1. NEW TaylorMade Stealth drivers (FULL REVIEW)
  2. TaylorMade STEALTH Driver Review – DETAILED!!
  4. TaylorMade Stealth Driver review by Average Golfer
  5. STRAIGHT HITTING TEST – TaylorMade Stealth vs Ping G425 Max
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NEW TaylorMade Stealth drivers (FULL REVIEW)

titanium drivers,are dead,according to taylormade guys,[Music],so its been no huge secret that,taylormade have a brand new driver out,this year with a bright red face we also,tiger woods using it at the back end of,the year and theres been loads of leaks,on the internet but in this video im,gonna give you my honest opinion of the,brand new taylormade stealth drivers,so before i start talking about whats,brand new with these tailor-made drivers,lets take a walk down memory lane back,in the day woods were wood thats how,they first started thats where the name,really came from one was three woods etc,then that developed into the steel era,the heads got a little bit bigger the,distances increased a little bit more,following that was the titanium era this,is where we saw the 460cc head sizes,this is where the sound of golf clubs,change enormously and this is where,were at right now however taylormade,now claim we are moving into the carbon,era weve seen carbon feature on clubs,before yes on the top on the bottom but,now taylormade are experimenting with,carbon on the face now this has been,done before and ill come on to that in,a moment but lets talk about why they,reckon it is better so on this face its,not just red just to be able to stand,out more it is 60 layers of carbon fiber,all laid on top of each other and the,idea of that it strips weight from the,face so they can distribute it around,the back of the clubhead so how i got,this explained imagine a car traveling,down a road and it hits a wall theres,obviously going to be a level of,collision there now imagine the same,scenario but this time the boot or the,trunk for you guys listen in america is,full of bricks when that same car hits,the wall,the collision is going to be greater so,if i was to translate that into a golf,club design effectively weve got more,weight in the boot in the trunk so when,this club face the front of the car hits,the golf ball were gonna get more,impact more ball speed more distance,thats the theory taylormade have also,implemented nano texture,now effectively the face is a little bit,rougher than the normal titanium face,but also its got this kind of,softer material almost like,rubber material on the face now,taylormade are claiming again thats,going to help the performance in dry and,wet conditions because its going to,help manage the spin characteristics of,the golf ball not sure how much i,believe in that because typically,obviously when using driver youve taken,the ball out of your pocket youve put,it on a tpeg and it doesnt really get,chance to get that wet lets be honest,but its another story that taylor made,are obviously implementing this driver,and this carbon face still features,twist face a way of taylormade changing,the shape of the face slightly to help,you hit more fairways off off-center,tips this is what taylormade claim i,have tested twist face in the past,and its it works a little bit its not,a game-changer and its certainly not a,magic wand this clubface does not need,to be ready either like theres no,reason for it by the fact its a,marketing story when you see all the,taylormade players playing it this year,you i mean its so recognizable i was,unsure about it at first but i must,admit when you actually put the club,behind the ball you see a slither of red,face i suppose if youre using a lot,more loft youd see a bit more but,really its not that noticeable once,its behind the ball and weve not quite,finished with the technology story just,yet as weve seen on the sim and the sim,2 the stealth also features this,asymmetric inertia generator,yeah you heard me right this section,here at the back of the club which is,slightly angled apparently taylor may,claim as you start to swing the golf,club on the way down it maximizes the,club head speed,also speed pocket behind the face weve,seen taylormade do this in the past,apparently again a way of generating,more ball speed across the face,certainly off of low strikes and finally,there are three head models to the,stealth this one in my hand which is,just a standard stealth model no,adjustable weights this is how it comes,then youve got the stealth plus which,has a sliding bar at the front of the,face which you would imagine is going to,be slightly lower spin find out in this,review if it is it very much reminds me,of the sliding bar they had in the sldr,one of their longest drivers theyve,ever made then finally theres a stealth,hd hd meaning high draw for you kind of,slices out there you might want a little,bit more help now before i dive into how,i got on with these clubs out in the,golf course and also collecting data i,wanted to really talk about the looks,because this year this is a,a nice looking golf club it is you kind,of look past the red face because i,think its not going to be to,everybodys taste as such but as i,mentioned you dont really see it from,behind the ball,im actually a big fan of the colorway,its kind of my logo my on my rs logo i,like the black crown they are really,good youve got carbon on the crown,still theres a slight kind of thinner,lipstick glossy section around the front,again i think that looks really good and,even the colors on the back i like the,kind of black stealth look to it and,also youve got these little flicks of,red,i must admit the first time i saw this,driver and still even now it kind of has,some hints of,nike when nike were making kind of the,covert drivers it looks a little bit,like that,so for all of that technology what,taylormade going to be charging you well,each driver is going to be 499 pounds so,they are pretty expensive,whats really interesting taylormade,have really made this kind of line in,the sand to say from this point forward,carbon is the way and they reckon its,taken 20 years to get to this point with,the club face,this isnt the first carbon face driver,weve ever seen back in 2001 some of you,might remember this driver the callaway,c4 driver which had a carbon crown a,carbon face with a kind of steel bottom,this coincidentally was brought out 20,years ago i wonder if this driver,sparked the thinking behind 20 years ago,taylormade starting to think about,carbon now lets be honest though in,that time frame weve not seen carbon on,the face before is that a good thing or,a bad thing,well lets find out we took out on the,golf course and i wanted to smash both,drivers,so i found over the last few years,theres not a great deal of difference,between the two models taylormade,normally have out i.e sim2 and sim2 max,so i wanted to hit stealth and stealth,plus to find out what i saw so on the,golf course i was impressed i really,liked the flight of the golf shots,i couldnt say i was preferring one or,the other both of them felt very similar,the only difference i could see is the,stealth gave me a little bit more,forgiveness on those off-centered hits,however the stealth plus,definitely gave me a little bit more,distance but its not as forgiving,sound wise this is really interesting to,share they actually do sound quite,different for me the stealth had that,slightly more dead that satisfying noise,where the stealth plus,just didnt sound as good it was hard,for me to put my finger on exactly why,there was a few times where ive,absolutely crushed it and im looking at,the flight and im thinking thats an,amazing shot,but i wasnt getting that positive,feedback on the strike the feel off the,face or the sound and those two are very,much closely linked,overall wasnt disappointed and honestly,behind the golf ball i think these two,drivers are some of the best drivers i,have seen,so then the time was to get it,in some testing gc quad pro v1 torx,and i also threw in the sim 2 as well,from last year to see if theres much,difference between the titanium face and,a carbon face so the numbers from the,stealth and the stealth plus,were interesting,i was finding stealth the one that i was,probably enjoying hitting the most just,because of that a little bit more,forgiveness i was

TaylorMade STEALTH Driver Review – DETAILED!!

this new driver has been 20 years in the,making and could possibly mark the end,of the titanium era of drivers welcome,to the taylormade stealth driver so,welcome back to the channel everybodys,exciting times its a tailor-made launch,new driver for 2022 and its the stealth,weve got three driver heads weve got,the stealth the stealth plus then the,stealth hd the hd stands for hydro were,gonna maybe not look at that too much,detail in that in this particular video,but were gonna really test the stealth,and the stealth plus the two mainstream,drivers from taylormade so from these,two models gonna take a look at the,stealth driver is a bit more of a higher,launch low spin uh characteristics and,then weve got the stealth plus which,has the removable weight on the bottom,of the sole for dial in that center of,gravity location draw fade spin bias so,plenty to talk about with this brand new,drive from taylormade carbon face is a,big thing the red face very visible we,saw maybe tiger woods just put this into,the bag with when he played in the pnc,sort of championship so its it does,look exciting its very very different,isnt it so lets lets get underway,lets get one here because im really,excited to give this a hit and as always,first impressions put that down by the,golf ball its very different to what,weve seen with sim2 lineup and maybe,other taylormades in the past weve gone,back to a black head and and it looks,great i mean ive always been a fan of,the shape of the tail made head the,colorings are quite light in the sim too,to be honest i did quite like but i,think i do prefer this black it,definitely draws your eye more to the,club face and that red face there so not,as busy on the back with the different,colours and and sort of trimmings and,all that on the on the back of the golf,club but lets get this first one here,nine degree head,thats a good opening shot,really good ball flight there felt,pretty good club speed 114 ball speed,165 quite a nice low spin just getting,around that 2 8 on that carry getting,out that 310 mark so,big talking point obviously is this,carbon face that were going to talk a,lot about this and this is what,taylormade are sort of really pushing,this new driver from from them 60 layers,of carbon so lets talk about it so the,carbon face is much much stronger than,titanium as a material weve got 60,layers on this clubface yes 60 layers,very my sim 2 products had six layers of,carbon on the crown and then nine layers,on the sole which absorbed a little bit,of,potential impact on the ground this has,now got 60 layers on the club face so,its incredibly strong but its also,incredibly light and its 44,lighter than sim2 products in the,titanium face so as we know when you,save weight we can do other things,within the in the head so 44 lighter but,they can make it 11,bigger club face again against that sim,2 product so logical face a little bit,more forgiveness and trying to get speed,up and across that club face and again,plus with that weight saving the putting,that cg much deeper and lower in the,club,okay again not a bad not a bad strike,quite nice and accurate,a bit more of a low spin cut slightly or,higher up in the club face there so that,spin just dropped off a little bit lower,so as i say this is the plus version so,movable way this is more of a lower spin,characteristics,in this club so as i say really,interesting to see,the sound and and sorry hear the sound,should i say and the feel of the golf,club you know when you hear about a,carbon face weve seen carbon drivers in,the past you know memorable one was a,callaway c4 it was horrendous it was,probably their worst driver ever um i,think yonx did a carbon head as well you,could you know that the sound was very,very sort of muted bear in mind weve,seen some really good sounds with sim2,products you know this that muted sound,i was expecting this to be really quiet,and fully sounded and it isnt its very,strange its its a fantastic sound i,think it is a little bit duller than sim,2 but not what i was expecting its,still got a little bit of that titanium,sort of feel to it weve got the black,glossed front section that wraps around,the back of the head but with it being,black on black obviously its the,darkest crown taylormade have produced,it definitely draws your eye back to the,club face and not to the back of the,driver with all the colours that weve,maybe seen in the past weve got that,red face which is very distinctive isnt,it and apparently going forward these,can be customized where you can choose a,different color cool face different,trimmings that are sort of coloring on,the back the weights everything like,that so it can be very customization,just that little t logo on the top is a,little bit of alignment aid,okay theres a little bit of a slightly,high toe strike flown very straight that,ball speed just dropping a little bit,lower spin because that high strike but,still does very well so just going back,to talk a little bit about this actual,club face as i said theyve got those 60,layers of carbon and from what,taylormade had gone through with the,prototypes bearing man this has been 20,years apparently in the making of,testing carbon faces is if they left it,with a just a raw carbon face the spin,was too high so what they did then they,introduced a little bit of the the sort,of grooving so some subtle little,grooves in there got a little white,color etchings there but weve actually,got grooves in the club face very,difficult to see,but you can actually just feel them so,thats helping to control that spin and,then they put this nano texture coating,on it which does feel if when you put,you when you feel it it feels a little,bit rubbery it obviously isnt but it,just gives you that texture thats where,theyre getting that spin and launch and,that exact area that they sort of want,it from this carbon face but do stay,tuned because a video will come in very,shortly with a direct comparison between,stealth and the sim 2 product so do keep,your eyes peeled and make sure youve,hit that subscribe button so you do not,miss that video,okay that was a perfect strike its got,a little bit of fade its very straight,and thats some decent ball speed i,didnt feel like a flush that 165 again,quite low on the spin so maybe just need,to be cranking my loft up a little bit,try and get that launched up i tend to,just get my launch low when i hit that,slightly low heel sort of shot as i say,weve got this adjustable weight track,in the bottom which didnt see in sim 2,that were now in reintroduce that which,i think is a good thing,for me its a 10 gram weight and it,would be more used to try and track,against a strike location so moving cg a,little bit more that tender ground mass,behind a certain strike pattern probably,more so than trying to feel like its,going to hit draws and fades even though,youve got the word draw and fade on the,bottom similar technology weve seen,before speed pocket in the bottom again,those low strikes we tend to sort of see,that a little bit more flexing in the,bottom of the head keeping that ball,speed up weve got that inertia,generator on the back again helping with,aerodynamics creating club head speed on,that on that downswing to maximize that,and then weve got the neck sleeve as,always which can move loft up and down,by two degrees and also change lie angle,and also face angle and of course weve,got twist face as well on the club face,for those,low heel and high toe strike,thats a ripper a little bit of high,launch thats a better strike to be,honest good ball speed thatll be in,that air a little bit longer would be,better carry on this one there you go,getting into that 1 8 a bit higher,launch a little bit of that lower spin,okay so just switching the heads over,now into the stealth so what we see with,stealth now we lose that weight track in,the front so weve got no adjustability,on the way and weve got a little bit,more obviously weight in the back of the,club wh

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i really like callaway drivers but in,the past few years theyve been a bit,boring in this years release of the,rogue st series it threatens to be,just more the same however in this video,im going to be testing what is going to,be probably their most popular model and,also test it out against some of the,other drivers which are going to be,competing for space in your bag so like,most manufacturers callaway have,released the rogue st series in a number,of different head designs weve got the,rogue st ls the rogue st max which is,the driver im going to be hitting today,and the rogue st max d still potentially,the worst name in golf theyve also got,the rogue ls triple diamond but im not,going to be testing that in this video,there are very few people who are going,to buy that driver it is the super duper,whooper low spinning version maybe ill,get my hands on it and see but for most,of you guys youre probably not going to,go near that so first of all lets start,off around the problems of these new,drivers and its got nothing to do with,performance but its got everything to,do with perception even speaking to,callaway about this driver theyve taken,what theyve done well from the last two,to three years improved it according to,callaway and just put it into this,driver theres nothing new going on,there is a tungsten speed cartridge,which they plonked on the back of the,drivers and its in a like a gold color,but thats been done many times before,this is a ping g425 and theyve had a,back weight tungsten cartridge for as,long as i can remember sticking tungsten,at the back of the golf club is not a,new innovation,[Music],oh,sounds fantastic out here thats,literally the best driver today as well,oh look at that so the specs in this,driver ive got it at nine degrees ive,got it in the next stiff shaft and it,does seem quite lofted at address,however the flight,is alright i was expecting it to be like,spinny and not have much power but,actually as it flies through the air,yeah,i give it a solid seven point,four out of ten behind the ball it has,quite a big draw bias so the toe looks,like its much further towards the ball,than the heel so as soon as i say up to,this it just looks like its going to be,going left now for many people,especially who slice it this is not,going to be a bad thing for me it looks,a little bit unusual but here on the,course at delamere its actually been,flying all right,those two are,pretty much on top of each other so off,the face it feels quite,soft and yet powerful i know thats,maybe a bit of a contradiction but it,doesnt feel hard it feels quite bouncy,but like soft bouncy so like a beach,ball imagine bouncing a beach ball that,went 300 yards even when im say this,and im hitting this i know this hole,relatively well i can see from where,these are pitching you know this isnt,exploding out there to new lengths that,ive not seen before just feels like a,just a nice driver,a little bit further right ill tell you,what that was quite a long way off the,heel but the flight that was pretty,stable and distance wise it looks very,very comparable to those first two i,quite like the colour scheme its a,matte black finish which might turn a,few people off i think ive heard a few,people comment about it looks a little,bit cheaper but not to my eye anything,matte black murdered out im there ive,got time for it the detailing around the,back of it it looks okay again its not,visually stunning it just looks okay,this is called face again its the flash,face design,im just gonna stand and admire that,drive for one moment and this is,artificially intelligently designedy,basically calloway put this club face,and clubhead into a supercomputer and,say whats going to make the ball go the,furthest,whats going to give most forgiveness,across the face now theyre still,putting their trust in skynet listen,weve weve seen this story before its,not going to end well the club head,again features the jailbreak technology,which connects the sole of the club to,the crown and theres nothing wrong with,the face theres nothing wrong with the,jailbreak technology but again its been,here before i think this driver if you,get it even though it performs well its,not got those like talking points like,when youre chatting to your mates and,one of them pulls a stealth out theyre,like oh look at this club face its,carbon its red look how exciting it,it doesnt matter if it is the,performance it just gets people talking,while this driver it might perform,really well but,its not going to be much of a talking,point and thats slightly annoying,because,like out here its flying great so for,this test im just going to start,blasting balls away with the rogue max,get all the data that i possibly can and,then i will test it out against the,hottest driver in golf obviously the,tailor-made stealth,[Applause],[Music],so,[Music],lets actually have a look at those,results and see whats happened so again,i tried to match up my swing speeds here,so the stealth on average i was 115.8,and with the callaway i was 115.5,a few spikes in a few low ones here and,there but pretty consistently around,those numbers im actually shocked at,how i should control my swing to be,honest with you and the numbers here are,super interesting so lets focus on,carry distance first of all so average,286,with the stealth 2a4 with the rogue st,max total distance is 310 with the,stealth versus 306 with the callaway now,if im being honest with you that is,something i did expect taylormade for,the last few years have been building,drivers which go a long way but with the,max version of the callaway,thats not entirely what its all about,you know were talking about a driver,here focused on finding the fairways but,also what callaway say about the st,series is its faster across the face,and we saw this because what i was,seeing with the stealth is when i struck,it well which sounds obvious but the,ball was flying off there so the fastest,ball speed they had was,168.4 now the fastest swing speed i had,with the callaway was 165.,youre going to hit the taylormade,further but on average my ball speeds,with the callaway from across the face,were faster by a mile an hour but not,only that with the stealth when i hit,out the heel or the toe the ball speed,dropped considerably so on average those,strikes with the stealth were down at,about 160 miles an hour whereas with the,callaway theyre about 163 miles an hour,so three miles an hour faster from,across the face average spin numbers,with the callaway as well much more,consistent 2303,and it was so so consistent i mean i had,one up there about 2500 but the lowest i,had was at 2000. it was just coming out,so consistently whereas with the,taylormade i was ballooning above 3000,at points and then dropping down below,1800s at some points now im throwing a,lot of numbers out here but basically,what im saying if you want forgiveness,the max is going to be more forgiving,than the stealth the callaway also felt,better than the stealth simple as that,however whats this rogue st trying to,be its trying to be forgiving so lets,put it up,against the g45 max from ping in my,opinion the most forgiving driver out,there and also one of the best selling,because it is just an amazing golf club,especially if you dont strike it,perfectly out of the center so lets,have that comparison,[Music],so one of the worst things that you can,eat in this life is something called,humble pie and i am having to munch down,on that currently with dollops of,custard i actually think,for the first time in a long long time,im going to be changing my,recommendation for most of you guys if,you want a forgiving driver from the,ping g45 max to the rogue st max so i,conducted the same test ive been out on,the course many times with the g45,but numbers-wise they were so so similar,with the callaway slightly edging it so,swing speed again pretty much identical,115 miles an hour carry distances on,average with the ping 284 carry dista

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TaylorMade Stealth Driver review by Average Golfer

[Music],yeah maybe this driver will split,opinion but one things for sure,every one of you is going to want to try,it,you see therell be three questions,asked in this video the first one being,do i love or hate the new stealth driver,the second one is what do you think of,the new stealth driver and the third and,final question is whether or not you,will try,the new stealth driver and i reckon i,know the answer to all three i reckon we,start this video off with a quick look,at what taylormade claimed to be a game,changer in terms of driver technology,ill let you decide on that one but,heres the tech thats packed into the,stealth,[Music],[Music],now the first thing youre going to want,to do when you see this driver in the,pro shop is touch that face because for,whatever reason,theres a texture to it there are many,indentations within that face that,youve never seen before apart from the,fact that its red and apart from the,fact its made from carbon it looks very,different from the front youre going to,want to run your thumb across there and,feel those grooves find out what is,quite so different about that stealth,face,the second thing youre going to do is,youre going to question how does a,carbon face sound,and if you tried the only other driver i,can recall in the last 20 years that,attempted a carbon face which is the ct4,from callaway youre going to need some,persuading,but the overriding emotion when you see,this driver for the first time is quite,simple youre going to want to try it,and already hell hopefully be picking,up some of the sound and well talk,about it later in terms of what i think,about it but already,taylormade marketing have done something,really clever and theyve got that,driver in your hands youre even,questioning performance yet you just,want to try it you want to try that red,face you want to try a carbon face,driver,thats really intelligent marketing,because like i said,at this stage were not even questioning,the performance of this driver and if,im honest with you,i know everything should be judged on,performance but i really do think that,this driver will sell incredible amounts,this year alone just on the basis of how,it looks how its marketed whos got it,in the bag and i know that happens every,year but this year this is something,just that little bit different,okay so my comment relating to uh,performance maybe a little bit of tongue,and cheek there but you understand what,i mean this driver is so so different in,terms of its looks in terms of that,carbon face that are going to be,contributing factors that make you want,to try and ultimately buy this driver,but lets dive into performance i a lot,of balls both with this and with sim2,with both the same shafting,and whilst there werent massive gains,there were gains in terms of ball speed,but as you well know were not expecting,to see massive gains in terms of driver,technology were at the limit,but there was one indisputable gain that,caught me a little by surprise and that,was dispersion,now dispersion in terms of this versus,the sim 2 was extremely good and real,tight packing in terms of where my,driver landed but with the stealth that,is but ive also done a number of head,to heads in recent weeks and its,performing consistently well in terms of,dispersion and that really interests me,and i go back to the video that i put,over earlier and the kind of the coating,that is on top of this red carbon face,driver and the claim is that it reduces,spin in wet and dry conditions optimizes,performance if you like and stabilizes,those numbers now i dont know what that,reduction in spin has done in terms of,impacting on dispersion but something,played a part and having seen it over a,number of videos i tend to think this is,doing really well in terms of dispersion,so thats a real real positive for me,and ive got a feeling you might find,exactly the same when you finally get to,try this driver out yourself but i said,at the start of this video there were,three questions youve got my opinion to,a degree but im going to go back to the,beginning and im going to ask you those,questions ive just spent a little bit,more time just analyzing data but more,importantly having a look at something,called impact location and what trackman,does really well is can identify where,on the clubface actually struck the ball,and that can be a really telling sign,particularly when a club is claiming to,be ultra forgiving very much across the,club face i certainly claim to test that,theory and i know ive hit the ball,fairly well here this morning out the,middle what i want to show you now is i,think weve got three maybe four clips,of where the ball certainly wasnt,struck out the middle some low on the,face that were really impressive and if,you just have a quick look at,strike location,and then have a look at kind of ball,speeds carry distances and the launch,because ultimately from where i have hit,those three balls,they shouldnt perform in my opinion as,well as they have done unless we are,getting some kind of performance across,that club face which then suggests we,are getting a bit of forgiveness and for,me if youre an average golfer youre,certainly going to find plenty of that,club face so thats a major major,positive im really glad i took a little,bit of time to just have a look at that,and it gives it a bit more of a positive,edge to the whole review to be honest,with you because like i said,meeting across that club face fine in,the middle,its not that often,now at the beginning of the video i,maybe arrogantly suggested that the,three questions i knew the answer to all,three and maybe i dont know the answers,but what i do think is that,you will have a similar reaction when,trying this driver to me,i think everybody will the first thing,youre going to do youre going to want,to hit it youll hit those balls and the,first thing youll comment on is how,different it sounds in terms of nothing,like what you expected in fact it sounds,really really good,the second thing youll do is look down,at the crown and be really,drawn to that red face but youve got a,classic looking crown first of all,theyve stripped that one back its a,matte black with a gloss front to it and,then youve got this,well far from being,classic red face but what that red face,against the black does really well is it,frames the ball incredibly well it,aligns the ball really well and nothing,that i was expecting to do with the fact,that its a red face but i really,thought it would be a perhaps even off,putting but its not its a complete,opposite,youll then continue to hit more balls,youll be impressed with performance but,youll also continue to comment on how,it sounds so good and how it sounded,like well nothing like what you expected,based on performance it might be similar,to what youre currently getting maybe a,bit better and hopefully youve seen,dispersion tighten up a little bit like,i have done and then its ultimately,down to whether or not you want to part,with your money for a red-faced driver,those drivers come in four different,options theres the hd which i think,stands for high draw certainly draw bias,youve then got the stealth model which,is the standard unadjustable model and,youve got the stealth plus which has,got the return of the sliding weight and,that full adjustability and theres also,a ladies version available in a,different colorway altogether,the drive of the stealth plus is 499 so,its certainly right up there at the top,end the stealth,standard model is in at 469 and then,youve got the option as well if youre,offended by red which some of you might,be,then you can,look at,really making a bespoke version as you,can see and put all different types of,different color ways in there to make it,very much a bespoke product and making,it one that suits your eye but either,way my summary is this,the first driver ive tested in many,years where ive been so so keen and,eager to hit it just based on,the information that i 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STRAIGHT HITTING TEST – TaylorMade Stealth vs Ping G425 Max

sounds amazing that wow so in this video,were going to put the brand new,taylormade stealth driver up against the,very straight hitting and forgiving g425,max driver from ping were going to test,a little bit of dispersion on this,particular test look at a little bit of,ball speed but really look at the,forgiveness elements theyre straight to,hitting which one of these two driver is,going to hit more fairways okay so were,going to kick things off and well start,with the ping g425 max so ive done,videos on this in the past and for me,this is probably one of the straightest,hitting drivers out on the market that,big heavyweight in that back section,which obviously we can move from heel to,toe but ive got this set in a central,position pulling that that weight back,that increase that moi and we definitely,are seeing some straight straighter,shots especially through our fittings,with you know you sort of club golfers,so gonna start kick things off 90 degree,head,okay not a bad strike start off with and,theres that very distinctive sound that,we know with the ping is pretty loud not,everybodys cup of tea very sort of,tinny sort of sound so obviously as we,know with with the ping g425 drive matte,black weve got the turbulators on there,that splits your sort of feedback,whether thats a good thing or a bad,thing thats a very personal choice but,i quite like the way it sort of sits,matte black as i say its long from that,front to back so front to back so its a,big footprint and obviously the bigger,that that length from the front of the,face the back the more they can get that,weight backwards,theres a slightly bottom hit,yeah touch heel slightly low just see,that flight comes down a little bit that,launch angle 8.7 or 9 degree there so,that spin goes up a little bit but if we,look at the,direction of that its a fairway fine,its not going to be the longest,thats a good hit good launch its in,the air for what looks to be quite a,long time working that launch a little,bit there you see that 12 degree its,been 26 285 really good carried number,there been in that right area,[Music],oh thats a good shot super fly on that,get some good ball speed get that launch,good spins good 284 carrick some good,carry numbers there so were gonna hit,one more shot this is shot number ten,im gonna hit 10 with the stealth in a,minute,good okay so very distinctive on the,sound as we said we know that youll,either like that or you wont its quite,loud for me but is it something you get,over possibly weve seen some pretty,good numbers there are we so lets jump,into the stealth and well hit 10 shots,with that right okay so stealth in my,hands now so as we know from the review,video theres two two versions of the,stealth weve got stealth plus which has,got the movable track a little bit more,low spin with that weight more forward,in the club face than the standard,stealth which is what ive got on my,hands no movable track weve got that,weight at the back so again its similar,to idea to the ping g425 max that pull,that weight back increasing that moi so,these are two of the more friendlier,options in a way or the more forgiving,options with a higher moi which again,helps with those off-center hits,reducing the twist ultimately getting,those shots a little bit straight a,little bit higher launch a little bit,maybe a little bit higher spin so,instincts obviously got to compare these,two looks very very different um stealth,definitely more compact from that front,to the back so not as pulled back as,what we noticed with the with the g25,obviously weve got that distinctive red,face that we just obviously see but the,rest of the club is very sort of black,its obviously matte,finish with that little bit of gloss,around the front and the edges i like,the look of this i think this looks,superb down by the golf ball this,taylormade i really do like it,and a very very different sound to it,and that is a really good sound i did,mention that in review video i think,obviously weve got a carbon face it,you know it wasnt the the sound i was,expecting that i would,expect to see from a car here from a,carbon face but it sounds superb i think,the acoustics are really really good,i felt a touch low in the club face its,flowing really nice,straight again yeah slightly low heel,which i did have one though like that,with the um with the gt425 max but,youve probably noticed with that it,just it dropped off i think just custom,and were gonna look at numbers,obviously at the end but i think that,dropped into the two,high 260s carry thats 281 on a similar,strike which is interesting ball speed,good from that hit,thats a good flight is that looks to be,going forward felt a little bit high in,the face yeah a touch could get that,feedback there spins low yeah just,looked a little bit more knuckle ball,that just that slight low spin with that,slightly higher strike mega impressed,with the feel of of off the club face,with this tailor made you know i think,when i did the comparison video to the,sim 2 drive you know i didnt see any,gain in ball speed um but what i did,feel like i found was a little bit more,accuracy seems to be a little bit better,on those off center hits again this is,one of the reason why i want to prompt,this video you know,distance and ball speeds obviously big,talking point is until these new drivers,technology faces this is creating a,faster ball speed and but i think at the,same time for us you know club golfers,in a way youve got to look at accuracy,as well its a big thing into you know,hitting more fairways is a big part yes,its great to have an extra 10 15 maybe,even 20 yards there but you know,realistically if you can keep in that,short stuff your second shot so much,easier isnt it,a lovely high flight sounds amazing that,wow,so move that quick i didnt feel that,quick but 115 ill definitely move that,quicker obviously give me a little bit,more ball speed spins just popped up a,little bit so im probably just a tiny,bit low in the club face pin spins just,drop sorry increase a tiny bit so got,good carry 284 but if i got that spin,right that would have been probably,up to high 280s maybe topping 290 there,so this is a nine degree head and ive,got this set at nine degree okay so,probably just halfway through hitting,those ten shots and probably just,notably a little bit more club head,speed again that doesnt feel im oh im,not trying to generate that but,obviously clear were just getting maybe,one more half mile an hour more maybe,than the ping at the moment again well,look at the numbers a little bit more,detail at the end just picking these two,up and put them side by side and just,feeling that the club head here and,definitely just feel like theres a,little bit more weight i think the ping,head is a little bit heavier than maybe,many other drivers and definitely sort,of feel that so possibly thats where i,can move that club with the taylormade,just that little bit quicker you know,theres a theres a big lump of weight,at the back that shiftable weight in the,pink again it does help a lot with that,moi that forgiveness but maybe a little,bit of a sacrifice that maybe just,not quite moving the head as quick,such a good feel off the club face just,a little bit about right inside but ill,be taking that,okay,right so theres ten shots with the,stealth,but that feels superb quite quick on,there one fifteen that last one so yeah,the feel looks so i think for me just,before we look into the numbers a little,bit more detail lets just have a little,look and comparison between the looks of,these again this is obviously very,personal this is my take on this but i,think for me clear winner there is the,taylor made in terms of the look yes the,red face a little bit blurred to start,with you get used to that the more i hit,this the more you sort of doesnt take,your sort of your eye too much it isnt,sort of in your face too which is you,know i love the cleaner black darker,finish of the head i think the shapin

THIS Driver Is In A DIFFERENT LEAGUE! (Stealth Plus vs Rogue ST LS Driver Comparison)

after testing out pretty much every,driver released within the last six,months there are two that really stand,out the callaway rogue drivers and the,taylormade stealth series taylormade,have actually introduced something new,into these drivers so the carbon face,which they are calling the beginning of,the carbon wood age callaway with the,rogue st series well lets be honest,about it apart from whacking a tungsten,cartridge on the back of this driver,there is nothing new however when,testing these drivers out the,performance has been fantastic i was,actually shocked at how forgiving the,driver was awarding the rogue st max the,unofficial most forgiving driver in,sports supplanting the ping g425 max,which i didnt think could be done and,now i finally have them both in the spec,that i want,so ive got them in the lofts ive got,the shafts that i want and ive got my,grips on these clubs as well now oddly,for a driver comparison these are not in,exactly the same spec so i have this,stealth plus at slightly below 8 degrees,or 7.5 while ive got the rogue st at 8,degrees the shaft in the rogue is an,x-stiff but at 70 grams while its an,x-diff and 60 grams in the stealth very,simply this is just the best spec that i,found in these two drivers for me that,give the best performance remember,different drivers do require different,specs dont just think that you could go,from a 9 degree g4 to 5 max and go into,a 9 degree stealth plus for example it,just doesnt work like that im excited,to see what the differences are gonna be,make sure you get down and wall up that,like button if youre excited as well,but theres also something else i have a,mystery driver arriving today that might,even be a contender against these two,stay tuned to see what that is so ive,been using taylormade drivers for the,last three four years now and overall i,absolutely love the performance i think,taylormade make really really good big,sticks,well that was as john romney swing as i,could possibly do and if you want to see,the full review of the tailor-made,stealth drivers please check it out here,and the way theyve been chatting about,this carbon wood age and this carbon,face i dont think that taylormade are,going to be sticking with this type of,technology for the next six to eight,years mark it down here six to eight,years,stamp the stealth plus is the lower,spinning version its designed just to,launch it high and to get it bombing,down the fairway whereas the rogue,series seems to be more about yes speed,yes distance but also forgiveness when,the road came out i was thoroughly,underwhelmed at some of the claims that,it was making for a review on the rogue,sd max please check out this video here,they explain how theyve changed the ai,face just slightly theyve also tweaked,the jailbreak technology theyve put,this tungsten speed cartridge on the,back of the club so in other words they,brought all their existing technology to,bear on this driver and just enhanced it,which is great but its a hard selling,point without that real key,technological difference that the,taylormade has this callaway rogue st,driver is a little bit more neutral at,setup its a lower spinning version than,the rogue st max as well so both these,drivers really do offer something,different so unlucks now i think both,these drivers do feature a lot of carbon,they both have very distinctive carbon,crowns for me i think the taylormade,stealth still plumps it this might be a,little bit of ongoing favoritism maybe,because i have used taylormade drivers,quite some time and i do like the shape,the matte finish on top of the callaway,however has been growing on me still not,a massive fan of this graphic on the,back but yeah it doesnt make me want to,be physically ill now sound and feel are,very much interlinked with a golfers,psyche and i have to say i think that,rogue is probably just edging it over,the stealth again you know ive used,titanium face drivers pretty much all of,my golfing life apart from when i was a,junior and i had a callaway big bertha,thank you steelheads thats how old i am,but also again maybe this is a hangover,from the review that i did of the rogue,max i mean its just really forgiving,and sounds and feels powerful on off,center strikes now the price on these,there is a bit of a difference so the,callaway rogue that comes in at 430,pounds whilst the taylormade stealth,plus comes in at,499. so if performance is similar again,weve got a pump for the road but of,course its not just about that is about,the performance,so lets get the data lets see which,one comes out on top,now we come down to it data on data,rogue st,ls versus stealth from now on this is,just going to be called the ls okay now,what im expecting to find in the data,if previous testing is anything to go by,the rogue should be more forgiving maybe,should be a little bit more accurate and,the stealth should be longer if the max,ls is super accurate and its only 10,yards shorter than the stealth for,example then its obvious that this one,should go in if the stealth is by far,the better driver theyre not staying,but of course we also have the mystery,driver,[Music],so lets have a look at the results,between the rogue st max ls and the,taylormade stealth plus so with these,numbers i took out the two best and the,two worst drives from all the shots hit,carry distance with the stealth plus was,at 304 with total distance at 330 where,carrie with the callaway was at 300 with,a total distance of 318. ball speed a,little bit higher with the tail made,stealth but at times the stealth plus,spin was very low and that is one of the,issues when you get out onto the golf,course if its a low spinning driver and,you dont catch you well its going to,drop out the air much quicker however,callaway have also brought out another,driver which has literally just arrived,in the office when you thought that,driver names from callaway could not get,more complicated this is the callaway,rogue,st,triple black diamond,ls im just going to call this the,triple diamond driver from now on if,thats okay the main differences between,this driver and your standard rogue st,max or your sd-max ls there is a weight,further forward towards the clubface now,this moves cg further forward drives hit,with the triple black diamond should,spin less but im going to set this to 8,degrees so the same that ive been,testing with the normal callaway st,rogue max ls seriously what can we call,this joker what can we call the,max ls,max ls,so we should get a really good,comparison its gonna be the same shaft,as well i have,a real sneaky feeling about this driver,this is the one that john rahm is using,and most of the tour players its just,got a little bit more of that fade bias,as well it doesnt look quite as toed in,im excited im excited to see how this,performs so here we go triple black,diamond and ive set the driver up,pretty much exactly the same as the ls,so were at eight degrees weve got a,neutral light but actually when you set,this club down it does look more open it,does look a little bit more stealth,plussy if that makes sense and i feel,that this is a driver that will be going,straight the question is,is this driver going to compete with the,stealth on distance because remember,driving is about distance you can be a,little bit offline as long as youre in,the water out of bounds being longer is,better than being shorter,[Music],so once more ive taken out the two,worst and the two best drives and i am,left with probably one of the most,consistent sets of data that ive ever,had from a driver spin rate is pretty,much exactly where i want it averaging,out at 2 100. i didnt have one climb,above 2 300 and that was with a dodgy,strike carry was 305 and total distance,was 327 so slightly more carried than,the tailor-made slightly less run-out,however im going to show you the two,dispersion patterns here side by side,and you can see that just the,consistency of the flight with the,triple diamond was

Should I use the TaylorMade Stealth driver this year?

this is my current drive for the ping,g425 max and ive loved having this in,the bag you know why because i hit,fairways with it i know its not the,longest drive ive ever had in the bag,but what it lacks in distance it makes,up with forgiveness ive been a big fan,of it now this driver you might have,seen this so far this year the,taylormade stealth plus,now this on a launch monitor,statistically goes longer than my,current driver but what does that relate,to in a real world scenario when theres,trouble when theres fairways to be,missed with outbounds water is that,extra distance potentially worth it well,in this video were gonna find out,now most people know the first tee is,quite a nerve-wracking shot in golf and,lets say hypothetically ive just been,through my fitting and im getting more,distance with the tailor-made yes,but when i now stand on the golf course,certainly here on the first half of jcp,theres a huge amount of water ive got,to carry theres trouble up the left,its no good going right theres a,bunker there that i might even get into,as well,how is it going to perform so im going,to test it against the ping we need five,shots with each so all the golf balls,im hitting are pro v1s but to identify,from the taylormade driver shots im,hitting the ping i put a t on the golf,balls im gonna hit with the taylormade,and the p on the golf balls im gonna do,it with the ping thats to make this,fair im gonna hit alternate shots as,well in my pocket ive got one of each,of the golf balls who is going to go,first,this one the ping im going to hit first,which again just from my experience and,the shots have been held in the driving,range,this is the one that i would want to be,hitting off the first tee here because,it fills me with so much more confidence,im gonna hit an okay tee shot so my,target line here is a bunker thats,about 300 yards to get to or so i think,on a cold day today i dont im not,going to reach that i want to be,slightly left of it because that opens,up the green line the more left i go it,brings the water into play right real,world,first tee,ping vs taylormade,that is,perfect,absolutely ideal middle of the fairway,felt confident head shape everything,just fills me with that confidence that,thats a shot im gonna do so one safely,and play with the ping taylormade up,next head shape as much as i love it i,do,it doesnt fill me with as much,confidence and on drive range i can kind,of look past that because theres not as,much consequence but i must admit,getting out here now onto a first tee,oh im just a little bit less,sure that im gonna hit,a really nice shot,oh its really nice,yeah thats good that felt as similar,straight to the ping,its in the fairway what will be,interesting is whether its longer or,not well find out in a minute,exactly the same as the first shot,thats one of those shots i can,guarantee if i was hitting on the launch,monitor on the simulator it wouldnt,have been my best,distance wise but on a first t in a real,game scenario i am taking that shot,every day of the week okay turn the mate,up again,[Music],wow goes back to my point,thats in the water i didnt carry it,over the water i hit it a little bit,toei it turned more left on me if i was,hitting on the first t-shirt i mean that,is a disastrous way to start around,oh,now on there im not blaming the golf,club i can hit bad shots with either,golf club its just how punished,potentially i get as much as my first,one i think is longer than the pings my,bad shot was considerably worse,oh,oh,oh,its not always perfect,and thats exactly why i chose this hole,to do this test because my bad one i can,do that i can hit it a little bit toward,and it can curve too far left,i must admit that felt uncharacteristic,from the pink,but the evidence is there still wet in,the water its still wet,[Music],okay two more with each,[Music],yeah similar to shot one and two,oh its safe but its up the right this,time,does seem to be going a bit longer,though,you know what im enjoying this test,again thats why if you can,test the golf club on the golf course,because theres a lot more consequence,being able to just whack it in a studio,or a simulator you dont have that,consequence theres no fear sometimes,when your hearts just beating a little,bit faster and you see a problematic,golf shot that you might face you,definitely rediscover the importance of,a driver that suits your game,four of the ping drivers,honestly when we get down there i think,were almost gonna be right next to each,other,four really good,one bad one with the ping,not my best strike,i mean actually thats an okay result,again one of those ones youd want off a,first tee all right lets get down there,and have a quick look at where all those,balls have actually finished im,intrigued to see if theres much,difference in distance okay this is,interesting coming down to the fairway,now ive hit from this left-hand side,over that massive amount of water which,by the way looks phenomenal from here,and i can see so,far uh one,two three four five six,seven,eight golf balls and obviously theres,two in the water,so,out of the 10 ive had an 80 fairway hit,ratio which is good not sure if ive,quite got a conclusion yet ive come to,the eighth hole because i think this is,a real test,if i hit it right im in the trees if i,hit it left im in a bunker i once hit,it straight and ideally its not an easy,hole its still long ideally i still,want to hit it long we have a five,retailer made also five with pink lets,see where they finish,oh its,just,just clung on the fairway,oh,that was finished in the bunker,that is a shot i hate,and i hit it a little bit towie and the,spin just drops off it and it nose dives,left and theyre the little ones that,maybe are fitting you might overlook or,you might just delete it but on a golf,course i mean its just put me in so,much danger its a horrible shot,[Music],straight down the fairway,[Music],again,bunker,yeah it should be good,im starting to uh come up with much,more of a,summary now,certainly behind the golf ball when,youve got to try and feed it down a,tight fairway this does not,fill me with confidence this stealth,driver,im taking that every day of the week,last one with the tailor-made,struggle to find the fairway with this,so far,[Music],still,might cling on the right hand side,ah cling on,its just stayed right on side of that,bunker okay so weve got two in the,bunker,i think its one of each yeah thats a,ping,and thats a taylormade two bad shots,yep granted,deserve to find the bunker on those two,as we spin round look at this theres,one two three four five six,in the fairway in fact seven in the,fairway one short and then theres,definitely one in the trees,lets have a very quick look at these,that was the last ping shot i hit which,i thought was gonna be borderline bunker,but its past it,tailor-made fairway not the longest but,its,a driver accept theres four more down,here i mean ones an absolute monster,middle of fairway ping again middle of,the fairway ping,okay middle of fairway taylormade so,then,i think the one that im missing is the,tail made in the trees,the actual longest one,it might have taken a generous bounce,straight down the middle of fairway was,the ping so let me summarize this for me,on a launch monitor when im just,smashing it,this is along the driver no question,lower spin and it bombs it however out,in the golf course,when you dont just look for distance,this driver for me definitely suits my,game more what was interesting on the,last shot is that when you are hitting,it straighter you saw that with the ping,that i could actually get more distance,out of it anyway because youre landing,it on the shorter grass its rolling for,further i just think its worth noting,and this isnt just against the stealth,or ping its talking about lower,spinning drivers drivers that might suit,a launch monitor dont always translate,into more distance and speed and better,suited to your game on the golf course,somethin

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