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Best Noritz Tankless Water Heaters ????: Top Options Reviewed | HVAC Training 101

whats up everyone hot water is a must,for every household especially if you,live in cold areas to get hot water,running hassle-free homeowners resort to,installing water heaters,there are a number of options on the,market which makes it difficult to,choose the right one for you,in this video we compiled a list of the,top 5 best noridz tankless water heaters,on the market today,be sure to watch till the end for our,best recommendation,if you want more information or updated,pricing on the products mentioned here,check out the links in the description,below if you have another product youd,like us to review let us know by leaving,a comment down below,so without further ado lets get started,[Music],first we have the best nords commercial,tankless water heater,noritz ncc 1991 odng,this model stands out to us as the best,for commercial applications because it,has innovative construction its high,quality features will definitely make it,worth your money and it is made with,high quality copper the primary heat,exchanger that is of great quality its,pros are it provides 9.1 million btus,per hour,it can communicate in a multi-system,setup it has 24 units which means it,distributes the load evenly it is 93,efficient which is great for a,commercial unit,and its heat exchanger is comprised of,commercial grade copper,however it requires professional,installation,it is not suitable for residential,applications and troubleshooting can,only be done by an expert,bottom line is it is the best norix,commercial tankless water heater it has,freeze protection neutralizer refill and,overheat prevention,and it has a five-year limited parts,warranty,next we have the best noritz outdoor,tankless water heater,noritz nr501odng,it has an automatic air regulator that,monitors the internal temperature and,adjusts the burner accordingly its pc,coated exterior is made to last and,protects the unit from all external,elements,combine all of this with its pricing and,cost efficiency and you have the best,outdoor tankless water heater that can,satisfy all your requirements,its pros are it has direct ignition for,ease of use it comes with automatic,overheating protection it is suitable,for apartments condos and townhouses it,has a resin coated pc board that,protects the unit from different,elements and it monitors internal,temperature to maximize the burner,efficiency,however there is no standby pilot light,there is no filtering system,and it does not work well in the,northern region,bottom line is it is the best noritz,outdoor tankless water heater its direct,ignition makes it easy to use and it,does not require expensive venting,next we have the best noridz tankless,gas water heater,noritz,nr662 odng,this unit can easily sustain a large,households demand for hot water the,best part about using an outdoor,tankless water heater is that you dont,need to worry about installing any vents,and it is a reliable option for outdoor,applications,its pros are it is 84 percent energy,efficient it is easy to install and,operate it does not need vents to work,it has a built-in window display and it,is compact and easy to carry around,however it uses a lot of gas,it is not suitable for large scale,applications and it may require,professional help for,installation bottom line is it is the,best noritz tankless gas water heater,you can use it with both propane and,natural gas,and it is energy efficient,next we have the runner up noritz ez,tr40ng if youre looking to replace your,old large capacity water heater this is,certainly a great option you should,consider it is a futuristic model from,noritz that not only keeps you well,provided with hot water but also adds to,the beauty and comfort of your home and,it is a secure long-term investment that,will pay back its own price in just a,few years,its pros are it is certified for indoor,installation it has a polyester coated,durable steel casting it is equipped,with direct electronic ignition,and it has factory installed safety,devices that ensures smooth running,and it has temperature controls to,preset the output temperature,however the price is not budget friendly,it also needs regular flushing for,cleaning,and it develops an ignition issue after,some time,bottom line is it functions smoothly it,has preset temperature controls,and it has built-in safety devices,finally we have the best overall,norix nrc661dvng,indeed this is the best overall tankless,water heater modern lightweight easy to,install and operate and it is also known,for its quietness,you name any feature and we are sure to,find it in this device,add the remote controlling feature to,the mix and you have a perfect,replacement for your regular bulky tank,based water heater,its pros are the exterior is compact and,modern it is very easy to install and,operate,it hardly produces any noise while,operating it can be operated with the,provided remote control and it is energy,certified for reduced energy consumption,however it is an expensive investment,repairing it is not a regular plumbers,job,and it takes some time to heat the water,properly,bottom line is it is energy efficient it,is an eco-friendly appliance and with,its ultra light weight you can easily,install it yourself,there you have it our top 5 best noridz,tankless water heaters on the market,check out the links in the description,below for detailed information and the,latest pricing if you thought this video,was helpful please smash that like,button and subscribe if you didnt let,me know why in the comments below thanks,for watching and ill see you in the,next video,[Music]

Noritz Tankless Water Heaters AHR Expo 2022

hello today we are with james facer from,noritz tankless water heaters and,um hes going to talk with us a bit,about,um the products that they are putting,out on the market things hes excited,about how are you doing james doing good,all right so what do you have here for,us today,so we have a lot of new products that,were showcasing at ahr this year,the first one that i want to share,with your group is our nrcr product so,that stands for norrids residential,condensing recirculation,what this product provides is a supply,of endless hot water and instantaneous,hot water by incorporating a built-in,recirculation pump so what this does for,the installer is it eliminates the need,to install that recirculation pump in,conjunction with the tankless on-site,and significantly reduces,the on-site labor to execute an install,of that time youll notice immediately,all the components inside of our,products,with a with a phillips screwdrivers and,either strong hands or channel locks or,some of the pipe clamps you can,completely service this product from top,down,every single component,is designed for service,this is this product is is engineering,designed to be repaired and serviced,over time and again,with two simple tools,the third one being a gas manometer to,be able to read gas pressures,you were able to service this product,for its entire life cycle,it carries a 15-year warranty which is,industry-leading and also boasts some of,the highest efficiencies at 98 thermal,efficiency awesome that sounds fantastic,yeah so moving along this is our noritz,residential combi boiler combination,boiler,so this is a real unique product being,wall hung its super uh,compact so space savings to your,customer in that mechanical room where,you used to need a furnace um in a water,heater or a boiler in an indirect tank,to be able to provide hydronic heat this,appliance now is able to do your,domestic water heating so for bathing,and showering and also youre space,heating out of a single appliance,theres two sizes available 199 000 btu,model and 180 000 btu model and thats,going to give you 120 000 btus of heat,or 100 000 v2s in the smaller and being,able to dedicate up to 199 000 btus of,water heating so you know a three bath,home,could utilize this 3 500 square feet,roughly,and to do all your space heating and,domestic water heating needs 95,efficient so homeowners,look out for huge rebates with this,product,theres parts of the country where the,rebates are up to 2 500 on this product,for installing now,so you know very innovative product,compact space savings super efficient,yeah very versatile,space yeah and the serviceability same,design you know with three basic tools,you can troubleshoot it and repair it um,from top to bottom every single,component probably makes the most sense,to look at this product next,this is our easy series model not the,easiest to see it right now but we have,top water connections,so installers will really appreciate,this feature on retrofit applications,where a taint type water heater is,installed across america when you want,to go tankless we need to plumb the,tankless unit where that tank was so by,providing the water connections on top,were already matching that footprint,for the plumbing,which really streamlines again the,overall installation and allows,our plumbing partners to be able to,execute a high level job,going from a tank to a tankless system,again a consistent theme 98 thermal,efficiency,were really probably never going to go,higher than that because theres not,really anything thats a 100 percent can,you do any better yeah you might get one,more but,you know its about the top of it its,at the top of its class,in terms of efficiency,your your homeowners and customers will,really appreciate the gas savings and,the benefits of endless hot water with,these type of products were going to,transition a little bit,over to,our commercial ncc 199 cdv model so this,is our flagship,commercial unit,as you can see kind of over here if we,pan over,were able to cascade multiple,commercial tankless water heaters to,meet any hot water demand so the larger,the facility the larger the hot water,needs were able to,cascade multiple units together using,this as a tankless engine,and be able to get the benefits in,efficiency and also optimal performance,in gallons per minute 98 thermal,efficiency this carries a 10-year,commercial warranty which is really,stepping outside of the norm if you,compare this to tank type technologies,or other,you know basis of design like a boiler,and storage system,this is really going to stand out to,your customers in terms of the warranty,and assurance that that provides,using high quality products dual,stainless steel heat exchangers this was,engineered for commercial use but we,didnt want to just stop with producing,a high efficient true commercial model,we wanted to offer hybrid solutions so,where theres a tank uh installed right,now 100 gallon 199 000 b2 tank type,water heater we can now easily integrate,in the benefits of a tankless water,heater with storage with our hybrid hot,product,this product is going to be recovering,the tank through this tankless unit,theres a lot of benefits to it because,were taking the thermal stress off of,the tank where thats normally where the,leak occurs thats a real tragedy with,the tank type technology where every,other component on the tank is still,good but once that tank leaks,thats pretty much all she wrote so you,know this takes that stress away from,the tank giving that tank the best,chance to have the longest life cycle,again with all your serviceable parts,external of it you could keep this,product,in use,for your clients for for years to come,so just marrying those two technologies,hybrid hot is a great product for the,retrofit and also new construction,applications,um really taking it to the next level,is our total tankless solution so the,tts synergy series is available in,configurations from two units to six,units and this is a pre-packaged,solution,that is going to,provide you with the ability to execute,a high level installation whether its,retrofit or new construction you know,engineers are going to really like this,for new new construction but if youre,looking at a current uh project as tanks,or multiple tanks or a boiler and,storage setup this is going to allow you,with a one point of connection to be,able to integrate into that facility,this system so one point of connection,when i say that for power,water gas condensate building,recirculation,this one is shown with two return lines,it comes standard with one but there are,customized customizations that are,available to fit your particular,application,and we also have the benefit to combine,this with storage so this is a system,pump that is an ecm system pump and its,going to modulate to maximize the,efficiency of tankless water heaters,that have,modul modulating gas valves 11 to 1,turndown ratio per engine,so this with four engines this is a 44,to 1 turnout ratio so that means its,able to stage that gas,combustion process in 44 stages and,thats really where the energy savings,are found is in the modulation and turn,down ratios and also the thermal,efficiency being 98 of the units,so for,installers and servicers you could rest,assured with the tts product that youll,be able to integrate this type of system,get provide your customers with a high,efficient high performing system with,minimal downtime huge reduction in,onsite labor,and also,part sourcing we try to complete the,package where that you can come in and,with one point of connection uh,execute you know a high level uh,installation yes wow awesome,um thank you james is there anything,else here today that you would want to,share with um with our audience or um,just you know for more information what,youre excited about yeah i mean,you know i want to direct them to our,website norwicz.com,you know theres a professionals tab on,there so all your technical documents,mor

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My Professional Opinion of Tankless Water Heaters

hi Matt Rosendahl from Great Lakes home,performance and Matt knows that calm one,of the most common questions I get is,Matt what do you think of tankless water,heaters and like so many other things I,say it depends it depends on a number of,variables how many people are in the,house how much water are you using the,water quality all that kind of stuff,also it depends on your local codes,whether they will allow them or not and,what kind of gas line you have now this,particular unit this is a navien and I,think its a 97% efficient,tankless water heater and one of the,things that you have to understand about,these is that they require a lot of BTUs,this one will go all the way up to one,hundred and ninety nine thousand BTUs,because its used its its supplying an,entire house for hot water now one of,the things to understand about that is,that if you have a regular tank style,water heater right now in your existing,home then your gas line might not be big,enough to supply enough gas to a water,heater like this because at a hundred,ninety nine thousand BTUs its going to,be using all of the gas thats coming in,on your gas line now a typical home only,has a gas supply that has about two,hundred maybe two hundred and twenty,thousand BTUs of gas coming through the,line and if we have a furnace thats,using gas which in this case we do we,have a gas dryer and we have a gas range,upstairs those appliances are going to,be using more than half of the gas,thats in that supply line so well only,have an extra hundred thousand BTUs to,supply to this that may need one hundred,and ninety nine thousand BTUs now it so,happens that in this new construction,home they planned for that by putting in,a bigger gas line or you could also have,a high-pressure gas line and and the,meter that goes along with it so if,youre planning to replace your existing,water heater with a tankless water,heater thats one of the first things,that you have to consider is what is the,size of the gas line and the gas meter,pressure thats coming in to the house,and is it going to be enough gas to,supply the water heater as well as any,other appliances that are going to be,using gas now another consideration for,these is how long of a run is it and are,you expecting to have water instantly as,soon as you turn on the hot water valve,now just like a regular tank style water,heater when you turn on hot water at a,faucet its gonna have to fire up and,heat some water before it gets to you so,youre not going to have hot water as,soon as you turn on the faucet just like,a regular hot water heater there is a,recirculation line in here that you can,set up a timer so that it has a little,loop that runs but thats a little bit,of an energy loser some of these units,also have a little tank like a one or,two gallon tank inside of them so that,they hold some water so that if you just,need a little bit of water for,hand-washing you can get it a little bit,faster and it doesnt have to fire up,the water heater in order to get that,water to you now an important,consideration for this type of water,heater is that when its installed you,have to have clean out ports and this,one does there are two little hose,adapters down here at the bottom so that,the system can be back flushed with a D,liming solution since this thing is a,hundred and ninety-nine thousand BTUs,when running full force any impurities,that are in the water are gonna stick to,the element and what that does over time,is it reduces its capacity to be able to,heat the water and so youll start,having diminished capacity the thing,will run and run and run and run and you,wont quite get hot water out of it and,so by having it back flushed every year,with a D liming solution you can,maintain that element so that said water,quality plays a big part in how well,these perform so they do best if you,have really good not hard water hot,water that youve run through a water,softener before it gets to the water,heater,now this particular unit has a two pipe,system and the plumber took a shortcut,and didnt install the intake pipe up on,the top you can see that weve got one,PVC pipe going up and out and thats the,exhaust going out and Im gonna call,them and tell them that they need to put,the intake in because we dont want to,just use basement air for our combustion,air theres no other combustion supply,down here we want it to dry air from,outside so thats a shortcut that the,plumber took so if you get one of these,and has PVC chimney make sure that they,run two pipes so that youre not using,basement air for your combustion air,another good installation idea for a,hot-water heater might be if you have an,addition that youre putting on maybe,youre building a new master bathroom,suite and youre youre gonna be a long,ways away from the water heater or you,dont want to replace your water heater,but maybe its not quite big enough to,fill your jacuzzi tub you could put in a,smaller unit that just supplies that,addition that youre putting on now,dont make the mistake of just getting,an electric one so that you dont have,to worry about that gas line because an,electric hot water heater thats big,enough to supply an entire house is 171,amps which means an entirely new,electric service panel and probably,three to four thousand dollars worth of,electrical work to put in your water,heater so you may be better off with,just a regular tank style water heater,or if you have a small house and a,high-pressure line are you building a,new house the tank style water heater,will save money in the long run because,youre not having that excess heat loss,through the tank and youre only paying,for the water that youre using so I,hope those answers a few of your,questions if you have any more questions,about tankless water heaters or typical,water heaters put them down in the,comments section be sure to subscribe to,the channel and youll be notified of,any new videos as soon as I post them be,sure to also visit Matt knows that calm,for a few more home energy ideas thanks,for watching

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Best Tankless Gas Water Heaters 2022 – Newest Reviews of Top 10 Best Tankless Gas Water Heater

[Music],find the best tankless gas water heaters,on amazon,we analyzed consumer reviews to find the,top rated products,find out which product i scored and buy,i am going to review top 10 best,tankless gas water heaters,on the market,one renaru 98 in ultra series natural,gas tankless water heater,the first product on our list is the,rinai ryuk 98 in,which comes with the rating of 4.5 stars,reportedly it is a new model from this,manufacturer,capable of delivering more efficiency to,its users,the product itself is imported with a,concentric model and with the,option of a pvc venting when it comes to,looks,this tankless water heater has a sleek,design with a metallic finish,it fits best with appliances that have,the same silver finish,on top of that its design is also,space-saving,thus allowing the heater to be installed,indoors,it features up to 0.96 energy factor and,up to 0.92 uniform energy factor,reportedly the product has ultra low nux,emissions and,is capable of up to 199,000 btus,2. rheem rtg h 95 dv,ln indoor direct vent tankless natural,gas water heater,this gas tankless water heater from,rheem comes with the four four-star,rating,making it one of the most popular and,best,water heaters on the market the product,comes with something every buyer would,want to hear,94 energy efficiency,on top of that the heater has its,condensing heat exchanger made from,stainless steel,hence the energy efficiency coefficient,it also features intelligent electronic,controls,which are specially designed to increase,the heaters energy efficiency,as well as safety this specific model is,as reported by the manufacturer alone,next version,so you dont need to worry about any,harmful emissions,the heater is compatible with the two,pipe direct vent system that is designed,for pvc,pipe three,renault 98-tip ultra series propane,tankless water heater,this is the second water heater on our,list from rinnai,but this one uses propane instead of,natural gas,the model features the same silver,metallic finish,making it suitable for areas that share,the same colors,or just for your basement the product,comes with a max btu,of 199 000 and with an up to 0.96,energy factor on top of that it has,little to no nex,emissions due to some special technology,it employs,in terms of venting it features options,for both pvc,or concentric venting it comes with a,12-year-old warranty on the heat,exchanger,five-year on parts and one year on labor,with the option to increase it to five,years,4. echo tumpi 12 van tankless water,heater,echo temp has a water heater with a very,pleasant design,sleek and modern this tankless water,heater could be placed,almost anywhere in your house its front,panel,is made of black tempered glass which,has lead display controls as well,kitchen or lobby it would be a perfect,fit,the heater is whole house and rated at 3,gpm,which activates only on demand and it,doesnt require any pilot light,because of this this product can help,you reduce,energy consumption on top of that,the fully automatic temperature controls,have an energy saving mode as well,besides the child lock technology this,makes for an energy efficient product,safety,is insured with the help of a safe,electronic ignition,system 5.,gasland be 158 1.58 gpm,6 liters outdoor portable gas water,heater,our last entry is the outdoor portable,gas water heater from,gasland in short it comes with a lot of,features,first of all we have multiple safety,systems in place,such as a flame failure device,anti-freeze protection,as well as overheating protection if the,water pressure goes above 110 pounds per,square inch,the heater will automatically decrease,it to keep things safe,it features a lightweight and compact,design,making the product very easy to carry,and mount,the back and the top of the heater,feature mounting brackets that can be,used to install it in a matter of,minutes,in terms of energy savings the main,burner and the propane water heater,exchanger,are designed with advanced combustion,technology in order to decrease burning,noise,as well as gas consumption,6. rinairu sense8 super,overall best gas tankless water heater,japanese company rinae is arguably the,best producer of natural gas tankless,water heaters they have several models,available,including the classic rin iv series he,number two pick however their newest and,most successful model with incredible,specifications is the renairu sensei,super the sense8 super series is one of,the very few tankless gas water heaters,that earned an energy star label,with the spectacular 0.9,f rating it is about 10 percent more,efficient than an,average tankless water heater these,heaters last for 20 or more years,10 savings over 20 years can result in,dollar 100 s,if not dollar 1000 s saved just because,of the additional energy efficiency,given the cutting edge specs renye has,managed to achieve,its no wonder they offer several roos,sense8 supermodel capacities,they range from 7 gpa maximum hot water,flow,130 000 btus up to the most powerful 11,gpm,maximum water flow with the heating,capability of 199,000 btus with such a range,you can install the rinairu super sensei,in every household,just pick 7 gpm for a small one 9,gpm for a standard sized household and,11 gpm for a larger household,the 11 gpm ring iru 199,in sense8 super for example is the most,powerful,residential gas tankless water heater,it can deliver up to 199 000 btus,heating capability,this is the absolute maximum for a,residential hot water heater,200 000 btus is the limit,the good thing about japanese,engineering is how very reliable pretty,much,all rhino gas tankless heaters are,in fact they go the extra mile with the,warranty as well,most of the top heaters have a 10-year,warranty for the heat exchanger,with the purchase of renye sense8 super,you get a 10-year warranty on the heat,exchanger,thats literally the best warranty in,the industry,there are several renaissance eight,super tank,models and rinnai uses serial numbers,for each of them,heres how you navigate the renye sense8,super tankless water heaters,you will see models like ru160 ip,ru 180 in and so on,deru stands for rinnai the 160,180 numbers are the maximal btu output,for example ru160ip has an,output of 160.000 btus,which equals about 9 gpm the last letter,p,or n designates propane or natural gas,respectively all in all rin ice sensate,super is the safest most reliable,and most cost efficient tankless water,heater,its initial cost is quite high but this,is a long-term investment,and the real cost comes from natural gas,usage,which is heavily reduced due to the,extra high energy efficiency of the,renaissance 8 super,7. rin iv series he best,tried and twisted classic model the v,series can heat the large amount of,water to 140 f,almost immediately the heat exchanger,responsible for the heating process,comes with the top-of-the-line 10-year,warranty,however the one caveat the older,v-series c,model has is the energy efficiency,it has an f rating of 0.82,this did make one of the most,energy-efficient gas tankless heaters 10,years ago,however in 2021,the new condensing technology in the,modern natural gas,tankless heater can reach an exceedance,rating,of 0.9 in short,rin iv series he has an average energy,efficiency with 18 percent energy loss,while the modern rinairu sense8 super,number one pick operates at only five,percent,energy loss several models are available,with different capacities,from the small 5.3 gpm maximum water,flow with 120,000 btus heating capacity to the,biggest,9.4 gpm with the maximum heating,output of 199 000 btus,despite being the old-school model the,rin iv,series c heaters come with the control,art 2.0 mobile app,with the app you can schedule hot water,needs during the day,the vacation mode for example is handy,when you dont need the gas tankless,heater you can put it into sleep mode,for this price reliability and the,rinnai brand behind you,you wont find a finer model than the,classic rin iv,series he,eight noritsan r

Tankless Water Heater Reviews (2017 Edition)

weve gone through all the brands the,other brands are decent these are the,two that we like the best were going to,tell you the first thing you should,probably talk about is cost obviously,thats what everyone wants to know,Noren s– is probably on par with the,other big manufacturers maybe slightly,more expensive but nobodys more,expensive than navien I mean they are -,$300 more than anyone elses product and,for good reason theres a lot of value,inside that box nor its gives you a 12,year warranty thats awesome,who doesnt love a 12 year warranty now,have you in 15 years if you want to have,continuous and you want instant hot,water,nothing dominates the market like an,ambien theyve got the pump inside I,also have a buffer pump which eliminates,the cold water sandwich I wont get into,that but look it up online its super,annoying you can definitely put a,recirculation pump on the nor its unit,you can plumb one in on the bottom,similar to that pump up there on the,tank you can put that down here but it,reduces your warranty down to three,years and its because it destroys the,inside of their heat exchangers we,talked about the fact that you know the,Nords comes with the 12 year warranty,and this comes with a 15 year warranty,so Im going to open them up and just,kind of show you why you know theres a,difference again thats the NRC one one,one and this is the 240 a by navien okay,so you can see right here that is,actually the recirculation pump built by,Navi and for navien pretty big its a,brilliant system if you look around,everything is just nice and clean,everythings nice and tidy in there I,forget what gauges steel theyre using,but theyre using some sort of stainless,steel that prevents the,calcium-magnesium from wanting to stick,they also use a down fire burner which I,guess is more efficient what they tell,me and back here that is the buffer tank,the buffer tank is sweet so what happens,if you turn the unit on and off it takes,a second for the fans to realize that,its come on and youll get cold water,and then,water than cold water than hot water so,everything runs through this buffer tank,so as far as condensing ultra efficiency,technology,I think its Nabi and all day one of the,big deals too is that their stuff just,works these mechanical switches,everything is either a dip switch which,is just like a small little kind of like,a light switch but on a small size and,mechanical valves which I love and then,we have the nortz what the is going on,in here so we have a similar thing we,have their primary heat exchanger which,is copper copper is great for conducting,heat but it also is very it allows,everything to stick to it theyre,secondary condensing heat exchanger is,stainless which is great but then again,we still have the copper unit if I could,tell you how many of these things Ive,changed it would blow your mind and look,at the rats nest of wires what is going,on in here,so in general theyre both great water,heaters I mean this is a BMW this is a,Mercedes either way interchange them,theyre both great personally this is,where the money savings are as far as,Im concerned whenever you can,recirculate your hot water and not waste,it down the drain you can save a couple,hundred bucks a year depending on the,size of your house navien has tons of,ways to combine these things if you have,a 20,000 square-foot house with a,massive demand you have a restaurant you,have a school whatever it is we can put,infinite amount of these things together,and produce whatever hot water demands,you have both great units as far as cost,savings this is where the moneys at,as far as saving a little bit of money,on installation you can shave a little,bit off with the nor its both are good,Im an avid fan

Tankless FAQs: Ask the Expert with Noritz

hi Im Chris Duke Oh Im here with the,Comfort with Eric as well from nortz and,we had a couple of questions from our,customers that we get asked every day,one of the customers questions is how,does a tankless water heater work and,how is it different from a storage tank,I think this morning here works on,demand thats a different a little bit,from the storage tank which constantly,heats water throughout the rest of the,day so as Im talking to you here right,now by Heidi take this water at home,like this one Im not using hot water,its sitting there sitting idle and not,making any hot water not using gaps if I,had a storage tank at home Im talking,to you its still heating apart Im,never going to use because Im here,talking to you guys well by the fact,that it works on demand and in general,most hot water usage is about 33 minutes,per person per day so it could only be,30 minutes that youre actually using,gas to make hot water versus all the,other times with your storage tank that,its heating up all day every day what,makes a tankless hot water heater go in,a tank normally its just a reservoir,you open a bob water fixture and that,causes pressure differential and then it,pulls the water out of the tank on a,tankless water heater theres a flow,sensor assembly and this basically,meters the water flow from the open hot,water fixture this measures your,incoming water temperature you have a,general set temperature on the year of,120 so from these three inputs so we,know how much gas to actually input into,the water to get that ground water,temperature up to the set point of the,year this flow sensor is tucked behind,the circuit board and this is a,condensing model here from the water,controls down at the bottom and as she,goes into the secondary heat exchanger,from the secondary heat exchanger as it,leaves that it will be 20 degrees warmer,it does that basically by recirculating,the exhaust flow gasses that would,normally come out the flue stack at high,temperatures to pre get the water in the,secondary heaters form so now your,ground water temperature is 20 degrees,warmer it goes into your primary heat,exchanger which is under direct fire,load because this is now 20 degrees,warmer this heat exchanger has sea,he used less gas to keep the water the,rest of the way so that I will open up a,more available hot water usage for other,fixtures or in general just use less gas,so how safe is a tankless water heater,in comparison to maybe like a tank style,water here as a tank of the main issues,with water heating is specifically the,water quality water quality as it gets,heated up produces scale and storage,things that usually sells at the bottom,and those are the type of cars that you,typically see where the bottom falls,down and then you have water damage with,a thickness water meter the scale that,does form what adhere to the heat,exchangers and the coils so periodically,you might have to if you arent treating,the water quality to flush the heater,out this unit itself is one of the easy,units can you tell me a little bit more,about this this is one of the our,best-selling units as far as the Norths,brain is concerned one of the biggest,benefits for this unit when youre,comparing it to other tankless does,youll notice that the water connections,are on top this this specific design and,improvement on this product was driven,by installers and users who want to try,tankless why cant you make it easier to,for us actually try it and in the event,that you should want to go back to a,tank you technically fit because we,didnt take anything apart at that its,a storage tank section a conventional,tank as far years have all the water,connections on the bottom so theres,additional hardware for plumbing unless,you install the here way up high to,accommodate those nuances with a,tankless water setup so we still do have,those units with the water connections,on bottom so if you if plumbers still,like to install those type of units,could take half a day typically but with,the easy units weve seen a getting,feedback from installing contractors,that are installing in less than an hour,so off the top of the units it can be a,bent it with 2-inch PVC you can bet that,up to 60 feet if you want to go even,further than that that you can push up,to 3 inches you can go up 200 feet in,warmer climate regions it can be,installed outdoors with just a bank at,that you purchase as an additional,accessory but for a tank replacement we,give you all the necessary tools to,actually replace the tank with the,technician,and all the venting to get it out to the,roof deck basically you adapt a flexible,vent pipe material that will funnel in,through your existing three or four inch,brown stack you can actually do the,venting installation set up at the time,they get to the jobsite injury in the,water that will typically take thirty to,forty minutes and thats plenty of time,to actually prep the bed so once youre,done prepping the vent your tankless or,your tank water heres our finished,strain you can cart down off the lathe,install your tankless water heater then,just connect the venting back to the,heater and youre good to go if you are,running the Flex pipe through an,existing chimney make sure its not an,existing chimney that is working with a,furnace or a boiler system with it it,has to be proprietary so it cant have,another exhaust system connected to it,because that will melt any of the,materials that are going with that it,could also do backdraft into the room,well I appreciate you coming out and,helping us out and talk about your,wonderful easy installation ort systems,cool,thanks Erik Chris,[Music],[Applause]

3 Things They Don’t Tell You About Tankless

on the build show today three things,they didnt tell you when you bought,your tankless water heater,now this video is intended for those of,you that already have tankless,or if youre considering tankless lets,say your tank has,has reached the end of its life youre,thinking about going tankless now,this video is going to be helpful for,you as well now first lets talk about,the benefits of tankless,i think the number one benefit of,tankless is endless hot water really,theres no limit to how much water you,can get out of this tank whereas a,traditional tank,youve got a certain amount of run time,and then boom youre going to start,getting cold showers until that tank can,fill back up with hot,number two there is no standby loss so,in theory,we should have a very very efficient,unit you go on vacation,its not making any hot water for you,and lastly,size and placement i love how tiny these,are even though theres a,giant engine in here this is a 200 000,btu,boiler inside this tank 199 close enough,and if youre in the south you can put,them outside so theres definitely a,space savings,when this friend of mine pulled their,tank out of their house and put this,in they gained back a couple square feet,you know four five six square feet,in the main part of their house thats a,big deal with going tankless and putting,it on the outside,but there are a couple things that are,downsides that you need to know about,and thats what were going to talk,about today,todays build show all about tankless,lets get going,okay the first thing they dont tell you,about these units,is theres no standing pilot which means,that if the power goes down lets say if,this gets unplugged,or this plug is no longer hot i got no,hot water you can open your faucets all,you want but,nothing hot is going to come out of this,tank so if youve got a brown out if,youve got a storm,anything thats going to knock out your,power means this tank is not going to,function for you,if you have a traditional tank youre,going to have 50 or more gallons just,sitting there,and its going to take a while for that,to get cold so if you lost power for,you know 6 or 12 hours you could still,take a hot shower before you went to bed,now you cant overcome that right we,could plug a generator in the backyard,run an extension cord plug this plug,right into it and now boom were gonna,fire back up,but you need to know about this before,the storm comes and you realize wait a,minute why is there no hot,second lets talk energy efficiency and,cost of operation,now if you look at the energy guides on,these units you,think that youre going to save a lot of,money on your gas bill lets say,but in reality i dont know that truly,happens,you know for instance at my house ive,got a tankless ive got one teenager and,ive got,three soon-to-be teenagers man they can,take,long showers and without that hey its,getting cold i need to get out,feeling i dont know whats stopping,them which means that those numbers,in theory that youre gonna save i dont,know that that happens in reality,the best way to save money is to,conserve and not actually use that,energy,so set a timer and say look im gonna,take seven minute showers and get,out during that time make it happen get,out of that hot water and then youre,actually gonna save money,im trying to do that actually with my,younger kids right now i set a five,minute timer and say guys,you get five minutes to get a shower and,that bell goes off you get out im,hoping that,as my boys become teenagers theyll be,more conservative with their time,but thats something that i think is not,necessarily true about these tankless,units,you buy them for the endless hot water,but you dont necessarily come through,when it comes to savings,all right and the third and final thing,they dont tell you about when it comes,to tankless,is that these units do need service they,do need,maintenance you know because the burner,is so big these are just shy most of,them are,200 000 btus thats the threshold for,needing a different type of permit to,put one of these in,199 000 btus that is a lot of heat,and with a copper boiler in there it,means that these create,scale and you need to flush them on a,regular basis,now if you have soft water if you have a,softening system youre not going to,have to do that very often,but like i am where im on city water,thats pretty hard,and ive got a big family i need to,flush mine every 12 months or it scales,up,and when that scale gets thrown off into,my plumbing system,bad things happen i have to end up,removing all my aerators on my faucets,and in my case i have a thermostatic,valve in my master that has a screen on,there,so if i cast scale off into my plumbing,system i actually have to pull my entire,shower valve,trust me you do not want to do that you,want to maintain these,every 12 months now you can do that,yourself and ive actually made quite a,few videos,about that process but if youre going,to pay a plumber to come out and do that,you got to know thats a 150 maybe 200,service because its going to take them,at least an hour plus their time getting,there,so your savings again are going to be,reduced now if you care,if you compare that to a traditional,tank where really all you need to do is,drain it on an annual basis and you do,need to think about changing your anode,rods every couple of years,very less maintenance costs quite a bit,less than a tank loss,guys hopefully this video was helpful,for you check out my past,videos about how to flush a unit and im,actually after im done shooting this,im going to talk about maintenance ive,got all the tools and equipment out i,need right here,so were going to do a full service on,my friends tank and show you how to do,it so stay tuned for that video ill,have a link in the description,once thats live if youre not currently,a subscriber hit that subscribe button,weve got new content,every tuesday and every friday follow me,on twitter instagram otherwise well see,you next time,on the build show,[Applause],[Music],you

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