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System Pavers

the first thing we will do is come and,remove your existing problem that being,your concrete we will use a bobcat or,something similar as you see here with,the attachment to break it out in the,areas we cannot access with the tractor,we will break out with picks and,sledgehammers we will then address your,second problem that being the expanse of,soils we will end up 11.5 inches down,from final grade in your driveway and,7.5 inches down in the walkway and patio,once we are down to the right depth we,then need to set the grades for the,correct waterfall in doing this we will,need to bear in mind that we need a,quarter of an inch of fall per foot to,account for the correct water flow we,are now ready to start building up the,new driveway and in order to do that we,will first install the geotextile fabric,over the native soil which will keep the,base and soil for migrating into each,other we will then bring a crushed,aggregate base by that I mean a base,that is varied in size from 3/4 of an,inch rock to fines we will then hose it,down and compact it using the same plate,compactor the net result is you will end,up with a firm yet flexible base to,build upon once the base is in we will,then lay one-inch outer diameter pipes,on top of the base so that we may,install the sharp angle bedding sand for,you we will spread the sand around to,about the right depth then we will use a,screed board to install the bedding sand,at exactly one inch we are now ready to,start laying your driveway we will first,need to ensure that we install square,with your home so we will need to run,string lines or snap chalk lines which,will serve as guidelines to the,installation we will place the border,stones where we abut an existing edge,restraint like the concrete slab in the,garage that you see here the concrete,will act as the edge restraint as you,can see here we will mark the stones and,then cut them with a diamond tip saw the,benefit to this is you end up with,perfect cuts,where we about your lawn or softscape we,will need to provide an edge restraint,to do this we will dig up the base and,sand mix it with Portland cement and,water to make concrete we will put this,back in the ground smooth it out and,then handset each and every border stone,into the bond beam now were ready to,begin the interlocking process for you,we will take the plate compactor over,the stones and lock them into place by,making several passes this will force,them down into the sand a quarter of an,inch at this point you could not reach,down and pull out a stone we will then,sweep sharp angled joints and across the,top of the paving stones until the,joints are filled with sand then well,make one last pass with the plate,compactor completely locking the stones,into place,we will now sweep down the driveway and,hose it off so you can start enjoying it,that day there is no cure time you are,good to drive on it barbecue with,friends or just stand there and admire,it

System Pavers Corporate Video

you,congratulations on taking the first step,in starting a new chapter in your homes,story since 1992 system pavers has been,the premier choice for designing and,installing custom outdoor living spaces,designed around you with over 50,000,beautiful outdoor transformations and a,95% customer satisfaction rate no one,can enhance the beauty and value of your,home with the same commitment to quality,as system pavers its really expanded,our home lets gave us more square,footage more room to entertain every,aspect every component is a custom to,your desire in our needs its a no,brainer it looks spectacular the vision,persistent pavers came from a specific,experience when Id arrived in the,United States 1992 from South Africa and,it had an experience already with paving,stones it really hit me so hard that the,homes that I would see here were just so,beautiful,yet in contrast to that the hardscapes,were terrible and so it was clear that,there was an opportunity to enhance the,beauty of these homes to improve on what,was there in a way that would add,texture and warmth and durability and,strength and so beauty and strength all,at the same time in fact we have a,slogan thats on the wall as you walk,into our office it says beautify the,world one stone at a time and thats,really the tact that weve taken we were,blessed and cursed by having a small but,flat front yard its boring,so I said what can we do to make it more,interesting we thought of the core guide,that lent itself beautifully to that and,when we got it we optimized the space,that we have we never went outside we,have friends that have come over and,said we didnt even realize you had a,backyard my design objective was to have,a peaceful retreat and a gathering place,for my family and friends the art has as,you can see is just beautiful it is,extremely tranquil,system pavers provides a full line of,outdoor living products all designed not,only to improve the appearance of your,home but to increase its value as well,Ive seen so many situations where you,come out in the back of the home and,theres just a dead area and we,transform that into an outdoor living,space weve kind of added a room to the,home and without the cost of actually,adding a room to the home but beauty is,is pretty clear to see paving stones and,the other elements and turf and,everything we do clearly beautifies,everything its going to add to the,value measurably recreating a custom,space for capturing lifes special,moments is easier than ever with a full,line of high-quality outdoor products,system pavers makes your time outside,more enjoyable from interlocking paving,stones synthetic turf elements lighting,and pergolas system pavers is your,one-stop source for high-quality living,products we do it all so you dont have,to worry about a thing,we chose system pavers because they came,in and designed a backyard that was,exactly what we wanted without knowing,exactly what we wanted we like to dig,deeper to see how you want to enjoy that,backyard because really the skys the,limit,and if we know all those things and we,can give you exactly what you want and,the second we saw the quality of the,stone we were sold stronger than,concrete or asphalt and unmatched in,beauty our interlocking paving stones,will redefine your definition of outdoor,living the stones have so much character,and charm but when you customize it it,takes it to a whole nother level paving,stones come in a wide variety of shapes,and colors and sizes and allow us to tie,in with any style of architecture I love,the fact that system paver has provided,a whole array of pavers to choose from,the fun is in designing it so that it,ties into the architecture of the home,or so that it ties into the desires of,the homeowner or maybe you take it to a,different place and you tie into the,actual individual or family that lives,there,from barbecue islands to fire pits to,water features outdoor elements from,system pavers transform your yard into,an entertainment oasis these distinctive,products feature the same classic look,as our paving stones and are made to,enhance your outdoor lifestyle add,natural stone to create a unique,architectural look or accent any outdoor,element and instantly add natural,balance and beauty to the environment we,enjoy the outdoors we enjoy the backyard,the barbecuing the fire pit we have a,television outside and were always out,here with sports programs than that so,the amount of time that we spent in the,house has really been diminished with,our new backyard the fire pits exceeded,our expectations we did a real fun,colored glass in it and were about,ready to order two more chairs because,everyone wants to sit around the fire,pit I always pull in chairs up the fire,pit yep in the fire pit its its not,just a novelty thing I grew up with a,fire pit and it brings back memories and,to be able to have the family around and,be able to cook a meal and then have,that meal together as is a great thing,when we first got it installed we were,so excited or I was so excited that I,want to say we had something like 11,nights in a row where we that dont say,experiment use some of them I forgot to,tell my wife about until people started,showing up its a backyard now that just,welcomed so many of our guests and,family and friends it has the space to,to have people over and always feel,comfortable and the ability to entertain,and for more playtime and less,maintenance our synthetic turf is an,eco-friendly alternative to a,traditional law well it looks and feels,as good as the real thing youre not,stuck with the costly upkeep as it,maintains its beauty year-round,synthetic turf is tough enough to stand,up to dogs and other pets provides,excellent drainage and is backed by our,10-year warranty you know what makes us,beter such a smart solution for the home,for me it was the aesthetic value that,the turf brought I mean as a kid my dad,used to bring me to baseball games the,lush grass,so beautiful and offset by the infield I,just love that and as an adult with a,house Ive always yearned to have a yard,like that and at times I would it might,be one month of year but then a hot,spell would come and then Id get burned,spots or a broken sprinkler what,happened I only find out about it when,theres a dead spot with the turf I,dont get that issue Ive got that lawn,that I love to look at every day kids,love it come home they just flopped down,it just feels clean without to worry,about the wet icky mud of the grass that,we had before and what I like about it,that it looks natural it doesnt look,fake being eco-friendly is a priority I,could cut off the water source in it and,not worry about wasting water you can,never keep a regular lawn Lucan as,beautiful as what this grass is capture,the beauty of your home with system,pavers outdoor lighting lighting done,correctly creates ambience provides,great curb appeal looks great from,inside the house and extends the hours,youre able to enjoy your outdoor living,space we all love our homes in our,outdoors you know a lot of us work all,day or every day you come home and roll,your yard is dark it creates a whole lot,of other opportunities you may be,sitting inside looking out and,everything looks better everything feels,better lets be lighting along the wall,shining up on our bamboo it just creates,a whole different mood its much more,inviting and open and airy and of course,the drama that you get with the lights,put in a whole different plane it really,does make a huge difference I love to,drive up at night between the pavers and,the lighting and everything it seems,its just very elegant in itself its a,warm and welcoming place to come home to,a shade a protective area from wind or,rain or the perfect room to complement,other paving elements with a system,pavers pergola we also got a pergola,over one area of our back door its very,hot here and so that shades it a lot and,keeps it cool I couldnt be happier with,the choice of the pergola it,and goo

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System Pavers Reviews, Feedback, Driveways, Turf, Light

its really expanded our home which gave,us more square footage more room to,entertain Ive never worked with a,company that was willing to go so far,out of their way to make sure that what,I had for a finished product was gonna,be what I was gonna be satisfied with,for the rest of my life they just did,step one to step ten and until the job,is finished the backyard provides a big,wow factor that wasnt here before,before it was just a kind of boring,plain backyard now its more like a,destination its a no-brainer it looks,spectacular when it comes to your,driveways walkways and patios your front,side and backyards your pool decks and,lawn areas and all types of outdoor,living spaces both during the day as,well as at night no other company can,enhance the beauty and the value of your,home like system papers the vision,persistent pavers came from a specific,experience when Id arrived in the,United States 1992 from South Africa and,it had an experience already with paving,stones it really hit me so hard that the,homes that I would see here were just so,beautiful yet in contrast to that the,hardscapes were terrible ugly cracked,broken stained and just you know,detracted from everything that was,pretty about the homes and so it was,clear that there was an opportunity to,enhance the beauty of these homes to,improve on what was there in a way that,would add texture and warmth and,durability and strength and so beauty,and strength all at the same time in,fact we have a slogan thats on the wall,as you walk into our office it says,beautify the world one stone at a time,and thats really the attack that weve,taken Ive owned my home since 1964,there was a lot of cracked concrete,around so I wasnt really interested in,putting concrete in again because I knew,that Id face the same thing again we,never went outside we have friends that,have come over and said we didnt even,realize you had a backyard system pavers,provides a full line of durable,high-quality outdoor living products all,are designed not only to improve the,appearance of your home but to increase,its value as well the beauty is is,pretty clear to see paving stones and,the other elements and turf and,everything we do clearly beautifies,everything its going to add to the,value measure system pavers commitment,to grow one stone at a time has expanded,its line of products to four distinct,categories interlocking paving stones,synthetic turf outdoor elements and,lighting well take a closer look at,each beginning with the companys,original offering interlocking paving,stones these papers will redefine your,idea of an outdoor lifestyle with their,endless array of colors patterns and,concepts interlocking pavers allow you,to express your own personal style and,preference stones have so much character,and charm but when you customize it it,takes it to a whole another level and we,specialize in it when you look at a job,as a blank canvas and you think how can,I really customize this skys the limit,the second we saw the quality of the,stone we were sold you know and not only,what weve sold I mean this is 11 years,later were thrilled with it really,highs in well with whats going on with,the rest of the house,and it looks like its just part of the,natural environment out there the color,of the pavers the mow borders around our,great has a nice offset a nice cast to,it very pleasing to the eye it gives a,lot more interest out here so were very,pleased with the system pavers material,and the fact that theyll stand up over,a long period of time I said to the guy,you know dont they look great,he said yeah what do they went three,years old and I said no its closer to,eleven years we turn next to outdoor,elements from barbecue islands to fire,pits to water features outdoor elements,from system pavers transform your yard,into an entertainment oasis these,distinctive products feature the same,classic look is our paving stones and,are made to enhance the overall beauty,and value of your home Ive seen so many,situations where you come in in the back,of the home and theres just a dirty,area theres just nothing there the,people are not you know homeowners not,using it at all,and we transform that into an outdoor,living space weve kind of added a room,to the home and without the cost of,actually adding a room to the hub one of,the important things that we wanted to,have in our backyard was a water feature,that was one of the the critical pieces,that we thought we had in place we could,build around it as the essential central,feature the fire pits exceeded our,expectations we did a real fun colored,glass in it and were about ready to,order two more chairs because everyone,wants to sit around the fire pit I,always pull in chairs up the fire pit,its an outdoor kitchen that kind of,extends from our original kitchen and I,think that was really a very good idea,because its brought the outdoors in,when we first got it installed we were,so excited or I was so excited that I,want to say we had something like eleven,nights in a row where we cooked outside,some of them I forgot to tell my wife,about until people started showing up,the next offering in the system papers,product line is synthetic turf think of,our synthetic turf as the eco-friendly,alternative to a traditional lawn while,it looks and feels as good as the real,thing youre not stuck with the costly,upkeep as it maintains its beauty,year-round synthetic turf is tough,enough to stand up to dogs and other,pets provides excellent drainage and is,backed by a 10-year warranty,you know it makes s Peter of such a,smart solution for the home for me it,was the aesthetic value that the turf,brought I mean as a kid my dad used to,bring me to baseball games the the lush,grass it was just so beautiful and,offset by the infield I just love that,and as an adult with a house Ive always,yearned to have a yard like that and at,times I would it might be one month of,the year but then a hot spell would come,and then Id get burned spots or a,broken sprinkler would happen I only,find out about it when theres a dead,spot or the rabbits would infiltrate my,yard and destroy it and then you know I,dont get that perfect yard with the,turf I dont get that issue Ive got,that that lawn that I love to look at,every day after being gone for um the,whole summer and coming back and not,happened to do any work in that backyard,that was the best thing there ever was,the fourth focus in the complete line of,system pavers outdoor living products is,lighting our outdoor lighting goes,beyond the needs of home security,lighting done correctly can create,ambience provide great curb appeal look,great from inside the house and extend,the hours youre able to enjoy your,outdoor living space we all have our,homes and our outdoors you know a lot of,us work all day or if we take you come,home and roll in your yard is dark it,creates a whole lot of other,opportunities where we can live outside,enjoy our outdoors a lot of what we do,with pavers brings the inside out from a,living standpoint but living inside its,great to also bring the outside in and,we have such beautiful landscapes you,know why not enjoy it for more places in,the house its more open its much more,inviting and open and airy and of course,the drama that you get with the,Whites put in a whole different plane,it really does make a huge difference I,love to drive up at night between the,pavers and the lighting and everything,it seems its just very elegant in,itself its a warm and welcoming place,to come home to our mission statement is,to bring products with enduring value,and you get that with the pavers you got,enduring value with the turf,you have enduring value the lights you,have enduring value the fire pit,everything that we do has enduring value,Im sure its added a great deal of,value to our home if we ever go to sell,it we plan to live here a long time we,love the community and and love our new,home it seems like its a new home now,what really adds to the

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Justin Turners System Pavers Project Testimonial

[Music],so we were first moved into our new,house we loved the house and we thought,we had a great backyard but it was just,boring cement the grass was dying and,not really existent and there was no,lighting back here,so really we could only enjoy our,backyard while the Sun was up and then,once system pavers came in and put their,magic touch on it we have an,unbelievable space back here thats just,as exciting as the inside and we get to,spend all night out here with the,incredible lighting the fire pit and,these beautiful papers all around the,backyard we love to have friends and,family over here and to be able to have,this environment where were able to,entertain and have barbecues and be out,here and watch a football game and be,able to just have that space where were,comfortable and and its beautiful we,love being out here the first thing I do,when I wake up every morning is that,come I come outside I bring moonshine,out here so she can run around weve had,a couple small gatherings here with the,team and you know the feedback was was,overwhelming everyone really enjoyed,hanging out in the backyard like court,said watching games on the TV sitting,around the fire pit,and honestly the the lighting back here,has made such a huge difference I think,when you walk back here at night and the,ficus are lit up and the wall and the,jacuzzis lit up it just makes it look it,just puts the finishing touch on it and,makes it look so much more polished and,and and its so much more comfortable to,be out here at night where before it was,just kind of pitch black and you really,had no idea what was out here yeah its,really like our own little getaway our,own little oasis so you know coming home,after a game after a long game spending,11 12 hours at the field its nice just,to come back in the backyard turn on the,fire pit hang out listen to some music,or or watch some highlights from the day,and really just unwind before I go to,bed and start my day all over again,so its really easy with system papers,because we knew we wanted to create a,space we knew we wanted the fire pit and,different lighting but we didnt know,exactly what we wanted yeah they really,made it personal for them it seemed like,they came out here and treated it like,they were redesigning their own home,what was helpful if they were able to,give us a few options on everything and,kind of guide us through that and pick,what they think would look the best,because obviously theres a,and we just kind of knew we wanted that,entertaining space and something that,was beautiful and lit up,will we get a post everyone over here,really it was just such an easy process,the digital images that they put,together to show us samples of what it,was going to look like were great to,give us all the options to choose from I,would absolutely recommend system pavers,if youre not happy with your backyard,or front yard or if youre thinking,about trying to redesign your space to,be your own personal getaway or oasis,theres no one else that you should go,to other than system pavers hands down,the best great workers great,communicators and they get their work,done fast,[Music]

$32,000 In 6 Days (Pavers and Sod Install)

Wow Wow Wow you put yo alright this job,is gonna be a fast one as you know the,title above youd be like damn t you did,this in how many days well look at the,title above now Im gonna give you a,little tour this is what happened with,the homeowner previously they hired,somebody and the guy just did a really,bad job two levels off and the,sprinklers are wrong theyre sticking up,way too high as you can see and he did,this concrete job hes supposed to like,make this very nice but he just painted,over it with some paint so not very nice,sprinklers not very nice sprinklers what,else a bunch of stuff he did wrong so,they blew him out and then they found us,and they hired us which is good so now,we get to fix all his mistakes which is,pretty fun the good thing about this is,I didnt have to take out that much dirt,because he already did that for us so,were gonna take out a little bit a,little bit of dirt no big deal,but after that were gonna take this out,well this is actually number one number,one take this out and then replace it,with pavers and it goes all the way down,let me show ya let me show ya good thing,why this is we get to reuse the gopher,wire oh hello cutie hope the homeowner,doesnt mind,theyll probably see this video,so it stops there pavers stop there I,already got everything laid out to a,trailer here and then we got dump,trailer here sent my truck is coming at,8 a.m. to pick up concrete so we gonna,get cracking,[Music],[Music],[Music],with the tape measure,something can see so these are gonna be,in concrete and then were just gonna,let it rip right,we have a 14 on quiet circle,7:57 square feet,160 squares thats this will be running,money,easy,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],this is the walkway showing you,everything here were doing we we laid,the sod and then afterwards we put the,stones on and then we just cut around it,so its like a perfect fit really simple,really nice looking the grass is all,done we got sprinklers everywhere heres,the walkway go and go and go and go and,going we hooked the lights one of the,problems we had was the homeowner at the,home where headlights and we had weed,England the wires and there was a little,bit of a drama to find him but we,figured out no big deal heres the,little walkway everything good to go and,then he goes to the street pretty much,it really simple this job was pretty,simple just took a lot of the one thing,that I messed up on in the next video I,do and Ill share with you exactly how,much the company made the company didnt,make as much as I wanted it to because,there are a few things that I miss there,was a few things that I miscalculated,and I know going forward what that was,theres the pavers but Ill make a whole,new video on that but look at this,circle kit the circle kit looks awesome,did a beautiful job on the circle kit,the polymeric sand is awesome is a,14-foot circle so we just took the stake,put it seven feet away from the walkway,and then drew the circle well you saw,but everything you dope we had to keep,off the driveway the grass is super,green 2,700 square feet of grass we,redid the sprinklers theres not a lot,of dirt to take out we took out one soil,one truck full of soil for the pavers,and then we took out one semi truck full,of concrete and thats it everything,else was done thats it finished can you,believe it done done the job is complete,30 2006 days missing two guys whatever,no big deal now on to the next one,my five of my favorite words these are,five of my favorite words customer was,super happy we got to go back and put in,a little bit sand on the pavers because,it wasnt dry enough it rained so we,gotta wait to put the poly sand but no,big deal it is what it is I got it I got,a video coming out explaining this job,its in the making already Ive already,started it but I got a lot of good,feedback from you saying that you want,the breakdown of how much the materials,were how much was the labor what how,much did you make,what was your overhead all that stuff so,I got all that down and Ill make a,video on that hit the thumbs up button,help a brother out hit the subscribe,button help a brother out drop a comment,help a brother out what did you like,what did you hate do you like me do you,hate me just leave something you dont,mean youre watching the videos youre,not leaving anything help a brother out,especially hit the thumbs up button cope,join the goat King 230 members in there,I share every single day of behind the,scenes of every single job that were,doing how much do we make how much did,we lose all that stuff so you really,want behind the scenes go King is where,you do it,peace out okay

Time-Lapse of Paver Driveway Install

part of a new job here we go what do we,got here,driveway comes out,all this cracked up,really old obviously no rebar this is,going to be an easy demo,and then were gonna replace the,sidewalk,were gonna take that stoop out install,a new,paved porch,with bull nose,and were gonna throw in some drainage,and thats about all this is gonna be a,simple one,this is gonna be a simple one already,set up ready to go for monday,[Music],wow,[Music],so,[Music],all right this is the finished product,you

System Pavers-Website Review

hey,system papers marketing team uh so this,was a video i promised to send over,for your receptionist here um this is,just a video,explaining how you can beat out your,competition on google,in the video im going to be giving you,tips and tricks that you can actually,do yourselves amongst your team to,improve your rankings,and show you how we do it in our company,the first thing i kind of want to get,into that google looks for,is your content obviously content is,king,google likes 1500 to 2000 words of,content on the home page,and about 500 to 750 words per,service page um so as you can see here,we dont have too many,uh words for content on this homepage,thats something i would recommend you,guys,change uh the important reason for,content theres two big reasons actually,first one is the more you talk about,your service or your industry the more,googles gonna see you as an expert and,theyre gonna rate you higher for that,right,the second reason is that the more,content you have the more keywords that,you can,put in for and get rankings for uh you,want about a hundred words for every,keyword,so obviously thats gonna rack up to,some quick amounts for content,so the content is the easiest way to get,keywords found,its not the only way but it is the,easiest,now going over to my tool a refs here,you can see you guys are doing really,good you have awesome organic,keywords and traffic coming in its just,its actually,surpassing what your traffics coming,for and youve got a good value for that,now i want to go over to just some,competition here i know it doesnt look,much like competition theyve got a lot,less keywords a lot less value,less referring domains and backlinks but,theyre actually,outranking you um on google search for,at least,one area um i know you guys service a,lot of different locations,so i could be here all day with this,video but im not trying to take up too,much of your time,im just wanting to give you some tips,on how you guys can do this yourself,um so there are keywords that theyre,kind of ranking for here,theyre getting pretty good traffic on,some of them right paper ceiling,companies thats got a good traffic,coming in,looking like driveway paving contractors,good ranking,so thats what you would really want to,look for like theres the 200 150 those,are good ranking words,um so you could try and find ways to,implement those keywords,into your content on your own page,another thing is going to be,backlinks so backlinks are,right over here theres 54 backlinks for,this,competition coming from 19 referring,domains,i have a tool that shows these links in,red,means that these are not follow links uh,theyre not clickable links so people,may see your services but theyre not,able to just immediately get to your,website from those links,um now this is something for,for you guys you have a lot more so,looking at the backlinks you guys,definitely have higher traffic um my,tips on this are just,because when i search papers company,california,you guys arent the first one that pops,up uh youre really close,youre right under these california,paver pros and,i mean that kind of is frustrating right,like you guys,have more of everything but theyre,outranking you,and getting those customers i mean,theyre not stealing too many customers,but theyre still showing up first so,why not get those,extra customers 69 customers a month uh,just wipe them out because,you guys have a lot more content you,should be up there you just need to,optimize that content lets get those,keywords that theyre using,another cool tip that you can do is you,can take the back links,from your competition because theyre,getting high quality content,for their backlinks whatever theyre,using is causing them to outrank you so,you can go in here,and export this whole list and add these,backlinks to your own home page,so those can be added into the many many,backlinks that you already have,and you guys can even look at getting,rid of some of the ones that arent,bringing you any traffic,um and i think thats going to be,something that would really help improve,your site there,i also wanted to go into the about the,google search,um so whenever people are searching,keywords on google theres going to be,generally ads that pop up ignore the ads,you dont want to pay for,ads for google if a lot of people have,ad blocker,but this is the google map pack or,google my business right,and this pops up from citations,citations are just,online directories that contain your,company contact information,they are also ranked by the amount of,reviews and quality of the reviews so,one through three is a good place to be,right but for and on no ones going to,click that link,to view all so you guys want to get on,here you want to be first,third on this ranking thats really easy,to do just make sure youre getting,those,citations or online directories verified,and set up with your information,if you dont already have this done,definitely want to do it i know you guys,arent popping up here,but youre popping up down on the actual,organic search,um that probably means so you guys dont,have it or youre just not high ranking,but thats something you can change,the other thing i want to talk about is,on this google map pack,when youre setting up that stuff for,photos as far as pictures go,pictures are considered content like,these photos that you have here,if i were to try and,go back over to the home here if i were,to try and save,one of these images,see how its popping up with this just,this information these could be keywords,you want to optimize that content make,them keywords that you guys want to rank,for google can read that,they can read that on your page and they,can read that on the,google my business profile so you want,to have that,content optimized as much as possible,so thats pretty much it for this video,we kind of went over,you know getting some new citations that,you guys should be outranking your,competition,you need to just go in there and steal,some of these backlinks you know,doesnt hurt um you guys obviously have,really good traffic compared to them,so i want to know why you know get that,content and quality matched up,so that youre out ranking theres no,reason that these guys should be heading,up above you,um beyond that quality that theyve got,for those few backlinks that they have,so i recommend snagging those and then,just to really help improve your chances,add some more content to this page get,some more keywords ranking,you guys are doing awesome though the,site looks really good,um i kind of feel like ive taken up too,much of your time as is,thats about it by applying the steps,correctly youll be out ranking,even this competition in no time if you,have any questions,you know how to reach me

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