1. Swords Of Legends Online 2021 First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”
  2. My Thoughts on Swords of Legends Online.. and Why I Stopped Playing..
  3. Swords of Legends Online in 2022 – Resoulas First Impressions
  4. Swords of Legends Online in 10 Minuten!
  5. Worst MMO Ever? – Swords of Legends Online
  6. Is SWORDS OF LEGENDS ONLINE Worth Playing in 2022?

Swords Of Legends Online 2021 First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

swords of legends online is a non-pay to,win buy to play chinese theme park,mmorpg that released on steam on july,9th,2021 this game was made in unreal engine,4 and features,six classes with different roles and no,gender lock,story-driven questing with cutscenes a,mixture of both pvp and pve content with,challenging dungeons,a fast-paced action combat system and an,extensive player housing system,but first a quick word from todays,sponsor warhammer 40 000 lost crusade is,a newly released free-to-play sci-fi,strategy game for both android and ios,in this game youll play as the role of,the primaris space marines commander,and be tasked with building a giant,space base,recruiting and upgrading troops and,buildings as well as unlocking powerful,heroes from the warhammer 40 000,universe,which have their own unique abilities to,help you dominate your enemies,gabriel seth is the newest hero added to,the game hes the chapter master of the,infamous flesh terrors,space marines chapter and this epic hero,is only available in game,for a limited time so dont miss out,aside from the games immersive and high,quality visuals,warhammer 40 000 lost crusade also,features fully voice acted heroes from,the warhammer universe for the first,time as well as cutscenes to add that,extra level of storytelling,explore a vast sector of the universe,rich in resources,and take control of your fleet partaking,in real-time tactical combat,for both pvp and pve encounters,youll need to strategically place your,troops call on hero abilities,and summon reinforcements at critical,moments to succeed in the fight against,the forces of chaos,rally your friends to fight alongside,you with the games alliance system,and compete to be the strongest alliance,in the universe,if youre a fan of sci-fi strategy games,or you just love the warhammer 40 000,universe,then click the link in the description,below to try warhammer 40 000,lost crusade for free now and use code,tlp xlc for exclusive in-game rewards,download now swords of legends online i,initially covered this game,three years ago and im extremely,surprised to see that this game,eventually came to the west as most,chinese mmos never make it over here i,remember the game being fairly decent,the last time i tried it but that was,three years ago,lets see if the western version is any,good so youve got six classes to choose,from the spearmaster,the berserker the spell sword bard,summoner and the reaper none of the,classes in this game are gender locked,which is rare for an eastern mmo,last time i played as a female reaper,ill play a,female berserker she looks good by,default so a few different presets to,choose from,as youd expect all of the options look,very chinese i dont think its possible,to make someone that looks,western so we need to make a cute asian,waifu do we did a little bit of fine,tuning shes looking pretty good i dont,know anything about makeup,i dont really know what im doing okay,yeah that looks good,i like that body type she looks fine,normally,chinese mmos typically dont have boob,sliders im not seeing an option for it,in this game,looks good lets call her crocodile,he already why is someone taking that,name i thought by picking the name,crocodile,it would guarantee be available no,flying lotus there we go nice fitting,name,for an asian mmo lets start the,adventure so the game has,english voice acting im not too sure if,the english voice acting is gonna,fit this game too well well see how it,goes,greetings friends its been a good while,look im also,someone a student now and the adventure,begins,so two control choices classic rpg or,action mode,lets just go with action mode left,click is attack and,right click is a heavy attack say the,user interface is very busy isnt it,as is typical with pretty much every,single asian mmo ever,minimalist ui whats that lets put as,much,[ __ ] on the screen as we possibly can i,guess the only other somewhat relevant,chinese mmo that came to the west in,recent years,was revelation online so i guess that,game is,swords of legends onlines biggest,competitor although revelation online is,absolutely dead and no one plays it,so im sure this is going to be better,it wouldnt be hard to make a game,better than revelation online to be,honest,new ability my our ability,okay say the line pan,big damage yeah,that looks good doesnt it so everyone,gets around the world on these giant,wooden bird gliders do they,no something dreadful has happened i,need to get moving quickly,be careful everyone if the voice acting,is horrendous when you turn off the ui,the game looks quite beautiful graphics,are nice but you turn on the ui,and its very busy oh well its just a,common issue that asian mmos suffer from,double tap w,and i can sprint and when im sprinting,and i jump i do these glorious,air jumps and as i level up im pretty,sure i can add to this air jump combo,if only we could defy gravity like this,in real life,thatd be fun wouldnt it lots of,players in the starting area though,lots of people clearly checking out the,game combat feels very,fast early on very little global,cooldown on the ability so it feels,super fast paced,zombies popping out the ground looking,good i dont think ive ever seen,zombies in a chinese mmo before,typically chinese mmos dont really have,any high fantasy elements youre just,fighting,other humans so its nice that this game,has,a little bit of fantasy to it as well,tien,come look at my character do you think,my character is beautiful or not,beautiful what do you think,you dont like a hair color its black,youre swimming with black,not past whats wrong with black hair,wait,just give me more time more,teacher okay were going to watch the,cut scenes from now on because the voice,acting is hilarious,tell your father that the things he,wants will come a little later on son,where are you going,come back now we cant control that guy,anymore how much is it itll be 18,dollars go,keep the change hi doggy youre my,favorite customer thanks a lot,bye maybe in chinese like a whole,sentence in english is like one word in,chinese maybe,like the english voice acting has to be,sped up to keep up with the pace of the,cutscenes,its a bit dodgy okay got myself a,levitating,sword and this is our mount a flying,sword,oh it really it really does flies,okay so weve got oh my god,okay i wasnt expecting that so its a,flying mount and you press shift and you,dash forward,yo yeah i wasnt expecting that thats,really cool,bloody hell thats pretty epic,lets see if i dismount in the air and i,like glide through the sky,and then i can press shift and jump down,to the floor quickly,okay the air movement very cool very fun,i like that a lot nice looking area,isnt it i remember the first time i,played this game i took so many,screenshots here i thought the,giant mountains in the distance looked,really cool i was really blown away by,the graphics of this game three years,ago when i first tried it but,i feel like modern mmos have kind of,caught up now,its not as impressive to me now as it,was back then,it still looks good though nice bit of,attention to detail you run through the,flowers it all moves out of the way,i appreciate that lets be honest the,end game of 90,of asian mmos is creating nice,screenshots,and if you like doing that this looks,like a good game for it so now were at,some giant tree area looks good,okay got myself some new robes does it,visually change my appearance,yes it does interesting boots shes got,one boot that covers most of her leg and,offers a bit of protection,and the other boot is just non-existent,thanks to the help of the big yellow,arrow,i can quest without the ui love it why,are you pulling that face,or the children really just falls from,the voice acting,its horrendous hold my hand more,you can love having my hand held i love,it,this area is quite populated lots of,players in this little village,i guess this is going to be the quest,hub for the next few levels,nice little area for screen shots

My Thoughts on Swords of Legends Online.. and Why I Stopped Playing..

[Music],those three words left mrs sticks in,tears broken she wanted to quit the game,a game that she had dedicated weeks to,she wanted to quit social media she,wanted to distance herself entirely from,everyone online because of how hurt she,was sure she knew that there were some,people out there that hated me me not,her because i made a claim that they,disagreed with about a game that they,happen to like because they didnt win a,giveaway because they dont like some of,the titles that i use yet never had she,felt a sting like that in all of her,years in gaming this forced her to,change her name in game and henceforth,go incognito whenever we play or start a,new mmo to avoid these kinds of people,these kinds of things from happening but,were going to go ahead and talk about,that in a little more detail in just a,minute so both mystics and i took part,in every single test phase for swords of,legends online i genuinely thought the,game had a lot of potential game forge,promised that the game would be free of,pay to win that the cash shop would be,fair that players wouldnt be capable of,purchasing an advantage over one another,and you know what they actually held,true to that swords of legends online,ended up being exactly what they,promised all of us yet at the same time,population numbers for the game have,been in a very steady state of decline,ever since launched and let me stop you,guys there yes that is the ultimate fate,of 99 percent of mmos theres no denying,that but as of right now there are 670,concurrent players online via steam with,a 24-hour peak of 1450.,granted this is specifically pertaining,to the steam player base some players,play through the game forge launcher as,well yet even if we say that there is an,equal split between the two platforms,this is proof that solo in the span of a,mere three months has lost 93 of its,active daily players,93,you might be wondering why that is,especially given that players should,have theoretically been flocking to the,game in droves right well on the one,hand i noticed that unlike companies,like amazon with new world or square,with final fantasy xiv or,even nexon with mabinogi and v4 game,fort never really marketed their game to,their influencers respective communities,the number of high-profile mmo youtubers,and even streamers seem to for the most,part completely ignore solo sure mystics,and i did a couple videos on the game,but that was because mrs stixx and i,were genuinely impressed with certain,aspects of it and were enjoying our,time within it admittedly mystics was,enjoying her time in it much more than i,was but thats a another story for,another time but after the first what,like 48 hours the game had all but been,forgotten a new decent quality mmo,release forgotten faster than it had,actually released and since then game,forge have done absolutely nothing to,attempt to market the game eating in its,well,rather rapid decline but even without,regular marketing without paying to,advertise it if a game is good positive,word of mouth would have spread and that,alone would have triggered a chain,influx of new players joining yet it,didnt,nobody talked about it nobody encouraged,other players to join and the mmo has,[Music],sunk into,literal obscurity in just three months,one of the reasons that i notice people,dont seem to recommend the game is,partly due to the community yes there,are plenty of toxic communities out,there communities like league like wow,online communities are some of the worst,they bring out these absolutely horrible,signs of people that they wouldnt dare,show face to face but anonymity all but,encourages this type of behavior and let,me go ahead here and give you two,examples of this now this doesnt happen,all the time but it does happen,frequently enough to warrant the use of,these as examples now mrs stixx,regularly raises in solo i dont she,does the most competitive type of,content that she can not just in swords,of legends even in final fantasy xiv,pretty much in every mmo that she means,she will tackle the most competitive,content that she can yet when new,content is released specifically,pertaining to swords of legends here,heck even content that is multiple weeks,old has players joining wiping and then,just proceeding to instantly leave now,this isnt something that is exclusive,to swords of legends sure but in a game,that has less than a thousand people,playing at any given moment its going,to have an impact now these rage,quitters scold everyone else they,project the blame onto everyone else,fabricating drama out of their own inept,abilities and then they proceed to just,quit this forces players to just sit,there waiting for other new players to,join or worst case scenario has players,begin blaming one another which,subsequently results in the group,disbanding this happens all too often,instead of the community working through,what they did wrong instead of,explaining a mechanic that theyre,failing to correctly do something that,ive seen done in games like final,fantasy xiv something like in guild wars,2 even the elder scrolls online these,people prefer to just lash out and i,cannot begin to express how much of a,common occurrence this is and it just,makes the entire experience,something that you end up wanting to,avoid its either filled with drama or,its just a waste of time granted this,is much easier to avoid if you have,something like an active guild or a,group of friends but lets be real with,a thousand maybe two thousand players,online,that is unlikely the second example is,what happened to mrs stixx during the,first month of the games life as i,noted we were avid fans of the game we,did what like three four videos on solo,within its first month each video went,on to garner 50 000 to 100 000 views,each so the community knew who we were,they knew our names in game mystics was,looking to run at dungeon one day when,someone recognized her they mentioned,how they watch our videos and were,ecstatic to get to meet and play with,her in game mystics was happy to play,with someone that enjoyed her solo,videos so she responded she went ahead,and she confirmed that she was indeed,who the player thought that she was and,thats when somebody rejected and began,to unabashedly attack her criticizing,her her videos the channel our streams,me everything they possibly could in an,attempt to bring her down naturally with,solos community being the toxic,cesspool that it is other players joined,in and began to barrage her with,personal attacks not only in the public,chat but also through dms with once,again people dming her things like what,i mentioned at the beginning of all of,this never had i experienced such a vile,show of humanity if you can even call it,that before in my life mrs stixx has,done nothing on the channel but push out,informative entertaining well-written,content she does maybe two or three,videos per year on topics that she,genuinely feels passionately about and,they had the audacity to attack her,regardless she went on to report the,players that were sending those messages,so did other players in game that were,attempting to defend her some of these,players actually ended up being mass,reported and weeks later game forward,still had done absolutely nothing to,them the players were allowed to send,those types of messages in game without,repercussions and that is one of the,main examples of toxicity in the game,toxicity within the community and that,further leads me to another reason that,this has been failing as severely as it,has been game forged their handling of,the game their support and their,communication or a lack thereof im not,sure why but they seem so hands-off with,this game sure content has been flowing,kudos to them for that but announcements,for content are always abrupt theyre,just so sudden they dont reply to,support tickets they dont even enforce,fans which we saw firsthand i was,shocked and even slightly appalled at,how poorly they have handled this

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Swords of Legends Online in 2022 – Resoulas First Impressions

foreign,[Music],s of Legends online is a Chinese MMORPG,that was ported to the west back in July,of 2021. I personally found this game,because I heard some reviewers praising,the graphics and flashy combat of the,game hoping that it would be ported over,here for I think like years a year into,the games release the player base had,died so much that they actually had to,go free to play and the player base is,already down to where it was before,essentially and since it was free I,decided Well why not check it out myself,so I streamed it and my first impression,started with the Character Creator which,was decent for today theres a lot of,options theres a lot of Sliders to mess,around with its unfortunate that,changing one slider changes the values,of so many other things not on the,slider but lets say you want your,cheekbones to look a certain way youre,going have to turn like three or four,different sliders to act to actually get,it the way you want and unless youre,going in like a preset order,the things you said in the beginning are,not going to look the way they did in,the beginning Because by the end,everything will have changed it so much,because the slider for your eyebrow,doesnt just affect your brows it will,affect everything around it for a brand,new game The Character Creator was,really nothing to write home about it,wasnt bad uh the only complaint I,really had was many common appearances,are youre just not able to create them,many basic appearances for human beings,are just not in the game and my only,assumption is that they only made it,possible to make more Chinese,appearances like theres no blue eyes I,dont think theres any blonde or red,hair or so getting into production value,this game actually had a lot of cut,scenes which is really really nice I,love how MMORPGs are getting more money,to get more cutscenes and storytelling,methods but this game doesnt really do,them right if you just start the game,everything will seem kind of perfect,once you get a couple hours in a little,bit by little bit more and more,frequently youre going to start,noticing the cutscenes will break,repeating dialogue and characters will,talk over each other like the timing for,everything was broken or just really,poorly designed from the beginning how,is the Luna Crown tree although many,protectors are working audio the Luna,Crown tree has temporarily lost its Soul,consciousness,Ill discuss taiwa mountain and the,valley of 100. Im not pressing anything,not yet,at the moment but the 10-year,reinforcement deadline is approaching,and no one knows everything is,complicated today finish your sentences,but the Devastators full of negative Qi,also really surprised me yes chenren the,most urgent thing right now is to find,out Grandmaster these Devastators come,from,[Music],why didnt you tell me why is this so,broken,can clearly distinguish between the,righteousness and the small affection uh,sites what he took away was the nameless,sword of my family,dont worry Ill bring back had some,its all solely because of him that my,chinger is always so worried about him,I dont know what the [ __ ] just happened,man,these cutscenes are breaking them,further I get into the game,Im quite impressed that they dont fix,that,whats that about,especially like this is the main story,too this isnt like a side quest reading,the reviews of the game the voice acting,gets a whole lot of [ __ ] so I went in,expecting the worst quality voice acting,Ive ever heard and I can say the,quality is definitely inconsistent some,voice actors are actually pretty damn,good they sound very professional and,very high quality the book article on,Sky patch repair is an extensive record,of the Heavenly ridges Origins you,should study it carefully and keep it in,your heart and some of them sound very,low quality like they were just pulled,off the street why did you come here,where is chinching the holy tree of,shenong could it withstand the blow of,the Divine sword of Fuji,[ __ ] is happening,why are we attacking a tree,[Music],Ive severely damaged the lunar Crown,tree,fathers mission was already completed,those people are all headed straight,into their own Graves,we could also do that later,oh,also do what later,and do your Graves,coughing,what,oh youre on the ground given that,thats an opinion that seems to differ,from the majority and the majority just,seems to say its crap and I havent,actually heard anyone Just Praise all,the voice acting yet there is of course,the option in the game to just change it,to Chinese just in case you would prefer,to not understand whether the voice,acting is good or not anyway I mean,thats how weebs prefer to watch anime,so in this case I assume the same logic,would apply the sound design which is an,acceptable quality nothing sounds bad,nothing made me fall Head Over Heels but,the only thing Id really write home,about is that the volume levels need,manual adjusting I dont know who mixed,this game but the starting settings are,so [ __ ] up I had to change literally,every single setting to make it,acceptable in terms of volumes there are,also just some moments in the game where,the sound effects just,unexplainably vanish oh its like a,reindeer,its quite windy up here hold on tight,oh my God I can talk,what the hell what is,oh its red,whoa my God it is a reindeer holy [ __ ],its kind of weird that theres no sound,effects a lot of things in this game are,missing sound effects,I noticed oh there we go,yeah,Im Santa Claus now,awesome,the games Frozen now lets get into the,gameplay starting with the combat which,feels really good in this game but its,weird you know those games where you,have action combat and tap targeting,available to you and usually its,because the game is actually tab,targeting but they allow you to use a,Crosshair to simulate action combat even,though its just another less efficient,way of interacting with the tab,targeting system well this is something,like that except its not tab targeting,as a base at least not that I can tell,it certainly isnt action combat as a,base no matter what you aim at or what,You tab onto when you fire a spell a,shot or swing it will simply Target in,my experience the nearest enemy instead,so if theres an enemy 10 yards away,from me and I tab onto him but theres,another one 5 five yards in front of me,or if I have the action combat I aim at,the one thats 10 yards away and the,five yards one is like slightly to the,right its going to shoot the one thats,five yards away instead of the one,thats 10 yards away and I dont,understand why,whoa uh how did I attack you I was,tabbed onto the other one that one right,there,lamb this is just another moment of the,combat isnt so amazing I can identify,anything great about it and theres only,one or two complaints I have about it,the only other complaint I have about,the combat is just that they dont,really tell you when youre out of range,to use a skill they tell you the range,of the skill and they tell you the range,of the enemy you need to figure out if,youre in range to use it or not or you,end up wasting skills and resources,using the spell or skill a system like,that would be fine if this was an action,game like where Im aiming a bow and I,need to know how far it goes but in the,MMO where all Im pressing is for,example F4 to use a spell and Im,supposed to know that that spell goes 20,of whatever distance the game uses and,the enemy is like 21 and moving around,constantly its a little hard to know,when youre gonna hit as for controls,theyre not the worst thing Ive ever,seen theyre nothing to write home about,theyre nothing really to complain about,but you will probably as I did find find,yourself adjusting some of the key,bindings on keyboard and mouse if youre,using the standard MMO control scheme if,I had to narrow down one point of this,game as being my least favorite part of,the game it would easily be the story,between the setting and the story there,is no real explanation of where you are,w

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Swords of Legends Online in 10 Minuten!

genial mein name ist im burgund heute,gibt es ein wohlgemerkt gesponsorten,ersten eindruck zum filmpark mmo sorts,of letters online,den link zum spiel findet ihr wie immer,in der beschreibung source of legends,online oder solo wie ich es von hier an,aus kompakter als gründe nennen werde,ist ein jüngst china titel aus dem,asiatischen raum in vielerlei hinsicht,aber anfassen westliches einem o2 ist,das setting und die zugrundeliegende,chinesische mythologie natürlich ein,deutlich asiatischer anstrich doch viele,elemente die man hierzulande mit asia im,moos in verbindung bringt sind in solo,zum glück wie ich hinzufügen möchte,nicht vorhanden,kein job keine arbeit die waffen,upgrades die fehlschlagen und eine woche,arbeit auf sympathische weise zunichte,machen,kein gramm fest kein pay to win solo ist,ein bei tub lemgo für 40 euro mit,kosmetik um die shop ohne jegliche,bezahl vorteile und läuft im osten nach,wie vor erfolgreich so dass neuer,content für die zukunft sichergestellt,ist womit das spiel überzeugen möchte,und welche stärken und schwächen ich im,laufe meiner spielzeit bemerkt habe,das alles und mehr in den kommenden zehn,minuten wie immer beginnen wir mit der,charaktererstellung insgesamt sechs,verschiedene klassen stehen zur,verfügung die wie eingangs erwähnt steht,sowohl männliche als auch weibliche,variante gespielt werden können der,speer meister kommen mit schwungvoller,stangen waffe holz roboter münchen und,den beiden ausrichtungen nahkampf der,mitspieler und hank daher die waffe des,berserker es ist ein überdimensioniertes,breitschwert eine pole mit,hochprozentigem und eine,spezialisierungen sind ebenfalls,nahkampf dede und take ganz anders sieht,das beim edel schleusen namens schwert,magier aus der mit seinen kräften die,steuerknüppel fliegen lassen kann und,als nahkampf de sowie fernkampf dede,spielbar ist,musikalisch geht beim baden zu der als,fernkämpfer oder heiler gezockt werden,kann und selbiges gilt für die pet,klasse beschwörer den abschluss bildet,der todes bringer der mit flambierten,sense dämonischer schlange und dezenten,jaffa weiß um die ecke kommt nach meiner,wahl lande ich in der charakter,anpassung wo mir zahlreiche,individualisierungsmöglichkeiten,operiert werden,lediglich die frisuren hätten für mich,aber ein bisschen vielfältige ausfallen,dürfen,so schmeiße ich mich also ins spiel und,bekomme zunächst eine systematische,sequenz geboten die mich in die,geschichte von solo einführt diese wird,über den gesamten spielverlauf hinweg im,rahmen vieler cutscenes durchaus,aufwändig inszeniert aus boller gründen,werde ich hier aber nicht auf details,eingehen,zur story und ihrer umsetzung später,noch mehr erstmal lande ich in der,spielwelt und darf meine steuerung aus,werden grundsätzlich kann ich ihn so,jederzeit durch drücken von strg,zwischen tab target und action combat,hin und herwechseln persönlich gefällt,mir das action combat in solo erheblich,besser wäre allerdings die tabulator,scharmützel bevorzugt wird ihr ebenfalls,abgeholt das interface ist übrigens,dankenswerterweise komplett nach eigenem,geschmack anpassbar,was nun im verschneiten gebirge bei,mäßig geeigneter kleidung und gefrorenem,schneider unter der nase klar wird das,spiel kann optisch durchaus auftrumpfen,grafisch und auch in sachen design,gehört solo zweifellos zu den besten,aussehen ssten mmo aus die bei uns im,westen spielbar sind auch zur spielwelt,aber an späterer stelle mehr,denn mein weg führt mich im folgenden in,so eine art geist bereich in dem ich,meine ersten zaghaften kampf bemühungen,aufs parkett legen darf mein schwert,magier agiert hier als fernkämpfer mit,bisher zwei überschaubaren skills sowie,einer dash fähigkeit was zunächst nach,stümperhaft amrum gehampel aussieht ist,auch stümperhaftes rum gehampel wird,aber im laufe der zeit zu einer,choreografie die das grundlegende,potenzial des kampfsystems offenbart das,combat im solo ist dynamisch reaktiv,extrem flott und vor allem angenehm,geschmeidig woran das liegt welche,ressourcen systeme eine rolle spielen,und was es sonst noch zum gameplay zu,wissen gibt erkläre ich euch ebenfalls,an späterer stelle,schließlich warten die guten alten mmo,quest schon voller ungeduld auf mich,bringen aber keinerlei neuerungen mit in,solo erwarten mich die standard fetsch,quests aller laufe töte sammle rede,hier darf man keine innovationen,erwarten ganz anders sieht das beim,erhalt meines ersten reihe tieres aus,nur dass das kein vierbeiner sondern,natürlich ein schwert ist auf dem ich,reise in dem ich äusserst cool drauf,stehe,tatsächlich ist das fliegen mit den neu,ist aber einer der gründe weshalb das,gameplay wie wir noch sehen werden zu,den großen stärken von solo gehört dank,speedboot und satz im audiovisuellen,geschwindigkeit feedback fühlt sich das,durch die lüfte donnern einfach gut an,zudem kann ich aus dem sprung heraus,diesen dezent stylischen auf satte move,hinlegen,kann man so machen ich christ also,weiter bekomme die geschichte,präsentiert und reihte schließlich auf,einem dekorierten eltern nach wolken,stieg dem optisch beeindruckenden hab,areal von solo schon recht bald geht es,von hier aus in mein klassen gebiet der,in jeder ausrichtung hat die eigenes,areal in dem wichtige npcs rumstehen und,relevante story gedöns passiert auf dem,schwert maria plateau bekomme ich einige,grundlagen vermittelt und spielsysteme,erklärt von hier an level und qwest will,ich mich also voran und erreiche,irgendwann das maximallevel was ein solo,quasi bei 730 liegt stellt sich also die,frage welche inhalte im endgame auf den,geneigten online helden warten neben,vielerlei hinsicht des songs of legends,hier ein klassisches theme park n m,so gibt es das in vier,schwierigkeitsgraden wobei übung für,einzelspieler ist die nur die story,mitnehmen wollen,und auch normal ist eine doch sehr,überschaubare herausforderungen auf,schwer hingegen werden die scharmützel,richtig schön knackig und mitunter,bleibt man an einem boss auch schon mal,45 mal denn die dungeon türsteher sind,mit ordentlich mechaniken ausgestattet,ab schwer machen die instanzen,insbesondere mit freunden laune darunter,ss als kompetitiver inhalt eher,belanglos darüber hinaus werden in den,kommenden wochen auch mehrere race ins,spiel implementiert werden wie eine,roadmap für dieses jahr bereits verraten,hat auch zahlreiche lifescan aktivitäten,stehen bereit wie etwa die kopfgeldjagd,bei der ich durch die welt ziehen und,bossmonster in drei verschiedenen größen,aus dem leben knüppel,je nachdem ob ich alleine oder in einer,gruppe unterwegs bin außerdem gibt es,eine schatzsuche einer geisterjagd und,weitere aktivitäten sowie das klassische,crafting doch auch für freunde zünftiger,pvp raufereien hat solo diverse inhalte,im gepäck so gibt es eine arena,schlachtfelder und ein open world pvp,areal namens schwert lahntal indem ich,einer von zwei fraktionen beitrete und,dann auf einer großen karte feindlichen,hallodri aufs reißbrett gebe oder glatt,gebügelt werde winora putzlappen,zudem kann ich auch in solo zum,eigenheimbesitzer forcieren und meine,räumlichkeiten und den vorgarten,dekorieren dabei helfen mir spezifische,farming aktivitäten die nützliche,ressourcen zur herstellung von,möbelstücken teppichen und anderen,staubfänger gewähren,insgesamt sind damit also sowohl im tv,als auch pvp bereich zahlreiche,aktivitäten aus dem filmpark mmo,repertoire am start,doch in welchen bereichen kann solo der,nun besonders glänzen und welche aspekte,sind auf der anderen seite als schwächen,des in moos zu markieren,fangen wir zunächst mit den großen,selling points von sordo an da wäre für,mich erst einmal die welt und ihre,visuelle präsentation zu nennen zwar,springe gleiche und fliege ich hier,nicht durch eine open world sondern,durch miteinander verbundene karten,doch diese sind konstant hochwertige,designs der optische ansatz von solo ist,keine suggerierte weitläufigkeit mit,irgendwelchen erreichbaren gipfeln am,horizont sondern eher überschaubare aber,detailreiche areale mit

Worst MMO Ever? – Swords of Legends Online

swords of legends online i remember the,insane hype they built up for the,western release of this eastern inspired,mmorpg you had banner adverts sponsored,posts pre-roll ads i myself even got,about four emails asking me to make,content for it this was a buy to play no,cash shop no pay to win martial arts mmo,rpg hell even r,mmorpg were excited for it and those,guys hate everything about mmorpgs so,why didnt swords of legend online,dominate the west when it released those,the demon students have set up ramparts,made of human bodies along the edge of,the cliff and well end up being part of,them if we approach them and dont think,we can make it to the top of the cliff,do not worry watch as i take my original,form and break through their ramparts to,think that such a tragedy could occur in,this prosperous capital before the,regions very eyes if i hadnt seen it,for myself i wouldnt believe,stop playing get the sword,all right they spent the voice acting,budget on marketing and unless you speak,chinese the whole game sounds like your,high school drama club trying to out act,each other you know what lets play it,and see how bad it can get ladies and,gentlemen welcome im josh drofaze and,this is worst mmo ever a series where i,play every mmo game i can find on a,journey to find the worst drop a like on,the video or sub to the channel for more,mmo stuff ring the bell for all the,future notifications as usual a massive,thank you to all the supporters on,patreon and twitch who keep the channel,going more info on this at the end for,now lets begin swords of legends a 2014,chinese tv show about ancient demonic,swords and world domination released to,incredible success and won all kinds of,awards so in 2021 they released swords,of legends online an mmorpg inspired by,the guijan series of games the mmorpg,was by once play forever no subscription,no pay to win the base game cost around,40 pounds then in february 2022 it went,free to play so lets download the,massive 88 gig game and give it a go,classes are gender locked and youve got,the three main genders man woman and,small girl the face design feature is,quite nice though its not just sliders,you can actually click and drag bits of,the face around so you can make your,hero look like someone who lost a fight,against a wall so i give myself a name,and,god damn it stop taking my name in every,mmo you know what fine ill go incognito,there now no one will know its me intro,plays its voice and believe me when i,say this is nearly the best voice acting,in the entire game,thirty years ago,in the emperor chinchiwongs mausoleum,the demon dragon seal was broken,and evil spirits were free to roam,if youre thinking wow that was bad,believe me it gets worse first issue,beyond the acting the very first line of,dialogue doesnt match up with the,subtitles and this is a perfect,indication of the lack of care and,attention that swords of legends online,has actually been made with the intro,cutscene shows us the gang forming and,then theres more voice acting,[Applause],youre up early,today greetings friends its been a good,while,look im also someone a student now,oh sorry,im late,as a player character you get subtitles,but no voice we jump into a portal and,the game begins first choice classic,camera or action camera the only issue,is the voice over explanation for either,starts automatically when you cursor,over either option which can get quite,messy,in action,wasd movement space to double jump we,run up the steps and a rock falls,destroying the steps in front of us in a,really really nice touch theyve,actually destroyed them very accurately,with bricks sliding away from where they,previously were this is a great,gorgeous graphical touch and thats one,of the main problems swords of legends,online looks lovely plays average and,sounds dire i am convinced absolutely,none of the voice actors were given any,indication of character or situation or,setup they were literally given words,and told say this to climb this mountain,we,watch a cutscene okay this is another,major issue i have with this game all,the cool stuff you see happen from,running up mountains to fighting waves,of enemies to epic kung fu sky battles,they all happen in cut scenes you as a,player dont get to do or be responsible,for any of the cool stuff you get to do,the walking between the cool stuff we,get a load of fantasy words thrown at us,and sent to find the sword essence,sounds cool you know what doesnt sound,cool the sound they havent balanced the,random npc audio from all around you and,they all layer together have a listen i,have commanded my clan,she created life in this world and,infuse this lamp with magic and then,some land spawns from thin air so we run,across and speak to this teacher who,sounds like a text-to-voice machine,thirty years have passed since the last,battle with the shin mausoleum ever,since that day the legendary swords have,resided in the sword sanctum this place,is still littered by the weapons of the,form we grope this tree and turn it on,not like that you filthy person then,teleport through it to the shadow realm,okay so the plot imagine you asked the,edgiest kid in every school to write a,martial arts story and then you ripped,them all up and pieced them all randomly,back together into one super long story,its basically that now combat happens,your basic attacks are bound to q and e,but also left and right click if you are,using action camera theres no central,aiming focus you just lock onto whoever,you are looking closest to as a spell,sword i cast spells which are swords,after stabbing some warriors to death,with my ghostly blades i die to a,scripted aoe attack to restore your,health press f2 and youll begin,meditating i fight through some more,ghosts and oh my god did no one listen,to this game before they released it,these warriors are phantoms,figments spawn of my imagination,if youre the person im waiting for,youll have no trouble destroying them,we cant let the demon dragon break,through,finally i find the three titular swords,of legend and then my characters voice,actor decides to really earn his pay by,showing off his impressive range of sex,noises,[Music],[Music],huh,have you collected the blade heart,fragments,that wasnt a cut i made in editing that,was just how the game jarringly,teleports you outside we get told we are,super special awesome and now the blade,heart resides inside us so theres a,magic sword just chilling in us then the,game makes me mad read the subtitles it,says he slaps you on the shoulder youre,a video game you dont need stage,directions you can animate what you want,to have happen just have the model slap,me on the shoulder in game if youre,just going to describe what happens,through text then just be a book another,cut scene shows us the furries have,teamed up with some jean steelers and,are destroying the land so we now get an,on rails shooter section where we ride a,giant mechanized dragon and fling,fireballs onto the enemies below its,really irritating the dragon isnt,centered in the screen so when you swing,the camera around it awkwardly positions,itself to either side we get told those,things down there are negative chi,monsters so we defeat them with our,flaming hot balls of positive chi more,subtitles telling us animations they,could have just you know animated and,then we get told to beware the big,attack by enemies hey i have an idea why,dont we use the mechanical fire,breathing dragon we were just on it,seemed to be rather effective lets just,use that all the time but no it seems,that we need to go and stab things,instead another cut scene showing a,music teacher freezing the invading,enemies and then the sound balancer has,clearly stopped even caring,oh,he must be here,long you my darling wait for me,now were sent to the valley of the,grasses and the techs cant decide if it,wants to be white or blue previously,blue was thing that we said and white,was thing that other people said but now,it j

Is SWORDS OF LEGENDS ONLINE Worth Playing in 2022?

swords of legends online is a mmorpg,published on july 9 2021 in western,regions by gameforge the game was,originally developed by wang yuan,shengtang entertainment and released in,china in july of 2019 and here in the,west game was published as a buy to play,game which you can play on three,different platforms steam epic game,store and gameforge client we are now on,the end of 2021,when im making this video so lets see,what is happening with swords of legends,online lately and is this game a worth,playing on the start of 2022,before we start make sure to subscribe,to my youtube channel to see more mmorpg,videos in the future,okay so first i need to tell you three,very important things about this game,first very interesting fact is that,swords of legends online is not a pay to,win game actually in the cash shop and,in the battle pass you will not find,even one item which you could consider,as pay to win usually eastern mmorpgs,have that paid to win brand however its,really nice to see that in this case,that branding have failed western,version of the game same as original,chinese version of the game are,completely clean and without any,pay-to-win elements,secondly graphically and in generally,how this game is looking this is one of,the most beautiful mmorpgs i have ever,played,game is built on havoc engine yes you,heard good havoc engine and you can,check a lots of gameplay videos on my,youtube channel to see actually gameplay,and graphics we have already get,official announcement of unreal engine 4,upgrade which is coming to this game in,2022 so you can only imagine how will,swords of legends online look then even,more beautiful but also overall,performance of the game should be better,with that upgrade android engine 4,upgrade is coming first to china and,after that to western regions sometime,during 2022 but for now i didnt see,anywhere any official information,regarding release date,third thing is about housing so as you,probably know most of mmorpgs have a,housing system and some mmorpgs have,really highly developed that in-game,system but sorts of legends online have,take this to another level swords or,legends online have the best housing,system i have ever seen and if you wanna,know why check dedicated video about,that on my youtube channel,regarding gameplay itself on the start,of your journey youll be able to choose,between 6 playable classes summoner,spell sword spearmaster reaper berserker,and bard there is no gender lock,regarding classes but there is only one,race to pick and that is a human race,regarding factions its interesting that,you are picking your faction between two,options after you have reached maximum,level not before usually in other,mmorpgs you pick your faction at the,start of your journey but as you can see,in swords of legends online developers,had other things in plan and this system,actually is working really good,swords or legends online have all the,in-game features which one serious,mmorpg must have guilds crafting,dungeons pvp content pve content housing,mounts pets huge open world and much,more if you like raids then sorts of,legends online is a perfect game for you,since this game can offer you lots of,different raids on different level of,difficulties,almost with each new update developers,are implementing new raids into the game,so i might even say that raids are one,of the main features of swords of,legends online,but now lets see what is happening with,swords of legends online lately and is,this game worth playing in 2022,i am here on official website of,sorcerer legends online and of course i,will put link in description below video,but now lets check what is happening,with this game so as i have mentioned,before this game was released in western,regions as a buy to play game you can,buy at this game on steam epic game,store and on gameforge client basically,there are three different editions i,will not go into details today as you,can see we have here standard edition of,the game for 40 euros collectors edition,that is most expensive one for 100 euros,and deluxe edition for 60 euros you can,check details later for yourself but now,i will take you to this part of website,here where you can see a new update the,forbidden court so since release of the,game,on july 9 2021 we have get lots of minor,updates i wouldnt say even that,some of these updates were not a minor,one because with some updates we have,get lots of new raids so if you are into,raids i have mentioned that before in,the first part of video you need to,check this game swords of legends online,have many amazing rates but this update,here in front of you which we have get,actually recently the forbidden court,with this update we have get many new,in-game things new raids again of course,uh you can check actually dedicated,video regarding this update on my,youtube channel i will not go into,details today but you can see here that,actually developers from china and,publisher of this game gameforge,is actually taking good care about the,game they are bringing lots of new,things into the game every now and then,but its not only about a new update i,can show you here on their official a,twitter account this is official twitter,account of swords or legends online for,a western release here you will notice,that we have all the time so many events,happening in the game a game forge is,always implementing a new events and not,only that they are actually implementing,and they are putting lots of new items,to buy in the cash shop interesting,thing about swords or legends online,like i said before its not a pay to win,game so in the cash shop you will only,find,cosmetics basically lots of amounts,pets,skins for your character you should see,a skins which we have cosmetics for your,character in swords or legends online,its absolutely gorgeous,i have played many mmorpgs within the,last few years i am playing currently,many mmorpgs new ones old ones but,swarzo legends online beauty of the,skins beauty of the characters and in,generally beauty of this game is,something absolutely amazing,i can show you here they have a wintry,costumes and the mounts and look at,these skins here,there are many videos actually on my,youtube channel you can see uh videos,regarding cash shop items you can see,mounts look at this mount here yeah its,absolutely beautiful if you like to play,mmorpgs with really beautiful graphics a,really beautiful design uh not only,regarding the game itself but also,regarding the characters amounts pets,czech swords or legends online,so,regarding happenings in swords or,legends online what is happening,currently with this game yeah many,things are happening we are getting new,updates all the time we are getting new,events a cash shop is always maintained,we are getting new items in the cash,shop there is also a battle pass in the,game dont worry like i said its not,paid to win you cannot get anything,paid to win within a battle pass but,gameforge is always maintaining and,implementing new things into the game,but thats not everything there is,something else,im here on official chinese,website uh of this game over there in,china right so,you can see here look at these graphics,wow right something beautiful so over,there in china they have some classes,which we still dont have here in the,west during 2022 we should get that new,classes which they already have over,there in china,implemented in western version of the,game so that is something really to look,forward to play in the future but thats,not everything on the end we have that,unreal engine 4 upgrade which is coming,to this game during 2022 and like i said,this game is really beautiful imagine,how it will look with annual engine 4,upgrade even more beautiful but its not,about the beauty of the game that was,never in question there is something,regarding actually a lot in performance,of the game with under engine 4 upgrade,we should get overall better performance,of the game and that is very im


hola comentéis bienvenidos a un nuevo,vídeo de suárez of legends online y en,este caso vengo a hablaros de todas las,cosas que considero que debéis saber,pero entraré a tratar en profundidad,varios temas como es todo lo que gira en,torno al pv todo lo que gira en torno al,pp y por supuesto el skate así que,siempre de más tiempo vamos con ello go,[Música],bueno gente antes de nada decir es que,toda la información que quiero compartir,con vosotros en este vídeo está,contrastada o bien en base a mi,experiencia de todo el tiempo que estaba,jugando el juego o bien en base a la,opinión de jugadores de la versión china,vez muy experimentados y jugadores que,yo creo que podemos tener en cuenta su,criterio ya que están muy arriba en el,ranking dicho esto gente como tampoco,quiero repetir en demasía cosas que ya,dije en el vídeo anterior voy a pasar a,enumerar una serie de puntos que,considero muy importantes vale estamos,frente al sur se of legends online se,trata de un meme o que tiene el modelo,by play es decir gente tendremos que,comprarlo para jugarlo esto de primeras,puede ser que alguien le eche para atrás,pero nada más lejos de la realidad gente,ya lo vais a ver con toda la información,que voy a compartir a continuación,tendremos tres versiones del juego,disponibles gente la estándar la de luxe,y la colector vale independientemente de,la que escojamos tendremos acceso a,todas las betas y por supuesto cada una,de ellas vienen con mejores recompensas,de cosméticos y demás porque digo que a,mí me agrada y me parece muy importante,el tema de que sea un juego que tenemos,que comprarlo para jugarlo por el modelo,que han hecho gente en base,su tienda en este juego es inexistente,tenemos cero pay to win 020 fast y así,ha sido durante varios años en la,versión china y así se pretende que,sigan el modelo occidental que va a ser,el que vamos a jugar nosotros esto a qué,se debe gente no tenemos nada que nos,vaya a permitir progresar más rápido en,la tienda nuevos te os no hay materiales,para subir equipo nada,la tienda simplemente gira en torno a,customizables tenemos es quien de armas,tenemos outfits tenemos peinados tenemos,monturas accesorios ornamentos tanto,para el personaje como para el sistema,de housing que debo decir que todavía en,esto no me metido muy en profundidad,pero lo poquito que he visto un me quedó,flipado porque casi casi te puedes hacer,una ciudad con el sistema este de house,que tiene más cosas que quiero mencionar,rápidamente tiene muy buena optimización,y sé que esto es muy importante para,muchos de vosotros yo lo muevo todo en,ultra con un ordenador gente que ya,tiene cinco añitos además a esto tenemos,que sumarle la grandísima customización,que tiene del agua y podemos modificar,como ya estuve enseñando en el vídeo,previo todos los elementos,la interfaz sacad más ventanas para,obtener información adicional cambiar,los tamaños cambiar donde queremos,colocar cada cosa por lo tanto para los,jugadores más meticulosos esto me parece,un super mega plus o sea un puntazo,además el pib y los fps los tenemos en,todo momento mostrados en la parte,izquierda superior de la pantalla así ha,sido durante las versiones de prueba y,así va a ser en la release además de,poderse jugar con teclado y ratón como,es evidente no en pc también es,compatible con el gamepad vale podemos,jugar con el mando que mucha gente me lo,ha ido preguntando esto a través de los,directos y tenemos un control absoluto,sobre el binding vale que esto parece,una chorrada pero sigue esto que vez en,cuando aparece un juego que no nos deja,cambiar de lugar las cosas y es un poco,como mail,prefiero jugar de la forma que a mí me,sea más cómoda pero aparte del sistema,de vídeo gente que evidentemente podemos,ir cambiando las habilidades a las,teclas que queramos botones que queramos,barras que queramos tenemos un sistema,de configuración muy completo ya que hay,algunas habilidades por ejemplo que nos,deja destacar las entre habilidades,automáticas o pasivas es decir que sí,el efecto de forma automática cuando,hemos cumplido un criterio o que la,active mos nosotros por ejemplo como ya,estuvimos viendo en la beta no la,transformación en el lobo del verse que,hay skills que podemos marcar para que,se comporten de diferente manera como,por ejemplo me viene así a la cabeza una,habilidad que te permite lanzar un zonal,o bien en un punto que tú escojas con el,puntero del ratón o bien directamente,sobre un enemigo dependiendo de como,configuremos estabilidad se comportará,de una manera o de otra decir que el,juego saldrá en inglés por el momento no,hay nada dicho sobre que vaya a salir en,español que tenemos un sistema de clases,muy versátil y divertido de primeras,vamos a tener seis clases cada una de,ellas con dos roles diferentes y ya,tenemos conocimiento de tres clases,nuevas ballet que irán añadiendo a lo,largo del tiempo otra de las cosas que,también he visto que me habéis pregunta,a lo largo de los directos es si tenemos,en la famosa trinidad de clases es decir,tan que es hitler si dps es buena gente,luego entraremos más en profundidad a,hablar sobre esto pero decir que sí que,tenemos presencia de esos tanques su,post y de peces pero que todas las,clases del juego son autosuficientes y,son capaces de jugar como,es puros y duros y por último responder,a otra de las preguntas que también,varias personas me habían hecho el,sistema de progreso de joe es por,misiones o se puede ir matando bichos,podemos ir haciendo las dos cosas gente,podemos subir de nivel haciendo misiones,o podemos subir de nivel,greene dejando de hecho dependiendo del,punto en el que nos encontremos,tendremos que tirar más de misiones o,más the grinder mencionado todo esto,gente quiero que pasemos a profundizar,sobre el pv tenemos diferentes tipos de,mazmorras vale con sus consiguientes,jefes y sus recompensas pero quiero,hacer hincapié en distintos puntos desde,mi punto de vista muy importante gente,no estamos para nada en un juego aporrea,botones a medida que vamos subiendo de,nivel y vamos llegando más hacia el ley,del juego nos vamos a dar cuenta de esto,ya que el tanque va a tener que,optimizar su rotación al máximo para así,mantener el agro de los jefes y de los,pools va a tener que mitigar el daño,recibido a su vez el support va a tener,que dar bufos y de bufos así como curar,tanto al tanque a sí mismo como a los de,peces y los de peces optimizar su daño,porque quiere decir que esto es muy,importante porque hay juegos donde,simplemente te metes con un tanque,dos civiles y de peces y ya puedes hacer,todo tranquilamente aquí va a haber,situaciones en la que como el tanque,falle vale como el tanque no tenga,optimizada su rotación para mitigar el,daño y juegue de forma inteligente o los,dps no hagan el daño necesario el daño,suficiente el hitler no va a dar abasto,vale debido al largo cool down que,tienen muchas de las habilidades de,curación por lo tanto esto va a acabar,en un whip y aquí quiero hilar con,información que han dicho varios de los,jugadores de más tono de la versión,china es que tenemos que practicar,nuestras habilidades nuestras rotaciones,para saber cuál es la forma más óptima y,más inteligente de combinarlas para,cuando vayamos a hacer este tipo de,contenido al final una de las cosas que,he visto que más se ha repetido en la,review de los jugadores de la versión,china es que el tema de las mazmorras en,grupos sobre todo como ya digo más,enfocadas al late es la organización y,el trabajo en equipo en la parte tiene,que ser como una maquinaria y si una de,las personas falla a dios todo mencionar,otro de los puntos que también he visto,que han repetido muchísimo gente si,estamos jugando un tanque olvidarnos de,tratar de quedar los primeros en de ps,es mantener el agro de todos los bichos,mantener el agro del jefe y mantenernos,a nosotros con vida es decir que en este,juego sí que jugaremos un tanque puro y,duro como tal con el rol de tanque lo,mismo con el support tenemos que,olvidarnos totalmente de sacar

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