1. Introduction to Prometric (IRS Official EA Exam Bulletin) 2022-23 Testing Cycle
  2. 6 Tips for Passing the Enrolled Agent Exam
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  4. The Ultimate Guide To Passing The Enrolled Agent (EA) Exam!
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Introduction to Prometric (IRS Official EA Exam Bulletin) 2022-23 Testing Cycle

Hello, everyone.,Welcome to a brand new testing cycle.,Lets get right into the Prometric updates.,Now, the current EA exam cycle runs from May 1st, 2022, through February 28th, 2023.,If you take your exam between those two dates,,youre going to be tested exclusively on 2021 tax law.,Okay? Exclusively on 2021 tax law,,because that is the filing season that were in, right?,So we are currently in calendar year 2022.,But the filing season,,the tax returns that were filing at this time, are 2021 tax returns.,So if you take your exam between those two dates,,this May 1st, 2022, through February 28, 2023,,youre only going to be tested on 2021 tax law.,The Candidate Information Bulletin tells you everything that you need to know about,signing up for the exam, how much it costs.,So Im going to go over some of the most,common questions that we receive from candidates in the Candidate Bulletin.,So here I am on the official IRS Prometric web page.,Prometric administers dozens of different,examinations, including the CPA exam and the EA exam.,So you want to make sure that youre on the right page.,So if you see IRS Special Enrollment Examination,with the IRS Eagle Head, then you know that youve come to the right place.,What you want to do is go down to where it says Click here to review,the Candidate Information Bulletin, and the new bulletin is up.,You can view it by clicking on that link,and it says here: for examinations beginning May 2nd, 2022.,Technically,,the examinations are going to start,on the 2nd of May instead of the first, because the first is a Sunday, so its a weekend.,But the testing cycle generally runs May 1st,,through February 28th or the last day of February.,If its a leap year, then the examination will run all the way to the 29th.,Now, where you want to schedule if you schedule online is,www.prometric.com/see.,You can see the link right there.,The SEE stands for Special Enrollment Examination.,Thats what it means, and thats where you can schedule your exam,if you schedule online.,Now, there are some site restrictions because of COVID-19, depending on your location.,Prometric has many testing centers overseas, so if you are taking the exam,overseas, youre going to want to verify any kind of COVID restrictions,that might apply to your testing center, or your testing location.,For the most part,,youre required to bring a mask, and you can also bring something like soft,earplugs, but they wont let you bring anything else, pretty much.,So you cant bring a cell phone, you cant wear a heavy coat.,Testing centers most of the time wont,even let you bring in a hat, anything like that.,You wont be able to bring it in to the testing center with you.,Now, if you scroll down,to the introduction page, Prometrics direct contact information is,here, where you can schedule over the phone or if you want to call them.,If you have a specific question thats not addressed in this bulletin,,you can ask prometric by contacting them directly.,And this is also the number that you would want to call,if you need an accommodation,,for example, if you have a disability,,like a visual disability or some other disability and you need to request,something like a Proctor, then you can do that,but you have to do it in advance.,So if you need an accommodation, they will provide it to you.,But thats something that you need to call and ask them for.,An accommodation is not something that you can request online.,So you would need to contact Prometric and request that accommodation in advance.,Now if you scroll down to the next page,,it shows you how to schedule an examination appointment.,The first step is to request your PTIN.,Now, many of you are already tax professionals.,I know. So you probably have a PTIN already.,If you havent requested a PTIN yet, you have to do that first.,So you cant even schedule the EA exam without a PTIN.,So you need to do that first.,And to request the PTIN you have to do,that on the IRS website, not on the Prometric website.,And it gives you the link right there to request the PTIN.,PTINs arent free anymore.,They were free for a few years, and then,the IRS got sued and they actually won the case.,They won the PTIN case.,Theyve lost several cases in the last couple of years too.,Were going to talk about that,when we go into Part 3.,But the IRS won the PTIN lawsuit.,It was called the PTIN lawsuit.,So the IRS is charging for PTINs again, and,the money that the IRS makes off of the PTIN fees,just go back into the Return Preparers Office in order,to administer these programs, which the PTIN is one of them.,But you have to get your PTIN first,,and then the PTIN you have to renew every single year.,So many exam candidates dont take all of their exam sections in one year.,Okay, so many people will take one exam,and then wait four to six months to take the next.,Wait a few more months and take the next.,Some people take it all in one go.,Theres some miracle candidates out there that pass everything in one week.,But most people dont do that.,Usually people will stagger their exams a little bit.,So if you have a situation where youre taking exam parts,in a staggered way over the course of one,year or two, then you have to maintain your PTIN throughout.,Okay?,You have to renew your PTIN every single year.,So PTINs have to be renewed annually by December 31 for the following year.,And the renewal period for PTINs opens up around mid-October.,Now, each examination part is three and a half hours, which means thats how,much time you have to make it through the 100 questions.,Its 100 questions.,Theyre all multiple choice.,And youve got 3 1/2 hours,,which ends up averaging out to about two minutes per question.,Okay, now the actual seat time is 4 hours,,because Prometric allows you to go through a pre-exam tutorial,,and then you have to answer the post exam customer satisfaction survey.,When I took the exam many many years ago,,they wouldnt close out the test until you completed the survey.,So even if you dont want to answer the survey questions,,you still have to answer the survey questions.,And go through the tutorial,,thats my advice.,You dont lose any exam time by going through the tutorial.,So the seat time is 4 hours, whether you go through the tutorial or not.,And you wont get extra exam time by skipping the tutorial.,Once you start the exam and you start answering the actual test questions,,thats when that 3 1/2 hour time clock or timer begins.,So you wont lose any exam time by going,through the tutorial or by going through the customer satisfaction survey.,And you have to go through the customer satisfaction survey.,Even at the end, youre all stressed out and you just want to get out of there.,Still got to answer the questions.,Theyre going to ask you whats the temperature,in the room to your satisfaction, that sort of thing.,Just stupid stuff.,Just answer it and then you can get out.,Now you can see here it says that you can,take each part of the examination at your convenience and in any order.,Many exam candidates choose to take the exam out of order,,which means they will take Part 1, Part 3, and then theyll save Part 2,for last, because its the most difficult section.,Hands down, Part 2 is more difficult than the other two parts.,And thats because the scope of Part 2 is just huge.,Back before the exam was online,,before it was a digital exam, it used to be offered on paper like,everything else, 20 years ago or 25 years ago.,And the examination when it was offered on paper, it was four parts.,And what happened when the examination became an electronic exam,,the IRS merged two of the parts into one, and that became Part 2.,So Part 1 covers Individual Taxation,,and Part 3 covers Representation and Ethics.,But Part 2 covers every single type,of entity, not just partnerships, corporations,,and sole proprietorships, but exempt entities, retirement plans,,payroll, tax accounting, book-to-tax differences.,The scope is enormous.,Its just so much subject matter t

6 Tips for Passing the Enrolled Agent Exam

[Music],if youre a tax professional CPA or,career changer looking to become an,enrolled agent youve likely already,heard of the IRS is Special Enrollment,examination sometimes called si se e or,the ei exam this three-part exam is the,key to becoming enrolled agent and will,help open so many doors for you in your,tax career so with these six tips youll,learn how you can pass the EI exam on,your first try so tip number one get a,review course designed to help you,prepare for the exam the special,enrollment examination is a tax specific,exam kraid by the IRS if you have an,accounting background it can be easy to,think I already know this Ill skip,purchasing any materials but an e review,course can really help drill down into,tax specific topics and help you become,more familiar with tax code beyond what,youre used to practicing number two be,aware of any new material on the EI exam,the tax law and the IRS publications are,changing constantly some changes are,subtle and some changes like the 2017,tax cuts and Jobs Act which is even a,mouthful to say are a complete overhaul,to the most basic tax matters as these,legislative changes begin to appear on,the exam its super important to know,what youre going to be tested on and,what you wont be tested on number three,know the fundamentals there might be,some advanced accounting topics thrown,into the mix but if youre a hundred,percent confident on the fundamentals,youre going to pass the exam number,four memorize memorize memorize formulas,if you can master the formats of basic,tax calculations for individuals and,various types of business entities,intimidating computation questions are,going to be a breeze number five get,familiar with the exam day expectations,exam day can be pretty intense if youve,never been,before fingerprints metal detectors it,can be a lot so alleviate any stress,spend some time on the what to expect,section of Prometric site before your,test day and finally number six learn to,budget your time and master time,management the enrolled agent exam is,times this means that you need to budget,your time to finish the whole thing in,the allotted three and a half hours,taking practice exams is key so that you,know that youre on track to finish each,question during the three and a half,hour time slot the better you get at,time management the easier its going to,be to ace the exam so to get more tips,about the EI exam or about the gradual,overall just visit surgeon comm thanks,for watching,[Music]

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Pathway to the Enrolled Agent: Sponsored by Surgent

hi the hi folks uh were going to get,started in just a few minutes um so just,hang tight,were going to be getting started at the,top of the hour,hi folks for those who just joined we,will be getting started in just a few,minutes right at the top of the hour uh,for now wed love to know where youre,coming from so why dont you let us know,in the chat,where you are joining us uh in the world,wed love to know,um and for those who just joined we will,be getting started right at the top of,the hour um but wed love to get those,voices in the chat box already uh so let,us know where youre coming from,if you do let us know make sure you type,um everyone uh or you choose everyone on,that chat box so that everyone can see,where youre coming from so candace i,see youre coming from minneapolis,minnesota so welcome,love to know where everyone else is,joining from again we will be getting,started right at the top of the hour,middletown new york hello linda,mar illinois now thats a new city i,havent heard of,welcome mar oh mar is your name never,mind mario youre from illinois,hello from waldorf maryland hi tim,im coming from washington dc today im,at the naea headquarters,maureen where are you coming from,im coming from richmond virginia,oh,okay love me some rich men,hello,yes hello daniel from west hartford,connecticut,for everyone who just joined were going,to be getting started probably about 30,seconds or so whenever my clock turns to,the top of the hour,all right by my clock it is 2 pm eastern,so we are gonna go ahead and get started,welcome everyone to todays,partner webinar pathway to enrolled,agent sponsored by surgeon with our,speaker maureen scott please note that,this zoom webinar is being recorded so,we will be releasing the recording on,youtube after this is over,my name is erin moser im the director,of education at naea and i will be,todays webinar moderator before we get,started i just want to go over a few,housekeeping items,a first one to ask questions of our,speaker on the content today,please use the q a feature found at the,bottom of your zoom client,were going to get to those questions at,the end of this presentation if you have,any questions about the zoomed platform,or nae you can go ahead and put those in,the chat box and ill be monitoring both,throughout the webinar,and just remember and you guys are,already doing a great job of this if,youre making a comment for the whole,audience to see make sure you choose,everyone from,um,your zoom client when youre typing in,the chat,uh momentarily ill be putting the,materials for todays webinar in the,chat in case you missed them,but i will do that right after my,introduction,so again thank you all for joining us,today for naeas partner webinar pathway,to enrolled agent sponsored by sergeant,with speaker maureen scott,maureen is the subject matter expert,with smee and senior solution architect,for surgeon income tax school with her,wealth of knowledge and experience she,is uniquely qualified to provide,guidance and strategy on tax education,courses and resources for the past 12,years she has helped individuals,creating pathways to a tax career and,business owners develop training plans,using the sergeant curriculum she also,works with colleges and universities,either by promoting their programs,through workforce or continuing,education or using the materials in the,classroom and then my favorite part of,any speakers bio is outside of work,maureen serves on a local non-profit,board in her community she enjoys,concerts in live theater gaming travel,and learning new things which right now,is how to make the perfect strawberry,pie so it is my well its my pleasure to,welcome you maureen and ill let you,take it away,oh thank you aaron hi hello and welcome,everybody i am so excited to be here and,i just really appreciate yall taking,the time to spend with me and kind of,walk through the pathway to becoming an,enrolled agent so before we get started,if you can go ahead and hit that chat,button now let me know where you are in,your,pathway to the enrolled agent journey,are you just getting started do you want,to learn more about the process what you,need to do to become an enrolled agent,do you have some individual or small,business tax knowledge and youre,looking to see how you can apply that,critically to exam style questions for,the ea,where are you in your journey on,becoming a pathway,to the world agents let me know in the,comments so as we get started im just,going to be walking through today how,you can how you can look to become an,enrolled agent and the pathway that,weve created and cultivated here with,surgeon income tax school,so before i get started a lot of times,people ask me like what is an enrolled,agent so you know an enrolled agent you,can see on your screen is a federally,authorized tax practitioner who has,technical expertise in the field of,taxation and who was empowered by the us,department of the treasury to represent,taxpayers before all administrative,levels of the irs for audits collections,and appeals sounds like a lot doesnt it,dont worry its a really great,opportunity for you as a tax preparer to,become an enrolled agent because it,allows you to really be the best,advocate for your client,in all air administrative levels of the,irs,the enrolled agent designation is also,the highest credential one can earn in,the tax preparer industry so well talk,about this a little bit more in the,presentation but when youre looking to,become a tax preparer people look to,strive to become an enrolled agent,because it gives you unlimited,representation rights before the irs,which is key and critical in terms of,really maximizing yourself as a tax,preparer maximizing your additional,revenue streams maximizing yourself as,an advocate for clients and being able,to do the things you want to really best,grow your business or best within a,company best grow that business as well,but everyone always asks like why should,i become an enrolled agent you know im,happy as a tax preparer i work with my,clients maybe i dont want to go through,and do that you know extra work so to,speak to become enrolled agent there are,so many great opportunities for you and,why you should become one so we took a,look at the la times and they said over,the next decade tax preparers are,projected to be among the fastest,growing occupations the fastest growing,occupations as tax laws and regulations,become more and more complex more people,turn to tax preparation services for,assistance however because this is,seasonal work january to april,opportunities are limited during the,rest of the year,and heres the key thing to remember,enrolled agents are more likely to have,year-round jobs when youre an enrolled,agent youre not just going to be,looking at focusing during that initial,tax season which is traditionally known,through at end of january through the,april deadline you can be able to have,work all throughout the course of the,year and also you can actually increase,your income by becoming an enrolled,agent as you can see on the screen,you know depending on average enrolled,agent earnings by state you know youre,looking at a national average of you,know,29.77 thats 61 000 a year looking to,become an enrolled agent theres a lot,of other good reasons to become an,enrolled agent as well but the big thing,that people talk about is the,representation piece when youre an,enrolled agent well talk about this,again more in in the presentation but,think about it like this when youre,when youre a tax preparer and youre,working with your clients tax returns,youll work through them submit them of,course electronically to the irs but if,theres a problem,with that tax return if theres an issue,not necessarily even with your own,client but somebody elses client whos,not an enrolled agent you can act on the,taxpayers behalf,and also protecting the taxpayers rights,its really important to remember that,if you have unlimited representation,right

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The Ultimate Guide To Passing The Enrolled Agent (EA) Exam!

whats going on alex here and today im,answering your questions from the,youtube comments thats right you leave,questions i answer them in a video its,a beautiful thing and todays question,has to do with how to pass the enrolled,agent or ea exam lets take a look all,right so this question comes from sandy,m,and sandy asks what class of course did,you take to study for your ea test,all right so the enrolled agent exam is,what allows you to earn the ea,credential which generally allows you to,represent taxpayers in front of the irs,and aside from that it makes you a,pretty deadly tax expert to boot all,right and with regard to what i used to,pass the,exam all three sections is this bad boy,right here,this is the exact book that i used and,you can see here its 2014 the 2015,edition so back in the dinosaur times i,use this,exact,bad boy to get through the test now,youll see that this is the complete,version and what that means is that all,three sections are handled here in one,book now,what am i talking about theres,individuals thats one section of the,exam,then,section two is the business section and,then section three is the representation,section,all right and all of them are combined,in a single book,now theres a few things i liked about,the book the first thing is that while,its fairly,dense in terms of there just being a lot,of text on the page,its very much to the point all right,its important when youre talking taxes,its very easy to get into the fluff and,kind of get lost as to what the point is,but this is very succinct it hits on the,points directly in many cases and that,can reduce your study time because you,know the important points to keep in,mind,aside from that every chapter has,questions let me show you,all right so,thats what it looks like and its a,multiple choice question very much like,the ea exam itself,and once you go through all the unit,questions the beauty is that in the back,it has the answers but more than that it,has the explanations for the answer so,let me just show you a little peek over,here okay so itll tell you that its,a is the answer and heres why and that,y is super critical because if you know,what the answer is but you dont know,why thats the answer that thats pretty,useless but in this case itll tell you,that hey the answer is d because and,that because its critical so the way i,approached studying for this exam is,that i went through every chapter in,terms of reading it making flash cards i,love flashcards beautiful way to learn,at least for me,and once you go through the chapters try,to take on the questions and for example,for chapter one i would go to the,questions section and i would go through,all the questions and then grade myself,because the answers are in the back of,the book i hate books that dont give,you the answers once i understand that,okay i got,10 questions right 10 questions wrong,lets say,those wrong questions i would notate to,come back to because if you got it right,you already know it,if you got it wrong thats something you,need to brush up on so lets say i have,10 wrong questions from chapter one then,i move on to chapter two and from there,i will also make a list of the questions,that i got wrong and then chapter three,four and so forth now what am i doing,with all these wrong answers im going,to the back of the book im seeing what,the point is that i didnt get in,answering that question make a flash,card out of it all right so now im,drilling the flash cards in terms of i,didnt understand this concept put a,question on the flash card put the,answer on the back and make sure you can,recall it when that flash card comes up,so once you drill that over and over and,over and over again and the way i did it,was actually write down the answers on a,piece of paper so i would get a flash,card and it said you know what are the,different filing statuses and i would,just write single married filing joint,all the others and with that,it reinforces your,understanding and memory,all right and then once you take a all,the flash cards and you go through them,for all the wrong questions that you did,and all the other concepts that you need,to absorb go back,to all those questions you got wrong and,drill them again and from that point,you may only,get three out of ten wrong okay focus on,those three make more flashcards about,those concepts that you still have not,understood fully,and keep,narrowing down to those issues that,youre having trouble with dont focus,on the stuff thats easy the stuff that,you know and you got right you dont,need to focus on that you know it right,you need to focus on those items that,youre lacking understanding and its,not really coming together for you,thats where you need to put the bulk of,your efforts so as im going through the,book im making flash cards on the,different points just so i can recall it,later when the flash card comes up,again reinforcing the memory again,drilling the questions that you got,wrong,very important to notate those because,those are your weak points the ones you,need to reinforce once ive got through,the entire section of individuals i,would still bring up those questions,that i got wrong do them again do them,again the point is not to memorize the,answer the point is make sure you,understand the underlying concepts and,for the most part the book provided a,lot of the information that you need you,may need to do some outside research,find some videos other reference,materials that explain things a little,bit differently i was personally,confused a bit by the section 1245,section 1250 section 1231 loss that area,was a bit confusing for me so i had to,look up some additional resources but,for the most part these pages contain,the key to passing the exam now in terms,of cost i have no idea what i paid for,this book back in the dinosaur ages but,because i love to give you guys the,latest and greatest,i looked up the pricing that is,currently applicable for these books so,i just googled the past key ea review i,got these books right here so what i do,notice is that they separated it into,three different books now so you have,one for individuals one for business one,for representation,and i dont think this book cover as a,side note can get any more patriotic i,think if they put maybe hulk hogan on,the front thats the only way this can,be more american but anyway lets take a,look at the pricing all right so i click,the amazon links here and this is the,part one individuals book,and whoa,look at that price made my eyes water a,little bit if i recall this book cost,somewhere in the area of a hundred to,two hundred dollars when i purchased it,now it looks like inflation has taken,hold to say the least and this paperback,version of the first part for the exam,is 85 on amazon,okay,second part similar situation this kind,of is even worse because you got the,part two businesses section,costing a hundred dollars and then part,three,representation you have that costing 90,as well so youre looking at about 300,all in to get through the exam based on,the current pricing made my eyes water,its a little bit difficult to absorb,and digest but thats sometimes what you,have to pay to,accomplish your ea dreams do i think,its worth it yes i still think its,worth it because you can pay for this by,doing a single tax return for a client,or even half a tax return depending on,what youre charging so with that i,dont think that this price should be a,deterrent if you really need to space,out the cost so you can manage it from,an affordability perspective just take,one section at a time take individuals,boom then move on to business then move,on to the other sections because you,also dont want to get halfway through,the individuals and realize you hate,taxes you never want to look at it again,and this is the bane of your existence,and by the way you purchased three books,that you have to deal with now so,that might be the way to approach it,just get it done piecemeal i would,re

How I Passed Part 3 EA Special Enrollment Exam (SEE)? | Enrolled Agent

hey everyone Tracy Jackson here I just,want to do this quick video I wanted to,show you guys how I passed part 3 of the,enroll enrolled agent exam Im kind of,taking it backwards so I know people are,like oh youre done well I took part,three first,so Im actually working on part one now,so I got part three out of the way but I,wanted to make this video some people,were asking me questions about what I,used to study and how I studied so I,thought I will go through exactly my,whole process with studying for it and,how I went about getting my materials so,let me just jump right into this here so,the the test that that you take is,called the SCE its B Ill show you guys,here special enrollment exam and theres,three parts and there are a hundred,questions and you can take them in any,order so like I said I took part three,so Im going to just jump right in what,I decided to do was theres different,courses gleam is one of the popular ones,that but theres theres tons of smaller,ones I mean theres tons of them fast,forward some people are using fast,forward Academy you know theres there,several of them so I just decided to go,with gleam because I also have a,membership with the N ATP which is a,really really important membership I,think for any tax professional to have,they have tons of education and benefits,to being a member and theres different,levels so I have this pulled up and Im,not an affiliate with any of this stuff,I just wanted to show you guys numbers,and why I did this so glean if you want,to get lets see the full system is 629,now I dont know if theyre having any,like promotions or if theres anywhere,where its cheaper but I just pulled up,the site so its six 29.95 for the all,the materials for all three parts,alright so what I decided you because,there were there were courses and things,that I wanted to take with n ATP,basically this is a membership,where they have tons of education in,person online events webinars they give,you updates on tax tax information its,tons of benefits so anyway theres,different levels to the membership and,so instead of me having to pay for,separate like topics that I wanted to,learn which so little could be like you,know 50 $60 $100 you know theyre,different prices for some of the,webinars and the CEUs and education I,just decided to get the Premium,Membership so you can see here I had to,remember what I pay for I knew it was,six something so it was 650 for the,Premium Membership with an ATP and the,reason why I did that is because the,membership the Premium Membership comes,with I think it the middle membership,does as well but I know that the premium,comes with part one of the gleam the,gleam exam or I guess the the gleams,study program right so when you purchase,the full gleam you get part one two and,three but this also gives you access to,part one as well,and then actually they give you webinars,for part two and part three and then,give you some like a test Bank as well,so Im going to show you guys because I,actually passed part three with just the,study questions that they have and the,workbook and the video and the webinar,so so to me I got more benefit by just,doing the Premium Membership and I think,I have it so let me see March of March,of next year or something like that so,yeah it gives you like a fool he is for,the year so if you wanted to renew again,you would have to pay that membership,every year and you can go down to a,lower level anyway but Im just showing,you guys why I just got the Premium,Package because as a newer tax,professional you know I wanted to take,advantage of all the education that they,had without having to pay for everything,separately and it also included the,gleam uhm yes the gleam study course so,hopefully you guys follow me on what Im,saying,so anyway let me show you what you get,with part three through and they kind of,give you a code and then you register,and then you get access to glean once,you get your like your ñå TP membership,so what I did was this is the way that I,that I studied there is a there is it,comes with a guide right so the only,thing that I did for part three is I,went to this webinars and resources part,and theres a part three participant,guide alright and I printed that out and,its 54 pages alright so and Ill show,you it goes in parts like I really way I,study I break everything down in parts,and its just easier for me that way so,Im trying to make this quick all right,so heres study unit one practice for,the IRS so what I would do is just I,would take study unit one and I would,read the pages for unit one and then I,would go to the assessment and quizzes,like this is all I did guys for part,three and then I will go to the,assessment and quizzes and you can see I,you get like ten times to take them I,didnt even use all of these are how,many I have left so some of them took me,like more I would try to make sure that,I got at least 70% or above on oh wait,thats not what I meant to do on the,quiz to make sure I had some understand,enough understanding right so here we go,all right so so this,the quiz questions or related to unit 1,right from this guide here right so I,would read study unit 1 and then I would,take the test and all you got to do is,click on it as you just saw and then you,can start the quiz and then here Ill,show you what it looks like,and itll make 20 20 question quizzes,and it says its time but you can leave,it and come back because it gives you a,whole bunch of time and then you just,answer the questions and then it will,give you it will give you a limit cancel,out of this it will give you information,on what you answered right which you,answered wrong I gotta go back through,that again sorry oh shoot hold on one,second all right so let me go back to,the quizzes here all right so these were,all the time so these are the times that,I took them so sometimes I really sucked,at it in the beginning and I kept taking,them after reviewing the questions that,I got wrong ok until I at least got 70%,or above ok so I would read section 1,take the quizzes until I got 70% or,above and then I will go to the next one,and then I would take the quiz for that,all right and then thats thats really,what I would do now let me show you what,it looks like so lets you can also go,back and click on previous quizzes and,then you can go to review it you know,again so this will show you which ones,you got wrong I would just open up all,questions and then I would go through,because sometimes I would get the answer,right but I still would want to you know,see what the explanation was that they,give because maybe some time I might,have been guessing but let me see if,itll but mainly go over the ones that,you missed all right so these are the,ones that I missed but if it shows green,because I went back and I corrected it,so this was my initial answer so what,you do is you just go through each,question that you,didnt get correct and then and then I,would read through you know that,explanation and then what I would do is,I would take notes I dont know if you,guys can see this this is actually me,working on part one but what I would do,is I would write so so Ill go into that,in a second but yeah I would write down,oshi so I would write down notes on the,questions that I got wrong okay and,thats pretty much it as far as the,question the quizzes the other part to,that the other part of that Im the type,of person that I like to learn by,hearing so one of the things that you,get with NATPE is the video okay its,alone so this is online part one but,there is a part three okay so thats,what I was reviewing part three and its,its about an its several hours its,maybe like each one of these is like an,hour and you can see theres like four,three or four clips I think with part,three there were three one-hour clips so,I dont know if this is gonna play,because I had it idle for a while but,itll look something like this so its,going to say glean part three and then,what I would do is just l

How I Passed Part 1 Special Enrollment Exam (SEE) EA

hello everyone tracy jackson aka tech,savvy nurse,here for another video in this video im,going to talk about how,i pass part one of the enroll,agent exam yay so finally,um got around to taking my exam,and i i did a video before of how i,passed part three,and so just to kind of continue,everything because i did it a little,different this time with a whole,different um,course i wanted to share my study,process for passing part one,and then um i will eventually do a video,hopefully soon for part two,i want to try to get this finished up,but i,did get some questions from people,asking,what i was using again and you know what,my study pro,study tips for passing so i,wanted to i figured id do another video,all right so cool,so the difference is last time i used,gleam,as my study course and it was okay but,when i went to go start,study for part one for some reason i,just wasnt grasping the information,so um i dont know the lectures but felt,like it was more so,just reading the text to me rather than,giving me,ex expanding on the information,you know to kind of help explain things,right,so i was kind of getting frustrated,with why i wasnt getting it so thats,just my personal thing but,um im sure many many many people have,had,you know still have great success with,gleam and actually thats what i use,for passing the part three so i just,kind of wanted to do,something um different my friend of mine,on facebook actually shared with me,to try fast forward academy so i decided,to,use this and i really really really like,the flow of this program its so simple,to follow and i feel like it gives a,good explanation on the lectures so,there was,was a couple reasons i liked it so im,gonna walk you guys through,um kind of i studied the same kind of,way my process is very similar but guys,remember this is just my way that i,study everyones different but you know,the course is the same,you know if you purchase whether you,purchase gleam or whether you purchase,fast forward academy,the process you know the material is,still there its just how you,go about um studying it and absorbing,the material so im going to show you,how,what worked for me and hopefully some of,the tips will help would help,so what i did was when i started i,immediately you can click on study all,right so were going to go into study,when you first get the course here,everything is red,so these little circles are red and it,means that youre not,ready yet to you know you havent um,went through that section yet so,what i did was i im very like,methodical when i go through things i,dont like to be all over the place,thats why i like the flow of this,because i can go in order,and i can see how im progressing with,the colors and then,my goal was to turn everything green,before i move to the next section,okay so what what i did was i started,with,tac taxpayers and dependents these are,all the sections so,um you can collapse them and see that,each section has,different topics some more than others,okay,so theres one two three four,five six seven eight nine ten sections,okay,so taxpayers and dependents uh is the,first section what i did was i started,with the very first part of section one,and what i like about this is when you,click on,filing status which is the first part,you can click on,youll see down here highlight what,information is available so you can see,that it will take you to the textbook,part,where it explains the filing status and,then theres also quiz questions which,theres quiz question,questions for of course each section so,what i did was i started,actually i didnt start with the,textbook ill tell you where i started,step number one for me,was going to the flash notes for,taxpayer independence,section so i went to the flash notes and,you can,go by chapter so i really like this it,will give you,kind of like the flash notes or cards,for that section so taxpayers and,dependents,i will click that and i just leave it on,all and then you can see that theres,flashcards kind of giving you a blurb,about each little topic here thats,important for that section,so i really like that part because i,i absorb information in short chunks,um so itll give me the little,the little you know name of it and then,a short definition okay,so thats the flash notes part that i,like and then you can also which is cool,you can add your own cards i forget,where to do that but you can add your,own,flash notes as well flash card ill show,you theres another way to do it but,so i would do this part first before,each section,then i will go to study then i will go,to,this section and i will click on the,parts,individually and then ill go to the,textbook,okay now um sometimes i didnt really,read the full part but i did start here,and read,as much as i could of the textbook,and hold on one second my things okay,so youll read through this and um you,know you can pay attention to the bold,parts or the tips or,really you want to read through as much,of this as you can or,all because its not a lot its you know,just a couple pages,per for each um little section and then,youll go back to study so once you read,it,you go back to study,click on that section and then you take,the quiz okay,in the quiz im gonna go ahead and start,this one as i was,just playing with it so then youll have,the questions the reason,the way the reason why i like this,versus gleam is because gleams tests,were,timed and also the explanations werent,as,good to me of the answers,and then also i like to also look at,so lets just click on i dont im not,reading this so i dont know the answer,because im a randomly picked so if you,pick the wrong answer,it will pop up over here with the,explanation,of why its right you know what answer,is right,and why and then you can also go back to,the reference of the textbook by just,clicking here like youre like okay i,totally dont get that,let me go back and review this and you,can click on um,click on it right here and it pops up,the the same textbook reading that you,can go back and,you know review again so i just i love,the flow of that,and then um let me see here,where the explanation goes oh,there it is so this little eyeglass over,here is the a pop will pop,up the explanation again and then um i,also on some of the harder topics i like,to,look here i love this like people um,have asked,questions and a lot of these are recent,like its not like old stuff but,um youll see conversations of you know,people who have questions and some,people had the same questions that i had,and you can click,on and see what the moderators are,um how they are you know answering their,questions so,for some of the topics that was really,helpful for me and,i love this feature so the explanation,and the discussions its just very uh,its a very simple flow to it so you go,through you answer the questions,and you can also the other thing i like,is you can save and exit,so its not to where like if you start,because i would be stopping and starting,constantly i just wanted to go,through the you know the questions i,didnt necessarily want to be timed,so you can click save for later or you,can just finish,and complete this part so im gonna,click finish and review,it will give you a review and then you,can continue back to study,so very very very simple,to um feel out this,process okay so the next one,im trying to find one that has a,lecture okay so so you go through one by,one,until you answer all of the quiz,questions,correctly and then itll turn to green,so,the other thing is oh let me go back so,the other thing is,when im answering the questions and let,me go,to let me just pull up a quiz,all right so when i go through the,questions,im a writer as well so i like to write,i just learn,every way pretty much but i just like to,write and it helps me to remember,so lets just answer this and okay,i just randomly got that right all right,so when if you were to get it wrong,what i would do is i would read make,sure you read all of the,choices because some of t

Surgent vs Becker CPA Review Guide (Which Is Better?)

hey everyone john ross here from,testprepinsight.com and today im going,to be directly comparing the cpa review,courses,from becker insurgent now these are two,of the most popular prep options on the,market and,oftentimes aspiring cpas have a hard,time deciding,which one to go with luckily for you i,am a cpa and ive personally purchased,and tested out both of these different,courses,ive closely evaluated all the different,study materials practice tests prep,books and more,so i think if you keep an open mind this,video should give you everything you,need to make an,educated purchase decision now if youre,ready,lets get to it,okay welcome back so quick outline for,this video,im going to start by comparing the,major features of each course head to,head,then im going to circle back for a,quick recap summary before giving you a,final verdict on which course i would,personally choose if it was my prep,and if at any point you feel like you,need some more information ill have,links down in the description below over,to each of becker and surgeons websites,where you can learn more about both of,these courses directly and ill also,have links over to our website where we,have full detailed,written reviews on each course or you,can always just google,test prep insight sergent vs becker cpa,thats a great way to get there too,okay so lets start off by talking about,the instructional component of both,courses here,and while both companies offer video,lessons as a major part of their,curriculum,becker gets the win here for the simple,fact that they actually offer,live classes either online or in person,and ive got to say that the becker,classes are superb,they generally cover the same material,as the on-demand video lectures,but the live format gives it a more,personal and free-flowing medium,many students prefer to learn in a live,setting rather than watching a,pre-recorded video,and for these types of learners these,classes will definitely elevate your,prep,the becker instructors are extremely,knowledgeable about all things cpa,and allow for questions and,clarifications that you just dont get,with pre-recorded lectures,with that said if live classes arent,important to you lets talk a little bit,about the pre-recorded video lessons,that both companies provide,starting with surgeon who keeps things,simple they keep their videos short and,to the point,each one is just 10 to 20 minutes or so,in length and covers a very discreet,subject,the videos generally feature your,instructor on camera with a slideshow,running in the bottom corner of the,screen,and as the slides roll along a,transcript below the video container,updates with highlighting so you have a,text format as well and theres also a,digital notes tool below the transcript,that allows you to take some quick notes,on your computer as you watch,ultimately though in my opinion i found,the video lectures to be,thorough but boring most of the time,your instructor reads from the slides,with waning enthusiasm,and little interjection of helpful,tidbits the becker video lessons on the,other hand,take a slightly different format rather,than having an instructor on screen,providing a traditional lesson over a,powerpoint slideshow the becker lectures,use their textbooks as the basis of the,video,the instructor rarely appears on screen,during the lectures and instead,verbalizes their lesson as you read,along,they circle key points underline,important phrases make notes in the,margins,and mark up the text as you move along,and they even scroll the page down for,you as you reach the bottom,its like someone standing over your,shoulder as you read a text offering,additional context and helpful tidbits,it sounds a little odd but it really,works i found this method of teaching to,be incredibly effective,and i think most other people will too,but i can see how some students might be,put off by it,alright next up lets talk about pricing,and course options,and this is one area where surgeon takes,the win but before i get into that if i,could kindly ask you please subscribe to,our channel,like this video and drop us a comment,below that would be hugely appreciated,were the only test prep company out,here that does this much research and,goes into this much detail,to help you make the right test prep,choices so any support you could show us,goes a long ways,okay so pricing and ill start by saying,that both companies offer three,different course options to choose from,sort of a good better and best model so,lets start with surgeon in their base,package,which takes the form of their essentials,pass it costs around sixteen hundred,dollars and offers students video,lessons,practice questions and access to their,ebooks then theres the premiere pass,which is the companys most popular,package,it costs around twenty four hundred,dollars and adds in hard copy prep books,flash cards and one-on-one tutoring then,lastly theres the,ultimate pass from surgeon which is,their deluxe package it costs around,three thousand dollars and throws in,extra practice material,audio lectures customer support and a,few of their add-ons,okay as far as becker goes they call,their base package the advantage course,and it costs right around twenty four,hundred dollars and it offers the bare,necessities,video lessons practice problems and prep,books and then theres the premium,course which is the companys most,popular option,it costs around three thousand dollars,and adds those live online classes i,mentioned earlier,a couple thousand extra practice,problems and unlimited access,and finally theres the becker pro,course which costs around thirty five,hundred dollars,this course gives students the option to,take the becker classes in person,as well as one-on-one tutoring with the,becker cpa expert,so there you have it if you put the,respective courses from both companies,side by side,surgeon is obviously the more affordable,choice but again,the key difference here is the live,instruction if thats a must for you,it may be worth it to spend up a little,more and go with becker,and on that point i should probably,mention that both of these companies,routinely run sales and special,promotions,in fact becker frequently discounts its,course options by up to twelve hundred,dollars,so make sure to check out the,description below ill do my best to,round up any coupons and codes that,might be floating around up there,and update that text below the video,screen to help save you some cash,so make sure to give that a look okay so,next lets compare the prep books from,each company,and this one is tough for me i like the,books from both prep providers,the surgeon prep books are crazy,detailed and cover every micro topic,that could ever come up on the cpa exam,each book is,hundreds of pages long and theyre,basically content bibles for each,section of the exam,honestly if you had to read each and,every book in its entirety,youd be blind by the end but luckily,you can strategically target the areas,where you need that level of detail,and in that regard the books are,immensely helpful theyre well written,and very clear and whats also nice,about the surgeon books is that they,send you flash cards as well,and then theres becker who offers,incredibly thorough and well-written,prep books as well,and they need to be right since they,serve as the focal point of the video,lessons,but what i really like about the becker,books in particular,is just how well organized they are the,books are methodically laid out in a,manner thats both logical and easy to,follow,so ultimately while surgeons content,rich textbooks are extremely detailed,and thorough,beckers books get my vote for their,perfect balance between detail and,conciseness,the becker books have been continually,updated and revised for decades,so its no shock that theyre best in,class alright moving on to the last,major feature that were going to,compare,here today and thats practice material,and unlike the prep books this category,isnt ver

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