1. Taurus G3 Pistol Review Taking it to another Level
  2. New Taurus G3 1000 Round Review: $250 Pistol
  4. New Taurus G3XL Gun Review : Long Slide, Short Grip
  5. Taurus G3
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Taurus G3 Pistol Review Taking it to another Level

the tarsi 3 lets check it out,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],Taurus has been in business for over 80,years in Brazil and they were actually a,licensed manufacturer for beretta in the,beginning and made a lot of different 92,clones and other things but Taurus has,definitely stepped out with revolvers,and with their semi-automatics now one,of the big things about Taurus is that,traditionally theyve had quality,control issues Taurus came under new,management theyve opened up facilities,in Miami theyre getting ready to open,up a facility in Georgia and since that,time they have really stepped up their,game in my opinion starting out with the,G to C which is a 12-round compact,version of the g3 which were going to,look at today and it was very impressive,taking the g3 out guys Im gonna tell,you theres a lot of cool things about,this handgun and so I think Taurus is,going in the right direction,and with the g3 they definitely are the,guys I was really wanting to get a hold,of one of the G 3s and Big Daddy,Unlimited sent this for this test &,Evaluation and I really appreciate them,helping out with this review one thing,thats interesting about the g3 is that,there is a lot of excitement over this,handgun and the reason for that is,because of the success of the g2 compact,of the g2 C and Im gonna tell you guys,Taurus has stepped up their game I have,never been a huge tourist fan Ive had a,number of horses I had the judge which I,like I have the TX 22 which is just its,an excellent pistol and they have just,been really good and I think Taurus is,making a big switch and so that has,brought a lot of people over to the g3 I,mean theyre saying you know man this is,Taurus is changing things around but,whats really cool about Taurus is they,remain to be a fairly reasonably priced,firearm and so that just gives guns to,people that cant afford a gun and yet,it could be good quality and one thing,to that Taurus has reinstated is their,lifetime repair or warranty policy and,thats one of the things that Taurus has,always been known about so lets go,ahead and check make sure the gun is,unloaded and drop,magazine check the chamber and its,empty 15-round magazine and a 17 round,magazine magazine fits in 17 right here,and it just fits against the butt like,this doesnt really add a whole lot to,the firearm and one thing about it the,magazines really fly out they are met,gar magazines right here met gar made in,Italy which makes most of the magazines,for all your major gun manufacturers and,we have absolute little all the way down,for every round yellow follower then we,have a polymer frame it is kind of a,glass nylon reinforced polymer matte,finish on the slide,well see how durable it is but I know,that my g2 has been durable enough it,does take some scuffs but you know its,just got that anodized kind of a matte,finish to it guys really to be honest,with you its just a great looking,firearm it has some really classic lines,to it and it differentiates itself to me,from a lot of the Stryker for our,pistols and so I think Taurus has done a,really good job on this because it is a,little bit larger than the g2 to me it,gives it more balance now beside the g2,see being a little smaller it does have,a 12 plus 1 magazine while the g3 has a,15-round plus one and also a 17 round,plus one now have low profile 3 dot,sights,these are windage adjustable just by,drifting but they are polymer and then,you have a front fixed sight the barrel,is has a chrome finish to it chrome,plating you can see and there is a,loaded chamber indicator thats right,here at the top now that is one of the,differences between the g2 see youll,notice it has on the top your loaded,chamber indicator right here and so they,just decided to minimalize it you can,just see it so that just eliminated one,of their processes actually we have,front and rear cocking serrations course,the front abbreviated but definitely,difficult and we have a 1913 picatinny,rail with three slides one thing about,the grip is the texturing is just really,nice Im,its very aggressive and their panels,all the way around and through and then,we have a place for your thumb right,here and then we have memory notches for,youre shooting finger and so that way,its really trainable you can just take,that finger and put it up into that,position which I really like that,because it just reminds me to put it up,there,and then when youre firing you can,actually use that other side and just,get your thumb on there and helps to,control the firearm just a little bit,more of course your mag release weve,already shown it it can be switched to,the other side we have our slide release,or slide stop here and we have a frame,safety now some people arent gonna like,it some people are going to like it,one of the things about a structure for,our pistol is especially guys that are,used to double single action or,revolvers they just dont trust that,striker fire the trigger safety so this,gives you another option me personally,Im not a big fan of frame Safetys,because Im so used to it but it is what,it is and especially if youre carrying,appendix that would be a good possible,choice with that frame safety as far as,safeties go frame safeties its right,there in that perfect position I mean,you just hit it bring it up and its,just ready to go now one of the things,about having a striker for our pistol is,relying on the trigger safety and not,this frame safety some guys just say,well Im not gonna engage the frame,safety the problem is the frame safety,can get and it vertically knocked and so,really you need to train with the frame,safety if you have one on your firearm,trigger has the trigger shoe the trigger,safety and of course this has to be,depressed you can see back here at the,back disappears and that keeps the,trigger from firing unless you have a,full grip on the trigger now one thing,that the g3 has going for it that I,havent seen on many other Stryker for,our pistols were gonna drop the,magazine make sure the gun isnt loaded,when you pull the trigger and you fire,and let go notice that the trigger pops,back and this gives you second strike,capability so if you hit a dead round in,the chamber instead of having to write,the slide tap rack and you know eject,the round you can actually have a second,strike on that primer and I think that,is a pretty cool deal now one,things about that is that the trigger,pull is different between the when its,cocked and ready and then when youve,restrike it so were gonna make sure the,gun is in the full cocked position very,free play just a lot of free play right,here and then it comes to a wall a,little bit of resistance and then a nice,break and guys Im telling you that is a,really nice trigger pull for a polymer,frame striker fire pistol reset right,there,now the striker has been released but,the triggers gone back this time it,actually the free play is not as big,kind of stops right here a lot of pull,and resistance and then youve got the,break so its different but you should,never have to encounter that second,strike capability unless you have a dead,round and then the trigger is not as,important and our linemen trigger to age,from Brownells were gonna check the,trigger pull weight 5 pounds 4.1 ounces,five pounds 2.6 ounces its definitely,all that trigger weight comes when you,get down to that one position guys Im,just Im impressed and honestly its a,little better than it is with the g2 see,now I could get it out and compare it,but its just a little bit of a,difference but I like the g3 a little,better now considering there are a lot,of different structure fire pistols we,could compare the g3 to I brought out,the Ruger security 9 because its more,in the price range of the Taurus g3 also,the Kanak would also be close in that,but I think that the Kanak actually runs,a little more than even the Ruger so,looking at these two together from the,top of the slide they are almost,identical in size the top of the slides,matching w

New Taurus G3 1000 Round Review: $250 Pistol

[Applause],whats up guys this is the honest outlaw,here and today we are gonna be talking,about one of the better pistols that,have hit 2019 this is the Taurus g3,before we do that I want to thank my,page news reporters thank you guys very,much because of you honest outlaw keeps,going I really appreciate you profit us,up and because of that we do a monthly,giveaway and we do patron only content I,also want to mention I have some Amazon,links and some Olight links down there,if you want to get the discount on any,Olight products or if you want to go to,my amazon store and check out some cool,stuff i use on the channel you are more,than welcome to I also want to mention a,local homeless shelter in Ames Iowa that,I like to support the link to donate for,that is in the description below now,back to the gun this is the Taurus g3,right here it is the bigger brother of,the Taurus g2c which was a big hit last,year with me and with lots of people,because it was I dont know the first,really reliable gun I think Taurus has,ever made thats not true but it seems,to be pretty close to that Ive had a,lot of tourist bombs in my life and I,was very happy to get a gun from,tourists for around the $200 mark that,worked very well this is kind of a take,on the same idea this is the g3 its got,a little bit longer grip a little bit,longer barrel it is going to be more of,a kind of a compact to MIT or a,full-sized gun think similar to the,Glock 45 Glock 19 X a little bit shorter,barrel than a normal full size but the,same size grip it comes with two mags,two mags if you saw my first shots video,which a lot of people did it was a very,big video for me especially for first,shots video I mentioned that it only,came with one magazine however I am a,dumb-dumb and it was actually in this,little box here underneath so what can I,say it does come with two mags but,overall not a big deal it has a 17 round,magazine and a 15-round magazine the 17,round mag has a sleeve on it to make it,feel flush fit when it goes in which is,a nice touch however done rather poorly,in my opinion compared to some other,companies and it does move all over the,place however you can put glue or a hair,tie or whatever you want to do to fix,that issue,it does come with a little bit of a grip,here if you have to strip the mag which,I do life and taste magazines get dirty,or in case the gun gets dirty and you,have to strip the mags and eject it and,stuff like that however it does come,with kind of a subpar takedown system in,my opinion compared to something like a,cig or a iwi or something like that now,this gun is a four inch barrel,nine millimeter striker-fired pistol,with double strike capability a single,sided manual safety and it is chamber to,nine-millimeter with a Picatinny rail,and it comes with white box sights,however I have replaced the sights with,a fiber optic set from Lakeline now if,you saw my video on Instagram youll,know that the rear sight on the lake,line sights not on the actual Taurus,itself but on the lake line aftermarket,sights the set screw which is the only,thing that holds it by the way broke off,and flew into the great beyond and so,youre searching for sights in a,haystack huh did you find it for real,holy [ __ ] well they were good sites not,so much anymore huh people get all,wrapped around the axle about pistol,sights,I still got a front sight every minute,to get the elevation who needs both,sides who needs them,I found the rear sight and replaced it,with a different screw that I had,however I felt like the the way that the,screw was set in actually got in the way,of the rear sight a little bit and I,didnt like that so I took a drill and,drilled that out and put the screw,deeper and used a more secure a higher,quality metal screw and I havent had,any issues since then which is good,because it gives a really good sight,picture and its a pretty cheap set of,sights this fiber optic sight set is,around 40 bucks overall however like I,said I did have one fly off okay,[Applause],I thought that was probably just an act,to God or something but the reality is I,had several people on my Instagram,comment that theyve had that happen too,so thats maybe a risk youre gonna have,to take with the forty dollar set of,sites but they do come with a Ledge and,a fiber optic so what you gonna do the,Taurus itself comes with front slide,serrations standard barrel and a kind of,a shoddy coating overall but the double,strike capability is very interesting,and I do like to talk about this with a,tour series of guns because they are,striker-fired and the trigger is pretty,decent however you do have double Strait,capability in case for whatever reason,the round doesnt go off or if you are,dry firing like I constantly do you can,do it without having to rack the slide,in between which speeds up your dry fire,process it might make you a better,shooter overall the only downside to,that I would say is that its different,than the actual cadence of shooting live,rounds because if you can see here this,is the way you do it when you do the,double strike capability you can see,that the reset is very long but its,actually rack the slide its about half,the distance so the gun itself actually,doesnt have a better or it doesnt have,a bad trigger overall it just might feel,that way if youre letting it ride out,every time the reliability on this gun,was pretty awesome thousand rounds,through this gun with no problems,whatsoever same as its little brother,the g2c so thats really really good,especially for the price of this gun,which is an astonishing 200 to 250,dollars I got it for around 270 but I,got the day of release my buddy pew view,youll check his integral is youtube and,his Instagram out he got a hold of me,and asked me if I wanted this so I went,over there and picked it up really,appreciate him let me know hes got a,cool channel so feel free to check it,out the accuracy on this gun was again,very very good for the price the,triggers not bad and the sights are kind,of garbage from the factory the the,white dot with the white box I mean,think factory Glock sights,in the factory however they were still,doable and from the factory the front,sight was actually a little bit crooked,as well which also prompted the sight,change but even before that I was able,to hit at 75 yards and most handgun,confrontations are not gonna happen,anywhere beyond 10 yards so youre gonna,be totally fine with the stock sites if,you choose to use them or I like to,shoot a long distance for fun so I,switched him up and I had no problem,hitting with this this was I shot this,next to the Sig p3 65 and a Glock 19 and,this was as accurate if not a little bit,more accurate than bolt so I just got,done shooting the p3 65 Excel by Sig,Sauer and I had some trouble and this is,one of the reasons why I like to shoot,on days that are miserable and today is,pretty miserable Im just getting done,with a cold,pretty sore pretty tired and its really,cold outside its really windy outside,and its just a lot of adversity you,have to overcome and in times like that,you really figure out how you actually,shoot a gun or are you actually going to,shoot under stress because you know,youre under stress so what I wanted to,do is I wanted to bring out the Taurus,g3 here and see if I can actually shoot,this better than the 365,[Music],well not perfect but a significantly,higher hit ratio with this gut so for,$250 youve got some pretty crazy,accuracy considering the the cost of the,gun and the overall quality of the parts,involved still a very accurate gun,overall now the shooting the shoot,ability was also pretty excellent the,gun itself has a very low recoil pulse,it has a low bore axis the sight is not,very heavy so it doesnt reciprocate too,much and the texture on the gun feels,really good in hand and its got a,pretty aggressive bite to it just like,the M&P series however its not over the,whole grip its just over the bottom and,Wow I have to admit I liked it better,th

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hello again everybody and welcome back,to the channel,thank you so much for joining us again,today well today well be taking a quick,look at the G3 from Taurus,its virtually the same size,as a Glock 19 and it holds the same,amount of rounds but its over 200,cheaper,so the question is,does the G3 have the features in,reliability to make it as good an option,for concealed carry as the Glock well,were gonna find out,in just a minute,[Music],all right once again welcome back thanks,for being with us today if this is your,first time coming to the channel or if,youve been watching our videos and you,just havent had a chance to so far and,you like our content please consider,subscribing you can locate that,subscribe button in the lower right hand,corner of your computer screen there or,if youre on a mobile device you can,just scroll down below the video and you,can hit the Subscribe button that way,its a simple thing that helps out a,whole lot and we really really,appreciate it so today its the Taurus,G3,this is another pistol that um its been,out for a few years now and I was able,to get my hands on this right when it,came out of course the reality of,reviewing guns is is that a lot of the,guns you shoot you may see them several,times and kind of watch how they evolve,and this has been out long enough to,where I can tell you a whole lot more,about the quality than I would have when,it first came out so thats going to be,a bonus but,you know people want to talk to are,different opinions about Taurus some,people say well you know theres a,reason why that gun is almost half the,price I wouldnt carry a Taurus well to,be quite honest with you in recent past,the only real thing Ive ever even heard,of that I recall that Taurus had a,problem was of course the PT series all,those Millennium 111 132 I think there,was nine of them yeah so they stopped,making a lot of guns that they had,problems with all in one series but with,a lot of what Ive seen here over the,last few years they seem to be a lot,more consistent so well see how that,plays out anyway as usual we like to,start off with the little old size,comparison and as I said this is you,know virtually the same size as a Glock,and the reason I say that is because,literally theyre the exact same length,you know both of these Firearms overall,length is 7.28 inches now if you look at,them of course theres going to be some,slight differences but if you look at,little things like the the trigger guard,you can see that you know theyre so,similar in the way these are done and,the sizes and then of course the only,place where things really start to look,different is when you get down here you,know into the grip of course your rail,slightly different but just looking at,the overall size theyre very very,similar size pistols very close the,Glock if you look at it is actually just,slightly lighter like a maybe an ounce,or so lighter than this pistol not much,and the width,[Music],um,the width of the G3 is actually slightly,less than the Glock so you can see,theyre very very similar you saw the,length you can see the width,you can see looking at them down from,the site down to the,bottom of the grip just very very,similar sizes now of course the reason,we do this you know many of you as,popular as a Glock 19 is theres a good,chance that youve had your hands on one,of these maybe not the G3 as close as,they are as far as size their weight,the G3 is,24.83 ounces unloaded well the Glock is,23.63 so once again you got about an,ounce of weight separating them its as,close as they are if youve had your,hands on a Glock 19 and youre,considering the weight and how this is,going to feel in the holster theyre so,close that uh if youve been able to,carry one comfortably I imagine you can,probably carry the G3 the same way,all right were going to jump around the,features here but before we do we want,to take just a moment to thank our,friends over at Dons Weaponry for,providing us this beautiful example of,the Taurus G3 for our tabletop review,today Dons Weaponry is a huge supporter,of firearm safety and education and we,cant thank them enough,so were gonna do this what we normally,do kind of in a top-down fashion but as,per usual lets do a quick safety check,get the magazine out and once you see,that the chamber is empty and we are all,clear and ready to go here,so first thing youll notice you have a,basic,um white dot fixed front sight and a,typical Notch rear side here of course,its drift adjustable you can tap it in,left or right to get it where you want,it youve got your slide which is a,alloy steel slide has a matte black,finish here this finish seems to wear,pretty good theyve used the same finish,on some of the other G Series models it,seems to be doing pretty good,um the barrel is actually stainless,steel and it has a matte stainless,finish on it okay your frame of course,is polymer now if you look on their,website theres a whole bunch of,different color combinations you can get,for these that are pretty slick this,happens to be the gray frame with the,black slide which we think looks pretty,good,um youll notice youve got your,picatinny rail on the front here so if,you want to have a lighter laser system,on the front of this firearm or you know,many cases this could be a some,departments may use these for Duty,weapons its about same size of Glock 19,so you never know,um but that gives you that capability,right here you can see this is your,slide lock and release it is only on the,left hand side,and you got your safety of course you,just push that up to put safety on bring,it back down and you can see the Red Dot,indicating it is ready to fire,you do have your takedown procedure here,which is like if youve seen the Glocks,you can see very similar you have The,Notches right here on both sides that,you pull down well this is the same,thing you bring your slide back just a,little bit bring those notches down you,go forward and then you can push the,entire slide right off just like that,and then of course once you have the,whole thing off you just tip out your,spring and your rod and then you can tip,out your Barrel you can do all the,cleaning and then of course just slide,it right back on the reverse of what you,had it there,and just like that youre ready to go so,its a pretty quick and easy takedown,method if youre going to go beyond that,of course make sure either youre a,gunsmith or you take it to one that way,you dont mess up anything on the inside,that you cant put back,the trigger,um they call this a single action with,three strike and basically what that,means is,keep right on pulling the trigger so if,the round doesnt go off you can try,again of course before you do your TAP,rack and clear,[Music],um,your magazine release is right here,below This Groove and its in a pretty,good place,um,even with a two-handed grip my thumbs,are together my thumbs both tend to kind,of sit right here at that Groove and,theres not enough pressure on this,release to me to ever feel like Im on,top of it but yet its close enough to,come right there and just,shoot the mag right out so that feels,pretty nice,coming down through here,um,youve got these different pads with the,texturing on them this feels pretty good,I mean you got pretty its not overdone,you know its not so much that its,painful but you can really feel the,texturing on there,I also wanted to mention of course this,is a of course a 15,plus one capacity firearm they do give,you two magazines with this and um you,know theyre theyre nice mags here,theyre good quality and I always like,it when they give you extra magazines,because of course those cost money so,thats a good value right there so as,far as the way the firearm looks and,feels you know got a pretty good basic,set of features the ergonomics feel nice,so for 200 and you know I think on,average about 220 less than a Glock 19.,you get a pretty nice set of features,and a pretty decent uh looking handgun,that seems to have pretty

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New Taurus G3XL Gun Review : Long Slide, Short Grip

the taurus g3 xl lets check it out,[Music],[Music],so,[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Applause],so,[Music],[Applause],when taurus introduced their g3 series,it was a turning point for taurus over,the past few years they have really,upped their game and one of the big,things about taurus is its always been,a very budget-friendly firearm which is,nice especially if you need something,you know for self-defense and you dont,want to break the bank,but with the g3 they really turned a,corner the quality of the g3 is,exceptional a lot of that has to do with,a lot of the parts and assemblies being,made right here in the us but taurus,overall has really taken a big step,forward now with the g3 the full size,they also make the compact then they,came out with the g3 x with a full-size,grip but then the shorter slide,similar to the concept of the glock g19x,but now theyve introduced the g3 xl,this has a full length slide,with the shortened grip of the g3c,compact so were going to do a full,review of the g3 xl but were taking all,four models out to the range and were,going to test them side by side and we,really appreciate taurus for sending the,g3 xl for this review and also the,previous tauruses so we can really,compare them and give you guys a really,good look at the g3 series,lets go and check make sure the gun is,unloaded drop our 12 round magazine and,chambers empty we are going to be,showing a number of guns and they have,all been safety checked a lot of people,have been asking for this kind of,configuration with the longer slide and,the shorter grip one of the big things,about concealed carry is your grip is,the hardest to conceal and so having a,shorter grip and then having the,advantages of a longer sight radius,having really about an inch longer in,the barrel compared to the earlier g3,it just gives you some advantages in,different ways and to be honest this,longer slide i mean its not the part,that you have to hide when youre,concealing,it is longer and so its going to,especially for appendix carry you know,it may get in the way a little bit but,thats one of the thoughts behind this,type configuration and a lot of people,have been asking for the longer slide,with the shorter grip but just recently,taurus introduced their g3 x it has the,longer grip with the shorter slide so it,gives you just a totally different,configuration now one of the things,about this is you have more leverage,with the longer grip you have less slide,mass at the top and so its definitely,going to give you a different shooting,dynamic to be honest with you its a,softer shooting gun but one of the,things we found taking out the g3 xl is,that the pointability,the burning off of more of your powder,and the better velocity,really makes this an excellent shooting,gun as well they shoot differently so,really taking these two out to decide,which one is best for you,is going to be the deal because we,really enjoyed shooting both of these,for different reasons so here we have,the g3 slide on the g3c frame,here we have the g3c slide on the g3,frame we have a four inch barrel,compared to a 3.2 inch barrel,the one inch length will give you up to,50 to 100 more feet per second its just,going to give you better velocity,so they introduced the g3c first this is,with the 3.2 inch barrel with a 12 round,magazine and then they introduced the g3,the g3 is a full size firearm its a,four inch barrel it holds 15 or 17 plus,one in the magazine with the g3x we have,a 15 round capacity and with the g3 xl,we have a 12 round capacity but the,larger capacity magazines are compatible,with the g3c and the g3 xl guys this,just really gives you a lot of choices,and all of these slides are,interchangeable,except for the g3 because it has a,longer shroud that comes all the way out,whereas the g3 xl it cuts off here at,the end,and for those of you who are curious we,have one of the 15 round magazines,it fits right in there obviously there,is a space right here but it will work,and so if you have these longer,magazines you can keep a spare if youre,carrying this concealed and thatll just,give you more round capacity but yet,when youre carrying the grip again is,the hardest part to conceal and thats,one of the advantages of this design of,the pistol,but one advantage with the g3 x and the,g3 xl is they have eliminated the frame,safety here with the original g3 it has,the frame safety and im sure that,models coming up in the g3 line are,going to be available without the frame,safety a lot of guys still like the,frame safety because of the trigger,safety you know i mean for those who are,not used to it it can be a little bit,intimidating but honestly,keeping your finger out of the trigger,and the gun pointed in the right,direction you should be good to go with,this and they also have a striker safety,and other safeties that are built into,this firearm now all of the g3 pistols,are single action but they have second,strike capability so really theyre,single action double action and what,that means im gonna go ahead and make,sure the guns unloaded drop the,magazine check the chamber,when you pull that trigger,youre gonna fire,on a standard striker fire pistol if,this round does not go off,youre just stuck its a dead trigger,with the g3 series,if you have a light primer strike or you,know a hard primer you can just hit this,again,and its in double action and then you,have second strike capability and that,gives you an advantage most of your,striker fire pistols are only single,action without that option now all the,taurus g3 pistols have a tenofer finish,on a steel alloy slide now when you,first get your chaurus g3 any of the g3,series,it has kind of this it almost looks like,a parkerized finish its very matte,it just looks like its not going to,hold up very well again this is a,tenofur finish,and tennifer actually penetrates the,metal it gives better lubricity,something that glock used for a long,time,theyve changed to a little bit of a,different style but you can see it has,that really dry look to it,one thing that i did was just put a,little bit of oil on here in fact it was,just break free,and it really changes the entire,appearance,of that finish,it gives it a much better look just to,be honest in fact all the reviews ive,done so far ive left it in that raw,state just like it came,but you can see it does show up,scratches too if you leave that matte,finish because its just a matte kind of,overlay on the metal,but once you take that little bit of,lubrication and put it on here and that,would happen anytime you clean it,it really gives it a very smooth,appearance and to me the tinifer really,comes out once you do that now the grip,is very well done you have your,texturing on either side its fairly,aggressive texturing,and of course you have these two pads on,either side and then at the back strap,we have more aggressive texturing and,then on the front strap one of the big,things about that is you grip a pistol,from front to back thats where you,really have control of the handgun its,not really on the sides so this gives,you some extra gripping surface on the,front and back strap just allows for,better recoil mitigation also we have,these little thumb divots right here,and then we have it on the other side,and then here at the front we have also,a space right here where i can rest my,shooting finger after i shoot gives me a,memory pad to put it right there but,then when im firing the gun with a,double handed thumbs up position or,thumbs forward it gives me a place to,rest that thumb and that again,aids in recoil mitigation we have a nice,undercut right here at the trigger guard,it does have somewhat of a squared off,trigger guard and then we have a,one slot on the picatinny rail for,accessories youll also notice this hole,right here at the shroud,and typically most of your recoil,springs are brought back to a certain,point,but this allows you to change out your,your site your front sight the sights,are a blacked out serr

Taurus G3

they got 45 here Ive got a quiz for you,today which of these firearms is the,Glock which is the Taurus can you tell,huh since there field-stripped they are,taken apart okay,Ill bet all of you know that you well I,I thought I would have a couple because,its so similar to a Glock Glock 19 and,Glock 17 whatever the Taurus g3 thats,what were about today and youre,looking at it okay you got the firing,pin block youve got the you know you,can see the striker very similar,I know people hate all these comparisons,with flock but you know thats what,everybodys copied or almost everybody,and and whether you you know they may,have copied let me do a better job you,know so Im not saying which is better,but theyre kind of like the Ford 150,and whatever and we have them both there,lets put them together all right this,is the tars g3 I thought that was a,German battle rifle the g3 maybe not but,Ive been shooting this thing and you,have requested that we take a look at it,for a quite a while and you know that,story I finally got around to it,okay actually got one okay a good thing,I got it to you because I requested a,just before the tsunami hit all the gun,shops including buds you know again,appreciate Buds gun shop calm thats,where we got it and it took a little bit,longer than in most orders that I put in,there because you all been buying to be,guns whats wrong with you thats not,possible is it buying too many but I so,yeah we appreciate both gunshot calm and,we also appreciate the help we get from,the Sonoran Desert Institute SD I dot,e-d-u a lot of people taking doing,everything in a distance way these days,right so for distance learning great,place to go gunsmithing you get,certified you can do a lot of things,online at the Sonoran Desert so take it,out we appreciate their help and guess,what mo were gonna find this but you,guessed it fendall thats what we she,isnt it and you know we rarely have,trouble with ammo you know,and so were happy to have all that good,stuff range ammo you know the I dont,know I dont talk about this much but,you know with carry ammo whoever makes,it they put a little more I dont know,time or Im not sure what Im saying,except that its done with more care,than range ammo generally speaking where,that you new shooters with Full Metal,Jacket you know youre gonna be putting,together good ammo or dont make it but,generally speaking you know people dont,carry this kind of ammo for self-defense,okay but its always great range ammo,and you know a passion what have you got,back in the day the Cowboys didnt have,all these cool hollow points today you,know and bonded bullets and everything,and it seemed to work for them but,anyway appreciate their help so yes,guitarist g3 youve been asking me Ive,been shooting it and I guess Ill put,the Glock together for just so well,have them I know everything is not a,Glock and,maybe shouldnt be compared with a Glock,but the the method of operation breaks,and everything else its just quite,often very similar isnt it and the tars,g3 you know its what people do,something that works they tend to copy,it and you know sometimes they improve,it and well see what we think about,this when we put it up against this one,just for size comparison everything you,see its a little heavier not much and a,little thicker not much okay so its,kind of the size or I guess a Glock 19,mostly more so than 17 I guess so,there you go and just a tad bit longer,with the flush magazine with 15 rounds,okay so its a tad longer and youve got,this magazine that holds the 17 that has,a little bit of an extender on it turns,it in to a Glock 17 kind of sized cup,okay well shoot it Ill just put shoot,that man okay the law or a Taurus g3 so,far it has done well Ill have to say,then leaving bowl whatd I tell you,lets see if itll smoke pot I didnt,even aim it was just intimidated me,right there I wanted to shoot it quickly,alright we empty that mag I would say I,had no problems with it alright and if,we would we would be less than honest if,we didnt admit and point out that in,the past theres some tourists pistols,even revolvers have had sketchy quality,control right yeah we know that I it,seems like theyre doing better these,days you know and all the class I just,noticed it I know its pretty yeah we,also want to thank at mix the American,precious metal exchanged those beautiful,silver eagles there they are a great,supporter and if you are interested in,precious metals like a lot of people are,these days dont check them out links,are in the description,your precious metals gold silver,platinum anything you want numismatic,coins or bullion whatever appreciate,their assistance help keep this thing,going,victorious from everything Ive read,people Ive talked to they seem to be,upping their game okay and I think the,the g2 was a pretty good gun this one,has had a lot of acclaim a lot of people,liked it and thats one reason we get so,many requests I think people want to,know what we think about it John is shot,it hes fairly impressed theres one,thing our biggest negative its funny,because the first time John shot it I,told him Id been shooting it has been,doing fine I said theres one big,negative and Im like Ill tell you what,it is here you take it lets see what,you think it is what Im gonna say you,nailed it in about three seconds and,that is our big negative out of the way,first and that may be because its the,trigger is its striker-fired but it has,we call it repeat capability so if I if,I have a dead round I go click and,nothing happened I can just release the,trigger and fire it again ok second,strike capability lets try to think,second strike capability so it has that,that may be the reason that the trigger,breaks flow far rearward ok see that how,far back I am click ok so all the way,back now it may not just be or may be,more than just that it may be just the,contour the frame and everything,combined and its partly my large hands,but I pull it up to shoot if that thing,would break you know like right about,there oh man where some of my favorite,pistols do I have a hard time,criticizing this pistol because it seems,a sheet fine let me try it some more and,it feels good the grip is good it feels,it feels good all right all right lets,shoot something lets put a round in the,chamber and shoot something,no Gong is loud when I hit it now I had,some missiles there and it really is,partly that trigger its just them I,dont like that trigger I just dont,like where it breaks I have to squeeze,my hand together you know so far to get,that trigger to break its amazing for,those of you who are new shooters you,you hear us and probably other folks,complain about things that you think,thats stupid,well how could a half inch on the,buttstock make that much difference or,or exactly where the trigger breaks how,does that make so much difference well,it does it breaks the reset,lets check the reset now its a nice,short reset and the trigger isnt that,bad it could be better its not a,horrible for a striker-fired pistol at,all account talking maintaining a Glock,or whatever its a nice nice nice not,trigger its just that it breaks way,back there if you have small hands that,may not be a factor at all okay at all,so let me love those well me acting at,you this thing I think retail is MSRP is,around 350 and I know Ive been reading,you might get it for as low as almost,250 lean is probably most likely 250 to,300 and thats [ __ ] like half the,price the light of a block four of em in,theory and other similar pistols so you,know youre looking for a striker fired,firearm like this this is probably one,you want to take a look at Ive never,been a huge fan of tourists again their,quality control has been sketchy weve,had issues with a couple weve looked at,and I dont know that I think maybe,theyre looking a little bit better and,some of you that shoot a lot of Tauruses,review a lot of Tauruses could probably,speak more authoritative lee to that we,just did the been shooting the t

Taurus G3 9mm In-Depth Review: Worth the MONEY? or worth PASSING UP?

[Music],hey guys thanks so much for tuning back,here again for another video review this,is son of liberty,in todays video review we are going to,be diving in and taking a very detailed,look at taurus g3 nine millimeter,compact pistol now ive got to tell you,that ive actually heard a lot of good,things about this particular pistol as,well as their new g4 ive been in the,industry long enough to know that taurus,has a so-so reputation when it comes to,reliability now if you guys have been,following my channel for a while you,guys will know that i really enjoy,reviewing pistols that kind of fall,under that 400 price point and the,reason i enjoy doing that is because,there are a lot of hard-working blue,collared american families that really,struggle to make ends meet and those,individuals deserve every right to a,reliable and self-defense pistol that,meets their financial needs just as much,as anyone else,so how did this one actually stack up to,the competition in regards to some of,the other pistols that ive reviewed,here on the channel under that 400 price,point,stay tuned guys lets find out together,now traditionally speaking when im,doing a breakdown of a pistol i will,typically start at the top and work my,way down that just helps me to stay on,track however today im going to be,doing things a little bit different and,im actually going to start at the frame,and kind of work my way up as i do so,ill actually be talking about the pros,and the cons and then well come back,for a quick recap with my final thoughts,so as far as the frame goes i think that,taurus done a really great job one of,the things that i really like is the,actual grip angle of the frame,its not overly large or,elongated with a hump like you will,typically find on glocks,so this is going to fit a variety of,different shooters based on you know,just a multitude of different hand sizes,theyve done a really great job with the,texturing all the way around its not,aggressive its not,not aggressive enough its just in that,sweet spot right there in the middle now,i shot 500 rounds through the gun and,during that time frame i didnt develop,any kind of hot spots or any kind of,areas that was uncomfortable based on my,hand size and i have large size hands,now one of the areas that i think is,really overlooked among gun,manufacturers is how the trigger guard,itself is shaped now if we take a look,at a lot of german manufacturers they,will typically design their trigger,guards very large,with a 90 degree angle,the material itself around the trigger,guard is a lot thicker,and this just really makes it more,difficult for the support hand to get,higher on the gun especially if you have,small hands,now what taurus done which i think is,really great,is they actually taper this trigger,guard up okay so not only are you able,to,get the uh your primary shooting hand,high on the actual gun itself high up,underneath the trigger guard but because,its tapered upward your support hand is,able to get higher on the gun and this,is going to lend and better mitigation,of recoil now that may not seem like a,big deal to a lot of you know male,shooters out there but the reality is by,developing or by going with this tapered,design its going to lend to more,comfort of the support hand its going,to allow the support hand to ride higher,on the actual frame itself which is,going to lend to better recoil,mitigation for a variety of different,shooters based on their age their hand,size as well as their overall strength,now in the middle of the frame there are,what i like to call index points they,are just slightly concaved areas on the,frame that just allow you the ability to,apply a little downward pressure,if you need that additional pressure to,control recoil,its also just kind of like a good,indicator especially for those newer,shooters to develop really great habits,that when theyre at the range in front,of their target that their finger stays,at those axes or those index points,you know when their finger is off the,trigger again its just a good uh,practice so i like the fact that they,went with that,however i do wish that they would have,applied some of the texture that they,put on the actual frame of the gun,appear at the top,or in these actual index points and the,reason being is just its going to allow,better control especially for those,people who may not have a lot of hand,strength now taurus done a really great,job with their picatinny rail its got a,lot of real estate youve got three,different slots so it will accommodate a,different uh or a variety of different,lights lasers,training tools such as like the mantis,x10 elite,those types of things but,i like to run lights so this is going to,accommodate,you know a variety of different,preferences whether you like smaller,lights like the tlr-7 alpha or if you,prefer the larger lights like the,surefire x300 or the tlr,hl series,now in regards to the magazine release,itself,i wasnt happy with it i do feel that it,could have been designed a little bit,differently,now everything up until this point seems,to really lend to a variety of different,shooters as well as hand sizes but when,we get to this magazine release its,just really underdone its very small so,it seems like it was really,focused on you know shooters with small,hands uh when you have large size hands,you feel like youre kind of maybe even,almost searching for it just a little,bit,and i would have just like to have a,wider magazine release so that i could,make sure that im just getting that,firm,interaction with that magazine release,okay now as far as its functionality i,didnt have any issues the magazine,shootout as theyre intended i dont,feel any drag on the inside of the frame,i dont feel drag when im actually,depressing or pressing the magazine,release again everything you know,function as its intended i just wish,that they would have went with the,larger size now they didnt have to,increase the height of the magazine,release because i felt like that this,was done correctly as regards of height,but theres plenty enough real estate,that they could have increased the width,just to have a better interaction with a,variety of different hand size,of shooters,now in regards to safeties this,particular model had one i believe they,come with an option to purchase the gun,without a safety but dont hold me to,that,so if i end up purchasing a gun that,does have a safety there are a few,things that i look for in regards to its,functionality,you know is it really stiff is it going,to be,you know easy to engage or disengage,based on a variety of different,strengths as well as hand sizes okay,because placement of a safety is,important another thing that i look for,is is it natural to engage or disengage,based on,having to draw the firearm in a,self-defense situation okay,so what im looking for is is it easily,manipulated with one hand okay,if it is not obviously that can become a,problem you may be in a situation where,you may not be able to use both hands,okay if the magazine or excuse me the,safety is very stiff,you know elderly people may have an,issue with that and have to use two,hands this one theyve done a really,nice job on it its very intuitive its,very easy to manipulate whether youre,activating it or deactivating it,and its very natural so if im drawing,this from strong side its very natural,for me just to drop my thumb down as i,am presenting the gun out,you know and engaging a target or,whatever the case may be disengaging it,just is easy to do it with my thumb,and its because of how its designed,its got a nice ramp and so youve got,enough leverage below as well as on,above,again to disengage it or engage it now,just for that we have the slide stop or,the slide release whichever you prefer,terminology wise i like the terminology,of slide release,so typically what i do when im,reloading is i will place my thumb,directly on top of the slide release as,i insert the magazine and apply upward,pressure

Taurus G3 Pistol – Best $270 I Ever Spent On A 9mm Semiauto Pistol – I Love This Two-Tone Beauty!

foreign,hey good morning guys pretty excited,this morning I just picked up a brand,new pistol the other day,this beauty right here look at that huh,I seen this in the gun shop and I,thought man I have to have that one I,like to color,two,hundred and seventy dollars I mean I,couldnt pass it up so what were going,to do right now were going to go back,in my shop were going to watch a two,minute video,going over this real quick and then,were gonna get back out here my son and,I and just put a lot of rounds through,this and have a lot of fun,so I just picked this up a few days ago,I havent even fired it yet but look at,that I like the color the the two-tone,and,it does come with two magazines,a 17 round magazine this one right here,also comes with a 15 round magazine,so lets just take a quick look at it,and of course it is unloaded,but I really like these uh G Series,pistols from Taurus in fact I own three,of these now,the first one I bought was a G3 C model,this one right here,and I was so impressed with it,that I ended up picking up this,g3x model,and this one has a longer grip on it,takes a 15 round magazine compared to a,12 round magazine for the g3c,and this has a three and one quarter,inch barrel,well,so,I ended up buying a G3 which has a four,inch barrel so this is the full size,version of this one here,and Ill tell you what Ive really been,impressed with these and Im sure this,ones going to shoot pretty good even,though I havent shot it yet,lets take a look at the trigger because,this has a safety trigger on it like,most of your polymer pistols today,[Music],has a very short reset on it,and,if for some reason you pull the trigger,it goes click,it does have second strike capability,thats pretty cool,slide release,manual safety very easy to hit,has metal sights on it,again a four inch stainless steel barrel,Taurus says it has a six pound trigger,pull on it,I I like to fill of the pistol I like,the looks of it,the only thing Im going to do right now,and and I have taken this apart Ive,cleaned and lubed it the only thing Im,going to do now is load up both,magazines,let them sit overnight fully loaded and,then tomorrow when we start shooting I,dont anticipate any problems at all so,you know what I will see you guys on the,Range shortly,okay gonna break this in with 15 rounds,of Full Metal Jacket,lets see what happens,I love that smell,all right son,youre up all right lets give it a shot,[Music],thats smooth,isnt it it is all right lets shoot,something more interesting,foreign,I got one round left I gotta hit that,son of a gun,just warming up,you know this does have a pretty good,trigger on us so lets put it to the,test,foreign,[Music],youre up,there you go,all right good shooting thank you,hey you know what its been a while,since I broke out the selfie stick with,a GoPro so lets see what happens,[Music],about four out of four,all right Im gonna try that one-handed,foreign,[Music],lets see if I can land a couple,left-handed,[Music],[Applause],nice Ill take that,so honest opinion what do you think of,that pistol I like it dont have any,problems with uh the Tauruses Ive owned,and shot I think its a good pistol,accurate huh it is and so far 100,reliable yep,okay I moved back a little further,I have two rounds left lets see if I,can hit that plate at least once,one-handed,Ill take that,let me see if I can finish him off for,you,oh nice didnt knock him off but I got,it,ah ran out of bullets,foreign,wait wait I gotta,got one round in my pocket,which one did I miss,metal one metal one,take that you son of a gun,all right guys so what do I think of,this pistol I tell you what,absolutely love it especially for the,price 270 dollars,my gosh how how do they do it anyways,the pistol is its been 100 reliable all,morning,and as youve seen it is very accurate,so do I recommend this oh absolutely,without without hesitation just a great,pistol,anyways thanks for watching our video,hit that like button subscribe and well,see you next time,foreign,[Music],first impressions,let me grab a,cant find in this man purse,you know where Southern Nevada,man I just picked up a brand new pistol,pretty excited about it,and for one reason Im excited is,because Im stoned because Im here,no,man I hate missing,that counts,[Music],thank you

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