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Tadap Movie Review & Analysis | Ahan Shetty, Tara Sutaria | Milan Luthria

[Music],in 2019 i made a video talking about a,telugu film titled rx100 and how the,hindi remake starring ahaan shetty and,tara suthare is going to stir a lot of,controversy due to the social themes,that the film focuses on with many,publications getting uncomfortable,already about the dynamic that has been,showcased in the film i think its safe,to say that twitter is going to have a,field day mentioning everything that,they find wrong about the movie the,telugu film starring karthik and pyle,raj booth has its fan base split some,were absolutely engaged in its,storytelling especially due to the,brilliant screenplay of the second half,and others who just found the film to be,loud and basic in its narrative i,definitely lie in the former category,who was quite impressed by both the,themes it was willing to talk about and,the intense performances of both the,main leads that up sadly is the classic,case of how to butcher a remake a film,that you could have easily remade scene,to scene but the sanitized version and,the stark catering that it does actually,takes away from the core that made rx100,so popular without giving anything away,about the storyline tada focuses on the,love story that blossoms between the,characters of ishana and ramisa played,by ahan shetty and tara sutharya,respectively this is based on the real,events that took place in the life of a,man by the name of siva ishana works,with his father in a movie theater,business and also represents ramisas,father who is working in active politics,a character played by kumud mishra as,ramisa returns back from the uk and has,her eyes set on ishana the romance,commences only for it to take a deep,dark turn that ishana and probably the,viewers who have not seen the original,film never expected getting right into,it heres me telling you the good and,bad aspects of the film so that you guys,can ultimately decide whether to watch,startup in theaters or not the good the,music i absolutely fell in love with the,music album of this film i had tweeted,about this when the films first look,had come out that the only way that up,can stay in the memory of the hindi,movie audience is if the music of this,film is dreamy and representative of the,theme of the film there is something,about intense romance and good music,that makes a cocktail that always seems,to connect with hindi film viewers the,music composed by preetham and the,lyrics written by ashaat kamil is,definitely one of the standout features,of this film what is it about arijit,singh that him singing on any romantic,track just seems to hit it out of the,park every single time sung sebis yada,is absolutely brilliant in the reprise,version that he sings which is much,slower especially representative of,ishanas mental state when hits the,fan gets you right into the fields im,not really a fan of thierry siva jagme,really does capture the inner angst of,ishana with such ease a brilliant,decision to also get dino james on the,track an artist that the masses probably,dont know about but a guy who is a,legend for many music listeners,especially in the rap game in india the,music album definitely gets it,absolutely right attempted realism and,passion i have to commend the attempt by,the actors in trying to capture the,intensity of the performances that was,so convincing in the original telugu,film out of all the performances the,most grounded and real of them has to be,of kumud mishra while you can actually,point out the effort made by the lead,actors almost trying too hard to get,into the theme of the angst and intense,love kumud mishra has a confident,presence in front of camera that makes,him stand out as the only realistic,element in the film even a legend like,saurabh shukla is hamming his way,through this film which was quite,uncomfortable to witness a han shetty,really tries to get into the thick of,things i think the creators have really,capitalized on his physicality and brute,strength rather than his acting skills,as it comes no way close to the range,provided by karthikey in the original,movie i have to commend his effort,especially for his first film as he,really tries to get into the thick of,things especially in the concluding,moments of the movie that demand more,from him as an actor there is a lot of,improvement needed strictly from a,performance point of view as it was,pretty clear through the film that they,are presenting him as an action star,rather than an acting talent tara,sutharya has to be a total miscast with,this film i am an absolute same for how,beautiful she looks on the big screen,but she in no way captures the lustful,and objectifying themes that were,convincingly performed by pail rajput,the switch that takes place in the film,also has such a lukewarm impact that,viewers will only be engaged due to an,already proven screenplay rather than,the performances you also let me know,what you felt about the film how it,feels in comparison to the original,movie and the interesting talking points,regarding the social themes of the film,that fascinate or interest you the,underwhelming aspects cringe-worthy,dialogues many telugu film fans would,tell you that the original movie also,has a lot of gags and loud dialogues so,for the hindi film to have the same kind,of gags its actually just reflective of,what the theme was in the first half of,the original movie as well but it,generally feels like milan luthier and,rajata roda especially with the,dialogues of this movie were still in,once upon a time in mumbai dubara,hangover mode each line especially in,the first half makes you cringe more,than anything else tara suthare returns,back home for her dadi to tell her that,shell gain weight if she eats a lot of,ghee to which tara brings out the most,woke response that men always prefer,babes over bones the romantic leads,never speak to each other directly they,either speak in circles giving analogies,about inanimate objects or keep on,throwing books at one another the titles,of which are the basis of their,conversations at one point of time i,wanted to sit them both down and tell,them you know you can directly talk to,one another its okay sumit playing the,role of hishanas friend hamming it up,through most of the film is even more,irritating than the friend in the,original telugu film he is constantly,pestering and annoying ishana having,dialogues like are wats are you nuts it,will definitely cause a minor aneurysm,whenever he is on screen a brilliant,actor otherwise but absolutely annoying,in this movie the analogies are,absolutely hilarious in this film,saurabh shukla has a rubber band theory,talking about vr at one point kumar,mishra and his obsession with izzat and,the best dialogue of tara while talking,about chhoti shair ke lo gurun ki choti,seoj she says instagram kizam anime,telegram i honestly burst out laughing,the dialogues are atrocious to say the,least sanitization of lust the biggest,problem with this film is that it,absolutely strays away from the raw and,unapologetic themes that the telugu film,focused on what makes the original,source material stand out is that it,focuses on themes of intense love and,lust in an extremely visceral form what,makes the movie unique is that many of,the advances are carried out by the girl,most of bollywood films and its themes,regarding romance showcase the male,heroes pursuing the women often,transitioning to become harassment and,stalking through this film they flip the,script that the woman is in the drivers,seat and this is communicated when she,first sets her eyes on the hero while,the hindi film showcases a very,sanitized version of the same theme the,telugu film with no shame showcases the,actress lusting over the male body,almost gawking at it with awe an entire,montage through the song adira riddhyam,is presented that showcases the physical,attraction between the two main leads,and this is only communicated through a,rave party song in the hindi film titled,teresiva jagme not only does the h

Tadap | Bollywood Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Ahan Shetty, Tara Sutaria| Film Companion

Ishana in Tadap is the less interesting brother of Kabir Singh.,Unlike Kabir, he doesn’t bulldoze a woman into romance,– actually it’s the opposite,  she makes the first move.,But just like Kabir, he becomes unhinged when the love story splinters.,He becomes a testosterone-fueled Devdas, drinking, destroying property, breaking bones,and later, forcibly attempting to make his partner stay with him.,Obviously, Ishana hasn’t got the memo on consent.,He runs a movie theatre, which also allows him to project a photo of the woman hes lost,on a big screen and weep abjectly. It’s as dreary as it sounds.,Like Kabir Singh, Tadap is a remake of a successful Telugu film.,Released in 2018, RX 100 is a twisted, misogynistic take on female desire.,Writer-director Ajay Bhupathi, and dialogue writer Tajuddin Syed,,create a female character who lives life on her own decidedly nasty terms,but is then punished for it.,The film, inspired by true life events, asks us to feel the pain of a man,whose love is so consuming that his aggression is justified,– so it’s okay for him to tie a woman to her bed or almost strangle her by hoisting her up into the air.,Because she deserves it.,Despite the vile gender politics, RX 100 is consistently watchable.,Ajay doesn’t try to dilute what his heroine does.,So when Indu first sees Shiva, he is bare-chested and she and the camera linger on his bare torso.,Director Milan Luthria, who has adapted the film from a script,by frequent writing partner Rajat Arora, varnishes the relationship.,Ramisa in Tadap is very much the angelic if slightly entitled rich girl who flirts with Ishana.,In RX 100, the lead, played by Kartikeya Gummakonda, is a sexually naïve country bumpkin,who must be taught to kiss.,But Tadap is the launch vehicle for a star son, Ahan Shetty,,which means that even a chhota shehar ka ladka must have a degree of swag.,The screenplay creates room for him to do it all, including race through a quarry during blasts,and show off slick dance moves at a rave.,Milan, maker of films like The Dirty Picture and Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai,,has a flair for making pulpy, old-school movies,– the kind in which characters don’t speak to each other, they participate in dialogue baazi,,and the emotions are always straining to be larger than life.,In one scene, Ishana says: Mohabbat mazhab ho gayi hai mera.,In another, a bad cop tells him: Teri pyaar ki batti toh main lal karoonga.,And this line is the clincher,– a kindly aunty who runs a coffee shop advises Ishana to give up because,,‘Aurat kab meherbaan ho, kab mazaak bana de, koi nahi jaanta.’,Really? It’s almost 2022.,Why is Hindi cinema propagating such nonsense?,But the worst sin in my book isn’t bad politics. It’s dullness.,And that is what Tadap’s biggest problem is.,Despite hewing closely to the original, the film doesn’t find its footing.,Perhaps because it places too much of a burden on its leads – Ahan and Tara Sutaria.,Ahan has a solid screen presence. He pulls off the action with ease.,Tara looks lovely. But the characters in Tadap have dual personalities.,The scenes in the film, especially during the climax, needed actors capable of much more expression and precision.,The actors are also hobbled by the generic writing.,All we know about Ishana is that hes the ‘local darling’ of Mussoorie, where the film is set.,Hes described as ‘bahut hi loyal aur saaf dil ka.’,Ramisa is even more basic – she’s studying in London and likes to take pictures.,She also introduces Ishana to smoking,– yes, this is that sort of film in which smoking is a sign of moral character,– for women only of course.,Saurabh Shukla and Kumud Mishra, playing the father figure and the father, bring some heft.,And the real star is Pritam’s music –,Milan works the melodies hard to infuse ache and sweep into the narrative.,But Tadap mostly hovers around tedious.,The film is playing at a theatre near you. Do remember to wear a mask.

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Tadap Movie Public Review, Tadap Movie Review, Ahan Shetty, Tara sutaria, #tadap

[음악],이런 또 라멘 5t 거 그렇게 그,다음 이 열받네,나이,요런 아 잠깐 색이라 주로 그 날,안에서 나온 제 바체 말해 자로,멋쩍은 그 답이 왔다 건립 이처럼,어떠케 해야 안 책의 리뷰 블루 예,사라고 약을 몰라라 마냥 쓰고 뭐,었다 그리고 짠 아래,왜 맨날 칠레 글라스 티켓 이식을 박,물이 뭐 았다 그리고 뭐 시안 a 야,기아차 바람 썼고 채 웨딩 그런것이,인 싱글 날로 그런거 액션 침침 나,안치환 맡아 뭐 이렇게 뭐 같 잘,내가 암 7 띠가 말라며 전례가 b,스타일 더구나 또 베노 역 앞을 락,얘기야 리우 반대 글램 율마 저는,절대 느껴 아비 순위가 야릇 분위기,시작된 개설 방법 햇빛 양압기 아내의,되게 아 술 색들이 타도 내 손실,팀원이 올도 웹 따라 엔진의 베리드,밀레 3 밸리 벗지 실로 가 허리,미래 예방 곳 검노 받아 회사의,원금의 대사동 하기 위한 월납 요법의,랩 우리더러 섬 애 낳기 우습게 봐도,별 모마 예산액 2호 다올 아랍에서,다르게 르도 고집이 아갈 하자 요놈,4폴딩 내포된 같으니 뭐 울로 매나,모발 다 맞아 마창 해봤다 애플이나,1 새끼가 액상 개사 내게 그 아스,마음의 메아리 엑셀 2 덱이 해줘서,두 알이 리얼이 와니 얘기에 모색해,이 그 예산에 확인해야 리엔 다,사림의 게 매 각막을 머리 울까 빛,신계 맛 풀밭을 그림에만 아이나 또,얘기를 따라 버릇을 벗을 바랍 한때,같이 일하게 됩니다 안 팀 감의 갸우,4알 무제 사다가 다기에 몇 사람,티모의 군가 발표를 잘만 말 개가를,듣기 뭐냐 이 해봤다 이에 8마일,아역 소개하게 썰물 나누어 대체품 걸,다 좀 자자 마트 뭐 이러고 바닥이,야 무죄와 전당 나의 머리야 블루 제,그럼 엔딩과 만나뵌 난세 맡았던 릴선,5살 와디 스크린 벌꿀 오물 때 뭐야,예 또 따라서 다리 아 어 라 앉힐,비교적 게임에서 진 후 보트 아서,뛰어야 따른 신께 3a 7 뭐 살이,말해봐 돼 난 맨날 로타리 얍 아니,뭐 뭐야 이거 너무 사회를 활용 치안,활동 맞잖아 게 아래 숀 리 달,기지의 줄은 분들에게 예산의 계사,웃기고 2급을 못하게 부주의나 랩교,될 날이 액션 앞을 해가 건 이예지,받는 앱을 아래 꺼리는 무의 모습에,보자 다들 줄 바바라 와 멜로 다리야,마음가 찐하게 원사 판인 몸빵이 달게,그의 이야기는 오는 3월 우유 세안,나타날 액션이 소위가 맞도록 어쩌다,얘기 완 처벌 다 이미 눈물이 또,임우일 수도라 안나를 전답을 가져왔어,아차 이에 왔다 안 새끼 가지고,노하우 탑에 카메라 앱도 로맨틱,보이가 우리 갱을 헤맨 값도 본,세웠다는 자다 fsd 앞에 기압 로버,에서 내각이 벌써 앞으로 및 이봐 더,브라자 나체 위한 뭐냐 보이는 교만,라고 앞으 모임에 됐나 봐 내가 이제,남 지원액이 1 매년 대로 안 얘기를,너 고발 달리 지라 예 뭐 온것,일어났지 예,하자가 법규의 색깔 쓰게 새 서로,추가 종결에 그렇다면 해봐 들어용,따라서 따라서 없이 가질까 감히 쏜,없이 불 아까 속에서 a 모임에,바대로 반대 나무 아들이 아버지 -,식어서 미안해 분리해 나 뭐 아쉬,3나 해온 모유를 원 어찌나 그래야,바람이 191 지금 브라우 디아 옹,값 을 가져올 뭐죠 갈아서 이 거란,아델 와의 수조원 주위가 라고 밀고,저희가 나 차이의 바탕에 따라 소,다리 약해서 삶은 좋게 색깔의 해본,게 가리 않답니다 하나님이 왜 may,물빛 여름에 라임 몰래 많아 닭이,바라 주 달여 내 아우 샤벨 보이스,2 벌들이 버클리에서 1딘 버클리에,왈라비 좀 쑤실 너 dl 누적 아마르,자장가 물이나 같다 에 골프 의 쉬울,팔당 그래도 사임으로 자이기 책,설계사가 면서 패스 멘트 아암 다 자,오늘 뭘 늘어남 원래 자에 무릎에,한해 소외 나 매우 완전히 동아,발매가 뭔가를 내 길드 온 단어의,구매 봤다 이걸 내게 된다는 거에요,바 디스코 댓글은 모세가 아닌 이게,빨아줘 다리아 고가이며 됐건 무죄가,아닙니까 드디어 4시 완전히 건데 나,뛰고 살아 안 될까 말까 소매,작용하는 마차 지구 없다 이를,모르니깐 뒤에 모두 11 내가 그라프,뱀이 계산 딕 으로도 아이 튕기,파스타 밟고 돌아 살라 기회가 아딸라,세 나라로 수익으로 뵙기 알까 밸리,굵은 삼베 카드 해야 하나요 할,써보신 우리가 막 내 기압 은교 d,a 앞에 보다 인제 y 라 라 4 예,카파 우주 no 원자로를 이게 자,빨아봐 님을 진출한 마지오 아스라하게,요 자판 액션 지만 마지오 비꼬아,쉽게 어차피 해봤다 이에 나라의,사람들 되게 나만의 철이 들면 의심의,카페 계약해 감게 뭐 딸이 볼때마다,크죠 때도 3매 닿아 결단 때 이렇게,하자 또 까띠에 게 내 많고 핫매치,칼 파이 하는 내게 뭐 에 그 때,고무 웨딩 나눠 애 델고 무디 와 김,우유 놓은게 4반 id 확인 오디션,나 리액션 좋 아 아까 조가 4 입은,좋은 기회임을 요 눌러 나 다운게,사색을 하야하라 내게 니아가 2 a,액션에 명으로 약해 주의 스크랩 때나,호화 더 구채구 표 1 바닥에 통합,빠잉 지어 온 학생도 폐로 받은,단어는 로케이션 가 이완 한테도 모시,무기가 마음이 밝게 남친을 딸의 찬,듯 머리 수요자들이 그러한 머리 발도,노랑나비 보람 느껴 답이 사리지,나쁘다 개가 이수익 뭐니 우리 안무를,발생할 내 매우 쉽게 마케터가 증감에,어색해 사다 오르간 4시 주의사랑,테야 프리 올라갈까 예배 코지의 곳에,야매 내가 납세 무희의 여자가 벌리는,의 노가리 내게 모의 빙글 & 비자,다 불리는 이 제자가 번에 녹아 인데,그 후에 멀지 bb 어제 탑을 다임,내게는 우리 아프구 원액 넓이 너비,인간 안에 벌이가 내내 나신 수월,가리는 액션 직원 조부와 뭔가 링의,마 일어가 가 뭘까 라는 이른바 이번,주 이루게 노숙인이 가 1 소외 3,r 빙어 저도 어디가 뭐 딱 미 앞,코덱은 마다 껌을 이훈 그저 범일,닮은 것도 오일이 그럼 왜 내 보기로,이제 또 암을 얘기는 한 번의 산바,차다 헐 재능 생애 도아 팩 4,아이템 db 여긴 포맷 있을 거 및,이겠지 리아드 깊어 #4 이과 물리,말이 저희가 이 비검 아 윌 은,적어본다 완자 달 옷이 개발도 아무리,발라 발라 가던 올라 다시 를 보시게,대화 맥이 치즈를 비만 너 나 다리,내놔 봐 달라 하차 손이 해외구매,나니까 빈스윙 등기나 하하 결혼식,내가 내 순수 밤 개발에도 8일 53,배달 해야될 바라 발해 약함 애 액이,야메 쏘아 괴산의 경우가 별칭 3자가,치약을 생착 같이 너 너 가족 아이맥,센 9단이 가물 굴 넣으면 오락 안락,몰 살려야 할 때 또 노 스레 낀,아래 본 웃으라고 누수 여긴 알바,된게 는 마작 빨아서 달 이야기 그건,파우더로 소비가 야단 하고 ge,미소의 나라 말로 나와야 애들 네놈이,리가 되는 하겠다는 뭐 해 봤습니다,90 보기 플래시 다 링어 사이 되게,안개 핑계 4바이트 다소에서 내서,가길래 따른 수 다리라도 낫소 선호,라길래 올여름에는 들에게도 또 아래가,새 날의 삶의 아님 셈이다 숨어서,다시 만에 b 다소 모셔다 소매,사람이 소 리비아 소리도 내게 아림,에게 발디 루비 이제 cc 앞세워서,고나리 피하게 1 웃음 하자면 오쇼,강화된 선생 놈,아차 손은 새끼 내 손엔 색을 하게나,자극해 100대 캐리의 말 못하고 이,세 대라 만약 일이 가려 뭐라고,따위가 라돈의 가깝 이 탑의 다 갈아,y 또는 너와 나를 기지 곧 내릴 때,사회 달에,와서 만나 맡은 멀리 옮아 돕는,400 걸 되게 열을 리엔 자우 솟아,있기에 내 식당 등 5 8화 이후,메포 리븐 뭐 미래 사이즈 본바,이동하 요게 들은 뭐 다시 오름,앞서고 리그 맨 가루가 앞에 무게,저도 되거나 지소 8일 버기 불안,맛의 누에가 름에 소위 기 발소리와,또 로맨 으 아 빚었다 만 빌마 에디,pc 혐의가 와 수령 원칙에 맞아,글구 에밀 드 무 원형 와이어 또,따라 비워 뇌와 예 마기 물 3셀,아이디 알아 살만 단기 스캔 아바타,뜸을 얘들도 id 모의 하차 바 액션,5가 예수 무비 가야면 얇 게 대로,완연히 미디어는 배치 가지 관점 사야,닻 이견 팀 술 않아 대한 뛰면서,매대 4달 전에 대해 말 단디 들자,어린 치더라도

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Tadap Movie | Opinion & Comparison With Rx100 | Ahan Shetty | Tara Sutaria

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Tadap – Movie Review in Bangla


Tadap Movie Review: Ahan Shetty Arrives As The New Angry Young Man On The Block | Pulse

now if you havent seen the telco super,hit rx 100 that up starting ahan shetty,is bound to blow your mind,at first this story might seem like a,rich girl meets poor guy kind of a love,story but with enough twists and turns,in the second half of the film this,movie is bound to leave you baffled,whats more interesting this movie is,said to be based on real life events,now the movie is set in masoory where,ishana played by ahaan shetty lives a,happy simple life with his daddy played,by saurabh shukla they work with daddys,good friend and the areas mla kumud,misha and appear to be in perfect,harmony until this stunning ramisa,played by tara sutharya enters the scene,now before the interval it appears to be,sort of a modern take on the romeo and,juliet where the girl seems to be,forcefully married to another mister,but the second half of the movie packs,in enough twists and turns to make it,impossible for you to predict a perfect,ending,[Music],ahan shetty shines like a star in his,debut film hes the modern angry young,man intense fierce and passionate he,shows high confidence in his very first,outing,tara sodaria looks like a dream in every,scene she appears in she pulls off every,emotion she is portraying with utmost,ease in her very third film,saurabh shukla plays aahan shettys,father daddy and adds the perfect mix of,comedy and emotions every now and then,and is every bit convincing as a,daughting father kumud mishra plays tara,sutharyas father and aces his role as a,local politician,the cinematography by raghul dharuman is,a perfect blend of dreamy and beautiful,lending perfect backdrop to the love,story the music by preetham gives you,all the romantic vibes every now and,then,[Music],now in order to pack in a little too,much the makers of the movie have,infused so many unnecessary sequence and,hefty dialogues into the second half of,the movie,[Music],writer rajat arora and director,milanootria try to focus so much on,making the first half of the movie all,about a han shetty that i personally,wish that some of the dramatic twists of,the second half were there in the first,half,[Music],all in all this movie serves as the,perfect launch pad for the new shetty on,the block with the right amount of love,lust and drama filled with intense,powerful action scenes cash startup in,theaters near you,[Music],you

Tadap Full Movie 2021 HD | Ahan Shetty, Tara Sutaria -Facts & Review come In Tadap Full Movie Review

कि मैं तुम्हें भूल जाऊं यह हो नहीं सकता,बच्चे लगाने से रोका गया हो तो कृपया,सब्सक्राइब टो,ये कहानी शुरू होती है मसूरी से जहां पर,पर चक्रवर्ती हो इधर नॉट रखेगा चक्रवर्ती,की गांड फट में और चिपचिपा की घाघरा,एंट्री लिए कबीर से नहीं,यही तो,प्यार है,[संगीत],तो रनवे पर औषधि बनाकर विधायक बन गए तो यह,जानते हैं लेकिन,गांव,खूब,क्वालिटी,और,करते हुए थोड़ा,और,यह,पूरे 50 लोग,दोस्त है,झाल अभी पता लगा कि बहुत सारी कटिंग साइड,अगल-बगल दो,झाला लाइन डालनी है तो जीत गए और नेता,विधायक दल के,विधायक डा,अश्लील लेकिन यह लो फिर से आगे पीछे पीछे,भागे अपना हीरो लेकिन रास्ता रावण क्योंकि,बातें,चाहिए और,अगले ही दिन,सब पागल है,कि चुनाव लंबा,तन्हाई जगह है अपराधी हुई है तो खड़े,लड़ते एक आत्मघाती हमला कर देते हैं तो,पता चलता है कि तारा की शादी के लिए लड़की,देखने लेकिन फोल्ड,करने,के,लिए,थैंक यू,आर यू,है लेकिन लेकिन आज यह लास्ट कर रहा है,पैसा यार इसने अपने हीरोइन की तरह,इस्तेमाल अभी कर लिया तो यहीं खत्म हो,जाएगी ना तो जब तक कि टमाटर को आया होश,खत्म हुआ चला तब देखोगे लोड़े की शादी और,दिया उसको तरफ भ्रष्ट है यहां तक कि,मैं प्यार,करता हूं,कोट डेढ-डेढ,पटक-पटककर जाने के बाद जाएंगे,और,सब्सक्राइब कीजिए,पिंपरी नियुक्ति को सेकेंड का कांसेप्ट,कमजोर बच्चों ने बंद करो फिर दूसरा खेले,गए,दूसरे से,एक बच्चे की दात करें कि मैं,मैं बेल्ट अपनी हथेली चाहिए क्या यार झूठ,का पानी गन्ने का शिव के फूल धोते टुकड़ा,लें अदरक-लहसुन,धंधे,[संगीत],में लगा द,ब्लुटूथ,आधे अच्छे अच्छे लोगों का राज है यह आंवला,आंवला और,थे,तभी शक्ति कमज़ोर प्रभु जी का बिल्कुल,त्याग यह चूड़ियां आदि मानने को तैयार,नहीं तो फ्राई पैन पर बाद जब तक यह सबसे,बड़ा होता है यह आप देख रहें हैं,और,यह दो,लुटेरे तमाचा पकड़कर इसको 11 पीसकर डिजाइन,होता है लेकिन अफसोस यार करने आता है,[संगीत],[संगीत],में राजस्थानी का नाम सड़क की जगह चक्कर,बाबू भैया औरत का चक्कर बहुत बेकार

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