1. Tastyworks Review – Real Customer Reviews
  2. Tastyworks Review: Desktop Options Trading Platform
  3. tastyworks Desktop Platform Walkthrough (In-Depth TUTORIAL)
  4. I Switched to TastyWorks… (TasyWorks Review)
  5. Tastyworks Desktop Tutorial for Beginners 2022 | Step-by-Step Guide to Get Started on Tastyworks
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Tastyworks Review – Real Customer Reviews

hi there we are pleased to announce that,we now have a dedicated space where you,can find traders union expert reviews,based on research and analysis of your,broker all in one place this means that,you no longer have to spend hours,searching for information about your,broker our traders union experts have,worked tirelessly to analyze each broker,and provide reviews based on this,research we are excited to announce that,this information is now available to you,the website contains hundreds of reviews,about your broker in this video well go,through some examples of the great,reviews we have for you showing you how,you can weigh up your decision when,choosing your broker our mission is to,help you protect your money and make the,right choice,so lets get started,in this video we will lead you through,the reviews about tastyworks as well as,the hundreds of great expert reviews,there are also reviews from real,customers who are currently trading on,the site these reviews are independent,and unbiased to ensure that you can rely,on honest feedback for tastyworks the,reviews are positive and negative also,but tastyworks is trying to work hard to,provide the best trading service to,occupy a strong position in the traders,union rating,honestly i expected more tastyworks is,not my first broker and probably not the,last i heard different things about the,company and decided to kick the wheels i,noticed that the fees are through the,roof if you dont have a bank account in,america youll be in the red during,registration you may receive a profit,from another broker so far my,impressions are not the most pleasant,but lets see how the broker shows,itself in trading,ive seen better brokers including those,for the american market i cant,highlight unusual conditions assets or a,referral program here because everything,is just standard the tastytrade platform,is not a bad idea but i prefer to track,the market situation from different,sources but there are indeed a lot of,trading accounts here for those who need,a co-investment function it will suffice,i heard about this broker right from a,neighbor from oklahoma with this help i,got the opportunity to trade here,americans are very interested in such,sites because it is quite convenient for,them to invest here or even open a,retirement account there is a huge,library of information on site for those,who want to learn i recommend it yet,bear in mind that this broker is only,for americans because you need an,account in a u.s bank for trading and,sometimes you need a u.s registered,business,to learn more about this broker follow,the link under the video to this,brokers profile on the traders union,website after reading all the reviews on,the traders union website you will learn,how to make successful broker choices to,earn higher returns with brokers through,the traders union we wish to you all the,best with your broker choice and your,successful trading experience,good luck,union is the largest and most trusted,independent reviewer of forex brokers so,be confident that working with any,broker recommended by the traders union,is more secure and profitable,the team of traders union has been,collecting reviews and monitoring the,reputation of all brokers in the market,for over a decade which means that you,can trust us to provide you with an,independent rating of forex brokers,[Music],you

Tastyworks Review: Desktop Options Trading Platform

hey its nick with us versus her today i,want to do a platform overview of,tastyworks desktop application,this is just going to be the desktop,application and it works for the same,for pc and,mac gonna show you whats the good thing,about it what the bad things are about,it and if this is a fit for you,obviously tastyworks is my go-to broker,and if you like what you see here,theres a link below,in the description for a referral code,appreciate it if you use it if not ill,good just want to throw that out there,for you but going into,the platform here,the tastyworks platform i mean its what,i like about it its super fast it,allows you to do a lot of things,and,quickly,simple tasks or complex tasks tasks,quickly,but i will say that the the,shortcomings are that you cant really,use it for like scalping like scalping,is not good i definitely would think,that think or swim is a much better but,if youre swing trading or just putting,on trays and holding them for more than,five minutes then tastyworks is going to,be,a amazing amazing amazing platform i,mean ive been using them out since the,beginning i was one of the first traders,on there and ive been using them was,like since like 2017 or so,and i like it they do have a web,application they do have mobile for ios,and for android,but,you know most of my positions im,managing on the desktop platform and as,you can see here what i really like is,the position screen as you can kind of,see for at a glance how your positions,are doing are you up money are you down,money and you can easily click and see,like what these positions are and what,the breakdown is and if you have any,working orders for these,you know current positions that you have,on so you can see here i have a couple,broken wing butterflies on here i have a,naked put here for noah vax,and it really makes it you know fairly,simple its customizable i can see how,what the percentage open is how much i,realized today on these you know what my,delta is you know what what,just the overall cost basis i mean so,if i want to see how my portfolio is,doing this gives me at a glance exactly,how it is doing whats going well whats,not working what are my deltas what do i,need to manage do i need to do anything,now i will say that this is primarily,for,you know,premium selling selling spreads sure you,can do naked options like i did here,but really where it really is the bread,and butter is for if youre doing,spreads,or trying to,youre doing complex options or advanced,option strategies that you know,essentially you dont know how to,calculate delta and stuff across the,board it will do it all for you,now the trade the trade screen i will,say,is obviously the best part of this,platform,is the trade screen so you you have the,table mode and of course you have the,curve mode for for tasty works where you,can kind of get an overview now table,mode works exactly like you would on any,you know any other platform,you have,you know basically your strike here,bid ask calls and put same exact layout,that they that you would have on any,other options platform i do like that,you can easily just click lets say if i,want to buy this 155 put you just click,here automatically fills it in here for,you you can hit you can hit re review,and send if you like that you can also,adjust the price here you could put in,you know five dollars if you dont want,if you want to do that you know very,very very simple i do like down in here,where it says you know basically,let me show you this here,highlight highlights exactly whats,going to go on here so you have your,probability of profit profit your trend,extrinsic extrinsic value how much your,uh p50 means probability of 50 whats,your probability of making 50 profit on,this trade here what your delta and data,so it really highlights that for you,its really powerful when you start,putting in like spread so lets say i,wanted to do a credit put spread here i,could easily click i click on the bid,for the short leg click click on the ask,for the long leg and it will,automatically start showing you popping,up here and as you can see here my profi,probability of profit when this one up,to 66 percent probability of making 50,profit on here hit 65 percent you can,see deltas here and what my max profit,and my max loss is on on this trade um,ill go into the trade that i have on,right now as an example and you one of,the my bread and butter and what i,really really really really use this,platform for is lets say i have a i,have a butterfly on this like or some,sort of spread right what i like to do,even before and ill walk you through,how to do this even before i actually,put the trade on ill see okay when at,what point do i do i make money or lose,money right,and what i also,what i like is the orange bar,right on,the table here this orange bar sim,simple signifies like what is the,what is the amount of points its going,to move whats the expected move which,is i mean its its the same as over,here which is 564 plus or minus 5564,youll have plus or minus 564 here but i,like it gives you that visual you dont,have to do that math so if its just,trading at 555 and its like six bucks,youre like is it 149. this gives you,this gives you the visual,right on here to show you exactly what,it does but,what i like to use it for is like okay,how much money can i make on this,tomorrow what are my probability i go to,the curve and then you click on analysis,here,and then you can kind of start playing,with it,is this position right here i can,actually put it like a day ahead and say,okay two days ahead how much money am i,gonna make okay if the stock price is,153 im going to be making the most,amount of money 362. if the stock price,is at 155 im making like 77 bucks,and this is an expiration this is for,tomorrow if im looking at tomorrow okay,were trading at 155 probably up like 50,bucks if it goes down to 150 im gonna,make theoretically they have pnl at,expiration and p l theoretically so,theoretically tomorrow is at 1 50 and,they they say,you say theoretically because youre,youre never 100 sure what youre going,to make because i mean the market,changes iv changes,i mean everything changes about you know,options contract so theoretically if,lets say tomorrow,metas price is 150,i will be making,141.67 cents now you can kind of play,around with this they also have allow,you to change implied volatility so if,lets say if i think tomorrow this is,very helpful around earnings if i think,implied volatility is going to be down,tomorrow so lets say this was an,earnings trade i could say okay its,going to be down 20 lets say 30 percent,iv go down 30,so now you can kind of see here how much,money youll make if iv goes down you,could then put in there so i put a,negative number right here you could put,in a positive number saying i i think iv,is going to go through the roof and this,is how much money you make you can see,how that changes your options contract,so if youre learning how to trade,options and youre trying to understand,like,how in ib changes things how how theta,changes things you know lets go into a,little bit more of a complex trade here,lets do lets do,spy so that i dont have a position on,and lets lets kind of quickly put on,a trade here lets just do it for like,23 days out and lets say one thing that,you could do here if you dont know how,to use all the strategies they have a,guide here you can choose your strategy,and lets just say i want to do a,lets just do a,[Music],short call vertical,okay,so im gonna do a vertical call spread,obviously they just throw this on here,you can start changing things and youre,like okay how much money am i gonna make,here,at what point and you can see here i,have a max profit of 142 max loss of 158,so right here if i put this trade on,its gonna be almost like a one-to-one,scenario however you can see im still,im still very far into this orange bar,here which means im im really into the,you know implied move here so implied,move is

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tastyworks Desktop Platform Walkthrough (In-Depth TUTORIAL)

in this video Im gonna share with you,the essential features that you need to,be familiar with when trading on the,tasty works a trading platform more,specifically Ill start with basic,features like creating a watchlist and,customizing your columns on that,watchlist but Ill also talk about more,specific features such as things that,youre gonna find on the trade page when,making an options trade Ill also show,you how to visualize the risk and reward,potential of any option position using,the analysis tab now just to let you,know if you dont already have a tasty,works a trading account check the link,below in the description because if you,open and fund your first tasty works,trading account using the project option,referral code will give you full access,to one of our paid courses completely,free so lets go ahead and get started,and get into the platform so the first,thing that youll notice when you open,the tasty works trading platform is that,on the left hand side we have the,watchlist and this is where you can look,at all of the symbols that youre,tracking and you can customize your own,watchlist to add whatever stocks or,products you want to track in the future,and Ill show you how to do that in just,a minute but moving to the right hand,side we have this main section of the,trading platform and this is a dynamic,section meaning this will change,depending on where you navigate to on,the platform so right now I have the,positions tab open which is basically my,portfolio of stock and option and,futures positions but right now I just,have one option position so this is all,thats showing up now in terms of,dynamic I said that if you click or,navigate to another section of the,platform this section will change so if,I click on the trade tab this section,changes if I go to activity it changes,again if I go down to the chart it,changes once more so this main section,of the platform is dynamic and will,change depending on what you click on in,the platform but on the left hand side,you have the watchlist which is a static,section meaning that this will always be,here no matter what you do on the,platform but the first thing I want to,talk about is the watchlist,so right now Im on the project option,watchlist which is something that Ive,created and you will not see this in,this drop-down menu because this is my,own custom watchlist that I have created,so if you want to go to any of these,pre-made watch thats all you have to do,is click on this drop-down menu on the,top left side and just click on the,watchlist,so for,example if we click on Toms watch list,this is a pre created watch list that,Tom saws naath has selected and these,are all the symbols that he might be,trading or is just keeping an eye on for,future reference so you probably want to,create your own watch list and to do,that youre gonna click on the gear,symbol right above this drop down menu,go ahead and click on that gear symbol,and make sure you click on lists and,once you do that you can go ahead and,click on add new list and were just,going to call this new list so what,youre gonna want to do is search for,the first symbol that you want to add to,the list so lets go ahead and search,for Apple so Im gonna search for Apple,and hit add Apple to new list now I can,go ahead and add more symbols if I want,to so SP Y is one that Id like to look,at maybe the VIX I will go ahead and add,that and if I hit OK go to this drop,down menu well see that new list is now,available in the available watchlist so,if I click on new list we will see all,of the symbols that Ive just added to,that watchlist now from here you can,actually add more symbols by using the,search box at the bottom left hand side,so if I go ahead and click on lets say,Tesla go ahead and click that and then,click on the plus symbol that will add,Tesla to this new watch list,now once youve created your own watch,list youre probably going to want to,customize these columns that you see,here so you can see all of the metrics,that you want to look at for each,particular symbol in your watch list,so if you want to change these columns,all you have to do is go back to that,gear symbol and by the left sidebar,these are the metrics that youre,currently seeing on your watch list so,we see the display two columns and the,not displayed columns so on the not,displayed columns theres all these,things that I can choose from and Im,gonna go ahead and select earnings date,and to add one of these columns to your,display columns you can either click it,so just click it or you can click and,drag something and if I wanted to,rearrange these I can go ahead and click,and drag that as well but I like this,sorting so Im gonna go ahead and state,with this,so once Ive added earnings date to the,displayed columns,Ill click OK and well notice that its,not appearing as of now but if you look,here well see we see two dots and these,two dots are indicating that theres,actually two pages essentially of,metrics that we can look at so to go to,the next page just click on that arrow,to the right and it says earnings at and,we dont see any information here and,thats because there are no earnings for,these symbols coming up so lets go,ahead and add another thing here so if I,click on IV percentile thats going to,add that metric to the watchlist and if,I go ahead to the second page this is,showing me the IV percentile or implied,volatility percentile for the options on,each of these symbols now the last thing,Ill show you is how to reposition,symbols in your watchlist so if you want,to sort them in a particular manner like,Ive done here I have the VIX index and,then below it I have all the upcoming,VIX futures contracts so if you want to,reposition anything in your watchlist,just click and drag the symbol and if,you want it to go above a particular,symbol then drag it on top of that,symbol so I just dragged spy on top of,the VIX and thats going to put spy,above the VIX index all right so weve,just covered the left section of the,Tastee works platform which is the,watchlist section and this is the static,section of the platform that will remain,here no matter what you do or navigate,to on the platform so were gonna move,on to the main section here and,currently I have the positions tab open,and the positions tab is going to show,me all of my portfolio positions and as,of now I just have one SPX position so,youll notice that there are a couple,filters here and if there is a white,line underneath this and its got a dark,background that means that the filter is,enabled so for instance this is an,option position so if I click on options,to deselect this filter its going to,remove all the option positions from the,positions tab so if I wanted to go ahead,and just see whatever stocks I have I,could just go ahead and only have this,stocks filter selected which will show,me all of the stock positions I have in,my portfolio but since I have none,nothing is showing up here so Im going,to go ahead and re-enable all these,and the next thing I want to talk about,is the group buy so if you group by,symbol its going to group your option,in stock positions by each symbol and if,I wanted to deselect this were gonna,see what happens so if I deselect the,symbol group I button that is going to,put all of my individual positions in a,line and its not going to group them,together by the symbol so if I dont,have group by symbol we can see that I,have four different SPX option positions,but those are all comprising one,position so I like to have the group by,symbol selected now just like we did,with the watchlist columns we can also,customize the positions tab columns by,clicking on the gear to the right hand,side above the positions to have columns,so Im gonna go ahead and click the gear,and its going to show me the displayed,columns and the not displayed columns so,currently I have days to expiration,trade price which is what I entered the,position for I have the mark which is,the current price o

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I Switched to TastyWorks… (TasyWorks Review)

whats going on guys its justin from,push and profit hope everyones having a,beautiful day today,now recently i made the switch from,trading with td ameritrade thinker swim,to trading with tastyworks,and i wanted to make a video just going,over what led me to making this change,right,so basically a few weeks ago i made a,video talking about my frustrations with,td ameritrade,and to sum it down basically i talked,about how i personally felt like their,commissions for options,was much higher than their competitors,and also how there was just multiple,times where the whole entire platform,just wasnt working,and i just had some missed days of,trading along with some other stuff that,i mentioned in that video,so you know i went shopping around for a,new broker to use right now if you guys,follow me in this channel then you guys,would know that in the past,ive used a ton of brokers ive used,robinhood weibull sure trader,obviously td ameritrade in the past to,trade so im familiar with quite a few,brokers now,um but im going to be honest besides,the issues that i had with td ameritrade,i believe that theyre charting is like,really the top tier right and many other,brokerages just dont compare,so i know that switching brokers was,gonna be difficult because,uh no ones gonna you know theyre not,gonna be like td ameritrade with the,charting and theres gonna be a learning,curve right,in my opinion you know thats just the,truth right,however my solution to tackle that is to,just have both,tasty trades to execute my trades but,also still use think or swim,uh to charge since i still believe that,theyre the best for charting now ive,been using tasty trades for a few days,now,and um i do have some areas of the,platform that i do like and then of,course areas i think,could you know have an opportunity to,improve so lets just,dive into the platform and talk about,some things about tastyworks alrighty so,now were pretty much in my tastyworks,platform right here,now this is obviously just the options,chain now its very simple very basic,and the way ive been trading has pretty,much just been executing my trades over,here by going to the options chain,figuring out what you know i want to buy,what i want to sell,and whatever but the way ive been,charting has simply just been by,toggling into td ameritrade,by using their platform to chart like i,said i have yet to find another,brokerage company that has like charting,that td ameritrade has right im gonna,give them props on that right,um you know even when i was trading with,robin hood i would still always log into,td ameritrade because lets be honest,robin hood is just not a platform to,chart on right,so you know this is a td uh the,tastyworks um,you know platform now something i right,off the hand,back just dont like is their charting,right like i said this is why i use the,td ameritrade charting,not that its terrible but you know one,thing is like even setting the time,uh for your charts like you have to like,manually set like what minute or what,hour,what day what week as long what you know,what time of,as far as like what day right right,theres just two different,buttons for versus with td ameritrade,when you go to toggle between the time,its kind of like,just one button away so its kind of,quicker to like navigate dont want to,look at the 30 minute,they want to look at the five day five,minute you could just tackle between the,charts,easily way much quicker right so thats,one thing,the its kind of hard to navigate the,charge two,um i just dont find like the drawing,tools are that,um clear or clean just like how td,ameritrade is,and you know of course you know you got,your standard uh indicators i have the,macd over here at rsi,but again i dont use this platform to,charge so i dont really worry about it,i just toggle into td ameritrade like i,said,now as far as trading and execution um i,think its a really uh,clean um i mean they you just go to your,options chain you figure out where you,want to buy,um you know you could see that this line,right here means thats in the money so,if youre buying calls,in the money calls out the money calls,and the money puts,out the money puts very simple and then,you could even look at it in this uh,form right if you want to trade looking,at it as a curve some people like to,trade like that i dont um i also like,how you could kind of,choose what type of trade you want to do,if you just want to do a simple option,trade you could do like that,or if you want to do like a vertical,spread you could simply just go,right here and itll automatically do it,for you or you could clear the chart and,uh,pretty much do it yourself by you know,clicking in and then clicking in,something else and changing it and then,you know making your own spread like,that,very easy to make your trades um like i,said,the charting just isnt good um now this,is a option-centric platform and the,reason i say this is because,i wouldnt recommend tasty trades if,youre someone who wants to day trade,stocks and the reason i say this is,because,to buy stocks on tasty works basically,you could only buy stocks in increments,of 100,which is very inconvenient um if youre,day trading because you might not,want to buy 100 shares of stock you know,you might be trading amazon,and amazon you might be only be able to,buy like uh five shares because amazon,is trading at three thousand dollars,right,so 100 shares thats like i dont even,know like 300 000 or something like that,its just ridiculously expensive right,um i cant afford that,right so again tastyworks is really,option-centric i wouldnt recommend it,if youre just trading stocks or futures,but for me the good thing is all i trade,right now,are options so it kind of is working out,for me um,so im going to continue you know using,this platform like i said the,commissions is what really intrigued me,uh they have a cap as far as like if,your commissions exceed ten dollars for,your trade,um youre only going to pay ten dollars,for your trade and then thats to open,the trade theres no commissions to,close your trade right,because in td ameritrade i spent about,like maybe 3 000,in one month just on commissions alone,and thats uh you know just because i,trade a lot,right you know not everyones trading as,much as me but i trade a lot and you,know a lot of people think td ameritrade,did free commissions but thats only for,stocks for options,um the commission is free ive even,considered you know going into robinhood,because their options are commission,free,but um you know i decided to give,tastyworks a try,like i said you know not the best,platform for charting but very easy to,navigate,and thats one of the other reasons,because even though robinhood does have,free commissions,so i dont even have to pay anything i,find it kind of hard to scroll on my,phone to make my trades versus just,being on the,you know computer and you know being,able to execute trades like this you,know,changing you know where i want to you,know do i want to buy in the ass,by just navigating right over here by at,the bid,um you know its very uh simple and,clean,but like i said theres areas for,opportunity i would say that they,definitely need to work under charting,and um maybe in the future that might be,a platform that like works more on day,trading stocks versus only being option,centric,but who knows maybe their primary focus,is just always going to be options,um so yeah thats pretty much my review,on tastyworks,uh if youre going to be trading options,only you know i would say go ahead and,get it and you know maybe,you know have an account with td,ameritrade just to trade um or,chart i keep like three dollars in my td,ameritrade thinker swim account now just,so i could happen to have it open just,so i could trade,but yeah thats pretty much it guys,again my name is justin from push and,profit,if you guys have any questions on,tastyworks or td ameritrade leave them,down below,um if you guys uh you dont want me to,do any

Tastyworks Desktop Tutorial for Beginners 2022 | Step-by-Step Guide to Get Started on Tastyworks

hey everyone welcome back to the,tastyworks tutorial series in todays,video were going to be doing a,step-by-step tutorial of the tastyworks,desktop platform i will say there is a,lot to cover and many different features,to go over but in todays video im,going to focus on the things i think,youre actually going to be using on a,daily basis thats going to include,stuff like the overall navigation of the,platform how to create and customize,your own watch list how to place trades,on both stock and options how to utilize,and customize your own charts and some,various other tools that i think you,guys might find useful i will say that,this is definitely going to end up being,a long video so please use the,timestamps down below in the description,if you need to jump ahead to a specific,topic ill also mention before i get,started that if you guys are already,planning on opening a tastyworks account,already and want to help me out a little,bit my little account link is down below,in the comments section click on that,open your account from there and it,gives me a little bit of credit now that,we got all that out of the way lets go,ahead and jump right into the tutorial,starting with the overall navigation of,the app and its actually easier than it,may look first off youre probably going,to notice a side panel on the left hand,side that displays a watch list of all,the companies you want to keep track of,just to the right of that watch list is,your main navigational tabs that will,change your dynamic window on the right,hand side thats going to include your,positions page which shows you all of,your open positions your open orders and,is basically just a reflection of what,is going on in your account right now,just below that weve got the trade tab,which is how were actually going to,access our option chain our analysis,tools and some various other gadgets up,here at the top that could come in handy,later down the line below the trade page,is going to be the activity tab which is,simply a breakdown of all of our past,trading activity in the account and then,finally right below that we do have our,charts page right down here below as,well besides those main navigational,tabs its also important to mention that,all of your account info can be seen at,the very top of the account page up here,this is going to allow you to always,keep track of the overall value of your,account your available buying power and,how much youre up or down overall in,the account if you ever want to get rid,of that account info section you can,always come over here to the top right,and click on accounts and that section,will disappear now dont worry were,going to discuss each one of these tabs,later in the video but lets first start,off with how to create and customize our,own watch list on this left-hand side,panel over here so right off the bat at,the very top of this panel you can see,the watch list that im currently,looking at so right now im looking at,my options watch list now in that watch,list down below you can see ive got,companies like american airlines apple,amd amazon and just the right of each of,those stock tickers you can see it,displays the current bid and asking,price for those stocks the change for,the day as well as the percent change,for the day in order for us to access,additional watch lists that weve,created or even the watch list that,tasty works has made for us all we have,to do is come up here to this drop down,menu once we click on that menu we can,see all of the watch lists that,tastytrade has for us by default and,then all of our watch lists down here,below below this kind of horizontal line,now as of right now i only have one,watch list that ive made for myself and,its called options but if we wanted to,access another one like lets say a,tasty trade watch list we can come up,here looking to the right we can see,that theres one called uh companies,near their 52-week low lets go ahead,and click on that one once we do click,on it we can see its a completely new,list things like american airlines,airbnb aurora cannabis and all of these,companies are near their 52 week low,right now now if we wanted to make our,own watch list its actually pretty easy,to do and all we have to do is come up,here to the little gear icon in the,upper right hand corner of our watch,list as soon as we click on that we can,see a settings menu comes up and as of,right now im on the left sidebar tab,now were going to get to this in a,minute this is where we can actually,change the displayed columns that were,looking at but in this case we want to,make a brand new watch list so what i,need you to do is click on the list tab,from here we can see some buttons on the,right hand side things like add a new,list clone a list and delete the,selected list that we have open but in,our case since we want to make a brand,new one were going to come up here and,click on add a new list as soon as we do,a little window pops up on the left,asking us to create a new watchless name,in our case lets just go ahead and,click in there and name it this watch,list the practice watch list so well,just go ahead and type that in and now,that ive got the name set all we have,to do is add a single symbol to this,watch list to actually create the watch,list so the very first symbol im going,to add is actually going to be square so,im going to come up here and type in sq,in the search box and click on it in the,list here the next thing im going to do,is come down here to the add square to,practice watch list button and just go,ahead and click on that thats going to,both create the practice watch list for,us and add square the symbol to that,watch list now that ive done that were,going to come down here to the ok button,in the lower left hand corner and go,ahead and click on that so now that the,watch list has actually been made all we,have to do is come up here to the drop,down menu click on the list here come,over here to that drop down menu and,find the new watch list we just made,called practice watch list and were,going to go ahead and click on that and,there we go we now have the praxis watch,list open and as of right now all i have,is square in this watch list but i can,see what its currently trading for how,much its up or down for the day and it,looks like its not doing so hot this,morning but if we wanted to add,additional symbols to this watch list,from now on all we have to do is look at,the very bottom of this watch list for,the add symbol button this kind of,speaks for itself but if we wanted to,add a new symbol we simply need to click,in this box type in the symbol we want,to add to find it and click on it so in,our case lets say we wanted to add,microsoft so were going to type in msft,well find it in the list here go ahead,and click on it and then hit the little,plus sign on the right hand side as soon,as i do that you can see microsoft has,now been added we can see its also down,pretty significantly today down 10.32,cents but i think you guys get the idea,we simply need to come down here to the,add symbol box type in what we want to,add in this case facebook click on it,and hit the little plus sign here now,that we got that out of the way how to,actually add symbols to this watch list,and create new ones lets go over how we,can change these column headers up at,the top and add information that we find,very useful for us to do that all we,have to do is come up here to the,settings button again little gear icon,so go ahead and click on that just like,before brings up the settings menu and,were on the left sidebar tab and were,actually going to stay on this tab for,this one down below on the left hand,side in the displayed section we can see,all of the column headers we currently,have like bid and ask net change and,percent change and then just the right,of that in the not displayed section we,can see all of the columns that we could,add to our watchlist section we can see,things like last traded price we

Tradestation, ThinkorSwim, TastyWorks Brokers… Why I use ALL 3

[Music],hey guys in this video im gonna go over,the three brokerages that i use,actively every single day all three of,them are funded,and i use all three for different,reasons those three brokerages are,tradestation tastyworks,and think or swim or td ameritrade im,gonna compare these three,with the fees their account types and,which one might suit the way that youre,trading so first off,lets look at tradestation so on,tradestation they have two,account types they have the ts select or,ts,go and theyre both free and they both,have,pretty good fees with ts select you have,60 cents per contract,futures 1.50 and the minis are 50 cents,which thats an awesome price,and then futures options are dollar 50.,with the ts go you have 50 cents per,contract for options which is great,futures 85 cents that is awesome and the,e-minis 50 cents is also,perfect futures options a dollar fifty,the biggest difference between these two,is actually using the platforms,so with ts go you can use the web and,the mobile app,but the desktop you can use it but you,might not want to be trading on it,because,it will charge you ten dollars per trade,if you have a ts go account,so you want to be sure that youre on,the ts select account if youre trading,using the desktop version,also the desktop version is only,available on pc,at the moment of this video so maybe in,the future it will come out,on mac but for now its only on pc you,get real-time data for free,and the minimum deposits are right there,2 000,or any amount so the pros of,tradestation,i actually came from lightspeed and,opened the tradestation account,in the first hour i do a lot of day,trading stocks,and so i needed to be pretty quick and,with tradestation the desktop version,im able to get in and out pretty fast,and it is very comparable to lightspeed,and there are no fees next is the great,platforms,so web trading the mobile app and the,desktop all work,awesome and the biggest pro of these is,the simulator the simulator works so,well,and it doesnt glitch like think or swim,simulator does,the biggest con of tradestation is if,you are doing,equities and options and futures theres,different accounts for them so,you have the equities account which has,stocks and options,and then you have the futures account,and they have to be separately funded,so that can be kind of annoying the good,thing is that they are both marginable,four to one so thats a plus side for,the margin next we have,td ameritrade their fees are not too bad,either so weve got the stocks are free,and options 65 cents per contract,ive actually worked mine down to 45,cents just by calling them and,complaining enough,especially when uh think or swim lags,give them a call and try and get your,fees down,on futures its 2.25 cents per contract,that is a ridiculously,high price i tried to get that down as,well but they wouldnt budge for me on,that,i didnt trade futures enough at the,time when i called them so for that,reason i do not trade futures,on think or swim its just too expensive,for example on their platform if i was,to actually make,a trade here say on the es look how,expensive,this can be if i hit a buy order right,here,heres my confirmation two dollars 10,cents plus 1.25 were at 335 just to,get in and then 335 to get out so that,is,pretty expensive when it comes to fees,especially compared to tradestation and,tastyworks,the nice thing about td ameritrade,though is that,you only have one account so you dont,have to worry about funding two separate,accounts for equities and options and,futures,so thats all in one so thats the first,pro of td ameritrade,another pro is their platform i love,their platform,but of course it doesnt its been laggy,lately i dont know whats been up with,it,might have something to do with the,merge but its all around one of my,favorite platforms,especially with this analyze tab on the,analyze tab,youre able to look at the options,strategies,and analyze them really well you can,also do this in the other,two brokerages im just not as,comfortable in doing it yet on,tradestation,but you can do it in tastyworks and,well go over that the biggest con,is the lagginess of thinkorswim every,now and then when theres a lot of,volatility in the markets,think or swim just cant handle it and,their fees for future,sucks so that is why i dont use,thinkorswim for,futures next we have tastyworks they,have some awesome accounts,so they have whats called the works,this is their margin account and it has,margin on everything from stocks to,futures to options on futures,their pricing is awesome so theirs is a,little different from the others,you get a dollar per contract for,options,and 10 max per leg this can be a huge,savings if youre doing a lot of,contracts,a little while back i used to always be,day trading spy,and buying about 100 contracts at a time,and paying 65 cents on td ameritrade,really adds up you get 65 to get in,65 to get out and then i started using,tasty works,where i would be buying a hundred and my,max would be 10,so when i was buying 100 was only 10 and,then its free to get out,so ten dollars total in the entire trade,versus,the hundred and thirty dollars in td,ameritrade so they have the best fees,when it comes to,the options ive also got good pricing,on the,options micro futures and their futures,contracts are dollar 25 so thats,almost half of what td ameritrade is,their micro futures are 85 cents,so you get a little bit of discount,doing the smaller futures their platform,is also,very much geared toward options,strategies,so heres their platform and in the,curve,you can create strategies like this long,call vertical and hit go,and itll map it out for you and you can,hit the analyze,tab to completely analyze how this trade,would play out,and itll tell you your max profit max,loss down here,and they have some other cool features,that are their own type of thing,like the iv rank iv rank is their own,thing telling you,how volatile the stock is compared to,how it usually is,so thats pretty cool so the pros of,tastyworks,first their fees so this is awesome,options fees,second they have decent futures fees as,well,and i like the trade tab right here,under,active if you want to buy any of these i,can just click right here,and create an order like this so this is,on the desktop version you can make a,pretty,you can get in and out pretty quick,using this next is their margin,is on futures just like the other two,brokers but,it has a two to one ratio whereas the,other ones have four to one so thats a,little different when it comes to margin,for that reason,i dont day trade stocks on tasty works,because i only get the two to one margin,whereas tradestation and taste and think,or swim i get to the four to one,their platform another pro is their,platform makes it very easy,to unders to understand option spreads,great for beginners,when youre doing option spreads another,awesome thing is its one account so,you have the stocks and equities and,futures all in one,no two separate accounts like,tradestation so,on these three brokers i use them all,actively,i day trade in tradestation,due to the four to one margin and the,quickness of the platform,i use thinkorswim for long-term trades,or my options spreads just because their,platform,isnt quite as reliable as id like it,to be,but i do use it very actively for,charting,and then i use tastyworks for,option spreads and futures trading and,thats because,i like this active trader tab and,their margin on futures is pretty good,and i can get in and out pretty fast,and the tastyworks platform is really,reliable,i might also be funding my tradestation,futures account,a little bit more money so that i can,start actively,doing futures on tradestation right now,i just have it slightly funded so that i,can actually view the charts,because you cant view the charts,without it being funded so thats it for,these three brokers let me know if you,have any questions about these brokers,comment below,on any questions ab

Webull, Tradestation, ThinkorSwim, Tastyworks, Comparison. Which is Best?

[Music],hey guys so today im going to go over,my favorite brokers and platforms so,ive had tons of different brokers tons,of different platforms im definitely in,the double digits on the amount of,brokers that ive opened right now i,only have three,that are funded,and those three are weeble,tradestation,and tastyworks so im going to go over,why i use those three,and then for charting i mostly use,thinkorswim and tradingview and ill,also go over why i use those so heres,my awards page and were gonna go over,each reason that i think that theyre,the best at these certain things so,first off trading view,i love the trading view platform and i,would say that its one of the best,charting platforms this is mostly,because of how customizable it is you,can create indicators if you can if you,learn pine editor which is pretty simple,and ive created my own indicators like,these up here,mac size calculator,different type of things this atr dtr so,be sure to uh check me out trader,creator pro if you want these indicators,ive posted them publicly which is,another reason that tradingview is an,awesome platform,um all the indicators you can go to the,community scripts and look at,i mean theres all the different scripts,but like my atr dtr,heres mine right here trader creator,pro but the other thing that i love,about trading view is that this chart if,i open it up on my phone,its going to look exactly the same like,with no other brokers do the charts look,the same on the phone,so thats something that i love about,trading view as well of course you are,going to have to pay but they have,discounts like all the time little,secrets maybe do a monthly tr do a,monthly trial and then theyll give you,like 50 off or more if you sign up for,yearly at the end of your month so,thats what i did uh a lot of people,just use trading view so its got a big,community and they also integrate with,tradestation,and with trade of eight they obviously,have other,uh things you can,connect with it too but tradestation you,can you can trade stocks and futures,and trade evade you can trade futures,with worst is the chart layout,customization and i dont love their,scanner so their scanners i mean its,nice it works,but its just pretty basic you cant,really customize it very well but its,fine thing i hate the most is this like,you have to choose their layouts you,cant change the different sizing and,stuff which is kind of annoying to me it,is what it is it works just fine next,tradestation this is the best for free,stock scalping i would say that,tradestation is the closest to direct,access broker as you can get,they are definitely one of the fastest,something else i love about them is,their chart trading so if you come up,here to here you can see these buttons,just super simple just by just like that,or i can hit control and click like that,and i can drag and move things around i,can just hit cancel all they get super,quick with those buttons however their,hotkeys kind of kind of suck i mean you,can use hotkeys with this you just click,enable keyboard trading right here um,this isnt something that i,love their platforms a little bit,clinky theyre definitely quick when it,comes to the fills,this right here i have up is futures,and,all these different lines are actually,my automation im trying to create a bot,that will automatically trade futures,and you can do that within tradestation,and its actually probably one of the,simplest ways to do it but im still,learning about that so im not going to,talk about that very much okay they also,integrate with trading view they are,also one of the only ones that will work,for people that are out of the country,so if you are not a citizen of the us,you can use tradestation worst is just,clunky desktop platform and their,web platform isnt too great but at,least they have it you know so trade of,eight i havent used too much but they,are great futures broker they integrate,with tradingview and,they have probably the best pricing of,any other futures broker that ive seen,and they have some of the best,buying power so for a small account and,you want to trade futures trade evate is,definitely a friend to you,td ameritrade,think or swim,i love their platform and i wish that it,worked better but,i love the platform i use it every day,um you can create indicators and stuff,just like pint script i mostly use their,watch list this is how i watch a lot of,my different stocks and some of my,different indicators like this ones the,ready aim fire this is one that i kind,of created took from the ready game fire,indicator and,uh this ones like the the strat a one,two,and you can use different time frames on,here um and if you go to trader creator,pro you can sign up to be alerted when i,release all of my indicators theres,going to be a course on just my,indicators and im making videos on each,one,anyways shameless plug yeah so think or,swim i love it except for it can get,really laggy when there is,some volatility the futures pricing is,crap so,thats the main reason i dont use,thinkorswim for futures but otherwise,theyre actually a pretty good theyre,pretty good,broker to use tastyworks this is where,my ira is because,im able to trade options and futures,they are definitely one of the best for,theyre definitely one of the best for,option spreads so if youre gonna do a,spread i mean look how simple it is to,see exactly what youre doing you just,click here,lets do a long,or a short straddle hit go,and boom you have a straddle there and,then you can change the strikes change,the width obviously a straddle you dont,change the width its super simple to do,spread so tastyworks is awesome for,swing type of trades especially with,options and then they they do have a way,to trade pretty quickly in the active,trade mode where you can place your,trades here,you just kind of click here and you can,move,this right here,so that works pretty well but not as,well as something like the ladder or,matrix on tradestation or,active trade on think or swim i like,that im able to trade futures and,options and stocks all in my ira and,tasterworks allows that to happen,so i like them for,my ira they dont have good hotkeys and,scalping like i said is not the best now,my number one platform number one which,is crazy to me because,i,first used weeble to,do a review and basically say that it,was crap but now i have that fully,funded and thats what i trade in day in,and day out that is my day trading,options and stocks account is weeble so,weeble is the winner for me i love,weeble the link is below to be able to,get up to five three or five stocks,using that link if you open an account,with weeble i actually made a slide here,on weeble and what i do and dont like,about weibull so first their pricing is,free and cheap,so its free to like trade but the data,is 1.99 and 290 for level 2 and 299 for,options data thats,pretty dang cheap it works on mac and pc,their mobile desktop and web app all,work great so as long as you have,internet you can trade,they have regular updates which i like,you might see that as a con,but they are constantly improving they,have awesome hotkeys and ill show you,that in a moment they have really fast,fills on options,and stocks i havent noticed any kind of,lag even during all the volatility that,weve had lately they are not a direct,access broker like lightspeed and cobra,but you still get filled really fast so,for most people its going to be just,fine i hear the customer service is okay,i havent really had to use them because,i havent had really any problems but i,did mention to them that i want the,latter to be used with options and they,just added that last month so i dont,know if they,really took in my recommendation there,they did say that they were gonna take,it in but next they do offer crypto,stocks and options,honestly i love the platform which is,really funny because i originally opened,up a weeble account to do a review for,people,that wanted a review of weeble i,went

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