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Tempest By WeatherFlow, Advanced Wireless Weather Station, Update Review After 2 Years!!

hello everyone welcome back so,just getting over the remnants of the,tropical storm that they were gonna call,alex,it rained,a lot i mean my pool is totally full,its totally full and you know its the,perfect time to just give you an update,on this tempest,by weather flow you know,this thing right here let me get this,down,so this right here has just been an,awesome piece of gear,the tempest by weather flow,self-contained,smart weather station,captured a lot of rain a lot of wind,gusts,here in vero beach,and uh after a couple years what do i,think about it let me show you right now,so ive had this tempest for a couple,years now and it hasnt failed me yet,its been through some elements,um all ive really done with this is,cleaned it up with some,uh very mild detergent i didnt want to,bleach it i used a little bit of uh,heavy detergent on my davis i had years,ago and actually took off the labeling,so,nothing has failed yet if youre,interested in this tempest,ill even have chris tell you here in a,second when he comes over because he has,one too,and it hasnt really given me any,problem now,when i first made this video about this,unit there wasnt that many stations in,my area on the map because you can look,at anybodys tempest station on a map on,the app or on a website and show what,their weather conditions are and thats,the big thing,you can look all day long on the weather,and itll tell you you know,the the temperature is this the wind is,this but this is in my backyard so i,know,that if it says 86 but its 91 in my,backyard its 91 in my backyard now i,have this mounted with the quarter 20,screw on the bottom you may be looking,at this thing what is this it comes with,another mount that you can put on a pole,this is going to go on my tower soon and,im using actually uh a piece from my,chameleon f-loop,uh loop antenna to screw onto there so,that i can get on that carbon fiber mast,and tripod that i bought from or,gigaparts had given me a couple years,ago which that thing is still,making it out in the weather every day,now i havent got my tower up yet but,so,you know theres a little bit of uh,discoloration on here from the sun you,know some some stuff in here what you,want to really do is you want to keep,the wind sensor right here the,ultrasonic wind sensor clean,so very little maintenance but i usually,try to keep this there has been a couple,spider webs that have been built in,between here okay and uh you want to,keep you know a little bit discoloration,here you want to keep that clean and you,want to keep um you know the solar,panels free of any kind of debris in,front of it because its got to charge,the battery in there,other than that there hasnt been,anything ive had to do,once in a while it has come up and said,tempest is offline and then a few,minutes later tempest is online im not,sure if that was my internet or the hub,or this device im not sure other than,that though its been pretty solid um,you know just keep it clean,uh,and and thats pretty much what i got to,say about this this is a self-contained,for those who havent seen my first,video you can see that,we still got some wind blowing here if,thats in the microphone from this,little tropical storm resonance for,those who havent seen this started off,i think as a kickstarter it turned into,a really advanced all-in-one weather,station no moving parts solar powered,this is ultrasonic wind sensor up here,which means the wind blows through here,its got ultrasonic uh what would they,call those transducer transducers up top,in here that detect the wind speed and,the wind direction and the max gusts and,all that stuff it shows you on the app,the the history of all ill show you,that in a second a haptic rain sensor so,the haptic rain sensor operates like,this,if,you know theres no tipping bucket no,accumulation of rain,its got a haptic maybe like a,piezoelectric type of device it can,detect the size of the raindrops the,amount of raindrops on here and give you,an idea of how much rain has accumulated,so with this tropical storm that just,went through,uh they were saying you know naples and,boca and miami and west palm they got,inches and inches of rain i got about,2.85 inches of rain in my backyard the,pool is full just to the point,overflowing but 2.85 inches and thatll,let me know how much i need to water the,grass which i know these plants are,going to love it or how much rain ive,actually accumulated right here on the,top of my sensor,uh the temperature sensor here this this,is a its got a shield on here so it,takes the ambient air somebody asked me,about the saturday a guy i worked with,brian and he said,well you leave yours in the sun,i leave mine in the shade to get an,accurate temperature and thats,incorrect,the reason this has these shields here,is because itll give you an accurate,temperature,in,sunlight and everything because you know,number one its got us you know charged,with solar number two the air moves,through here it keeps the temperature,sensor,to ambient air now you know other ones,like davis and stuff they have a fan,aspirated shield because if theres no,moving air in here,itll it youll have the the sun heating,up the device and the device gives you,like when you start your car and its,like 119 and then as youre driving it,cools down because youve got air moving,and stuff same principle except this is,pretty accurate,and,my pool pump has a sensor outside that,tells me the temperature the temperature,of the pool water and the temperature,outside air and this is really close to,that i would trust this before i trust,my,pool sensor but,sometimes people say wow its only 86 on,the weather and they said oh its not,that hot and this thing said 90 91 in my,backyard,and the heat index and then you get the,heat index the humidity plus the,temperature youll get the 104 heat,index whatever um,lightning detection still works great,lightning detection is cool this thing,my wife loves that she gets a kick out,of that she shes anti-technology,doesnt have facebook or anything but,she loves when this thing will say its,raining at the ponderosa lightning,detected 21 24 miles shell go on the,radar i showed her how to read the radar,shell see and say wow we got a severe,thunderstorm coming and she could see,the little you know storm cell come in,and get this and get an idea of when,lightning is happening so,i havent had any issues with this this,thing is great okay and i just want to,give you that update about the tempest,by weather flow,uh let me see what chris has to say hes,coming over hes got one ive given him,one i bought that for him and i want to,see let you know what he says well show,you the app real quick and uh yeah,thats my update after a couple years of,this thing,all right so chris did come over finally,and chris has the same one i bought him,that one because hes my best friend,so,i just gave him a spiel chris on what i,think tell me what you think about this,thing honestly i think its great um,you know all the features and that,especially if you have kids what,features tell what features well,especially like the lightning the,lightning sensor thats what michelle,likes yeah especially like kids are in,the pool were playing outside we get,instant alert on the phone,and uh,we know right away when lightning is,closed so what it what besides that,though we got kids over here playing,pool what does that mean to you though,this weather station there why is it,cool to have something like that,for the safety of your kids man well,arent you interested in weather though,yeah i mean the weathers good to know i,mean you know how much rain youre,getting,and uh,you know everything,has anything failed has anything done,anything what have you done to clean it,like you know whats uh,just pretty much just kind of wipe it,down i mean other than that its pretty,much maintenance-free,you know,all right so thanks for your input chris,because um you know they can hear it,from me but you are a user as well w

Weatherflow Tempest Station Review

are you looking for a weather station to give  you hyper local weather with no moving parts and  ,no batteries to replace then youre in the right  place hello im Wanderer001 and this is my review  ,of the tempest weather station the weather system  itself from the base to the top of the sensor  ,is 8.2 inches if you add on the extra pull mount  you add an extra 3.5 inches in height and the  ,diameter of the sensor up here is 4.23 inches you  get a lot of technology packed into this little  ,system lets start off at the top which i did  allude to you have a haptic rain sensor right  ,here meaning just the rain droplets landing  on this are actually what will give you  ,your rain totals thats a really cool  feature because you dont have to empty out  ,a rain collector to measure how much rain  youll get this will do it for you the one  ,downfall it doesnt work very well with sleet or  snow or mist so thats one thing to keep in mind  ,with a haptic rain sensor like that up at the top  right here we have our light sensor for ambient  ,light uv light and solar radiation thats a lot  to take in for just a little sensor right there  ,however invaluable if you are one who uses solar  panels two somebody whos not really supposed  ,to be out in the sun or turns into a lobster  when theyre out in the sun too long knowing  ,the high points of uv light and solar radiation  could be very helpful for you coming down  ,might be a little hard to see under there but  those are actually your sonic wind sensors what  ,this does is as air passes through them the sonic  wave is disrupted and it notes how fast the wind  ,is moving through them and this little indicator  right here when you set up you point it true north  ,and this lets all these sensors know exactly where  the wind is coming from so not only do you get  ,speed but you get what direction and the fact that  theres nothing in here that the wind has to push  ,first before it starts reading well that means  youre getting a very true and accurate wind  ,speed and direction the sensor also updates every  three seconds coming down hidden behind these  ,vents is your temperature humidity and pressure  sensors now the vents are designed in such a way  ,that this can sit in direct sunlight and not  affect temperature pressure or anything of the  ,like which is very useful for something like  this thats going to be out in direct sunlight  ,because powering the station right here are four  solar panels so thats why i said you dont have  ,to replace batteries in this it has solar panels  and its also why you face it true north to help  ,get as much sun as possible and then one more  sensor thats kind of hiding here is actually  ,a lightning sensor so thats really something that  i havent seen on a lot of other weather stations  ,which is primarily why i end up going with the  tempest system here knowing when lightning strikes  ,is kind of cool how do you view all the data that  this is gathering you do it through an app which  ,means that theres a setup process for the tempest  station here so why dont we take a quick look at  ,what the setup process was like for the tempest  this will be set up of the tempest weather system  ,here you kind of see a smattering of what comes in  the box you get the tempest weather station itself  ,as well as a pole mount a mounting screw so if  youre going to just use the base here they give  ,you a screw to put that where you like and then  here is our station that actually just plugs in  ,and does not need a connection to your ethernet  here you have your instructions which instruct  ,you to heres everything that comes in and  download the app so if you have not done so yet  ,youre going to want to download the app and then  were just going to bring the app into focus here  ,so im going to select getting started  its going to want to know where you are  ,because well this is a weather station and  it wants to make it so that it knows exactly  ,where your location is so were going to say  allow you have to create an account so im not  ,going to walk you through that but were going to  create an account off camera what i neglected to  ,press the record button for was the screen before  this which was just make sure that your cell phone  ,has its bluetooth on and allow access for the  tempest app to access your bluetooth now were  ,on the get your hub and plug it in phase  as long as its within range of your wifi  ,so im going to plug that in and youre  going to see theres a red light on the back  ,it doesnt say anything about blinking red  light or green light so were going to say  ,next because we plugged everything in after that  were going to get the tempest weather station  ,itself and unscrew the bottom portion right here  which is simply just unlock and there is going to  ,be a qr code and an on off switch on the bottom  of that and were going to turn that on slightly  ,off camera again because there is a qr code and  i dont know if im going to need that once the  ,weather stations on youll know its on because  its going to be blinking green were going to  ,select next first step is to confirm your hubs  serial number so im going to move that off camera  ,and were going to confirm that and now its  bringing up a map so im not going to show this  ,on camera but i will set my location on this map  select next after which its asking me to name  ,my weather station with a public profile so  im giving it a name now its searching for  ,the weather station itself to display the  serial number on the bottom and the light  ,is blinking rapid green now on the base of the  weather station and it is showing me the actual  ,serial number which im going to confirm and now  its saying that i have added this weather station  ,to my account so i can add another or im just  going to select next to complete the next steps  ,you will need your wi-fi network information so  im going to select my iot network very quickly  ,to have my phone connected to it so i can just  select next and see what it does hopefully all  ,right so brings up the one that im on im gonna  have to put in my password well let it connect  ,all right so its successfully attached and it  says we are all set now you can place your tempest  ,sensor device outside and let weather data flow so  show me the weather or i can see installation tips  ,well its not really gonna do any good showing me  the weather because well its inside right now so  ,im gonna do setting up tips and then its  really just going to walk you through the setup  ,the setup process for pretty much everything okay  so that that actually was the setup of the tempest  ,the rest is actually install now before we get  to the tempest station itself a little more well  ,talk about some of the other things that came in  the box well here this is your pull mount which  ,i will say it is nice that they included this  they also have a mount that you can mount this to  ,a deck or fence or something like that which is  actually how i have it mounted currently however  ,i would prefer to use this so that i can  stick it out in my yard and get better sun  ,you also have the base station this base station  is actually what connects the the tempest station  ,to your internet this acts as a hub between the  two i will say one of the things that i really  ,like about this weather station aside from not  having to buy batteries for it even though you  ,have something plugged into your electricity the  amount of power that this uses is almost nothing  ,it uses when transmitting data 0.8 watts of power  that is only 78 cents a year for hyper local  ,weather you cant beat it i talked about what the  actual weather station can gather but lets talk  ,about the construction of it i have been using  this for just over half a year right now so its  ,been out in the elements and just in case you were  wondering the paint there and there did not change  ,color or disappear this is how it was

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WeatherFlow Tempest Weather Station

are you considering a weather flow,tempest weather station well stick,around thats what ill be discussing in,this next video,[Music],hey steve here k4srf,for several months now ive been,considering putting a weather station up,outside the,radio shack here and,so i did my research i didnt want to,jump into it so i did my research and i,looked at the most expensive ones and i,decided i didnt want to spend that much,money and i looked at some of the lower,end ones uh cost wise and really decided,i didnt want to go that route as well,so i did a little more research and i,finally came up with the weather flow,tempest,the reviews online for the weather folk,tempest were outstanding uh not heard,any complaints uh per se any any,problems with them at all and,i figured id just go ahead and get it,that ordered it it came in today,and im going to go ahead and unbox it,and get that thing mounted and were,going to take a look at whats in the,box,how its mounted and even take a look at,the weather flow app,lets go for it okay,my,tempest just arrived lets go ahead and,open it up here,so,okay here it is here,and,lets just go ahead and,get this unboxed,uh you got,uh you set up instructions right here,right back,ive got your,your links to your weather app right,here,and mounting instructions,all right well put that over here,future reference,all right here we do all right,nice looking unit,feels very well made,and we have here from what i can,remember youve got to point this due,to north,not magnetic north,youve got your wind sensors up here,your sonic wind sensors,which are right up under,here,these are your solar panels right here,your mount,right here which you can,unlock it tells you which way you turn,it to lock and unlock,and this is you can mount it with a,screw mount or you can actually mount it,onto,a,post with uh it looks like a 3 8 inch,bolt,got your on off switch down here,its for accessories and im doing all,this off of just what ive,read,about this unit,okay,taking the bottom part of the box here,okay,here,just little questions and comments card,here we have the hub,it goes with the unit itself,go ahead and just,take this out of here,these really come apart nice and easy,when you dont,when you dont need them to,im trying to get them done in a hurry,they want to stick,okay thats the hub right here,it actually picks up,the,information from the weather unit,excuse me,now your power brick,and your wall wart so to speak,right here,it does have the usbc on it,itll go,into right here,this right here is the adapter for,mounting it on hold and thats what im,going to be doing,uh im going to mount it onto the pole,and basically,your pole fits right into here,slide that over the slide this over the,pole into this area,you mount it to here and then you slide,it up and,its a compression its a compression,fitting,as you screw it up the this tightens,around the pole itself,of course this,yeah well,this just fits right in here as well,mounts into place,looks like a pretty good unit there,okay ive installed the tempest weather,app on,both,my android galaxy phone,and one of my ipads i may put it on both,my ipads,so lets go ahead and,just see how it is when we get started,i created my account on using my android,phone here so im not going to create,the account again on the apple ill just,use this one to sign into the,pre-existing account but ive already,created account im going through the,setup now,in,the,hub setup here for the,device itself,ive already got the device plugged in,okay weve got the hub serial number,now searching for the devices,of course i dont have this turned on,yet,so why dont i go ahead and try turn,this on,yeah we go very green light there,thats correct,go to next,next,searching for a wi-fi,okay putting in the password from the,wi-fi,successfully connected okay,were getting there,okay we can set so all set show me the,weather,uh,and the information there,and there it is okay,while i erected a mass to a pole,its actually,about a 20-foot pole two temper poles,get,connected together and its actually,inserted over another pole thats in the,ground,now,so its about 20 feet up in the air 18,to 20 feet up in the air,for the instructions,the arrow is facing true north,and if youre wondering how i did that i,used a compass on my,phone,that is set to,locate true north not magnetic force,and if youre wondering how i mounted,the pole,and was able to see this so i can rotate,this,i got a little ingenious here,i went ahead,about halfway down the pole right about,there youll see,there is a bolt,and there it is that bolt there what i,did was i tied the string to that bolt,ran it,perpendicular to the pole itself,i put the locking,ring on,the pole,attached the tempest then i rotated the,tempest,until that arrow the true north arrow,was parallel and,straight with the string itself,and again once ive got the pole,situated and erected i just rotated it,to where that particular bolt,is facing true north therefore i know,that the tempest itself is mounted in,the correct direction,okay i have got the weather flow tempest,app open onto a desktop,you can have it on the desktop your,smartphone or,a tablet it doesnt matter you can have,all three open at one time it doesnt,matter you just log in with your,registered user name and,password and you get to this information,here you get to your stations,information,now it defaults to the weather page the,first of the four,links you can go to im going to go,through each one of these,lets start with the weather and what it,does it shows todays forecast,uh how its been all day,and,it also shows you the next several days,uh your forecast for the next several,days as well,if you click any of these hyperlinks,itll take you to some additional,information such as,uh your dewpoint,uh,your pressure your,lightning,winds,and and such it just gives you an idea,of uh,more information on the weather than,i usually get from most other weather,stations or apps,lets go over to history,now history im not going to really have,anything and just have todays,history because uh ive just installed,this,weather flow tempest um oh just a few,hours ago a couple hours ago,and its going to show you the minimum,maximum air temperature right now the,average air temperature and this is just,outside the house here,your relative humidity,uh sea level pressure lightning strikes,none wind,northeast averages northeast by point,two tenths of a mile an hour max is four,point four,rain duration,all this other information which is,really good each one down here in the,bottom youll see where it shows that,your stations online and also,i believe you can go ahead and,include this station if you want to go,ahead and include,a hyperlink and a website or something,like that you can go ahead and include,your hyperlink to your station right,there just cut the cut or cut and paste,that,now this,weather flow does take an algorithm of,other stations in your area,so you get a a very accurate,localized release localized uh forecast,of your weather here,now lets go ahead and go to map,all right heres the my local map here,uh here i am right here,and there is one,thats not too far from me its within,walking distance it says the same,address there goes,there we go uh different address,but um whats the,uh weather flows uh apps or the tempest,uh,weather uh devices are all indicated by,these little flags here with the little,weather you know symbol on it here,and the interesting thing is you can,zoom in and out,and if you zoom out all these,here,are actual weather stations,and as you zoom out more,youll be amazed at just really how many,weather stations there are and thats in,the united states,scrolling out even further,you pretty much can see,and its going to take a minute there we,go around the world how many weather,stations are,theyre all over the place,thats kind of interesting and you can,go into each one of these,and uh check their current weather,if you want uh ill just pick one here,l

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The Future of the Weather Forecast? WeatherFlows Tempest Review

is this the future of the weather,forecast,meet tempest a personal weather system,which we believe is leading the way in,revolutionizing the weather forecast,industry,legacy weather forecast systems rely on,weather balloons satellites and weather,stations such as the ones located at,airports,as a starting point of a forecast the,biggest issue with traditional weather,forecasting is that there are simply not,enough weather stations,so the forecasting system has to fill in,the blanks in between the weather,stations that exist,which drastically reduces the forecast,accuracy for most locations,enter tempest which is a wireless,weather station that collects various,weather readings for your location,sends it to the cloud where an ai driven,process verifies the data and adjusts,the forecast for your given location,weatherflow the company behind this,weather station is so confident in its,product that it guarantees that the,tempest system will produce a better,forecast for the specific location,where the tempest is installed or you,can request a refund,while weve purchased the two previous,stations ourselves this unit was sent to,us by weatherflow to review,for the past six months we put both the,tempest weather station and the tempest,forecast to the test,since were kitesurfing junkies and we,check the forecast several times a day,happy or later weve got a pretty good,understanding of where the tempest,stands,in terms of the grand scheme of things,before we jump into tempest forecasting,abilities lets briefly talk about the,device itself,tempest is the successor to the smart,weather station which we reviewed over a,year ago,the biggest differences between these,two units are the built-in solar panels,integration of the old sky and air,sensors into one unit,and a redesigned app in total there are,four solar panels which take less than a,day to fully charge the lithium titanate,rechargeable battery which can last up,to two weeks without any sun at all,while we had some issues with the solar,panel accessories on the original,smartweather station,as the battery died prematurely and had,to be replaced under warranty,we have not yet experienced any issues,with the tempest,another welcomed upgrade from the,previous station is the addition of a,radiator which holds the temperature,sensor,this means that you can place the,tempest unit in direct sunlight and,still get an accurate temperature,reading,in addition to the temperature sensor,the tempest weather station,includes sunlight and rain sensors,ultrasonic wind meter,lightning detection as well as humidity,and pressure sensors,most importantly the tempest is,completely wireless and has a range of,up to 300 meters now if youre a weather,geek like,us you can boost this signal with a,directional antenna,our tempest unit is located over two,kilometers away from the antenna,a quick note on the hub it does need to,be connected to a power source,and have wi-fi signal the tempest,weather system retails for 329 usd but,with the code,our kite life you can get additional 10,off at the weatherflow website,all the data from the tempest gets,uploaded to the cloud and can be,displayed either via the tempest app or,the tempest webpage,there are two parts to the app the,forecast page and the current conditions,page,current conditions tab shows you the,real-time data from your tempest sensor,you can click on individual tabs such as,the wind speed or temperature,and see a graph theres also a history,tab which will show you the daily lows,and highs as well as a map of the,weather flow,stations which are set to public mode as,you can see there are many of them,now onto the forecast page where we get,a snapshot of the current conditions on,top,hourly short-term forecast in the middle,and down below a 10-day,long-term forecast you can click to,expand the wind speed forecast,unfortunately the tempest app does not,show guest values as i mentioned at the,beginning of this video the tempest app,produces its own forecast for its exact,location,this is how it works all existing,weather data from satellites aircraft,weather stations and so on are combined,with the weather flows network of,tempest stations,including this one the data from the,tempest goes through a quality control,as not all measurements are of equal,value,just think of wind shadows or false rain,readings the validated information from,the tempest then gets combined with,weatherflows proprietary forecast,system,which uses both european and american,weather models and gets post-processed,by ai which results in a hyper local,forecast,okay that was a mouthful ill try and,break down how the tempest forecast,works step by step,the tempest collects all the weather,data every three seconds and sends it to,the cloud,not only do we know the current,conditions we have a database of,old weather conditions at the sensors,location this means its possible to,compare old observational data to the,forecast that the temp has predicted,now if you apply machine learning,computers can look for when the,forecasts were right and when they were,wrong and adjust accordingly,this means that the forecast will get,more accurate over time due to the ai,constantly retrospecting when the,forecast was accurate and when it wasnt,question is does it work is the tempest,forecast more accurate than the,competitors,our answer is yes it is but with a few,caveats,also note that were focusing on the,short-term forecast for the location of,the tempest station,temperature wise the temperature,forecast is hands down much more,accurate than the governments forecast,or the weather networks now this should,not be surprising as the previous two,forecast apps cover a large area,while the tempest acts as both a weather,station and a forecast for a specific,location,with regard to the rainfall forecast the,percentages of rain seem to reflect,reality more than the other apps that we,use but in one instance,sometimes birds sit on the sensor which,causes false rain readings,which in turn prompts the tempest to,adjust the short-term forecast for,incoming rain,if you think birds may be an issue where,you install your sensor,make sure to use the bird deterrence in,order to prevent the false rain readings,be sure to install bird accessories away,from the vibration isolator,wind wise we think the tempest got,better over time when we got the device,back in may the tempest would,consistently overestimate the wind speed,come summer the tempest did a 180 and,consistently underestimated them,starting in september the tempest,started to be more in line with what was,actually happening,and even at times it would outperform,the nam three kilometer model and,weatherflows own wfwrf model,currently based on our experience the,tempest wind forecast is more accurate,than most weather models for our,location in the short term,and in the long term we didnt notice a,significant difference,now lets talk about those caveats first,as we mentioned earlier the tempest,forecast does not show wind gusts which,is not a deal breaker,but gust values are usually a good,indicator of how good the wind is going,to be,secondly location location location,dont place your sensor in a wind shadow,and expect,accurate forecasts in fact you may end,up with less reliable data than the,competitors,there are three sensors in our area and,two of them are free of wind shadows and,one is in a partial wind shadow,as you can see the sensor in the wind,shadow had a wind reading of only two,knots,which affected the short-term forecast,our guess is that the tempest forecast,validated the wind reading for this,sensor,as on other wind directions it is more,accurate,at this point in time if i had to choose,only one wind forecast source from my,kite beach,it would be the tempest is it always 100,accurate,of course not but neither are the others,i do feel overall it is more accurate,than the rest of the weather models out,there,realistically speaking we are still,using all 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WeatherFlow Tempest Review and How To Integrate into Home Assistant

so ive always been that data nerd,combined with that weather nerd and well,i live in the perfect state for you know,theres some of the craziest weather,so why not have a great system to,monitor said weather i did that previous,video of that little diy little box we,3d printed everything put it together,etc and it has worked well and feeds,into my home assistant home automation,software but of course ive always,wanted more whether it be lighting,detection,and lux and everything else and uv well,once you start to kind of pile all that,into a little diy thing well that starts,to get down a deep rabbit hole and well,thats where,probably that diy for me even though,this is the digiblar diy channel so,well just call this the digiblar,channel for this video because theres,not going to be,any diy like soldering type stuff here,because,this is pre-made ready to go,and some other smarter people than i put,this together in as you can see,theres no moving parts to this thing,and,theres tons of different,places you can mount it whether it be on,poles or,on fence post or whatever its a pretty,awesome little weather system and the,cool part about it they even have a,local api that you can feed right into,home assistant and get,just butt loads of data probably more,than you want you probably gotta filter,those out but hey theres some people,that are more nerdy than i so lets dive,in look a little closer at some of the,things on this little system so,definitely check out all the links down,below for all the resources their,products and everything and definitely,if there is something that does change,we cant update the video well that will,be down below so dont miss out on any,type of updates and the links they are,affiliate links and the way those do,work is theres no additional cost to,you but it does help out the channel so,a quick rundown of,whats in the box i mean yeah ive had,this up for a month and a half so were,going to do an unboxing because thatd,be kind of fake and thats what we dont,do here i will say that yes its theyre,not lying its just a five minute setup,and its not bad at all to do and,so pretty much the gist of it,is,probably the longest is gonna be part of,your setup which is the one i went kind,of through was,him hauling around of where are you,gonna put this damn thing,now maybe if you had something way out,and you had a fence post or whatever and,it would get good lighting and good wind,etc that would be super easy,but didnt have that being in a,neighborhood so i had to put it up on,the kind of the eve of my home and then,i want to get it far enough away from,the actual roof line that way the the,heat wouldnt impact the sensor itself,so one thing you wont see here is i did,order that extra accessory was their,mounting bracket but then i ended up,modifying it and ill kind of go over,that a little bit later so to the unit,itself,is,right here youll see these are going to,be the solar panels and,its going to face the southern,direction and there is a little arrow on,it to show which way you want to face,north and the whole reason behind that,is because of these sensors if you can,see them right here theres four little,circles underneath and thats how it,determines the direction and the,velocity of the wind pretty cool because,theres no moving parts to it thats,pretty badass,and then you have these little vents and,i i think this was a stevenson but the,names probably going to escape me,that they,called it these little vents and you see,them all over in different if you see,like little digital billboards and stuff,around definitely if you havent looked,look at them look at some of the digital,billboards that have the temperature and,youll probably see these little vents,and thats where the temperature sensor,is at,and so all the sensors are up in the,neck of there,and then on the top which you cant see,is ive seen a picture on the forums of,this you know tempest weather flow and,they have the little sensors for,determines if the rain is hitting and so,the rains hitting on top and thats how,it determines how much rain is coming,down pretty cool technology on how that,you know happens and its pretty instant,as well compared to those little,ones that the little cup that tips over,and measures et cetera theres going to,be a delay because you have to wait for,that cup to tip over and measure it etc,so theres even an awesome lightning,sensor inside here and it even,triangulates that based on other ones,out in the cloud and will notify you on,the phone and its pretty awesome i i,dont even know that hey,he has lightning detected 20 miles away,and im like really and then pull up the,radar and sure enough got a cell coming,in,and that would be very helpful if you,potentially forgot something outside or,your windows down et cetera and you need,to go out and make sure and secure,things from that impending storm,so on the bottom here i have taped up,because i want yall you know basically,trying to commission mine,but theres just simple on off switch,and then theres four,if you can see them here,theres four little,pads here that is for another accessory,that i did not need,and what that accessory is ill turn,this around so you can see the on off,it shows the battery and the input the,2.4 volt battery and the accessory did,not need is i think its called the,booster accessory where if you live in,an area that does not get enough,solar or you know radiation front to,light the panels up enough to charge,then of course youll need something to,give you a little boost of power to,charge you know the battery inside,now the way this mounts theres a couple,different mounts,is one mount,and this part doesnt come with it ive,had this from doing some ip cameras,this is just a little its a standard,screw on it that you mount for like,doing any type of camera tripods or,camera mounts and you can get these,these little ball joint style ones that,you can get these off of amazon or,whatever camera supply stuff,and this mount allows you to use that,little hole if you want to or you can,run a screw through it and this is where,if you had it where you wanted to put,stuff on you know say that you mount,this to the fence post and do make sure,it is facing north and then you just,twist it on there and thats it and it,mounts up pretty cleanly,but if youre like me and you need,something a little higher you can get,the pole mount and the pole mount,is simply that its this same exact,mount but you would take and put this,and,run this down the pole and one little,tip that i did i found as well was my,pole had a little play to it and you,dont want vibration in it so i just,wrapped a couple wraps of electrical,tape around the pole and that gave a,little extra tension you shove this in,there in the hole jokes there and then,you tighten it up and there you go and,it mounts just fine and then,also its a little easier to do,given that,you can,point this you know north being a little,easier because of just its on that,round pole and you may be saying well,what type of pole do i use well at least,in the us it was fairly easy and even my,local,non-big box just local hardware store,had some,that top rail and it has you can put,multiple joints together,because its tapered on one end and you,could mount them up and you can you know,put them on the side of the house or,whatever trying to get above some trees,or whatever it may be because everyones,situation is different,then how does this communicate,to,the internet to your home assistant or,whatever now the home assistant stuff,ill show later in the video its all,using a little plug-in and type deal,add-on but well get to that if youre,going to do the home assistant section,you can find the markers down you can,skip to that or you can just get past,you dont use it so what you get is a,hub,and ive had some questions on the live,stream as well what about other,countries well yes there i did find out,there are for other countries,they,because they dont

Tempest: The best home weather station, by a mile

[Music],a few months ago i decided it was time,to upgrade the guthrie family weather,station,and here it is its got a barometer,and a thermometer and a hygrometer,and a clock its served a couple of,generations,quite well and actually its still,reasonably accurate,look the barometer says change and the,hygrometer says,damp and sure enough thats pretty much,the size of it,but what arrived yesterday is an order,of magnitude more sophisticated,i think its perhaps one of the best man,gadgets ive seen all year,in fact i was so excited when the dhl,van arrived,i temporarily lost control of my bowels,its called the tempest weather system,and,here it is by the way if you enjoy this,review and would like to be notified of,more reviews of gadgets and tech,do press the subscribe button below,like my old weather station this thing,has a barometer,a hygrometer and a thermometer but it,also has a haptic rain sensor on the top,here to measure rainfall,a sonic anemometer here to measure the,wind speed and direction,a light sensor to measure the uv index,and a lightning sensor,its all powered by solar energy and it,sends its data to an app on your,smartphone or tablet,and the extraordinary remarkable thing,is that weatherflow has managed to fit,all of these sensors,into something which isnt much bigger,than a couple of coke cans,now the first thing i have to do is,install this thing,it has to be sited somewhere with as,much exposure to wind rain and sun,as possible and away from surfaces that,can affect readings,like the ground or buildings or active,chimneys,it has to be mounted firmly so that it,doesnt vibrate in the wind,and it also has to be aligned so that,this arrow wherever its gone there,points directly to true north,now ideally that means sticking it at,the top of a 30 foot pole,secured with cables away from buildings,but that isnt terribly practical for us,and were not collecting data for the,met office so i think the best place for,us to mount it is on the end of a pole,attached to one of our unused chimneys,so here is a pole i bought precisely for,that purpose,earlier and a couple of brackets,the tempest has a fitting which just,slides over the top of the pole,to be on the safe side ive also bought,some earthing cable to attach to the,pole,and then to a copper ground stake at the,other end,just in case it gets struck by lightning,now all i need to do is go and bolt it,onto the chimney,here i am on the top of my roof ive,attached a couple of brackets,here to the side of the chimney and then,pop the stainless steel pole,into the brackets bolted them all up and,then pop the,tempest on the top of the pole ill put,links in the description below to all,the bits and bobs that i needed to,attach it to the chimney,now the next thing i needed to do was to,align,the arrow on the tempest to true north i,did that by using the compass on my,iphone important to change it in the,settings to point to,true north rather than magnetic,also important to say you dont have to,shove this thing on the top of your,chimney if youre not feeling quite that,brave,you can always just pop it on a pole at,the end of the garden,now all i need to do is plug in the,wi-fi hub that came with the tempest,download and install the app on my,smartphone pair the two,name my weather station and im off to,the races,first impressions of this app are that,its a real masterclass in how to,present lots of data in a way thats,really easy to assimilate,at the top here in blue theres an at a,glance display of the current,temperature,the wind speed and direction and the,amount of solar radiation,tap that and you get a more detailed,list of the current conditions,and if you click any of them lets take,the temperature,youre taken through to a graph showing,how the readings have changed over time,if you then go back again to the next,white stripe down,it shows you the time of sunrise and,sunset and the forecast conditions,between the two so today weve got a 10,chance of rain,a high of three and a low of zero,then theres an hourly forecast which,you can expand to get more detail about,the wind direction,and the amount of rain then you can,scroll further to a 10-day forecast and,again each of the days is expandable for,more information,and then if you scroll even further,theres a whole load more information,thats well above my pay grade,like the air density here and the delta,t,whatever that might be lastly theres a,history button here which can give you,the data for any given day since you,plugged your tempest,in one other nice little touch here is,in the settings,you can scroll down to display,options and pick always-on mode,and that means if youve got an old,unused smartphone you can put it on a,charging stand,and use it as a permanent display of the,current weather conditions,i absolutely love this thing im,fascinated by the weather,and i cant wait to ball people,senseless at dinner parties,did you know that the barometric,pressure today was one thousand and two,point three millibars,and the wind speed averaged four point,two miles per hour gusting to seven,oh yes and we had 4.2 millimeters of,rainfall on wednesday the 6th of october,now one thing i dont know and ive got,very little way of telling is how,accurate this thing is but im not sure,how much that really matters,my first impression is that the readings,do seem to reflect what im seeing out,of the window,and id be very surprised if one of my,dinner party guests,challenged me 4.2 millimeters of rain on,wednesday the 6th you say,i hate to contradict but i think youll,find it was 4.5 millimeters,now there is a potentially very useful,purpose for all this information,and that is to control smart devices in,your house,for example you can configure the,tempest to turn your lights on when the,outdoor brightness drops below,a certain level or you can tell your,central heating to,rack itself up a bit and work harder,when the outside temperature is below,freezing,or you could perhaps tell it to spray,your wife in oil when the uv index goes,above,five thats going to take a little bit,of setting up so im going to keep it,for another review,another day in the meantime if any of,your friends are weather balls you might,like to share this video with them,and until the next time ive been arlo,guthrie,bye-bye

How to Set Up Remote Weather Station – WeatherFlow Tempest

the worst thing is when you just dont,know if its windy at your Beach or if,it isnt for this reason we decided to,place a weather flow Tempest weather,station at our local kiteboarding spot,but there was a problem we didnt have,access to Internet or even electricity,so we created a DIY setup so the weather,station would work in a remote location,more on that in just a bit additionally,we were curious how accurate the wind,forecasts were versus the actual,readings so we tracked that for over 40,days and the results surprised us,finally unfortunately our weather,station was hit by a hurricane and the,question was did our setup survive,normally to run a tempest weather,station you would install a sensor in a,suitable location and hook up the Hub to,a power outlet the weather station Hub,would communicate wirelessly with a,distance of one thousand to six thousand,feet Additionally the stations Hub,could connect to the internet via Wi-Fi,so you can view the stations data,either through a web browser or the,mobile app but the location we decided,to install the system there was neither,a power outlet or access to Wi-Fi,internet we had to rely on a cellular,internet net provider and a bunch of,batteries while it may sound simple,enough the reality is that this setup is,full of challenges,the idea was to have two sets of,batteries that would power up the hub,for up to a week at a time,to power up the Hub we tried our,existing power Banks but for whatever,reason they would shut off precisely,after five minutes,only one of our battery packs worked and,for the second one we bought a hub power,bank directly from weather flow for,fifty dollars it is advertised to last,up to seven days but from our tests it,lasted more like four to five days,depending on the temperature outside,nevertheless this power bank is,guaranteed to work so we do recommend,getting this one when it comes to,connecting the weather station to the,internet theres only one option a,mobile hotspot without doing proper,research we paid a retail price of three,hundred dollars for this hot spot but,later realize you can get a similar unit,on eBay for 30 to 50 dollars the hot,spot that we have has a built-in battery,which lasts about 10 hours both an,Expendable battery it works up to four,days non-stop note that one of our,batteries that we got from Amazon would,stop charging the hot spot at random we,still havent figured out why but this,battery will charge the hot spot until,it completely discharges for up to three,days speaking of internet plans the,cheapest plan you can get in Canada is,ten dollars a month for 100 megabytes,however the Tempest uses about 450 to,700 megabytes per month which bumped us,up to the next plan which is 30.,finally to store all the batteries and,the hubs you need a box we first tried,this cookie tin that we had on hand,however because its made of aluminum it,blocked the cell signal so we purchased,a garden electrical utility waterproof,box from Amazon for thirty dollars and,just hid it in the bushes,so thats our remote weather station,setup let us know what you think or if,you have any suggestions in the comments,below by the way if youre interested in,your own Tempest weather station make,sure to use the coupon code our kite,life for 10 off or click the link in the,description now on to forecast versus,reality first of all a quick warning you,should never compare weather forecasts,to a single weather station as thats,not what a forecast is to better,understand why check out this video here,long story short the forecast is an area,average so in Apples to Apples,comparison would be comparing the,average from multiple weather stations,across a given area to that areas,forecast but since there arent enough,weather stations around especially in,rural areas it leads to inaccurate,forecasts,and by the way thats what makes a,tempest weather station weak its not,just a weather station its a weather,forecast solution as well since there,are thousands of Tempest weather,stations across the world they all feed,in information into the weather forecast,making forecasts much more accurate in,fact with the new Tempest app Feature,you can view a tempest forecast for any,location,we collected data for 44 days non-stop,where we saved a daily forecast from a,windfinder super forecast and compared,it to our weather station readings our,weather station was sitting roughly 10,meters above the water which is,equivalent to the models 10 meter wind,forecast adjusting for wind direction,excluding offshore on average it turned,out to be three to eight knots windier,than forecasted in July and the first,half of August temple on July 26th the,wind forecast was showing 8 to 10 knots,all day however in reality we ended up,getting 17 to 18 knots of wind all,afternoon of course local variations,thermals and wind tunnels can,dramatically affect the local conditions,from the forecast but having a properly,placed weather station can increase your,time on the water as compared to just,relying on forecasts and eliminating any,guesswork or if anything makes your,guesswork a little bit more precise so,for the past few months our setup was,working fine but then came the hurricane,Fiona was forecasted to hit us with full,force nevertheless we decided to leave,the station at the spot as we were,curious how windy would get we took,before and after after videos just two,days apart as you can see the weather,station didnt make it but worse off the,local kite spots suffered severe erosion,as a result of the hurricane with the,road being completely destroyed the,flagpole that we mounted to the station,was about 90 degrees which resulted in,the salt water and sand flooding the,weather station thankfully the,waterproof box housing hot spot and,batteries survived the surge even,despite the damage to the pole we were,quickly able to put the station together,with the spare unit we had so it was,back up and operational sadly the same,cannot be said of the local kite spot,so was it worth it well changing the,batteries especially when theres no,wind can be quite the hassle were,thinking for next season to probably,explore some small solar panels to power,up the system nevertheless having a,weather station is a great time saver as,you know when to head to the beach and,when to skip it that being said when,its cold especially below zero the,batteries will discharge within less,than a day making the whole thing,impractical for this reason well be,taking the weather station down for the,winter were curious though would you,install a remote weather station let us,know in the comments below and if you,enjoyed this video make sure to give it,a like thank you for watching

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