1. Teen Hearts UPDATED review | is the quality actually TRASH?? ????
  2. Exposing Teen Hearts// It’s a Scam!
  3. Alternative Anti-Haul! Brands That Suck! // Emily Boo
  4. opening a package from✨TEEN HEARTS✨
  5. TEEN HEARTS HAUL | Black Friday $13 Graphic Tees
  6. Teen Hearts Clothing review
  7. is teen hearts modelling a scam?

Teen Hearts UPDATED review | is the quality actually TRASH?? ????

[Music],hey there welcome back to my channel if,youre new im kay and in todays video,i have the long awaited ive been,getting this question for over a year,now,and it is can you please do an updated,review on teen hearts so um,in 2024,black friday i bought three shirts from,teen hearts and i did it because they,were having like a black friday sale,where all of their shirts were,13,and they do it kinda every thursday they,have a few shirts where its only,thirteen dollars but on black friday all,their shirts were thirteen dollars so i,grabbed a few and people have commented,on that video so many times the review,of those shirts that i got they comment,on that video asking me have the shirts,peeled is the quality good,is it cracking like what does it look,like is the quality good this that the,third i keep getting the same comments,so i finally decided to do a review i,have the shirts right here as you can,see,already a giveaway,but,um this is the first shirt that i got,im sorry im a little high not gonna,lie and excuse my hair thats not what,were gonna clock me for,but,this is one of the shirts right here,and im gonna put a picture on the side,of what the shirt originally looked like,because some of the shirts are to the,point where you cant even tell what,its supposed to look like so im going,to put a picture of each shirt before i,actually show you guys um what it looks,like now and i got this like i said in,2020 and right now its the beginning of,2022 so these shirts have been washed,and worn i only wear them at home now,because the quality is just,different than when i got them but this,is the first shirt that i got,this is what it looks like,and honestly im gonna keep wearing this,shirt at home,um,and im gonna keep washing it till,finally all of this comes off,like look at that,im gonna keep washing it so all that,comes off and then itll just be a black,shirt and i like black shirts so,yeah so i guess im still getting to use,the shirt,but this is the second shirt im going,to go ahead and pop in a picture,and this is what it looks like a year,later and these shirts actually get worn,because im trying to fix them now,because theyre kind of like inside out,and stuff so they actually get warm but,i do not wear them out in public i only,wear them at home,so this is the first shirt,or the second shirt my bad,this is what the second shirt looks like,now funny story on this shirt i actually,wore this shirt out this was at like the,beginning of 2021 i wore this shirt out,to meet up with this guy and we were,like just it was like a little kickback,type thing it was a few people there but,i was interested in this guy whatever,were drinking were talking and i look,down at my shirt and i notice its,peeling and im thinking omg i hope he,doesnt notice i,go in the bathroom and look i didnt,know it was peeling like bad like it,wasnt this bad but it was peeling back,and i was like oh my god he probably,thinks im so dusty crusty and rusty,oh i was so embarrassed yall but this,is the third and last shirt this is what,its supposed to look like and honestly,this one remained the best in quality,its still not up to par at all,but this one looks the best at all like,if i had to grab one of these three,shirts to wear out in public this would,be the one,but,yes still,im not gonna say if its worth your,money or not but hey,like this is what it looks like,from far back it looks fine,right thats why i said i would wear,this one out in public if i had to,because it looks fine still and i mean,its a cute shirt like i love their,designs theyre cute for like graphic,tees,but up close,you can see that its peeling,mainly like on the tv,like its filling here too,i probably have to put in some like,close-up pictures where the lighter,light team is a little better,but yeah this ones not as bad as the,other two but its still just,not it,but yeah that was my updated review ive,gotten so many comments some people i,feel like thought i was lying on the,quality in my first video i never lied i,just havent worn the shirts yet to know,like,the quality is trash or not and,now,we know what the quality is so i mean,some shirt no not even literally three,for three all of my shirts are messed up,but yeah theyre not worth it over time,in my opinion if you just want something,to wear once for like pictures or,something like that ill recommend it,its cheap its only thirteen dollars,you can spare thirteen dollars for like,a really good picture you feel me i wish,i would have knew that and i would have,took pictures in one of them but i,didnt know,but yeah i hope my review actually,helped you guys hope yall enjoyed it if,you did go ahead and give this video a,like make sure that you subscribe,comment down below let me know what you,want from me check out my social media,everything is linked in the description,box below along with my skincare channel,link go ahead and check that out and,until next time bye you guys,[Music],[Music],oh

Exposing Teen Hearts// It’s a Scam!

i have been waiting two years to make,this video,what is up i am morgan but you can call,me moe,and uh this is my on and off again,channel,i post for a little bit and i stop and,then a year goes by and then i,post and then i take it all down and,then its a repeating cycle,i have a story for you its a great,story,not really its a terrible story,i feel like natalia taylor but uh,i got some tea today all the tea,were gonna spill the tea not trying to,bash on natalya taylor but im not,trying to like,hurt the company expose them or make,them,i dont want to like hurt their chances,of becoming a good company or um getting,customers,because i would hate to be responsible,for,making someone feel uncomfortable from,ordering from their website,however comma i do not recommend,that you have anything to do,with this company at all two years ago,um i started modeling a little bit and,this company reached out to me and they,were like hey,can you be a social media influencer for,our company,basically what that means is you buy,their products full price or like 10,off you take pictures of yourself,wearing these clothes,or whatever the company sells you post,on your instagram,with your own personalized promo code,then your friends or family or followers,or whatever,go to their website use your promo code,which is only like 10 or 25,off um and then they get stuff at a,discounted price,quote unquote 10 isnt really that much,of a discount and then you get like,10 of that lets say somebody bought,something for a dollar,right and they use their 25 coupon rate,so they bought it for 75 cents well then,you get 10,of that commission so because they use,your promo code so basically you only,get like,im really bad at math but thats not a,lot of money right i dont do,influencing because in my personal,opinion thats a thats scam right,you have to buy their products full,price so you can get,a little bit of money if thats if,someone even uses your promo code which,nine times out of ten,people dont give a they dont care,about your promo code right they dont,care,theyre not to use it youre not going,to make any money off of it right 17 at,the time,and naive no i was 18. i was 18 and i,was naive and i was like oh cool yeah i,can get money off of modeling and but,so on november 14th i will post,all my receipts and everything,i ordered these checkered overalls right,heres the bank statement it was like 50,whatever well i never got a,confirmation order email i never got a,shipping or a tracking email,nothing they took my money and then i,never got the product right so like once,a month,for like the past two years,two years ive reached out to this,company,at least once a month or so asking you,know where the heck,is my order where are these overalls,that i ordered because im supposed to,model for your company,and i never got them so finally,my mom was like just threatened to sue,and just see what happens,so i you know sent another email in all,caps like,either if i dont if i dont get the,article of clothing that i originally,ordered two years ago or a full refund,im gonna sue,so finally i finally got someone to,answer and they gave me a 50,store credit to use so basically i got,some of my money back,but i have to use it in their store so,of course they dont the item that i,originally ordered,doesnt even exist anymore they dont,sell it anymore,so i was like i have a feeling that if i,order something from them im not gonna,receive it right so i went on their,website and the,clothes that they sell are totally not,my style,not at all what i would wear so finding,something was very difficult,for me that i would actually enjoy but i,picked out two items,and i received one of them,i still havent received the other one,they were shipped together in the same,box,allegedly and i only got one thing out,of two things that i ordered,which again is ridiculous because now i,have to email them again,saying that i didnt get the other item,that i ordered i only got one out of two,things,which is stupid thats so stupid this,store,is ridiculously a scam is really,a freaking scam ordered a t-shirt so im,about to show you,and then this purple leopard bucket hat,that i,probably will never wear but still i,wanted to get something,for money my moneys worth right and i,didnt even receive the hat,at all wasnt even in the bag so ill,show you the receipt,on the screen right this is what it says,right two items so and then when you go,to,the product receipt thats that came,with the item,right it just says i only ordered one,thing which was,the shirt on focus,i dont know if itll focus but it says,only how i only ordered one item which,was the shirt,and thats not true i ordered two heres,the proof right,and i only got one item which is this,shirt its actually kind of funny and,its cute,and its it says pyromaniacs club,and these little girls burped out in,their school which is great so heres a,video of me wearing it um,its not soft its a cheap cotton,t-shirt that you would bite hobby lobby,to craft with,um and its the vinyl is really sticky,like every time i touch it it sticks and,if i wash it all this will just peel off,and fade,so thats really disappointing its kind,of like one of those shirts you buy,when youre on vacation where they iron,press it in front of you,and its like custom and its like,sticky,like all right click watch,dont hear that,i dont think that like,the graphic on the t-shirt should be,sticky,like this graphic on this t-shirt not,sticky at all,and this is sticky i dont know if,thats because its a brand new t-shirt,but none of my t-shirts that i buy,are sticky so,i have waited two years for this t-shirt,and i mean it looks just like what i,ordered,even though its a little big and the,material is cheap id probably give it a,6 out of 10.,i mean it already looks kind of faded if,i wash it and dry,it will definitely for sure fade and,peel,the material is cheap like i said and i,didnt even,the fact that i the t-shirt as a whole,is six out of ten but the fact that i,didnt receive half of my order,i will never model for this company i,will never,recommend that anybody use this store,and i will,forever discredit them because i waited,two years,literally almost two years this november,will be two years and its september,right now,its so ridiculous that is stupid,they have a customer call line when you,call it it tells them,to go to their website and then when you,email their support,its a robot literally a robot because,ive been told by this robot,named brittany over a hundred times that,theyre gonna work on it and talk to the,warehouse and get my,shipment out girl,yeah so dont shop from them,dont do it because youll never get,your and theyll take your money,so thats the t,i have seen some youtube videos of,people actually enjoying their products,and,they continuously order from them and,thats great,you know thats you know lucky you,i would never recommend you do this or,shop from them and i would definitely,never shop from them again,but if you had a personally good,experience and you enjoy their stuff,then go ahead by all means,like im not saying you shouldnt and,im not saying you shouldnt,try to order from them,but i will never be ordering from them,ever again okay,bye

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Alternative Anti-Haul! Brands That Suck! // Emily Boo

hi babies welcome back to my channel,today I have something completely,different I think Ive not done on my,channel before its kind of like an,auntie haul I love haul video I love to,watch use guys hauls to use guys I love,to watch other peoples hauls so I can,see things that I might not have found,by myself and just to enable my shopping,addiction but today I have planty haul,this is some of the whole shops or items,that I will probably never be borrowing,again I have a list on my phone I did,ask you guys for some of your for some,of your ideas because on my mind just,went completely blank it was one company,that started this video that I will get,into in a minute so before I get into my,list of anti wholeness,I want to tell you guys that these are,just my experiences these are just my,opinions so Im gonna start off with,drumroll Lime Crime I have not used lime,crime in like a few years now but they,were my they were my all I was obsessed,with Lime Crime their lipsticks but,literally what I I got into an argument,with a girl in a club in a club toilet,over live car this was about a year ago,oh my god okay sorry if you hope so so,if youre watching this this was like a,long time ago we got into a bit of an,argument over like over the toilet I do,not like Lime Crime anymore I absolutely,loved them their color that it was a,liquid lipstick so not used to any of,their other products purely their liquid,lipsticks but they started coming less,unless unless full I noticed that I was,getting brand new liquid lipsticks from,the Lime Crime official website and I,could scrape around the edge with with,the brush and they were just and I it,was scraping the edge there was no,product in there like I was using my,Lime Crime lippies maybe four or five,times and then they were empty or they,were running out which as someone who,wears liquid lipsticks every day that,was no good and they were quite,expensive as well I know there was a lot,of controversy to do with Lime Crime,their ethics and their the CEO and all,that nothing to do with that I havent,looked into it I havent read about,Ive heard about it havent read about,it this is just purely the fact theyre,liquid lipsticks were coming half-full,and they were about what 17 pound I,dont actually have any so I took them,out so long ago but Sun angry eye,talking about it sucks because line,crimes colors were perfect there pal I,like purples and moves and grays and,they have like quite a big shade range,of purples it was just a lot of money to,spend on something that was gonna run,our after 4 or 5 goes live grime your a,ripoff next one is British retro they,seem to be a really really good company,but my experience was not really very,good Id never heard of these guys they,are not my type of fashion at all it was,actually my best friend that point had,been in their direction I asked my,friend what she wanted for Christmas and,she sent me to this website and she sent,me a picture of a skirt with straps like,a pinafore pinafore skirt so thats what,I got her so what happened is I ordered,the skirt in a size 12 and when it came,it came very quickly it also that came,in like the plastic bag that clothes,come in so I did not open it that was,probably my fault it should have opened,it I did not open it because it was a,Christmas present so when I gave it to,my best friend we went out for dinner,and she opened it and her little face,lit up it was like maybe when I see a,dog and she opened it and she was like,oh it looks quite big they had sent me a,size 14 instead of a 12 she said she was,gonna take it home and try it on anyway,that willingness to make it fit like one,of this was so long Im gonna make it,fit I do it all the time so when she,opened it when were having dinner there,was only one strap and I didnt think,about it at the time and then she,messaged me the next day and she was,really upset she said so Im really,sorry it doesnt fit can you send it,back and swap it for the size that you,did order what happened was I messaged,them and I explained that they had sent,me the wrong size but they were really,nice and they said yet you can send it,back I checked the website again and on,the picture of the website it had the,skirt and it has two straps it has one,strap or on the side of each front and,then they go over the back and they,cross over so as I was folding it up to,put it away mrs. my friends I said is,there another strap that youve,forgotten to give me because theres,only one here,she said no when the skirt came it had,one strap and it was buttoned from the,front to the other front so she thought,you just wore,like a halter so when I message the,company back I said thank you for,letting me return it by the way weve,just noticed that there was only one,strap in there in the beginning they,replied pretty quickly,and they were they were really polite,until this they didnt outright say I,was lying but they were very there would,not have been one strap there would have,been two straps and I was probably,saying well no there is one strap what,why would why would why would I keep a,strap why would I keep one strap from a,skirt that I am sending back and then,they started to reply less and less but,I did eventually get a refund through my,PayPal the fact that the strap was,missing was annoying enough but the fact,that they were in the wrong in the first,place because they sent the wrong size,and I was polite the whole way through,I understand accidents happen but it was,the fact that they were out right there,would have been two straps in that bag,and Im like there is it based on the,customer service of British retro I,personally wont shop with them again,phone drop for this one oh mighty youve,probably seen some of their clothes and,then all these cheap Asian sites have,ripped off their clothes theres like,the yellow bodysuit that says a Quentin,Tarantino film and they brought out the,timber and ones a Tim Burton film i,frickin fell in love okay I wanted,everything that said a Tim Burton film,wallet so after Christmas I got some,Christmas money I went on a mighty,website and I bought two items I got a,strappy dress that was plain black and,it just set a Tim Burton film and a top,which I really did one it was a,off-the-shoulder black and white stripe,e top and that set a Tim Burton film I,really wanted that so if you have one of,those to say let me know because Im not,gonna buy from that company again and,the really will loads up I went through,all the payment and then as soon as I,first pay and then it said delivery,takes three to four weeks Ill say okay,thats a bit but okay I received my,initial email that said thank you and I,received my paypal email that said,heres your receipt and then that was it,that it was,the three to four weeks come and go,nothing I got nothing no it longer,thats like okay maybe because it was,there was the Christmas week in there it,was the week between Christmas and New,Year sounds like okay Ill leave it a,little bit longer nothing,two months come and go and I received,nothing I received no email no shipping,email nothing from this company I will,also tell you when they sent me my thank,you for your order email it had an order,number in it but it did not have a,tracking thing where you can track where,your order is it said them to track your,order email this e-mail address which I,thought was a bit weird because usually,companies have to track your order like,click this button and it will show you,like a little fan like your order is,here it is it is here it didnt have,that two months go past and I was like I,was fuming human I really want to wear,the black and white stripe you top to,London edge which was at the end of,January which I was pretty sure it was,going to be here for but it wasnt I was,disappointed with that two months have,been and gone and I opened a PayPal case,and I wrote all the information like,heres my tracking number 24 hours later,I receive a refund from the company not,from

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opening a package from✨TEEN HEARTS✨

i just got back from the store,and i just got done taking care of the,groceries,um,i got a package,i got a package so i wanted to open it,really quick with you guys,also,theres a fat ignorant ass fly,flying around my room so if you see it,or hear it, fight that for me,so i ordered from a facebook recommended,ad or whatever,oh theyre not in,usually like when you order stuff like,theyre in like,separate bags,but not in bags all right so i got three,different shirts from,do they have like anything,theres no like,oh,theres no like card or anything in here,okay so the company that i got from is,called teen hearts,and every shirt i got is an extra large,so hopefully it fits im sure it will,its probably just going to be hella,oversized but this is the first shirt,that i got,it seems pretty small,so it just says,may the bridges i burn,[Music],light my way,i really dont know why i got this,its not really,my vibe i feel like but,i dont know,and then so the second one i got was,this one,on the website i really felt like it was,my vibe,what the does it say,oh,emotions,at an all-time high,i dont know this one seemed more like,me i really liked the,writing on it,i wish the, im trying to show you im trying,to show you im trying to show you,i wish the like flowers were more clear,it looks i dont know you cant really,see i dont think but its like pretty,blurry,and so the last one i got was this one,out of my mind this one was like,different i really liked the different,um designs and like the color,i like that it looks like a drawing in,person it looks a lot more dull to be,honest,i like this one,so i like these two these two are all,right and i dont know why i got this,one,i dont even really like this color on,me either,yeah i dont know,so that was that

TEEN HEARTS HAUL | Black Friday $13 Graphic Tees

hey there welcome back to my channel and,if youre new im kay,[Music],so i just got a package in the mail,yesterday so in todays video,im going to be doing a teen hearts haul,if you havent heard of teen hearts its,an online brand,they sell graphic t-shirts regular,shirts,joggers hoodies face masks they sell a,lot of good stuff,and they do this thing on thursdays now,where,they have 13 graphic t-shirts and they,normally pick like,four or five maybe six graphic t-shirts,from their collections,to put on sale for thirteen dollars,black friday just passed right,i participated in black friday just a,little bit,just a little bit and teen hearts one of,the brands i bought,from because they put all of their,graphic t-shirts,on sale for 13 so i did buy a few,as you can tell i didnt buy a lot but i,got a few,so im going to go ahead and open this,package and im gonna show yall what i,got from them,and yeah all my graphic t-shirts are,right here and im a very small person,well not small,but im fairly small im around five,four in height and around 110 pounds,on a good day so yeah im not that big,but i like my shirts to be,really loose so i normally get a size,like a large my regular size is like a,um,small but i normally get a medium if i,wanted to fit,like right and a large if i wanted to,fit big,so i think i got all these in a size,large so i got three,t-shirts here what is this,i found this in between this is just my,packing slip telling me,all the shirts that i got how many i got,what size i got my shipping address,all that good stuff i guess in case i,want to return or whatever which i dont,think ill be doing,but this is the first shirt right here,and i love the fact that they folded,them all,up even though theyre not wrapped in,plastic theyre still folding nicely,so this is the first shirt right here,opening it up this is what it looks like,it has butterflies and some words on the,bottom,the words on the bottom says maybe there,is a little bit of beauty left in this,sick sad world i dont know why but i,love that,saying when i first saw it on the,website i was saying for like weeks omg,i want that shirt,so yeah this is the first shirt its,what it looks like,and its just like a black shirt like i,said its in a size large,so itll probably fit me really nicely,itll probably cover my butt i dont,know if itll go all the way to my mid,thigh,area but yeah itll fit me really nicely,the way i like it at least,and its made out of decent material,and here is the second shirt right here,opening it up,this is what it looks like and i like,this shirt because of the colors this,originally wasnt one of the shirts that,i was gonna get,but the colors just stood out to me and,the graphics just looked cool it just,looked like a cool shirt to kind of,throw on,im a very basic person when it comes to,dressing i just throw on an oversized,tee,some jeans or some biker shorts throw,some vans,and im good but the shirt says,brainwashed thats literally all it says,and then i dont know if yall can see,it but the wires coming out the tv it,says,different words im not really sure what,it all says i know,one of the words says consume one says,conform destroy,obey so thats what it says coming out,of the um,the wire says coming out of the tv and,on the back of the tv it says crisis,mode and the switch is flipped to on if,yall can see that,but yeah this is what the shirt looks,like,so yeah i like this shirt and this right,here,is the last shirt that i got,opening it up this is what it looks like,i honestly forgot what this shirt was,until i just now opened it,but yeah this is what it looks like at,the top it says emotions,and at the bottom it says at an all-time,high so reading the whole thing it says,emotions at an,all-time high and the middle is just,like a bouquet of flowers,so this is what the whole shirt looks,like,and i thought it was cool i like simple,stuff that i can kind of wear with,everything and i noticed that literally,all of my shirts have,red in them and i want like i always,wear black,thats a a fact but i want more stuff,with a little bit of red in them because,i have red shoes and im looking to get,some red and black shoes soon,but i dont have red in my clothes so,yeah,trying to incorporate red a little bit,in my clothes so this will be a,good shirt to wear with the shoes im,planning on getting soon,but yeah theyre all pretty simple,shirts like i said they were all 13,each which is a pretty good deal for,shirts because nowadays shirts are,range from around 20 to 30 dollars more,on the expensive side but,normally price so yeah 13 for a shirt is,pretty good,and shipping i believe was,[Music],how much was shipping it was like either,six or nine dollars i forgot i think it,was like six dollars and some chains i,believe,but thats how much shipping was and,shipping didnt take,long to get to me out of everything that,i ordered from black friday this is the,first thing that got to me,i ordered it black friday and um,today i got it yesterday so it took,about a week to get to me which is not,that bad thats really good,actually so yeah they shipped it out,pretty fast shipping was great it came,fast everything i liked the stuff,didnt come damaged so yeah i like teen,hearts ive ordered from them before,when the pandemic got crazy i ordered a,few,masks from teen hearts because they were,kind of like cool looking,for me and my mom but um yeah i like,tina harris i would definitely be,ordering more shirts from them,in the future so if yall want another,team hearts,haul let me know in the comments down,below also in the comments down below,let me know which shirt was your,favorite,also give this video a like if you liked,it,make sure that you are subscribed click,that post notification bell,so you dont miss another video for me,make sure you check out my skincare,channel ill link it up above in the,cards down below in the description box,so,make sure you check out my skincare,channel also make sure you check out the,description box,because all my social media is a link,down there,so yeah until next time you guys bye,[Music]

Teen Hearts Clothing review

judging that the teen hearts clothing,caiman its just this little bag with,from the address and everything so I was,like okay when I open it up this is is,the only packaging no its not no teen,hearts clothing no nothing its honestly,just something I could have bought on,its just a mesh top like it looked cute,online but but its not worth $30 plus,shipping like I could get this for maybe,five through ten dollars on Amazon so,Im honestly nonplussed and Im still,waiting for my other clothes clothing,item oh my gosh I cant plot yeah and,not worth $60 at all so not really,impressed sure out of the bag sorry its,like its a little out of order and its,not even teen hearts its vogue sexy,lounge so took a month for delivery it,came from China,I know teen rights packaging and its,just a cheaply made mesh top that I,could get off Amazon for five through,ten dollars and Im still waiting for my,rainbow top but this was $30 and,shipping and my order total was $60 so,honestly Im not impressed and Im,thinking thats a scam guys so dont,dont buy into teen arts clothing it may,look cute online but not worth $30 a,shirt woo 13 Hearts clothing my purchase,which also took forever to get here,and Ill show you some of it never worn,newly opened it feels very cheaply made,so well see its there,rainbow long-sleeve crop top sweater it,looks super cute online,what is that,never one taken straight out of the,package,thats so seeker

is teen hearts modelling a scam?

so its been quite a long time since,Ive actually sat down and recorded,anything hey guys whats up its Sam,theres been so much stuff going around,and my own little group of friends in,real life,a lot of females specifically have been,approached by something called teen,hearts now if you didnt know teen,hearts is a website for clothing for,teenagers who never tried out the,closing myself but from what Ive seen,some people say its really good quality,some people its really bad quality was,just very fishy to me,and I saw the ad online to become a,model and I was like oh sick Im edgy,look at all my piercings I can do this,so I sign up and I will insert some,emails that I received here,and at first it was a little bit weird,the first thing I noticed was that you,had to buy the clothes to be a model and,I was like hmm so it does not seem right,and I recently saw a video because the,whole the whole big thing is said its a,scam right and I saw a video of a girl,and shes like oh look at this I got,paid like three dollars like because,someone used my code and bought,something,its like hunty they gave you money but,its not what you should be earning as a,model like me also another factor is,that they accept to literally everyone,they have like 600 followers on this,scream I know people would like a,hundred followers that have gotten it,and people would like 1.5 K who have,also received the email that its like,hey you got accepted to be a model and,all these people are like wow so cool,and another big thing is like oh you can,be featured on our main Instagram know,the models if you post a picture as a,teen hat model your picture doesnt go,to the teen hats Instagram it goes so,teen how modeling Instagram which is a,lot less significant than their actual,Instagram page so it just feels like a,bit of a ripoff you think theyd be,pushing younger models and people really,wanting to get into the industry to be,on the main focal point of their,Instagram cuz it makes them seem cool,like Id be like oh my god thats,amazing if people that I knew would be,able to be featured on this maintenance,game but no you you can tell its all,the same its all the same people,our put hopefully a few clips of like,the Instagram pages,and its just like honestly a bloody,ripoff so how it sort of how the payment,works is that you sign up the ten hearts,and you get a little code coupon right,and you share this code and if people,use it when buying products from the,store and use the coupon code you,receive some Commission from what they,bought so for example if I bought,something and used someone elses code,they would receive like a few dollars,from what I bought but the thing is to,make back the money that you spent on,buying the outfit fuchsia model and,youd have to get a lot of people using,your coupon code cuz if you look at this,stuff online this stuff isnt cheap like,a hoodies well not in my opinion because,Im a broke-ass but like this,suffers like fifty dollars like this,shirts can range from like I think about,twenty to forty or something like that,hi quick price update I was just looking,at the prices online and they actually,range from about forty shirts around,like 40 to 45 which is insane for a,t-shirt like what the heck wants just,been forty bucks in a t-shirt okay same,from the future peace out and like,thats not that cheap and if youre,making a few dollars per person if we,take that you buy a 20 dollar shirt to,model and and use your coupon code for,people to use that means you have to get,around seven people using that coupon,code for you should be able to receive,the amount of money back that what you,paid for to model so youre basically,paying the company to promote their,stuff like it thats not how it works,companies that are trying to hire models,need to reach out to them directly you,cant just put an ad out on the internet,and accept everyone and not pay them,adequately for the work that theyre,doing because some people sign up for it,thinking that its a legit thing they,get professional photo in hopes of,on the Instagram page but it never,happens Im 19 Im pretty sure that 10,hearts and team hats modeling have two,very different numbers when it comes to,followers,and they specifically put on their,Instagram like if your pictures high,quality enough will feature it youll be,famous haha,I call ones ever gonna become,famous from some online modeling thing,that gets featured every so often if,youre lucky like know so what I think,what I think needs to happen because,its all good and wild talking about,teen hearts but I think its better to,actually have a solution,I believe that ten hearts one needs to,apologize and admit to themselves that,they were not signing up people for,modeling opportunities they were taking,money from people in hopes of becoming a,model and to people there needs to be,more awareness that this is an legit,thing Ive seen so many videos of people,like oh my god I got accepted to be a,model like Im so happy and its like no,boo and I think people just need to be a,lot more aware that this is a scam like,no matter what way you put it its not a,scam and a sense that you dont become a,model which is a very loose term in this,context its the fact that they are,tricking people into thinking that they,can become models like youre literally,preying on people that have a dream and,taking the money from them and getting,advertising out of there like thats not,okay you cant you cant do that in any,situation but yeah I think people need,to be more aware that its a scam 10,hearts needs to formally apologize on,their Instagram eye because obviously,thats their main handled everyones,been seeing this on the yet anyways its,my little rant over I hope you guys have,a really awesome rest of your day Im,going on a date tonight was my boyfriend,Im very excited so you know thats,whats been happening with me haha,whatever now but yes I hope you guys,have a really good day and Ill see you,all in the next video which Im hoping,to get back into cuz I really suck at,making videos but yeah Ill see you guys,all later bye

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