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Taurus G3C 1000 Round Review: Best Pistol Under $300

[Applause],whats up guys this is the honest outlaw,here,and today were going to be doing the,thousand round review,on the taurus g3c before we do that i,want to thank my patients reporters,thank you guys very much,because of you guys the channel still,here and because of that we do cool,stuff over on the patreon page,if you want to sign up for patreon all,you got to do is go to the description,this video,click the link and sign up also in the,description is a link to a local shelter,that i really like to support names iowa,id really appreciate it if you go over,and give those kids some help,also a link to uh the t-shirts that the,mrs created if youre interested in,smartest outlaw t-shirts just click that,link and you can get them right there,the taurus g3c is a sub compact nine,millimeter striker fired pistol,with some interesting features it has a,3.2 inch barrel making it a pretty good,size for carry,with a 22 ounce overall weight making it,a really good size overall for kind of a,do-it-all gun,i think similar in size to a glock 26,maybe just a little bit longer in grip,but a little thinner overall kind of,similar to the glock 43 actually which,we might end up doing a comparison video,of,uh later on comes with three 12 round,magazines,one more than the g2c which is a nice,upgrade comes with a tinifer matte,black coating which which is a little,bit superior to the g2c,which is another upgrade flat face,trigger,front slide serrations on it it has a,manual safety on it that you can choose,to use or not thats up to you,i personally ignored it in the testing,but its kind of a nice little spot to,rest my thumb i guess,so overall not the worst thing ive ever,seen but,manual safeties on striker fired pistols,generally are not the best anyway,theyre kind of just glued on theyre,not really a part of the original design,ergonomics thats kind of how it feels,to me overall the controls feel very,good the texture is nice and the main,upgrade to the g3c,over the two is going to be the sights,so as you can see theres a serrated,blacked out rear,which is a very nice sight picture with,that white front dot there,that i would prefer it was like orange,or something a little bit more high def,but hey,for a sub 300 pistol those are pretty,good sight,on top of that theyre glock sight,compatible so if you want to get rid of,these and put some glock lights on there,id recommend amira glow hackathorns,they are around 50 bucks,hd front sight blacked out rear awesome,sight setup i have that on a lot of my,guns,actually including my glock 43 right,here,this the i think these are actually the,spartans but imagine that front sight,with kind of this rear sight but really,good sighting setup for the money,and because they decided to mill these,for uh glock sites you can choose,whatever sites you want you can go to,dawson precision,any sight ever made on the planet is,made for uh glock so,a lot of options there on the g3 seat,moving keeps me warm yeah,being inside keeps me warm,i didnt know you were filming you never,do,i mean i do sometimes,[Music],[Music],thats pretty good for 300 pistol when,you say i would say,lets try her again do it,[Music],what would you use this gun for well i,think this would be a really good option,if you went into a gun store and were,just looking for,maybe your first handgun maybe if youre,looking for a concealed carry gun,that could also flex in a home defense,roll if you just wanted to have kind of,a one,pistol if youre looking for just one,pistol the torch g3c fits that niche,fairly well,its a its a really good size for carry,whether youre going to appendix carry,small the back three oclock four,oclock,14 oclock if you want to put it in a,holster pocket holster or if you want to,put in a purse,whatever you want to carry this it is a,really good size overall,again as you can see not much thicker,than the glock 43,and in other dimensions actually a,little bit smaller,and this guy actually holds 12 rounds,which is pretty cool,so 12 round capacity one in the tube and,then youre gonna have nine millimeter,power,does a really good job overall for home,defense too i think you could add a,light to this relatively easily,and 12 rounds and nine millimeter will,get the job done so overall i think it,will flex into a lot of roles and i,think it would be good,for most people looking for a handgun,pretty fun to shoot thats a category,that i think a lot of people gloss over,but i think is really important,if a firearm is fun to shoot youre,going to shoot it a lot more often,and you are going to have just more,training and more gun handling with it,overall youre gonna be more comfortable,and youre gonna shoot it better,thats important for a smaller gun,smaller guns are easier to carry,but theyre harder to shoot thats kind,of the thing that the gun community has,been chasing for a really long time,big enough to fight with small enough to,carry so overall i think they did a good,job with that i think its not too small,to wear super snappy,but i think its just good enough uh to,easily comfortably carry while still be,able to shoot quickly,up close and at distance,okay,[Applause],we shot a lot of different types of,ammunition we shot,pine valley frangible ammo we shot,federal 115 grain training ammo,we shot phoenix remanufactured ammo we,shot american eagle,we shot some 124 grand fiocchi and we,shot 25 rounds of critical duty out of,this guy,because most people are going to buy,this for a carry gun and i just wanted,to see if it would,function hollow points and it seemed to,and critical duty critical defense are,two ammunitions that i use a lot,along with federal hst and pdx defender,but i didnt shoot any of those i just,went with the ballistic tip,bullets in this guy and they did really,well as far as,quality control goes i do want to,mention this i have had,a thousand rounds for the g3 000 rounds,for this,and like 2 000 rounds through the g2c,now and ive had,no malfunctions heres the thing though,with,a 275 gun which is what i got this for,if youre looking,on the market for one right now youre,probably gonna be looking more like,three to four hundred ish,uh the market just changes very rapidly,especially uh,during times like these so overall,prices are a little bit higher than they,were even a few months ago when i bought,this still gonna be a lot cheaper than,most of the other guns youre gonna see,like in m p maybe you might be seeing m,p for around a similar price,but its definitely cheaper than a glock,in h k a ppq anything like that so,getting back to my point,circling around quality control on these,could be a little shoddy,now they have gotten a lot better i did,talk to the manager of a gun store that,i go to a lot he was talking about the,uh,just the revamping that taurus has done,with their uh,employees and their manufacturing and,all that stuff theyre trying to bring a,higher,class of product taurus was known for a,long time to just bring out,just kind of cheesy really,cheap made firearms for a pretty cheap,price,and nowadays especially with these and,some of the other guns that i have for,review as well,you can tell theyre putting a little,bit more quality a little bit more time,into manufacturing these and theyre,doing a better job overall making a,higher quality product,that being said when you get into budget,guns you,still have the possibility of getting a,lemon you have that possibility,with any firearm or any mechanical,object whatsoever but the cheaper you go,the more likely you are to run into that,so just keep that in mind when you are,getting into,the budget game the ergonomics were good,the,new coating didnt hold up any better,than the old one i know they were making,a big deal about that but it didnt hold,up that much better,the trigger feels very similar maybe,feels slightly better,the texture is still really good i love,the g3c texture,it feels just like an m p 2.0 in these,little spots here i wish i had it up,here too,but ill take what i can

Taurus G3C

hey [ __ ] 45 here guess what im in the,mood to shoot something,lets do that i want to,i dont know why it just came over me i,was in the mood,oh paper pot,pin pans two just whatever,yeah im in the mood so uh im gonna,shoot whether youre here or not,okay got the taurus g3c youve been,asking about it ever since we posted,pyjug ever since we posted the,taurus uh 2 c,right g2 c and here it is,the uh the g3 seed so well talk about,some of the differences,that im aware of that i remember,because i dont have the g2c with me,uh what are you like no,its its back at buds you know wherever,okay uh yeah,one of yall has it yeah well be,thinking about it okay probably from the,e-gunner auction so,anyway this is the g3c,and this is their newest uh compact,pistol,you could say the smaller version of the,g3 which weve also done,i guess weve been on kind of a taurus,uh you know train here lately,uh in the last couple of months partly,because we just hadnt ever gotten,around to the uh,the g2c and then or the g3,and now this just came out as i speak so,you know and yall been requesting it,you wondered,why we hadnt done this one instead of,the g2c its old,story its an old its an old hat you,know well were just a little slow to,getting around to things sometimes,in fact i was cleaning my 1849 cold,pocket pistol,here the other day i happened to have it,still out,and uh it occurred to me yeah we are,late getting to things,we had not done the 1849 cult pocket,uh pistol 31 caliber uh yet,until just uh about a week ago and,that makes us 170 years late,on that okay so if thats not evidence,that were not always the first i dont,know what it is,170 years so at least we didnt take,that long on the g3,seat okay but seriously,uh here we are again and uh these are,interesting firearms,taurus seems to be doing better and in,recent years because this is a like i,say the third one weve done in this uh,series and weve yet to have a,malfunction all right,and taurus has uh theyve had a spotty,reputation,in the past lets be honest but uh ill,tell you,uh these firearms have been working just,fine you know i,i do have negatives i always point out,with them,but a lot of positives so you,cant hate that yeah at all,the more firearms out there the better i,know some people will say oh theyre,late to the game theres that phrase,right,theres already 10 pistols out there,like that,so what more the merrier plus most of,them are not,priced that uh reasonably right so there,really arent 10 pistols out there,like that and thats one of the claims,to fame that we always,find ourselves using that line with tars,good gun for the money well,you know thats a its kind of a dubious,compliment isnt it,yeah good gun for the money you know,its like people say,me about me and a guy does okay for an,old man,or something you know or that car rides,pretty well for a,dodge for a chevrolet or something you,know so youre never really sure whether,its a compliment or not,but as i think i said in the last video,the g2c video that,its not maybe just a good gun for the,money,it seems to be a pretty good gun all,right,and uh i wont besmirch any other,firearms manufacturers today but,you know when youre talking about a,farm like this for a couple hundred,fifty bucks 275,its a real gun it doesnt have some,weird breakdown,uh uh you know a mechanism,or uh or design its its like a,it breaks down like a glock and or uh m,p,or all the others the rugers and,everything uh you grab it,hold down these two tabs does that look,familiar and,you know its a its a regular firearm,its a very regular,very regular its a regular mainstream,firearm,made like the rest of them you know for,the most part uh,and its still i think msrp is uh,about 300 but uh probably you can buy,them for 275 now,were in a weird time period right now,in july 2020,but in normal circumstances yeah,probably 250 275,you know for a firearm like this,and you know thats thats hard to beat,hard to hate all right got my mags,loaded and guess where i got it,yeah buzzgunshop.com i was really glad i,could get this,and itll be going back to them because,its guns are uh,difficult right now sometimes to get the,one the model that you want arent they,because,theyre such a high demand right now so,glad to be able to get this and bring it,to you,appreciate their help buzzgunshop.com,as well as federal premium because were,going to find somebody there,beautiful ammunition weve already been,doing it havent we,american eagle we appreciate their help,and the sonoran desert institute,sdi.edu go check them out take some,distance learning,okay and i hope youre learning from us,from a distance as well so lets shoot,it,into a couple more times just two more,shots right,i do have three mags uh it comes with,three mags,on top of that you know being a pretty,good price,and just quickly before i shoot again uh,some of the changes,uh the upgrades over the g2c,this is the g3c they change the sights,out a little bit,you can drift the rear sight it looks,more like a glock,sight in a way doesnt and it will take,almost any glock any sight that a glock,will take,maybe the mainstream sights okay so i,think the other one wasnt as flexible,in terms of sights,you got front serrations you got the,loaded in chamber indicators a little,difference is visual you dont have that,i think the other one had more like a,ruger type thing there,and uh its got a safety if you want to,use it,and uh lets see what else about the,slide you get the front serrations,well theres some other changes and ill,talk about them after i shoot a little,bit more like i told you im in the mood,to shoot,its a beautiful evening its really hot,and humid but its always hot in human,tennessee,you know unless its january,yeah its about right december or,january,well lets lets just go uh shoot the,gong with it i dont know if ive done,that yet,i guess i should put around the chamber,i almost cant hear it i think i hit it,a couple times,try that red plate over there,feels pretty good a couple of two liters,still standing,all right oh mr cowboy youve not been,taurus yet,it has a second strike capability yeah,just like the other one you can keep,firing that firing pin,did we shoot the paper yeah we did,bowling pin ready cant beat that,a couple other things they improved,the trigger,has a more flat you know that little,trigger safety there,its flat on this one you can see its,wide and yeah thats better for your,finger i still get a little bit of a,i dont know its not necessarily a,pinch but its like my fingers crowded,in there or something because i have to,reach through so much more of my long,fingers,so the trigger is supposed to be better,now let me talk about the trigger a,little bit,i dont have the g2c to compare but uh,my impression of this farm is as i shoot,it the trigger is not,as bad you know thats really my biggest,complaint about the g2c,in the g3 uh the trigger,does break way back okay and something i,dont like with my,large hands im always talking about,that this one is kind of the same,okay but its,for some reason i cant put my i cant,put my finger on,i cant say with the confidence what it,is,but the trigger doesnt seem as bad in,that regard,i dont know if the grip is a little,thicker or its just that,design that thats that feels a little,bit better,but it breaks way back there for me and,you know my large hand thats thats not,nice,for me now it has a nice reset look at,this reset,man its right there its just a short,reset,click you know right there so you know,if youre firing youre,fast a lot you you want to work that,reset,and not you bring the trigger all the,way back out probably if you can do that,so uh you know its just uh,you know if you have regular sized hands,you would like this farm,so the trigger is one improvement uh,over the g2c,uh supposedly i think the serial,numbers visible there on this one it,wasnt on it perhaps,grip texture is a little different thumb,wraps they mess some with some of that,they mess with some of that,

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Taurus G3c Compact Pistol : Best Budget Carry Option?

the tourists g3c lets check it out,[Music],[Music],[Music],the tourist has been around for a long,time and one of the things about Taurus,is that it is a very reasonably priced,firearm and yet they have decent quality,starting out with the g2c and also the,TX 22 and then they came out with the g3,now weve done a review on this recently,and guys Im telling you Taurus has,really stepped up their game there is a,lot of people that are buying this,because its just an excellent shooting,handgun but now were going to take a,look at the new g3 C and this is an,upgrade over the g2 see theres a lot of,things that theyve upgraded on this,pistol and guys if youre looking for,that concealed carry option and youre,on a budget this is one to take a look,at and I want to thank Taurus for,sending the g3 C for this test &,Evaluation these are pretty hard to get,right now theyve just been released and,so were going to take a good look at,the g3 see guys to be just perfectly,honest I was pretty impressed with the,g2 c and then when they came out with,the g3 i just felt like it was a bigger,brother to the g2 c so when the g3 came,out it really solved some of the,problems that i was seeing with the g2 c,I still think its a solid handgun but I,think theres some things about the g3,see that addressed that lets go ahead,and drop the magazine make sure its,unloaded,we do have a twelve plus one magazine,and not only one but you get three,magazines which obviously are all 12,rounders theres steel magazines theyre,really good quality these fit your,standard g2 c theyll fit the PT a,millennium pro and also the g3 magazines,will fit in your GCC and your g2 c does,stick out just a little bit but this,gives you some extra round capacity,which I really like and Ive heard that,Taurus is actually coming out with a,higher capacity magazine at some point,the guys one of the big things about the,Taurus is its just a super popular,handgun and a lot of that has to do with,the price these are very reasonably,priced,this runs 305 74 manufacturer suggested,retail so youre probably looking at,getting this for around the 250 to 275,range which is fantastic and thats,again one of the reasons why so,popular because this is a very,affordable pistol now in the past Taurus,has had some issues but these are,actually made in Georgia in fact I,believe it says on here brain Ridge,Georgia theyve moved a manufacturing,facility there and even the ones that,were made in Miami I feel like that the,quality for Taurus has really stepped up,since theyve moved some of that,production out of Brazil and guys from,all the experience weve had so far,starting out with the g2 see the TX 22,the g3 now the g3 see I feel like Taurus,is really going in a solid direction now,this is a polymer frame striker for our,pistol it does have second strike,capability and that means if you pull,the trigger on a stand around with most,polymer-framed pistols youre just stuck,I mean you have to rack the slide again,to make sure the round fires with the g3,and from that matter the g2 see it does,have it breeze can pull the trigger,again if there is a like primer strike,or if the ammunition it just didnt,function right and so it gives you that,added capability which I really like,again it is 12 plus 1 in the magazine so,you have a really good size and with,some of the sub compacts with the sake,p3 65 and the Springfield Armory Hellcat,this is very comparable in fact here I,have one of the Springfield Armory Hill,cats this is 11 plus 1 were gonna drop,our magazine make sure the gun is,unloaded we have just a little bit of,longer slide length and then here at the,base its just a touch longer as well,but were getting 12 rounds instead of,11 rounds of course there is an,extension but that will push it on down,a little bit more the big thing with the,Springfield Armory is its thinner you,have a thinner profile and so its gonna,make it a little bit better for,concealed carry my P 365 is actually on,loan to a buddy of mine who was trying,to decide if he was wanting to buy one I,just dont have it back so its a little,smaller than the Springfield but youre,getting ten plus one with the sig and,yes I hit my thumb with a hammer but to,be honest with you guys,the g3c has less muzzle flip and thats,one of the things that the range that,really surprised me but what the G to,see was the same its a little heavier,here is the G to see were gonna be,looking at some comparison,because thats really what this is about,the g2c has been a extremely popular,handgun with Taurus and again because of,the price one of the big things though,is if youll notice on the g2 see it has,kind of a more of a oxide or a,parkerized finish and it wears you can,see its already starting to wear right,here and so this is going to you know,get worse as it continues on but with,the g3 see this is a tenifer finish so,its impregnated into the metal its,going to give it a much longer lasting,durable finish than your g3 see another,thing theyve done is theyve added,front cocking serrations and theyve,eliminated this cutout with the g2 city,now we have it just like the g3 which,actually comes out and then here on the,top you can see the loaded chamber,indicator on the g2 see theyve done,away with that on the g3 see and you,just have a visual port to look down to,see if its loaded and then when it,comes to the sights we have a three dot,sight it is fully adjustable on the g2,see on the g3 these are steel sights,its a blacked out rear and then just a,quite dot at the front really easy to,pick up but one thing thats really cool,about the g3 see is that these are Glock,sight compatible so you can put any of,your Glock sights on this pistol night,sights fiber optics whatever the choices,are unlimited,now the serrations are definitely deeper,on the g3 I mean theyve enhanced that a,little bit shallow on the g2c then we,have our front cocking serrations again,that are abbreviated but theyre still,pretty deep another big change is the,grip and we have an extended thumb rest,right here thats on both sides and then,the texturing is a little bit more,coarse on the G to C with the g3 its a,little bit finer its still a really,exceptional gripping surface but its,not as uncommon now I like the G to see,I like the gripping on it but I think,the g3 is a definite improvement with,just a little bit of a finer texturing,another thing youll notice is that here,on the magazine theres a little divot,cutout thats absent on the g2 and this,allows you to be able to get those,magazines out you can get a hold of it,right here and be able to pull those out,in case you have some kind of,malfunction we need to really get those,bags out but either way they throw out,of that mag well here we have our mag,release and it is switchable to the,other side and then of course you have,your standard takedown levers that are,very much like the Glock well look at,that and we break it down now it does,have the safety and thats one thing,that you know some people really dont,like to have that frame safety on the,outside but thats what you have then we,have our slide stop right here in front,of it one thing that Ive noticed this,pretty minor though is the serial number,comes through the frame right here above,your trigger on the g2 it does not it,does come below the accessory rail on,both of them and both have the accessory,rail you know which you can put a lot of,different lights and lasers it does give,you a decent grip on the pistol,especially with this a little bit of,step in the finger on the end of the,magazine the bore axis is fairly low not,quite like a Glock but not too much,different I mean it is pretty low this,is the G 43 X and guys theres really,not a lot of difference its a pretty,low bore axis but now one big difference,to me and something that needed to be,done was the trigger on the g2 see it,does have a blade trigger but when you,depress it it doesnt depress all the,way into the trigger you can still feel,the bla

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Taurus GX4 VS Taurus G3C (Everything You Need to Know) – TheFirearmGuy

hey there friends,thanks for checking in today were going,to do a comparison with the new,taurus gx4 versus the taurus g3c,both of these are polymer frame striker,fire,nine millimeter handguns that are sub,compact,in size many people want to know the,differences so were going to tackle,that today lets start with the case,the g3c comes in a cardboard case,and they offer which is a real nice,touch,three 12-round magazines thats one more,than the g2c,offered so three magazines i consider,that,a bonus the gx4 comes,at the time of this recording with two,11 round magazines both have flat base,plates both,are identical now if you go out to their,store they offer a,extended base plate for five bucks for,three finger contact,and they offer a 13 round magazine,upon the launch they offered two,11 round magazines well see if that,changes the gx4,comes in a hard case a hard padded case,and for the first time theyre offering,an additional back strap,on a taurus semi-auto handgun which is a,nice touch for those with larger hands,this ones larger than the one,installed the msrp on the g3c,is 308 the msrp,on the gx4 is 392.,this g3c has evolved from many different,generations,okay it was just improved upon with each,generation this is a new design this,included much more engineering to start,fresh,and create a very small and lightweight,subcompact handgun,that accounts in my eyes for the,increased,msrp and even at 392 i think it is,priced well,and within the bargain limits,[Applause],the grip on the torus g3c has stippled,pads throughout it does have pretty,aggressive texturing,the back strap is evenly textured with,the front strap,and the larger mag with the pinky,extension offers,three finger contact it has a nice grip,i certainly have no complaints with it,but i really like the gx4,this is more of a sandpaper-ish not as,aggressive,same type of texturing on the back strap,it has more,more stippling throughout but when you,feel it it is really nice now i dont,think this will irritate the skin at all,but this does offer two-finger contact,now i mentioned that,they do have the additional base plate,for for five bucks or even,the 13-round magazines which would offer,three finger contacts but as it sits now,its a two finger contact handgun,the g3c has a thumb safety all right,a lot of people prefer a thumb safety,the gx4 does not have that,and one of the questions was do they,have a model that,offers a thumb safety and at the time of,this recording,they do not well see what happens in,the future,but right now they only offer this,handgun with,a 10 round magazine and an 11 round,magazine,it also has a recess there to rip out,the mag if you need to manually,the g3c has that too a little more,pronounced,with the gx4 but that is an upgrade from,the g2c,that it does have that area to rip it,out,not not a major deal but that can happen,and you may need to,manually remove that magazine if dirt or,grime gets in there and both of these,pistols offer that,both of these pistols share the same,sight picture black serrated rear sights,and,a pinned in front dot the rear sights,are drift adjustable and they are,interchangeable,with glock 43 43 x and glock 48,night sights if that is your choice,there are options available,they also have a sight hole indicator,located in the same place you look down,and see if brass is loaded,and thats a change with this the g2c,had a loaded chamber indicator bar,they moved it to just a sight hole,indicator and,the gx4 shares that same feature there,is no question that the taurus g3c,is a larger gun than the taurus gx4 if,we look at the,slide length youll see that maybe a,half inch,difference with the slide here we have a,3.2 inch barrel with the g3c,and a three inch barrel with the gx4,if we look at the grip we can see that,the the gx4,looks a little thinner maybe not but,its pretty close,the grip length is longer with,the g3c but that may change if you throw,the 13 round mag in,the gx4 but you know they are what they,are 11 rounds,and 12 rounds the g3c,has an accessory rail so if you are into,lights lasers or anything on the dust,cover,you can have that with the g3c,not so much with the gx4 doesnt have a,rail on there but what it does have are,front serrations which is a nice touch,for,the press checks the g3c also has front,serrations that is,an upgrade with this over the g2c this,has,front serrations for the press checks as,[Music],well,here we have an unloaded taurus g3c and,its weighing in at 21,and 7 8 ounces well take the gx4,unloaded and thats weighing in at 18,and three quarters ounces so we can see,that there is,a weight difference this has,more material here we have a loaded 12,round magazine,weighing in at 26 and three quarters,ounces,here we have a loaded gx4,with 11 rounds 23,and a quarter lets make it even with 12,rounds,23 and 5 8 so approximately,three and a half ounces lighter with the,taurus gx4,for ccw purposes three and a half ounces,may not mean a lot to,some people but to other people it,really does and if you are weight,sensitive,the gx4 would be a better choice for,your ccw,taurus designed the gx4 to be snag free,and if you look at the slide and the,frame and how they mate,its very smooth even the slide stop is,rather flush to the frame and its a,good looking gun it has very nice lines,to it the g3c,has the thumb safety a little wider,slide stop it does have the takedown,levers here that,arent really in the way but for those,who pocket carry,the gx4 would be a better choice just,because theres really nothing there to,get the material in your pocket hung up,on and when retrieving the gun,i like the way this gun looks it does,have a nice feel to it,pocky carry i wouldnt do it with the,g3c its just its just a little heavier,a little,little more uh weight behind it thats,just my choice i would holster both of,these,but i know a lot of people pocket,carried i i think the gx4 would be,a finer choice,the trigger on the g3c is single action,and it does have a trigger bar safety,but you pull to hit that wall,and a very light four pound single,action trigger pull,and then the reset is rather short right,there,if the round does not fire,it offers a double action restrike,capability,and thats a pretty nice feature and a,lot of people asked does the gx4,offer that well lets see here we have a,flat face trigger it also,has a serrated trigger bar safety,i am measuring a single action pull at,five and a quarter pounds,less travel far less trigger travel here,but it does not offer re-strike,capability so,those are the differences i like the,flat face trigger that they have here i,think they did a nice job with it they,are completely different,a rounded trigger a flat trigger,re-strike capability,no re-strike capability four pound,single action five and a quarter pound,single action,but in my opinion this one just feels a,little bit nicer so im giving the knot,to,the gx4,both of these guns have been proven,reliable they both passed the limp wrist,test,lets take a look at that and this time,well start with the gx4,[Applause],the slide finish on the gx4 is a gas,nitride coating,its matte black also matte black a,tether for finish on,the g3c the barrel is stainless,on the g3c over here they have whats,called a,dlc coating you can see that it is black,makes it a little different the look is,a little different,but all in all its just a preference,thing,for ccw purposes i really like the size,and weight,of the taurus gx4 the slide width,is approximately an inch okay thats,what the sight says,were looking at 1.2 inches over here so,if you look at that you can you can see,it right there that the gx4 is a little,bit smaller it accounts for,the lighter weight i like the 11 round,capacity,i like the way the grip feels the,trigger is really nice,and i think they came out with a very,nice,handgun for a fair price i know that a,lot of people,and i mean a lot of people carry the g3c,the g2c and they do so with confidence i,hear it every day on this channel,

Taurus G3c Initial Impressions Review and Upgrades

[Music],hi everyone welcome to the latest,episode of half century concealment,[Applause],[Music],today were going to do an initial,impressions review video on this taurus,g3c before we get started wed like to,ask everyone if you havent already,please become a part of our community,subscribe like hit that notification,bell,we promised not to bombard you we,promise to only put out quality content,that youre going to find value in but,this way you can find out about it as,soon as we put it out there,on to the g3c we purchased this recently,at gunbroker.com and let me stress were,not sponsored by taurus or a gun broker,wish we were but were not we bought,this with our own 300,on gun broker and we bought this we,already have a g2c,that we did an initial impressions,review video on and we already did a,1000 round review video on this one as,well ill put a link to the first one up,here ill put a link to the second one,in a little bit,but,lets go ahead and unbox our g3c that we,received in od green and lets see how,it arrived,like most budget pistols it comes in a,cardboard box theres the warranty,information booklet on the pistol,a lock ill never use,lets get to the pistol now,comes in a plastic bag with the taurus,logo on it,and heres our g3c and od green,slide finish well talk a little bit,about that throughout the video,oh the mag drops free right from the,beginning,mag release buttons a little softer on,this one than it was in our g2c,good quality metal mags,and yep fortunately we do get three of,them,lets take out the barrel plug,[Music],we have a thumb safety which well talk,a little bit more about that also in the,video,trigger pull well do a trigger pull,test in a little bit this does seem to,have a rather long reset and the stock,sights are blacked out rear with a white,dot front,if youre new to the gun community and,you wonder whos this company taurus,that has a bull as their logo let me,tell you a little bit about the company,behind the pistol taurus is a brazilian,company by the way if you really want,something deep in depth about this go to,that video i put up here earlier go to,minute 5 40 and theres about a whole,three and a half minutes on who taurus,is but long story short theyre an 80,year old brazilian gun manufacturer,theyve gone through some reputational,issues in the past but i think theyve,really done a good job in the last six,seven years with their g2 and g3 line to,to and other improvements to their,product line to better their their,reputation and to put out a quality,product that you can feel comfortable,with using to defend life,what is the same between the g3c and the,g2c and i apologize in advance if i get,tongue-tied with these,uh with all these symbols and names but,what is the same well for starters the,grip the grip is exactly the same,between these two pistols and its,textured the same exact way not like the,the m p shield where the 2.0 had a,different grip from the original no this,is actually the same exact grip its,textured in all the same exact places,with the same exact texturing and im,actually glad they kept that im glad,they didnt change it um its rather,aggressively textured my wife would even,say its too aggressively textured for,her i think its just perfect and i,think its just perfect because this is,a small compact concealed carry pistol,and if youre ever in a situation where,god willing not you need to use this to,defend youre probably in an up close,dirty situation lets just put it that,way and your hand might as might be,sweaty might be muddy might be bloody,god will he not and if you dont have,a good grip on your con on your,concealed carry or on your compact carry,pistol i think that that can be an issue,so having a nice aggressive grip that no,matter what substance might be on my,hand,i can still grip this pistol properly i,think is,dramatically important,another thing that they kept the same is,that they kept the thumb safety on here,now it also has a trigger safety by the,way let me click that back over um it,also has a trigger safety and what a,trigger safety is if you dont know is,basically a little extension to the,trigger in the middle a little bar that,you need to depress and by the way in,case youre wondering,yes the mag is empty yes we went ahead,and cleared this firearm before,doing this video,now,back to the trigger,if you pull on the trigger though the,trigger just on the corner down here or,somewhere on the side gets snagged on,something it wont press down all the,way it will not activate the firing pin,and shoot a bullet out of the ch out of,the barrel lets phrase it that way so,you have to actually have your finger,inside press the bar in the center and,thats whats going to go ahead and,activate the trigger so,thumb safety,im not a fan of them i think its one,more thing that you need to think of in,a stressful reactionary situation um,its one more thing that if i have a,thumb safety on and i dont remember in,the moment that i or one of my family,members or somebody who i love who im,with is being attacked and now i start,doing this and nothing happens,i may not remember that oh wait i need,to make,this function first with my thumb to,bring down the thumb safety before doing,this,one more thing to worry about one more,thing that can go wrong now if you train,with a thumb safety and you become,proficient with it and it becomes muscle,memory thats fine go for it,keep in mind this is my personal opinion,on the thumb safety if you like a thumb,safety or having a second safety on your,pistol and youre comfortable with it,great all right just make sure you train,properly because this this is a fine,motor skill and in a stressful situation,the first thing you lose,is your fine motor skills what i wish is,that taurus would offer an option like,going back to the s,m p shield by smith wesson where you can,purchase it with a thumb safety or you,can purchase it without a thumb safety i,think having that purchase option would,be spectacular if anybody out there from,taurus is listening,now the pistol is striker fire with,re-strike capabilities they kept that,the same from both they did do some,upgrades to the trigger and well get,more on that in a few moments but they,did keep the re-strike capability and,what that basically means is that you,can go ahead and,re-fire,without having to re-rack the slide so,especially when youre dry fire,practicing at home that becomes very,convenient because now you can really,get to know your trigger get to know,where your reset is on the trigger quite,easily and you can basically just get,more reps in and more reps better muscle,memory,better training the dimensions are also,exactly the same both pistols weigh 22,ounces with the mag unloaded uh they are,5.1 inches top to bottom,6.3 inches overall length 1.2 inches,overall width and the barrel is 3.2,inches everything stays the same and,when i mentioned the light earlier yes,they,maintained take this off of here they,maintain the picatinny rail at the,bottom so now yes you can go ahead and,install a light well you could on the,g2c also,but you can go ahead and install a light,or,like a laser guess thats an option too,um but you can go ahead and install a,light on here i have the olight pl2 mini,or pl,mini 2 whatever it is um but i have this,by the way everything that were going,to talk about im going to have links,below even the stuff were not,affiliated with and have no connect no,association with whatsoever because its,just to your benefit that way you have,one place where you can find it all so,well put all of this stuff down there,for you um,but yes i having the light on there i,think is important um i if youre ever,in a situation where its,electricity fails um or its just an,evening situation and you need a light,um youre in a dark hallway whatever it,might be um i i think its practical to,have a light id rather have it and not,need it than need it and not have it,since the dimensions are the same and,the exteri

Taurus G3C Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

whats up guys spin Firearms here and,today were going to be doing a review,on my Taurus g3c and actually if you,know me I have four Taurus Firearms two,of them are the Taurus g3c I picked this,up about two years ago or so two and a,half years ago for the first one but,this ones two years ago and I probably,have about 7 000 rounds between the two,um I have spent some time carrying it,just to you know for review and stuff,like that made sure mine have been,reliable and I do want to say this I,havent had one hiccup not one issue not,one malfunction with any Taurus g3c,um and on top of that I even have the 15,round mag and zero issues with that,either now why is it that Taurus become,so popular and hyped up and all that and,Ill tell you why to me this firearm,doesnt look that cool it doesnt look,that great especially the compared to a,lot of other Firearms I have the Finish,isnt that great,the capacity is okay but when you,compare it to a Glock 26 or something,with a 12 round mag or even my glock 26,with a 15 round,a MAG with a base plate 15 rounds on the,right 12 rounds on the left so the,capacity is not even that 100 great the,Aftermarket accessories are starting to,pick up but its still not that great,um what is it about this firearm that,makes it so great is it the fact they,give you metal sights right out of the,box and Glock never does uh no but that,is one positive about it and Ill tell,you what it is its the fact that its a,firearm that just simply runs it doesnt,have too much extra it has nothing extra,I mean its got a blacked out rear and a,white dot for the front thats perfectly,fine because the thing runs it does what,its intended to do and what is awesome,about the Taurus g3c,is it gives you know there might be a,single mom or a single dad struggling to,pay the bills and you know they live in,a certain area they just want to protect,themselves they got 200 250 to spend you,can get a torch g3c and to be honest as,long as you test that firearm you can,count on it,um as long as you dont have a Taurus,that has tons and tons of rounds put,through it because at that point I dont,think Taurus g3cs and stuff like that,have been tested,um up in the tens of thousands of rounds,but I mean for everyday carry its its,almost like the perfect size its a,little longer than a Glock 26 this way,but it is the same length in this,direction it is a little bulkier but,its like that perfect size you know,like I said I can throw a 15 round mag,in they make the Taurus 15 round mag,which are metgar magazines another,positive Taurus they went with metgar,metgar makes the greatest quality,magazines a lot of popular Firearms use,them that was a great idea by Taurus and,its paying off,is this the most ergonomic firearm in,the world no its not but is it,ergonomic yes it is that has a great,feel to it and it has a great texture,now are the serrations the best no but,that thats not the point its not meant,to have the best of the best features,its meant to have whats necessary to,run and thats exactly how I look at,Taurus g3c its honestly like a beast,you know because for the price I dont,think you can find a more reliable,firearm its definitely not like a sky,you know and to be honest Bretta put out,the apx carry which is a single stack I,think they made an optic ready one like,a year and a half ago trying to compete,with you know all this other stuff and I,mean that firearm is more money than,this and you would think coming from,Beretta its gonna be reliable you know,all this stuff and that that firearm was,a disaster for me and here comes Taurus,with a 240 I think I got it for like 230,when it first came out and it runs and,has a decent trigger now it does have a,long first trigger pull but after that,the reset is pretty decent and it also,comes with three magazines three Mecca,magazines what company is doing that you,know unless theres like a special,but the thing runs the point is nothing,about the Taurus g360 or Taurus g3c,sorry is the best and its not meant to,be but theres a lot that is good and it,is good enough to be a reliable fire,mine are yours might have failure feeds,every magazine yours might you know but,for mine I know that these are reliable,now do I carry them no Im just gonna be,honest I like my glock 26 thats just,what I like if you like to feel the,Taurus uh what I was saying about it,being the perfect size is you have a,rail unlike the Glock 26 you can throw,that 15 round mag in so you can have a,light 15 round mag throw some night,sights because they are Glock pattern,sites so you can use any Glock site for,the Taurus which is awesome as well it,also has three strike capabilities so if,you have a light primer strike you can,go ahead and pull that trigger again and,again and again until that round goes,off or you can just tap and rack and,clear and get another round in that,chamber but anyways this can Flex into,basically any roll pocket defense your,strut or pocket carry youre stretching,it a little bit but it can still Flex in,a home defense in everyday carry and,really if youre looking for a budget,firearm to do it all,I think the g3c is right there at least,to hold you over until you can get your,next firearm and then I would recommend,going up but is it a bad firearm not at,all does it get a lot of hate that it,shouldnt yes but Taurus sort of brought,that on them themselves but I know,theyve made a lot of changes within the,company and honestly I like my torch e3c,even though I clown on Taurus a lot I,climb a Glock I climb on Sig that,doesnt mean I dont like the Firearms I,like all those Brands so,yeah torch G3 is a great firearm and,even though I dont carry it I like to,shoot it I enjoy the fact that something,thats only 230 250 dollars runs so,smooth and great and you can just have,you know it can and for a lot of people,I know they use it for a toolbox gun or,a truck gun and stuff like that and you,know you know thats perfect you know,price range for that so yeah thats my,review on the Taurus g3c

Taurus G3C: The Most Affordable 9mm Pistols?


welcome back to madman review this is,your host Mike in a recent video I,briefly touched on the Taurus g3x and,how its related to the g3c in this,video Ill talk about the Taurus g3c the,things about it that make it one of the,most talked about Sub-Compact pistols in,its CCW weight class the things about it,you probably wouldnt like and whether,you should or should not buy one if,youve never followed Taurus anywhere,online youre probably not aware that,there was a class action lawsuit filed,against them back in 2016 where more,than a few different pistol models of,theirs were alleged to have safety,defects there were some instances where,the Taurus Pistols specified in the,lawsuit would have an accidental,discharge whenever the trigger is pulled,with a safety on or whenever theyre,dropped or bumped Taurus never directly,admitted the alleged defects and there,were people who owned some of the gun,models in the lawsuit that swear by,their reliability to this day its,anybodys guess whether the particular,model is in the lawsuit all have design,related flaws or the ones that did,experience accidental discharges were,simply early Monday or late Friday,Factory runs lemons basically but the,company did pay a total of 39 million,dollars gave extended warranties and,recalled the pistols for free repairs to,settle the lawsuit some of you loyal,tourist fans might say there is no point,in talking about a lawsuit from six,years ago that doesnt concern the g3c,others might say Im just like any other,gun snob who loves to hate on Taurus I,assure you I have nothing against the,company Ive been a proud owner of a,stainless Taurus model 689 for over a,decade and will continue to be until I,pass it on to my son this fine revolver,has a six inch barrel with a full,underlug and a vented rib and it can,shoot one-inch groups at up to 50 yards,using Factory 158 grain 357 Magnum ammo,I love it to death but I digress Taurus,firearm arms had been traditionally,known for their Hit or Miss quality even,before they settled their 2016 lawsuit,theyve had to discontinue a lot of,different types of guns I would assume,some of it was due to issues integral to,their designs problems with the,companys manufacturing processes or a,combination of both but with all that,said their G2 and G3 line of Epistles,have proven to be some of the few,exceptions so far itll take us an hour,to talk about all the models under those,two pistol families so lets just go,straight to the g3c so whats with the,Taurus g3c the huge majority of people,who have issues with any Taurus firearm,would opine the Taurus makes Great Wheel,guns and garbage autoloaders my take on,it is it is generally true the revolvers,are indeed better than their pistols but,if theres one Taurus pistol I can,wholeheartedly recommend to anyone itll,be the g3c the upgraded version of the,g2c which is a pretty good pistol in its,own right it just lacks a few things,that the g3c has when the company,released the g3c they did so without,hyping it up there was no flashy SHOT,show or NRA reveal the C and the g3c,stands for a compact it helps potential,customers differentiate it from its,full-size brother from the same,generation the G3 and as with all Taurus,guns the g3cs main selling point is its,low price it has an MSRP of,339.65 with Street prices in the 200 to,250 dollar range which makes it a steal,if you factor in the three Factory 12,round mags that come in the package as,far as looks the Taurus g3c doesnt look,too plain or blocky like all Glock,pistols in my opinion from a visual,appeal standpoint except for the fact,that the g2c slide uses a standard matte,black finish while the g3c slide uses,the more durable tenifer the two pistols,arent too different from each other,like the g2c the g3c is easy on the eye,particularly when compared to its,closest Glock rival the Glock 26 it also,has great ergonomics an attribute that,is baked into almost all polymer Striker,Fired pistol designs these days but the,g3c differs from the g2c in a few areas,one of which is the g3cs witness hole,in the rear of the barrel which acts as,a loaded chamber indicator compared to,the little mechanical bar that sticks,above the slide of the g2c when it has a,bullet chambered the g3cs witness hole,allows for a much simpler way of,checking the guns chamber unlike the,g2cs mechanical bar the g3cs loaded,chamber indicator wont get in your way,in case you want slide cuts for Glock,aftermarket sights which by the way is a,default feature of the g3c Toro version,other additional features that,differentiate the g3c from its,predecessor include improved front and,rear slide serrations the use of front,and rear steel sights and the companys,slightly improved third generation,trigger its a flat face trigger,identical to the one in the g2c but the,blade safety sits flush it has a long,take up which a lot of people dont like,but it is an extra layer of safety and,also lets you stage each trigger pull,for a more accurate shots whatever issue,it poses is mitigated Anyway by the,short and crisp trigger reset which,measures only a quarter of an inch,combined with its Dasa trigger the g3c,allows for firing quick follow-up shots,without much effort Im sure there are,some of you who find it odd that a,striker-fired pistol uses a Dasa trigger,which is typically only found in,hammer-fired pistols with a decocker you,can share your thoughts by commenting,down below personally I dont find it,odd but I dont care for it either it is,the same trigger system that the PT 2470,uses except the G 3C doesnt have a,decocker I talked about the pt247 in,another video Ill leave the link in the,description if youd like to check it,out a Dasa trigger gives the double,strike capability which is a subject of,contention among many gun nuts Like,Yours Truly it makes it so that if the,striker fails to ignite the primer in a,cartridge the operator can just keep on,pulling the trigger in heavy double,action mode until either the primer goes,off or the operator decides to just tap,the mag and rack the slide to eject the,dud and chamber a fresh cartridge from,the mag for another shot most defensive,handgun training courses these days,teach people to tap the mag and rack the,slide whenever a gun doesnt shoot,because it resolves all mechanical,problems associated with semi-automatic,pistols which include issues with,feeding extraction ejection and light,primer strikes when you really think,about it the second strike capability is,practically useless the only time you,really benefit from it is when you do,dry fire drills using snap caps but if,this feature comes in handy for some of,you feel free to let us know by,commenting down below as a CCW the g3cs,dimensions make it one of the easiest to,conceal pistols in its weight class,indeed the g3c gives its much more,expensive brand name competitors a run,for their money in the dimensions versus,magazine capacity Department speaking of,magazines like the g2c the g3c has also,been designed to accept Sig P226,magazines which you probably wont need,because again the g3c comes with three,12 round magazines out of the box but if,those 12 round mags arent good enough,aftermarket 15 round mags 17 round mags,and even 50 round drum mags are,available online while Taurus for some,reason markets the hell out of the g3c,as a compact pistol just looking at its,barrel length alone tells you its a,subcompact albeit slightly bigger than,its subcompact competitors it may not be,as small as the Sig p365 which started,the whole high capacity Micro Compact,nine millimeter craze but it doesnt,have to be because the Sig p365 only has,10 Rounds in its Factory map with the,g3cs factory mag you do get two,additional rounds in the mag the Sig,p365 Micro Compact has a barrel length,of 3.1 inches giving it an overall,length of 5.8 inches a width of 1.06,inches and an overall height of 4.3,inches by comparison the Taurus g3cs,barrel length is 3.2 inches resulting in,an overall length of 6.3 i

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