1. Sweat Shaper Review: As Seen on TV ʘ‿ʘ
  2. Sweet Sweat Review| LOOSE SKIN, Water Weight, Stomach Problem Area Results
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  6. Fitness Chronicles: Sweat Shaper Review

Sweat Shaper Review: As Seen on TV ʘ‿ʘ

hi everyone my name is Claudia and Im,here with TV stuff reviews and today I,am going to be doing a comparison today,I am going to be testing to compression,shirts for working out one is from sweat,shaper,[Applause],I redid a video sort of like this where,I compared hot shapers to funny girl,also both compression shirts you can,check that video out both of these,compression starts claimed to accelerate,fat burning by allowing you to sweat,more during your workout this is the,generic neoprene compression shirt this,design doesnt allow you to not wear,with something underneath you definitely,need a sports bra because it comes way,below your breasts and its also a much,thicker material so I wouldnt suggest,wearing anything underneath it or over,it I just worked out with a sports bra,and this it definitely made me sweat,more however this is not the most,flattering thing to wear during a,workout its also not so comfortable,just because you do kind of feel like,stuck in a box if you will and then this,is the packaging for my sweat shaper,then this is the sweat shaper out of the,box the inside is a hundred percent,polyurethane its a much thinner fabric,and it looks like it could be like a,little bit more flattering it definitely,comes up a little higher so you could,probably wear this with no sports bra,underneath but Im not sure it,definitely is a more feminine and like,flattering look I could definitely see,myself wearing this you know to a yoga,class or just to go work out because it,is a lot thinner and it doesnt look,like Im wearing like a compression,shirt it just looks like a regular,workout top alright so I got both of my,compression shirts ready to go and were,gonna hit the gym and get sweating so,Im going to be showing you guys my,workouts side-by-side on the Left Im,wearing the generic compression shirt,and on the right I am wearing my sweat,shaper as you can see the sweat shaper,is definitely a more form-fitting look,definitely a lot more flattering than,the generic brand and I just did a lot,of cardio today just so I would build up,a sweat so I did 50 jumping jacks,[Music],60 high knee runs,[Music],I did 10 burpees and then held a minute,plank and then I did some mountain,climbers from this super quick workout I,built up a bit of a sweat in the generic,shirt,I didnt sweat any more than usual and,then in my sweat shaper I was shocked to,see that there were actual drops of,sweat and you could see them really,clearly on the polyurethane material so,after that workout as you can see I did,the same workout twice,in both shirts and I sweat a ton more in,the sweat shaper like I lifted up my,shirt and I was drenched and it didnt,feel like I was sweating the whole time,I was working out as you can see its a,much more fitted look and I could,definitely see myself wearing that on a,regular basis to my workout classes the,sweat shaper is also machine washable,and it dries fast because of the,material but yeah I am really impressed,with my sweat shaper but Im going to,have to give a sweat shaper a 5 out of 5,stars just because it is it does exactly,what it says its going to do it does,everything that hot shaper claims but,also on top of that its flattering and,its like I feel cute in it as opposed,to wearing like this boxy worked out,shirt so yeah that is all I have for you,guys today if you liked this video be,sure to give it a thumbs up and,subscribe to this channel for more as,seen on tv products and reviews be sure,to check out TV stuff reviews.com for,all of the products that we talk about,on this channel and more you can follow,me personally at thakkaral clods on all,of my social media is always linked down,below thank you guys so much for,watching and I will see you soon for,another review bye,[Music]

Sweet Sweat Review| LOOSE SKIN, Water Weight, Stomach Problem Area Results

I like the product I like the product,[Music],hi everybody welcome back to my channel,Jamaica sheet on if you are new my name,is dominga if youre returning Im about,to do a sweet sweat rub you I let you,guys know about this on my Instagram and,now Im going to review it first things,first I got the sweet sweat the workout,enhancer here it is in its full glory,look so this one is the coconut,its like series 2 theres also the,regular black one thats like the first,one that they came out with and theres,a third one which I definitely want to,try its a mint its like a green one,citrus mint really nice this right here,its basically like a glue stick you put,this on your body lets see No dont,show my face show the glue stick yeah,p.m. will you throw this on yeah its,great its gonna make you sweat before I,started using sweet sweat,I used literally a trash bag and then my,Golds Gym waist trimmer belts which is,like thin from Walmart and then my,Golds Gym it was mostly like a lifting,belt right here,they worked however I needed something,more,this is my first time opening it so it,looks real nice were gonna and then it,says its designed to be worn under your,workout clothes so I saw people putting,it above but its supposed to go under,okay on your actual skin because thats,how like the fiber is in here if you,guys can see thats what it looks like,on the inside something outside its,like a more of a felt actually its,really nice and soft and on the inside,its like this almost rubbery kind of,like a scuba diving gear a little bit,material and thats gonna make you sweat,more,I got a large because I was kind of too,scared to get a medium because when you,go smaller the width so this part gets,smaller too so I wanted it to be long,enough for my torso and Im okay about,this so it did get all my under stomach,that I try to get now on the top here it,is loose but I kind of expected that,because my waist goes in a bit more so,lets see if we can so yeah so its,still a little bit out I was expecting,that just because it goes up high enough,thats what I pretty much wanted because,it touches the back up here and then it,goes low enough to get my lower stomach,so thats good so lets test it out with,the one that I have from Walmart regular,old Golds Gym one you can see says,Golds Gym and the outside is pretty,similar but the inside is actually kind,of a different material I dont know if,you guys can see that more of like a,spongy material so when I wear this one,the Golds Gym one it soaks in all of it,so when I use,when I used the sweet sweat with the,Golds Gym wrap all the sweat pretty,much absorbed into this or when I took,it off I couldnt see if like nothing,dripped off nothing was like sweating,like that so I couldnt see any of the,sweat so Im guessing with this one with,the inside material its gonna Im gonna,take it off and its just go to drip I,already did the sweet sweat with my,trash bag because I usually do like a,trash bag and then this in the gym Im,like in the sauna and when I take down,the trash bag it has meat Sookie,so I did that with the sweet sweat gel,it was great so that was good I like,that and then I do have this one I was,using this one mostly for like lifting,its not a lifting belt but if you more,like sturdy it has the bones in here so,this ones also a gold shim I got at,Walmart,a couple people have told me like oh,just try it out lean but al do anyone,Alba lean theyre like people use that I,already have used that one before,and I did like it it did help me sweat,Ive also done like coconut oil and same,thing but you know I wanted to come and,try this to see if there was any,difference oh Ill probably go to the,gym tomorrow and then Ill just use the,sweet sweat gel with this belt well see,take do like the sweat test see how much,drips off compare that to when I just,use the sweet sweat gel with my trash,bag,[Music],[Music],[Music],so far I like it this was 20-something,dollar no $20 about like $22 22 23 so I,liked it I was gonna get the pro-series,belt but I thought well just try the,regular for now see how it works and,come and show you guys just in case you,were interested so and I have tried,other belt obviously other products so,now I just wanted to try the sweet sweat,see how I like it and come here and show,you guys,so now that Ive tried these Ive tried,them together I really like them,together the built by itself I think I,can actually just do the belt and sweat,also because of the lining on the inside,this by itself however it does make me,sweat but if I dont wear this belt this,specific belt with it it just gets,absorbed into your clothes and stuff so,I couldnt see like the satisfying,you know sweat reveal that you get with,both of these together but I mean,obviously youre still sweating however,when I did it when I just wore this on,its own and I had my pants up because I,had like high-waisted pants it was,basically like hmm it seeped into the,clothes so it might have rubbed off so,cuz all of my like pants all of my,bottoms workout bottoms are high waisted,so it literally just kind of rubs off on,the pants so my final conclusion on this,is I really like it Im glad I purchased,it together what I think Im going to do,is obviously still use these but add the,trash bag with it on days where I want,to get my lower stomach really good but,this got my top stomach lower stomach,everything so these two together I think,are a hit if you are not a sweater if,you feel like every time you work out,you cant break a sweat this would be a,really good product for you to have for,myself I can sweat no matter,Im Im sweating right now like just,from this little light source I got,right here so but my stomach always and,doesnt sweat as much as Id like so I,hope you guys liked that review if you,have any more questions leave them down,in the comment section below I will get,to them and yeah so the sweet sweat it,is a win for me youre definitely gonna,see this more in my workouts I had Im,feeling like for these videos like four,different days so sorry if Im like,looking different in each video because,its definitely been multiple days okay,its so hot okay review good

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ውፍረት እንድንቀንስ የሚረዳ ልብስ / SWEAT SHAPER

selam selam selam zar ile kuvvet olsun,Gri boya Çınar kalbimi dinliyorum burç,beni Murat gider Ne söylediğimi arıyorum,su itibaren yeni istediğim gibiydi Ben,kızı karşıya altyazı katılamayanlar bu,zaten kendi kendisini yakından,tırnak abi şey pide,[Müzik],gibi yine Emine aradı o ki bırak kararla,bırakırım o,Bu kasabada tartışınız sıvı için,farklının,canım ya rabbi iyi hizmet,ve,da esas alınarak,bakanlık,olarak bu sonra,[Müzik],kendi sıkıntılardan yavrum böyle bu,kalorinin önüne katılımcılar de o,[Müzik],değil mi diye Mahalle Muğlalı eksilenle,Devrek Selim vardı,Nasıl var Annem var,bakalım on kazadan bu spor salonu,kazarım mı veren Yollar adamı yanı,tevhitin ne oldu,yavrular Sen bu kız karşıma,Transport,sonra,gel Benim,bilgisayarımda com,bu,metraj son kadar takımı diller çıkardım,vardı şimdi vurdum işte dal gibi,bir tane discone açın ses kaydı var,bugün rezil bir tane cortinas tokat,vardım video göndereyim mi Selam,[Müzik]

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[Music],[Music],whats going on YouTube welcome back to,the channel if youre not subscribed go,hit the subscribe button down below,hit the bill turn your notifications on,you do not want to miss any other videos,that Im uploading to this YouTube,channel this video right here is a very,important video because I want to help,you guys and sweat Im gonna help you,guys burn more fat lose more weight it,seems to be the goal for a lot of you,out there so the product that I want to,review today is going to help you,hands-down the scopes weight is the,brand they have a thermogenic workout,enhancer which is gonna help you target,specific areas that you want to burn the,fat you want to sweat the most I would,avoid putting this on your face but I,would recommend lathering up on your,arms your legs your stomach your back,anywhere where you want to lose the,weight you love handles and then after,you apply that product its time to,throw on the best theres a sweat vest,that this company provides or a,waistband and the waistband is pretty,much a sweat band for your waist so the,band is only gonna help with that waist,area but the vest is gonna help you,cover up the whole entire upper body,excluding the arms put your chest in,your back as well as your stomach will,be covered up throughout your workout,Im wearing this vest you are giving,yourself an advantage youre increasing,the rate at which you are going to sweat,as you all know if you arent sweating,if you probably arent burning out those,calories lets be honest the food,calories that we intake have to be,sweated out okay so we must sweat during,our workouts you can do your cardio with,this vest on any type of cardio whether,its jogging,whether its hit whether its just some,list you know riding a bicycle you want,to be wearing this vest to increase the,rate at which you sweat you also can,lift weights with this vest all,resistance training can be performed,while wearing this vest is its gonna,help you again sweat I wore my best with,the cardio I wore my best with all my,resistance training is for seven days,and I lie to you not the sweat is,ridiculous,I even trade my abs with this vest on if,you do not believe me I,really encourage you guys to get you a,sweatband or I was sweating best,preferably this scopes wet because it,has a zipper on it in which you can,easily throw it on Ive struggled with,pull it over your head to get it on to,get it off I have had previous best to,wear it was hard to get off and hard to,get on at the same time so with that,being said I do recommend you get some,type of vest where you can zip it up and,zip it down and also the third thing,that this company is going to provide,you is some muscle recovery jail so if,youre struggling with any type of,soreness in the information post workout,even pre-workout you want to make sure,you apply some of that jail your trouble,areas and its to relieve most of that,pain nothing that you used is gonna be,100% solution but you cant use certain,products to help you alleviate some of,the problem I recommend you go check out,scopes way for their products and set,yourself up an advantage to sweat more,you know go over working out is to sort,out those calories to burn the fat to,lose the weight if you arent a sweating,you probably are doing it wrong lets,just make sure youre getting a crazy,sweat in and you can do that by wearing,the best applying certain products to,all your trouble areas and getting the,job done alright so with that being said,guys thats all I have for you today I,really enjoy this product what I,continue to use it Ive been using it,for a week now and the results are,tremendous so again do not forget to,check out school sweat also subscribe to,the channel turn notifications on like,this video and if you do purchase some,school sweat make sure you tag me on,instagram and x-factor underscore,fitness or even just tag me on youtube,or you can just hit me up in the email,let me know that you are trying it out,and you like the product so I appreciate,you guys for checking out this video and,I will catch you guys the next one,you


[Music],hi guys and welcome back to my channel,if you are new here hi my name is alicia,and im a mommy of two girls and married,to my best friend,today im so excited to share with you,something that ive been using,for my weight loss journey and if you,guys dont know i have been trying to,lose weight for the longest time and,finally have been able to,be dropping down some pounds and ive,pretty much not,seen it a lot on my like on the scale on,the pounds but,on the clothes and how it fits me and,how i feel and everything,and most importantly im feeling very,healthy and happy with my results,so i wanted to share with you guys,something that ive been using,and hopefully that it does work for you,and,you can purchase it um i am outside so,its a little bright here but i just,wanted to do it here outside try,something new because im always inside,the house i will have the links down,below to all of the items i will be,sharing with you today,unfortunately i only have the packaging,for the leggings,these are the leggings that ill be,showing you on some of the clips ill be,doing different activities to show you,guys,how i use them and how they have worked,for me sweat,shaper so i have the sweat shaper best,which i have under here right now,and then i have the sweat shaper,leggings i did order them in a size,large my leggings and because it says,that it runs from,33 inches to 35 inches the large,and i thought well um they should fit me,because im always like on my workout,pants a size large,this sauna like material is awesome it,just makes you sweat like if youre,inside a sauna its,its super nice guys so now that its,getting more cold outside its harder,for me to sweat but with this shapewear,ive been,its been easier for me to sweat once uh,i do my workouts and its been working,great so its been helping me lose the,weight even faster,i really have loved this shapewear guys,its flexible,its lightweight and of course the most,important,very comfortable and that is why i,always recommend it to my friends,that ive spoken to its very very,comfortable,and its very easy to wash i just throw,it in with my black clothes so the price,on the leggings is 39.99,and you can find them on amazon they are,offered on prime so you can get them in,two days or whatever your prime,how your prime works but for me the,fastest is in two days,so its awesome 39.99 yes i first i,thought well,you know what no when i first i first,bought the vet,the vest does run for 29.99,and when i had i had the vest first and,i used to work out with just the vest,so when i found out or actually my mom i,had told her about my vest my sonovest,and i told her its working really well,i really like it its super comfortable,and then one day she just texted me a,picture that they also had the leggings,so i,instantly went and i bought them i,didnt even think about the price or,nothing because i was like,what like its awesome that i can have,like my,my whole whole sweatsuit on while i do,my workouts its just faster,for me to start sweating and its just,easier,now another thing that i that has been,working a lot for me is that i,do use it to clean the house i use it,for my workouts,so i can just be wearing it all day and,i could just be sweating all day with it,and its super comfortable guys its,like if youre wearing just regular,workout clothes like i cant even expect,how comfortable it is,now the leggings do run from small to,four,extra large i did order a large and it,did fit me like,really really really tight so for me,ive always been a large on workout,pants,so i thought oh i should have ordered,that extra large would have been,at that time the right size for me,so for me it would have been good to,size up,one size up um or to size up,but um i think it might be the same case,for you,but now they fit me perfectly fine,because since i have lost some weight,now,they fit just perfectly fine the,leggings only do come on color black,which is perfect like i really like the,black,and they are are squat uh see through,proof,and everything like its just you cant,see,through the leggings which is great also,i guess because its got that material,plasticky inside,which is awesome i dont want to call it,plastic because its not plastic okay so,i wanted to share the materials,the breakdown of the materials the outer,is 92 percent polyester,8 spandex and the inner is polyurethane,is the material that its in the inner,of the leggy the vest does come,in color black and color nude and the,best sizes run,from small medium to extra extra large,to three extra large i do have a large,on the vest also,i think i could do a medium now but so i,have large and large on both and they,work fine,now they do sell a shaper belt which it,just covers,it just covers this part to this part of,your body,which that sounds very interesting i do,not own that belt,because i do have the entire vest as you,can see here,all the way actually it covers all the,way down here guys so i bring it i,actually tuck it in,inside my leggings which is all the way,down here,or you could just leave it out now the,vest does,the the vestas come,with this material right here,which it doesnt let it move from,nothing,that shape shapewear bell does run for,19.99 which is the cheapest one out of,all of them,now what i also wanted uh what i also,have noticed guys is you know that when,you do your workouts and youre wearing,like,loose clothes maybe like a loose sports,bra,its like when you feel like your your,meats,are moving while you work out i know it,sounds gross or it sounds weird,but you know that when your meats are,moving either your hips your butt or,your stomach or whatever at least it,happens to me i dont know if its only,me,but it just gets you more tired or,something well this,these shapewear actually compress you,and actually help you feel lighter while,either youre jogging or youre,doing all your training workouts and all,that so thats another thing ive,noticed that helped me a lot so i like,to wear a really good,secure sport bra plus my shapewear and,it just makes me feel really compressed,and comfortable at the same time its,lightweight its flexible and its just,worked wonders for me if youre a,stay-home mommy like me,you know that all we do at home is just,work work work the housework never,finishes,so i just thought why not look for,something that can help me,you know help me sweat out help me sweat,while im doing all this uh house chores,and everything so it has helped me and,wonderful it has helped me a lot and,its and another thing is that you can,wear it to anywhere you,you wont notice that oh shes wearing,like a,shapewear or a training plastic thing or,anything you cant notice so you can,wear it to the gym,to do your workouts you can wear it to,any kind of routine that you have to do,your workouts,and its really simple to wash and,everything,so like ive showed you like they just,look like regular leggings,only if you go like this and you will,get to see the shiny stuff but,besides all that i just throw a shirt on,top and,its just like regular workout clothes,this accelerates your body heat to,promote,faster weight loss so what else guys,its super awesome i really recommend it,guys,and you guys know that here in my,channel i will only share things that do,work,sure the things that do work for me that,ive been loving and that are not,expensive okay i have all the links down,below so you can go ahead and check out,this,all this shapewear on amazon and i will,be sharing with you some,clips of how i use,[Music],[Applause],i had myself change yeah i,shook off all the bad vibes cut,me to lose,this is who i am,[Music]

Fitness Chronicles: Sweat Shaper Review

hey guys miss kellys reality how you,doing im doing a little uh,review of my,uh sweat shaper,that had ordered i ordered this quite a,a little while ago the the pants are 4x,and the top is extra large,so um,if youre going to order a sweat shaper,you know pay attention to the,measurements and probably order a size,up unless you dont be like me and,shrink into it,okay so my first review i i have to say,i really really am impressed,uh ive lost over 100 pounds so and yeah,these my sweatshirt armbands too i got,because uh you know after losing 100,pounds the skin doesnt always catch up,and you want to be as,you know,uh tight for movement purposes as,possible right so i love how it fits,its holding me so when im doing squats,and and lunges,i i feel uh contained you know you know,sometimes youd be working out you make,a move and your thighs move like three,seconds later yeah no im im not,feeling this and that i got a really,really really really good sweat i dont,know if you can see that but,good sweat um the thing is im gonna,tell you it fits,a little bit loose,in the,in the waist and i kind of need that,because as im sweating these,these thighs,oh thats another thing wet socks,because i got a puddle in my socks right,now and it would be,uh,a flood in my shoes if i had not had,good socks on uh excuse me,but keep,in mind,you will be,contained i love,that part my uh other concern being a,gen x sir myself,being a genetics woman so you know,through that time of life i would like a,little a little bit more breathing,fabric in the crotch because you know,got to keep the,uh purse healthy,not good to sit and sweat for a long,period of time but thats,thats any time you work out right,so im loving this and i i do need that,uh the band to kind of stay up because i,was kind of pulling up my,uh,my leggings a little bit during the,workout because theyre,as i sweat they kind of slip a little,bit,but other than that oh my goodness you,talk about,contain im,im contained im working it out,i feel like i can probably do another,workout but im not going to because,this guy took a shower,thank you for listening to my review,for my sweat shaper my first time using,it and i am loving it i am now going to,order more,have a good day,keep it healthy


[Music],are you ready,he made that for you,[Music],thats what i thought she was making,about,[Music],im praying to jesus that i can fit it,[Applause],i put it like right before thats like i,got this material yall are supposed to,have to sweat,im about to put it on,this is a small size medium,they didnt have me was like large it,was only large slash,extra large and i feel like that would,have been too big,if you wanted to like that,it looked too big uh with the girls how,things up,okay i got it all it looks like,i just hope it worked because i feel,like i dont know,oh yeah you gonna sweat some people in,the video baby they pull it up itd be,dripping,out you got a good workout like they,dont even be working out they just be,doing regular stuff vacuuming the house,walking up and down the stairs youre,supposed to sweat just from having it,all,just just the material,waist trainer on too but i got this one,because my backset,oh yeah ima let yall know this,actually,works say not if i actually sweat lets,see,i feel a little hot already,period getting right summer 2021.,bless you baby okay yall,youtube it is,several hours later when i first talked,about this it was,this morning and another life ive taken,a long nap since then with my son,its almost like eight oclock love and,ive had this on since like,two i want to say one two and just from,having it on,i havent had um,any sweating but i havent did my,workout for today im doing it late,today because i took a nap,earlier so im gonna update yall after,i do my,workout in my channel if i sweat but,just from having it on i havent sweated,but i havent did much today,to even be sweating when i woke up from,really baby,when i woke up from my nap i was like,super hot though like it felt like i was,sweating but i,didnt feel like i was but it felt like,i was really hot when i woke up,so um yeah,i dont know i mean i just got it so of,course its really made to like make you,sweat more when youre working out,but it do say that you can sweat just,from like normal house activities,so im probably gonna show yall me,working out,and then,dont touch that thats nasty um im,gonna show you all me working out,and then ill let yall know after if it,make me,sweat or not this is my dinner,chicken salad with um,i didnt put on it i mean i put eggs,chicken sometimes i didnt put no onions,i forgot,but yeah no cheese in here i do got,cheese bread though but,perfect progressive,[Music],[Applause],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],definitely um sweating right now,im not like drinking like i tried to,show yall,a little bit underneath like im not,okay also my phone just dies so i have,to finish this on my camera,but definitely like more at the top,i dont know if yall can see but,definitely like my,back is so im,like very sweaty on my back i can,definitely feel it more,um on my back then on the front im,still sweating on my stomach,but not like a lot but i mean i didnt,do like a um,i didnt do like a killer workout to be,drenched in sweat i just did like a,like a normal like abs and butt workout,which made me sweat but not like that,so yeah um,im definitely going to keep trying it,for my workouts try to do like,harder workouts to see how much itll,really make me um,sweat but i would say it does work,especially on my back like if yall,could feel,my back like this part feels like wet,like the top of this because its all,the way in here like all this right here,oh yeah oh my god if yall can see,[Music],show yall like,oh my back its like sweating,so much which is good,so yeah im gonna keep wearing it for my,workouts im probably,i might wear it like under clothes like,if i go out and i know im about to be,walking a lot,but besides that i might not just wear,it around the house because i didnt,really,sweat with it on just being being,excuse me i didnt sweat that much,with it on just being around the house,but doing that workout wrong,i actually had to switch to a different,workout because that first one was okay,but the one i just did i didnt record,because my son was trying to,kill my camera so i ended up putting it,away but the workout i just did was,actually if yall go back,to my like day two vlog i think it is,that i did the same workout from that,day,and that workout is um its a good one,ill link it down below if yall want to,try its a 30 minute workout absent but,you know my arms legs abs everything is,burning right now,so yeah im gonna give you the thumbs up,it aint giving me drinks but i am,sweating,so were gonna keep trying it out and,see if it makes a difference so,yeah this is the burgundy all the,leggings go up like,extra high i think its just because im,short,i dont really think they high-waisted,or they might be,i dont know but can you see,its like super cute,very stretchy,i like it yall its real cute,you know what thats sucking that good,[Music],[Music],you

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