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Tactacam Reveal X Review

hey got oh geez hey guys welcome to jace,outdoors i am jason in this video im,gonna be unboxing and running a few,tests on the new tacticam reveal x,so before i jump into the box uh this,video is just a little bit more about,the new functions,to this camera as opposed to their first,camera if you were fortunate enough to,get one of those you know how awesome it,was and from what i understand that they,became really difficult to find so this,is just more about whats new with the,camera ill run a few tests with it as,far as you know downloading an app,creating an account all that stuff is,ill leave a link in the description for,the first video because its all the,same it uses the same app there are a,few new functions in the app that will,go with this camera so i will go through,that as well as far as image quality and,all that i wont get too in depth with,although i you know ill leave some,samples at the end of this video look in,the description for time codes you can,jump to the sample images and video but,its pretty much the same as the first,one that i dont know this for effect,but i think its the same sensor from,what ive seen the the images look the,same the videos are the same so i wont,go too far into that but this is just,more about whats new and how to operate,this camera lets just jump right into,the box here,antenna,the unit itself,strap,the instruction manual,so right off the bat its a little,smaller than the first version is,probably a little deeper because i think,they stack the batteries in here theres,a battery tray it still takes 12 double,a batteries,but i love how the,ir sensors here are,theyre its broken up so its not just,one big solid black screen there you,know on the tree i feel like that thats,one thing that sticks out the most,on uh you know blackout irs is just the,big,blackness of it so this is broke up its,a lot smaller i feel like thats going,to hide a little bit better on a tree,the antenna now has,more of like a design on it to just kind,of break it up i think the other one was,just solid black and i thought that that,became really difficult to hide too so a,few changes here that i really really,like its not solid black,and coming on the side here on the latch,they now have,a lock here so you can,you know put your python lock itll go,right through the latch on the door so,you can lock it all together,to protect your uh you know sim card sd,card,another thing that,i think is great they put some thought,into this,uh your quarter 20 thread that i always,use a third-party mount i actually make,my own ill leave a link in the,description for that as too they work,great being on the back end of the,camera is so helpful when hanging the,cameras with a third party mounts uh,when ones that are just kind of in the,middle,i cant ever seem to get a bracket far,enough to keep it away from the tree,so being that this is at the very back,i i should be able to,you know tuck this into wherever i need,to you also have a quarter twenty thread,here in the middle so well just jump,right inside,the latch is so much easier to use and,uh theres wow okay theres not even a,an lcd screen on this at all,so youll end up,connecting wi-fi to your phone and then,youll be able to change your settings,you know right there in the field before,you leave and you should be able to get,a live look from what i understand,you should be able to change your,settings you know after you leave the,woods,it sometimes takes up to 24 hours to do,so but you should be able to do,everything remotely so now you just have,your cell signal strength,battery power,wi-fi your sd card and the status of the,camera,you have a test button and your eject,button here is for your battery tray,that now comes out the back so,its a little tight,but yeah so now you have a tray it still,takes 12 batteries,that says it right here on the bottom,and,so that allowed the camera to shrink a,little bit,but it might be just to like i said a,little deeper so well throw some,batteries in this and an sd card and,fire this thing up,im using a 32 gig class 10 sd card by,sandisk,you want to make sure you get a class 10,card,put the switch one notch up to set up,itll take a second here to search for,signal so youre going to want to add,this camera to your account,again if you check out the other video,explains more how to download that and,set up an account but this,i already have it all set up so you just,open the app,youre going to go down here to cameras,and add,another camera so you hit that little,plus symbol there and it asks you which,one it is reveal or the real vlx of,course its the reveal x we hit continue,so youre going to register it youve,got to scan the qr code on the door,so were going to scan the qr code,find that oh and it finds it fast you,can name the camera,select the location that you will set,previously and youre going to register,that camera,still going,activation complete so its been,successfully activated please restart,your camera by turning it to off,and then turn it back on to verify,cellular service so were going to turn,that off,well hit dismiss there,and turn this back up to setup,so now hopefully when i go back into the,app here its going to be,right where i had named it and there it,is theres your settings well go,through these in a minute so the one,thing that is different with this camera,it has wi-fi capabilities now,we can connect that straight to your,phone where i should be able to change,the settings so youre going to want to,go into your your connections settings,look for wi-fi make sure you turn that,on,and then,once you go into there you should see,reveal,and the model of that camera youre,going to click that and enter password,password is right here inside the door,its basically reveal 2021 its probably,the same for all of them,so,capital r,all right so there im connected without,internet uh internet may not be,available so if youre on android make,sure you hit stay connected were gonna,go back to the app,so when you connect to the wi-fi on this,its going to tell you you have poor,internet connection because your wi-fi,is connected to the camera and of course,it doesnt have internet capabilities so,its not going to show your cameras,listed anywhere on there you go to this,little guy looking thing your profile to,your its your actually your account,and then down here youll see connect to,reveal,x so you know slash wi-fi youre gonna,click that and this should connect,there it is to the camera and then you,get a live view,of what you see,so this way when youre setting this up,on the tree you know exactly what youre,looking at so this red line that you see,right here on the middle of your screen,is basically the detection zone so you,want that to be on the deer trail or,where you want to capture the movement i,cant tell you how many times,guys say that their camera is not,picking up things right and theyll have,it leaning on the tree backwards so,really your sensor is kind of more on an,angle upwards as it goes out and,sometimes deer would walk right,underneath it and it will never pick it,up,so this red line is actually,i feel like its not hard to,see the center of the image but it,really kind of helps you,when youre setting things up i usually,set my cameras up high,and if im trying to watch a run you,want to make sure that that is hitting,right where you want it to detect motion,so its kind of nice that thats there,so down here at the bottom you have,format sd card which,i recommend doing every single time you,have a new card,so were just going to format it for the,first time,and hopefully i wont have to mess with,it after that,successfully formatted then your camera,settings so heres where youll change,all your settings so you have your,camera mode,photo and video,image size 8,12 or 16. were going to put that up to,16.,this is new here motion sensitivity so,they actually have nine different levels,of sensitivity,its defaults at seven im just going to,leave it

Tactacam Reveal X Trail Camera Review (With Photos)

whats going on everybody welcome to the,first trail camera review,um of the year here for 2021.,i myself went out and got uh one of the,new tactic camera veal xs,brett got two of them here so,were going to go ahead and give you a,little review and setting this one up at,his farm,our whole lives jackson myself rem weve,always ran the traditional cameras and i,know theres a lot of people out there,that,are anti-camera because they dont like,going in they like being surprised we,have your people that are obsessed with,them,were kind of bordering on the line of,obsession we have a lot between the,three of us but,rem and i decided to make the investment,with the type of cam,reveal x my brother just bought two a,friend of mine just bought two and,theyre raving about them so,i was like you know what its time to,jump on board yes you have the initial,cost of the camera,yes you have your data plans but the,fact now that we can set these cameras,with our busy life schedules,and can be anywhere at any time getting,notifications,telling us what our battery percentages,are at we can make setting adjustments,on the fly you dont have to worry about,whether or not your cameras dead,and missing an opportunity at a shooter,buck or bear whatever youre chasing,so this to us is a game changer i keep,saying that word,um were excited about these so this is,the,the third one were setting up here uh,we set one of his up already,set mine up and so weve had a little,bit of practice before we got to this,last one here so were gonna give you,guys kind of an overview of,what we went through to set it up um,originally the first one we struggled,you know we youtubed some stuff,googled it went through the manual a,couple times but once you get the hang,of it,it is a little bit different than a,traditional camera as far as setting it,up when you open it up theres,nothing no switches or anything to do,the settings the settings go,straight through your phone so you have,to download the tacticam reveal app,and then once you put the traditional,batteries and sd card in it,you can go through and it actually has a,wi-fi you connect to your phone,and thatll get you into the,app with it to set up your plan and then,once you do that um you scan a code in,there which,is specific to your camera so that way,on the app,you know you know which camera is taking,which pictures when you set it up,so once you have the camera set up on,the app um,you have to set up the service to it so,its going to go through,and set it up its kind of itself after,you scan the code,and then itll have you turn it off for,a little bit turn it back on,and then the service will get connected,you can see all that on the camera here,well show you in a little bit when we,open it up,yeah once you get your camera set up and,you actually connect to,service so make sure you do have service,we both went with the verizon plans,seems like verizon as a whole have,better coverage whether or not its,you know connected with your you know,you have 18 t whatever you have we just,decided to go with the verizon ones for,the coverage,but yeah once we got it set up theres a,lot of things you can do within the,system like through your phone through,the app,um on the reveal app you actually can,connect,to the wi-fi and actually do like a live,view when youre setting up your camera,so when well be setting up the camera,here in a little bit on my,mineral site here at my farm we can,actually,see exactly what the picture is going to,look like so thats a really big plus,another thing you want to look at is,when youre in the setup mode the it,recommends in the manual to send hit the,test button,you can actually send a test photo to,your,app and it will pop up on your app,within which camera you have,so were going to talk about the plans,that you can have for this camera,so once you download the app um one of,the issues that we ran into is,when you go to add your first camera it,kept saying you dont have a plan,so you have to go into your account into,your own profile and,go back through put in your information,your address your phone number,and then you actually select what plan,theres three plans to select from you,got your pro,intermediate and basic um we decided to,go with the pro,theres a little bit more money but you,get almost unlimited pictures what is it,500,no it is yeah yeah intermediate 500 and,you know,so on and so forth you get what you pay,for but you get unlimited pictures you,get up to 50 hd,pictures uh it just seemed like a better,plan for us,and then every camera you get there on,after is you get a little bit of a,discount,um with those additional cameras so its,like i said initial cost,but you know in the long run for a whole,year its really doesnt you know it,doesnt cost that much,per month but that was the only issue,that we had at first we had to look up,kind of,we were wondering where our plan went,but you know we both went with the pro,plan for the yearly,subscription one of the reasons we kind,of went with the pro plan is over the,summer right now,were going to set it on a most likely,on our mineral sites our feed sites,stuff like that,so you know in a single night you can,get 500 pictures,so to pay for the 500 pictures a month,you know that could fill up,in in one or two nights so we just want,the pro plan thatll give us the most,bang for our buck as far as you know the,amount of pictures we get,now later in the season well probably,have it on maybe food sources,heavy trails by our tree stands stuff,like that so we may not reach that 500,pictures a month but,just to be safe we we have it if we need,it all right so were going to go ahead,and,get it set up here on the tree so well,open it up ill show you guys the inside,like i said its not like a traditional,camera where it has like the switches,and you change the settings,its got more of the cell stuff on it,shows you your wi-fi,and uh what kind of,service you have so well go ahead and,do that for you guys here as we get it,on the tree,so like i said you know the cameras not,uh like a traditional trail camera its,got the switches now has your on set up,off switch um a test button and you,eject for the batteries,but as you get up here you can kind of,see um,right here is your signal status you,have your battery power,thats the internal camera wi-fi you,have,the just a status light to show if you,have an sd card and if its working all,right,and then your status is for your test,pictures,so when you take a test picture and ill,show you guys here in a second,thatll blink and then itll get sent to,rhetts phone since this is his camera,and once thats sent itll be a solid,green so as long as that,status is solid green you know youre,good to go,so i turn it to setup mode here you can,see all the lights all the green lights,so right now its searching for service,you know we just put batteries in its,full,the wi-fi is blinking so once brett,would connect to that,it would go solid blue like right like,there he just connected to it,so that will um that will allow him to,change the settings and everything while,hes at the camera,right now we only have a bar of service,probably because were under some trees,well have to try and change that there,like i said the sd card is good,and right now the status is a solid,green which means were good to go if we,wanted to turn it on,but im going to go ahead and put a push,to test button right here and youll see,the status will start to blink,so now its taking a picture and sending,that to his phone,and it takes about 30 seconds to a,minute or so to get the test,picture but its nice,to i mean you can do it that way to see,where your cameras set up,but like we said it also has the live,feed which is phenomenal,to get your setup and make sure youre,facing the right way,and yeah if you guys want to see the,camera picture this is my phone here,sorry its a little old,but you can see theres me and the,camera,and that the camera just took so yeah,instant,t

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Tactacam Reveal Cell Camera HONEST, FULL LENGTH Review

hey guys tyler mahoney here with mahoney,outdoors,just wanted to stop today and take a,quick minute to talk about the new tact,cam reveal,cellular trail cameras theres a lot of,information out about them online right,now,theyre really really popular and i,decided to give them a try here a couple,months ago,we put our first one out the very,beginning of october,we now have four so this is going to be,an honest review,of the tattoo cam reveal youre going to,see,footage of the way the app looks and how,it works,youre gonna hear me talk about the pros,and cons of the tacticam reveal,knowing that i have four of them you can,guess that its a pretty positive review,and it is but there are some things id,like to see them get worked out here in,the future,so were going to talk about that but i,just wanted to show you guys,what you get right out of the box very,simple very clean,very easy to set up the app is very easy,to work with and set up the camera,so thats what im going to show you,right here were going to set this,camera up right now,okay so ive got ive got the box open,im just going to pull this right out,super simple weve got the,strap that just fell out those kind of,in the bottom here,uh youve got your antenna and then,youve got the camera that im just,going to pop out,right here so you can take a peek this,is what,uh were dealing with this little yellow,deal at the top,its going to pop right off toss that in,the bed there,the old ranger and then im gonna go,ahead and just,screw this antenna on and were good to,go,now this antenna can be moved around,adjusted to,help you get the best service possible,this is the second verizon one that we,have we also have two a t,im about an hour outside of the major,metropolitan area of kansas city,and we get really good service on att,and verizon both so,for what thats worth every area is,different but we have not had a single,issue,at all with any of these cameras you pop,it open,and it takes 12 double a batteries well,show you that up close im going to go,ahead and put those in and then well,show you the,camera and how all that works its super,awesome super simple youre gonna see,that here in a second,now before we get into putting the,batteries in i did want to just discuss,the design,uh its very very nice uh what i really,like,you do have the the ability to lock it,up,with the uh basically the six foot cable,python lock which is pretty standard for,most trail cameras,one thing that i wish they would have,done was,incorporated because the muddy manifest,cell cam,you can actually put that cable lock not,only through the back of the camera but,also through the door lock,so they cant even open the door without,really breaking your camera,to get to it and its just an extra,little deterrent that id like to see,tact cam add in the future um you do,have,the quarter 20 mount on the back and on,the bottom,here so uh essentially what that allows,you to do is if you have like a tree,mount for a trail camera,you can mount that onto a tree or fence,post if you dont have a good,spot to strap the camera to but so,thats nice but,you know the one knock on the design,that i have is i really would,now that i have some cameras that you,can do that lock,through not only the camera but also the,door that keeps it closed,i really wish most manufacturers would,go towards that its just an extra,deterrent,so that people dont take your sd card,they might not be able to get your,camera but theyll get your sd card and,i dont want that so,anyway thats that im going to go ahead,and throw the batteries in here and just,to show you really quick,on the camera so youve seen the inside,your,sim card is right here on the side and,then your spot for your sd card is right,there,as well okay,so i have my batteries in im a little,cut off here but im just,dont worry about that we dont need to,see my face im just trying to get the,tact cam app,open im going to turn on the camera to,setup,mode and its going to power on which is,great,so we are it says its searching and,whats going to happen because i made,this mistake on one of the cameras where,i was like,i was waiting for it to find signal and,then do the qr code,and tie it to my app well its not going,to find any signal until you actually,make the camera live so youre going to,hit menu and youre going to go,over to the 4g menu and i dont even,know if you can be able to see this on,the camera,very well but im going to go over the,4g menu and youll under that menu,youll see a spot where it says qr code,well you go to the app which is what im,opening up,right now and im gonna hit plus new,camera im gonna,scan qr code oh boom right there,okay so it it scanned it instantly,im gonna hit register and we should be,about done please wait while we activate,your camera this can take up to one,minute okay it says activation complete,basically says your camera has been,successfully activated please restart,your camera but,turning it switched off then switch it,back to setup to verify that the,cellular service is there,and once its verified then you can,switch it on so im gonna hit that,dismiss,turn it off okay camera is off,im gonna turn it back to setup and you,basically have three ipf off set up and,on,so now its gonna say searching and most,of the time were in a little bit more,of a spot where i dont get as much,service so lets just see how long it,takes,to pick service up down here the other,times that i turned this thing on it,took,no more than 10 or 15 seconds really to,find it,so were going to see what it does here,i like to turn the camera mode to,picture plus video the video is not,going to transfer,over the cellular network but what i,found is that,the camera will is really good about,capturing most things,but if you turn it to cam camera mode,plus video,a lot of times youre going to get video,of a buck chasing a doe that you may,have missed because theyre running by,so quick flash power i leave on high,image size i put it 12 megapixel it can,go up to 24,but just a safe space thats what,thats what we do multi shot you can do,up to five photos itll send you the,second photo,video size hd 720p,or you can do full 1080p im actually,going to do that video length,im going to do 10 seconds im going to,have it send timely,max number day unlimited sd loop,im gonna do off i dont want it to,overwrite anything,okay so interestingly as im sitting,here and i just mentioned that this is a,notoriously,bad service spot the camera has yet to,pick up service and this is a verizon,camera,i have verizon on my cell phone and my,verizon cell phone is,also very spotty down here so kind of,interesting,you know when this has happened i just,go put the camera somewhere else its,unfortunate because id like to put it,down in this area,these cellular cameras arent perfect,theres some trial and error,there are accessories you can buy that,are like antenna extenders,you can mount way the hell up in the,tree and those can help tremendously,so just something to think about not,every cell camera is perfect,but so far chat cam has worked great so,were gonna go try this in a couple,other spots,see if we cant get some better service,and get to start sending,so one other thing i want to mention too,while were sitting here battery life on,these cameras,might be one of the most impressive,things ive seen with the tacticam,a lot of cellular cameras are notorious,for having pretty horrible battery life,and whats the point if you have to go,in and switch them out every couple of,weeks,because youre trying to save yourself,from having to go in and disturb your,hunting area,ive been using energizer max batteries,in all the tacticams so far,ive not had a single one die since the,beginning of october,each one takes anywhere from 15 to 30,photos a day,minimum and the battery life at the,lowest of the three is 60,right now and today is november 29 2020.,so that just goes to show you the,battery life is,outstanding on these tactic cams and,again all i

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Tactacam Reveal X Pro and X Gen 2.0 Comparison

hey guys whats up mike here herd 360,and uh,glad yall are tuning in i appreciate,you watching my videos id also,appreciate if youd hit that subscribe,button,and uh,and subscribe to my channel,catch all my videos when i do post them,i havent been posting a whole lot,lately,what i wanted to talk about today is uh,two,new products and one of them is the most,uh recent very exciting product a lot of,people been waiting on it and that would,be that uh tacticam,x pro,okay,and then the other one is gonna be,tacticam,reveal x,gen 2.0,all right,now the 2.0 that i have here today that,was a return a customer decided that,he wanted a black flash camera and,sent it back and um,said he didnt even activate it so well,find out eventually but,he sent it back and,ordered xb back when i had those so,anyway lets get on to the uh talking,about these two cameras so,what we have the revealed x gen 2.0,youll see it where it says reveal x,there this is the reveal x pro all right,the two biggest differences uh,right off the bat exterior wise you see,a little different configuration in the,screen cover there over the over the,flash module,and,this model is a low glow,and this model is a no glow no glow,meaning that when you are visibly,looking directly at the camera at night,when it goes off youre not going to see,anything okay,so this one being a low glow camera if,youre looking directly at it what,youre going to see is a very dim,red light on each side here or red,lights the leds as they light up so,theyre a little different and the,disadvantage i would have to say,given to the x pro on that,because of the black flash or the no,glow,um,it doesnt have quite the flash range,of the low glow camera,so some people like the no glow they,dont want well they may be using it for,security purposes and they dont want,their their camera to uh,be detected by anybody that may be in a,place where theyre not supposed to be,so definitely the low glow or the no,glow would be your choice uh some people,also feel like the deer are alerted by,it personally i dont i dont see that,uh white flash,cameras when i have them on video at,night yes my bucks do not like those and,they will back out of the area and quit,visiting it quite frequently when i when,i try to run white flash video at night,but the low glow stuff,you know maybe in video when it lights,up red if youre right on a bait pile,the deer is right there in front of the,camera and he sees that led light up red,and stay red for,the duration of the video,maybe its gonna alert him a little bit,but i just i dont see a problem with it,i like,the low glow camera because i like the,extended flash range,covers just more area,that said all right lets move on so,both of these have a dual modem dual,cell modem what that means is,theyre,theyre designed to work with atnt and,verizon,and,you can choose which camera or which,card you want you insert that card into,the camera when you get it brand new and,you activate it on that particular,camera you choose that carrier in your,app lets say you change areas you move,that camera to a new area,and the carrier you originally chose,doesnt work but the other one does,lets say you originally went with,verizon now you need a tnt,well you can um,you can remove that camera you dont,want to deactivate it but you can remove,the camera off your account,and then,insert the correct sim card and then go,through the setup process again,activating that camera and it will just,pick up,the original account that it was on,when you removed it before so,its a really simple process its pretty,quick just like when you activate these,cameras theyve got it nailed and down,to a science i mean they activate really,well sometimes theres some issues with,the verizon sims and they have to,actually go into their system and push,that activation through on the verizon,side but,other than that i mean they they,activate really good,really quickly all right so when i open,these cameras up thats where were,going to see the biggest difference when,you open the cover,and,okay,theres your big reveal,im not posting this video until august,1st or yeah august 1st because as an,authorized dealer,tacticam has instructed us not to,release any information until they do,so,you see,this is your just like your xb just like,your vlx,um,really no change there,but with this one now they brought the,view screen back that was one of the big,complaints they got when they took it,away when they went to the original,reveal x away from the very first reveal,camera,a lot of people complained about the,view screen now a lot of people dont,complain because its back,you know you just cant please everybody,but uh,i like it i mean it it works good i do i,love this wi-fi feature because i can,connect with my app and go out and aim,it,but,there is an aim feature built in with,this one,all right see i was thinking you had to,hold it but you just got to push it i,believe yeah,and you turn that one set up all right,so because the view screen is not in the,door and its actually on the camera,body you can aim this camera while,youre at the,at the camera you turn it on and,try to get that red line right there,dead center of your target area so if a,deer is going to be coming in front of,it you want to try to center that up on,their body that gives you the best,sensitivity all the way around,theres no sd card in here so you see,its telling me that,and so we can go,through a menu,i dont know if its going to let us go,through it wont yeah maybe it will no,its not going to because i dont have,that well there we go okay i was saying,without an sd card it wouldnt do it,but you can you see theres the qr code,part that you can scan the qr code,from the app,all your settings,one thing that would be really helpful,is the fact that you can format your sd,card now right from the camera very,easily visibly following the,instructions rather than having to,you know hold the test button down and,turn it to set up,makes it a little easier and im sure,that therell be a lot of folks,that will be very,excited this is also going to be your,select button or your ok button so when,you do want to select a,command you would,hit that,all right,see operating,general,send type gps on theres you know you,can,pretty much everything you can do from,the app you can also do here as well,uh all right i dont know what else uh,to mention um,neither one of these cameras even have,any batteries in them theyre running,off of this i have this one plugged into,the nine volt this one plugged into the,the six volt,and see now its going to automatically,activate or turn on but its not going,to work because theres theres actually,no sim card in there either so were,going to turn it off i think you hold it,down to turn it off yep,all right guys so the reveal x gen 2.0,and the new reveal x,pro,no glow camera has the gps this one does,not have gps i didnt point that out so,the the reveal x gen 2.0 has the dual,modem,both of these have that hybrid feature,for the settings check,but this model the gen 2.0 does not have,gps and it does not have no glow it is a,low glow camera so that hybrid feature,pretty cool,um ill because im always running on,external power i keep all mine on,instant i dont worry about battery,consumption,uh but the guys that are trying to run,them off of double a batteries and run,them in instant mode that that instant,mode stays connected to the server all,the time and just really eats up,batteries,when you put it in hybrid mode,its kind of a its a cross between the,instant and daily so in daily settings,check its only going to check for,settings updates,or if you request it in hd once a day,in instant mode you can talk to it,instantly and say send me a photo send,me a video change the settings whatever,and itll happen like that,well,at each batteries like i mentioned so,with the hybrid mode,its its a cross between the two so,its gonna time out and get off a line i,guess is an easy way to put it,five min

Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2.0 Unbox, Review, Test and Demo. Check out Tactacams NEW Cellular Trail Cam!

whats up guys its duane from,mountainbuck.com where we go from,backyard to backwoods and guys today we,are checking out the all new tacticam,reveal x gen 2 this is a 16 megapixel,camera it has improved battery life you,can request hd photos and videos right,from within the app it has a low glow,infrared system and you get sub 0.5,second trigger speed on this bad boy so,hook me up and hit subscribe lets get,in this box and test it out,now here we have it right out of the box,guys and it does have an improved,antenna for even better cell reception,so this camera takes 12 double a,batteries in this cartridge right here,it does have improved battery life but,guys if youre like me the whole point,of these cell cameras is to never have,to go out there check the cards or,change the batteries thats why they,have a solar panel port on the bottom of,this if you guys want to add that extra,tact cam external solar panel i did do a,review on that if you want to check that,out,it also takes a standard sd card which,will fit right in the slot right here,it also comes with a verizon and an att,sim card and you want to choose,whichever service you get best in your,hunting area for me its going to be,verizon so im going to install this,card,directly into the sim card slot,now this camera does detect animals at,96 plus feet it has a new hybrid mode,thats going to get you your photos,faster its going to go right to your,reveal app if you have any questions on,how to do the reveal app or work with,that or connect the camera up i did a,pretty extensive review in my tacticam,xp its the same,reveal app in there so if you want to,check that out and learn how to use,those features you can certainly do that,were going to get this set up on the,tree and run some tests,all right so we are all set up on the,tree and one of my favorite features of,this reveal app is when you connect to,the cameras wi-fi and you get that live,preview this is just going to ensure,that youre positioning your camera,correctly on the tree to make sure,youre aiming at the spot that you want,to aim at and youre not like pointing,at the ground or at the sky or something,that live preview really comes in handy,theres nothing worse than setting up,your trail cam hiking all the way out to,wherever youre at and then realizing,you set it up wrong so thats a really,nice feature i do have a lot more,information on the app used in,connecting up the cameras if you want to,check that reveal xb review i had like i,said uh if you want more info on that,but if not cool feature right here what,im gonna do now is a trigger speed,analysis so,last time i did one of these guys i,totally wiped out my food plot up here,and i,you know its pretty hilarious right so,so im gonna try to stay on my feet this,time so im gonna do creep around back,behind this trail cam set up about 10,yards in front of it and just run right,by it,lets see if i stay on my feet,all right so of course its wet out and,super slippery but i made it i survived,so,im about the same,body mass as a good size buck,ran in front of that camera kind of,slow-ish but uh it should pick me up,with that .5 second trigger speed lets,check it out,as you can see the tactic cam just,caught me before i exited the frame with,that quick photo with every trail camera,i use guys i always select the photo and,video option i want to make sure im,getting a full picture of whats going,on up there what the bucks are doing,what youll see sometimes is we get some,picture of bucks and they have their,heads down and theyre eating or,something and you cant really see their,racks so having that video just allows,you to see more of the story and that,full picture of whats going on in there,the tacticam reveal x next gen,does provide 15 second videos you do,have to request them,you do have to pay a bit extra for them,but theyre totally worth it in certain,situations if you see a nice picture you,like you request that video and then,youre good to go uh with all the trail,cameras ive tested they always snap the,photo first and then they get the video,afterwards so the tacticam is no,different this here is the video of my,trigger speed analysis you can see it,did not capture me on video it did grab,a photo of me but if i let it play here,you can hear me talking to the camera,about what happened so you do get some,good audio on this camera,now lets take a look at the image,quality here is a regular image that you,get right from within the app you can,see this little buck with his antler,growth there,i went ahead and requested an hd version,of this image that cost extra as well,and heres the hd quality you get you,can see his hair and antlers developing,and its a good definition in the ferns,there and to make this easier on you,guys i did a side by side comparison i,blew up both pictures did a side by side,comparisons you could really see the,difference between the standard photo,you get with the app and the hd version,you request from the app all right lets,review the video quality and heres what,im talking about guys this is where,getting those videos is important,because im gonna have a couple photos,of these two little bucks with their,heads down and i want to see a little,bit more i want to see what kind of,antler growth they had what kind of,development they had the video shows me,all that and i could pause it or take,screenshots as needed,now lets take a look at the nighttime,photo quality here here is a regular,image you can see me standing up there,thats nighttime i had to take my,spotlight up and then heres the hd,version i requested so you can see its,much crisper much more sharp,and i also did a side by side for you so,you can see that as well clearly the hd,version you can see the mountain buck,shirt you can see the text come right,through everything is much sharper and,more clear,and here we have the nighttime video,quality and i just did a little test,where i walked in turned look at the,camera and then walked off and that,image quality is really nice at night,time it does have a low glow infrared,setting so youre not going to spook the,animals with any crazy flashes or,anything like that so that is it guys,that is my review of the tacticam reveal,x gen 2 it has a lot of upgrades over,the previous version nice little camera,there you might want to check out as,always guys the links today as we talked,about are in the description below hook,me up and hit subscribe thank you guys,so much for hanging out and well see,you on the next one

Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2.0 – Complete Review

increased battery life better sell,signal ability to get the videos sent,right to your phone,and the flexibility of having either an,att or a verizon sim card those are some,of the features in the new tacticam,reveal x,generation 2. so what do you say we open,this puppy up and check it out,so like many of you as a hunter i love,to be able to put trail cameras in the,woods,once i started using cellular cams a few,years ago it was a complete game changer,no more going to my spot every week and,checking the cars no more going in there,to check to see if the batteries are,good all that information is transferred,right,to your cell phone its wonderful,however,as most of you who use cell cams,probably know there are some good,companies and there are some,not so good companies i have been using,spy points and also,bushnell impulses,for the last few years and what i found,was the bushnell impulse was a pretty,good camera had some great features but,they discontinued them a couple years,ago and it was very expensive they were,about 330 dollars per camera,the spy point link micro,um,as,many of you probably know if youve,dealt with them,for the price its a great camera you,know you can get them on sale for 80 90,bucks each,however and just so you know im running,i think ive got 12 of them,they are very inconsistent,um i had some issues last season where,the camera would just they would just,stop working all of them or seven out of,ten of them within 24 hours of each,other and when i called customer service,i was told that it was my,um,it was my sd cards,thats an unacceptable answer to me so,anyways i know tactican came out with,the reveal x a couple years ago,um,i ended up going to the store and buying,a reveal x,i read a lot of reviews and heard a lot,of people talking in facebook groups,saying how this camera was awesome,and they were right its an awesome,camera,but i bought i bought one of them,and put it out in the woods started,using it and within a day i went back to,the store and bought another one,and then by the end of the season i had,gone back and bought one,two three more i believe which i havent,even set up yet theyre still in the box,its a great camera,i love the features of it it takes great,pictures,so,once i heard tactican was coming out,with the the generation two,i figured i had to get that camera and,check it out so i went to the store i,picked up two of them because i figured,im gonna like them from what people are,saying about them,and i just want to open it up check it,out show you guys how to set it up and,get this thing rocking in the woods,all right lets get this thing opened up,check it out,okay so a whole mess of stuff just fell,out of this when i opened it up,first of all,there are two sim cards,one is for at t,and one is for verizon thats a new,thing that theyre doing with the,generation two so you can buy you dont,have to pick a t or verizon anymore you,can buy one camera it has the cards and,you put the card in it its going to,give you the better signal where youre,hunting,it has a strap on the back to attach it,to the tree which i use sometimes but i,also have some different mounting,different ways of mounting which ill,show you in a little bit,there is an instruction manual,and of course,theres the camera,so,lets get the camera set up here,while im setting this up im just going,to tell you about a few of the things,that uh are improved on this camera over,the the first one,first of all the antenna which im,attaching right now,is,tuned better to the frequency that its,transmitting at so according to,tacticam its going to give you better,service,there is also a new feature in this,camera which im really excited to try,out which is that it will,let you transmit the videos to your,phone if you are a,first generation x user you understand,that you cant send the videos to your,phone the videos are saved on the card,once you pull the card then you can get,the videos however with this camera you,can have the videos sent to your phone,it also has,increased battery life which im very,excited about because as most of you,know batteries are not cheap so the,longer the battery lasts the better,and its got improved picture quality,over the previous generation as well,well lets lets just take a look and,compare it to one of the other ones this,is a,reveal x and the the 2.0 they look,pretty much exactly the same,just the internals that theyre theyre,making better,one of the things that i love about,these cameras is theyre very simple to,use you open up the door theres a,simple switch on there it says,on setup and off,theres a test button,theres an eject button where you push,and the battery box pops out,and lets put some batteries in this,thing,lets talk batteries first,i live in the northeast we get a lot of,cold temperatures here in the winter,time what i found works best in my,cameras,is to use lithium batteries and what,ive picked is the energizer max,lithiums they seem to work pretty good,they last longer than the regular,alkaline batteries and,i shy away from duracells because they,tend to leak and corrode and make a mess,inside the battery box so lets get some,batteries put into this thing,now that ive got the batteries put in,the cartridge its just as simple as,sliding it into the case until it clicks,into place,also just for your notes there are there,is a little,hole in the bottom here where you can,you can connect this to a,12-volt battery source if you dont want,to use,regular double-a batteries it does take,12 double a batteries which is to me one,of the drawbacks however im willing to,sacrifice the extra four batteries over,some of the other cameras to have a,camera that works and works well lets,talk memory cards,if you read the information that,tacticam provides for you they tell you,to use a 16 to 32,gig memory card a standard sd card,with the the speed has got to be,[Music],the speed has got to be,class 10,u3 is what they tell you to use so what,ive done is ive got these,sandisk extreme,they are a 32,32 gig,class 10 u3 memory card,and thats what i use,they recommend,sandisk and two other manufacturers i,believe in the paperwork,and ive used these on,other,cameras and i also use them in the video,cameras that im using to to film this,whole thing,open up the box,memory card goes right into the side of,it,slide that in there clicks into place,were good to go now something else that,ive got to do that im not that,familiar with i got to read the,instructions on it is to get the sim,card into this camera,so give me a second while i read the,instructions figure out how to do that,okay easy enough right,ive got im going to use an att sim,card,and that sim card is going to be,inserted,on the opposite side of where the,memory card goes in,and it just slides right in there,and clicks into place there it is,well ive got the camera,with the batteries in it ive got the,sim card in it and ive got the memory,card in it now what weve got to do is,weve got to link it to the app on the,phone,ive already got the tacticam reveal app,downloaded into my phone because ive,been using it with my other two reveal,cameras,but what you do is very simply go to the,app,click on the button where your cameras,are on the bottom right hand side,theres going to be a plus sign,click on that bus plus sign the cameras,come up and tell you and you can pick,which camera you have so weve got a,reveal x generation 2.0,click on the camera,click continue,attach the antenna it tells you,everything to do here very easy to set,up ive got the antenna attached already,so next step,install the batteries weve got the,batteries installed already next step,insert the sd card or which is already,in there,its asking for a brand im using the,sandisk extreme,capacity,32 gigabytes,next step,locate the qr code on the inside and,scan the qr qr code,tap the begin scan right inside the door,theres a qr code,and you just,scan that which i had already scanned,and took it,[Music],the sim

Tacticam Reveal X Cellular Trail Cam [Review] Plus Pictures Compared to Regular Trail Camera

whats going on guys so were back out,here again today to talk about the,tacticam reveal x so just like all the,other cell cam videos i do them all the,same way i come out here behind the,house where i know im going to get deer,pictures,ive got some of that daggum feed on me,uh,where i know im going to get some deer,pitchers and um ill set them up over a,bait pile so we can see how they work,the things that im looking for whenever,im looking at one of these cell cams is,the usability,how good a service it gets,how reliable is it on sending pictures,um how reliable is it on synonym when,you get the pictures i know some of you,guys set them on uh sending the photos,once a day i dont do that i send them,immediately um because if if im going,to use this im going to try to use it,off a hunt with anyways,and then the battery life of them how,good is the battery life and then,finally the durability and what im,talking about durability is does it get,a bunch of moisture on the lens does it,allow moisture to get in and get on the,battery pack and ruin the batteries so,on and so forth so out of all the other,cameras that ive messed with the spy,points the muddies the um,i dont know the little adapter that,goes on top of cameras to make them sell,cams not im not hating on those guys,cameras but i will say that this,tacticam reveal x is the bees knees it,is,for the money it is by far the best cell,camera that is on the market i dont,care argue with me fight me i dont care,get in the comments tear me up about it,for the money you cant beat this camera,ive seen them listed everywhere from 89,on sale up to like 149 when nobody could,find them so everybody you know price,gouge the hell out of them so they get a,little bit more money out of people,it is what it is its worth 150 bucks,id pay 200 this camera this camera has,been absolutely phenomenal um those,muddy cameras not trying to talk bad,about them i fought with those things,from the day i put them out this camera,took me about 10 minutes to set up in,the house,thats downloading the app getting,everything transferred over getting a,picture of the deal so it picked up the,camera,it took me about 10 minutes,i hit a test photo service in my house,is terrible so the test photo did take,like 10-15 minutes to come through,i was almost out here to set it out by,the time the test photo came through,test photo went through so it lets with,important things the test function lets,you know immediately you know or within,10 minutes that your cameras,functioning and its operating like it,is as it should be its going to let you,know that you have service right so i,ran one at the house to make sure it was,working drove out here stuck it on the,tree,hit test by the time i put out like just,started dumping feed it had already sent,it back to the wife and she sent me a,text message like hey its good to go,so,usability of it uh user friendly is,extremely,easy you dont have to you dont have to,be a rocket scientist with these things,turn them on set the date and time just,like you do the rest of them take the,photo it automatically picks it up and,youre good to go the next thing were,going to talk about is the battery life,so,i dont want to say its good or bad,because one thing that i am not able to,test here guys is like how well it will,do on public land and the reason that,im saying that so on a bait pile where,like back here behind the house i,average 500 pictures a day usually,so at 500 pictures a day,a set of double-a batteries the cheap,ones will last about a week and a half,the the more expensive batteries the the,duracells and those kind theyll last,you know two two and a half weeks so you,know averaging 250 to 700 pictures a day,yeah it fluctuates right its a big gap,um,i dont think thats bad thats still,pretty solid you know if i can get a,week because all im trying to do is i,know i have to come out here and bait,once a week anyways so if im producing,that many photos if the camera will just,last me until i can get back out here to,get a,is that deer,bo says it was im pretty sure a deer,just ran,over this ridge on my right hand side,anyways um so if i can get the batteries,to last just until the next week when i,can get back out here and put some feet,out thats great so just to let you know,how many pictures i get we have to use a,32 gigabyte card so that lets you know,you know if you know anything about,cameras or whatever like i cant get,away with an eight or sixteen if im,going to leave it out here a week to two,weeks ive got to have a 32 gigabyte,card so um,its doing a lot of work its constantly,sending you know photos every day,so i would like to think if you had it,on public land and you werent running,bait because youre not supposed to here,in arkansas um if you just had it over a,trailhead crossing and youre getting,that you know ive had some places where,i would get 50 photos a day ive had,other places where you know all i was,getting was that two or three because i,was just trying to catch that buck and,his his main corridor coming in and out,um,itll probably last you a couple of,months so,theres the battery life last thing,durability this thing is awesome so i,have had to come out here one time and,uh and mess with the antenna because the,coons tried to tear it off the tree it,was literally still taking pictures,though it was still sending the photos,it was sent them down at the ground,so it is what it is but with the signal,strength down here where im standing at,right now as you can tell its bottoms,i do not get service on hardly anything,sitting up in the tree thats 16 yards,from here i get one bar of service its,just enough where i can send a text,message couldnt answer a phone call or,send a picture if i wanted to,so,cell service i have verizon it does,outstanding its about twice as good as,these iphone 13s i dont know why the,cell service on this over here is better,than this but if this person could,figure that out that would be,outstanding um but anyways no it does,phenomenal,picture quality that is going to be the,only dig that im going to talk about,here so,having it over a feed pile its,absolutely great but you can see a,little bit of graininess in some of the,pictures when the deer are moving um so,you get that kind of cheap camera is,what i talk about that cheap camera kind,of look um if a deer is moving through,here kind of fast or whatever you get,that kind of blur,so if you have it out on some sort of,public land or whatever try to put it,over a scrape,you can have it on a trail crossing or,whatever but try not to put it where you,know its just like this and the deer,are crossing straight in front of it try,to angle that camera thats just a,little insight that i use anyways if i,ever go put a camera on public land and,ive got it on a trail i try not to get,it where theyre just crossing straight,over it i will try to get it at just,enough of an angle where it gets a,couple of pictures of the the deer,coming in or out,and i think if you do that youre going,to be perfectly fine even if you have,that sideways photo of it its not,grainy enough that you cant tell what,it is so its its not the tasco at that,point because we all know these little,tascos theyre great for still shots,theyre not so awesome at moving shots,so um yeah so the the graininess of it,im gonna rate it like an eight out of,ten that tells you so its its still,how big at some,um,its still pretty solid i dont have any,complaints about it um,and then so we talked about the battery,we talked about the signal life we,talked about the durability and how,tough it is,and we talked about the photo quality,what else is there to say so for 119,dollars you can get this camera you can,have it set out in 10 or 15 minutes and,it is outstanding um i cant speak on,the atnt ones but i will speak for the,guys that are on the page that say that,they have nothing but good luck out of,them um i have not had one single issue,with this camera it does a

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