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Taurus Spectrum 380 ACP Micro Carry

guitar spectrum lets check it out,[Music],because of the introduction of,9-millimeter single stack pistols 380,ACP has kind of fallen down a little bit,in popularity but one of the things,about a 380 is that you can make it very,small and sometimes making it really,tiny is the perfect concealed carry,option Plus 380 acp is very light in,recoil compared to 9-millimeter so,taurus introduced the spectrum which is,in 380 acp and there are a lot of,features on this handgun that are new to,the firearms market and I want to thank,gun buyer comm for sending the spectrum,for the test & Evaluation Ive been very,interested in this pistol just because,of its unique design it being a tourist,kind of made me hesitate but once I took,it to the range man this is a great,little handgun one of the big reasons,that the spectrum got a lot of attention,up front is because of all the color,combinations that Taurus is offering I,mean they have different frame colors,the inserts here or different slides its,colors whether its the black or even,kind of a stainless finish to it so,theres a lot of cool things that just,kind of draw the eye for people that are,not necessarily shooters and and thats,great because it introduces a lot of,people that gives them a taste for a,little bit of style but thats not,really what this pistol is about first,thing were gonna do is to go and drop,the magazine check the chamber and the,gun is empty you get two magazines with,the gun you get a six round and a seven,round magazine now youll notice this,little grip right here this is a pinky,wrist and this was actually pretty well,designed and thought-out on here your,pinky naturally kind of comes in when,youre bringing your hand in your pinky,kind of rides this way so with the this,in mind they made that grip to where it,naturally just rest it Nestles in your,hand another thing too is theres a,little bit of a rise right here to kind,of go in between the knuckles its not a,finger groove but its just the way that,it fits just like this now my hands are,medium but this little pistol fits very,nicely just like this,with that being said though the standard,magazine because this is 380 it just,still rides pretty decently in the hand,right here it does right off but with,380 again the recoil is just not that,bad youll notice how low the bore axis,is I mean it really rides up and I dont,really think that meaty hands shouldnt,have too much of a problem but its,possible now I opted for just the black,version because I just wanted something,to show for what the gun was about and I,didnt want the distraction but there,are so many different colors you can go,to the tourist website and check it out,but one of the big pluses for this,pistol are these panels and these are,called soft touch panels theyre right,here at the front theyre right here,toward the back its a kind of,rubberized finish and then you have it,actually right here in the slide this is,a very different way to look at things,now one thing that I want to mention,about Taurus is Taurus is originally,based out of Brazil but they have,factories here in the US down in Miami,Florida and this gun was actually,designed by American engineers it was,manufactured by American engineers so,this gun is actually an american-made,handgun from start to finish youll,notice though that these little inserts,they had this lip that rides it right up,here so when youre grabbing the slide,you have a good solid grip on it now one,thing youll notice is the slide does,stay back so it has a slide hold open,feature on the last round and it does,have a small very small slide stop you,can use this as a slide release if you,push back on the slide and hold it down,but its made to be extremely minimal,this gun has nothing that can snag,except this little lever right here,thats it,so this guns not gonna get caught on,anything its really great for deep,concealment sleight has a nice matching,to it it is a carbon steel with a mellow,night finish on it the sights are,extremely low-profile this is definitely,made for just self-defense you cant,change him and because of that accuracy,was decent but it wasnt anything pimp,point your mag release right here and,this actually has some of the texturing,on it and it is reversible to the other,side putting your hand on the frame just,naturally fits in all the right places,right here with this little divot comes,in I mean the design was actually from,the ground up so its a pretty cool,design,now the gun as you can see the magazines,empty as guns unloaded the trigger on,the spectrum also is wide by design it,to me it looks a little cheap but its,definitely wide you get a lot of grip,here on the trigger as you pull it and,so it gives you a little more surface,and it doesnt dig into your hand were,gonna check the trigger pull this is a,double action striker-fired pistol and,that means that the trigger is not pre,cocked a lot of times with certain,pistols the striker will be pre cocked,so it makes a very fast follow up but,this is a full pull but it is extremely,smooth I mean there is no stacking grit,or anything its just a very smooth pull,its fairly heavy and well check the,weight in a minute bring it here a,little bit of stacking at the end and,then a snap the break is not super crisp,but for what we have here its still a,fairly decent trigger one of the pluses,for this trigger system though is you do,have second strike capability in case,you fire on a dead round you can pull,the trigger again as far as reset thats,typical for a double action only pistol,is pretty long were gonna check the,trigger pull with our lime and triggers,age six pounds nine point nine ounces,six pounds 5.1 ounces Taurus says that,it saves between a seven and nine pound,trigger pull but again were getting,about six and a half pounds the barrel,is 2.8 inches in length the full length,of the pistol is five point four inches,its three point eight two inches in the,height and its point eight nine in the,slide width so a very small,Supermicro compact pistol one pistol,that really came to mind as far as,comparison is the Ruger LCP – and here,you can see that these handguns are,almost identical as far as the,dimensions the LCP – maybe a little,thinner but not by much,one thing though that I will definitely,tell you is that the ergonomics of the,spectrum are far superior I mean they,just are now I love the Ruger LCP and,the LCP – I own both theyre great,handguns and here we have the LCP but,one thing when firing this pistol it,does have is very snappy and thats one,of the things about the LCP standard it,is very snappy the trigger is not all,that great with the LCP – theyve,improved it the trigger is really nice,but its still a lot more snappy than,the spectrum and here we have the Glock,42 in 380 acp you can see that its,considerably larger here and then a,touch larger at the frame but one reason,why the 380 has kind of fallen a little,bit out of favor is because of a lot of,the micro 9-millimeter single stacks and,here we have a Glock 43 this is really a,much larger handgun but you are firing,nine-millimeter but one of the big,things about the Glock is the recoil is,more with nine-millimeter than it is,with the 380 and they both only hold six,rounds and of course you get your,extended magazine with the seven rounds,on the spectrum,I want to thank freedom you nations for,supplying the 380 acp get a 5 percent,discount using suit 0-0 check out,[Applause],[Applause],because of the way this gun is designed,the recoil is extremely mild sometimes,on some of the small micro 380 s whether,its the Smith & Wesson bodyguard or the,Ruger LCP they can be pretty snappy its,one of the things about this little thar,spectrum its large enough to where you,can get a good solid grip and definitely,the soft touch material right here gives,you a good firm grasp on the handgun but,as Ive said the spectrum was also,extremely reliable we had no,malfunctions whatsoever there are a,couple of things thou

Taurus Spectrum Review (Taurus 380 Pocket Pistol)

[Music],welcome to firearms of america today i,am back here at shooters,for meyers florida you havent been here,yet stop by and check it out,yes this is one of the only stores in a,hole for mars that has,some ammo still all right but today im,doing the review,of another taurus yes my second taurus,review and this,is a very popular concealed carry option,taurus,spectrum chambered in 380 out of,2.8 inch barrel and you do have two,options with the magazines it comes with,two magazines which is very nice,considering the price of this thing,you have a six capacity smaller magazine,and then a nice extended 7,capacity magazine for your,pinky not bad not bad,good grip a little bit bigger,less of the grip but definitely smaller,now this thing,look at how thin slim,this is all right to conceal carry this,its not gonna take absolutely no,problems,wow im impressed really honest and,these are actually made check it out,look at where they made,yeah welcome to miami,across from here so lets do some,shooting,i think i will start with no pinky,no pink extension on the magazine and,see how that handles and then ill,try with the pink extension on the,magazine uh 380,auto now this is a very popular round,for,compact pistols like this,and i think its a great option you know,theres a lot of talk out there people,talking,people always so people say that its,not good for,whatever for its not powerful enough,and then they recommend nine million,which is really pretty much the same,thing,just a little bit more punch in the 90,millimeter,the bull size is exactly the same but,at the end of the day 380 auto,is an american round and the nine,millimeter,is austrian so all american,yeah okay thats my thats my,argument so lets uh see if i can hit,i destroyed most of my targets already,as you can see ill try to do the,line between the orange and yellow and,see if i can,get that now magazine was surprisingly,easy to load,i thought it would be pretty tight,considering the spring but no it,actually is very easy to load,very easy to put in um,mag release,not the most fantastic mic release but,not bad so,lets uh,very easy to wreck as well wow okay so,far so good,so far so good lets see,all right so not too bad whenever it,comes to the recoil,definitely on the jumper side uh but,let me try to do that with the pinky,extension,now it should definitely be a little bit,better to handle,overall the grip is pretty good,i do however think that they could have,implemented a little bit more of the,aggression i think,a little bit more of the aggression,would have done a good job here,considering that it is a small gun,and you definitely want an aggressive,grip on this aggressive stippling,because that aggression,gives you more grip um kind of helps,balance out the recoil,but here is not a lot of aggression all,of this,design pattern whatever is very soft,theres absolutely nothing its just a,smooth edge,on the back and smooths on the front,and also nothing on the,trigger guard so not really good for,this kind of grip i wish there was some,aggression on the trigger guard as well,one of the positive things about this,gun however so far,is that it does come in a bunch of,different colors thats not the only,possibility,overall is actually pretty good you know,considering the price,the recoil is not too terribly bad,it would have been better if there was,more aggression on the grip,but lets see how this,was the pinky extension thats the job,um i have to say i love the magazines,absolutely brief absolutely brief,to load these things the spring is very,very nice and soft,and you do get your windows to tell you,exactly how many rounds,you have i have five,lets,do some shooting,[Music],pretty good not the most accurate gun,not the easiest one to,shoot but one of the main things why it,is not the easiest to shoot,and it will take you a while to get,adjusted to its not the grip,and not the sides because the sides are,kind of i mean its a regular three post,side nothing crazy but because it sits,so flush down the slide it might be a,little bit,weird to get used to whenever it comes,to your,site right whenever it comes to your,aiming but the main thing that i,am not a fan of about this gun here,is the trigger check it out,so we have about,two millimeters of familiar safe travel,nothing crazy over here,and then we have,kind of very suspicious very unknown,two two and a half millimeters of travel,and then,very very unknown very unsafe kind of,travel maybe,three millimeters three and a half and,then,some more two millimeters of just beyond,unknown,and then some two millimeters off like,unbelievably unknown and then,some freaking another three millimeters,of god knows whats going on what the,hell,shoot already and then some more will,you ever shoot,this is the worst trigger i ever seen in,my life,okay lets lets try lets try it again,because its just,ridiculous right this,this this three,wait was it three or four three four,five six,and then with a little bit of seven with,a grain of salt this shoots,bad very very bad trigger and i think if,there was a better trigger on this gun,overall it would have been great it,would have been fantastic,i mean i know that taurus was trying to,save,on of course some you know,tourists they they try to make a budget,friendly guns uh,but i do have to say that i just shot uh,taurus,is not old horse tower taurus is not a,bad company,uh g3c pistol,also compact one nine millimeter from,taurus and it was absolutely fantastic,and the trigger there was great i dont,know what happened here but,yeah i feel like they should have you,know i dont mind i dont mind,no aggression on the grip not a big deal,but that triggers just a little bit too,[Music],whats the word unacceptable,but lets do some more shooting,slide is great grip with the pink,extension,great fits in the hand perfect sides are,decent,just everything is ruined by the trigger,lets see if i can hit the lets see,with this trigger if i can hit one of,those,flip battles ill try to start with that,orange on the top,im genuinely surprised i was able to,hit that so heres the trick with this,trigger if youre getting this gun,the trick with this trigger is dont,think,too much about being accurate with this,gun just,go there and without trying that hard,as soon as you get the aim just go,go go go go and thats really,your best bet with shooting this gun,dont be there you know,trying to freaking find that final,breaking point of the trigger,because youre not gonna find it but,overall,overall considering the price and,everything i think that is still a,really really good,option still way better than some things,out there that i wouldnt even review on,this channel wouldnt even consider for,nothing,i think this is still a decent option,that i can definitely recommend you know,if you dont,if you if you really need a concealer,gun you know and you dont have a lot of,money to spend,great option 380 auto great round um,and this is pretty good and i mean look,look how easy it is to conceal,really just put it in the pocket and go,so for the taurus if you guys are,watching this review which you probably,are not,which you should because youre in miami,right here maybe ill go and visit you,guys and say hello,i really like to see a spectrum 2.0 all,right with an upgraded trigger you can,make it,30 more expensive but please put a more,or less decent,trigger on it because that would just,make it fantastic and also,if you can please implement some more,aggression on,the grip and also add some serrations on,the front,of the trigger guard everything else is,awesome,about this gun so thank you very much,guys for watching let me know in the,comments below what you think,about this review what do you think,about this pistol,right here and if you have any requests,drop them in the comments below,thank you very much for watching see you,guys in the next video

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Taurus Spectrum Pistol – I Fixed My Feeding Problem! Easy 3 Step Procedure

hey welcome to wendys southern nevada,hey you know i just recently picked up,this taurus spectrum 380,did a review on it and i was having,problems with it so,i gave it a thumbs down,and it was shooting great except,for the last round in the magazine,would not chamber all the way now this,comes with two magazines and both,magazines were doing that,so,anyways i took it home i tore it apart,and i think i have figured out the,problem,now let me mention this real quick,um im not a certified gunsmith although,ive been tearing my guns apart since i,was about 15 years old,and,im 65 now so ive been working on my,own guns for 50 years,and,most of them i can get working theres,been very few that i have not been able,to fix,second real quick,if you buy a new gun and you have a,problem with it you have three choices,send it back under warranty and get it,fixed,take it to a gunsmith or,like me tear it apart and hopefully fix,it yourself so right now were gonna put,some rounds through it if its working,great i will show you exactly what i did,and then well come back and talk a,little more,so were going to shoot some cci blazer,brass cased ammo this is a 95 grain full,metal jacket,so lets get a target set up and do some,shooting,okay ive got both magazines fully,loaded six round magazine and a seven,round magazine in the pistol,so thats 13 rounds im gonna fire right,now but let me show you what this was,doing before i worked on it,oh,didnt close all the way,[Music],ah,did it again,huh,it just does not want to feed that last,round okay so even though it was the,last round i was having a problem with,im gonna,like i said ive got these fully loaded,and lets just see what happens,ah so far so good,oh,six rounds,all right now im going to load two,rounds in each magazine and just do that,a couple times and see what happens,two rounds,[Music],yeah lets try that again,all right lets try four rounds,[Music],a little fast there but what the heck,[Music],hey you know what its really shooting,good right now,um,you know i can keep shooting this i,think its i think its just going to do,the same thing i i honestly think it is,fixed but you know what,maybe just a couple more rounds huh,all right lets try some soft point ammo,this time,yeah look at that huh,all right,okay lets see if we can figure this out,now i have been working on this i think,i have it figured out but,uh lets go ahead and get started i do,have some dummy rounds here i have three,of them,and no primers no powder,so we will be using these today,and,so lets take a look at the problem,were having,and it as youve seen its usually,almost always the last round,and thats what its doing right there,now if we take a close look at,this the case now not including the,barrel the case is touching right back,here,its also touching the extractor,and also on the far side over,over on the other side there,so those are the three points im,concerned about right now okay,now i have taken the extractor out of,this,and it has done the same thing although,not as much,so i can practically rule out the,extractor,im thinking the problem is the bolt,face needs to be polished up so,lets go ahead and disassemble this,[Music],very easy to do by the way,just take the rim of a cartridge,this little notch right here turn it,counterclockwise,90 degrees,and the slide comes loose,all right,so you can get a nice close-up here,now i want you to notice something here,and ive ive run these dummy cases,through this quite a bit several hundred,times and,you can see where the cases are rubbing,right here,on the side of the bolt face,and if if i can show it here there,theres a little sharp edge,let me grab a pencil here,theres a little sharp edge,right,there that i think the cases might be,hanging up on,so im going to take a needle file and,just break that little edge,and im going to polish up this bolt,face because i think,that round,is catching right there right above the,the primer hole,were going to take that extractor out,and polish it up a little bit,let me show you how to take that,extractor out,so to take out the extractor you see uh,see this little ring right here,right in the center that is a little,plunger that we have to push down,and when i push down on that then i can,pull out the extractor so you need a,very small punch like this one here,and you might want a little magnetic,tray because you do have a couple of,very small parts that you dont want to,lose,so lets go ahead and do that just going,to push that down here,im doing this so,i can catch it on the camera push that,down,start to pull out the extractor,remove the punch,and,and there is the extractor,take out the extractor spring,i do want to mention i did put in a,a lighter extractor spring and it did,help a little bit,but i still had problems so,i did put the original,spring back in now to take out this,little plunger,be careful because,a couple very small parts there,[Music],all right,now look how small that spring is,you definitely dont want to lose that,all right thats what that looks like,without the extractor so that,will make that a little easier to get,to that bolt face,all right so im going to use a dremel,and i also have this little polishing,piece right here,this is actually a rubber and its got,polishing compound embedded into it so,that should work pretty good on that,bolt face,so well do that and then well break,that edge with a file,okay so now i have the slide,in the vise so lets see if we can,polish that up a little bit,okay im going to start this off on slow,okay,kind of hard to tell this lighting but,that did smooth up pretty good,lets uh break out the needle file,okay lets break that edge which is,right,there,im going to use this square needle file,and im just going to take off just a,little tiny bit,just enough to round that just a smidgen,all right i think thatll do it,now before i polish this lets take a,quick look at it okay,so this is how,it works when its in the pistol,the case is grabbed just like that and,pulled out so what we want to do,is were going to polish this inside,edge,and then were going to polish this,outside edge just slightly,and see if thats going to do it,[Music],okay so i polished up the extractor,and i also took off,theres a little bevel right here,i made sure i polish that real good,see that right there,so lets put this back together,okay i did uh,use compressed air i cleaned this out,real good so uh,first thing we want to do is take the,plunger make sure you have that spring,on there,put it back in there,get it lined up here,okay,take the,spring,put it in the side right there,now this this is the tricky part here,ive got to,lets see you got this little,tab right here which is going to hang up,on the,side here so what you want to do let me,zoom in just a little bit here,just,kind of hold it like this,get it close to where you want it now i,have to,get my punch,push down that plunger,get it lined up,remove the plunger punch and she snaps,right in there look at that,okay,that was pretty easy,so lets put it back together and see,what we get,all right,[Music],well so far so good,try that a few more times here,well do it fast,and well do it a little slow,you know what,i think we fixed it,so,i definitely fixed my pistol its,working really good now a lot of you,guys left comments on my other video and,some of you mentioned the magazine,maybe its the feed ramp maybe,the chamber well you know what i ruled,all that out,very early only because the gun was,shooting fine except for that last round,so,i appreciate the comments suggestions,but uh,as far as magazines i did not touch them,i did not stretch the springs i didnt,bend the feed lips,didnt touch the feed ramp again it was,just that bolt face and the extractor,and,yeah,maybe grinding off that edge maybe that,helped maybe it didnt i dont know but,let me explain how this works real quick,lets say this is your bolt face okay,you have your firing pin hole right here,now that could be a little rough ar

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Taurus Spectrum .380 ACP “Budget Series” – TheFirearmGuy

hey there friends thanks for checking in,sticking with the budget series and,today were looking at a taurus spectrum,this is a weird looking one it has a,great frame with what they call a mint,rubber overmold they call it a soft,touch because everywhere you grip the,gun you touch that that rubber and,actually,now that ive had it a few years i,actually like it this was released in,2018 it has a 2.8 inch barrel comes with,a 7 and a six round mag this is a seven,round mag 380 acp,it used to be right around 300 msrp now,its 224 so were actually seeing the,price decrease unlike many of the other,trends out there but its made to be,a packet carry gun it does have,integrated sights there very small,and a snag free gun all around so im,pretty sure,they wanted to,market this as a pocket carry gun right,here is also that,rubber,over mold is what i call it soft touch,whatever you want to say,i i actually did not care for that when,i first got it because i figured well,what if it wears out well so far it,hasnt,now i will mention the double action,trigger with re-strike capability,is heavy,closer to eight pounds,but,it does it does fire now it has been,ammo sensitive since ive had it its,been forever since ive had this out,so i am going to take a few shots today,when it was first released it was,very popular its only 14 ounces loaded,with seven rounds,so that is pretty light so definitely a,pocket carry choice lets go ahead and,take a few shots,i like it that they actually dropped the,msrp,picking up that front,its kind of hard to do picking up that,front sight because it is so small check,that out,it is so small a little bit of nail,polish would be nice,i probably should have done that anyways,but i want to quickly show you the,disassemble,its pretty interesting it has that,lever right there,a vertical,line and all you do is put around it and,move it,okay counterclockwise and off comes the,slide from the frame,this is very light,ill put this,nine millimeter round back,but internally youll see an uncaptured,recoil spring steel guide rod and a two,point,eight inch barrel,i will tell you the current cost of 380,acp ammo is so expensive i called the,local dealer before i came out here im,running a little low on 380 and it was,40 bucks a box of 50 and they are hard,to find so as ammo is somewhat freeing,up especially in the handgun world,the 380 really has not,the trigger,has a full reset each and every pull so,that is worth mentioning im not a huge,fan of 380 but i dont mind it either,you know you can pack seven rounds and a,little 14 ounce pistol like this and,throw it in the pocket better than your,45 at home so the taurus spectrum,many people love it,many people dont,but i think its all right it serves a,purpose you know for an msrp at 224 i,think thats a great deal,for a handgun that fires and fires,pretty straight too i have to mention,for a 2.8 inch barrel im certainly not,complaining and i think this is,a pretty cool handgun all things,considered,if you like videos like this please,subscribe and share i always appreciate,thumbs up button thanks for watching and,you guys be safe

Taurus Spectrum .380 ACP (Good Carry Option?)

hey everyone so im back at the range,again,and i keep making range videos but uh i,keep buying more reasons to come out,here,so today i got,a taurus spectrum 380 acp i picked this,up yesterday i had to drive 100 miles to,go get it and it was the last one they,had so this is a double action striker,fire,so basically the striker sits in a,forward resting position,and when you pull the trigger the,striker is pulled back under tension,and when the trigger breaks it releases,the striker and it goes boom,and that also means that it has what,most people call second strike,capabilities,um i i call it multiple strike,capabilities so basically,if it dont go boom the first time,you can pull the trigger again and again,and again until it does go boom,now if it dont go boom,by the third strike,um,i you know hold it there in a safe,direction,just in case you know its a late boomer,and then rack the slide,feed the next round and keep going,so thats one thing i like about it um,i havent shot it yet this is going to,be the first time and im going to be,trying out a couple,ammo,im going to start out with,the browning court,380 auto,i got some uh vlt or seoki however you,say it,got,federal american eagle,[Applause],and some,federal,target range so starting out with the,six round,magazine it comes with a six round and a,seven round with a pinky,extension,were starting out with the six round,browning court 380 auto,and lets see,how the first shot does,first six rounds,through this gun was perfect,slide locked back on the last round,and one thing i want to mention is that,the slide lock here,it is not a slide release,theres been a lot of confusion,on this that ive seen um taurus even,says,that it is not a slide release it is a,slide lock,and,when you put in,the next magazine,you are not supposed to use this as a,slide release some people have been,having,problems with uh,you know the,round not feeding,all the way into the chamber when they,pop this down,taurus even says,its not a slight release youre,supposed to,rest its light back,and it will feed,all the way in,so this is the seven round magazine,with the uh little pinky extension,so lets see how the next seven round,goes,no problem,now,a lot of videos ive seen um,a lot of people have problems,with these little spectrums right out of,the box,and,so far i havent had any problems,and this was,browning court 380 auto,now im gonna move on to,the ot,uh,how that works,all right the first six rounds,of the,the og,and it went in just fine,lets see how it goes,[Applause],and i just had a,strike but no boom,lets see if it goes boom on the second,strike,and it does,so thats what i like about the uh,double action,striker,where the striker sits in a resting,position,and only goes under tension when you,pull the trigger,because when its released and it,strikes and it dont go boom,well youre set up to pull the trigger,again and itll pull back release and,strike again,so,i had one strike and no fire but the,second strike,uh it went boom,now for the seven round magazine,and lets see,how that works,no problem,ran all the way through,now lets go to american eagle ill do,13 rounds of that,six and then,seven,all right first six rounds,of the american eagle,and looks like i got a little hung up on,the feed ring up there,but there it goes,[Applause],those ran just fine,lets go another,seven rounds,fit in just fine,[Applause],and i got one,jam right there a little dope piping,pop that out,feed the next round,and thats all of them,i had one little jam with the american,eagle it didnt,eject the casing all the way out,lets try the,federal,range target practice,all right six rounds,of the federal,fed just fine,first six rounds,went through just fine lets get right,into the seven round magazine,a little caught up on the ramp there,there it goes may have to polish that,ramp a little bit,seven rounds,went through just fine,another cool thing about this is take,down is super easy,you see that little screw,right there,its uh,resting in an up and down position there,and if you take,a spent casing here take the rim of it,you put it in there,and you turn it,and unlock it,slide,comes right off,and its that easy,hopefully you can see this all right but,heres the front of the barrel you got,your striker back here,i dont know if you can see it but,theres a little hook,right there,that when you pull back it goes,under tension,so when you pull the trigger,you can see,that little thing,right there moving back and forth,that is what,catches,that little hook,and it pulls,the striker back under tension,and then releases,goes forward,and boom,putting it back together is just as easy,you just put it up on the slide there,pull back,and when you rack it,that screw there,auto locks so you dont have to sit,there and turn it and lock it again,you just unlock it once take the slide,off and when you put the slide back on,rack it and it auto locks now theres,one more ammo i want to try i dont have,the box with me but i got,17 rounds,of this hornady,critical defense you can see it is a,cone-shaped,hollow point with a little rubber piece,in the middle there,im going to load that up and,see how it runs,all the others the theot american eagle,federal,and the browning,they all have,round noses on them,lets see how this uh,defense ammo works out,alright first six rounds of the,hornady critical defense,fed through just fine,and all six rounds went through just,fine,do another seven rounds,uh,got caught up in the feed ramp there i,can see where its caught up,and im gonna have to,pop this out,go through,i hope its still in the magazine,but yeah theres a little i can see,where it got caught up you probably,cant see it but theres a little dent,right at the tip,of that cone shape there,try it again,there we go it went in,and i got a,little stovepipe going right there,and,the next round just popped out too,so,now i got a,jam in there on the third one so,the casing,got jammed in there,i went the racket to knock it out,and the next round,popped out,now the third one in there is jammed im,gonna have to drop the magazine,and get it out of there,these were the last,two rounds,im gonna put them back in,all right,so,that did not work out too well i think,its the way,they designed,the cone,because,i dont know if you can see,but not a smooth cone shape theres,these like little,you know cuts,around it and thats where its getting,caught up,but,i got a couple more rounds here i got,the four more,let me put them in the seven round,magazine because,the sixth round didnt have that many,problems,only with the seven round so lets see,how it works now,all right,it was ran through,so just looking in my box and i just,realized i do have some more hornady,critical defense,this is a pre-mold,of a bottle pretty nice you can see its,got the,bottle cap,on it,but yeah this is a pre-mold before it,gets blown out into a bottle you can buy,these on amazon,but anyway i do have some more,hornady critical defense,and lets see how many i got here got,one two three four five six seven more,rounds,so,ill go ahead and put them,in the seven round,magazine,put them through and see what happens,all right that fed through just fine,and there we go thats all of them,those ran fine but im not sure,what happened with uh,the first two magazines when they were,getting caught up like that,maybe the magazine,needs to be broken in because it was,pretty tight when i first started,today and now it seems to be,loosened up a bit when i load the,magazines,so im pretty much going to start over,and go through all these again start off,with the browning court,and then the ot american eagle and then,federal,just do 13 more rounds in each one,and see,if i get the exact same results,now that these magazines are a little,loosened up a bit,alright six rounds browning court,seven more rounds,all right no problems with the browning,court,all right six rounds of the,clg,[Music],and seven more rounds,those ran just fine too,six rounds american,eagle

Rifleman Review: Taurus Spectrum

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Taurus SPECTRUM .380 Full Review

oh,oh no its stuck,oh no,good thing ive got this new pistol from,taurus the slick is a sex toy which,means i can hide it anywhere i want like,places that a handgun has never been or,wanted to go before,welcome back everybody its the hot and,fuzzy again excited to bring you another,video and to be out here on the range,again today this is the taurus spectrum,its a new subcompact handgun offered by,taurus its kind of got a slick design,to it were going to take up take it,apart show you guys how it works do a,little bit of shooting today and find,out if its junk or not so lets get,started,okay so i know that bit in the beginning,with uh not being able to pull the,revolver out was a little bit dramatic,but thats exactly what the type of,thing that taurus advertises that this,piece this uh pistol prevents from,happening uh this is the tar spectrum,its a relatively new uh defensive,handgun from taurus its in 380. its,got a six round single stack magazine,semi-auto of course but uh what the,unique thing about this gun is its the,first one that they have introduced that,is actually specifically made to be,really ergonomic its got uh its got,rubberized grips directly made into the,frame of the gun and its got rubber up,here on the slide so you can grab it a,little bit easier its a polymer frame,handgun,its double action got a pretty heavy,nasty trigger pull but not the worst,thing ive ever seen,this pistol is kind of marketed to be,the everymans pistol every man or,womans pistol uh they skins come in a,variety of colors they got turquoise,blue purple red all kinds of different,wild colors of these things pink,just they got they got a color for,everybody if you want them i just went,with straight black on this one thought,it looked pretty slick but these things,are also marketed as a pretty cheap,budget option for uh people that are,just getting into handguns gets,getting into something defensive but,dont want to spend that kind of money,because face it were all not john wick,we cant afford to spend three thousand,dollars on uh on our on our guns so this,kind of falls into that category of the,every mans gun and uh thats uh and it,kind of fills that nation nicely i think,but uh one thing to note about it is it,is just direct blowback operated just,like many other you know browning type,handguns in this type of action ill go,ahead and show you guys how to take it,apart real quick its really easy all,you need is a 380 round its got this,little locking,lug on the side here you take the rim of,your cartridge of course well make sure,its clear magazines out of it,take your round,get rim of it,just twist that,into the unlocked position the slide,will pop forward a little bit as it,comes off of that little recessed point,then you can just slide the slide off,and forward your whole lower comes off,you can see the hammer and everything,down in there easy to get to to clean,then you take your,recoil spring off,take that out,and thats all you have to do to and,then there your barrel comes out and,thats all you have to do to field strip,this gun for maintenance and cleaning,really simple for someone whos just,getting into doing this kind of thing,into handguns and stuff like that uh,really easy to put together take apart,clean do stuff like that but uh one,thing i wanted to uh tested on this,thing today was the reliability ive got,a couple different types of ammo and i,want to see this the basic uh,practical accuracy of this thing im,gonna stand seven yards back shoot it a,steel plate,and were gonna see how this thing,groups and does with some ammo you saw,you could see in the beginning of the,video there i had a uh what looked like,a light primer strike and i was using,some really old ammo that ive had just,sitting around of course we all know,with all the craziness going on its,hard to get stuff like this right now,especially 380 but were just going with,what we have available right now got,some federal american eagle and some max,tech,this is all 95 grain stuff just regular,full metal jacket stuff,and,uh that stuff i was using old uh in the,beginning was some of this but was like,10 years old so,were gonna run some of both of this see,how it patterns on some steel see how,reliable it is now ill go ahead and,show you guys how to put it back,together real quick its really simple,just put your barrel back down inside of,there,get your get your little follower here,put it in your spring in the back,put your little spring back in its spot,you kind of got to compress this down in,a weird way,but its not bad at all,you can just slide it in there just pops,into that little spot recesses,then you can take your slide,slide it right back on,then take your round,rim of it,and just lock that back into place and,youll feel the slide lock back and,were ready to go so well take some of,our,full metal jacket rounds here see how,this thing patterns on some steel lets,get shooting,all right so were back up here at the,range we got a steel plate about seven,yards away were gonna take five rounds,of that maxtec 95 grain,full metal jacket ammo,load it up here,im going to pattern it on that steel,plate,really try to take my time here this,thing has pretty basic sights on it so,im actually going to try to use them,and aim,hopefully we dont get any light primer,strikes like in the intro there so,lets see how this patterns here all,right,lets go,its a very long trigger pull,oh we got a light primer strike its,double action so,try one more time,nope nope,thats something kind of malfunction,there so,oh taurus youre living up to your,reputation quality here,see what happened there,round failed to go off so im just going,to drop that one there,the magazine back in,well try that again,all right that one went off,nothing,lets sit there for a second try again,got it okay,oh another one,like it fires every other shot,okay,and thats it we got five of them to go,off okay so i think we all got them all,on the plate so,well definitely gonna have to try some,different ammo and see if thats an ammo,issue but,im just wondering if that hammer isnt,falling hard enough but lets take a,look at our group and see how accurate,we were,okay so even though we had some issues,there with some light primer strikes we,were still able to get all of the five,rounds that did go off on the target got,one,two,three,four,maybe five but i know i heard the plate,ring i saw it smack all five times and,theyre all in there in a decent group i,wouldnt call that great but for a,defensive handgun with a two-inch barrel,ill take it but,lets load up a few more rounds here,well try the american eagle now see if,that was just an ammo issue,and see if this thing is reliable and,see if we can maybe close that group in,a little bit,okay so we repainted our target we got,six rounds here of the federal american,eagle 95 grain,loaded up in our mag here im gonna try,this again with this ammo,see if we get any light primer strikes,or anything weird see if that was maybe,just an ammo issue,i want to say that this handgun is a,little bit snappy because of how small,it is but it really isnt as bad as i,expected it would be so,but hopefully it fires off six rounds,this time so,lets see what kind of a group we can,get see if we can do any better,oh,brown hit me in the face,hey two in a row thats good,and it cycled all the american eagle,just fine it felt like it had a little,bit more oomph with those too like they,were loaded a little hotter so,thats good,im just gonna assume that was an ammo,issue so lets take a look at our target,all right that was much better so as you,guys can see we were able to get all six,rounds actually to go off this time and,got all six,on the target and in a bit of a tighter,group so,that is some pretty old ammo i ordered,it a long time ago and it is cheap you,can smell it smells like cat piss just,like tall ammo and stuff when you shoot,it so,i would assume that if you keep to good,ammo out of this thing shooting good,amm

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