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4 IN 1 W/ 2 ???? Tenga Egg, Flex, Geo, Spinner review

hey everyone welcome to a very very,special rgtv review,for which,we have my boyfriend kareem here,um soda we can actually talk about toys,for penises,uh because i know that many of you are,interested in you know whats available,for people with penises when it comes to,toys and obviously i cannot test it,myself as someone with a vulva so,i enlisted the help of this sweetheart,and,yeah were gonna do,this,very original new review,so that you can learn more,so,shall we just,dive right into that,uh so as you can see we have quite a few,toys here,and all of them are from the japanese,brand tenga which,i have posted about on my profile many,times already,uh i think its a really cool brand that,makes a lot of like,creative,imaginative,toys and,theyre very affordable which i think is,really great and,also whats really cool is that when you,go on their website you can actually see,like,they actually write about like the ratio,of men and women riding in their company,and theyre like very transparent about,yeah like whos behind it whos the,owner of the company and stuff like that,i dont know yeah so i think thats,really cool and thats something we all,obviously should value in,sex toy brands,and,yeah i guess we can just like tell you,about the toys we have here,and actually two of them were given to,us by tenga so thank you for that,and,the the rest was purchased by us so you,know its slightly sponsored but not,fully,and,if tenga wants to sport sponsor us more,feel free to do so,uh yeah i think we have a lot of their,stuff on our wishlist right,and,yeah even though its like it was gifted,to us i just want to point out that like,all we were saying here are,are true yeah honest opinions,and they didnt pay us to say anything,not yet so,um all right shall we shall we introduce,them,sure,ill start with these two eggs they look,similar from the outside,but when you open them up,kinder surprise,they really are the size they still look,quite similar just this white blob,they do look like real eggs when you,open it and i really hate it,yeah no no no no,so these im actually supposed to show,them like,how the part about them yeah all right,so these are eggs that you,put on your penis like this so yeah,maybe we should have pointed it out all,of these are masturbation sleeps for,people with penises but they differ in,many ways and yeah we just want to show,you how all of them work what we like,about them what we dont or what,specifically kyrie likes about devil he,doesnt,so yeah how the work is pretty simple,you just put it on loopiness like that,and you can use them multiple ways like,putting it all the way down or just,using another tip twisting,oh theyre quite flexible like you can,really stretch them,in different ways so i also think,theyre,a good purchase for all penis sizes,um,they differ,in and the texture on the inside maybe i,can show it,closer to the camera,im just going to put on my crocs,so you can see that it has like a,different pattern inside,um,yeah maybe lets just start by showing,the the patterns and then we will get,into like each of the toys how whats,cool about them is in,so then and were just going kind of,like,yeah were just kind of going,chronologically,by when we got them and yeah,no no specific order why were,you know,using this one now so this is the thing,of flex,which i think is so beautiful you might,have seen it in,a lot of my photos,and a lot of my still lives,um,you take this one out,and then you have a sleeve inside here,so this kind of harder shell is just,like the case that uh,then inside,whoop you actually have this,pretty long sleeve which again can be,stretched,a lot,and if you again flip it,this one has,oh yeah im stuck in it,in a masturbation sleeve who would have,thought this is something i would say,um,you can see that it has like different,patterns inside so here you have more,like dots and this is more like,little ridges,so theres different textures inside,yeah um so yeah first of all it has a,really nice cover,on top it looks like um whats the name,of it like a paper weight,you know that you put to like but,when its winding down your documents,because youre such an important person,has a lot of documents yeah so you put,it on,like something you would have in an,office if youre like like a rich white,old guy,something a little malfunction here,so,this is how it looks from the outside,its like decoration basically or like a,paper weight,but then you flip it,if you bend it,you flip it and it comes with great,masturbator thats basically like the,eggs,bigger in size obviously,um but works the same way actually you,just,put it on the fingers like that you can,pull it down thats also quite,stretchable like though its thicker not,as stretchable as the eggs,but um yeah basically the same mechanism,behind it should we show the structure,in the texture,i feel like this one is the easiest to,flip because also its like kind of,supposed to be flipped most of them,wow for certain hands it is,um so,you see it has quite a texture here,and then the last one we have here is,the spinner,which i think,thats the most exciting one for me,um,just because of the mechanism so,uh you see it has these like,blue,blue green what is that color i dont,know,uh blue green,ridges or like waves inside which are,actually kind of uh thicker and,sturdier than the rest,and you know when you like use the toy,they provide extra sensation,and,we just clean that so its kind of,still wet and doing weird stuff inside,would you like to flip it because i,dont think i can actually do it this,one is hard to flip yeah its hard to,flip and also i dont really want to,flip it all the way because i think its,not designed to,[Music],so here you can also see the pattern on,the inside and this is the design,for,pixels so this one comes in a lot of,different,uh textures just like the egg,and actually actually except for the,flex one all of them you can choose,which texture you want so,you know you have like different types,of toys and then,each type has different,textures so you can really choose from,so many,different things that are like three or,four more yeah,yeah and also like i think also because,thats like six theres a lot of,spinners and i also just saw that they,have like a soft edition which,has like these sturdier parts that are,softer if maybe thats like too,hard for you or something,so thats the toys we have here and now,were gonna go in more detail about each,of them and for that im very well,prepared and i brought out my,my laptop now my ipad with,in notes let me just look in,so shall we start with the tanga egg,so as we have shown you there are these,two small things,and,they come in so many different patterns,you can really like,whatever you you can imagine theres,probably a tenga egg like that,theres a special edition with keith,herrings kind of,uh humans that he would draw theres a,valentines edition with hearts and sign,theres also a cooling one which i think,would be interesting,so the ones we have here we have a,spider,and we have a clicker,uh these are the model names yes,they are,super like accessible and super,easy to buy they i feel like they have,them in pretty much every sex shop i,think so,the price so all the prices im gonna,name here are based on the tenga website,and they can like differ in different,shops but its eight euros only which is,for a sex toy thats so affordable,and,you know even though theyre like so,small and cheap theyre actually pretty,high quality,uh they are made from,tpe so thats thermoplastic elastomer,theyre actually made,or like meant to not be used too many,times so theyre more like not really,single used but,kind of there is this expectancy that,its not gonna last forever but,ive had the spider one for like two,years and theres absolutely no signs of,like,anything happening to it so,i think theyre actually quite,long-lasting i think so too like also,with the with the clicker yeah i think,about the time they might stretch a bit,out


hey there,i got myself another spinner,this one is the tetra,i got it because i want the set and,theres no one to stop me so why not,i have no idea what the texture on this,thing,looks like so,lets find out,oh hopefully its good,ill show you in a minute it looks,kinda to me it looks subtle,its not like the hex the hexa is,really intense it feels pretty good,you know what the the coils on the side,you can never see,on uh boyshop.com,they show a profile of these without the,coil in it and you can kind of get,an idea of what the new ones look like,and to me the brick,looks the best the pixel,[Music],and the ball that just kind of looks,higgledy-piggledy,you like see inside im a little,shaky today because ive been drinking,mountain dew all day,im kind of caffeined up,see if i can turn it a little bit more,so you can get a little bit more of an,idea,of the texture,but it you know sticking the finger in,it feels like its going to be pretty,good,just this one will light you up,and of course it comes with a drying,stand like they all do,i might buy the brick,i dont know i mean i already have so,many toys,but then again as i always say,theres no such thing as too many toys,so thats todays video,thanks for watching give me a like bye

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Tenga Flip Zero EV Review

hi guys this is JC ways here from the,sex toy collective today Im going to be,taking a look at the tango flip 0 and,this is the e V or electronic vibration,version sorry to get it in focus the,electronic vibration version as you may,be able to see it is far from a regular,male masturbator [ __ ] toy male stroker,whatever it doesnt look like a,flashlight or anything a couple of times,people have called Tenga the Apple of,the sex toy industry and with this sort,of you know white and gray color scheme,and some sleek general design you can,kind of see why that is kind of reminds,me of like the old iPod nanos a few,years ago and stuff like that very sleek,very modern very unique basically this,is a male stroker which has two,vibrating cores in it so you can pump in,and out of it while the cords vibrate or,if you wanted to you could put your dick,in it close it and let the vibrations do,all the work for you now I find that,its too intense for that its very very,powerful,but obviously everyones different,everyone uses things differently,so as you can see in the Box you get a,little packet of Lube you get a couple,little packets of Lube funnily I think,it looks a bit like the sachets you get,in ramen noodle packets maybe this is,just what sachets are things look like,in Japan in general obviously USB,charging sugar USP charging plugs into,there as you cans may be able to see as,Ive just spoiled it does come with this,sleek plastic carry case,its a bit like unveiling that rose from,Beauty and the Beast,now this little stand that it sits on is,one of the ways you can charge it its a,bit confusing to be honest like that the,whole idea with the Tengger stuff,especially this flip 0 is that its sort,of like all very intuitive and simple,and it all you can do 50 different,charges in different positions and this,clicks into that and this turns around,and goes in the other way maybe you get,used to after a while Ive used this if,times and I still kind of find it a,little bit confusing to be honest so,here obviously we have a lot charging,stand that goes to one side so here we,have the main body of the tire now these,plastics this plastic subside and over,the top curved bit comes off as you can,see and basically you have to plug this,into the toy to make the vibrations work,the bottle on top is a single button,that you use to flick through the five,settings however you can also use it as,a charging / drying stand i believe ive,not used it to charge it personally yet,im told its possible either way you,can it does make a good little drying,stand although i wouldnt say its the,sturdiest thing in the world but if i,just pop it on here like that you can,see that it holds in place there to be,fair its not too bad it feels a little,flimsy but as long as you dont mess,with it and its not a [ __ ],earthquake happening itll probably stay,there just fine on that no the well this,is the inside of the toy as you can see,its very very very textured this is,soft elastomer similar to TPE youve got,lots of very unique textures in here got,sort of bumps with smaller bumps on,weve got sort of protruding little,ledges weve got differently shaped,bumps weve got little roller looking,things over here I mean its kind of,hard to describe it but you get the idea,you can sort of see from this angle the,two vibrating course so youve got the,central core which is this one here,which is obviously more in the centre of,the toy and then youve got the deep,core which is this one here which is,more towards the end of the toy so,basically if you were pumping in and out,the your penis would come in this way,and then this would be the end so that,would be four glands stimulation if you,were like a fairly if you were like,well-endowed enough to get there,basically the idea of these two cos,being as slightly different positions is,that you pretty much get vibrations,equally up and down all of the toy just,in case youre wondering how the hell,this,works obviously you can help it up like,that close it down,and you Johnson would go through there,now you would obviously you have to pop,this back on its a little bit oh yeah,it does go on its just I find it its a,little bit flimsy and hard to get,together maybe Im just heavy-handed as,possible once its all assembled you de,pop some water-based Lube in there or,obviously you could also just open it up,and get the Lube in all the nooks and,crannies which is really handy so yeah,youre just going to hold this on button,for about three seconds and then the,vibrations will start the sides as you,can see there dont always go on exactly,as you should so be careful with that,because if you make put on a higher,pulse setting as you can hear if youre,holding it at the wrong angle youll end,up with loud plastic as it buzzes so,just make sure that it connects properly,this is the one thing I dont like all,this toy I feel like its a little bit,its just a bit fiddly and it doesnt,always quite go on if you want it to,youve got five settings in this toy,five vibration settings now theyre very,powerful thats great but its just not,a lot is it I mean five settings we live,in the world of the love ends max to,where you can draw graphs of settings,and [ __ ] plan out a 20 minute sexual,journey the ebbs and flows to your,hearts desire but tender have given us,five settings five default settings you,cant even change the power level on so,you first set in low steady vibration,basically second setting is basically,the same thing but stronger which you,might hear the difference now,third setting is a sort of low pulse,setting fourth setting it swaps between,steady vibrations and pulses as you can,hear there and the fifth setting is just,random I mean in a way that this random,setting is actually the most exciting,because its the most variation youre,gonna get really yes its just a bit,disappointing that its so simplistic,the settings I just kind of wish there,was a bit more going on really but I,mean dont get me wrong they feel very,good all I would say is the more intense,settings I find a – too intense,obviously thats very very subjective,that could just be me maybe Im just the,boss and I dont like strong vibrations,but I found it was too much personally I,found that pumping in and out while,using one of the low-speed settings like,the pulse or the first the first setting,was pleasurable,I did try just putting my Johnson in,there and leaving the toy on one of its,more intense settings to just do the,work like a like a [ __ ] milking,automatic male masturbate a type toy you,could use it that way but I couldnt I,had to stop personally it was too much,however the downside to all that power,is the battery life is crap you charge,this for 90 minutes poor you only get 40,to 45 minutes continuous use out of it,mean youll probably be done in sooner,than 40 minutes but personally I like to,not have to charge sex toys for two or,three uses before you know I mean I like,to get a couple of uses out of them,before having to bother charging them on,the plus side it does have as you can,see these pads on the side they sort of,squeeze in thats actually to create,suction inside here so if I put my,finger in as you can see basically the,toy as you may be able to see the bottom,there is sucking onto my finger now you,can hear the air release yeah now I,think this is a good feature if youre a,guy with a,of skinnier penis not trying to boast,but Im fairly goofy and I find that I,was taking up a lot of the width in here,anyway,and then he didnt have much room to,squeeze so there was only so much you,could do so if your likes of average or,above average size it may be not the,best for the suction element the toy is,roughly six inches long and about half,an inch in diameter once you get inside,anyway its not the best for bigger guys,boy I mean you dont necessarily you,know have to come all the way in anyway,so you could still use this if you were,bigger as long as you would have like,you know a large enou

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정신을 차릴 수 없는 회전 회오리의 쾌감… 텐가 스피너 리뷰 (Tenga Spinner Review)

안녕하세요 프리미엄 온라인 카잔 마켓 빨리 입니다 오늘 저희가 소개해,드릴 제품은 텐가 스피너 입니다,지난번에 제가 텐가 의 최신 신제품 에어로 를 소개해 드리고 나서 그,다음에는 무엇을 다룰까 하다가 이 스피너 를 골랐습니다 텐가 제품들,중에서는 바 큰 컵 시리즈가 제일 유명하고 판매량 이 높은 데스 피나는,비교적 최근에 출시된 제품인데 도 사용자 만족도가 매우 매우 매우 높은,제품으로 알려져 있습니다 제가 들은 어쨌 카더라 에 의하면 거의 뭐,들여오는 쪽 쪽 팔려 나간다 없어서 판다고 하는 그런 시리즈가 바로,스피너 입니다,스피너 의 가장 큰 특징은 테스터 막무가 운동의 회 전혀 까지 더해져서,완전히 새로운 마차 교감을 준다는 것입니다,그래서 이름이 스피너 줘 사이즈는 지름 4.5 길이 13cm 에 130g,에 무게 깊이는 약 17 cm 에 내부 넓이가 약 5cm 로 성인용품 들,중에서는 상당히 미니멀하고 가볍습니다 숲이나 인어 총 6가지 종류가,있습니다,테트라 헥사 제 그리고 근래에 신제품으로 추가 출시된 픽셀 기즈 뿌리까지,6가지가 있죠,차이점은 겉으로 보이는 컬러 말고도 내부 돌기 구조가 조금씩 다릅니다,텐가 측 의 자료를 살펴보면 우선 페트라는 내부 사이즈가 가장 넓은,편이고 작업과 경도는 중간 정도입니다,사선 분위에 적당한 요철을 갖고 있으며 준수한 자극을 느낄 수 있습니다,핵산은 보통의 내부 사이즈지만 좀 더 뾰족하고 확실한 돌기로 약간 더,자극적인 쾌감을 전달해줍니다 쉘은 올록볼록한 모양 의 강도 높은 돌기에,의한 작업과 함께 가장 타이트 한 예로 사이즈로 강력한 흡입력을 느낄 수,있습니다 픽셀은 내부 사이즈와 가장 넓은 편이고 오밀조밀하게 디테일 높은,돌리기 패턴이 높은 정도의 작업을 전달합니다 비즈는 픽셀의 디테일한,요철에 커다란 구 형태의 돌기 가 합쳐져 있는 패턴으로 마찬가지로 높은,마차 자극을 전해줍니다,브릭 은 포기만 해도 강렬한 날카로운 직선 패턴의 요철이 불규칙하게,자리에 있고 스피너 제품들 중에서 가장 강한 내부 자극을 느낄 수 있는,모델입니다 전체적으로 보면 종류 받아 쾌감 적으로 드라마틱하게 큰 차이가,있다기보다는 마차 쾌감의 강도에 단계별 차이가 조금씩 느껴지는 그런 정도,라고 말씀드릴 수 있겠습니다,텐가 스핀 아이 가장 큰 장점은 마찰 쾌감 그 자체입니다 급소 전체를,감싸면서 회전력이 더해지는 데 어 정말 이름값을 제대로 한다는 느낌입니다,오히려 사용할 때 조심해야 됩니다 왜냐하면 생각보다 작업이 일찍 종료 되,버릴 수도 있거든요,그리고 부피가 작고 캐주얼한 느낌이 디자인으로 보관하기에 부담이 없는,것도 장점이구요 3쪽 후의 거쳐 놓기도 깔끔합니다,2만원대의 저렴한 가격에 이 정도의 쾌감을 느낄 수 있다는 것이 가장 비,측면에서도 상당히 매력적입니다 아쉬운 점을 꼽아보자면 그립감이 라고,할까요,스피너 사용법은 이 윗부분을 손가락으로 잡고 왕복운동을 하는 것인데요,손 전체로 파지 하는 방식도 아니고 엘라스토머 소재 자체의 촉감 때문에,그립감이 좋은 편은 아닙니다 그리고 스피너 느냐고 10회까지 세척 후,재사용 할 수 있는데요,구조상 완전히 뒤집어서 쓸 수가 없기 때문에 약간 개운치 않을 수,있습니다,그리고 사용,갈수록 내부의 회전 밥 빵 여기 조금씩 약해진다는 느낌도 받았구요,종합 이어야 됩니다 일회용 말고 다회용 제품으로 텐가이 입문 해보고 싶다,그러면 무조건 반드시 스피너 부터 체험해 보시는 걸 추천 드리고 싶습니다,가격도 저렴한 편이라서 더 부담이 없어 질 겁니다 처음 사용해 도정,하신다면 내부 사이즈가 중간 혹은 넓은 편에 자극이 비교적 부드러운,테트라 모델을 그리고 좀더 자극적인 쾌감을 원하신다면 빛의 나 브릭을,권장합니다,저희 백발 홈페이지에서 또 다른 어덜트 토이 와 특별한 가제트 를 둘러,보실 수 있습니다,많은 방문 부탁 드리고요 저희는 다음에 또 새로운 제품으로 찾아뵙도록,하겠습니다,시청해주셔서 감사합니다

The Tenga Egg Review

anyway sorry yeah so tonight is,listeners may remember that we the guys,all bought me birthday present so did,you and Heather wasnt it and bought me,these yeah yeah I dont know that we,told the story I know I seem to remember,you its talking about them before but,anyway they bought me tanga rigs two of,them yes which are one use disposable,Japanese Swank devices that come in a,little plastic egg be put on you John,Thomas with a lot of Lube and right do,we one of you oh yeah to run off at one,point to get some props because you need,to experience this how are you gonna,experience baby just show me a prop so,one thing I will say is Im not really,one for preparation when it comes to,these kind of things,it also share house with a lot of people,so it took me a while to get to this,point where I said so are they noisy oh,Ill let you review so first of all we,do is you crack open this egg which,comes like this its a kinder egg as we,remember him big old a [ __ ] kinder,little things in the middle the kinder,eggs the little capsules you pull apart,you get one of those and then you put,tile so yeah and then you get out this,kind of like blancmange textured colored,and wobbled nurse like dome thing you,pull out this plug and it comes with a,nice little packet loop which is really,handy and actually the decent lube to be,fair you pour it into the egg I took,some preparation just did it on meet,John Thomas as well I dont know I keep,referring to it as a John Thomas Im,gonna call it a Thomas Cleese mine right,well so at this point I kind of like,gave you a little squeeze just to see if,I could make it shoot out the top,nothing actually came out the top of a,tea got close as fair so well give it,four out of five foot we just [ __ ],around a Billy not that kind of [ __ ],around Billy yeah so long the show of it,although much,its more pleasurable than a wank Ill,give you that ah it is thats good,is it seems hella wasteful though youve,got this like beautifully like,encapsulated seductively in case our,nice and seductively in cases of [ __ ],egg but it seems like a big waste of,just chuck that [ __ ] away yeah yeah Im,not cleaning that [ __ ] thing out,also the mess well they are supposed to,be single-use on them yeah yeah its,literally well thats why comes I guess,in a plastic shell is the fact that you,could easily just go off you dick into,the keg close it up chuck out a bus,window you know so yeah Im gonna have,to take a pause quickly in the recording,because I need to get that called yet,that you were supposed by for this shops,thats okay you need to understand right,Im there Im in the lone house but Im,scared cuz this thing is [ __ ] noisy,wait how is it noisy alright Im gonna,describe it before you hear it so has,anyone seen that South Park episode,where an official from I think its the,FBI is talking about what a necrophiliac,sounds like oh yeah yeah it sounds like,a man fisting a jar of mayonnaise so,its kind of that so picture that Ill,be back into please please can we just,like smash cuts straight to the sound,effects is it supposed to simulate,vaginal sex what is it okay so its its,just never seen one theres a void,inside and you get various different get,to [ __ ] the void but theyve all got,different kind of ribbing Pat okay and,its not supposed to simulate a vagina,its just supposed to be pleasurable,yeah okay so it is not a fleshlight no,no youll see youll see when you see,that see the size of the thing its a,very definitely,ya know watch a review a guy who reviews,sex toys oh yes and,the gentlemans review yes its very,good cool so said toilets dont know,forever to talk about it if you wanna if,you wanna record now then yeah so,listeners if you want to see what it,looks like so we have here little,plastic egg you crack it over and this,little like jellyfish looking thing has,a little plug in it pull it out this is,the Loveheart one this is yes the one,that I soon just about see this little,lovehearts there look at that you,thats a millennial right there knows,how to do a little pack a loop with easy,on a cap egg written on it dont know,what that means,yeah no [ __ ] it you need to experience,the noise oh I hope its banking and,laughing very very scared about anyone,coming home because it sounded like well,your experience in the sake see you then,put all the loop in the egg yeah you,would know that would rid her [ __ ] out,you dick robbed a little bit on that,they just get it ready Ive got those,look give a little roll around pop it on,you could already hear it guard you a,shower cap now imagine is okay I was,pissing myself oh well actually I wonder,all right its up thats kind of amazing,wont fly off then so I mean its got,some its got a practical use all right,for the sake of people arent gonna look,up this video I mean okay sure there but,it was [ __ ] funny I got Lube [ __ ],what I didnt bring tissue in did I,mistake I couldnt believe that,oh god is really cold now,ever play yeah yeah no it was more like,that its like youre fisting you granny,okay so heres my part I got low ball up,my shorts,can a tender egg fit a fist Im gonna,say yes really stretchy,its [ __ ] difficult though oh no Ive,got Lube on the outside but look how,translucent it gets you can when you,start you dont see anything and then,all of a sudden its like peekaboo with,your bellend it does feel good Im not,gonna lie does feel good as well if its,a lot of preparation if like condoms it,didnt have a little nipple to actually,catch the calm so that when you do,eventually blow into it you dont,backfire basically you blow your,testicles out review I think were gonna,follow our friend and easy boys Im,gonna have to buy another three oh yeah,okay so heres my big review question,mm-hmm you say its more pleasurable,than a wank yeah yeah is it give it up,is it six pounds fifty more pleasurable,than a wank,no you can you can buy them in singer I,just were just just probably just to,pop a finger up your ass you know but no,I wouldnt say theres six pound fifty,worth of his one use um I know Ive just,done the same wiping Lube alone by close,of your eyes kinds of lovely speaking of,which it does kind of come with a nice,like finger suppository kind of device,oh okay,so yeah yeah thats pretty cool thats,thats a nice shape and you can quite,easily pop that up the bottom and then,use it to do self you want to pop the,egg in there save it like living on that,table it looks like,[Laughter],and last bit of Lube,lets the BrewDog go down a war based,lube [ __ ] Im all about the silicon no I,see I love it like cuz now and now its,sticky but all it needs is a little bit,oh its so slippy again cool [ __ ],flavored lube nice obviously insane,so yeah review review it like the amount,of preparation that goes into it,Im all for men having sex toys Im and,please this is kind of influenced by the,all-male revue go look him up on YouTube,I support me on patreon hes a [ __ ],dude who refuse sex toys without any of,the weed stigma attached to that just,basically like if you got to put,something weird on your dick Im gonna,tell you which ones good and yeah,perfect but god damnit I think Im just,a handy boy I mean Ill give it a go to,Andys thing and the first one is a try,mm-hmm second ones to make sure I get it,got it right the first time and so wants,to see if I like it so Ive got getting,least another two yeah yeah yeah do it,thats my excuse govern Im sticking to,it judge ya know you raise a good point,though like guys should have sex toys,absolutely I have toys I lets play,weve every now and then its always,nice to mix things up a little bit but,when it comes right down to it but,sometimes when it comes right down to it,yeah just a wank just just [ __ ] once,why there is some us there are those,days where you want to have a leisurely,hmm I fancy like having a proper wank,today Im gonna set aside some time for,it but then theres other days where,its just like lets get this out the,way Im fed up and be like like I

Spin Rewriter 12 Review And Demo: The Best Article Spinning Software

in this video im going to do a complete,spin rewriter review for you,and,here im going to start in the spin,rewriter,main home page this is what youre going,to see after you log in spin rewriter,does offer a five day free trial so at,least try it out see if something that,you might like,if youre interested in a spin spinner a,spinner software,but,this is the best one that i have found,and ive been using it for a couple of,years now and it works very well for me,so here i am in the main uh,the main page of spin rewriter this is,what youre going to see when you log in,and,here you get access to the control panel,where you can rewrite a single article,you can rewrite multiple articles you,can get access to your i archive which,is every single article that you,that you spend its going to save it,under your archive,that way you can come back to it if you,want,it also give you access to their,affiliate program,upon sign up so you always have access,to that its automatic approval,wordpress plugin and integration ill,give you access to a wordpress plugin,that will,allow you to,post directly to your wordpress website,so you put a plugin into the into your,wordpress website and then once you spin,the article you have the option of,pushing that article,straight to,your website and theres a lot of other,options in in there as well im not,going to get into the wordpress plugin,today it is an extra charge though,thats something that youre interested,in you will have to pay a little bit,more for that,same with the gold membership,that will give you exclusive access to,vip content iphone and android apps etc,ill show you a little bit about that,here in just a minute i am in the gold,membership and ill go in there and show,you more about that,theres a lot of how tuned video,tutorials in here and of course support,and contact where if you have any,trouble with it at all or if you have,any questions,you can submit them here and they will,be more than happy to,to help you out with that so what im,going to do is im going to go ahead and,show you a,rewrite so were going to go rewrite and,im just going to ignore that,and its going to give you tips here,quick tips check out the get started,tutorial to take full advantage of spin,rewriter today so if youre new you can,click just click that link,so were going to enter our article im,just going to go ahead and find a find,an article,and,im going to go to ezinearticles where,theres a ton of plr articles here that,you can use and spin,this is usually where i get most of my,stuff,so im just going to go and just click,on anything,and we are going to,put in,the,title first,let us spin the title,and then were going to go ahead and put,in the content,and im going to copy all the content,here,copy,and paste it,ill paste that okay,and heres the article that i want to,spend and all i have to do is click,rewrite article and its going to,rewrite article based on my settings so,im going to go ahead and show you what,kind of settings there is,here so this will allow you to,automatically rewrite sentences,its automatically rewrite entire,paragraphs you can automatically rewrite,new paragraphs and summaries you can,automatically change the structure of,phrases in sentences,so if you want really really unique,articles you can take all these on or,the ones that you want only the ones,that you want,now the more you tick here,the less readable its going to be,meaning,the less possibly the less sense its,going to make,but its going to be 100 unique article,depending on what you need it for,you may not care if its a 100 percent,readable article so you just might want,it so unique that it does it doesnt,show up as as anywhere anywhere else so,and thats the point of spin rewriter is,that you get the most unique articles,that you can that way copyscape doesnt,pick them up or google doesnt pick them,up as being duplicate content,enable manually rewriting sentences and,paragraphs so this will allow you to,highlight sentence with sentences with,your mouse and insert alternative,sentences you can take that on if you,want,under words and phrases here,so this is the slider im going to get,rid of these,this is a slider here thatll itll tell,you that you can tell it,how readable that you want it to be so,most readable only use synonyms that are,definitely correct thatll make the most,sense,but itll make the least amount of,changes,recommended here is always on i usually,put most readable because of what i use,it for,recommended here is you synonyms that,are reliably collect correct and then,most unique here is,use as many synonyms as possible,so thatll make it like 99,unique,but i always do most readable just uh,ill show you what that looks like here,and then you can click automatically,protect all capitalized words i dont do,that,so one click rewrite automatically start,the one click process on step two i have,that ticked on,enable hyper speed,i use hyper speed technology for the,process it makes it go a little bit,faster,and one level or multi-level nested,spinning so,one click rewrite should also find,synonyms for words inside spun phrases,thats nested spinning and you can turn,that on if you want,uh these are the settings that i use i,click ok,and then were going to get a go ahead,and click rewrite article,and its going to go do its thing its,going to go ahead and find the best,synonyms for your article and then its,going to find the synonyms for words and,phrases,and its going to automatically select,synonyms to create unique articles so as,you can see here in the background not,sure how well you can see it its kind,of grayed out,but its its going through the process,of uh,doing all the spin tacks right here and,here is your full spin tax article now,here you can make changes if you want,you can go ahead and click,uh so the,the original word here was combining,its in black,or,no its consolidating okay the original,word here is consolidating so if i click,consolidating,i can,go through the list of what it found,and i can click whichever ones that i,think,make the most sense make the most sense,so,ill just select paying off just so that,you can see,that it adds here and if i didnt like,combining i can click combining,or i can click,apply to,all there it is i have to click all and,then it put it all in there,or i can click top,and it did the top ones,or custom,and then custom is the only ones that,that i want to do so ill click on top,so,as you can see some of these here didnt,didnt find any,so what you can do here is you can do,you can click on it and do,just put various,several a wide range of,something like that,and then this is your this would be your,the title that we put in there,and then here it shows you uh what it,found and what it uh,all the spinning for,uh this,this article,so and it tells you here at the bottom,unique it is 99 unique,and,it has billions of possible versions,billions of possible versions so,what i can do here is go ahead and,finalize article now you dont want to,at this screen you dont want to go,ahead and copy this,and paste it into like a notepad or,wherever youre pasting it to,if you want if you want to use just the,spin text,uh into another program or something you,dont want to copy and paste this right,here because its not finalized its,going to give you spaces and its not,going to work properly,so what you want to do here is you want,to go down and you want to click,finalize article,once youve found once youre at the,right spot to where youre confident,that this is what you want,so here is the article that uh,the sp the completely spun article you,can take uh this and you can drag it,here at the bottom,or at least i thought you could,okay,shows you can but for some reason you,cant,okay,um so here is the completely spun,article you cant make any changes to it,after you finalized it you can however,um,make changes this way but you cant,highlight anything,as we did before,so what we can do here now is we can do,several thing

Reviewing the Dual Sensation Cup from Tenga

hey everyone jay here and youre,watching lily oreilly reviews so lets,get to it,[Music],today we have the dual sensation cup by,tanga on my way up here i actually,spotted this toy on a shelf of an adult,boutique,i was really hoping that it was just as,good as the tanga egg because of course,this is tinga,now,a lot of pros a lot of cons with this,one but lets go ahead and get into,what i first thought of this,it has a,dual sided,actual openings for this,which basically is,one side didnt work,voila,so,on the back side what they actually say,for,the sides of it because,what i thought was actually really cool,is on the bottom where the red is,pointing to the silver it tells you that,the silver side is rougher,has a lot more,heavily textured and is less squish,the silver side thats pointing up to,the red tells you that the red side or,the red opening,is much softer less textured,which was actually pretty cool that was,the side that i used and ill get to,that here in a minute,now,the actual material thats in the sleeve,is tpe which is okay prefer that it was,silicone but,[Music],now what was actually pretty cool and i,tried to clean this a little bit because,its actually pre-lubricated,thats the only thing that i kind of,dont like about it rather go ahead and,let me decide let me decide on my own,lube but,now what they use is the,inside the packet of that little,packet for the tanga egg its the same,loop its water glycerin and propylene,glycol based,so thats what it was shipped like,now,what i actually didnt like about this,was the fact that,it doesnt give you an option to clean,for this type of price which was on the,shelf it was 15.99,on the website i believe its 12,but for that type of price i was hoping,i can go ahead and get more than one use,out of it they recommend that you use it,once and then dispose of it because its,disposable because of how its pre-lubed,mostly for,sanitation and,reasons,i kind of tend to agree especially,because of the lube thats used,now,what i actually did not like about this,i didnt like that it was actually a,really super tight hole even for the,silver side,now what they say for the insertion with,is 1.7,i dont know if i agree with that,because,it was super tight for me,spoiler alert,joe is,right around the average size,me being average,that is why i didnt trust it at all,whenever i first saw it on the website,it was super uncomfortable for me,it was much more heavily,gripped for either side actually silver,signed even more,the red side is what i used or at least,tried to use and it did not work out,that well,now being that im uncut,i,was really surprised the fact that when,it pulled down the foreskin,it made it to where i lost sensation,within a matter of like maybe a minute,and i was not able to get off with this,unfortunately,now,the red side or the uh excuse me the,silver side i put it in once,instantly backed out because it was,absolutely i could not do it way too,heavily textured way it,was not soft at all,which is disappointing because i really,love the tanga egg and i was hoping this,would be just as good,but you live you learn,so for that price,would i recommend you picking this up,no,no with a caveat,i would say no,for,the anatomy just like me uncut because,thats super uncomfortable,the way that it pulls back the foreskin,made it to where i couldnt use it,lost sensation,couldnt get off with it either side,well,yeah either side so,i would not recommend this for somebody,that would be uncut for the penis,holders that are cut,maybe,im not sure,youll decide on that,but thats what i have on the tanga dual,sensation cup,if you like this review thank you,as always have a nice day,[Music],you

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