1. TCL 4-Series S446 2021 TV Review – Just a basic 4K TV
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TCL 4-Series S446 2021 TV Review – Just a basic 4K TV

[Music],hi im alex from ratings.com today well,be doing a review of the tcl4 series,s446 2021 well be evaluating it on our,standardized test branch to see how it,performs and if you should buy it,we bought and tested the 65 inch model,which has an ips panel,the 50 and 85 inch models have va panels,so we expect them to have better,contrast and worse viewing angles,theres also a 43 55 and 75 inch model,but tcl doesnt advertise the panel type,so its possible theyll perform,differently than our unit,this tv is in the same lineup as the,tcl4 series s434 android 2020 and tcl4,series 2020 but they have decided to,upgrade to the newer google tv,the tcl4 series s446 2021 has a pretty,standard design so there isnt too much,to talk about the stand has only one,position and its tall enough that you,can fit a sound bar underneath without,it obstructing the display,the inputs are directed at the side,which makes them convenient to access if,the tv is placed close to a wall,the three hdmi 2.0 ports allow you to,connect a variety of devices one of the,ports also supports e-arc or enhanced,audio return channel that you can,connect to your receiver or sound bar to,play sound from the tv through your,external speakers,the back of the tv fits the vase mount,standard so you can wall mount it for a,cleaner look and it has a pretty typical,thickness so it will stick out a bit the,build quality of the tv is decent,overall its made of plastic with some,metal on the back panel the tv wobbles,back and forth on the stand when placing,it and there is some flex on the back,but once youve set it where you want it,itll be fine,now on to our test results and well,start with the contrast,a high contrast ratio results in deep,dark scenes which is good if you want to,watch movies in a dark room like a home,theater environment this tv has an ips,panel which arent exactly known for,their high contrast the tcl 4 series,s446 2021 performs as expected and has,an ok contrast it also doesnt have a,local dimming feature to improve the,contrast at all so you wont be getting,deep inky blacks on this tv,if you want to use the tv in a bright,room then a high peak brightness is,important to overcome glare,unfortunately the tcl4 series s446 2021,doesnt cut it,it doesnt get very bright at all,if youre in a dark room you might not,be too bothered by it for regular sdr,viewing,if youre in a bright space or watching,hdr content itll be hard to see the,image clearly and the impact of a crisp,bright hdr image wont be there,also important for a bright room is good,reflection handling you can see that,this tv handles reflections pretty well,but the intensity isnt significantly,reduced and the brightness wont be,enough to offset some of the reflections,so it isnt the best choice for a room,with lots of light or youll end up,struggling to see dark scenes if youve,got a wide seating arrangement or like,to watch tv with family and friends then,good viewing angles helps to ensure no,ones left with washed out colors or,crush details due to the ips panel on,this tcl the image quality isnt too bad,when going off angle at more extreme,angles youll notice some color wash out,and brightness loss but its pretty good,overall,obviously its best viewed from straight,on though an overall uniform screen,brightness and color is important when,watching sports or playing video games,to avoid the appearance of clouding,known as the dirty screen effect this,does vary between units but we expect,the tcl4 series s446 2021 we bought to,be about typical for the 65 inch model,its decent overall but the corners are,noticeably darker,in really dark scenes the black,uniformity is noticeably bad so you,might see glowing spots in the corners,of the screens and just an overall,blotchy image,a tv that has good colors can help to,make an image pop and look vibrant in,the case of the 4 series s446 2021 the,tv is unlikely to impress,it doesnt have a wide color gamut so it,wont be ideal for any content with,really vibrant colors,it doesnt get dark enough in each of,the colors to really make an impact,especially for hdr content some tvs,struggle to display smooth gradients so,when watching a movie with a sunset some,banding can be visible in the case of,this tv its gradient processing is only,ok depending on the scene you might see,some banding particularly in the grays,reds and greens,there is a feature called gradation,clear that does help to reduce the,banding but it does cause the loss of,fine details in higher quality content,when playing video games a fast response,time is important for the clearest image,without distracting blur the tcl 4,series s446 2021 has an alright response,time overall but some blur or smearing,may be noticeable in dark scenes,while this tv does flicker it only does,so below 28 brightness which frankly is,way too low to be properly usable on,this tv,a low input lag is also important for a,responsive feel when playing video games,and thankfully this tv is great in this,regard like the vast majority of modern,tvs there isnt anything to worry about,with regards to the input lag it only,has a 60hz panel though so for extremely,smooth and responsive higher refresh,rate gaming it isnt a good choice,speaking of gaming this tv supports all,the common signals up to 60hz which is,fine for casual gamers but for a more,responsive experience with a new xbox or,ps5 it isnt the best choice,it also does not support vrr of any kind,so you might see some tearing when,connected to a powerful pc this tv uses,google tv as a smart platform like,android tv its very simple easy to use,and feels very smooth to navigate the,upgrade to google tv is to thank for the,added smoothness and theres even a few,extra features thrown in like an ambient,mode to display some art or your google,photos similar to the samsung the frame,2021 tv theres also a basic mode that,removes the smart feature so you can,just focus on using the antenna and,inputs which can be useful if you want,to dumb down your tv,the sound of this tv isnt very good,good sound doesnt tend to be much of a,focus so if this is something you care,about then an external sound bar or,speakers is the way to go,so this brings us to the main question,should you buy this tv,well it depends,its not a great tv but it is an entry,level 4k tv and for that level its,pretty standard you get proper 444,chroma sub sampling a motion,interpolation feature and a jutter free,experience its not perfect but if,youre looking for a cheaper tv for a,dark space itll work,if contrast is more important you can,either change sizes and go for the 50 or,85 inch model or the tcl4 series 2020,for a va panel that weve reviewed,if you can find a deal on last years,tcl5 series like the tcl s535 2020 qled,youll find a much better tv overall,if you want to spend a bit more for a,better tv you could splurge a bit on the,highsense u6g it has a va panel but,overall its brighter more vibrant and,will look significantly better when,watching any content

50″ TCL 4 Series Roku TV Review

im your review guide and today were,going to be looking at the 50-inch tcl 4,series im going to give you the pros,and the cons of this tv and then im,going to share with you with some of my,real life experience,and of course at any point in the video,you want to go check this tv out,i put an amazon link down below without,further ado lets get right into the,video,now the tcl4 series is a mid-priced tv,but that being said for the price point,this,picture quality is really good the led,panel is a very attractive,for how much money you are spending i,got this right now,on sale for 300. and it has really,impressed me so far,also this tv has 4k upscaling so,any of the content that youre going to,watch it isnt as high quality as 4k,it will upscale it so the picture is,even better than what it would,originally be,now the picture on this screen isnt the,brightest but,in the price point and this category is,a pretty nice looking screen,and i would say the brightness on the,screen is a little bit above average but,it is not the brightest in the world now,moving on to the next pro,this tv has hdr technology so basically,what that means is going to make the,brights brighter,and the darks darker give it an overall,more contrasted picture,make it more vibrant and make it seem,more realistic,now this is a big pro with tvs in this,price point because,it really just elevates the picture when,im watching netflix on this tv it is,just a really enjoyable experience,because the lights and the darks just,work really well together,it gives more depth to the image and,really doesnt make it look,more realistic having hdr technology,in a tv in this price point really just,makes all the difference when it comes,to picture quality,now the next pro of this tv is it has a,very minimal,almost a non-existent blooming effect so,what the blooming effect is is when you,have,white text on a black background the,white will kind of,bleed into the black and make a kind of,halo glowing effect,now obviously this can get very annoying,and just distract,from the picture overall so the fact,that this led,panel does not have blooming is a really,big pro it wont distract you from the,picture when youre reading a title,or choosing what you want to watch and,its just another thing to add on,that makes this picture quality really,nice for the price point,of the tcl4 series now lets talk about,the hearts of this tv so i know a lot of,you might think from the marketing,of all tv brands the tvs in this price,point are going to be at 120 hertz,like they said unfortunately this is a,marketing strategy it does not actually,have,120 hertz this is a natively 60 hertz,now with that being said that is still,good that is still industry standard at,this price point,60 hertz is good ive gamed with my xbox,on this tv,with like battlefront call of duty and,even some forza,and there is very little input lag,i could still have a really fun time,while playing on this tv,even though its still 60 hertz also if,you want to learn more about this tv,in terms of gaming im going to be doing,another comprehensive review of this tv,so keep your eyes out for that video now,the next pro has something to do,about audio so this tv has adobe,digital plus and this is a really,big pro for this tv so if you are,looking for this tv to plug it into a,home,theater this is going to work perfectly,fine because it is compatible,with adobe digital plus that being said,i do not personally have a home theater,system but,turning on adobe digital plus it,definitely gave it a more elevated sound,when watching movies and other kind of,content on the tv the four series,speakers,with the dopey digital plus definitely,elevates it,over the competition now the next pro,would have to be,how many things you can just plug into,this tv for the inputs it has,three hdmi 2.0 ports it has an hdmi,arc port usb a place to attach your,cable or,antenna avn optical audio,out and an ethernet everything you could,think of is going to be able to plug in,just fine thankfully the creators of,this tc04 series,made sure that everything you could,possibly plug in could be plugged in all,at once,now the next pro is the os of this tv,this is a smart tv and it operates on,the roku system,contrary to what people might think you,do not have to pay,for roku without the roku subscription,just,with the free roku account youll still,have access to hulu,netflix disney plus youtube youtube tv,other things like that as well as also,some live channels so with the free roku,profile it gives you all you really need,you do not need to pay for roku i must,emphasis this also the roku system is,just a really easy way,and my favorite way that these smart tvs,have been set up,now the next pro is that this tcl4,series,is compatible with a lot of smart,assistance its compatible with,amazon alexa and google assistant as,well as,siri if youre an apple user so because,of this you can tell amazon alexa,or the google assistant to turn on the,tv or switch the channel to youtube or,then back to netflix or even,turn up the volume so you can use voice,controls with this tv,and it really just gives you a better,value of the tv overall but the amount,of money youre spending,piggy backing off of it being able to,work with series,this also works with apple home kit and,apple airplay,and screen mirroring so if youre an,android device you can screen mirror,through your phone as well as if youre,an apple device you can use a screen,mirroring to broadcast your phone screen,onto the tv now the next pro is going to,be the tcl remote,this is the most simple design on a tv,remote,ive ever seen and honestly im in love,with it so on the side of the remote you,got your volume controls and your mute,button,now from the top of the remote you have,the power button and then below that,there is the home button and the back,button you have your controls and the ok,button,the rewind and the options button there,is the pause play,fast forward and rewind and then under,this,there is the netflix disney plus hulu,and sling buttons so these buttons at,the bottom are going to take you,directly,to those apps so if you press the,netflix button its going to take you,straight to netflix wherever you are on,the tv,as well as any of the other buttons,because this tv is really focused,around streaming you dont have to use,it if youre not into streaming content,you can just hook up your cable and then,watch live tv from there but if you are,into streaming,this is very optimized for that its,very easy to navigate between channels,and i have used this remote with a,little bit of the live tv feature,because you do get some even if you,dont plug in a cable walks,and it does work quite well with that as,well and theres also the roku remote,app theres really cool features in,there that you dont have with that you,can use,your voice on your phone on the roku app,for your remote so you can do voice,controls through there,as well as there is a keyboard function,so instead of pressing and scrolling,through all the letters,you can actually just type it into the,keyboard on the app or you can use voice,control for that as well,now some fun tips and tricks with this,tv it has,different themes and sounds for you to,choose from on roku,so there is like a jungle theme and,spaceship theme which is my personal,favorite is the spaceship,it will change the background to a,spaceship theme and then,all of the sounds like turning up the,volume selecting something and rewinding,well all be on that theme these are,completely free,and can be found in the home section of,this tv,now probably the biggest tip of all time,this tv is shipped in low power mode,so that means that the picture is going,to be,very dim when you get it so what you,have to do,is when youre watching content you,press the little star,asterisks on the remote and thats going,to open up the picture,settings you have to change the picture,from,low power mode to normal it is going to,dramatically

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hey whats up guys I am Brian this is,Tech therapy I spent the weekend with,one of the most affordable TVs on the,market at 65 inches the TCL 4 Series,stay tuned to find out how the weekend,went,[Music],thank you so much for joining me today,again I am Brian this is a tech therapy,uh funny story I was actually at my,sister-in-laws in Philadelphia this,weekend and noticed that in her new,apartment she had a new TV and looked at,it and immediately said oh you have a,new TV what did you end up getting and,was kind of testing her to see if she,actually checked out the channel which,she subscribed to what her research was,anything of that nature and she,basically said I went to Best Buy and,asked them for the cheapest possible TV,at 65 inches and she ends up with the,TCL 4 Series at 65 inches and Ill put,the prices up they range from 43.50 55,65 75 85 inches it is a direct lit LED,it is one of the most affordable panels,on the market and all of Best Buy and I,was able to spend the entire weekend,with it but thought it was very funny,that her research was basically walking,in with a size and saying give me the,most affordable display that you have,and she ends up with this TV and I,realized that many people do their,research that way they choose the size,they choose the price and they go with,it so this video will be me breaking,down the tcl4 series its picture,quality its use case what I thought of,it and spending a weekend with it,organically meaning it wasnt lent to me,it wasnt sent to me I didnt buy one it,was just enjoying it in her home,watching all sorts of content how it,performed in a bright room in a dark,room and actually living with it for a,little bit more than a weekend was a,fascinating way to test the TV that was,someone elses and being that it was the,most affordable always keep keeping that,in the back of my mind and how it,performed and I want to share that with,you guys as many of you are looking for,the most affordable TV before Black,Friday for performance size and value,all right guys here we are in my,sister-in-laws apartment it is very,bright we are looking at the design of,the panel very simplistic but very,unassuming as well as we look at the,back it doesnt really stand out but,doesnt look like a cheap TV I do like,the design again simplistic wide foot,stance cannot move them in up or down,you will need a larger table I like that,tcls name is shrinking I dont love the,name on the panel again the bezels,arent huge not a super thin TV but not,really thick either looks good in the,room does not look as I mentioned very,low end heres the back side which is,black,you can disable the plug,go to the other side you have a four,hdmis 2.0s,her cable is connected via the cable,which is funny there you have your,Optical you have headphones back there,very very basic though there is a game,mode you are not going to find the,gaming features on this panel it is 60,hertz it does have 120 hertz motion,processing thats built in here is the,remote if you like this remote very,simplistic pretty easy to use though I,do not love the Roku uh backing out,sometimes you back entirely out of,things other times it can bring you to,the next page other times it keeps you,in the same settings its different per,setting dont like that I would still,Rock a fire stick not a big fan of tcls,operating systems I mean its slow its,clunky and uh but here it is heres how,it looks in her room very bright room at,this point the TV does well in a bright,room I will show you its Reflections and,things of that nature later in the video,as well as their audio you can see here,while we are in SDR are there are more,picture settings and more presets to go,through that changes a lot once you go,into HCR there is no Dolby Vision here,heres the fine tune setting,no Dolby vision and basic hdr10,no quantum dot display either did not,see any reviews on this TV just doing an,organic review after spending a weekend,with it and did the review after so,youll see a shaky cam Blair Witch,Cloverfield Style video because I did,not have a tripod with me the glare,there is a little stronger as the lights,go down it looks much better as a,semi-gloss kind of panel bit of a matte,kind of in between handles Reflections,okay depending on whats on screen,otherwise its pretty colorful its got,some pop not crazy bright but I wouldnt,say that its dim either right in the,middle and pretty much through this,review guys youre going to hear a lot,of that in the middle but always keep in,mind for the money 43 inches to 85,inches the prices are amazing and to,have them only be a hundred bucks apart,at certain sizes makes all the,difference so you have a direct lit,LED not necessarily Edge lit there are,LEDs behind it but it does behave very,much like an edge lit panel meaning it,does have those uh those weaknesses,meaning the edges will glow,putting something very Vivid on just to,see how colorful it looks does very well,and again organically reviewing this,panel I watched all kinds of content on,it Netflix Amazon Hulu Apple TV cable,as well as YouTube,and I was pretty happy with it in a dark,room plenty colorful,and as we get into the black level in a,moment,as long as you are dead on youre fine,handles the middle of the screen fine,youll see it here in a minute with our,crab,lights up the screen a bit the edges do,light up off angle Ill show you that in,a bit but I was very pleased with its,black level as long as there isnt much,on screen now what I mean by that it,isnt a Bloom Box it doesnt Bloom much,at all but when you see towards the end,of this demo when you get into the city,the entire screen does wash out a bit if,youre not critically viewing it you,wouldnt notice it but you wouldnt look,at it as having very strong blacks,contrast ratio seems okay in terms of,colors,but that black level does suffer when,theres a lot on screen as youll see at,the end of this demo but in terms of,blooming I was very pleased with it as,youll see in some of our later demos,well also cover audio shortly,both ACR and SDR as we move into the,cityscape here,no real blooming but kind of a washed,out look to it,Now we move into some of the presets and,some of the settings with our good,friend Jennifer galas demo material I,love using this as it has a narrow,aspect ratio so you can see the black,bars as we bring the menu up you dont,see a lot of haloing or any problems,like that,and I dont love their settings in,regards to brightness and dark and,darker I know them Vizio tend to do that,if you do have any haloing or blooming,of any kind going to that darker preset,in a dark room does help quite a bit,just showing you how the bright picture,settings change as we look at the demo,material but even sitting about 10 feet,back you dont really see any handling,on the black bars which is excellent,until you move off angle,so black bars arent purple or you know,really lit up when youre directly in,front of it cant ask for much more than,that especially if you plan on buying a,larger version of this panel maybe an,issue with the smaller sizes if you get,around the side of it,uh picture settings are extremely basic,and again when you go into HDR its an,issue I have with this TV that the,presets totally go down to three,settings instead of having all the other,presets such as movie Sports cinemugs,you know things of that nature standard,now as soon as we go off angle here you,can see them light up quite a bit,dead center they disappear so again at,this price point were fine with being,dead center or even off angle a bit and,were actually fine being above you can,see the edges do light up though it is,direct LED there are lights behind it to,me it does behave very much like an edge,lit panel,so again critically viewing getting very,close backing up you dont see the,aperture or the iso change on the camera,no tricks this is how it looks in real,life far away,special thanks to Jennifer Gala and ACR,super channel for all their amazing,conte

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TCL Series 4 65” Roku Smart 4K TV Unboxing, Setup and Review

hi YouTube,heres a quick video about uh this TCL,65-inch TV which is sold at Walmart uh,oftentimes this is on sale during Black,Friday,and so I picked this up as a bedroom TV,um this is selling for 228 dollars in,2022 at Walmart you can also find a,similar TV at Target I believe which is,an element also for a very similar price,and thats a 65 inch TV as well,this one is a 4 series TV by TCL and you,can see the model up here its the 65 s,41. and,um you know I think based on everything,Ive seen about it it seems to deliver,on,basic expectations you have from a,television,um this one is 4K,um which is pretty standard these days,its a smart TV and has a built-in Roku,and if I show you the features on it,[Music],um,its got the 4K UHD picture quality,High dynamic range HDR Im going to open,it and see if that,is indeed true,um obviously the Roku interface,thousands of streaming channels,you get the voice control which is a,Roku feature so if you use a separate,Roku youre used to it this comes,standard with this television,and uh you know its out of the box its,ready to play,it also has a Dolby audio which Im,honestly not uh sure how good that is,going to be because typically these flat,screen TVs,um do not have great audio which is why,you end up buying a sound bar but well,see,and of course it has these HDMI ports it,does have an arc Port too I believe,there are,um four HDMI ports it says at the bottom,here only one Arc though and it is a,smart TV so it will support 4K Im sorry,it will support Wi-Fi,um,so thats the initial Impressions by,looking at the box it is a very large,television since its 65 inch uh so if,youre going to un you know install it I,suggest you have someone work with you,to get this thing,um settled Im actually going to install,it on the wall so I have it pre,um you know Ive got everything ready to,go for that and um lets see how it goes,so let me open the box and show you what,the contents are next,okay so Ive got everything out of the,box and um its pretty good you know the,packaging was pretty good,um Im pretty satisfied with the way it,was packaged so what comes out of the,box is obviously the manual which is the,television and it shows clearly that,this is a two-person job because it is a,large TV,um so you better you know have support,for you as you install it there are,these two,um base legs that that are going to get,attached to the bottom of the TV if,thats how you intend to use it,um you get a remote control which is a,very typical Roku control,um with very you know very simple,interface very few buttons in there so,well take a close look theres the,power cord and some documentation and a,couple of batteries that come for it so,lets take a closer look now,okay so everything that came out of the,accessories package is out here theres,a a registration card if you do end up,registering your product you get three,months extra warranty I think thats the,only,attraction there and the TV itself comes,with a one year warranty so thats,something to bear in mind thats both on,parts and labor and thats what it says,and then here is your power cable and,heres the Roku remote it does come with,these TCL batteries which is a AAA,battery goes,you know,into the remote and then if you do,intend to use these uh to you know put,them on a on something uh instead of,mounting it on the wall then you will be,using these four screws that come with,it so its a pretty easy install you,know so but I dont intend to use that,so wouldnt be part of my application,um what they do not supply to you is an,Ethernet cable so you will need to get,an ethernet cable separately if you,intend to hardwire it of course if you,intend to use Wi-Fi then you dont need,this you can put this aside it this,would also be a good time if you intend,to use like any kind of a light you know,that goes behind like I intend to,um it this would be a good time to have,this handy as well so Im going to be,installing this Aura LED 65 inch TV,um,like a mood light,um so as the TV goes on it will come,live and as you can see in this picture,and this is how itll show so,I have this on some of the other,televisions too it works out nice,um,so thats that and then if you look at a,close look at the remote,um you have the power button up here you,have the home button the back button and,then of course the the buttons to go in,various directions so pretty basic I,would say it does have the HBO Max the,Apple TV Disney and Netflix built-in has,specialized buttons and thats,interesting to see Apple TV plus as a,standardized button and here on this,side you will see the the volume toggle,button and the mute button is on the,side as well nothing on the other side,so again pretty basic but I actually do,like this Roku remote,um a lot of people like you know more,fancier remote but to me,um you know since I have been a Roku,user for a few years now Im very used,to this interface and I believe it works,really nice so thats the remote nothing,much to talk about there now lets try,to get everything organized and Ill,show you how the TV actually looks,okay so this is the rear of the TV,um you know as I notice it because its,an LED TV its about I want to say its,about probably inch inch and a half in,thickness this way but at the rear end,because of this is where all the the,other,um you know parts and everything goes in,um the pen the the panels to hook up,stuff you know this part I would say is,about two inches at the bottom so as you,can see from from the side profile here,um thats the the thickness to expect,but its a fairly thin TV for the size,it does have,this little sign here it says its,manufactured in Vietnam,and obviously this is for the US market,so its 120 volts,um and you can see clearly there is a,ethernet port which is built on the rear,and then if you look at the what ports,do you actually get you have a optical,Port out here you have a port for your,headphones if you wish to use those you,have an AV in adapter cable antenna you,know this is the old school Legacy stuff,and then you have the HDMI which is Arc,as I mentioned and there there are three,HDMI ports in general and you got only,one USB,port uh applied to you and then if you,do wish to reset there is a reset uh,you know button here which you have to,use something,um you know like fairly uh sharp or thin,uh to poke in there to reset everything,to factory default so thats what you,get uh out here nothing really,interesting on this side I guess theres,the power port,uh out here and thats about it,so this is the AC in,um,so fairly minimalistic but all your,basic stuff is is out here so lets now,hang it on the wall and see how how it,all comes together,okay so the TV is finally mounted on the,wall and as soon as you get it powered,up,um you are going to see the screen where,you have to pick your,your language,um so those are the language it supports,um,obviously Im in the United States so,thats what Im gonna pick,set up for home use or for store use the,only difference is that if you set it up,for home use you have a one year,warranty and if its for a store use or,for some kind of commercial use then you,only get a six-month warranty from the,manufacturer so bear that in mind,um and you know this is going to check,for both wired as well as Internet,connection in my case I am going to hook,it up using a wired connection,but of course it supports Wi-Fi but,thats what youre gonna get,um as soon as you install it,um its going to get an update on the,software,and so it says now your TV will get the,latest software so it will do an,automatic,um update so as you can see its uh,downloading and installing the updated,software,I believe this would be the Roku,software which is the OS that runs the,TV,so itll be a good idea to actually hook,it up to the Internet immediately,um you know using your Wi-Fi or whatever,in my case it was a wired connection so,it picked up the connection instantly,so its,going to download obviously how 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TCL 4 Series vs 5 Series vs 6 Series – TV Comparison

im your review guy and today im gonna,be doing a comparison between the tcl4,series,five series and six series if you do,wanna check out these sizes and prices,for any of these tvs i put amazon links,down below for your convenience but with,that out of the way lets dive right,into this video,so the first thing that i want to,compare these tvs with is brightness so,as you would expect the tv that comes on,top out of all of these three,is the tcl six series by a landslide,it can reach over a thousand nits of,brightness in certain settings which is,a,big plus for hdr content now the 5,series peaks out at about,500 nits which is common for the price,point,and then the 4 series peaks out at like,350.,so the obvious winner is the tcl6 series,in this category,and basically what this means that for,hdr content and dolby vision the picture,on the tc06 series is going to look the,best because true,hdr youre gonna need close to a,thousand nits and the tcl6 series goes,above that,but now i want to talk about colors so,the 5 series,actually beats out the more expensive,6 series by a grain of standard in terms,of the,wide color gamut so these two tvs are,very very close,in this category and even though the 5,series is,300 cheaper than the 6 series it does,have,a wider color gamut but however in my,opinion because the 6 series,is so much brighter than the 5 series,the image,still does look more attractive on the 6,series and the 5 series but,with a 300 price gap difference,between the 5 series and the 6 series,the 5 series actually gives you,more value for less of the dollar amount,than the 6 series and the 4 series is,450,cheaper than the 6 series so its going,to be at the budget tv,standards but the biggest upgrade in,colors is from the 4 series in the 5,series,and the 6 series actually steps it down,a little bit so the best value for,colors is the 5 series,now i want to talk about contrast ratios,and black levels,now for all three of these tvs the 4,series 5 series,and 6 series they all have really,outstanding black levels i dont,find any backlight bleed in any of these,three models,even on the 4 series so tcl has some,pretty good quality control,because the 4 series that i purchased,the 5 series and the 6 series that i,already owned did not have issues with,backlight bleed,so all of these tvs have really crisp,and dark blacks and again the biggest,upgrade is between the 4 series and the,5 series youll definitely see the,increase in quality but the 5 series and,the 6 series,both have full array local dimming so in,terms of dark,content its pretty hard to tell the,difference between the two tvs,now with contrast ratio deepest blacks,brightest whites when you are watching,light,setting content the 6 series looks,outstanding,and way better than the 5 series but,when youre watching dark content it is,really hard to tell the difference,between the 5 series and the 6 series so,the 5 series,again gives you a great value if you,dont want to spend that extra three,hundred dollars to upgrade for this six,series,but now i want to talk about response,time so response time is the time it,takes from one pixel,to change from one color to the next,color and when were talking about,response time were talking about,the image artifacts in fast-paced,content like,motion blur ghosting pixel overshooting,things like that so the fastest response,time of these three tvs,has to go to the six series now unlike,the other categories that ive mentioned,before,this is a noticeable difference the six,series is noticeably better than the,five series and the five series is,noticeably better,than the four series so the content that,this is going to affect,mostly is gaming and sports so sports,and gaming is going to look the,smoothest on the,6 series and youre not going to get,those motion artifacts like a motion,blur with fast paced content on this 6,series that being said the 5 series,still has a really good response time,and youre not going to see a lot of the,motion blur,and a quick fix to the motion blur on,the 5 series is turning on a black frame,insertion and that will cut down on,pretty much everything,so in terms of motion blur for these,three tvs,the four series is great for the price,but it is 450,less than the six series so its going,to be noticeably worse,but great for the price point the five,series is going to be a huge,step up from the 4 series and then the 6,series is going to be a couple steps,above the 5 series but there definitely,is a noticeable difference between these,three tvs,as you move up the lineup but now i want,to talk about viewing angles so because,all three of these tvs are va panels or,variations of va panels,all the viewing angles are going to be,mediocre so when i say,viewing ankles i mean when you look at,these tvs from an,angle and not straight on the image is,going to wash,out a little bit now that being said as,you move,up each tier in tcls lineup from the 4,series 5 series and 6 series the viewing,angle is,going to get better now a reoccurring,trend,the most improved is from the 4 series,to the 5 series,and due to the tcl 6 series brightness,it doesnt look like it has much,washing out at all because the,brightness kind of overpowers the,washing out effect,in my opinion the winner is definitely,the six series if youre going to need,this for a,wide room definitely spend the extra,money and,go for the six series but if youre,gonna have a medium to small room,five series is the way to go but now i,want to talk about,gaming features so the main difference,between the,5 series and the 6 series besides,brightness,is that the 6 series was made for gaming,in mind now all of these tvs have,extremely low,input lag youre never going to have,problem with input lag between the 4,series 5 series and 6 series,tcl just does a very good job with that,across all the tiers of their tv,platform but the 6 series has those,extra features that youre,definitely going to pay for it does have,a variable refresh rate and it does have,a thx certified game mode what this thx,certified game mode also does for the,six series,is make in-game colors match what the,game developers,wanted them to look like the scene,changes from dark to light are going to,look more,smooth in terms of image artifacts fast,paced game is going to look smoother,and it does have variable refresh rate,so screen tearing,also isnt going to be an issue on the 6,series so the,main price difference in my opinion,besides brightness between the,5 series and the 6 series is the extra,gaming features that you would be,paying for but now i want to go into,operating system,and remote so all these tvs are tcl and,tcl is partnered with roku so they,all are roku tvs so all of the operating,systems are going to be the same it runs,completely smooth roku is one of my,favorite operating,systems on any tv platform but now lets,talk about the remote,so the remote quality obviously goes up,in volume as you go from the 4 series of,5 series and the,6 series now the noticeable difference,is that the 6 series,does have the voice control option built,into the remote,now you can use voice control using the,roku app on your phone,but the actual built-in button is only,found on the remote of the 6 series,but that is really all i have to mention,about operating system and the remote,now the last thing that i want to talk,about before i talk about a complete,overview and summary about all three of,these tvs compared,is the inputs and surprisingly all these,tvs have the exact,same inputs they have ethernet 4 hdmi,2.0s,hdmi 4 is er place to attach a cable box,or antenna,one usb 1 avn one in a 3.5 millimeter,headphone jack and,an optical audio out port so whether you,get a 4 series 5 series or 6 series,youre going to have the same amount of,ports but this is what i personally,think after living with all three of,these tvs,if youre not a huge gamer and you dont,really care about a super bright tv,go with the 5 series its gonna save you,an extra

Is The Best Selling Budget 4K HDR TV On Amazon Worth It? | TCL 4-Series Review

the TCL for series TVs tend to check off,a lot of boxes for todays consumers and,offers 4k HD are 10 certification Smart,TV features and really above all else it,comes in as the most affordable 4k TV,currently on Amazon but at its $3.99,price point Canadian or $2.99 us for the,49 inch model that I ended up buying,isnt worth all the hype or is there,something wrong that ends up driving,this price down stay tuned,[Music],[Music],whats going on guys its quasi dog here,and like I mentioned before today were,gonna be taking a look into the 4 series,TVs by TCL now these again are the most,affordable 4k HDR Smart TVs you can get,on Amazon and I bet you guys want to,know whether or not their cost is,actually worth it depending on the,feature set that it has to offer now I,do want to start off by saying as well,that I typically dont go with the most,budget-friendly option that I can find,when it comes to purchasing brand new,electronics because well historically,theres usually something wrong with,them but for me this TV was just a,replacement for a 32 inch TV that I had,in the bedroom so quality really wasnt,on the top end of my concerns now the TV,that I did end up purchasing from Amazon,Don CA was the TCL for series 49 inch,49s 425 now of course if you havent,deduced by the actual name or possibly,the thumbnail of this video this TV is,the 49 inch within their four series,lineup but the panel also comes in 43 49,55 and 65 inch variants now this TV of,course offers 4k resolution upscaling,for regular HD content HDR 10,certification and Smart TV features via,its included roku TV OS for connectivity,it offers a single USB 2.0 port a,Gigabit LAN port three HDMI 2.0 ports,all with hdcp 2.2 copyright protection,and one of course having arch support as,well and a couple other legacy,connections as well as a headphone and,optical out to round out the audio,output options now between Christmas,getting bit by my dog and having,pneumonia its taken me a little while,to produce this video so the good news,and the light at the end of the tunnel,is I have had a good solid Id say three,weeks to view this on a daily basis and,honestly as much as I wanted to hate on,the four series TV there is a very,little that I dont like about this,panel especially given its,price point now its included dual-band,Wi-Fi helps to facilitate very fast and,very reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for all,of these Smart TV features that we use,on a daily basis primarily using plex as,well as the Netflix app to really get a,lot of our content when were watching,maybe mid day early morning or at night,now out of the box itself I did find,this TV a little on the bright side,especially in a bedroom where we would,have primarily all the lights off at,night it was a little hard to watch so I,took some time dialed in my settings and,really found the best selection for me,this included turning the brightness,down by about 40% from its default 100,in the movie setting down to roughly,about 59 to 60 as well as turning off a,lot of the more advanced features that,will end up sort of digitally modifying,any sort of TV signal this would be,things like any dynamic setting and also,using the Roku app going into the expert,mode and turning off the noise reduction,now thanks to the panel used within the,four series TV and the settings that I,mentioned before this is actually giving,us some really great color replication,HDR allows the colors and the contrast,to pop very well and overall its been,providing us with a fantastic viewing,experience,now the Roku TV app thats included in,this panel is really nothing new and,nothing groundbreaking you guys actually,saw this in two of the videos so far,that Ive produced around my high sense,TV and I also have Roku devices kind of,peppered all around my house but the big,thing here is I actually tend to enjoy,the OS and use its features a little bit,more in the bedroom compared to anywhere,else in my home now this is mainly,thanks to two individual factors one of,which being the ability to not only use,the small remote included but when I of,course lose that within the blankets or,cant find it at all I tend to use the,Roku application on my smartphone now,this is nothing that I ended up using or,putting into practice on any of my other,TVs because well in a living room,environment something like my office,where the TVs just right over here I,tend to just have the remote in full,access all the time on the coffee table,but the Roku app really comes in handy,in the bedroom Bergin when I end up,losing the remote not only that but if I,want to watch content when either my,wife is working or when shes sleeping I,can actually use the private listening,mode hook up some headphones to my smart,phone device in this case a Google pixel,3xl and I have the opportunity to,continue watching TV with no outside,sound that again may disrupt my wife or,anybody else in the room now a couple,other great mentions about this,smartphone application as well is the,opportunity to go in and actually use,some of the more advanced features like,the full keyboard as well as the options,to go in and actually have the expert,mode to turn on things like fastboot,which honestly is a must if you get one,of these TVs as well as going in and,really dialing in some more of the color,settings now lastly probably the shining,star in regards to this application is,the ability to utilize it without direct,line-of-sight,so the remote itself that comes included,with the 4 Series panels is an infrared,remote or at least it is within the 425,model that I have so it does need direct,line-of-sight to operate when it comes,to the application itself,its just Wi-Fi so as long as your TV,and your phone are on the same Wi-Fi,connection they can pair up and now you,dont have to worry about line-of-sight,like I do when your blankets are kind of,all puffed up in front of you and youre,getting all nice and comfy now again,just to conclude some really great,features when it comes to the TCL 4,series again specifically the 49 s 425,model that I bought from Amazon it,checks a lot of my personal boxes that I,wanted in a TV,as some smart feature so I didnt need,like a third party sort of piece of,hardware to access my youtube and my,Netflix and things like that,its got 4k its got near 4k,upconversion HDR 10 certification looks,great the panels fantastic honestly has,really good color replication actually,rated one of the highest did you take a,look online when it comes to its price,point to performance the panel has very,little light bleed the uniformity itself,is honestly very very good so with all,of that,are there any downfalls when it comes to,this TV is there anything that blatantly,sticks out to drive this TV down to,being one of the most affordable options,on the market or at least online when I,took a look at amazon.com and amazon.ca,and well to be completely honest I I had,to dig down and had to be probably more,critical than I even wanted to be to try,to find something wrong or something,that I didnt like with this panel and I,guess a few things to mention are the,outside bezels itself really arent,anything to look at youve got sort of a,mixed match of either gloss plastic on,the sides and the top and sort of this,weird like textured plastic on the,bottom side of the panel that seems to,just kind of stick out from the rest I,wish they had have just went all the way,around in one uniform sort of design but,primarily youre looking at the TV,itself and not the bezel so thats not a,huge issue speaking of the bezel itself,I did notice at least on my model some,of the areas where the bezel would,overlap the actual panel used there were,some sizeable gaps now in sort of the,future I could see those gaps maybe,letting in some dust or debris or you,know maybe if you guys are improperly,cleaning your TV by spraying cleaner,directly on the panel you could get,maybe a little bit of moisture seepage,coming down from what youre spraying on

Best Budget TV? (Amazon Fire TV Omni vs. TCL 4-Series Roku TV)

hello savvy shoppers we all know why,were here you need a new tv but you,dont want to pay thousands of dollars,for a tv if you can get the features you,need out of an inexpensive option today,im here to show you two of the best,value tv options on the market and,compare them both these are probably the,most comparable or competitive tv models,you could think of the amazon fire tv,omni and the tcl 4 series roku tv both,of these models are 50 inches but,generally you can expect our comparisons,to apply to all screen sizes in these,ranges im not getting into the,nitty-gritty but instead ill be going,over the basics of these tvs to help the,average shopper get an idea of which,option is right for them ill cover,design image sound price and more and,reveal the two killer features both of,these tvs offer on a budget before,determining a winner tell us in the,comments what you think is the best,feature for each tv or let us know if,youre stuck between buying these two,and need advice and if you happen to,make a purchase with one of our links,slick feels may receive a small,commission now lets start with design,when you look at a tv your eyes should,draw away from the bezel and into the,video so this brings up my first,question,why tcl,why would this distracting silver,rectangle on the front if i go out and,buy a tcl tv i know its a tcl i dont,need a large logo box taking my eyes off,the young and the restless and breaking,up the otherwise seamless black bezel,well i guess the roku tv is also,emblazoned on its side on the bezel even,though amazon has their logo on the,front as well its not as distracting as,tcls simple fix though some people,online recommending hiding it with a,small piece of black electrical tape,both tvs are fairly thick to be expected,at this price range honestly roku tvs,max thickness is about 3.4 inches while,the omni is 3.6 so dont expect either,of these to sit flush on a wall now,these are probably best suited for a,more traditional tv stand and the legs,like you see behind me one thing to note,different screen sizes have different,thicknesses as well and the larger omni,models for example are actually slightly,thinner than this one and looking at the,back end both have four hdmi ports usb,optical audio 3.5 millimeter audio and,ethernet the omni tv also has an ir,output to allow the tv to control an,external cable box or receiver via an ir,signal finally,lets talk about remotes i found the,fire tvs remote control to be a bit,cleaner setup that was easier to use it,also has voice control and a microphone,that i will talk a little bit more about,later in this video the roku tv remote,control is confusing because theres,both a back button and a recall button,and im not sure which is for what,function so i kept hitting a button with,no response multiple times and the,volume buttons on the side here are not,the friendliest for everyones fingers,especially,lefties for design im giving it to the,fire tv omni despite being slightly,thicker at the screen size the omni has,a non-distracting bezel and a better,remote for most people this is the most,important category duh i also want to,acknowledge that i realize image quality,could vary among model sizes but this,comparison will give you a general idea,of the differences between the tv ranges,while both of the screens are 50 inches,and 4k to my eyes the color reproduction,on the tcl is not only sharper but more,accurate as well my team and i arent,the only ones who think so either review,site ratings said the tv has excellent,out of the box color accuracy and after,it was color calibrated,the accuracy is simply incredible wed,have to agree though the omni looks good,the tcl tv looks great we watched three,different styles of video for comparison,an animated pixar film a music video and,one of our slick deals videos ps,subscribe comparing the two the omni has,a cooler darker image and is less sharp,the roku tv pops and is surprisingly,crisp for a sub 500 tv both screens are,60 hertz but the tcl supports chroma 444,so it could actually work as a computer,display they both support hdr 10 but not,hdr 10 plus and neither supports dolby,vision either unless you go with a 65 or,75 inch version of the omni both also,have a gaming mode with low input lag,making them great for gaming at 60 hertz,do note though that new xbox and,playstation consoles can output 120,hertz and you wont get that with either,of these tvs the winner on image quality,is the tcl in fact the image quality on,this cv is so good its the tcls one,killer feature it is,surprisingly good,if youre gonna buy one of these tvs,dont expect the most premium sound,output because neither of them have it,you can expect little to no bass on,either both get fairly loud and the omni,seems to have a slightly more even range,this is to say aside from the lack of,bass the low mids to highs are produced,pretty evenly youre going to notice,slightly better low mids from the tcl,but overall its balance isnt quite as,great,that said it doesnt compress in higher,volumes quite like the omni which can be,annoying but its also annoying to play,your tv at higher volumes if you live in,an apartment building because your,neighbors can definitely hear you so,maybe you deserve it overall neither of,the tvs has horrible sound but neither,has great sound the winner on sound,quality is,whichever speaker brand you decide to,invest in,moving on to special features the amazon,fire tv omni here has essentially an,amazon echo built into it that is it has,built in alex a voice assistant alexa,what time is it its 10 19 a.m,to access it you can either speak to the,tv directly or you can hit this blue,button on the top of the remote alexa,what time is it now,the time is 11 24 pm,this is unusual for a tv in the sub 1,000 range and unheard up for a tv,less than 400 dollars comparatively,though the tcl advertises having voice,control you have to use the app on your,phone to do so or i think you can buy an,additional remote control that has it,but it doesnt come with the tv and even,that is limited you are able to disable,the mics on the omni if you wish to have,them off fyi additionally as i mentioned,earlier the omni includes an ir blaster,to control other devices in your media,cabinet nice little addition but most,people are never going to need to attach,this little dongle thats what this is,by the way if you decide to purchase a,fire tv omni the winner on special,features is the fire tv omni also keep,in mind that its the omni model,specifically that has ala xa voice,assistant built in,they have a less expensive fire tv that,doesnt have it but thats the killer,feature of the omni having built in,alexa on a tv at this price range is,impressive,talking about the operating system im,conflicted the omni runs amazons fire,os while the tcl runs the roku os when i,see the home page on the omni i like the,look and feel much more than the roku,tvs homepage but its deceiving the,omnis homepage shows a bunch of great,previews for tv shows but only amazon,prime originals or content youve,subscribed to through amazon prime you,wont see any of the hottest new shows,for netflix or apple tv plus unless you,open those apps comparatively while roku,tvs home page is limited its not,fooling you into only consuming one,brand of content,both tvs allow you to set the default,input to the hdmi of your choice so if,you dont like either of those shows you,are free to get a google chromecast or,apple tv or put the fire tv stick on,your tcl or roku stick on your fire tv,all things considered for os and user,experiences its a tie,lets talk about pricing the tcl list,price is 500 while the omni is listed at,510,however we picked both of these up via,front page deals on slick deals at the,same price of 330 dollars you can expect,to find both of these tvs on sale often,and as of this recording they are both,still priced at 3 30. this should be a,tie but because the tcl list price is,slightly lower it just

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