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Tesla Model X Review

[Music],this is the tesla model x its all,electric it can seat seven people it can,go zero to sixty in 2.7 seconds,and it has gullwing doors actually,theyre called falcon doors but you get,the point this is not a boring vehicle,this is the craziest vehicle you can buy,today,[Music],before we get into the details i want to,tell you that motorone is partnering,with omaze to give away a tesla model x,just like this one to find out more,visit omaze.com motor one dash tesla,these are the falcon doors and theyre,the coolest thing about the tesla model,x now theyre gold wing doors but they,may not be like what you remember,because they have a hinge in the middle,also theres sensors all around them so,that they dont hit your garage on the,way up and dont slice you in half on,the way down and unlike normal car doors,you dont open and close them by,yourself you just hit a button,and they close themselves,so whats the point of falcon doors what,problem do they solve well tesla will,tell you that they open in really tight,parking spaces and thats true they do,go up and down very vertically now other,car doors can do that as well uh like a,minivan sliding door but those are,boring falcon doors are cool theres,theater and they draw a crowd whenever,you use them,[Music],zero to sixty times are a way to measure,how fast your vehicle is,with fast cars its a way to put them in,a pecking order now when i was a kid,anything that could do zero to 60 in the,four second range was considered fast,today anything less than three seconds,is considered supercar territory those,are your ferraris your mclarens your,lamborghinis,now the tesla model x which again can,seat seven people can do zero to sixty,in two point seven seconds thats insane,on the list of vehicles that can go zero,to 60 under three seconds it sticks out,like a sore thumb,but its also good for when youre,merging on the highway or passing a,vehicle all you have to do is put your,foot down and you get all that instant,torque,just like that driving a model x isnt,like driving other vehicles first its,an electric vehicle so its completely,silent,and because its electric it has tons of,power thats available at any speed,since were in our tesla we have to talk,about autopilot to engage it i just pull,back on this stalk on the left side of,the steering wheel twice,when you hear that beep the car takes,over driving for itself now i should,keep my hands on the wheel because its,just an assistance device it doesnt,drive the car all by itself,autopilot is monitoring everything,around the car its got cameras and,sensors to make sure that it knows,where the other traffic is and where you,are relative to it it can even change,lanes by itself its going to scan,around and look for an opening and then,when it finds it itll turn all by,itself,there we go,the model x really doesnt handle like,other suvs thats because theres a,battery pack beneath the floor and that,weighs a lot so it keeps the model x,from feeling tippy or exhibiting a lot,of roll in corners,also its got some other peculiar things,like this windshield,the glass goes all the way up above my,head and you might think thats a little,strange or that i might get hot in here,or have the sun in my eyes but teslas,tinted the window halfway down,[Music],theres just so many things you can say,about the tesla model x that you cant,say about other vehicles so many specs,that go together that shouldnt it goes,zero to 60 in 2.7 seconds but it seats,seven people,it has a 300 mile range and yet it can,fit more cargo than most three row,crossovers you know its all of these,things together that make the model x so,magical and actually its what makes it,so crazy and remember were partnering,with omaze which is giving away a tesla,model x just like this one,visit omaze.com,motorone-tesla for more information,[Music]

2022 Tesla Model X Review | Best Electric SUV?!

[Music],[Music],foreign everyone this is faiz and,welcome to my channel the model 6 has,been around for six years yet it still,catches so much attention on the road,and thats before the rear falcon wing,doors even open up this is simply the,most unique suv out there in the market,and i absolutely find it beautiful for,its sheer minimalism simple design and,the functionality that it offers now,before i even begin my review i will,just go over the model 6 that i,purchased its the long range version,with a wide exterior and white interior,with a six-seat layout and we upgraded,our wheels to the 22-inch turbine wheels,and got the full self-driving package as,well now unlike legacy automakers tesla,only does minor changes periodically and,in january of 2021 elon announced the,new version after six years it finally,got a major upgrade now they kept the,exterior mostly the same and just,introduced cosmetic modifications like,new bumpers alloy wheels and replace,chrome with a nice gloss black finish,which looks much nicer and sleek now,with the model x obviously the biggest,story here are the falcon wing doors,first you have the driver door that,opens automatically and you can shut it,without lifting a finger then you have,the rear doors that open like wings and,provide great access to the rear seats,now unlike the exterior the interior on,the other hand sees significant changes,making the cabin more appealing and,functional the redesigned dashboard,makes the interior seem more,sophisticated and luxurious also nothing,screams future louder than a yoke,steering wheel it took me literally just,about half an hour or so of driving and,i became used to it almost immediately,now it doesnt impact my driving in any,negative way and if anything during,autopilot i actually like the steering,wheel as you can just rest your hands on,the wide open space area analog controls,are still minimal and that may not be a,good thing for everyone speaking of,which the one thing that im not a huge,fan of is the fact that there is no way,to shift gears other than using the,touchscreen most cars have a column,stock by the wheel or a shifter on the,center console which i find way more,convenient like if im at a parking lot,and its busy and i need to just do a,quick reverse or something its so much,more natural to use an actual gear to,reverse or to drive if its by the,steering wheel or the center console but,with the model x i do find it a little,cumbersome to keep reaching for the,screen and pulling down reverse or,pulling up to go forward its just not,that ergonomic in my opinion now the,same goes for the blinkers theres no,actual column stock to shift up and down,instead you have buttons on the steering,wheel and once or twice i have,accidentally clicked it even changing,lanes requires you to take your eyes off,the road momentarily to press the,correct arrow button i see that tesla,went full in on the minimalism but this,is a sacrifice to ergonomics and its,definitely going to take time to get,adjusted to however i do think that,those are just things that youll get,used to over time so though it may seem,like a small annoyance in the beginning,over time i am sure that it will be a,breeze to use and just become second,nature however what i really loved is,the big 17-inch horizontal touchscreen i,was never a fan of the vertical,touchscreen display in the previous,generation model x but this one is much,nicer and i like how with just a click,of a button the driver can now tilt the,screen towards them for improved,visibility plus its possible to tilt,the display towards the front passenger,as well right underneath that,touchscreen you have an area to place,your phones and have them wirelessly,charge and speaking of charging you have,many usbc ports throughout this vehicle,to charge your devices youve got two in,the center console,two underneath the second row display,and also two in the third row right by,the cup holders now since we purchased,the six seat version it feels even more,spacious since there is nice room,between the two middle row seats which,allows for great access to get to the,third row seats you also have these,switches to allow the middle row seats,to go back and forth to allow access to,the third row or simply just adding more,legroom in the second row as for the,legroom between the third and second row,seats its decent obviously the third,row seats are not like the middle rows,of course but definitely much better,than most of the other third row suvs,that are out there in the market now,right in front of the middle row you,have this nice touchscreen display where,you have your climate controls but you,can also do far more than just that you,can stream movies play music this is a,feature that many passengers will,definitely enjoy overall the interior,space is generous in the first and,second rows and that extra large,windshield provides a panoramic view,like no other so now that weve talked,about the interior lets talk about,comfort one benefit of the larger tesla,models including the model x is the,adaptive air suspension which,significantly improves ride comfort this,new model x boasts an admirable ability,to absorb bumps in the road this quality,along with a cabin well insulated,against outside noise makes for a very,comfortable environment now as far as,the seats go the model xs are pretty,well cushioned and provide enough,adjustments to dial in your personal,comfort the model xs climate controls,are simple to use but know that the,extra large windshield lets in a bit,more heat during hot summer days than a,typical size windshield now lets talk,about technology for all the,technological marvels in the model x,there are some shortcomings however the,lack of smartphone integration via apple,carplay and android auto is a big,drawback as literally almost every car,in the market now offers it now if,youre parked youve got access to an,internet browser that allows you to do,stuff like watch netflix or scroll,through youtube videos provided youre,subscribed to a tesla data plan or,connected to wi-fi now this car has a,ton of sensors and cameras yet for some,reason you dont get a 360 view of the,car when youre parking or pulling into,tight areas such as a garage for an,example i just dont understand why,tesla doesnt enable this when they have,all the technology in the car now what,is really cool however is the real-time,digital map of the vehicles around you,its pretty nice to see and we like that,you can pull up the rear view camera,anytime that you want one of the,greatest innovations from tesla however,is constant over-the-air updates that,can add new features and system,optimizations also the big center screen,is the largest in the industry with,crisp graphics and a stunning google,based snap system lets go over the most,important thing the driving experience,let me just start off by saying that,driving this car is an absolute joy,performance has become the calling card,of the tesla brand in the mid-size model,x upholds that reputation this long,range dual motor model x boasts,670 horsepower and accelerates quite,quickly make sure to give your,passengers fair warning before putting,your foot down especially if your car is,on the insane mode the 0-60 is 3.8,seconds balancing out that impressive,speed are excellent brakes that are both,easy to use in traffic and strong and,confident when you need to stop in a,hurry theres enough regenerative,braking when lifting off the accelerator,that you can often drive around without,touching the brake pedal this sizeable,family suv drives more like a sports car,and thats absolutely what i love about,it also worth noting the adaptive air,suspension provides up to 8.9 inches of,ground clearance when you need it all,right so the question i often get is,hows the cargo space its excellent in,the model x when compared with the,rivals the 2022 tesla model x has the,best in-class cargo capacity of 40 cubic,feet even when you fold down th

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Tesla Model X Plaid – AutoWeek Review

[Muziek],We hebben de tijdje zonder de Tesla,Model X moeten stellen dat hij gewoon,even niet leverbaar was de autosnamelijk,eh ja grotendeels vernieuwd Maar hij,heeft natuurlijk een tijd een Monopoly,positie gehad hè als grote SUV,elektrische SUV moet ik zeggen in 2018,zijn er zelfs 3000 van verkocht in,Nederland maar ja toen kwamen autos als,de Audi e-tron de Mercedes eh eqx de,jaguar i-pace zo kwamen steeds meer,grote eh SUV achter geautos bij,elektrisch en ja toen was het eigenlijk,wel in Nederland in ieder geval een,beetje gedaan met de modlakes nou nu,staat er dus een vernieuwde versie met,hier op de achterkant dit speciale logo,dat staat voor plat en dan weten de,kennis al genoeg Dit is een Model X met,meer dan 1000 pk 1020 pk precies te zijn,dat is natuurlijk krankzinnig,hoeveelheid vermogen ehm er zitten,allerlei leuke featurs op om dat,vermogen ook eh ja ten volle te benutten,waaronder een launch control en Hij,heeft een half uur dus dat zijn de,dingen waar we het vandaag over gaan,hebben,[Muziek],nou aan de buitenkant is niet zo heel,veel veranderd in deze auto eh in ieder,geval is al het chroom vervangen door,zwart zoals wat ik met een model 3 ook,gezien hebben het frontjes een klein,beetje anders dan voorheen,ehm maar daar houden het ook wel een,beetje mee op Uhm in het interieur dat,is de wel een stuk op vooruit gegaan eh,dat was voorheen natuurlijk nog wat,kritiek op dat dat er niet zo,fantastisch uit zag nog groter,nadenkiren maar ik moet zeggen dit is,gewoon een heel vrij Aan ene kant mooi,minimalistisch interieur maar het ziet,er wel gewoon mooi uit mooi materialen,Ja dat voel je je wel prettig in ehm ja,ik zei het al Het is een soort van mix,tussen een SUV en een MPV hij zou in,principe eh,zes mensen moeten kunnen herbergen of,zal zeven nou even geprobeerd om die,derde zit er te gebruiken Ja dan kan ik,met mijn 1.91m eigenlijk niet,fatsoenlijk zitten Het is al een hele,toer om de in te komen want die ja die,stoel op de tweede zit er eigenlijk kan,ook niet helemaal naar voren dus je moet,je zelf er een beetje inwringen en als,ik dan tenslotte achterin zit ja dan,steek ik met mijn hoofd boven het eh dak,uit als iemand dan die klep zo dicht,doen dan krijg ik die ook nog op mijn,hoofd dus eh ja voor een eh volwa Merel,is het daar een beetje te krap en ook op,de tweede zit er eigenlijk is de,beenruimte ook niet echt heel Riant voor,gezins gebruik prima maar voor volwassen,mensen die een beetje langer zijn al,gemiddeld is het net iets te kracht,Vertel dan deze auto heeft zogenieksteer,daar is ook wel een heleboel over gezegd,en geschreven en misschien heb je er al,een keer videootje over gezien eh ja een,joopsteer eh ik heb er wel eens,meegereden eh een klein jaartje geleden,bij Lexus in de elektrische versie van,de van de nieuwe Lexus de RZ het,verschil met eh deze auto en die Lexus,Is dat die Lexus die heeft stier bij,waaier dus daar gaat het stuur Dus is,het geen vaste overbrenging meer tussen,stuurhuis en de voorwielen,dat gaat gewoon eh met eh draadjes eh En,dat betekent ook dat die stuur,overbrenging heel variabel is bij die,auto eh en dan kun je eigenlijk net als,in de Formule 1 auto met een half slagje,maak je gewoon een haakse bocht zeker op,parkeerstnelheid is je harder gaat,rijden Wordt dus de overbreng weer wat,anders Dat is bij deze auto niet zo als,ik hier een rotonde over moet of het,inparkeren in een parkeervak Ja dan moet,het stuur toch meerdere keren rond Ja,dan zie je hem al aankomen natuurlijk,dan eh moet je wel steeds de juiste plek,zoeken omdat joopsteert je vast te,grijpen dus dan is het eh toch wel heel,onpraktisch ook op eh rotondes,eh daar moet je het ook iets meer,draaien en dan kom je in het volgende,aspect alle knopjes hè er zitten geen,stengels meer aan het stuur Ook niet,voor de richtingaanwijzer zoals ik ook,een rotonde rij en ik wil voordat ik ga,afslaan even richting aangeven en dan,staat het stuur helemaal op de kop dan,moet ik dus gaan kijken oh ja eh welke,kant moet ik ook weer indrukken en dan,druk je soms per ongeluk de verkeerde,kant in na een half jaar rijden ben,natuurlijk wel helemaal aan gewend maar,toch helemaal intuïtief is het niet Ik,zou dat net even anders indelen,Ja die richtingwijs zitten ze hier wat,hier Hij is wel redelijk intelligent dus,als je van rijstrook bent gewisseld die,met afgeslagen gaat hij wel daarna uit,dus je hoeft hem niet zelf uit te zetten,Zoals bijvoorbeeld vroeger bij een,Citroën CX die daar zon satellietje had,moest je alles zelf aan en uitzetten dat,hoeft hier niet gaat helemaal,automatisch maar goed als ik dit stuur,zo indeling zou ik gewoon zeggen doe de,richtingwijzer voor links aan de,linkerkant en die van rechts hier aan de,rechterkant Dan kun je meteen een knopje,van de,ruitenwisserbediening hier naar links,verplaatsen want de menuknop voor de,ruitenwiss zit hier maar wil je ehm in,het menu dus een andere ruitenwisser,modus kiezen dan moet je weer met dit,draai wieltje Dus het zit ook net,andersom dus dat zou eigenlijk logischer,zijn als eh het knopje voor linksaf aan,de linkerkant zit en rechts rechts want,de valt ook precies je duim op ja dus eh,gemengde fotos bij de joops hier als je,gewoon op een rechte weg rijdt en je,hebt hem op autopilot staan ja dan hoef,je toch alleen maar je hand een beetje,op te houden en bij een normale bochten,is het ook prima waar bij manoeuvreren,bij het parkeren en in de stad rijden,dan toch lastig ook weer eh anders dan,voorheen is dat we nu een lichaamd,scherm hebben in deze auto in plaats van,in de mogel asmroth Had je een groot,staandscherm nu dus een lichaamscherm 17,inch groter dan in de model 3 uitrem,maar de model 3 is die ook zo gemonteerd,eh hoge resoluties scherm een,infotainmentsysteem wat echt Supersnel,en heel intuïtief werkt tuurlijk daar,zitten heel veel submenus in maar dan,nog hè je druk hier op een knop met het,autootje erop dan krijg je gewoon alle,submenus alle belangrijke dingen om te,bedienen als je daar helemaal hier weg,in weet dan eh ja dan wil je eigenlijk,niet anders meer je ziet het,bijvoorbeeld eh ook aan de voice control,bij deze auto naar je roept iets in de,navigatie Je hebt het er niet gezegd en,eh Bam en navigeertje er al gewoon,naartoe en het is nooit van dat hij het,niet kan vinden dat je het nog drie keer,moet opnoemen nee het werkt gewoon,feilloos dat is gewoon heel goed en ook,die volledige integratie eh met de,aandrijflijn met de batterij je,verbruikt eh de voorspelde actieradius,Ja er is tot nu toe geen merkte dat,beter doet eh dan Tesla zodat hebben ze,echt heel goed voor mekaar dat komt nog,bij natuurlijk dat die auto regelmatig,over die R updates krijgt dus je systeem,is altijd gewoon het nieuws ervan,nieuwste dan kan het wel eens gebeuren,natuurlijk dat je s ochtends in je auto,staat dat een bepaalde functies en,toegevoegd dat het allemaal weer net wat,anders werkt maar je er even aan moet,wennen maar het is wel altijd up to date,gewoon Supersnel en ook de app die erbij,Hoort Ik heb hem even op mijn telefoon,geïnstalleerd Ja die is ook gewoon,briljant werkt gewoon goed Je staat hem,op je ziet meteen eh de status van de,auto heel makkelijk gewoon ook even in,te programmeren van ga verwarmen of,afkoelen dat werkt gewoon heel erg goed,dan de rij je eigenschappen van deze,auto Ja het is natuurlijk een hele grote,auto hij weegt 2,5 Ton dat is niet niks,Nou bij die in ieder geval heel goed in,is altijd het is geweest en dat gaat ook,weer voor elke Tesla is de efficiency,van de aandrijflijnen want zelfs voor,zon grote auto We rijden nu bij,omstandigheden het is heel koud en dan,nog is het verbruik voor zon auto,eigenlijk gewoon extreem laag en zeker,als je dan ook nog in de nacht neemt dat,deze meer dan 1000 pk heeft dat is,gewoon heel goed,de autopilot zoals die dan bij Tesla,eten ja gewoon cruise control gekoppeld,dan alleen Assist et cetera die heb ik,ook veel gebruikt Ja die doet af en toe,toch nog wel eens dingen van je denkt eh,Waar ben je mee bezig Op De Weg tussen,baret ik gister

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Tesla Model X 2018 electric SUV review | Mat Watson Review

this is the tesla model x and its the,perfect car if you like a grand entrance,because its got these wonderful,falcon doors i mean look theres nothing,else like it in the world its,incredible and the benefit of these,amazing doors is that its dead easy to,climb into the back of the car so you,can get this model x as a five-seater a,six-seater or like this one a seven seat,although you do have to pay extra for,the extra chairs lets talk about the,room here in the back ill just shut,this door,just press the button and down it comes,and dont worry its not going to squash,my head because,there is plenty of headroom here ive,got loads of knee room as well and you,can stretch your feet out under the,chair in front also youve got three,individual chairs now they do move,individually so the outer ones you can,control them yourself from the seats but,the middle one you have to control it,from the screen in the front and ill,show you more about that later okay so,this middle panel does mean headroom is,a bit limited but im sitting up,straight and ive still just about got,enough and theres loads of leg room,its a really wide body car as well so,it is comfy with three people abreast in,this middle row,helps that youve got a flat floor so,theres loads and loads of foot space,anyway lets jump into the rear,and show you what its like back there,so yeah these doors i love them i love,them,now to move the chair out the way its,just a press of a button everything is,all electric,slides gracefully out the way and then,you have quite a bit of space to climb,into the back i am gonna just move this,chair forward pull this one back so you,can see exactly whats going on back,here,so,this chair is as far back as it can go,and ive still got just about enough,knee room if i wanted to i could slide,that forward a bit and still be lots of,room,in the middle road for the person in,front of me in terms of headroom look at,this right there is a ridge here so you,wont want to be like that if you just,relax in your seat,its all right im actually perfectly,comfortable back here its quite,impressive and theres lots of glass,area as well so its nice and light and,airy,its actually,a genuinely practical seven seater car,now lets check out the boot see what,its like for carrying stuff,so with all seven seats in place the,actual space isnt all that bad and if,you look here theres no load lift to,lift stuff across though you do have,this false floor so you could create one,if you were wanting to but it does,create a bit more space down there and,you can get your charging cables in,there to put that back up in terms of,features theres some tethering points,here here theres a 12 volt socket as,well there now if you need more space,you can fold down these back seats,funnily though you actually have to push,them with your hand in an only q7,theyre electric this is the only not,electric part of this car im sure once,you do that youve got a bit more space,and a flat load area what you cant do,though is fold down that middle row,theyre fixed though you can slide them,forward electrically and then try and,fill the car at the best you can now if,you click it there you can actually see,just how much you can squeeze into this,cars boot in our detailed practicality,video show you how easy it is to fit a,child seat in here and what its like,with three people in the middle row and,someone in the back as well now lets,check out the front of the car,so this model x,is actually quite an expensive car so it,starts from 75 000 pounds this 100d with,options is over a hundred thousand,pounds but the fit and finish isnt,quite that of a hundred thousand pound,car its nice and the design is its,fairly minimalistic but yeah i think,mercedes s class does feel a bit posh up,on the inside what does stand out though,is this screen i mean look at its,absolutely massive so youve got the,internet on there if you want it youve,got full google mapping,actually you can control most the cars,functions through it as well the,suspension i can shut the other rear,door using it i can move all the seats,about i can change the driving style so,i can put on regenerative braking to,standard or low and that means that when,im driving around town i can lift off,the throttle and itll slow the car down,to charge the batteries and its almost,like youre braking without actually,having to use the brake its great,obviously being an electric car its,automatic there is just one gear so its,dead easy to drive and its actually,dead easy to see whats going on as well,because the digital drivers display is,nice and clear in terms of storage its,actually all right huge door bins fit a,big bottle theres more storage here and,theres some more storage under here and,theres various charging points for all,your electric devices as well,whatd you expect its an electric car,youve basically got this big battery,pack with you thats all the practical,stuff dealt with now lets see what this,electric suv is like to drive,now once you get on the open road this,model x actually handles a lot better,than youd imagine it to so yes it may,be a tall car but because the batteries,are kept low down in the car keeps the,center of gravity as low as possible so,but it doesnt really roll at all in the,corners now part of the reason for that,is also the suspension is a little bit,on the firm side now as standard all,models apart from the entry-level car,get air suspension,its not the most float experience,though so you do feel the bumps a little,bit because obviously like i said the,suspension is a little bit on the firm,side to stop it rolling around in the,corners,but,even though it does corner pretty well i,wouldnt say its exactly much fun to,drive apart from the instant,acceleration from that electric motor so,i mean,yeah you can be going along at 30 miles,an hour and then,youre doing 17 just like that just like,that i mean its so addictive and you,just you,just end up,putting your foot down just for the,sheer heck of it,uh its so addictive and its so fast so,this 100d it can get from naught to 60,in 4.8 seconds i mean that is insane the,only problem is that soon eats into your,battery range so tesla says this car if,youre sensible will do between 250 and,300 miles on a charge,but youre probably going to get around,200 and if youre a little bit,enthusiastic with the accelerator youre,going to get quite a bit less now you,can charge a tesla supercharger and 30,minutes will give you 170 miles extra,range,so yeah if you can find those thats,great otherwise you do it at home and,the cost i mean its pretty cheap its,much cheaper to run actually in terms of,electricity than a normal petrol or,diesel car,one thing to note though is that,yeah it is quite expensive itself and,when youre going at speed at the,motorway because,theres no engine sound you do notice,wind and tar raw a little bit more than,you might expect,now then its time to look at whats,good and not so good about the tesla,model x and theres so much to talk,about that rather than doing five good,things im actually gonna do ten,the car has a front trunk with enough,space for a human and you can use the,bonnet then as a sun shade,the car knows when youve arrived at a,tesla supercharger and the charge port,automatically opens you can get a,specialist air filter for the car which,is so good it even has a bio weapon,defense mode the only problem is if,someone fights on the car you got to,recirculate the smell will never leave,you get the model x with full,self-driving capability and that makes,it more autonomous than any other,production car in fact tesla says its,actually safer at driving than a human,crazy,the isofix anchor points for a child,seat are very easy to get to theyre,just under this little flap here,tesla can send software patches to your,car over the internet to apparently,improve your driver experience,this car has a drag coefficient of just,0.24 cd whatever that means apparently,its the most aerodyna

2022 Tesla Model X Plaid Review // Six Seat Supercar

yeah the flight was fine and i havent,seen james in a while hes really leaned,into this whole california thing is even,a tesla model x outside,all right ill talk to you later,not bad,james,hey,oh my god hes gone full malibu,[Music],youre watching throttle heads im,thomas,[Music],and im james,[Applause],and this,is the tesla model x,[Music],plaid,which means theyve given this model x,the same tri-motor,1020 horsepower treatment,as the model s-plaid,allowing this six-seater suv,a quarter-mile time of 9.9 seconds and a,north to 60 time of 2.5,as spec it has a range of,311 miles and it costs around,130 thousand dollars u.s,but as eye-watering as that price may,seem,with those power numbers,and the changes theyve made both inside,and out,this might actually be the least,expensive way to get the ultimate suv,lets find out,and a huge thank you to jerry rogoff for,not only did he lend us his wrangler to,make fun of in our fj review he also,lent us his brand new model x plaid for,this one,what a guy,if youre new to us,we do car reviews,track tests and quite a lot of messing,around,so subscribe and hit the bell,[Music],[Applause],okay,lets just remind ourselves what that,word plaid means mind-bendingly,ridiculously,quick to the point where no car can,touch this weve driven aventador svjs,weve driven,lamborghini huracan stos ive just drove,a mclaren 720s last week,this,excuse my french,hoops on all of them,obviously,this doesnt do a lot of the things,those cars do but what it does do is fit,six people in the car comfortably,six people that you can make sick any,time you want and i i never thought id,be putting my foot down in a 5400 pound,suv,and it be the second quickest car ive,ever driven after the model s plaid,i never thought that but even though,its heavy,theyve made it aerodynamic it cuts,through the air,and as weve learned with electric,vehicles cutting through the air is good,now the tesla model s,was the reigning champion with a drag,coefficient of 0.21 but that got knocked,off its perch by the eqs and the lucid,air but as it stands this has a drag,coefficient of 0.24,which makes this the suv with the lowest,drag coefficient ever,nothing,okay,all right so weve established that the,well any plaid is good,going forward really really ridiculously,ridiculously good at going forward,but,stopping,is not the strong suit of these cars as,many of you saw me discover,in the model s plaid video,and i have to say that since then,theres been many crashes of tesla,models played like i said there would be,but,its important to know that,the reason that the brakes are not good,enough on a plaid and the same thing is,likely true with this is that its not,that it doesnt have enough initial,stopping power it actually has as much,stopping power as any big suv on the,road more or less its that it can get,to speed,so quickly,and so easily and so frequently,that you have to recalibrate your brain,as to how much breaks you need and how,early you need them to be able to stop,before hitting something like jason and,randy proved in that icons episode on,hagerty,however i will say that thermal capacity,is a thing and its important to know,that if you continually do a lot of,stops in one of these five and a half,six thousand pound vehicles youre going,to cook the fluid in the brakes youre,gonna destroy the brake pads and glaze,the rotors,these are not made for track work under,any circumstances theyre actually not,even really made for doing over and over,0-60 runs and braking so if you have one,of these please be aware of that psa,there you go now it sounds like im,picking on tesla because i am but the,truth is its happening to a lot of evs,theyre just upgrading the speed for the,sport model without really changing,anything its got to be tempting to just,flip the switch so the batteries do more,and make the car go faster then you get,to sell more and put an s badge on it or,whatever,you got to do other stuff too guys you,got to make the brakes bigger you got to,make the suspension stiffer you got to,give it better tires theres more to it,that said though,this is a model x this is a car for,commuting,in,malibu and driving to whole foods and,charging at your house and saying oh i,have a tesla blah blah blah but,its handling this canyon road very well,if im being honest the yolk is dumb but,im can kind of feel where the front,tires are,and if im being honest i think this,drives better than the model 3,very very flat in the corners and its,managing its mass of which there is a,considerable amount very very well,the power is linear,and prodigious,its like half throttle and it hurts,and i know it it feels quite its a,sharp vehicle we were driving a bentega,s around this exact road earlier this,morning,and this feels more confident than that,honestly,low center of gravity right,all right i did it oh no okay you got,you just,yeah you click it and then there we go,okay quick hi yeah oh well yeah,um,now i want to talk about where this,looks because,i keep thinking this is a model y and i,dont know why,right that sounded weird when i said it,out loud,this is a good looking suv do you think,so i think it actually is a very good,looking suv well they theyve barely,changed it and i think the idea behind,that is that,the,elon doesnt want the original owners to,feel like they want it to be future,proof so someone who bought one from six,years ago yes doesnt see this with mv,although they have changed some stuff,yeah which i think is for the better,weve lost the uh staple remover to,metal stripes here this is oh right this,has got cleaner yeah and you know our,audience may have noticed this is not a,factory color this has already been,wrapped yeah it was black its now,chalky gray i think it really works,actually this color on this yeah because,then you can see the black accents right,you see the handles and everything right,yeah theyve cleaned up the back a bit,they havent changed much to the,exterior but theyve just cleaned it up,open your door im gonna open my door,because this thing looks the coolest,when its in like,hawk mode,oh that door,get up,i thought this still is pretty cool it,is just a door falcon mode,sorry falcon mode thats right and this,this has the 22 inch wheels,so its a bit more money and it loses a,bit of range yep compared to the 20s,you know i think i think its cool,looking and,i dont this is this is weird but i,swear that this is a little bit smaller,than the last model x that i maybe maybe,yeah but yeah everyone thinks that as,they get older,because youve got bigger,are you no youve got taller youve just,grown up,i remember when i stood next to my,grandmas dining table for the first,time i was like wow,now its still there so its a really,questionable purchase,anyway no i know i think its i think,its a really good looking suv and,obviously those doors are amazing i i,think its,i do like the doors yeah i still think,the look of its a bit appliancy it,still just looks like you just said it,looks like a tesla model why i think,its lacking a bit of identity okay we,went to a tesla meeting yes we did how,was that well well we didnt arrive in a,tesla we arrived in a kona electric,and all of the tesla guys,were so excited that in different cars,something different something else was,there because there was just a theres,like all the xs were together all the,ys were together all the threes were,together were like wow that looks like,a dealership and they came running over,to see the company well theres theres,a facebook group that when your car meet,looks like traffic,yeah yeah the audi the audi a4 gets,posted there a lot but so the tesla yeah,lets look at the inside yeah,and you can yep you know ive got on,with these automatic doors have you now,a lot more than we did in the,rolls-royce automatic doors those are,loud though,but are falcons quiet,yeah theyre like whisper quiet so they,could sneak up on the prey,that changes now,i didnt know im sure they make noises,thats the whole

Tesla Model X Plaid Review! *The Worlds FASTEST SUV!*

[Music],this is the all-new tesla model x plaid,a comfortable family suv that seats six,people and has more horsepower than a,bugatti veyron with a 0-60 time of two,and a half seconds this is the fastest,suv in the world and unlike a bugatti,veyron the doors go up when tesla,originally released the model x back in,2015 it took the world by storm an,all-electric suv that could seat seven,people and for whatever reason came with,supercar rivaling doors now elon musk,claims that it makes it easier to get in,and out of in tight spaces but lets be,honest we really like it because it,looks unbelievably cool fast forward to,2022 and we have this the new generation,of the model x now to the untrained eye,it doesnt actually look a whole lot,different and truth be told 99 of the,model xs brilliance lies beneath the,surface that being said there are some,subtle tweaks and updated sleeker from,bumper some nice new wheels blacked out,trim and a nicer looking rear diffuser,all told those little improvements,result in the lowest coefficient of drag,of any suv ever produced at 0.24 there,are two variants of the new model x the,base model x starts at 99 000 comes with,two motors its all-wheel drive 0-60 in,3.8 seconds which is crazy fast for an,suv it also has 332 miles of range now,for the crazy few who deemed it,necessary to have 1020 horsepower in,their daily driver family suv tesla has,graced us with the tri-motor tesla model,x plaid with over a thousand horsepower,zero to sixty in two and a half seconds,and actually one more mile of range than,the base model at 330 miles now,interestingly enough the x-plaid starts,at 120 grand thats three grand less,than the model s plaid even though you,get an extra seat and the falcon doors,pretty cool tesla has kept it,extraordinarily simple with the x giving,you just four options to choose from,when youre configuring your car that is,color wheels interior color and whether,you want full self driving or not white,is a free color silver blue and black,will cost you fifteen hundred dollars,extra red for some reason is twenty five,hundred dollars its a little bit of a,fancier paint now youve got two,different wheel options to choose from,20 inch wheels are standard or the,upgraded 22s fitted here theyll cost,you 5500 they look a lot better although,they do reduce your range by 20 miles,despite its massive size the model x,plaid can run the quarter mile in 9.9,seconds the exact same time it takes the,2 million mclaren p1 to run the same,distance now it goes on to a top speed,of 163 miles an hour which is plenty,trust me having been that fast in an suv,before going over 200 you you absolutely,do not need that now because the model x,is an electric car that means weve got,space in the front trunk area for extra,cargo room all told 91 cubic feet of,storage which is more than a bmw x7 its,practical as well it comes standard with,a tow hook you can tow up to 5 000,pounds you can even fold the rear seats,down for extra storage who would have,thought wed live in a world where you,can have a practical green suv,with 1020 horsepower the model x plan is,the king of cool doors on the drivers,side just tap on the door handle and it,will automatically open up no need to,manually open your door like some sort,of peasant now if you climb inside a,simple tap on the brake will close the,door automatically on the passenger side,all you have to do is give a light tap,to the door lock and the door will,automatically close as well clicking on,the rear door sends that falcon door,upwards into the sky allowing you easy,access every single time now dont worry,these doors are smart enough not to,smash themselves into a wall or the roof,above you or somebody parked next to you,theyve got sensors everywhere and they,wont do that but once its opened up it,reveals this gorgeous interior now,interestingly enough the model x plaid,only comes in a six-seat configuration,now that is actually the best,configuration because it comes with,these gorgeous captains chairs the model,x non-plaid is available as a 5 6 or 7,seater the new model xs interior has,been completely overhauled in the best,way possible in fact tesla claims that,the only components the new car shares,with the old one are the seat rails most,notably and causing the most amount of,commotion on the internet is the design,language of the steering wheel its,called a yoke and honestly i really like,it its shaped kind of like the bottom,of a formula one steering wheel and,though it does take a little bit to get,used to after a couple weeks of driving,you adjust to the yoke and honestly i,really like the way it makes the driving,experience unique from any other car i,mean think about it every other car,youre driving has a round steering,wheel because of the way this is set up,it creates this unique driving,experience that is unlike anything else,now the first thing you notice honestly,when you step in the new model x plaid,other than the fact that the build,quality is really nice and it looks,fantastic in here ill get to that is,the massive massive front windshield,that creates a driving experience that,is also like no other vehicle being able,to see into the sky i mean its almost,like the entire car is made of glass is,really really cool it feels so airy and,spacious in here especially out in the,malibu canyons its a great place to be,able to see now dont worry if it gets,too sunny we have these incredible,sunshades that cover 99 of this,windshield in reality they absolutely,suck and this little vanity mirror is,hilariously small but,i guess its better than nothing,honestly speaking the interior is very,very nice it is a radical improvement,from the previous generation model x it,almost doesnt feel like it was built by,the same company now youve got three,interior color options to choose from,theres all black which in my opinion is,a little bit boring but it is a free no,cost option then you have the two-tone,black and white which this car has my,absolute favorite two thousand dollars,and you can get a cream interior for two,grand theres also either carbon fiber,trim or walnut trim the carbon looks,better the front dash is exactly the,same as the model s plaid weve got nice,wireless charging ports down here as,well as some storage spaces in here and,i love this massive 17-inch display that,works unbelievably well you can play,games you can watch netflix you can,swipe through tick-tock its actually,unbelievable and it also has the first,navigation system that i actually find,myself using more often than my phone i,cant say the same about any other,navigation youll notice the design is,very clean and simplistic and i love,that theyve even hidden the air vents,thats right the air actually comes out,of these little holes in the dash that,you cant actually see we also dont,have any stock so how do you put the car,in drive or use the turning indicators,for the turning indicators youve got,these touch buttons on the steering,wheel itself i actually really like that,for the turn indicator same with the,brights and the wipers as well now i,dont like it for the position of the,horn its this tiny little button right,here that honestly is kind of,the car just farted when i clicked the,horn thats another feature it can fart,when you click the horn but if youre in,an emergency situation everyones used,to going like this but,there is no horn right here and,its kind of hard to reach this small,little target i wish theyd improved,that now to put the car into drive its,got this very unique technology that,actually predicts whether you want to go,forward or backward thats called auto,shift out of park beta the car senses,the surrounding environment you put your,foot on the brake and then when you tap,the gas hopefully its going in the,right direction now ive turned that off,so i can have a little bit more control,myself in order to put the car in drive,you put your foot on the brake and you,swipe on this little strip to

2023 Tesla Model X plaid driving REVIEW – the almost flying EV SUV ????

Lets go.,Did the glovebox just open,and everything fell off the glovebox?,You can scream, its okay.,Youre holding your breath, right?,The Tesla Model X receives,an intensive update or even facelift.,And the new Plaid version,,the most powerful one.,And here with Thomas on Autogefühl for you,in 4K, fullscreen, and full length.,Thats how you watch our channel.,We will tell you all about it,,what you need to know.,Is this still the benchmark of EV SUVs?,Here in the lower part,,this part was before black in a separate piece.,Now, the whole front is basically,one piece here in the lower end.,So a more aerodynamic and also fluent design.,And one of the aerodynamic piecess also here,in the side part, this air curtain.,The air is being channeled.,Through it goes in here,and really exits then here in the wheel arches.,So even better aerodynamics.,Better efficiency for the Model X,,together with new headlamps.,5.04 meters or 198 inches,is the length of the Model X.,This has remained the same,,but changes here in the side profile.,In general for the update or for the facelift,,both also for the Plaid model,,here, blacked out frame.,So the Chrome Delete, as they call it,,so it looks sportier, more sinister.,Also then here, the door handles are in black.,Wheels here then also in black.,And either 20 or 22 inch.,These ones here are the bigger 22-inch wheels.,So overall, a sportier,,more present look for this Model X.,Interesting also technology-wise,,so you either get the normal dual-motor concept,or in the most powerful Plaid concept,,then you have three motors,because you have two at the rear axle,,one at each wheel,,and that enables even better torque vectoring.,Overall, more than 1000 horsepower,of power output.,Well also then tell you later,more about the acceleration,in the driving part.,Air suspension is standard,so you also have a more comfortable ride,than in the Tesla Model Y, the smaller SUV.,As for the rear,,usually, Im not a fan of black details,because to me, it looks sometimes,a little bit over the top.,But here for the Tesla models,,I think it looks indeed more premium,when these details here are blacked out, somehow.,Because the Model X especially,,it doesnt look that sporty overall.,But with these Black accentuations,,I think it fits here very, very well.,Are you team Black Accentuations and Black Wheels? ,Tell me in the comments.,Or, Team Chrome?,Decide for yourself.,Top speed here by the way,,for the Plaid model,,even a little bit faster overall.,Here at 260 km/h or 160 mph.,Even for German Autobahn,,more than enough.,And as for the battery size,,it remains at 100 kWh net.,And in the Model X should bring us,just an approximate average,like 450 kilometers or 270-280 miles.,So not as far as the Model S,because this one is not as efficient as the Model S.,The acceleration figures:,around four seconds for the normal model,2.5 seconds for the Plaid model.,Yeah, but the thing is,,they do it with this rolling start.,So in comparison to other manufacturers,,these are kind of like, you know,,these figures are a little bit nicend up.,So it will be a little, you know,,a couple of tenths slower than these official figures.,But if you use this acceleration,,you have to recharge at some point.,And here the charging flap is in the rear.,250 kilowatt of charging peak.,Here then, AC-DC charging at the supercharger.,And its supposed to be,a little bit less than 30 minutes then,from 10% to 80% state of charge.,Doors open here,,and you cant really show the door closing sound,because here, the electric motor,pushes it a little bit open,and you also work against this soft close.,So slamming it is not a good idea.,So indeed here this is then,the soft close of the doors.,Then inside of the doors,,new materials here.,Really good.,All soft touch.,This is all leatherette.,The whole interior is now animal-free as well.,And here, the fabric inserts.,Look at that.,Looks really premium.,Also behind that, 22 speakers,overall in the vehicle.,New premium sound system.,This is how you open the door now.,Or close it.,You have seen it.,You can also close it with that,but also with pressing of the brake pedal.,And then here, of course,,one of the biggest news is this yoke steering wheel.,It is open on the top here,so you have a better view,to the digital instruments.,But is it also better or worse for handling?,We will find out in the driving part.,Seats here, now perforated once again,And that means also the seat cooling is available.,And this perforation here looks cool,,it feels really nice,,and this is a very good soft quality.,So they improved the build quality here as well.,And this is another example of,how to go animal-free,but at the same time, high quality,and without losing any luxury,,more gaining luxury.,Seating position,,nice, upright, very comfortable.,And the new seats here,,ergonomics and also the material,,is really good,plus definitely way more comfortable,than the ones before.,So I think a very, very good upgrade indeed.,And everything from the controls,,most of it is done in the touchscreen.,And then, for example,,you can also control the side mirrors from here.,Or when you want to adjust the steering wheel,,you have to click the Menu,and then you can also go here, in and out,then with the button on the steering wheel.,Also here for this yoke steering wheel.,Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y customers,will know how this works.,And first impression of the yoke steering,is weirdo a little bit, definitely.,Its quite wide also.,It feels like, you know,,in like a computer game or something.,I wonder how it is,when you ease the car in and out of a parking lot.,Well also try that in the driving part later.,New interior overview,,really impressive.,And you see here, the screen is now horizontal,like in the Model Y or in the Model 3.,Very interesting at the moment…,But however when you go into Display,,then you can also tilt it towards the driver.,And that way, you can really better see that.,And when the car is stationary,,you can also tilt it,towards the passenger actually,when you want to watch something or control something.,Thats a cool thing.,But for you to see it,better here in the static part,,Ill leave it then in this center thing.,Soon moved into the infotainment system.,Here definitely once again,,the view on the yoke steering wheel,,it is a cool view to the digital instruments, yes.,And the good thing about X and S is,,in contrast to the Model 3 and Model Y,,you have digital instrument.,I think its essential to see that,,not only the speed up there.,Two inductive charging pads are still here,,and youve now also put the key card,that drives the car right there.,And one thing that is really new as well is,there is no column here whatsoever.,Here by the way is now,the Drive mode selector.,Slide it forward in the screen,,then you can drive forwards.,Slide it backwards in the screen,,then you drive reverse.,However, theres still one alternative.,When you press this lower bar here,,these buttons appear,for Parking, Reverse, Neutral, and D.,So you can also use it here in the lower area.,To me, I think I would still rather use this.,Turning indicators are also,on the steering wheel here,with these capacitive buttons,,but they give some kind of feedback.,And yeah, I think its not too bad.,And on the right side here,,for the cruise control.,And here also for the voice input,separate button now.,Then here, the instruments.,They change when you have it in Drive.,The speed right here.,So pretty clear and crisp.,Everything I need,,and definitely prefer to see,the speed while driving.,And when you have the navigation set,,on the left side,,you also see a small map.,The screen here with the map integration.,Wow, thats really responsive.,Way to go!,Thats really, really very cool.,And then once again here,with Drive, Reverse or Park.,You can also open the doors, for example,,or the frunk or the trunk.,And in this classic car menu,as you know from Tesla,,here, you can set yo

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