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Surviving The Aftermath Review – The Final Verdict

foreign,[Music],[Music],the post-apocalypse has always been a,popular genre in entertainment media and,video games arent exempt from that,either with surviving the aftermath,developer ice flake studios has,attempted to tackle that setting in a,manner that we havent seen all too,often city building and management,simulators set in the post-apocalypse,arent all that common with a few,notable exceptions but building on the,foundations laid down by its spiritual,predecessor surviving mars surviving the,aftermath is one that should probably go,down as one of the better experiences in,this very limited group the premise here,is simple mankind is dealing with the,smorgasbord of apocalyptic cataclysms,nuclear fallouts fire raining down from,the sky disease deadly winter storms,bandits and survivors at each others,throats you name it in this mess it,falls to you to establish a small colony,of survivors and make sure that you not,only survive but eventually with the,right management grow expand and maybe,just maybe thrive surviving the,aftermath doles out tiny bits and pieces,of lore and backstory for its world but,it is by no means something the game,focuses on there isnt much of a story,here and once the setup is out of the,way the gameplay experience takes over,you occasionally get quests and are,tasked to make choices but all of it,bleeds into the mechanical core of the,game and its better for it surviving,the aftermath knows what its good at,and it smartly chooses to devote most of,its attention to those strengths chief,among those strengths is the core,gameplay loop which is ridiculously,addictive as it should be in any good,building and management simulator every,game in surviving the aftermath starts,out slow setting you up in a,procedurally generated map with a,handful of survivors and limited options,for building and upgrading things in the,first hour or so youll mostly be,building rudimentary structures to,support your colonists basic needs like,housing and food while also gathering,resources to build those structures once,youve built a gate for your colony,thats when the game really begins,because at that point not only can you,start taking in more survivors to expand,your settlement you can also start,sending out your specialists out into,the world map to gather resources and,scout out more of the map its a loop,that feeds itself in a very simple but,equally effective manner youre,constantly micromanaging the inner,workings of your colony and making sure,that people are being put to work on the,things that you need in the immediate,future but at the same time youre also,always working towards more long-term,big picture goals like unlocking,upgrades in the tech tree across,different categories the two sides of,the experience bleed into each other and,gathering more wood or plastic becomes,just as important as upgrading your,tents or unlocking new buildings and,structures as you welcome more survivors,into your colony and recruit more,specialists the speed at which your,settlement grows and progresses,exponentially improves as well allowing,you to explore more of the world which,in turn allows you to expand your colony,even further its a tight addictive loop,that grows more layered and engaging the,more you play things can be a little,cumbersome at the beginning especially,because surviving the aftermath doesnt,do a very good job of tutorializing but,once you pick up on the games central,mechanics everything quickly begins,falling into place this being the,apocalypse you are of course also tasked,every so often with putting out fires,and here the game isnt always,consistent in how engaging it is with,the activities it comes up with some,problems like dealing with sick or,injured colonists or dealing with,attacks from wildlife become automated,once you have the right structures or,people in place but theyre still,engaging because you need to make sure,you do have that stuff in place other,problems like cataclysms that occur,every now and then like nuclear fallouts,and winter storms demand more immediate,attention and this is where the game,really leverages its post-apocalyptic,setting to deliver more intense tasks,and challenges then there are moments,where youre tasked to make choices,which sadly just arent as gripping as,they should be colonists will come to,you every so often with situations that,will need you to make decisions as their,leader someone might come to you with a,new experimental idea that isnt,guaranteed to succeed but if it does,could prove to be quite beneficial,someone else might inform you of someone,in the colony whos been stealing,resources from you leaving you to decide,how to deal with the one responsible how,you deal with these situations affects,the overall happiness of your colonists,but that isnt something that ive,honestly ever fretted over too much yes,making the wrong decisions can make your,colonists unhappy but not only are the,correct choices usually very easy and,obvious happiness itself is something,that you can cheese back up to the,decent level in other ways which means,the choices more often than not end up,feeling shallow though theres plenty,going on and surviving the aftermath at,almost all times especially as you,progress further and further into the,game the game doesnt ever feel too,intense in the way that something like,fellow post-apocalyptic management sim,frost punk so often can which is a,little disappointing because the,post-apocalyptic setting lends itself so,well to intense challenge and tough,decision making even so while the game,doesnt fully capitalize on its,potential there the mechanical core of,the experience is solid and layered,enough to always keep you engaged at,times almost to a dangerously addictive,degree visually surviving the aftermath,is a decent game none of its,environments people or buildings ever,exhibit the kind of detail that the,absolute best management simulators are,usually capable of exhibiting which,means simply zooming in on things and,watching buildings being built or people,going about their business isnt quite,as enjoyable as it could be even so the,game maintains a respectable level of,visual quality even at the worst of,times and best of all doesnt often run,into any major performance issues,surviving the aftermath is a solid game,it might not be the best of its kind it,doesnt ever reach the same heights as,something like frost punk for instance,and it could have done more to leverage,its post-apocalyptic setting but at its,core its a well-made city builder and,management sim with a strong mechanical,base that can keep you hooked and,thoroughly addicted for long stretches,of time anyone who enjoys the genre,should give this one a look,and that brings us to the end of the,video a quick request we upload new,videos every single day and if you like,what were doing please consider,subscribing it really really helps us,out also dont forget to enable all,notifications by clicking the bell icon,so that you can receive daily video,updates thanks for watching

Surviving the Aftermath – Time to rebuild.

hi guys this is surviving the aftermath,a game i played almost two years ago i,bought this um,when it first came out february 2020 and,i really enjoyed it and i got contacted,just recently off paradox because the,games coming out uh on the 16th they,asked if i wanted to do a sponsored,video on it so it says yes of course i,would its a game i enjoy so this is a,sponsored video so thank you paradox for,um including me in that um i dont do,many sponsored videos like i think ive,done five in 13 years or six five or six,i get offered about three or four weeks,but its stuff that ive just done,no so the last time i played it like i,say was almost two years ago and i,watched that video today um after,playing the game for the past three days,pretty much non-stop i watched me,playing it two years ago and i had a,laugh how i played it and just how the,game has changed so much uh pretty much,everythings changed since,it first came out back in early 2020. if,youre not familiar with the game this,is after the worlds been devastated,theres pollution everywhere its just,the world is almost uninhabitable,everything that we know in the world now,is gone everythings rubble um its just,crazy,and youve got to start from scratch,with your bare hands in a tent you know,so you found this secured area theres a,big metal gate there thatll offer you a,little bit of protection and youre,setting up your own little colony now,the first changes that ive noticed was,just at the very beginning where you set,up all the difficulty uh levels of the,game you can change pretty much,everything you can change your starting,resources how many catastrophes youre,going to get you can see them on your,screen now the theres just a lot of,things that you can change to make it as,easy or as difficult as you want,depending on,how casual a playthrough or a brutal,playthrough you want once youve done,all of that and youve named your colony,you then set it up and you have to look,at the lie the land really you look at,through the different views that are,really handy in the game you can see,where the pollution is but more,importantly at the beginning you can see,where the fertile land is because you,dont want to be building your your uh,buildings on fertile land you want to be,saving that for your crops,so that theyll get a good yield so you,set up your camp you set up some basic,stuff like getting wood getting plastic,and stuff like that in because early,game you can build a lot of stuff out of,plastic and wood but then it progresses,in the metal and then into the concrete,and then youre going to need,electronics and things like that for mid,to end game so the progression is all,different to how i remember it theres,now a really cool tech tree split into,five different uh points to make it easy,to find stuff that you want whether its,stuff to make your colonists happy,whether youre looking at some better,infrastructure and things like that and,its you can mix and match between the,tech trees so you dont have to like,fill out one and then before before you,go to the other so its really handy you,can just research what you need at the,time which i found really handy as i was,going through the game to get research,points though you need to need a,currency for this and you get that on,the world map and through trading and,through a bit of look theres a lot of,rng in this game so yeah the tech tree,is really really handy it has some,really cool things in it and one of the,things that i really like about the,progression in this game is you feel,like youre making stuff out of scrap,you accumulate all kinds of what you,think is useless stuff until you then,research a building that can take that,useful stuff and turn it into a very,valuable and sought after product,to either trade with or to build better,tech with and you see yourself going,from,like in the winter for example just a,little fire to keep warm to a burner,like a super burner which heats a lot of,houses to radiators to super radiators,and so it all just expands but theres,tons and tons of different buildings,its not just about upgrading the same,few buildings that you get in in a lot,of these games this has been really,fleshed out a long way and it needs to,be because theres a lot of stuff that,you need to be prepared for in this game,that i was totally unprepared for,because they werent in the first one,namely getting attacked but before i,come into that i want to talk about the,main map because youve got kind of two,games playing together in parallel here,youve got your main city builder where,you put all your tents in your buildings,and stuff but youve got the world map,now the world maps totally changed,since i last played it and this is where,your specialists go your specialists are,different from normal colonists you can,only have a set amount of them and they,can be fighters they can be scavengers,scouts,scientists and things like that you get,engineers later on you send them out,onto the world map although they can,still come into your base and be very,handy in your base if its getting,attacked because theyre all armed with,the teeth,so ill come to that in a sec but on the,world map you will explore you will,scout new regions its all sort of,regional based on the world map you can,get cars later on to fly around the map,in and set on set out on expeditions,from your base and your own cars ive,got about six in my garage and you can,do them all up,kick out a squad so you can have like a,couple of fighters a couple of um,scavengers send them all out and come,back um after a few hours with,absolutely tons of valuable stuff its,really satisfying doing that but as you,go around the world map youll uncover,lots of missions which tell the story of,whats going on and these are narrated,and voiced for the first part of the the,the first paragraph is usually voiced,and it tells you the story of whats,happened but it also lets you meet new,people and a lot of hostile encounters,as well youll have to fight your way,through this map and to uncover new,areas where theres bandit camps all,over youll get quests to go and fight,different people on there theres,mutated beasts on there that can kill,you and but there can also be guarding a,lot of loot theres all kinds of,adventures to have on the uh on that map,i mean eventually youll get to even,build first aid stations on there um,drop off points so you dont even have,to keep coming back to your base to drop,off the loot you can just make multiple,bases around there and then the end game,is you send out engineers on there but,ill let you discover that for yourself,because thats all connected to the big,building that you have to build to win,the game but coming back to your base uh,one of the things that i wanted to see,in this when i first played this was,danger from,beasts and people and that has happened,now you fight a lot of enemies at the,gate uh youll upgrade the gate a few,times to get it really fortified and you,can have guards on there all armed to,the teeth if youve got the weapons,youll find all kinds of weapons in the,world you can even manufacture them,yourself you put them on the gate and uh,people come up to the gear and you stop,them they say what do you want oh were,just refugees let us in please were,well,we have a little bit of meat in that but,its cool weve got nowhere to go are we,going to come in please let us in and,ive got to make that decision you know,you can be a complete kit if you want,but a lot of the time i let them in,because theyll have something i want uh,even if its just an extra pair of hands,to help out but sometimes,people come in and theyre coming,through a different means and you let,them in and they turn out to be bad guys,and then they suddenly pull guns out and,all hell breaks loose and thats why you,need to have some security in there you,can build guard towers where youll have,people constantly patrolling them armed,to the teeth again if youve got the,weapons

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SURVIVING THE AFTERMATH is a Great Game (Review)

[Music],everything we once knew is gone,weve become drifters,roaming the wastelands,scouring the wreckage for something to,hold on to,searching for someone to light the way,forward,whats up everybody im rusty and,welcome to another video this time ill,be taking a look at surviving the,aftermath a real-time city building and,management strategy game in a,post-apocalyptic theme that somehow has,flown under my radar and i just recently,learned about this game even though it,has been out for 6 months now its from,paradox interactive and ice flake,studios a quick disclaimer i was given,this game for free to test it out but i,have no obligations and the words are my,own so this is an honest review and im,not even getting paid this game is,available for pc from steam and epic,game store but its also available on a,nintendo switch xbox one and ps4 however,i cannot say anything about those,versions and will only focus on the pc,version even though surviving the mass,is made by completely different studio,under the same publisher surviving the,aftermath follows its footsteps with,similar gameplay in surviving the,aftermath the world is destroyed and,its up to you and your colonists to try,to survive and eventually rebuild the,world this game might seem a bit,overwhelming at first and requires an,hour or so to get used to all of the,mechanics and features of the game but,once you do get used to it though its,going to be a blast and addictive at the,start you can choose to play normal game,a custom game or a few scenarios in,custom game you can pretty much adjust,all the settings for your game and,thats what i did this vary from things,like how often do catastrophes happen to,what your starting resources will be,each of the settings you choose will add,to the overall difficulty percent and,change how the map is randomly generated,so each new game will be slightly,different while the core gameplay will,stay the same,once finished with the settings you will,begin with a single colonist and its,time to place your campsite and start,building the basics of your colony after,placing the basic structures you can,suit a flare to invite the first,colonists to join you and start the game,at this point youll slowly gather more,resources and build more structures to,accommodate to the basic needs of your,colonists like housing and food there,are various of different resources to,gather and refine and more of these,become available through researching the,various tech trees there are 5 different,tech trees that unlock new buildings or,enhance your current ones these are,researched with science points which you,can only get by sending your specialists,to locations on the world map which,provide these points or by building,research outposts on the world map that,provide passive science point income at,the start of the game researching,requires you to make some planning on,what your colony benefits the most from,once your colony comes to the point that,it can finally build a gate the game,will open up vastly and start slowly,snowballing while simultaneously become,more and more addictive because the gate,will allow multiple of different things,to happen such as more colonists might,join you bandits might arrive with their,demands requiring you to make some,choices wandering merchants might visit,your colony and you can use the gate to,send your specialists out on the world,map,speaking of specialists at the start of,your game depending on your custom game,settings you got to choose two,specialists these are units you can,control yourself to various activities,like gathering food or other resources,or defend your camp you can even send,your specialists to do activities on the,world map such as scavenge for resources,scout for new areas or fight bandits,you have maximum of 10 specialist slots,and new specialists arrive to your camp,at certain intervals or they can join,when new colonists arrive,since the game is set on an apocalyptic,team there are occasionally catastrophes,that you have to deal with fire will,rain down from the sky winter storms or,massive drought might happen freezing,the lakes or destroying your crops and,sometimes the wildlife is more hostile,than youd want it to be as you explore,the surroundings of your base the game,will notify you when these catastrophes,are going to happen so you have some,time to prepare and they all provide a,nice little added challenge to the,overall experience each of your,colonists has a face a name and a life,cycle if they join your colony as a,children they will eventually grow up to,adults and start contributing to your,workforce until they grow old and become,elders,zooming in on the activities of your,colonists isnt that interesting and,even though each of the colonists is,unique i never felt attached to any of,them and this is where the gamer could,do a better job,occasionally you get bits and pieces of,the background story and the lore of the,world requests like take out half of the,bandits of certain sectors on the world,map and sometimes there are random,events that require you to make choices,but they are there to only add flavor,and direction to the core gameplay which,is of course managing your colony the,graphics and audio are as good as you,could hope for and since the focus is so,much on management they arent that,important anyways but they are more than,enough,the ui is clean and easy to understand,even though at first it might seem a bit,overwhelming the icons are clear and,colorful and the handwrapping visuals,are pleasing the music ambient and sound,effects all come together nicely,complementing to the core gameplay,mechanics and the voice acting is good,the only thing to complain about i can,think of is the somewhat poor tutorials,that at one point had me google how to,build a research station on the world,map but other than that there really is,nothing to complain about overall,surviving the aftermath is an excellent,game in each genre and will provide you,with addictive colony building gameplay,for hours and hours i definitely,recommend giving it a try if you find,this genre at least somewhat interesting,and honestly had i not gotten the game,for free id purchased it myself if i,would have known about it but anyways,thats about it make sure to like and,subscribe for more gaming content and,leave a comment if you find this video,useful thank you for watching have a,great rest of your day and ill see you,in the next video,you

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Surviving the Aftermath – 10 Tips to help you succeed

[Music],hey its kevin rudy and welcome back to,the pasty prime youtube channel and,welcome back to surviving the aftermath,so if you are new to surviving the,aftermath,uh its just at a time im recording,this been released officially as version,1.0 now ive been playing this game for,a little bit now um on early release on,pc,and im really enjoying it and ive,learnt things over my time of playing it,weve had,various upgrades various new versions,that sort of stuff,and i decided in this video to do,something a little bit different and to,give you,uh my,10 tips,for playing surviving the aftermath now,these tips are not necessarily the,obvious,tan that i mean some of them are obvious,and some of them are not you know im,not going to tell you that one tip is,gather so many resources and get lots of,wood and get lots of concrete and get,lots of metal and all that sort of stuff,right to me theyre obvious right if,youve played any sort of game like this,before youll do that but so what i,wanted to try and give you was stuff,that was very specific to this game,and that,maybe were not so obvious to me when i,first started playing it so lets get,into it and theyre in no particular,order,but,theyre all valuable so lets start,so tip number one set a minimum carrier,in your colony now,what happens is when you youre in your,game okay and my one here is slightly,upgraded so yours may not look like this,at the moment,but up here youll see you have these,carriers,and what they are theyre,people that are not employed in a job,and they basically carry materials,around to building sites,and move things around now if you have,zero carriers,nothing will progress nothing will get,built nothing will move materials will,not get picked up and moved back to,warehouses and all that sort of stuff,now why you would end up with xero is,because as you have jobs,available,people will take them,and what happens is youll have people,die,whether thats of,bad situations diseases etc or just,naturally old age,if they die and they were in a,particular job that would become vacant,and somebody else will take it,so its very easy to end up with zero,carriers and then everything breaks down,what you do to avoid that,and this is what i do you can set any,number you want but you click on your,main colony center,and go down here and youll see carry,account,and you can set it to a minimum amount,now i set it to one you could set it,higher and that could change,from start game to late game start game,you may say one,later game you may want more if youve,got a very big colony you may want to,have a minimum amount of carriers,what this means is that,itll always have one person as a,carrier regardless of if theres a job,available what it does mean is if,theres a job available,it that person wont fill that job so,that job will just stay vacant until you,get more colonists,but it allows your colony to continue to,progress because youll have at least,one carrier and you can obviously change,this value to whatever you like,so,i have it set to one at the moment,thats just because the way i like it,but you can set it to anything you like,so thats tip number one,okay tip number two is do not build or,try to avoid building on a fertile land,now i personally didnt actually do this,it is a regret that i have from building,my,area im trying to adjust that now and,move things around but it does mean,destroying it and that,so,if you want to plan this right when you,go into your overlays here,you can go across to saw fertility,if you click on that,if i stop scrolling out,if you click on that you will get a,highlight of the fertility of the land,all around your colony,now when i played this when i set this,colony up or this campaign up i must,have set it to,be a little bit more,uh available to have good fertile land,because it seems fairly green ive seen,i have played with a lot less green than,this,and you can see here well ive got a,quite a lot of buildings here in the,green that really could have been left,for farm,um its probably not so critical in my,colony here but in yours if youve set,it to a higher difficulty,then you could struggle and heres what,you probably should be doing is putting,all of your buildings,that do not require fertile land,on land thats not fertile that would,include the red as long as theres not,uh nuclear waste or pollution because,you can also check,your pollution levels,and,interestingly enough its not actually,showing me any pollution im not sure,what that is,but anyway uh,if you can,if you have very limited fertile land,you want to avoid putting buildings,there and you want to save that for your,farms,your wells and anything else that,really requires fertile land so thats,tip number two,tip number three,get research as quick as possible,research is your key to developing your,colony,it is your path to getting upgrades,right youve got all of this youve got,your tech tree same as you have in any,one of these sort of uh build,survivalist games whatever youve got a,tech tree,but you need research,and research in this game does not,happen naturally,you do not get research just being you,do not get it for doing nothing you just,dont get it i mean some games give you,uh research in small quantities little,by little this game does not and the,only way to get it,that ive found anyway is to go to the,world map,and,theres two ways to get in the world map,so my suggestion is to build an outpost,as soon as you can now i think to get,the outpost you need to first,uh research,let me find it in the research table,you need to research,frontier outposts all right it does mean,having to do guardians first,a little bit annoying that its there,but it is there so you want to research,frontier outposts,and then you want to build,the outpost depot here,where you can create a settler and,creating a set load is done by,converting one of your specialists to a,settler you will lose it it will become,a settler who can never be a specialist,again,you take them to the world map and then,what you do is you find an area which,has,uh one of these research symbols with a,cog,okay if its got a cog,it means its not a place that you can,scavenge it is something that you need,an outpost for,and as youll see here i have an outpost,here,[Music],uh i have an outpost here,and,i got another outpost here but you will,see,that each one of these is different and,each one that you highlight will have a,different value so thats the other,thing check them as well,this one provides 15 research every 12,hours,this one here provides 25 every 12 hours,this one here provides 25 every 12 hours,so these two would have been my number,one priority to get an outpost there so,if you build an outpost there youll,first convert your specialist to a,settler your settler will then go there,build an outpost a research one you will,lose that settler right theyre gone,just consider that gone but from then on,in this one section here youll be,making 25 research every 12 hours,and the more and more of those you have,the more research youre getting and,you will want it if youre going to,advance your tech tree,because the only other way to get it,uh and i may not have any visible on,this map,is to actually scavenge,similar to say this building here you,will find research ones that are not a,cog theyre just this yellow circle,theyre ones that you can send your,specialist to to scavenge so you will,need to do those,first right so that would be your first,priority to get enough research to,unlock your frontier,uh,outposts and then,find some of these cogs and build some,outposts in there and get your research,coming in on a regular basis daily,without you having to do anything,at all though it would just trickle in,and you will just,keep on researching that tech tree,so tip number four goes sort of hand in,hand with this one but it does con not,contradict it but it competes with it,and that is,to get,another outpost type,which is your survivor outposts,one t

Review – Surviving the Aftermath

[Music],hello bandits courtesy of the folks of,paradox interactive ive been taking a,look at their apocalyptic rts base,builder surviving the aftermath i first,played surviving the aftermath just a,little over two years ago as its made,its way onto the xbox game preview early,access program this one has come a long,way since then with a lot of,optimization new technologies challenges,and story elements in surviving the,aftermath youll need to take the reigns,as leader of a survivors colony after,an apocalyptic event youll need to,rebuild a new civilization theres some,in-depth resource management required as,well as making sure youve got supplies,to last youll also need to fight off,bandits local wildlife pollution and,natural disasters such as winter freezes,and meteor showers,as well as building the colony and,making tough decisions on who and when,to help people from the outside world,youll also need to explore far outside,your colony on the world map utilizing,specialists this is where youll find,research points to help you unlock new,technologies and working methods as well,as scavenge for materials gather new,survivors and contact and trade with,other survivor colonies surviving the,aftermath is rated by peggy at 7 and,above and by the esrb as t-15 these are,quite different age ratings and if,forced to pick one i would likely side,with peggy 7 and older the title does,contain violence however theres nothing,hugely graphic in terms of visual gore,while there are some threatening,encounters to navigate and themes such,as pandemic outbreaks theres not a huge,deal im too worried about while its,not awful in terms of content even on,easy modes there are a lot of different,elements to deal with in game and it,would likely get a little frustrating,for the younger audience,with this in mind id say while its not,awful for children its probably not one,which theyll get along with well,in terms of accessibility surviving the,aftermath is picking up a rating of,moderate when you begin your colony,there are a great number of options,which allow you to fine-tune the,difficulty for your game the large,variety of areas to manage and the,different requirements do mean its a,little harder to pick up and put down,and it is one which benefits from some,consistent play to make sure you stay on,top of all the different management,elements and with that stacked up onto,the rundown,visuals good the graphics in surviving,the aftermath are decent and whether,youre zoomed out or up close things,look pretty okay this could have been,elevated a little and i would have liked,to have seen more in terms of variation,for the different buildings,audio great,music in the title is brilliant and the,voice acting is great as well a really,strong showing here in terms of audio,and for me its one which sees no,complaints,narrative good a decent little narrative,here and a lot of side quests which can,give you some nice background outside,the main storyline replay good,surviving the aftermath is a strictly,single player title but its one which,does keep me coming back procedurally,generated worlds mean each adventure,does bring new challenges so while the,title wouldnt lend itself well to,multiplayer theres still a lot to do,the expansive tech tree also means that,your approach can change up each time to,see where prioritizing different areas,gets you overall the pixel bandits eye,of the tiger level for surviving the,aftermath is that youll likely find it,enjoyable,this is certainly one which ive got on,well with and it brings a nice twist to,the traditional base building experience,there is a good tech tree to work,through and a decent storyline to,complete and outside that its just been,a pleasure to build a colony where you,can just focus on surviving against the,odds,and thats all ive got for you today,dont forget to check out the extended,review at pixelbandits.org and keep your,eyes up for more news reviews and live,streams coming soon if you can spare,enough for a coffee every donation helps,us keep pixel bandits ad free and,independent and either way well see you,again very soon so dont wander too far

Surviving The Aftermath: PS4 Review

[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],hello everybody welcome back to,screenstars welcome to another,playstation review todays review is for,surviving the aftermath from paradox,interactive on the playstation 4 however,it is playable on playstation 5 and the,footage youre seeing is of me doing,just that now what is surviving the,aftermath well surviving the aftermath,is a post-apocalyptic,city building simulation type game,and the kind of games that paradox,interactive kind of specialize in really,um ive played a lot of the paradox,interactive games im a big fan of city,builders and any of you that know me and,follow my content know that this is,right up my street this sort of game,uh very relaxed very very chilled,and a lot of fun to play i have to be,honest im really enjoying my time with,this one now this was priced in the uk,at 1999 and there is an expansion that,you can add to it for a further 1999.,i havent chosen to do that as yet but,if i do put an awful lot more time into,the game and i really continue to enjoy,it is something i will consider doing,um,so essentially what you do is you start,off at the beginning of this game,um you can customize the game however,you want even though its very very,light on modes theres essentially just,one mode but because theres so many,ways to customize that mode um it does,give quite a little bit replayability i,suppose,so you can customize the map that youre,going on to uh in regards to how,challenging you want it to be,how many catastrophes will take place in,your event in your game,um yeah how many how you want the,environment to be is it going to be,really harsh are you going to make it a,little bit easier,what type of survivors youre going to,interact with are they going to be um,supportive helpful or more aggressive,and will attack you more often,uh what idea ideology do you focus on um,do you focus on things like the people,or the tech,and then you can also choose like two,specialists to start the game with and,the specialists will be,characters that will essentially,specialize in a certain area so you,could have a fighter you can have a,scout a scientist a scavenger things,like that,um and then you could also then,customize your flag and name your colony,and then you thrust into the world and,then youve got to kind of put like a,makeshift camp down and then you build,from there,um youve got to kind of make sure,everybodys got,living quarters and at the beginning of,the game you kind of start off in like,makeshift tents and things like that and,as you progress through the game as you,would imagine with a game like this,um when you research new technologies,you can improve the structures and start,building better,facilities better homes for the people,in your colony so there is like a tech,tree,so you go in there and you once you,would get some like research points you,could start researching the tech tree,and start improving uh the camp,improving uh your colonists,um opening new options to build all that,kind of stuff and if youve played these,games you you will understand what im,talking about in regards to the research,struct tech tree its not particularly,difficult difficult to follow,so youll set up your base camp you know,you set up your tents and then you need,to ensure that theres enough food and,water for everybody to drink,and eat so youll put down like um your,water so you can put like peers out to,the shore to get water you could put,like um into the ground like water taps,and things like that making sure youve,got enough water and food for your,colonists,and then you put like um,other things out into the forest trap,traps and things like that and things to,collect berries to make sure youre,getting like fruit and meat and all that,kind of stuff and fishing piers so you,get fish,and then also you obviously need to make,sure you get enough resources so you set,up like work areas scattered across the,map,together resource such as such as wood,plastic,food as ive mentioned,and then one thing this game does i,think really really well and its a,really nice twist on it theres like,these random events that will take place,uh that will give you like basic,scenarios like there might be a survivor,turns up at the gate and you can choose,whether to let them in or not,um and sometimes they will benefit your,colony and sometimes they will,definitely hinder it and there will be a,threat,so youve got to think on your feet,really in regards to people that turn up,at the gate,and therell also be random events,within the camp that youve got to kind,of figure out there might be a problem,with someones living quarters you might,have to sort out there might be some,medical emergencies,um all that kind of stuff and it gives,you these random events and then youve,got to decide what youre going to do,about them,so obviously as well with it being like,a post-apocalyptic again theres,radiation to deal with which you can,deal with later in the game by putting,work areas to get rid of the,radiation type areas to keep everybody,fit and healthy but,occasionally some of your colonists will,get radiation sickness,so you need to basically your specialist,you need to go to the world map,and the specialist that you have at your,camp you can send them out into the,world,um,to certain locations and they will,scavenge those areas some of those areas,will be,um baron in a sense that theres nobody,else there so they will search for,supplies whether it be food clothes or,research points,but some of them will have antibiotics,medicine,parts all this kind of stuff,but you also need to expand on the map,and scout further out to get better,supplies and the further you get into,the game the more difficult it gets in,the sense of you will come across like,uh gang members and things like that and,they will fight back against you,and this is out in the world but also,back at your colony as well um you can,be attacked at your colony by,people attacking your camp but also like,from creatures like rats and other,mutated things um so i i really like,this game in the sense of its really,chilled and relaxed to play depending on,the type of game that you choose to play,so i went into this with a fairly,relaxed experience you know,i chose some of the easier options um,not to make it massively challenging and,i always do that early in games so that,i can learn to play them and then when i,think ive got sufficient knowledge as,to how to play it ill sometimes restart,it with that knowledge,and up the difficulty level um and,thats something that you could do here,but to be honest anybody of you out,there who likes to play these type of,games like these city builder games,uh its actually in a lot ways a bit,like frostpunk um if youve played that,game very very similar in a lot of ways,to that sort of game but a little bit,easier to pick up and play this one its,not as difficult to pick up and learn,this ones fairly easy i mean um,you dont off as long as you remember to,make sure theres enough food and enough,water,generally speaking uh youre gonna be,okay in this game um,and obviously sending these specialists,out into the world to make sure that,theyre going to get supplies and,medicine youre definitely going to need,lots of medicine and antibiotics and,then you just keep expanding and,research your technology to get wet,better weapons better buildings better,defenses against anybody that would like,to attack your camp,and its quite,um a decent learning curve again,depending on the type of game that you,set yourself up from the beginning so i,do strongly advise if youre going to,play this yourselves,give yourself an easy experience to,start with until youve learned to play,the game and then maybe kind of restart,it and um try it again then with a,difficult your levels turned up a little,bit,but im not gonna lie im having fun,with this game this is actually a really,good um almost like a survival city,builder game,im finding it quite rewarding im,f

SURVIVING THE AFTERMATH | 5 Essential Tips Before You Begin (Beginners Guide)

this video is sponsored by paradox,interactive,hey everybody its party elite and today,were taking a look at surviving the,aftermath you might remember my coverage,of the game when it first came to steam,in early access about a year ago and,since then much has changed as the game,finally sees its full release set in the,aftermath of the apocalypse you need to,do whatever it takes to survive it yes,the title says it all but theres a lot,of interesting mechanics that youll,need to tackle as you barrel towards the,newly added end game and todays,essential tips should help you get there,with fewer casualties along the way,so with no more time to waste,lets begin,storage is king,one of the first things to keep in mind,is the difference between producing,something and stockpiling it this,distinction will make a massive,difference as soon as your first,calamity hits and you realize youre in,a lot more trouble than you thought and,itll only continue to get harsher as,your colony expands as you have more,lives depending on your resources,there are two resources in particular,where its easy to misunderstand or,misinterpret the user interface and,thats with water and energy,water is one of the most basic needs for,survival and youll want to make sure,you always have access to it for,drinking and later on for activities,like cooking as well,building wells and water collectors will,bring this number up over here but as,your population grows youll see this,number drop,the thing is this number isnt how much,water you have,this is how much surplus water youre,producing,see while almost all the other resources,listed across the bar tell you how much,of each item you have stored away,this number and as well discuss in a,bit,this number arent an indication of your,storage but an indication of your,production surplus instead,hovering over your water icon here will,show you more details and should clarify,what i mean every tick your wells and,water collectors produce a certain,amount of water,from that the consumption is reduced,based on your population and any,buildings that use water and then,finally the surplus is stored away,if your consumption ever surpasses your,production the number up here turns,negative and it starts draining your,stores,if your stored water is at zero thats,when people start to get thirsty and,eventually theyll start to croak and,yes i do mean die so dont get misled by,the number up here build plenty of water,storage to increase this maximum number,and make sure you have a surplus,production that fills this up over time,so that your people can tap into it when,a calamity hits,similar systems apply to energy the,number here isnt your storage but your,current production levels minus your,current consumption levels should this,number turn negative itll start,draining from your batteries as you can,imagine eventually quite a few,fundamental resources come from energy,draining sources even the more advanced,farming for example needs energy,magnetic storms unlucky rocks falling,from the sky and in the case of solar,power the setting of the sun can all,prevent power generation and then youll,find yourself relying on your batteries,fortunately batteries share energy,whether theyre near each other or not,if you have two batteries that store 2,000 energy each youll have access to a,maximum of 4 000 across your entire,colony not just centered around the,specific battery where the actual,generation is happening at a nearby you,know,solar panel or something,use this to your advantage to for lack,of a better word transport energy from,where its being generated to where it,needs to be used since each battery acts,as an access point to the stored,stockpile you can have one spot where,all the generation takes place and you,can spread the actual energy consuming,buildings without needing to hook up all,of them to the same infrastructure to,that one point of energy generation,other resources outline their production,and consumption too letting you know,what you might run out of sooner or,later but energy and water are a little,different and particularly important so,keep them in mind from the earliest days,of your colony,cycle workers,there are some jobs they dont always,need tending to with a limited number of,colonists especially earlier on you need,to be very picky about what worker,distribution looks like and cycling,workers in and out of where theyre,needed will help with this,see,colonists can either be workers or,carriers the former are doing one job or,another while carriers are carrying,resources to where theyre needed or,theyre building buildings or theyre,repairing buildings as needed as well,kids can only be carriers or they can,maybe go to school adults and elders,meanwhile can either be carriers or,workers,without carriers things come to a,standstill so not only will you want to,manage which jobs are being done but,youll also want to make sure you have,spare carriers available at all times,again,cycling workers will help with this,as an example lets take a look at water,collectors,unlike wells which automatically acquire,water from underground water collectors,need somebody to actually collect the,water,thing is as discussed previously you,should really be looking to have a lot,of water stored but once that storage is,all filled up theres no need to keep,producing a significant surplus of water,remove workers from the water collectors,and as long as this number doesnt go in,the negative,youve got nothing to worry about your,storage stays maxed out nobody thirsts,and you have more colonists available,for other tasks,remember that youve done this though,and when your storage starts to take a,hit or your consumption overtakes your,production make sure you get more,colonists working on water again or,build more wells,apart from water farms are another,excellent example where you can cycle,workers workers only need to be assigned,to a farm when harvesting or planting,a lot of time at the farm involves the,crop just growing with no involvement of,any colonist,despite that if you have colonists,assigned theyll count as working at,that farm,so when the farm is going through the,growing phase make sure you remove,colonists but keep an eye out for this,icon here because that means the farm,currently needs workers for its current,phase,flip them back on,and wait until the farm is back to,growing then remove them again,rinse and repeat,guard towers and gates are similar you,only need workers at them when youre,under attack and youll almost always,get a warning before a major attack,comes yes minor attacks come without,warning but theyll rarely cause you too,much trouble,major attacks are when you need workers,at your gates so before you interact,with the event thatll trigger the major,attack just swap your workers in wait,for them to arrive then deal with the,battle and then swap the workers out,again free them up for other activities,stay on top of your colonists,responsibilities this is again,especially important in the earliest,days,scout using towers,when you first establish your colony a,region around the central area will get,revealed and youll only be able to,build in this revealed area,anything beyond is covered in the fog of,war neither can you enter these,unexplored areas nor can you build in,them or see what they hold,a lot of the time great resource,deposits will be hidden behind this veil,and i would highly recommend,periodically building scout towers at,the edge of your current range of vision,to further expand how far you can see,the further away you get from your,campsite the longer these towers take to,scout it slows down over distance so you,do want to get ahead of this you dont,want to be in a position where you need,a resource and cant find it anywhere,within your current visible area then,you have to wait to scalp this missing,resource which can be pretty luck based,especially in harder difficulties this,delay can then cost you precious t

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