1. Best SwingRail REVIEW!!! Baseball / Softball swing trainer
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Best SwingRail REVIEW!!! Baseball / Softball swing trainer

hey guys Joe Morales you attraction,sports today were gonna break down the,swing rail its a swing trainer we came,across online about a month back and it,really caught our interest so we went,ahead and got our hands on one and Ill,give you guys our thoughts our swing,rail comes in a pretty easy to use two,piece combo this piece right here will,go above the handle very simple to put,on,put it a little bit above your top hand,flip it on strap it in a little secure,it and thats it thats all there is to,that piece not much to that next we got,here is the arm strap also very simple,easy shell CRO 911 velcro just slide,slide it onto your top hand Im a,right-handed hitter so Ill go to my,right arm Ill strap it on as high as we,can go on the bicep and either bring it,to the bicep or a little more rotate,over to the shoulder for little easier,easier use again theres just not much,to this either very simple we picked a,few grading criteria with durability,being one its a very simple you can see,its just a nylon its a Velcro here,this is a pretty high grade plastic,feels though its gonna be a pretty,durable product initially when we open,the package or a bit unsure as well you,look at it theres just not much to the,deal but as weve been using it for the,past two weeks its been getting daily,use Ive been using multiple times,through different various team practices,trainings been letting kids try and see,what you know if their thoughts their,feedback and it appears as though its,holding up just fine we do have a little,sign of some fraying right here but if,you look at the stitching the stitching,seems to be holding up just fine,overall we grade this at an a the next,thing we graded the swing Merrill Anton,was it set up its easy to use through,the online videos that Swing Rail has,posted on their YouTube channel we were,able to quickly get started and get,training theres actually some clips of,me within the first five minutes,opening the package already putting the,swing rail to use with that being said,well give the swing rail an A+ on setup,and ease-of-use the next grading points,we chose were functionality and feedback,how functional of a swing trainer is,this does it give immediate feedback how,easy can we truly use this it can be a,bit quirky to use at times but we were,able to get the hang of it again weve,only been using this product for almost,two weeks and we feel with time well,absolutely get it mastered as shown in,the instructional video when use them,properly the swing wheel provided our,players with immediate feedback when,they were unable to stay inside the,baseball taking a direct path to contact,the swing rail would pop off when our,boys felt their hands driving directly,to out front to a point of contact,staying inside the baseball not allowing,those hands to cast the swing rail,enforced a more correct path to contact,allowing it to slip off creating good,bat lag and then allowing our boys to,drive through the baseball getting to,extension with the mechanics that we,teach in a swing the feedback the swing,rail provides is an a as far as,functionality goes we grade the swing,rail out as a be taking into,consideration that were all having to,share one everybody is gonna be,different hands to separate to a,different point and well need to adjust,it accordingly with the price that well,get into in a minute its probably best,to let everyone have one and have it set,have it adjusted to you individually and,that will immensely it create increase,its use the price of the swing rail is,$29.99 on swing rail calm to go more in,depth we take into consideration what it,does provides instantaneous feedback to,your swing it is small compact its,durable we can take dry swings in the,driveway in the garage you know anywhere,youre in a safe zone of not hitting,someone or something you can work on,your swing so for $29.99,feel as though this is a pretty good,price a very fair deal and certainly,would look into getting multiple if,youre coaching a team truth be told,when we open the package we were a bit,skeptical to see these two pieces,stretchy velcro it passes our test as,far as durability goes the price was,very fair the feedback it provides was,good fit right into the mechanics that,we teach that we tryna still in our,players I mean this went right along,with our with our concepts with our,thought process with our mental,approaches it is a two-part system so if,this gets lost,essentially this is no good vice versa,this gets lost this is no good and they,offer packages I believe theres a five,package and a ten package available if,you look at WWE wing rail comm let,everyone on the team have one and its,already set to them that way when we go,into a swing rail station or we apply,the swing rail into drills that day that,player is already set to go all in all,were a big fan of the swing rail and,look forward to really putting it into,the youth getting those guys started on,the right path its a big thing trying,to get with these older guys teaching,them how to get inside the baseball,opposed to the ones who have already had,that instilled in them overall well go,ahead and grade this guy out at an a I,passed all of our tests we havent,really found a whole lot of downside,about it I mean its just the,functionality of its what I really love,he provides instant feedback we can use,it in the cages at the park in the,garage and for the price that its,listed it just folds up and goes weve,velcro it together and you shove it in,the side pocket of your bat bag


Hey Guys, Sam here with SWINGRAIL.,In order to improve your swing mechanics in the shortest period of time you need to make,sure you know how to use SWINGRAIL correctly.,SWINGRAIL is an arm band and a rail that attaches directly to the bat right above your top hand.,If youre using a wood bat with no grip tape, youll want to slide the rail up to lock it,into place.,You want to make sure you dont leave any space between the rail and your top hand when,using SWINGRAIL.,As you take your stance the elastic strap should be stretched about 2 inches.,You can adjust the length of the strap with the piece of velcro inside of the arm band.,When wearing the arm band correctly, youll want to be pulling the strap towards your,body.,If youre wearing it incorrectly, youll want to turn the arm band around and make it easier,to put on.,More importantly theres a velcro tab at the end of this green loop.,If youre wearing the arm band incorrectly it could detach and snap back against your,arm or hands if youre wearing it incorrectly.,To attach the rail to the green loop simply stretch out the elastic, holding the bat with,your top hand and slide the loop onto the rail.,When you swing correctly the green loop should slide right off the rail as you take a nice,short inside path to the ball.,When you swing incorrectly using SWINGRAIL, such as, this front shoulder flying out prematurely,or your hands casting around the baseball,the green loop detaches to provide immediate feedback that you did something incorrectly.,And it is designed will velcro because if it were a solid loop the the product would,be doing all the work for you and youd simply resort back to old habits once you took it,off.,Heres a really important point when you first start using SWINGRAIL.,You want to start out by taking slow dry swings so you can actually feel the proper swing,mechanics that SWINGRAIL is reinforcing.,Once you can progress to 70 to 80% effort, then youll want to progress to the 3 Swing Drill,that well have at the end of this video.,Plus its important to understand that you dont need to do a drill at 100% game speed,for it to be effective.,The velcro might detach as youre getting started, but keep in mind the goal of any,hitting drill is to improve your swing mechanics, and understand youre swing is mostly likely,improving even if the velcro detaches.,From experience, we know the players that struggle the most are typically the ones that,make the biggest improvements if theyre able to push through the initial frustration.,One of the reasons SWINGRAIL works so well is because its working on multiple pieces,of your swing all at the same time.,A lot of players think in terms of using their arms to swing the barrel of the bat which,results in a long casting swing around the baseball.,Great hitters allow their swing to work from the ground up, initiating with that back hip,allowing the barrel to follow their hands as they take a swing.,Keep in mind that not all players are going to have the exact same swing, but there are,key fundamentals that we want to keep in mind so that we can have as much success as possible.,So putting it all together heres a quick demo on how to use SWINGRAIL correctly and,the key swing mechanics that it helps reinforce.,Hold the bat with your top hand, stretch the elastic out and slide the green loop onto,the rail as you get into your stance.,As your stride foot lands your hands should be right around that back shoulder ready to,initiate your swing.,At that point your swing should start from the ground up with the back hip starting to,fire as you initiate your swing.,When done correctly your lower half should put you in a nice position for your hands,to take a nice short inside path to the ball.,Pay attention to this lead shoulder and front elbow to make sure they dont allow you,to pull off the baseball.,As your going through your swing, youre going to stay nice and connected staying short to,the ball, getting on path with the ball early and staying on path with the ball for a long,period of time as your hands stay palm-up, palm-down throughout your swing.,Be sure to check out our next video right below this one that shows you common hitting,mistakes and how you can avoid them.,In the meantime, heres the 3 Swing Drill that I referenced earlier in this video.,Swing number 1, were going to attach SWINGRAIL and take a dry swing.,Swing number 2, were going to do the same exact thing.,Attach SWINGRAIL and then take a dry swing.,This allows you to feel correct swing mechanics.,Swing number 3 do not attach the rail and take a full swing.

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Hey guys, in this video Im going to cover the five  most common hitting mistakes that players make and  ,how you can avoid them. If you havent watched the  How-To video up until this point make sure you go  ,watch that video first then come back to this  one. As youre getting started with SWINGRAIL  ,its not uncommon for the velcro on the green  loop to detach. Its important to avoid getting  ,frustrated and persist through because even if  the velcro is detaching youre still learning  ,and youre still feeling how to correctly swing  the bat. Remember the ultimate goal is to improve  ,your swing mechanics. If youre having problems  here are some things that will help you out. One  ,quick tip before we dive into the common hitting  mistakes is putting a players swing on video with  ,any smartphone, ipad, computer camera. It will bridge  the gap between what the player actually feels  ,and whats actually going on. Feel versus real. It will help you identify, it will help you see the  ,mistakes that were walking through in this  video, and when you first start using SWINGRAIL sometimes its a little bit easier if you point the rail towards the pitcher  ,so that the loop slides off of the rail a little  bit easier. One final note before we jump into the  ,common hitting mistakes is that a drill doesnt  need to be done at 100 effort every single time  ,for it to be effective. You can take slow dry  swings and still see a huge benefit from it.,The first common hitting mistake we see is players  wrapping their bat or coiling their body too much  ,into a position that doesnt benefit them. Players  think that wrapping their bat or turning their  ,upper body is going to put them in a powerful  position when in reality, the point that puts them  ,into a powerful position is stretching their hands  away from their front foot creating separation. In  ,that way imagine if youre going to throw a punch  towards the pitcher or towards the baseball. I  ,wouldnt want to turn my body or my back to throw  the punch, or imagine if i was pulling back a bow  ,and arrow. I wouldnt want to turn my body to pull  back a bow and arrow I would want to keep my body  ,right in line with where the ball is coming from. The second common hitting mistake is players  ,losing the barrel or you might hear it called  dumping the barrel behind them where the hands  ,and the bat drop behind their body or it gets away  from their body resulting in a long slow swing  ,where its difficult to adjust to different parts  of the strike zone. Another telltale sign that a  ,player is losing the barrel or its getting away  from them is when they take their swing, this back  ,elbow will start to race and get way in front  of their hands. One of the perfect solutions is  ,really putting the players swing on video and  SWINGRAIL will allow the player to feel if the  ,barrel dumps behind their body or gets out away  from their body as theyre taking their swing  ,because the elastic will stretch and the velcro  most likely will come undone making the player  ,feel that theyre doing something incorrectly. The third common hitting mistake players make  ,is when they start to take their swing their hands  and their barrel cast out away from their body.,This casting causes a long slow swing making  it difficult to time up pitches and to get to  ,different parts of the strike zone. If a player is  casting their hands and barrel out from their body,  ,SWINGRAIL is the perfect solution because once  your hands start to cast out away from your body  ,youll feel the elastic start to  stretch and the green loop will detach  ,and it will force the player to feel the correct  swing mechanics of staying connected through the  ,entirety of their swing eliminating the casting. The fourth common hitting mistake is players  ,dropping their hands. When players drop their hands  they lose a lot of energy build up from the lower  ,half and from their core, then it becomes really  difficult to hit pitches higher in the strike zone.,The perfect solution for players dropping  their hands when they start to take their swing  ,is the high tee drill. This is a favorite among mlb  players. Mike Trout loves doing this drill. A great  ,way to do it is place the ball around the players  chest. This will force them to keep their hands  ,above the ball so they stay on path for a long  period of time. The fifth most common hitting  ,mistake is when a player starts to take their  swing and their lead shoulder or lead elbow start  ,to fly off of the baseball. What happens when this  lead shoulder or front elbow start to fly off the  ,ball is that the bat cuts across the hitting  zone prematurely making it really difficult  ,for players to time up pitches because they  get on path of the ball and then they come out  ,very early, or they might get on path with the  ball and hit a little ground ball to the left  ,side. In reality what they really want to do is  try to keep the direction towards the pitcher.,The path of the ball is coming from this direction, I want to keep my path of my swing on that same  ,line that same path. That way if Im a  little bit early, or Im a little bit late ,I still have the opportunity to hit a line drive. SWINGRAIL is the perfect tool for this because it  ,allows you to keep your direction, and it gives you  immediate feedback if you fly off the ball early.,Here are just some bonus fundamental points to  keep in mind with your swing. So regardless of  ,what stance I start in when I take my stride and  I move forward and I land, my hands want to be  ,right around my back shoulder, my knees want to  be inside my feet. My hips want to be inside my  ,knees in this strong triangular position. My eyes,  my nose want to be pointed towards the pitcher.,My shoulders want to be slightly downhill in an  attack position. When I start to take my swing and  ,I start to rotate, my back hip is going to fire and  initiate my swing using my legs and my core before  ,I swing my hands and I swing the barrel when I take my swing my hands are going to stay nice  ,and connected using SWINGRAIL close to my  body not casting not getting around the ball  ,staying close and connected so that my  swing is fast, so its explosive, so I get  ,on path with the ball early, and so I stay on  path with the ball for a long period of time

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The Swing Rail

hey guys is Mark with hurt you today,were talking about our research and,development section of hurt you calm and,we are doing today the swing rail so,comes in two different pieces,its $29.99 on swing rails calm or on,Amazon Planet weve actually linked it,below so you can click on it there if,youre interested in it we want to get,basically give you a rating and a review,on this product theres a plenty of,things that you can use trying to get,your swing better and this is one of,them that we want to look at so from the,two different pieces it comes in a bag,and it shows you some demonstrations on,the bag how to use it the biggest thing,and its using this product as use for,is casting and dropping your hand so you,want to make sure that your right hand,is helping you get to that contact point,as fast as possible with the left hand,pulling to that ball a lot of things,that can happen with your right hand is,a lot of girls will come out and come,here okay or theyll drop their hands,here and come here either way theyre,gonna get the contact but it might not,be the most efficient in the most,fastest way so we want to make sure that,our our right hand is helping our left,hand get here in this pocket put that,elbow in and then come to here and this,is being the swing rail is what to help,you do that,so first lets put the one part on the,back first when I started using this I,kind of put it too low and I wasnt able,to put both my hands on the back you,want to make sure you put a high enough,where both of your hands can grip the,bat nice and efficiently okay and then,youre gonna make this super tight you,dont want to make it loose because,itll fall right so I have plenty of,space here now you can alter this,however you hold your hand so its,totally up to you so I put mine about,right here then youre gonna take the,other band and youre gonna put it on,your biceps of the back arm so for,righties itll be a right for lefties,itll be your left arm okay so youre,gonna loosen this up slide it on up here,like this,okay the green tab area is gonna go on,the top so you dont want it too low you,want to make sure its on the top so you,can thread it through this wing rail,thats attached to your back so youre,gonna put it on there and youre gonna,thread this through now this part is,broken here alright,detached here with a Velcro so if you do,use the products wrong and you pull out,or you cast or whatever it will rip okay,and itll be connected so if I do it,wrong and I cast out this will pop off,here okay it kind of keeps you,accountable it gives you instant,feedback of what your swing is doing if,you do it too slow though like lets,just say youre doing a slow drill or a,dry drill and youre here like this it,wont pull off as much as you want it to,when you do it fast itll just bring,that velcro up forward so youll have to,do it a little bit harder swing if you,want to see that velcro pop off all,right now what its supposed to do is,supposed to keep this back hand coming,towards the ball like this a pop right,off to go to contact thats what this is,for here alright so any extra space if,you come out itll pop off okay you want,to make sure that your make your hitters,aware this is gonna pop and pop them,here if theyre not then they might be,shocked and they might think it hurts,but it doesnt hurt okay so when youre,coming through it really does help your,batters juice a nice and condensed here,when they start I have a lot of girls,that wanna start world wide here in my,theory is more space equals more,problems so I like them nice and tight,here not tighter than muscular but tight,as in close to their body so they have,this straight line to the contact point,here this does help that out I have a,lot of girls also that want to make,their load a little too big here not,that the thing will pop off like it does,when you swing but it will you will feel,that tension on your biceps from the,band here okay so making this load nice,and relaxed here but closer to your body,will help especially with girls too that,are dropping their bat head when theyre,when theyre swinging over theyre,loading theyll feel the tension not,that its made for that its made for,the right hand coming through the,contact but you can also use it for your,load if you absolutely need to now as,you come through you can do front sauce,tea work so I see like that you just,want to make sure that this is high,enough where both hands fit here okay I,think this is really good for beginner,batters or girls that are having a,really hard time keeping their hands,high and thing consistent with that load,in that swing through the cons about it,is,if youre gonna use it in a station here,got to take it off this fat put on it,back take out this back come on other,back so youre gonna want to put it at a,station thats gonna help that batter,for at least you know a five to ten,minute station so maybe your front toss,or maybe your side toss is a coach you,can have this and youll have that,batter hit the whole time with it on but,rotating batteries every five swings,its it practical and you its really,kind of a time waster so you want to,make sure that youre using it for a,good period of time with it on now when,youre using this you want to make sure,that theyre being safe with it that,they have enough grip here and that,theyre using it the right way so make,sure that its the right height on here,the right height here on their arm and,that theyre threading it through here,all right so as a swing like I said if,it cuts out or come here itll pop off,then theyll come to contact all theyll,have to do is rethread it open it back,up and swing correctly here all right,this is Martin with hurt you giving you,an analysis on the swing room I would,give it a 3 out of 5 stars,just because of its just not very,efficient or convenient to have in,stations now if you have one girl,theres really struggling this or this,your daughter for sure get this drill I,mean so I get this product to use in a,drill so use everyday to break that,habit I mean 30 bucks at makers your,swing better is worth it but do I think,thats for everyone probably not so see,for girls that already have a pretty,good starting point here okay now if,your team is struggling to make contact,and theres their bats are too slow for,sure invest in this because this will,definitely help with bat speed to the,ball hard contact and being more,efficient with your swing alright so,click Billy below if your insted in,buying a swing roll this is mark with,hurt you research and development,section hurt you calm do not forget to,invest to be the best,[Music]

Im REVIEWING The SwingRail Training Tool! Do I Like For Softball Baseball Hitters?

[Music],hey friends coach Lisa here owner,founder of challenging softball and the,National Cadet concentric hitting coach,certification today Im extremely proud,to bring to you a product that I stand,by a hundred percent that I believe in a,hundred percent and that I preach a,hundred percent and that product is,swing rail,built from all of my videos Im a huge,advocate of keeping your hands close to,your body close to your deltoids area to,really drive the ball with all of your,built-up energy and potential energy,from your body throughout your swing,ball started short use your body hit the,ball keep your hands close to your body,to allow for your body to create,effortless bat whip in the barrel as,its going to the path to the pitch and,that is all drilled heavily with this,product swing bro,so the hardest thing about this product,honestly is saying the name of it,swing Braille ten times fast try it now,thats the hardest thing to do with this,product because its so easy to use so,check it out all youre gonna do is put,the strap on your body pull it to its,comfort level on your bicep area and,have this tab outwards a couple things,that I like about this product besides,what it does for muscle memory itself in,the swing is that the player can bring,this anywhere theres no excuse to not,perform dry swings on their own time,when its so portable as it is also it,gives the player instant feedback so,this technically is the rail part and,this is the swing part that you want to,pay attention to if the player swings,and guess whats gonna happen is it will,rip open and rip apart and thats,exactly what we do not want to happen,but its instant feedback for your,players so they can train themselves on,their own just with Drive swings to get,their hands inside the ball to the path,of their pitch and drive that right up,the middle and train for solid muscle,memory mechanics so heres a 1-2-3 drill,with our swing thrill a good reminder to,keep this close to our body keep our,hands connected is telling your athlete,when youre training them keep it close,keep it close keep it close its just a,reminder that just prompts them to go,back to why theyre doing the drill,without worrying about keeping their,head in or their drive up the middle,like just remind them to keep it close,so we do two drives you step up and we,keep it close,[Music],it actually feels really really good and,its just great instant feedback keeping,it close I love this so much and you all,know Im very I think you can tell,whether the honest person up front,sometimes two months you call it how it,is so I would never part on something I,dont believe in and I absolutely love,this because its I need to just cast,all the time,so shout out to swing Brown you guys can,get it from the link below excellent,product players make sure you get this,and you practice on your own at least,three to four times a week great job,with this and yeah get it through the,link below,[Music],you


hey guys whats up Kurt Hughes here with,a night baseball doing a little bit of,like a product review kind of thing,today but then also Im gonna kind of,give you some cues to actually work I,get so frustrated,online sometimes with some of the,products that are being sold they have,no bearing in creating a good swing,whatsoever and most of the time the way,that these products are marketed because,a lot of the baseball population is,still about you know swinging with your,hands down and direct to the ball and,all this stuff that a lot of the,products that sell a lot are marketed in,ways that dont actually work so swing,rails the example were gonna use today,theres a lot of them Im kind of,picking on swing rail this time and,essentially what the way this is,supposed to work Im gonna let our guy,here explain it so what hes trying to,do is hes trying to slide the bat out,of the green rail when he swings and he,says that this creates proper bat path,how the heck is this proper bat path are,you kidding me,when we think a proper bat last path at,least in my mind what that means is that,our bat should intersect the path of the,pitch back here kind of by the catchers,mitt and then you should be able to,carry it through the ball for as long as,possible and if we look at the way that,this swing works in what way the swing,rail trains the swing hes really,shooting his hands down excessively,moving his back elbow away from his,ribcage and further away from the center,of mass which decreases in power and,change it or changes the swing in a,negative direction I dont know why,anyone would use this product is there a,way to repurpose it a little bit maybe,but its certainly not being marketed,here so lets take a look at the swing,from the back angle maybe this is the,same swing maybe its not doesnt matter,but heres another huge problem that I,see with the swing that were marketing,here is that we need in all swings we,need to keep our elbow and bicep in,with our ribcage while we begin our turn,and what that does is allows us to stay,connected to the rest of our body now if,you look at swing rails website they say,that that this product helps you stay,connected I dont see how thats the,case as our elbow and us as our hands,move further away from our body in this,direction what ends up happening is we,get less and less connected the,indicator of whether were connected or,not is whether or not our elbow is able,to stay in line with our ribcage when we,begin our turn and a great example of,that can be Bryce Harper so lets take a,look at Harper in comparison to this so,let me dig that up give me one second,here cool so heres Harper in the minors,and heres our guy on the right here so,take a look at as Harper gets his swing,started youll see his back arm stays,right in line with his rib cage where,the back arm and the hitter on there on,the right here is way out in front and,if Harper were to slide his bat down,that swing rail then the elbow would,have to come inside the rib cage and he,have to get pushy with his upper half so,this really is not a good use of the,product if you were to use this product,and repurpose it in a better way wed,want to stay in the swing rail for as,long as we can and not slide it out so,were learning to pivot our barrel,without using our hands and letting our,back arms stay behind our rib cage but,because the purpose of this product is,to slide it out it forces a pushy swing,and its not something that we want a,much better way to train this is like I,said trying to keep your back arm behind,your rib cage and you dont have to,spend a bunch of extra money in order to,set this up its a really really easy,drill and honestly I think its one that,can change just the outcome of what your,swing is currently so lets take a look,at an example of how that can be done so,what were looking at here is a side by,side of myself one from the back view,and then one from the side view and,theyre the same swing just filmed with,a different angle and youll see my,elbow comes right in line with my rib,cage here which allows me to deliver my,barrel back here so youll see my bat,intersects the path of the pitch back,here and it stays in the path of the,pitch back here so when I think about,proper bat path this is really what I,think of and I dont know how the other,guy thinks that what hes doing is,proper bat path but it doesnt make any,sense and this this is the type of bat,path that were looking for if you think,about the catchers glove being right,here we want to get our bat in front of,this catchers glove and we want to keep,it there for as long as we can now the,camera angle is a little off on this it,should be a little bit more over to the,right so you can see it a little bit,better but the reality is is if we can,enter the zone deep we want to keep it,there for as long as we can so we can,increase our margin for error in our,swing in a really easy way for you to,work on that which is much better than,the swing rail for sure is by standing,right up close to a barrier so if you,look at me on the left here Im thinking,about trying to get my bat all the way,around and still imagine that Im,hitting a ball right here next to me and,not hit the wall now obviously this is,an exaggeration our swing would never,actually look like this when were in a,game but when we take away the space,that we can use out in front of us here,then it teaches us how to use the space,back here properly and get our bat back,behind us and as you can see here on the,left get our arm in line with our rib,cage which allows us to deliver our,barrel deep and get it in the path of,the pitch which is really outcome that,were looking for and this can work with,just about anyone its not just a you,know this is something that only,high-level athletes can do as we just,looked at Im gonna bring Bryce Harper,up again as we just saw Harper we can,also see it in younger athletes as well,so Im gonna bring up that same video,here but Im gonna compare it to a,younger athlete which is right here and,youll see here all that weve done was,the barrier drill that I just described,and we did it this over here on the left,is after him doing the drill youll see,that he clears whatever barrier was,gonna be over here to the left of him,right here okay but youll also see as a,result and teaches him how to line that,elbow up with his rib cage or bicep up,with his rib cage when he turns which,allows a deep barrel deliberately like,this and allows him to the attack angle,that we want in order to be in the path,of the pitch for a long time and also,drive the ball over the infield,consistently and honestly guys I think,this is a really underused camera angle,as well we dont look at things from,behind enough it can tell us a lot about,what the swing is and what were looking,for and really this alignment of the,back bicep with the rib cage is huge for,a lot of things that were looking for,so things like the swing rail can really,hurt your swing rather than help your,swing so I encourage you guys to steer,clear of of utilizing that product in,the way that its marketed now like I,said there could be ways to use the,product in a way not like the way its,marketed I find this a lot another good,example of that is a speed hitter which,is another another product thats,marketed in a way thats not what the,best hitters do so we shouldnt we,shouldnt use the product in a way that,is not what the best hitters do we,should only be trying to match up what,the best do and thats what we see here,on the right with Harper and on the left,here with this a eighth grade hitter I,hope you guys have a good rest of your,day Ill talk to you soon hey guys if,you want more awesome hitting content,from us make sure that you subscribe to,our YouTube channel which youre,probably watching this video on right,now or if youre watching this on,Facebook follow us on facebook follow us,on instagram ignite underscore baseball,and Twitter,theres four baseball as well

Swing Rail Drill

hey guys this is a tutorial my favorite,video or favorite drill excuse me for,the swing rail for those of you that,have purchased the swing rail you know,what it is if you have not or you do not,own it its an item you can go out,purchase on Amazon if you if youre,interested what it is is the strap,around the bicep tie has here that strap,has a little loop that connects to the,bat and its basically got a little hook,on that velcro is on top of the bat the,idea behind the tool is to be able to,teach a kid how to be able to keep his,hands inside the ball when we were,inside the indoor facility I talked,about all the kids I talked to all the,kids about swinging inside the ball and,showed them what that looked like we got,a couple videos or drills excuse me that,we were working in the indoor facility,of such as the wall drill that we are,using but still just not quite the same,this is probably one of the better,baseball tools that Ive seen in a long,time to be able to teach a kid how to,keep their hands inside the ball so here,with the swing rail you attach it my,favorite drill is just set up a focal,point for the kids to swing at so in,this case we have just a tee without a,ball so what ty is going to do is hes,going to go through and at about 50%,speed just keep his hands inside the tee,and flick his bat notice he is not doing,a full swing hes not completely,following through he is stopping when,his bat cap is pointed at the center,fielder or pitcher the idea is to be,able to get his hands inside the ball,and then extend his arms at the point of,contact so here this next swing what,well do is well slow it down when I,have talked to some of the kids were,talking about this back elbow closing,the trap and extending this front elbow,leaving the ribcage to be able to create,this window right here this is the the,hitting window this is what were,looking for inside of all the kids,swings to be able to get inside the ball,so here Tys hands are inside the ball,its pretty much parallel the inside,corner of the plate his hands are in,front of the barrel hes in perfect,position,notice when ty comes through to make,contact that is when he is going to,extend that lead elbow a lot of kids,cast their hands and pull with that,front shoulder to get that front hand,through we dont want that we actually,want that elbow to extend until when the,top hand wants to come through and then,both hands are going to extend to the,ball and hes going to roll over here a,little bit and finish pointing straight,at the pitcher just working on that so,its basically all it is is 50/50,percent speed nice close the trap front,side releases and we just point the back,cap at the pitcher its a great way to,be able to teach a kid to get inside of,the ball thanks for watching

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