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Tesla Model Y 2022 review – the BEST electric SUV?

this is the new tesla model y and it is,effectively a tesla model 3 thats been,like stretched in photoshop now really,look ive stretched the model 3 in,photoshop,it looks the same anyway in this video,im going to talk you around the,exterior the interior im going to,explain its tech see how practical it,is and of course im going to take it,for a drive i will even launch it from,naught to 60 miles an hour because im,matt watson and youre watching car wire,buying a new car then head to car wow,and my team will help you find your next,car at a fair price car wow your,one-stop car buying comparison site,lets start this video by talking about,the design of the model y so like a,model 3 but dollar though it does have a,hatchback so its quite sloppy at the,rear end here at the side wheel sizes,start at 19 inches rising to 20 for the,long range but they go all the way up to,21 on the performance model one thing,about the performance it has low,suspension which could be good to fill,this kind of gappy wheel arch down the,side actually quite like the profile of,it looks all right and youve got like,the classic tesla poppier door handles,that are with the black on them and,black window surrounds down the sides,yeah just classic tesla face really,isnt it its just a bit bigger more,upright than the model 3 and its,randomly flashing its lights at me,because its a tesla and its alive now,theyre starting dont know what that,was all about anyway the starting price,of this car is 55 000 pounds but if you,want to check out the best deals on the,latest electric cars click on the pop-up,button right there for the link in the,description to get a car wow here on the,inside the design is just like a model,three so very minimalist a wide,expansive dash big screen in the middle,where you control absolutely everything,not just the sat nav your infotainment,system but all climate controls and,absolutely everything for the car which,is a good thing in some ways because it,keeps things simple in terms of button,clutter but sometimes it can be a bit of,a faff to get through stuff that said,the infotainment system is fast its,responsive and its nice and crisp then,you got the usual quality of tesla which,i actually think is pretty decent like,the perceived quality what i cant be so,sure of is whether its going to start,to fall apart you know a little bit,quicker than a comparative car say from,audi bmw or mercedes in fact if you want,to see my review of an suv from one of,those firms click on the pop-up banner,there for the link in the description,for that as a practicality once again,its like a model three so youve got,big door bins youve got storage under,here loads of it youve got just two,pads there for your while its charging,with your mobile phones more storage,under here some cupholders the glove box,which you have to open through the,screen or you can just do this please,work,open glove box,there you go,decent size glove box the thing that is,different to the model 3 is the fact,that obviously youre sitting up higher,it doesnt feel quite as sporty because,you sit more on this car you still got,the big windscreen great view out and,even better view out because youre a,little bit higher up and the seating,position is nice the seats and the tesla,very comfortable i like them its good,the main benefit you get with this car,over the model 3 is the space in the,back now for starters one of the,problems with the model 3 is that the,seat feels quite close to the floor so,you dont have much under thigh support,you feel a little bit like in a stressed,position not in this one you feel more,like its a proper seat also look at,this these front seats are jacked up,quite a bit so you can really stretch,out thats awesome and,you can recline these seat backs a bit,as well really is comfy and roomy in the,back headroom is good as well its nice,that youve got this glass roof so it,lets lots of light back here knee rooms,really good and because youve got flat,floor and lots of space there the middle,seat is pretty comfy as well,liking that im also liking this come on,come on,there we go we got an armrest here its,just a shame they dont cover that so,you end up putting your elbow in it but,look at this for some through loading,its really wide i say it again its,really wide theyre good that is,liking this what is a bit of a faff,though look its the isofix points,theyre just a bit hard to get because,you just have to wedge the isofix bars,in between the seats be better if you,have flip up covers however it is easy,to fit a child seat in here but yeah you,do end up spending some time to actually,get the eyes to fix anchor points,attached then once youve done it once,youre gonna leave your seat in there,right here and theres plenty of room,for even a big bulky rear-facing seat,theres also a couple of usb-c ports,there as well overall im very impressed,with the back seats on this kite its,good,however,if you want an electric suv with even,more room in the back click on the,pop-up banner up there for the link in,the description for my review of one im,going to tell you what it is its a,secret for now now lets talk about boot,space starting with the front boot the,fruit,look its massive 117 liters of space,its crazy to think that some german,manufacturers cant even figure out how,to create any space at all underneath,the bonnets of their electric cars and,then theres the boot at the back which,is,even bigger well of course its going to,be bigger its the rear boot but would,you expect it to be almost eight times,bigger the capacity here including this,underfloor storage,854 liters which is insane and if you,need more space like obviously you fold,down the seats and you can do it,electrically by those releases and look,you have a completely flat floor really,good apart from the fact theres no tie,down point at all and that brings you up,to five annoying things about the tesla,model y here we have a man in the boot,now thats not the bad thing bad thing,is the fact that you dont get a parcel,shelf with this tesla model wide now the,man is there to illustrate that look we,have an iphone there,and yes tesla does give you rear privacy,glass but if youre looking like you can,see the iphone look there it is theres,the iphone i think im going to smash,this glass and take the goodies within,im talking about the phone not the man,its a bit of an ass that while you can,just activate the wintering wipers once,by doing that if you want to change the,speed then you have to actually go into,this screen here another thing thats,annoying is if you want to suddenly,alter the mirrors you have to go into,the car settings and press that button,and then use this to alter the mirrors,rather than going straight for a little,knobby there and doing it quickly if,ever a car needed a heads-up display is,the tesla model why because the only,place you can see the speed is by taking,your eyes off the road and looking on,the central infotainment screen why,dont they make one available for its,just stupid theres only one standard,color with a tesla model white and,thats why so if you dont like that,youre gonna have to picture for a,different color and theyre rather,expensive like this red may look nice,but it costs two thousand one hundred,pounds extra the reason to get a model y,over a model three is for the added,practicality for families now in other,parts of the world you can get a seven,seater version of this car but not in,the uk not for now and tesla hasnt even,confirmed if were gonna get it so if,you need to carry more than five people,you have to sit them in the boot which,isnt ideal an electric car with instant,performance because youll accelerate,and all of a sudden theyll go,its not all negative though heres five,good things about this car one of,teslas usps is that you have access to,its excellent supercharger network,another thing is when youre programming,a destination in the sat nav itll work,out your route via vari

My HONEST Tesla Model Y Review After 6 Months (TRUE COST OF OWNERSHIP)

this is my tesla model y performance and,ive had it for six months ive had my,model 3 for a few years but i wanted,something with a little bit more room,with a car seat and i like to carry a,lot of stuff so i traded in my model 3,stealth performance for a model y,performance so im not a car reviewer,im just a tech guy so ill give you my,personal impressions of the car and my,thoughts after six months of ownership i,have driven a few evs and i have videos,on most of them on my channel ive,driven the mock e the model x the hummer,ev and the chevy bolt and i have a good,understanding of whats out there and,how they compare to what i have today i,also talk to a lot of people and i know,what the common questions are so in this,video im going to cut the fluff and,talk about the stuff you guys want to,know after six months of owning the car,like range and actual cost and the,infotainment system and self-driving now,i did have a plug installed in my garage,i went with the nema plug this plug for,me was only thirty dollars but the,installation to run the wire for my,breaker in the basement all the way,around my house was around twelve,hundred dollars teslas official charger,is four hundred dollars plus,installation and its actually out of,stock a lot so if youre in a rush you,may be paying over asking on ebay the,nema plug i have gets me around 30 miles,of range per hour of charge and teslas,official charger would be 44 miles and,for me since im charging overnight that,difference just didnt justify the cost,now living in michigan ive had a lot of,time to drive through the winter months,and one of the biggest battery drainers,is heating the cabin of the car and,keeping the battery warm now for me i,get around 280 miles during my normal,non-winter driving conditions and thats,mixed driving between freeway and side,streets now with the cold start i saw,around 170 miles with mixed driving in,the winter now the cool thing about the,model y compared to my previous three is,that it has a heat pump the heat pump is,like a refrigerator compressor it moves,heat from one place to another so if you,pre-condition the battery which,basically means plugging it in and,letting it know what time youre going,to leave or you supercharge it that,extra heat generated is used to heat the,cabin of the car and this works great i,found instead of 175 i was getting,around 205 miles of range when i,pre-conditioned the battery correctly,now take this with a grain of salt but,this is what i recorded during my,non-scientific testing over the past few,months i also am more of an aggressive,driver so im sure you can get more,range out of it if you want but it is a,model y performance now it does come,with performance tires so in the winter,these tires are really slick now im,probably going to swap them out for all,season tires and its not teslas fault,because i bought the car knowing this,but i do wish there was like a cold,weather package option available for the,model y as there was with the model x a,long time ago,um so yeah just something i i just,wanted to mention now speaking of the,trim lets talk about the price the,total price for me was sixty four,thousand four forty thats with the,upgrades including the one thousand,dollar tow hitch and the one thousand,dollar white interior upgrade the price,has gone up since my order that same,config right now is 72 000,and it doesnt come with a mobile,connector for charging and non-tesla,chargers which is an additional 200,add-on really tesla now if the car was,70 grand for me,im not sure i would have bought it i,would have probably stuck with my model,3 the cheapest model y with no upgrades,is 66 thousand dollars,also didnt get the 12 000 autopilot i,thought at that price it just doesnt do,enough theres an option to rent it,month to month so if i need to take,advantage of all those features i guess,i could do that now on my three i did,get it but it was only three thousand,dollars at that time and for 3k its,like okay but 12k,now on the road with stock autopilot it,will stay within the lines on most roads,it doesnt switch lanes but it will,speed up and slow down based on traffic,and also it does follow the speed limits,and for me thats all i truly need i,found it to be pretty consistent and i,felt safe majority of the time but with,that being said thats not unique,because supercruise that gm has on their,cars it is really good when i use that,on the hummer just recently it worked,fantastically well and i felt like no,concern at all it was switching lanes,and doing all those things so one of the,advantages that tesla had as far as that,you know autopilot feature a lot of,other cars are doing it now so thats,not really something tesla can kind of,you know put their feather in their cap,on now they do have the full autonomous,driving but that is in beta and if,youve seen videos yeah its pretty,scary so the value of the model y just,isnt there compared to when i purchased,my car just six months ago and in this,price range there are some additional,competition and in the coming years it,will be even more also the wait time you,can be waiting nearly a year to get a,model y i was actually told ill get,mine in march of 2022 but i ended up,getting mine december of 21 on christmas,eve so i guess theres a chance of,getting it early,now i know outside the price tag teslas,are not that premium the model y i think,is a pretty good looking car from the 15,inch floating screen the clean dash and,the massive glass roof the seats are,vegan leather and i dont worry about,the white seats getting dirty as they,clean up with just a baby wipe and a lot,of people like to talk about the white,seats and how dirty they get trust me,thats a non-issue now i dont have any,major issues with the interior but its,not premium by any means its just,minimal which i find actually pleasing,now i will admit coming from my old,three the changes they made in the y may,seem like a big deal in the grand scheme,of things for me,but its still a basic interior and for,a car thats expensive it should look a,little bit better especially when you,start looking at other brands and kind,of what they do with the interior,so yeah thats something tesla could,always use help with now i do love the,automatic lift gate in the back it makes,putting in my golf clubs in the car much,easier and grabbing stuff and also,lowering the seats can be done with the,button and i just find the flexibility,of this car to be really nice so the,infotainment system has seen a dramatic,change over the past few years firstly,we can now add icons to the bottom of,the screen so for example i can add,spotify bluetooth and wipers i do wish,apple music was an option but bluetooth,is an option for those people wanting to,use third-party apps,now i felt before a lot of the functions,were hidden in too many menus now with,this addition to the shortcuts im able,to bring more options to the forefront,and i feel like its better overall laid,out now there are a lot of shortcuts you,can do on the screen that they dont,really tell you about and its something,you just sort of hear or you do it on,accident like sliding your finger down,navigation will take you to home or work,depending on time of day and by swiping,on the temperature icon in the bottom,left you can adjust the temperature,quickly without going through the menus,just a couple of examples im sure im,missing plenty of those too theres a,ton of different settings in the car,like different types of way to adjust,the steering and as far as the,regenerative braking you can make all,those adjustments which i find really,nice that i can make the car be as,comfortable as it can for me evs are fun,cars to drive but the model y,performance is the most fun ive had now,when i compare the y performance to my,three performance the three is faster,but the size for me makes up for,performance now dont get me wrong you,step on the accelerator and youll stick,to the back of the seat and

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Tesla Model Y v Audi Q4 v Volvo C40: Which is best?

which is best at these three electric,suvs the andy q4 the tesla model y or,the volvo c40 well in this video im,going to find out because im going to,compare their designs their interiors,their practicality their technology and,what they like to drive and of course,were going to launch them to see how,quick they are from north to 60 miles an,hour because im at watson and youre,watching car wow and if you havent done,so already make sure you subscribe to,this channel that way you wont miss any,of these uploads,buy sell car wow,im going to start this video by,comparing these cars designs so the,tesla model y its all right in profile,but the front and the back just a little,bit too blobby sort of,toad like im not convinced by the wheel,design either though you can fix that,quite easily,frisbee,nice shot flies brilliantly,unfortunately if you dont know the,wheels on the od youre sort of stuck,with them so make sure you pick wisely,when youre configuring your card and to,do that click on the pop out banner up,there for the link in the description,below to get a car wow anyhow overall,the design of the audi is more,interesting compared to the teslas the,only thing is the nose its got a,massive grille which doesnt do anything,its blanked out whats the point of,having something like that on an,electric car madness ive got a similar,issue with the volvo love the rear of it,its the best rear of all three cars,side profile is quite cool as well once,again at the front its got a grille,thats being blanked out reason on this,car though is because its actually,based on the platform shared with an,internal combustion engine model the,xc40 it is the only car here that isnt,a design from the ground up electric car,yet despite that it is still my favorite,to look at im going to talk you through,the prices because things arent quite,what they seem you see the audi starts,from 43 000 pounds the volvo from 47 000,pounds and the tesla from 55 000 pounds,so youd think that the ad is the best,value followed by the volvo and last of,all the tesla but not so you see what,im going to show you now is the price,of these cars as ive got them on test,here and when you do the comparison of,performance and equipment levels it,actually works around the other way the,tesla is the best value overall followed,by the volvo and last of all the audi,now if youre thinking about changing,your car you need to make sure youre,paying a fair price for it you can check,out all the latest deals and savings on,cars through carway and you can also,sell your current car and add dealers,will bid on your car to make sure you,get a great price for it if you want to,check out all of that click on the pop,out banner up there or follow the link,in the description below to get a car,wow alternatively at a later date just,simply google wow me car wow and we will,wow you lets move on to the interior,starting with the volvo c40 so the,design is pretty nice however its very,similar to the xc40 on which this car is,based which was first released in 2017,so it doesnt seem all that modern yes,you have this big infotainment screen,there and it actually runs google which,is good however some of the other menus,are a little bit fiddly to operate and,it doesnt feel the most modern neither,does the digital drivers display its a,little bit dark it doesnt give you that,much information really starting to feel,its age even though its a brand new car,which is a bit odd cant fault the seats,though they are lovely volvo does,brilliant seats and you can go miles and,miles in these without any discomfort at,all the interior of the audi is way more,futuristic than the volvos youve got,lots of different colored bits of trim,multi layers though the dash is really,deep and that makes it feel like youre,sat in the middle of the car which is,odd as is the steering wheel its like,this hexagonal shape though i sort of,like it not so keen on the touch,sensitive buttons because sometimes you,just touch them like that and then the,stereo comes on which is a bit annoying,cant fall to the digital drivers,display though really good lots of,information and the infotainment system,is good as well and i like the fact that,audi havent made you operate the,climate control through it because you,have some separate controls for it down,here good job with the model wire you,have to control almost everything,through this screen so yes the climate,control and,to move the steering wheel you have to,go through a procedure of pressing a,button here and then going steering and,then you control it with these buttons,however a lot of the controls are,actually voice activated so you can say,things like,open charge port yeah its just done it,and its much better the voice,recognition on this than the other two,cars and the fact that you havent got,all these buttons does mean that the,cabin is the most minimalist it really,does create a feeling of ambiance and it,makes this feel like a special car,apart from one thing its the steering,wheel just feels a touch on the cheap,side and thats the thing you hold,driving the tesla model y is a little,bit of an odd experience because its,not what you expect it to be do you,think that a family-friendly suv would,be all soft and comfy and stuff like,this but i dont know whether things got,a bit mixed up at the tesla factory the,people working on the roadster,accidentally gave the suspension the,steering,to the model y because the way this,thing goes over bumps is like a sports,car you get bounced about all over the,place there is a trade-off for that,stiff suspension it does mean that this,car does go around corners pretty well,for an electric suv just seems to hold,the road and go around right until its,like upset by the bump into the road and,then it skips sideways another thing,thats odd is a steering so its,lightning fast you turn the wheel a bit,and its darting into a corner and then,its like the carson remembers that,i wait a minute im an suv and then it,slightly slows down in its turn,definitely feels the most supportive the,three cars to drive one of my favorite,things about the tesla is the driving,position because youve got such a low,dash you get a great view forward its a,reasonably quiet car but you do get a,little bit of noise reverberating around,the large cabin can you hear that a,little bit,jumping out of that tesla into this,volvo is a bit of a relief for my spine,because the suspension is way soft its,what you expect on a car like this,sometimes it does get a little bit,floaty and when you go through a corner,it leans a little bit more doesnt grow,quite as tightly as the tesla doesnt,feel a sporty but really what do you,want from your electric suv eh,this is more in keeping with that style,of vehicle at least what i expect from,that style of vehicle im sure youre,the same there is one problem though and,thats the steering it doesnt matter,which mode you have it in the heavier,setting or the lighter setting it all,feels really disconnected its a little,bit like when you suddenly stand up too,quickly and you get a bit dizzy and you,feel like youre just not part of,reality steering is like am i really,driving i dont know its just,odd anyway im gonna do a little uter,now to check the turning circle so the,turning circle on this,is better than the tesla 11.4 meters,compared to over 12. but while this,thing can turn tighter than the tesla,when you actually chuck it into a corner,it doesnt stay quite supplanted the,tesla definitely has a sportier feel to,it though really,is that what youre after in your,electric suv at high speeds this volvo,is really good partly because this steel,motor version has loads of punch for,getting past slow moving vehicles in,terms of the visibility the at the front,isnt quite as good as the tesla because,the dash isnt as low and the view out,the back thats awful sound insulation,is good though its a quiet car to,travel in this is nice finally then we,come to the audi and its li

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What’s The Best EV To Buy Right Now? Tesla Model Y vs ALL the rivals | Top Gear

here it is the new tesla model y and in,right hand drive guys at last so we,thought wed arrange a little reception,committee,[Music],yeah that ought to do it so if youre in,the market for a new family electric car,which one should you choose,come with me,[Music],relax we will come back and have a,proper look at the model y but im,giving that a buy straight into round,two because weve got a lot of cars to,get through down here so lets nail,through them quite quickly first of all,we have the vw id4 the skoda enyak and,the audi q4 e-tron now these are all,pretty much exactly the same car,underneath same battery same motors even,broadly similar proportions and looks,so the volkswagen is quite complicated,to operate the audi is pretty expensive,for the base price of that 44 grand,thereabouts you can have a nice enyak,with all the bits on it plus the big,long range battery for 327 miles of,range and the 201 horsepower motor,so have that,moving on here we have the two korean,cars the kia ev6 and the hyundai ioniq,5. now like the volkswagen group cars,these are basically the same car,underneath as well but look how,different they look you have the kia,that looks like some squinty-eyed,spaceship and the hyundai is basically,an origami austin allegro,now the kia drives better,the hyundai has the brighter lighter,area interior its completely swings and,roundabouts between these two theyre,both very good cars,were going to give it to the hyundai,and send the kia home next stop a pair,of swedes the polestar 2 and the volvo,xc40 quite easy to sort this one out,pole styles really cool the volvo looks,like your aunt would drive it,moving on,next in line we have the ford mustang,mac e now when weve done these electric,car group tests before that has always,done very well so its going straight,through to round two,last two cars now we have the bmw ix3,and the jaguar i-pace,both good cars from premium brand,manufacturers with corresponding prices,however i think if youre in the market,for an electric family car,you probably want something that looks a,little bit more exciting than this,so the bmw i think is too conventional,so thats out last one not conventional,the jaguar i-pace this is still a,terrific looking car even though its,been on sale for about five years now,but,would you want to put your kids in it,with sweets and sticky fingers,no you wouldnt,right lets see where that leaves us,here we are then our final five nice bit,of diversity here isnt there but also a,bit of a price range between the skoda,at about 35 grand base and the tesla at,about 55 grand but before we talk about,that were going to talk about these two,at the front,because,that is a hatchback yeah,that one looks more like a crossovery,saloon,but literally that one is twice the size,of that one look at the size and,proportions of the honda compared with,the pole star,and that does have its drawbacks for the,pole star its a bit tighter inside its,a bit more claustrophobic if its just,you in it its lovely its beautiful,quality inside you feel like a latter,day saab driver its just a great bit of,design but we are wanting to talk,practicality and although thats got a,hatchback and all the rest of it its,probably a little bit small to be a good,family car moving on though to the,hyundai now its a really good car a,very nice piece of design do not be,tempted to have it with the most,powerful engine you get over 300,horsepower for a naught 60 time of,around five seconds the problem is the,rest of the chassis cannot keep up with,the power its delivering the rides,pretty clumsy the steering is super,light and takes a lot of management you,have to concentrate quite hard to keep,this thing going in a straight line so,dont have it like that have it with a,base engine and just enjoy the sort of,sense of being in it and just driving,more gently in it its a cracking,looking machine after all but only in,this color if you have it in black you,lose all the detail of it and it just,looks a bit like a big black box,inside though this is really quite,special,its really nice in here although they,have managed to put the steering wheel,on upside down,anyway look youve got masses of space,look theres a big box here that slides,forwards and backwards youve got this,lovely design even though the screens a,little bit,far away it just feels,cool and fresh and different in here and,its reasonably good for passengers,youve got plenty of room for four,people in here but ask yourself this,is the boot big enough to go away on,holiday inn,no its not im afraid this one goes out,as well,[Music],right where to start with these three,then i think well start with the,mustang actually because it takes a bit,of explaining because the car you see,here is the new mackie gt the 480,horsepower version but not to 60 in 3.7,seconds but,its not the most family friendly is it,with all that performance and also its,66 000 pounds which is a lot of money,however they do these from a fraction,over 40 thousand pounds and then fords,model range is very simple you can have,rear wheel drive or four wheel drive and,you can choose between two different,sizes of batteries and if you have it,with the rear wheel drive single motor,and the big battery this has a range of,379,miles which is easily,the best here now of course thats,fords claimed figure but in reality it,means you should be able to get 300,miles out of one of these incidentally,the claimed range is for the other two,the tesla is 331 miles the enyak is 327.,anyway come on because this is quite a,cool car its very good to drive thats,what is the mustang standout feature and,i know that doesnt seem relevant for a,family car but it does mean that the,driver is going to enjoy themselves look,at these funny little door handles,good driving position in there decent,seats quite a driver-centric cabin big,central screen and all the rest of it,but it is driver focus because coming,back a bit further,the rear is much more claustrophobic you,have to watch your head when you get in,and out and once youre in theres not,that much legroom and pity the poor,person who has to sit in the middle,and as you can tell from this dipping,roofline at the back,the boot,carry on electric motors do your thing,is decent but you might well struggle,trying to get all your holiday kit in,you might look cool when you get there,but if youve got to leave half your,beach kit behind thats not a deal is it,incidentally though four do make up for,that by having a front boot as well,under the front of the forge you can get,81 litres of beach clobber and look it,doesnt matter if its wet because,theres a drain hole for it all to run,away now ford isnt alone,in having a front boot a frank this,teslas got one as well which ill now,show you but this takes a second because,you have to go and get the screen fired,up and press a button standby,there we go,and this ones even bigger than the,fords theres a room for about 117,litres of stuff in,here so its a useful extra space for,cables mostly lets say that,when tesla first showed the model why i,was fairly skeptical about it because,its a gawky looking thing and it seems,to have the extra volume where you dont,want it all the height and extra volume,in the car is above the front seats,not above the tailgate where youd,imagine youd want it but theyve done,that for quite a clever reason,the front seats are actually mounted,quite high,and in the back,theyre quite low now thats,unfashionable most cars have what you,call stadium seating where the rear,bench is mounted above the front but,here theyve mounted it lower and let me,get in ill show you,what that means is you can sit in and,you can stretch your legs fit them right,under the front seat so youve got,plentiful space however what you havent,got in british tesla model wise which,you do have an american is the option of,having seven seats tesla at the moment,say they dont know when those are gonna,come or even if theyre going to come,but wh

Hyundai IONIQ 5 Review | A Tesla Owners Perspective

electric cars are becoming more common,all over the world in fact a new survey,from kelly blue book shows that 36 of us,buyers are seriously considering an ev,as their next vehicle one big hurdle is,that the options arent too expansive,and they typically come at a premium but,this is changing today were going to,check out the hyundai ioniq 5. its the,latest ev from hyundai starts around 40,000 msrp and packs a ton of great,features to many this is one of the best,new ev options out there so were going,to break down everything this car has,how it drives how it stacks up against,its competition and get into the good,and the bad so lets get into it,[Music],the first thing to notice about the,ioniq 5 is the exterior design i almost,wonder if they decided to repurpose the,ionic name because they want this cars,design to be considered iconic i think,this just might be at least on the,outside theres no other car on the road,that looks quite like it and every time,i see one i cant help but look to some,it may be too boxy but to others its,the perfect balance of a futuristic box,and a functional vehicle its a,crossover suv and its clearly set to,compete with the evs in this category,mainly at the time of filming this video,that would be the tesla model y and then,the mustang mock e but a few others in,this category are starting to be,delivered as well all over this car has,design quirks its boxy strange and very,distinctive i like to think of it as a,tame cyber truck its like you took a,cyber truck and they told you to rein it,in make it a hyundai and make it a small,suv theres a particular design flow,throughout the whole car as well thats,worth pointing out its these pixels or,squares and theyre literally everywhere,the most obvious place is the rear light,bar which looks really great its made,up of a ton of tiny squares the,headlights are similar kind of these,rectangular boxes made up of tons of,small boxes that of course light up and,then there are pixels on the side,mirrors that indicate your blinker as,well on the charge port door there are,pixels and when you open the charge port,door that will show your charge status,using pixels the door panels have these,on certain specs along with the door,sills where the ionic 5 logo is although,this particular model does not have it,there the front doors have one pixel on,them on the gauge cluster when you shift,into sport mode the overall,visualization turns into pixels the,center of the steering wheel doesnt say,hyundai or ionic 5 but just features,four of these then you can find these on,the seats as well im sure i missed some,because you really can see them found,throughout the whole car and its a very,fun touch thats emphasizing this cars,design to finish out the general,exterior the wheels have a very distinct,look to them the wheel well has lines,that match the wheels and extends that,overall design the lines on the body of,this car are irregular and cool the,paint colors offered give it a distinct,look but after that youll notice that,its a fairly normal and functional car,im reviewing the se standard range,ionic 5. so this is actually the base,model oftentimes its actually great to,review the base model because we see,tons of reviews of the top spec version,and then we want to buy one that we can,afford so we end up with way less,features in this case the ionic 5 only,gets better than what im reviewing and,ill note all of those differences,throughout this video the ionic 5 seats,5 has a hatchback trunk and even has a,very small front trunk this particular,spec doesnt have an automatic trunk but,higher specs do the trunk space is,decent but not amazing for a crossover,suv the space in this car is mainly,focused on occupants its not,exceptionally large but it does have a,flat bed to load stuff into that bed can,also be lifted out for a bit more,storage underneath although this isnt,really something like an additional,under storage compartment youll also,notice that the cargo space does get cut,into quite a bit due to the sloped roof,in the back this is something that is,common on vehicles this size theres,also a built-in cargo cover in the rear,depending on your spec the rear seats,can fold flat as well for extra space,and this can definitely hold a lot when,needed i know that this would function,incredibly well for me as a drummer up,front is the front trunk and the release,for this is a very traditional latch you,even have to move the latch before,lifting it like any gas vehicle some,find this annoying but i think they went,this direction because this is not,actually a front trunk its a tiny box,underneath the hood thats really only,large enough to fit something like a,charging cable if i owned this car i,would store something like that or even,emergency supplies i would never use,this as a front trunk because it just,isnt one in any case thats where all,the storage is but theres a great,amount of space within the car as an,occupant to get in the car you have a,key fob as well as the app called blue,link the key fob works where the car,automatically unlocks on approach and it,has buttons for opening the charge port,and more i didnt have app access during,this review but it should be fairly,similar to many modern ev apps with,various controls available then comes,the interior to get in the door handles,are similar to other evs where they sit,flush with the door but these pop out,when unlocked inside to get out there,are normal latches but interestingly to,close the door there is just this,invisible gap at first for multiple,people i showed this car to we actually,didnt know where to grab to close the,door but once you get it its pretty,cool and works well i will say that,behind that handle is a pretty big gap,in a place that will probably end up,getting gross over time since you cant,really get back there and its closed,off on both ends it just seems difficult,to clean the front seats are comfortable,and have an impressive range of motion,you sit higher in this car than you may,expect from videos and its a great view,of the road there are automatic controls,on the side for seat adjustments but,since this is the base model the,passenger seat has 100 manual controls,in the back there are three seats two,fairly standard seats and a center,smaller one they can also fold down as,an arm rest and cup holder when needed i,was most impressed with the range of,motion on these seats there are various,recline levels and they recline much,further than the tesla model y and,further than many comparable vehicles,this could make it very comfortable for,rear passengers on longer drives in the,ionic 5. higher specs of this car also,feature a glass roof but here we dont,have one as youre starting to notice,there are a number of downgrades when,you go for the base model and its part,of what is making me lean towards,recommending that those buying this car,avoid the base model but more on that in,just a minute the cabin view is simpler,than many cars but also far busier than,something like a tesla model 3 or y it,has dual screens lined up in a single,line and each screen is the same size,its a good look and the left screen is,your gauge cluster while the right one,is for infotainment to the left of these,screens is this pad and its a little,odd because it looks like a speaker but,apparently its magnetic but its not,strong enough to hold a phone or,anything so i dont really know what the,purpose of it is on the gauge cluster,screen you have all relevant info at all,times to me its nice to have a,dedicated screen here although this,screen does feel a bit cluttered at,times it has visualizations showing you,charge level speed regen braking and,more at all times as well as gear,selection range odometer temperature,tire pressure and other relevant info it,also has a visualization of your car,which wont show you cars around you or,anything like that but will light up red,in a particular area if youre getting,close to something e

NEW Tesla Model Y Review: The Best (And WORST) Tesla? 4K

the tesla model y has finally landed,here in the uk and its the model that,might become the companys biggest,seller this 54 grand crossover promises,all the features of the model 3 but,offers more space more versatility and,the option to conquer more of what life,throws it in,[Music],yes,come on,this is the tesla that can do anything,it can conquer the road and it can,conquer the dirt look at this,will it get stuck,no chance,its like a rally car,for families,[Music],so is the model y the electric crossover,weve all been waiting for maybe but,its not alone this car now faces,competition from dozens of rivals the,mustang mach e bw id4 skoda enyak audi,q4 e-tron ionic 5 kia ev6 all of which,are of exceptional quality so peoples,expectations for the y are going to be,sky high,so obviously the ability to do some mild,green laning or messing around on sand,is going to be the least of peoples,concerns what they want from a model y,is good looks,good range and good practicality all of,which were going to tackle in this,review starting with the looks i think,it kind of looks like a model 3 thats,slightly bloated or a model x thats,shrunk in the wash either way i think,this is actually better looking than,both of those cars proportionally,its just right to me anyway elsewhere i,mean its a lot of model three parts,that have been crammed onto the model y,except at the sides youve got this,black wheel arch cladding down here to,give it a more rugged robust look,big ride height just to give it that,ability to go off-road if you want you,get the option of 19s or 20s on the,long-range version or 21s on the,performance version i wouldnt want to,go any smaller than 20s though otherwise,the wheels start to look a bit lost,elsewhere you got a black finish on the,cameras black finish around the windows,black finish on the door handles,this door handle is quite fascinating to,me at least watch this you press it and,it pops the door open for you make it,easier to get in and out and then this,is the big news a hatchback that is what,customers want because it gives you,loads and loads of practicality also,look at the way it slopes down like a,coupe and then kicks up at the rear very,sporty,one thing i dont like is this rear,section which looks a bit like a nappy,to me i wouldnt go as far as to call it,a diffuser more like a nappy but there,is a good reason for it it adds a ton of,practicality check this out,the model wise boot offers around 842,liters from floor to ceiling its,massive and it gets even more massive if,you fold the seats down using two,buttons at the side tesla will at some,stage offer a seven seater version but,even this five-seater spec is practical,with plenty of storage space in small,cubbies on the left and right and a,hidden space for charging cables theres,even a sizeable underfloor compartment,almost big enough for a medium-sized,human being if youre interested,meanwhile at the front the 114 liter,front trunk is also very sizable bigger,than the one you get in the model 3,although not quite large enough for a,person,in the back of the model y,its really really nice really really,spacious first thing you notice is there,is no transmission tunnel so you can,just stretch out back here no issues,whatsoever plus youve got these seat,pockets in which you can put a mobile,phone although theyre not quite big,enough,for a large tablet,plus this little section here for,hanging a coat on a little light,also the size of this sunroof is,absolutely ridiculous i think tesla do,the best sunroofs in the game and youve,actually still got a decent amount of,headroom on 511 for reference as well as,decent amounts of legroom these rear,seats also recline slightly so you can,actually chill out back here and youve,also got this fold down armrest with a,couple of cupholders,and again just loads of space to recline,you can even have a sleep in here,if you want,the only downside is that it doesnt,have any rear heating controls all of it,has to be controlled from the front but,at least you get a couple of usbc ports,one thing that teslas tend to get,criticized for,are there panel gaps particularly on the,model 3,on the rear boot lid especially on the,versions which come with an electrically,operated tailgate if you push down on,these areas they tend to flex quite a,lot but theres none of that happening,on the model y and actually the panel,gaps are quite uniform,and i think are perfectly acceptable,theres one area on the model 3 in,particular that always annoyed me and,that was the panel gaps along this front,trunk,quite often youd see one side with a,tighter gap than the other and once you,see it you cant unsee it but on the y,certainly this example all of this is,uniform now i wonder if thats down to,these wires being built in shanghai and,maybe the shanghai plant being superior,at building cars but whatever the case,tesla theyve always been good at,designing cars now theyre getting,better at building them as well,[Music],so practicality is good what is it like,up front well if youre familiar with,the model 3 then youre going to know,all about the model y because its,basically identical to the smaller car,almost everything is controlled via this,huge 15 inch touchscreen in front of you,it can be quite tricky to wrap your head,around but after a few weeks of using it,then it kind of becomes second nature,how about the rest of the interior well,its available in either black or white,if you go for black you get a wood grain,effect on the dashboard whereas if you,go for white then you get white seats,and a white finish across the dash none,of this by the way is leather its all,animal free which means that if youre a,vegan or if you just you know want to be,kind to the environment then this car,should appeal to you,in terms of storage up front theres,lots of it basically because theres no,transmission that means the transmission,tunnel can be used for storing stuff so,in the middle youve got bags of space,youve got a couple of places to,wirelessly charge your mobile phone up,here just below the main screen and also,the door pockets are massive as well,one thing thats very different between,the y and the three though is the ride,height im sitting so much higher up and,people who,value,suvs or crossovers because of that,enhanced ride height are really really,gonna appreciate the extra visibility,you get from this car,while im on the subject of visibility,though that rear screen,is so small its almost pointlessly,small its very difficult to see whats,going on through the rear view mirror,back to the seats quickly theyre fairly,comfortable but one thing ive noticed,is that when you try and raise them up,to their highest level they tip forward,slightly so it feels like youre on a,kids slide if youre vertically,challenged and you like to sit as high,up as possible then you might feel a bit,uncomfortable because you will be on a,,another thing ive noticed is that the,suspension is very very hard this car,weighs 2003 kilograms its around 250,kilos heavier than a model three and,because of that tesla have felt that,theyve needed to stiffen up the,suspension in order to increase body,control however it just makes the car,very very jiggly its not as comfortable,or as smooth,as a lot of its rivals and certainly not,as comfortable and as smooth as the,model three and when you encounter,really rough bumps,theres another thing thats annoying,the rear seats,make a weird noise they rattle whenever,you go over bumps and that does get on,your nerves,on closer inspection it turns out that,it was the head rests that were,vibrating most every lump in the road,caused them to vibrate slightly when at,their highest setting but when you lower,them most of that rattling goes away,one other negative consequence of that,extra weight is reduced range it uses a,70 kilowatt-hour battery pack which can,give a range of 315 miles which is,brilliant but its not quite as,brilliant as the model 3 which can do,360 mil

Tesla Model Y Performance from Berlin Giga REVIEW – the supercar EV SUV

lets go,double big news for the tesla model y,why,you got that thank you,first of all the performance model,tester model y performance with super,car like acceleration on the german,autobahn and this one here is the tesla,model y from germany from berlin giga,near berlin of course berlin brandenburg,the official one well and well test it,here with thomas and autofuel lets go,we can see here in the front these new,led units this is the last step before,matrix led will be introduced and there,you have also this white element in the,top part and we have 21 inch wheels,usually 19 or 20 for the long range,model and here also,red brake calipers in the contrast to,this so-called uber turbine style,by the way there is no such word as uber,its called uber with an u a german,umlaut,listen and repeat so elon if youre,building cars in germany now then also,use the german umlaut,so the side profile works very well for,the vehicle with that sporty look,definitely pretty cool well but,suspension wise also a little bit lower,different hardware,stiffer and 21 inch wheels,we know the suspension was a big problem,so far with the long range model at,least the one i test from shanghai,will be better in the riding comfort,although it has to spoil their setup we,will check that out in the driving part,and the performance model also gets a,special detail in the rear because it,gets this carbon fiber lip right here,and we heard the models from berlin the,very first ones were not well built but,here,you know a couple of weeks or months,later,panel gaps actually seem to be,quite well done and whats it in german,the famous german,spellmaster listen and repeat,spidermaster,panel gaps,and facts and figures,acceleration we are here 3.7 seconds,from standstill zero to one kilometers,now or six two miles an hour whereas the,long range model goes five seconds both,have one leg motor in the rear and one,in the front this one you just tuned a,little bit more for more performance and,also upgrade top speed 250 kilometers an,hour or 155 miles per hour whereas the,long range model is 217 kilometers an,hour or 135 miles an hour still not a,fan of these flush door handles thats,the way they open to me a little bit,more complicated and dark closing sound,actually quite solid considering it is,frameless here and,dual insulation glass interior here with,a nice bright and matte wood styling i,love that and the sad thing is if you go,for the white interiors two choices,either this black one here or the white,one,then with the white one you cannot go,for the wood,in any cases its a vegan vehicle so you,dont have any animal materials also the,steering wheel is a leather red and its,also high grade really soft nice thats,how its done and the performance model,here gets these,sporty pedals in aluminum,here easy entry function so when i get,into the vehicle the steering wheel goes,down towards me,and with one minute is 89 or six or two,here plenty of headroom left no problem,this panoramic roof,is somewhat also a problem because it,does get really hot in summertime thats,why why people in texas for example or,in other hot states actually put a cover,on that glass roof in vehicle color like,a wrap in vehicle paint,both for the model 3 and for the model y,because there is no shade other than,that you can also adjust the scene in,the menu then up down and out and so on,i think its easily comfortable the,seats not the best for the tallest guys,and also if you like you know if you,really slim a little bit,less tall then its fine actually they,then the seats case you in quite well,but for me its okay but not superb,definitely always amazing how clean this,interior is but i still think that the,digital instruments are missing,speed here for me its really,not enough 15-inch screen here with all,the vehicle setups and,well actually for driving chill,acceleration is more than enough but of,course here ill test the sport for you,here today the map,super responsive and they just have one,of the best software systems there on,the market overall,the cameras here you see the rear door,is opened great resolution and the cool,thing is also that when youre driving,and then use the turning indicator here,for blind spot monitor there you see,right or left side camera then is also,in this different um color scheme here,and a real blind monitor and the side,mirror is better at least we do have,that here now so uh yeah thats,definitely a nice upgrade which has been,introduced recently here we have this,app view perspective as well,so you get along with it quite well you,can also individualize the car very well,the only thing is you do not have apple,carplay or android auto so you always,just use the bluetooth connectivity of,your phone and,temperature in the lower part,um,yeah real gauges are definitely better,because,theres an analog wristwatch and would,has always want to talk to the watch to,get the time no i just look at it and,there it is in the same way i want to,control the climate unit and not talk to,the car,im cold,im,cold im cold,yeah and obviously thats the thing,connection error see here,theres a bad signal here in that area,the other thing start always cool to,have two inductive charging pads there,in the front however cup holders,not adaptive that should be fixed what,about the range here we can score some,17 kilowatt hours on 100 kilometers or,27 kilowatt hours on 100 miles in,summertime,mild temperatures means maximum of 450,kilometers or 280 miles in winter time,will be less and the more realistic,range also for different conditions is,more like four kilometers or 250 miles,exact,consumption and efficiency in winter,time theres a separate video we have on,that and supercharging last time we,scored 200 kilowatt max dc and 30,minutes state of charge from 10 to 80,percent thats something you see quite,frequently fork building inside of that,windscreen,and also even when the ac is on and,these wipers hear that,clock,theyre quite loud in the rear theres,also nice soft touch leather red at the,inside of the door so its really cool,here,fits very well with four,not only four but five tall adults no,middle time whatsoever really using this,eb platform thats great to use pc,charges really comfortably also in the,rear and great view through that,panoramic roof so,you can move around freely here and with,189 of six foot two also leaves enough,headroom,its just a glass above that and no,problem also when you take a look here,at the panel gaps,it seems fine oh and by the way you can,also adjust here the back part a little,bit more upright or a little bit further,front opening,really spacious,nicely done oh can we take a moment and,concentrate on that beautiful lens flare,effect,yeah okay while the trunk you can see,the length here more than a meter of 40,inches width also easily a meter of 40,inches and the height here is about 70,centimeters or 28 inches,very well usable you now have this cover,here,which is,i would say mediocre,you put it,forward like this and then you can,remove it but,it doesnt seem fitting for the vehicle,what is rather fitting is that you still,have even more space here underneath and,in the trunk you can pull these here now,they now have symbols and then they fold,lets check it out,it doesnt work simultaneously there we,go here here we see a gap and now here,in this transition that is not that nice,and you see i need to push that one down,a little bit further but overall,mechanism works and then the length here,now is almost 190 meters or 73 inches,cool,let me tell you why youre here,youve taken the black pill,youre here to witness the acceleration,of the tesla model y,performance,from 40 kilometers an hour german,autobahn,lets go,what,and 200 kilometers an hour 125 miles an,hour no hard on the brakes because,someones blocking the road,son of a battery electric vehicle,one more time from 120,holy,moly this is a supercar really,probably the cheapest supercar you can,get,and now here at high sp

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