1. We Tried The Rocks Tequila! ????Teremana Tequila Review
  2. “The Rocks” Teremana Tequilas (Blanco, Repo & Anejo)
  3. STOP Drinking Teremana Tequila! Drink These Tequila Brands Instead!
  4. Teremana Anejo Review (Duane “The Rock” Johnson Tequila) {Aged in used whiskey barrels}
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We Tried The Rocks Tequila! ????Teremana Tequila Review

can you take a wild guess whose tequila,were gonna be tasting today that was,your hint,you know who he is he was a wwe hall of,famer was in all of our favorite movies,jumanji moana baywatch i mean come on,the guys a legend and now he has a,tequila like how do you have time for,this i can barely freaking brush my,teeth every day so today were gonna be,tasting the rocks new tequila,tara mana if you dont dress up like the,rock when you try his tequila are you,even a real fan,no youre not,[Music],we are big time tequila fans so we were,really excited to hear that the rock,came out with the tequila we went out,and we bought both the blanco and the,reposado we love so reposado we love it,its our number one thing okay we love,it i just want to shout out you for,wearing a fanny pack because these,things are handy here we go were gonna,start bartending with these on honestly,because,we likey got the goods,so were going to start off with the,blanco notes of bright citrus with a,smooth fresh finish,and it has his signature also thats,pretty cool his signature is right there,and then underneath it it says mana,gratitude and tequila we dont know what,mana means okay google what does mana,mean heres the definition of mana,especially in polynesian melanesian and,maori belief pervasive supernatural or,magical power oh so this is a magical,tequila,okay lets try it i am so excited to try,the rocks tequila right now i know you,wake up at 4am in the morning and i,dont so,hopefully this tequila will make me wake,up at 4am in the morning,okay were gonna smell it,it smells like tequila yeah this is the,definition of what tequila smells like,its not harsh,are you getting any citrus notes,im getting like a sweet note yeah a,little bit,little sweet cheers,that is smooth,it is really smooth wow i could,definitely slip on this on the rocks,with like a little bit of lime,or like an orange slice like a little,orange in there would be so good im,honestly so,shocked right now its so smooth and,its warm like i would never drink,tequila warm i would drink tequila worm,but theres a lot of silver tequilas,that i would not drink warm,but this one is good like i could,definitely step on this yeah im so,shocked i mean im not shocked because,the rock is the best so its like duh,its gonna be perfect,okay im so far liking the blanco so im,really excited to try the reposado,because its our jam,and im ready im really into this,bottle it was made for a bartender okay,look at that thing you can grab it here,its got a good grip there good grip,here you know like a little,like quick little oh that was,it was beautiful,beautiful music to my ears now we shall,smell and we shall taste,ah,i love the smell,of pure ricotta,im feeling this one yeah notes of oak,and vanilla with a smooth rich finish,beautiful lets taste it im ready to,taste it tasty tasty,oh my god,thats so good,okay,i could i could shoot this right now i,feel like this is what the rock tastes,like its rich its rich of flavor im,really enjoying this,okay thirsty approved,you

“The Rocks” Teremana Tequilas (Blanco, Repo & Anejo)


hello again welcome back everyone liquor,hound here with you and thank you for,joining me once again for another spirit,review video today were going to be,taking a look at the terra mana line of,tequilas we have the blanco the,reposado and the brand new anneal when i,say brand new this came out just within,this week,here in texas and i was able to pick one,up yesterday and so thats what were,doing and yes look at that already took,it across the street shared it with some,friends and they seem to really love it,so thats where were at,on the fill level of the aniejo but,taramana line,is celebrity-backed and what i mean by,that is you know theres that famous,face behind it of dwayne the rock,johnson of course famous wrestler uh but,apparently now that hes you know not,quite hitting retirement but he wanted,to focus a little more on something that,he really loves and he loves tequila and,so he started his own line now terra,mana the name kind of imparts two,different things tara meaning the soil,or the earth and mana in the polynesian,cultures a lot of times means it talks,about the spirit or the power and so,thats what we have here terra monoline,each of these bottled at 80 proof,pricing on them is very reasonable uh,while these are both liter bottles in,the blanco reposado the 750s uh retail,pricing is about 30 for the blanco about,33 for the rebels only three dollars,more and then 39 or 40 dollars for the,anejo so very very reasonable but the,anjo only comes in 750.,on the back of each of these bottles,except for the aniejo it does give a lot,of details,it talks about how theyre using,copper pot distillations and it talks,about theyre using open fermenters and,brick ovens to cook the pinas,so it gives you all those details it,also talks about them being gluten free,and beyond that thats pretty much all,it tells you so when i started looking,into this brand to do this video the one,thing i wanted to find out was you know,which distillery is actually doing this,because a lot of times in tequilas,youll have a big distillery doing,multiple brands and so i wanted to see,what was behind this one so i looked it,up its nom 1613 and nom is just the,distillery number in mexico,well 1613 when i looked it up comes back,to terra mana distillery i do a little,more digging just to make im trying to,see if its is it really its own,distillery or is it part of a bigger,distillery which is also becoming pretty,common and that is what the case is here,the actual big distillery there,uh is called productos finos de agave,that distillery does probably 20 or so,brands coming out of it,but it also has some sub little,distilleries,within its confines,and when i say that what theyre doing,is theyre actually creating little,segments sectioning off areas of that,distillery where theyre going to put in,their own,maybe lets say roller mills and theyre,going to put in their own copper pot,stills and their own fermentation tanks,so that they can have their own little,distillery right there of course theyre,going to have access,probably to all the aging warehouses and,so on and thats probably the benefit,there because youre going to save money,that way,but,whereas productosphenos also has an,autoclave and an autoclave is uh and a,diffuser so that,its like a steam cooker and then you,have this big massive machine that will,actually do the whole thing and it pumps,out a lot of tequila diffusers do but,they dont,product out pump out a lot of really,good tequila all right its going to be,very cheap and expensive tequila but,that all that said thats the big,distillery this productos phenos when,you start sectioning off and you start,doing your own thing like taramona did,theyre not using the diffuser theyre,not using the autoclave theyre using,the stone ovens and so on okay,all right now lets get to the nosing,and tasting of each and every one of,these the tiramana blancos what were,going to start out with again thirty,dollars for,a 750 bottle,oh nice nice nice,so lots of butter,fresh floral agave,very fruity and when i say fruity im,talking,very ripe golden apples,some pears,and a little,just a little sprinkling of some red,berries going on,almost like a little cherry a little,raspberry maybe even a little plum,but again all these notes are just,coming out of that,fresh baked agave coming out of their,stone stone ovens being,shredded by the roller mills being,fermented and then going into the small,copper pot stills that theyre using,and i always love copper pot,distillations i think they just do a,little better than if youre using just,stainless,pulls out a little bit of the,some of the bad notes that will come,through a stainless steel,all right here we go,beyond that the spice component,is just a little little cinnamon and a,little bit of white pepper,there is a little bit of a brininess,almost like a,a mediterranean olive tone coming,through,and a little hint of us very light like,a sourdough bread,all right lets go ahead and get to the,tasting,good medium viscosity,fairly creamy,it enters it almost hits,with a nice,im going to say lactose but it is very,creamy and rich feeling on the on the,on the initial hit it feels lightly,sweet,nothing artificial of course this is,blanco they dont do that on blancos,but theres a lot of sweetness coming,out of the agave,a little citrusy tone so youre getting,lemon and lime oil in this one,the those,fruits that i was picking up on the nose,do come through as well the golden,apples feel a little bit,just a touch baked,almost poached,on the golden apples and pears as well,i do pick up a little more cherry aspect,on the back end little raspberry cherry,it feels very natural nothing artificial,here,im real im real,sensitive to artificial flavors i do not,like artificial flavors in any spirit,so these are feeling natural its,feeling really nice you do get that nice,swell on the mid palate of that cinnamon,baking cinnamon and a little bit of that,white pepper,on the back end though you know what,there is a little bit of a,black pepper as well because,you got to get that,that little heavier pepper kick and it,kind of lingers so its maybe a little,white and black pepper to be honest,oh yeah thats nice though,and as you can tell i happen to buy,the one liter,and the reason was was because,i like to have something on hand that,i can mix with and i feel like at this,price point and with there not really,being any noticeable flaws in this,tequila and ive had two batches of it,and well talk about that a little more,when i get into that ripple because its,a little different but,the blancos have always been pretty,solid pretty you know no like in no real,hard flaws or anything like that,so,of the batches ive had so i didnt feel,bad about spending thirty five thirty,six dollars on a one liter and that way,when i have friends over and lets say,they want a margarita or something i can,just whip that up really quick using,this,okay,wow flavor is lingering pretty nicely,you do still pick up that brine im,still kind of chewing on that,yeah very very well done on that blanco,at thirty dollars,okay taramano the reposado now the one,thing i was talking about here is uh,replicas of course can be aged,almost up to a year of course the second,they hit a year it becomes anejo all the,way to three years,so this one i think from what i,understood its aged about six to eight,months,okay,vanilla is kicked up here its like a,this feels again kind of like a real,natural vanilla,bean,little hint of,cedar and oak,i like that about it,the fruits seem pretty similar its,actually losing a little bit of that um,kind of the sourdough bread that this,one had,its losing it here,now were focusing a little more on the,fruits so a little more the golden,apples have now turned into almost like,a,red apple baked red apple tone,still the cherry still the raspberry but,theyre in the background just as they,were a little pinch on the nose here,thats kind of what they are doing on,this one,cinna

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STOP Drinking Teremana Tequila! Drink These Tequila Brands Instead!

stop drinking taramana tequila taramana,is a brand that was launched by The Rock,and if youve been living under a rock I,dont know how you dont know that its,been all over everywhere all over social,media Billboards all over the place for,it its starting to become very,widespread you can find it in a lot of,different bars but truthfully it is not,very good while a lot of people can,dispute and claim that it is additive,free or it doesnt have additives the,truth of the matter is that the place,that produces this does not have a great,track record and I would highly,recommend you check out tequila,matchmakers information on Tara Mana,tequila talk like so many other,celebrities before him and probably,after him has been trying to capitalize,on the tequila craze in the United,States but after this brand launched it,exploded they are pumping out like,hundreds of thousands of bottles a year,but there are so many issues with his,brand and all the other celebrity,Tequilas out there while it actually,does have a pretty accessible price,point around thirty dollars for a bottle,of the reposado and a little bit less,for their bottle of De Blanco there are,so many Brands out there that are so,much better than terramana and in this,video Im going to be showing you three,brands that I think you should be,drinking instead of this crap so I think,that one of the biggest uh positives of,terramana is its price point,um its not too expensive its pretty,accessible and so in this video I try to,keep all of the brands that Im going to,be showing you around the same price,point to make them actually great,alternatives for you to look out for the,first brand I want to talk to you about,is,an absolutely amazing brand of tequila,uh the blanco I can buy it for about 23,dollars um Ive seen it anywhere between,twenty three twenty five dollars,slightly a little bit more expensive,maybe 25 26 dollars but super accessible,um brands of tequila and they are,certified additive free adity was,created by the orange family and they,have multiple generations of tequila,producing experience this is actually,the kill that I use at my bar and,restaurant for all of my well cocktails,any Margarita any tequila cocktail I,usually use adete Blanco or the areta,reposado I think its an amazing tequila,for the price but lets give it a little,sip huh,what I love about the adete blanco is,that it has this bright crisp flavor,where you get this great Agave flavor,but with none of that really harsh burn,and so you could actually slip this on,its own but in a margarita this really,shines its one of those things that the,first time I tried it it blew my mind it,is an amazing uh well tequila and I,highly recommend it if you own a bar if,you work in a bar you should have this,in your well or the next one that Im,going to be talking about I think that,ones also a very good option for that,as well all right now lets taste the,reposado a little bit,its got a really nice gold color to it,do enjoy that,um,wow thats delicious and it it still has,that great bright Agave flavor from the,blanco but you get this amazing Rich,kind of caramelly flavor from the barrel,uh and its just really smooth and,amazing to drink highly highly recommend,that if youre looking for a budget,Reposado the next brand I want to talk,to you about is Cimarron uh this is,another amazing option for a well,tequila and this bottle only cost me,about like 25 which is about the same,price that you can usually find the,Terra Monte Blanco for but this is,really really well made it is a hundred,percent additive free and it is made out,of Distillery that makes some other,really amazing stuff such as tears of,yorona and fuentesca which are two other,great Brands lets give this one a,little taste then huh,this one has a great minerality to it,and some really awesome spice notes,along with that raw Agave flavor its a,little bit more down to earth I would,say than the uh Arete but it would it,works perfectly well in a margarita as,well you could sip on and enjoy it but,in a cocktail this really really shines,but both are excellent options they are,much better than the terramana and they,are not going to break the bank and of,course I cant just leave you with just,three options so I have two other,honorable mentions though these do kind,of go above the price point of taramana,but I figured I would let you know that,up front the kilocho is an incredibly,amazing single estate tequila that you,can usually find anywhere between 45 and,50 it is a little bit of a step up in,price point but genuinely believe this,is one of the best Tequilas on the,market and another one thats really,really incredible is El tequileno um,theres altecline actually has two lines,they have one thats actually comparable,in price to the terramana which is their,more like basic line its about 25 to 30,dollars and that ones really really,good but the one that I like to focus on,is the El tequileno platino this is,their higher end line you can get most,bottles anywhere between 50 and like 80,um I know big jump up in price but it,isnt the biggest jump up in price I,guess you could go for it and it is,absolutely amazing and steeped in,Tradition in history the third tequila I,want to talk to you about is La grittona,now this one I really wanted to talk,about specifically because it is a,Reposado that you can get for about,Thirty to thirty five dollars which is,very very similar in price to the Terra,Mana Reposado but the big difference is,that in the terramino reposado I taste,fake vanilla and like almost like a,cotton candy kind of flavor to it,whereas lagritona is vastly different,and really shows you what a great,Reposado tequila can be lagutona is a,brand of Reposado tequila That is owned,and operated by a team of almost,exclusively women thats pretty rare in,pretty much most Industries in the world,but that isnt the most important part,the most important part is whats inside,the bottle it is a lightly rested at,eposado so its not going to be as dark,as say the terramata and it is pretty,widely available I know Costco carries,this pretty much I think across the,country at this point and you can get it,for about thirty dollars the only bad,thing I can say about lagritona is that,its a pain in the butt to get open Ive,been trying while Ive been talking and,its been very difficult but the bottle,is beautiful and you can use it for,anything else after youre done drinking,it but lets give this one a little bit,of a sip and talk about it,like as you can tell its super light,like its barely rested but its still,technically at episode,you get this really robust Agave flavor,right in your face right on the nose,overall an amazing value for a great,tequila really nice and fun in a,cocktail it really stands up well in a,cocktail but you could sip it on its own,as well again another incredible uh,expression of tequila honestly taramana,sucks and its really not worth the,price even though it is cheap and,genuinely I from my heart believe that,if you go with any of these options here,that I mentioned this video youre going,to be much better off terraman is just,its full of a lot of the same problems,that all of the other celebrity Tequilas,have and those problems are very,terrible for Mexican people and the,tequila industry as a whole so if you,want to know more about that I actually,did an entire video that you can check,out right over here about the problems,surrounding celebrity tequila,but if youll excuse me Ive got some,incredible tequila to sip on and well,catch you in the next one cheers

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Teremana Anejo Review (Duane “The Rock” Johnson Tequila) {Aged in used whiskey barrels}

foreign,Im Don Ferguson and welcome to the teak,life Cantina Bar for a brand spanking,new episode of something new boom this,is what were trying today now when I go,to the store everybodys heard a terram,by now I know you have were going to,talk about the snobs were going to talk,about additives were going to talk,about all that [ __ ] but when I go to the,store everybodys tried the reposado,everybodys tried the blanco but when I,asked store owners hows the San Diego I,dont know I dont know I have to save,the day again like Superman and swoop in,and lets do a tasting of taramana and,yejo this isnt the first time for,Dwayne The Rock Johnsons tequila being,here in the teak life bar because we did,do a review on their Reposado before,um you know it it is what it is just go,back and watch that episode but to just,recap one thing what does terramanna,mean it means Earth and spirit well,thats what he says or his team came up,with you know these celebrities they got,teams they dont do it themselves now I,did see Dwayne The Rock Johnson there in,Jalisco at The Distillery so maybe he,did create this himself I dont know,Paramount is a very popular brand we,cant deny that its breaking sales,records all over the world I think its,available in the world but its at least,breaking records here in America so I,felt we had to revisit and try this on,Yahoo because its been very mysterious,I cant get anybody firsthand to give me,their review and I know that the snobs,like to talk about it they they like to,put in their two cents but here in the,teak life Cantina Bar we approach,everything as the consumer so we have,the consumer in mind if youre looking,for a platform that does all that snobby,[ __ ] leave we will talk about the bottle,but Jesus Christ okay so its got this,this Wax Seal around the top its cool I,I do like it like Makers Mark you know,and stuff like that but this one it,seemed a little a little difficult to,take off so oh pop goes the weasel look,at that this is an Anejo people so we,are going to let it breathe its been,stuck in this bottle for about is it,signed is it is there a lot on it no so,its probably been stuck in this bottle,for about 400 years smash all right its,Nom 16 13.,taramana so there is a Distillery for,claremana or at least they built one,they got their own so this isnt just,some knockoff from another company or,anything like that like he is the real,deal people I I dont I dont know about,the real deal [ __ ] Im just Im just,saying I do like Dwayne Johnson love his,movies hes wrestling I mean hes just,done amazing things I remember the,speech hearing about it he had four,dollars in his pocket now hes worth,like 400 billion dollars hes the,richest man in the world hes like Dr,Evil yes its a big poor I realize Im a,professional but whats interesting is,Im not getting a lot of vapors up in,the air we will knows it well talk,about the Aromas but lets dig in a,little bit more its a Highland Agave,sustainable Ultra Premium tequila Ultra,Premium like Clase Azul like Grand Mayan,that kind of Ultra Premium whatever but,lets just go on it is cooked 100 in,brick ovens which is good theres no you,know diffusers being used from what Ive,been you know told what Im doing my,research its roasted for three days and,a leftover Agave you know fibers they,use those in the Agave Fields as a,compost so thats where the sustainable,part comes into play model now it is the,the famous taramana shape which is a lot,like you know a Weller or something like,that but the labels different on here,its gluten free I mean its appealing I,do like the wax,um it just kind of gives it a little um,you know it makes it look real fancy for,about 35 yes the price point is sweet on,this maybe a sweet tequila I dont know,the reposado was pretty damn sweet were,gonna compare oh its got Dwayne,Johnsons stamp signature this bottle is,going to be worth a ton of [ __ ] money,one day color Yes look at that poor holy,[ __ ] so its a its actually a light it,looks darker in here because its,reflecting off the label but when you,get it out in your Old Rip Van Winkle,Distillery Glencairn glass we all have,them dont we its really light its a,lot lighter than I thought I mean its,its definitely a hinge darker than the,reposado the tears are cascading down,its actually a nice nice tear,um nice tear curtain there but yeah its,really coating the glass you can see,you know its kind of kind of waving at,me so theyre coming down but yeah its,not a bad color I am picking up some of,that,oh I cant really pick it up now so,lets just go into the nosing,picking up a little bit of pepper Im,definitely picking up some some Oak and,lets just talk about it so it is aged,in American White Oak barrels whiskey,barrels so theyve used these to house,whiskey before when it comes to how long,though I couldnt really determine I,couldnt pinpoint it theres not a lot,of information even on their website,about how long its aged so its at,least 12 months and from the color it,sounds about right lets go back to,nosing yeah so Im picking up some,vanilla,some a little bit of alcohol Vapors but,Im getting some pepper off there Im,definitely you know picking up Sweet,Tones,its very very Oak forward its kind of,like a smoky vanilla so if its whiskey,barrels Im sure theyre charred so,youre getting some of that smoke you,know from it now this is twice distilled,80 proof they use a deep well water and,its open tank fermentation,yeah Im getting some dark chocolate now,hints of like cocoa cacao,but its its mostly vanilla theres a,lot of vanilla radiating Im not picking,up any you know too much of that that,roasted Agave if any so I just think we,need to taste its been long enough,right oh no,my drinking tequila or a vanilla shake,so,first one you coat the palate and what I,oh interesting aftertaste so what I like,about a glencian is it does kind of,funnel up any Aromas and when you are,taking that first sip it blends to the,experience it really everything comes,together so you got the site you got the,smell and you got the taste and first,taste Im getting a lot of vanilla a lot,of sweet vanilla up front,and then I think on the Finish there was,some Oak there was a lot of Oak,radiating through so I think we need to,go in for number two now that weve,coated the pallet,yeah wow theres a lot it is very very,vanilla forward sweet,not overly sweet I mean it it is sweet,so if if you like a sweet tequila this,could be up your alley,maybe not but who who knows but it is,definitely like a vanilla cake frosting,right up front getting some Oak now Im,getting a little bit of caramel,Im really maybe thats the whiskey,actually on the back end so I think its,a little bit of a whiskey finish and it,kind of leaves a an interesting,aftertaste mixed with some of that Oak,Im really not getting too much of the,roasted Agave but they do say three is a,charm so lets do a threesome,Its relatively smooth I do get a little,bit of pepper you know that lingers kind,of tingles on your tongue its dancing,there like Jiminy Cricket in that stupid,new Pinocchio movie,but its very very vanilla forward its,really hard to pick up anything its,almost like,its a vanilla blanket during the,holidays is that such a thing I dont,know Vanilla Fudge the Vanilla Fudge,blanket,yeah a little bit of pepper,um its just so vanilla forward its,hard to really search around in there,and Im not going to do that chew Im,not going to do the swish or anything,like that but I will do number four yeah,its like a sweet vanilla I mean a,little bit of caramel now poking its way,through hi Im here too but no really,its your friend vanilla,um a lot of Oak,you know that just kind of lingers in,this interesting dark chocolate kind of,whiskey resin that just lingers there it,kind of kind of just like coats your,tongue very interesting and just a,slight pepper but for the most part for,the consumers out there because they,want to know,yes its pretty smooth been about 30,seconds off camera that t

Lou Agave of Long Island Lou Tequila – The Rocks Teremana – Its Just ok

hi this is Luke Ave of Long Island loot,tequila on Facebook in a web thanks for,looking at my youtube channel please,subscribe this is tequila in 90 seconds,or less today its the rock Tara mana,now this is coming out in Im sixteen,thirteen its a little bit the way they,did it its really product those fee,knows de agave the distillery which has,a couple of sort of inferior products,made over there you know theyve had,classes all in the past they had the,original cast amigos they have me be,owned they have JLP and have a ton of,others and what they did to is they have,have five noms in one distillery no no,no you know 39 brands so anyway who,doesnt want to like the rock who,doesnt like Dwayne Johnson I love him I,think hes great so were gonna give,this a shot were gonna be fair about it,Im gonna open it live right here Ive,never had it before and were gonna see,how it is alright so um this is it hes,got his own nom but in the same,distillery as all those other products,okay so here we go were gonna open it,up for the first time I just bought it,yesterday here on Long Island New York,first time ever tasting it lets give it,a shot,citrus herbal and earthy right off the,bat and you know you can do that you,could sniff right from the bottle Ive,seen Carlos Camarena do that so its,good enough for him its good enough for,me you get a lot of good smells that way,citrus earthy some butter not a totally,bad nose you know pads this kind of,stuff before its nice its got the,sweetness you know like to cook the GAVI,I dont know about smoked but its,definitely got a little alcohol in it,its okay its got that vanilla,creaminess to it you know a lot of times,that is too sweet agave but so lets,give it a sip,got alcohol a lot of alcohol,I wont dive Im gonna give it another,sip to make it fast open up the palate,sweet vegetal alcohol though its,definitely a lot of alcohol buzzing,around got some its got the citrus you,know I dont hate it but I got to be,honest with you its 29.99 Nazis old,town tequila superstore at this point,you know what to kill a matchmaker I,would have to go at like 79 which isnt,horrible but you see the problem youre,gonna have here all right and I was,worried about this just so many,tequilas in that range now for 30 bucks,you know you could get out of it a 421,99 thats a thats a sleeper of a,classic line Corazon $26.99 I did some,homework here suerte this is the problem,this is okay its not great at all its,okay,but for 29.99 the same price 2995 four,sets unless you can get suerte which way,better okay then you can get Casa Wayne,$29.99 listen Im sorry when you can get,suerte and cash your wing for the same,price as this I wish them luck but,theres an issue so youd be crazy not,to spend the same amount over four cents,less and get too much better tequilas,you know you want to spend a couple,pennies more and I mean pennies you know,youre looking at los tres tonos youre,looking at a patio to hold leader for,$33.99 you can get Callie 23 this you,know when you can get to catch your,weigh-in in a suerte and even the ante,for less money listen I wish rock luck,its not horrible at all its not great,at all for 30 dollars like I said,theres a couple much better ones I just,mentioned in the meantime salud have a,nice day

Teremana Tequila Taste Test & Review | BLANCO VS REPOSADO

[Music],welcome back to savage kitchen,its tuesday and were tasting things,today,were going to be tasting tequila,im im excited about this because i,havent been a big tequila drinker i,like many people in their early 20s made,the mistake of having,way too much of terrible tequila one,night regretting it and then swearing,off it for,pretty much a decade and then another,decade went by,and here we are so i uh lately,have found that there are some tequilas,i enjoy,typically they tend to be reposados,and reposados are tequilas that have,been aged usually in oak barrels,and as a result they seem to pick up the,qualities of a lot of brown liquors like,a bourbon,or a rye thats my wheelhouse i enjoy,bourbon,quite a lot um so getting into reposados,has been sort of a nice little toe in,the water with tequila and im excited,to explore,a little bit more so were going to be,trying this uh reposado,and this blanco both from the same brand,this is from,mana and terra mana is doing the rock,johnsons tequila company,because why wouldnt the rock have,tequila i mean really,um im excited about this brand,similar to the blackened whiskey this,isnt,a a liquor company that just has like a,celebrity endorsement or somebody,sticking their name on it,uh from what i understand uh dwayne the,rock johnson is heavily involved in the,process,of distilling this tequila,and is very passionate about the results,and i think thats super cool theres a,lot obviously a lot of care,and attention to detail that goes into,the production of these bottles,so were going to start with,the blanco and these are fresh bottles,ive been pretty much living a total,wine lately,oh thats a good sound thats really,good,um now the blog oh god that smells good,so the blanco the difference between the,blanco and the reposado,is that they both come from the same,agave plant its the same part of the,agave,and both of them go through,a roasting process where they roast the,agave in brick ovens,before it is distilled in copper pots,the difference between the two,is after that distillation process the,blanco is bottled,the reposado after the distillation,process goes to,oak barrels and sits so,the blanco theoretically will be a,little bit lighter and brighter,god it just smells really good,lets just give it a taste im tasting,these pretty much at room temperature,theyre a little bit cool just because,its cold out um,oh my god i cant get over how good that,smells,for somebody who doesnt like tequila i,really like how this smells,okay,wow im very pleasantly,surprised this is much sweeter than i,anticipated it being,but maybe thats because i have ptsd,from bad tequila,i mean when youve been in mexico and,had it put in your mouth via water gun,you know it makes you cringe a little,this is really good,wow thats delicious its very um,you could definitely drink this on its,own um,this is going to be fantastic in,i have a couple of margarita recipes,that im working on,thats going to be really good its,definitely far sweeter than i,anticipated it definitely does not have,the punch you in the face quality,that a lot of the jose cuervos of the,world,seem to possess sorry if that offends,anyone,but not really,wow okay thats delicious,i dont know that my my tequila palette,is sophisticated enough to identify,you know types of agave or uh,regional differences in how tequilas are,made because i know that there are some,there are this is a highlands tequila,and i know that small batch tequila,production is,a very you know intricate world with all,kinds of different,processes but this is just delicious,this is very good,all right lets try the reposado,and get the lid back,[Music],yeah its my favorite sound,see right away with this one i can smell,this also smells good,but i can smell oak i can smell vanilla,all of those things that i like in in,brown spirits,i can smell them in this im excited,all right lets give this a try,wow,oh it does it definitely does it smells,different theyre both,it smells sweet like the blanco does but,it has a different quality to it,that must come from the oak barrel aging,because,its a little bit warmer,oh okay yeah,wow theyre very different,oh i like that a lot this has a,smokiness to it,thats very subtle uh not at all like,the smokiness that you would find in a,mezcal,um you can definitely smell the oak you,can smell vanilla,you can smell joy,oh thats just damn good,okay drink drinking these on their own,not in a cocktail my personal preference,unsurprisingly,is the reposado um however im,very very pleasantly surprised by the,blanco and how good that is im,excited to try that uh in a couple of,cocktails,this the reposado um,also i think is gonna be great in i have,a couple ideas for some smoky cocktails,that i think this will be delicious in,but its very good especially for the,price point,these were each uh right around thirty,dollars a bottle 32,maybe um which i think for,a not top top shelf but also not,bottom of the barrel like a middle of,the road spirit i think its a really,good price and i love,so the brand terra mana,uh terry meaning earth mana meaning,spirit uh dwayne johnson goes on to talk,about how mana is a polynesian word for,spirit,um and he also goes on to talk about how,this is the peoples tequila the,peoples spirit,which i think is a brilliant marketing,uh,but be lovely and heartfelt and,its just so nice and at the price that,its at and how available it is,it really kind of is the peoples,tequila so well done,i uh yeah im just gonna sit here and,enjoy the hell out of the rest of this,but i got some uh i got some margarita,ideas,so tara mana i like it,big fan thanks for joining me on tasting,tuesday,cheers friends

Teremana Tequila Review: Did It Rock My Taste Buds???

prescott van meyer sommelier from home,todays product dwayne the rock johnsons,taramana tequila just another in a long,line of celebrities who think they can,just,muscle into the liquor business if you,think youre getting any special,treatment dwayne,think again im scared of no celebrity,except randy quaid,hell shank you so its small batch,tequila,artisanal variety and says its,gluten-free,im surprised that his face is not on,the bottle i think that might help it,sell a little bit more,free marketing i mean this is a man,known for his work ethic so,its no surprise that hes just making,tequila on the side hopefully not in his,bathtub,it is small batch and i heard his,bathtub is very nice so,maybe well just let the mystery linger,he does have his signature right here,so here we go it is 100 blue weber,highlands agave,that sounds pretty fancy well its still,tequila so no matter how fancy it is,it can still ruin your night but lets,hope this one doesnt,lets open it up,[Music],a very complex,[Music],really delightful tequila the agave,very pungent smells like conquering the,movie industry,smells like a successful action movie,franchise,sounds like a wonderful song from moana,so far so good,dwayne,[Music],even more powerful with the aromas and a,snifter,now its 80 proof 40 alcohol so it is,pretty robust alcoholic content on it,i want to splash some water in it if,youre just going to be sipping it all,right well lets give it a taste,hmm smoky yet also very very clean,i thought it was going to close on my,taste buds but in fact its quite,delicate,like im walking through desert caverns,hearing the sound of my singing,reverberate off the canyon walls lets,give it another taste,very clean and yet very complex flavors,i gotta hand it to you there dwayne,dwayne can i call you duane,the rock mr the rock you made a hell of,a tequila who would be drinking this,bodybuilders who also have the skills to,act as well,boy i cant wait for vin diesel to come,out with his own liquor,im kidding i cant wait for that long,as you need,who else would be drinking this guys who,can walk away from buildings that are,exploding,but in slow motion kevin hart would be,drinking this but only this much,like in a thimble unlike some canadian,actors,i think the rock was instrumental in,starting this company you know what im,talking about,im a gin company im a deadpool guy,i would pair this with 15 000 calories,of lean protein and complex carbs,or non-complex carbs which one is the,good ones and,abby sure does love her tequila last,time i saw her drink a whole bottle of,this,she said i never want to see your face,again,funny story about tequila the last time,i really got into a bottle i took up all,my potted plants and stuffed them in my,neighbors mailbox,sorry derek its nice to come clean on,that hes a judge now,tequila and bad decisions often go,together but this,this tequila is a good decision which,can lead to other bad decisions but,thats not the point,on my scale of to 0-100 look dwayne im,not a kiss ass im not scared of you,im gonna give this an honest review so,its a 96.

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