1. Are these the BEST golf clubs ever made!? FULL REVIEW
  2. NEW 2021 TaylorMade P790 Irons… THE BEST EVER!?
  3. THE IRON FOR EVERYONE?! TaylorMade P790 Iron Review
  4. 2021 TAYLORMADE P790 Irons Review // + 2019 Model Comparison
  5. 2021 TaylorMade P790 Irons | The Swing Report
  7. Testing the P·790 Irons VS. Stealth Irons | TaylorMade Golf

Are these the BEST golf clubs ever made!? FULL REVIEW

in this golf bag ive possibly got the,best irons in the world the irons that,would suit a professional golfer all the,way up to a high handicap golfer now,theyre not new but they are new because,these irons in my bag are the new,version of the taylormade,p790s back in 2017 was when the first,set came out and i raved about how good,they were 2019 the next version came out,and again i raved how good they were,while taylor may have brought out a new,version for 2021.,theres subtle differences but theyre,also claiming there are a lot of,similarities to the other sets that have,been so successful in the past,[Music],now if you dont know what the p790s are,or if you need a quick reminder theyre,a hollow head design and through that,screw there at the end after theyve,been made they insert speed foam,yeah its a tailor made thing now,apparently that gives more ball speed a,better feel and it fills the inside of,the head also it helps with acoustics,the sound when you hit the shot these,are forged irons and i must admit the,look again this year is very super clean,i like the design the only thing im,maybe not as big a fan of theyve gone,for this slightly more brushed finish,which doesnt offend me but i think i,liked a little bit more chrome now in,the set youve got four to seven iron,and theyve got this speed pocket here,at the bottom thats again to help more,ball speed with your longer irons that,doesnt continue as you can see through,eight nine and pitching wedge,okay the first place im gonna start,with this test is actually im gonna,pretend ive never tested p790s before,im gonna use this set as almost a brand,new set so the first thing i need to,look for is the long irons i want to,know how easy they are to hit are they,forgiving do they go a long way and then,were going to move into the more lofty,clubs,now theres one concern i have about the,lofty clubs,and well test that in this video,because thats going to be a real,critical point to whether these are,the best irons in the world or not,okay lets start with this little path,through up the hill im going to hit a,six iron,looks wise behind the ball,yeah just just clean nice,not super thin top line at all a little,bit of protection a little bit of,forgiveness almost confident boosting,all right lets start off see if we can,uh,hit a good one to kick things off,[Laughter],you can make the best lines in the world,you can but if you fat it two inches,behind the golf ball no club is going to,help you get the ball on the green that,was not a good start at all,okay,take two,[Music],a little bit clean that time,but that has actually made it onto the,green,other fatted one i thinned one im,probably testing these clubs today,okay so thats my warm-up hole out of,the way ive now come to a quiet seat,because i really want to test these long,guy and certainly the four and five iron,it wouldnt seem strange to have a set,like this in a very very good players,bag like say a scratch handicap or even,a golf pro but also someone like a 24,handicap or a 28 handicapper could play,with these irons because of the,forgiveness level so lets see if they,are forgiving im gonna hit some off the,tee and im also gonna hit some in the,rough there as well to see how much,forgiveness i can get with these long,irons okay five iron first,okay there are three really nice five,irons that last one that i hit was,absolutely out the screws when its hit,from the middle they do feel really nice,oh,it was going so well to that one,just didnt quite catch that and im not,its down now its not horrendous,and its its definitely shorter than,the other ones,that was hit right off the bottom,nows the real test for iron out this,juicy rough,[Music],[Music],so i feel like ive given those irons a,real good test theyre off a perfect lie,and certainly in that juicy rough,now are they the most forgiving irons in,the world,no and thats a fact,but often when you want ultimate,forgiveness you have to compromise looks,like often you need a club head thats,way bigger much chunkier its like a,real chunky pink or a chunky callaway or,even taylormade make a chunkier version,iron the problem is you sacrifice looks,so for me theyre going to offer you,about 70,forgiveness if you are that higher,handicapper and one ultimate forgiveness,you probably do have to sacrifice looks,and go for a chunky iron but you do hate,the look of a chunky iron and these do,offer a fairly high level of forgiveness,so coming up ive got the ultimate test,which will really tip the scales to,whether i think these irons are the best,irons in the world,but before we get to that the next hose,are lovely par five im going to throw a,load of golf balls down different,positions and try and hit every club in,the bag multiple times and certainly,some of the short shots around the green,as well,[Music],very nice,[Music],so so far i feel like ive tested these,irons thoroughly tested every club in,the bag in loads of different situations,and the first thing i want to say these,irons are very good ive come on to,whether the best irons in a moment,however i have noticed a couple of,subtle changes certainly against the,previous models i cant help myself but,compared to the 2017 model and the 2019,model and theres one thing thats,definitely stood out to me a little bit,more with this iron set they just sound,a bit louder off the face,its not as maybe as a as um satisfying,noise now the only thing that could have,changed to affect that apparently the,speed foam inside has become lighter i,mean how light can you make foam im not,sure its the only thing that really,could contribute to the difference in,sound,but performance so far has been very,strong,the last test ive come here to the 18th,hole ive made myself a kind of made up,par 3 shot coming into this hole im 150,yards away from the flag so im going to,hit in a 9 iron full now my big concern,with power irons and certainly what ive,seen from previous generations of the,p790s is when you absolutely smoke one,out the middle there can be a tendency,of the golf ball to go too long,and you might be thinking id love to,hit the ball too long the problem with,that you dont want to hit it too long,if theres trouble past the flag you,dont want those inconsistencies,so lets hit a few into screen and see,if we find anything,or whether we can classify these as the,best irons in the world,so im about 153 yards away from the,flag and im gonna hit the nine iron now,normally my standard nine-iron i,probably wouldnt quite hit it that far,but these are strongly lofted the 40,degrees nine iron and just to give you a,bit of a benchmark heres the lofts of,these irons theyre slightly on the,strong side but nothing ridiculous lets,hit some nines ive got gc quad to get,some baseline numbers as well but i say,what im looking out for is i dont want,to hit those absolute monster golf shots,that go way past the green,[Music],oh thats very nice yeah pin high,literally,four feet away from the hole,[Music],that looks nice as well,or a tiny bit to the right it looks good,for distance,[Music],oh thats got potential,visually it actually looks really good,again to be honest with you lets see,what the numbers are on that one,i must admit the four of just hit the,dispersion distance has been exceptional,like three or four yards between them,theyre all around the flag and that,last one was the one that i must admit,id fear in the past i felt like i,absolutely crushed that,but its absolutely spot on for distance,so i cannot fault it so it comes back to,the title of this video and the question,i asked at the start are these irons the,best irons in the world,no,and you know what,they are very very strong in every,category but theyre not the best in,every category theyre not the softest,field theyre not the most forgiving,theyre not the best looking it depends,a little bit what you are looking for,but ill tell you what i must admit they,are one of the best all-round irons,possibly ever made and they sui

NEW 2021 TaylorMade P790 Irons… THE BEST EVER!?

a couple of years ago taylormade,introduced to us the p790 iron,and its fair to say it went down well,then we saw the second generation which,went down,better today i have the 2021 taylormade,p790 irons lets do it and lets do it,[Music],now,[Music],you see guys when the first generation,of taylormade p790s was released,they were very very good and then,taylormade got tasked with the,impossible job of making them better,and now now taylor may have been tasked,with the even more impossible job,of making them even more better you can,see where this is going,so today we are taking the 2021,taylormade p79 chains out here on the,par 3 course wally park golf club,because well,its literally literally the perfect,place to test irons,first hole we have 157,yards so well go with 158 yards now,these irons are going to be pretty,powerful theyre going to be,pretty sexy as you can see and theyre,also going to be pretty forgiving,hopefully right i think well start with,a nice eight iron drawing in off the,wind,looking down it looks so p790 like,so its not lost that,oh be good hold that line,oh thats delightful thats a delightful,start,i do say so myself lets go,so looking at these aims you may think,what on earth can taylormade improve,to make these better the first,generation were great,they felt a little bit firm but they,were pretty much the iron to have in,your bag if youre a scratch handicapper,four handicap and eight handicapper 12,handicap,you get the gist even right up to the 20,handicap the 24 the 28 so much so,that taylor released the p770 which is,kind of taking that lower handicap,category but now the new p790 is out,i honestly think you might see people,reversing back to these because they,look,fantastic ill show you a few images of,them on screen now,and not only that but taylormade claimed,that these new p790s feel better,than any of the previous p790s,which is wonderful so first shot of the,day just,short it landed very very quickly,actually to say,how firm the ground conditions are and,things like that so im going to chip,with the p790 pitching wedge,and well see how much control and how,soft this feels,because thats a big thing when you are,potentially changing your irons,do they feel nice around the greens,[Music],bar again,so i hear you all in the comments its,all good and well releasing a new p790i,and when the old one was so good and the,one before that was so good,but whats changed well the 2021 p790,does include a few more little bits of,tech,to make these clubs better feeling,better performing and visually they look,beautiful as well so well get into that,the big story,get ready for this the big story is,speed foam,yes weve all heard of that before but,now we have something called speed foam,air so speed film air is 69 percent less,dense,to allow for less mass in each head by,around three and a half grams,per head which is actually quite a lot,and that actually means that taylormade,can,distribute the weight better and more,evenly throughout the heads using,tungsten which we are going to touch on,in a few holes time this is 150 yards,uphill a little bit were gonna go eight,18 again and see if we can play,a bit of a half shot because if i have,one gripe with hollow bodied irons,its not been able to play that little,half shot when you want to,oh go on then be the number,oh its perfect its a little bit short,its not perfect but,were taking it all day feel wise,could get used to this so other tech,thats included in the 2021 p790 irons,is a new,thin wall construction and l-face that,has a new a620 carbon steel construction,which makes the head thin about 37.5,which is like nearly 40 which is nearly,half,and that allows for strategically lower,cg and alongside the new,l face so to interrupt what ive got to,mention about this stopping power again,because that,is wonderful and that alongside the l,phase which is forged from 4-140 steel,promotes more flexibility in the face,giving you faster ball speeds also,whilst keeping that premium forged feel,which is what they say fair enough,right can we make a birdie weve not,made a birdie in ages,ages,10 10 10 oh,maybe we just needed some speed foam air,in the old,scotty um or maybe i just needed to not,hit it as hard but thats another three,now other tech that you will see in the,new taylormade p790 irons,you may not be so surprised we still,have the through slot speed pocket to,allow for more ball speed,on lower face hits youll see that in,the long grinds here,but then newer technology which you may,be more surprised to hear about,is that the sweet spots are potentially,60 percent bigger,than original p790 thats like more than,half,maths lessons with james okay now is,where we start testing the slightly,longer clubs this is downhill but its,214 yards and im gonna go with,where is it you im gonna go with the,six iron,also can we just have a minute for the,guy who designed these because,following the original p790s was tough,but then following the second p790s,you absolutely nailed it there my friend,i mean imagine having that job imagine,having the job redesigning one of the,most,sold golf clubs ever potentially the,best selling golf club ever its like,yeah thanks right 214.,lets just get it up there,so looking down the stick sign we still,have that nice kind of quite big top,line theres not too much offset,which a lot of people wouldnt really,like lets see what we can do,with this,ill hold that line please just,effortless,oh right thats about three feet away,um,it almost feels like the less effort you,put in the better they go,which is strange but good now you see,i think i think this is about the time,where people who are in the original,p790s,might be thinking you know what its,been a while its been whats it been,six,seven years do i now opt for the new,p790s the 2021 p790s because initially,the last generation the second,generation yeah they look great look,better,they didnt look that different did they,change the logo a bit they put a little,bit more,technology in there and all of a sudden,bang we have the second generation,p790 but now your initial generation,ones gonna be a bit better theyre,gonna be a bit old youve probably,improved a bit i dont know,and these new ones look sick am i young,enough to say that,i dont think im anymore am i well can,we just have a moments applause or,maybe,a like button or a comment for uh for,that tee shot,because thats 214 yards and i called it,back on the tee,im gonna say that is three feet and,again im going to show you the stopping,power because with a six iron,on fairly firm greens weve not had that,much rain recently,it stopped from there,there and thats why for me taylormade,it almost came across these clubs by,accident,yes the original p790 was meant to be,forgiven it was meant to be,powerful and it was meant to be good for,your higher handicap golfers,but it was never meant to do that for,people like me,and maybe you if you watch it and that,almost happened by accident with pros,like myself fitting people into irons,and saying you know what,these look really good they feel pretty,good,and they perform,pretty good so why not give them a go,oh birdie finally,you know what guys im well aware that,usually id only do a couple of holes,for a review and thatd be that but,kind of really enjoying this now one of,the things which i do find interesting,about this new 2021 range of the p790s,is that they almost look a little bit,bigger the top line almost looks a,little bit thicker the blade length a,little bit longer,and they just look like a more forgiving,package but then im starting to wonder,is that because weve seen the p770 is,that because,ive tested the p770 alongside the old,p790,so im starting to mentally compare,those because realistically it didnt,need to get any bigger i dont think it,has got any bigger,but it just looks a whole new world of,inviting a whole new world of friendly,a whole new world of forgiving,which like nobodys going to turn down,are they

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THE IRON FOR EVERYONE?! TaylorMade P790 Iron Review

now what normally happens with,manufacturers within their iron range is,that they produce,different types of iron to suit,different types of player but,its this new iron from taylormade,designed for every type of player,thats what i want to answer in this,video is the new taylormade,p790 im really excited to give it a try,and share with you exactly,how it looks how it performs and what,you can expect so lets hit some shots,and find out what its all about right,so were here on the beautiful grass,driving range here at west hill golf,club gonna hit some shots with the new,taylormade p790 up against the old,generation from two years ago and the,specs of this club,havent changed the seven iron loft is,still 30.5 degrees but,instantly you know the first thing you,notice when you put these clubs down,behind the ball is the,the change in the look of the club so,yeah at address,the new p790 has a for me a noticeably,thicker top line so thats something,that potentially wont necessarily,appeal to,the better player we know some better,players low handicappers have put the,p790,in the bag but for me its a drastic,change i think for the way this club,looks,looks pretty inviting down behind the,ball and the lighter finish is also,something youre going to notice with,this new version so,especially that hitting area is much,lighter it frames the ball better,actually,than the pride generation which has a,slightly darker more shiny,finish to it this satin chrome kind of,brush finish i actually prefer,youll agree i think looking at the back,it looks much more,like a muscle back iron so its a bit,cleaner a bit more classic,and just really really appealing on the,eye pretty much from every angle,actually still has that,that toe screw there thats how they get,the new speed foam air inside so,you know its 69 lighter than the,previous generation it,has allowed taylormade to to free up,some weight and incorporate some heavier,tungsten weighting so ive been its,interesting to see how that performed,i hit these irons um at the full swing,golf,simulator at silvermere golf golf and,leisure so get some launch monitor data,which ill flash up on the screen now,to give you kind of uh uh insight into,how this club performed in a controlled,environment with titleist pro everyones,golf balls and youll see,you know the launch was data from the,old models the new model would suggest,across the board improvements actually,with this new model so,from a similar club speed getting,significantly more ball speed,a higher launch angle slightly lower,spin a slightly higher ball flight with,that seven iron,and two yards extra carry distance 172,to 174 so,its pretty long um with the 7-iron,lofted at 30.5 degrees thats the,minimum to be honest id expect from a,seven iron but,the one thing before we start hitting,shots here i just want to convey to you,is that,um i really did have this iron on the,string when i tested it a,full swing golf the front to back,dispersion side to side,dispersion was really really tight you,could throw a blanket over these shots,frankly,and i was you know amazed at how uniform,the performance was,across the board so lets hit some shots,with this new model,ill say well lets hit some shots with,the old model first so this is the uh,the pride generation televised p790 its,a good looking club,you know it looks inviting to hit,theres a hint of offset there,but from my prior review i think youll,agree this was a pretty good,all-rounder,it feels nice it feels hot not too harsh,or clicky,that was slightly out of the toe but the,flight was pretty straight you know its,an impressive club we transitioned into,the new p790 for,2021 im just going to kind of,demonstrate to you if you can pick up,any differences or changes,in the sound and feel of this club,so thats a pretty good strike with the,new model i think youll agree,this iron actually does sound and feel a,little bit better it feels a little bit,more solid and,one way i would describe it is that out,of the middle it just the ball kind of,melts onto the club face you get that,kind of feeling where,all the power is transferred from the,club into the ball,and i feel like you got that from a,slightly wider area as well i know,taylor made a saying the sweet spot is,a little bit larger but i actually think,that i would agree with that i feel like,this,was much more consistent in terms of the,performance that it delivered,its nice to see the extra height from a,club thats lofted,similarly it means you know that low,spin isnt reducing the stopping power,you get from this club,and it just seemed to be consistent on,shots,across the face so not just low or high,or heel stoves actually both,um and thats something ive noticed,testing the ball flight is very very,straight,its not its not the most workable of,club but if youre looking for,something thats consistent and uniform,and forgiving,this piece of a 90 was very impressive,hit one more shot for you,there you have it i mean im aiming at,that yellow flag down the end there,thats about two yards left thats kind,of the pattern that weve seen emerge,testing this new p790 up against the old,one its a very straightforward flight,so,the big question you know i wanted to,ask in this video,is is this i is this the item for,everyone can every handicap on,your golf club from low single figures,all the way up to high handicappers,use this club and i think in some shape,or form that is true,therell be a lot of golfers who would,quite happily transition into a full set,of these,from four iron all the way to pitching,wedge um for me personally you know,having a seven line go that far a good,fit 10 to 15 yards further than what i,where my current 79 goes i think is,probably a step too far but,i think theres definitely a case to,make for me to have some of these clubs,in my long irons i currently play the p,770 but you could argue you know maybe,as my swing gets worse,i need a little bit more help on those,long iron shots and thats where the,p790,could step in there is some significant,loft gaps there,um that would need addressing but,definitely if you want a bit more help,in your long iron shots the p790 could,step in,and then you might transition into p770,or maybe even the p7mc,in the short lines if you are a better,player but if youre a game improver,you know is this an iron you could,definitely play and i would say 100 yes,because,theyve clearly built in some extra,forgiveness in this club and a little,bit more launch assistance those are the,two things that i think,high handicappers really struggle with,they struggle with getting the ball in,the air and they struggle with,off-center,forgiveness theyre not consistent with,their ball striking and this iron helps,on both those fronts from my testing i,found the performance to be,very consistent across the face and its,launching higher than the prior,generation so tick in those boxes that,the middle higher handicapper is looking,for so you could make a case definitely,to say that golfers across the handicap,spectrum would comfortably get on with,the p790,and you factor in the fact that these,irons look really good,as well i think theyre going to tick,the boxes for pretty much every goal for,in terms of the visuals,and the pricing as well its competitive,its a little bit more than the pride,generation,its lower than the um p7 series we saw,with the p770 and the p7mc,um but theres loads more technology,packed in this club so for,one four nine for a seven piece set,thats pretty competitive i would say,for a club or an iron range these days,weve seen iron sets,way above that in recent times so its a,very compelling all-around option from,taylormade,very little weakness i would say see the,shaft length,that ive got here you can see the p790,is actually,marginally longer so that might be,contributing to a little bit more speed,a little bit more distance but overall,ive been thoroughly impressed with what,the new p790 has to offer,its an excellent all-roun

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2021 TAYLORMADE P790 Irons Review // + 2019 Model Comparison

[Music],okay guys welcome back to the channel,so today we have a hot new product to,the uh storm attiboy yes,the gen 3 taylormade p790,you know gen 3 in my opinion sometimes,can be a gamble for a company to,to continue with the series and you know,they can talk about your continued,performance and this and that but,some people are ready for a change could,be yeah and,and you know when we see these,aesthetically not much has changed yeah,i think theyre a little sleeker looking,i like the satin kind of finish on there,not surprisingly as it is something that,im,um partial to they look a bit slimmer,though like i think they look a little,bit more,the way people would like and i just,took a look at most of them at address,the top line still obviously is a little,bit generous but a little boxy,i think versus the second generation i,think most people will look at these and,think okay they do look a little bit,trimmed down,and thats thats the outside thats the,the shell yeah,and looking at that there are some,changes to the inside though and then i,think thats what were,obviously here to do is to explain that,and to test that,into maybe show some of the people who,are doubting whether there was a need,for a gen,3 that actually there is some good,reason to,upgrade some of the things that were,internally built into the dna of a p790,obviously since the first edition,it has been a home run its been a hit i,think a leader in class,when it comes to this kind of um you,know this,players distance yeah all about hollow,body players distance,i think it probably has been the leader,in class i think thats fair to say,um so yeah some some upgrades in in,terms of the,uh the construction and the the insides,of it,that were going to talk about awesome,so speedform is,is no more well its not no more its no,longer called just speedform,okay speedform air is the new sort of uh,the the new internal sort of,part that the head thats going to allow,them to free up some weight,so when we saw the injected speed foam,before we saw that kind of orange you,know we saw the cut out with the orange,kind of,material inside there now that is,69 percent lighter okay so the,predecessor saves some weight that they,can move around a little bit correct,so the idea being yeah and that thats,always what it comes down to,discretionary weight to put it where you,want it,um theyve managed to save a few grams i,mean 69,is a high number what does that equate,to in grams its a bone yes its a few,grams yeah,you know it allows them to pull the uh,the weight a little bit lower deep in,uh that cg okay launch it up a little,bit so still get,you know strong lofts right and they can,long in mid irons,one thing i will say about this is just,touching lofts it doesnt have the,strongest,short irons okay you know 45 degree,pitching wedges,the same as a zx7 just gonna say thats,not strong at all its not really strong,by,modern standards but what they do is,they separate their,their short irons by five degrees,whereas other companies separate them by,four,right so thats where they get to the,stronger loss by the time you get to six,iron at 26 and a half,thats pretty strong gotcha and thats,because peoples lofts tend to or their,distances tend to bunch up,as the set goes down yeah yeah so really,thats thats the,kind of the you know the main difference,we do have a new a new construction to,the,the shell of the club um we we have a,slightly thinner,uh face producing a little bit more ball,speed weve got an expanded sweet spot,so,more forgiving uh gonna launch a little,higher,well see if theres any more ball speed,coming out of them if you get a little,bit more distance,definitely um and and overall what they,offer okay,so were gonna start weve got a,pitching wedge were gonna hit some,eight irons for the shorter and then,weve got the six iron for the longer,test,and then on the six iron we are going to,test the six hand verses,last years six iron do a little,head-to-head there yeah just to see if,we see anything,uh in in the numbers and the performance,uh that we can,talk to,so not expecting anything spectacular,from the wedges,in terms of you know distance or,anything like that i mean 140 is your,number,youve hit that bang on the nose 140.,hit that a bit better,maybe a couple yards longer yep,was nice yeah it feels pretty nice,really nice so nice sound it does have a,nice sound yeah were using pro v1 so,theres,on the softer side i think its a nice,combination,yeah really good yeah its a nice flight,easy to hit,very easy to hit okay um,so one forward to writing our number so,were delighted to see that because,thats exactly where we expect you to be,with a wedge really with any club yeah,148 to 140 you know within a couple of,yards so,its by by no means is it jumping off,the face,nope uh we just done some some testing a,ball test with your pitching wedge,the the ball speed average with your,pitching wedge which is one degree,weaker,uh was about 105 106.,right so theres theres a a little jump,purely by well the loft and also a,little bit in the tech,yes but nothing nothing thats going to,uh really upset you,and a nice amount of spin there yeah i,mean weve seen some,low spin irons in the past get under,eight thousand,um so i think eight thousand above you,generally say is a nice pitching wedge,for spin happy enough with that with,those numbers for sure okay um the sound,was was uh i liked it yeah it really did,yeah well have to see how it is once,the face gets a little bit less loft on,it but i mean,its is it as soft as a uh you know a,forged blade obviously not,yeah but it quite a pleasing sound and,feel i thought yeah agreed,i mean theyre using that 8620 carbon,steel,uh quite soft something again thats as,they set progresses you know this,doesnt have the slot technology,so you know you will get different,acoustics from the you know,the gap wedge pitching wedge tonight,iron 998 iron,um then once you get into the the you,know this the six,through to three right you might start,to see or hear some different things,based on,a little bit more face contribution but,more face flex okay,well well look out for that at that,point okay lets pop into the eight,beautiful silky smooth,right on what wed expect didnt exactly,but yeah i thought i flushed it to be,honest until i saw the picture,and this is part of the story isnt it,with these irons yeah it sounded like,you flushed it,yeah i would have guessed you flushed it,you probably would have guessed you,flushed it yet youve strayed 11,millimeters to the toe side,thats great its its validation for,for the type of player who needs to use,an iron like this totally,another one im gonna guess that was,closer to center but well see,theyre just actually a little bit thin,but it was a good strike we always look,at this dont we uh,how much of the numbers shifting around,youve hit that in a completely,different spot in the head,yes so one was one was kind of on the,equator,tow side yeah one was uh flush,with the vertical but it was it was,obviously low,youve been separated by one foot,uh one yard,barely any spin and less than half a,degree thats really cool,thats really cool i mean youre looking,for the,punch line with these its consistency,that is it in a nutshell,lovely its nice lovely it looks like,its just a very high,flight that gets the distance very,easily thats what im feeling i dont,feel like im swinging very fast,but the ball is just flying plenty high,like probably over 110 feet,i think this is a good-looking 8-iron,too so again i think people,if youre gonna be a person that picks,on top line thickness you probably,arent in this category anyway,i think for the person thats looking,for the forgiveness this is quite,its quite a sleek looking head like it,doesnt look big the,blade length to me it may be the finish,this year,but it just looks a little bit more,compact its a good point i mean i think,if you uh if you put it against others,uh in its class maybe like an apex yeah,its

2021 TaylorMade P790 Irons | The Swing Report

hello golfers welcome to another edition,of the swing report,today we are breaking down the,taylormade p790 irons,if youd like to hear our final thoughts,recapping these irons just skip to the,final chapter of this video,please like comment and subscribe on,this video and without further ado,the taylormade p790s,while they say where theres smoke,theres fire the canadian wildfires have,brought the smoke and taylormade has,brought the fire today with the p790,irons,my name is michael geiger im here with,thomas campbell from second swing,and we are breaking these this new,offering from taylormade down,thomas these are some exciting new this,is an exciting new offering into the,players distance category,what are kind of your first thoughts,when you look at these irons yeah i mean,going back to the last two generations,p790 they have,killed it in the fitting bay whenever,whenever ive done initial testing as,well,and club comparisons theyve been right,up there theyve been pecking a punch,with regards to being a hollow body,construction iron,this is players eye it basically sums,it up right away so,i expect big things from the new the new,new iron,i actually really like the look of it it,looks very very,compact very square looking very very,clean,yeah well lets just break down the,specs right away,when were talking about the the spec,the normal stock shafts we have,a graphite and a steel offering from,true temper,and mitsubishi could you break down kind,of the the two different the main,differences between the uh,the shaft offerings yeah so we have the,dynamic gold 105,vss pro so that is available in the,stiff golf shaft,s300 theres also going to be an x100,in that same category for the 105.,for the lighter golf shaft and the r300,is going to be the vss,pro in 95 grams so thats the steel golf,shaft,in the graphite golf shaft were going,to have the mitsubishi chemical mmt,thats going to be a lighter weight,graphite golf shaft believe its like 65,grams in regular 55 grams in senior,and then a little bit heavier in that in,that stiff golf shaft okay,well now lets pop open the hood and,really see whats kind of the technology,in this iron head,first off we have the speed foam air now,the speed foam as you might know,is the material kind of filling in the,hollow body that really provides a lot,of the power,its 69 lighter this year which allows,them to redistribute weight all around,the face,help add forgiveness to this club,theres also,the the l forged face theres the thin,wall construction those are two features,that again are going to kind of thin out,the face,create more feel and forgiveness and,then also there is the through slot,speed pocket this is what you see at the,bottom of the club face,and this is really going to add,forgiveness and power on really those,those kind of low on the face shots,yeah that 69 percent what does that,actually mean in total weight well,thats actually three and a half grams,lighter,of speed foam that they are going to be,redistributing,the different areas of the club head to,really increase the moi,in areas where we know were not going,to quite catch,the ball and perfect every single time,so it really increases your forgiveness,okay thats awesome well now that weve,broken down some of the technology,i think everyones looking forward to,seeing you hit a few yeah im excited to,test it like i said,the p790s in the past have been great,im excited to see how they work out,today,all right lets do it,all right thomas you got the seven iron,in your hands today were kind of,thinking seven iron four iron wedge,when you first look down at this club,kind of what are your what are your,first thoughts,yeah so i mentioned initially it looks,fairly compact,for a distance players iron yes theres,smaller clubs out here,out there without a letter blades but it,looks very clean,id say you know very very sharp edges,with it what im really noticing right,off the bat,really like the look of the of the matte,finish versus,some irons out there that are maybe too,little too shiny and a little bit too,much chrome look to them,so it looks very clean look down at all,right lets see hit it,just felt really really solid off the,face,just jumped nice tight draw yep,so we know the loft on this seven irons,30 and a half degrees,yep so its going to go a little further,than what my normal seven iron would go,its about three and a half degrees,stronger,what was the distance on that first shot,distance on that carry 190,total 196.6 perfect now im usually,around about 178 to 180 carries so,theres that three and a half degrees,exactly about a club and a half stronger,yep,and when i got a little heavy so thatll,be interesting to see the forgiveness,here,looks like it was a little shorter not,too much shorter though,yep carry 183 so you see lost a few,yards little drop,its a straight bowl flat very straight,tiny little drawer,thomas we know feel and sound are two,huge aspects for golfers when they look,at new irons,when you you know hit these p790s are,they typical for a players distance,iron kind of how,breakdown kind of the feel and the sound,so far yeah i mean with it its,its hollow body so its definitely a,little louder than what a,forged pure blade would feel like off,the face so its a little bit louder,a little bit firmer feel off the face,its not to the point where its super,clicky but theres definitely you can,definitely see it feel like its got,some power coming off the clubface okay,and theres the thin one so i feel like,i hit,three solid ones there one little thin,one a little fat so im curious to see,some distances on those like five,shots well you still topped out at 188,on that last one,interesting so that was thats really,forgiving there theres that through,slot speed pocket right so yeah that was,definitely a little lower on the face,okay yep so i i know actually also,taylor made,this year with this particular model,they moved their sweet spot just a,little bit lower on the face and thats,one thing that advancement theyve done,with the new 2021 piece of 90. yup,yep so maybe that was beneficial right,there there you go yeah,just stayed out to the right a little,bit not too shabby,yeah so i feel like one thin four pretty,solid one just a little bit heavy,when i got a little heavy probably the,one that punished me the most but at,least it was nice and straight,so thomas looking at those six shots we,see an average carry of 187.4,a total an average total of 194.1,so like you mentioned earlier that,decreased loft it leads to more distance,yeah exactly and also it brought the,spin rate down a little bit,uh its going to put the player in a,more optimal window regardless to the,ideal trajectory for a 7-iron,so the pitching wedge for the p790 has,45 degrees,on it so the most important thing for,sure when regards to getting fit for,these irons if they are a little,stronger laughter then,say your older irons is making sure your,good wedge gapping,through four to six degree gap sure,same spot youre nothing if not,consistent thomas,right well that is important when youve,got your scoring clubs in your hands so,when,im testing the wedges with the sets,what im looking for is spin consistency,and then also that carry distance to be,fairly close as well,providing obviously you swing the same,club speed every single time sure,like a little smoother swings right on,the same same line again though,you could put a beach towel on those,three i think right,what was the whats the average distance,so far on those three shots,as of right now your average carry is,138.1,with a total of 138.4 and youve hit,those three numbers just about,every time so pretty consistent distance,wise it feels pretty good off the face i,im sometimes i worry a little bit about,your distance players irons is theyre,going to jump with your wedge well the,spin rate is going to be really really,low what was the spin rate your average,is 92.97 so right around that 9 300,marker,for your pitching wedge and


can you make what i thought was a nearly,perfect iron even better well taylormade,claim theyve done,just that,[Music],two years ago taylormade brought out,these the p790s and when i reviewed them,i absolutely loved them thought they,were easy to hit i thought they looked,fantastic thought they felt great and in,fact i rated them my number one iron in,2018,what i underestimated at first was the,fact that so many different ability,levels were going to use these irons in,the last couple of years these irons,have gone into the bags of scratch,handicap golfers to high handicappers,and thats rare for an iron,the first time really successfully an,iron has come out in a hollow head,design filled with foam and has worked,to such a level you guys seem to,absolutely love them and because of,those factors this has been a really,successful iron according to taylormade,this has been their best-selling iron,for the last couple of years,so what they do now,well they bring out,a revamped version this is the p790,for 2019,[Music],so the first thing i want to highlight,is the fact that theyve kept the same,name theyve kept the name of the p790,which is so unlike taylormade in fact,its unlike a lot of brands and i,actually really like the fact theyve,done that i like the fact theyve kept,it as the p790,it gives so many benefits the fact that,its already a trusted club people like,this club already it gives validation,because it kind of works the last,version works great and almost gives a,level of customer satisfaction they know,that its just a newer version its just,a revamped version,praise them for that i do,and the name in itself is actually the,blade length the 790 actually is the,measurement of the blade length so it,doesnt massively need to change unless,that blade length particularly changes,and if you look closely its actually,quite difficult between the two versions,to see much of a difference its very,subtle changes the new version has a,more chromed,bottom edge the sole of the club and,where it used to say taylormade and big,writing it now just has the tail made,logo very very subtle and taylor made,say they have tweaked this version,the version now the 2019 version has a,seven percent thinner face to give more,ball speeds what they say 15 heavier,tungsten in the bottom of the golf club,to make the ball go higher,and thats pretty much it but from a,different finish theyre the only two,big technical differences,for this new version,and truth be told,i dont want it to change,i loved the last model i dont,particularly want this golf club to,change whatsoever so im glad theyve,not changed it too much,i dont want it to go further i dont,want to feel different i dont want it,to even look that different,and give it to taylormade,they dont,so when i tested it i kind of fell in,love all over again with the new,versions they were easy to hit the,distance was the same because the lofts,were identical i hit him high up into,the sky as you would imagine workability,was solid and the looks was fantastic,actually possibly it might just because,the newer i actually probably prefer the,look of this now shiny chrome bottom,[Music],when it comes down to feel and sound,again i didnt want that to change too,much because that was one of the big,standout features from the first model,and again i saw zero difference i saw no,difference whatsoever between two models,right down it,[Music],so a lot of you might be asking and what,is different what separates the old,version to the new version well youve,got to look quite closely certainly for,one bit of evidence the first bit is the,length of club,now when i got them sent to me they were,in my spec so i didnt have them longer,than the normal version or the original,versions when you actually look at the,spec and this is quite sly from,taylormade,across the board the irons are 0.25,inches longer in shaft length so the,steel shaft now is the same length as,the graphite shaft and thats a sneaky,little ploy because if youre using a,slightly longer shaft his likeliness,youre going to be picking up,club head speed it might only be tiny,amounts of clubhead speed but that could,generate more ball speed to hit the ball,further its not the fact that the,technology has changed that much its,just the fact you might be swinging,faster if you go for a fitting and you,have the originals make sure you measure,them up against the new version and its,to be fair its a tip in general if,youre going to go for a fitting and,youre hitting a,certain iron longer make sure its the,same length or as close to your original,line that youre testing it against,now there is one huge difference between,the 2017 model and the 2019 model,the rrp for these when they first came,out was,1049 pound,the new version are coming out rrp,of,1299 pound,that is an increase of 24,now considering,i almost saw no,measurable differences between the two,sets that is a huge increase in price,so for me if youve got the old ones you,love in life you dont particularly need,to upgrade to the new ones unless you,really want to,but the performance difference is youre,not going to see any performance,differences id be surprised if you did,but for a 24 increase i just think,thats unfair,for the fact that these irons are,exactly the same as the old version just,a little bit shinier that price increase,is vast,so just to be clear i have no issue at,all with taylormade bringing out a new,version of these in fact i think its a,great move the fact that the p790 has,been so successful for them to bring out,a revamped version perfect what i,disagree with from what i found,zero percent difference in performance,is now going to cost you 24,more in price,and i dont think thats fair,so in conclusion these are a great iron,i fell in love all over again theyre,easy to hear and they suit such a wide,variety of golfers,but my tip,would be to try and pick up the old set,you can still find them online and you,will save some money thanks for watching,guys stay tuned lots more to come and,well see you next time

Testing the P·790 Irons VS. Stealth Irons | TaylorMade Golf

[Music],im chris trott here at taylormade golf,and it is irons week in my hand i have,two of the hottest products in golf the,p790 and the stealth iron the quickest,of them all is the stealth iron and then,the p790 is another great option but how,do you choose when it comes to your,fitting looking at these products side,by side they both have through slot,technology that is going to help you get,that speed off the blade and hit those,yardages that youre going to become,accustomed to when you try these golf,clubs out one is a forged body its,going to give you that forged feel but,the other one also matches that in the,stealth not a forged product but it will,give you the forged feel that were,going to get into as we keep going other,things to look at in the irons is the,sole width when it comes to this product,sole width is everything it helps get,the club through the turf,side by side,you can see the stealth is a slightly,larger blade slightly longer its going,to be the more stable of the two that,may put you into that category already,but there are other call outs that you,should look for,behind the golf ball the p790 looks,smaller and pure it has a top line that,is slightly thinner than the stealth and,im holding the seven irons here because,thats the pivot point of the set as you,spin them and you get into the back of,these golf clubs you can see that the,way the shapes are is designed to pull,the cg lower but theres also things,going on inside of these golf clubs,well start with the p790,this has speed foam air inside that,hollow body forged construction it also,has a tungsten weight out in the toe the,engineers have taken care of cg location,to give you a launch number and a spin,number off this club,when it comes to testing them and,starting out and going into your fitting,pick a target,get yourself a alignment tool as ive,got here and have a constant im using,the tp5x golf ball that is my constant,your fitting is yours to own move around,pick the targets get accustomed to the,golf club,as it comes to taking the shot,remember were going to be recording,everything so we want you as the golfer,to enjoy it give us the golf shots that,you hit normally but were going to be,looking at peak heights were going to,be looking at descent angles and of,course speed off the blade when it comes,to this golf club so you know how far,you normally hit your normal 7 iron,lets see how this p790 compares,be fair with your fitter all the time,youre going to notice the feel that one,was hit a little low in the blade for me,if im being honest but again the way,the club is designed the way the tech is,designed the way the cg is designed im,still getting yardages out of that first,and im gonna look at every single shot,here that first seven iron,183 when it comes to total 178,when it comes to carry and a,6700 spin so so what does all this mean,for me,spin rate is going to give you your peak,height its going to give you your,descent angle a number around there for,this golf club is actually a good number,if you want to hit a fade or some of us,out there looking at get this iron will,be hitting more of a slice,the iron is going to take the spin off,slightly thats the way these are,designed all things you dont need to,worry about,the design and the engineers have taken,care of that thats the whole purpose of,this iron,so solid shot little toei lets see how,that yardage comes up again the,forgiveness is something you can feel,straight away the feel of the iron,as we get into this 7 100 180 on the,total so it still covered my yardage,lets just give us a third and a call,out for these golf shots are launch,angle on those two that weve just hit,has been in the 15 degree range for both,of them,launch is important as i compare stealth,to this youre going to see what im,talking about so weve had 15 on both,so again get into your target,just think about as smooth 7 iron as you,would hit it,im gonna leave that one in for you that,was super low in the blade but again the,through slot,pulls the product engineer pulls that cg,lower okay which if i just look at that,individual shot now which for me as a,player i would do that ive had a 180 a,183 thats just gone 183 as well on the,p790 yes the peak height has come down,significantly because it was caught,extremely low on the blade but the tech,in this product has allowed me to hit,that the same yardage its crucial for,the type of golfer that this is aimed at,think about it more than not youre,going to be short if youre this,category of player that this product is,lined up for now youve got through,slots in there youve got speed off the,blade that even when i catch it as low,as that one that i just did its still,going to cover my yardage,starting to get the feel of it now,much higher and this is coming out with,the 105 s 300 in here its the stock,shaft so youre getting a true,comparison as to how that looks back to,106 on the peak height 106 feet that is,6 300 on the spin rate,all things that impact where youre at,now lets get to the stealth and you can,see when you look at this,its a fraction stronger,in the loft,all things you do not need to worry,about the reason it is a little bit,stronger we have the 3d,cap,toe wrap in there the cat-back design,that is the carbon that you can see here,that wraps around that brings that cg,lower again,its got echo dampening in there thats,the feel as you hit the shot its going,to be a similar feel to that this is not,forged but due to the echo dampening,system its going to feel soft if you,listen to the sound on this video its,going to come off with that same soft,feel yes,its a hair larger on the top line,but if youre someone whos looking to,get this iron chances are,youre not compressing and finding for,me around that 15 degree launch chances,are youre adding loft yourself you,might be losing the ball to the right,this golf club is designed with you in,mind the idea is because the blade the,toe length is so long from toe to heel,stability is what its going to give you,another interesting thing that i quite,like about this iron you can see the,bottom groove is paint-filled white so,when you do get there im all about,keeping your lines perpendicular,as we play golf we want to make sure,that we set up perpendicular to the,target that white bottom groove is going,to help you do that so speed off the,face is another thing we should look for,lets get some numbers here just to give,us a marker as to what we should look,for ball speed averages out bear in mind,i hit one low in the blade with the p790,but 129 okay,launch angles they should be comparable,this is about two degrees stronger i,believe in the seven iron so youre,going to see maybe a difference in,launch but 14.2 and then 6500 is that,spin rate number with a peak height and,i want to ignore,some of the shots i put in there a peak,height around 108. and then the thing,that im interested to see here is going,to be yardage i mean i was looking at,183 184 total out of the p790 but,already looking at this it gives you,confidence as a player it looks like,its going to be a lot of fun to hit and,i feel like with plenty of blade its,forgiving its stable,good flight again thats pretty,consistent,club speed 94 lets see what ball speed,comes out at,total 195 so its jumped up quite a bit,ball speed 132,think about that now youre seeing,almost a 10 mile an hour gain thats,huge and that equates to,for me about 12 yards on here launch,angle was a hair lower but comparable,peak height a hair lower but comparable,land angle 48 degrees lets see how that,looks at when it comes to the other,products that we were hitting here,land angle 40 48 43 so not far off,comparable but the biggest one for me,and the biggest jump for me and what,makes me want to hit this again is a how,great it went through the turf,and b the speed off the blade you can,feel the speed but it has also a nice,soft feel its quite surprising feels,very similar to the p790,and it just makes you wa

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