1. An inside look at Tampa Bays sex industry
  2. This Video Will Get You Laid *Guaranteed!* | List Crawler Review
  3. How to Treat Escorts, According to an Escort
  4. How to make sure an Escort is LEGIT?
  5. Asking Massage Places For Happy Endings
  6. What Really Happens At Swingers Clubs? | The Truth About Swingers Clubs
  7. Married couple accused in Florida massage parlor prostitution ring

An inside look at Tampa Bays sex industry

shutting down Backpage seemed like a,victory but was it we have told you,story after story about sex trafficking,the weve interviewed the victims the,pimps and the cops well tonight we are,taking you somewhere we have never gone,before,10news reporter Liz Crawford hit the,streets to show you what its you know,closing down these websites its really,not working yeah it certainly doesnt,fix the problem and I have always known,that the sex industry is prevalent here,in Tampa Bay but until I witnessed it,with my own eyes up close and personal I,didnt realize how alarming it really is,I went out with an outreach group who,tries to make connections with women in,the sex industry by offering a bag with,some toiletries and snacks and a little,conversation,but women on the street may not always,have access to hygienic supplies,[Music],[Music],so right now two of the women that we,are with in this vehicle,Ive already jumped out and they are,going to approach one of the women that,they saw on the street,[Music],the scary thing was is that he was,charming you know that makes me think,that he was a John you know because he,was very articulate,shes very out of it I mean I dont even,I dont even think shes gonna remember,that conversation,[Music],[Laughter],some women move on really quickly and,some women you might get 5-10 minutes,with but thats probably in on a Friday,night,so were stopping now because the ladies,just spotted a woman on the streets so,we need a gift bag,we need an outreach bag,[Music],I just really wish that that guy didnt,walk up because,maybe there was something she wanted to,say,[Music],she was like so happy to just take the,outreach bag and then she asked me if I,was pregnant so that was a little bit of,a talking plea when we walked up to her,she was kind of waving down a car and,like just trying to I can only assume,sell herself,[Music],rasca avenue isnt forgotten that this,is for us like a way to show women that,were there seen people come and visit,and they immediately like what is yeah,what is happening and were like totally,applied to it it does open your eyes and,it makes you look at your city a little,differently and its really the,heartbeat of Tampa like we need to look,closer to like our city and like what,makes or whats happening on our own,streets,[Music],yeah so Ill be honest it was a pretty,intense night I mean for me and my,photographer we both kind of felt like,we got this really unique look at our,city so I mean with the adrenaline was,going,of course approaching these women and,then the men who are approaching them,obviously intense so Liz you talk to law,enforcement about the current state of,sex trafficking what do they tell you so,you know you mentioned it earlier you,can shut down those websites like,Backpage you can shut down the brothels,you can arrest people but the truth is,that the sex industry isnt going,anywhere because the demand is so high,I mean sky high so thats straight track,which is the women out on the streets,thats a constant thats always going to,be there we kind of witnessed that,firsthand but the business model has,gotten so much more sophisticated so,really what youre looking at here are,transnational criminal organizations so,all across the country that have people,recruiting on our local streets and one,thing I hear all the time was is that,its a victimless crime,that prostitution is a victimless crime,I know reality I know it hurts to hear,that a lot of people think well they,know what theyre getting into but it,really is a huge misconception these,women might be adults now but most of,them started out as young girls they,were victimized as young children a,corporal actually with the Pasco County,Sheriffs Office told me that they dont,want to be living in this life almost,100% of them feel trapped theyre,brainwashed and so often hooked on drugs,because its just become that kind of,lifestyle so it is heartbreaking and,they need a pathway out all right Thank,You Liz

This Video Will Get You Laid *Guaranteed!* | List Crawler Review

looking for a website theyll meet up to,all your needs or just to have a fun,time well I present you this,you really thought this was gonna be,clickbait oh hell no this is a legit,thing whats up everybody Im a Marx and,welcome back once again to another video,so apparently on the last video I did a,lot of you guys seem to really enjoyed,the video about ethan klein and some of,you guys really didnt but hey thats,okay today were going to be just call,talking about something thats a little,bit more unique and yeah its a very odd,topic so your boy was just going on the,internet just you know playing a little,bit of games kind of google searching,doing some cool video brainstorming,ideas and i come across this website and,this website is called list crawler and,lets just say that on this website you,can do some very constitutional things,if you know what that means so what is,less crawler well lets crawl only isnt,just something you can do for,constitutional things theres also a,bunch of entertainers and lets just say,people that love to visit you because,you know who needs to have a little good,time when you can just see now have a,girl come over and visit cuz its all,fun and games up in here so what am i,gonna show you is that i am gonna go on,the website kind of show and react to,some of the crazy things that happen,unless crawler and i think you guys will,find it very enjoyable unfortunately a,lot of its going to be censored but i,will leave a link down in the,description for you guys if you really,want to look at it for yourselves fully,uncensored so oh yeah lets go okay so,were on the website of lift closed,crawler and so far lets just choose a,location we want to do so were gonna do,the united states because thats where I,live Im from the US so well click on,that and then of course when you choose,um you get to choose the states I was,Florida but were not gonna do Florida,cuz [ __ ] Florida to be honest no offense,to my Floridian subscribers its just,not a big fan of it to live but to visit,its beautiful and were gonna do that,where Im at right now Missouri and Im,from the Kansas City area over there so,were gonna check it out and oh boy,yep this is all,its gonna be censored but thats okay,were gonna what were gonna do is were,gonna click on the most appropriate one,the one thats not too bad so well do,this one and were gonna read this crap,so some of these are fake but okay so,this says not trying to sound like Im,begging so dont get it twisted Im,needing you as much as youre wanting me,my abilities to go through some really,rough times trying to get on to my feet,so please have a heart come visit me you,wont be disappointed hopefully youll,want to come back and then message my,personals and yet usually a council of,these emails of course a lot of these,ads of course kinda like the play of,fish theyre pretty some are fake but a,lot of these uh some of these have funny,reviews in comments so so were gonna,take a look at that so what we have,learned so far is there are a lot of,legit and also fake ones so for in a,short instance Im gonna actually find,and look for a real advertisement for,you so you get an idea a picture of how,legit this thing can be well heres an,interesting one tired of all the games,wasting money and being rushed well,Jessicas now hosting from my house safe,and insured with a way what this sounds,like this sounds like some other dudes,like their what the hell,and she goes with income veil ability,now stop playing and call heres a phone,number Wow were gonna probably call,this later be cleaned and ready if you,smell anyways right side you still owe,me my money,haha oh what a dick what a [ __ ] now,doing video chats accepting payments via,snapchats dirty phone talk available now,damn,are you serious the goose-girl and if,you come home and you stinks you still,owe her money [ __ ] Ted walk out,screw you holy [ __ ] oh that is so funny,to have that type of attitude and not,only that make you pay up if you stink,Im just gonna beat you up dude screw,you I mean I dont know about you guys,but you could just leave like what you,gonna do hold you hostage I mean for one,I wouldnt go there alone okay guys Im,a little nervous but Im gonna try and,call this phone number and were gonna,ask her about the ad like ask her who,set it up and stuff and Im gonna,understand what she wants and Im gonna,try to book an appointment I aint goin,no screw that,Im just gonna [ __ ] waste your time so,were gonna call it ok guys Im about to,do it holy [ __ ] were gonna put it on,speaker hello um I got a is this Jessica,ok I got a I got a question for you um,what type of what type yeah it says if,ice if I smell weight if I stink on this,meetup deal is there a separate type of,Cologne youd like me to wear,hello oh man holy [ __ ],dude yeah thats a real girl dude oh my,god,yeah that was a bit [ __ ] scary okay,not gonna lie look at this,Im shaking from a gentleman because I,dont I dont like doing stuff like this,hey I didnt she just hung up on me but,hey I mean I did it it was funny it yeah,theres your proof that its real these,are real [ __ ] people okay so Im,using a actual app where its called,text now or you just do like an app,where you could call through Wi-Fi,because I dont have any signal out here,and honestly its good because Ill let,you give you a different phone number so,therefore if people were trying to call,you back or whatever try to track your,phone Ive been did help with that with,a different number so that helps quite a,bit okay so I found some review legit,reviews on an ad and heres what they,say apparently this one says uh I enjoy,every time the chance I get to see shes,a breath of fresh air and shes super,fun to be around and damn bro Ive seen,her a couple of times than she has only,been good to me question mark I dont,know if these are legit like common,tours but um for the most part it seems,legit so far usually theyre not like so,usually the fake ones are like obviously,overly positive and it dont make any,sense half the time but lets this also,says she screens pretty hard not harm,there but if you guys are gonna jump,through hoops then turn them down you,should put your required Im not sure,what that means shes on EC CIE with,some good reviews chat with her before,we plan to check her out now I have no,idea what that is either but it is kind,of funny how these are actually legit,people that go on here just do this,stuff on the website and its this is,how easy it is to get laid if you really,wanted to and I actually found out this,by a friend what my friends told me,about it and I thought you know what,this would be a great video idea its so,far has been kind of funny now this is,pretty messed up theres an ad,were literally this girls the title of,it it says married and tired shes only,29 so this girl is just cheating on her,husband through an ad on this website,youre prostitution Im home alone again,its boring and lonely Im looking for,someone house whos in the air and just,wants to email or chat with come over,Netflix or just hang out,I can host not looking to change my,situation but looking for a discreet,relationship and all an email this is,probably another fake one but as I said,I call it a real prostitute and yeah,that was funny yeah theres a proof,there really on but yeah well thats,kind of thats kind of stupid though,like why would you be married and want,to post an ad its just so stupid thats,like the worst thing you can do,okay theres really nothing much else I,could show you but I got one question,for you would you rather do would you,rather go on a website like list crawler,get a hookup and do some like beep bang,a sex worker or would you rather just,pay for someones prostitution and,membership think through snapchat or you,know the only fans account for me only,fans because theres no way like this is,just begging strangers man its just so,freakin nerve-wracking to me like I,dont know how some people can do it,like I know so

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How to Treat Escorts, According to an Escort

dont send us photos of your dick we,dont want to see that unless were,getting paid that is non-consensual and,no one cares do read peoples ad copy or,websites almost all of the answers to,your questions will be there and if,someone says no to you lets know do not,speak explicitly via email or text,obviously thats not a smart idea when,youre doing an activity that is a,frowned upon by the law definitely not,the how much for a and blah blah,blah like just basically spelling out,illegal activities that is so sketchy,its always best to provide all the,information thats asked for in the,first email that would be your name if,that person screens which I do I,definitely have like code of conduct,that worked for me then I do not speak,for other sex workers for sure do not,negotiate or rates,cash is always green cash is always king,get it together,go to the bank weve taken the time to,get ready for you and to set up time for,you and it takes a lot of time to do,this you should take the time to go to,the bank like a big boy,Ive had people show up just assuming,that I took PayPal payments PayPal is,notorious for shutting down sex workers,and you can cancel a payment and right,after not paying a sex worker is rape,youve tricked someone into having sex,with you that is not a true consent,a lot of us will offer you a shower and,you come in dont decline thats so rude,we shower then like our about to get,really intimate with you thats like the,least you can do dont make dead hooker,jokes if youre interested in any kind,of BDSM you must talk about this before,communicate do not make assumptions very,long time ago,had someone like hit me in the face in,the middle of session you know and like,everything stopped hes like oh I,thought you do this in movies so I,thought it was okay and Im like guess,what not the point stars they wont,necessarily do everything that they do,in the movies that is a whole other,situation not the same thing were also,not mind readers so if you have a,specific idea and mind and you come in,and we dont fulfill it because you,didnt say anything thats on you,you are not buying a person you are not,buying a body youre buying a service,theres this like selling your body,thing that really irritates the, out of me I take my body home at,the end of the day I do have not given,it to anybody I have not sold my,autonomy it is still there youre paying,for a service but it does not an,all-access pass do whatever you want,youre still interacting with human,being,[Music]

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How to make sure an Escort is LEGIT?

dont recommend,rushing and booking last-minute,appointments you know because doing that,[ __ ],is all kind of situations you can get,yourself into those be the kind of,meetups that dudes do and then like,theyd be mad if they got catfished,theyd be mad that it is her picture but,she dont look like her picture like she,didnt get herself together,ladies and gentlemen here were gonna,keep it lit im gonna tell you some real,[ __ ] hit that thumbs up and hit that,subscribe,on this channel and lets get into the,video,hey everybody its your girl sasha and,today im back,with another video,this video is going to be concerning,escorts,which escorts are legit,whos catfishing how to make sure shes,not a cop how to properly,book an escort,i wouldnt recommend using sites like,escort babylon escort alligator,list crawler megapersonal,theyre all the same site um,girls on that site they typically host,from,low-end motels,a lot of them they dont put time into,their appearance,um and they rush you because mega person,news list crawling thats a high traffic,kind of site you know what im saying um,they be seeing a whole lot of people so,um,its a very high chance that like when,you get there shes got somebody else on,the way and things like that so,she dont got time you know to show you,a good time like that you know thats a,sight for,i guess a quick visit uh its really,its real low-end um,i dont recommend it so you might ask me,what sites do i recommend well the first,site i recommend is,eros,eros,you know they got their professional,pictures,um,you are going to be looking at,spending,more money,um i would say be prepared to spend 500,minimum but,those are the kind of girls that have,like college degrees theyre very clean,fluent in multiple languages you know,um,they pay attention to you theyre not on,their phone during the whole meeting,um,you know for the most part theyre not,on drugs or theyre not alcoholics and,you know you can really anticipate,having a good time,um,being able to find good reviews on her,her having a good attitude and things,like that and i would imagine,that booking an escort like,that would be the kind of service,that youre looking for,okay so my,second site adult search,dont search his clue the prices there,can be a little bit higher too,not as high as eros though if youre,going to use adult surge anticipate,spending something like 200 or at least,250,for a girl on the dont search you know,um,they take care of themselves im sorry,im in the um im in the laundry room i,had to come in the laundry room because,the people next door they playing loud,music,and im not trying to get copyrighted,but we can continue so,adult search,they got some you know uh good girls on,there they be putting their social,medias leaving their um only fans link,and,things like that on adult search,my third site,would be,triced dot link,girls on there they have professional,photos you know the same thing that ive,been saying,um,i dont know i almost think trice.link,would be number four because private,delights i would say,almost come before christ to me,um,private delights like,its similar to like if you know,anything about like room service 2000,like you can make you a private delights,account and like they verify,that youre not a cop and things like,that so you can give her your pd number,and she can go and verify you and be a,lot more comfortable with you you could,verify her be a lot more comfortable,with her you know those are her pictures,its like a list of reviews and things,like that,yeah,eros is still number one to me though,heroes,and i guess really number two would be,private delights yall,um a lot of guys like they dont want to,i guess enter their work information and,stuff but like,um,its private i dont think she really,gets that info like that i think the,site verifies,uh,that youre not a cop and then shes,able to verify that youre not a copy,all your information is confidential so,you might want to go and check out that,site now on private delights you,probably looking at spending a little,bit more to anticipate on spending about,four,500 or so,okay,next question,how to,be sure she is legit,okay,most escorts they dont like the whole,um,send a picture with three fingers up,method that yall use,um or,the facetime verification strategy you,guys use,um because yall got to understand that,we deal with,a lot of time wasters um men that are at,home board no call no shows,um,these kind of things,so its annoying to us because so many,people like theyll contact you and the,first thing they ask for is a picture,and like we wont reply because like,you know yall not on the other end of,you know what we got going on like,you hitting us up and immediately asking,for a picture is extremely annoying,i wouldnt recommend booking an escort,that way,um,what i do recommend i recommend only,dealing with girls,that have a social media um,take your time follow her on twitter,um you know go through her twitter posts,and things like that follow her on,instagram you know pay attention to her,instagram stories you know how often she,upload all that if she leaves her,snapchat follow her on snapchat,and i mean nowadays all the escorts have,only fans so if it was me,i would spend a few dollars to me a girl,that im really really interested in,i would spend a few dollars to subscribe,to her only fans and,um,check out some of her content you know,just so you can get a preview of like,what her performance will be like you,know what im saying i dont recommend,rushing and booking last minute,appointments you know because doing that,[ __ ],its all kind of situations you can get,yourself into,those be the kind of meetups that dudes,do,and then like theyd be mad that they,got catfish theyd be mad that it is her,picture but she dont look like her,picture like she didnt get herself,together,uh,these kind of things uh,or even worse you could run into a sting,operation,or a robbery you know take your time i,dont recommend you got a 30-minute,lunch break so you was browsing the site,while you was at work you find a girl,with some cute pictures and you just,call her and you show up at a random,location because things go left you know,what im saying moving like that,i recommend yall i really recommend,taking your time take your time so that,you can be safe,and so that you can be sure like who you,meeting up with um,and that you know,youre gonna be all right like its not,that serious um,you know if you was to take my advice,id say please take your time do some,research on this girl,um,next tip,do not ask explicit questions over the,phone,or in text,you might say well,how do i know if she provides the,service that i want,i would say go and see if she has,reviews,google her name whatever provider that,youre going to see google her name,um search for her on the erotic review,thats another review site that most,girls are on like theyve been escorting,for some time,its,pretty typically they will have a review,on their writing review but you never,know some girls like they changed their,phone number i went through that where i,had changed my phone number and,my reviews was under a different number,things like that,um if you dont find nothing thats,still not bad news,um,take your,time um i would recommend,maybe going to,meet up with her and talk to her in,person about the things that you would,like of course you know compensating,some for her time,you know what im saying or,cash app or zell her for a facetime,dont just come out and like ask for,facetime to tell her like,you know i got something like you know,personal,um,i want to ask you like you know see if,you can,build that connection i dont know i,dont recommend just coming straight out,and like asking her though like if she,do bbj and things like that you know,thats not the way to go about it if you,dont you dont know her you know,saying things like that and then going,to meet up with her like youre,confirming over the phone that,you going to,pay for some kin

Asking Massage Places For Happy Endings

[Music],[Applause],okay,were about to head into uh this massage,place im,asking for abby i mean just like tossing,a bunch of lingo,im the goal is im gonna try and get,like a happy ending but,i i dont know like were just going to,like the most asian ones because i dont,want to go to like a white like massage,products its just not funny,and like you know asian ladies are the,ones that they have soft hands so,lets find out which place has the,softest hands in san diego baby,for a massage yes,so i dont know walk in,thats why i have a quick question,though so um,is there any way like because like im,looking for like a rubbing tug,come here i dont want to say it all out,rubbing tug,yes,how much do you guys charge for uh like,hand jobs,210 dollars,uh sixty dollars for one,i dont know i was wondering if you guys,do uh,uh happy endings not happy handy,not here no happy ending no yeah not,here not even whack me off wednesday no,no no no no no,no no we not so busy,do you know of any nearby that might,just massage only nothing else,only massage yeah oh okay,good i have a question oh something,about over here,so like one of these,so is it for 30 minutes 35 yeah,do you guys happen to do like happy,endings by any chance,not at all like not even because its,theres like a,there was a place uh down in loma that,was doing uh whack me off wednesdays,i was just wondering like if i threw,like maybe fifty dollars extra,sorry im more little bit younger ladies,wait what,a little bit of village whats that mean,oh english lately oh dude is there,someone here that speaks better english,maybe do you know what i mean by like,happy ending though no,so like uh at the end like so i get like,the massage and then at the end its,just like maybe like,im quick its like 45 seconds no,so you guys dont do that here you know,what i mean or no youre still confused,no so theres no one here that speaks,that good of english,[ __ ] um so like,trying to its like say this,its like like you know what i mean,like a hand job sorry,but you guys dont do happy onions at,all no,so say like i paid for like 120 minutes,and then like say like,for an extra like 10 minutes i got like,a hand job at the end,sorry not even like do you guys call,them tuggies maybe is there like a,special,or is it just like all around now sorry,okay thats fine we shot at the other,massage but i swear i thought they were,like hinting at like theyre gonna let,me in,or like she was like pointed at the sun,but im not gonna give up im gonna keep,trying to get this i told you guys im,gonna try and like,i want to try and get it on camera but,well see i got a gopro that im gonna,use for that part if we do get that far,i was gonna order like some sunglasses,so that like maybe theres a chance like,i could just wear the sunglasses and,like set them down like,like a distance away but well see how,far i can get into this because,its gonna get deleted if that happens,but were at another massage parlor i,would have known theres so many of,these [ __ ] everywhere im about,to get like,seven clips or well see depending on,how good all these clips come out well,decide,that first clip was pretty funny but,lets get this [ __ ] boy,all right boys massage parlor number,five lets get it,maybe this will be the one where i get,the actual rubbing tug,or the tug and rub you never know maybe,some sand burns paper burns,ham burns hopefully their hands are nice,and soft,he scared me sorry hi i was wondering,do you guys happen to like if i paid for,like a 45 minute,like session like at the end could i get,like uh because todays wednesday and,theres like,i wonder if i get like a swag me off,wednesday,like do you guys do happy endings,no i was wondering if i could get a,happy ending maybe like so i pay for the,massage and then i throw like like an,extra,like eighty dollar tip no you know we do,we could do a good massage so you pay,here you pay the time,per hour time so no yeah no i know that,but im talking about like you know what,a happy ending is,good oh i feel good,yeah yeah um,so 30 minute ones forty dollars,one hour one hour 45 minutes,so say if i pay for the 30 minute would,there be extra time if i threw like a,good tip,you wanna do,30 minutes 30 minutes okay 40 orders,um yeah thatll work i just gotta,grab my wallet and ill be right back,im gonna grab my wallet,oh my car ill be right back if thats,cool yeah,go go go go go go,go go go go go go go go go

What Really Happens At Swingers Clubs? | The Truth About Swingers Clubs

hey everyone welcome to the foreplay,channel im bella im jace before we get,in todays video make sure to leave a,like it really helps us out subscribe to,the channel and then comment down below,if theres anything that you guys want,to know any questions you have leave,those down below and then maybe make,some videos about them but were really,excited to talk about todays video,[Music],todays video is all about swingers,clubs and what really happens at,swingers clubs we wanted to start off,with now every single club is going to,be a little bit different so,everythings going to vary but as a,general rule from most of the clubs,weve been to they kind of follow a,similar,rules and pricing so the first thing,that you need to know is almost every,single club is going to be you have to,have a membership plus pay to get in so,you can some clubs however you can buy a,nightly membership or a monthly,membership or a yearly membership but,youre going to have to have that,membership first and then after you have,that you generally pay as a couple to,get in and that would be called the door,fee and so,there are some clubs that do allow,single males to come on all of the days,usually on saturdays its either a,limited amount of single men that can,come or they dont allow single males at,all and usually they are at a higher,price tier than couples or single,females single females are typically,like i said it depends on each club but,typically single females are allowed to,come on all of the days and they are,usually at the lowest price point,pricing wise depending on the club its,typically for a membership for a nightly,membership to about like a month or two,month membership is usually twenty,dollars to maybe fifty dollars and then,for the door fee and this is per couple,usually the memberships are the,membership pricing is the same for every,person but for a couple for the door fee,its typically around 60 to 90. so you,do have to add both the membership fee,and the door fee together to get in and,that is how much itll cost for that,night how the membership works is you,get a one-night membership that suggests,the membership for that one night they,do have monthly ones and they have,yearly ones usually the,the longer you go then usually the,cheaper it is for the membership but so,say you want to go to the club again,either that next week or maybe you want,to go the next day this is if you have a,monthly membership then you wouldnt,have to pay the membership that night,you only pay the door fee the other,thing to know is that prices are usually,going to be a little bit more expensive,at the bigger parties so halloween,valentines day new years eve those,prices are usually a little bit busier,so you might have different pricing and,also remember that every club has their,own rules so pricing could completely,vary but as a general rule for most of,places weve been it tends to fall in,that kind of range another thing to note,is most clubs are byob,so,theyll usually have where you can pay,for mixers and things like that a lot of,clubs will also not allow you to bring,in your own mixers youll have to go to,the bar and pay for mixers and things,like that some clubs do also offer the,mixers for free and thats included in,your price but like again depends on,each club theres also on-premise clubs,and off-premise so on-premise club means,that you can play there or there are,rooms for you to play there and off,premise means that its more just like a,social setting and then if you want to,play you take that outside of the club,okay so youre in the club now so what,next one thing to be aware of is most,clubs are going to have different themes,every single night so they may have a,glow theme or 80s theme or whatever it,is but check your local clubs website,and see if theyre having a theme it,tends that women seem to dress up a,little bit more than men at most clubs,but mint can participate too i know i,always dress up whenever i go to the,club whatever the theme is so its,always fun its not ever necessary but,its definitely something to kind of,keep in mind whenever youre going for,the first time if youre not going to,dress up in the theme you also need to,follow the dress code that that specific,club has usually its about the same you,just want to wear pretty nice club,attire like imagine if youre going,downtown like cocktail hour at a,nice place thats how you want to dress,a lot of the times if youre not,following that dress code they are not,going to let you in dress wise what,women wear and what youll see is going,to be arranged so theres going to be,women who are going to be wearing just,sexy club wear like little cocktail,dresses cleavage that kind of thing and,you might also see women who are in like,full lingerie were not going to talk,about some of the social aspects youre,going to kind of see when you walk in,youre generally going to see people,just kind of sitting around talking,dancing almost like you would at any,normal club anywhere youre not going to,walk in and just see people playing,everywhere now there is always a chance,of that usually on the all-prince places,that is an option but its not near as,typical to see people just playing as,soon as you walk into the club and,thats usually later at night too thats,like towards,1 2 a.m whenever youre first going in,if youre getting there at like 9 10,whenever it opens around that time you,wont you wont be seeing playing,happening and a little pro tip for if,you are your first time youre newer,pretty much every club will give you a,tour if you get there we would advise,getting there a little bit earlier maybe,at 9 or 10 whenever it first opens that,way you can go get a tour when its a,little bit quieter you can kind of see,what the club looks like and then you,can sit down have a drink just talk to,your partner and kind of,soak in the atmosphere some places you,also have lockers that you can put your,stuff in you can either bring your own,lock or usually theyll have locks for,you you put like a down payment like a,ten dollar and then you give the lock,back to when you get it back at the end,of the night so the socializing is,pretty the same that youll see at a,normal club now the dancing is different,if theres a really good dance floor a,lot of places have polls too so youll,see people on the poles dancing youll,see a lot of grinding,youll see some making out you might see,some movies so theres a lot that goes,on on the dance floor thats different,than a normal club yeah its also always,going to dynamic because youll see,someone with a partner and then you look,over and theyll be with somebody else,and youll see people switch all the,time so its just a really fun dynamic,to watch people dance and also to dance,restrooms are actually really important,at swingers clubs because you know like,a normal club how girls will just talk,and hang out in the bathroom and thats,where you meet a lot of girls well the,swingers because its like that but like,more important so a lot of the times,youll see and youll meet girls in the,bathroom you guys will talk like oh my,gosh i love you all right youre so,pretty and then thats when you become,friends like ive made so many friends,in the bathroom and so sometimes we kind,of end up in there for a little while,but whether were like just talking,waiting in line or fixing our makeup,whatever it is making friends and then,usually its about like 15 minutes and,then you can talk about what the guys,are doing yeah so in the mens section,outside of the womens bathroom theres,nothing always some seats in most clubs,and ive been a ton of friends that way,because youll start talking to someone,youll find out your wife is talking to,their spouse in the restroom but the,guys you just usually sit there,sometimes you dont talk to anyone you,just watch you walk by or if someones,friendly youll talk to the person next,to you but dont be surprised if it,takes a little bit longer ive had to,send women in

Married couple accused in Florida massage parlor prostitution ring

well the other big story hitting tampa,bay human trafficking were following two,busts both major operations that put,dozens of individ individuals behind,bars for really terrible acts in polk,county alone deputies arrested 102,suspects either for prostitution,soliciting prostitutes or trying to lure,a child into having sex were going to,have more on that case in just a moment,but lets start right now with what,theyre calling operation shared hope,and that was an effort to shut down 12,massage parlors across two counties,investigators say it was a husband and,wife at the center of that that whole,operation fox 13s erin mesmer live for,us at the hillsborough sheriffs office,in ybor city and what more did he have,to say about this,well cynthia the sheriff says that this,is the kind of case where women are,exploited that keeps him up at night and,he says this particular one was like,something out of a movie,hillsborough detectives executed search,warrants and collected evidence as,witnesses watched i saw them,get an atm machine,come out with multiple bags workers at,nearby businesses had a good idea why,investigators were at the massage parlor,next door extras with massages sheriff,chad chronister says it was much worse,than that he says james and nan smith,are the ringleaders of a major,prostitution ring involving a dozen,massage parlors in hillsborough and,pinellas counties the sheriffs office,provided this video of the smiths,recent arrests so far seven people are,facing charges the smiths ran their,business like a franchise,recruiting women from around the country,establishing a clientele,operating for a period of six to eight,months then selling the business where,the criminal behavior would continue the,sheriff says this investigation dubbed,operation shared hope began in september,2020 and lasted about a year he says it,was around that time that detectives,began looking into the massage parlor,simply massage and loots simply massage,and loots was mentioned multiple times,on adult forms according to the sheriff,customers or johns would go in speak to,a manager or madam negotiate the sexual,acts they wanted and then get to hand,pick the woman they wanted chronister,says its unclear exactly how many women,were forced or coerced into,participating were told some of them,were even sleeping in the businesses to,maximize their profits we believe that,theyre even,a couple that may have been smuggled in,from as far away as china and thats,what well continue to work on now how,did this happen where did these women,fall into this horrific cycle,and the sheriff says this was extremely,profitable for the smiths theyre,accused of laundering more than a,million dollars during the last year,while this investigation was going on,detectives also seized more than 750,thousand dollars in cash,and vehicles that uh the smiths are,accused of hiding their money by buying,these vehicles cynthia its just amazing,out of these little places and what a,big thing is going on there thats for,sure thank you aaron

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