and,minimizes the disadvantages of the other,mode


selamat jumpa lagi,Izinkan saya untuk menyampaikan tugas,kering,[Musik],untuk judul supaya,[Musik],tugas ini diberikan untuk,[Musik],sumber daya dalam hal ini bahan pangan,atau bahwa tujuan daripada,ini adalah untuk menciptakan kedaulatan,ketahanan serta Kementerian pangan bagi,negara keputusan di Indonesia,diawali dari produksi pertanian dan,perkebunan yang kita tahu bahwa,Indonesia cukup banyak lokasi-lokasi,tentang produksi,[Musik],yang dimiliki oleh,perkebunan juga tidak sedikit untuk,produksi dari dalam bentuk nabati yaitu,hewan baik itu tapi kami maupun telur,Nah di sini produksi yang ada juga,di optimalisasikan dengan penggunaan iot,khususnya untuk mengatasi hama bukan,organisasi produksi penyemprotan,kemudian vitamin obat dan panen,dari hasil panen baik itu perkebunan,maupun,peternakan itu kemudian,di proses atau disimpan sementara di,gudang untuk yang bahan pangan dalam,bentuk biasa atau suhu ruangan itu,tempat yang dimonitor dengan menggunakan,sistem dimana struktur produksi itu di,monitoring,baiknya kemudian suhu,kelembaban hasil produksi nah,pentingnya koneksi internet hingga,Gudang 1 yang menyimpan bahan pangan,kering itu bisa dipantau oleh gudang,lain di lain pihak,Ada gudang satu lagi yang menggunakan,[Musik],bahan,produksi dari peternakan maupun,peternakan baik itu sapi daging maupun,telur itu juga menggunakan yang sama di,monitor dengan menggunakan IP dimana,akan,dimonitor baik itu Tunas stoknya suhu,kelembaban serta,menghindari adanya faktor gangguan dari,luar yaitu adanya faktor biologi seperti,jamur bakteri dan sebagainya,gudang-gudang kecil ini yang berada di,lokal yang berada di kawasan pertanian,maupun peternakan itu kemudian dikirim,ke dalam suatu gudang yang lebih besar,ya,yang digunakan adalah first in dan first,out Nah di sini,barang-barang yang akan digunakan itu,juga dilacak oleh sistem sehingga dimana,proses Warehouse management itu sangat,dibutuhkan ketika menghindari adanya,kerusakan dari bahan baku atau bahan,pangan yang sudah dikumpulkan,kembali perlu saya sampaikan bahwa untuk,menjaga ketahanan maka seluruh proses,atau seluruh informasi itu dapat,dipantau oleh mudah-mudahan yang lain di,sini saya coba Gambarkan bahwa semua,daftar dikumpulkan dan diolah,3 saat nanti didistribusikan oleh satu,dari satu gudang ke gudang yang lain itu,tetap dapat dimonitor baik itu lokasinya,maupun jumlahnya Nah di sini saya coba,Gambarkan Setelah dari,Warehouse management system dengan,menggunakan IUD di over ke transportasi,manajemen sistem nah Disini,barang-barang yang ada di truk yang,mungkin bahasanya tidak maksimal itu,bisa dibedakan dengan baik sehingga,dapat dioptimalkan,barang-barang tersebut bisa sampai di,tujuan dengan maksimal,lanjut Nah di sini Setelah transfer,management system kemudian diterapkan,ya kita tahu bahwa tujuan daripada,transfer itu untuk memastikan bahwa,perencanaan yang dibuat bertujuan untuk,mengetahui dimana pernyataan barang,optimalkan rute yang akan digunakan oleh,pengirim sehingga kita bisa lihat dimana,kalau kita tidak menggunakan password,management,akan ketemu dengan kemacetan,waktu terbuang serta bertenaga baik,waktu dan efisiensi akan jauh berkurang,Nah di sini dengan menggunakan password,management,jalur dan pelacakan daripada pengiriman,sehingga gudangnya nanti akan menerima,itu bisa memantau sejauh mana atau sudah,sampai di mana barang-barang tersebut,terkirim Nah dengan tadi yang saya,sampaikan bahwa imanisasi jalur kemudian,pelacakan itu kendaraan,pengirim itu bisa dengan mudah atau,ngedrop barang-barang yang mungkin tidak,hanya tiba di tujuan akhir namun di,tengah jalan juga ada berapa dropping,daripada kebutuhan yang bisa dipenuhi,oleh,dari sumber apa udang primer nah,kemudian juga dari transfer management,juga bisa memproses masalah pembayaran,baik itu penggunaan kendaraan kemudian,apa biaya tenaga dan sebagainya,lain yang bisa kita angkat adalah Hemat,bahan bakar dan hemat untuk empuk Nah,kita tambah interaksi tersebut tidak,hanya,menggunakan kendaraan darat sama juga,untuk mencapai gudang di tempat tertentu,yang membutuhkan waktu secara singkat,itu bisa menggunakan pesawat terbang ke,bawah mungkin kalau melihat suatu daerah,tertentu yang,transportasinya padat kemudian area,macet itu bisa menggunakan mudah,transportasi lain,kereta maupun bisa terbang,kita kembali ke gudang penerima akhir di,situ diterima dari apa yang sebelumnya,di situ juga seperti pantau ya prosesnya,juga ada prosedur baik itu handlingnya,kemudian produktivitasnya sampai dengan,manajemen,kemudian diberikan apa,fasilitas iot Sehingga kebutuhan,daripada barang-barang yang diperlukan,saudara Tertentu bisa dimonitor nah ini,juga bisa terlihat bahwa barang tersebut,tidak hanya Setelah dari udang akhir itu,bisa,didistribusikan ke gudang-gudang yang,atau tempat-tempat yang lebih memerlukan,bahan pokok tersebut,juga kami sampaikan disini dan,menggunakan it channel,apa Distribusi yang lebih jauh ya daerah,pedalaman yang membutuhkan,barang tertentu itu bisa dimonitoring,sehingga terdapat komunikasi sistem baik,di gudang awal maupun di bidang akhir,Nah dari gudang-gudang,setelah gudang utama yang terakhir itu,kemudian didistribusikan kepada baik itu,tokoh-tokol ritel restoran atau,toko-toko yang membutuhkan dari,barang-barang yang dimaksud Nah di sini,juga sama tokoh tersebut juga bisa,memantau ketersediaan masing-masing,barang yang mungkin akan,di apa diserap oleh para pengguna,di sini juga saya Gambarkan bahwa di,masing-masing gudang,utama maupun di proses akhir juga tidak,untuk kemungkinan daerah tersebut juga,memiliki produksi sumber daya yang lain,atau perkebunan mungkin juga,memiliki,kapasitas untuk produksi Baik itu apa,peternakan maupun perikanan bahkan untuk,kelautan sehingga dengan adanya,semuanya bisa dimonitor dengan baik,sehingga yang disampaikan kabar untuk,mencegah ketahanan pangan bisa tetap,terjaga,nah Izinkan saya juga untuk memberikan,apa,flowchart untuk,distribusi daripada bahan pangan,tersebut dimulai dari awal dimana,produksi dari para petani plasma yang,saya sebut ini adalah para petani,pengumpul kemudian hidrop ke gudang yang,ada di lokasi,itu juga bisa dilihat Apakah produk,tersebut lebih atau tidak ya kalau,misalkan,tidak atau normal maka para,petani atau produsen tersebut bisa masuk,menjual ke pasar maupun rita-rata atau,juga dari proses ke industri yang,kemudian,diproses baik besar maupun listrik kecil,atau rumahan dari situ bisa langsung,masuk ke konsumen nah bagaimana jikalau,produksinya lebih ya kalau berlebihan,maka,disiapkan udang ya,dimana untuk produksi yang umur-umur,yang memiliki ketahanan,dirasakan cukup tinggi seperti halnya,daging maupun telur itu dibutuhkan,freezer Kemudian untuk yang bahan bakar,Teduh yang kering seperti beras terigu,gula dan bahan lain ditempatkan pada,tempat-tempat yang sudah ditentukan nah,bahan tersebut kemudian seperti yang,terlihat di awal prosesnya adalah,barang yang masuk di awal itu akan,keluar terlebih dahulu,3 apa kondisinya maupun mode tetap,terjaga nah daripada manusia untuk,barang seperti daging,atau daging sapi domba membuat dan,sebagainya disimpan dalam suatu freezer,kemudian proses juga sama menggunakan,vaksin atau plus out nah kemudian kita,lihat di dalam produksinya saat itu juga,dari gudang mencukupi maka nilai apa,dijual ke pasar lokal untuk lari ke,konsumen Bagaimana jika,[Tepuk tangan],berlebihan maka kita bisa kirim ke,daerah lain yang membutuhkan Nah di sini,proses tersebut,didistribusikan dengan menggunakan,password management system dan akhirnya,juga kembali ke sesi pertama tadi dimana,kalau sudah tepat daerah memiliki,produksi yang kurang maka bisa dibantu,dari tempat lain,Sedangkan untuk sumber literasi yang,saya baca itu menggunakan beberapa,artikel serta buku-buku yang berhubungan,dengan transportasi manajemen sistem,serta wirehouse,demikian,presentasi yang bisa saya sampaikan,mudah-mudahan,bisa diterima oleh dosen pembimbing,terima kasih

Operations and supply chain management is a good course?| How much difficult it is?|Maths Required?

hello everyone welcome again to punjabi,canadian i hope,you are doing well you are healthy and,happy and this 2022,here brings you lot of happiness and lot,of achievements,so today in this video im going to,elaborate,uh and explain all about operations and,supply chain management courses,i said courses it means im going to,elaborate how difficult these is these,courses will be,if you are from accounting background if,you are from engineering background if,you have done pcm if you have done arts,or if you are coming from medical field,right so all all these uh,students experience can apply for,operations and supply chain management,uh especially in punjab,agents always recommend to do this,course and project management course,business management course so i would,say yes uh accept these business,management and project management,courses this is one of the best courses,if you are going to come in,toronto,or in,british columbia because there are port,entries there are a lot of businesses,related to logistics industry,so yes uh so if you really want to know,all this information and this,information not only valid for kpu,students its valid for all other,students,even if they want to do this study in,toronto or british columbia or anywhere,else in canada it this video is going to,be helpful for you,so if you will like this video then,please subscribe to punjabi canadian,like this video and share it with your,friends so lets get started,[Music],so guys if you dont know me my name is,aman prithkar and i always make videos,on youtube related to canadian education,canadian lifestyle and how if you will,like these videos then it will be really,encouraging me to make more videos in a,week,so,okay so,lets do not waste much of your time and,start this video,so,uh if you are planning to come to canada,with operations and supply chain,management or global chain management or,operations and supply chain logistics,management something like that then i,would say this is uh one of the best,courses in the market,uh because there are a lot of job,demands if you are going on indeed,and it is a job portal and its really,work uh like one wonderfully work in,canada when you are going to apply for,the jobs,if you will find on indie.ca,if you try to figure out the jobs you,will see that there are a lot of,demands for logistics supervisor for,logistic this logistic that that course,is difficult because some of my friends,told me that its mathematical its this,and that then im going to,elaborate everything in this video,so,if you are from other colleges or,from kpu this video is equally valid,and interesting thing is that this is,the for post graduate operations and,supply chain management so in this,course uh there will be a same pattern,so mostly you have to cover 11 courses,in post graduate diploma,so im focus on that post graduate,and if you really want to make uh,one more video on graduate diploma in,operations and supply chain management,then do let me know in comment section,and i will prepare that one video for,you guys,whole like two year program,we have to complete 11 courses 11,courses means 11 subjects because in,canada courses main subjects okay,so,like i have made a list so in the first,semester i have done accounts,quantitative methods and strategic,operations and,management,im showing the list over here,so these are all three uh courses have,mathematical you know it based on,mathematical like accounts we have to,calculate some things but i would say if,you know plus and minus if you have some,little bit of knowledge of how to,calculate percentage and you know that,stuff right,then its not going to be much toughest,for you,you just need to represent the things,because here in canada,study is lot easier as compared to india,because here uh professors are going to,provide you,some ppts or some documents you just,have to read that out you have to,prepare for your assignments and then,you have to do the quizzes okay so,thats the mostly pattern in all the,colleges in canada,so for the account section is simple,calculation yes there would be a,calculation and like every chapter you,have to cover some of the numericals,and if you are talking about the,quantitative method then quantitative,method is like uh,you know when we are we were in 10th,class we um,we do that probability and statistical,things right so this is the same uh,thing we have to do but here at the,advanced level but its easier its a,lot easier how because we are going to,use excellent,eclipse both you that you have to uh,make sure capco xli before coming to,canada you should know how to use,microsoft word microsoft excel and other,softwares because its really going to,be helpful right,so then,that extension going to work alongside,with excel that can help you to solve,the numerical so like domain,quantitative methods,may automatically,just you have to put the values but more,values,thats the thing thats what your,professor is going to teach in the,classes okay so always uh,learn from your professor uh i would,suggest you if your subject is related,to mathematical things always listen to,the professor always attend the lecture,because that that lecture knows that,lecture teachings can help you and uh,you can follow it throughout the course,so next your third quarter operations,and management it,its again having numericals but not too,much as compared like if i compare with,accounts,so in strategic operations and,management you have like after every,second chapter you will have to solve,some numericals and numericals will be,like you have a formula you just have to,put the value and then again calculation,and these calculations are not on,calculator and on your hands its again,on excel so be good with excel sheets,okay,and then uh semester two i uh came up,with an information system supply chain,and logistics and productivity and,innovation so what i would say these,three courses,uh having no mathematical requirement,its easier is just a theoretical based,uh here that productivity and innovation,is somewhat related to research and,development you just have to go through,with different companies you have to,prepare some assignments you have to do,some research for that so its just a,theoretical based and then semester,third i did quality management,negotiation and managing dynamics teams,uh if you uh if you are new right and,you didnt hear these kind of names uh,you will find these names are,interesting i have applied for patients,and supply chain management course in,india then i,i went through this list of the courses,and then i found it interesting i,thought that yeah i can do that then i,opt for this course uh just by looking,these names only,so but i would say before choosing any,course go to the indeed and other job,portals like you will get to know that,what kind of jobs are available within,that field,so for these quality management you,dont need any mathematical,representation there would be any rare,like only one or two numericals you will,be found and then negotiation no,numericals and then managing dynamic,teams no numericals its again a,research based you just have to do the,research,and then semester four where you left,with two courses thats applied,operations and project management and if,we are talking about project management,then there will be some numericals every,now and then like after second chapter,or after fourth chapter like there will,be a less but you can easily pass uh,that course even without the numericals,because there are so many theoretical,things too,and next is applied operations this is,again a research and like you just have,to go through with different companies,you just have to do the research only,then you can,complete that course so this is simple,so if we are talking about level of,difficulty then i have told you be good,with axel be good with some calculations,if you have passed your 12th class with,mathematics then i dont think so its,going to be much tougher fo

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