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Drinkers Extra Shots – Terror on the Prairie

one of the unfortunate consequences of,being a busy movie critic with lots of,films to review not to mention a chronic,alcoholic who frequently wakes up naked,on the living room floor,of someone elses house,is that i dont always get the chance to,review the projects i want to when,theyre actually still relevant such is,the case with terror on the prairie a,western action drama starring gina,carano that came out a couple of months,back it made a bit of a splash at the,time because it was the first film,directly produced by the daily wire not,to mention carranos first big project,after parting ways with disney people,were understandably curious to know my,thoughts on it and even the daily wire,asked me to take a look at it but such,is life i didnt get a chance to finally,sit down and watch it until a couple of,days ago and now that ive finally seen,it what do i think well grab your,whiskey and six shooters and well take,a look together shall we the movie stars,kirano as hattie mcallister a woman,eking out a pretty bleak existence in,the montana wilderness with her husband,jeb her son and her young baby and its,not exactly [ __ ] party time at the,mcallister place the opening montage,establishes just how hard and tedious,life on the frontier actually is hat is,understandably pissed off with her new,life and wants to move back east so she,can be with her family again and enjoy,lifes little luxuries like running,water and flushing toilets so her,husband reluctantly agrees to let her go,visit them but while hes away in town,raising money for the trip a group of,horsemen arrive at the mcallister ranch,looking for supplies their leader is,deceptively polite charming and,well-mannered and all seems to be going,well until hattie notices the human,scalps tied to their horses then,realizes that shes harboring a group of,outlaws and murderers its a bit like,running an airbnb in glasgow before you,can say this is a really bad idea just,make some excuses and let them go on,their way shes pulled a gun on them and,forced them off for property naturally,they dont take kindly to this and soon,return for a bit of payback resulting in,a drawn-out siege where they try,everything in their power to break into,the homestead only to get pushed back,time and time again as the day wears on,and the casualties mount tempers begin,to fray and the outlaws resort to ever,more brutal methods to force hatties,surrender but can she hope to hold out,until her husband returns why are they,so determined to break in and does it,have something to do with his shady,exploits during the civil war,terror on the prairie probably seemed,like a safe bet for a studio just,starting to dip their toes into movie,production and to be fair im glad that,they went for something small scale like,this instead of trying to jump in with,some big effect heavy action movie that,they probably dont have the resources,to pull off properly its a fairly,simple tried and true story of revenge,and survival the kind of thing youve,seen a hundred times before in a hundred,different westerns the difference though,is that instead of telling its story,from the point of view of a retired,soldier trying to make a peaceful new,life for himself only for his dark past,to catch up to him and pull him back,into his old ways terror on the prairie,is told through the eyes of his wife who,has to deal with the consequences of his,past mistakes its a smart move that,puts a fresh spin on an old trope and,ill give credit to the writers for,making hattie a flawed and believable,character for the most part she makes,rash decisions without considering the,consequences shes clearly [ __ ] scared,during the fight scenes struggles to use,weapons properly and doesnt have much,of a plan beyond protecting her family,and holding out until her husband gets,home to save the day shes a mother and,a homemaker forced into a situation that,shes absolutely not prepared for rather,than some wannabe action hero just,bursting to get out then its almost a,novelty at this point to see a female,protagonist who isnt instantly,brilliant at everything you can tell,this movie wasnt made by hollywood ill,say that much and ill give gina carrano,credit here she does a pretty good job,with this character ive said before in,my mandalorian review that i dont,consider her to be an actress of great,dramatic range shes basically made a,career out of playing big burly,enforcers who let their fists do most of,the talking rarely taking on roles that,demand more than she can give and so i,was kind of braced for the worst when i,realized she was gonna have to carry,this film without more experienced,actors to back her up but i have to,admit i was pleasantly surprised by what,i saw here terror on the prairie marks a,bit of a turning point for her as a,performer proving that she can bring out,moments of real emotion when she has to,and that she can show genuine fear and,vulnerability its not exactly an,oscar-winning performance but it,definitely proves theres more to her,than big muscles and showy fight scenes,the antagonists on the other hand are,nothing to write home about although i,did kind of appreciate the extra depth,and care that they gave to the leader,hes not the most interesting or,charismatic villain that youll ever see,but the script at least gives him a,backstory and an understandable,motivation for doing what hes doing,hes still a bit of a monster and a,total [ __ ] spitting out bible verses,that have almost nothing to do with,whats actually happening but you at,least kind of understand where hes,coming from in terms of cinematography,and direction the film makes good use of,its spectacular scenery as well as,shoots it wouldnt be a western without,big sumptuous landscape shots and terror,on the prairie has got them by the,truckloads dialogue is used sparingly,and theres plenty of stretches where,characters move around in complete,silence and to be honest its actually,kind of refreshing theres no smart arse,quips or goofy humor here its a,straight up serious movie from start to,finish theres also no attempt to dress,up the fight scenes as glamorous or,highly choreographed like in most films,nowadays gunfights are clumsy awkward,affairs where people shuffle between,cover with primitive weapons shooting,and missing way more often than they hit,and often relying on luck rather than,skill to carry the day theres,definitely no attempt to romanticize the,wild west or the people who lived in it,and if i had to criticize the film id,say its almost a little too restrained,and stripped back at times like it,probably could have benefited from a,greater sense of pace and urgency around,the midpoint more of an insight into,hatties growing desperation as her,resources run out and her enemies close,in and thats not to say its bad or,anything it just didnt grip me as hard,as the premise suggested ultimately,terror on the prairie is a film that,isnt really striving to excel at,anything and as a result well it doesnt,but neither does it fall apart and make,a fool of itself its a solid,workmanlike movie thats content to just,get the job done with a minimum of fuss,rather than overreaching itself and,falling embarrassingly short it might,not have been a mega hit that sent shock,waves through the industry but at the,very least it proves that what the daily,wire are doing can work that they can,carve out a niche for themselves and,itll be interesting to see where they,go from here,anyway thats all ive got for today,go away now

Terror on the Prairie – Movie Review

[Music],whats up geeks and gamers its jeremy,coming to you with another video and,today we are talking about terror on the,prairie the daily wire production,starring gina carano uh i am in,nashville with the geeks gamers team,daley wire was nice enough to let us,come out for the premiere and it was a,really great experience to be there for,the premiere and meet so many cool,people and have great conversations and,and just kind of understand what the,daily wire is doing moving forward which,is,absolutely necessary for the future of,entertainment and i love everything they,are doing,now to get to the movie itself which is,what youre here to uh you know,experience me talk about terror on the,prairie this movie,has some really big positives and some,negatives as well and im going to share,both of those but first and foremost,this movie is not pandering to anyone,and when i say its not pandering to,anyone i dont mean like hollywood now,theyre always pandering to the left and,their nonsense and their identity,politics this movie is not pandering to,anyone,they had a story to tell,and they went out and told it,its not there to be family friendly,its not there to have mass appeal its,not there to pander to anyone or,anything,they simply had a story to tell they had,passion and they told it and i think,thats too its that that helps the,movie but it also hurts the movie at,times nick cersei was the standout the,man was fantastic in this movie and hes,really the you know the him obviously,you have gina whos the star of the,movie uh but you have nick cersei whos,kind of on the opposite side of the,story and,that was just a really great dynamic but,nick cersei to me was the standout gina,carano obviously did a great job as well,this movie was there to tell you a,brutal story a brutal story,of misery and the environment is,miserable and it wants you to feel that,misery,and i think that thats a good thing but,also some of the execution it didnt,really help that misery as much as i,think thats what they were going for,and i have one particular issue with,that and its a big issue even though it,will seem like a small issue it it,becomes a big issue because of the lack,of that and well talk about that in,just a moment but ultimately this is not,a family friendly movie this is not a,mass appeal movie and i dont think its,gonna work for a lot of people it worked,for me i did like the movie i enjoyed,the movie a lot um and i also appreciate,the bigger picture because i think this,is the third,um release the third film released by,the daily wire you have shut in you have,hyperions and now you have terror on the,prairie this being the most prominent,one and the best of the three in my,opinion um and now obviously with gina,carano being involved in this is going,to bring a new set of eyes to this but,thats what i appreciate,one of the main things i appreciate,about this is that they knew,that gina carano would bring a new set,of eyes into this,and they didnt seem to care in terms of,pandering or going oh well we have to do,this because its got gina carano and we,know were going to have a lot of people,watching for this reason or that reason,or whatever reason they just wanted to,tell you a story,i appreciate that so much like you cant,imagine how much i appreciate that,because i was thinking that there was,going to be,uh some extra kind of sizzle to this and,some extra ooh and ah moments theyre,not in this movie this movie was there,to tell you a story,and it wasnt there to tell you a story,to get you to go on social media and go,oh my god this is the greatest moment,ive ever seen in my life,i appreciate that so much now one of the,negatives i have and its the biggest,negative is that this movie has no music,none,now again,after discussing with ryan from rk,outpost whos also part of geeks and,gamers you know because he said i didnt,even notice it didnt have,music until at the very end theres like,a little bit of music that plays like,thats it,and he said i didnt even notice that,but i said yeah so that really bothered,me and he says well he said its meant,to like make you feel how,dreadful and how terrible this,environment is and how miserable it is i,was like you know that makes sense,it is and it does make sense because you,do feel that,but i think its to the films detriment,because music is important if you look,back on that scene from the ceremony,scene at the end of a new hope uh,theres uh clips where people removed,the john williams score and without the,john williams score it fundamentally,changes the entire,feel of that entire series scene and it,feels awkward it feels cringy,and you know it makes you understand how,important music is and in this movie,like theres a lot of silence theres a,lot of awkward silence,and i understand what they were going,for,but for me it would have worked so much,better if there would have been music,you know emotional music maybe haunting,music and not like overkill im not,talking like han zimmer inception or,something like that but just,just a little faint music in the,background would have went a long way,for,helping connect you a little more i,think now overall i did enjoy the movie,uh the movie is not made for everyone,and its not family friendly its very,much a rated r movie and it does not shy,away from that there are moments in this,movie that are brutal and theyre brutal,because they needed to be brutal not,because they were trying to be brutal,again,i i dont want to seem like im being,overly negative with certain aspects of,this because theres so much that i do,appreciate about what they did with this,movie and i think a lot of people are,gonna see that because,this movie,went had a 100 passion,100 passion and it when youre not,pandering to anyone,thats the best method possible,and even when uh some certain aspects of,it dont work,you can appreciate that from a passion,standpoint to go you wanted to tell me a,story and you told me,and you didnt try to do it specifically,for me or for this person or for that,group or for that you simply had a,passionate project and you wanted to,tell that story and i appreciate the,authenticity in this movie,um and like i said nick cersei to me was,uh definitely the standout gina was,great and um i im im gonna be,interested what the kind of general,audience thinks about this movie because,i dont feel like it will play very well,to general audience gina carano fans are,going to be very excited about this,daily wire fans are going to be very,excited about this but,there will be people that dont really,invested from that standpoint that will,see this movie and ill be interested to,know what they think about it overall i,give this movie a six and a half out of,ten,um and thats just being as honest as i,possibly can and im judging this not as,a gina carano movie,not as a daily wire production not as an,fu to lucasfilm but just as a movie and,as a movie i found enjoyable moments out,of it but i also found moments that i,thought really hurt from the overall,experience of pulling me further into,the story i am so happy with what the,daily wire is doing and i cant wait to,see what the future is like,and i hope all of you do go check out,terror on the prairie and support the,daily wire because,they are building crucial crucial pieces,right now and i think terror on the,prairie is definitely a huge step in the,in that right direction that theyre,moving like i said they had shut in they,had hyperions what is a woman is out,right now which is blowing up which is a,fantastic documentary by matt walsh by,the way and then you have terror on the,prairie the next step in the evolution,of what you know daily wire is doing so,im really happy,uh that we were able to see this movie,and theres a lot to like about the,movie and theres a lot that i had,criticisms over but ultimately very,happy with the direction they are moving,you guys have a great day thank you very,much for checking out this video and we,will talk

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Reviewing Terror on the Prairie and the Daily Wire “Media Empire”

beginning is a right-wing news outlet in,2015 and i used the term news very,loosely here in 2021 the daily wire took,its first steps into the world of,entertainment with the release of run,hide fight a movie that answers the,question what if die hard took place at,a school shooting i already went over,that movie including its very sordid,history in another video it was an,important milestone for the outlet as it,moved them away from news coverage that,was heavily biased in favor of the right,towards entertainment that was,supposedly devoid of any kind of,political agenda since then the daily,wire has expanded its offerings to four,movies on its streaming service,including one starring gina carano,called terror on the prairie this is the,first movie chrono has appeared in since,being fired off the mandalorian by,disney for her social media activity in,addition to movies the daily wire,streaming service recently renamed daily,wire plus has been rapidly expanding its,catalog moving into kids shows,documentaries sports podcasts and,daytime chat shows what were seeing is,a well-financed operation that is,attempting to create a media landscape,that will supposedly compete with,mainstream entertainment but i dont,think that tells us the whole story im,sure theyd love to be making more money,than disney but they must know how,incredibly unlikely that is instead i,think something else is being built here,but before we dig into that we first,need to take a trip to the movies,when i made that video about run hide,fight i considered making reviews for,all of the daily wire movies and that,was the plan until i watched them and i,realized that while that first movie had,an absolutely bonkers premise the rest,would be far less provocative and about,just as boring run hide fight was,produced by bonfire legend and of the,three movies that followed the school,shooter one two of them were produced by,bonfire legend formerly known as,cinestate they changed their name after,one of their producers was charged with,allegedly sexually assaulting an,underage girl they were a small,production company operating out of,texas that would make low budget movies,and as we go through some of these,movies theyve made with the daily wire,youll likely not be shocked to find out,you havent heard of any of them and,will likely forget them soon after,dallas sonja who founded bonfire legend,said in an email to indiewire on fire,legend reflects the spirit of my,firebrand of movie making and my,personal vendetta against disingenuous,morality amidst a deeply polarized body,politic the first major effort between,bonfire legend and the daily wire was,shut in starring rainy quailly jay,korowitz and vincent gallo its about a,recovering addict jessica who is trying,to escape the influence of the father of,her children rob and his creepy friend,sammy the movie has a surprisingly,decent first two acts offering some,pretty good tension but ultimately falls,apart in the third act with some weak,action sequences and a slightly awkward,religious message although as a thriller,it didnt amount to anything too,memorable its production does tell a,more interesting story the script for,shut-in was originally bought by new,line cinema and at one point jason,bateman was even attached to direct but,because of the covet 19 pandemic it,languished in development limbo long,enough for the deal to fall through,dallas sonia who had been shopping a,script around brought it to the daily,wire the script was written by melanie,toast this script was the first one she,ever sold and while it had been optioned,by new line cinema was facing a lot of,changes when it was brought over to,daily wire though it was left untouched,so that the movie produced was as it was,written on the page while that was nice,of them to do the fact that this was the,first screenplay toast that ever sold,makes me think it might have benefited,from some input from others especially,when you look at final product,it had some good ideas that just didnt,come together in the final release and,while i personally wasnt overwhelmed by,the movie i dont want to acknowledge,that the writer melanie toast had no,intention of working with the daily wire,in a tweet from twitter user avishai,weinberger he wrote about shut-in having,the rights to your script get tied up,with these guys without your knowing,what they are and then they sell it as,an exclusive on an alt-right site again,unless you ask for this you didnt ask,for this what a nightmare,toast replied with a simple i didnt,happily for her she now has a deal with,paramount working on a horror film,titled rabbit rabbit rabbit im sure her,work will keep getting better and i do,wish her all the best,other people were involved with this,production though not so much in,particular vincent gallo with shut-in,being his first appearance in a movie in,nine years gallo first achieved some,notoriety in 1998 with his movie buffalo,66 making him something of an indie,darling after that though he really,struggled to find any sort of success,and over the years has gotten into some,trouble because of his behavior the,daily wire characterized him saying his,brash persona rubbed plenty of people,the wrong way in la la land plus hes a,loud and proud republican unwilling to,play by hollywoods rules lets just get,a quick sample of that brash persona,galois made a distinct impression with,his online merch store where he sells,one-off t-shirts for 666 dollars with,slogans such as,black lives matter and one with a,picture of canadian prime minister,justin trudeau with a homophobic slur,printed on it he also sells his sperm,for 1 million dollars heres an excerpt,from that section this is kind of a long,excerpt but its pretty wild so i feel,as though i have to read the whole thing,mr gallo maintains the right to refuse,sale of his sperm to those of extremely,dark complexions though a fan of frank,oharas derek jeter lenny kravitz and,lena horn mr gallo does not want to be,part of that type of integration in fact,for the next 30 days he is offering a 50,000 discount to any potential female,purchaser who can prove she has,naturally blonde hair and blue eyes,anyone who can prove a direct family,link to any of the german soldiers of,the mid-century will also receive this,discount under the laws of the jewish,faith a jewish mother would qualify a,baby to be deemed a member of the jewish,religion this would be added incentive,for mr gallow to sell his sperm to a jew,mother his reasoning being that the slim,chance that his child moved into the,profession of motion picture acting or,become a musical performer this,connection to the jewish faith would,guarantee his offspring a better chance,at good reviews and maybe even a prize,at the sundance film festival or an,oscar,according to sonya this is some kind of,satire,im not entirely sure what it is its,satirizy though in 2020 gallo made a,post on instagram to show his support,for donald trump and included in the,message he wrote granting women the,right to vote was a mistake and that,mistake is clearer now than ever before,if this is all meant as some sort of,elaborate performance its a bit strange,to think that gallows basically burnt,his career to the ground for the sake of,these outbursts and in the case of the,daily wire the joke seems to be,partially lost on them,or perhaps these reasons are simply,emblematic of why no one wants to work,with this guy aside from those who,at least partially share some of these,opinions of course it should also be,said if the daily wire is willing to,work with a production company that,turned a blind eye to a sexual predator,who was only stopped after allegedly,assaulting an underage girl hiring a,washed-up actor who has messed up views,on gender and race might not seem so,extreme,after shut-in the next movie released by,the daily wire was the hyperions,starring carrie ellis this is similar to,run hide fight in that it was produced,well before the daily wi

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This Is What It’s Like to Make Movies Outside of Hollywood

your daughter,shes very pretty,im scared,hello and welcome to dw entertainment,all things daily wire entertainment here,i am your host megan basham and today we,are with,dallas sonya ceo of bonfire legend and,the god king himself small g god king,jeremy boring so thanks for being here,guys and you know jeremy just to start,out i want to maybe correct a,misperception im getting a lot of,questions from people thinking that we,are out there making politically,conservative entertainment so id love,for you to address that and talk about,it a little bit yeah i mean i think,people have very low expectations for,what were going to do in our,entertainment venture and one of them is,they think were either going to make,you know the the typical ragtag bunch of,high school football players find jesus,and act three movies uh or that were,gonna make you know hillarys hard drive,part three or something thats really,not what were trying to accomplish we,want to make entertainment for a broadly,conservative audience and i would define,that not by necessarily the content of,the movies although certainly we want,movies that have values that are,consistently held by uh conservatives,but many of the values that were,talking about are held by americans of,all political stripes i think what,distinguishes our movies is less whats,in them and whats not and whats not in,them is the left-wing sucker punch you,know,im so tired of every time i turn on the,tv and tvs worse than movies but movies,are bad too every time you turn on a,movie uh youre watching something that,either is sort of values neutral or even,in some cases fairly values conservative,and hollywood is willing to make that,kind of content they just feel they have,to apologize for making it and so,somewhere in the middle of the movie the,director feels like he has to insert the,sucker punch and thats his way of,signaling to the rest of the industry,yeah we had to cater to the rubes but we,dont mind telling them off somewhere in,the middle of our movie its kind of,like hey guys thanks for your money,thanks for tuning in we hate you right,and theres so many examples right like,youre youre watching avengers end game,which is a fundamentally conservative,movie its superheroes its good versus,evil,and you have captain america a character,from the 1940s who wears,red white and blue fights nazis and is,literally named captain america,and they have to tell us that hes,engaged in a counseling session with,this married gay man well whats that,about when things got quiet and,when he he cried,as they were serving the salads,what about you,my cried just before dessert,but im seeing them again tomorrow so,thats great,theres no reason to have done that,except to say hey all of you people who,like red white and blue and like the,values of the 40s and like america,captain america doesnt belong to you,captain america belongs to us or you,watch uh you know the the funniest,example ever its an old example now 20,years ago is youre watching the star,wars prequel and suddenly darth vader is,quoting george w bush like line for line,quoting george w bush what is that,thats a way of saying thanks for all,the fish but we dont work for you you,dont own these characters you have no,you have no claim,over even your own highly beloved,cultural figures and,thats what were not going to do and so,if you want to know what a daily wire,movie is its a movie that a,conservative can watch and know theyre,not going to get punched in the gut with,some big virtue signal right in the,middle thats the fundamental defining,quality of our of our content well and,up to this point you went to the marvel,movie anyway because it was your only,option it was either that or like you,said yeah thats right the raw kind of,hallmarky christian movie there was,nothing else in between so dallas youre,giving us something in between,uh yeah i mean i i im giving you a,creatively unfiltered uh experience,right that thats thats where i always,come from that that original script,hopefully the writer themselves have,vetted enough times in their apartment,or in their uh home,to where when theyre sending it out to,us and were reading it,they have beat themselves up over and,over to make sure its the perfect,script right so im not a huge fan of,the development process certainly not,the hollywood development process and so,to try and bring a creatively unfiltered,movie to the daily war audience is my,goal and,if if it can if it can relate to them,on a broader perspective that is awesome,also so what are you looking for i mean,i know that were getting so many,scripts from so many people what are you,looking for as youre looking through,them and going this is one we want to,make something jeremy will say yes to,looking for a strong female lead whos,defending her children and who probably,kills the bad guy at the end apparently,thats every every movie weve made so,far,uh no were looking for,you know,i think that for a film to actually be,for for anything to be art it has to,challenge us and so you know i do want,to make movies for a conservative,audience that doesnt mean i want to,pander to a conservative audience i want,to make movies that challenge them that,make them think uh you know shut in is a,great example of this its a tough film,its a riveting film its its,challenging enough though that when new,line optioned it and from dallas and,they were setting it up as as a fairly,big studio picture they sanitized the,script they took all the jeopardy of you,know their in our movie their children,in jeopardy you never actually see that,in a hollywood movie anymore its very,challenging to watch it well they strip,that out theres religious iconography,through the film that helps our uh here,is very central in the script of how the,hero comes to find,her inner strength and and find,redemption well that stuff gets,sanitized out why well it gets sanitized,out because they want the movie to be,palatable by everyone except,conservatives they want the movie to,play overseas,theyre thinking about every person who,might watch it except our audience i,think that our audience is up to being,challenged i think that theyre up to,thinking critically about the things,that they believe i think that theyre,they dont want us to make propaganda,they want entertainment and they want,art and so thats the first thing that,were looking for you know a story that,contains values that we know will be,important to our audience but also,doesnt serve them up,uh as some sort of you know the way that,i say it we want to make poop we want to,make movies that people want to see and,not movies that they want to want to see,were not looking for that you know yeah,im glad thats in the world im going,to support it we want stuff that yes im,happy i want to sit down i want to watch,this i want to think differently,i want to be challenged i want to be,entertained i want to walk away with a,movie that that i carry away with me,that im still thinking about the next,day thats definitely what we had in,rundown fight its definitely what we,havent shut in okay so now im im,being told that we have to get to the,reader questions i get so many emails,from so many people and i dont know,whats up but they ask me whats going,on with this so im going to direct it,to you,when will the daily wire make a comedy,that is a major questioning and i dont,mind telling you that 30 minutes 30,minutes before walking into hair and,makeup i was in a table read for a daily,wire comedy so,coming soon is what ill say good news,all right thats good news heres a good,one,do you guys always see eye to eye and,when you dont who wins,well jeremy wins uh but but but i think,i have a a im on a very short list of,people that can you know get get him to,do stuff uh so im very proud of that,fact no but i i think i think i,challenge him and he challenges me i,think we have very similar skill sets,but we also have very different uh,current sort of day-to-day operatio

Terror on the Prairie Review | No Spoilers

all right,heres my second go with this because uh,i forgot to plug in my mic but,i just finished watching terror on the,prairie,uh,a western story with lots of guns and,lots of blood,very bloody,pretty cool,the show starts off with,something unexpected you know,somethings coming but you didnt expect,that at least for me,the,acting,was ranged from okay to pretty good,there was there,was im not going to say anything,because i just want to leave it,as open to interpretation for everyone,anyways,uh,a lot of there theres some intense,moments,i thought it was going to be a little,more suspenseful,i thought it was going to be more horror,suspense type thing going on it wasnt,quite that i didnt i wasnt,nervous too many times definitely,um what the hell is going to happen next,though,um,some of the,practical effects,but this is a lower budget film its a,daily wire movie,youre only able to view this on the,daily wire now since the free premiere,that was on like youtube and facebook,and who knows where else thats all over,uh,its worth it though yeah,daily wire wants 10 or something and,theyve got codes everywhere and so you,can get it down to like seven bucks and,have everyone come over and watch the,movie with you,definitely definitely worth your time,what is it it was just under two hours i,want to say,there were so like i usually like to,complain there there were some slow,parts but it wasnt,when the end came it didnt feel like it,was dragging on im gonna give it,a seven,and,the story the story was okay the storys,the story is a basic story you know he,got a family trying to make their way,out in the middle of nowhere in the wild,west,uh,and you know,things happen not good things happen,the husbands got to go out to town,leaving the wife and the kids at home,and some,ruffians show up,you know the,story so,yeah definitely worth checking out,uh if you want to hear more of my,opinion where i get more spoilery,come on and check us on our podcast,saturday mornings 11 a.m pacific,standard time,and yeah well see you guys then if you,like what you saw please leave a like uh,subscribe,and until next time,keep it dirty

Terror On The Prairie Review | You Cant Cancel Gina Carano

[Music],i didnt know what to expect out of,terror on their prairie but i knew it,was going to be incredibly important for,what we are doing going forward in the,entertainment industry from the very,moment that the daily wire announced,they had hired gina carano after she had,been canceled after she had been fired,by lucasfilm and by disney over her,politics everyone knew that the first,thing they did together there would be a,lot of eyes on and im happy to say that,i really enjoyed this movie at the same,time i do think theres some people that,are going to have some criticisms of,this i dont think its a movie for,everybody this is going to be much more,dark and gruesome and brutal that i,think a lot of people were expecting,from a daily wire movie but in my mind,with what they were doing what they were,going out to do i think they,accomplished that and of course full,disclosure i was there at the premiere,in nashville for the daily wire red,carpet event the premiere of terror on,the prairie gina and daley wire asked,myself and a bunch of other members of,geeks and gamers to come out there and,we were more than happy to with that,being said and i told this actually to,gina herself i i said i really hope that,its good i really hope it doesnt suck,because i have to be honest with the,audience you know we have to be honest,with you guys whatever it may be,regardless if its made by people that,we like or a company that we might like,or have shared values potentially to,what we have that doesnt mean we can,just say somethings incredible,somethings a 10 out of 10. somethings,amazing simply because its made from,people that we respect what daily wire,is doing i think is really important in,the entertainment industry to give so,many people that arent part of this,echo chamber or maybe even if their,values or mindset does align with a lot,of what hollywood believes they dont,think that others should be excluded,because of their beliefs so what theyre,doing in the next several years i think,were going to look back and think that,this was the beginning of that and how,important this movie was when it comes,to the movie itself i did like it of,course gina carrano was the star of this,movie another daily wire movie with a,strong female character whos not a mary,sue whos not perfect at everything and,in fact they go out of their way to show,you that yeah shes not necessarily good,at everything which i think is very,important for this movie i thought gina,was really good in this nick seriously,in my mind i think that he gave like the,performance of this movie now he had a,lot of dialogue and i think you know as,someone whos done so much in the,entertainment industry i think they,probably relied pretty heavily on nick,seriously during this movie to be able,to do that to be able to be the focal,point of so much and to go on monologues,to draw the audience into what was going,on he was great but the story itself is,simple,its a story of a family thats trying,to make it out there in the wild you,know in the frontier,and its not necessarily going super,great you know they are struggling they,are having problems with their family,right now but something happens,that makes them forget about all that,something happens that makes just living,is the most important thing the next,thing that they need to focus on doing,and like i said there was some pretty,brutal violence in this that i think was,necessary not because oh look at goro,look thats so brutal look at all the,blood its because this is reality this,was the reality that they wanted to show,life on the frontier and to that point a,lot of this movie i think theres going,to be people that have a problem with it,because its so slow because its slow,so monotonous at times because theres,not even a score,you know theres almost no music in this,movie,its kind of meant to show you,how monotonous and terrible in a lot of,ways life was on the frontier for a lot,of people so i dont think its going to,be for everyone i think some people are,going to have big problems with that i,think that thats what they were going,for and i think it was accomplished,pretty well now i will say there were,times in this movie where whether it was,plot i was like well i really think they,could have just done that that would,have made more sense for her to do at,that moment for instance theres a part,where i i feel like ginas character,could have shot them or at least shot at,them even if she didnt hit them in a,certain scene where i feel like she,would have done it earlier in the movie,or later but specifically for that scene,they didnt want her to do that that,kind of stuck out for me little things,like that and although i did like how,they established how kind of dull and,monotonous life is like what theyre,trying to set up i do think that maybe,they went a little bit too overboard,they could have probably paired that,back they probably could have cut like,10 15 minutes off of the movie and i,think it would have felt a little bit,less like it dragged if you are someone,thats going into this movie expecting a,200 million dollar budget budget special,effects a marvel movie like whatever uh,youre probably going to be disappointed,you really shouldnt have that,expectation going in you know this is a,movie that is very simplistic,that is all practical effects that is a,character-driven story thats supposed,to really ground you in the reality of,what life would have been back then its,not trying to preach to you at all there,is an element of north-south you know,post-civil war era but i think they do a,good job of not preaching to you about,anything,they make the villains you kind of,understand at least where the villains,coming from but you completely despise,what they are doing you do not agree,with what theyre doing its not like a,sympathetic villain type of thing i do,think that over the next several years,the more stuff they do together like,this i do think its going to get better,and better one thing i think daily wire,very much understands is that they need,to stay within their bounds of what,theyre capable of at any moment they,know they cant do this massive action,adventure high budget science fiction,fantasy whatever it is right so theyre,theyre taking on scripts theyre using,stories that make sense for what they,can do and make sure that they execute,that to the best that they can to me,this movie is a solid six i dont know,if once i watch it again if im gonna,feel better about it if im gonna feel,worse about it but from that moment,staying as detached as i can from the,people that are making this movie,because again thats what i have to do,um a six is going to be my score for,terror on the prairie this is not a,childrens movie right dont go to this,thinking you need you want to take your,kids and show you or show your kids oh,this is the new gina karana movie,theres going to be some brutal stuff in,there because the story theyre dealing,with is pretty brutal and thats a good,thing because thats the story they,needed to tell but what do you guys,think if you want to go watch this you,can go to the daily wires website,i think they have code gina you can use,for a discount right now ill try to put,the daily wires site in the description,below so you guys can go right there,above all and like i told so many people,at either the red carpet or the after,party ultimately the reason that you,guys are watching me the reason you guys,are watching so many channels like mine,is for the truth not for us to fluff,something up not for us to overly praise,something or whatever you know if i,thought this movie was bad i would tell,you absolutely because the only reason,you guys are here is for authenticity,this is definitely not a movie for,everyone but if youre someone who,thinks youd be interested in a dark,gritty character-driven western i,absolutely think you should try out tara,on the prairie let me know your thoughts,in the comments below smash a lik

Daily Wire Outwokes Top Gun: Maverick | Truth Bomb

the whole industry out there in,hollywood has been captured by wokeness,and the feminist movement,and they come out with a movie,more disruptive more pleasing,to evangelicals and conservatives and,republicans,than the daily wire,the daily wire has a,brand youre betraying that brand people,are bringing expectations into your,content projects,and as it relates to tara on the prayer,and then if you go back to the,other movie they put out in the past,year i think shut in,if you go back to,the the movie that i think they were,loosely involved with or involved with,the promotion,run hide fight,so run hide fight,uh had a female heroine,hero,i think some 17 year old girl,uh shut in which i watched because i,support the daily wire i have a,subscription i support these guys shut,in i watch that,that some,woman and her child trapped in a house,in a closet,basically avoiding the brutality of her,drugged up,ex-husband and her super drugged up and,wicked husbands best friend,and so the daily wire has been involved,in three,movie projects,and all of them have female heroes,just think that through,and then i want you to think about,fearless and this army and this movement,that were trying to start here and why,its important,this is about,inspiring and raising up men,to live up to their biblical,responsibility,were not doing that,and the daily wire isnt putting out,movie content that inspires men theyre,putting out movie content,that,exaggerates,the physical,heroism of women,and so,i want you to think about this,about and again the daily wire as ive,told its a disruptive news organization,as it relates to these movies run hide,fight,shut in,and now terror on the prairie,theres no disruption theyre following,the hollywood script theyve allowed,dallas,and these other actors actresses or,whatever to talk them into and hollywood,people is lets make safe netflix type,movies,uh well just do them under the daily,wire brand and use your money and your,backing to get it done and i can show,the hollywood people they were wrong for,canceling me and i can go back to,hollywood having made no movie,that,disrupts the hollywood narrative,and again the reason why this happens is,because when you are a political,organization,votes,matter more than values,over here,values matter far more than votes,were going to stick to some values and,some principles,and concepts that are biblically sound,were not going to be perfect im a,flawed sinner i talk about it constantly,im still battling all the same flaws i,fled la to get away from them but they,can find you here as well,but im not going to put out content,that betrays the brand that were,building and the values that we believe,in,and so what i want you to understand my,disappointment with terror on the,prairie and the daily wire and theyre,the movies theyre pumping out i want,you just to think about this,hollywood,is being more disruptive,than the daily wire,top gun maverick,came straight out of hollywood,and its more disruptive,than tara on the prairie,just think that through,top,gun maverick with tom cruise the biggest,box office star in,hollywood scientologist,the whole industry out there in,hollywood has been captured by wokeness,and the feminist movement,and they come out with a movie,more disruptive more pleasing,[Music],to evangelicals and conservatives and,republicans,than the daily wire,top gun maverick is about,a man,standing up,for his country,and being a hero and men,making the ultimate sacrifice for each,other risking their lives you had a man,hero,who,was in love with a woman that he left,behind to go be heroic for his country,and his fellow man,and is breaking box office records and,everyones talking about how hey,they didnt follow the woke script even,though,to some degree they did,you know,they they bowed to the diversity gods,and,had a female pilot and a black pilot and,a hispanic pilot,but,top gun maverick,is more disruptive than a movie put out,by the daily wire,and this is where i i i go to when i say,values,versus votes,and the votes,is about a political perspective and,its,about i got to do everything i can,to be as politically viable,to as wide a spectrum of people as,possible,but when you have values,you know what im sticking to these,values and i dont care whether theyre,popular or not,my values are going to shine such a,bright light,and be so overpowering and im going to,be a light unto the world,that no one will be able to deny,that i have adopted the right values and,right principles,thats what were trying to do,thats what can save america,if we just go for politics,were not going to be saved,[Music],you

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