1. I bought TaylorMade’s new M4 driver (is it actually the same)
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I bought TaylorMade’s new M4 driver (is it actually the same)

a few weeks ago i bought a cobra driver,which was called a cobra f9s it was a,new version of an old driver from 2019,but it had some subtle technology,differences when i tested it i noticed,differences in performance and the f9s,for me was not as good as the original,f9 and i bought that driver to warn you,now this time i spotted taylormade ive,brought out a new version of an old,driver the m4 and i had to buy one to,give it a test so as you can see on my,desk ive got what looks like two,identical tailor-made m4 drivers,one of them was the original taylormade,m4 driver from 2018,a very successful driver first time,taylormade had introduced things like,twist face a way of curving the face to,optimize miss hits to help you find more,fairways hammerhead technology behind,the face to optimize ball speed carried,on with this idea of a carbon crown,but overall an incredibly successful,driver,but also ive got on the desk a,taylormade m4,2021 which is a brand new driver that,launched the back end of last year over,in america but has just hit stores here,in the uk now,so obviously im curious i want to make,sure that theres no,wall beam pulled over the eyes so as,soon as i knew they were in stores to,buy i had to go and investigate and as i,walked in i saw him there proud on the,shelf a big rack of brand new in,wrappers tailor-made m4 drivers the big,new logo there ready for sale,and on first inspection they looked,identical,to an m4 driver i was seeing things like,twist face hammerhead technology carbon,crown the same atmos shaft you would get,in it originally if you bought it in,2018 the same grip everything was,exactly the same but i thought well hold,on a minute let me just pull up some,images of the original m4 driver lets,see if theres,anything that i spot thats different,and you know what i was pretty good at,spot the difference growing up so i,decided to properly have a look at my,old review from 2018 and see if theres,any differences,and it was then at that moment i,realized these two drivers are not,identical there are subtle,little differences that i started to,spot,the main one being on the original m4,driver,on the m first off it was an italic font,and on the top left side of the m was a,blue accent and on the right side of the,end was a red,however,and it sounds subtle this but it might,lead to something,on the new one the font wasnt in italic,it was standard text and both accents,were red,now straight away alarm bells started to,ring because if theres little subtle,differences like that what else could it,potentially lead to and even the head,covers have changed slightly so this one,here on my right hand side is the,original one with the blue and red,accents where this one on the left-hand,side doesnt have the blue its just got,the red accents above the m,very subtle little changes but it got me,thinking,why why have taylormade made these,tiny changes because surely that must,cost them money compared to the original,one whats the reasoning behind it i,know these little things on their own,arent going to affect performance but,what also,might have been tweaked or changed that,could,affect the performance and the only last,thing i spotted was the 2021 driver did,have a slight lighter color crown not,much in it but it was definitely,noticeable compared to the original so,theres only one thing to do i had to,buy this new,m4 driver so i picked it up in nine and,a half degrees of loft and a stiff atmos,shaft because i knew at home i had,exactly the same driver but the older,version i thought would be good head to,head,279 pound it cost me and that 279 price,tag is considerably less than the,taylormade stealth driver which here in,the uk is currently priced at 469 pounds,so before going out testing these two,drivers head to head,i decided to give taylormade a quick,call to ask him about this new m4 driver,and how does it differ if all,against the original m4 driver now,taylormade said to me on the phone,that there is no,difference whatsoever and the only,reason theyve changed the colorway is,just to freshen it up a little bit now,since that ive actually heard rumors,online,that bmw were not happy at all with the,original colour scheme with the italic,font and the blue and red because it,very much looks like their m4 lineup of,cards,i dont know if theres any truth in,that but it probably doesnt quite make,sense now thats what taylor made said,on the phone to me but as you know,im not just going to take their word,for it it was time for me to test these,two drivers head to head out on the golf,course so this should be the perfect,test both heads in 9.5 degrees of loft,both shafts in a stiff atmos and both,golf clubs exactly the same length,so first up was the original m4 driver,and after hitting it a few times i,remember why it was such a successful,driver,for me it sounded incredible it really,did that lovely kind of dead noise and,it felt good off the face,bore flight wise was consistent and i,felt like overall i hit a lot of very,very good driver shots with the m4,and even on the bad shots they didnt,seem to be that punishing or that bad,and my average carry with the original,one was 279 yards and ive got to say i,hit a lot of fairways with the original,m4,so now its time to test the new model,taylormade say theres no difference,what will i find,[Music],all right guys so after all the shots,have been hit with both drivers,ive got to say something,this 2021 driver,not only,looks sounds,feels,the same as the original,it performs,exactly the same as the original the,numbers across the board on carry spin,ball speed it was like i was hitting the,same driver so you know what,props to taylormade,i came into this test with a little bit,of skepticism,certainly after what i found with the,cobra f9 and f9s,but ive got to say,for the price at 279,this is a very good driver and its,exactly the same bar a few tiny cosmetic,changes,but you know what it then got me,thinking if you can pick up such a great,driver thats brand new for 279,well how does that compare to a brand,new taylormade driver thats out now so,funny enough i had my stealth on me as,well so i gave that a hit to compare the,numbers to the m4,[Music],so after hitting loads of shots with the,stealth driver straight after the m4,this is what i found for me,sound wise and feel wise,i would categorically,give it to the m4 driver just sounds,better than this carbon face driver it,does,numbers wise what was interesting,averages,the stealth was a fraction longer by,about two or three yards on average,what was really interesting is on the,long hits,this has got the advantage found i could,hit some even closer to 290 yards,however found on the bad strikes this,was not performing as well as that was,on the bad strikes,its really interesting so after all the,testing it got me thinking i always,think taylormade might have shot,themselves in the foot,you look at performance these two,drivers i think for most golfers theyre,not going to see a massive difference,considering theres 200 pounds price,difference,i also feel like for most golfers they,might even get a little bit more,forgiveness from the m4 driver,if youre looking for a brand new driver,this year thats still in a wrapper you,get a brand new head cover,this is an incredible option,if you really want to fine-tune it and,get custom fit which you cant do on the,m4 you can only get in stiff and reg,you might have to look at something a,little bit more expensive but overall if,you want a brand new driver and you want,a tailor-made,to be honest thats where id probably,point most people thanks for watching,stay tuned lots more to come ill see,you soon


so this is my full in-depth review of,the new taylormade m4 driver ive had,this driver in my bag for the last two,weeks ive been out on the golf course,with this driver i have tested this,driver on multiple different days using,gc quantum pro v1 to give you the most,in-depth review of this product im,going to answer your questions in this,video and im also going to give the m4,driver my final conclusion,so taylormade claim theyre still,packing as much technology into this,driver as possible but it does come at a,cheaper price point this driver roughly,around 100 pounds cheaper slash 80,cheaper,it features twist face still as the m3,does so a way of helping find more,fairways on off-centered hits,hammerhead technology to keep the ball,speed hot on low hits but instead of the,weight track along the back the wide,track,this technology which is a debatable,word technology if truth be told is,geo-acoustic and this is a way of,designing the head differently for it to,sound more explosive,there is a weight port here at the back,it still has the adjustable sleeve the,loft like the m3 has,and it still looks pretty awesome ill,show you the data and give you some,ideas of what i found when i hit this,driver on gc quad and out on the golf,course too,[Music],so m4 testing i tested this on three,different occasions in gc quad here at,the golf academy and took it out of the,golf course and played with it a couple,of times first im going to talk a,little bit about my findings about the,tech and certainly the twist face i,found it to be a little bit different to,the m3 twist face ill explain why i,think thats the case lets dive through,the actual numbers first of the testing,process these are three different days,10 shots plus on each of the days so,weve got weve got my optimum,performance data up on screen these are,all the performance data from the last,12 months of testing drivers so we now,bring in the m4 numbers into this chart,and we see,a couple of surprising factors but the,big numbers are actually bang on target,so we look at the carry distance that is,in that optimus performance range that i,like to see with the driver its just,under 279 yards and for a total distance,of 298,i would see and i saw this throughout,the full testing with the m4 the ball,speed was a fraction lower than i was,getting with m3,spin rate was a touch high it was a it,wasnt about 2 600 but i managed to drop,it down to 2 300 by actually lowering,the loft i actually cranked the loft,down by 0.66 of a degree to bring this,9.5 degree head into a,8.9 degree head and i brought those spin,figures down a little bit the m4 like,the m2 and the m1 in the past the m4 has,always been a slightly higher spin model,ive used the same shaft this is the ten,size shaft 70 gram x flex so for me the,numbers on ball data was solid nothing,outstanding but nothing that was too,disappointing these are all my club data,so we see here,club head speed smash factor i was,slightly hitting more on the way up more,than i average do through my product,testing so that might have been why i,was just presenting a little bit more,loft and maybe just hitting it a touch,higher than what i normally see but i,didnt want to i,did crank the loft even lower but i,actually then didnt like the ball,flight i found it come out too flat i,didnt like that ball flight so i kept,it at that kind of 8.9 degrees,so all the product testing actually in,the academy it hit the criteria no,problem at all it did get an approval in,that category but again nothing,outstanding but lets talk about the,main features twist face now this driver,the m4 because theyve shaved more of,the back of the driver out its actually,a little bit of a deeper face and,because of that as i set the club behind,the ball,i would say the twist face on the m4 is,just ever so slightly more noticeable i,seem to see a little bit more of the toe,flaring outwards a little bit more loft,a little bit more outwards than i was,recognizing in the m3 the other big,thing i definitely noticed without,question was the loudness of this driver,the g-acoustic design across the back,the way theyve shaped it differently,definitely,makes this driver sound much louder i,actually want to get to a point where i,can measure driver sounds and actually,measure the volume that the frequency is,coming off at if you have any,suggestions of how i can do that id,love to hear your thoughts below,but really,just straight away it was an ear,piercingly loud sound some will like it,some will hate it i was in the camp of,hating it i actually preferred the m3,sound,so then we get back to this twist face,and didnt see any difference of,performance out on the golf course this,is my little red book of testing made,loads of notes when i tested it and,these are my findings on some of the,shots that i hit off center so as a,generalization over the twist face i,found this particular driver for the way,i hit the ball a little bit high toe and,a little bit open,i found with the m4 that the results,seem to favor more of a shot that would,go to the right,i found shots with the m4 to leak a,little bit more to the right and it gave,me no alterations to be able to crank,any weights or anything to put it into a,setting thats different and the only,way i can put that down to potentially,with it being a slightly deeper head and,that toe flare being,seemed just a little bit more pronounced,when i caught that high toe i did see,shots that leaked off to the right,and really,on paper thats what taylormade are,claiming theyre doing more of if you,hit tow theyve seen in results that the,ball will go further left and this,target left well certainly i didnt find,shots from hitting off the toe that i,went any further,left in fact i was struggling to hit it,left off those toe shots so in one,degree theyve kind of,thats a bonus for players who hit the,toe and go left but for someone like me,who hits the toe and particularly draws,it i was struggling to get that shape,that i require and i desire from normal,bulge and roll and some of the shots i,saw here this this was actually day one,of testing and this was shot number,three and i absolutely nailed this there,was no question about the performance on,a good hit is exceptional when i got him,right and it was just awesome nailed the,third shot,but then we saw shots where um,i hit the toe on shot five and it kind,of found the fairway no i wasnt,massively impressed but it got back to,fairway so shot number eight day one,this was one that really kind of shocked,me and really started to make me,question about twist face,on this particular shot i swung through,the golf ball unbelievably straight my,path in my face was super straight and,ive hit a location thats high toe this,ball finished for me,28.7 yards to the right,and that seems like a long way,considering everything was square,with normal bulge and roll i would,typically see a shot that might draw,back towards middle if not go further,left but when i presented everything,square and hit the toe it went to the,right for me,and that was a shock moment i must admit,um but then again it backed up a couple,of shots later where chuckle mc10,absolutely screamed oh nailed it,so,that was kind of interesting to me i,felt like it had a more of a right bias,when i didnt hit it well um and the,whole idea of twist face is to stop the,ball curving left too far and ill tell,you what i would say that i didnt see,the ball curving left too far off toe,hits in fact i almost saw a little bit,too much of the opposite effect,so i went on the golf course and played,golf with the m4 played twice on the,golf course a couple of testing courses,and the tenth hole west blanks i tried,to a monster draw ive hit it from the,toe and its missed the fairway a long,way to the right and this one i want to,remember with this twist face the player,will still override everything that,happens and believe me when i say i can,still hit this driver and you will be,able to still hit

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tailor-made m4 shall we,Ive got dry ball data were gonna test,on the course doesnt get more real than,this lets do the review or one of,theres going to be more of the other,driver as well lets see what,tailor-made didnt want me to test just,to put this out there this review is my,opinion Im gonna share with you my,opinion of this club its a lovely day,not a bad hit to kick us off so weve,got to start really with the twist vase,idea on this club its game-changing,technology its definitely new weve not,seen it before or certainly not branded,this way to explain it and were going,to test the game changing us of this,technology Im just gonna take you back,home when you start talking rolling,barge and Ive done videos and rolling,barge it doesnt always like everyones,lemon lets show you what I mean and how,rolling balls works and then how this,take on twists face might help you hit,more fairways go that way so lets think,about roll and bold so on a driver face,it curves this way and it also curves,this way if you compare that to an iron,face not the cleanest iron face theyre,flat biggest difference between driver,and iron is the center of gravity and an,iron is up basically very closely if not,on the face where drivers its pulled,back now if you pull the center of,gravity off the face what youre gonna,get is youre gonna get twists when you,hit the ball away from lining up from,the center of gravity so if I was to hit,with the toe the clubs gonna twist this,way the ball is going to turn this way,on the face which will give it a little,bit of draw spin so the idea of rolling,bulges they point this part of the face,a bit further right than the center so,that compensates for that curvature it,starts the ball down the right to allow,it to gear back to the middle what twist,face is saying is theyve curved that,face half a degree more backing up in,the toe and down and back in heel so in,the top part of the club here its,curving more to the right and also up to,the sky because gear in effect works on,both axis so if I hit one out the top of,the club the club will twist this way,launches the ball higher but with less,spin so what happens is theyre adding,more loft and launch it more in the air,because the less spin in theory is going,to drag it out of the,quicker so by launching it higher again,compensating for that miss hit gear,effect has been in clubs for years its,your friend it helps you tailor made are,playing with the idea or a gear effect,to try and get you hit more and more,fairways theyre playing with it very,small amounts but over time if any of,that its going to help you hit more,fairways thats only a good thing not,something you would give up you see how,much I think it helps when we get out,there testing hopefully that makes you,understand how rollin Bulge and now,twist face is working for you to try and,help you maybe hit more fairways is the,idea decent Drive here I just moved it,to the right I was trying to hit a,little fade here I stuck it in my normal,position on the face and the clubs done,exactly what I kind of asks of it to do,really,lets not make a birdie with a twist,face so lets put this in perspective,with the rollin bulge half a degree,difference on that height Oh to that low,heel theres a few things that worry me,with this first point knowing the,tolerances these manufactures can build,to and cant build to in mass production,if we narrowing it down to half a degree,I dont know any student apart from the,very elite that I work with where were,talking down to one and two degrees,never really haves certainly in delivery,and you can see that when it looks down,by the ball cuz it looks good down by,the ball you dont see a twist 3 top,reminds me of SL VR with the carbine,back it looks good and the face doesnt,look too store it it looks nice with the,black face yeah its as tailor-made,youd expect from them its a really,good looking driver and well look at,the end or day or in a second obviously,were gonna see my misses on the course,here but game-changing half a degree,its a bold bold statement and we all,know theyre not afraid of them it makes,a really good noise off the face and,again I picked that where I want to,carry there today thats more into the,wind and I gave it credit for,were now seeing hammerhead in the slot,on the bottom so youve got the two,joining ridges I think its firm around,the outside theyre telling us its,allowing them to make thinner faces its,friendlier out the bomb everything that,hammerhead is all about is trying to,increase the ball speeds on the off,centre hits that get mixed up with,thinking theres itll be more distance,that scent hits but certainly on those,off-center its one of those things,every company can do because they cant,do anything with the center hit,again go and test anything with there to,help,zeliha good thing Im not sure I see it,or feel it but youd have to test for a,season its such small differences Im,happy for them to help wherever they can,right lets take a look at the indoor,data show you what my dry testing had to,offer,tailor-made M for driver averaging two,five four yards in carry thats my carry,distance topping out at two six one,bottoming down at two three three if we,look at the two three three this is an,interesting one I catch it height oh and,then we also see the miss here which is,the blue line very very left so again I,wasnt really seeing a massive influence,of that twist face in the tow a shots,you can see all my strikes our sensors,are slightly to–a if we look at the,other one that when most left number,eight here thats a centered hit face,zero phase zero path basically a little,bit of tow still going quite a long way,left for me there and then if you look,at this one Im carrying it two hundred,and fifty yards if we look at the strike,you can see again its height oh and then,this one going relatively at target but,the interesting thing with this one is,my path gets slightly out to in on this,one with a face half a degree open to,that path so face path slightly open to,an outdoor empath with a slight toe,thats balancing itself out arguably,more than any of the twists face ideas,that youre seeing so not really seeing,evidence pretty much of the twist face,Scott wants gonna take shot five away,because obviously weve missed face,dater on this one you can see my club,half is averaging it pretty 0 face to,pop averaging it pretty zero one closed,almost to a slightly half a degree left,dying of attack for up you know my,delivery numbers are kind of there or,there abouts strike is the thing thats,deviating quite a lot on those,deliveries to very high two ones and,third one in there slightly high to rest,quite centered and my miss pretty stray,two going slightly left I mean I,personally know I think the numbers are,really good I think the spin numbers,down at two three lowest spin down at,one nine high spin at two seven again,showing my strike variation,I think peak height is good I think the,carry distance is good for where I was,feeling on that day to speed I have its,averaging two five three but I reckon I,could test it on another day and Id get,up to the two six two my you know my,high hit Im getting to five eight two,five six two five nine two six one two,sixty its pretty much in the slot where,Id expect and thats to be on each of,you I wouldnt expect anything less from,a tailor-made driver the drivers for I,dont know how long now have performed,so well on their launch data its just,the twist face ideas I could I turn,there I get it to any I just wasnt,seeing it in the indoor test really you,see the indoor numbers are good arent,they and thats the thing with,tailor-made and its been consistent,over all the last few drivers is that,you just dont see a difference in the,numbers but thats a good thing because,theyre always producing pretty damn,good on the money numbers you want the,driver doing what its meant to do and,theyre always on the top side of,numbers like its always getting c

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OVERVIEW | TaylorMade M4 Package Set (2021)

[Music],this is the taylormade m4 2021 version,package set im tom denby and youre,watching class golf right so lets run,through what you actually get with this,package set so when we look at the,initial driver here so the the 2021,version of the m4 so weve got the,hammerhead technology in here the,geoacoustic technology on there the,twist face and then the carbon crown,here so youre getting everything loaded,from a tailor-made tech perspective,thats for sure look at the ferrywood,same kettler fish again so weve got the,speed slot technology on the bottom here,which really aids with the off center,hits at the bottom there weve got the,weight distribution in the golf club to,help again with the offset hits and just,enlarging that sweet spot composite,crown here again with the atmos fujikira,shaft as well the same as the driver so,lets look at the hybrid as well so same,technology in terms of the speed slot in,there and the geo acoustic very very,easy golf club to hear again the atmos,fujikira shaft into there so if we look,at the irons now interestingly with the,iron so weve got five to sun down here,now the five six and seven eye in here,have the speed slot technology in here,thats very very popular from,taylormades perspective weve also got,a very very,good large golf club here thats going,to help with the offset hits but also,help get the golf ball up into the air,now why do they only put the speed slot,in those those longer irons a because,theyre the ones that you need help with,but also in the shorter range you dont,want that explosive,speed off the golf club you want more,control so put that into the the eight,nine wedge and sun dying its a much,much more playable set of golf clubs,rather than just having something that,explodes all the time now interesting as,well what theyve done with the sun,dying in here has actually created an,actual,proper sunday and so weve got a look to,it rather just been another golf club in,the set weve got a golf club thats,going to perform like a sundine should,in the golf club so weve got some,bounce on there and weve got the way it,should actually look so its a much more,user-friendly golf club out of the sand,and around chipping wise,combine that as well lastly with the red,line,putter that weve got in here so weve,got the nice red line insert into there,very very easy to line up onto the green,very very easy to get the golf ball,rolling so what were going to do now is,going to play a hole with it were going,to hit each and every one of them so,well hit the driver fairway hybrid hit,a couple of the irons hit the putter and,just give you an idea of how they hey,how they work but also how they feel,right so lets start with the driver so,weve gone through the technology in,there lets just see how it kind of,looks and performs so instantly behind,the golf ball looks great youve got the,gray front side to it within the,composite black crown to it and that,really helps you line it up as well now,lets give it a hand into here,does look really nice might need some,help with that twist face technology,no i flew off it its got a really nice,sound to it,yeah nice so weve hit the driver there,lets go down and hit the phone in the,hybrid right so weve hit the driver,lets hit the pharaoh in the hybrid so,the fairway again so we go through that,technology weve got the speed slot,technology in the bottom there which,really helps with the offset hits but,also with the shots off the bottom of,the golf club which is predominantly,where most amateurs will miss the shot,so again looks great behind the golf,ball that contrast of the colours looks,fantastic,oh yeah it comes off it great its got,such a good sound coming off it,yeah really nice right lets have a,little play with,the hybrid as well so well chuck it up,in the rough up here,just to see how this perform,so its not the best light in the world,but lets see how we can get it out,that just pops straight up in the air so,easy to hit,right so weve hit the fair with the,hybrid and the driver lets hit the,irons,so if it drive a fairway and hybrid very,impressed now lets hit the iron so im,gonna actually just hit two of the irons,im gonna get seven nine and eight time,the reason for that is the seven nines,got the speed slot in it the a tine is,to start the set where theres no speed,slot into it so i just wanted to show,you the difference with the two really,so seven 9 initially one thing to note,is a really nice bit of offset on here,so its going to really aid in helping,straighten the golf ball up but also,loads of help but also it doesnt look,over,overly game improving it still has a,nice look to it,so thats a little play with a 7 iron,initially,oh yeah that kind of flew off it,could really feel the speed slot work,there really nice so lets go a time,which like i said theres no speed slot,in here so this is all around a bit more,control so itll sound different and,interesting what theyve done here,taylormade as well is put the kbs max,shaft in thats an 85 gram steel shaft,its very very lightweight which is just,perfect for a game improvement golf club,so lets have a look at this eight-time,looks great still behind the golf ball,anticipating this sounding different,oh it sounded a lot different,and interestingly that that sounds like,a a golf club more traditionally that i,would use so so more of a kind of a,bladed,forged golf club its not forged but it,has that feel to it because it doesnt,have that speed sliding into it so the,seven iron exploded off it 18 loads more,control right so we move on to the sand,wedge i mentioned on the t up there that,this is an actual specific sand iron and,the whole reason thats important is to,to get the interaction with the golf,club in in the sand there to actually,help you so if its just exactly the,same golf club as the original set of,irons theres nothing there to help you,its just a 56 wheel off the golf club,whereas this is designed to actually,help hes got the right sort of bounce,its got the right sort of leading edge,into it so again,it looks great behind the golf ball and,its going to really help to get that,club working through the sun properly,so because of that interaction the,bounce works its really easy to get the,golf club into the air really nice lets,give the putter a go as well right so,move on to the red line putter that you,get with this package set so the great,thing youve got here weve got two bits,of tech weve got weve got the line on,the top here hence the name the red line,but weve also got the red line,inserting there to a help to get the,golf ball rolling quickly but also to,get a really nice feel off the putter so,it looks great behind the golf ball i,really like this red grip thats on it,as well,its got a really really nice weight to,it gear really swings back and through,nicely,there we go really nice,so in summary with this package set we,get driver fairway hybrid we get the,ions five to sundine and the red line,putter,really really great package set if,youre looking for something thats,going to really kind of enhance every,area of your game and make sure that,youre getting every part kind of ticked,with it being the driver of the fairway,hybrid and technology in the irons,definitely look no further this m4,package set from 2021 is tremendous

TaylorMade M4 Driver tested Average Golfer

okay good morning welcome back to civil,TV and thanks for joining the average,golfer Ive got the tailor-made backdrop,behind me and that means that Im going,to be looking at their range no clues,there were going to go straight into I,missed this one out a week or so ago,when it first arrived this is the m4,driver hit the m3 tested that and I was,really looking so this is all about,twists face technology everybodys heard,about it some people buy into it some,people dont buy into it people one,obviously like myself Id like to see,fact if I could see in there Id like to,feed Id like to see in the shots of the,hit is twists face technology gonna help,me with my off-center strikes a very,brief explanation of twists face and I,think everybody sort of heard about it,by now but Ill go through it one more,time the face effectively is uneven what,Taylor made a suggestiveness that from,robotic testing a ball a right to left a,higher shot will hit a right to left,curve just start straight and go off,further to the left hand side thats,certainly a shot that Im familiar with,and a low heel strike well again start,Center and balloon off from a left to,right shape so in human hands the,testing that Taylor Made have done,theyre suggesting theyre going to try,something a little bit different and,what that means effectively is on the,face of the of the twist face technology,what theyre going to do and Ill bring,this up close to the camera in this high,toe area theyre going to open the club,face up a little bit but vice versa in,this low heel theyre going to close it,a little bit and the idea is simply to,counteract the suppose both of those,effects in terms of the shots that you,would we hit a lot of in terms of,average golfers so thats interested so,the center of the effectively the center,has not changed its the off-center hit,that theyre trying to accommodate and,allow for like I said those bad shots,now lets see if that rings true in the,hands of the average golfer well talk,about the aesthetics first,be hanging the ball when a move camera,then Ill hit some golf balls and then,well sit down and do a bit of a summary,ok so just talk him visually first of,all about the m4 change from previous,models in terms of 2016 2017 the silver,stripe has replaced the wider white,stripe and this carbon imprints across,the back end of the club remains intact,weve again youve probably heard about,these colorings that are very similar to,the BMW M series design its certainly,apparent on the crown here as well what,Im going to do and its going to bring,in now the the m2 and there are slightly,different shapes the m2 from this is the,m2 from last year its a slightly it,seems shallower right across from front,to back the m4 definitely sort of sits,up prouder in terms of the the face and,again it seems less shallow at the back,end it seems to be stretched out very,much flatter on the end to both thumb of,work done when they did it last year in,the m2 and again they further enhanced,that in this years and before theyve,worked on the acoustics of this club one,of the criticisms has always been when,youre replacing when youre putting the,CG as far back as you do in these clubs,it tends to as it have a negative impact,on acoustics and thats what theyve,worked on in trying to enhance the sound,which ultimately resonates in feel once,again and Ill just come down to these,you can see some slight indentations in,and around the head of the m4 which are,again designed to improve aerodynamics,its very very minor detail and like I,said visually I think from the top side,theres not huge differences me,personally I like the more compact,looking at least even though the head,size will be the same I like the more,compact look of the m4 but thats very,much just about personal preferences ok,so underneath the club there are quite a,few changes and obviously theyve moved,things around quite a bit in this m4,from the previous m2 model one of the,things youll notice straight away is,this an introduction of hammerhead,technology now I dont know what,tailor-made air,saying in in terms of marks in blurb but,itll be something along the lines of,the fact that itll make the ball go,incredibly longer straighter and more,forgiving but its effectively a bit of,a slot thats in just behind the face on,this on this new m4 driver I think in,most instances like I said the proof is,in the pudding with these things and,forget the marketing blur right now,lets move the camera lets give some,golf balls or whack and see if we can,see any effects of twists face,technology but more importantly just how,good is this club in performance,irrelevance of whether or not we can see,twists face technology how good can I,give this thing a whack now Im,interested this morning because Ive,just done a couple of head to heads with,the with ping product and I want to say,this Im it in the ball quite well of,them in it so well thats why I decided,to carry on with the same form quite a,few more this morning same swing same,day and Ill give me a nice,understanding of between drivers how,theyre all sitting at the moment so,fingers crossed,lets see if this day of good a thing,can continue just a little bit longer,[Music],okay back in the office,balls hit at for golf chester the small,in and about dating honestly UK nowhere,near as what i was doing on course,testing on friday for those who you were,who watch me test out at he was the m3,and m4 fairways and i use the m4 a,couple of weeks ago i lost a bit of data,in terms of from the launch day so I,released the driver for the m3 but,didnt get that m4 driver out there,unfortunate of this review so Im a,little bit late but really glad I came,back to it couldnt spin its been sat,in the office I kept looking at ride it,on the day and I was impressed with it,it shows how I managed to perform with,it and its great to to give it a bash,again this morning I think one point to,mention before I go too much further I,was hitting the ball pretty damn good,this morning as I mentioned in the intro,and it did continue into these numbers,which Ill throw up in a minute but its,worth bearing in mind that I dont think,I can put club on ball any better than I,did do to be honest if it was quite good,and quite impressive only if I Taylor,hunts for a golf course but Ill tell,you and Ill show you the reason and why,maybe its just down to twist face who,knows but Ill throw up the the numbers,and know its not down to twist face,because I get several drivers the day,and I was in it well so anyway here we,go is a numbers lets get stuck into,these first of all now unfortunately on,three of these has not recorded me call,bed speed I think thats probably due to,the fact that was just swinging it to,done first so weve also been lots of,data there but anyway at 96 and all,morning I swung the club and the club,head speed was the same on a few drivers,in and around the sort of 96 97 mile an,hour a couple of mile an hour faster I,was swinging it the week before like I,said its different days different,different me but looser this morning,maybe but its the boss speed its mega,impressive off these clubs I mentioned,it just now on the m3 and m4 fairways,when we should have questioned the,technology I think seeing things like,this and improvements in ball speeds in,relation to club head speed is it clear,indicator that somethings going in the,right direction its often criticized,how much that leap is and yeah thats,questionable but I think that theres,noticeable things in here when youre,looking at how do you measure,performance well things like this tell a,tale and like I said Im not selling,product it makes no difference to me,whether you buy them or not to be quite,frank so Im just relaying information,but anyway yeah 148 as much as 150 ball,speed on shot five and its the spin,number again second numbering incredibly,low spinning and still 14.4 in terms of,launch or a fairly high launch angle,book still making a very very low,spinn


weve got jailbreak versus twist faced,rogue versus m4 and a classic longest,drive challenge this is gonna be about,pure distance im gonna smash these two,golf clubs to see how far they can go if,youre new to my channel welcome,subscribe so you dont miss a single,video if you enjoy the content smash,that like button and let me know in the,comments below join the 1k club be one,of the first to comment and you can be,entered into a prize draw to win some,goodies,lets go with this rogue versus m4,so the concept is simple im going to,smash these as hard as i can see how far,they go on gc quad with pro-vs theyve,got a fit within a 20-yard radius right,or left of the target line so they cant,just go anywhere off the planet theyve,got to be within that confine of 20,yards either side of center line and it,is total distance were going off,rogue lets do this,is jailbreak packing some punch,lets give it a rip,that is a strong start for rogue i dont,know if ive caught every bit of it,thats only two eight two carry four two,nine nine,very straight,not the longest im guessing were gonna,see,okay so,one in the fairway thats what matters,for rogue,now it can unleash,unbelievably straight again it is an,improvement on the last shot 286 carry,for,305 total distance,so 305 in the bank,third shots the final shot of the first,round,it can really let loose on this one,though,that is,crushed,two,nine,four,carrie,for 3,13,and not only that that shot is,outrageously straight,under a yard offline,0.6 yards offline,330. look at those three shots,wow,114 clubhead speed 163 ball speed,yes every single day right m4,up next its got some its got some work,to do to beat that,okay m4,same shaft,same loft same length,can it be 313 thats the question,oh its a bit low spin,its 295 on the carry,its 3,19,on the total,bought,oh,23.2,doesnt count,but promising signs,that the m4,is packing some heat,just needs to find a fairway thats what,this drivers supposed to do,is its too much out the middle right,second shot round one m4,[Music],oh im not sure about that,its a little bit too low spinning in,fact its ridiculously low speed unless,its going to roll forever ill tell you,what its not done by 309,and definitely inside,a yard offline,0.4 of a yard offline,tell you what i need to start hitting it,harder more often eight more fairways,okay third shot so that ones leading,for the m4 at the moment 309,but we know its got more available to,itself,lets go one more,its a bit of a dead,fly its a bit of a drop kick,oh its disappointing from the m4 in,that final shot so right,rogue goes into round two,with 313 in the lead lets move into,round two three shots again for each,okay so rogue round two first shot,leading at the moment can it set,an even stronger benchmark,oh thats not a good golf,shot im saying its not a good golf,shot i still went 287 carry and its,going to be about 305,but,and its in the fairway but i just knew,it wasnt in the,the meat,round two two more to go for the rogue,oh its offline,it drew too much,final shot rogue,can it be its own best at 313,that has got chances,that has got chances,its gonna be inside the,300 carat oh my goodness three,two three,its beaten its best by 10 yards,and to confirm that is a counting shot,its only 12.6 yards offline,323 162 miles per hour ball speed spin,rate just under,215 club head speed absolutely,annihilated right,three two three to beat for the m4,final round three shots m4,323 yards to beat,set by the rogue,has it got it in it,can it find the fairway at that distance,lets see,first shot three to go,[Music],that is off to the right,not long enough not straight enough,second shot coming up,two more three two three,oh,my goodness,oh my goodness,on the line,bang,296,carry,for,312 yards,but look how straight that shot was,that felt out of all the shots so far,felt the best,absolutely annihilated,right one more to go,its knocking on the door can it do it,right,last shot,this is it,m4,three to beat,im not sure,its up the right,the initial carry distance doesnt look,long enough its only two seven seven,carry only running out to two,nine five that is it we have a winner,ladies and gentlemen,the rogue takes victory in this long,drive challenge as i stress that start,this video this is just solely,how far can i hit these two golf clubs i,forgot how much i love,smashing drivers i forgot how much i,loved it let me know in the comments,below what do you want the rogue to go,up against next now stay tuned to my,channel because the next video is going,to be,the brothers of these two drivers so,were going to go rogue sub-zero versus,m3,that could be a real battle because they,are more low spin drivers,rogue on this occasion took victory at,323 yards,and it was unbelievably straight in,fairness to it click the link up there,in the corner to watch the full videos,if you enjoyed this video smash that,like let me know in the comments what,you want to see the rogue up against,next if you are new to my channel,welcome hit that subscribe button dont,miss the video by hitting the bell icon,and why not share this video around,certainly share this video around with,friends who have rogue and friends who,have m4 thanks for watching guys stay,tuned lots more to come,well see you soon,three two three,man i enjoyed hitting the ball hard,i really did

Taylormade M4 Driver Review

my guys own downs here from gold shake,calm and today in my hands got brand new,club from TaylorMade for 2018 its,called the m4 so guys brand new m4 from,TaylorMade in my hands now the first,thing you notice is on the head cover is,the change in color ways to the red and,the blue and the racing stripes there,and that really signal signifies,TaylorMade intention to not only get you,hitting the ball further with this,driver but a lot straighter and more,about that in a minute so the first,thing you notice when you put this down,and you look at it compared to the m2 is,its lost this white top and theyve,gone to a silver color but other than,that youve still got this carbon crown,which you can see its got a lacquer on,top you can see that and it looks pretty,similar to the previous versions there,is a little bit of a step down here,which will help with the airflow over,the head give you a little bit of it at,full speed but quite a minimum amount so,yeah putting it down youve also got a,black face again a lot of manufacturers,doing this I like this it helps you,frame the ball nice in the head helps me,get it square and you also got the,little tailor-made logo there to centre,the ball up on the face now what is big,about this and whats completely new is,their twist face technology now you may,have seen a little bit about this and,what theyve done is theyve actually,taken the face and Ill put a graphic up,on the screen now to help you understand,this but theyve taken the face which,normally has bulge and roll so face,isnt completely flat twisted that so,that when you hit it out the toe when,you hit out the heel it brings it back,towards the center and explained Im,gonna give it a first hit now but Ill,explain a bit more about that in a,second so here we go,okay so it sounds very similar to the,em1 and em2,they havent changed a lot theyre,obviously onto a pretty good formula,theyre in what they did with those,clubs they havent changed a lot in the,appearance and the actual physical,makeup of this driver in terms of the,body in the head so youre getting a,very similar flight very similar sound,to to the head but rid its this twist,face that has made the big difference,and what theyve done is like I said,theyve made they say you get a,straighter ball flight and it did it by,testing thousands and thousands of,thousands of gold for thousands of shots,huge amount of data that simply wasnt,possible to process in the past fed that,in and found that if you hit it out the,toe youll generally hit it if you hit,it higher at the toe generally hit it,eight yards further left you get this,low left shot if you hit it out the heel,you get this spinny high cut and you hit,that six or seven yards right off-center,so what they did is they twisted the,face they were if you hit it out the,tone you get a bit more laughs than the,clubface owns a bit further right and if,you do out the heel it will reduce a LOF,the name the club face a bit further,left so in theory that should bring the,ball in a lot straighter now its quite,difficult to analyze just hitting on the,range like I am now without tons and,tons and tons of data whether thats,true or not but its something,incrementally you may well see a benefit,from over the course of the season give,it another go like I really like the,feel of it is well what theyve also,done is theyve created a thinner face,meaning more ball speed as well as just,hammer head slot which is new for 2018,was really designed again its one of,these slot technologies that Taylor made,a famous war really designed to give you,a bit more flex in the face and a bit,more ball speed and Im seeing that,right there Im seeing a great ball,flight,nice and quick off the face certainly,Im hitting this nice and straight but,the real proof in the pudding will be on,the course Im going to go out there now,play a few holes see whether I noticed,my dispersion pattern coming in with,this driver Ive used the previous m1,the MT version and the pass so youll be,able to see if theyve just brought this,in a little bit and a report back to you,guys in a bit,[Music],[Applause],so guys just finished on course testing,with the new tailor-made m4 now the big,question everyone wanted to know is does,twist space work now its really hard to,tell I have to say when you look down at,the club its very difficult to see the,twist face in fact you wont see it when,you look down on the club even when,youre looking at it kind of like this,its quite difficult to see and and can,you tell the difference on the golf,course well you know unfortunately none,of us a robot so its quite difficult to,tell you know whether youre hitting it,straighter or not,however I dont believe TaylorMade would,have brought this technology to market I,dont believe the top pros Rory McIlroy,John ROM Dustin Johnson those guys will,be putting it in play if they didnt,believe it works and I think there are,quite a big amount of benefits quite a,lot of gains incremental gains over the,course of a season theres extra couple,yards straighter shots thatll be a few,more fairways hit on your own around,that really matters and that will make a,difference so I think youve got to,trust in this technology believe that,TaylorMade wouldnt have done this and,believe the data and you will get a,drive that hits it a bit straighter than,the previous models that Taylor Made,have had so guys wed love to know what,you think about this driver rule also,the hammerhead slots wed love to hear,your thoughts dont forget to comment,below if youve got any questions on,twists face or any of the other,technologies within driver please,comment well do our best to answer them,if youre watching this YouTube as ever,and you enjoyed the video please give us,a thumbs up and if you havent,subscribed already please do so wed,really appreciate it and well see you,next time

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